Build: Putting everything together in a usable format may be considered "building".

Releasing software refers to the process of providing some named (or otherwise uniquely identified) files to others for use. 1. Overnight builds 2. Competent Build Numbering 3.

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How do your handle upgrade scenario in InstallShield wizard? How can you prevent a product being downgraded while installation. Can you write a custom action in VB/C# and integrate it with Installshield wizard? How do you implement Continuous Integration using CruiseControl? What are the things you change on your target system while deploying? How can we migrate from one CM tool to another, say SVN to TFS? Which one is a better Build Management tool- CruiseControl or Hudson? Why?

Need for Builder

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1. Perl & Shell Scripting (7/10) 2. ClearCase on Windows (5/10) 3. InstallShield & Windows Installer Technology (7/10) 4. Linux- Operations and Build (4/10) 5. ClearQuest (1/10) 7. SVN and TFS (5/10)

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