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True or False? Why or Why Not? HDYKT?

1. Differentiation is True It should be able to ASCD Virtual

individualized be modified to fit Symposium: Carol
instruction. each individual Tomlinson
student’s needs.
2. Differentiated True DI teaches “up” and ASCD Virtual
instruction means teaches students to Symposium: Carol
having high become Tomlinson
expectations for all independent.
3. In differentiated False Students are not ASCD Virtual
instruction, students always grouped by Symposium: Carol
are always grouped readiness – also by Tomlinson
homogeneously interest, multiple
(based on intelligences,
readiness). learning styles, etc.
4. Differentiated True All students should ASCD Virtual
assignments should have the opportunity Symposium: Carol
be offered at all to have choices in Tomlinson
times. their learning.
5. Differentiation False All students get the ASCD Virtual
means assigning same amount of Symposium: Carol
more work to some work, but possibly Tomlinson
students and less to different levels of
others. difficulty based on
the student’s needs.
6. A differentiated True The school doesn’t ASCD Virtual
classroom provides provide the choices Symposium: Carol
choice. students need, but Tomlinson
DI allows students
to choose how they
learn best.
7. A learning False A learning contract Making a
contract is used with of one kind or Difference: Carol
students who have another can be used Tomlinson
behavior problems. for every student.

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8. Tiering False Tiered assignments Making a
assignments means are not just for Difference: Carol
that they are “slow” students. All Tomlinson
watered down for students need a little
slow students. tiering once in a
9. Pre- and ongoing True Students’ needs ASCD Virtual
assessment guides change throughout Symposium: Carol
differentiated the year, just like the Tomlinson
instruction. students do.
assessments can
help the teacher to
better plan lessons
based on students’
ongoing needs.
10. Anchor activities False Anchor activities Making a
are busy work. can be used for all Difference: Carol
students. They are Tomlinson
assignments that
need to get done by
everyone, but some
students just get to it
before others, or get
done with it before

Graphic Reference:, images: differentiation

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