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AI Jazeera World A Road to Mecca
More than 80 years ago, one man crossed the frontline retrace his journey.

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• HRW urges Syrian suspension from Arab League


• Italy's Senate approves economic refonms between the Muslim world and the West - we • Greece swears in Papademos as interim PM I:J • Several dead as Yemen troops shell protesters I:J • Ex-minister on trial in India for corruption Share ... Feedback



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AI Jazeera World
• A Road to Mecca • Fighting in the Fifth Dimension • English 'Til I Die • Images of Re",lution • The 9/11 decade

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• Letters from Iran • US 'kill team' soldier convicted of murder • Nuclear Israel revisited • HRW urges Syrian suspension from Arab League • A Road to Mecca • Sla"'j Zizek and Harum Scarum • Panetta sounds waming on Iran attack • Israel's self-fulfilling prophecy on Iran • The West's tragedy of capital In A Road to Mecca, filmmaker George Misch sets out to explore the frontline between the Muslim world and the Wes!. His guide for this journey is a man from the past - somebody who, 80 years earlier, crossed all boundaries between countries, cultures and religions. Leopold Weiss was born a Jew on the edge of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1900. But his story would unfold far away in the deserts of Arabia. Feeling restless and unhappy in Europe. in 1922 Weiss accepted an uncle's imitation to join him in Jerusalem. But what began as a family visit soon turned into a life-changing joumey. Weiss enjoyed the hospitality of the Arabs he met in the Middle East and was enchanted by their lifestyle. With the passion of an explorer. he began to traloel across the region. His trasels and encounters nurtured in him a sense that Zionism was causing a great injustice to the Palestinian Arabs. In Jerusalem, he got into heated arguments with the leaders of the Zionist movement and began to feel at a greater distance from the religion of his ancestors than eloerbefore. As he dlscoserec the Muslims of the Middle East, Weiss also discovered Islam - studying the Ouran and finding not only the answer to the spiritual emptiness he had felt but also an alternative to the materialism of Europe's Roaring Twenties. In Saudi Arabia, Weiss felt truly at home, writing: "1 am no longer a stranger." "Islam should be presented without any fanaticism. Without any stress on our having the only possible way and the others are los!. Moderation in all forms is a basic demand of Islam." Muhammad Asad NOW NEXT lin 15 mins I


7 Days

• A Russian waming to Israel over Iran

Activate: A Call Against Arms

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In 1926, he converted to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Asad. Full of enthusiasm, he embarked upon his first pilgrimage to Mecca. Curious to get to know other Muslim communities, in 1932 Asad left Saudi Arabia - traloelling to Turkistan, China and
Inrlnm::I~i:::l In Inrli::. hll=l mef nnl=lt :::Inri nhiln~nnhj:lr Mllh:::lmm:::ln Inh:::.1 lnhal rln:a:::lmll=ln nf rn:a:::ltinn




