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Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest fast moving consumer goods Company. Pure It is the world’s most advanced in-home water purifier. Pureit is the water purifier appliance from HUL. Pureit made its test marketing debut in 2005. The brand was initially launched in Chennai. During the test marketing, the result was pretty encouraging and the brand was launched nationally in 2007.

Microfibre Mesh

Removes visible dirt to give safe drinking water. Compact Carbon Trap Removes harmful parasites and pesticides to give clean drinking water. Germkill Processor Uses programmed chlorine release technology to target and remove invisible harmful viruses and bacteria and provide pure drinking water. Polisher Removes chlorine and other contaminants to make water clear, odourless and great tasting.

Questions on case study 1. What sales methods HUL has adopted for selling pureit? 2. What could be the problems or issues in this sales method? 3. What sales method would you suggest to HUL going forward?

In the given case study Pure It has adopted kiosks(road side shops). DIRECT MARKETING: direct mail. Telemarketing. direct-response advertising.

2. PROBLEMS FACED BY PUREIT  Poor after sales support.  Cost of the Battery(350/-) is high for people in rural areas to change frequently.  Delay in supply of batteries and not available In retailers and whole sale shops and demand is not reachable.  Pureit showrooms are not present to solve consumers problems in time.

3.Sales methods that I suggest for HUL going forward
PUREIT Should adopt DIRECT SELLING:  Personal Selling(Door to door)  Exhibits(Road Shows) IINDIRECT MARKETING: HUL should choose brand Ambassdor for the rise in sales of PUREIT. Advertisemts(Bill Board)

PROMOTIONAL SELLING :  Should give discounts in rainy season and Occasions Monsoon – The tap water is contaminated. ( July to September) Marriage – Pure it is used as a gift. (April to June)

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Eureka Forbes (Aqua Sure) Tata (Swatch) Usha Brita (water guard SF 620T) Usha Brita (Water Guard) Usha Brita (Max SF) Eureka Forbes (Aqua Guard Classic)

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