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21-22 January 2008 * Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Tune in to Must-Know Facility Management Strategies to Supercharge Your Building Operations in Indonesia Today
n Learn how Orang Tua Group effectively managed its ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ building services to enhance the management of its facilities n Discover how ExxonMobil Oil developed successful benchmarking strategies and “Best in Class” Key Performance Indicators to improve Facility Management performance n Implement best practice strategies from Airkon Pratama in utilising Building Management System (BMS) to gain tighter building control n Explore effective energy control and measurement strategies from Alexandra Hospital to reduce operating costs and promote green facilities n Examine how Citibank implemented ISO 9000:2000 in its building maintenance programme to maintain equipment quality and energy consumption at an optimum level n Learn how Chevron IndoAsia optimised its office layout to complement the integration processes associated with change, post-merger or acquisition n Acquire practical strategies from Coca Cola Bottling in designing advanced Fire Detection and Protection systems for production areas n Cultivate a comprehensive understanding for planning safer buildings from Bakrie Swastika Utama to enhance business security and reliability in Indonesia n Develop effective crisis management planning strategies from Kenyon International Emergency Services to manage large scale disasters

Reduce costs and optimise Building peRfoRmance thRough gloBal Best pRactice

Featuring 11 Indonesian and Regional Kingpins in Facility Management Spanning Diverse Industries Including:
ALExANdRA HOSPITAL SINGAPORE, Stewart Tai, Facilities Manager CHEvRON INdOASIA, Nursinta Sinambela, Manager of Facility Management & Logistics CITIBANK INdONESIA, Michael Sofian Tanuhendrata, Head of Corporate Realty Services CISCO SYSTEMS SINGAPORE, Simon Molenberg, Director CCRE & TREC Asia Region COCA COLA BOTTLING INdONESIA, Entjik Sjaiful Rizal, Maintenance Manager ExxONMOBIL OIL INdONESIA, Florentina Hatmi, Facilities Manager STANdARd CHARTEREd BANK INdONESIA Yantonius Martamin, VP, Head Corporate Real Estate Services AIRKON PRATAMA INdONESIA, Rana Yusuf Nasir, President Director BAKRIE SwASAKTI UTAMA INdONESIA, dicky Setiawan, Director/Chief Operational Officer LIPPOBANK INdONESIA, Sebastianus wahjudi Halim, Corporate Services Head ORANG TUA GROUP INdONESIA, Rachmat Iskandar, Project and Building Manager

Get Invaluable Insights from Top Real Estate, Engineering and Disaster Management Consultants:
BUILdING OPERATIONS SUPPORT SYSTEM (BOSS) MALAYSIA, dr. Suntoro Tjoe, CEO BUILdING OPERATIONS SUPPORT SYSTEM (BOSS) AUSTRALIA Bruce Collins, Managing Director COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL INdONESIA Tondy O. Lubis, Director of Facility and Property Management Services PROPERTY AdvISORY INdONESIA Stephanus d. Satriyo, Associate Director KENYON INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY SERvICES HONG KONG david Gault, Regional Planning Manager - Far East

sepaRately BookaBle! ½-day post-confeRence woRkshop ( 23 January 2008 * wednesday)

Led by Rana Yusuf Nasir, President Director, Airkon Pratama and Tondy O. Lubis, Director of Facility and Property Management Services, Colliers International

“leed (leadeRship in eneRgy and enviRonmental design): the accepted fRamewoRk foR gReen Buildings woRldwide”