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Thursday: 0100. In 1951.12011102095616528352. Nuclear Israel Joseph Massad revisited When Ann Coulter Corey Robin tells the truth I Iran Israel's self-fulfilling prophecy on John Bell and John lada Challenging the Israeli court Charlotte Silver army in You can't bank on free speech Kristinn Hrafnsson Source: AI Jazeera Kim Jong-ll's nothing NAJ Taylor nukes are good for cs:::J Email ilL Print < City • • Share __ Send Feedback 164 Justice at Guantanamo? Jonathan Hafetz Hacking Palestine: occupation Helga Tawil-Souri Adigital 3. reuse. and global license for no consideration to use. A Road to Mecca can be seen from Tuesday.settling in Spain in 19B7.. but from experiences and connections with The economyis builton the idea of relentless growth. Rumour has it that there were elen book bumings of Asad's Quran.11/11/11 A Road to Mecca . Se. he turned his back on politics. alone and secluded. Be the first of your Topics People • • • in this article Country • Pakistan Organisation • United Nations Muhammad Asad Muhammad Assad Leopold Weiss rv1ecca Jerusalem Nature is the 99o/~ too Chip Ward • Rachel Muyal • Ikram Chaghatai Featured on AI Jazeera A vision of the whole human race Revolutionary ideas do not come from books and manifestos.AI Jazeera English as a solution to the bloodshed between Indian Muslims and Hindus. Asad campaigned for the creation of Pakistan by writing books. Conlent on this websile is for general information purposes only. He dedicated it to "people who think". Like B II and 7 others liked this. Your comments are provided by your own free will and you take sole responsibility for any direct or indirect liability. But to his dismay he was forced out of the position after just one year.. he withdrew to Europe .nteen years later it was finished. Deeply disappointed. Nowmber B. Wednesday: 1200. gilling public lectures and hosting radio programmes. On February 20." Muhammad Asad . Sunday: 1200. Monday: 0100.046 people recommend friends. unlimiled. . he died. Nuclear revisited Israe I Amid continued violence and abortive opposition. This motivated him to undertake his biggest challenge: a new translation of and commentary on the Quran. at the following times GMT: Tuesday: 2000. Friday: 0600.AI Jazeera World . dialogue with the health disaster for all but the 1%. It is our duty to look for deeper meanings in the Quran in order to increase our knowledge and experience. By 1970. . and the Arab Spring. Obama. html. 1992. Asad had grown increasingly concerned that the Quran was being misinterpreted and misused for political goals. Saturday: 2000.. 2/8 aljazeera.com/pnogrammes/aljazeeraworld/ . delete or publish comments. Emotionally and financially exhausted. Iqbal's llision of Pakistan quickly became Asad's own dream. He settled in Morocco and estimated that it would take him four years to complete. To have Dr not to have nuclear weapons is a question of human security and not European privilege. President Saleh returns. The Road to Mecca quickly became a bestseller. . God himself dedicated this book to people who think. You hereby provide us with an irrevocable. this. "Every age requires a new approach to the Quran for the simple reason that the Quran is made for all ages. The Quran wants your intellect to be always actbe and trying to approach the message of God. his translation was not embraced by all. in accordance with Community Rules & Guidelines and Terms and Conditions. He planned to rellise his translation once more but old age and prolonged illness prevented him from completing it.I More Opinion Slavoj Zizek and Harum Hamid Dabashi Scarum 111:_ Davutoglu's Richard Falk Khamenei's gambit Reza Marashi brilliant statecraft power consolidation and Sahar Namazikhah 4iI!l ~I The West's Pepe Escobar tragedy of capital Time to occupy Party Paul Rosenberg the Democratic Despite the fact that Asad today has a loyal following among those who share an interest in his writings and an intellectual affiliation with him. Asad became Pakistan's envoy to the United Nations.. He also drafted the outline for an Islamic constitution in which equal rights for women were secured. deciding instead to write his autobiography in the hope that it would promote better understanding between Muslims and the West. different peoples. which is an environmental and Q&A: Eliot Spitzer f>J Jazeera talks to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer about corporate crime. Click here for more AI Jazeera World.

