A man named Philip saw another man coming in a chariot.

God was sending Philip to meet the man.
How can you and your child show kindness to someone today? Think about the people you will meet today at school, in the neighborhood, or at church. Choose someone to bless with your words or actions. Ask your child whom he/she would like to show kindness to today. Invite your child to offer ideas about how to help the person. Agree upon one or two ways to show kindness and then act on them! As a family, strive to show kindness each day as a reflection of God’s love.

Philip ran toward the chariot. He saw the man reading God’s Word from a scroll. Philip wanted to help the man know God’s Word better. Philip told the man what God’s Word says about Jesus. The man wanted to accept Jesus as Savior. The man became a friend of Jesus and told many people about Jesus!
--Acts 8:26-40

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