cultivating pRactical and effective woRld-class
8.00 9.00 9.15

21 JANUARY 2008


REgIStRAtIOn AnD MORnIng COFFEE CHAIRPERSON’S wELCOME ANd OPENING AddRESS Tondy O. Lubis Director of Facility and Property Management Services Colliers International Indonesia CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS IN PREPARING FOR TOMORROw’S PROPERTY ANd FACILITY MANAGEMENT – AdOPTING NEw SKILLS ANd KNOwLEdGE n Reviewing today’s facility manager’s roles, responsibilities and obligations – How they can add value to the organisation in the future n Crucial performance skill sets expected from the facility manager n Key elements to developing high performance facilities management teams n Emerging technology trends - Competing effectively with “SMARt” technology in virtual edge n Communicating change management to your workforce, clients, and contractors for continuous improvement n Linking facility managers with Information and Communication technology (ICt ) – How does this help in future development Dr. Suntoro Tjoe, CEO Building Operations Support System (BOSS) Malaysia FACILITIES MANAGEMENT BENCHMARKING STRATEGIES TO PROFESSIONALISE ANd MAxIMISE BUILdING ANd SERvICES MANAGEMENT IN INdONESIA n Understanding your facility management vision and mission n Developing key performance indicators for “Best in Class” facility management n global benchmarking to measure relative performance (internal and external) n Benchmarking strategies to improve facility management performance Florentina Hatmi, Facilities Manager ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia MORnIng REFRESHMEnt SUCCESSFUL OUTSOURCING OF THE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT FUNCTION TO MAxIMISE CORPORATE OPERATIONAL ExCELLENCE IN INdONESIA n In-house vs. outsourcing of the facility management unit in Indonesia n Strategic methods to facilitate effective and efficient transferring of the facility management function to service providers n Key performance indicators/service level agreements - the dos and don’ts n How to position the facility management function at the board level n Understanding outsourcing laws and its implications Tondy O. Lubis Director of Facility and Property Management Services Colliers International Indonesia SUCCESSFUL ASSESSMENT OF MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT FOR PROPERTY RISK, COMPLIANCE ANd BUILdING SUSTAINABILITY n general overview on property risk and compliance and how it affects all owners and occupiers 3.30 3.45

n Assessing your properties’ risk and compliance n Exposure management – Understanding the requirements – locally and internationally n Reviewing plans and scheduling maintenance – Minimising your property risk n Appropriate maintenance planning to reduce property risk, uphold compliance and ultimately extend and enhance the operational life of your properties Bruce Collins, Managing Director Building Operations Support System (BOSS) Australia LUnCH IMPLEMENTING BUILdING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) TO CONTROL, MONITOR ANd MANAGE SYSTEM wIdE EqUIPMENT INSTALLATIONS IN THE BUILdING n Installation of remote supervision systems to ensure building security n Incorporating sophisticated energy, maintenance, security, access and fire systems management tools n Understanding the different variables to determine which building applications you want to use n Monitoring and managing various parameters to minimise energy and optimising building comfort and functionality n Avoid leasing disputes by generating trend and data logging reports that reflect building performance deviations Rana Yusuf Nasir, President Director Airkon Pratama Indonesia ESSENTIAL COST MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES TO MINIMISE BUILdING UTILITIES CONSUMPTION ANd PROMOTE ECO-FRIENdLY FACILITIES IN INdONESIA n Effective energy and water consumption management strategies to reduce operation costs n Assessing energy control and measurement strategies to reduce operating costs without degrading the quality of a building n Practical strategies to promoting green and energy efficient buildings n Developing efficient energy management methods to complement and enhance corporate social responsibility programmes Stewart Tai, Facilities Manager Alexandra Hospital Singapore AFtERnOOn REFRESHMEnt dEvELOPING EFFECTIvE BUILdING MAINTENANCE PROGRAMMES TO ACHIEvE ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN ExISTING BUILdINGS Many existing buildings today face huge energy consumption bills due to inefficient and aging equipment that consume more power. Fortunately, a superior maintenance programme will offset degradation and keep the energy consumption at optimum level. Implementation of ISO 9000:2000 in building maintenance works will enable the facility manager to effectively monitor and manage the optimal operation of building equipment. n Old building equipment versus new ones (Comparison of energy usage) n Improvement and maintenance programmes for existing building n Implementation of ISO 9000:2000 for building maintenance work n Selection of equipment and building materials Michael Sofian Tanuhendrata, Head of Corporate Realty Services Citibank Indonesia

