Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson

Pupil's Book 3
Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson


· Read and say the name.
~ Hello. I'm nine. I've got a brother and a sister. This is my favourite computer game. It's called 'Broinbox', -HeLLo. I'm five. I've got a big dog. She's block and white and she's called Dotty.

G Hi. I'm eight.

I like reading comics. My favourite comic's called 'Lock and Key'.

Listen and check. Ask and answer.
What's ~our nome? 2 How oLd are ~ou? 3 Have ~ou got a brother or a sister? 4 What's ~our favourite to~ called?

-My favourite comic's called
Lock and Key.


Listen. Say the number and the coLour.
Doll. That's number eighteen and it's pink.

PLaythe game.
QiK-E ) Bike. That's number seventeen and it's purple.

Read and answer.
1 2 3 4


It's on the table, next to the books .. It's on the box, next to the boll. It's on the floor, in front of the train. It's under the table. It's on the floor, between the helicopter and the monster.


..-------~--.. 1 What's Alex doing? He's playing football.Answer the questions.Read and match the names... Who is it? he's . ."' "". l. Alex... ._ . .ce) Meera.. Listen.dr~~~~~~.. Alex is behind them. ~em-c) Simon and Stella are in the pla~ground with their friends...... .) CThat's 2/ _.. What is Suzy doinq? She is jumping. 2 Where's Meera sitting? 3 What's Stella reading? 4 What's Lenn~ eating? Suz~ doing? 6 Where's Lenn~ standing? 7 What's Meera drinking? 8 What's Simon doing? 5 What's What's Suzy doing? She's jumping. and their sister Suzu Meero's sitting next to Stella and Simon's talking to Lenn~.ennq and Meera.

She's got 0 new ball And it's bouncing.And I'm riding it. Poul's fl~ing kite. He's got a robot And it's walking. We've got t09S! I've got 0 fot doll And it's tolking. ~ We've got toys! Say 'yes' or 'no'. 3 Vicl<~'s driving her cor. He's got 0 big kite And he's flying it. . 1 Jim's got 0 robot. 0 Fred's riding his bike. blue boll. She's got 0 small cor And she's driving it. I've got on old bike . The robot's running. Sollu's got Mor~'s got 0 0 doll. 2 4 5 6 7 S Fred's got 0 red bike.) Listen and say the name.

red. ~ . bed. Pink. Repeat the word and say the coLour. tick. ~t's your name? ) f' -= ~1 What's ~our name? oLd are ~ou? 2 a bike? 3 Can ~ou 4 5 6 Can Can ~ou Can ~ou swim? the piano? badminton? . red. Red. Head.I rei I e/ Black. leg. Orange. pink. black. pink. black. Cat.) 2/ Ask and answer. bag. (Frog. fish. hand. Listen. Six.

Plecse ItClve a me55age. .Hello. Thi5 i5 the locK and f(ey Detective Agency. '5orry we can't an5wer the phone at the moment.

Read the sentences.: o ~ Simon is our grandson .) ~ ~tMa~our~ Star Grandma and Grandpa are our grandparents. 0. think and answer. ) G . Who is speaking? ~ Uncle Fred is our uncle. Q Grandma and Grandpa Star are our parents. Suzy and Stella are our granddaughters.Look. . Stella? 2 What's she doing? 1 Where's 3 4 Has she got a brother? How menu sisters has she got? aunt daugnter granddaughter grandson grandparents son uncle Listen and check..

. . granddaughter. ~ Listen and complete. Who's pLaying a game with her aunt? pLayinga game reading playing football painting taking a photo .) ~ Listen and say the letter. Grandma Star's painting a picture of her ..(S... c. This person's taking a photo of his son. 2/ ) Ask and answer.

think and answer. She doesn't Like having baths. Suzy wants to give her dog a bath. Grandpa's standing next to the bath and he needs a toweL. 1 Simon doesn't Likeriding his bike. Hi! I'm Aunt May. Look at everyone in the garden! Stelle's reading. She's clever and she wants to be a doctor. 6 Grandma loves painting.Look. Say 'yes' or 'no'. Stella . Where's Stella? 2 Wh~ls Simon hoppu? 1 Is Dotty naughty? 4 Who's painting? 3 . Suz~ wants to bath her doll. . 2 3 ~ 4 Stella enjoys reading about science. She enjoys reading about science. Dotty's naughty. Stella doesn't want to be a doctor.Read and check. Simon's really happy today because he Loves riding his bike. Correct the wrong sentences.. . S Dotty likes having baths. She's painting a beautiful picture of her granddaughter. Simon's with his Uncle Fred. Grandma's quiet. She loves painting.

