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To take on the above said problems, an experiment was performed (a) first is from users side
and (b) next from collection side. The discipline selected for the study was `shikshana'

(a) User's side

1. Ten experts in the discipline `Education' were selected.

2. Keywords were listed alphabetically from fifty published titles in `Education'.(Appendix:4)
and administered among the ten educationists. Using this list they were asked to derive ten
titles each in `Education' without referring to already published titles. They were asked to list

out the approachable keywords by the users from the titles they have derived for the purpose of
information retrieval.

Since few words were root words, the experts were allowed to use morphological inflections
and proper nouns such as, names of person, place,etc., depending upon the context. For
demonstration of brain storming among experts(6.3), selection of ten experts in the field was
felt one of the methods. They included faculty in the post-graduate department of education,
University of Mysore, both regular and correspondence course and experts from District
Primary Education Programme, Karnataka.

(b)Collection Side:

The samples here consisted of fifty already published titles in `Education'. The key words
administered among experts were listed from these fifty titles only.

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