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Morong 43) torture raps belied by ex..colleagues Members of the "Morong 43" who surrendered to the government have urged their former comrades to abandon the armed rebellion, which they said is fighting for a futile cause. In a press briefing Saturday, the rebel returnees also denied cfaims that they were tortured when they were arrested by authorities in 2010. (Alexis Romero} Army keeps Blcol NPA out of Bondoc Peninsula While the Armed Forces of the Philippines has been claiming that New People's Army (NPA) strength in Quezon Province is weakening, it is still worried over the possible influx of rebels from the Bicol region if only to maintain NPA presence in the Sondoe Peninsula. (Mario Mallari) 3 'Morong rebels' to testify vs comrades in torture claim Three members of the so-called "Morang 43" vowed to testify before the court against their former comrades in the communist New People's Army (NPA) who filed torture cases against several former and active officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).(Mario Mallari) tMorong 5' to testify for military Being comrades apparently has its limits. Five members of the so-called "Morong 43" are willing to testify against their former comrades who have accused the military of torture when they were arrested as communist rebels two years ago in a private resort in Morang, Rizal. (Dona Pazzibugan) Military bombings force residents to flee from homes More than 80 families in an Agusan del Sur town were forced to evacuate due to bombings and intense military operations of troops from the 25th Infantry Battalion (IB) of the Philippine Army, Soldier, 2 rebs killed in Negros clash A soldier and two suspected communist rebels were killed in an encounter on Saturday in Barangay (village) Bucalan, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental. (Carmel Matus) . Kampo ng militar sa Cagayan, inatake ng mga rebelde Nilusob ng mga rebeldeng NPA ang detachment n9 militar na nakabase sa Brgy San Jose bayan ng Gonzaga, Cagayan kamakalawa ng gabi. (Debra Bellosillo) P900-M Samar Road Project Set A military commander is confident that completion of a major hinterland road network project now being constructed in Northern Samar will substantially boost government's efforts to quash the insurgency in the province. (Restltuto Cayubit)

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Detachment ng military sa Cagayanf intake ng mga NPA Nilusob ng armadong grupo ang detachment ng militar sa Gonzaga, Cagayan kagabi. Ito ang kinumpirma sa Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao ni It Col. Alvin Flores, commanding officer n9 17th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army na nakabase sa Srgy. Masin, Alcala.


PNP sa pag-atake ng mga NPA: Isolated case lamang
KumpiYansa ang Philippine .National Police (~NP) na humihina na ngayon ang puwersa ng New People's ArrriY (NPA) kompara noon9 mga nakalipas na taon.


AFP wafang nagawangpagJabag sa karapatang pantao Ipinagmalaki ng AFP ang ulat na zero sa anumang kaso ng Human Rights Violation ang anumang sangay n9 military sa uangn apat na buwan ng taong kasafukuyan (Ricky Tulipat) Kampo n9 Cafgu sinunog Sinatakay at sinunog ng mga rebeldeng NPA ang detachment ng CAFGU sa bahaging Iiblib na Barangay Masi sa bayan n9 Rizal, Caqavan kamakalawa. (Ravmund Catindig) Rights cases vs AFP fail to prosper No soldier has been accused of human rights violations this year, according to the Armed Forces of the Philippines Human Rights Office (AFPHRO). The AFPHRO said 84 cases of alleged human rights abuses against mUitary personnel were flied in the Commission on HUman Rights (CHR) since July 2010 when the Aquino administration took over. (Dona Pazzibugan) AFP claims improved marks on human rights The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) yesterday claimed to have not recorded any human rights violation by the government troops during the first four months of the year despite constant prodding from a New York-based rights group for the Aquino administration to address human rights issues in the country. (Mario Malian) AFP defends human rights record Military investigators have looked into complaints of violation of human rights and found no sufficient evidence in any of the 84 cases accusing soldiers under the Aquino administration. (Victor Reyes) No China sanetlons, Malacaiiang insists President Aquino contlnues to take a hard-line position on China as he brushed off what many considers as an unofficial trade sanction on the country in the pull out of Chinese travel bookings to the country and the impounding of Philippine bananas in Chinas ports. (Fern an Angels) Palace welcomes Chinese assurance of no war over Panatag Malacafiang welcomed yesterday the assurance of China that it is not girding for war over the disputed Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal. (Delan Porcalla) Noy SAF men: Be faithful in serving public President Aquino joined the members of the 2012 Special Action Force Anniversary Challenge at Westnuk resort at the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant complex in Morang, Bataan on Saturday and called on them not just to continue honing their skills but also be faithful in serving the public. (Aurea Calica) Ngayon p. 2


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PH, China resume talks Malacanang on Sunday said that Philippine officials are again talking with their Chinese counterparts to resolve the Panatag Shoal standoff in peaceful and diplomatic way.(Jairne Pilapil) Photo: BlOwing horns for road safety

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A gathering of eagles (Ramon Farofan) EvenMILF enters 'Thrilla in NAlA3' row (Ellen Tordesillas)

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China test a gross failure for Noynoy Tit for

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Scarborough issues (Fr. Joaquin Bernas) China Losing 'South China Sea battle (Manny Pinol) Fishennen and Scarborough Shoal (Benilda Ascue) Territorial Battalions _(Jon Gayon). Editorial Cartoon



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'Morong 43' torture raps belied by ex-colleagues
Members of the "Morong 43" who surrendered to the government have urged their former comrades to abandon the armed rebellion, which they said is fighting for a futile, cause. ' In a press .briefing Saturday, the rebel returnees also denied claims that they were tortured when they were arrested by authorities in 2010. "They should think things over. They should leave the rebel movement because their struggle will lead to nowhere," said Jenelyn Pizarro in Filipino. Ellen Carandang, another member of the Morang , 43, said they would only neglect their families if they stick with the rebel movement. "For me, nothing will happen if we. continue to stay in the mountains. We will only neglect our families. The NPA (New People's Army) is fighting for a wrong cause," she said. The former rebels held the press conference in the headquarters of the Army's 2nd Infantry Division in
Tanay, Rizal.

The press briefing was organized after other Morang 43 members filed charges of torture and robbery against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

and various military and police officials. The Morong 43 members, suspected to be NPArebels, wer~ arrested on F~b. 6, 2010 in Morong, Rizal for alleged llles:a1possession of firearms and explosives. They claimed though that they were just rural he.a!th workers attending a medical symposium. The military alleged that they were holding a seminar on making bombs. . ~ilitant. groups have accused the military of fabncating evidence and using torture to obtain confes, sion~ from members of the group. Pive of the Morong 43, including Pizarro and , Carandang, have admitted that they were rebels and have availed themselves of the government's amnesty program. They are now staying in the 2nd ID headquarters due to supposed threats to their lives. In C!ecember 2010; President Aquino ordered the droppl~g of charges against the Morang 43 after the Justice department declared thatthe procedures followed by the military in their arrest were questionable. '.

~~~~~ ~

Charged along with Arroyo were former Armed Forces chief Victor !brado, former Army chief Delfin Bangit, Eastern Mindanao Command chief Maj. Gen. Jorge Segovia, Brig. Gen. Aurelio Baladad, Col. Joel Reyes, Superintendents Marion Balonglong and Allan Nobleza, Maj. Manuel Tabion, Capt. [ovilee Cabading, Vicente Lopez, and a certain Calaoagan, Bulaklak, and Idloy. They were accused of stealing the Morang 43 members' mobile phones, wallet, laptop, ATM and credit cards, digital camera, flash disk, earrings, clothes, an LCD projector, and P25,OOO cash. in The rebel returnees, however, denied. that they were tortured, saying the military allowed them to start peace£ullives. "They (soldiers) are treating me well. My life now is different compared to the one that I used to have," said Morong 43 member Valentino Paulino, Carandang said they are ready to go to court to refute the claims of their former comrades. "Weare ready to testify against them. Wewill tell the truth," she said. . "Maj. Gen. Eduardo del Rosario, 2nd ID chief, said the case would allow them to clear the issue.



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Army keeps Bieol NPA out of Bondoc Peninsula
~Mario J. Mallari
?~e the Armed Forces of the Philippines has been claiming that N6w,People's Army (NPA) strength in Quezon Province is weakening, Wis'still worried over the possible influx (If rebels from the Bicol region if only to maintain NPA presence in the Bondoc Peninsula. '~::Army Infantry Division (lD) 2nd ctJ:tef Maj. Gen. Eduardo del Rtlsario revealed as of last April, his command had already surpassed it'lJscore against the NPA last year bJ'",heutralizing at least 25 communist rebels within its area o{responsibility. "~Del. Rosario estimated the stJ:ength of the NPA within its command at about 330 fighters last year but at least 25' have been neutralized as of this April either by surrendering, or being captured or killed during military operations. The 2nd ID chief has jurisdiction over the provinces of Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Oriental and Occidental Mindoro. "But our worry is that since (the NPAs) are now weakening, especially in Quezon province, and they would like to maintain presence in the Bondoc Peninsula ...we are anticfpatlng and we are preparing for that (influx of rebels from Bicol)," he said. ' Del Rosario attributed the dwindling strength of the NPA in his jurisdiction to the combination of military and social pressures being implemented under the military's internal peace and security plan OPSP) Bayanihan. "Weare implementing military and social pressures in line with IPSP Bayanihan. We are conducting tactical operations against the armed threat groups and we have tied up with local government units, non-government organizations and other stakeholders in activities helpful to the people," he added. "we are implementing a holistic approach, we are trying to get the residents, the LGUsinvolved so the NPAs would realize the futility of fighting the government," Del Rosario said. ,.


