Native Installation of GT1 on a IBM Thinkpad

By Morroman
To begin with we need to partition the hard drive for GT1 to install successfully. Start the thinkpad up and upon boot logo press F1.

In the BIOS menu select and enter ‘startup’ then ‘boot’. Here we need to enable the DVD drive to boot before the HDD.

Before we save these settings place a copy of Win98 boot CD in the drive. (NOTE: to get a copy of win98 boot disk on CD or DVD just download a .iso image from the web and burn it to CD/DVD using Nero Burning Rom (boot disk) setting with floppy disk emulation activated.) Press F10 and save all configuration settings and reboot. When the menu for Windows 98 book disk appears just select minimal boot and it will take you to command prompt. Now type in ‘fdisk’ and press enter, this will run windows

ide3. .1 CD. Once you have launched fdisk. it will change the file-system of the initial FAT32 partition to linux. delete all partitions on the hard drive including all logical. And the successful outcome will look like this: Now remove the GT1 Installation CD and insert the GT1 Base CD vXX. Now type in the command “init 6”. When there are no partitions remaining return to the fdisk menu and create a new FAT32 primary partition with the size of 18. Some instances the CD will prompt you with the information that it doesn’t like the initial partitions.1 CD will self boot and start to partition the HDD accordingly. Gt1 Installation v1.cfg” (without the “quotation” marks). Leave the remaining space on the hard drive unpartitioned for anything else such as separate operating systems etc. extended and primary partitions. now reboot.635mb. Now sometimes you have to be mean to linux for it to work smoothly so here you can override the warning by typing in “sfdisk –f /dev/hda < /etc/sfdisk. When complete remove Win98 boot DVD and insert GT1 Installation v1.formatting program. and the thinkpad will reboot.

to continue just restart the thinkpad with the newly burnt Base CD in the drive. :( NOTE: If you get an error about installation aborting and to check CD. When the installation is complete you will hear annoying beeping noises from internal thinkpad speaker and it will display: .GT1 Base CD will self-boot in the same manner as GT1 Installation CD did. Here the installation will reboot the thinkpad automatically 2-3 times then display the following message (or something similar): Allow 5 minutes for the install to occur and when you think it’s finally over: You have to wait another 12 minutes. you may have to burn another copy of the GT1 Base CD at a slower speed. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

. which causes DIS to automatically shut down before we can adjust the network drivers. To fix this problem we need to remove or rename a file called ‘S00poweroffd’ which controls the daemon. Now reboot. SCO Installation CD will self boot. NOTE: This step is to solve the problem of PORTMAPPER Error on DIS startup.7 Installation CD.Remove the Base CD from the drive and now insert SCO Open Server 5.0. now accept the default settings until you reach the keyboard settings screen.

. Once all other networks are removed create a new LAN adapter. You will need to login as ‘root’ and it will prompt you to set a password. Now GT1 should be able to startup for the first time! :) Now we can access scoadmin to fix the portmapper error and in my case the nonfunctioning mouse. Now delete all the networks except for Loopback driver. SCO will login and press “Enter” to bring up the command prompt #.d/” (without the “quotation” marks). You will be taken to a command shell with the screen displaying <installation>.On the keyboard setting screen. Remove the SCO Installation CD and F10 to save changes and reboot. Type in “scoadmin” (without the “quotation” marks) and it will bring up a menu. One the next line enter in: “mv S00poweroffd . Now reboot the thinkpad and change the BIOS boot settings back so that the HDD will boot first. Here scroll down to NETWORKS then NETWORK CONFIGURATION MANAGER. here it will prompt you with the network that your thinkpad has installed (eg:Intel® PRO/100B). so select 1 and enter in password twice (no asterisks or text will be displayed!). switch the console to 3 by pressing “ALT+F3”.S00poweroffd” (without the “quotation” marks). So firstly enter the command shell on console 3 by pressing “CTRL+ALT+F3”. Here you need to enter in the command: “cd hdFS/etc/rc2.

Finally enter in the IP-address as Special Thanks goes out to Ptbimmer for his insight and knowledge. Exit the network settings and just enter “y” to any questions about the morroman@live.168. the thinkpad will reboot and successfully load GT1.68. NOTE: Normally the mouse is a PS2 high or low resolution keyboard enter and select the TCP/IP setting.. Finally exit the windows and back at command prompt enter in “init 6”. Remove all current configurations and install the appropriate mouse. Upon exit say “n” to the terminal question and “y” to all other kernel questions. .com or on the forums as Morroman if you want to publish this article anywhere else besides bmwecu. Please contact me at cheaterr@hotmail. now just select OK. tab and the subnet mask will automatically be And its members. and this is the same case for trackball mice in the centre of thinkpad keyboards. Now return to the main menu via the [(. This tutorial could not have been made without the knowledge and support of bmwecu.)] on the bottom of the window and select HARDWARE/KERNEL MANAGER then scroll down to MOUSE/GRAPHIC INPUT DEVICE and press enter. Enjoy.

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