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Duane Lester

106 E. 1st St Quitman, MO 64487 T (816) 604-9383 May 14, 2012 Robert Ripley Publisher and Managing Editor The Oregon Times Observer 119 West Nodaway, Box 317 Oregon, MO 64473 Dear Mr. Ripley, This letter is an assertion of copyright over the article Changes Implemented After Auditor Finds Severe Shortcomings in Holt County Sheriffs Office, published in the May 10th edition of The Oregon Times Observer. This article was originally written by me and published on my website All American Blogger on May 1st. Copyright is commonly understood to be in place as soon as the work exists in a tangible form and although it isnt necessary to establish copyright, the bottom of each page on All American Blogger clearly says Copyright 2007 - 2012 - All American Blogger. I was not asked for permission to reprint the article, nor was I given attribution in the newspaper for the creation of the article. Due to the article being used in its entirety, Fair Use does not apply. This is a clear violation of United States Copyright law. Rather than seek monetary damages for copyright infringement, which range from $750 to $300,000 per work for willful infringement, I have attached an invoice totaling $500 for the publication of the article. Payment is due upon receipt. I'm optimistic that we can resolve this amicably, but I have consulted with an attorney and I am prepared to take all necessary steps to protect my legal rights. Sincerely yours,

Duane Lester Co-Owner, Editor and Lead Writer All American Blogger


Sarah Elizabeth Rumpf, Esq. P.O. Box 3685 Winter Park FL 32790


Original Article Invoice

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