-~ 'Morong rebels' to ,testify 'vs comrades in torture claim
'Three membersof the so-caned 'Moro~g 43" vowed to testify before the court against their former comrades in the communist New People's Army (NPA) who filed torture cases against several former and active officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), In an interview at.the Army's 2nd Infantry Division (ID) headquarters in Tanay, Rizal, former "Morong 43" members Jenelyn Pizarro, Avelino Pauliho and Ellen Carandang said they are willing to disprove torture allegations filed by eight of their former comrades. " "I am willing to testify and tell the truth. Wewere not tortured and that is the truth," said Pizarro who has married an Army man after her detention. For her part, Carandang, whose husband remains an active member of the NP~ said "I am ready to testify thatthere was no torture because that js the truth." , , .Paulino echoed the same sentiments. . The three reiterated their earlier confession that they were members of'the NPA and were undergoing training when arrested on Feb. 6, 2009 at a private residence in Morong town, Bizal province, They also admitted receiving threats against them

43" members filed torture raps before 'the Department of Justice against .~ their families coming from their funner President and now Pampanga .. er comrades since they decided Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,funner ~~ to the fuldsofthelaw. They AFP chief retired Generals Victor are currently staying inside the 2nd Ibrado and Delfin Bangit, and funner lQ!pquarters in Camp Capinpin, Army 2nd ID chief and now Eastern Mindanao Command head M~. Gen. fi!P.ruLTIlntlyfurtheirsafety. 1.' ;Maj. Gen, Eduardo del Rosario, Jorge Segovia, among others, Del Rosario welcomed the filing .~generalofthe2MID,said of the criminal charge. tb.efurmerNPArebelsarefreetoleave "This is a very good opportunity ~~cantpanytimetheywant. "'i' ~ey are now volunteers here .. to ferret out They are free to go anytime theywant
JmtQbviouslytheywantto life," he said.

but we have the witnesses here that they are really NPAs. They are also saying they were tortured, but we have their former members saying there was no torture, n Del Rosario said. "These witnesses are very authoritative because they are speaking from the heart. They were among those arrested and detained," he added. DelBosario also downplayed the torture allegation, citing measures

implemented duringthe detention of the "Morong 43" at the 2nd ID like the assignment of woman-soldiers to female detainees . The three were among the five members of the "Morang 43" who admitted being members of the NPA. On the other hand, the 38 others denied any ilwolvementwith the communist group and claimed they were rural health workers. MarioJ. MaIari

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;I,.ast week, eight of the "Morong

NPA rebels


May 2012


---seminar on how to give first aid in case someone is wounded in an encounter," Carandang claimed one of the eight complainants,' whom she said is a . doctor, taught emergency surgery very well. She also, said the, owner of the resort where! they held the semi- :! nar did not know' about what the! g roup was doing. Carandang, Pizarro and PaUlino said they were all being treated well In the camp. "No good would have ' come out if we had continued ta stay in' the mountains. We would only have.further neglected our families," Carandang said. ' ' Her husband has ~tayed behind with the NPA with one of their children. They have had no comm unlcatlon for a year, she said, The Morong 43 were health workers', arrested In the mill· tary raId on Feb. 6, 2010, The military claimed they were NPA cadres training making bombs., President Aquino has ordered the charges against them withdrawn. They' were freed before Chrlstm as that year. Six of them later sued' Arroyo fa r damages. On ThursdaY,elglit' members of the group also accused Arroyo and 18 others, including military and~ 'police officers, of tor-] ture. '~·;:Jr

'Morong 5' to testifyformilitary
By Dona Z. Pazzibugan
BEING COMRADES apparently has its limits" Five members ofthe so-called ."Morong 43" are willing to testify , aqalnst tnetr tormer comrades who have accused the military of torture when they were arrested as communist' , rebels two years ago in a private resort in Morong; R!zaL , Ellen Carandang said she and the ,. four others who have swung over to the government side were willing to testify that they were not tortured in case of a Department of Justice , (DOJ) investigation. , The "Morang 5" , have centes sed to being New People's Army (NPA) members and chosen to stay In Camp Gapinpin as rebel returnees. The camp is the headquarters of the Army's 2nd Infantry Dlvision. "I want tell our former comrades that we are ready to testify againstthem, to tell the truth," Carandang, speaking in FilIpino, told reporters

in Camp Gapinpin on Saturday. "You can say that some are legitimate (medical practitioners), butthey help the NPA," s~eadded, "Their claim that there was torture, that's not true," said Jenilyn Pizarro, who last year married a soldier she had met In the camp. She was ,then 19. Carandang, Pizarro and Valentino Paulino faced reporters in the presence of Maj. Gen. Eduardo Del Rosario, the 2nd Infantry DivIsian commander. Two other members of their group-Cher~ ilyn Tawagon and John Mark Barrientos-did not show up,

Military claim


Who Istelling truth?
Last week, a lawyer for elghtoth~ er members of the "Morang 43"'flleda case Of to rtu re at th e .DOJ against former , President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, two former military chiefs and 16 other security personnel. The eight claimed they were tortured while detained at Camp Caplnpln.1n Dei Rosario said , that since Carandang and the four others were nottortured,lt would follow that the others also were not tortured. ' "The five told the truth," Del Rosario said, "They are members otthe CPP (Communist Party of ....Email add:oacpa~hpa@yahoo.C: the Philippines). They -.:-'~-,.'- .' .,.". ' .. , .-. ,-. . were conducting a



.·.OFFICE()FTHEARMYCHIE~PUBL.C:At:FAlRS '-- -- ',' ,'-,. :,.-"...',.-.,.' ..--',.



May 2012

I ~t lRantla ~


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Military bombings force residents to flee from homes
OREthan 80 families in an Agusan del Sur town were forced to evacuate due to bombings and intense military operations of troops from the 25th Infantry Battalion (IB) of the Philippine Army.
The evacuees are residents of Sitio 33, Barangay New Visayas ofTrento Town in Agusan del Sur. .They are currently temporarily housed in the New Visayas barangay hall and in the Pulang Lupa multipurpose center. J Some 20 families, however, were allegedly prevented by the military from leaving the community, according to human rights watchdog.. Karapatan. The human rights group blamed the intense military operations on the Aquino government's Oplan Bayanihan, its current anti-insurgency program. Karapatan spokesperson Cristina Palabay said, "Bombings of communities by the military and the consequent displacement of people from their communities have become frequent and widespread since the start of2012, the second year of the implementation of Aquino's Oplan Bayanihan. Thousands, in" duding women and children who are most vulnerable under the situation, have now become victims of forced evacuation." Karapatan-Southem Mindanao's account revealed that elements of the 25th IB bombed the community twice, dropping a total of seven bombs. The. type of bombs has yet to be identified. According to the rights group, moreover, the soldiers also ran" sacked two sari-sari stores and stayed in civilian houses. Karapatan-Southern Mindanao reported that on May 6, soldiers arrived in Sitio Limot, Barangay Cogonon aboard two military trucks. Shortly after, on May 7, around 7 a.m., an encounter ensued between forces of the 25th IB and members of the 'New People's Army (NPA). Palabay,meanwhile, noted that the presence of government troops in the area was due to an ongoing mining exploration which has prompted opposition among residents. "The usual act of the military to retaliate by.way of tuming their guns against the people aside from the fact that there is an ongoing mining exploration in the area conducted by the Os metal Mining Corporation. Large-scale destructive mining and militarization have obviously become inseparable twin evils," said Palabay. Earlier, representatives of indigenous people and peasants from Agusan del Norte, Surigao del Norte and Bukidnon arrived in Manila to call the attention of various government agencies to the multiple human rights violations committed against them because of the ongoing military operations and bombings in their communities. They also sought support from non-government organizations, Church groups and diplomatic missions in the Philippines. The said representatives came from communities that are current and prospective targets of large-scale mining operations. "The marginalized people in the countryside have become so dispensable with the government's policy of favoring large-scale mining corporations and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as in the past, has be: come its tool to drive away people in favor of big business, n said Palabay.






Soldier, 2 rebs killed in Negros clash
CEBUCITY-A soldier and two suspected communist " rebels were killed in an encounter on Saturday in Barangay Bucalan, Canlaon . City, Negros Oriental.
