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Rotaract District 9130, Nigeria

The Report


March 11 - 14, 2009

Profile of Executing Agency

Rotaract is an international program, of Rotary International, for youths aged 18 to 30 who want to make a
difference in their community. The program is aimed at providing opportunity for her members, enhancing
knowledge and skills that will assist in personal developments; address the physical and social needs of their
communities also promotes better relations among people worldwide. Rotaract Clubs organize a variety of
projects and activities, depending primarily on the interests of the club members and needs of their community.
Rotaract District 9130, Nigeria consists of clubs located within Oyo, Kwara, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Niger, kogi,
Sokoto, Zamfara, and Kebbi States (10 states & the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja).

The purpose of Rotaract is to provide opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and
skills that will assist them in personal Development, to address the physical and social needs of their
communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a frame work of
friendship and service.
1. To develop professional and leadership skills
2. To emphasize respect for the rights of others, promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful
3. To provide opportunity for young people to address the needs of their communities and our world.
4. To provide opportunity for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary Clubs
5. To motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary

Contact address:
/O Rotaract Club of University
Suite 16, Students' Union Building, University of Ibadan, Ibadan-Oyo State, NIGERIA.

Postal address:
G.P.O Box 36986
Dugbe Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


E-mail: ;

'Buchi AKPEH District Rotaract Representative
The Program:
The Rotaract Leadership Camp, RLC was an intensive 3 day program of Rotaract District
9130, Nigeria for youths aged 15-20 years to develop their skills and leadership potentials
with help from Rotaractors, Chaperones, and speakers. The program provided
participants with an opportunity to: develop their leadership skills; improve self-
confidence; gain exposure to a variety of issues and people; make new friends; obtain
career information and skills; and meet youth leaders and mentors.

Program theme INNOVATE

The Camp theme, 'INNOVATE' was chosen in line with the District
theme 'SERVICE LIKE NEVER BEFORE'. The District theme calls on
Rotaractors to try new ideas, new ways of serving and new ways of
achieving results. It is our belief that the RLC will expose participants to
new ideas and engender them to new ways of approaching issues.

Slogan INTERACT . LEARN . LEAD ‘Buchi Akpeh

District Rotaract Representative
Objectives District 9130, Nigeria
The objective of the RLC was to:
 Demonstrate Rotaract's concern for youths
 Provide an effective training experience for selected potential youth leaders
 Provide an opportunity to enable for participants to develop skills for effective leadership
 Use service as a way to integrate their leadership skills and strategies for community change
 Introduce participants to the ideals of Rotary/Rotaract with the hope that this will lead to their
eventual membership of the organization (i.e. Interact or Rotaract depending on their ages.)

In attendance at the camp were twenty-eight youths (17 male, 11 females), who were
selected for their leadership roles in their schools and communities. All participants were
secondary school students (SS13) and aged 1517years. The camp was co-educational,
staffed by caring chaperones (Rotaractors), and administered by the Rotaract District
9130, Nigeria.

1. Fowowe Oyedapo 2. Adebowale Adekitan

3. Arowolo Nurudeen 4. Seweje Ayodeji
5. Olaleye Segun 6. Temola Odunayo PDR Adewale Adesokan
7. Abolade Abolaji 8. Olasebikan Mary Rotaract Club of Molete CB
RLC Speaker
9. Alli Saheed 10. Oguniyi Bolaji
11. Adeyemi Eunice 12. Titilayo Abosede
13. Adeyemi Adedamola 14. Olarenwaju Timileyin
15. Ibikunle Segun 16. Olorode Kolawole
17. Olukitibi Israel 18. Ariwodola Olumide
19. Ogundare Ayodeji 20. Alao Leah
21. Lateef Muideen 22. Arowolo Azeez
23. Ororolu Jumoke 24. Oroleye Basirat
25. Oluwasesan Mary 26. Jegede Mathew
27. Babalola Timileyin 28. Awofolaju Yemi

Camp Staff & Resource persons

The camp was staffed by select Rotaractors, who serve as chaperones and
camp coordinators. While Resource persons were drawn from Rotarians,
Rtr Campbell Olarenwaju
Rotaract District Leaders and other youth leaders. Rotaract Club of Ilesha CB
Camp Commandant
RESOURCE PERSONS Mr. Adebiyi Ayekanmilogbon
Rot. (Barr) Ajoba Oluwaseun Rotary Club of Ilesha
Mr. Lovedays Egbedion M-8 Consultants
Mr. Salako Oluwatosin Educational Concept
Dr. John Adedeji Kids & Teens
PDR. Adewale Adesokan Rotaract Club of Molete CB
DRR ‘Buchi Apeh Rotaract Club of UCH Ibadan