daughter. His beard is short and fair. grandfather. She wonts to point all dou. He loves 'Lock and Key'. . 's a former. can be nouqhtu.Complete the song with the names. And his curlu hair is gre!:]. is funnu. She's got straight block hair. grandmother. 's a doctor. isn't quiet. His sister 's clever. son. is quiet. And she doesn't like TV. Use the words in the boxes. Here's our fomllu. '13 ' Draw your family tree. father's mother's grandmother's grandfather's brother. But she's very small. We reullu love them all. m~ Uncle I· AUr[\t.1 _ Cborlte Wendy ~ D~d Tom 1--. uncle. Mum - I .- She's He's m~ Mf: -~ . She's He's aunt. sister. Then listen and check. Talk about your family.

father.Lt he't --I I ' k' 'Ik Jj~e ~fln. Write sentences about your friend. e. I' basketball -but he ~_. Repeat and clap. Mum.Words with s-yllables.~ylflg--. ~p~ illl. Sister. Tell. uncle. Use the words in the box.-~ e I-----.-r- doesn_:Ulke_rIQI09 blS_QI~e_. Ask and answer. Can -you see? Grandfather and grandmother.Q. It's so easy. Qunt._ ----- -- ----- . Listen.. Onlu one. ~M_gr~ li_Kes. Do you like taking photos? taking Listening playing riding watching wearing eating drinking . brother. sou. --r =i----= I H I'k es t}.tingfruit Dl. the class.'. dad. Add another. For two syllables. Theu've got three.

a blacK beard and a moustache. LooK!There's the pet thief . and he's got Clarence! There you are Clarence! Naughty cat! I'm Mr "ey. that's the pet thief. He's got straight vlacK hair.Hmmm. . We're looKing for the pet thief.. from LocK and "ey Detedive Agency..

Answer the 1 Picasso's portrait is from 1905. The boy is wearing a dress because he's very young. father and grandfather.Some paintings in France are 16. Look at the family portraits. Copley is an American artist. questions. A painting of the artist is called a self portrait. Which is your favourite? here are lots of different types of painting. Pictures of people are called portraits. Two of them ore wearing hats and one of them has got flowers. Picasso is a Spanish ortist. 2 John Singleton Copley's portrait is from 1776. They are walking with their son and daughter. 3 Hulis Mavruk is a Turkish artist but he lives in the United States of America. What colour's the grandfather's hat? How mon~ people can ~o~ see in the picture? What's the daughter wearing? . T Moteh the texts with the paintings. Portraits can be of a group of people. There are three children with their mother. The portrait is of the artist's family .0(')0 years oLd! They are in the Lascaux cave. or of the artist.we can see three daughters and one son. one person. In his portrait the parents are both wearing hats.

' Choos. Listen and say the Letter. Vigee Le Brun r.. . Ask Clnd answer.e an artist.) ~ ( Project) Drew your family portrait and write about it. he hasn't. ~e got a long white beard? ) (No.Look at the seLfportraits.

1 Who can ~ou see? 2 What's in the room under the house? Has the flat got a garden? 4 Who is moving house? 3 A house in the village Listen and check. Listen and say the letter.Look. think and answer. .

CD Upstairs.rom my b oWn.. \ ~... We live in a flat in a big city.. Home is home! It's where it's at... 0. Talk about your home. ' We live here ~at about' you? \ ~ 0 ----~~ « 0. .._.. downstairs One floor Or two.~town·O I COn see thOleony ' It g oes up Ond d F.. I GHomeishome .... Dnder t b own stairs It's got r ple door. It's got a balcony and a lift.. but it hasn't got a basement. . It's got two floors and a big garden. I l've got Q lift f . ...-. Listen and order..4 . __ Sing the song.~ .. .. In a city or a village... A basement V We've got a \ o --~~ he floor. I live in a house in a small village.... And a pur ~ Gl. In a house or a flat.-.

-The men ore climbing the stoirs with the sofa. ~ GNow the men are sitting on the The men can't toke the sofa In t~e Lift.... Two men are corrkJlng ) ) eMeera's helping.J 0 ~ t_ e '.W~~ 0~ . Say 'yes' or 'no'. ..era and her fa~il~ are moving.. She's taking a lamp' \ .... .J1 J . .-~ ~ sofo. It's difficult to carry. Meero's taking a lamp upstairs. The!d need a drink. but It s vel~~ sm~Ll. Lift. 0( . 3 4 5 The sofa can go in the lift. The~ need to corru it up the stairs. 1 2 Meero's moving to a house.Q.. upstairs.~~~ ~go new address is sixtu-four in~ft 0 ----r--.J 0 "'-. The men need to carr~ the sofa downstairs.Her ~r~ There's ~~~.._~~.• Toda~ M.~. ~ Meero's smiling because she can go in the lift.."""". She's smiling because she -..

