Dev Bhumy Group of Institutes,founded by Dev Bhumy Educational Trust is a private, Self-financed, Non-Government institute

of Technical Education promoted by Dev Bhumy Educational Trust . It came into existence in 2009 with a vision of combining the highest quality education with pioneering research that can make a significant contribution to the economy by means of technical innovation. Dev Bhumy Group of Institutes ,spread over 25-acres lush green campus is located in congenial atmosphere in picturesque beauty of Himachal Pradesh in Chandpur (Adjoining Punjab Border) in Una. Because of this locational advantage it has best of both the States. It comprises of:  Dev Bhumy Institute of Engineering and Technology (DBIET ) - affiliated to Himachal Technical University Hamirpur.  Dev Bhumy Institute of Management and Computer Application(DBIMCA) affiliated to H.P.U. Shimla  Dev Bhumy Polytechnic( DBP ) affiliated to Himachal Takniki Shiksha Board Dharmashala

Some of the salient features of these colleges are:  Flexible Admission Rules  Cost-Effective programmes  Use of latest information and Technologies ( With special reference to TCS Software)  Highly qualified and experienced Faculty  Well stacked Library and well equipped workshops, Computer centers fully enabled with wi-fi  Separate Hostels for Boys and Girls  Mess and Cafeteria  Placement cell

We believe in imparting futuristic technical education and instill higher values, making our

students technologically superior and ethically strong. .

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