12.30 2.00



10.45 11.00


for enquiries and registration: call (65) 6536 8676 or (65) 6536 8437

Building management methodologies in indonesia
4.30 PANEL dISCUSSION EMPLOYING THE LEAdERSHIP IN ENERGY ANd ENvIRONMENTAL dESIGN (LEEd) BENCHMARKING SYSTEM TO ACHIEvE THE HIGH PERFORMANCE OF GREEN BUILdINGS’ dESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, ANd OPERATION n Building a roadmap for measuring and documenting success for every building type and phase of a building lifecycle n Identifying LEED’s key tools to create an immediate and measurable impact on building’s performance n Understanding a “whole-building” approach to ensure building sustainability n Recognising sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality strategies to promote human and environmental health Moderator: Tondy O. Lubis Director of Facility and Property Management Services Colliers International Indonesia Panelists: Dr. Suntoro Tjoe, CEO Building Operations Support System (BOSS) Malaysia Rana Yusuf Nasir, President Director Airkon Pratama Indonesia Michael Sofian Tanuhendrata, Head of Corporate Realty Services Citibank Indonesia Stephanus D. Satriyo, Associate Director Property Advisory Indonesia 12.05 5.00 ENd OF dAY ONE 1.20 n Developing effective office layout and facilities planning strategies that best fit your organisation structure n Strategies to minimise the impact of building upgrading in close proximity and protecting the current infrastructure Nursinta Sinambela Manager of Facility Management and Logistics Chevron IndoAsia MORnIng REFRESHMEnt TECHNOLOGY UPdATES IN BUILdING ANd FACILITY MANAGEMENT n Intelligent infrastructure and buildings n Centralised management and remote services n Collaborative workspaces n Case studies of CAPEX and OPEX savings Simon Molenberg, Director CCRE & TREC Asia Region Cisco Systems Singapore dEvELOPING PRACTICAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES TO SUCCESSFULLY dELIvER ANd SUPPORT BUSINESSES wITH MULTI dISTRIBUTION CHANNELS IN INdONESIA n Understanding the basic practices and vital role of facility services functions n Mapping and identifying the facility industry challenges in a company with Multi Distribution Channels in Indonesia n Developing effective facility management strategy to deliver and support the business requirements Sebastianus Wahjudi Halim, Corporate Services Head LippoBank Indonesia LUnCH THE dYNAMISM OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT IN THE FINANCIAL INdUSTRY Yantonius Martamin, VP, Head Corporate Real Estate Services Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia SUCCESSFUL TENANT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES TO MAxIMISE BUILdING OPERATIONS IN INdONESIA n Understanding commercial building lease terms, contracts, and procedures in Indonesia n Developing rectification and maintenance programmes to eliminate common functional pitfalls to facilitate uninterrupted “business operations” for tenants n Costing strategies for building management to minimise utilities service charges and achieve maximum occupancy levels Stephanus D. Satriyo, Associate Director Property Advisory Indonesia UNdERSTANdING PRACTICAL TECHNIqUES TO dEvELOPING AN ON-dEMANd SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE IN INdONESIA n Assessing external – internal and malicious – accidental risks to effectively manage building security in Indonesia n Identifying the critical building protection strategies against customary security threats in Indonesia n Structuring building planning strategies for creating safer buildings to enhance business security and reliability in Indonesia n Best-proven strategies to deliver business continuity and workforce protection in an era of heightened security threats in Indonesia Dicky Setiawan, Director/Chief Operational Officer Bakrie Swasakti Utama, Indonesia AFtERnOOn REFRESHMEnt

10.30 10.45


8.30 9.00

22 JANUARY 2008


MORnIng COFFEE CHAIRPERSON’S wELCOME ANd OPENING AddRESS Dr. Suntoro Tjoe, CEO Building Operations Support Systems, Malaysia EMPLOYING BEST PRACTICE TO EFFECTIvELY PLAN, dESIGN, ANd OPERATE BUILdING FACILITIES IN INdONESIA n Understanding the extensive responsibilities of the facilities manager in providing and maintaining effective management of an organisation’s assets n Employing property strategies, space management and communications infrastructure successfully to support and improve the working environment n Integrating the planning and execution of a wide range of services both ‘hard’ (e.g. building fabric) and ‘soft’ (e.g. cleaning, security, and health and safety) to enhance facilities management n Effective maintenance scheduling strategies to sustain business operations Rachmat Iskandar, Project and Building Manager Orang Tua Group Indonesia EFFECTIvE MANAGEMENT OF TRANSITIONAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT ISSUES IN ORGANISATIONAL RESTRUCTURING OR BUILdING UPGRAdING n Understanding the vital role of the facilities manager in enhancing the integration processes associated with change, post-merger or acquisition