. mfaz4 1 day ago in reply to Talal Khawaja remember of ignorance Islam is what has been ordained asad's transaltion and not what Ilike or what I donat understand.. Comments cannot 1m sure you also believe that Muslims like you... why bar non muslims em from their buttbushbuddies the Saudis. World . English Showing Sort by Real-time 1-20 of 29 comme nls Best rating IS2l Subscribe is enabled. ~f] Sundas Azim and 10 rmre liked this I Reply I III mecca Talal Khawaja 1 day ago in reply to mfaz4 Kindlypostyour . it is not the saudis Read muhammed to learn something before committing to ~ .AI Jazeera English LLi~ Jose Muga orrera. and who is not allowed Your comments yourself on what Quran says about the who is allowed if you wish in Makkah.1] (ISLAM) islam. . Indeed. Saudis are as racist as Bush.. to wonder where Bushes got the racism from but now its crystal clear . a comment. 'Birth defects' from Israeli bombs [ Post as . Talal Khawaja 1 day ago Join Our Mailing List Being a muslim myself I do not support this NON MUSLIM LANE SIGN in Saudi Arabia . to the max and im not surprised that its done by the Saudis.this is not the way to spread Email Address does not allow segregation. Allah will enrich you from His bounty if He wills.11/11/11 Add A Road to Mecca . Allah is Knowing and Wise:· fl Sundas Azim and 9 rmre liked this ~ IReply I 1. so let them not indeed the polytheists after this.. Go aljazeera. al-Masjid al-Haram 9: 27 Allah said "you are unclean. ~ I Reply I 1..12011102095616528352.905 others like this. Jarres Wachira and 800. AlE .1] approach Umu-zakariya Mohamed 16 hours ago in reply to Talal Khawaja This is a llerse from Surah (Chapter) who have believed. Surah thanks to muslims 5:51 and that too is always taken out of context III mfaz4 5 hours ago in reply to Umu-zakariya Mohamed thank you for providing the reference. about2 weeks ago Milhia AbdulKader shared Rape of worren in DR Congo 'tops 1000 a day' . 3/8 .Do you know about that.. Required: Recent Activity Otieno Kanyang'onda shared What does Gaddafi's fall rrean for Africa? . :-) befriend you study the Quran and the Hadith [in against a non muslim? and yes there is a verse like these are used by non muslims in quran that says that . Iii'! Subscribe byRSS Facebooksocialplug in updating 1. their [final] year.1] Talal Khawaja 2 hours ago in reply to Umu-zakariya Mohamed you have quoted the verse totally out of context.. html. the world come and see Mecca and see the beauty n the magic of Mecca. ] 185 people recomrrend this._. .Allazeera .com/programmes/aljazeeraworld/ . where does it sayin Quran that Non muslims are not allowed in 1 person liked this.. about6 monthsago India to help defend Maldives 12 people recorrrrenc this. I would suggest arabic] first before passing Islam..Reason To me that is racism i use being that our religion Let . (Pause) byemail 6 people recorrrrsnd this.they got [f] Ak and 13 rmre liked this ~ I Reply I Subscribe III Please speak decesion.AI Jazeera New Comment Please login below to comment. comments with reference. And if you fear privation.

! seems like your one of em .aljazeera.1] truthywood 1 day ago Likud (back then." I 1 day ago in reply to Talal Khawaja I agree. April 17 2 Arabs and 2 British were killed bya bomb in 1 Arab was killed by a bam b detonated in a cafe in Haifa 1936. 60 paints China possible to reduce 37 paints I 4 comments EU Bailout relaxing may not be laws states without EU labor Sloth" III I "Indolence and 25 comments SundasAzim 16 hours ago in reply to Talal Khawaja In Pictures: Eid al-Adha 28 paints I comment ARE you CRAZY" Non-Muslims can not be allowed within that region . to have NUCLEAR WARHEADS? record. 1936. 2 Arabs killed on Bat-Yam 14 10 Arabs killed bylrgun ("Black Sunday") policemen units launching attacks 1936..net $13Btm and in bid to bid to tax slash rises in reply to Talal Khawaja Take it easy. 7 Arabs were killed bya bomb in Jaffa. shooting attacks in Tel- 1936.. was killed in an attack on a bus in the 3 Arabs were shot and killed in Haifa. you got it wrong this prohibitation that period. of Arabs killed bya bomb that was into a crowded Arab market place in Jerusalem. July 5 Jerusalem. also those people came in Quran as noted above and the reference entered mad ina in the guise of muslims.lt's weird hearing some muslims [fJ Ak and 3 rmre liked this ~ I Reply I 1. Ce. ~ I Reply I III mfaz4 5 hours ago in reply to Shah Bilal -+ -+ + -+ -+ -+ + + budget deficit by 2016.regardless ofwhatyou think of Saudis.com/programmes/aljazeeraworld/ . Mer segregation the Opening law. this prohibition to non Haj each year and also the fact that they don't really "need" was im plemented to go there anyway and that they are free to live and travel everywhere and I think it is for the better. Irgun) is a bunch of lunatic terrorists. June (late) thrown 1 Arab policeman road. A Shah Bilal 16 hours ago Road to Mecca - AI Jazeera World - AI Jazeera English Ii2lllinks from english. the only reason I think muslims The law got enforced reach the prophet's m uslims themselves non m uslims are not allowed that. muslims and people of the book and others were protect this in and enjoyed theirrightofmovementand to live in rv1ecca.11/11/11 III historic. into those two cities is adm inistrative who were non m uslims and too need to remember -+ -+ to France deficit: austerity totalling unveils French $13Bbn PM announces eliminate measures as a result of an attern pt by grave robbers. April 12 a train in Haifa. of Mecca in the year 630 if I recall correctly. Why is it allowed Here's the Likud/irgun's 1937. byyou is much after hands. I Reply I III Talal Khawaja 2 hours ago in reply to Sundas Azim Crazy are people who give islam a bad name by putting restrictions. June 23 1936. grave. 2 Arabs were killed near Tel-Aviv.""". 2 people liked this. So as a security measure with all that goes on during and were trying caused and to avoid any other inconveniences else. June 27 1936. ~ 5 people liked this. 1 person liked this. html. November around Jerusalem. June 26 1936. 1 Arab was killed in the yard of a hospital Unspecified number in Haifa. July 5 AVIV. beach. 7 Arabs were killed in several 3 Arabs were killed bya bam b detonated in a bus in aljazeera.1] allowed ahascha 1.. May 17 Jerusalem-Hebron 1936. 1936. . March 1937.12011102095616528352. May24 1936.. ~ I Reply I 1. 4/8 ... . 153 paints I 96 comments Berlusconi collapse 101 polnts Berlusconi Italian resign vote are could government c lose to I 13 comments denies resignation reports matters he but rumours: plans looming out of his to PM says take "baseless"..

