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Personality is the core component which is the manifestation of FC Personality [P]. Taking into
consideration the definition of subject as a "system -an assymetric,noncommunicative,
centralised system"(Neelameghan,1972).The FC Personality is in conformity with the concept
of 'Leading part' in "Centralized system"(Seetharama 1972). For recognition of Personality,
SRR suggested the method of 'Residue'. In this method, a kernel idea is correlated with each of
the four FC - Time, Space, Energy and Matter in succession and if the kernel idea cannot be
deemed to be a manifestation of any one of these four FC ,it was deemed to be a manifestation
of the FC Personality. However this was not found to be adequate. Gopinath(1980) has

analyzed the problem in identification of FC in interdisciplinary subjects and has framed
criteria and methods for the same. He states that "the problem in the recognition of the FC
Personality is not definitional,but contextual. The semantic and syntactic aspects in the
formation of the compound subjects and the generalization of these structures to a model
base ... that is a Basic subject...sets the difficulties in the recognition of Personality"

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