The fatalities were identified as Pfc. Edmund Prieto, of Banga town in Aldan; Argie Villasan and Elmer Cafiete, said Maj. Enrico . Illeto, information officer of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division eID), in an e-mailed statement. Villasan and Cafiete were allegedly members of the New People's Army (NPA) Special Partisan Unit They were identified by Ronnel Josalita who owned the house in Bucalan where the rebels allegedly stayed. Jos- . alita was taken into custody by the soldiers. llleto said the soldiers received a tip that NPA rebels were staying in Josalita's house. When the soldiers Josalita's house to verify the information, Illeto said they were fired upon by an undetermined number of rebels. Prieto and the two rebels were killed during the fire fight. The body of Prieto would be brought to his hometown in Banga after his family had been informed about his death, said Illeto. He added they were coordinating with the local officials to determine where the rebels were from so their families would be. insoldiers dashed with communist rebels last week, human rights group Karapatan said. In an advisory, Karapatan Southern Mindanao said residents of Sirio 33 in Barangay New Visayas feared that bombs unleashed by military aircraft would hit their homes. L1\.bout 30 families sought shelter at the New Visayas Barangay.Hall while 24 families evacuated to Barangay Pulang Lupa," Karapatansaid, adding that seven bombs were dropped in the village. Melchor Malimbasao, 54, and a pastor in New VlSayas, said "the military was carelessly dropping bombs without thinking about the safety of the people in thecommuniries." Lt. Col.,Cesar Molina, commander of the .25th Infantry Bai:t;hlion,which has jurisdic",ion over-the tom confirmed that the milit tary conducted bomb runs against NPA rebels holed inthe hint4rlands of the village. . The bomb runs were-the military's responsetoa series of clashes withNPA rebels that injured foursoldiers last week, he said. HoweveIjMolina denied that the aerial bombings were indiscriminately done. . "In fact, ye used precision rockets from !'JUT helicopters during" the' aerial strikes," . formed. .CaimelMatus, Inquirer. In Davao City, some 200 people fled their Molina said. Inquirer community in Trentb,Agusandel.Sur, follow- Visayasd,td KarlbsManlupig, . ing a series of military bomb runs there after Mindanall"

. OFFice OF THE ARMy CHIEF'AFFAIRS - Emailadd:oacpa_hP~@yahoo.c()m-Telno.(&2)892.f693,Locaf:5287,5295·






NILUSOB ng mga rebeldeng New People's Army angdetachment ng militar na nakabase sa Brgy, San Jose sa bayan ng Gonzaga, Cagayan kamakalawa ng gabi, Ito ang nabatid kay army 17th Infantry Battalion (l71B) commanding officer Ltc, Alvin Flores na nakarating sa Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) general headquarters kahapon, Positibo si Flores na kagagawan ng mga NPA aug nangyari para maipakita na malakas pa rin ang kanilang hurnihinang puwersa na pili! na naghahasik ng pananakot at kaguluhan. Aniya, lubhang desperado na ngayon aug mga 'rebelde sa unti-unti na umanong pagyakap ng mga mamamayan sa programa ng AFP na Bayanihan system na nagsusulong sa katahimikan at pakikiisa ng mga residenre sa gobyemo sa kabila ng propaganda ng mga rebel de kontra' sa nasabingprograma. (Debra Bellosillo)

KamPDng milltar sa Cagapo, inatake no mga rebelde







P900-M Samar Road Project Set



CATARMAN, Northern Samar - A
military commander is confident


Completionof a major hinterland road network project nowbeing constructed in Northern Samar will substantially boost government's efforts to quash the insurgency in the province. Colonel Rolando Malinao, commanding officer of the Philippine

Army (PA)'s 803rd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division based here said construction of the tt'900-million road network dubbed "Peace and Prosperity Road" project by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in Eastern Visayas will pave the way for success in government's campaign against the remaining troublemaking elements here. The five-road road network package consists of lO-kilometer Bang>

kerohan-Galutan-Imelda-HinatadMckinley road; the 13.5-kilometer Colab-og- Lugib- Buenasuerte- Pasabuena-Maxvilla road; the PolangiGebulwangan-Quezon-Trangue- Mabini road stretching a total length of tz.i-kilometers, the San Isidro-Lope de Vega 35-kilometer road; and the 20-kilometer Trujillo-Duran-Gemarangan road stretch. Malinao explained that roads implemented or constructed leading

to the interior parts of the province help a lot in facilitating the movement of government troops as well as access of reinforcements to beef them up, as well as allow the troops easier penetration into the hinterlands where rebels here operate. He also added that the transportation of supplies and other needed military hardware is easier compared to areas where there are no road networks.



Detachment ng militar sa Cagayan, inatake ng mga NPA
TUGUEGARAO CITY - Nilusob ng armadong grupo ang detachment ng militar sa Gonzaga, Cagayan kagabi. Ito ang kinumpirma sa Bomba Radyo Tuguegarao ni U. Col. Alvin Flores, commanding officer ng 17th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army na nakabase sa Brgy. Masin, Alcala. Ayon kay Flores, tinatayang tatlo hanggang apat katao ang nagpaputok Bayanihan patrot teams sa Brgy. San Jose. sa detachment ng kanilang

Naniniwala naman si Flores na kagagawan ito ng New People's Army (NPA) para maipakita na malakas pa rin ang kanilang humihinang puwersa na pHit na naghahasik ng pananakot at kaguluhan sa mga mamamayan. Inihayag ng opisyaf na patunay lamang ito na desperado na ngayon ang mga NPA sa unti-unf na umanong pagyakap n9 mga mamamayan sa Bayanihan system na nagsusulong sa katahimikan at pakikiisa ng mga residente sa gobyerno sa kabila ng propaganda ng mga rebelde kontra sa nasabing programa. Wala naman aniyang naiulat na nasugatan sa ilang minutong palltan ng putukan dahil kaagad umatras at nagtago ang mga armadong suspek nang gumanti ang panig n9 mga sundalo. Nakarekober naman ang mga otoridad n9 mahigit 10 bala ng M16 na baril sa pinangyarihan ng insidente. Kaugnay nito, pinawi nl Flores ang takot ng mga residente lalo na ang mga bibisita sa Dawa festival ng Gonzaga na mag-uumpisa bukas, na walang dapat ipangamba dahil nakabantay ang kanilang tropa upang mapigilan ang mga nagbabalak maghasik ng kaguluhan habang idinadaos ang programa. Sa katunayan aniya nakipag-ugnayan siya sa liderato ng Cagayan Police Provincial Office (epPO) para matiyak ang seguridad ng mga makikibahagi sa nasabing aktibidad sa tulong na rin ng mga mamamayan na siyang nagbibigay impormasyon sa kanilang intelligence operatives.

PNP sa pag-atake ng mga NPA: Isolated case lamang
TUGUEGARAO CITY - Kumpiyansa ang Philippine National Police (PNP) na humihina na ngayon ang puwersa n9 New People's Army (NPA) kompara noong mga nakalipas na taon. Sinabi ni PNP Dir. Gen. Nicanor Bartolome sa kaniyang pagbisita sa lambak ng Cagayan, na isolated case lamang ang ginagawang pag-atake n9 mga rebelde dahil pinupuntirya lamang nila ang mga police detachment na nasa libhb na lugar. Inihalimbawa ni Bartolome ang pangha-harass ng mga NPA sa pulisya matapos atakehin ang detachment ng Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB) n9 PNP Region II sa Brgy. Labben, Allacapan, Cagayan noong Marso kung saan tinangay pa ang mga baril ng mga naka-duty na pulls at ang pagpatay sa isang kagawad n9 pulisya sa bayan ng Plat. Tiwala naman ang kapulisan na tuluyang mawawakasan kriminalidad sa pakikipagtulungan ng pubUko. ang problema sa insurhensiya at iba pang mga

Inatasan naman ni Bartolome ang pulisya na lalo pang paigtingin ang kanilang kampanya laban sa mga nagkalat na hindi lisensiyadong baril na pangunahlng ginagamit sa krimen lalo na ngayon at nalalapit na ang halalan sa buwan ng Mayo 2013.



May 2012

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AFP walang nagawang paglabag sa karapatang pantao
lpinagmalaki ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang ulat na zero sa anumang kaso ng Human Rights Violation (HAV) ang anumang sangay ng milit\iry sa unang apat na buwan ng teoog kasalukuyan. . Ayon kay Col. Amulfo Burgos Jr., tagapagsallta ng AFP, ang ganitong posltibong paq-unlad ay san hi ng pawloy na pagpapaigting ng military command oa turuan at sanayin ang mga sundalo hinggll sa karapatang pantao at magmatasakit sa international humanltartan law at alituntunin ng batas. Bukod pa dilo, lnatasan din ng AFP Human Rights Office (HRO) na tukuyin ang ulat ng HRV na kinasasang' kutan ng military personnel na idinulog ng Commission on Human Rights (CHR). Bumuo ang AFP-HRO ng. Board of Inquiry (BOI) na kung saan ay pababa sa antas ng batalyon upang magsagawa ng mga pagsisiyasat na parunayan ang mga ulat ng CHR. . Nangako ang AFP·HRO na pananatiHhin nila ang pakikipag-ugnayan sa CHA para JTIagtugma ang bilang ng umano'y naitala ng HRV. Giit ng optsyat, hindi narnan binabafewala ng (l-FP·HRO ang ulat, dahil patuloy silang kumukuha ng jrnpormesyon sa ulat ng CHR para magsagawa ng .imbestigasyon na magpapatunay og katotohanan ng kaso ng HAV. Hindi rin anya, plnahihintulutan n9 AFP ang paglabag sa karapatang pantao sa kanilang hanay at patuloy na susundin ang alituntunin ng batas sa mga sundalo, nakaduty man 0 hindi. (Ricky T. Tulipat)

Kampo ng Cafgu sinunog
TUGUEGARAO CITY- Sinalakay at sinunog ng mga rebeldeng New People's Army ang detachment ng Citizen's Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Cafgu) sa bahaging liblib na Barangay Masi sa bayan ng Rizal, Cagayan kamakalawa. Bagamat naabo ang buong kampo, sinabi ni Capt. Ramon Padre, tagapagsalita ng 502nd Army Brigade na wala namang nasugatan 0 nalagas sa pamg ng pamahalaan sapagkat walang naabutan ang mga umatakeng rebelde. Ayon kay Padre, nauna nang umalis ang mga sundalo matapos lumlpat sa itinayong bagongkampo. Base sa tala, inambus at napatay ng mga rebelde ang limang pulis noong Pebrero 2011 sa bayan ng Rizal. Samantala, noong Abril 2012 naman ay nt-rald ng mga rebslde ang presinto ng pulisya sa bayan ng Allacapan, Cagayan kung saan dinisarmahan ang walong pulis. Raymund Catlndig

May 2012




Rights cases

fail to prosper
been accused of human . rights Violations this year, according to the Armed Forces of the

Philippines Human

Rights Office CAPPHRO). , The AFPHRO said 84 cases of alleged human rights abuses against military personnel were filed in the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) since : July

201 0 ..when


Aquino administration took over, . But the office said all 84 complaints did not have a leg to stand on based on its internal investigation.