16 Arabs and 5 Jews were killed by two simultaneous bombs World . 2 British officers were killed bya mine in Jerusalem. May29 in Jerusalem. 1 Arab was killed at a train station in Jaffa. December 27 killed. June 12 5 Arabs were killed bya mine detonated at the Rexcinema 5 Arabs were shot and killed during a raid on the village 5 Arabs were killed bya bomb atthe Jaffa Gate in 1 British bomb expert trying ta defuse the bombs was bombing mounted killed. February27 24 Arabs were killed bya bomb ata marketplace in 33 Arabs were killed in multiple attacks. 6 Arabs were killed in several attacks in Tel-Aviv. 24 by in Arab ""getable bomb in Arab market in Suk Quarter of Haifa and 4 bybomb market in Jerusalem. 17 Palestinian Russian. July25 43 Arabs were killed bya bomb ata marketplace in Haifa. html. aljazeera. and 4 Basuta soldiers in Jerusalem. 1936. February22 1946. 1947. during raid and explosion. at Jews. incl. 1939. 5/8 . January 12 1947. June 29 6 Arabs were killed in several attacks in Jerusalem. 1939. May29 of Biyar 'Adas. June 19 a marketplace 1939. August27 1 Arab was killed at a marketplace 2 Arabs were shot and killed in Lifta. 1944. July20 1939. October 30 Jerusalem 2 British guards killed during Gunfire and explosion Railway Station..AI Jazeera 1 Arab was killed in another attack in Jerusalem. 1936. . 17 British officers killed. 15-28 British citizens. July 5 1936.1 Arabs. in Haifa. Nearlyhalfthe 1946. August26 Jaffa. July8 1936. 2 1946. September Intelligence Department 1 1945. July20 1939. November 5 locomotives destroyed one soldier and one policeman 1945.12011102095616528352.com/programmes/aljazeeraworld/ . June 16 1939. Two staff. 1 Greek and 1 Egyptian. July 16 Jerusalem. during a post office in Jerusalem 1939.AI Jazeera English in the Arab melon market in Haifa.October31 building was destroyed and 3 people were injured.11/11/11 1936. staff of the hotel or Secretariat 41 Palestinian Armenians. around 150 Irgun attacked four British police stations 29 1 Senior British police officer of the Crim inal assassinated in Jerusalem. June 30 1939. 1939. Bombing of the British Embassyin Rome. 1944. July6 A Road to Mecca . mosUy 91 people were killed at King David Hotel Bombing 1946. June 30 1939. 3 Arabs were killed in Rehovot. 4 Arabs were killed bya bomb in Jerusalem. 13 Arabs were killed in several shooting period. in Jerusalem.. . July20 1939. attacks around on a donkeyat Jaffa during a one-hour 1939. 1936. July22 civilians. 1939. 10 Arabs were killed bya bomb at a marketplace in 1936. June 2 Jerusalem. September members 27 Unknown num ber of casualties. killed 3 British policemen during the bombing soldier of British CID headquarters 1 British killed during attack of British army cam p in north Tel Aviv Destroyed 14 aeroplanes at 5 RAF stations. July3 1939. 1 Arab was killed bya bomb at a marketplace 2 Arabs were killed in two attacks in Jerusalem. March 1 4 killed in bombing of British headquarters. in Lydda station. 20 Arabs were killed byexplosi""s in Haifa. July4 1939.

