Aabha Aadarshini Aadita Aadrika Aadya Aaheli Aahna Aaina Aakaanksha Aakarsha Aakriti Aamani Aanal Aanandita Aanchal

Aanishka Aanwika Aanya Aaratrika Aarini Aarna Aarnavi Aarohi Aarshiya Aarti Aarushi Aashi Aashima Aashita Aashiyana Aashna Aashni Aashritha Aashvi Aasika Aastha Aathmika Aatmaja Aayushi Abha

Light* Idealistic From the beginning Mountain First or preliminary Pure Exist Mirror Wish or desire Above everybody* Shape Spring season (vasanth ritu) Purveyor of Joy Shelter

Gracious* The Dusk Lamp beneath 'Tulsi' plant Adventurous Laxmi* Heart as big as ocean* A music tune Form of worship First rays Smile One who is full of hope* "Beautiful home, Small Dwelling, Nest" Beloved; Devoted to love Somebody who gives shelter

Faith Related to aathma or soul Daughter One with long life Beautiful

Abhilasha Abhinaya Abhira Abhirami Abhiruchi Abhisarika Abhitha Abirami Aboli Achla Achyutha Adhya Aditi Adiya Adrisa Advika Adwita Adwiteya Adwitiya Aesha Agamya Agneta Ahalya Ahanti Ahilya Ahria Aishi Aishita Aishwarya Aja Ajastha Ajeya Ajita Akaisha Akanksha Akashleena Akhila Akreeti Akriti Akshadha Akshainie Akshamala Akshara

Wish; Desire Cow herd Goddess Parvati* Beautiful* Beloved Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Godessname; Godess Lakshmi A flower Constant Immovable First power Mother of the Gods Gods treasure; Jewel Mountain Lord Unique Unique Unique Matchless Love Knowledge; Wisdom Fire* Agreeable Gift Wife of a rishi God's gift* Wealth; Prosperity One who is self existent Lord Vishnu A Winner Flower Wish;Desire; Ambition; Hope Star* Complete Shape* Shape; Form God's blessings Goddess Parvati Garland of rudraksh Letter

Akshata Akshaya Akshi Akshita Alak Alaka� Alaknanda Alaknanda Alankrita Aleesha Aleezahtasha Alisha Alka Almas Aloki Alpa Alpana Alpita Amanat Amari Amba Ambali Ambika Ambuja Ami Amisha Amishi Amishta Amita Amithi Amitjyoti Amitusha Amiya Amla Amodini Amodita Amolika Amrapali Amrita Amritambu Amrusha Amruta Amukta

Rice Existence Wonder girl World; Beautiful tresses Girl; Curl; Lock of hair A river River name* Decorated lady Noble or Nobality* Protected Beauty Diamond Brightness Small Beautiful Priced possession* Eternal; Couch grass Goddess Durga Sensitive; Compassionate; Loving Goddess Parvati Goddess Lakshmi Nectar Beautiful Pure Limitless Unique Ever bright Delightful Pure Pleasureable Happiness* Priceless Disciple of Buddha Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water Moon

Can't be touched; Precious*

Amvi Ana Anagha Anagi Anaiya Anamitra Anandani Anandi Ananias Ananti Ananya Anarghya Anashree Anavi Anchal Anemone Aneya Angarika Angha Angoori Aniha Anika Anika Anila Anima Anisa Anisha Anisha Anita Aniya Anjali Anjana Anjika Anjini Anju Anjum Anjuna Ankal Ankita Ankita Ankolika Anmisha Anmol

A Goddess "Playful,wanted" Without sin Valuable The Sun Joyful Joyful; Unending God will hear* Gift Without a second; Endless; Unique; Peerless; Dheriyadhana Priceless

Shelter Type of flower Flower Beauty Grape Indifferent Goddess Durga Goddess Durga* Air; Wind* The power of becoming minute Joy and pleasure * Unobstructed Continuous A leader Creative* Tribute Mother of hanuman Blessed Mother of Hanuman Blessings; Inconquerable A token Whole Distinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate Empress; Conqueress An embrace Priceless

Anna Annacellie Annada Annapoorna Annika Annisa Annjaya Anokhi Ansana Ansha Anshi Anshika Anshita Anshu Anshula Anshumali Ansruta Ansuya Antara Antara Antariksha Anu Anubhuti Anudeepthi Anugraha Anuhya Anuja Anukampa Anukeertana Anukriti Anula Anulekha Anumaya Anumita Anupa Anupama Anupriya Anuradha Anureet Anusha Anushaka Anusheela Anushka

Food Goddess Durga Goddess of grains Goddess Durga Friendly Different Portion God's gift Minute particle A part of Sun Sunny Sun Unique; Unheard of Learned woman Near; Related; Intimate Beauty Space; Sky Feelings Divine light* Divine Blessing Little sister Younger Sister God's grace* Praising God's virtues Photograph "Not wild, agreeable" Beautiful picture

Beautiful Beloved daughter Lord Krishna's Consort Following desires Full of Goodness A term of endearment (Russian Name)

Beautiful dancers of Lord Indra Never seen before Like never before Prayer Puja ritual Worship Giving Sweet smell* Divine Flash of lightning.Prosperous.Anushree Anushri Anuya Anvi Anvita Anwesha Anwita Anya Aparajita Aparna Apeksha Apekshaa Apinaya Apsara Apurba Apurva Aradhana Arati Archana Archita Arij Arja Arjna Arka Arkita Armita Arpana Arpita Arsheya Arshi Arshia Arshiya Arti Aruhi Aruna Arundhathi Arunima Arya Aryahi Aryana Asawari Asha Ashani Goddess Laxmi "Pretty. Ray Plentiful Desire Offering A Dedication Divine* Heavenly* Divine Heavenly Prayer Ceremony Starting (related to music)* Sun Fidelity. Wife of� the sage Vasista* Glow of dawn Beautiful Goddess Goddess Durga Noble* Raga in hindustani classical music Expectation Lightening .Godess Lakshmi" One of Devi's names One who bridges the gap Quest Goddess Durga Gracious Undefeated Goddess Parvati Desire Expectation Expressions in dance Angel.

Rare* Superiority Gift Light of God A river Uncomparable Golden angel On course.Ashika Ashima Ashiqa Ashira Ashita Ashlesha Ashley Ashma Ashmi Ashmita Ashmita Ashna Ashrikaa Ashrita Ashritha Ashviqha Ashwabha Ashwika Ashwina Ashwini Asmi Asmika Asmita Aswathi Athasha Atheeva Athilesa Athira Atiriya Atishaya Atiya Atmikha Atreyi Atula Aurel Avaani Avaapya Avanish Avanti Avantika Avathara Avighna Avinashi Person without sorrow Limitless Wealthy River Yamuna A star Ash wood Rock. Quick. Lightening Beloved. Strong* "rock born. Very dear. Mountain of rocks. very hard and strong" A friend Protected by God* Love and pride* Lightening Godess Santhoshi mata Child of the Star Name of star Pride Ultimate* Load of intelligence Prayer. Precious. The Earth Achieving* Lord of the earth Modest Goddess in human reflection or birth Ignorant Indestructable . The bed of a river.