It said that a board . of inquiry (BOI) was created from the headquar-. ters down to the bat- ; talion level to look.'ii into the cases» brought before th~: CHR. 1 "The findings of~. the BOI revealed : that all of the hu- ~ man rights violation ~ cases taggingmili· ~ tary personnel were only accusations and did not produce sufficient evidence; against soldiers," ~ AFPHRO .chief Col. ~ Domingo '!Utaan: said, . The AFPHRO : said that its clean: human rights slate from January to . >April showed t'bttt ~ its advocacy to ed ..: .'ucateand train sol- ,; . diers to uphold'li"1i~~ man rights and in-"; ternational humanitarian law on ~ . warfare was work-" ing. Tutaan said the AFPHRO was very active in teaching soldiers in garrisons and in the field about human rights, . international humanitarian law and pertinent laws such as the Anti- Torture Act of 2009. (Republic Act No .. 7438) and the rights of ar· rested or detained persons as well as the duties of arresting, detaining and investigating offi-


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AFP c1aims improved marks~nhumanrights
By Mario J. Mallari .
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) yesterday claimed to have not recorded any human rights violation by the government troops during the first four months of the year despite constant prodding from a New York-based rights group for the Aquino administration to address human rights issues in the country. In a press statement, AFP spokesman Col. Arnufo Marcelo Burgos Jr. said the "zero" human rights violation . of the military is attributable to the intensified efforts to educate and train its 125,000 personnel on the protection of human rights and adherence to international humanitarian law. Burgos, however, admitted that there were human rights cases actually referred to the AFP-Human Rights Office (HRO), headed by CoL Domingo 'Iutaan, referred initially to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). "To address these circumstances, the AFP-HRO created a board of inquiry (BoI) which was also replicated down to the battalion levels to conduct investigations that would

Del Rosario made the statement during his lecture , in Washington last week, as he urged the United States .' government to take out "improved human rights record" as a condition for increased military aid to the Philippines..,··· Cristina Palabay; spokesman of Karapatan, in a statement said, "if Del Rosario' considers the 76 victims of extra-ludicial killings as an indication of a better human rights environment, he must be either deluded or simply covering up the inadequacies and liability of j the governmentto stop and resolve the ma'rly cases of ; human rights violations under Aquino's watch." Karapatan cited the case of Aldan municipal councilor Fernando Baldomero, the first incident of extra-judicial killing under Aquino, as among the many unresolved cases. It has been almost two' years since the killing but the case filed by Baldomero's relatives is currently archived at the Aldan Regional Trial Court, with the perpetrators still scot-free. I The high-profile case of Italian missionary Fr. Fausto I "Pops" Tentorio has also yet to be resolved as the masterminds of the killing on October 16, 2011 have. not been arrested. Through an interrogation at the Italian Chamber of Deputies in April 19, Italian parliamentarians Leoluca I Orlando and Fabio Evangelisti said that the "murder of Father Tentorio is clearly a demonstration of the continuing culture of impunity and injustice in the Philippines. " "Since Aquino assumed the presidency in July 2010, there have 76 cases of extrajudicial killings documented but-none have been prosecuted. The killings stemmed from the implementation of the counter-insurgency program of the government called Oplan Bayanihan. The state security forces are deployed in rural areas and in urban areas to neutralize the unarmed civilians considered members or sympathetic to the guerrilla New People's Army (NPA)," they said.




/)4 May 2012

The NaHonal Newspaper



IFP defends human rights record
MILITARY investigators have looked into complaints of viola- tion of human rights and found no sufficient evidence in any of the 84 cases accusing soldiers under the Aquino administration. The complaints were filed before the Commission on Human Rights. "The findings of the Bar (Board of Inquiry) revealed that all of the referred human rights violations cases tagging military personnel were only accusations and did not produce sufficient evidence against AFP soldiers," said AFP spokesman Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos, citing initial results of the probe on the cases Bled since July 2010. But the CHR has dismissed only 15 of the complaints. The 69 ers are "for filing of cases, further evaluation or investigation," also according to Burgos. The BOI was created be CoL Domingo Tutaan, head of the AFP Human Rights Office (BRO) , to validate the allegations against the soldiers filed with the CHR.


Tutaan said his office is continuing with the validation of the 84 complaints received by the CHR. "The CHR gave us a figure so what we are doing is we are crosschecking these data," said Tutaan. Tuman said human rights violations cases are actuallv in the "eves of the beholder," . He noted the human rights group Ka-

rapatan has recorded over 1,fXXJ cases. "We rna,' have data that the\, don't have because'r also monitor onmv own ... We are cross-d1ecking," he said.
Tutaan said the AFP-HRO has

been active in educating soldiers about the duty to uphold and protect human rights. Burgos said the AFP-HRO 15 continuously looking into the CHR figures. "AFP-HRO is not taking these reports hands down, and is continuously acquiring the case information of CHR's reports to further conduct investigations that would prove the veracirv of the said HRV cases. The AFP at the same time will not tolerate human rights violations within its ranks," he also said.




worth $470.96 million last year, bananas are the Philippines's second-largest! agricultural commodity export after coconuts, according to government data. China is the Philippines' secondlargest banana market after 'Japan. The fruit issue first carne up a month before Chinese maritime surveillance vessels prevented the Philippine navy from arresting . Chinese fishermenon a disputed South China Sea shoal in April, sparking a tense stand-off. Valte told reporters that the fruit matter was "a regulatory issue," and did not link it to the month-long face-off over the Scarborough Shoal, a group of rocky outcroppings claimed by both countries. She didn't say whether the Philippine government has talked to Chinese authorities or done anything for China to allow entry of the Philippine banana exports, which reports said have been rotting in China ports. "Consistent with the pronouncement of our officials, we are confident this can be resolved, given our banana exports pass stringent measures in Japan. We know this will be resolved," Valte noted. This developed as Malacanang yesterday allayed fears of China's rigid preparation to go to war over its claim on the WestPhilippine Sea even as a top palace official said that they'd rather believe the Chinese government, which has denied such report if only to deescalate the tension between the two Asian countries. ~Well,we have alwaystaken the commitment of our friends in China to be ... We have-both sides essentially have committed to taking the diplomatic solution to all of these. All that have been done thus far were always in furtherance of de-escalating the situation because, as we have repeatedly said, that is our commitment", Valtesaid .

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She said that reports .of.Chi?a gearing up for war, fortifytng' Its I naval formation and helicopter I training in international waters, should best be seen as something that is normal for any armed forces. Valteexplained that just likethe Philippines, which conducts an . annual joint military exercises with American troops as provided for in the Visiting Forces Agreement, China too has its own military. exercises. ~Well, as the AFP has said, that's within the rights of the armed forces of any country to conduct their drills in international waters," she added. Philippine security officials, J apansnd Taiwan were earlier reported to be closely monitoring the naval maneuvers bythe Chinese fleet that includes one of the heaviest combat ships in the people's liberation army. When asked for a palace statement of China's comment which described the international courts as weird and lopsided, Valte said:"Well, we would rather not comment on that particular statement dahil interpretation po nila 'yan doon sa position ng China. We would rather not comment". Valtealso came out 'Withfigures which appear to justify an earlier statement the Palace made

No China sanctions, Malacaii.{mg insists
By Fernan J. Angeles
President Aquino continues to take a hard-line position on China as he brushed off what many considers as an unofficial trade sanction on the country in the pull out of Chinesetravel bookings to the country and the impounding of Philippine bananas in China's ports. The government said yesterday it was working to resolve mass delays in Philippine fruit exports to China, stressing that the Chinese decision to impose strict standards on banana exports was not related to a tense standoff between the two countries over disputed maritime territory. Philippine fruit export leaders have been quoted as saying that shipments, especially bananas; were rotting in Chinese ports because pests had been discovered in some produce, .prompting stricter quarantine inspections. "We are confident that that our banana exports have already passed the stringent (standards) in Japan," Aquino's spokesman Abigail Valte said. The agriculture and trade departments as well as the plant industry bureau were talking with their Chinese counterparts on how to resolve the problem; she said. With total shipments
this can be resolved given


shrugging off any adverse effect which may be caused by the decision of Chinese travel authorities to cancel tour pac~ei: to the Philippines. Valte said that the posted a remarkable increase in ' the number of visitors coveringtbe first quarter of the year. Valte said that there have been:; 1.148million tourist arrivals for the,' first three months of 201~f ~ representing a "remarkable" 16.00 percent increase as compared to . the number of foreign arrivals, covering the same period of last year.