Listen and say. Listen.) What number's the yeLLow door? It's number twenty-three. thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen thirty forty fifty sixty seventeen eighteen nineteen seventy eighty ninety . What colour are the doors? ~Pink. It's 72 Station Road.

or. . What's your name? What's your address? Where What's do you live? your phone number? Name Address Place Phone number . or. The boll's on the floor.Ask and answer.lan/' Or.

No problem. Mrs Potts. The house. .. hasn't got a monster.. Mrs Potts.s. ye.Er.

On the outside. A yurt has a bed. The Korowai live in Papua New Guinea. These houses can be 6 to 25 metres high so they are not easy to climb to. but eight people can live in them. The Korowai need very long ladders! The houses are for a small family.___. They live in tree houses. Read and match the texts with the pictures. Igloos are made of ice. a table and a mat on the floor. Let's look CIttree houses. temperatures can be -45°C. T here me lots of different types of houses in the world .. . fJl'----. This number is going up every day.. but inside the igloo the temperature can be between -7°C and 16 j 0c. D Igloos are houses for Inuits from Canada and Greenland.Half the people in the world live in cities. The walls are goat or camel skin so when it is hot they can open them and when it is cold they cover them with more skins. Today they use igloos when they go fishing or look for animals. \~. People from Mongolia use a tent called a yurt when they are in the country. an island near Australia. yurts and igloos.

..YTl hou..\cony for my . o. picTu.nGlthe .Ask and answer.. !hiS is for my . I hke my two to there is 0-. animal skin.rc three beGtrooms upstairs. labeL and write about your dream house.... ( Project) Draw.. merels Cl lift between my bed.. What's the igloo the ~urt the tree house ~our house mode of? . . snow. My beGtroomls·_got In the b'~ _9o.m hou.. wood... b~ . lot. ~'s your house made of? ) It's made of of my Glreo. IhGZfC o.rGtennext to the hou.. In my beGlroomthzrc IS 0-.. It's mode of bricks.nGtthere o. !hiS is 0.. Look at the picture and complete the on. sma"!l o.

Play the game.Go down Pictures . roll again. stop. Lifts . If it's wrong. .Go up Stairs .Spell the words. If it's right.

Say 'yes' or 'no'. 2 The fornilu's in the kitchen. 3 The fornilu's in the basement. 7 The men are carrying an armchair.Look at the picture. 8 The woman's got straight brown hair. Say which is different. 4 The old man's got a beard. 1 The bou is looking at ~ a comic. What's Stella's aunt's name? 2 What does Simon's grandmother love doing? 3 What are portraits? 1 Where can ~ou find a basement? 5 What's Meero's new address? 6 What's an igloo made of? 4 . Picture d is different. 5 Look at the pictures. She's got short hair. Read and remember. 6 The bou's sitting on the floor. The girl's going downstairs. Correct the sentences.

Before bedtime Stella gets undressed. Before breakfast she has a shower and gets dressed. She tokes off her skirt and her T-shirt. At eight o'clock she catches the bus to school. Seven o'clock . get dressed get undressed get up go to bed hove a shower put on wake up take off wash . She goes to bed at nine o'clock. After school Stella does her homework. Then she gets up. She puts on her T-shirt and her skirt. Stella wakes up at seven o'clock everu da~. Listen and do the actions.Listen and say the Letter. She washes her hands before dinner. She has lunch at school at twelve o'clock. Read and order the pictures in exercise 1.

I do my homework on the woy . Eleven o'clock and we're out to play ... I get up for breakfast .... everu dcu.. I get undressed and I go to bed .. 0 I wosh m!] hands Before I have m!] dinner . every dou. every day. Oooh yes. Oooh yes. I have a shower and I get dressed . Oooh yes.... 1 What time does he get dressed? 2 He gets dressed at seven o'clock.. every dou. everyday . Oooh yes. Oooh yes...Listen and match.... . 0 0 Sing the song. I wake up in the morning. What do you do before breakfast? What do uou do before after (I have a ShO~ ... Answer the questions. What 3 What 4 What 5 What time time time time does does does does he he he he do his homework? start school? go out to pla~? go to bed? breakfast? lunch? dinner? school? bedtime? Ask and answer. i}J 0 0 Lessons start and I see my teacher . I catch the bus to toke me to school . Oooh yes.

Choose the right words./ X . Listen again././ . Simon olwous / never plous in the park on Sundous 4 Simon never plays in the - tark ~n Mondays. Say the chant. Simon sometimes / never goes swimming on vvcdnesdous. ./. 1 Simon olwo~s / never plous in the pork on Mondays. __ aLways sometimes never . Listen and say the day. 2 3 Simon olwa~s / sometimes does his homework on Monda~s.: .

Listen and say 'yes' or 'no'. He plays football with his daughter Jane. He sometimes takes his family to the mountains on Sundays. so he plays on Wednesdays. Look and make sentences. but James goes swimming. Theu sing songs in the cor.Look. He plays the piano everu dou but he never ploys the piano in his holidays. too. read and compLete the text. . Use the words in the boxes. James Flunk is a music teacher.) on Saturdays after school on Wednesdays in the morning always never sometimes •• . James likes playing tennis. ~er ride my bike on Mondays. Every Saturday morning James takes his son for his swimming lesson.