Music. A companion Flashing* Good The ganges Lucky Goddess Durga "Goddess Lakshmi. Lucky" Lucky Goddess Durga.Avinashika Avipsa Avlokita Avneet Avni Avnita Ayanna Ayati Ayesha Ayita Ayushi Indestructible The enlightened one* The Earth The Earth Innocent Royal Doll Beloved* Long Life Babita Bageshri Bairavi Bakul Bala Bandhavi Banhi Banni Bansari Barkha Barsha Baruni Basabi Basanti Bavishya Beena Bela Belli Belma Benisha Bhadra Bhagirathi Bhagwanti Bhagwati Bhagyashree Bhagyashri Bhagyawati Bhairavi Bhakti Bhamini Little girl* An Indian Musical Raag Goddess Durga. Melody Flower name Damsel Who loves friends and family members* Fire Maiden Flute. Musical notes Prayer Lady* . Creeper Silver (in kannada/tamil). Instrument played by Lord Krishna Rain Rain Goddess Durga Wife of lord indra Spring Future* A musical instrument Time.

Nourished. Cherished Earth Heaven Lightening Lightening* Lightening Pure Glorious Melodious* Dew drop Point Modest Star Enlightenment Radha Rain Strength* Nightingale . Emotions Mangnificent Feelings Earth* Earth Strengthened. Sentimental Emotional Future* Good Feelings. Fame Famous Charming woman The Sun's beloved Rays of Goddess Laxmi* Goddess Saraswati Radiant sun* Goddess sita Feeling* Goddess Parvati Emotional Cheerful expression Emotional.Bhamini Bhanu Bhanumati Bhanuni Bhanupriya Bhanusri Bharati Bharavi Bhaumi Bhavana Bhavani Bhavi Bhavika Bhavika Bhavina Bhavini Bhavisha Bhavna Bhavya Bhawna Bhooma Bhoomi Bhrithi Bhumika Bhuvi Bianca Bijal Bijali Bijli Bimala Bimbi Bina Bindhiya Bindu Binita Bishakha Bodhi Brinda Brishti Briti Bulbul Sun.

Alert Reflection Shadow Blissful* Meditation Drawing Colourful eyes* Portrait The ganges A star . Born in the Chaitra month Sunflower seed Alert Lakshmi* Goddess Parvati Garden A flower A flower Active Sandlewood Sandal Moon light Great Goddess Goddess Durga Moon light Moon Hindu Goddess of moon and stars* Ray of the moon Moon Moon Good Song Little song Charming Beautiful Creeper Beautiful Jewel My eyes Umbrella Consciousness Power of intellect.Chaaya Chahna Chaitali Chaitna Chakori Chakrika Chalama Chaman Chameli Champa Chanchal Chandan Chandana Chandani Chandi Chandika Chandni Chandra Chandra Chandrakala Chandralekha Chandrika Chandrima Charita Charmaine Charmaine Charmy Charu Charulata Charusheela Chashmum Chatri Chetana Chetna Chhavi Chhaya Chinmayee Chintanika Chitra Chitrakshi Chitralekha Chitrani Chunni Shadow Love A season.

Daksha Dakshayani Dalaja Damini Damyanti Daneet Darpana Darsani Darshana Daya Dayamayi Dayanita Deborah Debotri Deeksha Deepa Deepal Deepangana Deepanjali Deepika Deepikanjali Deepshika Deepshikha Deepti Deesha Deetya Deeva Deleena Demira Desna Devalina Devananda Devangi Devani Devanshi Devapriya Devashree Deveshi Devi Devika Devina The Earth. Another name for Goddess Durga Observation Compassion Merciful Merciful Queen bee* Submitted to three Gods Initiation Light Light Offering by lighting lamps in worship A row of lights Honouring with row of lights* Lamp Flame Full of Light Direction* Goddess Lakshmi Good looking* Devotee of Lord Krishna* Offering Beloved of the Gods* Daughter of gods* Like a Goddess Divine Dear to the Gods Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Durga Goddess Goddess Like a Goddess . Wife of Lord Shiva Goddess Durga Honey Lightning Beautiful Mirror Worth looking at.

Lucky Earth. Music Meditation Initiation Glowing.Devishi Devkanya Devki Devmani Devna Devyani Dhanali Dhanvanti Dhanvi Dhanya Dhara Dharika Dharini Dharitri Dharmini Dharmista Dharnitha Dharti Dharuna Dhatri Dheeksha Dheeptha Dhriti Dhriti Dhrumi Dhruti Dhruva Dhruvi Dhruvi Dhruvika Dhruvty Dhuvitha Dhvani Dhwani Dhyana Diksha Dilani Dipali Dipashri Dipti Dirghayu Disha Dishi Chief of the Goddesses. Iridescent* Lamps Lamp Brightness Long life* Direction. Side Direction . Goddess Durga Divine damsel Lord Krishna's mother Divine Gift Godly* Like a Goddess The one who brings wealth* Holding wealth Money Thankful. Flow Earth The earth Religious Lord in dharma Earth* Earth Supporting Goddess Parvati Religious pledge Goddess Lakshmi Patience Patience Motion Star Firm Firmly fixed Firmly fixed Sound Melody.

Want Goddess Parvathi Luminous Beautiful art (Tamil name) Falguni Beautiful . Purity The Earth Goddess Durga Only child One Devoted girl Singly focussed Unity Name of Goddess* Desire.Dishika Dishita Diti Divisha Diviya Divya Divya Divyana Divyansha Divyanshi Diya Diya Diyajal Dolie Drishti Drishya Dristi Drithi Druti Durga Durriya Durva Dyumna Dyuti Direction* Focus Idea Divine power Divine power Divine lustre Divine Divine power* Part of a divine power* Lamp Light* Light Sight Sight Eyesight Patience Softened A goddess Expensive pearl* A medicinal herb* Glorious Light Edha Eesha Eila Ekaa Ekaja Ekani Ekanta Ekantika Ekta Eravati Esha Eshani Eta Ezhil oviyaa Sacred Goddess Parvati.