MANAGING LARGE SCALE dISASTER SITUATIONS IN A PUBLIC FACILITY Crisis management is all about planning. this presentation will outline the crucial areas that need to be addressed when managing a high fatality rate event and how your organisation can plan for this. n Do you have a corporate crisis management plan in place to manage a high fatality rate situation in your facility? n Do you have a robust capability to manage the thousands of phone calls that you will receive following an accident, the necessary capacity to process and disseminate new information? n Do you have a corporate Crisis Management team (CMt )? n For the protection of your reputation and image, do you have an internal and external crisis communications programme that includes specialist media training for all company spokespersons? David Gault, Regional Planning Manager - Far East Kenyon International Emergency Services Hong Kong dESIGNING EFFECTIvE FIRE dETECTION ANd PROTECTION FOR PROdUCTION FACILITIES IN INdONESIA Entjik Sjaiful Rizal, Maintenance Manager Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia ENd OF CONFERENCE

ely sepaRat le! Book aB

23 January 2008 * Wednesday

“leed (leadership in energy and environmental design): the accepted framework for green Buildings worldwide”
Led by Rana Yusuf Nasir, President Director, Airkon Pratama

Tondy O. Lubis, Director of Facility and Property Management Services, Colliers International

Against the backdrop of APEC setting statistical goals to tackle global warming, it is now imperative for industry insiders to acquaint themselves with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a worldwide accepted framework for designing, constructing, operating and measuring the high performance of green Buildings. this half-day workshop will enable Facilities Managers to update on the latest corporate requirements for ‘property green’ specifications, achieve green Building status, and generate potential cost savings through the roadmap of the LEED system in application to the business context in Indonesia.



Session 1: l What is LEED? l How is LEED relevant to global warming? l Why do corporations around the world expect to occupy green buildings? l What are the LEED rating systems? l What does LEED have in store for new construction? l What does LEED have in store for existing buildings? l What does LEED have in store for commercial interiors? l How do the mechanical and electrical fields impact LEED? l How does LEED generate cost savings? l How does LEED improve the building’s performance? Session 2: l Open discussion l Feedback l Closing

key Benefits of attending
4 NETWORk and share practical experiences and best practices with leading Facility and Building Management practitioners and advisors 4 OpTIMISE the performance of your facilities management team to achieve the desired corporate goals 4 SET effective maintenance scheduling strategies to sustain business operations 4 ESTaBLISH a conducive building infrastructure to support an efficient working environment 4 INTEGRaTE the Facility Management function at the strategic level to maximise operational excellence 4 BENCHMaRk the performance of your facility management to enhance building services management 4 IDENTIFY and manage key parameters in the building to minimise energy use whilst optimising building comfort and functionality 4 pROMOTE green facilities and energy efficiency to reduce operations costs 4 LEvERaGE on a superior maintenance programme to pro-long the optimal operational life of equipment 4 MaSTER the LEED benchmarking system to attain the high performance of a green building’s operation and sustainability 4 MINIMISE the impact of building upgrading while maintaining the current infrastructure 4 BE proficient in Indonesia’s commercial building lease terms, contracts, and procedures to maximise tenant occupancy levels 4 pREpaRE for disasters with effective crisis management strategies 4 FORTIFY your fire detection and protection programmes to secure production facilities

Rana Yusuf Nasir – is the President Director of PT. Airkon Pratama, an engineering based company for building services established in 1997, which specialises in Mechanical & Electrical Construction utilities supplies and services for Building Maintenance such as air conditioning, fire fighting, plumbing, building automation system, etc. His notable clients in Indonesia include grand Indonesia Mall, grand Indonesia Apartment, tVRI, Jakarta Stock Exchange Building, Bank Indonesia - thamrin, and ngurah Rai International Airport-Bali. He was also responsible for the energy optimisation project for ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali. Tondy O. Lubis is the Director of Facility and Property Management Services of Colliers Indonesia, the largest Facility Management service provider in Indonesia. He has started working for Colliers International in 1991, specialising in Facility Management services for multinational corporations in Indonesia and focusing on the premises needs of large corporations since 1996.