~often every day do you watch TV?) sometimes (Every d~ never 1 How often do hJOuwatch TV? 2 How often do you eat fruit? 3 How often do hJou go shopping? 4 How often do hJou go swimming? 5 How often do hJOUlisten to the radio? 6 How often do hJou plahJ tennis? 7 How often do hJou read comics? 8 How often do hJOUride a bike? . A mother.lal 'A tencher. Q driver. . ri farmer. (l sister. A doctor. a father . Ask and answer. A bsother.

Mr: j(e-y. agenc'{_ Ye-s. this is ::rohnny falKalot. to te-ll us about their the detectives. We-all Know detectives worK a lot and get up I-~--=--be-fore.6.follow and me.'{ quie-t? And are. '50. We-'re. some-times we. what do you thinK? Do these detectives worK a lot? Are the. I'm J'ohnny ralKalot. are you? You are-n't in the dete-dive.the-y ve.ood morning. girls and boys.ry cle. Ifs nine. today's show we've. o'docK! Whe-re. LocK and f(e-y.ver'{ quiet so the)' ne-ve-r \::now we're behind . On .

at school and outside. 4 Ever~ do~ is the some for Ben. 3 He wears a block uniform. Some days Ben goes to schools to tolk to children about how to be safe.Listen. No. He needs to \ wear a black uniform for. Firefighters help lots of people. Some ) weeks he works on Saturdoys and Sundays. What's Ben's job? People who help us There are lots of people who help us at home. 5 He talks to children about how to be safe. Ben is a firefighter. Ben olwoqs works on Soturdous and Sundous. He gets up every day at six o'clock. and sometimes. He has breakfast and a shower at the fire station where he works. l' . Who is it? ~Look at the pictures. Uniforms ore special clothes people wear for their work. k \ He sometimes works in the day. Sometimes he even sleeps therel Every day is different for Ben. his job. Some people who help us wear uniforms. they help people in accidents and sometimes they even help animals on farms. at night. They stop fires in houses and other places. 2 He gets up at seven o'clock.

Look at the picture. ( PrOject) Make CI poster about people who help us. • Where do theq work? • What clothes do the~ need to wear? . e ~~t Remember to stop. don't stand between cars . The girl riding the bike hasn't got a helmet. Draw or cut out pictures of people who help us. How many dangerous things can you see? a. pLay next to roads. look and listen before you cross the street. Give ~our poster a title. Glue the pictures and write about the jobs. e Remember to put on a helmet and wear bright colours when you ride a bike. Don't play in rivers and lakes without an adult. 5.drivers can't see you. ) e When you cross the street. Match the sentences with the people in the picture. o Water can be dangerous.

~ Read and say. . rory. behind the swimming pool. bank bus s:tCltion einema supermGwket swimmfng pool sports €eniCr~ library rnnrket ~. . 4 It's It's It's It's next to the bonk. in front of the bus station. Find Meera's flat.Listen. 1 2 3 ~'bJ I. next to the sports centre.

Play the memory game. ~Ask and answer. Where's the sports centre. . Ask and answer. 1 Where 2 3 4 do you go to see a film? (You go to the do do do do do do do ~ou ~ou ~ou ~ou ~ou ~ou uou go go go go go go go to to to to to to to pla~ badminton? bu~ food? get some rnoneu? catch a bus? see a doctor? fl~ a kite? swim? Cin~ 5 6 7 8 Where Where Where Where Where Where Where Look at the picture. It's next to the swimming pooL.It's in front of the swimming pooL.

Look. Listen and say 'yes' -or 'no'. think and answer. We must be quiet in the library. ore the children? 2 What are thcu doing? 1 Where What book has Lennu got? 4 What time is it? 3 Listen and check. .

Dod? Yes. must. must. must.e' ~ Read and match. Then Listen and check. Must I make m~ bed. uou • ~ 1 2 3 4 S 6 < must. ~ou Yes. con! e :: Sing the song. Dod? Can I pla~ in the pork. ~ must. Dod? Must I go to school. uou Yes. Dod? Must I do m~ homework. . Dod? Must I clean m~ shoes. ~ou Yes.::. ~ou Yes. ~ou Yes. Dod? Must I wear a skirt.

.. Find a time when Vicky and Sam can " -~ play tennis. he must go to the doctor on Friday. Can Sam pLay tennis on Friday? No.'Ask and answer.. . .

y! '5tand up. Mr J(e. go. I love shopping.h! What? Not you agc:tin. Lottie.on the-n. let's. You and I need to talK! . ~ive me that money.Come. J(ey. Cc:ts.