Forum Fulki Fullan Fulmala Fragarance Spark Blooming Garland Gajalakshmi Gajra Gandhali Ganga Gangika Ganika Ganjan Gargi Garima Gauranga Gauri Gaurika Gayatri Gazala Geet Geeta Geeti Geetika Gina Ginni Gira Giraja Giribala Girija Girisha Gita Gitali Gitanjali Gitashri Giva Godavari Godavri Gomti Gopa Gopi Gorma Gowri Goddess Laxmi* Flowers Sweet scent Sacred river River Flower Exceding Wise woman Warmth Fair. Parvati . Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Holy Book Melodious Melodious tribute The Bhagvat Gita Hill Sacred river of India A river A river Gautama's wife Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna Goddess Parvati Bright. Cow coloured Goddess Parvati Pretty young girl Goddess Saraswati A deer Melody Holy book of the hindus Melody A small song Silvery Precious gold coin Language Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Daughter of Mountain.

Snow Golden Swan* One who rides a swan.Greeshma Griffin Grisha Grishma Guhika Gul Gulab Gulika Gunasree Gungun Gunita Gunjan Gunnika Gurparveen Kind of season* Fierce Warmth Voice of a bird* Flower Rose A pearl Virtuous Humming Garland Goddess of the stars* Haima Haimi Hamsa Hamsini Hansa Hansika Hansini Haribala Harini Haripriya Harita Harnisya Harper Harsada Harshada Harshal Harshi Harshini Harshita Harsika Hasina Hasita Heena Heer Heera Hema Hemadri Goddess Parvati. One who brings happiness Laugh Good Full of laughter Mehendi* Generous and understanding Dimond Gold Golden hills . Saraswathi Swan Swan Swan and beautiful lady* Daughter of Lord Vishnu A deer Lakshmi Green One who plays the harp Delighted Giver of joy Glad Joyous Joyful Joyful.

Hemakshi Hemal Hemangi Hemani Hemanti Hemavati Hemlata Henna Hera Hetal Hilla Hima Himadri Himaja Himangini Himani Himanshi Hina Hiral Hitaishi Hitasa Hiteshree Hiya Hradini Hridya Hrishmitha Hrithika Huma Humaila Hyma Golden eyes Golden Golden bodied Goddess Parvati Of winter Goddess Parvati Golden flower Mehndi Queen of Gods Happy Timid Snow Peak of snow. The Himalaya mountain Goddess Parvati Gourie Part of snow A shrub Wealthy Well wisher Another name of Agni Goddess Laxmi's second name* "Heart. Happiness" Lightening Heart Bird of paradise Golden Necklace Goddess Parvathi Idha Idika Iditri Iha Ihita Ijaya Iksha Ikshita Ikshula Ila Imani Insight The Earth Complimentary Wish Desire Sacrifice Sight Visible Holy river Vitality Trustworthy .

Laxmi. Sociability Powerful Bestower of wealth Indra's wife Moon Moon's daughter Moon Full moon Small Earth Attractive Desire Earth. Saraswati Wind's daughter Iram Garden in paradise / eden Iravati Irit Isha Ishana Ishani Ishanvi Ishi Ishika Ishita Ishta Ishwarya Ishya Itkila Iyla Full of water or milk Daffodil Goddess Durga. Lotus .Inas Indali Indira Indrani Indu Induja Indulekha Indumati Inika Inu Ipsita Ira Iraja Capable. The female energy Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Parvathi Goddess Durga Superior Another name for Lord Vishnu God's prosperity Spring Fragrant Moonlight Jaavali Jaba Jafit Jagruti Jagvi Jahnavi Jahnavi Jaishwari Jalaja Hibiscus Beautiful Awareness Worldly River Ganga River Ganga Goddess of wealth.

Victory.Jalpa Jalsa Janaki Janani Janavika Janisha Janki Jankruti Januja Janya Jarul Jasmin Jasmine Jasmira Jasmit Jasmitha Jasu Jasum Jasweer Jaya Jayan Jayani Jayanti Jayashree Jayashree Jayna Jeetesh Jeevitha Jeewanjyoti Jhalak Jhankar Jharna Jheel Jigisha Jigna Jignasa Jilpa Jinal Jiya Jonaki Josh Joshika Joshita Discussion* Celebration Causing. Goddess Parvati Victory A sakthi of Ganesha Goddess Parvati Victorious woman Goddess of victory Victory* Goddess of Victory* Life Light of life* Glimpse. Producing Name of three Goddess Dispeller of ignorance* Goddess Sita Female offspring Life Flower queen A Flower Fragrant flower Famed Smiles* Brainy* Hibiscus Victorious Salutation. Sudden motion Murmur A spring Lake* Superior Intellectual Curiosity Academic Curiosity Life giving Lord Vishnu Sweet heart Jugnu* Emotion Young maiden Pleased . Spark.

Desireable Gold* Jungle Gold A waistband* Bangel. A daughter of Taksaka Moonlight* Light as a cloud The preaching of a bird Of jungle. Brilliant Goddess Durga Kaajal Kaasni Kadambini Kairavi Kajri Kakoli Kakshi Kala Kali Kalika Kalima Kalini Kalpana Kalpita Kalyani Kamal Kamala Kamali Kamalika Kamalini Kamalnayan Kamana Kamini Kamna Kamya Kamya Kanaka Kanan Kanchan Kanchi Kangana Kani Kanika Muscara (surma) Flower A garland of clouds. A bracelet Girl Molecule .Joshitha Jowaki Juhi Jui Juniali Jyoshikha Jyoti Jyotsna Pleased Fire fly* Flower Flower Moon light A bud* Light. Perfume. Fragrant earth Art A bud Loud Blackish Flower Imagination Imaginary Fortunate Lotus Goddess Lakshmi A collection of lotuses Lotus Lotus Lotus-eyed Wish Beautiful Woman Wish Capable Beautiful.

Silk Skillful Lord Rama's mother Stone in Lord Vishnu's necklace. Pilgrimage spot The shiny one An attraction Beauty of Kashmir Shining Star* Earth Scented Distress Goddess Parvathi in her motherly role* Full moon Silken. Tender Compassionate Luminous.Kaniksha Kanira Kanishka Kanjri Kanta Kanti Kanush Kapila Karabi Kareena Karish Karishma Karthiaeini Karthiga Karuli Karuna Karuna Karunya Kasak Kashi Kashika Kashish Kashmira Kashvi Kashwini Kashyapi Kasturi Katha Kathyayani Kaumudi Kausha Kaushali Kaushalya Kaustubhi Kaveri Kavika Kavin Kavinaya Kavita Kavita Kaviya Kavni Kavya Grain Gold* Bird Beauty Light Beloved* Sacred cow Flower Pure* Attractive* Miracle Indian Goddess name Innocent Merciful Compassinate. Kaustubh A river Poetess Handsome. Beautiful Poetry Poem A small poem* Poem .