. near Haifa 20 killed.AI Jazeera English hanged. byshooting attack on cafe 2 Arabs killed and 9 injured 14 Arabs killed and 19 injured Jaffa's built Ottoman Town Hall by truck bomb outside the 'Serrani'. December 13 7 killed. 1IlAk and 9 rmre liked this ~ I Reply I II] janner 1 day ago This is a touching storyof one man's journey in search of spiritual fulfilment. .. let alone understand. 1947. 47 wounded by two bombs at Damascus Gate. an arms raid on Pardes Hanna Armycamp. who won't even try to think. September 1947. 53 wounded 13 killed in attack on Tireh. precipitating Balad al-Shaykh 1947.AI Jazeera killed during the attack on Schneller World . January in Jaffa. 1992. html. December 1948. away from humans of his fellow humans. he died. 13 killed. 5 wounded by barrel bomb at Damascus Gate. April9-April11 estimate of254) generally during 18 10 20 Arabs killed bybomb at Jaffa Gate.12011102095616528352. March 1 Club bom bing 1948. killed 1948.11/11/11 1947. February Tel AViv 1948. February Ramla 1948. April 6 during 7 British soldiers. I do not subscribe to any religion but do admire those who sincerely have faith and the certainty that it must give them. January 3-storey 5 1 the Haifa Oil Refinery massacre. December 16(ca) 20 10 killed bybomb at Noga Cinema wounded in Jaffa.. aljazeera. 29 14 Arabs killed bybomb in Jerusalem. 1947. Sorely missed. 25 wounded bybombs outside Alhambra Cinema. to the massacre." What a beautiful end! Hiding and then passing in a secluded spot. as he was blessed with a keen mind.com/programmes/aljazeeraworld/ . 1948. at Haifa 6 Arabs killed. by1321rgun and 60 Lehi fighters. March 12 Camp. ~J Shah Bilal and B rmre liked this ~ I Reply I II] Max Demerg 1 day ago "On February20. 10 seriously injured in attack on Yehudieh. 1947. September station. is indicative of how tormented he was by the ignorance I am sure he died a happy man. December 13 6 killed. December 13 5 killed. 1947. December 11 12 2 kidnapped 26 29 British sergeants policemen 1 British soldier A Road to Mecca . cows in 7 Arabs killed near Ras el Ain after selling 12 Arabs killed and 43 wounded at a marketplace in 20 Britons killed and 30 wounded in the BeVingrad Offcers 107-120 accepted Palestinians killed and massacred the first announced near (the number by scholars. December 1947. alone and secluded. 1947. 1948. 6/8 . in attack on British police 4 British killed in Irgun bank robbery. including Commanding Officer. 1947. December 1947. instead and a!terthe battle at the Village of DeirYassin Jerusalem. July29 1947. dozens bybomb which lead refinery. January7 1948. Chachi and 7 rmre liked this ~ 1:1Geydhoshu I Reply I II] Henry Malcom 1 day ago The only Islam is that spelled out in the Qu-ran and there is no other.