--C' . three £1 coins and one £2 coin.r~sgot: three '''-1. In Britain. ifferent types of money are called currencies.:. people use pounds and pence to pay for things. The price he computer game is £6. Peter wonts to buy a computer me from the to~ shop. There are a hundred pence (p) in a pound (£). one 2p coin. two 5p coins. What's the total? D £2 £1 50p 1p Read ana do the sums. What colour is the twenty pound note? 3 Add the coins.99 Two pounds. . 1 Look at the coins.. What's the total? 4 Add the notes. three 20p coins. ninety-nine. .. 1 2 How much money has he got? After he buys the computer game how much money has he got? £2. " ~c -"~ .45. \ ""\ {\t_ ~J. How many different metal coins are there? 2 Look at the notes.~ 1 p coins. . four 10p coins. two SOp coins.The first people to use mstcl coins lived in the country which is now calLed Turkey.

.00. ) ( Here !:louare.14 How much is it for the comic and the flowers? --------. ) ~ . ..sin bJ$ur shop.00.. . That's £24.1. J ) Make a shep.ctures 'of the tning. Write the prices.} ( Project l1. ( How much are the T-shirts? . {... .. Draw or cut o-ut pi.99 ----~-_.!JJ J C Theg're ~ £12.(:) Ask and answer.

Play the game. .

75? 3 What time does Stella catch the bus to school? 2 How often does James Flunk go swimming? .1 What does Jock do on Soturdou afternoons? 2 What time does Dais~ come home from school? 3 What does Paul do after dinner? lQh G 4 Where does Vick~ catch the bus? 5 Where's John going? @ Read 1 and remember. What is a 'uniform'? 4 Where do ~ou catch a bus? 5 What must we do in a librorij? 6 How much is £2.47 and £3.

. think and answer. Listen and do the actions. 1 Where 2 ore Stella and Simon? Who's the doctor? Is Stella hot? 4 What does Simon wont to do? 3 a ternperoture a cold €I cough a heodoche a toothache a stomach-ache Listen and check.Look.

. a cold. Say the letter. a headache. What's the matter? Act it out. CYou've got a stomach-~ . a stomach-ache. an earache. ) ~ He's She's The~'ve got a toothache. a temperature. ~.. '5\ " Make sentences. a backache. a cough.~ ~ got on earache.Listen and say the letter.

) .~:~. :. _ . Stella? 2 What's the matter with her? 1 Where's 3 4 Can she get up? What must she do? I :-1 Listen and check.i:~~: We mustn't eat sweets before lunch.'. :t.. ~~~Pt ... S~~J~. .Look.~ . think and answer. ...) ~mustn·t ) '-------"~ ..tJ~jm~s~~h . . ~ ~must must stay in bed.'.

. He must stay in bed. but he isn't sad because he can listen to music in bed! (NQ1jt. He mustn't get up.It's Tuesday and Paul's at home. His doctor says he mustn't run or ploy. ~ . you've got a cough you . ) 2/ Sun.. He can't go today. He must sleep and drink a lot.. ~ 2 Paul's at school. ) 1 It's Thursdou. Listen and compLete the sentences.. When ~. . 5 He must get up.'ise . He hasn't got a temperature.. c. mustn't . He's got a cough and C1 cold. 4 9 . He loves swimming and he always has a swimming lesson on Tuesdays. 6 His dentist sous he mustn't run. 7 He mustn't sleep. Say 'must' or 'mustn't' . go out... 3 Paul mustn't sta~ in bed... He can't go to school because he's got a temperature. 8 He olwous has a piano lesson on Tuesdays.s Tuesday.

C Good morning. Joe. CPhO~ Ask and answer. What's the matter? ) 2/ I've got a stomach-ache. lau/ Don't throw those clothes on the sofa. blue shoes my room? 10/ ore in The doctor in the hospital can stop !Jour cough. Listen and repeat. Point to the picture and say the sound./Ul/ Whose. . doctor.

.I There's a lemon caKe. f(ey. I've got some chocolate caKe and now I've got a stomach-ache. got an apple. LooK. I've.aKe. rhafs not good for you. too. a choc.olate c. I've got a carrot apple caKe and a carrot caKe. I've got a lemon caKe and I've got a chocolate caKe. Oh. 'aKe.

e Our bodies need rest too. Drinking water is good for us and we need to drink lots of it every day. Exercise is good for our bodies. We can ride bikes. walk. 6 Nome three things we mustn't eot 0 lot of 7 Whot con we do to exerose? Nome three things. our bodies to be healthy. basketball and tennis. run and swim or we can play sports like football. How mony glosses of woter do we need to drink ever~ do~J? 2 How mon~ hours of sleep do children need? 3 Nome three sports -4 Nome three vegetobles. 1 Nome five fruits. We need to eat five different kinds of fruit and vegetables every day. Everybody needs to sleep and children need to sleep about 10 hours every night. Cats need 16 hours and giraffes onLy need 30 minutes! ( { _)f ) Read and match. SLeep and rest Exercise Heolthg eating o It's very important to eat the right food. It's important to move . Cake and sweets can be bad for our teeth. 8 Whot foods con be bod for our teeth? 5 .Children need to sleep 10 hours every night.