CAMP STAFF Rtr. Campbell Olarenwaju Rotaract Club of Ilesha CB

Rtr. Bayo Iranade Rotaract Club of Bodija CB
Rtr. Ijeoma Nzeakor Rotaract Club of Univ. of Ibadan
Rtr. Bridget Nwambuko Rotaract Club of UCH
Rtr. James Ademola Rotaract Club of Ilesha CB
Rtr. Ayorinde Olowoyeye Rotaract Club of FedPoly Ado-Ekiti
Rtr. Kunle Adeniran Rotaract Club of Iyaganku CB

Date, Venue & Activities

The Rotaract Leadership Camp (RLC) was held from March 11 14, 2009 at the Ilesa Anglican Diocesan Headquarters,
Ilesa Osun State. Participants were housed in the camp lodgings and made use of the camp facilities. Though the camp was
coeducational, participants were housed according to gender in separate quarters.

The RLC started on March 11 with the arrival of 3 participants at the camp venue, while the other participants arrived early
the next day. The program consisted of lectures by eminent speakers and workshops with adequate time for interaction
amongst participants, games and relaxation. Each day began and ended with joint prayer sessions by both participants and
camp staff.

The Inaugural Session of the Camp was held by 9:00am on March 12 with a welcome address by Rtr. Campbell Olarenwaju
and an overview of Rotaract activities by Rtr 'Buchi Akpeh. The first Lecture, 'Who is a leader/What is leadership?' was by
Mr. Adebiyi Ayekanmilogbon, a youth motivational speaker and final year mathematics student at the University of Ibadan.
He introduced participants to the concepts of Leadership, while defining who a leader is and qualities of a good leader. This
was followed by an interactive session where participants described their leadership experiences and what they believed
were the functions of a leader. The second lecture, 'CATCH THEM YOUNG: Prevention of crime in our society' was by
Barrister Ajoba Oluwaseun, a Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Ilesa. He taught the participants the qualities of
responsible citizen, how to avoid a life of crime while noting that it is the duty of every responsible citizen to report any
crime to the appropriate authority or someone older. He emphasized the importance of education and involvement in
organizations like Rotary in crime prevention. The day ended with a workshop by Lovedays Egbedion on 'Personal
Development'. Mr Egbedion who is the CEO of M-8 Consultants, outlined the various tools/strategies of personal
development while reminding participants that a leader must constantly seek to develop his/herself. The workshop was very
interactive and informative that participants were requesting for repeat the following day. It was adjudged the best session at
the camp.

The 2nd day, March 13, began with a workshop on 'Community Action & Volunteering' by Rtr 'Buchi Akpeh, a medical
doctor and District Rotaract Representative. He led participants through defining different kinds of communities & their
boundaries, volunteering and identifying positive acts that could be carried out in their communities. Participants who were
prefects in their school spoke of challenges faced in carrying out their duties and got suggestions on how to overcome these
from fellow participants. Thereafter, the 3rd lecture of the camp was given by PDR Adewale Adesokan, an engineer and Past
District Rotaract Representative. He spoke on Rotaract & Youth Activities while also introducing participants to the 4-Way
Test, the Rotary Grace and other Rotaract terminologies. The 4th lecture, 'Positive Peer Pressure' was by Mr. Salako
Oluwatosin of Educational Concept, Osun State. He spoke on the effects of peer pressure on personal development and
leadership while differentiating between positive and negative peer influence. He admonished participants to always
choose their friends careful so they can gain from positive peer influence. Rtr Buchi Akpeh also facilitated an interactive
session on HIV/AIDS in which participants, staff & all resource persons participated. The session explored the
characteristics of a virus while identifying the meanings and differences between HIV and AIDS. It also explored the modes
of transmission of HIV and the common markers of AIDS. The session
emphasized that presence or absence of HIV in an individual can only be
confirmed through a test while explaining what a test result means and options
available to individuals with different results. After the session, a team from Kids
& Teen provided Testing for Staff and Other resource persons who wanted to
know their status. The day ended with a workshop session to recap what
participants had learnt at the various sessions and to assess the level of
knowledge gained.

The last day of the camp began with the participants cleaning up the camp
grounds and packing their bags. The closing ceremony featured speeches by
participants and staff alike, and presentation of certificates. The Camp ended
with words of advice and prayer by Reverend Canon K. O. Adekunle, the
administrator of the Ilesa Anglican Diocesan Headquarters camp ground. He
noted that the camp was well organized and better disciplined than most camps
he had witnessed.