Korean kingdom* Miracle Song Devotional song Eternal flame* River One with beautiful hair One with beautiful hair Flower Lotus Flower Armlet Sound of the bangles* Wish* Fragarance Pleasure Famous Fame Divine Little one* Shore River bank Musical Instrument Goddess Durga Fame Grace of God* A germinated seed Sweet as grapes Young damsel Little flower�* A Singer A Cuckoo Soft Tender Bud Compassion Beautiful Beautiful* Divine Lord Krishna . Flower.Kaya Keemaya Keertana Keerthana Keerthi Kenga Keshini Kesini Ketki Keva Keya Keyuri Khanak Khevna Khrisha Khushboo Khushi Khyath Khyati Kimaya Kina Kinaari Kinjal Kinnari Kirati Kirti Kiruba Kishala Kishmish Kishori Kohana Kokila Kokila Komal Komali Kompal Krina Kripa Kripi Kripita Krisha Krishita Krishna Wealth.

Mercy Flame Earth Fast Elasticized Goddess Laxmi Flower Earth Beautiful look of Lord Amman* Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Sacred powder (red) Vermillon Pleasure of the earth white water lily Lotus Gold Flower Living in shrubs Shining Pandavas' mother Happiness Flower Flowers in bloom Sun Courageous woman Laalasa Laasya Laboni Labuki Ladhi Ladli Laghuvi Lajita Lakhi Laksha Prayer* Dance performed by Goddess Parvathi* Graceful Musical instrument Sangeet* Loved one Tender Modest Goddess Laxmi Aim . Creation Name of a star Creation Forgiveness.Krita Kriti Krittika Krutee Kruti Kshama Kshama Kshamya Kshipra Kshipva Kshiraja Kshirin Kshitika Kuhaneshwary Kuja Kumari Kumkum Kumkum Kumuda Kumudini Kundan Kundanika Kunisha Kunjala Kunshi Kunti Kushi Kusum Kusumita Kuvam Kuvira Perfection* Action.

Lakshaki Lakshanya Lakshita Lakshmi Lakshyaa Lalenthika Lali Lalima Lalita Laranya Lata Latika Laveleen Laveneet Lavenia Laxmi Leela Leena Leeya Lehar Leisha Lekha Lekisha Leora Libni Lilavati Lillian Lineysha Lipi Lipika Lochan Lochana Lola Lolita Lopa Lopamudra Goddess Sita One who achieves Distinguished Goddess of Wealth Goddess Lakshmi* Blushing Beauty Beautiful Woman Graceful Creeper Small Creeper Purified Goddess of Wealth Divine drama A devoted one. Tender To take* Waves* Beautiful angel* Writing Life Light* Manuscripts of God God's will* Lily Inteligent* Manuscripts of God Litters. Learned woman Madhavi Madhu Madhul Madhulika Madhumathi Honey Honey Sweet Nectar Delight moon . Alphabets Bright eyes Bright Eyes* Goddess Laxmi Ruby Learned Wife of Saint Agastya.

Daughter of man* A river A river Large. Firm .Madhumitha Madhupriya Madhur Madhura Madhureema Madhuri Madhurima Madhuvanthi Madina Magadhi Maghi Mahasri Mahi Mahi Mahika Mahima Mahiya Maina Maitreya Maitreyi Makali Makayla Makshita Mala Malaika Malav Malika Malini Malishka Malka Malli Malti Malvika Mamta Mana Manali Manami Manasa Manasvi Manavi Manda Mandakini Mandara Sweet person Fond of honey* Melodious. Sweet Sweet pleasant Honey* Sweet Sweet girl* One who is sweet like honey Land of beauty Flower Giving gifts* Goddess Laxmi The world The earth Earth Glorious Joy A bird The name of the sage A wise woman The moon Beautiful Honey* String The earth Flower Fragrant Queen Flower Moonlight One who lived in Malva* Motherly love Supernatural power Bird Name of a lake in Himalayas* That which controls mind* Wife of manu.

Intellect Earth Eye Precious Gem . Wish Bud of a Mango Tree A cluster of blossoms Pleasant Lovely. Holy chants Worthy of honour Traveller Respectable Synonym for Durga. Limit Emerald Innocent* Season Seasonal Illusion Beloved* Pea-hen Baby peahen Goddess Saraswati. Wisdom.Mandara Mandavi Mandira Mani Manika Manini Maniratna Manisha Manjari Manjari Manju Manjula Manjusha Manjushri Manmat Manna Manorama Manshree Mansi Mantra Manvitha Manya Mareesha Margi Marsha Marudhvathi Marvi Marya Masara Masum Matisha Matra Mausam Mausami Maya Mayra Mayuri Mayurika Medha Medini Meenakshi Meenal Megan Slow Wife of Bharat Melody Gem Jewel Self respected Diamond Desire. Aadi shakthi Beauty redefined* Mark. Soft. Charming Lady with a Sweet Voice Goddess Laxmi Heavenly* Beautiful Woman Hymns.

Megha Meghana Meghavini Mehak Mehlaka Mekhala Mena Menaha Menaja Metali Methli Methra Mihira Mika Mili Milonee Mina Minakshi Minimol Mira Mira Miraya Misha Mishaye Mishita Mishti Misri Mistie Mita Mitali Mitali Miteelai Mithra Mitravinda Mittali Mohit Mohita Mohithira Moksha Moksin Molina Mona Monal Cloud. Fragrance Chand ki raah* Slope of a mountain. rain The clouds Intelligence* Sweet Smell. Aura. Belt Female parrot Celestial damsel Goddesss Parvati Friendship Feminine form of mihir the sun Little raccoon A meeting. To find Melodious "Fish. Jewel" Fish eyes Small daughter* Lord Krishna's devotee Cloud Lord Krishna's devotee Smile Sweet person Sweet Friend Friendly Friendship Friend Possessor of friends Friendship Attracted Attracted Liberation Free The tree that grows from the root Bird .

Monica Monisha Moubani Mouli Mridini Mridu Mridula Mrinali Mrinmayee Mrithubashini Mrithulika Mritsa Mrittika Mrnalini Mruga Mrunmayi Mudra Mugdha Mukta Mukti Mythili Mythri Mythri Intellectual A flower Sacred thread* Goddesss Parvati Gentle An ideal woman Lotus stem Deer's Eye Soft spoken girl Soft* Good Earth Mother Earth A collection of lotuses A name of a bird Healing hand movement Innocent young girl Liberated Liberation Princess of mithila Beautiful girl* Friendship Nabah Nabanipa Nabhi Nadia Nagina Naija Naina Nainika Naisha Naishadha Nakshatra Nakti Nalika Nalini Namana Nami Namita Namrah Nobel high. First Jewel Daughter of wisdom Eyes Pupil of the eye Special Poetry Pearl* Night Lotus Lotus. Sky* A new flower* Central The begining. Sweet nectar Bending One of Lord Vishnu's name Humble Tigress* .

