Spectra & Star Convergence Ltd.(Delhi) 139-A, ZAMRUDPUR COMMERCIAL COMPLEX, NR.

GURUDWARA, GREATER KAILASH -2, N-D-110048 Axis Bank Pmt.-Delhi Voucher


: 251 Particulars


: 7-Dec-2010 Amount 1,94,250.00 9,28,935.00

Account :

Jammu Branch Ingram Micro India Ltd.
New Ref 50-5019870 9,28,935.00 Dr

Through :

Axis Bank Ltd ( CA-9548 )
On Account of :

Ch. No. :010587 Being amount paid to Ingram Micro India Ltd. towards printer payment.
Amount (in words) :

Indian Rupees Eleven Lakh Twenty Three Thousand One Hundred Eighty Five Only 11,23,185.00

Receiver’s Signature


Authorised Signatory

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