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Published by: Makena Lei on May 13, 2012
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Apollo’s Ray


Founder: Svetlana Perevalova

Manual by Detelina Monova, Multidimensional Energy Master/ Teacher

Apollo’s Ray
God of the arts, archery, and divination Symbols: bow, lyre, laurel Apollo - one of the most ancient Gods of Greece-God of light. Later he became the patron of art, poetry and music. Apollo became the god predicting the future. The sanctuary in Delphi was the famous origin of the PriestessPythia’s predictions. The God of light, golden-haired Apollo, was born on island Delos (which means "brilliant", and, incidentally, inspired the epithet Delian in honor of the divine site). The son of the Olympian Zeus and the Titan Leto, and the brother of the goddess Arthemis. When the God of light Apollo was born, streams of bright light spread everywhere. The golden light gleams from the rocks in Delos. All around has blossomed, has begun to sparkle: both coastal rocks, and mountain Kint, both a valley, and the sea. Delos was glorified with nectar and the goddesses were exulted by nature. Bright Apollo with a silver onions behind his shoulders; gold arrows loudly ringed in its quiver. Proud, exulting, Apollo highly above the ground was born, threatening all malicious, all engender gloom. After attunement you can be engaged in selftreatment and treat and transfer attunement by another. Appolo's Ray affects the central nervous system, restore the hormonal background, normalizes metabolism, working to normalize weight. Tightens and rejuvenates skin. Also treat urinary-reproductive system, increases men libido. After such healing sessions with energy of Apollo's Ray has been a healthy tan and a wonderful mood, increases efficiency.

Attunement proceeds from 30 till 50 minutes.

Preparation for Attunement
You will need 30 – 50 minutes for this attunement. The energy will increase during this time. Do not be alarmed by this. Sit or lay down somewhere where you will not be disturbed and have some quiet time to yourself for the attunement.

You can observe any changes in your body, in hands, legs, and head. It can be warm, heat, fluctuations around of a body, color visions, touches of invisible essences. Everyone receives various sensations during the process for energy. 99% people test all these sensations. Everyone who accepts this attunement will be attuned to their highest good and gets a fine gift. Take this time to be alone where you will not be disturbed during attunement, or there, where to you will not disturbed.

Clear reason and address to the Higher Self: “I ask my Higher Self to attune me on Apollo’s Ray energy which has been sent to me from … (your teacher’s name).” Then mentally repeat: "I accept attunement in Apollo’s Ray from … (teacher’s name) NOW ". The stream of energy from the attunement will go where it needs to go within each individual. Upon termination of attunement do not forget to thank the Light Forces and your Guardian angel.

You can use this energy for self treatment. You can perform self treatments daily to clear your mind. Call the name “Apollo’s Ray” and the energy will begin to flow. It is not necessary to concentrate on preservation of a stream of energy, it will flow freely, only relax and enjoy energy. Upon termination of a session of self-treatment thank the Light Forces and everyone who helps you.

Healing on Distance
Clear your mind and call energy. Visualize the patient or write the name on a palm of your hand, connect palms together. The stream of energy begins. Your intention is the important thing. The energy will go where it is needed. After a session do not forget to thank the Light Forces and everyone who helps you.

Transfer of Attunement
After you are attuned you may attune others and provide healing energy. For example: "I ask that my Higher Self, that … (person’s name) has been attuned on energy Apollo’s Ray in ... (Hours) … (date) in … (location). Attunement will begin during designated time.

Lineage: Svetlana Perevalova, Detelina Monova, You

Namaste! Detelina Monova

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