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"Based on Department ,of" Tourism (DoT) figures, in the first three months of 2012,there were 1.l4S million visitor arrivals which was 16.03percent higher compared to the same period for 2011, Valt&


Malacanang on' Friday expressed optimism that the Philippines would be able to sustain its tourism program and reach target revenues expected fl:omtourist arrivals even after Cb.I.n.~ tour agencies pulled out packages, in connection with the brewing. tension at the Panatag Shoal. '. "There are a lot of Chinese.(in the Philippines). Youwouldn't knDw who are from mainland (China}and who are from the Philippines;,Wt have really good relations, culttiqil exchange (and on) afamillallevel. There is no reason for our Chinese friends to worry about the safetY of Chinese nationals," presidential spokesperson Edwin Laeieroa said at the regular press briefing held last Friday in Malacanang. Amid reports that Chinese tour agencies have cancelled tour packages to the Philippines in connection withthe ongoingtension in the South China Sea (or locally referred to as the West Philippine Sea), Lacierda said that 'the cancellation of tour packages fr6iJl China will not hurt the Philippine tourism industry. , '/1:, Chinese authorities have 'eaine\ordered tour operators to s~ trips to the Philippines ahead of the planned demonstrations against

"Wehave more tourists goiilg'W China than Chinese coming to the Philippines. We will just have to work hard on the other markets that we have," he said. Aside from what appearsto be an economic sanction that China slapped on the Philippine,s,;~ Chinese embassy in Manil.1lIo advised its citizens in the Philippines to stay indoors,~ their safety was at riskpaIticuIw during the protest. ; \. ) The palace mouthpiece h~r, counteredtbat the advisory issued' by China to ensure safety of the Chinese natlonals in the cOulltry was unnecessary. He averre4~at China should not worry abo~ the safety of its nations in:~e Philippines amid the protests;'·:.. On top of what seemed t~'b': a "tourism sanction" imposed,!.>y China on the Philippines,Philll1p.~ exports have also been repo~~4Jy suffering resulting from the rift. In fact, Philippine banana ~ have been rotting in Chinese ~ after it was denied entry on-,what has been referred to by MaJ.ac_ as "regulatory issue", '' China had warned that the protests may affect its bilateral relations with the Philippines.Ithad also warned its nationals ~ in the Philippines to be more cautious amid the protests. . ,.


May 2012

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Palace welcomes Chinese assurance of no war over Panatag

Malacafiang welcomed yesterday the assurance of China that it is not girding for war over the disputed Scarborough (Panatag) Shoal. . Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said both sides have committed to resolve the dispute diplomatically. "That has always been their commitment," she said. "As (Foreign) Secretary (Albert) Del Rosario has said, we are resuming consultations which is a good thing." In a text message, Del Rosario however said the two countries have not arrived at any concrete agreement to end the standoff in Panatag Shoal, also called Bajo de Masinloc. . "No agreements have been reached," he said. "The Philippines had invited China to join Manila to proceed to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) for a 'legal' and 'lasting' solution instead of a diplomatic approach, but Beijing has formally rejected the invitation." Del Rosario said it is necessary to pursue a legal track in proceeding to the United Nations-backed tribunal where the Philippines and China would validate their claims and defend their positions. "A diplomatic result ending the current impasse in Masinloc, which we hope can be achieved, will at best be a temporary one," he said. "Ultimately, we will need an overall solution." Del Rosario said the Philippines would pursue a peaceful resolution following a three-track approach: political through the

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), legal via the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) dispute settlement mechanisms, and diplomatic via continuing consultations to defuse current circumstances in Panatag ShoaL China's rejection of the Philippine invitation to elevate the dispute to ITLOS showed that it may not be able to validate their stated positions in accordance with the UNCLOS, he added. Panatag Shoal is an integral part of Philippine territory. The shoal is 124 nautical miles from the nearest basepoint in Zambales province. It is within the Philippines' 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and continental shelf. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei' claimed in a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday that China has sovereignty over Panatag ShoaL "Isn't it a weird thing in international affairs to submit a sovereign country's territory to international arbitration? What a chaos the world will be in if this happens," he said,



May 2012


A ZtJ"

Nay toSAF men: Be faithful 'in serving public

Anniversary Challenge at Westnuk resort at the Bataari Nuclear Power Plant complex in Morang, Bataan on Saturday and called on them not just to continue honing their skills but also be faithful in serving the public. Aquino attended the closing ceremonies of the SAF Challenge and led the presentation of awards to the winners. . In his speech, the President said the event was an effort to improve the skills of the police and the military as well as to develop camaraderie among the members of the armed services. The police and military continuously work to improve its capability even in peacetime having in mind that the people's lives and safety depend on their work, tlie President said. " In the last three decades, the leadership of the armed services was able to strengthen camaraderie among soldiers and policemen especially those in the special units, he said. "Th~ whole nation salutes, you in your tnumphs that stemmed from your discipline, industriousness and professionalism. Thank you so much for your unwavering dedication to fight terrorism, save our people in times of calamities and run after bad elements in society," the President said in his message . .As the finest members of the police and military service, the President said the people would expect them to remain loyal to their mandate to serve the public and defend the Constitution.

President Aquino joined the merrioers of the 2012 Special Action Force

also mean readiness and capability to respond to the people's call, Aquino said, adding they -should also shun corruption and ill deeds. "Let us remain on the side of justice, f:ason and. ~ccountability. This is the side that bnngs about change not only for the few but also for·the majority of the s?~iety"The principles that this co;mpetltlOn symbolizes are lived by this government in promoting good governance," Aquino said.

en dur anee_should

'TheIr special skills in combat and



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niv~rsary .• hanel1ge.The·.·.• ··•·· C ·•· •.•.••.• .·police1.ll}~t~illcel~br~~eits.····. ..



11 May 2012
the Philippines. However; no less.than President Benigno Aquino 3rd, in preMAIACANANG on Sunday said that vious interviews, said that the dis- . Philippine officials are again talking puted area in the West Philippine Sea with their Chinese counterparts to belongs to the Philippines. resolve the Panatag (Scarborough) The reaction of Malacanang wasShoalstalldoffin a peaceful and dipsought after The Manila Times on Sun- ' lomatic way. .' . day ran a banner story where a Chinese "We believe that both countries are . high official was quoted to have laid out _committed to a diplomatic and peace- .a formula on how to solve the standoff ful solution to the Panatag Shoal standby visiting Filipino journalists. off. Hence, both countries have started Hong Lei, spokesman of the Ministry talking to each other anew," Palace Foreign Affairs, said that Manila has to deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said. comply with three requirements-ChiShe said that ForeignAffairs Secre- nese vessels should not be disrupted, tary Albert del Rosario had told Chinese fishermen should not be interMalacanang that consultations have rupted in their fishing activitiesand Philresumed between Manila and Beijing. ippines vessels should leave the area. Valte did not clarify the position of ),~y~y!lt)A2



Pri, INA



"We have always "taken the. commi tment of our friends in China. We have committed to taking the diplomatic solution to all of these. All the things we are doing are always in furtherance of de-escalating the situation because, as we have repeatedly said, that's our commitment and second, it would not help if any side would escalate tensions," Vahe told state-run dzRB. She added that Malacafiang is aware that China is not interested in waging war over the Panatag Shoal. . , "Their commitment is to keep talking it out. As Secretary Del Rosario has said, we have resumed consultations, which is a good thing. So we will continue that," Valte said.

China last week ordered tour agenciesto suspend trips to the philippines. The suspension of tourpackagcs also affected chartered flights from the mainland, according to representatives of Chinese Travel Agencies at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). . Most of the affected chartered 'flights are from Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen bound for Boracay, according to Shirley Lai, a travel agency representative at NAIA. "1 hope this dispute will be reo solved soon because we are losing revenues," Lai said . Reports said that Beijing International Travel Service and other travel agencies in China have halted all tours to the Philippines and have stopped accepting bookings until the situation improves .




April 2012



Members of the Philippine Marines' drum and bugle band entertain the public during the program marking the "Decade of Action for Road Safety" of the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTe) at the Quezon City Memorial Circle on Sunday.

Blowing horns for road safety.



