02/28/2012 Inga Barca Essay Thing’s I do to keep the house clean….


What i do at home…; When I’m at home I do plenty stuff, such as sweep the dust and dirt away, as well, i wash the dishes, in most cases I never mop the floor my Mom(Dad) does, However there still times I have to…, but my cleaning duties don’t end there. I still do more things, from cleaning out the windows, to making up my room:.. When is about cleaning my room and personal cleaning order I do from sweeping all the dust, picking up my stuff, cleaning the bookshelf, wardrobe, dresser, bed and washing my clothes. When is about general house cleaning, as I said before I do the dishes, sweep the dust and clean the windows out. Anyways. Like a good friend used to say, “when’s about cleaning a house, you must first pick your room up, for your house starts from your room to the entrance of the house itself”.

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