. move/ move. Run. Come on move uour body . Dance. dance. Let's have a good time. Hop. Come on you know it's fun Let's have a good time '" ( Project) Make a 'Keep healthy' book. Dance. Sing the song. swim and climb. Move your body. Come on. Don't stop until you drop. dance.What do you Like doing? I like running and dancing. Move/ move/ move. dance. uou know it's fun. skip and jump.. Listen and move. dance. Move. To be fit and well. YOlJ need: .

Look. Listen and say the letter. . think and answer. 1 Where 2 do theu wont to go? Does Mr Star wont to go fishing? 3 What does Simon wont to do? 4 What does Stella wont to do? Listen and check.

The ducks are eating his lunch! Paul's standing next to the river. 6 Jane and her grandmother are putting the food on .. He's throwing bread to the ducks. It isn't the bread for the ducks..Read and complete the sentences. Jane and her grandmother are putting food on the blanket... Jane's in the .. Paul's standing next to the river. Jane's looking at the bread because it's old and green. 1 5 The ducks are eating . They're having a picnic. Theu can't eat it for lunch. Jane wants to look at the plants and draw their leaves. Jane and are putting food on the . [one's looking at the bread because it's and so theu can't it. ~--- . Paul's standing next to . it's the nice new bread. -4 Jane's in the forest with . Foul. Paul is throwing bread to the It's the nice new bread for his I -LJane s jQ_the forest. ~Complete the story. 3 Jane's looking 'at the bread because . and their grandmother. It's a hot day and Jane's in the forest with her brother. After lunch Jane wonts to look at the plants and draw their leaves. 2 Jane wants to look at . The~'re having a .... Next to the .

PLaythe memory game. think and answer. Shall I help you put the blanket on the grass? . CLose your books.Look. Listen and answer. 1 Who's cold? 2 Whot's Grondmo drowing? 3 Where's Grondpo? 4 Where ore the cows? Listen and check.

Hungry. People. beautiful. Match the words and the pictures. people are People. people here or there. happy or sad. ~ry-e) . Funny. thirstu. different people. different. Sing the song.Listen and complete. curly. naughty. different. people everuwhere. people ore small People are short. people here or there. Young or old. Listen and write. bad hair Long quiet tall thin People. angry or tired Clever. different skin Bodies that are fat. some are strong With hair that's short or hair that's Straight. people cveruwhere. bodies that are Some are weak. People. dark or fair Different people. different people. Different colours. loud or People. good or People are big. different People.

Use the words in the boxes. Point to the picture and say the sound.~'I!§' ~ Make paper planes and That's Jack's block hat next to the mop.~h. :' 1 C~tch. . Listen orrd-rep . /re/) "Ask and answer.Father's on the form". He can't start his car:· •.. . cold dirtH tired r a chair clean a bLanket Act it out. tnke them to the lake. leII . efJ. Make new sentences.t..

. Welt I can't get '{ou food or <I blanKet and I can't help '{ou .(sidt for <I picnic. f(ty. We've got <I big picnic. Kt'(. I don't need a blcnxet. No.. No problem. thanK '{ou. I can go for a long walK up the mountain. It's hot.Let's go to the countr. Don't be sill'{..

water. the fruit and roots of the plant. The leaves of plants and trees make oxygen. When we breathe we make carbon dioxide. We can eat the seeds. water to drink and air (oxygen) to breathe. We need oxygen to breathe. Plants need the sun. Plants need carbon dioxide to live. 1 The leaves of plants give us a) b) c) 3 water sand ox~gen 4 Plants need a) water b) milk c) fruit juice A carrot is a) a leaf b) a seed c) o root 2 People need to breathe a) food b) air c) water . the leaves. air (carbon dioxide) and food to grow. Read and choose the right answer. Plants also give us a lot of things to eat. Plunts get their food from things in the ground. W hat do we need to Iive? People need food to eat.T ' Sunflowers turn their heads during the day to catch the sun.

medicine and material for clothes. ~-----------------. There are lots of different kinds of plants. 1 2 3 4 5 6 You need a carrot. Cut the top of the Put it on the small Put the plate next Give it some water Watch it grow! a small plate or bowl and some water. .Read and answer the questions. wood. to the window to give it sunlight. Plants give us paper. Trees. carrot off plate with some water. flowers and vegetables are all plants. Can \::lounome seven plants people eat? 2 Can \::lounome seven things people make from trees? 1 ( Project) Grow a pLant. every day.

and ~ .