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FERNANDOAir Base, located in Lipa City, Batangas, is the home of the PAPFlying School, one of several training facilities that make up the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) of the Philippine AIr Force. The base is named after Lt. Col. Basilio Fernando who perished in an air crash in January 1946 while undergoing refresher pilot training a!Enid; Field, Oklahoma. .. For many FilipinOaviators, the base has served as the entry point toward a career of service in uniform or a lucrative profession in the world of commercial aviatioh. From this viewpoint, one could say that Fernando . Air Base representsJ Farolan hallowed ground. , On a personal note, this is where a young boy's dreams , came true. After serving as a platoon leader with the 4th Battalion Combat 'ream of the Philippine ArmY, 1 reported to Fernando Air Base for flight training, And here, I was introduced to a wonderful machine, the PT-13, an open cockpit biplane now relegated to air museums in the United' States. . ' Let me say something about flying in one of these dinosaurs of the air age. Nothing hut nothing beats the feel of the wind rushing against your face as you soar into the heavens with the world beneath your wings. And nothing you will ever experience can compare with that first solo flight as you. break the bonds of Mother Earth with only your own skills and abilities to ensure a safe return, . Last Saturday, the PAPFlying School Alumni Association (PAFFSM) led by Capt. Rolando Arbis, chair, and Brig. Gen. Romeo Poquiz, president.hosted the annual gathering of airmen who have passed through this 60-year-old training installation. which has a golf course boasting of the only Par 6 Hole in the entire country.·Gen. Jessie D. Dellosa, AFP chief of staff, was the guest of honor. ' . . Forthe first time in many, many years, an Air Force activity was capped by afly-byof aircraft-IS SF 260s and eig~t " T-41 trainer planes~indicative of a growing number of au assets that have provided a glimmer of hope for an organization that has long been the butt of painful jokes, one of. which is that of having much air and little force. We are a long way from where we used to be' among Asian air forces. But the modest turnout represents some light at the end of a dark tunnel and the nation must be prepared for greater sacrifices if the needs of our Armed Forces are to be met, We cannot go to Uncle Sam with a begging bowl. It is time to put our wallets where our~?uths ~re. We have purc1:ias.ed *** from Poland four combat utility helicopters=Sokols+with Other notes. four more on the way. There are negotiations for longToday; the PAPFlying School is led by its first woman comrange maritime patrol aircraft and a number of modified mandant, Lt. Col. Sharon G. Gemale ofBulanSorsogon, a versions of the F-16 fighter jet (designated' asF-SO)frQm member of Class 1993-A. She was one of the first two female South Korea. Another C-130 will soon he added to our . pilot graduates of the PAPFlying School. She graduated from _ transport fleet. . the AFPCommand and General Staff College in 2007. Gernale .: ...... One could almost feel a sigh of relief as well as a.sense of ~ also served-as the first female secretary of airstaff " .·.OF pride from the audience at the sight of so many planes flying Icpa_hl The AETCis headed by Maj. Gen. Edgardo Rene Samonte, in formation. Some were saying, "Finally, we are back in, who served as my senior aide when I was chief of the Air business; back in the business of flying!" That is what the Air.. Force. His wife Marilou is the yotingest'daughter of my flight Force is all about. instructor, Col. Juan Estoesta, -20> ,

so many years, Air Force Day was celebrated with the . traditional military parade, with air assets merely parked on I the tarmac. While our airmen were applauded for their marching skills, the unspoken thought running through the minds of members of the Air Forte family was the absence qf .... a fly-by.After all, the fly-by is what differentiates us from the '. other major services of the AFP. It represents the very put""" pose and mission of the organization. (For those unfamiliar· with the term, a fly-by is the Air Force equivalent of the passin review by ground troops.) . , As though in response to this yearning, Lt. Gen. Lauro dela Cruz, PAP commanding general, announced that the anniversary celebrations this coming Air Force Day in July will be held at Fernando Air Base in order to provide ample' ' opportunity to showcase the new aircraft arrivals flying in formation, The crowded airspace at Villamor Air Base has .made it virtually impossible to carry out any flight activities during the anniversary program. In addition, the constant, taxiing operations in the vicinity of the Villamor grand- : stand would represent an embarrassing distraction for any guest speaker. ~ Aside from the silver and goldenjubilarians of the PAPFly- , ing School, four guests were singled out for special recogni- . tion: Lieutenants Jose "Pepot" FL, Gonzalez, Ricardo' Singson, Cesar Raval, and, in absentia, Pascual Servida. The four airmen, all fighter pilots, were members of the original "Blue Diamond," the PAPacrobatic team formed in' 1953, which used P-Sl Mustangs of World War II vintage. Gonzalez was the team leader, Isidro Agunod, left wing (deceased); Singson, right wing; Servida, slot; and Raval, airborne reserve. Pepot was not only the teamleader, He is also the recognized founder of the "Blue Diamond" team, the vanguard of a , golden age in Philippine aviation, when the PAPwas among the best in Southeast Asia, demonstrating the professional competence and flying skills of our pilots. Another personal note. The Mustang fighter pilot will always remain close to my heart. The airman who first showed me the world from an upside down position was Lt. Johnny Estoesta, a hotshot pi. lot fresh from a stint with the fighter unit at Basa Air Base. . He taught me the rudiments of flying and released me for my first solo flight. Lt. Marcelo "Lito"Barbero, another Mustang fighter pilot, would check me cutin the T-6advanced trainer. Normally he would be shouting at me, "Sanamagan, Farolan, you will get us both killed with you,r stupidity!" Then one morning, after a series of takeoffs and landings, he stepped out of the cockpit with his parachute and above the roar of the engine he shouted, "Sanamagan, Man, you're on your own. Report to me after landing." OtherrBlue Diamond" teams would be formed utilizing F-86 Sabrejets and the F-SFreedom Fighters. The largest "Diamond" was a 16-plane formation of F-86 Sabrejets led by Capt. Angel Mapua in 1960. The last was a flight ofF·S Freedom Fighters led by Lt. Col. Ricardo Faustino in 1986, after the Edsa Revolution.




May 2012

The National Newspilper

page:_kr __

VEN the 110ro Islamic Liberation Front has a statement on the May 6 Thrills in Naia3 where column- . ist/broadcaster Ramon Tulfo and showbiz couple Claudine Baretto and Rayman Santiago figured in a brawl. In its website, side by side with reports on the peace talks that the Muslim rebel group are pursuing with the government and the death of its vice chairman for Militart Affairs, Aleem Abdul Aziz S. Mimbanras, J\lILF deputy chairman of the j\IILF Committee on Information Khaled Musa said the Sanriagos are guilty of starting they are not taking sides on the the brawl, Let the facts of the inciugly incident but commented that Tulfo, "has been gh--en the dose of dent come out soon." Earlier, Rep. Teddy Casino of his own medicine." the leftist Bavan Muna, blamed "Hurting is not only when one is Cebu Pacific tor the airport scufattacked but the more stinging it fle that has morphed into other is when the offended pa1l!- is the issues life feminism, media ethics, whole cornmunitv like the Moros. and press freedom. I wish he \Vm stop insulting peoCasino said Cebu Pacific's ofple now that he has been given the Heading the luggage of the Sandose of his own medicine," ?vIusa tiago couple without informing said. them -was the root cause of the Luwaran described Tulfo as "an incorrigible critic of Moros in ugly incident. Mindanao." Ravrnart and Claudine and The news item further said that frie~ds, together with their chilin his column in the Philippine Indren, came from Boracav. Due quirer, Tulfo treats the Moros in to overbooking, their lugg~ge was Mindanao as "made of sub-race." . put in Cebu Pacific flight from The MILF website said, "Ramon Kal.ibo. Claudine reportedly beTulfo created so manv enemies rated the Cebu Pacific ground perincluding the former l~irst Gensonnel which caught the attention tleman Mike Arroyo, and Senator of Tulfo who arrived in another Panfilo Lacson, who was tagged £light. . by him as "murderer" and "adulTulfo tried to take pictures of rerer'. Tulfo also did not spare the the Claudine's "pagtararay" with egendary moyie king, Fernando his cellphone which Raymart :)oe Jr., from his tongue-lashing didn't like. Rayman reportedly even if the latter was already comtried to get the cell phone of Tulrrose." fo and that's when the scuffle enMUSil said; "Truth is truth and it sued which resulted in the hards not fair to say Ramon Tulfo or hitting columnist/broadcaster


Even MILF enters 'Thrilla in NAIA3' row
Journalists of the Philippines which defended Men Tulfo's right-to take pictures of the Claudine berating the Cebu Pacific personnel drew the line in the threats issued by the Tulfo brothers on air. NUJP chairman Nestor Burgos lauded TV5 for suspending the Erwin, Ben and Raffv Tulfo. "No amount of provocation warrants the uncalled for reaction especially from those who call themselves journalists and after Ramon Tulfo had alreadv filed a criminal complaint against the couple, " Things have taken a twist because TV5's suspension of the three Tulfo brothers didn't impress the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board which imposed a 20-day suspension on the program, 'T3:Kapatid, Sagot Kita." TVS went to the Court of Appeals erring violation of press freedom. A feminist angle has also "been introduced with writer Katrina Stuart Santiago (I'm wondering how she is related to Rayman) saying that Claudine's pagtamray was "refreshing." She said: "That we fail to appre-. elate Claudine kicking ass the \vay she has? That is our bigger trag-


being mauled and ending black and blue. "In a war that's the trigger of all this brouhaha - if Claudine and Raymart's baggage were not left behind without givjng them "notice, Tulfo wouldn't have the chance to be a 'miron,' (observer)" said Casino who said he himself had experienced the airline's incompetence. To lighten rhe hostile atmosphere, Casino suggested that Cebu Pacific should provide the parries involved in the brawl to free, round-trip tickets with a twonight stay in Boracay, "So they can mend fences and enjoy each others' company in a less stressful em-ironment," he said. That's not possible now because the fight has now involved the three other Tulfo brothers -RafS:, Ben, Erwin - who threatened Rarmart and Claudine in their T\T program "T3:K.apatid, Sagot

edv." Now, Commission

Kita." Syrnparhy for Man 'vas greatly
diminished with the thug mentality in public their their radio and TV Even the National brothers' display in programs. Union of

on Human Rights Chair Etta Rosales has entered the picture supporting the Cebu Pacific personnel Charice Bocboc , who was berated by Claudine. ' Rosales said while Baretro had the right to complain, she was wrong in assaulting the dignitr of the airline employee. Oh my, where will this lead to?



