Five Leadership Secrets from the Panchatantra

The leadership secrets taught by the five tantras are: 1. Avoid rifts with friends, colleagues, associates, clients and whoever you deal with. They can only lead to unpleasant consequences. As a leader, try to be a peacemaker, doing your best to patch up quarrels between those within your purview. 2. Try to make as many friends as possible by joining professional associations and trade bodies, where you can learn invaluable lessons and gain experience from associates. 3. Learn not to trust those who have proved their unreliability through actions and unworthy behavior. 4. Cultivate presence of mind under all circumstances by following role models who possess these qualities and learn how they do it. 5. Learn to operate in untested situations as they develop. Experience will help you deal with situations you are unfamiliar with. The creativity and experience of your team of friends, colleagues and associates who have faced similar situations will help you deal with them. You can merge these five ancient leadership secrets with the five steps in modern management to become a successful leader: l. Plan: Determine your goal and target. Decide which methods you will adopt to reach them. 2. Do: Acquire the learning and training you need to implement your plan. 3. Check: Check the effects of your implementation. 4. Action: Take counter-action to remedy mistakes and prevent future errors.

5. To sum up. . think ancient and act modern in order to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Move on to the next plan.