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COMPANY PROFILE • In February 2004 owing to the growth in market demand.8 million tonnes per annum cement plant near Village Tatral of District Chakwal. Mr Shaukat Aziz performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the plant. Punjab Province. the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Bestway Group took the strategic decision of expanding its operations through the setting up of a 1. • In April 2005. This is the Group’s second Greenfield development project at a cost of US$ 140 million. Pakistan. . Civil works for Bestway Chakwal were initiated in January 2005. the Kiln was fired in May 2006 and the plant went into production in June 2006 which is an industry record.

WHAT IS CEMENT?  Cement is a material which is obtained after the calcinations of argillaceous limestone. .

FUNCTION OF CEMENT  to bind the material  use for construction purpose  to form a compact mass .

WET Process Now only DRY Process is used for the production of cement due to low energy consumption. . DRY Process 2.Manufacturing Method There are two method which are used for manufacturing of cement 1.

 The mix will be turned into form of slurry by adding 30 . grinding and blending so that approximately 80% of the raw material pass a No.  It is then heated to about 2750ºF (1510ºC) in horizontal revolving kilns (76-153m length and 3. .6-4.40% of water.8m in diameter.200 sieve.WET PROCESS  Raw materials are homogenized by crushing.

 Mixture is fed into kiln & burned in a dry state  This process provides considerable savings in fuel consumption and water usage but the process is dustier compared to wet process that is more efficient than grinding.DRY PROCESS  Raw materials are homogenized by crushing. grinding and blending so that approximately 80% of the raw material pass a No. .200 sieve.

MANUFACTURING OF CEMENT  The 4 primary constituents of the raw materials used in the manufacture of Cement are: a) Lime b) clay c)laterite d)bauxite Raw Mill All the materials are ground in the Roller Mill .

Pre heater & KILN • Ground material is cooked in a rotating 66m long KILN for 45 min • Cooked material is called CLINKER • CLINKER is cooled and stored in CLINKER storage SILO .

Cement Formation • • Clinker from SILO is mixed with 5% GYPSUM Both Gypsum & Clinker are ground in Cement Roller Mill to produce CEMENT CEMENT is stored in CEMENT SILO and is sent to the packing plant • .

Transportation of lime stone from quarry Crushing and grinding of lime stone Mixing of Clay in lime stone Grinned Bauxite and Laterite are added in mixture Grinding and Mixing of mixture Burning of mixture in Kiln Formation of clinkers Cooling and Storage of clinkers Addition of Gypsum in clinkers Grinding in ball mill Cement is stored in cement silo Packing and dispatch . 4. 2. 11. 5. 12. 3.PROCESS STEPS 1. 10. 8. 6. 7. 9.


Materials produced using rotary kilns are Clinkers. 1) Calcinations zone 2) Transition zone 3) Burning zone 4) Cooling zone .Kiln A Rotary kiln is a pyroprocessing device used to raise materials to a high temperature (calcinations) in a continuous process. There are four zone of the kiln.




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