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Diseases Caused by Pollution

Diseases Caused by Pollution

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Published by Asia Kainat

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Published by: Asia Kainat on May 13, 2012
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Asia Kainat Awan

Types of Pollution
Air Pollution Water pollution Radioactive Pollution

Land Pollution

Noise Pollution

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Effects and Diseases
 Irritation

of eyes, nose,

mouth and throat
 Reduced

energy level and dizziness

 Headaches

Air Pollution

Respiratory and lung diseases including
o o o

Asthma attacks: constricts the bronchial airway Reduced lung function COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
 

Bronchitis : inflammation of bronchial tube leading to the lung Emphysema: dilation of airway


Pulmonary cancer– caused by a series of carcinogen chemicals that through inhalation Mesothelioma – a particular type of lung cancer, usually associated with exposure to asbestos Pneumonia- inflammation of the alveoli



Air Pollution Bronchitis


COPD - diseases of the lungs in which the airways become narrowed

Air Pollution

Effects and Disease

Leukemia- associated to exposure of benzene

 

Birth defects and immune system defects Neurobehavioral disorders – due to air toxin such as

  

Cardiovascular problems Liver cancer and other type of cancer Premature death

Worldwide Air pollution accounts for 3 million deaths annually
‘Cornell university’

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Diseases and Effects

Infectious diseases caused by pathogens
o o o o o

Caused by polluted beach water
o o o o o o o

Gastroenteritis Dhiarrhea – 3 million death Encephalitis- brain becomes swollen Stomach cramps and aches Vomiting Hepatitis Respiratory infections

Typhoid Giardiasis Amoebiasis Ascariasis Hookworm

Water Pollution

Diseases and Effects
 Liver

damage and even cancer damage problems and endocrine damage

 Kidney

 Neurological

 Reproductive  Thyroid

system disorders Disease- mercury

 Minamata

Water Pollution
 Caused o

by bathing into contaminated water

Rashes, Red eyes and Ear aches breeding grounds for malaria carrying

 Creates

mosquitos killing1.2-2.7 million people a year

Worldwide water pollution accounts for 25 million deaths annually ‘Cornell university’

Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution

Diseases and Effects
      

Cancer Interferes with cellular function Decreases red blood cell production Anaemia Leukaemia Brain and Nerve damage – caused by Pb in soil Kidney and Liver Disease – caused by lead, PCBs and cyclodienes exposure Malaria – caused by protozoa that thrive in soil Viruses

 

Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive Pollution

Diseases and Effects
       

Damage proteins, membranes, and nucleic acids Damage DNA – lead to cancers, birth defects and even death Tumours blood in cough Ulcer Swelling of bone joints Cancer: Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, Bone Cancer Eye Problems

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution

Diseases and Effects
    

Blood Pressure Temporary or permanent deafness Heart disease - 3,030 deaths (in 2006 UK) disturbed sleep, tinnitus increase of the stress hormones like adrenaline, noradrenalin, and cortisol in the body

Stress can cause heart failure, immunity problem, hypertension and stroke

“If we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”


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