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1 Issue No 6
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Soham comes from the Indian word which means, "I am." Sanskrit word which means, "Soham is a combination (Sandhi) of two Sanskrit words Sah&Aham. It means that when a child is born it cries KohamKoham which means who I am. That is when the almighty Replies Soham. You are the same as I am...

||Shree GaneshayNamaha || || Shree GuruvehNamaha ||

1. Suvachan (Words of wisdom) 2. Basic principles of spiritual practice 3. Practical guidance on implementation of spirituality 4. Anubhuti (Spiritual experiences of seekers) 5. Spiritual healing to counter problems by negative energies 6. Clarification of doubts 7. Efforts by seekers for spiritual progress. 8. Obstacles during Dharma Yatra & Dharma Prasar 9. Mistakes by seekers 10. Guru Poornima special

Dear friends and seekers, The period of destruction is knocking on the doors. Therefore, please accelerate at full throttle with both Vyashti Sadhana (individual spiritual practice) and Samashti Sadhana (spreading spirituality). Only if we have a good foundation of Sadhana and pray to the Almighty to protect us and our kin, will He listen to us. Time at hand is short, so be alert and sincere towards Sadhana.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Read this weekly newsletter yourself and get your friends to read it by sending it to them through email. From this issue onwards, We are starting Suvachan (Words of wisdom) and due to Guru Poornima falling on July 3rd we are starting with an article on Guru and Shishya (Master and disciple). Read it and try to implement it in your life.

I. Suvachan (Words of wisdom)
(a) Guru principle works in direct proportion to the disciple’s faith and eligibility! Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale. - His

Implied Meaning: Every Guru has several devotees, but only a few disciples. To transform from a devotee to a disciple, consistent spiritual practice and perseverance is of supreme importance. Actually, the Guru principle guides the disciples as per the eligibility and faith of the disciple on the guru.
(b) जन्मानेकशतै सदमदरयुजम भक्यम स्मरम�धशो । भकशतैव�देकल�ना �ै�धाम संशुष् ईकै सैय् म । समलम््श्ीीु्न्य ेृुयम दृ्ोगोरै सा म पभै । ु ु

श््ैं समधु �ैबोधय शमरय�स शमा म संसमरदैखम�रैमश म ॥ ु

“Janmaanekeshatayee sadadaryuja bhaktya samaaradhito Bhaktairvediclakshen vidhina santusht eeshah swayam Sakshat Shree Gururoopamety kripaya driggocchar sann prabhuh Tatvam Sadhu Vibodhy taarayasi taann sansardukhaarnvaat”

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Meaning: When a devotee worships the Lord in the course of hundreds of births in a Sattvik (sattva predominant) manner, with faith, following the Vedic scriptures and observing rituals, it is then that in some birth, Lord Shankar is pleased and appears in the form of a Guru, thus granting the realisation of the universal principle of Atmadnyan (the soul principle) in its absoluteness. He liberates the disciple from the worldly ocean of sorrow and unhappiness. – 254.

(c) When does a Guru distance a disciple from Himself? 1. 2. When a disciple is unqualified and even after making several efforts, does not try to rid himself of his defects. The disciple has experienced the zenith of Gurubhakti (devotion unto the Master), then there is no difference between the Master and the disciple then the Master leaves the disciple to ideate on his own in the universe. The Guru holds the disciple’s hand for 99 steps, but the last step towards liberation has to be taken by the disciple himself !!
यं �ह ा वयययन्यनशन ुुरुं ुुरुुरभ । स्दैखसुखं धशरं सोऽ्श्ैमय ेलुशन ॥ ु ृ


“Yam hi na vyathayanntyete purusham purusharshabh Samdukhsukham dheeram Somritatvaay Kalpate”

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Meaning: For, O Great one! The patient man who considers sorrow and happiness to be one and the same, and who is not ruffled by these incidences of desires, is the one worthy of liberation. – Shrimad Bhagvad Gita – 2-15

Implied Meaning: The Seekers who desire to attain salvation must achieve equipoise in every situation. Whenever the embodied soul is neither happy in happiness, nor sad in sorrow, does he become fit for liberation in the real sense. This state of Sthithapradnyata (one who doesn’t get perturbed by external factors) is achieved at 80% spiritual level and these souls are at Sadguru level. Hence, only the saints who are at Sadguru level qualify for the final liberation.


Basic principles of spiritual practice

In the last issue, we had looked at some qualified perspectives on erroneous views regarding marriage. In this issue, we will look at another incorrect view prevailing within the society. Some people having half- baked knowledge try to misguide young Seekers who try to do Sadhana by telling them they are too young and that there is “no need to do all this at this age”. Or that “spiritual practice must be done during old age, after becoming free from all responsibilities”, but this is an erroneous viewpoint. Let us see why it is important to do Sadhana since the young age!


In ancient times, princes were imparted education on Dharma in Gurukuls.