Page:_G __

oynoy should put away his US-made blinders and look objectively on the root of the longest and the most serious standoff ever with China over claims on the Scarborough Shoal. The view from 'China, based on the many commentaries that seem to have grown in numbers and intensity the past few days among official newspapers which are deemed mouthpieces of the government, is that the incident was provoked by the administration of Noynoy by introducing a military vessel, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, the country's first true post-Second WorldWar Philippine Navy ship, which was a retired US Coast Guard cutter, in the area. Last April, BRP Gregorio dfJl Pilar intercepted Chinese fishing boats arid alleged that these were intruding into Philippine territory despite the fact that since based on accounts of China newspapers and Filipino fishermen] there was calm, although uneasy, in the area shared by fishermen not only among Filipinos and Chinese but also among Vietnamese and Taiwanese fishers. Things changed last April when the Philippine Navy ship accosted .Chinese boats which got a Chinese government replyin kind through the deployment of supposed surveillance ships but from which Filipino fishermen who recently tried to obtain their daily catch from the area said, srrlngs out armed Chinese in camouflage unifonns which shadow every Filipino ship that wanders into the area. The prevailing view in China apparently is that the Aquino administration needed to stir up trouble through the territorial dispute to cover up his shortcomings as a president, particularly the rising incidence of poverty and the growing army of the unemployed in the country. '

China test a . gross failure forNoynoy N

Certainly misconceptions prevail in China on the true motive of the Aquino administration in stepping up its clai~~ver the tiny shoal in the international stage, something that Noynoy and . his men at the Department ofForeignMfaiis (DFA)have bungled , in clarifying with Chinese officials. China's prevailing view is that the Philippines' deliberately provoked the current impasse in the Scarborough Shoal incident. China's military leaders also see that the tough policy the Aquino administration had adopted is based on four premises. They believe that Noynoy has a misunderstanding of.China's policy appealing for stability and cooperation in the region and .' had taken advantage of it to press its claim on Scarborough Shoal, Also Chlna appears convinced that Noynoy merely is using the Scarborough Shoal issue to divert Filipinos' attention away from the worsening economic conditions of the majority of the population, citing the rise in the poverty rate to 49 percent of the " population and the unemployment rate hitting 10.3 percent. The basic misunderstanding included the f.actthat China believes Noynoy is up for reelection and that he is stirring up anti-China . sentiment to bolster his reelection bid. The assertion, nevertheless, may have substance sinceNoynoy desperately needs a major boost for the chances of his candidates for the elections next year. Also, China holds that the AqUinoadministration has a newlyfuund swnggera'3a result of the recent policy pivot ofthe'Obama administration from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific and that it believes the Philippines intends to pull in the United States deeper into the conflict to further promote the internationalization of the issue. China noted that since the standoff started, the most notable actions made by the Aquino administration wasto wage a joint military exercise with the United States and holding a "2+2" talk with the United States "to establish their common strategic target." The dispute over Scarborough is also being held by China as an effort of the Aquino administration to test the waters in staking its claim in other territories where it has a conflicting claim with China. .What surprises is not the views held by China which are mostly obviously wrong but the apparent lack, if not absence, of action from Noynoyand officials of the DFA to correct this. Also it would be strange for anybody to see Noynoy's officials huddling elbow to elbow with the Americans over an issue involving another country which the administrationis apparently engaging at arm's length. It's a failure of policy if not common sense.




1 If

May 2012



Tit for tat

The.rallies in Manila over the weekend against Chinese bullying have- been peaceful, but Chinese actions have be~l1lstraining relations between the two countries and exacerbating the tension. Along with low-intensity military flexing, Beijing has trained at Manila what amounts ANILASHOUID not get deep into a tit for tat to MQ.6in9micretaliation, suspending tourism to the with Beijing over the Scarborough Shoal dispute Phil\~nes and ordering tighter inspections on imported despite the two capitals trading barbs against Philippine fruits such as bananas, of which China is the each other. While the exchange is understandable and single largest buyer. The only diplomatic action Beijing has been kept to levels short of open hostilities, the hair taken is to summon Manila's charge d'affaires three Philippines should focus on elevating the dispute to the times, while retired and serving military officers of the Int~rfil:!tional Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ltlos). A Chlft~~Irc;o~u_~isrpa,rtYhrav~c~lledfora limited mili-

~t~;;~g~~~l~li11i;/in;~~~~~c~~~~i~( Masniloc. . Idle. tourismsuspension and tightened regulation on Philippine fruits are not surprising. They are unofficial ec<;lndmic. pressures that China usually employs in dispu~rut}4fithother countries .. But unless China becomes abi$,~ and oppressive, the moves should be taken with relati,w.~quanimity by the Philippines. After all, there are other, markets for Philippine fruit exports and China W~fre:a growing tourism market, is not a big loss fo; 'Ph1tw,pinetourism. Korea, Japan and the United States ar~bigger markets. The rather heavy-handed Chinese responses leave little room for maneuverability for both Beijing and Manila. T~~,military and economic retaliations should disclose , that Beijing is smarting from the relatively successful .Philippine effort to draw world attention, largely through the media, to China's growing imperial pretensions. china.has responded with a charm offensive, inviting Philippine media men, like those from this paper, to Beijing and ,urging them to lessen sensational reports on the dispute .so as to ease tensions between the two countries. We have to admit the soft offensive should somehow inditate China does not want the tension to escalate and I the'd:{sptiteto get out of hand. Wang Zhongwei, vice min..ister of China's State Information Office, said there were some reports in the Philippine media that in his view "do not contribute to easing tensions in the South China sea." But Wang said he noticed there were also some reports that "have presented fair and rational views on the issues. In general, we hope the Philippine government and media can work together with China:to ease rather than ag· gravate the situation there." We in the Philippines are .•.•. ...•... ..... •.......... .. ... .. hoping likewise. '. , OFFICE OF THEA .. . ...•.. .. . '..:, '. . ..'.. •..... .-, ... . .. . ' RMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Email add.oacpa~hp __ I_ uv I~IJlII.\U •• O~,,«IQ~"jL.OCal: OZOI ,.O~Q .

:~~!~:~:~t:~J!~~~~f~ts~~a!~~~: evate the matter to Itlos unilaterally If Manila thinks that it could dangle the threat to compel China to leave the shoal, then it's wrong. It should hail "Beijing the Bully" to the world court and teach it civi. lized behavior. it is important that Manila vigorously protest arrogant Chinese encroachments on the Panatag or Bajo de MasinlOG, as the shoal is known in Philippine maps, and insist that not only is the disputed territory within the 200·nau· tical mile exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of ,the Philippines, it is also part of Philippine territory. The Philippines should vigorously pursue all forms of international arbitration and mediation to settle the dispute'while enforcing its effective jurisdiction over Bajo de M'ls,4;ilO;c. Manila should reveal China's true colors before theinternational community. . Despite China's assurances that it wants a diplomatic solution to the matter, it has not made any effort to have the issue mediated or, at least, simmered down. Instead it has bullied the Philippines and flexed its military might, aggravating the standoff in the process. Since the face-off started, it has increased its presence at Bajo de Masinloc; it now has 33 Chinese vessels, aside fromtwo military in. telligence vessels, a "IO-fold increase," according to Senate President and former defense secretary Juan Ponce Enrile- The increased presence, he explained, 'lis already an indication that China is grabbing the place from us."

i_rlt~ij~L .




