This way, I want to thank to all the people that have been next to me during the life of the PhD thesis, offering me observations, tips, technical information, support and attention. I especially want to thank to: Mr. OPREA Gheorghe, scientific leader of the PhD thesis, for competent scientific guidance and continuous support given to me during exams, essays and the effective development of the thesis; Mr. STOICA Nicolae,univerisitary, for the support given during the development of all the thesis’ steps. I sincerily thank to the members of the commission for the recommendations and appreciations made on the thesis. I would also like to thank to the leadership of the Faculty of Integrated Weapons Systems, Department of Mechatronics Engineering and Weapons Systems, for the constant support and opening they offered to me. I am also thankful to both Mr. VLAD Ioan, univeristary and Mr. COVEIANU Mihai,lecturer for the priceless advice and support given while derouling the research done in Metalic Constructions Research Laboratory. Simultaneously, I would like to thank to both Mr.BRATU Polidor, the President-General Director of I.C.E.C.O.N. S.A and Mr.. Aurelian GHINEA,scientific director ing. from the same institution, for the support and help given with a view to completing the tasks and laboratory determinations presented during the thesis. Last but not least, I am grateful to Mr. PĂUNOIU Viorel univeristary prof. dr. ing from the Univeristy of” DUNĂREA DE JOS”, Galaţi, for the support I was given to public the refference work „Modern Materials used in Metalic Constructions” in UNIVERISTIY’S ANALLS. Finally, I also thank to my family for the understanding and constant support given during the period I allocated to this thesis.

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