1 Wh~ does Stella go to the doctor? 2 3 4 Wh~ isn't Paul sad? How monq hours do cots need to sleep? What are Jane and her fornilq doing in the forest? S Is Suz!:Jhungr!:J or thirst~? 6 What do plants give us? ." Choose the right words. g"c.."$ ~ grass II duck II ill city II water II carrot II eye I 1 This is port of ~our bodu.Find eight more differences. there's one orange. 4 This is green. #} I bed II ~g All cat II ~. there are two oranges. 6 This is a place where ~ou can sleep..". In picture 2. Cows and horses eat it. Read and remember. You've got two . S This animal can swim. 2 This is a place where lots of people live. In picture 1. 3 You con drink this when \:JOU are thirstu.

~. . think and answer._.Look. 1 What are Simon and Stella doing? 2 What animals do ~ou think Stella likes? What do kangaroos eat? 4 Which animals talk a lot? 3 . Listen and check. <I) Listen and check.:<I) . Look and complete..

It's got a long nose and small teeth. S This animal can be gre~. fruit and plants. brown or white. It's ver~ clever and it likes pla~ing. It can be very long. It can sometimes 2 4 This animaL con fl~. It's big and it can stand on two legs.ILeats_a lot of smaILs. 6 This small block or brown animal can fl~ but it isn't a bird. Write descriptions about the other animals. It's got a veru big mouth and a Lot of teeth. lTbiS ver)l_QigJ>~ or 9r~C1!limal Iives ill thLse!l.JGier. It eats fish._U-liises very cold y. - - Play the game. thin arms. This small animal can fly but it isn't a bird. This big brown animal lives in Australia. It can be red. It's got two long. green and blue and it's ver~ loud. It eats fruit and insects. It can jump. eat people" This gre~ animaL Lives in the sea. meat. It sleeps in the da~ and wakes up at night. . strong Legsand two short. 3 5.ea_ animals and plurrts. It eats fruit.1 This big gre~ animaL lives in the sea.. It sleeps when it's cold.

think and answer. 1 Who's looking at animals on the Internet? 2 3 What can elephants carrU? 4 Is the elephant dean or dirt!:)? Can elephants swim? cLean big dirty good bad cleaner bigger dirtier better worse .Look.

. What con I see? . What can I see? . I'm swimming. : I'm sitting. I'm standing.. Use the words in the boxes.Make sentences. The cot's weaker than the Lion. . I can see a bat and it's smaller than me. I'm standing... What can I see? . I'm sitting. What can I see? . I'm walking... I can see a snake and it's thinner than me. I'm walking. I'm swimming. o quiet strong Long big weak o fat sLow bad good Listen and act. Sing the song... What can I see? . I can see a lion and it's bigger than me. I'm hiding.. I can see a shark and it's uglier than me. I'm hiding..

"'...)~/I.:iLePhants ~ are both . Read and listen. Listen one)'~repe:CJt. ) ..) '~r. Complete the text.~'ointto the picture -1 Bi9. and say the sound. ) V r.laII Five wild lions climbinq on au island.. ( Hippos and ..

. LocK and f(ey are in their office.verybod'{ can hear 'lou! . fhe{re tired and thirsty.. It's hot. Hmm. f(ey! t.It's fhursday morning. ~obin Motors. ~hall we '555h. the cdr thief. I need a cold drinK.

is an island in . """.f. You can see waterfalls and mountains and there are caves under the ground.. .. A big jungle grows in one part of the island. 3 It's ver~ hot here and it rains everu dou 4 It's a place with sea all around it S It can be ver~ loud. . It's older . but sometimes they climb up trees too. parrots and other animals live there. MA[.There are more than 130 different types of monkey in the worLd . J the Indian Ocean.. It's a place where water from a river comes down quicklu over rocks or into a lake. Bats sometimes live in it. Sometimes it has o river or a lake in it..--~ them all the other islands in the " world: Many plants and animals only live there. . It's dark inside it. - jungle cave waterfall island ------ mountain 1 You con climb it. not in any other place. . ~~~. An interesting island An interesting painting AFRICA r () «« A l I ... snakes.. Monkeys and parrots live in the trees and snakes live on the ground under rocks.. It's very hot Monkeys... Sometimes ~ou con see snow on the top of it... Let's look at the habitats on one island. Read and choose the best name for the text.".)AGASCJ)'R Madagascar jungle waterfall Read and match. habitat is the name for a place where animals and plants live. 2 It's sometimes under the ground.

