Question Bank for Internal Test-III

Subject: Forensic Science (3:0:0)
1. 2.

Subject code: BTOE05

What is Dactyloscopy? Explain the classification and patterns of finger Write the responsibility of a) Forensic Entamology b) Forensic Odontology 3. How DNA finger printing is useful to solve crime investigation 4. Which are all the parameters can be used to calculate the “Time of Death” 5. Write a note on AFIS 6. Write a note on DNA analysis 7. Write a note on DNA amplification 8. Explain Forensic DNA Analysis 9. Explain the biological evidence in court 10. Explain the Livor mortis 11. Explain the Rigor mortis and its biochemistry 12. Explain the physical analysis methods 13. What is autopsy? Explain the how this autopsy helps in forensic science 14. Write a note on Firearm unit 15. What is forensic pathology? Explain the different steps in the process of decomposition of the body 16. Write a short notes on i). forensic psychiatry ii). Forensic engineering


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