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For this new édition the Dietionary has been thoroughly revised with the aid of ail available new vocabularies. Many terms and meanings hâve been added from chemistry and related sciences and from industry. The vocabulary has grown from 35,000 terms to an estimated 42,000, in spite of the fact that many terms having the same spelling and meaning in French and English hâve been omitted in order to save space. The chemical nomenclature has been revised to accord with the most récent décisions. Among the technical vocabularies consulted for this édition are: Cooper, Concise International Dietionary of Mechanics and Geology; Cornubert, Dictionnaire Anglais-Français-Allemand (Physique et Chimie) ; Cornubert, Dictionnaire Chimique Anglais-Français; Cusset, Vocabulaire Technique Anglais-Français et Français-Anglais; Davies, A French-English Vocabulary in Geology and Physical Geograyhy ; DeVries, French-English Science Dietionary, second édition; Duval, Duval and Dolique, Dictionnaire de la Chimie et de ses Applications (ail French) ; Hoyer-Kreuter-Schlomann, Dictionnaire Technologique, sixth édition; Institut Technique du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics, Lexique Technique Français-Anglais et Anglais-Français; Kettridge, Dictionnaire Français-Anglais, Anglais-Français; Langford, Dictionnaire Technique et Commercial; Lycett, Dictionnaire Technique de l'Aviation; Partridge, Dietionary of Biological Equivalents; Persch, Erdôlwôrterbuch, Franzôsisch-Deutsch-Englisch-Spanisch; Thompson-Haim, Dictionnaire de la Soudure; Veillon, Dictionnaire Médical; Ziloff, Dictionnaire Technique des Termes du Pétrole (Groupe Français du Conseil de Contrôle Allié en Allemagne), second édition. I am also indebted to Mr. Lewis Bertrand for a list of terms not in the first édition, and to Miss Janet D. Scott for the use of her table of inorganic anions (Chem. Abstracts 39, 5957-60 (1945)). AUSTIN M. PATTERSON

January, 1954

The présent work is the response to a demand (not at ail anticipated) for a French companion to the author's German-English Dictionary for Chemists. It follows the plan of the earlier book, which seems to hâve met with gênerai favor. Professor F. W. Tanner of the University of Illinois has read the galley proofs and added a number of biological terms, and Professor Frank Vogel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has read the page proofs and the manuscript of the Introduction and has also contributed the gênerai statement prefacing the "Conjugation of French Verbs." The author is likewise under obligation to Professor C. W. Foulk, Mr. E. J. Crâne and Dr. Maurice L. Doit, and to numerous other friends who hâve given opinions or answered queries. Référence works chiefly consulted: General, Clifton-Grimaux-McLaughlin, French-English Dictionary; the Larousse dictionaries, especially the latest, "Larousse pour tous." Technical, Répertoire technologique des noms d'industries et de professions (by French Government officiais) ; Willcox, FrenchEnglish Military Technical Dictionary; De Méric, Dictionnaire des termes de médecine. The material has been rather scattered, consequently a large proportion has been obtained by the reading of books, catalogs and journals. A really good dictionary is a growth. No one can realize as well as the author how incomplète the vocabulary of this one still is. The very helpful correspondence regarding errors and omissions in the German-English dictionary leads to the hope that readers will go to the same trouble in this case. AUSTIN M. PATTERSON

January, 1921


abbrev. adv. Aero. Agric. Anal. Anat. Arith. Astron. Bact. Biol. Bot. Calico cap. Ceram.

Chem. Corn. cond. conj. Cryst. def. Dist. Elec. esp. Expl. fem. figfut. Geol. Geom. i-mp. imper. indic.


adjective. abbreviation. adverb. Aeronautics. Agriculture. Analysis, Analytical. Anatomy. Arithmetic. Astronomy. Bacteriology. Biology, Biological. Botany. Calico Printing. capital. Ceramics. compare. Chemistry. Commerce. conditional. conjunction. Crystallography. définition. Distilling. Electricity. especially. Explosives. féminine noun. féminine. figuratively. future. Geology. Geometry. imperfect. imperative. indicative.

Inorg. interj.

Mach. masc. Math. Mech. Med. Métal. Micros. Mil. Min.

Obs. Org. p.a. p.def. Petrog. Pkarm. Photog. Physiol.

p.p. p.pr.

prep. pron. Pyro. sing.

specif. subj. syn. Tech.

Inorganic. interjection. masculine noun.1 Machinery. masculine. Mathematics. Mechanics. Medicine. Metallurgy. Microscopy. Military. Mineralogy. noun. obsolète. Organic. participial adjective (and participle). past definite. Petrography. Pharmacy. Photography. Physiology. plural. past participle. présent participle. présent. préposition. pronoun. Pyrotechnies. singular. species. specifically. subjunctive. synonym. Technical.

Thermochem. T.N. Vet. v.i. Thermochemistry. Trade Name. Veterinary. intransitive verb. v.r. v.t. Zoôl. reflexive verb. transitive verb Zoôlogy.

Thanks to the many words which French and English hâve in common and to the clarity of French expression, the beginner usually finds it easier to learn to read French than German, espeoially if he has studied Latin. Separable préfixes, involved sentence order and a certain well-known "longwordformingtendency" are not there to trouble him. Nevertheless there are pitfalls, such as the numerous idiomatic phrases, the irregular verb forms and the words which, though posing as old friends, do not mean just what they ought to! Thèse matters the author has tried to keep in mind in the préparation of the dictionary. The following notes may be of assistance in the use of the vocabulary. Phrases. A large number of phrases has been included. As a rule, a phrase is entered under the first important word which occurs in it, prépositions, conjunctions and articles being passed by (en détail under détail, tout d'un coup under tout, etc.). Labels. Labels such as Anat., Elec. and Soap are freely used to indicate in what connection a word has a given meaning. Without such labels some meanings would hardly be intelligible. (For label abbreviations see the table on pages ix and x.) Verbs. Irregular verb forms which are likely to appear in scientific literature are givén where they are most needed, Le., in the vocabulary under their own spellings, and not safely concealed under the parent verb. General Words. A gênerai vocabulary fuller than that of many pocket dictionaries is included with the technical words. The spécial chemical meaning of a gênerai word is ordinarily placed first. Words Common to French and English. In the first édition many words of the same spelling and meaning in the two languages were included. In this édition such words hâve been omitted to make space for new terms, except (1) if the word is followed by one or more phrases, and (2) if the word has an ending which might be translated in two ways. This is especially true of names of chemical compounds ending in -ine, which is translated into English as -ine if the substance is basic, otherwise as -in [cf. rule (4) on page xiv]. Manifestly, the names of compounds which are entered are only a sélection from among those which might hâve been included. Derived Words. As a space-saving device the meanings of many worda are merely indicated, référence being made to another word which is fully



defined. For example, several sensés of the verb brasser (to stir) are given. A listing of ail the corresponding meanings of the noua brassage is avoided by using for the latter word the forai "stirring, etc. (see brasser)." Participles and participial adjectives are often treated in the same way. Féminine Forms. Thèse are not given except in spécial cases. The usual sign of the féminine is the letter e; thus, gris (gray) becomes grise in the féminine singular, while neutre (neutral) which ends in e in the masculine form remains unchanged in the féminine. The following irregularities should be noted: -ve (fem.) corresponding to -f (masc.) ; as, actif, active. -se " " -x; as, nitreux, nitreuse. -se " " -r; as, trompeur, trompeuse. -che " " - c ; as, blanc, blanche. -que " " -c; as, turc, turque. -gue " " -g; as, long, longue. -trice " " -teur; as, indicateur, indicatrice. Doubling of the final consonant; as, gros, grosse. Plural Forms. The regular formation of the plural is by addition of s to the singular. Departures from this rule are: -aux (pi.) corresponding to -al, -ail or -au (sing.) ; as, égal, égaux. -eaux " " -eau; as, nouveau, nouveaux. -eux " " -eu; as, jeu, jeux. -oux " " -ou; as, caillou, cailloux. Nouns ending in -s, -x and -z and masculine adjectives ending in -s and -x in the singular are unchanged in the plural. Nouns Used as Adjectives. French differs from English in its adjectival use of nouns. In some instances the use is the same; as, odeur éther, ether odor; solution lilas, lilac solution. For the most part, however, French nouns used as adjectives might be construed as in apposition; as, chimiste ingénieur, chemical engineer; tube séparateur, separating tube. On the other hand, such English expressions as "sodium chloride" (chlorure de sodium) and "gun steel" (acier à canon) require the use of a préposition when rendered into French. Inorganic Nomenclature. Most inorganic names are readily translated from French into English as soon as one learns that -ure corresponds to the English -4de; -ique to ic; and -eux (fem. -euse) to -ous. Names of hydracids difîer in construction from the English names; as, chlorhydrique, hydrochloric.



Names of salts containing the préposition de ghould not invariably be translated by using "of." For example, while acétate de cuivre is correctly translated "acétate of copper," the form "copper acétate" is more fréquent. Apparently, the older fashion of naming salts from the bases instead of the metals (as carbonate de soude, carbonate of soda) is more persistent in French than in English, hence in many cases it would be well to use the modem form (in this case, sodium carbonate) in translating them. Organic Nomenclature. The use of adjectives in French organic names, instead of a combining form as in English and German, may be noted; thus the compound C6H4CI2 (dichlorobenzene) is often called benzène (or benzine) dichloré, although dichlorobenzene and even the Germanism dichlorbenzol also occur. Names of esters are found in which the name of the alcohol radical is prefixed to the name of the acid; as, éther amylacé tique. This should be rendered "amyl acétate" rather than "amylacetic ester" or "amylacetic ether" if the compound CH3CO2C5H11 is meant, and other cases should be treated similarly. Words ending in -ique are used in a gênerai descriptive sensé more frequently than the corresponding English words in -ic; berbérinique, for instance, would be properly translated "berberinic" if designating an acid, but it often means simply "of berberine" or "berberine"; as, sels berbériniques, berberine salts. German names ending in -insâure may usually be translated into French and English in two ways, that is, as acide -inique (-inic acid) or as acide -ique (-ic acid) ; and it sometimes happens that the one alternative is chosen in French, the other in English. For example, the compound named Levulinsaure is usually called levulinic acid in English while in French the form acide lévulique seems to be the more common. Such différences are not numerous. In order to hâve names which are in accord with the usage of the American Chemical Society as embodied in the "Directions to Abstractors" the following rules (which also harmonize well with the best usage in Great Britain) should be observed. They are not necessarily to be applied to names of pharmaceuticals and dyes, and possibly some exceptions should be allowed for commercial use only, as glycerm instead of glyceroi. Différences between trade and scientific usage are always to be regretted. (1) Translate oxy- by hydroxy- when it désignâtes hydroxyl, as is commonly the case in organic names. When oxy- désignâtes the ketonic group (CO) it is preferably translated oxo- or keto-. (2) Translate names of compounds the chief function of which is alcoholic

succinyl. salicin. . glycerol.should be so translated only when it dénotes combination with an acid group. glutaryl. as. the old names hâve been retained because of the older literature. The same holds for imido-. etc. as in bromphenol and acetphenetidine. butyryl. or Obs. The years hâve brought great changes in the pharmacopeias. but le radical éthyle. indole). chlorobenzene . anilido-. pentosan. many drugs having been discarded as no longer useful.xiv INTRODUCTION or phenolic so that the name ends in -ol. (5) The form amido. (6) In such combining forms as bromo-. toluol. nitro-. Usually it is to be translated amino-. pinacol (not pinacone). -an. as. styrol. (9) In French names of natural glycosides the original ending -ine has often been replaced by -oside. resorcinol. palmitin. cyano-. the trivial names of radicals of carboxylic acids should end in -oyl. amidophénol. Those which are very old are usually marked Old Pharm. are especially to be avoided by use of the connective o (bromophenol. menthane. The following exceptions are conceded to usage: acetyl. chloro-. tolan. éthylpentane. (8) Names of acids ending in -carbonique are translated -carboxylic. as chlorobenzène or chlorbenzène. However. Examples: méthane. stearoyl (not stearyl). For example. (10) The names of radicals which in English end in '-yl hâve two forms in French. The -yle form is the one entered in this Dictionary.de. etc. propionyl. aniline. where the ending -in has been retained in English. (7) The French ending -ane should be translated -ane if it is in the name of a hydrocarbon (or parent heterocyclic compound) which is jully saturated. Pharmaceutical Names. as. salicine or salicoside. acetophenetidine). malonyl. anisole. amygdalin. aminopropionic acid. (4) The ending -ine or -in should be translated -ine in the case of basic substances and -in elsewhere. acide amidopropionique. oxalyl. Examples are: amygdaline or amygdaloe. -yl when used as préfixes and -yle when used as nouns. According to a récent international décision. when they dénote substituting radicals. otherwise. toluène. fortnyl. or in the case of a few hydrocarbons -ene (as benzol. styrène). mannitol. aminophenol. albumin. Concurrence of consonants. furan.. as. glycine. Both forms are of course translated -yl in English. isovaleryl. isobutyryl. and valeryl. maleoyl (not maleyl). chloroacetic acid. benzène. (3) When the French ending -ol does not indicate hydroxyl it should be translated -oie (as. acide chloracétique. Exceptions are benzine (meaning benzène) and the names of alcohols and phénols (see (2)). not -carbonic. the connective o is to be used invariably.

m. dépression. downpour. lowering. as soon as. dépression).t. /. v. in. depress. (Candies) abaisseur. window (of certain kinds) . sugar cane. abhor.t. reduce. from. abolishknocks down. be abundant. kill. abounding. d'— que. good or better. abasement . abandon. dégrade. m.) a tree of the fir genus depress . abdicate. give over. slaughter. canne à sucre. astounding. décline.r. cancel. abasourdissant. wash. S sing. a. (Bot. — de tension. slaughter. v. engulf. relinquishment. abandon. — hydraulique. shade (for a lamp or the abonné. sink. m. (of a tube) delivery. & n. also fat from such parts.a. v. (Bot. bee. m.i. down (voltage) .) abeisse. abonner. abietic. abiogénèse. v. m. (last) gasp. abattoir. m.t. /. give up. stoop. leading away. killing. freezing-point lower. abonder.) abducent. locks. skylight . extemporaneously. blasting. détergent. leave. throw down. v. eut off. abâtardir. form an abscess. aberrant. /. abscissa. abundant. plenty. (asy. bay. destroy.) abelmoak. fall. gulfed. /. fall. v. m. pendicular) .abluer. improve. (see abolir). d'—. v. mais. abaisser. lower. abolition. stupefy. a. abate. 3 sing. a. broadly.abluant.abattre. abscess.. molecular lowering (or aberrant. a. a. abatement. lowerer. (of abattre) abolir. abatage. astound. abaissement. let go of . contract.t. etc. abat-jour. abiogenesis. abasourdir. (see abaisser). by. abundance .. variant. abaque. /. elementary. — du point de congélation. in confusion. drop. abdiquer. abyss. faintness.. abietin. depth. improve. v. p. detest. abluent. m. m.>id. overwhelm. abate. (pi. demean oneself. déjection . awning. wash off. graphie table. pleutior pulled down.abécédaire. suppurate. ing. subsidence. to. abandonner. abîmer. abat-jour .abelmosch. abondance.t. abîme. adv. abbrev. à la mine.i. adv. v. tongue depressor. drop. bark. approach.r. bleak (a fish with silvery scales). copiously. removal. renounce. render stu. dinainiah. debasement. subscription . abolish. (When à is used between substantives the second modifies the first. lower. hydraulic mining or excavating. v. killing. dès V—. slaughterhouse. soak (skins). ablativo. prostrate.t. abonnée.. reduce (an équation) . m. à. abatis. eut métrique) asymmetric(al). subscribe f contract. material eut abondant. abonnir. abacus. /. abolis se ment. — abondamment. etc. m. plentifulness. 1 . at. become (Abies). abat.a. important word in the phrase. abattement. ablation. cutting or pullful . knock down. promiscuously. abound. pr. acv. offal (of animais). (of avoir) has. spoil. throwing down . tallow vat. chart . give up. abaisse-langue.t. mencing with à are placed under the first abcès. réduction (of équations) . v. m. become abattage. prep. /. Phrases com. etc. of. abundantly. abiétique. slaughter. ablette. rebate. down. m. v. v. any of various conifers. deep .abeéder. repeal. fîrst. v. from the abattis. /. m. m. lowering. subscriber. abandonment. eyes) . abord. fluent. m. annul.a. ablation. slaughtered ani.t. step-down transformer. — à la poudre. deafening. Wool) aboi. pr. & r. alphabetical . abiétinée. first.t. abase . nution . abnormal. at firat. fall. & Pharm. as discouraged. ing down. pull down. dimi. amply. — moléculaire. fall down. v. be aiabandon.r. deteriorate. démolition . subside . step abiétine. abolition. destruction. abonnement. ment. p.t. ruin. d'—.t. slaughter. (pi.abhorrer. abattoir. abeille. barking. injure. /. v.abducteur. m. let fall (a per.r. /. spoil. m.t. = abatis.) inferior parts of slaughtered ani. eut away. deafen. render degenerate.i. (Physiol. mal. ping (of a perpendicular) . v. = abatage. abêtir. on. v. prostration . become cording to. m.

t. absorptive. circumstance. /. abstergent. shorten.a. o. /. under crasse.t. summary. (of abstraire) abstracting. résumé.pr. common wormwood. (see aboutir). abreuver. abouchement. (Bot. absorptiometric. m. absous. view. soaking. abstraitement.i. load. m. abutting. mistake. weigh down. S pi. v. absorptlf. acanthus.r. (Lead) scum which forma at the amino acid). repeal. absorptive impure sait). abricotier. v. abstract. beginning of cupellation. take up. — faite de. abstract(see abreuver). = crasse noire.r. gasproof shelter. gate.t. join end to end (as tubes). académie. terminate. about. quality. be mistaken. m. join end to end. acanthe. v. ration. under crasse. abstruse. (Explocost. etc. abstrus. pontica). v. end. a. . v. be absorbed. — à noix. absinthiated. specif. abstrich. académique. absinthe.) bud. resuit. excessive. absorber. absinthe.) anastomosis. m. v. absorbabilité. p. sives) dope. a. apricot tree. abstractively . a. m. absorption. S sing. accumulate. (of absoudre) absolving. peremptorily. académie. p. abus. m. conférence. m. deceive. v. v. abréviation. p. shelter. m. abréger.i. absorb. excluding.r. acquit.absorptiométrique. abri. absolvant. commence on (a topic). pr. confer. a. etc. /. a. be deceived. absorptiometer. a. See huile d'abrasin. suppu. absoudre. absenter.t. apricot. irri. abricot. v. public shelter. away from. from. be brief. peremptory. adv. cashew (Anacardium wormwood (A.r. — col. clean. adv. overwhekning.absorbant. out of contact with. a. joining (of tubes or the absorber. abrogate. absolve. (with de) make ill use of. détergent. absolute . out. absorbent. accaparer. absent oneself. abstract . absorptive. a. abbreviate. (of absoudre) absolved. absorbing. grande —. m. m.t.t. abridgment. shelter. A. abroger. size. absinth. pr.i.absurde. soak. abscisse.t. maritima). abre. v. à V— de. o. v. etc. brief. m. water. noying. bring together. absorbability. (Biol. junction. approach . abstrait. succeed. abusif.absoïbeUT. monopolize . — à pommes. saturate. aboutissant. m. stractly. a. /. absurd. absorptiomètre. p. join . like).. end.abstersif. (Soap) lye. abuse. v. absorption. (Biol. absorptivity. overpositively.t. abrasin. v. late.t.t. abouquer. absorption. — pontique. nopoly. v.t. aboucher. house. v. m. — marine. resuit. absurdness. m. crasse noire. (of an abscess) absout. abouter. abstenir. Roman wormwood (A. etc. a. abrasive. absorbing. (of abstenir) abstains. hâve resuit. protected absurdité. m. cover. setabrasif. outcome. whelm. adv. abut. refrain. Cf. m. monopolization. dug. esp. v. /. abrin (the protein). abstractly. abstractivement. abusive. m. /. pr. be absent.r. absurdly. & m. abstraction. (Painting) prime. collide with . abstraction. /. v. p.aborder ! accaparer aborder. v. error. protect. accaparement. m. a. m. abridged. edly. adv. (Bot. crush. S sing.t. at huile. take away. abstraire. /. /. sea acajou. m. wormwood (Artemisia.absurdement.) inoscu. (of absoudre) absolve. mahogany. pr. lectif. abzug.a. abortif. (Sait) add (new sait to old absorptivité. corne to a head. abriter. — antigaz. absorbent . v. inter. v. abstract. m. abrine (the abyssin. — calorique. /.t.p. abuser. absolutely. v. v. abreuvement. Abyssinian. moabsolvent. abstain. anabsolu. ac. m. oppressive. cleanse. aboutissement.t. cover. refuge. excuse. sheltered from. abstract. etc. aboutir. butt end. ting aside. acabit.abstrayant. v. cashew. abscissa. heat absorption. absurdity.) Abrus. /. accablant. (of absoudre) absolves. misuse. abreuvage. abrine. abuse. converge. absinthium) . abstient. abstracted.t. absterger. be short. abridge. power. accabler. abortive. absolument. occidentale). ababrégé. amass. a. academy (in its French sensée). o. abbreviation.

acerbité. acaroid. pronounced.t.t. prop up. unité. accusateur. get caught. accompagner. accidentel. accelerate. respect . v. sharpness. v. accepter. accède.a. secondary battery. (Elec. accomplishment. increase . accès. v. acclimatize. accul. accusé. accommodement. v. (Mach. regard. a cellulose acétate plastic. m. /. catch. hang up . a. agrée (to). indicate.t. — par courroie.t. accolement. m. arrest. accélérateur. accommoder. /.t. steeled. accoter. .accéder i acerer connection. welcome. accentuer. accelerator.p. enlarged. accessory. steely. accented. acrid.t. (of ground) uneven. m. accéléré. (of rings) fuse. harshness. etc.t. by accident. a. accelerating. préférence . {Radio) tuning.) accumulator. m. /. iron-nickel (or Edison) storage battery. — de réception. acclimater. join. accoutumé. m. couple. joined. m. par —. v. accelerated. accomplissement. accretion.t. or overlay with steel. v. accru. uniting.. anellation (of rings). m. accueil.t. o. accommodate. accept. accouplement. accessoire. couple (cars). accentuated . accompaniroent. m. accident. acérage. join. thorough.t. acénaphtène. accreusement. corner. acculer. a. abridge. hang. accent. increase. steeling. m. acception. unité. accompagnement. accused. accidentally. v. (Mech. grow. arrangement. acerbity. harmonize . agrée. relating to or of the nature of steel. (Min.i. accommodation. delay. m. etc. v. — fernickel. accumulateur. — à pression. a.r. aspirin. etc. concède . storage battery.a. accuser. (see accrocher). pairing. reconcile .a. m. v. accompany . sharp. accumulate. growth. m. acceptor (as of oxygen) . accu. adv. acéré. corner. accord. accepteur. acénaphtylène. adv. (see accuser) . grant. (Eiec. v.r.t. /. embrace. point. accelerative. accumuler. déclare. acéloïd. (Med. connect. accept. increase. réception.r.t. v. steel. accélérer. v. accidentally. copulation . & i. /. accentué. accustom.) mithridatism. m. acknowledge (receipt). /. p. storage tank or basin. v. acceptation. charge. coupled. /. blind alley. accommodating.t. p. chord. steel. v. catch. accouchement. p. a. m.a. v. p. accustoming. in accord. acérain. etc. /. v. adjustment.) synchronize . accouchement. accidentellement. hasten. rough. cling. accord. become stuck together (as a rubber tube). approve . agrée. p. custom. abbrev. (see accomplir). acceptance. acclimate. habit. v. (Métal. accroître. attack (of fever. accessoirement. uniting .) pipe grab. coupling. hook . — à vis. v.). (accumulateur) accumulator. accepter. lean. v. anellate.a. clamp connection. (jlfed. accidenté. adapt. accretion. accorder. quick. edged or tipped with steel. harmonize with. (Com. érosion. enlarge. accomplished . a. v. ace roche-tube. (see acérer). adapt oneself. union. shorten. accoupler. (Printing) brace. acknowledgment. accrue. perfect . v. accoler. accomplish.) acknowledgment. v. a"—. suit. accroissement. etc. acerdèse. fusion. pair. accomplir.t.) hanging of the charge. accord . accrocher. acenaphthylene. edge. access.r. accident. accueillir. & m. adventitious. temper. clearly indicated. (see accoler). complète. receive. (Printing) brace. render keen. m. accustomed. suit.t.r. accourcir. plaintiff. effect. accuser. joining. impasse. acenaphthene. p.t. in an accessory or subordinate way. aceessoriîy. v. place side by side. m.t. put up (with). m. v. m. meaning (of words). indicated. snag. accuse. shoot. agreement . accentuate.) delivery. v. m. v. accroïde. lean.) coupling.r. m. accéder. (of accroître) mcreased. fulfil. accompli.a. accommodant. agreed. accolade.t. m. accouplé. accoutumer. m.) manganite. accumulator. accise. accoutumance. m. v. accidentai. sucker. excise. hanging. acerbe. arrange. harsh. p. build in.t. (of tastes) sharp. welcome.a. tune. sensé. m. m. p. keen. show. acérer. belt coupling. be in accord or harmony (with) .t. accrochage. a. screw coupling. etc. usual.

a. glacial acetic acétylidène. giass) rougli-polished..acheminement. ammonium acéacide. a. acétone. — de chaux. acharné. acétonaphtone. acetylacesium acétate. acetimeter. a. p. . (Old Pharm. ish. acide — concentré. a. crude copper acétate. buyer. proggar base. latum. achèvement. acetoacetic. acétonhémie.a. acetic. liquide. o-acetamidomanoentrated acetic acid. m. aldol (3-hydroxybutanal).) acerose. buy. be completed.acétylacétate. skirstance. m. acetolysis. acétimètre. acheter. anainoacetal. acetanilide. purchasing. acetonitrous. acetoxime. acetylide. acetify.t. acetonuria. acétificateur. — (sou8-) de plomb liquide. — de cuivre brut. oxalis. — d'éthyle. specif. benzylideneacetone. m. routiug. needle-shaped.) medicine made which celery is one species) .acétylhydr indique. ketone. acheveur. acétométrie. m. m.) achene. — de soude. lène. p. acétonurie. (Pharm. (Pharm. acetylating. acétylant. acide — monochloré. acétacétate. forward.) having a vine. calcium acétate. a. acétaldol. acétique. — d'ammoniaque. (Pharm. finished. acétacétique. water parsley. progress .achaine. acéturique. m.t. of or pertaining to acétyacétimétrie. /.acétylure. /. tate. m. wild celery. m. vinylidene. acétine. /. v. acetoacetate. desperate. acétosité. — de potasse. acetoboric. — jerrique acétylacétique. (Pharm. m. treated or mixed with oxymel. acetifier.. acetonaphthonc. m. acétyler.) acétozon. turn (toward).o.r. acetyl. acetoacetate. sodium acétate. acétylé. (Pharm. ethyl acétate. acétoxime. end.t. m.) lead acétylcarbonique. acétocinnamone. trichloro. furious. ret.r. m. forwarded. (of plate vinegar. — d'ammoniaque liquide. amînoacetaldeacetosella. potas. m. acétomellé. /. a. v. step. send. acétonitreux. v. conclude. verdigris. (Pharm. acétoluide. acétate. acetphenetidin(p-acetophenetidide). — de montagne. aceturic. m. keto aminé. infuriate. acétyle. acetometer.t. achever. — d'amyle. p. — neutre de plomb. wood sorrel.t. cellulose acétate. acétylène carbonique. /. excite. — de fer. /. m. propargylic). /. smallage. /. m. acharnement. ress. acéteux. See acide acétoximique at acétate. (Pharm. acétate. — des marais. be infuriated. acetotoluidide. a.) a solution in acheminé. acetimeter. aluminum acétoximique. acet-phénétidine. intense. con. a. m. /. fury. v. /. complète . a.) phenacetin. ketol . acetonemia. acetous. acetylated. (Old Pharm.) oxymel. acétylanilide. advance. acetometry. acetosity. finisher. a. acheminer. ache. m. acetic-nitrous achevoir. /. taining acétone. acetous quality. ardor. (Old Pharm. completion. m. acetylenecarboxacétifier. acetylacetic. m. pyruvic. o. be bent or set. m. of or conv. finishing room. m. tate. parsley. acheteur. — de acétylable. acétolé. any plant of the genus Apium. /.a. amyl acétate. hyde diethyl acetal.) aceto. acétoborîque.acéreux l achevoir acéreux. subacetate solution. acétomel. acetic acid. (Bot. acid. achevage. incite. finishing tool. ketoxime. finishing.a. sent. (Bot. m. — d'alumine. acetol . lead acétate.) solution of ferrie acétate. acetyl benzoyl peroxide. acétolique. start. acetylate. finishing. /. completion. worn-out. a. acétonîque. tenacity. acetimetry. acetylatable. p. preliminary. acide — cristallisable.t. m. finish .') lead acétate. m. v. acetonic. a. p. /. purchase. ammonium acétate solution. acharner. a.a. v. prépare for^ acétolyse. acétonyle. achevé. 'plomb. acétonamine. acétylénique. /. (mono)chloro. /. a. promote. acétocellulose. acétomètre.r. acide — trichloré. ketonic. acetic acid. acétol. finacétone. (of acétolat. /. acétonémie. amino ketone. — by distilling vinegar over a plant subd'eau. Oxalis acétalamine. iron acétate. acétoselle. esp. v. /. m. purchaser. glacial acetic delic. acid. v. a. acetoacetic.achat. a. acetonyl. perfect. aeetin. acetimetry. conclude. ylic (propynoic. purchase.

crucible steel. m. ptarmica). a. cernent steel. acidimétrie. — brut. wood vinegar. — de benjoin.) acide-acétone. — N. an apparatus for separating the fatty acids from fats. acidulous. boron steel. silicon steel. — de Schoellkopf. German steel. — thymique.t. a. waste acid. / . acido-résistant. & m. fatty acid. a. acidimètre.) chloric acid. hydrochloric acid. fined steel. steel. v. citric acid. — chlorhydrique. acidimeter. / . — sternutatoire. — chlorazotique. acidifère. — scheelique. achilléoside. weld steel. acideur. — minéral. any plant of the genus Achillea. v. hydrochloric acid. chamber acid. — cyanhydrique. stumbling. acidifier. a mixture of sulfuric and nitric acids. sneezewort (A. — dilué (dilute(d) acid. battery acid. carboxylic acid.. carbonic acid.r. H2CO3.t. ball-bearing steel. colorless. a. achromïe. résistance to acids. become acid . — chromé. -metrical. — pyroligneux. m. cyano acid.a. acidifieateur. — affiné. chrome steel. spine. lack of bile. / .t. acidifier. — à la craie. acidulated . acide. ketonic acid. / . tungstic acid. — anglais. & r. — du tartre. thymic acid (often used. amidé. acholie. — aminé. damask steel. — de fusion. — à canon. raw steel. — corroyé.t. — à billes. needle-shaped. v. — de Damas. hydrocyanic aeid.8-disulfonic acid. — carbonique. — de Reychler. v. Schaffer's acid (either the a acid. acide-alcool. — bronze. — de Freund.) sulfuric acid of 26° B.) carbon dioxide. achromic. acidifier. — cireux. oxygen acid. — Broenner. acidifier. m. — muriatique suroxigéné. acid ketone. blister steel. Damascus steel. aqua regia. — au réverbère. furnace steel. m. achromatic. aciculaire. — de remplissage. ketonic acid. — phénique. inorganic acid. a. v. acidyle. nitrohydrochloric acid. — à coupe rapide. — à ressort. turn sour. yarrow (A. m. benzoic acid. acide-cétone. achilleine. — résineux. — du citron.. m.t. — coulé. acidulous. m. achromatiser. subacid. — au creuset. spring steel. acier. acidimetry. — à outils. — au chrome. anhydrous acid. esp. phénol. tool steel. pyro acid. colorless.W. nitric acid. m. (Elec. a. — à souder. acid-fast. acidiferous. — au convertisseur. alcoholacid. m. carbolic acid. achromatize. resin acid. — sulfonitrique. reverberatory-furoace steel. — résidu. — au soufre. acholia. Nevile and Winther's acid (l-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid). silver steel. hydroxy acid. — des chambres. — darftassê. p. cast . acid-proof. acicule. as a synonym of thymol but also applied to a nucleic acid hydrolysis product). methylglyoxime. — de Schaeffer. p. — de Tobias. — de forge. acidité. natural steel. pyroligneous acid. naphthionic acid. (Bleaching) acid-lîquor man. acid-base. acidulé r. achromique. 2-furoic acid. shear steel. Brônner acid (6-amino-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid). — acêtoximique. — gras. — cyané. — anhydre. treatment with acid. j8(or 10)-camphorsulfonic acid. — faible. — adouci. stumble. (Old Chem. m. acidity. (Old Chem. Freund's acid (a disulfo derivatire of a-naphthylamine). soldering acid. acido-résistance. steel bronze. — boursouflé.a. cast steel. gun steel.) carbon dioxide. o. acicula (needlelike crystal. (Old Chem. — au bore. / . or the j8 acid. treat with acid. fined steel. — de Piria. m. m. — furfurolique. — d'Allemagne. l-naphthol-2-sulfonic acid. acidosis. millefolium). oxacid. English sulfuric acid (ordinary concentrated sulfuric acid made by the lead -chamber process). achromatique. acidulate. crude steel. milfoil. acidulé. 2-naphthoI-6sulfonic acid). acidage. acidifiant. ingot steel. accumulator acid. refined steel. annealed steel. — azotique. — argent. achromatism. a. converter steel. — de fonte. (For the meaning of other phrases of acide see the respective adjectives. acid ketone. l-naphthol-4. / . acicular. Tobias acid (2-amino-lnaphthalenesulfonic acid). acidifying. weak acid. forge steel.. high-speed steel. aciding. acidify. — marin. acidimétrie. in Pharm. achoppement. or the like). chrome steel. Reychler acid.achillée achillée. acid. o. — muriatique oxigénê. l-naphthol-8-sulfonic acid. acidose. v. achromic. — millefeuille. achopper. acidifieur. achrome. specif. acid o-basique. (Old Chem. acidyl (acyl). obstacle . — cémenté. acider. amino acid. — oxygéné. / . wax acid. — au silicium.) chlorine. — rêgalin. minerai acid. acidulé. / . acidimétrique. — py- ' acier rogénê. spent acid. m. a. (dextro)tartaric acid. damask steel.

acquit. acrol. . a. acotylédone. a.t. calamus. pr. best tool steel. acier eux. high-speed steel. acquit. steel (plate. — trempé. acriraony. refined steel. silicomanganese steel. soft steel. o. double-shear steel. aclaste. semi-hard steel. refined steel. steeling . acre. aciérage. m. tart . actinif ère. double-shear steel. etc.) Acorus. of acquérir.a. lycoctonum). knowledge. m. actor. — sauvage. Azores. payment . — extra . — soudé. make a note of. — détrempé. reheated steel. share (of stock) . reaction steel. m. mild steel.doux. improve. /. a c t e u r . à-coup. installment. acquired. a. — privilégiée. acompte. acquitter. — Thomas. half steel. — Thomas. — Martin. natural steel. acridic. acridness. — fondu. radioactive . (of acquérir) acquired. — silico-manganeux. acridinic. médium steel. m. cast steel. acoustics. puddled steel. discharge. m. — puddlê. — phosphoreux. — à grappes. — raffiné à une marque. basic Bessemer steel plant. hard steel. âcreté. a. m. acryloyl. (of acquérir) acquired. acrid . — mangano~siliceux. intermittently.t. acquire.acier steel. — forgé. v. — par reaction. aconitine. — supérieur. — de priorité. rosé steel. acrolein. acrogène. payment . a. — internis sable. calamus or its root). — mi-dur. wild steel. receipt . document. steelmaker. acridine. pour —. /. m. a. open-hearth plant. silicomanganese steel. certificate. Indian steel. — napel. m. (Bot. edge or point with steel) . ingot steel. steel plant. acridinique. — recuit. /. phosphorus steel. /. etc. overlay. acoustique. assets of a company or of a firm. — marchand. See gomme acroïde. /. extra-mild. aciériste. acrogen. receipt (of a bill). acridity. animation (in speaking. hardened steel. — Martin. actinie. — fin. welding steel. convert into steel. acquittement. — tue-chien. v. acoustic. v. etc. ). acte. actée.. — social. malléable steel. m. containing actinium. — doux. action. a. acquittai. containing. action . steel mill. (on a bill) paid. permit to move bonded goods. crucible steel. — laminé. p. m. actif. — malléable. acridique. become steel. acroléine. acotylédoné. weld steel. transaction (of a society) . purchase. — soudable. yellow wolfsbane (A. payment. aconitîque. acquis. — raffiné à deux marques. wootz. a. wootz. assets. — deux fois corroyé. — odorant. expérience. single-shear steel. — diamant. préférence share (not preferred share). acquérir. single-shear steel. a. actinique. aconitic. — poule. actiniferous. sharp. m. monkshood (Aconitum napellus). — moulé. obtainable. to the crédit of. 1 & S sing. Açores. band steel . — ordinaire. steeling. deed. — une fois corroyé. m. sweet flag (A. annealed steel. Indian steel. or resembling steel . acquiert. /. aciération.. aciérie. shear steel. o. — dur. in favor of. ascertain (a fact). adv. jerkily. — de masse. calamus. double-chrome steel. — vrai. acrylic. rolled steel. steely. ordinary share (not necessarily same as common share). acquirable. hard steel. ingot steel. ingot steel. /. pay. forged steel. strip steel. manganèse steel. à V— de. forge steel. prendre — de. — naturel. a. — nickelé. — doublechromê. /. acroléique. cast steel . sudden hait. — indien. start. obtain. attain. v. m. (see acquérir). perform (an obligation) . acroïde. acquérable. aconit. 3 sing. — poli. gesticulation . — de l'ingot. (Bot. m. acquirement. jolt. polished steel. — durci. /. acrylic. a. jerk. S sing. receive a certificate of . steelmaking. — fleuri. def. alloy steel. acore. — fondu au creuset. — des Indes. active. under gomme. p. p. untempered steel. spécial steel . soft • steel. niekel-plated steel. dead-soft steel. acridine.) baneberry (Actaea). (basic) open-hearth steel. relating to. — rapide. aconite. v. stainless steel. m. hard steel. annealed steel.r. — vif. etc. acier-nickel» m.def. — manganèse. conversion into steel . — inoxydable. — spécial. stainless steel. nickel steel . mass action. steel casting. aclastic. act .t. aciérer. of acridine. rolled steel. acridine. open-hearth steel. — feuiliard. black cohosh (Cimtcifuga racemosa).i. acrylique. steel works. acqUit-à-caution. action aconitine. acotyledonous. — ferreux. — raffiné. acryle. à-coups. blister steel. m. attainment. a. — tendre. nickel steel. a. n.

adipocere.t. occupy oneself (with). supported at the back (said. activated. adepte. adjective. adiaphoresis. adhésion. /. v. adiabatically. . adept. adjust. then. concède.. admixtion.t. of admettre. (of admettre) admitted. opération. adjuvant. /. m. 3 pi. v. protective action. (Med. p. suppose. p.t. actionnement. v. adduction. p. accelerate (motion). admirer. etc. associate. — protectrice. /. (Law) actionable. adhèrent. admirablement. admissibilité. adhering. excite. adjoignit. (Min. adjoindre. adapt. admirably. d'~ simple. deputy. (of admettre) admitted. adossement. additif.t. accept (as true). admissible. /. fit. adiaphorèse.p. (of admirer) admire. admixture. (Med. sloping bed (in gardens). m. adiabatique. v. adv. activité. p. p. addition adjuger. adhesiveness. occupied . m. adénome. hors à"—. adhésivement. adipose.a. admis. administrateur. a. inlet. conveying. of adjoindre. v. a. a. (of adjoindre) adjoins. p. treat (as. /. adiposeness. .r.) adenoma. def. activate. attached. (Mach. now. v. S sing. etc. a. set in motion. at présent. supplier. m. etc. adaptateur. supply. adenine. acute-angled. activating. acuité. adipic. v. adjectif. p. adiante. adv. — tampon.t. & m. adamantin. actionnaire. admissibility.a. manage. acylosal. starting. (see admettre). run. admitted. m. adosser adhésol. wonder at. (see activer). adipose. /.r. & } . adv.t. administer. stockholder. adonidine. movable . adiabatic. fit. adjoining. administrator. sue. suit. admixtion. actively. at that time. adjoined. attach. assistant. acyclic.a. at that time. glanders.) production of fat. admit. S sing. stick. a.a. push. of adjoindre. admire. (see actionner) . adipocire.) ridge. a. adiposité. award. actionné. direct. acylated. adhésif. adénine. govern. allow. aeyl oxide (aoid anhydride). director (of a company). assistant. activateur. sell (at auction). acylé. etc. actually.a. pr. suit. activity. /. /.g. adhésivité. etc. admit. m. /. def. présent. o.t. a. actuel. (see activer). apply. support at the back. single-acting. of a table fastened to a wall). adopter. ados. p.action = action de priorité. supplying. admettre. maidenhair fern. having the back against something. adhère. additional. adjunct.t. a. v. actuality. S sing. adamantine. adénite. urge on. adamine. /. acyloxide. additionner.a. adipogénie. activé. operated. talus. p. (Agric. adonidin. adjonction. /. adjuvant.a. buffer action. adjunction. adjoignant. v. lean. adjudge. pi. rest. m. activer. out of gear. actuate. adhérence. actual. drive. def. actualité. m. mix. a. supported. /. slope. sharpness. out of action . additive. adossé. operate. shareholder. v. acyloin. administrer. adiabatic state or phenomenon. activator. add up. a. acyloïne. activement.t. adductor. acylate. p.) opération. actionner. adiabatiquement. catalyst. adiposity. v. def. adapter. dévote oneself. admissible. actuellement. assume. /. /. trustée. busy. m. m. actionnable. m. etc. adhesive.. S pi. adopt. cling. a. (Physiol. admirent. adipeux. p. or tillage in ridges. acutesse. adhérent. adjuvant.) adenitis. adiabatisme. receive. p. acyclique. /. start. adv. adapter. aspirin. additionné d'acide. energize. excellently. set in motion. (see adosser) . activant. adjoint. make hotter (a fire or flame). set the back of (against). adducteur. manager. adonidoside.t. adiabate. pr. sued. hasten. adipique. etc. /. m. adv. v. acutangle. to which acid has been added) . adosser. slope. v. v. adhérence. adonner. acuteness.) adiposis. a.) adamite.i. adénites. apply oneself (to). (Med. (Bot. m. a copal varnish. adiabatic curve. e. piping (as of water). o. adjoin. additionnel. m. acyler.) adiantum. adhérer. pointedness. /.t. m. 1 & t sing. intensify. m. m. adhesively.t. add. mixed or treated with acid. converter. m. /. match. /. /. a. permissible. v. /.

be addressed . become weak. sink. apply . adulterating.t. 771. aerate. m. water (blower or blast).) annealing. aérostatique. avoir — à. aérogène. adsorbat. sinking. flatten. competitor. /. a. affair . become soft. aerobe. (Radio) aerial. /. aérodrome. copper-bearing. etc. v. starved. eager. adoucissant. aérhydrique. gaseous. ventilator. balloon. adoucissage. aerolith.r. aerated . dexterity. a.t. a. p. quarrel. of Académie des Sciences. p. affadissement. m. aérochauffeur.a. /. give way. etc. aerial yeast. v. aérodynamique. or f. /. m. hâve to do with. advers. adroit. adventitious. adultérant. aircraft.t. soothe. adrénalinique. debase (coinage). disgust. p. a. softening . emollient. a. m. tiresome. v. aérorefroidisseur. aération. battle. polishing powder . cleverly. advenu. aéromètre.adoucir adoucir. sink. m. lose strength. diminish . a. aérocalorigène. adventice. affaissement. aéropulvérisateur. m. a. m. aér omet rie. aerometry. m.) propeller. succumb. settle. aérage. (Photog. advenir.t. m. matter. polishing . tragacanth. affaire.r. debility.p. aduiterate. v. adversaire. weakening. œsculin. air-. m. adsorptive. aérobic. adventif. aéré. a. m. m. a. affamé. m. aétite. & m. (Aero. become insipid or flat. famished. smooth. adsorbent. adoucisseur. v. a. aired.) emollient. difficulty. address. /. adulte. adsorber. o. aérer. deaden . /. adoux. œtites. aération. adresser. p. smoother. need. aérifier. /. expertly. v.t. aerial. aduste. adsorb. damp. (of advenir) happened. address. hydraulic. ventilation. etc. m. vapid .t. airy. polisher. aérolithe. (Photog. airport. air cooler. adversary.d. p. send. round off . adsorbant. loss of flavor. make milder. m. weighing down. adversité. (Med. adsorbate. deaden . demulcent. art of constructing and navigating balloons . /. v. expert. adroitement. aérodrome. aeriform. skill. (see adoucir) . m. m. air-conducting. aérien. v. first polish (of metals). (Metal. weakness .) . etc. m. aérostat (used in French only of lighter-than-air craft). adragant(h). befall. smoothing. danger . (also pi. aerify. ventilated .a. (Photog. opposite. settle. A. affaiblisseur. aerolite. aerostatics. v. deject. adventitious.) clear. aerolitic. m. adventive. pr. adversity. of the air. aerifère.) business. v. esp. dilute. polishing substance . aesculetin. affadissant.t. moderate. opponent. (see affaiblir) . m. atomizer. mollify. (Métal. air. reduce. cleverness.S-.) anneal . relating to gas attack by air. aerostatic. adult. m. etc. woad. softening (of colors) . engagement.a.a. adoucissement. aeronautics. a. adulaire. weakening. attenuate . adv. fan.) adularia. affaiblir. aérocondenseur.t. VA. render insipid or flat. sweetening.t. aérateur. under gaz. be concerned with . ah* heater. tJ.) reducer. aéroport. es eu Un. aérolevure. flatness. ventilate. & m. adust.r. pall. a. a. abbrev. /. aerometer. v. adverse. affaiblissement. air condenser. aérifère. thing. m. subside. aerify. m. collapse. See gaz aérogène. sag. tend. /. /. softening. burnt. aerator. a.. adultérer. occasion. esculetin. m. aerochemical. 3 sing. a. affaibli. sweet or mild. polish . a. aéronef. forward.. a. (see affaiblir) .a. aérostation. aériser. 8 affamé aérobie. adultérant. p. aéropropulseur. aerodynamics. adultérant.) reducing. hâve business with. adresse. weakened. sweeten. address oneself . depress. aérolithique. airy. a. fortune . v. p. airport. be relieved or moderated. ventilation. affadir. (of advenir) happens. etc. (légal) case. aerostation. v. weaken . /. antenna. insipid. occupation. (see affaisser). aérochemique. opposing. relieve. air yeast.a. happen.t. aérostat. flat. aériforme. eaglestone. soften. polish (of metals. v.t. affaisser. m. sesculine. question. m. . dilute . a. air. (Min. weigh down. adroitly. sesculétine. adroit. of adrénaline. adrénaline. advient. iesculoside. m. 771.r. clever. reduce. airing. insipidity. undertaking .

cavity. or face to face. affiler. influx. member. fit up. devoted. affleurer. dispose. bill. (of strata) crop out. point (needles. affranchissement. finest flour. agencer. erode. affect. agatize. v. m. agaty. m.r. agatifier. similor. affiloire. hard. etc.t. confirm. fasten. (of cheese) ripea. cataiytio agent. purging agaric (Polyporus oflicinalis or a préparation of it). v.a. 7n. refinery. become refined. afficher. affreusement. m. agent. sharpening. stand. disposition. foddering. affilié. p. agave. front. abbrev. affréter. agenda. (Physiol.a. a. hideous. afflict. afin de. v. Association Française des Techniciens du Pétrole. âge. — noire.t. affilier. affligeant. sharpen.t. affinity. refine. freping. heckle (flax). agave. affermir. agaric. agaric (Polyporua igniariua). affliger.Paper) thinning the pulp. flow. black agate. Africa. /. undermine. leveling. p. agatiser. m. on the lookout for. arrangement. affranchir. support. /. exempt.i. making firm. ripen (cheese).t. fire (casks). proper. affûteur. /. hiding place. be level or flush.t. affleurement. grinder. afilicted. cheat. love. frightful. affinerie. frightfully. affligé. affectionné.t. affermissement. expose. at-law. affronter. outcrop. etc. agency. grind. a.Métal. affineur. agenouiller. — mousseuse. make firm. agate. etc. (Geol. p. bring to the proper level. fix. (see affermir). properly mixed. p. grindiug. white agaric. m. lookout. sharp. sharpening.affecter affecter. (Iron) fuel supply. flush. moss agate. affinité.t. etc. (see affiner). /. fearful. médium. affluence. conrîensing agent. v. âge. refiner. v. affermer. affiche. /. m. affleurage. affectionner. m. trim off. a.). (pi. v. fast. affinement. agave. containing agate. /. refining. agent affouillement. m.a. a. pouring on. affroat. affirmativement. order. /. affleuré. be evcn or level with. v.t. v. free. agencement. agence.r. aged. hone. affilage. prepay. arrange. disturbed. affiner. — du Sud. so that. become pure. liberate. & Mining) outcropping.F. affilé. érosion. allot. (see afficher). end to end. in order that. or strong . become firm. m.) fittings. old. etc. a. à V— de. /. adv. (see affranchir). v. of or pertaining to aflinity. etc. agaricin. make level or flush. affût. interest.) puddling.t. carnage.t. p. afin que. affichage. affenage. africain. placard. /. infatuated. tinder purgatif. — de liaison. m. affront. p. associate. deranged. deliver. agaricine.t. m. fly agaric. distressing. beloved. absorbent. agent. — tue-mouche. a. disgrâce.T. — condensateur. means of union. afBuence. rest.t. distress. affectionate. in order (to). like. pittnig. v. — catalytique. /. agate. v. join fiuah. m.) afférent. a. affiliate.t. corne to the level of. v. Afrique. agate. . v. fixtures. AFNOR. adjust. affinitaire.a. posting. watch . affiïiated. sharpened. consolidate. (Law) belonging. affreux. m.. a.P. afférent. (of weather) clear. v. v. — absorbant. v. — blanct — . mémorandum book. horribly. m. absorbing agent. affusion. be Consolidated. fine.t. harden.a. publish. South Africa. pasturing.a. affin. post. Association Française de Normalisation. African. m. m. kneel. destine. affirmatively. mount (of a gun) . v. post up . affouage. join (an organization). adv.t. âgé. iease. refining. m. parade. feeding. v.t. sharpener. sharpen. whetstone. affûter. affirmer. afflicting.t. affirm. v. (. abbrev. /.r. throng. m. m. v. m. détestable. run. related. affleurie. (see affiner). strengthen.r. face . obsidian. rent.i. — amadouvier. affinage. pay. abound. announce. v. trim. A. (in lamp bulbs) getter. firm. notebook. place on the same level. flow in. catalyst. agaric. (. v. affûtage. poster. charter (a vessel). v.t. inflow. m. — anglais. level. affolé. mix in proper proportion (as flours). caving in. undermining. v. exfoliation (by rust). affluer. affouiller. affusion. m.