Camp cost Saheed Alli

The Camp was funded via donations from Rotarians, Rotaract Clubs, the President, Interact Club of Seenik Int’l Sch
Rotaract District 9130 and participants. Participants are either sponsored by their
local Rotaract Club, school administration or guardians. There was also support
from the organizations and individuals listed below.

MTN Nigeria 13 shirts, 34 notebooks, 6 key holders

Rotaract Club of Thunder Bay Logistic support and permission to
District 5580, Canada adapt their logo
Seenik International School Ilesa Logistic support
Rot. Benji Oloye Financial support
Ilesa Anglican Diocese Logistic support

Drawbacks & Success

In organizing the RLC, certain problems were encountered and at a point the
program had to be rescheduled from the initial date of September 2008 to March
2009. However successful implementation of the program has led to realization
of some the stated objectives.
Oyedapo Fowowe
Problems President-Elect, Interact Club of Seenik
 instability in school calendar vis-à-vis strikes, holidays etc BEST PARTICIPANT
 insufficient funding
 low participation of local Clubs & Officers
 change of committee structure during program implementation

Successful Outcomes
 Formation of the Interact Club of Seenik International School Ilesa
 Four participants who are currently in SS3 pledged to join their local
Rotaract Clubs upon graduation in June

Nurudeen Arowolo
Rotaract Leadership Camp
Financial Report
 TOTAL INCOME #87,800:00

 TOTAL INCOME #87,800:00

1. District Grant # 66,000:00
2. Donations
 Rot Benji Oloye # 10,000:00
 RC Kogi Poly # 1,000:00
 RC Molete CB # 1,000:00
 RC Iyaganku CB # 1,000:00
 RC Bodija CB # 1,000:00
 RC Moor Plantation # 1,000:00
 RC Poly Ibadan # 1,000:00
3. Registration # 5,800:00


1. Venue # 30,000:00
2. Feeding
 35 persons (camp staff +participants) for 3days # 14,950:00
3. Communications
 Phone calls to schools & parents # 2,750:00
4. Honorarium to speaker # 5,000:00
5. Certificate # 3,000:00
6. Photographs # 3,500:00
7. Toiletries # 1,000:00
8. Souvenirs
 20 shirts with RLC logo # 6,000:00
 Program brochures & pens # 1,600:00
 Printing on MTN shirts & books # 20,000:00
Arrivals/Getting to Know each other 7:00 am Wake up!
Assigned Facilitators/Chaperones wakes up all
THURSDAY MARCH 12 7:15am Cleaning & Dress-up
7:00 am Wake up! 8:00am Breakfast
- Assigned Facilitators/Chaperones wakes up all 9:00am workshop 2 - Community Action/Volunteering
campers 10:30am Lecture 3 - Rotaract & Youth Activities
7:15am Cleaning & Dress-up PDR Adewale Adesokan
8:00am Breakfast 12:00pm Lecture 4 - Positive Peer Pressure
9:00am Opening Ceremony Eso Olusola esq
* Call to Order - DRR 'Buchi Akpeh 1:00pm LUNCH
* Rotaract Grace 2:00pm RECESS
* Welcome Address by RLC Committee Athletics/Indoor Games/Siesta
* Rotarct in Brief - ADR Bayo Iranade 4:00pm Workshop 3 - Are we Learning?
10:00am Lecture 1 - Who is a Leader/What is Leadership? 5:30pm Fun time/Talent hunt
Adebiyi Ayekanmilogbon 7:30pm DINNER
11:00am Discussions 8:30pm Winding down
12:00pm Lecture 2 - CATCH THEM YOUNG: 10:00pm LIGHTS OUT
Prevention of Crime in our Society
Rtn (Barr) Ajoba Oluwaseun
2:00pm RECESS 7:00 am Wake up!
Athletics/Indoor Games/Siesta Assigned Facilitators/Chaperones wakes up all
4:00pm Workshop 1 - Personal Development campers
5:30pm Rotaract Fellowship 7:30am Breakfast
7:30pm DINNER 8:15am Pack Up and Clean Up
8:30pm Winding down Campers and Staff will pack up their belongings,
10:00pm LIGHTS OUT return keys, etc.
9:00am Speeches and Goodbyes and Thank you
10:00am PICK UP – God be with you till we meet again!!!
Day 1 ends

Day 2 ends
Thank you Mr Ayekanmilogbon
Thank you Rot. Ajoba

Thank you PDR Adesokan

Meal time

During a session