2004, Whitefields, Hiranandani Meadows, Glady’s Alwares road, Thane (West) Pin-400610

To seek a Good Career in IT

 

Passed Xth with 57%, with Second class from ICSE board New Delhi Passed XIIth with 57% from HSC board Pune

 Passed BSC(Physics) with 49% with Second class from Mumbai university

Currently pursuing MBA(IT Specialisation) from GJU(Guru Jambeshwar University)expected completion in AUGUST-2012

Basic skills such as :  MS Excel  MS Powerpoint  MS Word  MS Access  HTML  C++  Internet and Email skills

IMPATIENCE.Many times i am just not patient enough to wait for the results LISTENING ABILITY.AOI (AREA OF INTEREST) At this point of time in my career I do not have any particular area of interest .Many times i experience my confidence levels goes up .I am only looking forward to first learn the use of systems such as SAP’s in organisations.I am working very hard on overcoming complacency in some areas.  Eager to acquire knowledge of things that are not in the syllabus  I am very time conscious and I value time greatly(TIME IS MONEY)  I am a very logical person and I seek logic in everything that I do WEAKNESS  SETTING GOALS-I have a habit of sometimes setting either tough or near perfect goals BEING COMPLACENT. sincere and dedicated to my work. I am a good decision maker.  Ability to learn new technologies.I am trying to improve my listening ability     UNSTEADY CONFIDENCE LEVELS. hence my future area of work i would choose would be ERP systems STRENGTHS   I am hardworking.

Tamil .and down in many situations PERSONAL INTRESTS  Reading Health related books  Playing Badminton  Internet surfing  Reading Astronomical books  Reading historical books  Vocabulary Development  Addiction towards understanding conventional PHYSICS concepts in depth PERSONAL DETAILS  Name: Siddarth V Dhanpal    Date of Birth: 2/2/1988(2nd February 1988) Nationality: Indian E-Mail ID: siddd88@hotmail.  Mobile no: 09757086683  Landline no: 022-21738779  Marital status: Single  Languages known: English.

Date: 28/11/2011 Place: Mumbai .

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