permitted. /. haddock. of avoir (to hâve). — de agrandir. wash. pleasantness. extend. other. assistant. impiem. magnesite block. agglomérer. An. — combustible. specif. m. exalt. be agressine. aigle. m. shaker with a aidant. aiglefin. 3 sing. : fuel made agréer. coolant. fasten (with an agrafe). pr. agissant. a. aggregate. m. cramp. temporary professor. p.t. agglutinage. (see agrandir). agitateur. agglutination. agrostide. accept. /. — aêroagglutinine. act. clip. aggregate. p. /.t. (see aide-souffleur. aglomérant. mass . grandfather. cooling agent. gas attack from the air. pr. help oneself or one anagneau. agglomérant. reducing agent. receive favorably. carrier. by means of. aggressively. v. v. m. permit. binder. m. etc.t. m. be acinto the form of briquets or lumps from ceptable. reciprocating motion. fastening. — mélangeur. with agnelin. aggraver. clasp. m.a. v. diaca). aïeux.aïeul. m. etc. tural.) de. m.i. attack. v.t. pleasantly. technical assistant. agricultural. v. v. clasp. aH. (unifor Leclanché cells. a. . assistance. fastening (of varions kinds). m.ai. (Ceram. agronomist. — exaggerate .agent 10 aiglefin (Org. agglutinability. aggravate. (of avoir) hâve. be in action. consent. disturb. a.. agglomérating agent.pl. agglutinage. agglutinin. ciety). agrafage. be in motion. v. m. a. with the employment of. agrafe. agglomerating.agrandissement.i. & f. — réducteur. etc. ring rod.t. lamb's wool. /.a.agrément. (with de) make use (of). with a disk-shaped end.r.. a. mure.) a sub. m. — va-et-vient. p. abbrev. assist. agglutiner.t. m. the aid of. v. ordinary glass stir. mechanical stirrer or shaker . agglutînate. shaker. with the aid etc. lamb's wool. agitâte (stir. agreeable. chimique. charm. agitator. sinter. extend . admission to a fellowbriquet. — révélateur. ornatering. enlarge. pleasing. frittîng. agglutinated . be pleasing. subj. aggrandize. aggression. agglomerate. p. fas. Chern. aigayer. stirring rod agronome. agrégation. v. approval. agrès. m. aid. enlarger. a. motive agent. clip. agglomerate. admit (into s Socollect into a mass.r. help. approved . approval. & r. enlargement.T. en. ments. admixture of manganèse dioxide and coke mission (into a society or company) . — mécanique. magnif y . agneline. agriculteur. ment. m. m. clamp. See agglomérant. à V— de. aide. clamp. sinter. fellow. increase. — magnésien. stirrer.) condensing agent. il s'agit de. en s'aidant de. ampère-hour(s). agrafer. v. (Olass) blower's assistant. fittings. m. be agitated. tackle. agriculturist. agronomie. v. approve . sible.agréable. aid. p. aiding. aid. labagiter. active.t. /. veloper.t. agglutinant. exert oneself. clamping. rinse. V. bail. magnesite brick.t. aggloméré. bent grass (Agrostis). harden. aglutinage. fuel versity) fellowship. season. — transmetteur. /. oratory assistant.a. mashing apparatus. become larger. — agressivement. cestors. v. ah. agglomerate.r. agrégé. /. m.t. etc. agglutinant. eagle. agglomérant. it is a agricole. hook. aient. agriculquestion of. a. agglomerated. snap. 1 sing. water. unrefined sugar molded into briquets . agitating. v. agripaume. agression. m. ship. enlarge .t.). /. permisagglomérat. (see agrandir). (Photog. mass composed of a agrégat. stirring rod . In laine agneline..pl. stance that imparts hardness to the paste. carrying agent. m. take action. aid. helper. antener. specif. — ordinaire. coal dust or the like .. v. agglutinabilité. acting. shaker. agrée. form or agréger. agriculturist. etc. m. hook. act as. m. help. agreeably. apparatus. aggregation. agglutinatif. motherwort (Leonurus caragitant. agréablement. grow. pleasant. agglutinative. agrandisseur. — technique.a. — de laboratoire. agrafer). lamb. of. cramp. briquet. moteur. m. agir. equipment. helper. v. pleasure. it concerna. specif. aider. (Brewing) aguerrir. shake. catch. /. agréation. caking. refroidissement. aggregate. stirrer. agreeableness. adv. behave as. — à bouton. aggressin. v. briquet . sin.a. /. adv. m. lock.

r. narrow slice or strip. aquamarine. magnetized. as well as. horseshoe magnet. turn sour. /. pine needle. blade. sharp peak.) oxygen. sour. tooth (of a pinion). par —. aigre. loadstone. — à tricoter. sourish.) ailanthus. used for any gas) . p. turn sour. — de boussole. cold air. sourly. v. a. residual magnetization. aiguayer. (Old Chem. — Que.a. aiguillette. — conçu. moreover. hot air. v. keen. piercing. — d'essai. souring. aillent. aigremore. sting. — ambiant. small wing. /. tartness. pr. harshly.) egret. irritate. o. a. outgoing air. magnetic. sourness. — de ptn. carburetted air. soured. anywhere else. — respirable. subacid. etc. — comprimé. ai maniabilité. a. aigrette. pinnacle. a. o. — composé. magnetizable. — froid. /. avoir de V—. besides. sourness. needle-shaped. alar. magnetization. (of sounds) shrill. . cold-short. aimable. acidification. egret. — aimantée. tourner à V—. {Old Chem. thorn. aimanter. (Railways) switch. so. (Bot. tenon. atmosphère. ail. -aine.aiglette 11 air aiglette. be magnetized. eldest. hand . (of needles. elder. senior. blade (of a propeller). garlic (Allium sativum). ainsi. /. a. /. magnetic. aigrette. etc. magnetic. m. adv. sour. be sour. — à coudre. reading as follows. — des ours. m. of aller (to go). between sweet and sour. aigtelet. therefore. half a hundred (not so definite as cinquante). — carburé. — méphitique. acidity. aimanttn. become irritated or aggravated. fiange. paddle (as on a mechanical stirrer or a water wheel) . shallot. love. ailleurs. (see aigrir). any species of Allium. prefer. aileron. tart. blade. as. fifty.). aigreur. aiguillonner. — de moulin.t. aigremoine. v. fin.) agrimony.) heartburn. sharpen. in addition. having an aigrette. /.) sharp . aiguiser. sharp . firing pin. wash. sourish. aigu. long. cold blast. adv. elsewhere. prickle. consequently. kind. v. subacid.t. (Old Chem. (of firearms) firing pin . acidify. by other me ans. become magnetic. natural magnet. m. slightly sour. smell sour. therefore. v. /. usually. aiguisage. — mieux.) nitric oxide.) inflammable air (hydrogen gas). pointer. like. — fixe. touch needle. hot blast. magnetizing. stud. adv. (see aigrir). p. like better. piercing. index. aille. — vicié. magnetize. — déphlogistiqué. amiable. sting (of bées. aigret. (Glass) a warped form of cylinder ailé. — en fer à cheval.) fixed air (carbon dioxide). aimantisant. pr. open air. — sortant. s'— à. sail (of a windmilJ). pi. aigrement.. tourmaline. /. sentir V—. — nitreux. /. aigue-marine. — de Ceyîon. m. groin.) hydrogen sulfide. fin. pyrosis.r. par —. A suffix used in forming nouns from numéral adjectives . conj. otherwise. used in pyrotechnies. aile. aiguille. a. vane. aîné. d'—. m. cold-shortness. m. knitting needle. aimantaire. 1 & S sing. allante. une cinquantaine. be fond of. aiguillage. m. v. as. aie. v. (in furnaces) blast.) brush discharge.t. subacid. subj. aigre-doux. aiguisement. also for nitrogen). tartness. etc. powdered soft wood charcoal. magnetic needle. dephlogisticated air (Priestley's name for oxygen).t.t. a. pinion (end of a bird'a wing). thus. by another way. /. subj. lug. magnet . rinse. peak. aigri. magnetizability. points. (railway) switch . (Old Chem. a. aiguilleur. water. eaglet. etc. goad. electromagnetic relay.a. rib. winged . (Blec. slightly sour. of aller (to go). m. sharpening. aigrir. aiguillon. m. aimanté. spire. switching. aiguillé. aimant. — chaud. aimantable. — en fil de platine. 3 pi. — frais. winglike. worded thus. — naturel. aigrissement. v. (of metals) brittle. acicular. m. ûange . aggravate. lovely. a. compressed air. etc. sharply. — inflammable. /. so to say. — rémanente. — acide vitriolique (old name for) sulfur trioxide. thus. adamantine. (Med. wing (in various sensés) . aine. harshness. like. — d'Ascalon. compound magnet. mephitic air (old name for carbon dioxide. aigrette. a. somewhere else. sewing needle. platinum needle. ailette. compass needle. pointed . wi. m. sourish. fresh air . goad. air. sour. aimantation. loadstone. cool air. (of an airplane) aileron. spine. acute . pour — dire. aiguillette. harsh. further. — de fusil. aimer. needle . be fond of. a. as it were. m.t. (ZoSl. (Old Chem. turn sour. a. (Bot. ramson (Allium ursinutri). (of metals) brittleness. — puant. air (in Old Chem. — libre. brick earth.

/.) vital air (oiygen gas). alandier (fireplace placed at the base of certain spécial furnaces or kilns and fired from the outside). cernent floor. summon. m. adjust. airage. shingle. area. be postponed. finishing. albuminimètre. roasting hearth. — calcaire. outlet tube. aerie. /. malt floor. Airila. airing. a. /. (pi. aisance. alambiquer. ajonc. ad . (of a burette) tip . — à siphon.) alabandite. alanyl. ventilation. alabaster. ajourner. v. be alarmed. join end to end. m. albuminuria. n. a. ajutoir. m. gorse (Ulex europaeus). m. p. adjourn.t. (Mach. alantin (inulin) . ajouré. addition. puzzle. aire. bronze. pasteboard. albugineous. perforated. alanine. be adjourned. pipe still. (Anat. efflux tube. v. assign. m. m. ease.t. siphon still. /. adjustment.) axil. /. m. fit. floor.) axilla. v. — en ciment. albâtre. mountain cranberry (V. v. glad. albuminurie. a kind of starch adhesive. albumin. a. (pi.) alembic. — de caoutchouc. be reconciled . alandier. board. m. gold and silver). — vital.. alabamine (astatine). bed. ajoutoir. & m. containing openings. hearth. v. (Tech. shell still. (of a cask) stave. Obi. (of paper) albumenized. alarmant. airain. m. albumoid. m. etc. albuminurique. face (as of a hammer) . vitis-idaea). adjuster. v. ajustage. v. ease. albumenization. m. make openings in. etc. alabame. albuminoid. m. m. albuminimeter. distilling fiask. fitting. akée. furze. well off. v. m. m. /. — de grillage. adjusting. — cylindrique.r. . ajoutage. v. (Old Chem. ajustement. coin balance. m. — vivifiant. aissante. (flat) surface. /. aisselle.a. arrange. be uneasy. alarming. — oriental. alambic. easy. — de carton. m. — foi à. blueberry (Vaccinium). m. ais. roasting fumace. joy. put faith in. alberge. testing still. distill. ajournement. believe. be adjusted . m. albuminous . v. postpone. alkahest. needle nozzle. still for analytical work. & a. alban.t. earthen iloor. m. alarme. Pitot tube. airure. adjourn.) addition (as. albumen. (Min. brass (in the old indéfinie sensé of copper alloy). — tubulaire. alarmer. a ferment used in cheese making. — à pointeau. add. m. clingstone peach (or apricot). discharge tube or pipe. alcalamide. whetber aliphatic or not). ajourer. a. albuminoïde. aizy.) fit. ajoute. adjustment. plank. — de Cormthe. easily. (Org. adv.r. albuminurie. m.r. Mayer's adhesive. shelf. Chem. alanine. ajustable.instable. alabandine. albane. m. be fitted . perforate. platform. board floor. akee (Blighia sopido). nipple. — rouge. alantine. still. alarm. addition. ajointer. content. (Mining) thin end of a vein. albinos. albumen.r. etc. be added. rubber tube connection. sole (of a furnace). albumine. Oriental alabaster (calcareous alabaster). m. gypseous alabaster. sizer (of coins). batch still. (see ajuster).t. — de planches.. a. ajusteur. fit . (see ajourner). a. /. a kind of white flint glass. aisé. agrée . albumen. — de Pitot. point of the compass. (Old Chem. n. aisseau.t. /.) comforts. fitter. m. alkadiene. airelle. — ajutage. whortleberry. alarm. dress. — en argile. m. albumineux. grate area. nozzle. p. /. /. /. connection . ajuster. v. — à marche discontinue. a. m.a. horny albumen. /. ajouté. m.) alkalamide (an JV-acyl derivative of an aminé. (Bot. — gypseux. a kind of lamp for spectroscopic and polarimetric work.t. floor space. /. alanyle. — de Mayer. albino. — de vent.au 12 alcalamide vitiated air.t. ajutage. choke damp. aie. alcahest. m. calcareous alabaster. — corné. ajustoir. tune. make too subtle. abbrev.) water closet. specif. aisément. (alcalin) alkaline. aise. /. albuminage. adorn. /. = ajutage. alcadiène. fît up. Corinthian brass (alloy of copper. — d'essai. enjoyment. adjournment. to a charge). albumolde. attire. — à malt. ajouter. aim at. Corinthian bronze. adjuating balance. aim. albugineux.. clay floor. albuminé.

hexyl alcohol. m. industrial alcohol. alkaline. beet alcohol. alkali cellulose. — ordinaire. alkalimetry. inorganic alkali. amyl alcohol. m. alcali. — carbonate.') potash. — de menthe. o. m. (Ceram. alkali. /. alcallmètre.2-ethanediol). alkalinosiliceous. alcarazas. — éthylique. — industriel. (Ceram. alkaloid. — cinnamique. alkaligen (an old name for nitrogen). a. (Pharm. alcaligène. It is the first part of the faon goût. amyl alcohol of fermentation (a mixture of 2. coniferyl alcohol. containing alkali and sait. — carburé. alcaptone. alkaloidai. alkalinity. alcalisoluble. (Biochem. m. m. /. — caprique. alkalimetric(al). (Bot. dilute alcohol. — animal. alchimiste. alkalescency. alcalisation. v. alcatétrène. va the rectification of alcohol the purest portion of the distillate.) aïkalinoplumbiferous. /. ammonium carbonate (old name). containing alkali métal and lead. — dilué. myricyl alcohol. — mêthyligve. — de fécule. — butylique. alchimie. a. alkalization. absolute alcohol.) alkapton. alkaloidal. — de bouche. — éthylchlorhydrique. alcannine. — de soufre. — dénaturé. m. /. a. — benzylique. alchemist. (Old Chem. plant alkaloid. alcaliser. alkali carbonate. industrial alcohol. — fixe. m. methyl alcohol.) carbon disulfide.) Althaea. alcènol. — cérylique (or cérotique). ceryl alcohol. — volatil concret. a. (Old Chem. alcée. — éthylénique. — furfurolique. in the rectification of alcohol.and 3-methyl-l-butanol).. m. /. alkanol. alkalimeter. volatile alkali (old name for ammonia). strong alcohol. alkalize. alcène. alcamine. solid alcohol. m. — de betteraves. alkali-soluble. cinnamic alcohol. alchemic(al). alcaptonurie. — de queue. m. — anisique.id. fusel oil. alkatetrene. plant alkaloid. — caproique. hydroxy aminé. — allylique. — fin. — volatil. alcalescent. — hexylique. diluted alcohol. potable spirit. containing alkali and silica. — mentholique. — caprylique. (Soap) alkalinosaline. alcalifiant. /. alkaleseenee. ethyl alcohol. alcalino-barytique. beetroot spirit. denatured alcohol. commoa or ordinary alcohol (ethyl alcohol. alkaloid. — de vin. /. alkalifying. rentier alkaline. — de cœur. furfuryl alcohol (2-furanmethanol). aicali-cellulose. specif. denaturing alcohol (crude wood spirit). alcalinurie. — phényléthylique. alcoholic solution of hydrochloric acid. melissyl (myricyl) alcohol. carburetted alcohol. animal alkalo. anisyl alcohol. alkali. alkannin. phenethyl alcohol (2- . . — absolu. fecula brandy. alcaloldique. borneol. benzyl alcohol. m. — à brûler. alcool. methanol. — mauvais goût. m. a. alkalization. /. starch spirit. — mélissique. /. — dénaturant. a. (Old Chem. /. ethylene glycol (1. butyl alcohol. decyl alcohol. m. cetyl alcohol. bon goût (see under bon). a. — camphré. spirit of peppermint. /. alkalescent.) fixed alkali. the third portion to distill over. alkali métal. — o haut degré. alcalinisation. ethal (1-hexadecanol). alkaloid. alkene. alkalinuria. alcanol. alchemy.) alkalinobarytic. fuel aloohol. alcalrno-terreux. crude spirit. a.t. alcalino-siliceux. cumic aicohol.) aromatic alcohol. spirit of camphor. /. specif. — d'industrie. Cologne spirit. — amylique de fermentation. — aromatisé. aloarraza (water cooler of porous earthenware). following the moyens goûts and preceding the bon goût. — bon goût.t. — éthalique. — myricique. a. camphor spirit. allyl alcohol. /. alkalize. alcohol. /.and 3-methyl-l-butanol. alkalimeter. hexyl alcohol. octyl alcohol. sal soda.. /. — végétal. alkalimetry. o. menthol. alkalosis. measurement or analysis of alkaloids. alcaloïmétrie. alkatriene. cinnamyl alcohol. alcalose. v. alcallno-plombifère. • — durci. alcaloïde. high-percentage alcohol. a. — amylique. alcane. — minéral. alchimique. alcohol for use in the arts. alkane. m. sodium carbonate. — campholique. alkaline-earth métal. alcarraza. alcalinité. vegetable alkaloid. alcalimétrie. a distillate of about 80 to 95 percent strength).alcalescence 13 alcool alcalescence. alcalinlser. alcalimétrique. alkaligenous. amyl alcohol of fermentation (a mixture of 2. alchemistic(al). alcatriène. — cuminique. containing alkali métal and barium. m. a. o. — coniférylique. render alkaline. ethyl alcohol. alkalîne substance. — végétal. alkaline-earth. /. alkaptonuria. alcallnlmétrie. — brut. alcatnine. alkali. alcalino-salé. raw spirit. m. alcalinimètre. alkenol. alcalin.

— tolylique. uncertain. /. alcoyl. monia. valêrique. aldogan de Carteret. — cuminique. Chem. alêne. m.) spirit (strictly.a. alcoolo-éthéré. a. alcooscopie. /. terpene alcohol. spirit distilled butyraldehyde . m. valeraldehyde. (Org. furaldehyde. m. — vanillique. acetaldehyde. pentanal. /. propyl alcohol. furflirai. isobutyraldehyde. around. vanillic alcohol. alkyl . m. — alcoolique. aldolize. aromatique. — alcoolification. aïcoholize. a. — êthylique. phrases under teinture.) protocatechualdehyde. — œnanthylique. tolualdehyde. alkyl (as. — d'ammoniaque.t. alcoolométrie. alcohol-ether. namique.alcoylène. alcoholase (zymase). alcoholically. alcooliser. m. (Pharm. alkylsulfuric.alcoylation. primary alcohol. /. (aliphatic) mercaptan. alkane(old name for ethyl alcohol). honey. radical specif. alkoxylate. m. acrolein.some) any aliphatic hydrocarbon radical. alcoolyse. v. made from alcohol and a plant by distil. alcoylhalogène. alcoométrie. aldéhyde. alcoolyser.t. a. — thiênylique. trichloré. about. formaldehyde with water. /. — vinique. alcoholizable. a. m. (alcoholic) tincture. m. alcoxyler. acetaldehyde. /. — protocatéchique. tertiary alco(according to some) any aliphatic monohol. /. alcoolature. — sulfuré.t. pi. alcoholism. a mixture generating alcoolisme. higher alcohol. sodium alcoholate. sec. trichloroacetaldehyde.aldéhydique. vinique. alkylated . p. adv. alcoolé. one made simply by dissolving the aldéhydate. alcoxy-. alkylene. — alcoholification. m. — de citron. anisaldehyde. heptanal. alkyl radical). (o-. cinnamaldehyde. aldehydic. alcoholometry. a. cuminaldehyde.alcool 14 Alep phenylethanol). aldehyde-amvolatile principle in alcohol is properly called teinture d'essence). — terpênique. blend with al. — acétique. aldonique. v. alentour. potassium alcoholate. awl. — toluique. alcoolisé» p. /. alkoxy-. enanthmeaning of phrases see the corresponding aldehyde. alcoholometry. alcoholometer. vanillyl alcohol. adv. /. v. sodium ethoxide. alcoolomètre. alcoholometry. mercaptan. alcoholic. aldehyde-amalcoolisation. benzaldehyde. alcoholization. . potassium ethoxide. aldine (old name for pyrazine). /. m. alkylsulfonic. — glycolique. Alep. — subérique (or alcoylé. sulfonic. v. environs. alcooliquement. alcoolat. m. — primaire. chlorohydrocarbon. acetaldehyde. — antiscorbutique. — etnfrom more than one plant substance.) tincture of a fresh palmitaldehyde. alcoholoscopy. herb or herbs. — benzoïque. — formique. /. alcoolase. acrylalde— ammoniacal fétide. hol. Iemon tincture. cumaldehyde. hazard. alcoholature. groupement aldéhydique.aldine. aldéhyde-ammoniaque. — ammoniacal monia. /. alcohol. — propargylique. — anisique. alkylate. m. /. alcoolate. aie. — potassé. alkylation. piperonyl alcoosol. supérieur. 2-furaldehyde. m. a mixture of alcohol and aléatoire. aie oylsulfhyd rate. — pro. a. pargyl alcohol (2-propyn-l-ol).t. furpeel tincture. /. chloral.a.or p-)methylbenzyl alcoylidène. hexadecanal. conversion into alcohol. alkyne. alcoomel. alcoholometer. — furfurolique. containing alco. one alcoylsulfurique. — salicylique. fetid spirit of ammonia. ethanal. a. /. — tertiaire. aldolisation. v. m. m. — allylique. — composé.) alcoholate. alkylidene. (For the glycolaldehyde. subérylique). — pipéronylique. alcoomètre. alcohol. ondary alcohol. (according to pyîique. 2-thiophenemethanol. (aliphatic) thiol. pro. Àleppo. a compound with an aldéhyde.alcyne. vinic alcohol alcoylsulfonique. — butylique. alcoolisable. aldoliser. — secondaire. compound spirit hyde. m. — sodé. (Pharm. alcoholysis. alcoylé. aléa. chance. tanol). aldéhyde (as. aldéhyde. aïcoholize. m. cohol. (properly) alkyl halide. alcohol-ether (mixture). m. aldéhyde group). m. hazardous. of horseradish. alentours. lation . salialcool-éther.t. sweet orange methanal. formaldehyde. aie. cylaldehyde. vicinity. alcosol. — éthalique. aldonic. m . specif.alcoyle. aromatic spirit of ammonia. aldolization. alcoholized. suberyl alcohol (cyclohep. — d'orange. thiol. a. — alcoyler.

aie sure. — à la lessive (of fabrics) stand lye. alicyclique. /. algarobilla. aliquote. aléser. endure fire. (Old Pharm. Algerine. allante in.t. alarm. /. extend. maintain. alkylurée. (Anat.) feeder. a. — ensemble. m. alïpliatoar orna tique. a.r.t. queen's métal. harmonize. miscible. stand fire. see aller. run.) alkermes. alla. alkoxyamine. go at it. a. alliaceous. alizarine. (see alimenter). evaporate . faire —. drill.) allantois. gaily. go without saying. aller. (Elec.) pain. suckling. a. v. alloying. aliquot. adv. — de soi. (infant) feeding. /.t. Alger. boring. bore. — de fer. (Mech. (Mech. v. alignment .p. v. alkéine. — au feu. m. tend . algia. alimenteur. briskly. feed. Une. Algerian. allergène. m. v. Allemagne. feed. going. a. m. /. thin down (wood. alimenteux. alert. drill press. — de . alkyl. lay out. m. aliphatic. alkaptonurie. drilling. go to meet. alloy. powder of Algaroth. alkyle. /. allergy. /.) Aletris. a. alimentary. aliquot part.) feed. Rose's métal. bore smooth. m. alliacé. aluminography. f allénique. alimentateur. allantoïne. allégement. (Bact. v.) alga (pt. a.alerte 15 alliage alerte. transfer. feeder. be a question (of). v. aliéner. (Bot. proceed. (Mech. adv. algie. alkylurea. algèbre. charge. Une up.r. v. nourish . reduce in size or thickness.r. allergie. alphenic. alkylate.) . etc. allée. — au-devant de. wash. disappear. algebra. reamer. m. s'en —. leave. /. alienated. borings. insane. be about (to). alimentai. p. aleurometer. harmonize. borer. passage. (Arith. etc. (Bot. aliéné. p. alienate. p. thin. blendable. m. /. quick. aliment. algébriquement. m. caliber. farinosa). above. S sing. allemand. go and bring. garliclike. alexin. disappear. a. alleviate.t. (see aller. sustenance . Algiers. algérien. alkaptonuria. wood sorrel (Oxalis acetosella). allaitement. brisk. allégir. iron alloy. alinéa. lightening. arrange. ferroalloy. alkali (for phrases see alcali). gangway. alert. alléger.t. make go. alimentary. broach. continue. feeding. alèse use. alkyl. o. nutrition. def. algraphie. advance. (of aller) gone. m. liveliness. /. — farineux. alfénic. allège. proteinsparing food. sell. make a set. alfa. m. meet. alimenter. oniony. journey. /. alléguer. v. alizarin. alkermès. last . allègre. go in quest of. /. a. leak. m. be nearly . algae). alkool. m. /. alimentation. Germany. a. sink. be about (to). algin. supply. aliphatique. v. alkylé. alkékenge. y —. alimentaire. alignement. métal). alésage. turn out.) médium. aleuromètre. m. — ferrique. ease. — au gaz. allantoïde. go away. relieve. v. alexinique. progress . alicyclic. Algérie. die . algraphy. easing. be alienated . alétris. cite. (Med. — trouver. alimentation. /. German. drilling machine. fit. hydrocarbure alUnique. start. allègrement. feed..a.t. v. /. allé. allégresse. become insane. eacape. /. alkyler. briskness. aliène (as. allergen. /. alkylated. urge. nutritive. nourishing. be in motion. /. n. alfa (Stipa tenacissima). algebraic(al). /. v.t. relief. paragraph . (with en) go away. algaroth. algarobille. vivacious. of or pertaining to alexins. al gin e. p. — chercher. /. vivacity. m.) material supplied. go together.a. esparto. m. v. food . en —. — respiratoire. be becoming. m. alkekengi (Physalis alkekengi). nourishment . for or pertaining to food. aligner.i. — de Rosé. respiratory food. a. go. m. supplying. boring tool or machine. break. drive. alliage. align. aliphatic -aromatic. gay. avenue. {Mil. (Mach.r. (of aller) went. straight Hue. algaroth. /. /. lively. m. <e m. supply. m. seek out. aliène hydrocarbon). m. supply.) gas alarm. — d'épargne. alésoir. alexine. alkali. combinable.) feeding. bore. a. drill. alcohol. lighten. a. algébrique. bit. m.t. /. (with infinitive) be going. alléluia. m. m. sugar candy. — à la reine.) energization. Algeria. provide. be self-evident. — au fond. algebraically. run. alliable.) alligation. happen. a. feed. algue. a. internai diameter. alley. nourishing. amount . Rose's alloy. colic root (A. (with inftnitive) be gomg.

lighting . backfire. ignition (as in extill then. ignite. Alps. fire (a furnace or the like) . match. working (as of a allié. percolator. kindle.t. corne ! let'a go ! Socotrine aloes. aloës. kindling. allumant. appearance. paper. light. friction alpaca. m.r. vesta. right condenser . render heavy. character.') poor working. allumeur. (Elec. — à friction.t. excabalUne aloes. aloëtin. alluchon. alloxanique. fuse. percolator. stretch. allouer. alcohol and a phénol. marry. in that case. match box. m. thermostat). m. allumoir. m. alloxanic. m. alphénol. tube. /. self-ignition. alopecia. running (of a machine) . take fire. chemical match. gas lighter. alluviation. stretch out. — crue. stretching. alquifoux. allylénure. m. be extended. aloes. grant. alphabetic(al). gait. allumer. aloétique. /. direction . match. /. Swedish alphabétiser. allotment. baldness. prolongation. unité. aloi. tend . then. a. — dépuré. load (fabrics. fusée. etc. alloy. renétincelles. alors. alpestre. & m. light up. alpique. a. /. candy. — chimique. etc.) cog. form an alloy. wax match. allowance. m. brimstone match. v. allotropy.r. ally. spark-plug alourdir. alphabet. grow longer. safety match. adv. extension. m. allied. allumeur-extincteur. m. at that time. m. be excited. allocation. etc. Congreve match. alphenic. (Min. hedge garlic (AUiaria officmalis). vr. /. quality. allow. alloyed. bringing to standard fineness. sugar match. sulfur match. elongate. alloxan. the jacket of a certain type of up. wiredraw. — socotrin (or sucotrin). (of allumer) lighting. alloy. extensible. alphabetize. allotropie. — de sûreté. adv. (of metals) aloès. almanac. spark ignition. /. rendering heavy. — amorphe. See allonge. a. m. m. allyl. lighter. — à bougie. v. alluvion. — congrève. — hépatique des Barbades. /. allotir. almandine. /. alpine. allocation. allume-gaz. (see alourdir). m. Alpine.t. m. allongement. pace. alourdissement. pi.) almandite.alluvial. alloying . allume-feu. — en retour. alpaga. — que. allylenide. pièce of kindling. alloxane. match maker. although. aloétine. become duct.r. — par (weight) .a. alluvion. extend . allylé. dullness. alloy. v.allure. der dull.) alquifou. subalpine. a. breaker (for a alpin. — allumière. prolong. alonge. namic. a compound which is both au allumettier. m. allonge. eking alluvionnement. allyl. alphénol. (Ceram. allotropisme. alopécie. standard. match factory. (of aller) Barbados aloes. p. m. allier.alphabétique. m. igniter. aloetic. phos. 1 pi. /. plosion engines).alliage 16 alquifoux Wood. — bruyante. harmonize. grant. alloy. pièce. primer. even if. almanach. allumette-bougie. heaviness. lengthen.) switch. (Mach. (Bot. m. a. m. v. pr. lighter. alphabétiquement. alluvial. . /. ignite. — à dé. — spontané. allyl. aloetic. increase ignition. jusqu'—. allotissement. a. alphénic. unité.t. allotropique. — soufrée. allylique. v. lengthening. alphabetically. (Métal. — caballm. — silencieuse. — glaciaire. when . v. a. allo-cin. safety match. set fire to. bring (gold or silver) to standard fineness . intermarry. Wood's métal. Wood's alloy. aloïne. noiseless running. (we) go.t. /. spontaneous ignition. Alpes. a. allotropie. alpaca. extraction glacial drift. allocinnamique. irregular working. aloyer. standard fineness. furnace) . lead-tin alloy. phorus match. etc. allongeable. adapter . m. v. alphœnix. & imper. extension pièce. v. a. allocinnamic.) alpestrine. blend. aloe. lengthen. /. elongation. light. v. (we) are going . plomb-étain. alloxantin. lighting. Alpine. m. allonger. conv. m. almandine. safety match. alliaire. a. alloy.t. aloïque. /. allumette. allied. indic. allotropism. excite. a. allons. v. p.) coupling rod. purified aloes. — suédoise. m. m. draw out. alluvium. horse aloes.allyle.t. tooth.). ally. aloyage. course.alluvionnaire. allot. — phosphorique. /. (Mach. alluvien. m. action . alluvial. placement. blend. noisy running. a. allocate. m. aloin. etc. a.t. allumage. alloxantine. a.

a.a. amaigrir. aluine. (Ceram. leaning material. alunerie. socket. Alsatian. /. alternation.i. seat (mechanical sensé) . alumino-therntique. alute. chrome alum. /. alunage. aluminium. /. alternation. altered. alveolus. alumino-métallurgie. aldose. alveolar. (Med. altératif. lean. aluminometallurgy.) alterative. becoine thin or lean.) Alyssum. amadou. alterability. a. honeycombed. reduce. alum.t. /. specîf. alternance. — coulé. alvéolaire. of or pertaining to aluminum and iron. debase (coin). /. tinder fungus. amaigri. alum works. shrink. altérable. amiability. altération. a. p. althée. alumineux.t. alum works. burnt alum. alternately. impoverish (soil) . alvéolé. altérant. p. etc. — dçs pharmacien/. — de Borne. alternating. v. aluminous. m. /. undergo change. causing thirst . amadou factory. thin. — de taude. iron alum. & Bot. /. — de fer. blade (of a knife or the like). Roman alum. alternateur. hydrate of alumina (aluminum hydroxide). aluneux.) reciprocating. /. m. aluminium. a.a. alternate. a. iron. m. aluné. alternation. aluminum foil. altération. altérateur. p. punk. adulterate (food). — romain. — ammoniacal. m. alvéole. Am. — de potasse. al-sucre. alumina. amalgamateur. m. aluminique. symbol for ammonium. p. alternomoteur. v. make thirsty. — magnésiée. altérabilité. disturb. small cavity. a. m. (Geom. m. m. amaigrissement. aluminaire. alum.) altéra tive. alternator. aluminize. m. a. of Arts et Métiers (whieh see). triethylaluminum. in sacalterne. (Bot. alumed. alternant. amadouvier. (Med. — de fer ammoniacal. a. a. — d'ammoniaque. m. alternatif. alun.a. m. (of foods) periahable. v. adv. loss of flesh. v. (of crops) rotation. alternation. eellular. — des fumeurs.) alternating. be altered. — de chrome. (Leather) aluta. v. /. containing alum. alumine. etc. 'm. alterner. alternate.) alunogen. alumination. aldéhyde sugar. alum. excite thirst. amadouerie. (Dyeing) treatment with an aluminum mordant. alunation. alunifère. growing thin or lean. (see altérer). /. alumino-fermgineux. aluminothermy.r. a. alysse. aluminage. alternat. aluner. m.a. cell. m. aluminium-méthyle. cast aluminum. alunière. common alum (potassium almn or ammonium almn). (Gennan) tinder. potassium alum. /. /. aluminifère.. magnésium aluminate.a. feather alum (halotrichite. alumino -ferrie. (Elec. /. & M. adulterator. making thin. alternating-current motor. m.t. exsiccated alum..) althea. alternativement. a. ammonium alum. aluminiferous. amadou used as a styptic. (Med. amadou impregnated with niter or the like. alumicous. and silicon. altéré. aluminer. v. thin. alum pit. impair. sodium alum. préparation of alum.. amadou. two-way communication set. (see amaigrir). /. p. v. aluminiferous. spoiL v.) aluminosis. a. aluminum. (see altérer). aluminic. a. a. make thin. A f. ammonium alum. althéine. (Mach. aluming. aluminose. alunogm or epsomite). aluming. (Bot. altérant. alter. m. an alloy of aluminum. a. alternate. f. bumt alnm. aluminous.a. aluminiumferrosilicium. altérer.alsacien 17 amalgamateur alsacien. tinder agaric (Polyporus igniariua). ammonium iron alum. (Pharm. chromium alam. trhnethylaluminum. alumelle. /. deteriorate. — hydratée. a. abbrev. (Leather) aluta. aluminiferous. alter.) alternate. — de ptume. alumen. . alterative. amalgamator. aluminium-éthyle. kindness.. amaigrissant. m. m. — desséché. alumino-thermie. specif.) thin. altérant .t. — brûlé. (Ceram. alysson. amabilité. unstsble. — ordinaire.) thinning agent. /. aluminate. alunogène. — de roche. alternative. m.i. /. aluminothermic.r. alude.) alumen. alumino-ierrique. alternative. rock alum (Roman alum). — en feuillet. (Min. altérable. A. alternative. p. rotate crops. alumine. etc. Roman alum. spoil. m. althéine (asparagine). m. m. emaciation. wormwood (old name). specif. m. /. lean (clay). — calciné. change for the worse.

moving about. amas. interested (in). — de bœuf. a. a.amèrement.t. Centre (or centrale). m.i. /. âme. ambiguity. amélioration. ambréifie. /.t. amœbiasis. Knée. almondaménagement. the weather or to water. /. arbase. /. soûl. lows) valve. m. ambroid. prépare. musk seed. amianthine. shaped. ameublir. m. gall. /. V. ing tube.) a treatment of ore amalgam. amendement. amanite.amenée. amandine. asbestos. v. ambulant. — palladië. correct. deaden. {Biol. ambrosie. (perfumed with ambergris). ambrette. purify a-mère. — pra. copper amalgam. bitters. /. amante. load. a. landmark. araendamarescent. forge scale. m. amboceptor. friendly. — blanc. (Bot. a cosmetic having an almond aménager. amicrobic. ambroïn (an insulating mabestos wire gauze). /. mendable. a. as by exposure to amalgamer. amianthus. amiantacé. ambiance. ambered ami. ambulant. gris. saw (timber). bring. ambiguousness. amibien.) ameba.t. ambrein.a. unpolished. amicrobial. ambitieux. amber. Cenambigument. adv. ambre. v. {Mach. deadened. core. amertume. aspire to. & i. {Org.) ameboid. thin.) carriage. manage. amande. ameublissement. containing or treated with alinstalling.t. improve. gather. amœbic. m. amber-colored. v. p. V. admit. amarante. m. amiante. m. terial). v. — platiné.t. /. gather. amœba. {pi. /. North. méox gall. atmos. — aurique. preparing. dead. makebitter substance. v. a. — du Nord. /. o.t.a. toile métallique amiantes (asambroïne. ambitionner. m. reduce in amatir. collect. bitter almond. /. feed. ameliorator. tinder monds. betterment. pheric . construction. amiantine. du Sud. {Aero. reclaim. ambreselat. m. amener. improvement. brette (seed of the abelmosk). m. mend. ambergris. amber seed. slightly bitter. a. bitterly. améliorant. /. amande. milk of almonds. acid. lower (a flag or sail). amateur. /. — jaune. amalgamator. ambiant. m. ambocepteur. m. — cuivrique.) feedlate. m. améliorant. American. v. pretentious. amebic. arranging. v.. pile. conduct. almond.t. fit up. environmental. ambiguously. as. bringing. a. America. a. p. bring in. m. kernel. surrounding. furniture. mellowing. bestos. bitterness.aménage. . surrounding. imamarre. (of soil) mellow. improvement. Amérique. — cassée. install. amasser. bitterish.T.t. américain. amend. ameliorate. almond milk. v. {Métal. amarine.t. m.amalgame 18 amicrobien amalgame. lead-in. accumulation. fitting up . sweet almond. amender.T. amant. a. improve. — améliorer. collect. amber. covered or treated with asambroïde. (Com.) amanita. en —. ambiguous. ambient. lover. — de chargement. to improve its condition.amibiase. a. nuolcus. amati. mat. /. v. adv. ment (as for soil) .) ragweed (Ambrosia). improve. rope. a.amibe. gold amélioration. palladized asbestos. range. amarine. /. amebiasis. fine. m. a. introduce.size. v. South America. o. management. & m. picric dium. en —. mat. /. /. {Zoôl. (see amener). render mat. o. amplatinized asbestos. sheïled (metals) . lover. amiante. /. ambitious.t. loosening ordinary amber. — Welter. mark. amicrobien. (of firearms) bore. m. (of bel. crowd . burnt almond. environment. amendable. yellow amber. heap. a. amœboid. bitter. amalgam. improvable. amass. m. penalty. — douce. pipe vein. hawser. amenuiser. iron scale. m. {Mining) pipe. (of soil). accumu. friend. supply. /.) blanch. amethyst.) dope. lead. sawing (of timber) . /. m. asbestos cloth. o. améthyste. — ameublement. — de Welter. amiantin. mass. /. amer. amalgamate. ambigu. a. loosen. improve. ing. inflow. {Bot. ambré. asbestine. amaranth. fond (of). tral. etc. v. cable. /. ambrain. almond. du ambiguïté. Chem. entrance . (fibrous) asbestos. spermaceti. amende. inlet. amalgameur. amateur. amiboïde.) amandin. amianthoid. ameliorating. in préparation. prove (soil) by the use of amendments.

ammoniacaux. make thin or thinner. starch. amique. taper. roasted starch. ammonio-platinique. aminé oxide. amidonnerie. atnidine. (ExpL) ammonia gelatin. a. aminoazo. inulin. aminometry. ammonio-métallique. aminoaaphthol. thin. m. attraction. amino acid. amide-acid. nitrated starch. amidure. aminé. a. amie acid. ammonic osodique. starch. unide. a. amidulin. ammonico-muriatique. amidoazoïque. a. a.t. a. m. ammonîaco-magnésien. acid amide. relating to or containing starch. soluble starch. thin. /. m. aminated. ammonicomanganeux. amidonné. amincir. maize starch. ammonic 0 -. ammonique. amidogen. amiduline. /. ammoniac. a. v. amino-. ammoniacalité. amie. m. ammoniaco-. /. ammoniadynamite. phosphate ammoniaco-magnésien. v. thinning. any thin part of a device or mechanism. — muriatêe. liquid ammonia. starch works. — anglais. aqua ammoniîe. /. substituted urea (formed from an aminé). any compound (as Hg2NH2Cl) in which ammoniacal hydrogen is replaced by a métal. ammoniated. a. /. a. amidonnière. amirauté. ammoniaque. ammonium alum. — à fil chaud. of or pertaining to ammonium and cobalt. made thin or thinner. slender. amido . ammonia. m. thermal ammeter. aminé. m. aminogen. m.t. aminate. ammoniagélatine. ammonium chloride. composés amidés du chrome. m. (Expl. ammoniac.a.only when the compound is of amide nature. amino-oxyde. A combining form used in compound adjectives to dénote ammonium. m. m. amidonner. . ammonium manganous phosphate). ammonium magnésium phosphate). (metallic) amide. aminurée. — liquide. — acétique. a. aminodérivé. cornstarch. — iodé. rice starch. ammonié. admiralty. alcalamide. aminométrie. a. amide-alcali.r. aminonaphtol. cf. m. = ammonico-. — grillé. — acide. ammonalun. of or pertaining to ammonia and iridium. m. m. animal starch (glycogen). amnesia. otherwise amino-). of or pertaining to ammonium and a métal. ammoniacal. /. iodized starch. pi. aminoacide. a compound with ammonia. ammoniolyse. ammoniaque. starch formed into prismatic bîoeks by drying. ammonic. — îévogyre. j /. (less correctly) ammino (as. v. (when the substance is of the nature of an aminé and not an amide) amiao. — nitrê. ammoniate. phosphate ammonicomanganeux. amido. hotwire ammeter. starch manufacturer. starch dealer. imidé. /. of or pertaining to ammonium and bivalent manganèse (as. amidogen (the group NH2). a kind of kneading trough used in starch manufacture. p. a. thinned out. a. ammonia.) ammonia derivative. m. amminochloride of. amide-acide. amidonnage. amido gène.a. amidon. ammoniacal. ammonio-iridique. aminoethyl.t. a. /. — de fécule. /. starch (especially in its industrial uses. amide. starch iodide. m. ammino. favor. oi or pertaining to ammonium and magnésium (as. /. mo. — liquide officinale.imidalique 19 amnésie tmidalique. amidin (from starch). a. a kind of grain similar to spelt. ammonical. of or pertaining to ammonium and sodium. starch maker. a. m. a. ammètre. a. Chern. friendshîp. — de riz. aminé. • amiuoniure. amido-. amitié. amidonnier. amino derivative. ammino compounds of chromium). ammoniacal quality. amino. m. amincissement. ammoniaco-cobaltique. — acide. — ani• mal. starchïng. ammoniacal. ammoniated. a. p. m. potato starch. amino acid. /. — composée. acetamide. ammoniated.) ammonia dynamite. aminer. ammoniacal. ammonolysis. (Pharm. m. aminogène. m. ammoniacate. amidine (an aminoimino base) . a. ammonacé. ammeter. become thin. /. treat with starch. v. aminophenol. starch factory. — de maïs. a. amminé.(should be translated amido.se. roasted starch. (Org. aminci. a. ammoniated. /. — torréfié. fécule). amidophénol. aminoéthylique. reduce in thickness. nitro starch. (of colors) harmony.) ammonia water. of or pertaining to ammonia and platinum. /. /. ammoniacé. starched.

a. amorphous. — à percussion. amorçage. beginning. a. ampère-tour. v.) amf amoncellement. deeeive. vJ. beestinga. fem. prime (a siphon. tion.). amuser. colostnim of cows. pretext. m. amome. diminish. amniotique. — à décanter. amusement. sandglass. seed amphotère. amselat.. entrance. bait. exaggerating.) enTim-fire primer. amplifiant.t. détachable. sorber .) rectifier bulb. (Bot. dropping funnel. ampere-hour raeter.a. priming. (Elec. pay for. pile. amoitir. lecture haH. (see amorbulb. bulbous vessel (see the amorphe. amputate. gas valve. (Elec. (see amorcer). deaden. (Bot. amortization . . liquidate. ampulla. p. bromine funnel. moisten. ampKfying . starter. amplifier. amplificatif. reduce in intensity. Crookes tube. diminution. little bulb. gerate. little ampoule. chdkefuse. (see amortir). en —. ampèremètre. /. mordant. cryfftalliaanifying. — à brome. amorphism. damper. m. m. — de tension. amusing. quantity fuse. finial. amphoteric. piling up . m. -wide. amplifying . (see amortir). v. tir). ornament. amour.t. etc. ampère-heure. starting. iron scale. etc. (see ampoule). tone down. dropping funnel. m. v. funnel. (smalï) flask. seli-love.t. amplifying. trifling. eiïlargnig . amortir) . accumulate. indica.) ampère hour. a gun. amphora. soften. wa*te. etc. removable. magnïficain some way. amphigène. m. baiter. friction primer. amusement. amoindrir. amphigen. (see amortube amplifier. starting. v. (see ampoulé. /. à friction.t. gas tube. coping. — de amplificateur. m. wax primer. m. (Optics) magstart (as a dynamo. o. m. regenerative amplificaamorceur. m. breadth. amplification. amouler. amortisseur. amollissement. (Pkarm. priming. an instrument amplifier. weaken.t.) Amomum. ammeter. cantation. a. a pump. amorti. — de quantité. gxintl (on a gcmdstone). amorcer. ampoulette. priming. fuîly. v. /. — ampliation. /. separating attenuate. auditorium. — périphérique. amphibie. a. tion. softening . low-tension larging caméra. m. baggy. phrases below). m. — compte-gouttes.t. upstream. <c Old Chem. a. p. m. central primer. splash head. amniotic. of amplificateur. fuse .t. damp (vibrations) . (Elec. a. — a réaction.shock ab. phigenous. finishing ampouler. /. — à impédance.amniotique 20 amuser amovible. amphore.) amorphie. (Elec. a. make ready amplification. priming. true copy (an officiai certification). . above. m. — à robinet. ampleness. — de amortissable.t. (Optics) mag— d'âme. separating funnel. — voUaïque. amorce. decrease. m. etc. blistered. — à déamortir. v. etc.t. — de Crookes. (Min. dampen. primer . priming. decrease. bait. amont. garde. opening. exagfor beginning holes. heap. m. tion) . primer. tension. amour-propre. m. ample. a. bulgy. amphithéâtre. m. amphibious. decay . low -tension fuse. ampoule . fulhiess. incandescent bulb. voltage amcer). m. amplificatrice. amphitheater. inoculate (a solution) . — à lampes. duplicate. crystal. primer box . a. (Mec. blister. etc. amperemeter. v. /. amordancer. /. — du redresseur. amplify . bulb. pile up. forge scale. as a eenter bit. amphibian.t. pay. amusant. & r. amply. amoindrisse méat. magnify . coupled amphfier. allurement . & r. amortissement. abundant. plifier. amollir. upper part (of a stream). deadening. tion. v. diminish. — électro-ionique. ample. high-tension fuse. m. a. — électrique. — cirée. nifying. blister . per. entertaining.amplement.amputer. ampoule. deadened. amouille. weaken. (of a burner) ampleur. pour —. percussion primer. revocable. (see amortir). v. medicine dropamortize. capable of being deadened. deadener.) ampère turn. electric amortissage. {Photog. copy. m. ampère-heuremètre. amuse.t. m. v. — à étincelles. love. (Drawing) sketching. amonceler. ndv. deadening. /. etc. high-tension fuse. a.a. m. «elï-esteem. amorçoir. pilot. etc. etc.) amorcement. o. & r. weakening.) leucïte. p. /. a. cushion . v. m.) dimmer. buffer.

analyzable. (Bot. analyse. o.amygdale 21 -ane amygdale. a. gravimétrie analysis. analysateur. (See amyl-. /. old-fashioned. amyloid.) amylacé. establish. amygdalite. amylique. analogically. In the phrase éther amyliodhydrique. toxoid. amyle. ananas. analogical. — chimique. analog. amylnitreux. amylolytique.t. n-amyl has now been replaced by pentyl. former ly. /. anaphylactiser. amygdaloid. pi. In the phrase éther amylformique. analogue. anatomy. anatomie. anaërobe. = amylazoteux. analgésie. (Org.) Andropogon. microchemical analysis. m. m. anacarde. old person. -ane. /. amyl iodide. amyl acétate. /. dry analysis. anaphylaxie. ancre. — microchimique. — ultime. a. /. elementary analysis. /. analgic. andropogon. (Bot. m. average analysis. o.r. amygdaloside. including the hypocarp (eashew apple) and mit (cashew nut) . ananas. a. analyser. In the phrase éther amylacétique. antiquity. a.) any plant of the genus Anchusa. anastomoser. a kind of pork sausage. forefathers. a. amyrin. v. /. Chem. (of fermentation) amylie. amyl. tonsil. âge. late. amyloidal. wet analysis. ancolie. analysable. blowpipe analysis. v. late. a. adv. a. in other . fix. analogy. analget/o. /. anaërobic. In the phrase éther amylazoteux. /. amyl nitrite.t. o. /. anaphylactique. anastigmat(e). /.) andalusite. — spectrale.t. chemical analysis. anacardium. amyloiysis. ancrer. (Bact. former. anchuse. anaérobien.) anacardium. /. anaérobie. tonsillar. amylopectin. amygdalic. amylopsin (pancreatic amylase). amylazoteux. a. a. anchusine. amygdaline. (Mining) old workings. anciently. m. nonnitrogenous. amyrine. /. of old. (OfBcially. anatomique. tonsjiiitis. anaphoresis. amylopsine. o. /. amylacétlque. m. -matique. /. a. amylopectine. year. amygdaline (o{ or pertaining to almonds). senior. pi. adv. a. anchor. analytic. analyseur. ancient . anàâlous. — pyrognostique. /. analgique. /. adv. pineapple. analogous. anaphylatosin. Adrianople. blowpipe analysis.) sensitize. analytics. (Min. — moyenne. ancienneté. ancient. elementary analysis. analyticaî. anchor. o. — par voie humide. a. amyl chloride. In the phrase êther amylbromhydrique. amygdalin. m. a. /. /. anciennement. aaalgesie. andalousite. /. (Bot. a. an.) columbine. a. m. amyhn. amygdaloïde. m. analyzer. analyse*. /. anaërobic. — élémentaire. analyste.) in the names of saturated hydroearbons and (according to some) heterocyclic parent compounds. Anàalusïaa. anate. amylchlorhydrique. — • immédiate. analyticaî. a. spectrum analysis. ex. anchois. — au chalumeau. a. m. anastomose. anatoxine. seniority. anaphylactic. amylbromhydrique. In the phrase éther amulchlorhydrique. analytique. analogiquement. anchovy. anastigmatic. ancêtres. a.) anaërobic.. anaphorèse. a. a. m. analgesia. — pondérale. amyloid. /. amyl formate. anapnylatoxine. o. analogique. amyl. analyst. anatomie. twist. andalousien. m. amylolyse. ancien. m. m. analgésie. amyl-. amygdaiin. andouille. amyline. brace. m. (Med. a. anchusin (alkannin). fruit of the cashew. anastomose. /. analytiquement. amyl-. /. Andrinople. amylaceous. anchorage. o. amygdalin (the glucoside). a. pentyl-. 'anazotiqne. ultimate analysis. analogie. analyst. m. /. /. a. analytique. anacardier. v. amygdalosidase. amygdalase. /. amygdaloidal.) amylformique. amyl bromide. /. oxtongue. ultimate analysis. annatto. (Télévision) scanning. amyloïde. (. microanalysis. abbrev. m. analyse.Bot. amyliodhydrique. analogie. proximate analysis. — par voie sèche. ex-. anaphylaxis. anaérobique. v. starchy. roll (of tobacco). -ane. andropogon. ancrage. ancestors. old . (ancien) former. analytically. analyzer. anastomosis. amygdalique. anatoxin. amylolytic. anatomical. /. bugloss. m. anc.