Today, the very backbone of Indian culture, Varnashram vyawastha (the system of class and not caste) has broken down and that is the main reason for this lack of dharmashikshan (education about dharma) and spiritual practice. In earlier times, even kings used to send the princes to Gurukuls. The reason for this was so that the seeds of knowledge on Dharma and

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

spiritual practice may be sown during childhood itself. Later, having fulfilled the Rajdharma (responsibility of kingship) these princes would teach the next generation the lessons of Rajdharma and would proceed for Vanprastha (retire to the forests). But today, in the absence of education on Dharma and lack of spiritual practice, even after reaching the final phase of their lives, political leaders and householders are not able to give up their posts and desires and cling on to them.


During Brahmcharya Ashram (student life) the impression of Sadhana should be inculcated.

Actually, the earlier one is able to start spiritual practice, the better. During student life, to acquire concentration of the mind and self-control, will power is required and that can be achieved only through spiritual practice in the real sense. Today’s students are in dire need of spiritual practice. Our Nidharmi (pseudo secular) government has not etched the importance of spiritual practice on the minds of our youth. Consequently, today’s youth indulge in debauchery, are given to addictions and several of them end up committing even heinous crimes. All this is a direct result of Adharma (non-existence of Dharma) and lack of spiritual practice.


The root cause of 80% of the problems in household life is in the spiritual realm.

Today, 100% population of the world suffers from Pitru Dosh (problems posed by unsatiated ancestors) or problems caused by subtle negative energies because of not following the Dharma. Despite all the luxuries and comforts that science can offer and all the money, the life of several householders is like hell. Because of blind imitation of western culture and by not following Dharma as prescribed by the Vedic culture, a majority of the people are in distress and are unhappy.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

The root cause of this is the impressions or Sanskars of Sadhana not being inculcated during Brahmacharya phase. Today, Hindus are neither taught about Dharma at home, nor in temples, schools and colleges. As a result, when such students reach the stage of Gruhasth Ashram (householder), they have to endure several problems at a spiritual level, because as the Scriptures ordain, ‘सुखसयय्मक: ध्र: ’ (“Sukhasay Mulah Dharmah”, meaning the root of a happy life lies in abiding by Dharma. Thus, Dharmacharan (following the Dharma) is of prime importance as it is Dharma that teaches us the science of spirituality and spiritual practice. According to the Vedic Dharma, a householder has been advised to do Panch Mahayadnya (the five great sacrifices), but today a majority of the householders do not do this, and that is why their lives are beset with spiritual problems.

(iv). Death is certain, but the time of its arrival is uncertain.

Death can come any time. Therefore, to think that one will do Sadhana in old age is an erroneous viewpoint. The objectives of human life are two-fold: firstly to undergo the destiny (accumulated actions from previous births) and secondly, doing Sadhana and making spiritual progress. Destiny is undergone in a natural way, but to perform Sadhana, genuine Purusharth (pursuit or genuine and sincere efforts) is required. The human birth is acquired because of great fortune and should be well-utilized in practicing Sadhana. This is known as preparing for death!

(v). By starting Sadhana at a young age, formation of new Sanskars (impressions) can be prevented in our sub-conscious mind.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Our mind remains restless, as its Chitta (subconscious mind) bears innumerable Sanskars (impressions) of several births. As one advances in age, the centres of these impressions and other Sanskars increase. For instance, if a Standard V student sits down to do chanting, his mind will merely race back to his parents, siblings, games, friends and school. But if a 70-year-old, who has never done chanting, sits down to do chanting, the past memories of last 70 years which has taken the form of impressions in the mind will obstruct his concentration.

(vi). Practising consistent Sadhana since young age also destroys impressions from previous lives

Sadhana from a young age does not lead to formation of new Sankars, while practicing Sadhana with consistency destroys even those impressions that have been accumulated in the subconscious mind from the previous births. Thus, when old age comes, the mind becomes blissful and unattached.

(vii). A few became saints after they started their spiritual journey in old age. The ones who attained the status of a saint started practicing Sadhana from a very early age. In the old age, when excessive thoughts flow, even the intellect stops working and the body is plagued with diseases, then practicing Sadhana to attain God becomes difficult. As it is, we offer only fresh flowers to the Lord, an old body creates only obstacles in attaining God.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

III. Practical guidance on implementation of spirituality
Performing Sadhana as per one’s own wish and one’s own mind

Most spiritually curious people and sincere Seekers practice some form of Sadhana or the other. However, the most basic principle for Sadhana is that it should not be done as per one’s own wishes, or one’s own mind. A lot of people believe they are doing good Sadhana whichever way it suits them. This primarily happens because of ego and ignorance, but is a grave mistake and often the entire life of a Seeker gets wasted. We start believing that God will have to accept the way we do things. Some people claim their Bhaav (spiritual emotions) towards Sadhana is all that matters. But they forget that very rarely can someone muster the Bhaav like that of Meerabai for the Almighty to accept anything and everything they may do ! If we have to go somewhere, but we do not know the way, we seek someone’s help. Similarly, if an equipment or appliance stops working and we don’t know how to repair it, we entrust its repair to a mechanic much less educated than us because he alone knows how to do it. Similarly, if we suffer from ill-health, we entrust our body to a doctor. But when it comes to performing Sadhana which is a subtle spiritual science and getting freed from the vicious cycle of life and death of life and getting salvation, we start experimenting ourselves! If this isn’t ego, what else is? In the course of 20 years of my spiritual journey, I’ve met several spiritual people, curious ones and the Seekers, who did not achieve as much in their spiritual life as they ought to have. There was only one reason for it: doing Sadhana as per their own wishes. Please remember: what you personally like in spirituality is not what is important. What’s important is what the Lord likes. Many a time, Seekers consider somebody as their Guru, but do not obey them and

