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Lead Management Workplan[1]

Lead Management Workplan[1]

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Published by: Tom on Dec 25, 2007
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Lead Management Work Plan

1. Enroll in STARS and ensure role is INTCRD (permission needed to grant access for eBusiness Metrics Reports, SalesPoint, Dealer Connection and ConsumerTRAC) * 2. Register in FMCDealer for user ID and login * 3. Register in Dealer Connection – if not, call 1-866-762-3673 Opt. 1 * 4. Log into FMCDealer to take Web-based courses in STARS for Internet Sales Specialist certification * 5. Go to Lead Management Portal and view Dealer Lead Management videos (SalesPoint, 5 key Drivers, etc.) * 6. Create “mock” customer account in SalesPoint to send new templates to check for accuracy * 7. Sign up to receive National eBusiness Weekly newsletter * 8. Review consumer Web sites such as www.edmunds.com, www.kbb.com, www.ford.com, www.forddirect.com, www.lincoln.com

1. Open your Lead Management Tool (e.g., SalesPoint) and respond to leads (using 2-180 Day Follow-up Process) * 2. Review Lead Management Portal for current templates * 3. Cross-check leads against your Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM) or Dealership Management System (DMS) 4. Post and confirm all appointments 5. Cross-check the previous day’s deliveries against Lead Management Tool and place any email address used to submit a lead on the RDR so it can be reported at time of sale 6. Check call tracking tool at www.forddirect.com/calltracking * 7. Input daily metrics (leads, appointments set/kept/sold) 8. Review your Lead Response Time report (if your dealership uses SalesPoint or an ALM that captures lead response times) *

1. Check DealerConnection to ensure all your FLM Dealership and promotional information is current * 2. Check ConsumerTRAC for new promotions (remember, you can be notified by email when new promotions hit ConsumerTRAC) * 3. Review National eBusiness Weekly newsletter * 4. Review the recap of daily metrics (leads, appointments set/kept/sold) * Note: See other side of this document to see where to go on the Lead Management Portal to do this task.

1. Review eBusiness Metrics Reports and use the data to direct your lead management efforts *
• Dealer Overview Report: Review your close rate; if low, review your Key Driver survey results, and if those are low, focus on applying the 5 Key Drivers • Lead Details Report: Review sales/lost sales to investigate what’s working/not working and why • Lead Response Time Report: Review how long it takes your dealership to respond to Internet leads

2. Review your Digital Advertising budget

Daily #2 Daily #8 Monthly #1

Remember to consistently perform the 5 Key Drivers:
Start-up #1 - 4 Start-up #7 Weekly #1 Start-up #6 Start-up #5 Daily #6 Weekly #3

1 Make Direct Contact 2 Show Genuine Interest 3 Provide a Price Quote 4 Confirm Vehicle Availability 5 Make Multiple Contacts

Weekly #2

Daily #1

click sales click management & reporting lead click home

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