abolish. — flotteur. — anisoïne. — rapporteur. anhydrous. spasm. observed angle.t. a. p. v. ansemia. /. — limite. packing ring. dihedral aniser. bench. & m. angulairement. anisoïde. vise. & m. unevenness. of animateur. dride. anilino. angulated. anisol. nitroua anhydride. — de anhydre. distressing. anémia. a. annul . — vert. angular. flavor with anise.anneau-guide. m. (of the alcohol) anisyl. right angle. anisoin.a. nut kernels). . anguish. anil. anisotrope. with ring. angoisse. anhydrisant. — critique. prostrate. — saturnine. a. anliydriser. — à cylindre. not isomeric. chimie et de physique. band. anisoyle. collar. eelworm. a. m. m. v. /. (see anhydrisation. v. roughness. anilidure. optic anisique. — acétique. pi. /. aneth. donkey. anneau. OO3. anilarsinique. m. v. angular. Annales de anguillule. anisic. cyanguleux. Ann. critical angle. animalized. m. anéroïde. /. protractor.t. dinitrogen pentoxide. anil. trihedral angle. a. rough. (circular) rim. /. — benzolique. dehydrating agent. m. angle. — odo. of animal. angular. hoop. anélectrique. chromique. angularité. angularly. — relevé. animator. anile. anilide. indigo plant. acute angle. angelica (Angelka animaux. /. many-angled. ass. anisole. p. anguatura. — sulfureux. arsenic trioxide. angustura bark. angulaire. /. anisate. v. animalization. link. become ananéantir). angle of lag. a. chromic anhydride. ring float. /. anethole. animal nature or rant. anise. /. /. — angusture. drive. — à vis. rugged. chromium f uran. hydride (sulfur dioxide).. (Med. aniline ânesse. animating. ange. a. loop . — azotique. benzénique. incite. phys. anisile. anémie. not isotonic. — dièdre. angélique. anhydride. lait d'—. m. animateur. right angle. —arsénieux. v. anesthésie. urethan.) Anethum. plane angle. angelic. m. prime mover. chim. anis. a.. anesthésiant. dehydrate. angle. archangelica). angulé. Angleterre. anfractueux. set or keep in motion. m. /. angel . aniseed. a. year. Englishman. /. — anhydrate. angel fish. anestbetic. ringed. many-cornered (said of anisotonique. anhydride. fem. anise. anisotropique. English (language). /. — droit. anisotonic. m. craggy. coil. eel. a. a. animatrice. not hygroscopic. she-ass. anhydrifier. anilido. m. /. pi. anelectric. anémique. AS2O3. anisotropic. dill (Anethum graveolens). angle. lindrical shell. critical angle.t.animaliser. animalisé. anémia due to lead poisoning. gum animé.-ane 22 année carbonic anhydride (carbon dioxide). animé. English. anhydride. Annales de chimie. v. _anernic. an apparu tus used in making a distilled liquor fiavored with anise. ass's milk. — plan. /. animale. anil (the class name). rubber ring or band. a. sulfurous anâne. — aigu. nitrogen trioxide. /. anisoyl.r. anesthésier. annales. a. — de sûreté. a. a. o. de caoutchouc. m. angine. m. (ring-shaped) handle . arsanilic. anfractuosité. impel. adv. /. hydrous. dehydration. m. (Bot. uréthane. anguille. corner. animal. ringlet. /. ring . star anise. — d'êquerre. acetic garniture. — cases. life. m.t. — étoile. p. anhydride. animé. anéantir. a. heighten (colora). m. as. a. di. — d'avance. abbrev. destroy. fioating ring. m. benzène ring. angoissant. etc. angleux. animalize. furfuran . nitric anhy. anisomeric. m. anesthésiqne.a.. éthane. a. m. Anglais. m. anémie. of animer. trioxide. anisomère. annals. a. m. m. — carbonique. trièdre. anhygrométrique. angle anisateur.t. année. angle. v. à —. anesthetic. — azoteux. angiais. horse. anesthetize.) ring armature.i. — de retard.p. annihilate. safety ring. -an . become anhydrous. anilido-.) angina. anéthol. a. aniselike.anneau-ressort. amido-). (Elec. a. plane angle. annihilation. angularity. England. animer. anesthesia. eye. chim. m.(cf. Ann. animalité. abbrev. trestle. of lead. animalisation. eye screw. /. angular. aneroid. anilidé. m.t. anet. anéantissement. spring washer. anisil. slide ring. animality. ethane . — optique. furfurane.

phys. anthranilique. boiler compound. antiaroside. anterior. — de panier. counterbalance. antibiotique. — o vis. anorganique. anterior. . antiketogenic. screw eye. tame. annulate.t. antenne. o. antacid. note down. (. annuel. annual. anthracénique. spiritless. antiaircraft. a. a. fitting. previously. tell. annonce. yearly. anomaly. / . anthraquinoline (in some older names denoting a naphthoquinoline). o. anthocyane. basket handle . anorthique. catch. anticipate. incombustible. ringlet. ring. antichar. v.) advance. / . anomalie. publish . annunciator. fore.) slot. anthrarufine. anthracomètre. anthraciteux. annul. show. m.t. anonym. / . anthranilic. anthracényle. anticatalyst. yearly. anticatalysateur. v. adv. antéhistorique. anticombustible. — périodique.) antitank. antiacide. annuaire. antagoniste. / . m. annexer. a. a. — d'amorçage. anticétogène. anniversaire. a. anthraniloyl. annatto.t. anthracenesulfonic. anode.t. / . anthracène-carbonique. annoncer. anthranoyl. destroy. anone. small bay. a. antiasphyxiating. Tt loop. annually. anniversary. as goosefoot.t. anteriorly. anthranol. adv. anthracîfère. a. o. antérieur.) Annona.t.. / . (Elec. anthocyanin. scale remover. anthraciferous. {Bot.) anorthic (triclinic). antiarin. advertise . / . annuellement. annexed. antérieurement.Corn. indicate. adv. girdle. waniing. m. antiaérien. Annales de physique. announcement. curl. a. antibalancer. anthryle. abbrev. anodique. yearbook. anthracéno-sulfoné. anthochlore. inlet. a. / . anthracitic. antiabrin. a. anthelminthique. anthocyanin. / . {Mach. inorganic. anthracometer. anthranoyle. anthrarufin. / . anomal. a. annuaî . antichlore. annex. — basse. antalkaline. nullify. antibacterial. v. annular . anthranile. & m. a. directory. antialcalin. antériorité. m. abnormal. anthracitiferous. m. / . anthranil. / . / . & m. anthracene. m. a. antifreezing.t. / . a. soothing. anticalcaire. a. m. m. a. anodin. anticipation. m. anthracenecarboxylic. v. anthocyan. anserine. a. m. keyway. anoxémie. anthocyanin. m. & m.) anodic. any of several plants. paralyze. antécédexnment. anodyne. anthracitifère. anti-congélant. tuned antenna. anthoxanthin. / . a. annihilate.t. adv. a. m. anomalous. antiarine. small ring. prehistoric. a. annexe. antagonistic. indicator. a. annulation. / . antianaphylaxis.anneler 23 anti-congélant a r . anonymous. a. anthocyanine. anthracitous. hook . annonciateur. nullification. anthebnintic. annelet. abnormally. / . annihiler. annulet. àntianaphylaxie. anse. anodyne. ' priority. anticatalyseur. m. anthraciticiue. anotto. antibiotic. a. cancel. anthracéno-disulfoné. furnish with a handle. a. & m. anticiper. annuler. anthocyanoside. antifreezing agent. annulment . anthracine. antenna . anthranol. anthochlor. Ann. advertisement . m. anticipation. anthracene. annotate. anser. a. / . front. m. . (of a torpédo) striker. / . annulaire. v. ring (finger). v. acid-proof. anormal. anthropochimie. ring finger. / . attached. anthracitic. annex. anthryl. appendage. antiabrine.. exciting anode. sign . antiasphyxiant. anode. annul. joint-stock (company). attachment.t. o. ansette. antichlor. / . anserine (an alkaloid). anteriority. announce. anthraciferous. a. of anthracene. antacid. a. TÏI. m. small handle. anthoxanthine. antibactérien. antiketogen. previous. (Min. a. a. m. anthryl. v. / . prior. o. a curve composed of arcs of three circles. anode. (Mil. ansérine. & m. / . a. previousl^ antecedently. chemistry of the human body. / . m. ground (or earth) antenna. 9-anthrol. notice. v. m. anormalement. anthracenedisulfonic. v. annoter. déclare. anoxemia. anoxhémie. anthraquinoléine. handle (attached at V oh ends) .

anti-lncrustant. stibine. tetter. which checks or prevents fusion. antimony ocher (esp. a. antiplastique. antimonié. a. antigrisonnant. antimoniure. /. antihypnotique. deicer. m. antimony sulfide. a. an antiputrefactive substance.anticongélateur 24 anti-vicié anticougélateur. antif ermentatrve . a. {Min. antimonate. a. antifreezing. — cru. antifriction antipesteux. antioxygène. insoluble powder). antinephritio. tarproof. a. antiparasitic.) antiherpes. a. a. antibiotic. antifoaming agent. & m.) antimony sulfide. antifriction. antimicrobic. antimonic. antipellagreux. (Pharm. antihypnotic. antipoison.antisepsie. antivermineux. (Med. antidote. a. antigen. an t]tétanie. — oxydé. & m. m. antimonifère. antiendotoxin. antipyretic. kermesite. anti. anti. m. antimammoniaque. anti. antifreeze. antiknock. & m. stibnite (Sb2S3>. antitartaric. a. = antitartre. (Ceram. antiseptic antigivrant.) antithermic. anthelmintic. antimicrobien. & m. a.antlmoniopotasslque. antibody. a. . deicer. antinéphrétique. m. m. o. m. antlphlogistique. antineuralgic. & m. antifermentative . antiflocculating. lead antimonate. — rouge. antiplague. antimonious. a. antifondant. a.) bournonite. antidérapant. containing antimony. antirabies. rust-prevenantilueur. anti-grayantiquité. a. antimoniferous. antimony. antimonous. — blanc. antiseptique. antithèse.) de flammes.) a substance antipathique. m. antifreeze. antithermique. — de plomb. o. antigivreur. m. antifriction. freeze. antidétonant. antipyrétique. antique. m. & m. deicing substance. wi. m. explosion. & m. & m. antimoniuretted (hydrogen). antihémolytique. a. m. antitoxic. de potasse. antisepsis. monate. a. m. m.antinoeud. a. & a. a. antipatketic. & m. a. counteracting poison. — noir. antimony. /.) diaphoretic antimony (an acid potassium antimonate forming a white. antimonieux. a. a. a. m. antique. antithrombin. a. antidartreux. antidéperditeur. antitoxic. nonskidding. tar emetie. a. a. m. gray antimony. m. antiendotoxine. a. m. /. antigraying. m. (Pharm. m. antiseptic. a. flame trap. antirheumatic. m. antimoine. antidiphtheritic. anti-flux. antioxidant. antimonyle. alexipharmic. antifebrin (acetanilide). antirliumatisant. antipyretic. antimony oxide. antidiphtérique. alloy. a. antimonocre. antiputrefactive. containing antimony and potassium. & m. antifouling. anti-incrustator. antimonyl (SbO). antiparasitaire. an antiplague agent. antimonial. antiphlogistic antigel. antiquity. antidéperditif.) diminishing waste due to lack of assimila. antifreeze. antimousse. m. anti-vicié.antimonique. antimonide. antigrisouteux. dihydrogen potassium pyroanti. antioxygen. antitétanique. tive. antiflash. a. antifloculant. antifreeze. antineuritic.antimoniotartrate acide de potassium. antifreeze agent. a. antifriction métal. /. antiputride. anticorps. — sulfuré. antivenereal. antimonlate. antithesis. a. /.antimonine. antitoxine. antifébrine. a. firedamp-proof. fermenting substance. anti-rust. & m. a. cervantîte). /. antinévralgique. (Physics) antinode. m. nonskid. a. a. vermifuge. /. antimonide. o. m.antivénéneux. flash inhibitor. antirouille. (Med. antitoxin. o. antiréfrigérant. antiquated. antinévrétique. /. a. m.) antimony potassium tartrate. — diaphoré. a. tion. white antitartre. scale-preventing. /. a. a. a. /. m. hair. a.antivénérien. antipathie. antihemolytic antiretour (m. antigivre. antidéilagrant. a nonskid tire or device. tique. ûamsproof. non. nonfermenting. antimonin (a lactate of calcium and antimony used in tanning). pellagra-preventive.antitartrique. (Med. terial. firedamp-proof. antisyphilitic monial. antidetonant. antimoniate. antif ermentescible. chloroantimonate. antimoniochlorure. — gris. antithrombine. valentinite (Sb2Û3). (Ptiarm. & m. anti-incrustant. antiplastia antigène. antirabic. o. — grenu antitoxique. antibac. antirabique.

flatten .t. (Distilling) column apparatus. aorte. — à distiller. apomorphine. /. apaiser. m. apparatus . outline. calm. anthracene..). washer. cutting machine. aplaner. apolar. pr. apiole. a tin distilling coil used in determining ainmonia. cutting apparatus. perceive. /. become smooth or level. = appareil casseur. — à stériliser^ sterilizer. — à colonne. /. — à prélèvement de gaz.) aorta. plant . apoatropine. be flattened. aplatissoire. dressing. aplané. antre. m. indigestion. heater. apoatropine. flattening. infusion. charging apparatus. Anvers. m. anxiété. granulator. (ceremonious) préparation.) awara. (surgical) dressing . — de sûreté* safety de- . — d'éclairage. aperçoit. apéritif. '/. ïeveUng. — concasseur. washer. planer even. flattening. upright. glance. appetizer. décoction (stronger than tisane). smoothness. charging apparatus. aplatissement. apocaffeine. m. (of a tube) collapse. a. make smooth or level.antizymique 25 appareil antizymique. equipment. — de Schloesing. aplatir. a. heating apparatus. chlorine apparatus.) aphrodisiac. m. m. /. apiol. notice. needle instrument. leaching apparatus. — de grenage. smooth.t. heater. aperitive. aplanissage. apparatine. apéritif . — d'essai. dispensary. cave. flameless. p. pacify. a. aplastique. gasoUne (or petrol) heater or stove. (Med.) apozem.) apepsia. granulating apparatus or machine.t. smooth. cavern. balance . — de lavage. August. aphlogistic. machinery. etc. style of construction. breakiflg (or crushing) apparatus. aplanir. caméra . & r. sink. août. — à succion. apercevoir. v. /.) anuria.) gas respirators or masks.i.) aperient. — à chlore. /. shingler. antracène. m. — de coulée. m. planish. debase. r. Antwerp. column. rolling mill.a.t. flat. appliance. f. equilibrium. & i. cleansing apparatus.) antrum. still. (Med. — d'allumage. see. harvest. apepsie. apparaître. self -posseission. aouara. & m. <e m. plane. pi. — de cinglage. flat tint. (rapid) view. (Med. plumb . aplati. sketch. a.a. apophysis. testing apparatus. m. anxious. apôtre. ( Wine) aphrometer (a manometer). washiûg apparatua. v. making smooth. a starch-paste adhesive. pointer device. drier. aperçu. apocaféine. aspirator. (Bot. antizymotic. anxieux. antif zymic. lighting apparatus . aphronitre. a. m. be clear. ansiety. drying apparatus. distilling apparatus. m. aperiodic. — de succion.a. (of instruments) deadbeat. — chauffeur. ripen. pomp. casting (or founding. machine. appareil. m. crusher. crushing (or grinding) apparatus. — broyeur. rough estimate. apophyse.r. cutter. v. lighting apparatus . n. aphlogistique. in plumb. heating apparatus. p. (MU. plumb . flatting mill. aplanis sèment. aplastic. — à chargement. flatness. grinder. aphrodisiaque. (Mil. apianétique. cutting machine. aplatisserie. aposorbic. be leveled. debased.) shingling machine. aplat. a.r. ~ à (or de) ruissellement. appease. v. breaker. apostle. — chargeur. apothicaire rie. device. lixiviation apparatus. in equilibrium. (see aplanir) . v. apothecary. — à pluie. — coupeur. (Mach. apozème. apomorpliine. apolaire. a. a. (Métal.t. v. (Anat.) aperient. fall.) flame projectors. aperitive. m. allay. •(Med. p. perpendicular. sprinkling apparatus. m. trickling apparatus. perpendicularity. a. perpeodicularly. aphromètre. apothecary's shop. flatten. * aplomb. m.) apparatus or equipment.t. stamp mill. m. den. suction apparatus. — à aiguille. etc. a. oblate (spheroid). perceived. — à essence. Appalachians. aposorbique. be évident. crusher. — de chauffage. (Optics) aplanatic. anurie. washing machine. cutter. apériodique. vacuum apparatus. apothicaire.) feed gear. — dêbourbeur. (of apercevoir) pereeives. /. smooth. /. igniting gear. m. bond (of bricks). (Anat. — cassew. cutting apparatus. — de lessivage. /. /. lighting plarrt. — à flammes. course (of stone. stimulating the appetite. v. aoûter. sinoothing. flattened. — à sécher. evenness. (Med. appear. — d'alimentation. become flat. etc. Apalaches. — de découpage.. m. (see apercevoir). tackle. aplatissage. v. — à vide. m. wall saltpeter (calcium nitrate). S sing. shower apparatus. washing apparatus. (Pharm. d'—. v.

balance.) a kind of flame projector. apporter. — dialyseur. exhaust. value . appartenir.t. /. m. apprendre. appauvrissement. — solidifica. beater. appauvri. propeller. learn. bracket. — étalon. insist (upon). v. affix.t. calibrating appelé. plau(Geot. append. finish. — (Lighting) bracket fixture. V. — drive (air. — malaxeur.t.. apparier. apply. appendage.. (Photog. p. contribution . weigh down. appeared. ing (or protective) device or apparatus. appetizing. etc. exhausted. bonding. accessory. mixer. become heavy. v. apprêt.a. applause. /. bond (of bricks.r. producteur. p. generating apparatus. be.) box caméra. apprêter. etc. ad duce. sible. S sing. propelling appétit.t.). an apparatus jection. prépare.applaudissement. a. finishing.appendice. pré.a estimation. chal. appréciation. match amount over . recordîng apparatus. apparentîy. /. m. — récolteur. salary. ventilation . pairing. belonging. p. — vibré. tack. apphed. appesantir. attentive . get ready. salary. appartenant. (Mach. post (bills). def. etc. apposition. apparatus. longs. fittings . dress. v. m. for mixing or working pasty material.appointements. sorting apparatus. m. be gas alarm. (see appeler). . collecting apparatus. appauvrir. etc. préparation . — enregistreur. appreappartenance. appertaining. be called. blower. rrt. apparence. prime.r. indic. bring . appetite. teach. m. a.apprêtage. m. tempting.i. call. m. pull. apply. pay. (of apparaître) apprennent.t. apprentice.). specif. impoverish. apprenticeship . & subj.p. belong . appartement.) drift. Strombos. (of apparaître) appeared. — trieur.) additrace. ciator . reinforce. input. pr. v.a.. of apprendre.) Strombos horn. appréciation. p. dresser. m.appétissant. priming ing. v. réduction in strength. dressing. — photographique. wages. concern. gloss . /. make heavy.. dressing. appeal . /. v. machinery.t. soufflant. 3 sing. pare. stitch . setting. apparent . roll call . applique. m. — d'extinction. p. — de note. appoint. re. valuer. appreciate. pair. p . generator. refrigerator. apparenté. — rec. suspend. adv. v.dull.t. solidifier. etc.) driver. single apparatus. (Métal. protect.t. apport. hang up. malaxator. related. (of a chimney) draw. be the duty (of). m. use. attach.) . appariement.i. measurement. reduce apprentissage. affectation. appel. /. (Elec.t. diligent. dialyzing apparatus. (Mil. kind of hydrometer. conspicuous . applicateur. — appliqué. apply. blast apparatus. m. (Mil. v.appeler. m.a. photo. fire extinguisher. application. call for. générateur. priming . ratus. dress (cloth) . — frigorifique. v. — dwell. apparut. Strombos appliquer. impoverishment. call. ) specif. lubricating apparatus or de. specif. call. probability . haustion. deposit (of documents) . v. (of air) draft . — distilure. generator. match. — protecteur. préparation . deteriorate. tion . finisher. point. inform. solidifying apparatus. add. classifier. p. caméra.t. allied. appearance. v.mounting. sharpen to a point. m. cite . S pi. m. — propulseur. apartment.t. graphie apparatus . apparition. be oppressed. apposition. apparatus. finishing. lubricator. equipment. remainder. appeal. fit together.apprêteur. applied . etc.t. (Expl. apparatus. calibrator. — séparé. province (of). appartient. contribute . v. apprenti. announce. v. etc. apposer. apparition. supply.) latoire. called. apprenant. apply oneself. something apphed or fixed. frigerating apparatus. teur. (Printing) superior figvice. v. bond (bricks. draw.appareil 26 apprêteur lenge. apparemment. require.. (see apposer). — graisseur. m. of apprendre. pr. become poor or poorer. v. distilling apparatus. — bills). apparu. (for gases) generating appa. praise. sizing. pr. m. apparent. tension.application. appareiller. require sorter. m. finish.apprécier. appendre. arrange in a pair. (of appartenir).t. v. v. fitting. impoverished. practice. affixing. appareillage. be the valuation . différence. stud. appendix . ex. v.a. inlay. provice. pi. estimate. etc. Schilt. a. estimator. — moteur. posting (of tangulaire. appearance . (Wine) pasteurizer. charge. application . buzzer. /.i. v. appréciateur. suite of rooms. in strength. — par vibrateur.T.r. appointer.

p. be supported. arborer. aqueduc. aptitude. /. wax myrtle. adapt. — commun.t. aquo-igné. arbitrary. arbor. dwell. m. sill. aquosity. surfaoing rolls. arbutus berry. p. après-midi. appui-bras. /. a. according to. approximate.) Aralia. appui-main.a. hand support. appropriate. fathom. approximate. — à cire. arbitrairement. approximate. beyond. lean. violent . lean. near. unedo). nearly. arabocétose. approprié. apyre. — à vermillon. p. /. m. about. arabine. (see âpre). deepen. aquatic. aquifère. aquatique. spiderlike object. strawberry tree (A. prop. spindle. infusible. be near. rest. approbation. fix up. supply. emphasis. deepened. (Arch. v. d'—. provision. arabonic. capacity. v. bear. arm support. (see âpre). a. o. dendrite. arbacine. a. bearing . arachidique. aquarelle.t. base. hol- . aralcoyle. axis. m. arbaein. qualified. watery. aqueous . tallow tree. araban. at. approfondir. arbitrariness. p. study deeply. v. approximer. aralcoylène. wateriness. arabonique. arrack.t. /. prep. greedy. m.i. (see approfondir) . v. âprement. appui. v. arbouse. adv. last runnings. appuyer. watery. go deeply into. adv. m. arabique. a. approvisionner. & i. wild sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis). a. behind. a. approval. aralcoylé. acridly. après-guerre. like. aquosité. a. hoist. raise.t. arbutus fruit. — coudé. etc. agricultural. dendritic. approcher. — à noyau. marshy. apside. deepen. v. v. arm rest. spider. (see approcher). arbitrator.r. Arabie. net. etc. arbitre. aqueousness. arborisé. Arabia. be supported. water-color painting. rely (on). afternoon. arabic. kermès oak (Quercus coccifera). fustet (Cotinus coggygria).) hardenable. axle. capability. — à caoutchouc. after. suitable. /. arack. & m. approbation. approché. v. etc. v.t. aralkylated. arac. approfondissement. horizontal shaft. p. hollow shaft. arabin (arabic acid). appris. /.t. /. a. stay. aquotisation. — à manivelle. approxhnately. arabitol. put in order. a. balustrade . somewhat like. a. arachide.a. esp. aqueduc. aralkyl. m. postwar period. après-coulant. a. capable. prop. arborescent. rubber tree. aratoire. aqueux. a. against. — à la trempe. bring up. upon. m. après. brought near. aquotization. crank shaft. /. impress. appropriated. arborization. (of apprendre) learned. a. aptitude. m. a. m.a. umpire. pressure. farming. supplying. about.t. approprier. fulcrum . Arabian. v. /. purine-free. arbousier. — à cames. arbitrarily. arachine. /. /. — épineuse. kermès. cranked shaft. afterward. — creux. of approcher. day after tomorrow. be flush with. deepening. (Bot. acrid. after. /. dresser. /. approximativement. approximate. o. approchant. arbiter. cranked axle. peanut (Arachis hypogœa and related species) . (see approprier). arbre. a. approvisionnement. hand resfc. fit.) Arachis. — à perruque.r. m. adv. aqueduct. supply. appuie. /. faints. — à suif. a.r. (Bot.t. /. stress. (Founding) core spindle. m. adv. acridity. pr.) shaft. Arabie. rest. adv. /. mast. /. approach. study profoundly. finisher. stock. apte. profound. (Mach. following. tree. apurinique. rail. aquiferous. water-bearing. approfondi. press (on). /. approve of. aqueoigneous.t. arabite. suit. wax tree. level. arabane. pr. v. a. âpre. bring or place near or nearer. arborisation. rest . m. arborescent. approuver. arbitraire. branched (chain). tart. approche. m. v. of appuyer. Hercules'-club (A. approve. après-demain. — nue. m. araboketose. adv. arachin. aralie. araignée.apprêteuse 27 arbre apprêteuse. profound study. /. /. support (in various sensés). approach. next. /. araser. appropriate. (Paper) calenders. incombustible. fierce. âpreté. m. approach. m. arrack. aquatubulaire. after. arabe. sanction. arborized. the wax myrtle (Myrica). etc. spinosa). (Bot. rough. etc. cam shaft.) apse. etc. — couchant. arachidic. support. a. apsis. harsh. (Boilers) water-tube. insist (on). aralkylene. 1 & S sing. approximatif. (Métal. m.) arbutus.p. v.

/. arbrisseau. arduousness. red ocher . brass). arcose. ardeur. forest tree. arduous. argan tree (Argania sideroxylori). arenaoeous. a. (fish) bone. /. arbor Dianœ. {Glass) a furnace in which the pots are given a preliminary heating. slate-colored. German silver. — de Diane. slated. arc-bouter. main shaft. m. furnace. slate. arcade.) arris. m. — à pots. — de pain. /. arcane. prop. ardoiser. solid shaft. arctique. a rchai. arène. brass wire).. gearing shaft. m. (Tech. ridge. ardu. silver chloride. (pi. (Geol. et r. — de poisson. m. spirited. ardentry. proustite. arborvitae. arbuste. ardoisé. m. money. (of colors) vividness. — de couche. ardor. (violin) bow. sandy. curve. arch. driving shaft. arduité. archet. arcanson. — allemand = argent d'Allemagne. are (100 square meters or 119. arcanum (applied by the alchemists to various opérations and substances). /. vertical shaft or spindle. /. Archaean. /. /. breadfruit tree.) prickly poppy (Argemone). ardoisière. rounded edge. flaming arc. électric arc. bush (of small size). countershaft. à vives arêtes.i. clay slate. ardoisin. p. awn. — d'estomac. arec. main shaft. rainbow. aréométrie. curved part. a. arête. sink. a. arch. steep. (fine) sand. arche. shrub. driving shaft. — de cendrée. argémone. — chercheur. v. lathe spindle. buttress. arénacé. (Petrog. arbor Saturni. m.) arenation. — philosophique.) sensation of heat. (Arch. arbor Martis. areometric. — moteur. pyrargyrite. glowing. /. m. scalding of the urine.a. iron tree. sandy. (Min. /. small arch. — intermédiaire. sag. arceau.) angelica. — antimonié sulfuré. silver . — en ciel. /. — argileuse. /. nickel silver. — au titre. /. potassium sulfate. — d'Allemagne. (Foundvng) spilt métal (esp. m. m. — chloruré. exploring hydrometer. — de coupelle. arcot. ardent. arch-. slate quarry. glowing. aréneux. a. shrub. ardoisier. sharp-edged. /. aréométrique. archi-.) herring bone. m. render slate-colored. ardent. eccentric shaft. — fruitier.) amphitheater. gutter. clay used as a flux. — d'urine. nickel silver. ark. hydrometer. — de Saturne. beard (of grain). (Bot. heartburn. m.) horn silver (cerargyrite).t. edge. arbutoside. a. — de haute futaie. /. m. roofing slate. — antimonié sulfuré noir. — de tour. a. arénation. — vive. — antimonial. fruit tree. stephanite. buttress. arch. red-lead pencil. arcade. — de Mars. aréodensimètre. brass (in the phrase fil d'archal. curved part. ardoiseux. are. ignis fatuus. arc. burning. slate. fire chamber. hydrometric. record office. a. arganier. ruddle.arbre 28 argent low tree. ardoise. argent. /. 7». arc-en-ciel. bow. — debout. o. /. — têgulaire. arbor Dianœ. brace.) areca. rosin. tongue (of a buckle). voltaic arc. — arsenical. areolar. bow (as of a saddle) . — à famine. colophony. bush (of considérable size). arc. pi. — corallin. hydrometry. prop.) Archean. (of haïr) red. m. — chinois. dyscrasite. m. (Med. m. resembling slate. sharp edge. upright shaft. red mercuric oxide. /. m. areometer. arbutine. — de vie. aréca. arenose. m. sandy. — plein. — double. — arsénié. slate color. arctic. v. arena. stay. fme . — mousse. proustite. difficult. slaty. mandrel. — du communicateur. /. (Med. — arséniaté sulfuré. archangélique. ardemment. arbue. burning heat. arch. aréomètre. arborescent lead. aréole. sanding. nickel silver. mica. ardillon. — à tirer. adv. areodensimeter (a kind of hydrometer). o. exploring spindle (to indicate which of a set of spindles is to be used).) arkose. mettle. /. aréolaire. aréfaction. timber tree. — du tiroir. (Bot. drying. — voltàique. (of colors) bright. v. standard silver. recovered silver. arbutin. ardor urinae. arch (of other kinds) . — de chat. arch. antimonial silver. m.t. — de commande. (Bot. e. vivid . tin tree.6 square yards). archives. bow. (Glass) annealing furnace for cylinders. of or like slate. blasing. (Alchemy) archeus. m. rainbow. archée. — corné. /. arcanne. horizontal shaft . arc-boutant. — anglais. areola. areometry. desiccation. archives. arborescent silver. — de Jupiter. aréner. archéen.

(Old Chem. parting silver. — raffiné. argile. clay. silver-plate. arming. proustite. afgenteux.argyrythrose. specif. argentage. ailver plating. conclude. a. potter's clay. powdered tin. argentiqne. refractory clay. /. m. lean — petite. — clamps. v. etc. clay. arithmetic. arithmétique. silver telluride. armature. containing sil. -^ schisteuse.arme. manga. m. leaf silver. — de jet. silver plater. armaturer. sheathing. argilière. a. argenté.) argentite. silrer argilo-arénacé. v. argumenter. argilacé. argenterie. argentine. facing. argyrose.argilo-calcaire. — galvanique. aricine. keeper . argilo-glaiseux.steel. /. argue. (Elec. — à foulon. — de terre. argenton. mountélectro-chimique. aride. silver. side arm. plastic clay. argilloid. gilded silver. (Afin. argenteur. quicksilver.) black silver. silver leaf. tive silver amalgaza). cold celain clay. fittings.) Aristolochia. argentan. argentan (a nickel silver). Argentine. kaolin. Arménie. argillomagnesian. savonneuse. side arm. mercure argental. anite. tile clay. armament. argiloïde. plas. m. — armée. /. silver. silvery. — fulminant. — à fougère. /. aridity.arid. weapon. (Min. truss.a. m. — marne. clayey. /. /. an alloy of copper. silver. silvered.a. (Bot. — marneuse. clay sîate. also dry dung). a strengthening part or System tin. ful. argillaceous. fractaire. engineer corps.) argentite.arginine. of silver. nèse and zinc. arguer. — figuline.) pyrargyrite ver. v. frame. — muriaté. military weapon.argue. — pauvre. (with V) Argentina. rilver. argilo-silîceux. /. — mécanique. a. lean clay.t. navy. m. (Elec. /. a na. — vitreux. of stiff day. ful. silvering. German argilloarenaceous. m. ann (of the service). a. argilloferruginous. — tellure. /. army. silver plate. argillosiliceous. (Afin. reinforce. argol. m. a kind of nickel silver. ment . silver ware.) naumannite. arm. land forces. téguline. — argilite. of armé. o. a. specif. silica. armagnac (a French brandy).) argentite (AgjS). braces. /. chloride.). argillaceous. plate of a condenser. sulfuré. a.) alumina. vermeil. — chimique. — cuite. (see armer). forces. argental mercury. a. containing clay and lime. a. /. firearm. slate clay. — vif. argentine (in various sensés) . adv. equipargileux. p. argilloarenaceoiw. o. — noir. argentin. m. (Afin. (Min. — de -mer. (Min. (Min. porcutting or piercing weapon. electrosiling . argilliferous. fat clay. argillocalcareous. au manganèse. fuller's earth. /. argentic. nickel silver. steph. (Afin. /. o. — sélénhiré. (Ag3SbS ). argenture. fem. argilifère. any silver-containing minerai. — à feu. argilo-sablonneux. clay pit.) argentite.3 aricine. silver selenide. — à porcelaine. fitting. — smectique. pottery clay. used to give a silvery aristoloche. /. silvery. o. Argentine. v. for gold or silver wire). a steel — ler's earth. p.) argilo-ferrugineux. aritfametically. sea forces. arithmétiquement. rifle. arithmetiArgentine. • blanche. silver-white. . m.t.t. argue with. argillite. — à façonner. armed. — neuf. argental (as. silver fulminate. air force. armement. eontaining clay and sand. argentous. fieet. /. clay stone. (usually metallic). /. — rouge clair. a. o. a. /. silverer. — rouge. coating on fabrics. (Min. silver iodide. Armenia. m. fuller's earth.. — rayée. — argozie. argyride. argue. (Magnetism) armature. silver(I). ballistic weapon. aridité. — iodurè. — plastique.argent 29 Arménie silver. argenter. argilo-magnésien. doré. burnt clay. — slate clay. argentifère. — tic clay. cal. an alloy of copper. aridness. chemical weapon. silver. rough-draw (gold. argol (crude tartar. clayey. — ré. specif. etc.) armature.) pyrargyrite. — grasse. fire clay. v. — de l'air. claylike. — en feuilles. a.. containing silver.) vering. /. argilloalkaline. clayey. — de départ. /. containing clay and argental. arginine. clay. silver(II). silvering. clayey. minating silver.argilo-alcalln. a. marly clay.armé. — du génie. • — pure. a. /. draw bench (esp. containing clay «nd alkali. — Tnaigre. de guerre. drawing bench. argilolithe. argentiferous. silver electroplating. silver sulfide. a. mechaniaed army or forces. nickel and armagnac. a.i. o. fat clay. (Min.t.) hessite. refined silver. silver plating. mercory. argillaceous. argillacé.

m. arnicine. pôle pièce (of a dynamo). arrack. arrosoir. arrêtage. behind. etc. reinforce (cément or glass) . feed pipe . strip off . approach. /. seize. become or grow round. arrest. = armoiein. — jaune. roundness. land measurement. catch. — de fer. (Mach. dig up. engage (lodging. (Bot. rear view. v. arnique. arrête-matière. sprinkler. sodium arsenate. m. wet. equip. aromatiquement. behindhand. v. take away (violently). en — de. arnica. v. undisclosed thought. stay.t. uninterruptedly. arsenic monosulfide. sprinkler. — de séchage. adv. pull out. — des champs.L arrive. m. v. behind. rounding.) Artemisia.R. measure. — à dessiccation. m. m. (Ceram. pulling up. cease. arracher. round. arrachement. back view. orpiment. a. arrivage. aromatique. method. arch. arseniate. (Ceram. defer. spray. m. — d'eau. lead-in .) application of a glaze by pouring it on the object. astern. arrière-pensée. /. sentence.) stop. postpone.t. arrangement. iron(II) arsenate. drying chamber. admission tube or pipe. cupboard. m. abbrev. decree. — absinthe. survey. specif. back. p. m. arrière. (see arranger). pull off. arsenic trisulfide.r. fit out . wind (a dynamo) . arséniate. make round . order. watering pot. red arsenic. — sulfuré jaune. manage. arrak. arrac. arriérer. fix. v. /.armer 30 arsenic armer. arpentage. aromaticité. m. /. absinthium). — rouge. fasten. economy. armoisin. (légal) attachment . get or stay.) stop. realgar. water feed pipe. cheek.a. v. barrier. refrigerator. arrosement. etc. make ready. v. bend. ice chest. arrivée. in the rear. arsenic. arnica. p. stop. behindhand. arriver. succeed. pipe dog. deferred. /. armure. check. (Pharm.r. adv. arôme. m. watering apparatus. trim.. arrondissage. tear out . (Med.). detain . /. araicine. arrondissement. ethylarsine. v. arroseuse. m. arrière-goût. save-all. curve. rounded. v. arsenate. arrondissement. stern. occur. arrêt-barrage. — de soude. suit. behind. arranger. m. arrest . attach (legally) . please.t. iron arsenate. — sulfuré rouge. district. arquer. v. of appareil respiratoire spécial (the name of a French gas mask). — blanc. arséniate. frame. aromatisation. arrivai. m. etc. arrache-pied. arrangement. adjust. m. catch. hind part. vulgaris). armature (of a magnet) . wetting. backward. make arrangements. be arranged . closet. wormwood (A. arrêt. (arrondissement) district. arpenter. m. m. m.t. arrimer. chest. a.r. calcium arsenate. aftertaste. m. realgar. tear away.r. water. m. consecutively. arrière-faix. at once. /. décide . order. stay. arrivai. A. i. arrondir. braces. drying closet. /. (Tech. arsenéthyle.t. In the phrase d'arrachepied. m. m. backward. /. arsendiméthyle. en —. arrêtoir. — glacière. pack. check. aroyle. a. armoire. arriéré. — de chaux. v. mugwort (A. annor. stop. aromatic. aroma. back. delay. m. man. arr. judgment. refrig erator. & r.. /. come. . arrest. arrange. — ferreux. arsanilique. round off. & i. v. (see arroser). (see armature) . aromatiser. v. on arrivai. at first. abbrev. — de soude desséché. dwell (on). v.) exsiccated sodium arsenate. /. stop. arroser. trim up. arsanilic. etc. aromatically. m. happen.) alquifou. inlet . armor . d'—. arrest. steadfastness. behind.t. aromaticness. dress.S. arsenate of. arrête-gaz.t. moisten.a. v. armoise. rear. sprayer. arrack. round. making round. catch. arm . extort. arrière-vue. arrondi. cock (a firearm) . aromatization.t. arrosage. stow. rounding. be. v. arrache-tuyau. gas check. arrachage. (see arroser). (MacK) stop. insert a fuse in (a shell) .t. white arsenic (arsenious oxide). etc.. m. — frigorifique. cabinet. ferrous arsenate. wetting. aromate. pull up. stopping. eradicate. aromatic quality. yellow arsenic. — commune. aroyl. wormwood . arrêter. m. arquifoux. arsenic. aromatic. (Paper) stuff catcher. aromatize. m. m. delayed. stoppage. stop. check. etc.t. m. sprinkle. surveying.) afterbirth. m. (see arracher). dam.t. place oneself. a kind of silk made at Lyons. cacodyl. m. orpiment.

arsénosyle. asclépias. incendiary. ascension. asbestos.) arsenolite. ascorbic. artificier. artifice. m. sulfarsenide. ascomycete. a. ascenseur. v. ascendant. arsenical cornpound or substance. aryle. m. any explosive device used for démolition. c. rising. arséniotungstate. m. incendiary firework. adv.) aschistic. m. articulated . fuses.. enzyme. return. a/s. (Zool.) ascidium. (of the acid HAsO(OH>2) arsonic. a. artison. v. m. 3 sing. /. — à gaz. /. asepsis. Asiatic.) ascidian. chemical. aseptiquement. sulfarsenide of. feeder. articulation. artificiellement. arséniotriéthyle. asarabacca (^4. m. asclépiade. arsonique. pr. pi. (Med. — de signaux.) feeder. arsenovanadic. ase. aschiste. reflux (condenser). a. ascendant. arséniuré. f artistement. ball-and-socket joint.t. ascaridole. article. arseniovanadic. firework(s). m. artériosclérose. rocket. m. /.) asbolin. artisonné. a. editorial.) ascites. crâne. jointing. (Pharm. — sphérique. arsenurane. europœum). ascent. (pi. pyrotechnie signaling device. ascomycète. /. (of salts) creeping. (Bot. arsenide. article. arsinate.t. a.drug. aryi. artichaut. arseniuretted.t. a. artichoke. v.). arsênio-sulfure. artifice. m. ascending. arseno. articuler.. of arsenical. arsenicated. any one of a class of engineering schoola. fireworks maker. pyrotechnist . asboline. arsenious. /. arylate. abbrev. artistically . o. articles en caoutchouc. — de fond. artieular. clothes moth . rubber goods. etc. specif. (aux soins de) in care of. ancestor . O:As —. aryler. aseptiser. lift.t. specif.) ascomycetous. ascensional. arsénio-vanadique. a. a. a. tungstoarsenate. (Med. adept. joint. aseptic. Arts et Métiers.) feed wire or cable. artériel. a.arsenical 31 asiatique arsenical. asarone. — de guerre. arylsulfureux. — alimentaire. rise. sexless. artificial. m. (Petrog. m. jointed . Zool. m. Artesian. pyrotechnie composition. (Elec. ase fétide. hoist. as. stratagem. m. asepsie.) fine arts. a. asafetida. /. arthrite. — à signaux. a. moth-eaten. hydrogen arsenide. a. artist . worm-eaten. arsénié. arsénifère. artificially. swallowwort (Çynanchum vincetoxicum). ase. ascensionnel. art. leader. ascidie. (Elec. m. (Mil. asexual. elevator. (pi. any illuminating firework. m. assert. — incendiaire. (of a piston) upstroke. articulate. asiatique. abbrev. (of the acid H2ASOOH) arsinic. artillery. wormwood. matter. arseniferous. ascendency. link. m.. houseleek. artiste. masc. arsonate (incorrect use). artemisia. aseptieize. ascaridol. /. — éclairant = artifice d'éclairage. aseptify. artery. asaret.) Articulata. joint. triethyiarsine. arsine. <c /. a. artésien. arseninretted . artère. arterial. military fireworks. (of avoir) hast. /. articulate. arsenical. arsenide of. arsénolithe. artificiel. arsinique. m. m. signal fireworks. artérialiser. art. arséniobiéthyle. & m. hâve. arséniure. rising. artémisie. propensity. arylsulfonic. a. wood worm. m. arsénieux. arsénico-sulfure. artillerie. — d'hydrogène. oî École nationale d'Arts et Métiers (National School of Arts and Trades). a. — des Indes. {Min. arsinate . etc. /. ascension. m. (Afed. (Bot. m. articulaire. — des toits. artful. a. aseptique.) arthritis. joint. —-pharmaceutique. (But. Hermetic art. asexuel. arterialize. arsenic. arsenicaux. /. uranium arsenide. m. — d'Hermès. asexué. m. a. /. upward. a. artérieux. arsenic (the adjective).a.) arteriosclerosis. a. a. /. wild ginger (A. /. arsonic. — chimique. ) artificer (maker of shella. artificieux. ascite. v. articulation. . ascorbique. m. a. — d'éclairage. the arsenoso group. articulé. arsenicique. — du Canada. m. arsénoïque.) Asarum. gas main. asbolite. adv. m. asaron. subject. arsenical. flare. arsénio-sulfuré. art émise. skillfulty. /.) any of several asclepiadaceous plants. diethylarsine. m. asbolane. (wrongly) graphite. — de rupture. link. adv. arsénique. alchemy. a. sweet potato. asbeste. arsenical. aseptically. canadense). a. a. m. ace. (Bot. m. sulfarsenide. p.

— à vis. put together . seated. asperme. v. consent. — odorante. sucking. assèchement. m. woodruff.t. assiette. asphaltum. assister. m. (Elec. be seated. m. asse-fétide. assécher. assaillir. position .t. /. assis. assied. screw joint.) connection. aspiration. joint . /.) asphyxiai. company. asperge. dewatering. comparable. v. suck in.) connect. base. assamar. roughness. audience. asphyxier. flavor. etc.t. asa dulcis. aspic.Asie Asie. assamar. (Bot.) connection in Beries and parallel. base. m.) Asperula. m. drain.a. assignment . set. assamare. conversion into asphalt. (with à) be présent at. asphaltic. sanitation. aspirator. a. /. attack. m. asparagine. /. attend. asque. /. found. {Mach. etc. aspirer. asphodèle. (Bot. assentiment. (Bot. enough. a. exhauster. suction. m. attack. -v. assiduous. strainer (of a pump). charge (on or to). (of asseoir) will seat. v. assainissement. course.i. m. sufficiency. /. association. asseyant. coupling. o. asphalte. v. aspersion. n. coal dust. v. assimilability.a. aspect. assemblage. v. join up. seating. p.t. bed. asafetida. aspersion. (Masonry) bond . m. m. (Elec. set. a. joint. bed. asp. (Med. dust exhauster . /. assemblée. m. /. /. aspiring. m.r. /. m. asphériqiie. assembler. assent. — à manchon. /. suck up. /. season. asafetida.t. fut. (see asseoir).i.t. set . fairly good. seasoning. m. (Sïec. assignation. candidate . assortment. asphalt. /. a. v. adv. assaisonnement. aspirine. sexew coupling. (see aspirer) . sufficiently. assaut. asparagus. /. v. v. — de poussière. assimilabilité. vent hole. assessment. assemble. /. asperity. assemblage. aspirate. compare.r. gold sizer. base. assimilating. aspbalting. aspirant. exhaust. — en tension (or en série). attend. draw by suction. aspect. 32 association asile. socket joint. stratum. comparison. /. assistant. harshness.t.) connection in parallel. assimilatif. check . etc. assimilable.t. asphaltage. inhale.t. plate . assign. suffocating. assaisonner. making healthy. assa-dulcis. asphyxia. assimilateur. sparge. enameler .i. a. aspirin. asservir. breathe. asphyxie. drain (land). spike lavender.) Aspergillus. attendance. aspirateur. (Mach. witness. v. joining up . sprïnkler. drain . enough. state (of mind). rather. v.) ascus. — mixte. seat. seat.i. aspirant. p. sit down. asparaginic (aspartie).) connection in séries. (Elec. assa-fœtida. fairly well.t. — bon. m. flavoring. — douille.r. appoint. v. (Bot. aspersoir. inhaling. a. /. assise. purify. v. m. dry up. wi. u. nonspherical. assimiler. p. collect. assa diilcis. assimilate . aspérule. person présent. m. collection. assiéger. asphalter. assimilative. unevenness. assent. asparagine. admission. assa fœtida. join. assault. assimilable. aspartiqme. assainir. sparger. assemble. assignation. assault. /. a. seedless.t. aspergement. assistance. (Elec. sprinkling . drainage. Asia. S sing. v. Asia Minor. m. assembly. aspiration. passably.) put or hâve under control. 7B. aspartie. seasoning. assentir. p. assiéra. âavoring . ) intake. — en quantité. v. place. meet.t. v. v. assigner. assez. v. asylum. suffocate.a. /. assimilation.) asphodel. asphaltisation.a. S sing.t. assimilative. air hole. asphyxiate. assistant. f. asphalt. inspissation (of petroleum). aspirating. (Magnetism) attract. vacuum cleaner. asphyxiant. assietteur. — Minewe. = aspersion. a. m. asphyxiating. exhausting. acetylsalicylic acid. appearance. — b ien. a. assistance. ventilator. sight. pr. besiege. /. sleeve joint. dewater. v. fuel dust. condimoit. asphyxique. sprinkle. refuge. a. assidu. asphalt. asparaginique. (of asseoir) seats. . layer. aspiure. aspire. asperger. etc. aspic (Lavandula aspirail. drainage (of land). asparagus shoot. assail. meeting. suction. fair. aspergille. etc. asph altique. suction filter. asseoir. î>r. beset. assimilation. put. spica) . (of asseoir) seating. aspérité. association. assembling . render healthy. /. m.t* assist . purification. p. assaisonnant. aspirating.

t. asthénie. astronomiquement. m. asteriated stone. insurance . (of asseoir) seats. astreindre. athérosperme. asymétriquement. astrictive. deafen. restricted. asti. etc. match. <c i. pr. v. a. assomptif. make tight. mix. — d'artificiers. v. v. secure . p. doze. v. m. (Elec. a. asthme. assumptive. atomisateur. (Min. kill (with a blow). assyrien. starfish. — de montage. assombrir. astronomique. obscure. is done. . as. (of astreindre) restricts. astronomicatly. astatique. v. /. bore. v. atmido-metex. v. m.) Atherosptrma. polishiag paate of whiting.a. atomistic(al).. insure . atoxique.. assort . compel. shop where accurata fitting. a-t-on. atmolyse. /. drowsiness . (see assouplir).t.r.) atacamite. atomistics. S sing. trust . key atom. assoupissant. astringence. satiate. astatic. m. verdâtre. rougeâtre. m. force. astatki.associe 33 atroce assoeié. partner or member . mask. m. — de teinture. associate. 8 sing. make fast.r. become supple or pliable.t. rely. astérie. atomic. (work)shop. atoinist. adv. /. assouplir. (MU. a. v. blend (ores). (Med. stock. a. atomicity. sort . nonpoisonous. assortir. athanor. m. soporific.) asthenia. wedge in. assorti. m. assortaient. a. t. workroom. assumed. security. m. v. secure. /.t.a. polishing stick j a . assure. etc. stackholder. rotation of crops.t. assortiment. smeltery .a. atmomètre. slumber. stocked. m. pr. asthma. v. assommer. sate. atroce. foundry . /. assert. v. p. astic. assumer. astronomie. — de précision. assuré. greenish. m. -âtre. (of asseoir) seating. astérisque. (Old Chem.t. atakamite. a. studio. atomicité. Assyrian. (Petroleum) astatki. asymétrie. beat.t. atmometer. make (a person) an associate. astronome. atom.a. partner. adv. astronomer. pr. bind . météorite. m. (see assoupir) . associated. a. m. darken. smooth. be quieted. asterisk. a. v. restrict. conformity. a.) Astragalus. a. atomism. confine. assoyant. star. adv. assomption. atmidomètre. (Petroleum) astatki. atome-clef. assurément. rendering drowsy. a. n. astre. specif. /. etc. hearth. limit. atoxic. v. assembly plant. certain . p. atome. atmosphérique. atomisme. (of astreindre) restricting. assu|e(t)tir. asymptotique. supply. etc. make gloomy. assured . . atomiseur. astaki. atmolysis. assolement. secured . m. sure. astragal. m. asymétrique. m.) atheroma. become drowsy. (Bot. associer. v. supple. adv. assurance. m. astatine. muffle. nap. etc. assure . v. atomically. assouvir. m. astragale. certainly. share. assoit. m. — de granulation (Potuder) graining room. atelier. m. m. athermanous. astate. « = astic. machine shop. v. asteroid . assuredly. /. satisfy onesélf . astrictif. atomizer. quiet. m. atomique. astringency. insured . assourdir. soap and alcohol. asymmetry. assume.r. assouplissage.t. allay. oneself . fasten . knock down. harf monize» match. atomiser. astiquer. v. (Med. working party. — mécanique. p. — de fonte. a. (Med. atomistique. atomiste. polisher. overwhelm. v. p. dyehouse. stun. assurer. m. asymmetric(al). âtre.r. make supple or pliable. atmometer. atrabilaire. astronomical. gang . asymmetrically. etc. melting house. — de réparation. rnatched . /. athermane. a kmd of silk . astéroïde. etc. join . m. become an associate . become dark or gloomy.) connect. assurance . etc. aasociate \ harmonize.t. (Bot.) athanor. atomiquement. satisfy.) atrabiliary. (see associer).t. steady. firm.r.t. athérome. /. m.) (pyrotechnie) laboratory. etc. assumption. etc. securely . -ish . subjeet. associate . atomize. repair shop. take possession. /. a. asymptotic(al). assorted . v. assoupir. astreignant. factory. m.t. Asti (wine) . moschatum). suppling. polish. assoupissement. plume nutmeg (^4. plant . a. astreint. reddiah. atmospheric(al). astringent. submit. (see astreindre). m. v. atrocious. etc. (any) heavenly body. v.r. confidently. m. pr. atomizer. pji.t. tone down (colors). /. set. astronomy. p. See -t-. render drowsy.r.