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

continue to do what they like. In such cases, just think for yourself as to how the Guru principle would work and guide us ! Many people have asked me what do I do as a part of my spiritual practice? My answer is extremely clear and simple: ‘्ंत ्मकं ्ुरोर ैमकय् ्ोल ्मकं ्ुर ेृुम’ (“Mantram Mulam Guror Vaakyam Moksh Mulam Guru Krupa”, meaning Guru’s command is like gurumantra the fnal liberation can be attained through guru’s grace. Since childhood I have been analytical in nature. However, I have remained alert and did not let the intellect become an obstacle in my spiritual progress unlike many intellectuals. For that I have followed three principles: a) My Shree Guru’s order for me is Brahmvaakya (the Lord’s word). Hence, obeying it is my Dharma. b) I have utilized my intellect to obey my guru’s directives in the minutest details. Neither have I ever wasted time in analyzing why my Shree Guru said something, nor did I enter into any arguments/counter-arguments with myself, or with anyone else about His directives. c) I have prayed incessantly to the Lord that my mean intellect never becomes a hurdle in my learning and comprehending spirituality.

Remember one basic principle of spirituality. If you have a Sadguru in your life, you must obey his word. If you do not have a Guru in your life, then follow a person more spiritually evolved than you. But if even that is not possible, then do Sadhana in accordance with the science of spirituality. A Seeker should not just make mental efforts, but they should be at a deeper spiritual level. The fundamental objective of Sadhana is to dissolve the mind, intellect and ego. But if we keep pampering our mind alone, how will it get dissolved and finally attuned to God?

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Let me narrate some personal experiences in the context of performing Sadhana as per one’s own wishes in the next edition of Soham.

(IV). Anubhuti (Experiences of Seekers): a) “In January 2011, a week after having met Tanuja Didi for the first time, my wife and me were returning home one evening. The only solution to all my troubles and to make spiritual progress was to do become a spiritual associate of Tanuja Didi for Guru Kaarya (Guru’s mission). I was preparing my wife mentally to associate herself with Upasana’s work. I was telling her whenever Didi starts the work, we must contribute our mite. Just then, a car overtook us from the right side and came right in front of us, and now we were following that car. My wife pointed to a sticker on the rear windscreen of the car on which “Tanuja” was written. This incident taught us that Guru principle is Omnipresent and He is watching us and also motivating us.” ~ Subhash Srinivasa Analysis of the Experience: When I met Subhash ji, till that time I had been hesitant to start Guru Kaarya independently. I had told him about my predicament that I had a Divine Ordain that I must start Guru Kaarya independently through Upasana, but I did not feel like doing so when my Shree Guru’s organization already exists. Also, I felt that I should not involve myself with these things. But then, the Almighty granted me with some experiences

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

through such Sadhaks (seekers) that not only motivated me, but also strengthened their faith. (b) “Before doing Sadhana through Upasana, whenever somebody would say anything against my wishes, or would disturb my peace of mind, I used to nurse the grudge for a considerable time. But after having met Didi, due to constant thoughts about Her mission of spreading spirituality, there was no room left for any negative thoughts. Now, I am unable to make anyone my foe and have cordial relations with all others, while they have become affectionate toward me. I have also started getting everyone’s cooperation at my workplace too. My point of view towards Vaastu, Astrology and Karma Kaand (ritualistic worship) has undergone a change and I have started feeling that Guru Krupa is paramount. Even after performing Yadnya (sacrifices) for seven years, I could not derive the mental peace that I got after doing the Naam Jaap prescribed by Didi,” ~ Subhash Srinivasa Analysis of Experience: In the absence of appropriate Sadhana, unnecessary thoughts do come. Hence, it is important to provide a direction to the mind. Ever since Subhash ji has come to know about the importance of Samashti Sadhana,(spreading spirituality in the society is called samashti sadhana) he has constantly started telling everyone about Sadhana. Thus, a positive change in the mind will be there. As much as we try, we cannot please everyone in this world, but if we please the Creator of this entire world, He can turn