Registration starts at 8:30am; Workshop commences at 9:00am and concludes at 1:00pm. Workshop materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.

tested and pRoven pRactical solutions to attain “Best in class” facilities management
As business in Indonesia booms, overwhelming demand for new office space coupled with increased health and safety awareness and heightened security concerns in commercial spaces means the role of the Facilities Managers and Building Management practitioners has evolved into a complex and crucial operational function. Ensuring cost efficiencies whilst enhancing building safety, security and optimising the utility of innovative and sophisticated building management technologies is emerging as a key complexity in facility management. Implementing energy efficient methods to alleviate energy costs also poses an immediate challenge. In a bid to achieve world class operational and cost efficiencies in building management in the face of these complexities, Asia Business Forum is pleased to present a comprehensive 2-day Conference that will feature 11 real life best practice presentations from Facility and Property Management Practitioners coming from large global corporations as well as a select group of Real Estate, Engineering and disaster Management advisors in the region. BE EqUIPPEd wITH SKILLS TO:
Realign and enhance the Facility Managers’ multifaceted role, responsibilities and obligations to meet the new demands of the corporate organisational structure, improve building management methodology and add new value to your organisation with pointers from: l Building Operations Support System (BOSS) l Chevron IndoAsia l Colliers International l Orang Tua Group Attain cutting-edged and effective benchmarking and BMS utilisation techniques to optimise the control over building operations and functionality from: l Airkon Pratama l Cisco Systems l ExxonMobil Oil Employ proven energy control practices and ISO 9000:2000 implementation strategies to enhance corporate operations, maintenance programmes and social responsibility from: l Citibank l Alexandra Hospital Learn how to better manage facilities in the finance industry and multi-distribution channels from: l Standard Chartered Bank l LippoBank Integrate holistic security measures and crisis management strategies as well as develop superior fire protection programmes from: l Kenyon International Emergency Services l Bakrie Swastika Utama l Coca Cola Bottling

do not miss this unique oppoRtunity to gain invaluaBle insights and netwoRk with kingpins in the field!
Register Early to Enjoy Early Bird Savings and group Discounts! Sign Up today to Reserve Your Place!
Call (65) 6536 8676 or Fax (65) 6536 4356 or email to marcy.chong@abf.com.sg SeparaTelY BOOKaBle ½-DaY pOST-COnFerenCe WOrKShOp (23 January 2008 * Wednesday)

“LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): The Accepted Framework for Green Buildings Worldwide”
Led by Rana Yusuf Nasir, President Director, airkon pratama and Tondy O. Lubis, Director of Facility and Property Management Services, Colliers International

who should attend
l Managing directors l General Managers l Operations Manager l Facilities Managers l Building Services Managers l Building Management Managers l Maintenance Managers l Project Managers l Estate Managers l Property Managers l Corporate Realty & Services Managers l Engineering Managers l Security Managers l Surveyors l Architects l developers l Estate Planners As well as: Office Planners n Space Planners n Office designers n Surveyors n Property developers n Estate/Building Officers and Owners

lead sponsoR:

BOSS International pty. Ltd., is a property risk and compliance consulting company formed in Australia in 1996. Since its incursion into the market, BOSS Int. has evolved to cater for clients’ needs and the property management market as a whole. To date, BOSS Int. manages more than 3,500 buildings across Australia. Some of the largest property owners in Australia are utilising BOSS Int. and are experiencing benefits which ensure the ongoing economical operations of their buildings. With more than 10 years of experience gained in Australia, BOSS Int. has delivered results driven by our customers’ requirements. With a proven WEB based system, designed by property specialists, BOSS Int. can provide a WEB based tool to track scheduled maintenance and risk compliance of building elements and assets which will extend and enhance the operational life of the building.