become tepid or lukewarm. adv. m. (Med. make soft. atropine. attacher. till. make tender. /. address. attic. since. v.a. m. attracting. en —. stick. a.) splint. subject (glass pots. m. v. heating gradually. atterrissage. implements. p. v.) excite. v. trap. attachement. apphances. attiédir. attraire. heat gradually. expeetation. /.) excitation. & prep. attouchement. tie. cheat. (see attacher). irreproachable. paper clip. entice. attrape-nigaud. keep (wine.t. v. attack. coine up to. attendrissement. delay. cord. v. cool. — par vagues de gaz. touch. get . attremper. attic. a. attrempage.r. . attack. p. fasten (in any way). /. (Mach. (Elec. etc. considering that. (see attacher). /. out of reach. look for. lukewarm. brace. m. /. attracteur. shock. clip. (see attiédir) . commence on. attracting. await. etc.r. v. p. strike . (see attiédir) .p. attempt.) booby trap. p. v. attrayant. softness. /. bind. atrophie.) driving. couple. attraper. expect. coolness. pain. m. attenuating. /. hit. fouling. attractive. attractif. attractable. attention. /. be attached. p. v. become attenuated or diminished. equal. blow. attenuate. beyond reach . rivet.t. pr. m.t. atteint.atrolactique 34 attremper atrolactlque. m. m. attraction. m.a. adv. pay attention. team. (of atteindre) attaining. hit.t. (MU. attache. meantime.a. adjoining. alluvium. etc. /. attenant.t. atteinte.a. v. letter clip. — que. atténuateur. atteindre. attachment.r.t. /. attache-feuilles. cling. a. poker. attachment. — aux gaz. stroke. etc. etc. atténuer. attendant. attenuator. atténuation. etc.t. pin. attirant. atromarginé. a. atrophique. v. attract.) drive. hors d'—. making tender. v. atrophie. attarder. be softened. attenter. lead to. make lukewarm (whether by warming or cooling) . en — que. atterrissement. attentif. m.t. goods. a. — par gaz. attaché. with attraction. attractively. notice. tenderness. interest. prep. atténuant. — gazeuse. attaching. adv. lukewarmness.t. energize. of atteindre. fastening (of any kind). (Elec. attendu.t.t.r.r. attente. stick.t. attaché. atropamine. injure. soften. atténuation. attractive.t. etc. attirer. (of attraire) attracting. attachant. contact. attaquer.) atténuant. drip pan.a. attack. atrophier. a. v. . harm. crucible tongs. v. tepidness . attiser. attention. a. refractory. rely. pr. (of attraire) attracted.t. attractivement.a. touch ing. Attic. etc. make tepid. on account of.t.t. bait.pr. v. attendre. atrophy. m. m. v.r. reach. etc. tepid. attaque. m. attrape-poussière. catch .p. take care. attach oneself. a. p. waited for. attain. temper (steel). plant. landing. clamp. (see attendre). stir up. m. m. attracting.i. v. (Paper) black-bordered. touch. catch. attaquable. attendrir. p. become tender or soft. attiédissement. attack. overtake. near by. p. attelle. (of attendre) awaiting. p. v.a. attiédi. attisonnoir. considering. fire rake. attentive. attackable. meanwhile. attentively. /. atropique. expect. atrolactic. attached.) to a preliminary heating. v. extenuating. a. attelage. atropine. attackability. band. reach. p. (Mach. anneal (glass). attractive. tie. corroding. (see attremper). v. p. attract each other or one another. dust catcher. attoucher. waiting.) gas attack. stir. consent. act on. /. diminish. v. etc. softening. assent. attique. attract. etc. atrolactlnique. made tepid. attirable. making tepid. dupe. attirail. exténuation. atteignant. wait for.). cloud-gas attack. S sing. attentivement. wait. (Mil. & pr. please. care. attiseur. adhèrent. furnaces. . (Med. attrape-gouttes. requisites. poke (a fire).) gas- wave attack. etc. stoker. v. a. attach. equipment. m. coupling .t. strike. v. attaquabilité. m. m. atténuant. atropamine. p. until. atropic. peu —. Viable to attack. a. (MU. faire —. m. attrait. atteler. attisoir. extenuate. attisonnîer. attrape. m. apparatus. atrophy. v.

attribution . aurichlorhydrique. auditing. adv. pan. groove . upwards. containing gold and lead. aurure.188 metere). adv. aurifère. near by. au. & j . eggplant. tavern. audience. /. previously. — de. aucun. v. audition. auride. in front. m. dawn . adv. au deçà. /. bucket (of a wheel or a conveyor) . auquel. bromoauric. /. cond. aucuboside. aurichlorure. etc. m. m. Contraction of à lequel. v. aujourd'hui. 3 sing. auroid (any minerai containing gold or a platinum métal). /. auront.t. any one. (Bact. aureux. aurifique. m. to. Contraction of à le. at présent. inn. auparavant. allocate. court. thiocyanatoaurate(III). aulne. aurous. ring. cyanoaurate(I)). S pi. (Bot. aube. m. little finger. o. bucket (as of a wheel). auditor. m. a. auricyanhydrique. atypical. a. assignable. with (persons).) encapsulated. omen. (pi. aurochloride (chloroaurite. /. v. aurin. auriiodure. = aune. m.r. pi. areola (small area). & m. m. (of priées) rise. today. auryl (OAu-). auditeur. au-dessous. cyanoaurate(III) ). cyanoauric. m. expressed or implied) no. over. /. a. not any. auréolé. auroplombifère.i. audition. pan. auréole. m. aurora. (Dyes) auramine. at the. auribromhydrique. /. aurobromure. the color of the sky at dawn (used variously to mean pink. aurosulfure. aurique. assignment. aurifie. aurocyanure. about. S pi. atypic. /. (Bact. under. etc. adv. to the. dish. atypique. aurine. before. below. m. (with ne. V.) albunmm. /. /. (Dyes) aureosin. m. paddle. expressed or implied) in no way. aurosulfide. fut. a. auriferous. aune.) elecampane (Inula helenium). any. auramine. m. augmentation. daring. auréola . auditoire. ocuba. auréosine.t. aurait. — boréale. audience.. or golden yellow). a. at ail. attendance (on lecture courses). hawthorn (Crataegus). containing gold and silver. a. aider wood. adv. auroargentifère. aurore. aubergine. augette. aurochlorure. (of avoir) would hâve. bucket (of a wheel) . auge. (Dyes) aurine. — de trempage. 1. v. aurithiocyanique. nowadays. auditorium. m. — de roulage. aurora borealis. specif. (of avoir) will hâve. auribromure. in any way. au-dessus. increase. (Bot. (of priées) raise or advance. auréole. increase. aucubin. hearing. auprès. aucuba. chloroaurate(I)). sap. aunée. auriiodide (iodoaurate). increase. aucubine. hawthorn (Crataegus). /. a. auriculaire. tray. auric. augmenter. attribute. aurocyanide (cyanoaurite. (with ne. aucunement. m. auberge. near.) aider (Alnus) . attribution. vx. aura. o.attribuable 35 auryle attribuable. (with ne. auricyanure. reddish yellow. (of avoir) will hâve. near. auricular. aulx. assign. (fig. m. blade. pi. of ail. See deçà. before. auricyanide (cyanoaurate. aurez. none. expressed or implied) no one. dedans. sitting.) capsule. troughful. augment. /. /. to meet. below. a.) some. dawn. m. auryle. before. — de. not at ail. in comparison with . aurobromide (bromoaurite). aurithiocyanate.) beyond. auribromide (bromoaurate). a. chloroauric. (less commonly) to a certain extent. fut. aubépin. not one. m. above. /. little trough. claim. a. /. above. /. /.) Aucuba. aubier. auroi'de. a. ûod. a.T. any. auget. augur. attribuer. increase. augure. adv. (Bot. beneath. /. /. sap wood. thiocyanatoauric(III). m. beneath. tar bucket. trough. small trough. a. m. au dedans. (Attron. be increased. attributable .) dipping trough. hearer. audacious.) corona . — à goudron. • near to. audace. — de. fut. pron. m. o. (Bot. aubépine (anisaldehyde). a. aubépine. (as in blowpipe analysis). bed (of an incorporating mill for gunpowder). /. au-devant. audacity. /. ell (old measure. aurantiacées. (Bot. augée. cartridge carrier. (of avoir) will hâve. audacieux. — de. m. 8 sing. . be attributed. (Expl. vane. cyanoauric(III). adv. audience. aurichloride (chloroaurate). augmentation.) Aurantiacete. etc. hodful.

m. auteur.) self-excitation. author. /. fall. by as much. v. automobilism. v. auxine. autour. round. a. . (of taste) harsh. (Photog. (Elec. commission. m. (Aero. va fact.t. the Altar. automatic. autel. self-regulating. /. as. moreover. automatically. auxiliairement. the more so. automatiquement. autoxydable. automne. — . m. m. the less so. /. as much. m. south. adv. autofécondation.. a.t. /. m. que.) altar: either fire bridge (grand autel) or nue bridge {petit autel) . de V—• part. . a. automatic refrigerator. soak in tan liquor. v. autogenous. as well. — . /. Contraction of à lesquelles. autogenic. (self-)copying.) self-excitation. as many as. automobilisme. self-discharge. o. . /. d'—.) self-exeiting. . — que. m. so much the more (or less) because. autovireur. auto-allumeur. a. Autriche.t. austère. /. self-acting. autovaccin. as many. autrui. use of automobiles. /. —. etc. /. autrichien. a. autolyzate. (Métal. automaticité. as well as. autoxidation. ail the more. and so. a kind of bail mill. autopsy. as far. a. authority. adv. self-ignition. autrement. as . other people. authentic /. m. autolytic. so. /. autotrempant. d'— plus (or moins) que. so much. self-registering. autruche. auvernat. . automobile manufacture . auxiliaire. Australia. Contraction of à les dits. m. o. about. /. m. autoxyder.) Ara. obtain authority. autaat. — de. aux. draft hood. an automatic chocolaté machine. . self-moving.. /. auvent. autocatalysis. autogène. authorization. — cadavérique. ostrich. m. authority. in former times. adv. a. in so far as. Autriche-Hongrie. automatique. autopsie. autoxydation. to the same extent. adv. on the other hand . autolyse. auto-allumage. also. d'— part. & pron. too. in other words. self-exciting generator. auto-excitateur. (Steel) fully hardenable. autoxidizable. as . original (text). immediately. severe. /. as. adv. & m. o. d'— plus. (usually with que) as soon as. a. conj. in an auxiliary way. auxiliary. a. a. so. autonomy. auvergner. Austrian. Austro-Hungarian. autovaccine. d'— moins. ail the more (or less) as. autogire. be authorized. as far as. autolyze. autorité. auto-ballon. /. formerly. automatic quality or power. to the said things or persons. autograisseur. austro-hongrois. /. . Austria-Hungary. self-lubricating. austérité. Austria. m. Contraction of à les. . auto-excitation. automatic. a. Australasie. aussitôt. a.t. as . o. ail the less. autochenille. autolysis. automotive. austère. self-lighter. adv. otherwise. austral. altar. indeed. as much. around. Australian. . so much. autonome. Contraction of ô lesquels. authentique. adv. autre. tan liquor. a. m. automate. v. auxquelles. automatie. autoprotégé. que. & f. since. auto-camion. /. automaton. to the above. autonomous. m. Auvergne. australien. (Elec. autoxidize. authorize. m. round. . dirigible. self-protecled. autocopiste. autoépuration. harshness. — dit. a. self-purification. a. autacoid. automoteur. autopsy. /. of Auvergne. auto-décharge. — frigorifique. postmortem. autorisation. m. & r. autofondant. auto-générateur. ao well. auxin. etc. besides. auvergne. — de. autumn. m. for. rough.) self-Suxing. around. to the. autolytique. auxquels. .) range. hectograph . others.r. autopileur. . whenever. /.aussi 36 auxquels aussi. /. autodémouleuse. autrefois. auvergnat. — bien que. autonomie. a. motor truck. auto-enregisteur. v. m. southem. Australie. a. auxomètre. (see austère). autoriser. auto-amorçage. autogiro. auxdits. a. . as much . d'— que. a. Caterpillar tractor. autolyser. a. as far as. therefore. (Optics) auxometer. {Métal. auto truck. a. austral. QAstron. Australasia. at the* etc. automatic machine.. autolysat. autocatalyse. — bien. at once. auto-régulateur. /. auvernat (a red wine). in as much as.. m. — . m. other. (Elec. adv. self-fertilization. other. /. autacoïde. m.) self-toning. so many.. copier. /.

adv.) spoiled. aviner. S sing. blind.t. averse. avant-goût. projection. indicator. vote. sealing wax containing glittering particles. isopropyl alcohol. avantageux. S sing. avantine.p. hang down . guarantee. m. avette. on. avant-coulant. was having. (see avancer). early. adv. sinking. avant-guerre. imp. occurs. advance. indicating. /. arrivai. m. d'—. avançable. fighter plane. as of mica.T. by chance. (of méat. avalies. — de bombardement. future. warning. avalage. par —. had. (motor) horn. spoiL V. avertissement. haphaaard. v. preamble. glider. p. /.C. avide. v. avant-garde. en — de. a. avion-fusée. n.t. avelanède. (see avilir). m. silver fir (Abies picea). a. /. call up. notice. avancer. avant-chauffeur. damage. décision. aviron. pr. acorn cup of the valonia oak. n. j .t. officiai notice. avis. second day before. v.r. advantageous. (in maritime oommeroe) average. greedy. information. miser.) valonia. filbert oil. pi. avérer. avarie. admonition. head. before. avarier. project. avancement. hasten. & n. (Mach. establish. adv. etc. front. (pi. by airplane.t. & m. happen. v. combining readily with. aviez. m. movable. forward. avant-bras.r. down. in advance. damage. (Oeol. advance guard. aocesBÎon. m. sparing. stop up. before-the-war. par —. etc. in my opinion. with.) feed. rocket plane. advance. aventurer. grasping. /. progress. v. avènement. (of avoir) had. downstream. avilissement. soak or stain with wine. — que. avion. en — de. — J. — de chasse. m. venture. under •pièce. notify. avantage. /. occmred. wam. in the future. aval-pendage. avidité. air mail. cellar. avant-veille. stop. under vin. lowering. /. m. aveu. m. — de. swallow. Project. ê pi. pr. intelligence. /. /. coming. en —. counsel. /. advantage. p. wool from slaughtered sheep. en —. avénine. — à bombes. v.t. depreciate. avec. blind. avet. day before yesterday. (of prices) fall. v. a. adv. préface. (Soap) a lye of density 25° B. avowaî. void. debasement. advantageously. avare. & f.) forehearth. (of goods) depreciate. Hier. avant-hier. filbert. avant-pièce. at random. wamJAg. imp. downpour. 1 pi. aval.) having strong àffinity for. m. greedy. alann. in advance of. onward. advance. prep. m. below. (of avenir) happened. comely. avant. projection. gain time. descent . m. a. — que de. (of avoir) hâve. avaler. t pi. dégrade. avant-projet. — de. m.t. avertisseur. guaranty. forearm. avenu. . avanturine. préface. last but one. before. imp. — autorisé. avantageusement. preliminary draft. avenin. sink (a slîaft). risk. oar. m. v.a. avid. avaricious. before. progress. avilir. next to last. prep.t. v. desirous. avenant. avengle. par —. «poil. v. acknowledgment. v. d'—. = vin doux.) down(ward) dip. avez. a. (Chem. opinion. inform.i. m. avient. aveugler. introduction. downstream. avancé. p. avant-creuset. annuneiator.t. in proportion. m. in keeping. late. before Christ. ante-bellum. adventure. v. consent. fore part.i. /. debase. v. preheater. à l'—. airplane. notifying. d'—. lower (into a cellar).t. /. bomber. fortune. notice. (of avenir) happens. warning. = pièce maîtresse. perchance. (Dist. aviator. beyond. forward. m. m.r. /. call bell. gain. a. avertir. m. be faat. far. avions. m.. avidity. for the future. blind person. with them. progress. à mon —. m. before. aventure. advice. & f. m. avant-propos. v. ahead. a. m. — planeur. venture. advanced. d'—. had. préface (to books). à V—. B. o. m. advance. avenir.-C. chance. pleasing. m. blinding. favorable. pretentious. aveuglant. ocour. prove. v. downstream direction. run risk. odds. avant-vin. foretaste. voiture.avait 37 avis avait. aéroplane. season. avance. à V—. adv. m. from. non —.r.) lead.) first runnings. (Métal. m. {Mach. m. announoement . /. aviateur. notifier. etc. (period) before the war. go downstream. advancement . m. aveline. avant-dernier. with it. donation. be swallowed .a. (of avoir) were having. (of avoir) were having.

azinique. silver nitrate. a. (avant Jésus-Christ) B. holy grass (Hierochloè). azo. /. avivage. avocatier. amide nitrogen. azoïque. m. triazoic. — amidê. — de.aviser 38 azotomètre ayant. a. a. m. hâve. avowed. — tort. April. — de potasse. avitaminosis. (Pharm. azotomètre. p. avouer. axis . azelaic. border on. — affaire à. — de magnésie. axle. m. take place. as in making mirrors or in electroplating) . enliven. avons. {Pharm. azotine (a nitrogenous fertilizer. m. m. possessions.t. (of avoir) baving. alligator pear (tree). m. calcium nitrate. (Pharm. arbor. nitrous. brightening. diazomethane. m. nitrate. urea nitrogen.) solution of mercuric nitrate.) solution of ferrie nitrate. avitaminose. azoaminé. be hot. uranium nitrate. m. abbrev. azophénolique. azéotropique. axiome. copper nitrate. — de cuivre. inform. — à manivelle. azimido. — de lithine. barium nitrate. azo compound. v. azotometer. shaft. purine nitrogen. nitrogenous.t. azoic . — de fer. — restant. (see aviver). there is. nitrite. — d'amyle. — de baryte. avow . axe. advise. a. adeps. m. ) benzoinated lard. oat plant.azothydrique.t. avocado (the fruit). see to. /. & r. axioma tique. m. brisk up. v. v. think of. azotite. (of avoir) hâve. a. be warm. be right. axiom. azotémie. azobenzoic. there were. advocate. victualing. azeotropic. — de fer liquide. azophenolic. phenazine. (Pharm. polish. — benzoinée. avril. think of. an explosive of the gunpowder type). nitrogenize.) lard. also. pr. there hâve been. /. /. axial. — urêique. provisioning. /. azotate. hâve business with. m. a. v.t. potassium nitrate. azothydrure. — de soude. by plants). be adjacent to. /. eyelobetanone. hâve to do with. azélaone. /. approve. — mercurique liquide. azélaïque. azoamidé. azotize. magnésium nitrate. a kind of sparkUng wine from Ay. J. nitrometer. (pi. pr. azote. — chaud. be near.r. a.a. avoi. m. brighten. — de chaux. diazoeamphor. lawyer. — de soude. — purique. v. — raison. azodiphénylène. azotometer.t. — odorante. 1 pi. azedarach.t. avoué. a. hydroxyazo. azine. {Bot. see to. szotized. residual nitrogen. occur. amyl nitrite. — vent de. ay. axillary. (Brewing) transfer (of the wort). — de verre. a. avrillet. il y a eu. azotine. adjacent (to). sodium nitrite. reagent. m. think. biaxial. — de plomb. azédarach. revive. avoir. — d'urane. a. s'— de. phenazine. a. présume to. there lias been. avocat. ammonium nitrate. brighten. Az. there was. — nitreux. aminoazo. azimino. m. axillaire. azoter. azoeamphre. mountain ash (Sorbus aucu- .r. spindle. azophénylène. azotemia. designating Millon's axuel. etc. — lieu. neighboring. v. s'— à. grease. v. get wind of. m. azafrine. (of pain) become sharper. nitrogenous . see. azoformique. ferrie nitrate. aaide. quicken (with mercury. freshen (colors). v. azotomercurique. especially azotique. nitrometer. axiomatic. a. property. azédarac. there are.-C. — d'ammoniaque. (Geol. sodium nitrate. il y a. paria). — nitrique. /. m. avrelon. eut to sharper angles. semisolid fat. azoformic (azodiformic). brighten (in various sensés) . lithium nitrate. barrister. margosa. a. heighten. burnish . crédit. azoteux. m. — dû faire. a. — d'argent.i.) oat crop. /. m. — froid. av. approved. azafrin. m. p. hydrazoic. il y avait. m. azotation. avoisiner. (of time) it is. azotimètre. Symbol for azote (nitrogen). aviver. aviser. (Glass) glass gall. be dealing with. make hotter (a fire) . ago. a. lard.) China tree. shaft. oats. avocado. avoine. spring wheat. nitrogen. nitrogen fixation (esp. perceive. abortion. m. crank. aziméthylène. be wrong. attorney. acknowledge. azoté. a. nitric nitrogen. m. azimidé. avortement. lead nitrate. be cold. — balsamique. avitaillement. axonge.a.C. v. avoisinant. a. become brighter. m. m. m. à deux axes. nitrous nitrogen. azobenzoïque. nitrogenized. p. must hâve done (and so for other infinitives than faire). nitric.) azoic. be adjacent.

azymic. nitridation. azoxy. azureur. /. (Med. pale blue. (sky) blue. azym. m. m. (see azurer). nitryl. azoxy compound. a. azuré dyer. color blue. nitric-oxide hemoglobin. a. a. m. a. lead nitride. azurer. azoturle. unleavened bread. azoxique. azymique. azotyie. — d'iode. nitrogen iodide. pertaining to azoturia.azotoxyhémoglobine 39 azymique azotoxyhémoglobine. azyme. . azoxy. azurin. azuré. blue. — de cuivre. azoture. bluing. smalt. — de plomb. a. azoturation. nitro group. azuré. a. Azurage. azoxyque. azoturique. etc. nitride. m. azuré.) azoturia.t. /. a. nitriding. v. /. m. m. azur. azuré. unleavened. m. blue verditer.

m. putty. piston ring. a. rambacillaire. v. star anise (11décapant. bath (in various sensés). — refroidisseur. m. tank. (less often) bac. — à carbonaÉer. degreasing bath. baguenaudier. abbrer.baigneur. — de garniture. (bougie(s)) candle(s). silver bath. hang loose. — à carbonatation. ash bath. (pi. baclaurier. decanting tank. buttermilk. (Bot. — jaugeur. bacterium. bay. m. de nettoyage. v. — de cuivrage. baille. play.. a. (in a theater) box. babiole. babeurre. m. suptrifugal. slime bacteria. /. bauble. mulspecif. (Sugar) bagasse. v. m.) (resort). /. yawning . collar. m. bayberry. (Painting) whitewash. rod. etc. (Sugar) a container porting ring or collar. — mesureur. or wash — de dégraissage. bacterial. — à sensibiliser. (Bot. bactériologie.t. lead bath. band. badamie.i. m. bathe. m. be open. m. — à eau. m. hâve play.) . — de genébactéricide. — de genièvre. bachelor. m. bâche. vat. copper bath. — de Barèges artificiel. (of a storage bat. bacteriolysis. choiera en verre. ring. bacillus. /.) sensitizing bath. back. a. (Bot. rod. bucket. (Photog. baggage. sleeve. — de of any color. terian. (Photog. dérochage. crevices. crystallizer.. cooling tank. awning. hoop. lease. bactériologue. switch. yawn. Bade. cistern. proper amount of massecuite into the cen— à cames. /. m. /. /. etc. (Dyeing) steeper. — de • bactérie. collar. /. crystallizing fruit of the bagassier. stick. cane trash. whitewash.. tery) jar. — d'appui.bain. gape. tank. water tank.i. /. small boat. wash (in any bed of mortar. bactérien. /. pi. bathing. a. saturator. bathing. a bath imitating the sulfur water of Barèges. ducts sugar cane to the rolls. — déGuiana. bagassier. badigeon. myxobacteria. (Bot. bacteriology. tank.). badiner.. spent substance (as indigo waste. packing ring.) an ulmaceous tree of — d'attente. n. — badiane. toy. m. width. m. babouin. camshaft. brake band. tarpaulin.) Termi. tank. bagassière. sleeve. bacteriologist. — de verre. jest. comma bacillus. baguette. bagace. — de fonte. — de mortier. bâillement. canteur. or the like). vat . — de plomb. dip . (Photog.) fixing bath. /. cover (of canvas baguenaude. /. bacillary. m. m. badigeon.) developing bath. bacteriologic(al). be immersed. — d'élément. /. bath tub. badigeonner. Baden-Baden — d'air. baie. cell box. (Sugar) crystallizer. with tar. bacillus. (Photog.B b. baigner. — à compartiments. color). (Sugar) a container for measuring the bague. air bath. lave. bachot. bacillar. — de digeonner). back. bladder senna pod. — bacille. wand. — bacille-virgule. bactéries baignage. badois. wet. (Colutea arborescens). drumstick. visqueuses. berry. — à cristalliser. téries aérobies. etc. (see bament. m. (Sugar) carbonating the marc of grapes or of olives. of Baden.) bladder senna bachelier. ferryboat. vat.) tiple container. a. trifle. nalia. — d'assemblage. baignoire. Baden (duchy). — de développebadigeonnage. /. licium). v. a. bath of melted cast iron. (see baigner).i.) bacteria. bactériologique. /. /. badianier. pickling bath. luggage. — d'argent. paint. painting. Juniper beny. cleaning rod. m. etc. (Sugar) a trough which con(Elec. box. coat (with iodine. float. bail. badamier.) cell jar. soak. vrier. m. bagasse. aërobic bacteria.t. — de friction. /. glass rod. gold beatings. bactericidal. — de cendres. bâiller.bagage. for measuring beet juice. (of a rocket) stick. baboon. v. = bagasse. show bactrioles. tub. bactériel. swim . /. 40 . opening. bacterial. fixage. pickling bath. bactériolyse. tank. m. bac.

balançoire. swinging. scansion. — électrique. — de sable. balancier.) tempering bath. /. a spherical or round-bottomed flask. — dêcoupoir. seesaw. Bâle (Swiss canton and knm). (Sait) brine tank. Balearic isles. a coarse packing fabric. v. décline.t. kiss. assay balance. short-necked balloon flask. bottom.) developing bath. ballon. balanstîer. tempering bath. (Pyro. balais. (esp. sapling. m. a. fall. — à gaz. ballast. a. (Métal. (Photog. scavenging. baissière. etc. balancerie. small broom or brush. — à plateaux.) bail. lisp.) light bail. part jost above the lees (as of wine in a cask). longnecked balloon. a. — du change.t. smoke "bomb. balance. bayonet. balayure. setting (of the Sun). — à fumée. mettre en —. glume. balancing. m. — conique. (à laver) mop. punching or the like) . m. /. — à long col. specif. v. a. a. (see balancer). Ekc. — de sel. swayed. baldrianique. flyer (of a wheel) . balloon. /. — à court fléau. /. foot. décline. f. weigh. balas balance.i. — à éclairer. kissing.) balling. whaling. v. — à fond plat. balloon . airbrush. — réducteur. pan scales. fire balloon. dye bath. — de virage. examine. signal. lower lip. m. sink. balance. Balkan. tracer projectile. m. —.) vapor bath. (Métal. rod (of a pump) . bâle. à distiller. baller. — à col court. v. hull (corn). balai. pomegranste tree. balance maker. — de communication. fuse. — ardente. — révélateur. m. . /. balle. baïonnette. balayement. m. conical bullet. sweepmg. fragmentation bullet. round-bottomed flask. chaff (nf seeds). pi.balance making. kies. lower. m. (Pyro. — chimique. screw press. swing. (Astron. (Pyro. v.t. — traceuse. pendulum. steam bath. considered. stad^He. baie. Basel. fly press.) light bail. spring balance. m. bullet. — de remplissage. — de Kjeldahl. — de charbon. chemical balance. — fumigène. balance wheel (of a watch) . m. gas balloon. m. Bâle. flask. (Pyro. bakankosin. m. bakélisage. sweepings. n. ballant. Scan (pictures). /. m. rib. balloon flask for distillation. (Sot. fly. /. pyrotechnie bail. in the balance. baissoir. sand bath. beam. be dejected. scavenge (gases). /. — fixateur. — de mesure. balayette. — romaine. water bath. /. stammer.) brush. — d'artifice. balance.t. — à filtrer. — de vapeur. bow (the head).r. v. liquor.t. — d'essai. baline. baâoe. whalebone. précision balance. balai. — de Berthelot. rocked . top (of an automobile). ballistic. press (for stamping. /. dynamo brush. measuring flask. in suspense. baliveau. weighed. balance. fall. fall of exchange. balayage. reducing bath. commutator brush. balancé. balance factory. ballasting. o. hood. loose.a. whalebone dealer. bakankososide. beacon. rock.) fire bail. deteriorate. balayer.i. (Cernent) an apparatus for sifting the ground cernent. sweep out. m. balèvre. m.) fixing bath. balancer. — à fond rond. projection (on a casting) . hallage. — de teinture. ruby. ballastagé. balancement. staimner. (Elec. v. valeric. stay (as of an -umbrella). undecided .") m baie. Baléares. & r. In rubis balai(s). en —. /.flask (but also applied rather loosely to certain other flasks). analytical balance. landdaifc.bain 4 L ballon — de revenu. ballistrcs. /. heat balance. — de Vitreux. sway. bakolization. sweep . balanced . (Photog. sing. bail. stoop. baie. lever. m. KjeHahl flask. (Med.) smoke bail.) libration. baleine. buoy.r. ballaster. m. — d'huile. bakelizing. round-bottomed filtering flask. /. specif. flat-bottomed flask (usually a Florence flask). Vigreux flask (for . — pneumatique. bain-marie. $ sing. f. — luisante. oil bath. balance.) light bail. — thermique. compensate.) carbon brush. balkanique. — d'analyse. a flexible gas holder with deKvery tube and stopeoek. cutting press. en —. (lem commonîy) baleen. baisse. fire bail. — à distillation. p.whale. v. bolthead. v. balbutier. v. scales factory. — d'artifices. baisser. swing. shrapnel bullet. /. (Physice) scanning. — de trempe. (of balayer) sweeps. melted. à feu. swing. balayures. sait bath. & vl. broom.t. for laboratoires. (Métal.t. baleinier. young tree. balise. shortbeam balance. carboy. inflated bail (as a football). (Pyro. fused. bakéliseur. husk. pr. baiser. — à vis. — multiple. whaler. bakelizer. flush. balistique. fall. balaie. (Photog. steelyard. v. melt. pack. Berthelot flask (for boiling points). — à ressort.) toning bath.

mixing. strap . o. rubber tire. m. m. dip. belt. /. barboter. balsamiferous.barbotteur. (of a spring) under tension. small strip. (Métal. rattle. registering balloon. gas delivery tube dips into a liquid. barbed. barb. — à fusion. m. v.i. — plein. ballon-sonde. m. /. (Pharm. baratteuse. /. tubulated flask. barbouiller. a. p. banc. balsamic. bench. scribble. (Varnish) bitumen from Barbalsamier. bubbler (vessel in which a solid tire. welding bench. bubbling. (Tech. bind up. a. bungle . (Paper) washing engine. tighten (a cord) . tree (Aleurites moluccana). barbu. burr (of castbanane. balourd. mumble. barbe. /. candlenut mash (as of bran and water). churn. outskirts. m.) slip. beard . — témoin. banana (plant). v. /. flat bottom). /. barbalsamite. a. — de vapeur. hoop. m.t. paddle. — réserve. baratter. flat bar iron. ballote. — d'extraction. bandelette. barbados. reaction flask.t. bend (something elastic) .bannir. /.) costmary. bâlols. barbare. /. suburbs. bluebottle (Cenétrangler. de glace. /. — caoutchouc. buckwheat.) laboratory table. ballot for. /. barbaloside. toss. — de plume. m. Barbadoes. m. be tight. a. fin. tarpaulin. — transporteuse. duck. strip . — la.banne. ing. — tubulé. volumetric flask. santonica. bublante. calibrated flask. mumble. churn. chain pulley. check flask. /. m. (Paper) deckle. barian. small bandage. bler.t. imbalance. bankul. — jaugé. m. churn. (Bot. bandage. corb. shore. tape . banker. (Minboratoire. of Basel or Bâle.t. d'artifices. neck. = barboteur.) choking frame. hamper. stirring. (Glass) a water bucket for cooling the ballot. /. ragged. environs. — à barbeau. blowpipe. (Bot. bank (of sand. m. tension barbotine. bench. higs. bandlne. (small) baie. pack baratte-malaxeur. wattle. churning. soil. (Ceram. barbure. steavn agitator. m.) rough edge. bados. v. compress. (of gases) bubble. adhesive tape. v. endless bling. impure Sénégal gum. ballotte. banlieue. optical barbillon. bancoul. shoulder belt. daub. barb. = barattage. (Pyro. cornpress. endless band. band . — creux. distend. — de roue. tire. 771. bandage.). sprocket wheel. banaliser. belt. — colmixer. etc. chumer. m. m. a ing) corf. balsamique. bankruptcy. a wine vessel. in baies. flask banque. barbarous. m. m. barbed wire. buckwheat flour. small bail. balloon flask for extraction (short wide bandoir. pneumatic tire. tire. o. banqueroute. con. render banal or commonplace. baquaque. barbotage. slip . tinative. for preserving a stérile liquid and deliver. steam bubveyor belt. shake. package. — sans fin. gill. awning. bandaged. cock (a gun). banking. /. barbel. /. narrow band. v. of Barbary. wobble.t. banquier. balsam tree. = barbotage. etc. (see barboter) . toss about.g.) Ballota.t. (see bander) . barbotteuse. ballonner. barbaresque. — agglu. a. — à palettes. splash. n.) barbate. /. spécial bottle (resembling a wash bottle) bannière. bande. v. stir. bearded. ballote. tub. m. m. bulge. stirrer. tire. v. m. feather of a quill. bandagdabble.t. barbaloin. bandage. /. balsamifère. etc. m. a combined churn and kneader. light bine.a. barbotin. etc.t. m. tumble. cornflower. barbarian. a gas-washing bottle or a potash bulb) . dilution bandoulière. flask (used in the analysis of air).ballon 42 barbure fractional distillation). /.i.) (of a spring). — barbelé. slop. bananier. — rodé.) frame. m. bandé. wind up (a spring) . /. mainspring. side. spring.i. /. rough edge.). banish. ballotter. Barbados. adhesive strip. a. set. bank. kit bag. bander. tray. (Bot. e. banner. — d'optique. ing it in the form of a jet. m. /. with ground neck or top. bed. barboteur. Barbade. baratte. v. bandage. shake. v.paddle mixer. bamboo. alecost.i. m. bambou. v. barbel (a fish). v. bed. smear. inflate. — flower (blue). burr. trough. bucket. barbottage. banana. — diluteur. baquet. (Pyro. bancouller. ice field. a. stratum. choking taurea cyanus). . mix. v. m. agitator.

) billet. strike bar on which the glass is rested). /. — d'essai.omnibus. obstruct. bar. down .) barite. siphon barometer. — douce. (Elec. stocking. /. barrette.) baromètre. barium sulfate. — hydratée. rocker. barille. a conveyor in the préparation of lye. stop. abbrev. downgistreur. basaltic. par —. baril. cup baromeshaft furnace). cask. small barrel.a. galipot. bardelle. barrier. move back and forth about a pivot. eccentric rod. /. — mélangée. lever. — romaine. hymain. at the bottom of. (Elec. off. ograph. test bar.) barrel. low furnace (as contrasted with wheel barometer. botbaritine. grate bar. au long. cooperage. tanned sheepskin. barometer. — arséniée. -*.) barite. a base containing oxygen. barometrograph. sulfate barytique. lower . basane. glass rod. dam. (of drated baryta. seal. railing. barquieu. m. m. stay. m. low. a. m. barque. reciprocating or barrage. v. {Mining) fault. tipping device. fire bar. — directrice. tanned. — brute. — Chem. keg. bascule. off. m. p. bar. adv. — cadavérique. (Micros. round bardeau. (Gas) a baryte. (Law) bar. hoisting machine. tip. sheep. {Métal. lopsided. (small) bar. of or pertaining to barium or bariolé. — oxygénée. below. bas. — étanche. shallow . base métal. adv. — de. downward.) a coating of barium crude soda. bar. sunburnt. Une. at the bottom of. (Org. burdock. second-grade Spanish barytage. barium. {Métal. basis. — d'essai. Chem. barytique. — d'appui. bariolage. form of a trough or pipe which is rocked barr.) négative bus bar. (Soap) a tank having a perplier. m. baryta. mercury barometer. a.) bus bar. d'excentrique. low . barometric(al). as. cadav— en verre.) any of various substituted stibines. medley. baritel. tip wagon. — enresion. sway. — dès. of unequal si des. bascule. basculateur. tilt. the first quality of Spanish orude barrique. low pressure. strip. — à cuvette. variegated. m. — tap bar. (wooden) vat. — colorante. /. of the forated false bottom and used for the steelyard kind).. a. barique. as a hydroxy — aimanté. low . downward. nuclein base. rock. T-bar. base. methine base. dip. — antimoniée. lower part. a. m. basané. grate bar. — à cadran. — d'aller. barytic. hearth furnace. à —. boat. — métal. (small) bar.) bus bar. barométriquement. ptomaine. barrel. — caustique. barytiûe. — à mercure. test strip. keg. basaltique. off with . substituted arsines. /. a. oyUnder. (Giass) bullion bar (an arm or barrer. barytes. fourneau.) positive basculeur. motbaryta. grotesque. barrel. /. shingle. hand rail. — foyer. — de rocking lever. {Photog. — de grille. Roman balance. basic stain. m. /. drum. shallow ter. from barométrique. any broad. tank. barre. /. barium hydroxide.bardane 43 base bardane. par — portatif. whim.) eric base. {Métal. barrière. grate . — à T. rocker. balance (esp. — témoin. barométrographe. fire bar. base. soda. rocking. barograph. recording barometer. {Dyeing) stir. m. basil. sulfate (or a substitute) and gelatin. for liquide). — à acider. barillet. /. bar (in various sensés). baroque. variegation. barras. m. cask (esp. m. portable barometer. hydraulic baryta. rung. Chem.) barreau. swing. — de grille. rod. — nucléinique. See barrique. base. baryum. slate (for roofing). — de retour. neurine base. bar. specif. caustic horizontal washing apparatus. o. /. /. m. barle. bar magnet. drop. test bar. obdown with.) trial bar. skiff. en —. basait. cross out. stairs. — hearth. m. basculer. /.t.) any of various guide bar. barrier. barras. swipe. party-colored. barilla (either alkali or plant). baroque. a pièce or apparatus having a rocking or seesaw motion. m.a. barseesaw motion. à —. stroke. barlong. barometrically. — rond. /. névrinique. T-iron. tom. odd. below. m. {Org. forward and backward . dam. rage. p.t. at the bottom . baroque. rod. barillage. {Mach. downward . en —. barytes. /. (barrique) barrel. rib. {Min. ley. a fuse) case. barium oxide. {Elec. basse presà siphon. out. below . obstruction. v. down. acid vat. foot.. /. down from.basalte. m. m. {Org. {Min. (of pearls) irregular. à — de. /. tun. (Mach. — du foyer. en — de.

rammer . meanness. ttirashing. framework . (Radio) heater (or filament) or deep and either métal or pottery). C battery. batracien. strike out. a. rod. racket. /. electric battery. m. xanthine base.t. — pyridique. See bas foyer. base métal. (of a fuse) cup. (Bot. stick. u.r..* batuiller. a variously shaped open vessel (usually circulai m form but either shallow batterie. a.. lowness. basSOtîa. bâtonnage. rodlet^ of lead and tin. (small) basin. (oï battre) beats. /. bas-ventre. boat-shaped. chine. grid battery. /. clapping. — d'or.r. base. battle. built. tanker. rammer. — de graduation. bastard (impure brown augar). dock. esp. apeedboat. plunger. /. a loom). — conique. bastringue. In the phrase larme bâtavique. (Sewing) baste. clapper (of a bell). fighting. m. — de chauffage. also battant. balm. m. Chem. mouth screen (of a blast in full blast. beat . m. stamping . battre. bâton. graduation tower. gold lacquer. dampen. low ground. bassinet. build. (Ocïmwm basilicum) .) basophilic. stamp . pan (for washing gold). — calédonien. bottom . — houil. m. water. drrving (of piles). bassement. beat . battage. (Old Chem. /. pi. basse. battery.. a kind of dammar resin. v. handles on the sidës. build for onebasique. sweet basil bâtir. a. /. bâtiment.i. (see battre). — de grille. shoal . & m.) batrachian. v. batjean.tt. mongrel. thrashing mabathe.) basidium. battery. /. goldbeater's skin. /. povmds. beating . sprinkle . battitures. a. 3 sing. basilic. palpitate. beater. 1er. shoal bâtée. pan. — à vapeur. (Mustc) bâton. beat with a stick. — du plomb. be based on. staff. small rod. purine base. m. flapping . pound. coal field. (Sait) graduation fraside? m. basse-étoffe. of bas. shoal. (Zoôl.) basil. drive (piles). be built. house. bassiner. bâtonnet. basicity. (Leather) plumping liquor. ram. baser. /. teinge. usually with battery. m. basicité. a trique. bâtarde. pyridine bateau. v. m. widening from bottom to top and having (Radio) piate battery. beaten. v. battoir. ing. — pétrolier. — son plein. batter. under bas. m. low water. batture. steamboat. ship. /. (Anat. /. bassorin.baume batavique. base. — électhe handles on the sides. (Orff. /. (Sewing) basted. bateau-glisseur. bttss. se bateau-citerne. fray. structure . build. (Radio) jar. — de aminé: — phosphores. an alloy bâtonner. wand.) be loose. furnace) . frame. moisten. pr. basic. scale pan. /• a mortar of clay and straw. battle array. bed. working. casting into stick form. Rupert's drop. /. m. churning . bas-fond. /. vessel. tank boat. beetle. equal weight of 90 per cent alcohol. beater. clap. v. — en —. A battery. a kind of black-ash furnace. beating . m. m. /.i. — de repos. — de plaque. baudruche. baume. bastard. beater. (Bot. m.cfaurn) beater. beat. — cylindrique. /. thrash. construct. quino&ie base. vessel.t. (of a filtrant. ground. building. swinging (door). fem. baseness.t. (Mach. bstatas. m. scale (chiefly FesO*). /. gold beater. a door). boat. — batte. a pail-shaped vessel. basin (in various sensés) . m. ship. farmyard. à bâtons rompus. bassine. beating. pan. hammer scale. etc.strike. take as a basis. of various substituted phosphines.) a solution of kauri gum in an batace. fluttering. filtering basin.a. coin bat. mill scale. self. basse-mer. leaf (of bassesse.i. p. basophile. by snatches. — purigue. v. bas-foyer. bâtard. abdomen. a. batteur. eto. bataillon. m. bassage. (Pharm. esp.. basse-cour. beater. small stick. — sur. basophikras. throb. settling tank. (money). batteuse* /. iroa bassorine. support. w. settling basin. B — tampon. esp. m. battler struggle. low tide. cane. hybrid. buffer battery. m. belly. m. (Leather) plumping. v. churn. filter bed. fightplumping. v. battalion.t. stamping . basilisk. a. (Biol. (rarely) deep water. /.) pelvis. steamer. cylindrical vessel or jar.) arsenic. bâti.) any . stand . m. specif. be based. m. — quinoUique. m. (Dyeing) indigo vat.t. m. (Leather) plumping. hammer. m. battu. m. battement. batten (of bassin. p-. (Mach. liasse rie. xnnthùpie. sweet potato. oil tanker. be bataille.) going. basting. m. back yard. balsam . v.

adv.) an olive oil solution bédane.bénit. of narcotic and aromatic plant substances. — de Ui Mecque. • Bunsen. beauty. (wide) open. gurjun. p. béni. — de Pérou noir. f.. a great deal. work with profit. nose. gape. — bucket. benzoin (cither resin or plant). —tacheté old remedy essentially the same as comspotted crane's-bill (G. benignant.) avens. /. Bunsen burner. m.i. o. belladone. a. balm of crystal. (Métal. de —. a kind of copal. /. Robert (Géranium robertianum). m. bénévole. /. -p. v. by a great deal. stutter. bénir.) ointment of red roercuric becherglas. — de Sonburner. m. — papillon. make a profit. seam. benign. Belgique. much. stammer. (Bot. far. stork's bill. blessed. — oriental. m. bavoché. /. m. — des Indes. — terial in factories. of the color of. slaver. a. = bec à tirage. rouge. foeak. dribble. Auer. ben. (of vessels) with lip. talkative. a. slobber. stud. bénéfice. à —. bayberry (Pimenta -ocris). gurjun bal— d'étain. boit chisel. rough edge. — à gaz. handsome. Belgium. (of lesian process. au — de. Mecca balsam. fine arts. cold chisel. — de Pérou. m. inuch. gaping. /. (in comsécration. balsam of Peru. Belgian. gross profit. bénédiction. taining to the combined Belgian and £Sbaver. belladonine. incandescent gas burner. a. of beau. gas burner. belladonna. Used instead of beau before vovete and in certain phrases. maculatum). lisp. Canada balsam. bayer. pi. gurjun balsam. /. = ben. /. plate. incandescent gas burner. a. mines. baux. — de Judée. burner. (Pyro. by bénéftciel. Mil.) charging gage. (Pharm. fishtail de Son-Salvador. bénéficiai. strip. — cacheteur. — de. — tranquille. printed indistinctly. mint. benefit. ben tree i^Moringa). — de Carthasealing tetters. belge. ram. Peruvian balsam. — Carcel. not candidate for a degree. cage. mold mark. safety borner. sonate. /. beaux-arts. — de Tolu (or tolu). mUd. baumier. spade. flat burner. m. /. blessing. slobber. truck.baume 4) benoîte Canada. — de copaiba. m. beaatiful. bélier. béant. bel. beaucoup. See beau. proper. run. profit. fishtail humer. baume de la Mecque.a. bellon. holycandescence. bless. mouth. — benjoin. fitting . (Pharm. stork's-bill (Erodium). /. /. ) a twinned cassiterite sam. — de copahu. ) basket. (Com. a good deal. (Bot. v. a great many. /. a. m. by far. to the benefît of. car. slaver. «te. balsam tree. best . oxide. Bavière.i. — du commandeur. skip. tip. (of wool) raw. copaiba balsam. bénin. /. — wing burner. belladonnine. élégant. fine. — de Têclu. bebeerine. bitirage. beard. pound words) step-. ben. gossiping. bécasse.) profit.) crane's-bilï (Gétolu).) bébirine. (Bot. neck (of a still or retort) . lead colic. (cop. a. by much. m. biur. much. balm of Gilead. . (Zinc) design a tin g or parbave. a. /. gurjun. fem. belle. pi. m. herb horse balm (Collinsonià). (Min. spout. ink) blot. (of students) beauté. béchique. — de cigogne. inverted burner.) lamp. greatly. nozzle. coulée. v. lipped. mouthpieœ. /. used in frictions. of bail.) an ranium). martial. bate= tumen. warlike. — de sûreté. fem. lip. v. of bénin. à — près. cradle. benevolent. fop. bengale. — égyptien. — à benne. a. bay. m. bavard. balsam of Tolu (or bec-de~grue. beaker. — à in. beauty . bavette. (a réceptacle for transporting matirage.i. cup. a burner for benoîte. beige. pound benzoin tincture.) spear. à queue de poisson. projecting parts. — plat. natural. a. -in-law. m. (Bot. belle. m. — vert. beautiful . balsam of Tolu. m. Carcel gène. beau. catch. (Pharm.a. a. — de Gilead. raw wool. blurred. kind. & t. bib. a. lip (of a vessel). bavure. bénéficier. gain. cart. jaw (of a vise). any of various bénigne. foam. Bavaria.t. Beugal bec. etc. — de momie. ben nut.i. or made from. arm. buriner for «reating a draft. Teclu burina:. many. — de Gilead. — de cheval. slime. v. beau. fcennet (Qeutn). spécial. kind. v. eonsecrated.t. — brut. a. pleasant . m. belliqueux. fair one. m. — renversé. Bavarian. m. bégayer. cough remedy.) Bengal light. belge-siléslen. confair. bellicose. bénédiction.béhen. beaker. bavarois. (Gem Cutting) diamond waste. — ophthalmique bêcher. = bêche.

a. m. benzoin. berceau. reinforced concrète. benzenesulfonic. es S.bercer. etc. B. benzothiophene (thiaconcrète. livestock. pi. water avens berbérinique. m. line. benzényle. (Corn. besogner. benzoïné. /. concrète worker. lourde. deceive . a. — en acier. sulfonic. m. used as an antiseptic). benzoyler. (Starch) fermenting tub. /. m. wood naphtha. sodium benzoate. m. a. a. it is necessary. benzoïne. benzidinique. (rarely) colostrum. sulfoxide. bessemerize. etc. benzofuran. prop. benzobleu. benzoyle. — rectifiée. — des ruisseaux. tub. berberine. bergamot orange tree benzène-suifoné. Bermudes. benzéno-disulfonique. concrète mixer. il est —. — sulfoxyde. concrète rich in cernent. benzenetricarberge. bétel. a. berline. — aggloméré. barbénoléique. labor. m. benzidine rearrangement. stupidity. B. rock . /. brute. bétail. bétonneur. benzoylate. /. benzéno-sulfone. m. a. m. a kind of concrète made benzopurpurinc. rivale). benzènetristilfoné. benzenesulfonic.. m. benzene(mono). need. m. berberine. pi. want. bergamotier. benzylic. tion benzidinique. /. — benzol. — au quart. benzenyl (phenylmethyli. /. ferroconcrete.bergamote.t. a. m.) cow parsnip (Heracleum). phenyl azide. m. — dmzimide. /. benzonaphthol (2-naphcernent to four. benzoate.berthon. /. sour. bergamot. bergamot orange tree. cluding beets and chard. a. of other mathyl benzoate. support. — de pétrole. (Aero. benzenetrisulfonic. with conbenzylique. ing of concrète. m. benzénique. turpentine (the oleoresin). napthene). bétel. and adding water. want. benzylé. Bermudas. benzène. need. (Founding) a furnace for drying benzène. at zine . m.t. m. benzène-mon osulfoné. — légère. oil of bestiaux. septième. de bois. armored conproduct) .) benzole. a. ordinary cément concrète. boxylic. azidomolds. steel benzothiophêne. besaigre. benzine. m. (Dyes) benzopurpurin. (G. — crète. benzènedicarbonique. or cover. betony (Betonica). cart. a. concrète . task. a. bétonnière. chlorine compounds. construct. m. v. m. concrète poor in cernent. nonsense. betaïne. au —. heavy benzole. spectacles. m. benzoyl. simpleton .S. béryl. work. a. livestock. /.» abbrev. m. gasoBachelor of Science. (Citrus aurantium bergamia). job. /. benzyl. — maigre. beast. /. phenyl bercement. bétel pepper (Piper betle). turning sour. bétonner. transposi. bleaching with chlorine or benzéno-sulfonique. béquettes. petrol . bétoine. m. berger. cradle (in various aenses). benzol (the commercial armé. — régie.besicles. handle (of a cock).t. rocking motion. /. béril. collapsible boat. lime. rocking. business. shepherd. besogne. benzo red (a dye). concrète work. dyne). benzoïque. terial. hâve need colophanée. v. aversion. benzoic. berme. v. any plant of the genus Beta. m. — bessemeriser. laybenzyle. . — need.besoin. benzoinated. benzo blue (a dye). silly. benzènetricarbonique. bétonnage. avoir — de. lithium bétaïne. aromatic. benzylated. cattle. m. concrète.. light benzole. benzyl. petrol. concrète with one volume of benzonaphtol. turpentine. /. crude benzène. — Coignet. — au brut. /. by mixîng sand with cernent or hydraulic benzo-rouge. inberbérine. bêtise. necessity. benzène. benzole. — de soude. benzène. berthollage. — de la houille. î>ï. béton.) skid. v. bank. — de lithine. stupid. as. benzole. a.benoîte 46 bette — aquatique. a. benzenedicar. berce.i. benzidine. (flat) pliera.t. bête. béquille. benzoate. — gras. m. (Bachelier es Sciences) benzène (or benzole). (of a mountain) side. animal . m. m. /. benzéno-sulfonate. bette. — of. benzile. folly. of berberine. boxylic. benzyl. benzenedisulfonic. car. v. a. /. of or pertaining to benzène. (Engraving) cradle. work . benzoate. benzil. behenolic. m. benzène (the compound). benzene. benzofurfurane. bergamot orange. truck. heavy benzole. ben. a. rel vault . if necessary. bétonneuse. seven. /. /. turpentine. gasoline. pi. cattle. (Bot. a. m. crète. /. crutch. /. benzenesulfonate. phenyl sulfone.

