Childhood- What comes to mind when that word is being said?

-Playing on the swings at the park -Running around the local streets -Skipping/clapping games But ultimately we want to focus on the „innocence/ or lack of‟ associated with childhood. ____________ If one was to look up the word in the dictionary, childhood is said to be “the state of being a child… the period during which a person is a child”, however, Robinson and Davies state, “What it means to be a child differs across social, economic, political and cultural contexts. It is important to view child development across these differences.” We‟ve come to perceive the notion of childhood as a universal natural state of human development, characterized by idealized images of children with angelic purity, vulnerability and innocence. However, the understanding of the concept of childhood has changed in the past few decades as new discourses challenge that childhood as not fixed concept but can be explored through a multiple, dynamic and culturally constructed experience. As society evolves, so do the behavior of children and our understandings of childhood. In Robinson and Davies (2008a) Berry Mayall is quoted “Lives are lived through childhoods and constructed for them by adult understandings of childhood and what children are and should be”, thus the influences in a child‟s life, such as family, peers and educators can have an adverse affect on the way someone‟s childhood depending on the way information is presented to the child. Other factors that may affect a child‟s upbringing can include the environment they are in, socioeconomic factors and technological advancements (internet, media)- which seems to have major impact in today‟s society.

For example, my childhood we were allowed to play in the streets, roam around the streets and my parents didn‟t care, but in recent times, parents have been more aware of the dangers that exist in society today. It is to almost say today's children have lost their freedom to explore and play.

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