Venerable Sister of Nanaka Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Lakshmi Goddess Durga. Ganges . Handsome Dew Drops Eyes Wealth Wealth Treasure Lord The girl who is admired by looking itself* Ever living girl* Collection Earth.Namrata Namya Nanaki Nandana Nandi Nandika Nandini Nandita Nanma Naomika Narayani Naresh Nargis Narmeen Natasha Nathasya Navanitha Navika Navistha Navya Nayonika Neeharika Neela Neelam Neelkamal Neepa Neeraja Neeshal Neeta Neha Neha� Nehal Neharika Netra Nidhi Nidhi Nidhipa Niharika Nihira Nihitha Nikara Nikisha Nikita Politeness To be bowed. A delightful Goddess Cheerful Goodness God* King A fragrant flower A flower. Delicate* Child of christmas New Youngest Young One with expressive eyes* Silver lining of every cloud* Blue Blue lotus A flower Lotus Within Rules Loving Loving Rainy.

Crest Nature Night Getting stronger Alert Honest Determination* Firmness Led. Well behaved Eternal Ethics Eternal Ever-pleasing . Moksha* Prominence. Not becoming old Clean New construction* Matchless Heaven.Nikitha Nikki Nilakshi Nilambari Nilaruna Nilashri Nilima Nilini Nilshikha Nimisha Nimisha Nimita Nina Ninarika Nipeksha Nirali Niranjana Niranjana Niravi Nirja Nirjara Nirmala Nirmalya Nirmiti Nirupama Nirvana Niryuha Nisarga Nisha Nishay Nishchith Nishi Nishita Nishka Nishra Nishree Nishtha Nistha Nita Nithya Niti Nitya Nityapriya The earth Small Blue-eyed Clothed in blue The first light of the dawn Blue beauty* Blue Plant Blue mountain's top Momentary Minute Fixed* Beautiful eyes Misty Different Goddess Durga Goddess Durga* Goddess Laxmi Young. Chaplet. Guided.

Wife of Goddess Shiva Oditi Oja Ojasvi Oma Omaja Omisha Onella Oni Orpita Dawn Vitality Bright Life giver Result of spiritual unity Goddess of birth and death Light Shelter Offering* Padma Padmaja Padmashri Padnuni Pahal Pakhi Palak Palaksi Pallavi Pameela Pampa Panchali Panchami Panini Panita Pankaja Pankhadi Pankti Panna Lotus Goddess Laxmi Divine lotus Lotus The start Bird Eye lid White Bud Honey* River Princess Goddress Parvathi* Skilful Admired Lotus Petal Sentence Emerald . Fresh Goddess Parvathi.Nityasri Nivedha Nivedita Nivedita Nivriti Niyati Noshi Nripamala Nupoor Nutan Sivanee With eternal beauty Surrendered Offered to God Bliss Destiny Sweet* Anklet New.

Flow of Water" Wife of Lord Shiva Festival A bond Goddess Durga Goddess Saraswati Goddess Ganga Pure Anklets Phase / time of day Bow shaped Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Full moon Complete A blooming lotus* Full moon* The one who's brought up in flowers* Light Origin. Intelligent. The soul Wisdom.Pari Paridhi Parimala Parina Parineeta Parinita Parita Parivita Pariyat Parmita Parnavi Parnika Paromita Parthavi Parthi Parul Parvati Parvini Pasha Patala Paulomi Pavaki Pavani Pavitra Payal Pehr Pinakini Pinga Pingla Pinky Poonam Poorna Poornakamala Poornima Poshika Prabha Pracheeta Prachi Prachita Pradnya Prafula Pragalbha Pragathi Fairy Limit Fragnance Fairy Married woman� Complete In each ditection Extremely free Flower Wisdom A bird* A small leaf. Buddhi In bloom Goddess Durga Progress* . Goddess Parvathi Goddess Sita Queen "Graceful. Starting point East Pure.

Honest Wisdom Wisdom* Fragnant flower Mother of the people. Beautiful* Splendour Brightness Intelligence Symbolic* Awaiting Idol Well known* Faith Bright morning* Flower . Goddess of creation Goddess Saraswati Morning Project* Project* Appearance Nature.Pragati Pragna Pragun Pragya Pragya Prajakta Prajakta Prajna Prajusha Prakalp Prakalpa Prakhya Prakriti Prakriti Prakriti Pramila Pramiti Pranali Pranavi Pranaya Pranidhi Pranita Pranjal Pranvuta Prapti Prarthana Prashansa Prashansa Prashanthi Prasheetha Prasheila Prashri Prathana Pratheeka Pratibha Pratika Pratiksha Pratima Pratitha Pratiti Pratyusha Pravallika Pravanya Progress Knowledge* Straight. Starting point Ancient time Prayer Symbol. Beautiful Nature One of Arjuna's wife Wisdom Organisation Goddess Parvathi* Leader Spy Promoted Honest and Dignified Praised Advantage Prayer Praise Praise Highest peace* Origin.

Loving. Breeze From the east Nourishing Lake having lotus flowers* Flower Blowing hard. Smile Holy Virtuous Good work* A rage Full Moon Elder.Praveena Pravesha Prayuta Preetha Preity Premila Prerna Prestha Prianka Prina Prinaka Prisha Prisha Prital Pritha Prithika Priti Pritika Priya Priyal Priyamvada Priyanka Prutha Puja Puji Pujya Pulak Punita Punya Punya Puravi Purnima Purva Purvi Pusha Pushkarini Pushpa Putana Skilled To enter Mingled with Happy* Full of love Inspiration Dearest Favourite Content The girl who brings heaven to earth * Beloved. God's gift Morning* Loved one Mother of Pandavas.Kunti Flower Love Loved one Beloved Beloved Sweet tongued Daughter of earth* Prayer Gentle Respectable* A gem. Demon Raaka Rabhya Rachana Full Moon* Worshipped Creation* .

Brilliant Night Brilliant Bond of protection Protection Pleasing Goddess Laxmi Beautiful woman* Pleasing* Pleasing* The one who takes interest in everything* Splendour Delightful Quick Queen Enjoyment Pleasant A collection of wealth.Rachita Rachitha Rachna Radha Radhika Ragavi Ragi Ragini Rahela Raina Raja Rajashri Rajeshri Raji Rajika Rajita Rajni Rajul Rajvi Rakhi Raksha Rakshitha Rakti Rama Ramini Ramita Ramitha Ramola Ramra Ramya Ranhita Rani Ranjan Ranjudeep Ranya Rashi Rashmi Rasna Rati Ratna Ratti Raveena Raya Created Created Creation Lord Krishna's lover Successful Loving Melody King-Queen Royalty Queen Shining Lamp Bright. Sated with drink . Sign Sun Rays Ray Joy Precious gem Wife of Kamdeva* Sunny Flow.

sand" "Name of Jamadagni. grain. Limit Song* "Particle.The writing of the Vedas Fortunate Full of love Innocent Innocense Rose* Goddess Durga Dissolved Saintly* Moonbeam Way of life Of a stream Movement Of brass Traditional Season Leafy season* . White antelope Gem Line.Rebha Reema Reena Rekha Reneeka Renu Renuka Reshika Reshma Reshmi Reva Revathi Revati Rewa Rhea Rheeya Ria Richa Riddhi Riddhima Ridhima Rijul Rijuta Rikisha Rima Rimsha Rina Rinkal Risha Rishikha Rishima Rishma Rita Ritambhra Rithika Rithya Ritika Ritika Ritisha Ritsika Ritu Rituparna Ritvika Sings praises Goddess Durga. Mother of Parasuram" Silky Beauitful* To move Wealth Prosperity Swift Singer Singer Hymn.