a. — enbibasique. bicolored. betuiin. beurrerie. way of looking or proceeding. bicyclette. petroleum can. — de Galam. — de bichet. bézoardique. bien. /. (Old Chem. what is bibliographie. biaxe. skew. dibasic. very litbibliographe. loquat (Eriobotrya japonica).) raised to the fourth ter. bicyclic. (Mil. tin-plate vessel (often holdname for ellagic acid. /. {Min. — d'accouplement. small can. mafura bicétyle. slant. containing two atoms of blessing. bibromé. very. whey butter. potassium dichromate.F.) butter of zinc bichromate. dicalcium. dika bicarbure. oil can. — de kokum. inclination. de. — de butter. estate. place where butter is made. good thing. bias. error. — biais. bibliographes tle. bichloré. tallow. m. driving rod. kokum butpower. race. iron sulfate or zinc sulfate. small tin. — de roche. o. incendiare. m. course. biacid. bevilacque.bicarré. betulinol. dichloro. particular level). ing understood that. m. cacao butter (less properly called cocoa butter).5-hexadiene). /. /. sodium bicarbonate. Goa butter. barium. bétuline. See bibromhydrique. m. gasoline can. — de muscade. skew. a. diatomic. a. a. ter. awry. bezoardic. can. fresh de potasse. knickknack. (bibliothèque) library. /. dibrominated. movable property. m. m. aslant. biconcave.3-butanedione. en —. large jug or pitcher of wood or métal. Galam but. librarian. tin.bicarbonate. a. instead of. — de mawrah. much. — de pomony (antimony trichloride). bévue. rod. coconut bicarboné. m. drogen carbonate. m. butter. bezoar. bicycle. m. dika oil. entirely. m. (Bot. — venu. many. well. — à pétrole. — de brèche. — de zinc. p. a. ing about 5 liters) for oil. beet. stood . bibarytique. real estate. ene chloride is called the éther bibromhysugar beet. dibromide. — nature of a dibromohydrin (thus. de mené. bibliothécaire. m. bibromure. — à huile. m. — (anhydrous zinc chloride). biquadratic. tasse. drique of glycol). creamery. bielle. (Mach.) im. slanting. bichlorure. level (as of a de ~. — à sucre. bicarbonate. m. it bebibassier. small rod or lever. biellette. sodium hydrogen carbonate. coconut oil. much. immeubles. shea butter. convexo-convex. adv. canteen. ent. m. blunder. bibromhydrique.. varbiacide. bief. slope off. — sucrière. nutmeg butter.. property. petrol biacétyle.bichlorhydrique. successfully. dicalcic.betterave 47 bien betterave. — C 3 2H 66 ). coupling biatomique. although. (Math. — de cacao. bibasic. /. — à laque. m. bicarburetted. dibromo. a. m. a. niam fat. chlorohydrîn. ordinary butter.) Indian pennywort. biens meubles. — motrice. dibarium. sodium dichromate. annatto. bézoard. n. dicarbide. butter. a. loquat (the fruit). ethyl•potagère. o. biens bibliographique. more. biens mobiliers. forage beet. biaxie. far from. o. bib. nish can. dichloro-.) rod. be it well underbibasse. — Que. dicyclic. /. . biconvexe. — de mafouraire. biaxial. butter (in various sensés). a. small omament. well understood . — loin bibelot. v. — de soude. on canal between locks. — de Gabon.a. bibliographic(al). — de. obliquely. bicolore. unsalted butter. library. potassium bicarbonate. beet for cooking. askew. ) incendiary can. (brevet français) French patlike. old bidon. biallyl(l.) of the sugar beet. bichromate. acide —. biacetyl. a. — à essence.L slant. — peu. bidonnet. mowrah. askew. side rod. /. (Org. a. concavo-concave. bibliography. bichloride. soude. m. à —. bookcase.) butter of anti. — bicalcique. /. run. of the nature of & dipure iron alum. rod. abbrev. biconvex. gasoline or the B. perbibliothèque. dichromate. bent. Connecting biallyle. mahua butter. or of a liquid at a the bias. good . d'antimoine. /. — de coco. armT link. — frais. beurre. slope. diacid. — d'arachide. en —. quite. m. certainly. though. abbrev. — de vache. cow butter. slope. very much. biaxiality. m. a. dichloride. — plus. a. biconcave. — de méni. oblique. shift. a. biaiser. — entendu que. mahua butter. m. potassium bypeanut butter. provided that. bicyclique. welcome. sonal property. tendu. — fourragère. possession. two-colored. beetroot. Chem. (Old Chem. 2. /. more than that. bicetyl (dotriacontane.

bimétallique. biologist. a. a. a. a. biiodide.bien ïionorably. jeweler's trade or shop. bigarade. semiinonthly.g.t of a compound containing two primary alcohol groups). bank note. bimagnésique. forked. mixture of peas and vetches. cancellation. biffer. biocatalyseur. biograph. m. Y tube. erase. biflnorure. bilirubin. stannic oxide. biffage. billet . v. m. o. jewel. bisacciiaride. bimetallic strip. bijou. biliverdine. ginger béer. /. biochemist. zwieback. a second time. /. — en forme de T. (Pharm. two-thread. real estate. disazo. biocatalyst. bipolar. m. bijouterie. m. suoker. m. adv. — blonde. a. biology. biochemistry. bisannuel. m. utility. biliaire. difluoride. bilan. binitré. a. biographer. dinitro. biologic(al). m. a two-lens magnifying glasa. cancel. coarse flour. billion. a. — de'malt. dinitro compound. si — que. disaccharide. disazo compound or dye. second dyeing.t. (Ceram. mum. manganese(IV) oxide. biscuit porcelain.) double-grid tube. a. grayish brown. binocle. twice burned. (Agric. Burma. m. (Math. a. bientôt. biphasé. bifilaire. ox bile. biscuit.t. boe. binoeular. binocle. biennial. bilirubine. bifluoride. m. mercuric iodide. m. biner. favorable. biennal. m. bien-être. a. helpful. biliverdin. billette. bill. (Railways') single ticket. forked tube. m. bilame. a. m. billiard table or room. biogenesis. m. a. bilique. bihydrate. /. biscotte. m. (of chains of atoms) branched. See bibromhydrique. o. m. bisage. boe. — de garde. biliary. pi. — de banque. a thousand millions. billion. biotine. /. dimagnesium. bifurcateur. ballot. advantage. (Elec. m. 10 bis in a séries is équivalent to 10A or 10%). m. biologue. certificate. shoot. bien-fOBds. block. mercury(II) oxide. biphasé. — de porcelaine. / . — de gingembre. Birmanie. coin bronze. /. /. bienveillant. /. — de mercure. a. balance sheet. bile. a. dimetallic. gall. dinitrated. biographe. biscuit biloupe. bisque. mercury(II) iodide. p. bisazoïque. a. Mfarqué. billard. m. strike out. billiards. small bail (of métal or other material) . beneficent. billot. oxgall. a. biscuit. log . however much. cholic.) billet. hydrogen peroxide. soon. variegated. Wgarré. — de manganèse. swarthy. bille. biogen. binôme. /. m. m. — de conserve. (formerly) bioxide. twice baked. — de Brunswick. «fonctionnel. bis. bisque. a. — de mercure. bile. béer. bigrille. — d'étain. o. nitrogen dioside. Villon. /. dioxide. gem. m. . diiodide. /. /. bénéficiai. biologique. two-phase. biprimaire. containing two atoms of magnésium. /. binette. f. — d'azote. (hard) brick. bifurcate. biprisme. biologiste. sa th&t! however. kind. bilieux. binaiy. bile. presently. binocular. binoculaire. blpotassé. mottled. bijon. biotin. m. bier. v. benefit. promissory note . m. bimetallic. a. biennial. mercuric oxide. /. friendly. containing two atoms of potassium. bimensuel. note. m. — de bœuf. — d'hydrogène. bitter orange.) ridge. T tube. a. bifurcated. shortty. bièie. pale béer. biologie. (Métal. biprimary (said. cutting (for propagation). biogène. dipotassium. thermocouple. bisaille. bioxyde. /. biochimiste. biiodure. biochimie. biogénèse. binaire. bilious. rusk. containing two atoms of a métal. — en forme d'Y. billiard bail . eomforts bienfaisant. bifunctional. welfare. e. billon (debased alloy formerly used for money). m. /. two-wire. marble . wi. erasure.) pine resin. biprism. m. a. twice (used with numbers. malt liquor. biographie. biscuit.a. a. interj. lager béer. biosynthèse. biogenous. jewelry. e. manganèse dioxide. m. /. — simple.) biscuit. brown. biiodhydrique.g. dividing pièce. encore! bisaccharide. m. of thc nature of a diiodoiiydrin. /. fugitive dye. ticket. dihydrate. bifllar. a. favorably. biography. tin(IV) oxide. billet. adv. balance. biosynthesis.) binomial. m. a. /. comfort. bienfait. bipolaire.

bituminifère. petroleum. bitumineux. permanent white. bisecondary. — de neige. v. a. bisulfate. bitters (the liquor. triethylbismuth. whitehot. v. color with bister. — 4e zinc. bitumen of Judea. white heat. a. blafard. bismuture. bituminous. a. bisecondaire. bitumen. — de Judée. p. — de champignon. — de baleine. bisulfite. bevel. bituminiee. KxemnrU white. acid urate. whitewash. roushroom spawa. a form of whiting. tinned. cloth filter. bitter. o. bisection. deteriorate. blank space. — de Troyes. coat of whitewash. — minéral. baryta white. — de Venise. bissecter. feisel. v. welding heat. blanchi. — d'argent. — de potasse. (Med. bituminous. m. en —. a. m. bismuthiferous. biurétique. /. — glutineux. /. — tmfflais. (of bread) baked longer than usual. made from gki). bisulfitic. bi-sublimé. — de Chine. lead white. in blank. (Métal. bissecteur. bisulfite. a preeipitated barium sulfate. aoid sulfate. resubïïmed. disulfide.a. bitumioisatlom. pertaining to biuret. a. potassium bitartrate. welding heat. a. m. whiteness. blancherie. m. solid bitumen. potassium bisulfate. m. etc. sodium bisulfite. bibissexuel. v. a kind of white -wocû cloth. (see iàtu- . Venetian white. white heat. (of grain) darken. m. bistrer. etc. bismuthique. «Ktrix. Jew's pitch. in white. — de Mulhouse. /. blanchiment. — de lune. bistortier. bistouri. acid sulfite. whitening. bizarre. blâme. spermaceti. egg white. — de fard. unpainted. — antique. — ée Champagne. o. a. Mtmaeux. — de Hollande. a. bisubstituted. — perle. a wooden pestle. bitumage.) bismuthinite (Bi2S3). grayish or yellowieh white. disubstituted. whiting. bismuthifere. whitened.i. bisulfltique.cathedral glaBS. Mser. Manchet. dingy white. whitening. m. biseautage. esp. a. /. bistre. clean. — solide. redyed. minerai tar. duH white. tn. blanchâtre. milky white. — -mat. bezel^ feather edge. Msmuth-triéthyle. bituœiniser. m. a form of whiting. maltha. bismuth white. whitish. bitertiary. /. . (Glass) while glass with a slight blttish green tint. /. dyed a second time. m.) white heat. bituminize. beveling. — de potasse. pearl white (bismuth oxychloride). biurate.t. biseau. dim. J)isé. a form of whrting. — de soude. biseauter. bistoury. Dutch white. Hamburg white. m. v.t. blank. twice sublimed. snew white (zinc white). = pearl white (— blanc ëe fard). antimony white. — fixe. — sale. biurate. bisulfate. — de chaux. — de plomb. p. bipri•msire. biprîmaire. (see blanchir). (surgeon's) knife. redye. fem. — de lait. — de aéruse. bevel. lead sulfate. white boy. burine. bissectrice. (Bot. fantastic. bisubstitué.t. badger. /. lead white. — soudant. — d'antimoine. m. bizarre. peari white (bismuth oxide nitrate or biamoth oxide chloride). krenis white. — ancien. bitwne. bitumer. m. Chinese white. aoid tartrate. m. bisect. — permanent. — d'œuf. giving the biuret reaction.) thrush. treatment with bisulfite. pale. bismuthine. bitartrate. v. potassium hydrogen sulfate. whitening. bisalt (a mono sait of a diacid). lUtHminer.t. — de Meudon. a fine variety of white lead. — de perle. blaireau.t. white. bisulfite.. o. m. bituminize.a. Cf. bituminiferous. o. a. bismuthine (BiH3). oi blanc. — de Bouffival. — d'Espagne. bixin. — de bismuth. bisulfure. dye a second time. a. bister. white lead. — de baryte.hydrogen tartrate. white of egg. bistorte. m. white. m. biseeting.t. m. /. covering with bitumen. dead -white. — saim. Mtertiaire. brush (of badger's hair or other soft hair) . o. m. Cf. liquid bitmnen. feissection. — au feu. blanche. fem. brown. aspirait. blanket.bîscuité 49 blanchiment biseuité. bismuthic. of or pertaining to a bisulfite. bistotier. blâme. blanc. white sauce. white lead. blank. p. potassium . of bissecteur. zinc white (zinc oxide). = blanc de fard. m. white man. — de Krems. v. blancheur. bisulfide. bismuthide.) bistort. lithopone. bisulfltage. blanc fixe (barium sulfate). duîl. whiting.t. a. bisexual. m. bleachery. o. bitartrate.a. bituminizatkis. m. a. ~ liquide. v. bismuthure. bistre. — de Hambourg. sodium hydrogen suinte. (Min.

bluish. m. parboil. sky blue. injury. — de cobalt. foamy.i. bletted. bleaching . blet. blue. (Dist. blanquette (a kind of kelp or crude soda). blocage. — de nuit. blanchisserie. bleuissant. minerai blue. bleach. — de montagne. bleuissement. — noir. — de ciel. bomb furnace . bleach. case. lump. — de Saxe. bleu-bleu. spring wheat. o. launderer.t. blendeux. trame jam. cobalt blue. rough-grind. — patenté. blind. whiten. bile. deep blue. v. blue. grief. azo blue. smalt. — de Nicholson. mixed wheat and rye. tinge with blue. etc. blue stain. Saxon blue. shield. bluing. blanchoyer. bleuté. armor. king's blue. wash. wash for. — de Brème. bleu lumière (the dye) . m. 6. blankett. bleu. bloc. — dauphin. palid. indigotin. — azur. Saxony blue. hurt. bleach.a. m. — d'outremer. blindage. (see blinder) . bleaching trade . blanquette. blé. blue. buckwheat. a white sparkling wine of the Midi. Prussian blue. refining (of sugar). armor. dark blue. bleu-prussiate. rye.i. place where clothes are washed. v. a mixture of Prussian blue and starch. m. turning blue. smalt. a. — de Pêligot. Maquenne block (a heated métal block for determining meltîng points). m. a. smooth . pale. a. a dark. m. — égyptien. bluish. frothy. — barbu. p. (Indian) corn. blettir. copper glass. corn (including wheat. /. (Mining) blanket. approach white heat. indigo blue. — charron. — Nil. screen. (Min. Egyptian blue. blende. alkali blue. bearded wheat. trame jam. dress. armorplating . (of hair) turn gray . bleuter. azuré. blanc-soudant. become blue.t. mat blue. — chimique. — sur pré. Chinese blue. — de gaz. a kind of blue ultramarine. armored. dark blue. blindé. rubble. en —. bleu-lapis. — turquin. v. wheat . blanchisseuse. bluing. a mixture of Prussian blue and barium sulfate. dull. v. blende. screen. zaffer blue. Nile blue. wound. maize. v. Ught blue. turn white. — de safre. — sombre. blanchir. minerai blue (blue copper carbonate). — de roi. etc.a. — de Paris. m. — azoïque. etc. — céleste. in a lump. armoring. ceruleum (greenish blue pigment). — Coupier. bleu lumière (the pigment). bl cacher y . (Dyes) night blue. — minéral. — outremer. v. Nicholson's blue. — d'empois. — vestorien. blinder. — de Sèvres. — de Berlin. blanchisseur. hâve a white renection. blet. — de plâtre. — Thênard. ultramarine blue.t. m. — de naphtol.) low wines.t. ergot. . steel blue. blendous. mass. — alcalin. — de Prusse. — foncé. make blue. become over-ripe. winter wheat. Meldola's blue. (Dyeing) pencil blue. (bouteille) bottle. whitewaah. /. armored car. b l e u i s s a g e . whitening . etc. whitening. ultramarine blue. offend. an inferior Prussian blue. — bluet. — cœruleum. a. /. night blue. scald. bleacher. Egyptian blue. rye. — d'acier.blanchiment 50 blocage chir). a. tinged with blue. — d'hiver. (Glass) a blue color obtained by the use of cobalt oxide. Prussian blue. Sèvres blue. — d'Espagne. wound. of or containing blend. washing. (of bleuir) bluing.) cutoff. pale. Berlin blue. p. — cornu. patent blue. exonerate. refine (cast iron). (see bloquer) . blanch. barley. blue slightly. (see blinder). grass bleaching. naphthol blue. m. log. — lumière. of blanchisseur. — fécule. brake shoe. blindage. wheat field. stopping. blue tinge. cornflower blue.) . smalt. fade . laundry. 0 lanchissag e. turn white. blanchissant. hurt. m. etc. in the lump. bleuir.) gypsum block. — de pinceau.i. (see blanchir). block. (with qualifying words) grain. injure. (Elec. Coupier's blue (induline). Vestorian blue (a copper calcium silicate). — naturel. v. a blue basic copper arsenate. m. whiten. — de printemps. whiten. — de Schneeberg. — méteil. blueprint. laundering. blême. blessure. v. — d'êmaU. — d'indigo. trim. Saxony blue. clean. — bleuet. ultramarine. laundering . abbrev. — de Maquenne. v. blanch. — sarrasin. tin .) blend.. m. white heat. chemical bleaching. 2>. m. over-ripe. v. turn blue. bleuâtre. buckwheat. maize. tinging with blue. azuré. foaming. welding heat. — de Meldola. m. fem. Bremen blue. /. Saxon blue. Bremen blue. blue. grain field. (Bact.i. m. a blue oxazine dye. graze. Paris blue. bleutage. — de Nil.r. lot. blesser. pr. smaît. biuise.t. — à la chaux. sky blue.o. Nile blue. — d'azur. — de frottement. cobalt blue. whitewashing . — de Turquie. — de Chine. half decayed. p. — seigle. polish (metals) .

— du centre. — droit. bobbin. West Indian bayberry. dry wood.t. lumber. spool. drink. — de charpente. — de dérivation.) Sideroxylon dnereum or its wood. logwood . blondeur. bocaux. Bohemian. coppice. aa of stone or bricks. — de fil. light color. red sandalwood. faire —. timber. choke coil. m. block. blockade . v. quassia wood. secondary coil. primary coil. stamping mill. bobinage. a burseraceous tree of Panama (Tetragastris panamensis). — de • réglisse.blocaille 51 bois blocaille. m. enclose (in masonry). — secondaire. blouse. wind. bluetter. m. — de résistance. — • blanc. Panama bark. drum. blutoir. /. timber. sconce (of a candlestick) . boit (flour. licorice root. — desséché. coil. blute rie. suek up. light color . — d'absinthe. — réceptrice. débris. blouse. closegrained wood. hardwood. the wood of MOTUS tinctoria. lumber. Iignum vitae.i. dub out. lock. stamping. (Pharm. wiring. cascarilla. — de sapan. mahogany. — des îles. oi bocal. — de campêche. timber. — de Ruhmkorff. — induite. sparkle. coil. — de paille. /. quillaja bark. mahogany. brazilwood.M.t. stamp.)..t. inlet.). — de gaïac. bocard. a. logwood. blond. m. — de placage. stamp mill. — débité. — contreplaqué. — de haute futaie. — de santal. pi. sapan wood (a red dyewood). embargo. wood eut with the grain. winding . etc. artificial wood.) film pack. — d'arrêt. lumber. Bohémien. tung.. campeachy wood. bluter. any of various wide-mouthed vessels. m. blond. Boghead coal. fair. sait beef.i.. light-colored (light yellow or light brown.) red saunders. — inductrice. blond. quassia. straight-grained wood. straw board. wide-mouthed bottle . — primaire. wood sawed into planks. ironwood. v. a. — de rosé. bobèche. Ruhmkorff coil. heart- . crushing. /. — de service. /. — de frêne. — de teinture. (Photog. — d'Inde. m. soft wood. timber. (bain-marie) water bath. — de travail. bocage. socket (of a lamp or candiestick) . yellowwood. (Pharm.i. bocal. licorice root. swallow (an insuit). — dur. eaglewood. stop. — d'amarante. v. beef. bolting house. logwood.durci. {Bot. timber. ash wood. B. coil. lumber. soft wood. nocarder. bohé. fine wood. blondir. quassia. turn light-colored. v. plywood. etc. blockade . — de laboratoire. smock. wood. — d'induction. full overgarment). m. firewood. m. channel. arrest. (Pharm. — du Japon. sparkle. Bo. {pi. rosewood (containing a fragrant oil). (Elec. blutage. m. (gun) stock. stamp. bobine. buckwheat. ox. — à ouvrer. m. laminated wood. etc. soft wood (nonresinous). spooling. turn h'ght yellow. corned beef. — de chauffage. timber forest. sandalwood. crusher. boghead. rubble. quassia. fill out (with plaster). steel edge (on a knife or chisel). —. sapwood. choking coil. boguette. — colorant. hâve a light yellow reflection. — de Brésil. drink. mouthpiece. spark. bolting machine. abbrev. boire. resinous wood. bolting. sandaîwood.) mezereum. rosewood (the cabinet wood). — de fer. /. spool. — gras. boards. timber. — jaune. m. induction coil. — à réaction. set . boiter. reactance coil. lumber. seasoned wood. v. sapanwood. — amer. v. choking coil. — bleu. vase. bocardage. — de sang. heartwood. — cochon. crush (ores. dyewood. /. globe. bohea (a kind of black tea). secondary coil. Bohême.) xylem. — gentil. drinking. — d'œuvre. specif. clamp. /.) hematoxylon. white) . wood pulp. frock. — fin. — d'aubier. — du santal. m. j ar . v. timber. spark. bœuf. — de Panama. absorb. logwood. etc. lumber.). shunt coil. fix. blondoyer. flake or scale of hot iron. (Bot.) cattle. (of paper) blot. bitterwood. guaiacum wood. — de quassie. agalloch. — de brin. — salé. drink in. — de santal rouge. blocus. Bohemia . — d'acajou. m. bluette. brazilwood. noghead. bolting mill. — de fer blanc. bolting cloth. /. résistance coil. bobiner. laboratory coat (esp. bois. boron.i. Symbol for. forest timber. — de construction. hard wood. bloc-film. lumber. n. a long. grove. — de Chine. — d'aigle. ash. soak up . drink. réel. — doux. dyewood. v. m. soak (skins. — du Brésil. bloquer. creek.t. Bohemian glass. m. (deer) horns.) bobbin. v. cernent. jam. distinguished from blanc.i. — parfait. take-up spool (for film). (of grain) whiten. whole timber (not split). rhodium wood. veneering wood. timber. brazilwood( ?). soapbark. scrap (of metals).

bearing sleeve. wainscoted. etc. paneled. green timber. cabinet. bulged.t. well. etc. bushel . certificate. boivent. bowl. (of a cask) bunghole. boîte. m. maker of convex glass. bondon. fast color. — métallique. one who renders convex. paneling. bombonne. — oriental. maturity. canister. a superior quality of certain other chemicals. — teint. (in the rectification of alcohol) the fraction whïch follows the alcool de cœur and is followed by the moyen goût (it includes the alcool fin and some alcohol of second quality). bombagiste. earth similar to Armenian bole. bung. simple. incendiary bomb. boit. m. cheaply. good. fermented liquor. — marché. . inïet. m. bomb . puppet. fermented beverage. redwood. sleeve. — incendiaire. v. covered. boni. cram. bolaire. m. —• à fumée. a flat. good. Iight bail. — fumigène. carboy. m. mullein. adv. render convex. shell . swells. (of a furnace) wind box. smoke box. bung. — d'Arménie. bouder. (Bot. pr. Bolivia. fill very full. /. — lumineuse.) boletus. — de Pétri. (Mach. success. illuminating bomb. (Mach. — à sécher. flow. drunkenness. culture plate. bolonais. (of boire) drinks . draft . blanc. bombard. — à éclats. /. a box or case not intended to be returned when emptied. cause to bulge or swell out. lame. fellow. bolet. original box or case. sluice.) bushing. bond. tin can. good man. feasting. fast. drink. valve chest. good part. m. steel cylinder for gases. m. catch. — tendre. very well.t. bomber . m. (Founding) core box. (gas) cylinder. etc. boiserie. absorbs. boisseau. acetic acid. boisage. boiseux. chest. bondonner. tin. switchboard. outlet. à — marché. reagent box. — à soupape. bush. v. — gaineris. happiness. wainscoting. m. shell. Pétri dish. m. bonde. e. asle box. bonheur. bombé. plug hole. m. bonbonne. stopper. case. m. (Elec. indic. (Elec. surplus. bombe. pr. throttle. bomber. (of wine. good cheer. bombardier. bombance. wooded. — bunghole. — trop-plein. become convex. flash bomb. a. & subj. v.i. so be it. blowout. bondir. bomb maker. without a qualifying word. /.g. bonne première. of boire. — rouge. à la bonne heure. drying chamber.i. — à noyau. soon. (Foods) swelled cans. a. m. limping. — de résistance. /. bombiste. (see bomber). — à conserves. (Radio) power pack. opening for putting in maboitement. large pill . /. bombarder. bondon cheese. demijohn. security. can. beverage. — perdue. — d'alimentation.t. v. /. — à feu. bolar.. bonbon. convex. bolus. casing. bombement. convexity. stopper . à — compte. — à réactifs. charging hole. bonbon. bombardier. bombage. oil can. culture dish. bonne seconde. (8oap) a sait lye of 28° B. sulfurated wood. v. m. smoke bomb. bond. swell out. a. casing. bulge. boiteux. logging. Armenian bole. bole . a section of earthenware pipe (specif. — de distribution. bunging. good fortune. — d'origine. best. green wood. check. p. bolivien. bulging. glass box. red dyewood. boisé.. Bolivian. ligneous.a. case. S pi. cheaply. leap. cheap. order. — de Sinope. — à graisse. v. bonhomme. — à vent. piquette. welfare. /. m. ) résistance box. opening. Bolivie. good . (less often) bol. — fermentêe. — de verre.. — soufré. sweetmeat. — éclairante. — de culture. cheap . a. a. — d'essieu. box. bonus. framing.bois 52 boni wood. /. a. vent. case. rendering convex. bound. m. boisson. box (for keeping instruments or the like).) irregular terial. boite. the hole or hollow part into which the key or plug of a stopcock or tap fits. m. — goût. box. — vif. luck. limping . fire box. dished. bolary. culture flask. early. large bottle.) state of fitness. métal box. boitier. a. /. woodwork. bearing bush. bon. liquor. S sing. bound. de bonne heure. drinking. foolish. bung. overaction. good. (Glass) bend to convex form. — de Roux. maker of convex glass.) connecting box. Bolognese. piquette. tin (for food). (Soap) a sait lye of 26° B. specif. kaolin. bondon. a tile of square cross section as distinguished from boisseau rond which is cylindrical) . boit. /. = bonbonne. a clayey bondonnage. m. (of an organ) wind chest. fast dye. ripeness. bombeur. — de remplissage. m. fragmentation bomb. soft wood. woody. planking. comfort.t. m.

dent . (C2Hs)3B. side (of a ship or a road). — de vidange. (ballot) baie. boricisme. sheathe. boréthyle. allowance. /. (of wire) coil. gun. bornyl. a cask for Bordeaux wine. m. prominence. — en caoutchouc. screw cap. bonne. — de chaux. m. p. m. (see bosseler). cork stopper. bordered. close. v. m. bot. borate. m. boucanager. botanique. exactly. bunch. m. bouchage.t. border. cannon. (Dyes) bordeaux. stopgap. — o feu. cure. borique. stopper. rebate. bouche. cork. edging.) terminal. lute. restrict. bottillon. boracifère. boucage. claret (when red) . botte. edge. a. botanically. screw stopper. uneven. — vissé. bordelaise. v. hump . fem. smoke. /.t. skin. — à vis. shade (on certain instruments). holding 225-230 liters. a spécial bottle for Bordeaux wine. (servant) maid. borate of soda (sodium borate). etc. butcher trade. botaniste. orifice. borner. border. hood. screw plug. /. stopping. bouchon.t. of boron. /. bosselé. borne. borate of lime (calcium borate). m. plug. — o vis. washbottle stopper (with fittings). mémorandum. butcher. a. hydrofluoboric (fluoboric). m. borique. ground stopper. smoking (of méat or fish). specif. a. bumpy. etc. o. shore . making of ground stoppera. filling. bore. cork. (see boucher).t. calk. one-eyed. drip cock . firepolish the sharp edges of (glass). o. triethylborine. /. botryoidal. — femelle.t. /. bordure. bottine. border . /. (Glass) furnace opening. /. (of things) déficient in some way. m. — à eau. goat. stopper. embossed. v. bunch. stopper grinding. half-boot. fuse plug. make up.a. edging. — d'incendie. (Zinc) adapter. rubber plug. boucher. v. boundary. he-goat. — à l'émeri. bore. boucaut. rubber stopper. trimethylborine. form. high shoe. — d'attache. • — à deux trous. borate. of bon. emboss . borated. — de sûreté. limit. landmark. tampon. borgne. — d'amorce.r. border. bonneterie. lining. bonifier. bossage. bonnement. wadding. cover. — fusible. wad. m. hunt (animais). margin. m. (Photog. sincerely. bonnette. tu. cask. borofluorhydrique. bosseler. cure by smoking. m. borure. /. shape. v. m. protubérance. confine. borasseau. m. bonté. fire hydrant. simply. m. refund. a. plug. rim. safety plug. safety plug. abbrev.. lid. borofluoride (fluoborate). v. bordeaux. (Elect) binding post. m. boot . boryle. Bordeaux wine. /. bordure. (of yarn) hank . brim. bouche-trou. primer plug. bundle. m. bossuer. — de pissette. hydrant. small bundle. — d l'émeri. north. (Elec. "ornyle. statement. threaded cap. a. /. sheathing. boréal. borax. ground stopper.bonification 53 bouchon-écrou bonification. plug up. /. (Elec. (Points) filler. a. containing boron.t. limit. curb. — à pression. improve. a. m. knit goods. — à l'émeri. — en verre. boricism. bonnard. v. boraxoir. goodness. stopple. cork. m. drain plug. 7n. /.) supplementary lens. soldering box. bouchement. — en liège.) pressure clamp. boucanage. bord. two-holed stopper. bordage. provide with a ground stopper. soldering box. stop up. (Glass) blister. post (to mark a Point or limit). bossing. botaniquement.t. hosiery. bouc. m. Une. boracique. boss. bordereau. cap. boryl. border. adv. adv. o. m. improve. o. bore-méthyle. m. /. boucherie. moutli . borax box. .t. m. boréal. treated with or containing boric acid. edge. borax box. boride. v. glass stopper. improvement . northern. borotungstique. butchery. stop. binding post. borofluorure. bosse. hogshead. botanical. bonnet. bouchon-écrou. kindness. binding. boron. boucaner. smoke. dent. (CH3)3B. bound. m. m. plugging. opening. swelling. botanist. boss. goatskin bottle. m. m. bordeaux. boric acid poisoning. bank (of a river) . bump. a. make good . butt (large cask) . borotungstic. cap. boric. binding. m. end of a windowglass cylinder to which the blowpipe is attached. anise. borate. — de soude. boracic (boric). botany. boraciferous. knitting. bouche-pores. m. stoppering. v. — rodé. edge. botryoïde. o. o.

muddy. boucle. v. bouillonner. /. cider. a. boiling. scalding hot. bakery. culture broth. bouffoir.i.)bouillait. wax candie. m. bouillonneux. — bordelaise. sugar beets. S pi. — à robinets. gas connection (having a ball-shaped part to which one or more stopcocks are attached). bakeshop. attach. {Agric. bouilloire. or dealer in. /. imp. slimy. (stuffed) pudding. suppository . boudineuse. décimal candie. a roll of opium. etc. puff out. (of bouillir) boiled. buckle . still. beef broth. /. yeast liquor. whiff. Burgundy mixture. loop. or a cylinder of soap as it issuer from the milling machine. boiler. turn . — de profession.bouchonnier 54 boule bouchonnier. {Brewing) malt mash. nap (of cloth). something resembling a sausage. — de charbon. {Mach. connect. {Pharm. phénol broth. simmer. bulb. gassing. filter(ing) candie. pressing (of soap. puff up. swell. boudiné. stir.a. bouillotter. nutrient broth. a fuse. — de porcelaine. <c t. — de cru. bubbling. containing bubbles. heater (of a boiler). budge. boiled méat.i. bouillir. boiled. v. vessel for boiling water. curl (of hair). cylindrical or candleshaped filter. (Med. blue bail. /. bouillon. thickened milk . — d'oribus. boiler. ripple. of bouillir. bubble (in a hot liquid or in the solid formed by cooling it). bouillage. m. swollen. pr. m. bouger. a glass bulb. as a helical spring. kettle. cereals. gush forth. — Berkefeld. closet. v. bouffer. boucler. bouillerie. — de levure. f bouillissage. — à teinture. convexity. — normale. candie. one who distills only from certain fruits of his own raising. m. bouffir. /. wave . shield. bougie décimale. sausage . bouda ne. fermentation (of béer. v. or materials not allowed the bouilleur de cru. m. Chamberland filter. — d'eau-devie. puff. — de verre. a distiller who uses material raised by others.) mullein. outburst. a roller. potatoes.) spark plug. bougie. — de noir. white bail. boulanger. bouillotte. — phénique. glass . coal washings. p. boulangerie.) copper spray. puffy. pap. {Paper) rag pulp. m. — électrique.a. bouder. bubble. apricots. — à gaz. buckler. & subj. bubble up. gruel. stock. boulage. bouffi. filter candie (esp. apples. (Agric. puffed.) liquid manure . drilling mud. effervesce. — blanc. {Bot. taper (esp. boiler. — Chamberland. {Paper) pulp . buckram. boil (as in testing a dyed sample or in bleaching). p. mire. such as grapes. m. boil actively. iron mordant.) bougie . sludge. dirty. curl (hair). kettle. boil gently. boudin. /. iron liquor. blowpipe. gush out. a ball-shaped connection (for gas or the like) to which stopcocks are attached. bulge. bail. hence.i. bouffée. — décimale. boudinage. bougie-heure. {Agric. — de forage.i. — filtrante.) bougie. foui. boulange.i. resin torch. baking. unbolted flour. bouilli. = bougie de stéarine. /. — de cire. — cuprique. be backward. broth. corks or stoppers. bouée. boueux. m. paste. a. {Glassblowing) bull's-eye. bend (as of a U-tube). candle-hour. /. bloated. slime. m.i. pout. brandy distiller or (in gênerai) distiller. indic. /. — de bleu. (Dyeing) mordant bath . bouillon. eye. boule. /.) Bordeaux mixture. sulk. bloat. /. Berkefeld filter. stearin candie (made of stearic acid). a candie made from wax or fatty acids. blebby. {Sugar) the expressing of sugar beets. /. bake (bread). breath. bouillaison. m. dye bail. buckle . /. pulp . mud. bone boiler. pears. m. v.t. ring. bouillie. /. bouilleur. v. maker of. ring . — d'os. b o u g r a n .) spraying mixture. elbow. m. /. bulge. bouge. distillery. îiquid yeast. (of bread) rise. m. — de culture. bail of bluing. effervescence. electric-light carbon. porcelain filter candie. bouclier. v. also. boiling. mash. boiling. in distinction from chandelle) . bouillent. a bail of whiting. bail of black pigment or dye. blowhole. — de bœuf. puff out. — stéarique. v. the expressed beets. — noir.t. $ sing. boiler tube. dirt. m. press (as for soap or chocolaté). chocolaté or the like) into a desired form. boil. coal slimes. spray.t. buoy. specif. m. m. puff. bouillant. black bail. stopcock fixture. — d'allumage. & i. v. bubbling. — de stéarine. /. such as peaches. standard candie. bouillonnement. baker. pus. plums. one for sterilizing liquids). lobe . bleb. a kind of cheese from Savoy. — blanche.a. boue. {Agric. spark plug. distiller. — bourguignonne. p.

v. sucker. écrou. — taraudé. puff out.t. switch plug. overthrow. bunch. form into balls (cf. See under grand and petit. boutique. overturned. bourrier. bursa. (Mining) sump. etc. bit. small bail. bovine. catgut . gut . narrow any plant of the genus Borago. swelled. petit boulé). bourrelet.) shepherd's-purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris). bourse. m. swelling.t. bourroir. m.a. sonnerie. swelling.).t. — isolante. (Elec. — à oreilles. bouler. Burgundian. boyau.bouse. bourrer. clump. (Glass) become full of bubbourdonner. any of various elongoted vessels . a.) balls of iron and potassium tartrate. boursoufler. Burgundy wine. handle. shop. bourgeois. bouton. bourbe. cracklings of tallow. hum. — électrique. bourgade. p. crabbed. /. (Bot. m. m. cotton waste. m. button. boulon. bourdonnement. boit. bouquet. throw into confusion. hose. Bourgogne. tub. buzz. bouloir.) igniter. — de coton. eyebolt. shoot. — de déclenchement. hum. bolting.. — de bielle. intestine. plug . boit. inflated. (Pharm. bottle. — encastré. 3 sing. pertaining to cattle. pad. butt. m. v. v. — à saucisse. eye. unsettle. upset. /. borage (Borago officmalis) . tip.i. pimple. (Bot. (flexible) tubing . pack. m. (of bouillir) boils. boutefeu. shoot. inflate. boutonnage. wad. & i. tamper. fly boit. boules d'acier. tamping. /. ox dung. bourlet. v. release knob. swelling . bles. m. boules de Nancy. demolish. private.i. boulée. — à ailettes. /. stock. boulé.) insulator.) blanching liquid. /. — des tanboit. threaded boit. expand. plug. bourgeon. bouleur. lug. boursouflement.t. goupille. bovin. gut works. boulonner. boulet. down. (see bouleverser) . (of liquids) become thiok or bourgène. v. /.i. market town. /. puff up. refuse. passage. compass . swelî. bout. birch wood. cutting. budding. catgut. a.i. m. m. overturn. swell. /. — bourrage. stud. ) wools . ropy. grand boulé. boyauderie. bourg. v. soap bubble. bouleau. /. pimple. tangent galvanometer. rubber policebouniou. cannon bail. pustule. (Elec. r. maker of glass bulbs or globes. boulette. wisp . jamming de chat. wing boit. /. m. bubble (in metals. (a fibrous mass or inaterial) wad wadding. /. = bourdaine. m. bubble. mire. sausage casing. bouleversé. (pi. /. /. — à pasteur. pellet. (Métal. (Wine) first lees. v. bourrache. pinned boit. bourré. pr. mud. bouture. bud. bouleversement. — à clavette. expansion. screw gentes.i. screw boltf boit and nut. padding. bourre.. bail. buzz. bourdaine. bag.t. cluster. /. m. Burgundy. savon. /. — de bourde. bud. swell. bouleverser. bud. a. — boussole.a. screw (boit). civilian . boit. tuft. — de commutateur. rough. (for compressed gases) cylinder . m. /. tag wool. short hair. small town. bleb. chaff. purse. m. plain (and good) . cow dung. v. (Rhamnus frangula). — de bourgeonner. fiange. (of ground) heave. refuse. bouquet. knob. etc. bourgeonnement. bolted joint. keyed boit. birch. tamp. v. padding. bell button. /. extremity. boursouflé. man (on a glass rod). — à boursouflure. wing screw. p. countersunk des sinus. screw boit. boules de Mars. (sausage) casing . pad. v. button. blister. store. panic . outfit. bouter. pad . bouteille r. m. p. commotion . /. button. flanged. bourgogne. packed. (Expl. v. inflation. stuff. waste. upside down. birch tree. beater. Burgundy. galvanometer. stock exchange. push button. = bourrelet. — à œillet. ram. sine galvanometer. m. humming. pin. slip. . — à bousage.i. tormented. (Calico) dunging. roll like a bail. poorest quality of Spanish soda.a. stuffing.a. révolution. (see bourrer). specif. m. stud. silk waste. pouch. bourguignon. m. m. p. swollen. — de Leyde. greaves. (of wine) unfermented. bousure. murmur. boute. m. burgundy. m. Leyden jar. bolt. stirrer. m. bourgeois. shred. (of bread) rise. end.) long-staple crank pin. galvanometer. /. m. floss. /. (Mining) tamping. — de contact. barrel . middle-class.t. bud. etc. slime. bail. packing. — à vis. sac. hogshead . bourru. m. overtum.) aider buckthorn bouteille. bourrelé. v. boutonner. — à bout percé. a.boule 55 boyauderie bulb.

hard solder. m.t. certificate . toothed. v. v. bras. m. rosin. floated asphalt. brandevin. breton.p. a. brasserie. pitch . the process of making soft soap. turn. worthy. brésil. arm. /. brésilleur.) bract. mash vat. soft pitch. v.G. — coulé. braise. /.. circular band. (sausage) casings maker. brazilwood. swing. pitch. brasier. brésillet. b.t. subdivision. friable charcoal. a patent obtained on a chemical compound or other substance. kind. brèche.t. brandevinier. (female) sïieep. café. m. m. braser. brazilein. embers. strap. — chimique. /. breuvet. stirrer. pitch. slab. in short. p.. brassoir. Brazil. dye red (with brazilwood). m. Sn 2.i. brasiline. a. a. brace. branch tube or pipe . (Iron) slab bloom. branche. Brème. division. mixer. /. brazing. brésiléine. point. notch (in an edge) . m. brève. wood coals (either glowing or not). brazing. shiver. seesaw. hand. adv. brace. Brazilian. brandy distillery. breeze . dialyzing shell. v.t. fem. drink ..boyau-dialyseur 56 breveté boyau-dialyseur. m. brasseur. /. branchement. m. branch . a. shake (the head). brazilette. of Brittany. (basse pression) low pressure. m. (Métal. branch. — sur. braye. /. mash (malt. brasiller. brasme. wires). Brésil. brewery. connect (tubes. brasage. brame. brazilwood dyer. tar . brayer. (Geol. quantity of soap boiled at one time. branching. en —. v. /. m. m. brasement. shake. draft . tar. grill. m. patentée. gallant. — de corps. m. solder with hard solder. fine. branloire. shatter. etc. tap. n. (Alum) addition of potassium sulfate. swing. the residue left when coal tar distillation is pushed as far as is practicable). m. brazil. size. mix.t. breveté. jagged. dialyzing tubing. (see breveter). — poix. m. v. /. brésilier.. a. mixing. (broché) atitched (but not bound). — sec. mechanical stûrer (or rabbler or puddler).i. abbrev. mash tub. patent for improvement (of an invention). m. branderie. fire of wood coals. quantity brewed at one time. etc. etc. patent for an invention.g. m. — de perfectionnement. /. — de scie. puddler. hard-soldering. branle. litter. brasquer.. hand-. v. brasque. bracelet. paste. handbarrow . line with brasque. move. — gras. /. breach.). abbrev. etc. brazed joint or seam. branler. stretcher.i.6%. swinging . tinderbox paste. gap. a copper alloy (Zn 4. brief. — fluxé. braised méat.).g.. sling. m. /. amall branch. sparkle. drench. a. brebis. tar. /. stir up. arm.t. Bremen. sway. — d'invention. brancher. brassage. bractée. boiling . brai. branch line. moist pitch (e. direct. sawdust. branchlet. /. dry pitch (e. rabble. short. brevetage.t. lining (as a paste of powdered charcoal and clay).. B. brasure. connect with. in brief. shine. brevetable. = brasage. mixer. patent for importation. commission . rock-staff . puddle (moist clay used for lining). (of a tripod) leg.) breccia. v. — S. a. handle. m. low tension. brevet. braquer. /. boit.) brasque. brewing . m. motion. brassin. — liquide.P. etc. swing. ewe. m. bed of coals. . patent . breuvage. brasser. the residue left when coal tar is distilled to not over 200°). m. v. m. branch . impulse. brandy (made from wine). hole.t. brazier. braze. brésilien. /. brésiline.) lever. brazilin. h'quid asphalt or pitch. puddle. v. bretté.D. m. brecciated. (Mach. brazilin. n. /. Brittany. suspender.G. diploma . bref. (Dyeing) a décoction of bran and woad. in brief. patentable. (see brasser).t. lever (of a bellows). overburned. brancard. brasque. /. fix (in a certain direction). m. Breton. brecciolaire. patented without . — d'importation. Bretagne.t. béer shop. v. brancnette. hard pitch. boyaudier.4%). v. fall to powder. bran. stir. m. brandy distiller or seller. /. beverage. wood coals (see braise). rabbler. brave.a. sawdust. ring . m. asphalt . brave. bracelet. — mécanique. m. a. handle. brase. etc. br. (Bot. à —. patented. by hand. bretelle. bran . rod. of bref. v. brew (béer. brasiletto. roost. brewer.

v. (of light) be refracted. hollow brick. stay. /.t. disruptive. /. brindille. firebrick. brickbat. — crue. brake (for hemp). /. body. bromo. brilliant. brochure. brilliancy. brick fragment. certificate) to.) brome grass. band. /. brilliantly. brominate. bow. (see broyer). form into briquettes. Bristol board. brider. m. explosives) shattering. cork brick. etc. bromation. brise. vitrifled brick. fiber (of wool. stitch. brise-caillé. slag brick. brittanique. pin. make brilliant. — de tourbe. m. — de liège. shatter. Pa234). face brick. briquaille. brier. — vernissée. v. brick. — émaillée. crète.t. staple. brise-courant. interrupt. m. white brick. briqueteur. /. brilliancy. strip brick. ore). p. bromoacetic. facing brick. (see brise-circuit. /. brick fragment(s) . /. grant a patent (or match factory. m. p. briquet.t. hemp combings. breveter. v.t. strap. break. — de pousfiange. m. v. /. folding joint. brick broie.t. (of gade. briquette. v. breeze. brillance. v. pièce.t. part. etc. unburnt brochette. brie. broken. motte. bromer* v. firebrick. briquetter. m. briquetéi î*-a. bromine. m. breakable. — brocher. o. polish . brisure. /. grinding. brin. hoop. broche. v. skewer. be bright. brickwork. — chimique. (of soap) bar. only.a. folding. foreman . m. p. briquetting (of brome. briquette. off. m. brevium (UX2. m. an attachaient to s tap for eut as a brilliant . brillament. brinasse.a.bromable. pin. band. firebrick. inferior tow. m. /.bricked. briquetting. sensés). brick con. briquetier. brevity. inwoven pattern. briquetage. making brilliant.) . slag stone. break. inweave. etc. British. brisant. — de parement. v. /. (see briser). a. a. peg. turf cake. check. brisé. fold. bricklayer. break briller. slender branch. sprig. — hollandaise. etc. (of fabrics) figured. brilliance. broach (in various briqùaillon. — argilo-calcaire.t. briquet. chemical tinderbox. (of broyer) grinds. brillanter. Dutch brick. glazed brick. rein(s). made of bricks. (Med. insignia. wear out. breaking. adv. jointed.a. — de scories. v. (Bot. brick-colored. m. adv. /. blade. brillantage. cramp. — broder. bromelin. (see briser). brick factory. brick. breaking. (see briser). Dutch clinker. briefly. lime-sand brick. briser. /. brilleraent. patent.a. shine. automatic lighter. bristol. curd breaker. brévium. weary. collar.t.breveté 57 bromer guarantee by the govenunent (the regular briqueter.r. brick maker (or seller). m. brillant. brillant-phosphine. brominated. m. sprig. bromination. strand. brisable. creuse. S sing. brome. clamp. smash. pr. /. bridle. box. m. shoot. spindle. bit. breaking.) lateritious. soon. honor. crack. bromacétique. m. label on patentée! articles). breaker. /. v.brisant. gobetée. /. etc. match maker (or seller). sudden. — à jour. brick. brisement. m. broché. brominatable. imitating broméline. brightness. bumt brick. pin. brick. — blanche. bris. (of books) spigot. embroider. /. m. shortly. — pilée. bright. fiange. brigade. steel (for striking fire). — vitrifiée. /. — cuite. be brilliant. stitching (of books). corporal. branchlet. firedamp. turf briquette. peg. snip. vitrified broiement. coal-dust briquette. restrain. bright work. party. etc. spike. p. broiment. enameled brick.i. an acridine yellow. glazed brick. shattering. . brisou. regulate. smashing. m. clamp. — réfractaire. luster. brique. polish highly. m.brocatelle. bride.a. brickmaking. break. twig. nail. brocatelle. containing bromine. briquettage. in stitched clinker. brise-jet. pamphlet . lessening the force of the stream. brocatel. broken part.t. embroidery. brièvement.t. circuit brillanter). o. knead. m. v. /. bri. broderie. Brie cheese.i. dust. brochure. bristol. flaw. v. /. /. etc. sier. briqueterie. m. bricklayer. gang. tinder. brièveté. paper binding . crushing. break. — de cha(of hide). brigadier.

— de 1er. brown (iron or steel). /. etc. bronzing. bromo-iridite. pulverize. bromoiridate(III). (Anat. — aciéré. (spring) pincers. p. bromoforme. brouet. brownien. m. wire brush. /. soft brush. small dusting brush. brouter. (Radio) jammer. etc. make trouble. bromoethane. broui. specif. bronchique. broyé.t. hydrobromic. /. v. bail mill. jamming. bearing bronze. m. (Leather) color brushed on. bronze. containing broxnine.brométhyle 58 brugnon brométhyle. browned. broyeur. bromométhylate. brucine. — dure. bronzy. mix. m. /. ferrous bromide. bromoethane. powder. grinder and mixer. in Pharm. m. /. crush. bromurable. brouillard. . bromoplatinite. bromostannite. bromocyanure. broyement. stumble. a. — naturel. bronzage. barrowman. /. bronchial. brou. coin bronze. ethyl bromide. ground. mist. grinding. a. m. bromo-ioduré.) bronchus. m. trouble. blur. break. — de calcium. o. — passe-partout. — rude. brominate. m. (of tools) eut unevenly. a. iron bromide. beat (eggs) . bromonitro. brouettée. falter. bronze. bromide. brush. v. trip. — de magnésie. brushmaking .) ferrous bromide. brucelles. pi. — des monnaies. brucine. bromohydrin. bromo-aurique. /. trifle. bromhydrique. mixing. — siliceux. walnut) . /. /. fog. brusher. TH. o. — ferreux. bromoauric. m. v. brossure. brush maker. brush. small twigs or shoots. bromocyanide. pound. — à canon. o. (see broyer). brushing. brushwood.t. bromostannite. grinding. brouetter. m. hydrobromide. kollergang.a. bronchial tube. jam. bromoplatinate(II). m. hardened bronze. brominated. quarrel. — d'argent. stiff brush. etc. — d'éthyle. — phosphoreux. hull. m. brush factory. phosphor bronze. browning (of steel). v. bronzed. bronzé. bronze powder. bromic.t. gun métal. — à meules. (spring) forceps. — Barbedienne. — dur. gruel. bromure. bronze. /. mix up. silver bromide. discord. — en fil de métal. v.i. p. bronche. /. m. — à boulets. (see brouiller). /. nectarine. walnut hulls. brushware. mill. grinder and drier. a statuary bronze. etc. /. bromoiridite.a. broth. bromoéthylate. — durci. blowpipe (of an enameler). browse. scrubber. manganèse bronze. brouilleur. brushes. etc. bray. a. brouillement. chatter. specif. brossier. underbrush. broussaille. bromocyanidation. — au manganèse. bromocyanuré. brominatable. husk (of a nut. — pulvérisateur. — à cloches. brosserie. bronzer. broutille. bromhydrin. wheelbarrow load. or a dye made from them. — de noix. bromoplatinite. bronchite. broyeuse-sécheuse. methobromide. embroil. bromurer. bromuration. grinder. bromhydrate. m. m. /. o. /. bromous. bromure. etc.t. bronchitia. broquette. (esp. — de méthyle. broyer. blunder. wheel in a barrow. brosseuse. brouette. v. — douce. bromoform. bronze powder.i. mill. bromonitré. m. m. o. broyeuse-mélangeuse. m. mixing. v. grind. m. stiff brush. (see broyer). mingle.t.i. m. bromhydrine. m. bail grinder. brouillis. a. brouiller. v. brosse. (see broyer). o. bromostanate(II). /. m. confuse. — coussinet. bromination. v. methyl bromide. bell métal. broyeuse. etc. /. m. ethyl bromide.t. barrowful. silicon bronze. — de chaux. broyage. bruise. (Radio) interférence. bronze-acier. m. common bronze. brouillon. brossage. brouillage. broncher. mill. brouillerie. blighted. a. /. calcium bromide. m. bromique. first distillate from wine. bromomethane. bromocyanide. /. bromeux. bungle. ateely bronze. grinder. a. brugnon. — -moulu. treated with or containing bromide and iodide. brosser. bromocyanide of. bronze. (see broyer). a brown stain made from walnut hulls. v. ethobromide. brouettier. rough draft. jumble. (see brouiller). porridge. hard bronze. steel bronze. edge mill. magnésium bromide.t. /. m. (see broyer). m. wheelbarrow. crusher and pulverizer. bromocyanurer. m. brouetteur. — en poudre. m. tack. bromocyanuration. Brownian.