May 2012



Scarborough issues
BOTHTHE Philippines and China continue to assert sovereignty over the same area in the South China Sea: We therefore have an "international dispute," an element necessary before one can go to an international court. We want to settle the dispute through the judicial resolution provision in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Uncles); but China does not. That is the bind we are in. Suppose, however, that China .eventually agrees to go 'to court. Can the Unclos be the source of resolution? If we appeal to the convention, will we he contradicting ourselves, as some claim, by laying claim to an area which is outside the geographical limits of Philippine territory as delineated in the Treaty of Paris? . Indeed, the Treaty of Paris is a good starting point. But the treaty is an 1890 document drafted and entered into on the basis of the understanding of what maritime laws were at.that time and their limitations. At that time the division of the law ofwaters was only between the territorial sea and the high seas. It said nothing beyond territorial waters. However, more jurisdictional divisions beyond territorial waters havedeve!oped since 1890. The territorial sea, as originally conceived, was the body of water which a coastal state could defend with the current range of cannons, a rather short distance. This was later expanded to the present 12 nautical miles. Within the territorial sea a coastal state could exercise certain restricted rights. Beyondthe territorial sea were the high seas which were open to use and exploration by all. Things have changed radically since the early development of international law. The division into territorial sea and high seas is still there. But there have now come to be recognized certain zones of jurisdiction beyond the territorial waters. These developments are functional and resource-oriented and have come to threaten those who rely on traditional maritime rules. Thus,

Fr.joaquin G. Bernas, S.!
when you read. of 22 Chinese vessels preventing Filipino vessels from entering the area around Scarborough Shoal, this is the problem we want the Unclos to resolve. The Unclos is not just a codification of customary international law but also goes beyond traditionally accepted rules. What are the new developments? First of aU,we have to think of baselines. The Unclos allows states to draw baselines along the low water mark surrounding a coastal state. The baselines can either follow the indentations of the coast or they can be straight lines drawn from point to point. Straight baselines are allowed in archipelagos like the Philippines. Following the Uncles, we drew! our baselines through the adoption of RepublicAct 9522 modifying an earlier law. The baselines are important because the vari.ous zonal jurisdictions begin from there. Inward from the baselines are the internal waters over which a state exercises the same kind of jurisdiction it has over land. Outward from the baselines are 12 nautical miles of territorial sea. This is still traditional international law. But recently there have been recognized, beyond the territorial sea and within the high seas, new zones oflimitedjurisdiction. These new zones of limited jurisdiction are the contiguous zone (24 nautical miles), exdusive economic zone (200 nautical miles), and the continental shelf. These are covered by complicated rules that are under the Uncles. In some areas there has also been recognized an eiclw;ive fish zone (200 nautical miles). The new zones, especially the exclusive eco-

...·()FFICEOF1.HEARMYcHIEFPUBLtCAFFAtRS~Email aad:oacp~_hp8@yaho().com -Tel

no. (02) 892·1693,LocaI:

6287,5295 .

nomic zones of neighboring states, can overlap. The rules for resolving overlapping jurisdictions are also found in the Unclos.The Philippines has been asking China to go to court to resolve issues that have arisen in the Scarborough area. We also have issues with other neighboring states, These too will eventually have to be resolved through the Uncles. The problem we have with China is not just about waters but also about land area. A state's claim to any portion of the sea begins from its terrestrial jurisdiction. We have conflicting terrestrial jurisdiction with China. We are claiming land areas that are· outside the lines drawn by the Treaty of Paris. The challenge for us is to be able tojustify our claims under the present state of in- , temationallaw. Merely citing the shape or date of old maps will not settle the issues. The Philippines will not abandon its claimsimply on the basis of the lines of the 1890 Treaty of Paris. We should not surrender our claims simply on the ba- . sis of old maps. There is new international law jurisprudence on conflicting land claims which have to be studied to see how applicable it is to the current conflicting claims. This is a challenge . to the Philippine government. Is solidifying our claim to terrestrial area essential winning our maritime claims? Under RA 9522 we reasserted our claim toa "regime of islands" outside the Philippine archipelago. Islands, according to the Uncles, also have their maritime jurisdiction. (I am not sure if Scarborough Shoal qualifies as an island under Unclos.) But the waters there are 120 nautical miles off the Zambales mainland, or within our exclusive economic zone. That is one basis of our claim, a good point to start from. P.S. Incidentally, Dr. Benito Legarda Jr. corrected me when I said in a previous column that Bajo de Masinloc means Below Masinloc, He is right. I have found since then that "Baja" is the old form of "bajio" which means shoal. .



11 May 2012

I ¢lJe.)ftantla t!thnts I




China Losing 'South China Sea Battle'
yards of the Philippines, Vietnam, _. Malaysia and Brunei. . to China's claim to the whole that China's claims to the whole South China Sea is made more South China Sea drawn in an im- . dubious by the fact that they .have noteven succeeded annexaginal)' nautical line that includes Taiwan and the islands and ing the Republic of China, a shoals in the viduity of four other democratic country established Southeast Asian countries is as by the Koumintang Forces of ridiculous andpreposterous as ' Chiang Kai Shek when he fled the idea of giving them the patthe mainland following their ent to pancit canton, defeat to the communists. To assert that theSpratlys and For decades now, the People's the Philippines' Scarborough Republic of China have made no Shoal are parts of Chinese terrisecret oftheir desire to regain Taitory because these were included - wan and make it part of the na-in their old mapsis just like saytion of 1.6 billion people, ing that Galileo owns Earth beBut for all their economic and. cause he once drew the map covmilitary might, Mainland China has never ventured into launch- ' ering the whole planet A dose scrutiny of the breadth ing an invasion against the and Width of the South China Sea smaller Taiwan knowing fully territorial claim of China will Show well that the Republic of China an irregularly shaped nautical line also possess a modern military that encloses the Republic of China force backed up by the United States of America, orTaiwan and extends to the front

NE to be O.mapdoes orneedhistorical a . expert a genius understand and realize

other claimants to the area who are members of the Association of Southeast Asian countries have remained silent even in the face of the brazen China of a fellow Asean member.

The only country China succeeded in conquering was Tibet where peaceful Tibetan monks could not offer a military resistance. After it few whips of the cane and several kicks in the butts, China conquered Tibet, The reason why China adopted an aggressive stance in claiming the Spratlys and the Scarborough Shoal is because of the belief that the Philippines, with her poorly equipped navy and military, could not resist an attack by a Chinese flotilla, Added to this is the fact that the

The Philippines should stop, dreaming about the Mutual Defense Treaty which stipulates that if the country is attacked, the US would come to her succor, Deeply indebted to the Chi.nese government, the US will 110t jeopardize its relations with a major creditor for the sake Of a poor Asian country whom they abandoned once in the past. One only has to analyze the events surrounding the centro- .: versial "escape" to the US Embassy in China and then "return" of blind activitist Chen GUil.llgcheng, who exposed the evils of China's one-child policy,



nomic and military giant to fight for right and just

-to understand that the Barack Obama administration will not endanger its relationship with the Chinese government because of .just one blind activist All that President Benigno Aquino 3rd needs to do now is remain steadfast and firm even in the face of China's bullying, Bringingthe case to the attention of theintemational COITUUUnity is the best weapon the Philippines have, . And right now, China leaders are losing the public relations battle, Nobody has yet stepped , forward to declare that the People's Republic of China has the historic and rightful claim to the whole South China Sea and the islands and shoals within it The world opinion is tilted in favor of tiny Philippines whose leaders have earned the admiration of people all over the free world for standing up to an eCQ-

And China?

The PRC Chinese are committing a monumental blunder by bullying their neighbors., ... Why antagonize yourn:eighoors when, if indeed there is really a huge gas deposit in the Scarborough and the Spratlys, they could play the role of a big brother and help the smaller countries around them] resources on the condition that China get the first priority in buying the produce? But then again, Chinese history is replete with examples>of emperors whose greed caused their downfall. The Chinese leaders of today must have forgotten the teachings of Sun Tzu, .



May 2012

The National New!ipapel


fishermen and Scarborough Shoal
China is bent in claiming and to eventuallv keep Scarborough Shoal as its own. TI1ey have sent so many ships already and presently stated that their country is prepared for the escalation of the row with our country. That statement is chilling for thev have already been preparing for such an event to happen. They hnve built structures and fortifica• dons to strengthen their claim and show their might. Also, they have started oil drilling explorations in the Shoal and have prevented fishermen to go to the Shoal. This recent development is having a very bad effect on the livelihood of fishermen who depend on the Shoal, and which is a rich source of income from fishing." China is really being hard on us, no longer considering the plight of fishermen to earn their living, Isn't it about time that our leaders sit down and resolve the issue? Leaders from the Asean, China's President and all those who lav claim to the Spratlvs should giye their time, effort and commitment to close the issue and come up with an agreement beneficial to all ASEAN-member countries. . China is on the warpath. China is knocking at our doors to pick up a fight. Let's do something concrete to avoid further tension, and hostility with China, once a good neighbor and business partner. Let's hcpe this relationship will not be severed, - BENILDA S. ASCUE, Manila

Territorial aBUalions
Our familv is from Zambales and are really glad that the military has launched its first eyer "territorial battalion" which is COInposed of regular troops, reservists and civilian armed militia or the CA.\s. \\'e residents are likewise happy because it starred here in Zambales. Our place has been struck by typhoons and in the past, the Mt, Pinatubo eruption which devastated our province. Soldiers and '-oi- unteers, I recall, were the first ones to come to our aid. This new battalion from the 24th IB under LTC Michael Samson PA which is composed of regular troops, reservists and civilian armed auxiliary or the CAA, as .I've mentioned, will be the first to respond in case calamities and tragedies happen. I believe the formation of this new battalion will entice good and able-bodied men to become reservists and help the armed forces in its various missions. Our province is fortunate because we have also benefited before from the Phi-US Balikatan exercises in terms of civic-oriented and people-oriented projects. \\'e have to thank the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Gen Jesse Dellosa for this concept .. I know more territorial battalions will be formed around the country to sen-e our people. Zambales is indeed very lucky. And soon other provinces and places too. - JON B. GAYON, Iba, Zambales



May 2012

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