Rochi Rohin Rohini Rohita Roma Romila Roop Roopa Roopali Roopini Roshna Roshni Ruana Rucha Ruchi Ruchika Ruchita Rudrakshi Rudrani Rugu Ruhi Ruhika Ruhin Rukhmini Rukma Ruma Rupa Rupal Rupali Rupashi Rupeshwari Rupika Rusham Rushda Ruth Rutva Light Rising Moon Brahma's daughter Goddess Laxmi Heartfelt Look Blessed with beauty Pretty Beautiful appearance Light* Light String musical instrument* Vedic lyrics* Light Shining. Desirous Splenderous Parvati Goddess Parvati Soft* Soul One that rises. Longing. Desire Spiritual Goddess Laxmi Gold Vedic hymn Silver Made of silver Charming. Beautiful. Beautiful Beautiful Goddess of beauty Gold coin Peaceful Good news* Season* Speech Saanjh Saanvi Saavi Sabeena Sabrang Evening Goddess Lakshmi* Beautiful* Rainbow .

Well loved Shri Krishna* Friend* Witness Beautiful Bouquet Full of knowledge Early morning fragrance.Sabri Sachi Sadabhuja Sadhana Sadhika Sadhna Sadhvi Saee Saesha Sagarika Sagun Sahasra Saheli Sahen Saher Sahima Sahira Sahira Sahitya Sahoj Saikirana Saiyette Sajani Saketha Sakhee Sakshi Saloni Samaira Samali Sambodhi Sameera Samhita Samira Samiya Sampada Sampreethi Samreen Samriddhi Samrta Samvrutha Sana Sananda Sanatani Lord Ram's devotees Grace Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Worship Courteous Female friend With great desire and wish Wave Auspicious A new beginning Friend* Morning. Subha* Snowed Mountain Mountain Literature Strong A beam of light from deity Saibaba* Princess* Beloved. Entertaining companion Vedic scripture A chameli flower Incomparable Blessing Joy. Joyful. Goddess Lakshmi Goddess Durga . Resplendence. Satisfaction. Delight A lovely quite girl* Prosperity* Provided with nectar Praise. Brilliance Pleasure. Loving.

Sanchali Sandhra Sandhya Sandipta Sanemi Sani Sanika Sanjana Sanjaya Sanjita Sanjna Sanjuktha Sanjula Sankari Sanobar Sanoja Sansita Santosa Santosh Santoshi Santushti Sanvi Sanyogita Sanyukta Sapna Sara Sarahna Sarangi Saraswati Sarayu Sargini Sarika Sarita Sarjena Sarla Saroj Sarojini Saruchi Sarupa Sarvagjna Sarvika Sashrika Sashveena Movement Dusk. Satisfied Satisfaction Godess Name Complete satisfaction Goddess Laxmi* Relating to* Dream Precious Praise. Appreciation* A spotted deo. Perfection Perfect Gift Flute In Harmony Triumphant Triumphant Well known Beautiful Goddess Parvati Palm tree Eternal Praise Content. A ragini Goddess of learning Wind Composed of parts A thing of beauty. River Creative * Straight forward Lotus In the lotus Wonderful Beautiful Goddess Durga Godess Durga's name* . Nature Goddess Durga.

Sasmita Sasthi Satha Sati Satvari Satvi Satviki Satya Saumyaa Saumyi Saundarya Saura Savidharani Savita Savitha Savitri Saya Sayali Sayona Sayuri Seema Seemantini Seerat Sejal Senorita Setu Seva Shabnam Shachi Shagun Shahnas Shaila Shailaja Shailashree Shaileshri Shaili Shairvee Shaivee Shaivi Shakaya Shakini Shakuntala Shalakha Always laughing Goddess Durga Dishonest Wife of Shiva Night Existence Goddess Durga Truth Goddess Durga Moonlight Beauty* Celestial Sun God* Sun Bright Mother Close of day Flower* Border. Limit Woman Nature Pure. Depth in character Sweet* Sacred symbol Worship Dew God Indras wife Auspicious moment A tune* Living in Mountain Goddess Parvati Tradition Prosperity Voices in the wind / life* Goddess Parvati Wife of Dushyant Goddess Parvati .

Shalalu Shalika Shalini Shama Shambhavi Shamiana Shaneeta Shankari Shansa Shanta Shantala Shanthini Shanti Sharada Sharali Sharanya Sharanya Sharaya Sharayu Sharda Shardambha Shari Sharini Sharmadha Sharmeen Sharmila Sharmistha Sharvani Sharvani Sharvari Sharvi Shasha Shashi Shashini Shatakshi Shaveta Shayna Sheela Sheen Sheetal Shefali Shemyukta Shenita Perfume Flute Modest Flame Goddess Durga Tent* Wife of Lord Shiva Praise Peaceful* Goddess Parvati Peace Goddess Durga Union* Goddess Durga River in Ayodhya A Goddess Goddess Saraswati Arrow Earth Shy Yayathi's (a king) wife* Goddess Durga Goddess Parvathi Twilight Divine* Moon Moon Moon Goddess Durga Saraswati* Beautiful Character Brightness* Cool Fragrant .

Very attentive person Faith Born in the month of Shravan A name in Buddhist literature Flowing* Shresth Prosperous Foremost. Wife of Lord Shiva Parvathi A part of Shiv* Palanquin Flower More than enough Verse Beauty* Beauty. Wish Shining.Sheoli Shevalini Shibani Shichi Shikha Shila Shilna Shilpa Shina Shirali Shireesha Shirina Shiuli Shivakanta Shivali Shivangi Shivani Shivani Shivanjali Shivanshi Shivi Shivika Shivli Shlesha Shloka Shoba Shobha Shobhana Shobitha Shomili Shouraya Shraddha Shraddha Shrankhla Shravani Shravanthi Shravanthika Shraya Shreema Shrejal Shrena Shresta Shresth A river Goddess Durga Glow Hill Top Rock Perfectly created Flower Night Flower Goddess Goddess Beautiful Goddess Goddess Durga Parvati Parvati. First Best of all . Best. Glowing Beautiful and elegant* Courageous* Faith.