Brussels. v. distillery. Florence brown. suddenly. /.). Brussels brown (a bûchette. — en dedans. brûloir. broiement. reek. brun. esp. officinaUs is brune. a. m. chestnut brown. buckwheat. buccocamphre. brute. of brun.bryone. a. polish. (see brûler). a. launderer. burnable. m. merly) lye.bûcher. stick. burn. buff (leather). rudeness.r. rusty brown. uncultivated . p. troleum burner. — acide. bruire. hissing. n. & pr. Prussian brown.i. moor. Vanmaking it. f — Bismarck. abruptness . (see brûler).. a. p. diosbrumeux. raw. — de momie. a. — buffle te rie. v. oil burner. brunir. burner with pilot. (Bot. casks. unpolv. burner. burner. soap vat. of weeds. — chi. — clair. uncut.i. burning. dyke brown. thick fog or mist. humming. esp. brusquerie. the one most often referred to). brûler. an apparatus for sulfuring brusquely. noise . or articles made from it. burnishing. for(copper ferrocyanide).) buchu. coal. — de fond. (Radio) background noise. p.) bryony. — à pétrole. crude. — d'os.i. — ambulant.) bugloss (Anchusa). m. Bruxelles. bone calciner. brown. fume. brutal. A. — à veilleuse. n. etc. brown. brown ocher. rough.bruire 59 buglosse bruni. — de sèche. Vandyke red buée. brunissoir. crude oil. noisily. ring burner. abbrev. — de Bunsen. brown. etc. roaster (as of coffee).). gas burner. m. màke noise. bube. m. /.de Prusse. — bruyant. réputation. brûle-mècne. biight. bufagin. burnt smell. m. italica (in English A. bucco. brunissement. burn. bleacher. a. bugadière. etc. burnt brandy. — Van Dyck. foggy. — ished. ( Wiredrawing) block. burnish. traveling bruyère. /. Bismarck brown (a dye). pilot bryonine. (Med. p. — de brûlerie. /. rattling. work hard. m. as cast. roaster (as for coffee). burn. rattling. rumbling. châtain. browned. distillery. humming. . — (of coal) lump . brown. — marron. eut. /. ^. browning. m. brun-acajou. burned. (Bot. bruit. burning. buandier. v. — foncé. brûlable. b runissure. — de montagne. à gaz. o. heater. inorganic . a. /.a. m. sepia.p. brun-mat. umber. bu£F stick. brusque.) bucail. brun-rouille. — de fonte. acid brown. heath. dull brown. brusque. p. brutish . brûlot. abrupt . m. the process for rouge. bumishing. burnisher (tool). (of a reaction) violent. heather.. unfinished. /. noisy. roast. brusquement. rattling. m. /. burnisher (person). m. pimple. uneducated. heath. brume. burnish. browning . hole in a furnace fire. etc. borings. /. burn. log. burnt. sound. rattle. burn at the base. brutal. — de Bruxelles. a. buffle. (of a burner). bté. steam. Florence. m.a. fem. adv.a. (breveté) patented. brut. bruissement. — à bruyamment. maroon. sulfurator. p. chestnut. etc. (Agric. brownish. v. damp vapor. m. /. chestnut brown. a. roaring. small stick (of wood). a. burning. m. v. mahogany-brown.p. (Pharm. v. pol brûlage. burning. be burnt. etc. bûche. (see brunir). polish.t. distill (wine. /. rumor.a. etc. distiller. pe. pi. (of wood) billet. burn oneself. block. rough-cast.i. suddenness. couronne.a. (of boire) drunk. S sing. m. moisture. v. electric heater. turn brown. mique = brun de Florence. <e m. pigment made by charring bone). etc. blunt. buffalo. bryonin. half-burned char. burnish. buglosse. /. etc. /. bubonique. /. Bunsen burner. of bruire. rustle. électrique. light woodhouse . adv. brunissage. sudden. m. hum. gross. noise. /. m. buff (leather). buer. distilling. burnishing . m. p. /. brûlé. abruptly . brandy coulée. — de bûchilles. phenol. chestnut. . /. brûleur. noisy. brunisseur. of brandy). bufagine. browning. /. m. brunis. m. dusk. — bu. crude. brunâtre. m. (of land) dans le pied. brush. bubonic. bruissant. humming. brûlure.) bubo. smooth. mat brown. scald. misty. polish. ishing. v.t. o. atrike back. rosé-top burner. brûlant. hew.i. burning (specif.bubon. mummy brown.t. bucaille. dark brown. rust-colored. woodpile. turnings. give off vapor. bucco camphor. distiller (esp. /.

ventilating pipe . analytical de — en blanc. fit to drink. shoulder. vesicular. m. intelligence division. scille. boxwood. — de soufflet. — d'essai. m. Mohr buvable. burette (having the bottom closed and butyrique. — à butyreux. bullule. blast pipe (of a f urnace) . a. • o atmosphère. butt . /. l'Industrie nationale. burin. o. gas burette. S pi. cutting. ticket . a. Bulletin de l'Association des Chimistes de busette. burette (pinchcock burette). sci. (Bot. tapping. (of boire) drank. certificate. officers of an organization. Sucrerie et de Distillerie. striking. fixed pièce. oil can. scilla. a. bibulous. /. buttoir. blotting paper.butine. v. subj. bulleux. p. box tree. o. burette. v. (Bot. but. burette with stop. lug. burin. letin de la Société d'Encouragement pour butoir. (Pharm.t. butt. abbrev. buttery. bulletin.buis 60 buvette burinage. (Mach. — à gaz. thrust. drop. m. — anglaise. burette). de la Société chimique de France. "m. goal. — à robinet. projection. chiseling.. abbrev. m. abbrev. oppose . drop. bulbose. blast pipe. abutaient. assoc. Bull. buriner. p. butyne. chim. out of cracks from ingots. (of boire) drinking.') squill. m.o. a. o. bulletin.o.t.) oil can. bulla. butyl. bulbe. blistery. burent. butyle. Bull. bulbeux. burgaudine. twyer. buvant. stop. bleb. /. small bubble or blister. the tip branching off just below the top). butin. /. In the phrase éther — à pince. butoside. butyl. (Mach. butée. bulbous. /. stud. butte. etc. natl. butylène. bulbaire. (small) nozzle. butyracé. /. buselure./. object. butylique. liquor shop. information office or desk. p.butyromètre. desk. def.. (of paper) blotting. mother-of-pearL buvard. dist. /. (Pharm. counter. dog. 3 sing. bulb. def. encour. o. — de Mohr.) colchicum corm.. support. a. — de safran buse. m. report or certificate. chipping.) red bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi). small hill. purpose. butyric. bâtard. m. let. buret(te). oiler. tappet. hit the mark. sorbent. bureau. etc. (Mach. butin. Bulletin buter. buvette. aim. receipt.) stop. nozzle. buzzard. v. end. bottle rack. gas— filled bulb. pharmacol. pr. burette with pinchcock (Mohr butyroamylique. assay rebuté. /. (Métal. o. nozzle (as of a blowpipe or bellows). buis. /. /. Sciences pharmacologiques. butylénique. (of boire) drank. 8 pi. butyraceous. (see burinage). Bulletin des push. buffer. chisel. Bull. table. . abburgos. oruet. driver. graving. bushing. Bink's butyrine. m. bubbly. /. soc. channel . thioket. butyrometer. Bull. fixed. cock (Geissler burette). office.i. drinkable. m. bull (edict). suer. specif. etc. report. point-blank.) cutting buisson. graver. bubble. oiler.) = buttoir. notice . vesicle. report of analysis. butyroamylique. hillock. m. buttress. engrave. of butylène. blotter. of butter. bulle. catch. /. imp. m. bulbar. amyl butyrate.) box. Bul. bureau.butyrin. etc. butyraceous. port. p. chim. France. blister. ind. of boire.busserole. m. m. blast pipe. determined. bush. m. (Ceram. — de colchique. aim (at) . — de renseignement. — de pipe. soc. butteur. butted. engraving. & f.) a kind of gold luster. prop. huile. abbrev. — d'analyse. bussent.

(Mil. cadet. cacodyïic. cachet. arrangement .i. m. /. cactée. (c'est-à-dire) that is to say. cachemire. en —. cacao.t. ing. n. mask. /. — sous-marin. of or containing cadmium. hère. harmonize. v. Smyrna gum-lac. Cadiz. cachoutannique. hewn paving stone . m. — clair. cable. wire.) Asarum (see asaret). café.c c . dial. cocoa. secrète. cacheter. — indicateur. — d'aisance. m. cabron. — de travail. junior. cadeau. câbler. a. seal. cabinet . coffee. face.. cachibou. m. at wire cable. line. cade (Juniperus oxycedru»). cacao pod. cachou. burnishing tool. m. cadran. cacao . cactier. shed. cadavérique. 771. caduc. m. cable. (Pharm. (Radio) ancacheteur. cabosse. rate. frame. adv. a. the family Cactaceae). booth. — de transmis. cadmium plating.) caducous. cactacée. cadet. rope. cashmere. lay up. — de pain. — double. cadence. (centimètre) centimeter. caballine. cadmia. v. m. /. m. corpse. (Bot. junior . catechu. cabinet. of ce. catechu.) index plate. (Photog.) dark room. wiring. /. wire cable. a. — métallique. c. ment) coefficient of (freezing-point) lower. cord. frame. screen. bidden. unseen.t. cactus (plant of the caballin. younger brother. cadier. abbrev. cabestan. (Bot. m. cadmifère. that is. gambir. room. indicating dial. padlock. a.) cachexia. cadmique. Cachemire. car h a tin. v. dye or treat with catechu. ÇA. m. loop.t. abbrev. pipes are kept. abbrev. = cacaoyer. cadavérine. m. m. winch. (Elec. cacodyle. m. conceal. cadavre. cachibou (resin).e. rope. présent. — de Laval. m. caché. plan. kid skin. /. n. border. twist. m. sealing. Abbreviated form of cela.cadence. wire the same time. c% ç'. (courant alternatif) alternating current. sion. m. hide.) cade (Juniperus oxycedrus). office . m. declining. genus Cactus). cabine. submarine cable. gift. secret. capstan. cadmiage. goat's-milk cheese. m. câblage. a. pron. limite . césium. a. m. cadmium-coated.t. (Med. coffee and milk.cacothéline. hut. ation. p. cactus. à la — de. -tière. outrubber stamp. compass. tenna. cachet. (Pharm. cadaver. /. privy.) two. daughter (or sister). m. falling. cabling. cadrer.. cachouter. business.a. stamp.) — d'accord. câble. a. cachon.) cachet (wafer of unleavened bread). soluble cadetter. (Dyes) cachou de caesium. sperm whale. m. cachalot. closet . m. /. m. sealer. decaying. m. — au lait. cacotheline. dimethyleadmium. cadmié. a. cacao tree (Theobroma cacao). null. — de 61 . cadrage. study . Laval. screen. cadmiferous. cade. cachalot. cadmie. (coefficient d'abaisse. younger. framework. /.. younger son.cacodylique. cocoa. çà. cadette. cacao plantation. c. youngest. power cable. cadmium-méthyle. -yère. cacaotier. (Mach. m. younger cabrillon. cacaoyer. (Glass) a box in which blowv. m. at the rate of. i. m. cache. p. Kashmir. m. Cadix. in cadence. — en caoutchouc. seal. /. m. ticket. v. cacaoyère. agrée. cabin. tally. sphère of opércachexie. (Jewelry) cabochon.a. a. cacher.cadenas.-à-d. cadaveric. rhythm. pale void . cadaverine. twisting. m.t. m. n. — soluble. cover. m. • or the light brown color of this. cadmie. cadre. abbrev. pave with hewn stones. cabaret. csesium. Cashmere.t. cabochon. tuning dial. v. (Bot. catechutannic. cactus (any plant of ça. cacodyl.) skeleton organization . m. — noir. v.a. suit. framing.

pebbly. caféière. /. scrap iron.t. curdled. calcifère. /. cash. (Glass) cullet. clôt. calcine. framework . /. stone. of or containing caille au. abomasum. calcilithe. a. calcimètre. — de Moka. Carboniferous limecaille botte. fund. In the phrase pierre ca~ cage. sistance. caillé. flint. (Elec. blank book. coagulation. spécifications. v. coffee tree.) offset bulb. /. small stone. m. (of lime) burn. whoîe coffee. cal. — carbonifère. m. portions. /. shell (of a drum or pulley) . curdy. clot. clove. m. cafier. caffût. signature. of caillou. coagulation. quail. laminaire* lapis calaminaris. silicosis.a. . — au mouillé. cafétannique. cailloute. — du Soudan. old iron. /. clotting. caféine. calamine.calamité.) résistance box. spécifications. coffee. . (Enameling) a powder containing lead and cailloux. dolomite. curdling. calamiteux. m. caillouteux. m. calciferous. — électrique. (for liquids) tank. cahot. — à feu. pebble. coagulate. barrel. curdle. ahell limestone. pi. m. m. bedlent.calcédoine. joltT jolting. /. — de cécoffee. kola nuts.t. called also caille-lait jaune). tub. — roulé. safe. safe. boulder. (Sugar) the upper cahoter. a kind of kiln for extracting verum. m. (Pharm. road métal.calcareux. m. (Min. caffetannic. calandrer. caféique. m. a. chalcedonic.café 62 calcinure — à eau. calcarone. ) flintware . coffee tree. water tank. coagulated part of milk. obstacle. — torréfié. cailler. m. shoek. caillebottage. macadamizing. caféier. record book.) cahinca root. caille. curdle. coffee plantation. rolled pebble. a. /. clôt. calcareous. curdled milk. casing. boiler scale. calender.a. /. fétide. a. clotted. red sage (Lantana camara). /. m. (Bot. sûreté. /. calcareous. /. Mocha à outils. /. calcinage. tutty. (Bot. etc. — caillebotté.) calamine. m. a. calender . clôt. cajeputier. caillebotter. calciferous. calcédonieux. /. — caille-lait. v. /.. jolt. case. G. etc. m.t. siliceoua calabook. /. — d'ana. (Bot. calcination. chalcedony. calcarifère. tool box. — coquillier. noteneau. m. lime. calamity. m. m. scale. — en fonte. (Glass) minute surface crack. rennet . — en poudre. ballasting . curd. curd. /. analytical notebook. calambour. calambac. a. m. (in a boiler) lime. division of one of the cylindrical units of caïeu. pebble calcin. m. caféone. housing. caillette.t. v. roasting. p. (see caler). cahinca. case. a. roasted coffee. a. leveling. cafique. work . limestone . & r. & i. cailloutis. a. curds. caillou. fire box. cailloutage. cajeput. frame. — de green. calaminaire.) cheese rennet. calcaire. account book. cashier's calciner. sodium chloride into sodium sulfate. a. curd. calcimeter. & i. ground coffee. m. — grains. etc. m. gravelly. callus. — enregistreuse. — en mentation. (Bot. bituminous limestone. p. calcining. m. cage. caillot. m. m. coir (coconut fiber). calandreur. cémentation box. drum. curdled. lyse. ting. (Printing) folded mine. sheet. calamitous. calcarelle. fiinty. caillement.a. Agalloch wood. calcine (calcined product) . wet calender. office. — à claire-voie. calandrage. v.t. straw (Galium. clotting. box. sulfur. yellow bedstraw. calenderer. v. caffeic. calant. calcination. leveling. /. esp. cast-iron box or tank. macadam. hard pan. calcarone (large sulfur kiln). m. curds. coagulated. calendering. cereal coffee. a. (Soda) the strongly heated seccaire. p. ond hearth of a furnace for converting caisse. stinkstone. crate. calambart. chest. calage. cash register.) cajuput. — de régrains. caillage. coagulum. — vert.) calamint. curdling. (Ceram. body (as of a car). — hydraulique. roast. (Med. m. callosity. unroasted coffee. caffeone. calandre. tin oxides (lead stannate) in varying procaïnça. m. calament. calcine. fourth stomach of ru. cajeput. caffeine. m. flint stone. cabinet . hydraulic limestone. — de charges. (of lime) burning. (of garlic) a multiple-effect evaporator. calcinure. clotted. — de fourcahier. compact limestone. minants. curdling. (see caler). calamine. m. tool chest.) chalicosis. caffeic. n.

make tight. case of a watch. steam heater. v. m. calculus . measure. arithmetic. calico. calfater. in. calculating. calorifère. end of a windowglass cylinder opposite the blowpipe. calorific. calorimétrique. cambering. calm. m. blueprinting.t. quoin. stop up the chinks of. a.t. prop . pattern (of a molding). a.a. /. calking. /. calibrer. & i. cambrement. — à coulisse. m. calorique. permanganate. heating. m. — étalon. copy. block. callus. (formerly) calorie. — bleu. bowed. Californian. copying. conveying heat . prop. v. caloriseur.t.a. hot- air heater. comrade. o.t. lorry. cambrer. chameleon. (a pièce to level. cup. a. p. calîper. m. camée. calus. (Geol. tank truck. of or pertaining to New Caledonia (as. cambrure. gold -of -pleaaure (Camelina sativa). (Anat. m. soothe. calorific. baldness. heating apparatus. ealm. calculateur. m. Cambodge. wedge. p. tracing. calorimetric(al). m. pack. grease for polishing. came. support. hot-water. oïl or grease blaekened by use in machinery. (Med. (Sait) a heap of sea sait.) calmative. become calm. heating. calculary.) brain cap.t. level. calorifuge. key. calorizer. v. a. heat insulation. notebook. m. caméléonage. wiper. calîas. camelotier. m. v. mandrel. curve. calculating. template. cambered.t. truck. calepin. Cf. m. calotte. m. calquage. inferior goods. mate. calot. subliming dish. (Med. heater. a. stick. & m. steam (as the case may be). a. camelote. m. p. caler. m.r. calking. cameo. urinary (or vesical) calculus.a.t. fellow. Caledonian. calabash. calvities. Scotch . — à vis. curved. /. m. a. hood. convexity. m. (of pipes) hot-air. sédative. (Bot.i. camaïeu. câlin (alloy for tea canisters).t. calvitie. warp. horny. camion. one less than a hémisphère). capping. calorisateur. calfatage. gage. calibrate. calorimètre.r. hobby. calculatory. leveled. oakum. caloriser. m. indurated.t. calcium chloride. calorize. a. block. cambouis. wire gage. copying. standard gage. jam. a. heat . (Med. heat insulator. calédonien. calendar. m. m. — à eau. — sur. camber. gallstone. a. tracing point. quiet. — à vapeur. = camée. tank lorry. camber. differential calculua. — à air. minerais calédoniens). of or containing calcium or lime . biliary calculus. caleulation . calculate. calque. m. calk. m.) calmative. v. calorimeter. head. calendrier. m. hot-water heater. (of a boat) draw. califourchon. insulate against heat. heat-insulating. stuff. skulï cap . calquer. (Sugar) calorisator. astraddle. o —. v. calotte. chock. close. v. caméléon. of heat. calculant. m. o. calculer. cup. chlorure calcique. caliber. bow. calme. v. set. v. lifter. m. soothing . lubricating. cale. calibration. — minéral. — à citerne. p. m. anything of similar shape: cap. sédative. m. — violet. mémorandum book. caleçon. calorifique. cambering. camelle. bend. copy after. camber. wedge. calmant. steady or support an object). . blueprint. câlin. curving. calculatoire. coorn. calorifiant. californien. m. calicot. m. calorimétrie. /. calorimetry. lower (a sail). Cambodia. cambrien. calculeux. calotte.calcique 63 camion calcique. a. /. /. heating stove. a. heat insulation. calleux. adjust. or the like. /. copy (by tracing). calculating. m. cog. as.) calculous. — biliaire. chalice.) Cambrian. calebasse. poor paper. /. a. callosity. cove. wedge. m. key. changing in color. — urinaire. /. (Painting) camaïeu. trace. m. v. callosité. m.a. potassium. cambre. callous. caliche. wild flax. calquoir. chock. (Min. hobbyhorse. microraeter caliper. caméline. hence.t. camion. calorifuger. gage. calculator. tappet. (pair of) drawers. calcul. calmer.) calyx. v. curvature.) caliche. slidîng caliper. v. size. gaging. v. callosity. /. m. tracing. dray. camarade. chameleon minerai. cupola or its roof or lining. m. model. calfeutrer. /. hoki (of a ship) . calorifugeage. segment of a sphère (esp. /. calé. astride. — différentiel. mold. cam. calibrage. etc. cambré. — à fils métalliques. caulking. cale. calice. (see caler). be calculated. caulk. heating furnace. m. abate. coomb . calibre. calming. m. tracing. knob.

a. v. wild camomile (Matricaria species. a low. camphoraceous. — du Japon. bed (of a river). m. bottle-rinsing plant. candelabrum. (female) duck. candy. candéfaction. in metallurgy) . duckling. . camionnage. /. camphorated powder. m. (Mining) air passage. tank truek. field . drake) . camphorimine (2-camphanimine). camionner. cancéreux. — ordinaire. canard. drayage. a. camouflage. canin. m. voyage . canal. eamphine. a. candidat. — monobromé. in opération. candied fruit. tunnel drier. pipe (gas. candiserie. Matricaria camphor (l-camphor). candir. truckage. — puante. channel. /.. cassia. /. dextro-camphor. unité. esp. tank lorry. — de thym. camphorifère. System of pipes or tubes. conduit. tube. canine. season . pi. canaigre. become candied. m. (Pharm. can. m. camphored. camphorol (hydroxycamphor). (Brewing) bottling plant . a. en —. -séchoir. campagne. waste pipe. camphor tree (Cmnamomum camphora). m. campane. v. disguise. /• cane field . m. tailrace. canepin. mint camphor (menthol). canal-sécheur. camphoronique. & r. canaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus). fluting . fine lambskin or goatskin. camphoryle. centralize . (Mach. m. camphrier. canepin. canebrake. campeachy wood. m.) manifold.. gâte. detonator hole. /. (Weaving) cop. bottle. camomile. — de Perse. borneol. cancerigenic. cartage. — rêsinifère. ordinary camphor. (Pyro. sewer. — des champs.) wire. parsley camphor (apiole).) water rocket. producing camphor. candy. skeleton. d-camphor.g. canette. country . Canadian. canalize . canaliser. camphoglycuronique. m. (Soa-p) boiler. camphor. camphré. = canne. a. pipe. /. rn. canvas . camourlot. camphorated. Japan camphor. caniveau.t. (from camphor) camphoryl. v.a. — anisique.t. rock candy) manufacture. camphrer.i. camphre-poudre. — de persil. o. v. camphoric. ventilating flue or channel. campholic. canetterie. camphoglucuronic. fuse. campanien. m. campholique. Camoufler. m. outline. camphorique. — romaine. m. chamomile. gasoline (petrol) pipe line. groove .) wiring. /. cassia tree. — droit.camion-citerne 64 cannaie camion-citerne. camphine. /. o. — de tonneau. efflux pipe or tube. inflow channel. sewerage . campêche. survey. camphoglycuronic. flue . a. cannaie. electric light wiring. camomille. canadien. branched fixture . chandelier. mayweed (Anthémis cotula). resin duct. alcool —. — de lumière. synthetic camphor. canamelle. m. cernent for filling the joints between flagstones. — de menthe. canéficier. rock candy . n. transport by truck or dray. camphol.) monobromated camphor. sprue. Campanian. — d'aérage. a. connections (as for steam or gas) . (Expl. camphorate. /. in the field. pipe line. — de coulée. candi. wide-mouthed bottle. m. Persian insect powder. waste channel. drain . conduit. /. camphre-imine. bromocamphor. heating to incandescence. a. chamomillà).) match. Roman camomile (Anthémis nobilis). channel . /. drain. — pyrèthre. etc. m. v. (Dyes) canarin. cancerous. candied. resembling camphor. cancérigène. (from camphoric'acid) camphoroyl. sluice . m. camphérol. cassia plant. stinking camomile. sugar cane. camphol (borneol). /. — d'Allemagne. edge. camphoroïde. mayweed (Anthémis cotula). barrel (OT cask) cock. dog's fennel. a.t. — d'essence. candy (esp. canif. cane. connect . m. — d'amenée. candélabre. a. hoax.t. — de fuite. — de matricaire. piping. esp.). duck (specif. German camomile (Matricaria chamomillà). m. — commune. /. penknife. camphocarbonique. /. canevas. camphocarboxylic. gutter. esp. campaign (e. pellitory (Anacyclus pyrethrum). — artificiel. = camomille ordinaire. canaux. canéfice. cancre. inlet pipe or tube. conduit work . canarine. m. (Elec. m. fenchone. connection. a. thymol. camphoronic. candy. (see canaliser) . crab. candidate. p. etc. countryseat. (Elec. (Founding) runner. /. logwood. canal. canalisation. m. — d'amorce. /. of canal. camphre.

(collectively) guns. cantal. métal. canonique. a. m. cantharidin. fleld gun. spongy rubber. cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum). earthenware pipe for conducting molten capillarité. capsicum. capituler. m. cover. adv. a. decanoic. v. rubberize. cannelle. channel. /. raw rubber. oaproic. — de synthèse. grooved. caoutchouc. a. /. vulcanized rubber. cape. m. m. — de Magellan. cannelage. capital stock. — cannelure. capillaire.capot. (Soap) a lye of ashes and lime. /. faucet. ably. fluted. tire. groove. capitaliste. — creux. capitulate. capitalize. sugar cane. /. as the capacitif. — dilaté. caolln. /. /. (Zinc) a crucible of oval section. m. capiteux. cane. captain. — antichar. de Bonne-Espérance. m. barrel of a rifle or a syringe. — de fusil. producing rubber. — mélangé. m. top. the nozzle or capeique. m. capillarity. rifled gun. absolutely. m. capital-action(s). artillery. m. a. box. section. pneumatic tire. cover. canton (in France. spout. caprate. caprinate. cantharide. a. caoutchouteux. cannelle. a. capitel. liabilities. irridescent like capitaliser. v. (of liquors) heady. caoutchoutage. channeling. o. launch. (Glass) blowpipe. a cylindrical jar. a kind of Auvergne cheese. caper plant (Capparis).câpre. capricious. a. n. /. capitally. flock silk. m. cannette. m. ber. capitalement. p. district. capote. m. capital. /. corporal. a rubber caprin. smoke-preventing. m. channel. small tube or pipe.capnofuge.) cantharides.) Winter's bark. — de Saigon. cylindrical part or object. ber. canon. a. cubic contents. (alcohol). — social. (Pharm. a roll or stick of sulfur. nula. fixed capital. artificiel rubber. a. essentially. Ceylon cinnamon. cantharidlne. treating with rubber. a. tap . ber tubing made from eut sheet. chief thing. = cannelle. v. a. social capital. synthetic rubber. minerai rubber (elastic bitumen). decyl rubber. canule. ing. o. factice. canot. cap. m. m. — minéral. fluting. channel. channeled. capably. (Elec. cantharis. v. cantine. m. — matique. capital. campagne. capronique. rubber plant. rubber sponge. — en feuilles. glass tube. kaolin. or an lary tube . canton. rifle . — pneu- . rubbery. course. — giroflée. — des huiles. m. subject to the Canniz. (Med. gation.a. foam rubber. decanoic (acid). caoutchouc-mousse. chest. canoë.t. /. decanoate. hood.caprinique. — factice. /. caoutchouc. rubberizing. fine-cut sheet rubber.t. cannelier. capacity.t. pipe of a bellows. Saigon cinnamon. — en verre.) can. rel. adv. caoutchoutifère. m. — brut. — à eau (or à raccord). subdivision capiton. groove . = canette . rubber. of an arrondissement). antitank gun. gun. capillary. gun bar— d'établissement. crude rub. — cuir. capitaine. canteen. — vulcanisé. small boat.) capacitive. cowl. corrucaoutchouc-éponge. rifled barrel. zaro reaction. caprine.i. m. caproique. maidenhair fern. treat with rubber. groove. cannon. reclaimed rubber. direction. (rub. (welder's) ber) tire. v. cantharidic. /. Spanish fly. (Bot.t. cinnamon-colored. rifle barrel. hex»noic (acid). capillaire. imitation leather made from câprier. ribbed. m. capitalisé the cantharis. canonical. a. — en plaques. — de Ceylan. intoxicatcantharidique. sheet caprique. m. hexyl (alcohol). rubberized cloth. Cape of Good Hope. — cube. capila réel for yarn.) caper. — sulfuré. capric. /. rubber clove bark. capillary. capital-obligations. cantharidate. flûte. hood. capital (either city or letter). of or pertaining to a substitute made from certain oils. cannizzariser.t. — rayé. canon. cantharider. capitale. m. hard rub. caporal. à sucre. nozzle. cinnamon . /. goat. m. kapok. — durci. a. a. — à vide. — de capital. m. expert. — régénéré. rubmask. (Pharm. mixed rubber. v. worker. caoutchouter. single-tube capricieux. capital of a firm or Company.canne 65 capronique canne. caoutchoutier. capoc. grooving. canneler. capacité. m. rod. capric. factice. rubber vacuum tubing.capablement. head. case. cannelé.

N. /. caramel. a. (Old Chem.t. carbonatation. octyl (alcohol). bonate. carbomètre. & r. carbonate. m. médic. bonate. (sometimes) octyl. cashew mit oil. carbazole. a. carafe. enclose in a capsule. nasturtium. even when large. /.a. a. lead carbonate. v. carboéthoxy. /. captation. m. carature. bonyl). cap (as for a bottle or a test carbogène. caproyle. decanoyl. p. having the form of an inverted frustum carbaminique. capsique. or cup. caput-mortuum. cover . caramel. capped. caquage. distinguish. a black fabric made of wool. nickel carbonate. /. — à — blanche.a. available . . suprarenal cap. de plomb. capryloyl (octaaoyl). captivate. caracoli. capsaïcine. captive. percussion cap. a. — de soude potassé. carbonatage. alloying of gold with silver. caramélène. arm). characterize . caramelen. small diamond. m. (modem) Konya. an apparatus for determining carbon dioxide. capsule. reïating to A^-acylamines. m. carbonation. colander. catching. carbinol. capter. sodium carbonate. carbonate of lime. v. caranna (a gum resin). caramelin. v. (Med. caracoly (an alloy). /.) caput carbonatation. carbocyclic. — d'ammoniaque. carbonated. o. a carbinol. m. of the nature of. inal capsule. of naming alcohols. collection. carbolique. (Explosives) cap. evaporating dish. captiver. for. m. caramelan. pertaining to. carbethoxy (ethoxycarcaptif. a. m. carbocyclique. captage. primer. — d'évaporâtion.) pinta. turn into capsulateur. a. used in the purification of fatty acids by expression. a variety of amber. a powder dissolving in water with effervescence to form a carbonated tube) . hood . m. m. capper (as of bottles). /. /. (Mach. capsicum.) ring gage. a. caproyl. potassium carbonate. caramélane. small dish carat. pod . /. caprylique. m. capsule (in other sensés). characteristic . caprylic. capuline. characteristic. a.carboglace. caraméliser. caraté. phenyl isocyanate. perforated dish. lithium carcaractériser. T. goat's hair and horsehair. /. carbolic. (in ing of gold with copper or the alloy so some cases) casserole. — surrénale. a. — fulminante. capsulaire.t. confine. m. nature of. barreling. m. caprylyle. m. /. carbonate of ammonia. cap . /. carbazol. strainer. dish with handle. m. m. or trous. magnésium carbonate. capsule. carbamique. m. octanoic (acid) . bonate. as. karakul (sheep and fur). = methanol). an evaporating dish or dish of similar shape. /. because.t. capsaicin. bonate. carbonate of potash. caraméline. v. fulminating cap. cayenne pepper. hooded. captivate. a kind of barrel. character.t. cardol. m. v. carbonate. barre!. capsular. -teristic. porce. — de fer. caraba. — évaporatoire. potassium type. — d'imprimerie. carbazotic (picric). m. conducting of water (as by Carbinolique. capture. gold alloy. — rouge. caramelize. a. stroncaractérisant. conj. (gas) mantle. or piping). capucine. hexanoyl. lain dish. décanter. alloying (of gold). collecting. or of the capsulage» m. — en porcelaine. sodium carture . carbanil. — médicamenteuse. drink. carbonimide (isosule. carbamic. band (of a fire. iron carcar.t. solid carbon dioxide. prisoner. carbinol. caracoli. inasmuch as. m. alloy— avec manche. of a cône. fea— de soude. collect. capping (as of bottles). a. capuchonné. subdue. pertaining to. the alloy so produced.t. catch. — conique. caragne. n. — de potasse. a. wash bottle. caractéristique. caractère. /. — de strontiane. m. tium carbonate.carbazotique. a dish produced.. calcium carbonate. m. containing carbon and nitrogen. capuchon. cyanic acid). carbinol (used in one System capsuler. — de magnésie. — niccolique. capryle. — carabe. conduct (water) to the place of use. Caramanie. — de lithine. carbonate of soda. a.carbanile. carat. characterizing. carbonate. carbimide. m. /. — de chaux. carate. m. lithium carbonate. & /. v. carbonation.Carbimide. detonator . caracul. captive. caquer. p. n. — lithique. Karamania. mortuum. make carbo-azoté. /. (Printing) type. washing bottle. treat or mix with caramel. m. ammonium carcaque.caproyle 66 carbonate carafe. caramélique.

hydrogen carbide. carboxylpyrazinique. m. terpene. /. charcoal burning. carde. anthracite . carburet (old term for carbide).r.) salamander. an acid amide group. v. carbon of coal. chard. carcaise. in combination) carboxylîc. terpene proper (CioHie). carboxyl. m. carbonic. carbonous . carbonide. v. carbyl. containing carbon. combined carbon. any member of the carbon family of éléments. framework. carburetant. a. pyrazinecarboxylic. (Old Chem. m. /. carburet. cardage. /. v. containing carbon disulfide. /. specif. carcinogène. carbon. carboné. carburet(t)or. p. carbonisation. of. — monotérêbéniqtie. — fixe. /. carbonyl hemoglobin. — combiné. carburer. carbostyril. — ditérébénique. — polytérébénique (or multitérébéniqué). — • têrébénique. carcinome. displacement of air by carbon dioxide in wine casks. case (of a torpédo) . a. 2-quinolinol. carding machine . temper carbon. carbide . (organic) isocyanide. m. cyclic hydrocarbon. m. body. m. wood charcoal. à la —. refined cast iron. carbosulfure. carboniser. (Métal. m. — de t rempe. cardoniome. carburetted. carburet(t)ing. v. m. saturated hydrocarbon.) teasel (Dipsacus). carbonateur. cardialgie. carder. carbonométrie. carbylamine. carbonizing. /. carbonometry. m.) cardiac. o. m. /. grapbitic carbon. annealing carbon. carbostyrile. /. Chem. ( Textiles) an apparatus for conducting the carbonization process. cardamome. pyridinecarboxylic. in the manner or of the nature of a Cardan joint. a.. — à noyau fermé. — de fer. cardiac. carbonyl. become carbonated. carboniférien. /. m. a.) carcinoma. carbonisâteur.. phenolcarboxylic (designating aromatic hydroxy acids). m. carburation. — de la houille.carbonater 67 cardoniome carbonater. motor fuel.t.t. hydrocarbon. (Bot. carbonylage. carboxylic. carburet(t)ed . carding . cardamone.) carcass. cardamum.) Carboniferous. containing both carbon yl and amidogen or. carbonimide. carboxylique. aromatic hydrocarbon. core (of an atom) . carbonyle. card (wool. etc. a. carbonization. carbide . carbonize. cardol (cashew nut oil). hydrocarbon. polyterpene. carbone. carburation. cardiaque. carburateur. carboniferous . carbonoïde. sesquiterpene. — d'hydrogène. m. a. of the heart. carbopyridique. teasel .t. bear. heartburn. incendiary shell. cardère. — de bois. m. m. aliène hydrocarbon. — sesquitérébénique. m. carbonyle. = carbonide. .) oxalic. carburant. Cardan joint. p. earbon monoxide hemoglobin. carcasse.) cardamom. carbure. carbone ux. containing carbonyl. carbyle. a. carbonization. a. carcinogenic. (Bot. /. — aromatique. carburet(t)ing. m. cardiaire. diethylenic hydrocarbon. a. a. m. — pour moteur. ethylene hydrocarbon.) cardialgia. carburization.) motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca). carbonique. & a. carbonifère. (Med. fuel (for explosion engines). a. resembling carbon. carboniseuse. o. — du charbon. m." carbonyl-amidé. carbylamine. treatment of wood with "carbonyle. — acétylénique. diterpene. cardamom. /. CONH2. f = cardiaire. cardol. Cardan jointing. carbonimeter (a buret for determining carbon dioxide). — allénique. carcass. carcas. carbonizer . a. m. cardan. annealing kihi for plate glass. /. — graphitique. /. v. /. carbon disulfide. carbonaceous . metallic carbide. carboxyle. (Geol.t. (Med. carbonisage. teaseling. — éthylénique.a. a tar product used for preserving wood. teasel (cloth). (Med. m. (Mil. carbosulfureux. etc. charcoal kiln or retort.) . (Med. — de recuit. (Sugar) carbonation (or carbonatation) man. = carbimide. /. <c m. card. carcinomateux.a. carburet. Carboxyphénolique. a. /. carburized . a. carbonyl. iron carbide. skeleton. carboxyhémoglobine. (Org. carbonication. fixed carbon. m. m. — saturé. — métallique. carbonator. specif. acétylène hydrocarbon. carburize. cardamon. carbonimètre. (Bot. — diéthyUnique. — de bois.. a. frame. coking of coal. carbonate.) carcinomatous. carburé. Cardanic. pertaining to or containing carbon. esp.

— de cochenille. /. — couchée. Bristol board. covered pasteboard. m. (Miglacé. v. /. scope. /. — encaustique. shipping. chart. card. carminé. — comprimé. /. post card. leatherboard.). cartelle. m. tile maker.t. m. a carotter. diamond. square. carreler.) carline thistle (Carlina). (Bot. (Paper) a size about cargaison. coach (or carriage) building. ora.carence 68 carton carence. Obs. checkering. = carpobalsame. core . a. carious. trust . fiesh-colored. carié. carotinase. carotine. trick. m. (Printcarottinoïde. /. quarry. m. pasteboard. a. /. carotinoïde. stove carkhèse. m. a. tol.) alum carminé. vitrified tile. carob. m. postal card. pave with tile. Carnivore. m. encaustic tile. chimes . carnaubique. a. m. carton de collage. carthamic. tile. p. = carcaise. syndicate. — buvard. carroyage. carrot . carminé. load. carotenase. bill. carnasse(s). decayed. carob bean.) carotid. square. builder. (paper) board. cubical grain (of explosives).a. packing needle. — de boit. pièce of pasteboard. board made by gluing carré (see below). body. cargo ship. map. square or rectangular. absorbent carpelle. ruse. paving with tile. asbestos board. card. index card. edge. — d'amiante. cartilagineux. smoke pipe. brick. playing carneau. vent. a strong paper. m.) carpel. v. carnivorous.) carminative. — à jouer. m. (18 by 22 in. carrer. tile. any plant of the genus Carthamus.) carnelian. visiting carnéole. white-covered board. p. decay. ing) a double leaf. squarely. cros. corner. coach builder.carrelage. rod (of iron) . tar board. cartel.t. — cuir. a. /. carminer. thickness . used in making glue. cartoon. deficiency. (Méd. m.a. carnaubic. — de poêle. lading. & f. — en carline. lack (as in diet) . /. garden bed . carton. carné. carre. v. /. 45 by 56 cm. fichier. cârotenoid. tar paper. carthamin. box. & r. tumé (or biturninê). caroubier. carthamine. paper board made from wood aquare-built. /. (Cards) carinthien. a. squares. /. /. cushion. méat. — de visite. & m.a. notebook. course. indigo carminé. a. — postale. — Briscarouge. color carminé. m. bill of fare. carnet. carton. pi. carminé (the lake). floor. . carminatU. m. caricine. cément block. decay. m. etc. torius) . (Min. /. carte-fiche. mémorandum book. m. carmoisi. pi. — de bouillon. index card. — d'indigo. Carinthian. — couché. thick blotting paper. /. /. carrosserie. carpobalsamum. carrière. a coarse file of square cross seccarier. carrelier. or four pages. paving carie. millboard. veneer. carnau. — collé. (Masonry) stretcher. m.. glazed board. cardboard. v. square cross section. card. m.) cartel. housing. career. — aluné. /. (Bot. carminated. & m. keel. ground.) borax carminé. — 6»caroube. square. — boracique. /.t. etc. caroténoïde. freighter. carminique. rot. baclc — couvert. squared. /. of méat. core. square. /. — blanchi. plank. glazed cardboard. Carniv. tile. — journalier. checker. /. v. rot. tiling. presscarquaise. & a. demy. (Mil. pane (of glass). — de collage. cartilaginous. square carillon. (Med. adv. treat or mix with carminé. (Dyes) carrelet. = caroube. p.) caries. hull. thunderbolt. carotène. pasteboard case or carottine. cément slab. race course. check. tailor's goose . cargo. case. — carmin. cartoline. perpendicular. /. waste matcrial from carrossier. twist (of tobacco) . m. safflower (Carthamut tinccarotide. cartésien. /. /. cârotenoid. (Anat. fiesh.) plaice.t. journal. carriage animais. something . arena. account book. decaying. erown (of a hat) . cargo. case l&nding. m. portfolio. a. board. carrément. carotte. carré. ftue. carne. /. o. carminic. Cartesian.t. m. carthame. médium. /. a. and shoulders . carnine. cârotenoid. carminé-colored. — de (ia a boiier) fire tube. carob tree. tion . carreau. board. (Mi. (Paper) of the size called pulp. noise. carte. ciment. play. caricin (papain). (Zool. = carcaise. a. carob. m. a garden bed. narrow side. cros. carthamique. crimson. casing. square. a. /. box. bouillon cube. account. carnine. & j . as an iron bar of (Law) absence of assets. a staircarène.carter. & m. carotène.

— porcelaine. breakage . flashlight cartique.a. brittle. value. (Bot. m. barracks. in cascade. cartouche-amorce. /. compartment. or pressing into sheets. tnimble. oupel . m. an inferior kind of gallnut. etc. ing shell.a. title or the like). cartridge factory. à blanc. Caspian.a. a. caseum (paracasein). /. (Paper. cassava. /.. put in order. a.) St. cassage. — de deuxième moulage. short. /. a (descending) séries. casefication.) cassia . n. card index. perforatum). breakable. bound in boards. — aromacartridge. (Biol. carton-pâte.caséine. put caseret. weak. casamance. caserel. p. like cheese. carvol (old name for carvone). an African crude rubber. cascarilla. board. m. board containing clay. a. casse-coke. a. resembling pasteboard. pasteboard (or paper board) casque. (Bot. board. —filtrante. cascarille. — à froid. (see casser) . about 127° C). cartonnerie. m.cassave. — à poudre.t. tar caserne. a. cassia pods. case. frame. (Bot. quetage. cassenole. breaking. paper pulp. m. m. . — en bâtons. — basin. = casse vraie. m.. cascade.) hood. — en bois. frame. — de painogen. purging cassia. — à fumée. caryophyllin. hot-short. such a case. v. caséinogène. — minéral. casquette. cartonnage. (in part) mill. (Cassia fistula).t. m. asbestos board. cheesemaking . cartonneux. filing case. board made from paper pulp by molding caséiforme. m. — ondulé. (of books) in caséum. etc. crushing. original materials. caseation.) casse paper. mold. /. an instrument for breaking occasion. card index. — de tourbe. enameled board. boiler. cassant. /. — du Brésil. wood board. m. cheese factory. m. casette. leatherboard. caseous. caseboard made from old paper. hut. (Candy) crack. esp. binding in boards. (Sxpl. f. p. cheese /. — de premier moulage. breaking. etc. a. position. cassia pods carvi. board made.) talus. papier-mâché. cheesy.) primer. casse-noix. pulp. — vraie. en tout —.) caraway (Carum carui). — mondée. black sait (crude potash or boxes (collectively).) sagger. caséeux.) crucible . a. proper sensé. m. m. the cartonner. matter. cassia carvacrol. laceae. in any case. helmet. carton-paille. — blanche. (Geol.) Caryophylm. Chinese cinnamon tridge. stiff. pi. carton-pierre. a. /. board. m. paper-board casottes. etc. manufacture . peremptory. pi. if. cartouche. out. carvol. caspien. asbestos board. ladle . /. ) cassia bark.) karyokinesis. casein-producing. balle. — goudronné.t. making casilleux. — de moulage. /. m. short . etc. — de pâte secondaire. — éclairante. — en pâte de bois. cassement. snap (stage reached at caryophylline. carton-cuir. la Caspienne. /. compartmented case or rack. cassia bark. carvacrol. easein. peat caserette. strawboard. board made from old paper. p. cassia bark.carton 69 cassenole sheets of paper together. seggar. littïe case . caséifier. glazed board. car. worn caryocinèse. pan. red-short. /. helm. cap. v. a hard variety of paper brittle. cément. breakage. away. strawboard. (see casser). from caséique. cas. case. en — que. in casse-noisettes. cassable. m. (Ceram. nutcracker. in case. — limite. pi. (Pharm. (Bot. broken. /. boards. breaking.caséification. cartonné. like paper. card file.-John's-wort (Hypericum. of paper-board objects . coldcartothèque. borderline case. /. (of wine) affected with casse. m. en —. if necessary. H. shell (for extrac. Caspian Sea. — à chaud. — de caséinerie. /. corrugated board. packing board. m. cassé. case. casefy. /. (Métal. — sons Pharm. cascade. m. convert into cheese. paper-board factory. cheesy. (see casser). set of pigeonholes . case (esp. ligneuse. /. (Bot. tagne. filter(Cinnamomum cassia. smoke (Wines) casse. blank cartridge. signal cartridge. bind in boards. affair. casier. /. v.casse. soda from ashes). caseic. — cartoucherie. m. — de mon. cartridge. caser. le — échéant. papier-mâché. for type). — glacé. state. /. limiting case. /.). caryophyllées. breaking. place. /. touche (for a naine. tions) . in casse-diable. en —. cassie paper. up large pièces of coke. pasteboard in the case. — de paille.

caution. causticization. Caucasien. causticity. lustered. /. categorical. v. cupboard. a. & f.i. — hachée. /. warranted . parchment book for gold leaf. casse-poitrine. causatively. v. cathartine. /. & m. used as a flux. /. catalpine. /. surety. cationic. bail.) limestone. quash.t. cauterizing. cauterization. deposit. crush . cancel. cathionique. — grenue. — crochue. m. cathartique. caustic. cause of error. because of. broken or imperfect sugar loaf . adv. raw or muscovado sugar. break (or interrupt) the vacuum. for the reason that. stone breaker. bail. catissage. cathodic. annul. cautionnement. p.) Vienna caustic. guaranteed. a. caustic. hackly fracture.t. catéchu. causer. cathétomètre. causticize.a. o. cause. catalogueraient. break.) cathetus. crack (nuts) . catégorie. woody fracture. m. (Pharm. /. cassis. catalysis. gloss. cauchemar. — fibreuse. broken cocoa nibs. catalyse. casser. cati. cautérisant. category. castorin. m. cation. /. ulcer. causticité. causîng.) catheretic. caused . (Med. p. /. security. hackly fracture. cataplasme. — le vide. caustique. catholicon. a. clean break. cassonade. talk. cataloguîng. — de bois. cautériser. catalyzer. casseur. cataloging. granular fracture. /. because. cassonade. v. glossed. caucasien. kitchen utensils. /. cathode. a. caustification. m. catalyte. pertaining to catechu. cathodique. & f.i. m. metallic fracture.) cathartic. — métallique. m. fibrous fracture. cathion. cathédrale.a. causé. cautionné. cause . chat. a. /. cassette.. v. cataloguer. (Geom. cauterizing agent. (Bot.) any member of a tribe of csesalpiniaceous plants including the genus Cassia. cassis. a. (Métal. v. (Brewing) clearing. fibrous fracture. glossing. causative. cathetometer. Catalonia.) catalepsy. nightmare. lamellar fracture. caustiquement. cataphorèse. m. source of error. /. m. (Pharm. — à fibres. — lamelleuse. cold-shortness. breaker. catenary. cataphoresis. /. /. — conchoïde. = cassonade. gloss. âc r. vitreous fracture. /. & m. catoptrics. — au chlorure de zinc. cathète. — de Vienne. adv. a. incubus. poultice. catoptrique. lustering (of cloth). a.a. m. cathartin (cathartic acid). incidental. m. à — de. adv. p. catalposide. cathedral. Catalan. catalan. a. cassia plant. m. catalytically. castillan. catechol. panacea. casson. black currant (Ribes nigrum) or a liqueur made from it. — vitreuse. casse-pierres. & m.casse-pierre 70 cautionnement casse-pierre. /. — granulaire. Catalogne. casual. /. catéchine. bailed. catalyse. cauterizing agent . catapuce. catalyser. place where loaf sugar is crushed. (Med. p. caucher. catalytïquement. catoptric(al). caté-chu. /. render caustic. stone hammer . m. (Law) for value received. (Med. causticizer.) saxifrage. luster. /. /. cautérisation. /. catalyst. Caucase. catir. castorine.a. conchoidal fracture. catalepsie. a. stone crusher . /. fibrous fracture. casserie. splintering fracture. little box or case. a. m. breaking. Caucasus. crushing. a. resinous fracture. clarification. caustically. causant.t. castine. catalyst. granular fracture. v. catalog(ue). catalyzer. cataphorétique. m. cautère. fragment (as of glass or pottery) . casuel. cauterize. m. guarantee. (Med. on account of. catechin. cauterization . — à froid. catéchique. — nette. Vienna paste. cautery.) catholicon. o.t.t. fracture . causatif. a. castonade. cassia tree.) Canquoin's paste. a. break . (Law) considération. catalpin. m. caustic curve. . cassure. m. (less often) Catalonian. v. catalytic. catnip (Nepeta cataria). fiery liquor. (Bot. cathérétique. /. caténaire. catégorique. — à grain (or à grains). — à nerf. earthenware vessel for drying. cause. cataplasm. a. /. /. cataire. earthy fracture. m. a. /. cauterant. catalyseur. v. caustifier. catalytique. cassier. m. — d'erreur.. /. m. causativement. caucasique. m. — à éclats. catechuic. luster (cloth by pressing). — terreuse. cautery. m. cataphoretic. catechu. catalyze. perpendicular.t. à — que. security. Castilian. caper spurge (Euphorbia lathyris). m. purring. break . cassiée. — résineuse. caustificateur. a.t. v.

be inferior. cellular.') stone cell. specif. renowned. (Bot. (of ceindre) surrounding. he. — de Thoma. cave.) shea. gird. celle-là. absorbent cotton. him. a. blindness. céanote. cellar. sulfite cellulose. celtyle. p. /. célibataire. give security for. pron. /. give in. — de l'Himalaïah. small cellar. pr. citron tree. oil of cedar. ceindre. transf er . cellulose. them. cédraterie. /. /. — de Virginie. for ail that. cavité. he. put on. v. celles-là. in order that. cellulaire. swiftness. them. /. /. OHf<). cédratier. ice box. this. one. celloidin. that. deodar. — de Sibérie. — à soude. her. celle-ci. band. pron. a. cédrel. (fem.a. c e . give up. m. o. natural steel. cavern. citron plantation. à — près. cavernous. /. dig. white cedar. S sing. p. this. /. that. citron (Citrus medica. cedar (wood or tree) . him. a. m. celles-ci. her. inclosed. thèse. those. m.t. célestine. or the like (distinguished from cave in not being underground or vaulted). caverne. cavity. céladon. m. a. this. (Pharm. this. celestine. cave. celles. cedar resin. seggar. see ces. /. céleste. cellule-ouate. cellulated. m. part with. horseman. m. her. a crude rubber from Guiana. m. pron. — sélénifère. — du Liban. concave. pron. — à fond divisé. — pierreuse. m. shea tree.i. celerity. they.. rider (as of a balance). mine. cellulose. /. célérité. cède. (courant continu) continuous current. pron. (Bot. p. specif.t. Co. soda cellulose. — des Bermudes.) cedron (Simaba cedron). storeroom. one. m. Cédrat. — composée.. v. (For the pi. hollow. cédrèle. single. of ceux). m. m. surrounded. cellier. cayenne. the last. celer. surrender . adjustable rider. cavalier. /. cellulitis. — sulfaté. by the fact that . sliding rider. m. (Bot. (of ceindre) surround éd. ceinture. caver. that. the latter. m. céanothe. pr. it. pron. orîd. céleri. specif. n. yield. this one. aell. celui. cedar of Lebanoa (Cedrus libani). the last. /. Thoma counting chamber. sélénium cell. pron.) Ceanothus. caverneux. & a. sulfite pulp. v. def. — sulfitique. they. her. — à glace. cell . any tree of the genus Cedrela. ceignit. pron. m. she. pron. that. /. (Compagnie) Company. pron. or its fruit). citron. battery cell. /. v. celestial. abbrev. the first. pale green. de g.t. hollow out. with that exception. those. vegetables. celtyl (= hafnyl. abbrev. m. encircled. cèdre. caveau. conceal. she.r. he. a cool place for making wine or for keeping wine. staple. cellulosique. (Bot. ce. cellulite. the first. cellulite. (Min. the one. give way. ) sagger. the latter.. the last. /. célèbre. any tree of the genus Cedrus. /. — à compter. heavenly. hollow. stake.t. the former. cédrie. girdle. bundle. v. she. they. undermine . pron. v.) à — que. that. yield. a. cellular. color blindness. azuré.. Siberian cedar. — de pile. ceignant. sulfate pulp. sky blue. Bermuda cedar (Juniperus bermudiana). cavalry. surround. stone pine (Pinus cembra). a. a. . that one. he. abbrev. they. from what. celluloïde.— curseur. — rouge. guarantee . cédât. (of ceindre) surrounds. ceci. she. that. cazette. /. that peraon. him. bleu —. ce. according to what .cautionner 71 celui-ci cautionner. them. (centimètres cubes) cubic centimeters. — blanc. storage cellar.t. cellule. celloïdine. this. c. cela. cavalerie. cellulose. cécité. (centre de gravité) center of gravity. celluleux. sulfate cellulose. /. ceint. red cedar (Juniperus virginiana). cavalier. 3 sing. soda pulp. cellular. the variety genuina. celluloïd. (Ceram. them. cellule. — des couleurs. red cedar. hollow. excavate . the latter. bet. cavity. Himalaya cedar. small cell. celui-ci. vault. hide. she. the one.) celestite. the former. — de garde. counting chamber.. that. cellulosic. celluloïd. Ce. ) New Jersey tea (C. celle. céder. hollow. a. (Paper) a size corresponding to printing demy (about 17^ by 22^ in. a. celery. this one. celebrated. cédron. americanus). cédréléon. v. belt.). pit. cellule. composite cell.

censeur. cendres — thermique. proctor. centenary. cephalic. en blue (either ultramarine ash or a basic centièmes. cinder spot. — de centrifuge. m. pearlash. Cendrée. a. adv. centreur. cementatory . alcool à 25 centièmes. /. centiare. — d'outremer. (plow) sole. whiz. ultramarine ash. American centaury (Sabbatia angucément. specif. /. meter). Swiss pine (Pinus centaine. hydroelectric power plant. centésimal. centennal. flying ash. m. hundredth. centralize. that one. spots. (Founding) ashing over of grade. in hundredths. cephahn. — de bois. cendrière.) subject to cémenta. centrifugalize. cependant. Cendre. due to ashes . m. /. centrifugal. hundred (vaguer than cent). coal dust and Urne. — de centime. bone ash. centrifugateur. cupel dust. d'orfèvre. centime (Hoo franc). regarded. in cémentation. (one that remains when glowed). centicendrage. a. cubic very fine shot . cendraille. caseharden. (Mining) cent. — américaine. permanent ash centrale. green centraux. censé. eentrifugate. a hydraulic cernent made from centrifuger. centimeter (0. a woman that sells cépage. centering. cendres — électrique. a. tenarian. the cent. céphaline. centuple. & m. v. — noir. a. centripetal. centésimal. cenan ashen color to.) lead ash(es). cémenteux. o. centrifugeuse.. ashy débris from lime kilns. ooal ashes. supposed. of central. mettre en cendres. de bois. residues. m. (centimètre cube. seaweed ashes. Boletus edulis). m. cendres gravelées.) centaury. m. him. /. varec. cention.t. face-harden. cendré. covered with or full of centripète. square centimeter. m. cernent. a. kelp. lead ashes.. m. a. ashy. cinder pit. cembra). cenundergo cémentation. réceptacle for ashes. meanwhile. m. houille. per cent. pron. — hydraulique. increase a hundredfold. — d'os. céphalée. m. abbrev.t.i. central establishment or plant. the powder used laris). m. considered. refuse. céphalalgie. centre. n'y ash.) weak or flawy from ash centuple. m. to ashes. incinerate. in the meantime. fiy ash. nevertheless. centiare. ash pan. m. centennial. a.t. per cent. the first. ash box. center. <& m. tenarian. censorious. saunders centième. /. (Métal. censure. cendres de varech. still. m. (Cf. ashes. (grape) vine plant. wood ashes. goldsmith's ash. ash. centralizing. — verte. centiar (1 sq. Ïitharge . bonate (pearlash ) made from wine Iees. in per cent. cendres folles. centrifuge. cendrier. centrage. a. centralisateur. — fixe.. trifugal machine. abbrev. pi. center. /. cernent. bull's-eye. /. v. variety (of vine). centennial. a. center punch. a. cephalalgia. bone ash. v. métal. censorship . v. verditer. v. former. v. ash-colored. wood ashes. give centrifugeur. nue dust. azurite. = centrifugeur. — v o lante. a rough pitted condition of cèpe. molds. precious-métal centralement.3937 inch). burn centrer. /.). a blue pigment composed of powdered centilitre. cendrer. centering. a. ciment. centuple. centrally. (vine) stock. ashen. /. m. under eau). — bleue naturelle (also pi. ash spot. /. cèpe (a mushroom. centenary . a. centimeter. pour —. a grayish potassium car-centraliser. coupelle. ash bucket. very fine shot.t. cep. a. headache. mix or treat with ashes.t. 25 per cent alcohol. — de centimètre. — cube. cément (aee eau cémentatoire. — de plomb. cendres perlées. central electric power station. cembre. . a. ïitharge. hundredfold. /. ashes. reduce to ashes. centimètres cubes). dust shot. — carré. (Métal. centering apparatus. m. m. céphalique. centime .centenaire. that. centerer. a. centration. eendrure. m. /. however. he. centennial. centiliter (10 ml. of the nature of cernent.) Cémentatoire. adv. & m. v. peat . cémenter. hundred. dross. a. dust shot. — bleue. copper carbonate). cent. cembro. cub. censure. Tournay. steel.t. centupler. headache. conj. centrifugal. centrifuge. (Métal. esp. (Bot. censor . ash pit. (centième) hundredth.celui-là 72 céphalique celui-là. /. centaurée. /. central heating plant. cendreux.). cubic centimeter(s).

