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Reference Letter

Reference Letter

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Published by Malik Akil

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Published by: Malik Akil on May 13, 2012
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Information Technology Department College of Engineering, Vadodara.

April15, 2012

Dear Mr.Sinha, I am writing this reference letter at request of Malik Akil, Who has applied for the position of ‘Software developer’. Akil worked under me as the project student for Quick Cash Bank’s,” Query Optimization project” for which I was his project guide. Based on his commitment along with his enthusiasm and participants, I’d rate his performance in my team as A+. Over the course of our interaction, I am impressed with Akil and in depth knowledge of fundamental concepts, and his power of application. Given him strong analytical abilities and rigorous approach towards problem solving, I expect him to have a great career in software development and testing. He also has excellent oral and written communication skill in English and a steady temperament that helps him get along well with his peers and teachers. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Akil for the position of Software Developer in your organization. I strongly believe that he will live up to the job’s expectation. Sincerely yours, Hiral Vasava Assistant Professor Information Technology Department, College of Engineering, Vadodara

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