Which animal lives in coves? Which animal lives in trees in the jungle? Which animal lives in the mountains? 3 4 5 Which two animals onl!:) live in Madagascar? 6 Which animal can live to be 100 !:)ears old? Listen and check.lh rivers ~r . Ask and answer. D%u~·. Include information about: • the animal's name • a description of the animal L Anir~ClL .bil. Make an inforrnctlon page for e closs book. What do you think? 1 Which animal sleeps in the do!:)? 2 I think Lemurs sLeep in the day.. H"C\_~ '301: pi~ ['.Look at the animaLs from Madagascar.l -_ rOO& • the animal's habitat • the food it eats hsh Jh~(k Bi~ 9"'Y Se. ( P~oject ) Choose an animal.. "Cd c .~ion H.

G . t s reall't ' .. fne.'S Me.J/o.s. 1 Who's got 0 pet? 3 Who's on holidou in the countru? Where's Lenn~ on holidou? 2 Where's Meero on holidou? 4 Dear Me. ca. Listen and say 'yes' or 'no'.. CoUd't but I with Dott rcunbow I I e re on hO/id ITlQ Qnd a .rJ Ste..rJ we. Read and check. ' eQr Grand b eautiPul.Qfctl I)e.'It rim think and answer. t s I Can See a . bwr Sfe..llct ~ . randpa.U(A D W. It~ wuldy o.y ·lrI the.\ . SUZ:'t I' 't at the lakes 't. mounfo. If5 Gold (And lo+s of snow.in5. I'm on 110/id(AYin fne.~ DrI ~tdo. I . It~ very fly our k. . CO\Jl\try. Look (Af my snowm(An. Look...ry dcty here. Smor'l o.t too .

Listen and match.


Ask and answer. Use the words in the box.
What's the weather like at the beach?
cloudy raining snowing sunny (It'SWi~ wet windy

Look, think and answer.
1 Who's Alex talking to? 2 Who's Alex with? 3 What's the weather 4

like todou?

Where's Alex?

Listen and check. ~ Listen and say 'yesterday' or 'today'.

It was hot and sunny yesterday.

It's hot and sunny todog,

They were at home yesterday.

They are at home today.


Read and complete.
coLd hat scarf

Then Listen and check.
snow sweater windy

~ , coot, sweater and scarf, It was cold and i)_<8'j;J in the park, cold and windy ... It was grey and cloudy, There wasn't any sun, There weren't many children, it wasn't much fun. Hat, ~ It was ~ , sweater and scarf, and windy in the park, cold and windy ...

There wasn't a rainbow, There wasn't unu


Grandpa and I were reudu to go. Hat, coat, sweater and Back at home,
It was much better,

-z '

It was cold and windu in the park, cold and windu ...

With a hot drink, and m!:)big red , coat, sweater and scarf,
It was cold and ,~~j

in the park, cold and windu ...

Windy in the pork ...

Sing the song. Make sentences.
She was in a scarf and sweater because it was coLd and there was a Lot of snow.


There were thirtu dirty shirts And thirteen purple skirts.

Can you hear

/3ri? Say 'yes' or 'no'.

Make a quiz. Ask and answer
What coLour was door number 85 on page 19?
What colour was door number 85



on page 19? Where were Lock and f(ey on

C It was black. )


t:>age 23_?_




.! Let's go to the police station to a5" him some questions.fCey! The police have got IZobin Moton. LocK? No problem. lie wa5 here at the police station. We can go in the car. Are you cold.

drums and keyboards. An orchestra has different sections for brass. woodwind. . These pieces of music describe the weather. op and classical ore two different kinds of music. 1 2 Which is your favourite pop group or singer? Have you got a favourite pop song? Some classical music IS seven hundred years old! Sometimes classical music needs an orchestra to play it. The people in an orchestra need to read music. A lot of pop groups have singers. A keyboard is a kind of electronic piano. guitars.• The world's biggest orchestra had 3. EngLand in 1998. It was in Birmingham. 3 Do you know the names of any classical composers? P ~ . Read and answer the questions. People who write music are called composers. .889 children. string and percussion instruments. . Listen and say the Letter .

I ~~~~-=~~--~~l-~--~--~.~-~~ I j violin I drums electric guitar I trumpet I You need: Some rice or some beans A bottle with a lid Put some rice or some beans in the bottle. Now ~ou can plQ~ !dour instrument! • What happens if you put more or less in the bottle? • Do rice and beans make the same sound? .Listen and say the Letter. Put the lid on the bottle.

4 Move and collect ~our words. 1 Groups of four: 2 Choose: • weather • clothes • animals • town • countru 3 Write words in ~our notebook.PLay the game. 5 Tick them In ~our notebook. 6 ColLect seven words! .

Dais~ D Mar~ D SaLL~ D Jack Fred D John D Read and remember.Listen and match. 1 . Which animal sleeps in the da~ and wakes up at night? 2 Which animal is bigger than all the other land animals in the world? 3 What is a place with sea all around it called? 4 What can ~ou see when it's raining and sunnq at the same time? 5 Who was Alex with in the countru? 6 Name five different musical instruments.

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