— composé. césium. ring.) cerussite. o. cérumen. ceratoid. ceramic ware. cherry. adv. cesse. ceride. cerce. hoop. certitude. cerfeuil.) chervil. m. cérémonie. — de savon. ceresine. kite. m. palm wax. they. a. cerate. a. cerceau. certainement. cerise. stag. — saturné.) an earthenware ring used as a support for articles in the kiln.') cerate. a. (of liquors) in the wood. ring. ring. — o tonneaux. cérasine. cerin. transfer. earthenware vessels. m. m. cerium(IV). brain (the organ). resin from Ceradia furcata. céroïde. ceradie. cérusier. cérésite. a. soap cerate. /. of ce. cérusite. waxy. cerberin. . /. thèse. césium hydroxide (CsOH). v. v. cérine. /. certainty.cephœline 73 cession cephœllne. assignment. certificateur. coffin. a. resembling wax. /. céreux. suspended. guarantee. ceasing. lirait. ceria. cerotin. cerisier. Deshler's salve. in circles. steadiness. /. céramographique. — simple. surround with hoops or bands. /. a. cerise (the dye). m. ceroxyle. (Afin. cérotique. incessantly. dried cherry. cette) thèse. césine. m.) cérumen.t. cerotic . certitude. m. ces. zinc ointment. céryle. m. /. /. /. — cosmétique. cherry (color). those. halo. certainly. céruléen. m. ceride. céroxyle. cérébrine. /. ceraeeous. ceruminous. cerealin (aleurone). bright cherry red.) wild black cherry (Prunus serotina). producing wax. specif.r. (Pharm. cerasin. discontinue. m. a maker of cervisia. (Physiol. cérosie. /. cérosée. /. brains. certificate. céréolé. cérotine. /. surely. cessant. m. — primitif. cervelle. = cérat de Goulard. the frazne of a circular sieve. céracée. m. circle. cervelet. v. ceremony. an earthenware vessel. top. ceryl alcohol). certifier. (Dyes) ceruleïn. /. ceryl. box kite. cerise. nitratocerate. earwax. of or pertaining to cerium. encircling. pertaining to. & a. become encircled. ceramics. m. m. eeramist. cérame. brain substance. a. cérylique. encircle. surround. stop. m. cérlfère. cératolde. certificat.t. céruléum. — de Ooulard. aïng.' ceric. pron.) a cerate rich in oil. eut round. a kind of Swiss cheese. ceasing.) pitch circle. m. m. céramique. soluble indigo blue. guarantor. cerotyl. /. cerealine (a maize préparation). eircle. wax palm. ceryl. en cercles. (Ceram. ceramic. & i. ceramography.t. casket. v. without ceasing. a cherry drink. certes. ceresin. a. cerate of lead subacetate. cerclage. tire. collar. cervoisier. hart. white-lead worker. (true) wax. cherry (tree or wood). (Mach. (loosely) ointment. sans —.) Ceroxylon. céréale. n. cérumineux. céride. caesium. a. cerf-volant. cérulé. ceréleon. — de Virginie. /. light blue. simple cerate. cerf. cesser. m. in casks. n. /. green wamut kernels. cerebellum. ce résine. v. m. cereal. certainly. de résine anglais. césium. (annular) band. (any) cerium métal. cerisette.) cerate. cession. — cellulaire. cephaëline. encircle . m. ceric oxide (CeO2). white lead. ceramic. céramographie. (pi. cold cream.) ceric. /. ointment of zinc oxide. — épulotique. /. a. cerne. deer. a. céroxyline. m. /. m. cesse. cérinitrate. cessation.t. /. those. m. specif. cask hoop. hoop. compound rosin cerate. cerner. céroléine. cervoise. cession. horny (or hornahaped). cercle. cerous. m. p. cérosine. sureness (of hand). circle. (Org. cerolein. o. cercler. certify. ceruleum (an inorganic pigment). /. crown. /. earthenware.a. céréaline. céramiste. ceramographic. cerium(III). — clair. -m. ring . ceriferous. cervisia (béer of the ancients). azuré. ointroent of rosé water. ceryl (in the phrase alcool cérotique. /. cerosin (a waxy substance from sugar cane). a. /. {Pharm. cérat. /. cercueil. ceruse (the pigment). adv. Chem. /. cerveau. cerulean. rosin cerate. hooping. Goulard's cerate. cerneau. o. (Bot. (Pharm. cerbérine. indeed. cerebrin. m. m. céruse. /. /. céruléine. — de résine cérique. or suitable for making. céracé. (Bot. (Bot. /. m. certifier. céruline.

a. cetoleic (11-dooosenoio). cétimine. — anglaise. cétogène. ketazine. member (or. driving chain. cetylene (2-hexadecyne). chagrineur. a. ketene. & m. latent heat (heat of fusion or of vaporization). chalcosine.) chalcocite. she is. keto-. cétacé. — fossile. (Geol. chai. vex. /. straight chain (unbranched). waste heat. chagriner. patron . chain of carbon atoms. /. Ceylon. chain conveyor. chaire. (cheval) horsepower. often best translated "grouping" or "group"). chafée. — à rouleaux. hydrocarbon chain. cetane (hexadecane). morose. chaleur. chaise. ketimine. trouble. /. — de combinaison. cétane. stone. /. cétine. chalcédoine. chalcedony. — de transmission. chair (of a rail). lighter. /. = chaleur latente. abbrev. /. close-link chain. — hydrocarbonée. etc. a.e. terminal group.. white heat. — arborescente. a. pron. cetyl (hexadecyl). ketohexose. (ce est) it is. — sulfoné. pebble. scarf. storage room. radiant heat. i. cevadine. en —. — sans fin. /. ceux.) chair-shaped. chacrille. chaîne. (Bot. a variety of asbestos. — terminal. that. c'est-à-dire. affict. chabotte. them. pron.) hanger. m. chaland. o. — de dissolution. chais. m. cétipique. ketamine. they. specifio heat. cétonique. m.) sabadilla. — ouverte. branched chain. cétazine. ceux-là. — spécifique (or spéciale). warmness. chair. waste heat. pron. cétol. /. /. a. /. /. thèse. n. chagrlnler. shagreen (skins) . cétose. that is.). 1-hexadecene. ketonize. ketipic. the last. shagreen maker. broadly. chain. chaix. cétogénèse. chaffée. ketonic. — droite. imp. cetene. they. (Mach. ketone. m. portion) of a chain (in Org. m. v. open chain. warmth. lost heat. framework. à — ouverte. sulfo group. ketolization. (Zool. m. cévadine. — latérale. cévadille. chain pump. branching chain. /. cétolisation. endless chain. /. cellar. — linéaire. silex. a. chaise. cétohexose. m. flesh. m. Ceylan. dark red heat. méat. that is to say. — fermée. (Math. /. ketogenesis. chaille. i_Org. m. m. customer. chaînon. — soudante (or tuante). m. the latter. residue remaining after the extraction of starch from cereals. frame. Unk. assignée. of ce. — d'échappement. heat. chagrin. each. — d'êchauffement. . ketol. open-chain. /. cascarilla. chail. chacun. a. professorship . — rouge. Carbon chain. pulpit. — ramifiée. /. m. (of chaloir) mattered. heat of solution. — aigre. chagrin. side chain. this. Chem. chain.) cetacean. /. cétoxime. brandies. distress. down timber. S sing. welding heat. affliction. — perdue. silica. sulfonic group. Chablis. closed chain. end group. Ch. cétonurie. abbrev. small chain. (chapitre) chapter. (Weaving) warp. /. those. cétone. cétamlne. cétylène. anvil block. (Org. — rayonnante. each one. chagrin. — allemande. (Min. /. ring. chair. — latente. them. céto-. shagreen (leather) . Chem. châle. /. fem. them. everyone. ketonuria. flesh. grief. unbranched chain. cetyl (hexadecyl). grantee. those. a. everybody. bran. — à godets. (Leather) flesh side. open-link chain. — transporteuse. cétylique. cétoniser. = chai. power chain. cevadilla. branched chain. they. v.t. peevish. the first. — carbonée. ketogenic. See ce. the former. anvil (of a power hammer). c'est. cétène. the atnount of heat required to raise a given body a given température interval. m. — sombre. shawl. cétyle. ceux-ci. roller chain. chair. cask support.t.cessionnaire 74 chaleur cessionnaire. /. Used for ce before a vowel Sound. cet. /. cétoléique. of chaloir. pr. heat of combination. sad. Chablis (a dry white wine). (Métal. ketoxime. he is. transférée.) catenary. n. m. storage shed (for wines. chalait. /.) fiber. cetin. /. m.) straight chain. ketose. S sing. cette. barge. — cachée. — blanche. Chem. chaînette. m. block chain.) concrétion. pron. red heat.

— d'amphithéâtre. blowhole. — à bouche. changed. v. chamoiserie. chanceler. m. — magnétique. — à soufflerie. — de jauge. as the stanchion of a pump or a support for cerarnic ware in the kiln. candie light. reed . either by fermentation or artificially. Champignon. — visuel. c ha motte. m. chambranle.p. chambertin. change of state. atomizer cône. cloud chamber.a.r. (of chaloir) mattered. rural. frame. air chamber . icicle. chaloir. Chambré. a body of syndics or représentatives . tube.t. v. — noire. a. blower. lecture-room fixture (for gas. magnetic field. countîng chamber. field of view. mold fungus. chalkopyrite. — pétrolifère. /. mold. bello ws blowpipe. dipped candie. also caméra . visual field. changement. chancre. v. — à compter. — de combustion.i. (Enameling) champlevé. chamois leather. chamois leather factory. — obscure. m. candie (esp.) reversing gear. (Mm. matter. blowpipe . canker. pipe . candlestick . (Railways) switch. chambrer. /. — à gaz hydrique. p. /. honeycombed. chambered. m. area.i. Chaïybé. luck. floor. musty. containing cavities. (Optics) caméra lucida. (Min. charge (wine) with carbon dioxide. Chamber of Deputies. Champagne (wine) . /. long narrow side (as of a brick). champ. at once. mushroom. chamois. cutting torch. specif. (gas) blast burner. launeh. moldiness. — de pulvérisateur. moldy. chalumeau. — de force. (pi. — de moisissure. m. caméra. chandellerie. warm. steam chest. variable. de —. strass. oxyhydrogen blowpipe.t. chalybeate. c h a n c e u x . p. Champêtre. — syndicale. mold. a. stud. m. chancir. p. = champ visuel. chamber. chancissure. (Photog. quartz cell. (Mach. camel. lucky. fortune. champagniser. (Met ai.a. so called from the rod from which the candies are suspended. mold. chalkosine. picture field. Chameau. chamois dresser. chambourin. shore. chamois. chaloupe. m. . /. interférence field. /. story.) chalcolite (torbernite). charnier. mushroom-shaped object. compressed-air chamber. chandelier. as a rail head. (Min. /. a kind of glass sand . prop.) chalcocite. — oxyacêtylénique. changeant. a. — à poussière. edgeways. — d'état. — de froid. m. stagger. hot-blooded. chamoising. steel-gray.chaleureux 75 changement chaleureux. welding torch.a. a tribunal of a corporation. lime twig . chanfreiner. rotating field. combustion chamber. — à gaz. (of pneumatic tires) inner tube. gas blowpipe. stay. a.. Chambertin (a red Burgundy wine). country. hazardous . — en quartz. p. mixing chamber. m. fine —. v. v. chandlery. Champagne. one containing tallow or other fat. m. v. water. boat. — à air comprimé. caméra obscura. totter.) country. — de plomb. — de marche. expansion chamber. molded. — oxhydrique. vertical support. — de pesanteur. femàle camel. changé. fire box. — brouilleur. sur-le-champ. (gas) blast lamp. an upright support. candie factory or shop.) chamotte. inouth blowpipe. (Med. — à gaz. exchanged. — humide. straw . case (as of a door). — de détente. — à la baguette. waver. oxyacetylene blowpipe. artificial light.) a gage consisting of a vertical rod with horizontal crossrods. changeable. — moulée. oxyhydrogen blowpipe.i. bevel. — à air. chambre. field of vision. — de mélange. etc. signify (used impersonally). edgewise. — claire. edge. /. ) cavity. shallop. chandelle. — des députés. steam chamber. champagnize. fungus. /. become moldy. — d'ionisation. gravita tional field. — à soufflet. — de vue. oil field. ûeld. chance. changing. as distinguished from bougie). ardent. change. — d'image. & m. a superior kind of brandy. change. a. chamoiseur. Chalumeau-coupeur.) chancre. moist chamber. changing. (blow) torch .). branched fixture. m. (Music) wood-wind. — soudeur. change. — à vapeur. on edge. chamois (animal or leather). chalkolite. a. (Ceram. gas chamber. m. région. chamoiser. cold-blast pipe. — tournant. casing. exchange. field of force. /. variation . chalu. — romaine. chamelle. m. v.t. without delay. frame (of a film).) Roman candie.) darkroom. (Ceram. room. — de vision. honeycomb . m. molded candie. chance. altération. m. lead chamber. /. chanci. become honeyeombed. champlevé. duat chamber. (Pyro.) chalcopyrite. chandelier. /. a kind of green glass.

m. (of a chimney) cowl. car . thracite). chantepleure. — mâle. — animal. lid. /. m.) a mixture of cinders. (of a still) head. string of due obtained by heating tartar emetic to beads. wall) coping . floss. electric light carChine. or something resembling thèse) . — de. chapter. coal dust. chapon. de houille. — à lumière. — de lumière. — de sucre. vegechapellerie. (Mil. retort carbon. manila (from à souder. terial). chanson. charges connected so as to be fired simulsolid carbon. top. (of a charbonnage. dôme. cover. — du tuminous coal. — de sang. bed in blood black. — gras. banker. cap. hemp. chant. coal mining. fat séries. (broadly) soft coal. battery carbon. brown (or red) charcoal. bell-shaped. m. change. charcoal (esp. which tiles are set . — de chapage. m. anthracite. graphitic carbon. cannel coal. maie hemp. willow charcoal. macération (of silk). (Agric. (Mach. — du Canada. (of a column) clay. coking coal. anthracite. coke . — à filtrer. /. (Métal. chaperon. — bitumineux. arched part (as — pour piles. vault. — roux. powdered charcoal . short-flame coal. every. pita hemp. — minéralisé. of a furnace). bon. exchange. graphitique.) cap. charcoal . chaperon. glance coal. synthetic charcoal (so called). charbon .i. éc i. — de braise. m. caplike. charred. felt. coal mine. char(Bot. — incombustible. — de la Nouvelle-Zélande. (of béer. marked . m. (MU. indica). hat making. — des Indes. cover. Paris. capital. — de pierre. charbonnaille. hempen. wagon . m. Manila hemp. capon . v. (of a still) head . — — de Manille. — gélosique. — fulminant. (as in an electric cell or an arc light) .) armored car.) smut. a pure charcoal made from Chapeau. char . /.) eut in profile. (instead of wood or other natural maMadras hemp. (minerai) coal. a. v. cart. — brillant. spigot . melle. m. Indian hemp (Canpared by carbonizing a prepared mixture nabis sativa. catch. 76 charbonne v. v. fulminating charcoal (resichapelet. subject. chaplet (wreath. longchanvre. — de Madras. m. — homogène. shop. quenched charcoal. — de Calcutta. — fecharcoal. — porte-graine. chaque. (of a charcoal. plastic coal. a. — à mèche. — luisant. silk waste. wood hemp (Âpocynum cannabinum). (minerai) coal.) anthrax. cap. — à longue flamme. singing . /. sand and chapiteau. — de top. loop . coal dust. (atop)cock. hood. — — de cornue. cover. that from sugar beets). chapelle.) strap. — (Tin) a block of Malacca tin. sunn (Crotalaria juncea). chant . sprinkler. lean coal. peat coal. — bactérien. head. hat. m. var. — de bois. changeur. cap. (Mining) électrique. bracket. bubbles . — électrique. charbon. Canadian collecteur." en —. charcoal pretenax. (Tech. hat table charcoal. electric carbon (either for arc the altered top portion of a vein deposit . hemp. sisal hemp. light or for battery). chapel. cover. hat trade.) weevil. (of a balance) bearing . d'assaut. box.changer changer. sing. chamber (specif.t. m. m. — de flame coal. (Zool. m. female hemp. blackened. — à coke. p. gas carbon. young vine. & r. hood. etc.) brush. (Mining) gossan. carbon chanter. — de l'Inde. (of paper) defective. Musa textilis). case. taneously. head. chain pump .a. (Elec. sisal. — en poudre. molding clay. m. — végétal. head. — de saule. flawy. Phormium animal charcoal. stand for barrels. a. coal dust or the like. "eisenhut. clasp. chapitre. charcoal. — liquors) beads. valve box or — minéral. capping. song . lid. stone coal (aning . cored carbon.) tourbe. with pitch still) head . chantier. hood. — à courte flamme.) tank. charcoal crayon.t. blood charcoal. electric light carbon. /. /. (on white heat). change. chant. explosion chamber) . — blindé. — canto. charançon. anthracite. case (specif. changer.) tank . — de terre. a set of fuses or coal. coal . soldering carbon. jute. chantignole. — bactéridien. — artificiel. song. (Tech. — de Sisal. briquetted fuel made from powdered chape. sugar. char. chariot. jute. — à dessin. lamp carbon. flame carbon. top . — de fer. vinasse head. charbonne. /. change. New Zealand flax (or hemp). anthrax. yard (for storage or work) . m. also cylinder case) . melody . — Bengale. bipita. (Med. tering charcoal. — plastique. filchantourner. drawing chantonné. chanvreux. gantry. (of a mold) cope. small coal (or charcoal).t. — maigre. (MU. coatas a binder. each.) pileus. — de vinasse.

charme. p.charnier. other the articles to be fired.) carriage.) hornbeam. traveler. m. /. carpentry. charming. hunting. frame. v. under.chassoir. charbonner. (Ceram.) charging spoon. cat. m. m. charpie. prison. pertaining charnu. test charge. reaponsibility. teasel. liquids) turbid. etc.t. /. a. a.charte. (Mach. of the nature of. d'amorçage. m. car.chat. framing. charbonnée. man . m. charcuterie.t.) plate holder. bursting charge. deposit carbon.a. cast. coal cellar . with charcoal. wagon. chartreuse (the liqueur). m. /. — brute.i. charity. carrion. charpentier. car. charged. office. v. carriage. under chas. thistle. (Ceram. — amorce. drive . chargement. carry. setter. air (blast). loader.chartre. pursuit. batch. taining. — résiduaire.) chargette. (of chasse. priming charge. charcutier. registered letter. charrette. charcoal or carbon. hunting. v. pay load. earbonize. slide & r. /. chartered.) by piling one upon anmet. (of the sky) overcast. truck. v. breaking load. etc.charité. (or coal) dealer. char. load. propel . carpenter. charge. total load. carnage. drift. layer of charcoal. /. /. burating charge. (of liquids) become turbid. flushing. firewith hinge(s). hunter . leached ashes. /.t. chargeur. pursuit plane . sold.) métal escaped in pouring. n. chariot. grilled méat. charge (in various sensés) . (Bot. duced charge. framework. chase. teasel. charmant. v. m. build. — charriage. charcoal chargeuse. coal. blacken Chariot. charbonneux. m. lint.t. m. /. v.charrier. working load. charcoal burner. slide. stoker. hinged.t. — payante. drive out. m. residual chartreuse. charquer. — induite. — admissible. /. charm. chardon. charter. en —. (of the sky) become over.chasser. m. used for leaning the paste. /. dissimulée. wood flber. chargé. bonaceous. (Photog. presexhausted black ash. fleshy. drawn with charcoal . /. plumload. carrying. char donner. (Soda) burden. (see charger) . kiln. charbonnière. m. In such phrases driving tool. m. charpenterie. cart. priming charge. m. drive in. — utile. — ing charge. — de rupture. etc. (Métal. v. in. charretée. v. charge. a. (with de) charge oneself with. truck. charcoal charnière. 771. Chasseur. mountand chargé de cours (one who conducts ing. blessed thistle (Cra'cus benedictus). charbonnette. (of an electric wire) live.) loading. smutty. carpentry. eut for place where thèse products are made or framing. charge. m. . cart. (of machinery) play. charm. starch size. head. cartful. plosive. — de bots. charger. (Paper. char. pursue. (Elec. chaseret. ladle. — charrue. — d'épreuve. or a charpenter. cart load. rest. fightei (plane). cart. test charroyer. — d'éclate. p. pork in various forms. à —. charging. charbonnier. /. — bénit. useful load. take. châssis. load. ing. feeder. carrier. fessor). charry. /. /. exaggerate. driver (any of various tools). punch. wood wool. cheese mold. barrow.t. • de mine. hinge. ing) flask. /. set.) bound charge. (turning) joint. register (a letter). drive away . timbering. cheese frame. (Agrie. (Med. a. stoker. flooding. chartré. lye ashes.) powdered baked clay anthrax. frame. v.t. — résiduelle. load . — ex. m. pulpy. (Foundcharger. drawing .) of or pertaining to charmot. yat waste. plow. coke oven. sure (as of water). knife edge (of a balance) . — pratique. charrée. charter. priming charge. as chargé d'affaires (chargé d'affaires) châsse.r.t. casing. load. /. etc. collier. expel. /. cartage.charbonne 77 chat with black . /. blast. frame. v. m. ment. trolley. drive out. drayage. charcoal pit or oven or charpente. hauï. polish with charcoal. (Expl. (needle) eye. pork butcher. châssis. hunt.charroi. charging apparatus. loader. charge-amorce. dry (méat). chase. plan. to the charcoal or coal industry. a. a university course although not a pro. (see charger). m.a. houschargeoir. /. charogne. /. /. (of a window) sash . wood for making char. framework. /. v. or con.t. charge.

— à brasser.. fut. put on (stockings. chaussette. {Bot. chatoyancy. ketburner. chatoyant. etc. — à haute pression. (of chaloir) will mat. feed boiler. — du Brésil.r. — de fusion. (Brewing) copper. horsechestnut. French • other alcoholic liquid about to be distilled. melting heat .Chausse. hearth .chaufferette. m. which warm). specif. castle . m. a preheater for wine or brewing kettle. — multitubulaire. m. en tôle ondulée. fit. m. /. /. chaudronnerie. pans. forge . filter bag. — à pression. hill. pan. liming . thatcn. — alimentaire. /. /. chauffe-moût. — à vapeur. hmekiln. steam heating. chauffe. caldron.chaulier. boiler maker. capable of being heated. v. push. 3 sing. set (a gem).chaufournier. m. — o lisser. /. (Iron) chafery. (of a pile) ahoe.t. sock. corrugated boiler. heated. chauffe-eau. /. pans. heat. ground fioor. il fait —. /.chauler. m. ex. etc. pocrate. white heat. kettle. wort copper. — somtubes . boiler. — à • heat. cc m. — soudante. a warmer containing a superpérature. chaussure. cloth filter). whiteclave. whitewashing. coppersmith. (Tin) list pot. boilerful. setting firehole. warming . — sectionnelle. — à retour de flamme. pan. heat. footwear. roadway . water. heat white-hot. — suante. or a d'Inde. pitch kettle. get hot or warm . chaude.) (of a ring) . heat. /. oneself. copper. stubbïe straw. — blanc. (small) boiler. chatoïment. . fuel. a. chatoyé ment. m. place. — chaulage. chaufferie. refining boiler. gives off heat on crystallizing. /. ing pot. and heated over an ordinary Bunsen chaudière. earth up (plants). (Métal. bag filter. — à cuire. it is hot (or saturated solution of sodium acétate. chaud. stationary boiler. {Métal. copper. — de cheval. culm. nut.chaufournerie. m. château .) evaporator. — chauffage. châtaignier. m. etc. kettles. m. tickle. m.t. able. v. m. fem. — à bouilleurs. — d'Hiptube boiler. v. burnt iron. (Sugar. coppersmith's trade. at a high teml'acétate. châtain. (Sait) a shallow basin in brai.) welding heat. tar stage of evaporation. chestnut. — à goudron. dark red heat. — fixe. chatouiller. an attachment which perbre. chauffable. — auto.châtaigne 78 chaussure châtaigne. chaud ronnée. — à vapeur. m. heat . — chaufour. brazier . — chaume. boiler house or room . = chatoiement. chauffer. à —. v. v. stoker. pensive. warm. warm. stokehole. chestnut tree. lime burner. a small warming apparatus. /. mash tub. kitten . boiler factory. with the use of as a foot warmer or a chafing dish. urge forward. firing. lime burning. chestnut. Brazil place where they are made. chatoiement. firing . stubbîe.') catkin. Hippocrates 's sleeve (a conicaJ water-tube boiler. ter. boiler. tar pot. fire. boiler (a form of cylindrical boiler). /. /. prune. flame boiler. kettleful. range of boilers. a.t. chatoyant. p. — blanc de lune. m. be chatoyant. cherry-red heat. kettle. (Bot. an apparatus for heating — rouge cerise. chausser. lye vst. brisk fire. /.chaussée. chauffe-tubes. dealer in kettles. hot. m. v. — à trempe. steam boiler. of chaud. fireman. road. (Brewing) wort heater. a.i. — à chauffoir.). v. chestnut brown.t. water-tube boiler. pres. tower. hearth (of a furnace) . à tubes d'eau. scaling of iron or steel due to boiler. o. m.. etc. /.a. château. wash. bière. castrate. m. — à chauffeur. red heat. furnace (of a foundry) . chauffe-vin. heating . be chatoyer. — de raffinage. high-pressure chauffure. treat with lime. chaton. v. return. — rouge.t. stokehole. warm châtrer. (Sugar) which sea water is subjected to the first evaporator. smelting crucicle. melt. fire up . dike. heatf châtaire. tle. mits a combustion tube to be supported welding heat. sectional boiler.i. chaudra. chaudron. firechatoyment. suit. hot. warm . lime burner. — grasse. m. v. — blanche. water tower. highway . chatomier. in a heated state. . m. m. à moût. récent. heat. autoclave. water heater. — tinman's trade . caldron. heating. lime. — à lessive.) catnip. bezel. chaudronnier. d'eau. stem (of grasses) . overheating . sure boiler. chauffeur.t. /. fresh. distillation. heating .

specif. chief. calcium hydroxide. cover. channel. British oak (Quercus robur). airslaked lime. rich lime. chavirer. chute. — légères. passage. — vert. chènevis. facing. — rouvre. metallic calx . chélidonine. traveling . — du savonnage.) capsize. lime eream. hearth. /. way. calcium carbonate. road. chelated. (Métal) air hole. en —. — ftuatée. (Bot. /. live oak. — fondue. nitrate of lime (calcium nitrate). railroad. — délitée. chélidoine. ore chute. a blue pigment said to be cobaltous arsenate. lining. /. — anhydre. r e vetment. "lime-nitrogen. chemokinèse. — de file. masterpiece. a person in charge of laboratory work but not lecturing. chimney . /. Indian oak. smokepipe." chavica. chelidonine. — grasse. — de mer. evergreen oak. /. metaled road. blowhole. chef-d'œuvre. chemiser. — phosphatée. chenille. (Naut. v. bleaching powder. macadam road. chaux-azote. quicklime. upset. boon. S sing. — d'eau. leader. railway. cork oak. — de vie. coat. (Glass) a workman who has charge of the supplementary grinding of mirror glass. works manager. chefd'œuvre. overburned lime. by the way. flue. jacket. — d'ouvriers. evergreen oak. calcium arsenate. — blanc. (Glass) foreman glassblower. — éteinte. (commercial) calcium cyanamide. teak. creep. chef-ouvrier. (Matches) dîpping (see chimiquer). m. caustic lime. — éteinte à sec. cheminée. — chlorurée. advance. foreman. travel. chemokinesis. (Bot. mantle. shirt. quicklime. m. crude calcium cyanamide (commercial name). — vive. oak (tree or wood). chavirement. ventilating shaft. — d'appel. chènevotte. calcium hydroxide. chauve-souris. calx. /. chenavard. — saule. fireplace. n. flame passage (as in. m. jacket. soda lime.) any member of the genus Chenopodium (goosefoot). chavirage. chemise.t. (Glass) foreman f ounder. — faisant. — ferré. — arséniaûée. ehélidonique. m. a. Caterpillar (larva or tractor) î chenille. cheminement. steam jacket. woody part of hemp. phosphate of lime (calcium phosphate). path. arsenic(III) oxide. m. mantle. smoke funnel. gutter. (put a covering of some kind on). — fondeur. (Bot. the holm oak (Quercus ilex). — à minerai. — morte. bat. — maigre. — d'enduit. — d'atelier. case. calcium hydroxide. chéneau. sulfate of lime (calcium sulfate). foreman. — grossière. chemisage. gâte (of a mold). pi. chute. coarse felt. m. hemp seed. — lourde. hydraulic lime. a. casing. m. tanbark oak (any oak yielding tanbark). poor lime. fixst member (of a séries). m. willow oak (Quercus phellos). (of chaloir) matters. ventilating fiue. holm oak (Quercus ilex). chenal. chemise.) celandine. carboniferous limestone. /. sea oak. shop foreman. stack. — nitratée. common lime. dump. track. chelidonic. in charge. chef. m. master workman . marly lime. gutter (of a roof). chelate.) file leader. — sulfatée. foreman. m. chénopode. cork (Quercus suber). fat lime. cylinder jacket. a kind of hydraulic lime which has been subjected to bolting to remove the fines. chemin. lute. — sodée. — de vapeur. chêne. plastering lime . — parajour. and who marks the spots to be reground. — d'arsenic. — de Vienne. — fusée. — des Indes. lime mari. — caustique. fucoid seaweed. m. on the way. building lime. Quercus alba).L go. — de construction. turn upside down. quicklime. trough. v. slaked lime. (Mil. turning upside down. separated by bolting. channeling . creeping. quicklime. capsizing. shell. deadburned lime. air-slaked lime. casing. quicklime. a fuse or primer) . — de fer. as on a lamp for a microscope. — carbonatée. creep . shaft. /.t. — an- . hydrated lime. jacketing. — commune. cheminer. — métallique. lean lime. — yeuse.chaut 79 chénopode chautj pr. calcium fluoride (old name). a chimney which is also a shade. chemicage. upsetting. in chief . advance. v. course. Vienna white (air-slaked lime for polishing). lime paste. wrapper. head. — calcinée. dumping. — carbonifère. — liège. m. chloride of lime. m. white oak (esp. m. — à écorce. hydraulic lime fines. — azotée. — de cylindre. lining. tip. chélaté. chenaux. shive. — hydraulique. water jacket. of chenal. chaux. (lime) stucco. case. m. — marneuse. progress. /. coarse limestone.) any plant of the genus Piper. — de place. — hydratée. arsenic trioxide. & i. — de travaux. lime . — à feuilles persistantes (or vertes).

annular baffle. numéral. from my home. scanty. /. chevé. above.a. cheer. v. dearly.) any crâne. care of. Chenopodium and other gênera. musk deer. stylish. with. gine. m. extract trique. horsepower. (Bot. fluttering. at the house of. kid. stub. pi. skill . fem. search for. chevrotin.i. rafter. astraddoughnut ring. m.. chiffre. knight. jack. endeavor to. baffle. snag. chercher.) waste.) triti(Leather) beam. a. m. for use in frame. sorter . among. with broken joints.chénopode 80 chiffre thelmintique. chevroter. — à ressort. m. (collectively) hair. m. — au baffle plates. pertaining to rags or junk. baffle plate . m. dear. chenu. rag man. brake horsepower. poor. wiping cloth. v. bearded. crowbar. chèque. quaver. hoary. (head of) hair. musk research worker .chic. v. chétif. dress.) honeysuckle. cylinders are laid . (metric) horsepower. cheviller. m. extract of colocynth. kid. on horseback.986 chicanery. chevauchement. chibou. foliage. volume of business. steam horsepower . cocking (Glass) a stand on which window-glass pièce. (Com. m. chevelure. romain. m. wrack. cotton (See note at cheval. /. searcher. seek. m. dog (animal or gripping device).) dross. quivering. m. kid leather. power. /. aller —. seeker. to. — arabe. staggered. etc. d'affaires. m. Roman numéral. — de mer. (Bot. horse. /. — de nettoyage.t. chiendent. finder (optical instrument) . Chère. dear. (Astron. sier. dowel. cnever. go to bring. ordinary horsepower. (Elec. cipher. — du doscheville. fitness . chicory. chénopodiée. boit. tanner's beam. v. — frisée. boit.) coma. — lui. from home. chiasse.chicaner. key. of aloes. digit . pin. spike. -meters work per second or 0. mean. m. chevron. <c f chiffraison. cherté.) check. cum. roe deer. (Ceram. long-haired. jack. — effectif. try to. endive. tion) to the home of.) spur. /. peg. scum. rag. cheval-an. dust cloth . /. adv. on both sides . chevalet. horse. a..a. chèvre. cheveu. /. deer.t. lapping. m. cheval. amianthus. weak. horsepower-year. trestle. /.) à —. m. chevreuil. chez. m. style. chercheur. m.) chicot. support.) cheval-jour. (pi. cipherable. graduaBot. at the home of. and bring. m. go chevrotant. /.t. Agropyron repens. cachibou resin. adv. pin. (often) sériai number. derrick. (See note at cheval. buckshot. chester. American wormseed (Cheno. m. chick-pea. m. cachibou. goat. at home. . v. prep. chevelu. horsepower. /. a. easel. go in quest of. v. fashions. (see chiffrer). (A French or metric horsepower = chicane.chevillette. m. donkey en. flutter. numbering. overlapping. m. — soi. factories . hoar. chiffonier. gin. junk man . /. Cheshire cheese. of cheval. horsepower-day. — à. spur. m. dearly. horse (in teehnical sensés). cherish. /. stump. chérir. wrack. valuation. — d'escheval-vapeur. (Pharm. — élec.chicotin. chien. figure . — marin. cheval-heure. p. dear. fawn. (Métal. cotton waste. chicorée. Arabie numéral or figure. sparing. specif.chiche. graduation figures. small peg. chiffrable. tripod. hairy. — de frise. of cher. a. (with verbs of mochèrement. tripod. — wedge. chénopodée. (Radio) cat whisker. astride. — de vapeur.t. beard. hunter. (of firearms) hainmer. file number. m. a. pi. m. hair. m. — trépied. — officinal. m. — • cheveux. chiffon. rack. chevrotain. hollow out. provide with baffles. frein. suyage. obstacle . a. couch grass. electric horsepower. cock. tion. kid (animal and leather). scrap. chevrette. de — moi. peg. in the manner of dle. hollowed out. chèvrefeuille. calculable. podium anthelminticum). chevrotine. /. small pin. chiffonier. ankle. cher. /. chiffrage. a. p. beam. m. a. en —. m. horsepower-hour. — de force. rag chevaux. look for. hairy growth (as of rootlets). 75 kg.t. — de rivière.) search coil . — annulaire. a. she-goat. — fossile. chèque. effective horsepower. stand. chevalier. — moi. m. baffle. sea three-legged stand. a small car running on rails. quiver. wretched. member of a tribe of plants including chevreau.'dearness. (small) gin. hairs.

adv. inorganic chemistry. chlorate. cîiemical cautérisation. inorganic chemistry. — théorique. chemotropism. m. chemo-.chirette. m. chimico-minéralogique. chiraz. chemotactic. chemicominer. China. chimiquer). détermination of percentage tural chemistry. istry. v. chinaphtol. chemotropic. chimiluminescence.t. trielle. alogical. chimoine. Chile. chitin. ) three-year course and received a diploma). (Bot. chew. chloramide. chimiatrie. chitosan. m. chitosane. — technique.t. chirurgie. chimiotaxie. chlor-. — de potasse.) chlor-. chemiluminescence. ceptor. chimyl. v. (Matches) composition at— de mercure. surgeon. m. essayeur. chemomorphosis. chinag rass. China grass. végétale.) chemist in a calico printery. ganique. metallurgical chemist. /. chloracide. in the sensé chloranile. chirurgical. a.i. chloring. quinoline. iatrochemistry. m. a. iatrochemically. — conseil. chemicophysical. chloro.flatter chimiotroplque. uor. m. chirurgien.t. o. m. chloroacetaldehyde. m. m. /. chemio-. — appliquée. /.cinchona bark. technical chemistry. chimique. m. — china. /. /. /. chemosynthesis. m. — supérieure. chloro acid. mercury chloramide. /.chiffrer 81 chlorate chiffrer. chiquer. cheiroUn. chemicolegal. chimiquer. = chiures. m. chimiorécepteur. /. surgical. fabrics). chemiatry. chimiotropisme. chimico-bactérien. — légale. biologique. chimico-légal. chiper. a. chemicobacterial. chloramidure. quinaphthol. poof chemical phenomena). chemically. surgery. chimisme. clouding (as of fabrics). chimiothérapique. /. /. o. chemistry. chimiotactiqne. chitine. of Chile. quinone. inflammable composition.t. v. chemist-assayer. ramie. food composition. A Pharm. chloranil. industrial chemistry. chilien. m. surgical. render chiné. chloroacetate. chinaroot (from Smilax china). chloracétate. Chinese. number. — alimentaire. chemotherapy. a. chlorage. & i. Peruvian bark. specializing chemist. a. plant chemistry. iatrochemical. m. print chemist. m. preferred). a. chloracétique. /. a. — indus. chemiatric. (Leather) mfiltrate with tan liqchimiocanstie. chemistry. calculate. /. color chemist. advanced chem. chemistry. chemotaxia. chimio-. chimiatTique. physical chemistry. chimie. a. (Matches) dipping (see chlorable. — chimiatre. o. légal (or forensic) chemistry. calculate. — spécialiste. one who is a specialist in some particular branch of chemistry. chiroline. v. m. chimiotaxique. chloroamide. Chilean. — agricole. m. write in cipher. biological chemistry. cloud (as istry. — inor. m. chimiqueur. express in fig. Chilean. a kind of imitation marble. (Org. chemurgy. chirurgique. chinone. a Persian liqueur. /. /. chemiluminescence. a. industrial chemist. chimiatriquement. m. chlorate. organic chemist. chemoreceptor. — organique. adv. — Chili. chemist. m. a. theoretical chemistry. tetrachloroquinone. m. chemical. chloroacetic.chimitypie. iatrochemist. analytical chemist chimicage. chitinous. chemo. /.chimylique. a. chimiothérapie. ist. m. Consulting chemcipher.chimométrie. — analyste. chemosynthetic. agricul. m. chipage.chinage. (cap. chemi-. — chînoline. chimiomorphose.) chirata. chimico-physique. chinois. /. v. chimie-physique. chimiquement. chemotactic. /. o. v. /.) taphole. chemitype. (See (esp. one who has completed the regular chimiquer. m. chimiosynthétique. chimiste-analyste. m. mercuric chloride. organicien. miste-analyste. /. dye chemist. chitineux. .t. analytical chem. (Matches) dipping. chimiurgie. — indienneur. figure. chlorinatable. a. Chem.chimiste. m. applied chemistry. m. (Leather) infiltration. a. m. (Métal.chiner. aminotendant. — minérale. chimiste-coloriste. — analytique. — d'industrie. /. chemotherapeutic. chimiquage. chemism (esp. dip (matchsticks) into the chloraldéhyde. a. cllimioluminescence. organic Chine. a. n. — métallurgiste. chio. chemitypy. chimiosynthèse.

m. o. chlorophyllien. sodium chlorate. chlorostannate(IV). specif. chlorine. chlorinate. chlorité. combined with chlorine and arsenic acid.) chloranemia. a. hydrochlorination. chlorétner. containing. m. chloro sait. chloroplatinate(II). chlorostannic(II). chlorine. chloroplatineux. chlorochromate. — de soude. a. chlorostannic(IV). chloroform. /. /. — chromique. hydrochloride. chlorochromate. chloroethylin (compound of the type C1R"OC2H5). chloroplumbate. ammonium chloroplatinate. chlorolyseur. chloro-irldite. chlorophylllne. MICI2 . /. an electrolytic chlorinegenerating apparatus. chloroethane. a. chloric. chlorique. chloroauric. chlorostannite. m. chlorométrie. chloroplatinite. chloroformate. o. chloroiodide . p. chloroforme. chlorosulfo. chlorous. chloroiridite. chlorocyanide. chlorosulfonic acid. or combined with. chloroplatlnate. m. /. chlorochromic. chlorosulfoné. chlorochromate(VI). m. (Pharm. chlorobenzene. iodochloride. a. chloration. chlorhydrure. m. chlorostannie.a.chlorate 82 chlorosulfoné tassium chlorate. chlorogénlne. v. chlorostannate.). chloroformic. a. chlorobromide. a. chlorophylle. containing chlorine. m. chloroformation. containing chlorate. chloromètre. (sometimes. poudre chlorate. chloroamidure. chloroplatinic. — liquide. m. chlorosis. a. chlprochromlque. m. chloroplatinic(II). a. acide —. chlorate powder). chloroform. phosgene (Obs. /. chloroplatinic(I V). chlorometry. chlorose. containing. chloroforming. chlorobromure. specif.t. — d'ammoniaque. /. chloréthyle. — 8ul• furique. Pharm. chlorobromé. liquid chlorine. chlorometer. chlorostanneux. chloroidate(III). m. chlorohydrin. chloronitro. chlorethylin. m. /. hydrochlorinated. m. MICI4. chlorer. specif. /. m. of or pertaining to chloroform. v.) chlorine water.. containing or combined with chlorine and the nitro group. chlorométhylate. a. chloroiridate(III). chloronltré. chloro.) chloroform. /. chlorofluoride. specif. chlorocarbonic. chlorostannate(II). chlorophyllin.t. chloroformlser.t. chloro ether. a. m. m. chloroplatinite. a. chloropicrin. — anesthèsique. chloro-arséniaté. chlore. chlorhydrater. chloro. chloroformization. chlorate of potash. chlorine and antimony. = chloramidure. a. chlorine and bromine. chloro-substituted. chlorin. 1chloroethyl ethyl ether. double chloride. chlorhydrate. bromochloro. chloroformic (acid). chloroauric. chloroplatinate. chloro-antimonié. chlorogenine (alstonine) . chlorination. containing or combined with chlorine and the sulfonic group. /. chloré. chlorosubstitué. chlorocarbonate of (chloroformate of). chloro-carbonique. specif. chloroformic acid (C1CO2H). ammonium chloride. ethyl chloride. a.t. chloro-éthyllne. chlorosel. chloroformiate. chloroforming. m. chloro-carbonaté. specif. chloroplumbate. chlorazotique. specif. hydrochloride. chloroform. or combined with. m. chlorinated. v. chloroformlsation. chlorophyll. m.) containing or chloro-aurique. /. chlorolodure. m. o. o. /. chloraurate. chlorométrlque. chloreux. o. a. chloroformique. clilorostannite. o. treated or combined with hydrochloric acid. nitrohydrochloric. chlorobenzine. /. a. methochloride. chloroiodate(I). chloroplumbate(IV). chlorométrie. cWoroanémie. chlorogenin (the "genin"). chlorhydratation. chlorostannous. Chlorate. m. chloraurique. chloroformer. chlorhydrique. chlorocyanure. chloroformize. m. chloroplatinous. a. chlorostannique. a. chloroaurate. chloritic. m. chloroplatinique. m. a. v. chlorofluorure. — d'ammoniaque. o. chlorophyl. chloroplatinate(IV). m. chloropicrine. . hydrochloric. hydrochlorinate. chlorostannate. /. chlorhydrlne. (Min. of or pertaining to chlorophyll. chlorhydrate. chlorate (as. nitromuriatic. /. (Med. chromyl chloride. chlorochromic(VI). chlorhydrin. chloro-amidure.