Musical pitch Beautiful Pure Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Fragrant Goddess Saraswati White White Lovable. White Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Goddess Parvathi Goddess Durga .Shresthi Shreya Shridevi Shridula Shrika Shrikala Shrikama Shrila Shrilaxmi Shrilekha Shrimayi Shrina Shrinitha Shristi Shrivali Shrividya Shriya Shriyadita Shrujana Shrujeshwari Shruta Shrutaly Shruthi Shruthika Shruti Shruti Shrutika Shrutuja Shubhangi Shuchi Shuddhi Shulini Shushma Shutradevi Shveni Shveta Shweta Shyama Shyamala Shyamini Shyla Sia Siddhama Best of all Beautiful Goddess Laxmi. Goddess of Wealth Blessing* Fortune Goddess Laxmi Radha Beautiful Goddess Laxmi Goddesses Lakshmi & Saraswathi Fortunate Night Goddess Laxmi Goddess Durga Prosperity Sun Creative and intelligent girl* Goddess of creativity* Lyrics Lord Parvathi Having knowledge of scriptures Kwoledge of Vedas.

Rememberance Goddess Laxmi Goddess Durga Sound of anklet Sacred Wife of Lord Ram Wife of Lord Ram Devotee of Lord Shiva* Sivan God's name Parvathi the wife of Shiva Sita* Graceful* Wife of Lord Shiva. Charming Smiling face Tranquil Moonlight* Goddess Parvati Golden Golden . Achievement Art full* Pond Meditation Meditation. Female Saint. Love Love. Divine.Siddhangana Siddhani Siddhi Siddhika Silviya Simbala Simna Simone Simran Simran Sindhuja Sinhayana Sinjini Sirisha Sita Sitesh Sivanandhini Sivaneswary Sivani Sivasathi Siya Siyona Skanda Skandajit Smarani Smera Smera Smita Smruti Sneha Snehal Snehelata Snehi Snigda Snigdha Snikitha Solanlle Somila Somna Sonakshi Sonal Sonali Sonaltasha Accomplished. Bring love to people Vine of love Friendly Affectionate Friendly. Tenderness. Pure Blessed Wife of Lord Ganesh. Lord Karthik's name Wife of Lord Vishnu Chanting Smily Smiling Ever smiling lady Memory Affection.

Soneera Sonila Sonisha Soonera Soraya Sosamma Sougandika Souganthika Soukhya Sourabha Sowbarnika Sowjanya Sowmya Spoorthi Spoorthy Spriha Sravani Sravanthi Sravanti Sreeja Sreejata Sreenidi Sreya Sridatri Srihitha Srinidhi Srinika Srinithi Sripriya Srisha Srushti Striratna Stuti Stuti Stuti Subashinee Subhadra Subhashini Subhasini Subhi Subhra Subiksha Subiksha Clean water Golden Persian name meaning sun. A river* The Jatika of Goddess Lakshmi Goddess of wealth* Best. Star Sacred River Related to flower. Beautiful. Excellent Goddess Lakshmi* Goddess Lakshmi* Flower Universe* Goddess Laxmi Goddess Durga Praise Speaks good words* Goddess Durga Nice girl Softspoken Lucky Radiant Prosperous* . Used for worship* Fragrance* Tender Peace* Inspiration Being attached to the world Oozing knowledge* Flowing.

Easily available Lucky Goddess Laxmi Easily available Good handwriting* Good mother Flower . Sreshta Goddess Laxmi Bright Fragrant Goddess Parvati Moonshine Pleasant* Laughter A great triumph Great conqueror Beautiful girl Happy* Bringing peace to heart* Wise Beautiful creation A good conduct Beautiful eyes Noble Simple.Sucharitha Sucheta Suchhaya Suchi Suchismita Suchita Suchitra Sudarshini Sudeshna Sudesna Sudha Sudhira Sudhishna Sudiksha Sudipta Sugandha Suganya Sugathri Sugauri Suhaila Suhani Suhas Suhavi Sujata Sujaya Sujitha Sukanya Sukhi Sukhmani Sukrit Sukriti Sukrutha Sukruti Suksha Sukushi Sulabha Sulaksha Sulakshmi Sulbha Sulekha Suma Sumaira Suman One having a very clean character Always alert Shining With a pious smile Auspicious Beautiful Beautiful Lady (Sundari) One who brings good news* Born in good place Nectar Placid Very intelligent.

Goddess" Delighting Sun Sun's wife Good charactered woman Beautiful Woman* With a pleasant smile Begotten .Sumangli Sumati Sumavali Sumedha Sumi Sumita Sumitha Sumitra Sumona Sumukhi Sunaina Sunamya Sunanda Sunandini Sunanditha Sunayana Sunayna Sunethra Sunhari Suniska Sunita Sunu Suparna Supreetha Suprema Suprit Supriya Supriya Surabhi Surangi Surasa Surasti Suravi Surekha Sureshi Surina Suruchi Suryadita Suryani Sushila Sushma Susmita Suta Goddess Parvati Blessed with wisdom Garland Intelligent Friendly One who has a beautiful body Friendly Calm Very beautiful (describes Goddess Lakshmi) Beautiful eyes Sweet charectered Independent* A woman with lovely eyes Beautiful eyes One with lovely eyes Golden* With beautiful smile Well-behaved Sweet little lady * Goddess Parvati Beloved endearing to all* Loving Loving Well-loved One who is loved by everyone* Beauty Colourful Goddess Durga Perfect* Sun Prayer Goddess Durga "Wise.

Sutara Suvali Suvarna Suvitha Svadhi Svaha Svana Svara Svitra Swadha Swapanthi Swapna Swapnika Swapnila Swara Swarnika Swastika Swati Swetambari Swetlana Syoni Holy star Full of grace Golden Welfare. Prosperity Thoughtful Wife of fire god Sound Goddess of sound White Goddess Lakshmi* Dream like Dream* Dreaming girl* Tones or self shining in Sanskrit* Gold* Star Fairy dressed in white* Taanusiya Taj Talika Talli Tamanna Tanaya Tania Tanika Tanirika Tanirika Tanisha Tanishka Tanisi Tanmaya Tanmayee Tanmayi Tanu Tanuja Tanusha Tanushri A great devotee* Crown. Jewel A bird Young Wish Daughter Rope A flower Flower* Ambition Goddess� of gold* Goddess Durga Reincarnated Ecstasy (in sanskrit & telugu) Ecstasy (in sanskrit & telugu) Slim Daughter A blessing* Beautiful .