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

everyone in our favour within no time. Thus a Seeker must be single-minded in his/her efforts towards pleasing the Creator. All the Shaastras have their own limitations, but there cannot be two views that Guru Shaastra (Guru Scripture) is paramount. The appropriate Sadhana of Kaliyug is Naamsankirtanyoga and treading this path leads to attainment of bliss faster. (c) “Before Tanuja Didi entered my life, we were thinking of selling off our house, because it had severe Vaastu Dosh. We were in great difficulty and had decided we had enough of it. When Didi came to stay at our house, we told her this, to which she said, “First try to follow solutions of Vaastu Shuddhi(spiritual cleansing of the premise) for three months.” Surprised, I asked her as to what I will achieve with that. She said, “Through Sadhana, we can alter the vibrations of Vaastu and peace can bless the house.” Her words proved providential. After doing Sadhana for some time, everything started moving in the desired direction automatically.” ~ Subhash Srinivasa Analysis of Experience: As I had pointed out in the last issue of Soham, troubles caused by Vaastu in our life are merely 6 per cent and if a Seeker can attract the flow of Guru Krupa through his/her Sadhana, howsoever troublesome Vaastu may be, all the faults can be removed. The troubles that Subhash ji was having in his life were due to Pitru Dosh (problems due to unsatiated ancestors) and that of a Mantrik of the third Paatal (Hell). Hence, even if he had altered the Vaastu, the benefit would have been minimal.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

(d) “My mother died at a young age. But she used to frequently appear in my dreams where I would see her in an extremely troubled state. This would immediately wake me up each time. One night, I saw her pleading for water. She had been tied down by some negative energy that was not allowing me to offer water to her. To resolve this, I had even contacted some persons whose sixth senses were awakened. They too had concurred with my view, but were unable to offer any solution. After commencing sadhana under Didi’s guidance, I started chanting Shree Guru Dev Dutt and also started telling the same to others. One night, Didi was talking to some Seekers who had come to meet her. While talking to them, she suddenly turned towards me and said, “Your mother has just taken a rebirth.” I had never mentioned any of the incidents about my mother to Didi. That day onwards, I never saw my mother in my dreams.” ~ Subhash Srinivasa Analysis of the experience: Severe Pitru Dosh in the house and lack of Dharmaacharan had not granted Gati (momentum) to his mother in her after- life and a Mantrik of third Paatal had made her a prisoner in the subtle world ! For the resolution of Pitru Dosh, chanting Shree Guru Dev Dutt and telling others about it, bringing this simple science into action, liberated his mother and gave her a rebirth. V.

Spiritual healing to counter problems by negative energies

What should you do if there is excessive discord in the house? It has been noticed that in the present times, the joint family system which has been the very symbol of Indian culture, has broken down and even a nuclear family of husband-wife and two children cannot live happily under the same roof. Why is it so?

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

The root cause of the breakdown of joint family system has been deterioration in Seekerhood qualities. When Hindus stopped practising Sadhana and Dharmacharan (Righteous conduct), deterioration in Seekerhood resulted and discord began to increase. Let us analyzeas to why discord takes place? If Prarabdh (destiny) is severe, the give-and-take gets settled by discord and tribulations. If our mutual expectations don’t get fulfilled, it leads to discord. If there is Vaastu Dosh (negative vibrations of premise), it too leads to discord. If there is Pitru Dosh, the probability of discord between husband and wife and between brothers increases. • If negative energies cast a spell, there is discord in the house due to (any) one family member. • Upon subtle analysis(sukshma pariskhan) in the past few years, I have found that if there is Pitru Dosh in a family and one family member does not get married, the chances of him/her developing some psychological problem in the near future increases and this creates an atmosphere of discord in the entire house. • If one of the family members is a an addict such as a drunkard or a gambler, even then the atmosphere in the house is full of discord. Remedies:(i) (ii) Take steps towards spiritual cleansing of the premise on a regular basis. We have discussed these in detail in the previous issues of Soham. For resolving Pitru Dosh, chant Shree Guru Dev Datt and perform the annual Shraddh (post death ritual for the ancestors). Perform Shraddh during Pitru Paksh (fortnight of the ancestors) and during this period, do 72 Maala (rosary) of Naam Jaap (Name chant) by chanting Shree Guru Dev Datt everyday. Worship the picture of Lord Dattatreya and play the CD of Datt (these are available with us). People who are plagued by increasing discord must do the salt-water treatment daily. They should also take bath with salt water containing Gau Mutra (cow’s urine) followed by the normal bath with clean water. Be vigilant two days before and two days after Poornima (Full Moon day) and Amavasya (No Moon day). Do not let discord increase at home during this period. • • • •



SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6


Those who have psychological problems, must take a Lota (small round metal pot used in ritualistic worship) of water, put a spoonful of Gau Mutra, Tulsi Dal (a small bunch of 4-5 holy basil leaves) and a pinch of Vibhuti (sacred white ash of some yadnya or from temple) and prepare the sattvik(pure) water. Place your right hand on its upper end so as to cover the Lota and chant “Om Namah Shivay” for 15 minutes. The affected person should drink this Abhimantrit Jal (energised water). Since the water will remain charged for three days only, you can prepare more Jal the same way and make the person drink it. (vi) Whenever the atmosphere of the house becomes tense, pray and do the Shastra Yuddh (armed combat). For this, pray to the One you venerate. For instance, if your benevolent one is Maa Durgaa (Goddess Durga), make a request to her, “O Mother, whichever negative energy is creating discord between my husband and son (take their respective names), may that negative energy be hit and incapacitated by your weapons so that its powers decrease. May the black veil clouding my family members’ mind and intellect be destroyed and may your weapons create a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) around them. This is my prayer unto Your holy feet.” Repeat this prayer again and again. (vii) Whenever there is discord at home, do introspection and analyse if any of your faults was responsible for it and try to remove it. Remember we can’t change others, but if we get rid of our own ego and defects, God’s grace will follow. Discord and tribulation pollute the atmosphere in a household and destroy Lakshmi (wealth). Hence, increase your Seeker-ship qualities to avoid discord. (viii) If we try to eliminate our ego, the discord and tribulations can be reduced. (ix) Discord is reduced with increase in a spirit of sacrifice and detachment for which Sadhana should be done. (x) When an atmosphere of discord starts developing, detach yourself and immediately start chanting with a strong yearning to stop it.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6


Clarification of doubts
Question 1: “You have often written in your articles about salt-water treatment. How is this treatment done? Please provide details.” – Nisha Singh, Delhi. Answer: I will briefly explain how this remedy is to be done:

Take half a bucket of water, (hot or cold, depending upon the weather), put a spoonful of rock salt (natural salt possesses higher capacity to neutralise the problems caused by negative energies as compared to iodised salt) and put one spoon of Gau Mutra of a Desi (Indian) cow in a bucket of water. Sit on a chair and keep both your feet in the water for 15 minutes and chant Shree Guru Dev Datt. After 15 minutes, take your feet out, throw away the water and wash your feet with clean water. Other family-members should not put their feet in this water. Alsoremember that your feet should not be kept in water for more than 15 minutes. See if there is mild sunlight such as in the morning or evening and the sky is blue then you can do the salt-water treatment under the sky. Doing it under the sky and the sun enhances its impact and makes it all the more powerful and increases its spiritual potency.. But before doing the treatment, pray thus: “May the element of divinity present in the sky, sun, salt, water and Gau Mutra destroy the black veil surrounding my mind and intellect.” Do this remedy twice a day, with a minimum gap of 6-8 hours. And continue it for two or three years as per the severity of the problems. Doing salt-water treatment regularly reduces the problems pertaining to the mind and intellect as the black veil that surrounds them is destroyed, thus helping in better concentration and peace. Similarly, taking a bath regularly with salt-water and Gau Mutra destroys the black veil surrounding the mind and intellect. For this, before taking a bath, take 8-10 mugs of water, put a teaspoonful of rock salt and a teaspoonful of Gau Mutra, mix it well and pray thus: “May this Gau Mutra and salt-water bath destroy the black veil surrounding my mind and intellect and may I receive Chaitanya (divine consciousness).” After this, take a normal bath. Both these processes must be done by those members of the family who suffer from problems.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Question 2: “After reading your article, I had done the salt-water treatment two-three times in the last few weeks. But while doing this,I had a very strange experience. I developed nausea and felt as if some sharp objects were coming out of my ear and I was a bit worried. Should I continue with this spiritual remedy or should I discontinue it?” Simran Kaur, London. Answer: Salt-water treatment is the most effective solution to problems caused by negative energies. The kind of experience you have had only proves that you are suffering from problems caused by negative energies. Hence, you must repeat this solution twice a day on a regular basis. To make it more effective, if you do it under the open sky and under light sunlight, your problems will reduce faster. Your strange feeling and nausea are symptoms that the subtle force of the negative energy is reducing and causing problems for you as a result. Negative energies create a place for themselves in our body and sometimes place subtle weapons in it. Those sharp weapons were coming out from your ear, which is a good sign, you were undergoing purification. Do not be afraid, do the chanting fearlessly, keep praying and continue this remedy, your problems will be reduced within a short time. To read more and see the pictures of subtle aspect of this treatment, visit this link: medy


Efforts of Seekers towards spiritual progress :

A Seeker from Africa, Bhaarat Paandya, who attained a 60% spiritual level has carved out a place for himself in Mahalok by becoming a medium in the formation of Upasana Hindu Dharmotthan Sansthan . In January 2004, I was told by my Shree Guru that my subtle ego has increased a lot. Hence, I must do everything according to others’ will and pay attention to check my ego and defects. Considering it as his command, I started making remedial efforts. In May 2005, I had come to Delhi for some personal work when I rang my Shree Guru to give him details of personality defect removal and ego dissolution. I told him I had come to my sister’s house and how I was now doing everything as per others’ will. His Holiness Gurudev replied, “In future, you will do everything as per God’s will.” Listening to such a great blessing from him just after one-and-a-half-year’s of my effort, brought tears to my eyes. I simply nodded in agreement and