AI Jazeera DejaView 8 hours ago !ti From Twitter aljazeera. 1 person liked this.AI Jazeera World . Theycould slaughtering then slaughter Arabs with impunity and no one else in the world would e""ect care.llli\_J.Arabs Arabs is now such a mundane everyday occurrence that people it.AI Jazeera English http://t.AI Jazeera English http://t.. that is.1] touching allah fidafarhoud 2 days ago and sad story hope every one embraced (~\_J<I. . ~ I Reply I 1. There would still be no peace in the Middle East though. 2 people liked this. 7/8 .t\_j\) Islam the greatest religion ever and wish to make this trip to mecca soon yerhemo B people liked this.co/tyiIBVBwvia AdityaVikramDas 4 hours ago !ti Twitter via @ajenglish #islam #exegesis A Road to Mecca .1] Philip Davis 1 day ago in reply to Yash89 Or ifall Muslims converted to Zionism. ~ I Reply I 1.AI Jazeera World . ~ I Reply I II] Ifonlyall YashB9 2 days ago Jews would convert to Islam 6 people liked this. I Reply I II] Sharon 1 day ago may his gentle soul rest in peace 6 people liked this..AI Jazeera World .co/a2qTzErd Jolie_Soze 8 hours ago !ti From Twitter English http://t. html. ..AI Jazeera English ~ 7 people liked this.1] KEVIN SCRIMSHAW 1 day ago in reply to Yash89 That is not a bad idea.12011102095616528352.. until it all comes under good Israeli management. ~ I Reply I 1 2 Next ~ Reactions o From From aaricciardelli 4 hours ago !ti Twitter @ajenglish A Road to Mecca . ~ I Reply I 1.co/26uFZwE2 via @ajenglish A Road to Mecca .com/programmes/aljazeeraworld/ .11/11/11 A Road to Mecca .AI Jazeera World .

I'll send you a link @LeemteeAJEjustdid riyadhiljanna 15 hours ago !ti From Twitter A Road to Mecca .gTZVI:j:J Via @aJengllsn D1Roberlson 12 hours ago !ti From Twitter A Road to Mecca .co/xzrOpVDw @ajenglish via a1 f aetelier 15 hours ago !ti From Twitter ARoad to Mecca .. A Road to Mecca . .com/programmes/aljazeeraworld/ .AI Jazeera English hltp:llt.co/vjd9Frsj via @ajenglish aamagnand 12 hours ago !ti From Twitter A Road to Mecca .12011102095616528352.ngllsn nup:III.11/11/11 Pi.AI Jazeera World .co/y03lcotw via @ajenglish lomonur 14 hours ago !ti From Twitter a doc on him http://t.AI Jazeera English hltp:llt.cofTB1CiWDEand he translated the Quran in English.AI Jazeera World .AI Jazeera English L Koae to Mecca . html.AI Jazeera World .Asia Europe Middle East Sport In Depth Opinion Features Spotlight Briefings Blogs Your Views Programmes The Stream Witness Inside Story Listening Post People & Power Fault Lines Fabulous Picture Frost Over The World 101 East One on One Counting The Cost Talk to AI Jazeera Empire The Cafe Show Watch Live On Demand Pod casts Mobile Broadcast Schedule Hote IIPartne rs More About Us Search Weather Creative Commons Work for us Transparency Unit Community Rules Terms & Conditions aljazeera.co/gzBViY9Dvia @ajenglish [ Show rrnre reactions I News Africa Americas Asia-Pacific Ce ntrallS.. .AI Jazeera World .AI Jazeera World .iazeera vvona -1\1 Jazeera t:.AI Jazeera English hltp:llt.AI Jazeera -1\1 World .AI Jazeera English hltp:llt.AI Jazeera English hltp:llt. 8/8 .Com::.co/4yHmjrizvia @ajenglish TSHIRTS_STORE 15 hours ago !ti From Twitter A Road to Mecca .

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