Gifted. Delicate Beautiful. Brilliant A flower name Ambition* Name of flower* Royalty jewels* Auspicious symbol An instrument Auspicious Date* Forgiveness .Tanushri Tanvee Tanvi Tanya Tanzil Tapi Tara Tara Tarai Taral Tarana Tarani Taranum Tarini Tarita Tarla Tarli Tarlika Taru Tarul Taruna Taruni Tasha Tashvi Tashwini Tavishi Tavishka Teesta Tejal Tejasvi Tesharni Tesu Thahiya Thaneesha Thankam Thanmayu Thushara Tiara Tilika Timila Tisya Tithi Titiksha Beautiful Slender. Charming Courage A river Bright Energetic. Goddess Durga Of the family Beautification of paradise* A river Star Star* Star Composition Boat Melody Goddess Parvati Goddess Durga Nectar Star Small Plant Young girl Young girl Composed. Beautiful.

Dew Belongs to Lord Goddess Durga Bright Ubika Ucchal Udantika Udayanjali Growth Perception Satisfaction .Tiya Toshani Toya Trayi Treya Triambika Triambika Tridiva Trijagati Trilochana Tripta Tripti Tripura Triputa Trisha Trishala Trishna Trishona Trishulini Triti Triveni Triya Trusha Tuhi Tuhina Tulika Tulsi Tulya Turanya Turvi Turya Tusara Tushita Tvadeeya Tvarita Tvisha Twisha A bird Goddess Durga Water Intellect One who walks on three paths * Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvathi Heaven Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Satisfaction Satisfaction Goddess Durga Goddess Durga Wish. Mist. Frost. Snow. Desire Trident Desire* Desire* Goddess Durga A moment in time Young girl Thirst Bird sound Dew drop A paint brush Sacred plant Equalled Swift Superior Spiritual power Cold.

Warmth Small wave Enchantress The Ganges Earth Dawn A Plant Warmth First light Wave Filled with lotuses. A river Goddess Laxmi Daughter of king Virata Vaagdevi Vaanika Vaanya Goddess of learning. Saraswath Idle daughter* . Lighted Free falling rocks Pretty face Pretty face Goddess Parvati Goddess Parvati Joy Progress* Progress Lead A ray Sandy shore Worship The best Earth Excellent Firm Goddess Parvati Wave.Udeshnee Udgita Udichi Udipti Udyati Ujhala Ujvala Ulka Ullupi Ulupya Uma Umang Umika Unma Unnathi Unnati Unni Upadhriti Upala Upasna Upma Ura Urishilla Urishita Urja Urmi Urmika Urmila Urvashi Urvi Usha Ushi Ushma Usra Utalika Utpala Utpalakshi Uttara A hymn One who grows with prosperity* On fire Elevated Light* Bright.

A river. Loving beauty * Fire Goddess Saraswati God's gift Soft spoken Goddess Saraswati Graceful lady Wild flower Goddess Saraswati Flute Flute Blessing Goddess Parvati Moon Goddess Durga A deity. wife of Ram Prize Gold Auspicious day in Punjab Historical city Lord Vishnu's devotee Worshipper of Lord Vishnu Goddess Durga Stars Goddess Sita Beautiful eyes Goddess Durga Sunflower Adoration Adored Slender. Intelligent. wife of Krishna Sita. Giver of boons Goddess Saraswati Lotus Lotus Purity of gold* .Vacha Vagishwari Vaidarbhi Vaidehi Vaijayanti Vainavi Vaisakhi Vaishali Vaishavi Vaishnavi Vajra Valini Vallabhi Vallari Vamakshi Vamika Vamita Vanalika Vandana Vandita Vaneesha Vaneet Vanhi Vani Vania Vanini Vanishri Vanita Vanmalli Vanmayi Vanshi Vanshika Vanshita Vara Varaa Varali Varalika Varanya Varda Vari Varij Varija Varnika Speech* Goddess Saraswati Rukhmini.

Splendour. Knowledge Pining Holy river Flute Lovable Young Light Light. Yellow Goddess of spring Morning light A beloved blessing* Earth Goddess of wealth Giver of wealth Goddess of wealth Earth Nature Knower of the vedas Pious Consciousness Vision. Glory Night with full of stars* Fearless Goddess Laxmi Bright Goddess of Destiny A river A goddess Learned Goddess Durga Goddess Of Victory . Lustre.Varnu Varsha Varshana Varshini Varshitaa Vartika Varuna Varunavi Varuni Varunika Varya Vasana Vasanti Vasantika Vasatika Vashnie Vasuda Vasudeva Vasudha Vasulakshmi Vasundhara Vati Vedanti Vedha Vedika Veeksha Venah Venika Venuka Venya Vibali Vibha Vibha Vibhavari Vibhi Vibhuti Vibusha Vidhi Vidisha Vidita Vidushi Vidya Vijayalakshmi Coloured Rain Birth place of Radha Rained Lamp Goddess of all Goddess Laxmi Goddess Durga Goddess of rain Form Goddess Durga Season. Spring.

venus Exceptionally new* Lute Old name of the river Vyas* Moon Goddess of Beauty Bravery Stars Goddess Durga Painless World Earth A goddess Pathway Light Intelligent and witty* Strange* Goddess Radha Tulsi* Rain Nature. Behaviour* Thought Divine Wakeeta Beautiful flower* . modest.Vijayanthi Vikasni Vimla Vimudha Vina Vinamra Vinanti Vinati Vinaya Vinita Vinutha Vipanchi Vipasha Vipra Virendri Virika Virja Visha Vishaka Vishalakshi Vishali Vishalya Vishma Vishva Vishwa Vishwaja Vistarini Vithika Viti Vivekka Vividha Vrinda Vrindaa Vrishti Vritee Vritika Vrushali Vyomini Winning Goddess Lakshmi Clean Goddess Lakshmi* Musical instument Modest Request Prayer Humble Knowledge.

Swift Wanderer. Healthy Princess NOTE: The asterix(*) after the names and meanings indicates that the meaning have been provided by readers. Enchanted Women Young girl Bounded with Goddess Lakshmi charms A device Flower Young lady Young. Traveller* Our Joy* Thought A female disciple Bewitched. Devotion and sacrifice Nocturnal Holy river Night Precious to god* The one who gives success Famous Successful lady* Success Foster mother of Lord Krishna Glory To succeed* Slim Quick. Therefore we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the meaning. Earth Worship.Yaagnya Yachana Yadavi Yahvi Yajna Yakksheeta Yalini Yamini Yamuna Yamuni Yamya Yana Yashada Yashasvi Yashawini Yashica Yashita Yashmita Yashoda Yashodhara Yashwini Yasti Yavna Yayaati Yema Yochana Yogita Yogita Yogya Yonita Yoshita Yousha Yuktha Yukti Yutika Yuvati Yuvina Yuvna Yuvraani Pleading Goddess Durga Heaven. . Strong.