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

kept the phone down. From that day onwards, He would confirm each and every thought coming to my mind through different mediums. By 2008, I firmly knew all the thoughts coming to my mind were those of the Lord only! In August 2010, I was enjoying solitude in my village, when I got a divine Ordain that I must do Samashti Sadhana and carry forward my Guru’s work independently, and for that purpose, I would need to establish an organisation. I was in a fix as I had doubts over this order by the Lord, and kept wondering if this wasn’t just a thought conjured up by my mind! In the meantime, one of my friends on Face book had forecasted few details about my future seeing the date of birth in my face book profile. He asked for my birth place and birth time to study my kundali in details. I was surprised as to why a stranger should be interested in my natal chart. But I provided him with the details. Whatever he told me based upon the astrological science was 100% correct. Surprisingly, all the things that he wrote to me, had already been conveyed to me by God! He wrote that an organisation had to be established by me, with which many people will get associated and do Sadhna. After this, he was after me to get a ‘Society’ registered. Just when I was thinking of taking his suggestion seriously, another astrologer friend sent to me the same thing in writing in the inbox of my facebook profile and began making enquiries about my birth place and birth time. He too wrote back the very same things that Bhaarat had written. Both knew about my future, but Bhaarat kept calling me up every fortnight from Africa and would ask me what efforts I had made in that direction. One day I told him that until now, I was only living as a full-time Seeker in the Ashram (hermitage) of my Shree Guru and did not need much money. But now, if I got a Society registered, or opened a bank account, I would need money and I did not have so much money. No sooner had I said this that he answered, “I will send you money tomorrow itself.” Thus, a person who had not even seen or met me, became a medium for fulfilling the God’s Ordain. I asked him what expectations he had from me and why was he helping me. He humbly replied, “In the near future, you will be surrounded by thousands of people. Whenever I come to India, I do not want to stand in a queue. If you are aware of my arrival, please give me an audience for two minutes and place your hand on my head as a blessing. This is my only expectation!” Listening to the expectation of this Seeker, I was amazed. Today, even if somebody provides the smallest help, he holds big expectations from you! Sending me Rs 17, 000/- in two instalments, on December 26, 2010, through the help of Bhaarat I laid the foundation for Upasana Hindu Dharmotthan Sansthan. According to the Hindu calendar, this date was the

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Nirvaan Divas (Liberation Day) of the Guru of His Holiness Bhaktraj Maharaj’s (Our Shree Guru’s Guru), His Holiness Anantanand Sayeesh ji. One day, in March 2011, I received a message from the Lord that Bhaarat Pandya has attained 60% spiritual level and carved out a place for himself in Mahalok. I said to the Lord, “But I have not even met him, I have merely told him about chanting! How did he make so much progress just by doing this?” The Lord replied, “He motivated you to do Samashti Sadhana and became the medium for the establishment of Upasana. In this goal, he assisted you with single-mindedness and he also does chanting faithfully, as told by you. His Bhaav (spiritual emotion) is very good.” A few days later, I saw a message from Bharat ji that he can see my face in the pictures of gods and goddesses kept in his Pujaghar (the place of worship) and he can see my subtle form whenever he closes his eyes. Since the first day, he addressed me as Maa (Mother). He told me that his financial difficulties had been reduced, his mind had become peaceful and he had also knocked off the habits of smoking and drinking. I had until then not even told him that his spiritual progress was at 60%, and he had already started recounting his experiences. I understood the Lord’s divine game. When I came in touch with Bhaarat, his level was at 58% but there was a severe Pitru Dosh in his life and he was being troubled by Maantriks of the third Paatal region. He suffered from a severe Prarabdh(destiny) too, but all his problems were reduced within a span of 8 months and he was also liberated from the cycle of life and death! Once again, the story of Eklavya and Guru Tattwa was repeated.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

VIII. Obstacles during Dharm Yatra & Dharm Prasar

For the last few weeks, some Seekers have been offering their voluntary services to Soham, which is why this newsletter reaches you in this format on time. This newsletter is going to become a vehicle for Dharma awakening. Hence, we will take a look at some experiences that reflect the kind of problems that the Seekers associated with this Sewa have had to face. First, we will look at the experience of Shri Kothiyal from Delhi. He does the language correction in Hindi and also translates it into English. (i) The office I am working in, has a 24x7 internet facility. Internet-related problems hardly ever arise, and even if it does, it is redressed at the very earliest. However, when I was in the midst of working on Soham - 3, for some inexplicable reason, the Internet connection went out and could not be restored for four days. The technical experts kept trying to identify the problem, but could not find the reason behind disruption. Four days later, it was noticed that a small wire had turned loose somewhere. Similarly, while working on Soham – 5, Tanuja Didi sent me a file. I immediately started working on it. Didi had told me that she would send the files in two-three parts. I had completed working on the first part and started the second. While revising the articles, I realised that there was some problem somewhere. I noticed that the first three points were there, but after the 4th point, it went straight to the 8th point. Usually, the signal on my cell phone is quite weak inside my office premises and keeps fluctuating. Hence, there is a problem having a long conversation. Hence, I spelt out the problem in an e-mail and followed it up with an SMS to Didi, requesting her to look at the e-mail immediately. After some time, I received a call from Didi asking me as to how this was possible? She told me that the file that she had sent me was the same that she had with her. In that file, all the points from 1 to 8 were intact and she could see those. However, the file that had reached me, did not contain


SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

points 4 to 7. Then, she re-sent the file and this time it contained all the points. How both these incidents happened is beyond the comprehension of my intellect! The second experience is that of Shri Dhanak from Ahmedabad On April 28, 2012, as per Didi’s instructions, I e-mailed Soham – 4 to all the curious ones and Seekers. This was an extremely easy Seva (service) and it took me about half an hour to do so. The next day, I began to feel extreme fatigue, so much so that I could not even get up from the bed. I felt my hemoglobin levels might have dropped, hence the weakness. When I sought the doctor’s advice, he recommended tests for complete body. Surprisingly, all my reports were normal, and even the hemoglobin was 13.9, which is considered above average. This led me to believe that such things are beyond the scope of intellect.

The third experience is of Smt. Anita from Ajmer Tanuja Didi has given me the Seva (service) of correcting the Hindi language of Soham. I had earlier received the pdf final copies sent by Didi containing Soham – 2 and Soham 3 on the same e-mail ID. But when she sent me Soham - 3, for seva on the same mail id, I did not receive it. She sent me the file thrice, but I still did not get it, even though it was present in Didi’s ‘Sent Items’ list. I opened a new Hotmail ID, but Didi’s mails kept bouncing back. Finally, she had to send me the file in Face book Inbox in two parts and I could complete the service.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Didi had asked me to do special chanting and a prayer, which I had started doing regularly. But the same episode occured during Soham – 4. The final copies of both Soham – 3 and Soham – 4 issues were received by me just like everyone else. And I was getting it without any problem. But each time, I did not get the files sent for editing. I received the Soham – 5 ,file for seva, but when I returned it after doing the corrections, all the pages were showing correctly as having been attached in my ‘Sent Items’ box, But when Didi downloaded it, she got only two pages of text while the rest of the document was showing blank. When we could not succeed despite several efforts, my husband sent it as a PDF file. Only then could she get all the corrected pages. My husband deals with hardware and software, but these things were beyond his intellect too. The next experience is that of Shri Saxena. He looks after the service of English language correction of Soham. While working on Soham – 4, I was grappling with paucity of time and completed the editing by burning the proverbial midnight oil. I am very particular about cleanliness and I also try to keep my home protected from flies and mosquitoes. However, despite sanitizing my bedroom quite well, I noticed something strange for those two consecutive nights. I do not know from where, but mosquitoes kept coming in hordes. I spent better part of the nights using the electric racquet (in vogue these days) and waged a battle to keep them at bay so I could complete the editing. After two nights, there was no sewa to be done and I could sleep peacefully the third night. Similarly, I had thought I would finish the task for Soham – 5 within three hours, but uncontrollable sleep virtually paralysed me the moment I sat down on chair the first night. The next morning I contracted viral fever. Finally, I could finish the seva with a great deal of difficulty. How I

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

contracted the viral fever was surprising because I had taken a flu vaccination just a month ago!


Mistakes by Seekers

Before I tell you about mistakes this week, I want everyone to know more about personality defects. WHAT IS ‘REMOVAL OF PERSONALITY DEFECTS’? Whenever special impressions of our mind are expressed time and again, they become our ‘behaviour’. In short, behaviour means ‘a person’s nature’. That person- is the sum total of these qualities and these shortcomings. This becomes the Sanskars(impressions) Good impressions are known as qualities and negative impressions as behavioural faults. If due to a person’s particular behaviour, or any of his actions, harm is caused to someone else, it is a behavioural fault. In spiritual language, these are known as Shad-ripu (the six enemies) and expressed through lust, anger and greed etc. Ordinarily, about 50% of all our actions and reactions are unbecoming of our position. These are related to our behavioural faults, and result in injuring ourselves and others who are close to us. Anger, irritability, speaking at a high pitch, laziness, telling lies, being disorganized, negative thoughts, worrying, procrastination, blabbering, lack of focus, rowdiness, criticizing others, being cantankerous, envy, lack of concentration or decisiveness etc are behavioural faults. In contrast, leadership, vigilance, ability, modesty, patience, discipline, respecting time, firmness, forgiveness etc are virtues. DAMAGE CAUSED BY PERSOANLITY DEFECTS Behavioural faults can cause physical and mental pain. The more the defects, the more stressed the mind is. Thus even maintaining proximity to others becomes difficult. Trivial

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

things disturb the mind and having weakened the vitality of the mind, a person feels fatigued and de-motivated. One can also be given to addictions. Not removing the behavioural faults means bearing their brunt throughout life and even more in the next birth. Eradicating defects leads to awakening of the intellect and the mind starts according priority to divine thoughts. Behavioural faults become an obstacle in the spiritual progress for those performing the spiritual practice. The severity of behavioural faults can easily let any negative energy enter the physical body of a person. Strong desires and disorders make a person Tamoguni (spiritually impure), which itself transforms into negative energy after death.

