As last week we talked about similes here is a list you can learn by heart: as alike as two peas in a pod

(vaina) as bald as a coot (bola) – completely bald like a bat out of hell - very fast as big as a bus as big as an elephant as black as coal as black as pitch as blind as a bat as blind as a mole (topo= as bold as brass – very bold usually in a negative sense as brave as a lion as busy as a beaver (castor) as busy as a bee as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof like chalk and cheese - very different chalk (tiza) as clean as a whistle as clear as a bell – very clear of a sound as clear as crystal - very clear as clear as mud - not at all clear – irony/sarcasm as cold as ice as cool as a cucumber – cool, calm as the crow flies - the shortest route between two points as cunning as a fox cunning as dead as a doornail (clavo)? as deaf as a post as different as chalk from cheese as drunk as a lord as dry as a bone very dry as dull as dishwater dull — boring usually said of a person as easy as A.B.C. as easy as apple-pie as flat as a pancake as free as a bird as fresh as a daisy (margarita) as gentle as a lamb as good as gold – said of a nice good-hearted person as happy as a lark (alondra) as hard as nails – very tough in character of a person as hot as hell as hungry as a wolf as kind as a smiling face

as sick as a dog as slippery as an eel (anguila) as slow as a snail as smooth as silk as sober as a judge as solid as a rock solid as steady as a rock as stiff as a board as straight as an arrow as strong as an ox as stubborn as a mule as timid as a rabbit.I can't remember light as a feather as mad as a hatter (estar como una cabra) as obstinate as a mule as old as the hills as pale as death as poor as a church mouse as proud as a peacock (pavo real) as pure as snow — innocent as quick as lightning as quick as silver – slippery as quiet as a church mouse as sharp as a razor like a sieve .very timid as tough as leather .very tough as warm as toast like water off a duck's back -Whatever criticism I made was ignored. I have a memory like a sieve. It was like water off a duck's back.) as white as a ghost – very pale or white in the face of a person as white as a sheet .pure white as wise as an owl .

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