facilities management confeRence indonesia (21-22 JanuaRy 2008) & ½ woRkshop (23 JanuaRy 2008)
Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia g Yes! Please register the following delegate(s) for this Conference (Please photocopy for more delegates) Please tick (4) your choice session(s) n 2-Day Conference + ½-Day Workshop [ Jan 21-23, 2008 ] n 2-Day Conference only [ Jan 21-22, 2008 ] n ½-Day Workshop [ Jan 23, 2008 ]

telephone: (65) 6536 8676 or (65) 6536 8437 Fax: complete and send this registration form to:

(65) 6536 4356
Mail: this completed form together with payment to: Asia Business Forum (Singapore) Pte Ltd 3 Raffles Place #08-01 Singapore 048617 Email: marcy.chong@abf.com.sg ann.wong@abf.com.sg WEB: http://www.abf-asia.com

g I am unable to attend but please put me on your mailing list g I am interested in Sponsorship/Exhibition Opportunities Name:(dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms):____________________________________ Job title:________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ Approving Manager:_____________________________________ Job title:________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ Company:_______________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ tel:________________________ Fax:_________________________ Booking Contact:_________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ nature of Business:________________________________________ Company Web site:________________________________________

Your investment for attending this Conference is: Regular Fee Conference Only Workshop Only Conference + Workshop US$1,895 US$ 650 US$2,445 Early Bird Fee
(If Payment & registration are received by 21 Dec 2007)

US$1,695 US$ 650 US$2,245

the fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference documentation.

Group discount: Enjoy a group discount of 10% for 3 or more delegates registered at the same time from the same organisation and of the same billing source.

methods of payment
g Please cross cheque or bank draft made payable to ASIA BUSINESS FORUM (Singapore) PTE LTd and mail your payment together with this registration to 3 Raffles Place, #08-01, Singapore 048617. Enclosed is our cheque/draft for US$_________________________________________________ g Overseas delegates may pay by telegraphic transfer into the account of Asia Business Forum (Singapore) Pte Ltd which is: Account No. 260-469481-178, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, 21 Collyer quay, #01-01 HSBC Building, Singapore 049320. Please quote our reference no. 1894J and your Company’s name in your payment instructions. g Credit Card (AMEx ONLY) Please debit my Card number:

confeRence venue & accommodation infoRmation
Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia Jalan Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia tel: (+62) 21 574 7777 Fax: (+62) 21 571 4405 Website: www.hotelmulia.com Attn: Room Reservation Department
For reservations, please make your bookings directly with the hotel. to enjoy the special room rates, please quote Asia Business Forum’s “Facilities Management Conference Indonesia” Hotel bills are to be settled by . delegates directly with the hotel. Hotel reservations and travel arrangements are the responsibilities of the registrant. Please note that hotel rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

g vISA/MASTERCARd Please debit my Card number:

Card Holder’s name ___________________________________ Signature ___________________Expiry Date_______/_______
Important Notice: Payments are required with registration and must be received prior to the
Conference to guarantee your place. Walk-in delegates will only be admitted on the basis of space availability at the Conference and with immediate full payment.

incoRRect mailing infoRmation
It is possible that you may receive multiple mailings of this event or incorrect company details on the labels, for which we apologise. If this happens, please let us know so that we can update our database immediately. If you do not wish to have your name on our mailing list, please let us know and we will remove it from our listing.

cancellations & tRansfeRs
If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcomed at no extra charge. Please provide the name and the title of the substitute delegate at least 2 working days prior to the Conference. A refund less US$200 administration charge will be made for cancellation received in writing on or before 1 January 2008. Regrettably, no refund can be made for cancellation received after this date. A complete set of documentation will however be sent to you. the organiser reserves the right to make any amendments and/or changes to the programme, venue, speaker replacements and/or topics if warranted by circumstances beyond its control.

foR official use
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