(IX). Mistakes by Seekers: “The work of reconstruction of Kaali temple is on. Tanuja Didi had asked me to reach five minutes before the masons did. But I was late by two hours. As a result, the masons wasted their time in looking for the tools like spade, shovel etc”. – Ashish. The defect responsible for the mistake: Lack of seriousness towards Sadhna and performing Sadhna according to the wishes of one’s own mind.

(X). Guru Poornima special:

Guru Poornima this year is on July 3 according to Panchaang (the Hindu calendar) On this day, the Guru Tattva gets magnified a thousand times and is far more potent. Thus, if we perform qualified Sadhna, Guru Krupa can be acquired many times over. To enable you to utilize this golden opportunity to do Sadhna, from this issue onwards, I will share some special incidents and memories concerning Guru and the disciples. This should increase your devotion towards your Guru and you too might make similar efforts. This time, I am recalling for you an inspiring story extremely dear to me. This is not fiction, but a real incident.

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

Kabirdas was a saint of the highest order, but he did not learn anything from his Guru in the gross form. He displayed devotion towards his Guru like Eklavya and received selfrealisation. All of you must have heard this couplet of his:

्ुरय्ो�ैंदयदमायखखनयेमेयकम्मयुमयय| न ब�कहमर�य्ुरय ुानय्ो�ैंदय�दयोय�दखमय ||

Guru Gobind Dou khade, kaake lagoon paye, Balihaari Guru aapne, Gobind diyo dikhaaye

Imagine his faith in his Guru whom he saw just once, that he even gave the credit for self-realisation to his Guru and not to God, because he had placed Guru on a higher pedestal than God himself. Only those who have tasted the nectar of Guru Krupa can understand his importance. (Gurukrupa hi kevalam shishy param mangalam.)

And the Guru too conceded defeat in the face of Kabir’s devotion. The story about Saint Kabirdas goes thus: Upon noticing the fame of Saint Kabir increasing, some Pundits of Kashi grew jealous. They went to Saint Kabirdas and asked him about the traditions of his Guru. Saint Kabir said, “My Guru is Ramanand Maharaj. He only had given me the Guru Mantra and it is by

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

his grace that I am in bliss today.” As the Pundits were jealous of his fame, so they went to Ramanand Maharaj and asked him, “A person whose caste and birth etc are not known, how did you make him your disciple?” Ramanand Maharaj said, “I have not made Kabir my disciple, I do not even know who he is.” The Pundits retorted, “But he openly says you are his Guru and that you have given him the Guru Mantra. Before we proceed further, let us recall an incident that had taken place earlier. Saint Kabirdas wanted to receive Deeksha (initiation) from Ramanand Maharaj, but knew that he would not agree. Therefore, in the early hours of dawn one day, he lay down on a Ghat (river bank) of Ganga (Ganges), knowing that Guru Maharaj takes that route every day on his way to take a holy bath. It would be the best route to seek Deeksha, he thought. It happened exactly like that. As soon as Ramanand Maharaj accidentally stepped on Kabir’s chest, he suddenly spoke out ‘Ram Ram’. Kabirdas felt touch of His guru’s feet on his chest as His blessings and considering ‘Ram Ram’ as his Guru Mantra, went back.

Now, since Ramanand Maharaj had already said that he did not know Kabir, the Pundits called for a Dharm Sabha to let Kabir down. In those days, such gatherings used to be held on the staircases of big temples, where issues of even small magnitude used to be resolved. When the meeting started, Ramanand Maharaj called Kabir and scolded him. He was standing one step above Kabir, and disciple Kabir one step below him. The followers of Ramanandi community used to keep a kind of a forcep. So he beat one against Kabirdas and asked him, “Tell me, when did I accept you as my disciple, Ram Ram?” He had a habit of saying Ram Ram in every sentence. So he pricked Kabir with the forceps and said: “Why are you telling a lie that I gave you the Guru Mantra, Ram Ram”. Hitting Kabir a third time with the forceps, he said, “Tell the truth in front of everyone, Ram Ram.”

SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

to touch his feet in dark and gave the Mantra of Ram Ram, and today He has given the

Saint Kabirdas stood humbly before him and said, “That day my Lord had allowed me

impressions of His blessings on my back. What else can I say about His grace?” And he then showed his back to everyone, on which one could clearly see three marks caused by the forceps. Gurus are Gurus after all. Upon seeing such devotion, tears came to Ramanand Maharaj’s eyes, and he said, “Now, even if all the Pundits of Kashi boycott me, from today you are my disciple and I am your Guru, Ram Ram.” Saying this, he embraced his disciple. Seeing tears in their eyes, all the Pundits went back embarrassed.

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SOHAM - Newsletter by Tanuja Thakur - Vol.1 Issue No 6

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