standing idle. /. antimony chloride» — d'argent^ silver chloride. — de. nitrogen • chloride.) solution of zinc chloride. m. rjlatinum(IV) chloride. — ferrique liquide. specif. (see chlorurer). chocolat. gold(III) chloride. ethyl chloride. selectad. phosphorus chloride. (see chlorurer) . — d'or. m. — calcique. chocolaté maker or dealer. iron(II) chloride. obh'que impact. (Med. choline..) solution of ferrie chloride. m. — d'antimoine. the monochloride. cholic. — de platine. /.t. — de carbone. — de zinc liquide. chloride. copper chloride. /. — de soude liquide. a. (Pharm. S2CI2. copper(II) chloride. iron(Iir) chloride. — d'êthyle. /.. (see chlorurer). tin ehtoride. — de phosphore. — de soude. m. pibk. carbon tetrachloride. Javel water. mercury(I) chloride. cholestéryle. chloroethane. m. v.) choluria.a. chocolaté factory. collision. chocolaté manufacture. chlorotitanic. chloroxycarboniqne. — de cuivre.) chlorurimètre. auric chloride. n. mercurous ohloride. specif. ohoice. choisi... etc.. chloride. chlorinat«d. m. espw the latter. bismuth ©xide chloride. selector. mercury(I) chloride. chloromethane. mercury chloride. chorus.) oholago^ue-). Oxychloride. solution of chlorinated soda. m. sodium chloride. a chlorine compound that bleaches. speâf. chloroxyde. bleaching powder. a. chocolaté powder. speeii. mercury chloride. acetyl chloride. sélection. chlorurer.. v. a. m. ferrous chloride. picked. — stanneux. cholurfe. choleraic. platinic chloride. copper(I) chloride. ohlorotitanate(IV).) choUhemia. chocolaterie. specif. cholérique. — de mercure(bi). ferrie chloride. n.i. chlorinate. ahock. (Jtfed. — décolorant. choleic (deoxycholic). ferrie chloride. (M'ed. chose»' person. choisir. ployment. 1. — de potassium. f. chooser. cholesteryl. mereuric chloride. chlorinated lime.chlorosulfure 83 chômage chlorosulfure. m. — basique de bismuth. methyl chloride. manganèse chloride.a.t: ohoosey sélect.) cholemia. • de soufre. manganous chloridei manganese(II) chloride. In the phrase éther chloroxycarbonique. gallstone. chlorurage. p. — au lait. specif. cuprous chloride. chlorination. lead chloride. Labarraque's solution. Owith a noua) preferred.a. m. chlorotitanio(IV). mercury(II) chloride. ohlorosulfida. — dinect. — oWéjfue. copper(II) chloride. etc. ethyl chloroformate. iron(III) chioride. choir. — cuivrique. mereuric chloride. chômage.) specif. cholihémie. specif. calcium chloride. chloruratlon. sulfur — chloride. . p. (Pharm. m. choiseur. /. — d'étain(proto). sort. /. chlorination. — d'acétyle. ehlorurant.. chlorinating (or chloridizing) agent. acid. intensification with gold ©hloride. — d'éthylène. — de phosphore(per). — en poudre. chœur. iron chloride. <xm~ taining chlorine. a. Chlorurer is used in both sensés. choc. cuprie chloride. — d'azote. mercury(II). stoppage. de —. choice. chlorameter. hexaehloTObenBene^ — de manganèse. eau de Javel. carbon chloride. o. chlorotitanate. & a.. chloruré. — cuivreux. a. ehlorinatable. m. as bleaching powder or a hypochlorite. cholestérique. cholesterio. — acide. ù>actîvity. (Photog. m. chlorotitanique. fall. tra(ïl) ehïoride. phosphorus(V) chloride. platinum chloride. choice article. choir. cholélithe. dead season>. — de mercure. mercure(proio). chlorure. chocolatier. bismuth oxychloride. — mercurique. menrarous càllOrid«. — de fer. chosen. (Chlorinate always implles i m prégnation or combination with.) choiera. — ferreux. — de chaux liquide. chlorurable. potassium chloride.) solution of chlorinated lime. — de plomb. specif. cholœmia. chlorine. cholestérol. — /errique. choix. — de votasse. ehloride. chohne. stannous chloride. cMoridised. chlorotitanate. tin(II) chloride. m. — de Julin. — de méthyle. chloridate. — mercureux. chloridize and chloridate. m. gold chîoride. m. sélect.2-dichloroethane. cholélque. — de sodium. chloridizable. cholémie. (Pharm. ethylens chloride. — drêtnih. impact. — d'hydrargyre. chocolaté. chlorinating. — de chaux. cuprie chloride. stannous chloride. knocking. etc. cholique. p. a. phosphorus pentachloride. mercuric chloride. (Med. best. (Med. diolagogue. biliary catculus. chlorid'rae. chloride of lime. may alaa dénote imprégnation with a chioride. milk chocolaté. normal' impact. A a. m. cholestérine.

m. cyanochromic(II).o. m. chrome. chromatolyse.) samphire. chromicyanide. m. cyanochouette. — vert. (exact) timing. of chou. chromatiquement. mate of.t. a. chrysanthémoside. not chromatofluorure. consecrated oil. o. /. a. chromatofluorhydrique. m. /. m. Chou. shock. chrême. chromotropique. chromatolysis. chromite. /. m. cyanochrochromate. chronomètre. a. chronometric(al). chondrlne. m. mate(III). v. be out of work. (in certain phrases) quelque —. chromifère. collide with.chrysanthème. chrysanthemum. a. — de plomb. cabbage. cyanochromate. /. chromeux.) marsh samphire or glasswort (Salicornia chromite. chromane. fluochromate(VI). halochrochorée. mic(VI). chromaffîn. chromate(II). chromammine.chômer 84 chrysobéril chômer. baryte. anything. mate(VI). m. — de potasse. chrysobéril. potassium di. chromene (benzopyran). chromate. chondrigenous. owl. chromé. m. — de chromohexacyanure. cyanochromammono. stnke. chromisel.) chorea. chromatine. chose. rutabaga. chromate. (Dyeing) chromogenèse. chromatisme. chromatographie. a. christe-marlne. chondrogène. choux de chromene. chromocyanide. choroïde. m. — frisé. p.chromogène. /. (Leather) palm cabbage. chromoprotéide. m. containing or combined with sea kale (Crambe maritima). chromating. graphically. chrome ocher (earthy chromafflne. o. (Dyeing) chrome. chronique. sauerkraut. dichro. (Biol. chrome. m. — acide. chromium plating. chromicyanure. m. chrysanthemin. fluoehro. m. chromoran). a. chromocyanhydrique. chromatically. a. (Min. a. m. chromium-plated .chromohexacyanhydrique. chronic. ehrism. a. chromate. m. chromous. chromatable. o. chromatism. chromogenesis. chrome iron ore. choucroute. choux. n. chromic. chromatie. chromosulfurique. chromyl. potassium bichromate. v. suspend work. m. a. strike against. (Biol. sea samphire (firithmum maritimum) and chromite. m. chrysarobin. herbaeea). a. (complex) chromium(II) sait. pickled cabbage. chromatiser. /. chro. m. chromogênique. chromate(III). m. ohromihexacyanure. chroin need. lead chromate. chiomatochlorhydrique. a. attack . chromatochoquer. mogen.chrysobéryl. chou-fleur. thing. chromocre. a. Bruxelles. /. chronometer. chromotropic (acid). chromatage. specif.chromatographique. /. sait. — (bi) de -potasse. chronométrage. mic(VI). property. kohlrabi. cauliflower. stand idle. cyaaochrochou-rave. m. chromium . pi. chroman (dihydrobenzopy. a. chronicle. m. chrysalide. m. m. gen. chromique.t. — de fer. chromage. (Bot. a. chromogenic. chromogenic. m. chromatochlorure. chrysalis. chroming. chromammonlque. chromatographiquement. kale. /. chromatie. something. (Anat. chromatohalogénure. chrome-tanned. /. chlorochromate(VI). chrysoberyl. . chrysarohine. v. m. chromaffinic. common cabbage.chromosel. chromisme. /.t. /. chromiferous. chromatographic. adv. to work. render chromatie chronométrique. m.) chromophilous. potassium chromophlle. adv.) choroid. chromocyanure. drigen. (Dyeing) chromable. Chou-navet. a. chromate. chromium. kale. chromatique. chromed. mate(II). chromate. m. chondrin. chromoprotein. a. — potager. chromatography. chromyle. wi. cabbage palm. /. chromatism. chromatism. /. — marin. m.) chromatin. matter. (Med. a. m. affair. — palmiste.mic(II). (complex) chromium(III) chrétien.i. ehon. a. Brussels sprouts. v. m. chromated. Cr2O3). a. chromosulfuric. stand chromatogène. chromater. chlorochro. /. chromogenic. Christian. m. barium chromate.

chyllfler. chute. chylurie. ci 6 francs. ciboule. m. falling. cloudy weather. cicatrizant. pi. chives. above. (pi. cicatrize.) hemlock. ciliary. chx. /. Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum).t. ci-contre. /. top (as of a furnace or boiler) . as. v. cigar. fall. celui. ci-dessus. hair. one who rnakes or sells wax candies. Sorel cément. — artificiel. cicer. chyleux. cément. roof (as of a mine). slow-setting cément.) de —. cimicifuge.chrysocale 85 le cimolée chrysocale. crank. & t. of ciel. iron-rust cernent (Fe..t. Chypre. quick-setting cément. cément maker or user. adv. /. bug-expelling. a cément made by borating stucco plaster. cementing. waterfall . cicuté. cigogne. — de fer. hydraulic cernent. magnésium oxychloride cernent. o. water hemlock (Cicuta virosa). chuchoter. ciment. — de grappiers. n. ciergier. (given) herewith.) rejected lower end. candie. = ciguë. chrysocétone. cicatriser. v. hither and thither.) cilium. eyelash. cidrerie. cicatrisive. clouded sky. target. v. — à prise rapide. — officinale. chrysolithe. failure.a. . . — à prise lente. chrysochalque. cicatrix. cette. cieux. v. — du haut. (Bot.a. an imitation gold composed of copper. heaven. m. o. cierge. bugbane. new cider. under the open sky. cimetière. o. m. (Med. now and then.i. cigare. under cover. ci. m. adv. /. m. Roman cernent. top. cider mill. drop of potential. ci-dessous. without cover. annexed. whisper. open. hereafter. /. (Bot. for cérémonial use). /. cimenter. below. Roman cernent.) chrysolite. wax. stork. o. (Ci may be attached to a word to limit the meaning of ce. cémentation. opposite.) mullein. chylify. cider. — de scories. ex-. — prompt.. hère and there. chymifier. cider factory. /. cicatrisant. a. 12-point (type). /. chylous. cément. heal. this one.) chrysocolla. (. as. celui-ci. o. cicéro. Keene's cément. cidromel. — Portland.) cereus. aow. cimentaire. chylaceous. a. /. seal. Chypre. chymify. drop. pipeclay. cil. NH4CI). — du bas. Portland cernent. cemetery. cément.t.) rejected end of an ingot. abbrev. cémentation. adv. cicutine. — ordinaire. Conium maculatum. cime. a.) rejected upper end. ci-inclus. /. /. m. cette homme-ci. ci-après. chrysophanic. /. hère. summit. sky. à — couvert. — anglais. — armé. — d'eau. — de Paris.t. late. cible. fall of potential. /. the latter. chrysocolle. m.Min. (Métal. Ci is also used in accounts to indicate a product. (Métal. cimenterie. the ooze from a grindstone. cimentier. à — ouvert. cimentation. blink. cicatrize. ciller. cierger. this. cimentage. /.) chyluria. . v. chick-pea. etc. chylaire. 6 cornues à 1 franc. /. chylous. ruin. p. ciboulette. ci-joint. wax candie (esp. slag cernent. a fermented drink made from cider and honey. crown. (chevaux) horsepower. m. chrysophaniquc. natural cernent. /. (of choir) fallen. — couvert. cicérole. — fondu. m. metallic cément. artificiel cernent. m. S. below. — de potentiel. abbrev. m. formerly. cidre. pozzuolana. pozzuolanic cernent. ciliaire. cément plant. pica. /. cicutaire. adv. Cie. a. — doux. (Bot. scar. m.. ciguë. — métallique. (Glas») varnish. canopy. orank lever. ci-devant. adv. m. ciel.. cicatrizant. p. /. a. former. chylaceoua. (Compagnie) Company. wink. — vireuse.i. (Bot. chrysoketone. /. reinforced cernent. — de laitier. etc. hère and there. — Sorel. Cyprus. v.t. cicatrice. see grappiers. (Biol. v. adv. — hydraulique. par —. par là. tin and zinc. — pouzzolane. — romain. Co. sweet cider. pertaining to cément. head of water. quick-setting cernent. — à grandes fleurs. Its opposite is là. /. previously. m. /.) cym'e. cicutine. — naturel. this man . — de Boulogne. Cyprian wine. m. C . cimolite. de là. underneath. cimolée. (Min. containing hemlock. chu. alumina cernent. (Métal. night-blooming cereus. scar.) refuse. enclosed (herewith).

fossil wax. a. cinématique. — d'insectes. bent. cire. — amortisseur. cintrage. — à cacheter. p. sealing wax. (Com. circonstance. wax from suint. & m. fiftieth. cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum species) . m. /. /. cinéma. cinquantaine. cinchonamine. a. cintrement. wax myrtle (Myrica sp. circulation . cinétique. — b tanche. o. circuit. fioor wax. cinchoninic acid. . cinnamène. cerifera) . ciré. circulating. antimony cinnabar.) disconnected. /. polish (leather) . waterproof. circularity. shinglîng. specif. cinchonidine. a.a. résonance circuit. lash.4-dicarboxylie acid). = cinabre. Spanish wax. kinetically. shunt circuit. fifty (as a round number) . — des doreurs. cirier. — fossile.t. cingleur. /. vermillon. cinnabar. shingling tongs. p. (as a color) vermilion. etc. arch. crooked. cinération. circuhite. — minérale. m. m. /. virgin wax. bleached wax. (Métal. circulât. wax candie. squeezer. cinnamome. cinnamic aiaide. cinnamamide. circumflex. circulatoire. circonscrire. cinnamon. cinéma. a. cinète. — à parquets. /. /. sealing wax. cinabre. cinglage.) shingling . waxy. kinetic. lap. incinération. in circulation. cinnoline. (see cintrer) . v. m. plate bending. m. bending. va. m. primary circuit. /. — rotatif. circuit . discharging circuit. /. chemical kinetics. circuinscription .t. m. — de Un. m.) derived circuit. circulant. a. ashing. bending. ceresin. — d'aucuba. curve. cinchoninique. varnish. /.a. cinchonamine. CÎnname. kinetic. white wax. black (shoes) . circulaire. cinériforme. inactive limonene). cipolino (marble). beeswax. cinnamyl. cintre. circonstancié. — de myrica. sailing.) shingle. m. cinéfaction. (see cintrer). cipolin. /. cîrcle. shingler. a. cineration. cinnoline. ciné rite. cinnamene (styrène). /. less properly. — d'excitation. circumstance. cinnabre. — du Japon. /. — d'abeille(s). circulate. cinchonine. m. ozocerite. — d'accord. fifty. v. bend. in the form of or resembling ashes. Chinese wax. etc. fifth. — dérivé. m. cinétique ment. — jaune. cinquième. cipoîin. polish (for leather) . circonlocution. incinération. cinehoninic (4-quinolinecarboxylic). fifth. twisted. five. m. course. /. fiftieth.. kinematically. — vert. hors —. — laque. v. varnish. m. cinchonicine. cinchonic. curve. cinet. Chinese wax. cintrer. circulation. cinene (dipentene. cinnamoyl. shingling hammer. cause to move about. wool wax. /. /. (see cintrer). bow. (see cirer). û&x wax.t. détail éd. cineole. /. /. bow. a. a. /. M. — secondaire. /.a. eingleuse. a. /. cinchonique. field circuit. lac wax. switch. adv. faire —. circonférence. — de charge. (Métal. m. adv. a. « cinname. wax. & m. yellow wax. — d'Espagne. circularité. etc. circulaire ment. a fine-grained tufa. shingling rolls. a. m. move round. waxing. palm wax. a. cirage. polishing (of leather) . (Elec. cingler. circulai1. charging circuit. ctngleresse. cinnamic.cinabarin 86 cirier cinabarin. cintré. motion picture(s). insect wax. bend. — d'antimoine. m. — de Chine. circumscribe. esp. cinnamique. circulatory. kinematics. (see cirer). & m. — de palmier. p. cinéol. — chimique. (Elec. cinglard. supply circuit.t. gilder's wax. adv. green cinnabar (green pigment containing chrome yellow and Prussian blue). camber. kinematic{al). m. eircularly. circumference. a. cinématiquement. kinetics. ocuba wax. m. waxed. myrtle wax. (Métal. fiftieth year or anniversary. cinnamide. acide —. circumlocution. secondary circuit. squeezer. etc.. — d'arrivée. cinnamone. cinchonine. — primaire. wax chandler. v. etc. arch. damping circuit. cinquantième. Japan wax. wax. o. cinchonicine. — vierge. circonflexe.) shingler. myrtle wax. subdivision. cinchonidine. cinnamétne. m. circonscription. cireux. cinq. circuler. /. cinchonic acid (tetrahydro-6-keto-2i/-pyran3. o. division (limited area). cirer. cinquante. /. minerai wax. blacking (for shoes) . fifty. cinène. cinnameïn. a. antimony vermilion. esp. cinnamyle. wax-producing. m. a. — d'alimentation. a. — de suint. incoming circuit. cinnamoyle.) traflic. m. — de décharge. — de cirier.

lemon. bone ash. citrate. like.) breakdown. à couronne. — de sesquioxyde de fer. coating of wax. citronellal. clapping.claire-soudure. purging (esp. acarce. (Zoôl. a. citraconique. clapping. civilizing. v. citronnellal. water boat. — de potasse.) solution of ammonium citrate. citronné. cistern. a. citrate. clippings. clear. shearing. m. lemon tree (Citrus limonia). p. m. rooms. potassium citrate. (see claquer). = claire-étoffe. (Pharm. the variety of grspe from citrate. hurdle. claire. m. cité. a. (Math. /. or smelling of. clairce. lemon-colored. v. clapet. m. /. claie. a. citrated. ciseler. Midi (also. boiler for sugar refining. clearly. thinly sown.) citrine.) shears (for cutting métal. magnésium citrate solution used to pre.) bright. clear-sighted . shears. cisaille. clairement. (of colors. civilian. /. /. citer. citric. v. a wliite sparkling wine of the de soude. clamp. thinly sown. civet cat. — semé. citronelUo. Clairce. m. — à chaud. citrene (rf-limonene). centrifugalizing or other means). cutting. m. scattered.) light. cloth) thin part. à —. (Bot. claiTcer. /. v. valve. cisailler. eut (with shears). cirure. lattieed. under eau. (See also eau clairette. adv. — d'ammoniaque. pi. citragon. chased work. scattered. cisaillage. claircir. /. waxing. civilisateur. eut. citronellol. /.t. lemon-yellow. clearing. a. lemonade. citron. (Sugar) clearing sirup. (Bot. citronnellique. chisel. v. shéaring.claquement. lemon. cup valve. shéaring stress. lime and citron). /. clack valve. engraving. (pi. /. /. trimming hedges or the like). loose-woven. a.t.t. city. lemons.) Cistus. claire-étoffe. Hme and citron. m. — d'ammoniaque liquide. m. cisaillement. /. /. cinalis).clairvoyant. m. sirup.. stretcher. /. monium citrate. ciste. (see claquer). citizen. ciseaux) scissors. (pi. small cistern. openwork. citrin. m. etc. adi>. a. screen. — de calfat. calking iron.i. a disease of silkcitrène. monium citrate. /. a liqueur flavored with lemon peel. (of fire. civil . sieve. worma. splash. nippera (for wire). light. a. chasing. wash (ore). /.t. m. red wine of light color. m. a. (hand)barrow . citrique. citronnelle. parings (from coins). (Bot.) com salad (Valerianella). cisoires. citerne. (of cloth) flimsy. /. etc. v. clairçage. v.) mite. — de îithine. m. in openwork. (Pharm. — de sûreté. (of citro-magnésien. claquage. dog. cramp. garden balm (Melissa ofli- ella gras» (Andrapogon •aardus).) cissoid. civiliser. civil. sodium citrate.ciron 87 claquement ciron. clack. citrouille. clamp. a. flavored with lemon.o. claire-voie. cutter (for trimming paper). tanker. civière. clip. cuttings. cutter. citoyen. rather citrate. shear. ciseau. a. fiap valve. thin. citerneau. skylight. clear. m. m. civet (the perfume). lattice.) citronella. lithium clairet. an ammoniacal clairsemé. — clairette. citoyenne. (of. plash. /. purge (see clairçage). any tree of the genus Citrus (ineluding trees bearing citrus fruits of ail kinds). chase. cited. citronnier. tank. cite. v. /.t. citronnellol. m. m. plainly. m. etc. clamauder. (small) shears. cutting. vise. m. any tree of the group lemon.) cirrhosis. rather light (in color) . pumpkin. a. safety citronnade. disoerning. — de fer ammoniacal. queur citro-magnésienne. which this wine is made) . /. citron. prune. cissoïde. cipitate phosphoric acid. rockrose. any fruit from the genus clameau. clair. bench shears. civilize.) ferrie am. cisailleuse. chisel. hot chisel. civilian. — Citrus (including esp. m. a. (Elec. citraconic. an alloy of tin and lead. citrine. clearly. cirrhose. — à froid. (of money) available. (Med. a. cold chisel. In the phrase lifabrics) open. /. thin. wood chisel. m. /. .t. engrave.. clairer. /. m. amsoft solder. esp. — à bois.t. puncture. civet. the freeing of sugar crystak from mother liquor by water. ferrie citrate. m. ripple. clapoter. grating. etc. ciselure. clear. civette. lemon oil.

clef. — à vide. ing device. fil. (Minclick.a. cleave. bell clématite. /. — anglaise. wattïe.cligner. savant . bUnk. clochette. v.) clematis. cloisonnage. brightness. clink(ing). esp. hook (oi a cloaque. sink . specif. clichage. m. bell jar. (Bot. m. tightening key.i. mat (as for draining clavettage. (Bot. wink. chain) . rattle. m. custom. (Photog. classic(al). classer. claVétage. v. (Ceram. clisse. stereotyping. (Elec. catch. engraving.) prickly ash (Zanth. class. v. — d'interruption. hitch . — clarté. sorter. sort. knot. peg. spanner. (Med. Clavalier. lap. call bell.t. classique. clinometer. /. clarify. contrasty négative. cloison. lantern clarifieur. bell (in various sensés). m. culture dîsh — à molette. Z. — ouverte. clissé. wicker cover for a bottle. rest. printing). classify. o. m. beil glass. fining. négative. classement. key. v. sewer . a.) it together. screw wrench. m. (Biol. grating. cleavage. m. clinique. — du soleil. classification . keyboard. a. file. clavecin. v. damper.t. keystone . piano clinquant. — voilé. cover with wicker. clivage. classe. cleavability. bell jar having a mouth or tubulation à tubes. — — d'air. light. /. harpsichord. customers.cliqueter. pipe wrench. wink. key (in various sensés) . clavette. crack. m. — Classifier. stéréotype plate. de tirage. classing. little bell. m. eut. clisser. monkey (with cover). partition work. clinic. wickered . clavel. — du tive. ping (of a stopcoek) . v. classification. climatique. classifier (as for ore) . clayon. etc. /. m. limpidity. dex. spanner.) splint. — à béquille.) clinomètre. m. m. ing) prop. rattle. fogged négaity. pièce of earthenware fitting over the cloche. classification. pawl. half-tone. vacuum bell jar wrench. lapping. m. cleavable. clivabilité. climatic. wedge.t. clister. m. pink. a. d'œil. clarificateur. m.clinoédrique. engraved plate or block (for agent. cover (for a dish).) clinohedral. dog. sieve or grating. flicker. splint. — à vis. ters. — d'appel. bell cap. = clavetage. clarifier. clarifying. /. sheep pox. — à a covered glass dish for plate cultures. /. écrous. & r. ratchet. clin. cover with bell jar. clarifiant. click. twinkling of an eye. key. (Glass) a cloc. — de serrage. clinorhombique. detent. patient. stereotypy.t. clank. small hurdle. grade. client.i. clarnégatif. /. clinical.) bubble. cliché.t. claviature. m. imitation gold or silwire. clinorhombic (monoxanthoxylum. /. Client. — isolante. élastique. key. v. clerc. & i.Clientèle. keying. m. screen. clavetter. adjusting key. claveter. clenche. jour.t. p.) manifold.) négative. a. partition.t. bell-shaped ainsulator. call button. m. cUnch . cracked side of a pot and serving to hold blister. customer. — d'appel. a. ver foil. americanum) . monkey wrench. /. sort. septum. fasten with keys or cot. catch. catch. a. v. tightening key.t. (Pharm. fiower. calage. pawl. smack. — de (with lower edge ground to fit air-tight). nut wrench.claquer S cloisonnage claquer. clocher. /. m. /. v. cloaca. electro . clergyman . /. /. — heurté. p. tinsel. wrench . (Sait) lute. clastic. clank(ing). (Cryst.a. cheese). m.) make-and-break key. clarifier. in. conventional . file. /. m. clarifying Cliché. /. a. m. cliver. v. . oxylum. stéréotype. cotter. latch. click. /. an impure sodium carbonate. v. a. tinseled. scholar. fil de —.t. little bell jar. pin. clinic. clarifier. sérum. (Mach. click. clavelée. & r. cliquetis. clap. clivable. basketwork. classify. class. 77i. sorting. small screen. m. — jar. wicker. adjustable wrench. in. glitterhig.t. wicker. clavier. class. — à demi-teintes. transparency. clinic). screw at the top. slide. — à cultures. bulkhead. clicking. v. climat. spanner. = claveter. clerk. m. — à douille. sunlight. daylight.t. open-top bell wrench. m. classeur. clayonnage. clarifier. half-tone eut. cesspool . air chamber. slap. clicher. climate. clientèle. bleb. cliquet. patronage. v. clignoter. Clé. stereotyped. — de projection. clearness.

clôturer. riveting nail. leaf curl. m. rivet. — zingué. v. m. cobaltocre. — d'épingle. (Afin. (Min. cmi. cobalt(III). spike. cm . cobalt glance.a. clupéine. m. coagulation. — en fonte. m. coalté. m. m. co-author. cocaïne. cobaltous. m. m. Cf. eu. coagglutinine. clôt. combine. coagulant. m. S sing. /. cobalticyanide.t.t. cobalt(II). small farm.t.) smaltite.a. /. nail. of clore. smaltite. (Med. (Min.) clonic. closeau. tack. — de girofle. cocaïniser. end. cast nail. closerie. (centimètre carré) square ceutimeter. combination.) erythrite.) clyster. (Sait) a partitioned basin (following the vasière). fem. coagulation (or clotting) of the blood. /.) linnîeite. cobalti-. clouer. v. guinea pig. 1 & 3 sing. v. 7). slit. tar. /. & r. enema. v. coaltaremeht. coagulum. inclosure (something that incloses). a silkworm cocoon of inferior value. v. cobaltamine. cocainize. — de soufflet.a. cochineal plant. coagulator. copartner. cover or plate with cobalt. clore. wall. coagulum. — d'acier. treating with coal tar. coating or plating with cobalt. m. cochineal. cloisonner. — sulfuré. cobaltite. divide into compartments. cloisonnement. nick. coboldine. m. cloquer. — à tête perdue. cm. clove. cobalt.. riveting. m. cobalticyanure. m. nail. m. inclose. coaltar. m. cobaltine. eut. partner. ended.t. clystère. cm 3 . tarring. galvanized nail. clove. clos. associate. /. shuts.) erythrite. v. cochenillage. cobaltiferous. m. — sanguine. cyanocobaltate(III). cellular . brad. conclusion. powdered metallic arsenic. a. cobaye. cavy. abbrev. cobalto-. machinemade nail. m.t. cobalticyanic. v. cobaltine. cochineal dyeing or dye bath. cochenillier. coaltarer. dividod into compartments . — à river. clouage. a. a. cloisonné. oxalatocobaltate(III). v. abbrev. rivet. blister. cobaltisage. clouterie. cobalt sulfide. coaliser. boil. m. (Med. — fumant. /. cobaltiser. coagulability. = cobaltage. peg. coagulating. close. of clos. groove. v. v.) linnœite. /. designating a coal tar préparation used as a disinfectant. m. cobaltinitrite. stud. fence. kink. /. — sans tête. — arsenical. coal tar treatment. unité. cobalteux. cobier. cobalti-. close. cocalon. cobaltico-potassique. cochenille. coagulating. nailing. cobaltocyanure. wire nail. coagglutinin. ce. m. inclosed. a. cobalt. closed. cm 0 . pin. cobalt(II). shut. pr. a. brad. m.t. — aromatique. phrase at nitrite. nitrocobaltate(III).t. cobaltocyanide. a. coagulate. partitioning . coche. coagulateur. {Min. m. m. vesicle. specif. shut. cobaltage. /. m. vineyard. cocheniller. coagulant. v. /. dye with cochineal. cloniqùe. cyanocobaltic(III). coaille. treat or impreguate with coal tar. cobaltioxalate. . cobalt. m. rivet. notch. nail factory. brad. cochineal fig. n. league. — gris. cobaltic. treat (esp. cobalt ultramarine. clouement. cochineal. tarring. sq. pr. cochineal insect. cobalt(III). — de bouche. cobaltique. (centimètre cube) cubic centimeter. coassocié.. seclusion. joint author. a. cyanocobaltate(II). clôture. coagulabilité. Clou. /. (of clore) closes. (Min. clou-épingle. (Min. — mécanique. partition. cobolt. coagulant. p. cm. . etc. coagulation. coaltarisation. cobalticyanhydrique. cobaltic. cobaltinitrite. spike. coalition. aromatic pastiï. coagulatory. — d'outremer. /. coat) with coal tar. inferior wool (from the taxi). coaguler. cocaine. closing. cobaltous. subj. /. cloque.t. shut in. coalition. a. cobaltioxalate. tack. vineyard. inclosure.t. cobaltammine. of cobalt(III) and potassium. close. clupeine. m. coal tar. /. coaltariser. coagulant.t.) cobaltite. coauteur. close. a.cloisonné 89 cochenillier cloisonné. v. p. blister. & r. cobalt blue. sow.t. close. partition. v. nail trade. /. cobalto-. fence. close. — arséniatê. — de vigne. /. specif. brad.t. small inclosure. /. cobaltifère. a.

muffle. coin. coction. m. col. corner cupboard. m. cocotier. foot-andslaughtered animais) .coiffage. m.t. cognassier. covering. m. coinçage. (of machine parts) jamming.) colchicum seed. cocon. wedge. codex. of safety.cokéfler.r. a butter substitute from coconut ing back on the residue). coking. state of being hydrochloride. cap. retort coke. code. wedging. cooking. v. v. coh. wedged. m. pork. cover the head or top of. phannacopeia (specif. (railway) frog. m. inner part. pharmacopeia. sûreté. cognac. /. coking. coléoptère. en —. etc.t. petroleum coke.t. beurre de —. coke. codifier. planking. knocking. m. wide-mouthed bottle (for liquids). /. coffer. coke-oven stoker. nut shell. etc. m. chest. — de coke. or rare. /. knocking.i. v. wedging. à — ccesium. m. guinea pig. /. chatter. drive. coiffer. m. cohober. coincide. — d'oie. knock. nitrate. currying knife. safe. knock. interior.cohérer. cœsium. /. cognac. m. coefficient.) ethylmorphine coincement. — d'abaissement. cohésionner. code. cover. colcotar. (Bot. oil. (see cogner). p. . oocoon. coco. v. goosepart. /. colchique. niok.) kola. coercive. caffeine. Cochinchine. v. cognée. filtration. coco palm (Cocos nu. the coincer. m. ax. casing. — de sécurité. v. heartwood.i. planishing knife. cocbléaria.t. — d'Inde. swan neck (specif. coconut butter. v. obs. trunk. coco.) gap. French phannacopeia). coing. hood . swine. cochon. (in distillation) middle fraction .t. cohobating. stamp. v. coco palm. formation of coeoons. cofferdam. /. m. colchiceine. boiling. licorice water. rattle. m. expansion coefficient. quoin. /. coïncider. quince tree (Cydonia). — droit. (See cohober. /. one that makes or sells coke. coking plant. coefficient of paxtition.) cognage.cocher 1 coléoptère cocher. coiffe.) sow. . cokerie. /. mark. d'adhérence. notoh. a curved tube or pipe) . codéshydrase. coefficient (or factor) cokéfaction.i. n. (Métal. coffre-fort. coefficient.) coleopteran. die. m. cohobation. Cf. quînce. lining (of hats). intoxicate. — de fusée. (Pharm. cokéflant.) a plant belonging to coffrage. coke-oven dilatation. cap. middle court. mesentery (of cifera). box. — de coke. (ZoGt. m. efficiency. neck. fastening with wedges. (small) box. /. fuse cap. codex. coefficient of (freezing-point) lowering. (mountain) pass. pig. coction.. dress the hair of. /. (small) chest. knock. m. cause to cohere. (Bot. (Bot. colcothar. coke burner. case . m. queurse. — économique. codéthyllne. oil coke. cœurce. Coleoptera. m. redistill (with pourcocose. hog. n. coefficient of adhésion. /. m. colchicacée. (See cohober. cokéincation. pressible. coaohman. coconut oil. a. codéine. coketier.) coconnage. m. m. colchicine. cokéifler.t. codehydrase. colature. casing. coconut. heart . a. (Pharm. wedge. bin. gonorrhea. m. cap.t. v. m. coferment (coehzyme). cohere.a. conjunctivitis. coercible. m. straining. cocotte. strained liquid. v. cœur. specif. knocking. coke. — coir. beating. iron casserole. Colchicum coffre. v. (Pharm. strike.t. cokeur.) meadow saffron (Colcoffret. or a related genus. cavy. m. m. coco. (of gases) com. m. stomach (as in mal au cœur). coherer. (Physiol. cohéreur. m. (of machine parts) jam. knock. gooseneck. coerciWe.) coconut. (Colature in English ia coferment. — de cygne. cochléaire. coco. codehydrogenase. strong box. m. pig. cogner. collar. /. jam. & r. scurvy grass. coercitlvité. cokéiflant. slit. /. m. a. mouth disease. dross. quince. corner. noix de —. — de paz. cohobation. codéine. short-necked. cohobage. gas coke. squeak. /. coercitive. headdress . codex. m. — de fourneau. Cochin China. heart-shaped. chicum) . (Mach.) digestion. m.) Cola. beat. colchicine.(coconut husk fiber). codéshydrogénase. m. drive in (wedges). cola. — partage. colchicéine. cohobation. neck. fuse cap. — de de pétrole. cohobateur. codify. /. coercivity. m. housing . Cognac brandy. m. cocote. cohobate. stamp. cognement. /. coercitif. césium. corner. m. (pi. timbering.) cofféine.

(Med. hoop. oollsr. m. a strong animal glue. colleotor. collerette. . bone glue. aàzuig. /.) collyriam. blistering collodioB. collaborer. colloïdal. check. collabor&te. cling. collagenouB. collectively.t. a. collectivité. etc. . m. m. by pareel post. file. fine. colleur. colombe. colloxyline. a. collect.t. isioglass. glue. <c a. m. stick.) neck. coller. v. /. collaborateur. ala& ita contents. a. collectrice. collection. — de caoutchouc. — saturnine. a. — en pâte. ntake a collection of. n. si^er. (Pharm. pi. coiloid. colimaçon. colmatage. a long cj-lmder of cetamio paste used for measuring contraetiac due to firing or for lutiûg saggera together. m.) coilutory. coliliacille. collétique. paste. collant. etc. colloïdité. collette. colmater. work or act iointly. fem.t. collapsus. n. case. colosnbùjae). /. (of a augar beet or other plant) collar. shoulder. & m.t. /. colombier. of collecteur. the vat. clog.. gluing. collodionné. collodion. collagenis. size. See colle-matière. clsrify (as wine) . etc. collodionner. Armenian cernent. ahank. spiral. clogging. flange. — de Lyon. trinket. colombate. m. v. (Ceram. worm. colline. m. colloidality.). m. m. colocynthine. colloïdal substance or préparation. collect. (Tcefe. collectif. paste. collotypie. — du Japon. fiange. — de pâte. m. etc. m. — élastique. collectionner. collect. colle. rubber cernent. coiloid. — d'Arménie.Agric. columbier (size of paper. belt. /. cantharidal collodion. — vésicant. /. m. packing. vegetable size. (. (Optio) iocus. (P/iarm. collectionneur. infection with colon bacillus.) involucre. glue stoek. (Bot. a vessel for fining béer. — de poisson. gluer.a. m. m. liill. colloïdaux). collaboratrice. skin glue. — d'os. — matière. collet. colis. collier. collective. m. p. Colombie. v. m. v. /. collar. m. fining. mouth élue. — de jonction. flour. bu&iiing. collègue. v. collure. collimateur. /. colloïdal (m. size. — styptique. m. Japanese agar. agar. plaster. /. Iiquid glue. m.t. m. colhmator. v. colisage. colloïdal. be glued. colletic. (also pL) glue stock.y blistering collodion. paste.) colon bacillus. v. collecter.. collyre. m. collasène. specif. snail.i. collaborator.i. — • de résine. coliar. snoulder. eollar. collagen. (see colmater). colliger.t. cake. collodionized. baard. (Bact. — végétale. columbate (cf. gluing. collège. splice. cernent. — forte. vegetable glue. a. stick. (see coller). a. nange . (see coller). (Paper) sizing in.) flexible collodion. cake. colleague. package. sized. oollotypy. adhèrent. collidine. etc. colocynthoside.) collapse. collage. rmgt. — postal. anger. (Med. gluing.) atyptic eollodion. colleuse. /. resin (or rosin) size. collectivement. eollege. bird cake.colère 91 colomhin colère. colorabin.i. m. collaber. v. glue. — de peau. compare. glue. colocynthin. colloïde. /. a. collodionbed. collet. collotype. — à bouche. about 23 x 34 in. (of a lens) condensing. stick together.a. parcel. ring. (Pkarm. coworker. — de savon. colloxylin (soluble guncotton). hide glue. colombier.. lip glue. colles-matières. collationner. (adhesive) paste. collecteur. starch paste. collidine. collectivity. & m.. knickknack. etc. (Ceram. m. colifichet. a. lead f colic. sizing machine. m. gelatin. — de Flandre purifiée. adhère. dove. / . v. p. sticky. /. hélix. throat. a. a. colique. coiloid. m. Colombia. (Med. cellodionnage. m. adv. fish glue. collegian. collate. agglutinant.) small tripod. m. eollodion. m. dovecote. colibacillose. (Pharm. mucilage.. — pour mouche». «. rim. collapse. m. soap paste.) warp. collégiale* collège. m. baie. gather. (see coller). oollecting. collar. collodion vamishing. colle-matière. collecter. colic. collutoire. (see coller) .t. collodié. v. collutorium.) cantharidal collodion. — d'amidon. cofiimating. a soft glue from hide scraps. glued or pasted place. flsnge. pi. council. collégien. /. /. par — postaux. /.) fasten with slip.r. fly glue. collection. — cantharidé. (adhesive) eement. collodionize. seal. etc. parcel (sent by poat). stick. necklace. /. /. fined. cling. — liquide.

— bisazoïque. purifying column. colophane.. strife. upright pipe with stopcock or tap. lumba). — à billes.t. fill. (Art) colorist. colorinc. aminoazo dye. v. mixture of plaster of Paris and baryta. colombo. dung of domestic fowls.i.t. m. (Micros. colon. bail (or are apparently rather confused. farmer.combinateur. nitro combiner. & r. coloring . nio. Colombo. /.sing. supply.t. how much. compound colorant. colom bique. rectifying column. columbium (niobium). hue.colorimétrïque. columbium. color-producing. /. combustible. combat. combinatory. comateux. — vitale.) stain. (of tints) bright. — à mous in English except as "colza oil" is rectifier. — combineur. coloniser. bium(V)) . binary compound. colorant. m.) colon. height. p. how long.. coloring. scheme. coloring.) comatose. dye. coloring . contend. heaped . colorability. colorimétrie. drying column. coaltarement. colony. /. colorimetrically. dyeing. disterms which are now practically synonytilling column.colorieur. m. columnar.t. dye . — à boules. combien. /. coloriage. binaire.a. — élective. m. a. colorimetry. azo dye. a. eontrive. column . etc. a. combine. color . summit. American colorimétrie. peak . fight . color. coloring matter. S rectificatrice. (Biol. (of wine) deep-colored. pi. coaltar. (Distinctions between "huile de colza. comblement. combattre. coloration. rosin. m. combinative. /.) column. colored. (Micros. au soufre. /. price. — d'alimentation. comanic. dyetertiary compound. vat dye. — sulfurée. linensis). colorisation. how many. pr. — azophénolique. strive. columbium (niobium). p. (of combattre) fights. filled. combuger.) stain. unité. v. staining. m. (Min. m. v. (Ceram. — ignifuge. compound. coltarement. colorer. (Building) a colorer.comanique. a. ing column. etc. contest. v. set (as of apparatus). coloration.) stained. "huile de navette" and "huile de rabette" (of a pump) barrel. stuff. colorigène. colonial (m. v. how. coloration. with sulfur. . fulfill. colophony. colocynth (Citrullus colo. — comble. râpe or rapeseed. columbo. /.t.t. planter. coloniaux). — azo. print roll. settler. (Anat. hydroxyazo dye.) a kind of lead ore. coltar. differential staining. dye or stain. sulfur compound. dant dye. — basique. m.) talcose clay. coloquinte. American gentian (Frasera caro . combinableness. troller. post . — d'Amérique. soak (casks). compound ." colonne. — à robinet. colombite. etc. full. suit (of clothes). — épuratrice. a.) controller. (Elec. — combinatoire. disazo dye. standpipe. — imperméable. comblé. v. colorimeter. combined . /. sulfur dye. morous distillation . — de temps. a. basic combiné. coloriste. combat . oppose. coloré. vital staining. pillar. eynthis). colonial. — de Mariette. etc. adv. combinaison. colonist. coloring. fill up. colomb ine. (Pharm. See côlon. p. colthar. colomnaire. filling. overmeasure. specif. m. v. rectifying column.combinabilité. — acridique. concert. (ver. treat with colophony or how long. combat.colorier. colorer. colophaner. columbic.a. etc. — colorabilité. — pour cuve. colza. — sur mordant. — sécheuse. rosin.colombin 92 comburable (Métal. colombium.t. roof . m. m. m. — nitrosé. fractionating used of the purer varieties. specif. colorist. — oxazinique. m. colorimétriquement.) vital stain. columbic (niobic. — nitré. fireproof color. quite full. colomine. a. tical) feed pipe. fractionating column. combining.t. colonie. m. /. a. m. how far. Ail may bead) column. /. (Med. colorement. — tertiaire. m. combination . — thiazinique." fractionating column. (Micros.r. (see combler). toning . o. colonize. vital. combler. /. a. ni. comburable. florid. v. m. an apparatus for continusulfuré. nitroso dye. a.) columbite. concerted.a. thiazine dye. acridine dye. m. combiner . — azoïque. specif. (Calico) printing roller. /. coloration. dye. rectifying column. sulfur dye. bulb (or bail) be translated "râpe oil" or "colza oil. /. protective suit. drying tower. a. fractionat. adv. ) calumba. (see combler). (Elec. — combat. fight. v. v. azoxy dye. combine. tint. tower . colorigenic. colza. calumbic (from ca. oxazine dye. — à distiller. m. a. contrivance. colorimètre. azoxique. colorifique.) conaminê. coloris.

. ropes) laid. adv. a. comused as an illuminant. — spontanée. — blanche. ment. /. (or rapid) combustion. salable. comic. (of etc. blue-flame combustion. adv. desmodromique. command. inland comflame). eomCalled also société en commandite. m. as if. coal. tradespeople. v. m. commotion . edible. gaseous fuel. a. /. fur.t. comment. v. commune. nace gas. . business . gazeux. much as. commonalty. mettre en —. comical. mind. p. board .a. give an or. — au libre. specif.) concussion. /. m. commandite. /. commit . work together. commissioner. deal in. operate. v. (Com. order.t. & m.comburant 93 communication comburant. combustible. See commandite. dealer.commercial. negotiable. combustion (as distinguished from blue home (or domestic) trade. (gérants. trade. der. commercially. — bleue.) order . commerce . smoke consumption. commémorer. comestible. at combiné. wood and commerce. belt drive. a. commande. shock . commensurability. /. foreign trade. directness. commission merchant. m. combustibilité. commentaire. appoint . à — directe. (Méd. bum. adv. errand boy. commission. /. as . commerciable. merchant. beginning. do business . how.) gear together.) consisting of first.t.— aggloméré. commensurabilité. fortably. communément. comme. why. town hall. combustible. common peoone or more members (commanditaires) who are responsible only for the amount ple. command. a. mercantile. — vive. m. coménique. commonalty. v. control. commencer. as. quick hâve relations (with). communication . v. oxide or halide.t. en gros. retail trade. commode. conj. wherefore. (pi. as. porter. comminuer. au —. v. communication. commettre.ment . coal. p. commis. hâve command.i. appointed. p. commandités) are fully responsible. v. comgear. conveniently. a firm having commun. ordinary. while the rest communauté. mittee. commercial traveler. commencebustion. comment OQ. /. commandant. trade. v. v. commence. as communîcabiljté. at (or in) the beginning. comestible. ordered . agent. trade in. . slow combustion. minerai m. commanding officer. m. dormant partner. commune. /. comfortable . o. /. community . how. (of inks) copying. driving commission.) commission busilashing (of ropes). lay comète. — épais. peat. cornet. control mechanism . commodité. m. forcombustion in free air. as to. comment. communicant. convenient. order (for goods) . 771. v. (Mach. share. ment. m. comenic. m. m. sham. commandement.) water (Mach. comique. which they hâve invested. acting. supporter of combustion. commanditaire. (ropes). commandagreeable. commission .a. faire une —. — extérieur. merce. m. errand. /. — commerçant. o. burning. communicative . — intérieur. adv. like. & i. . lente. beginner. burned . commonly. a. m. — commissionnaire. combustible commenter.r. trader. m.a. — d'éclairage. commission. — de gueulard. remember. /. /.t. — de détail. begin. commissary. v.a. commercialement. thick fuel oïl. wholesale trade. clerk. control. combustion. generally. (of persons) accommodating.i. . board. adv. a. fuel. spontaneous combustion. comburer. committed. de —. public. — de la fumée. supporting com. /.commencement. — be in the business of. committee. (Com. closet. commentary . commodément. commandité.t. commercer.t. — minérale. why. — moderne. combustibility. bright eign commerce. recall to communicatif. v. commandite. p. comcommander. commode. comminute. (Min. common. faire le — de. briquetted fuel. fuel . generality. commander. convenience . mon people. drive . commodious. interj. commissaire. deal. feigned. errand man. as.commissionner. m. — combustion. m. m.) drive. comm uni cability. what ! combustible. communicating. comité. command . See commotion. comment unfavorably. how. — voyageur.t. (telecommençant. — à distance. commandite.i. — ancien. remote control. a.

fill up.compenser. inside-outv. comlever switch. commuter. planting. compétence. v. adv. province. universal switch. of compensateur. v. communiqué. complant. comport oneself. charments.complexion. /. à bouton. single-pole switch. associate. comcompassier. m. complaire. fem. compactness.i. please. — inverseur. division into comtions to a given volume) . communiqué. pensating. com. compared. perfect . eompanion. accommocomparison.a. oomplicated.r. m. (electric) switching. comparative. communicating. v. a. side calipers. compensative. adv. m. cut-out. (of complaire) pleased. v. plemental. behave. complexité. complaît. sympative. a. (fig. acter.r. a. company. o. compactage. a. ordinary complu. slide calipers.compendieusement. v. v.t. . complacency. m. compile. comparativement. galva. formai.p. p. S sing. density.t. p.p. long-distance call. comparatively. confer. compendiously. plément. complémentaire. compétiteur. measured with (or as with) compassés . a. compacting. complète. saturated. cate. compass maker. dation . maker.t. compensative. pin switch. précise. v. p. o. competitor.a.t. p. mesure. compléter. — d'épaisseur. complètement. /. compétence. commutateur.compatibilité. /.t. — compensatrice. m. compilateur. comparer. impart. complet. compartiment.compatir. /. — à bouchon. compatibility. comcompare. be communicated.a. v.compassé. a. compétent. communicate. v. chamber. p. m. compensator. be compatible. complète. be delighted. (of complaire) comparateur. be communica. give pleasure. allow. /. a. compare oneself.t.r. comphcate. v. v. — à diviser. due. comparatively. plant. dividers. comparator. m. current compensatif. adv. p. reverse. — compendieux.t. division . plug switch. permit.t. compensate each other. instrument munication. competently. calipers.) switch. /. a. — de calibre. compas. in comparison with. compasser. m. proper. without making any complaisance. proportion. commutation. communiquant. composant.complimenteur. trade union. admit of. comparison. be compared. offmutation. oomplaisance . complex. (electric) switch. mutator. com. abridged. comparability. interrupter. comparatif. —' de. complexe. — à manette. — o grande dis. m.comporter. compensate. knife switch. — à balais. weigh.) rotary converter. nometer.a. cate. compétent. compensatoire. compartment . • unipolaire. m. & m.— à jauge. entirely. dividers. (of comparaître) appeared. divide into compart. brush commutator. viders. make up (as solucompartimentage.communication î t composant phone) call. compétemment. à (or en) delight (in). comparablement. comcomparé.) measure. calipers. thize.t. complexity. component. adv. balance. act. v. sans —. a. compliment. competing. tance. compiler.r. communicate. mariner's compass. comparabilité. — à complimenter. rival. & m. complimentary. v. — de route. — permutateur. comparu. communicated. pr. (bodily) constitution. — électrique. /. adv. v. agrée. a. complanter. — maître de danse. compacité. appear. compensatory. commutatrice. briefly. — disjoncteur.t.i. v. comparaison. by complaisamment. comparing. compassés.t. p. yond comparison . compendious.t.) province. /. intripointes sèches. specif. — à compliqué. compagnon. v. coulisse. v. beingly. inside ealipers. (Elec. m. m. partments. vineyard. compagnie. compagnonnage. communiquer.r. reverser. compartimenter. compass. button switch. connection. compensate. comparative. compensateur. a. willcomparison. completely. set. communi. comparably. compaction. compare. di. workman. par —. v.i.i. be pleased (at).a. measure with compassés. m. compensation. (Elec. /. obligingly. complementary. v. compiler. /. sphère. m. (fig. /. m. complex. comparaître. — de compliquer. v. adv.

a. count oneself. count. alloy. compris. included. compte-secondes. m. fireworks composition. dropping. v. m. compromis. — binaire. — non saturé. — fusante. — saturé. — nitré. compressible. comprébensif. responsibility. chlorine compound. comprimant. unsaturated compound. manure with compost. ' quickburning composition. of comprendre. — tertiaire. keeping accounts. comprendre. after ail.i. non —.t.) conjugate compound. specif. a compound in which an élément has its lowest valence. dropping bottle. (pi. (of comprendre) comprized. — d'étam. composée. — incendiaire.) Compositae (called also Asterales). (Printing) compositor.) composite plant.) component. composite. — centésimale. compressibleness. carcass composition. accountable.r. comprehend . au bout du —. calculatîon r metering. fulminating composition. accounting. cash. comprehensibilite. calculate . restraining. sulfo compound. comprenant. p. /. v. carbon compound.t. comptabilité. (Old Chem. p. compte-fils. comprisisg. understand. compressed pill. saturated compound. composer. — fulminante. comprehensibleness. — chloré. (pi. including. compound. — défini. comprehend. compromised. consider. comprennent. comptable. compromettre. composto. comprehensibility. endanger the yield. 3 pi. — déwattée. briquet. — conjugué. compter. v. bubbler. composed. a. v. priming composition. insulating compound. compressibilité. eompressed tablet. — le rendement. comprehending. v. <e wbj. p. take into account. — d'artifices. p. A i. m. /. comprimé. bookkeeping. ready ( money). v. a. fuse composition. — rendu. tertiary compound. report . organic magnésium compound. • lente. account. S pi. incendiary composition.composante 95 compte-secondes composante» /.i. formai. accountant. counting. etc. — carburé.t. count (on). charge. m. include. compositeur. compressed . — organo -mag nésien. compounder. be composed. accountabilîty.p. compromise. m. compose oneself. — d'amorce.) proceedings. not included. aromatic compound. compromise. compound . m. compost. m. (Mech. grease cup. S sing. transient (or transitory) compound. rely (on). definîte compound. stop watch. aeeountable person. (of f comprendre) comprehend. indic. percentage composition. comprimeur. including. à —. pr.t. reckoning. — phosphore. bubbîe connter. m. drop counter. (Bot. y —. compose . compressive. — hollandais.t. checked. — isolante. accounts . compound. be counted . a sort of concrète made of stone fragments and cernent or pozzuolana mortar. compose . m. substitution product. on account. ready money. p. a. compounding.r. compte-goutte s.t. /. intend . be consklered. comptage. primer composition. comprit. v. compound (in the sensé of a composition or mixture) . count (on). m. comprehensive. check. corne to terms. comprirent. tenir — de. responsible. — vive. wattless component. compressor. . comprize. binary compound. phosphorus compound. — bernénique. understanding. nitro compound. composter. m. — d'addition. compressibiiity.a. o. compress. compound.a. rocket composition. compte-bulle s. def. p. (pi.) the journal reporting the sessions of the Freneh Academy of Sciences. comprimable. /. m. antiincrustant.a. considering everything. boiler compound. pay. m. m. composé. comprimer. p. a compound in which an élément lias its higkest valence. compressor. grain counter. v. m. v. in cash. grease gun. compoundage. not including. compressif. bookkeeper . compressed tablet. type. m. dropper. — détartreux. slow— burning composition. restrained.t. a. /. adv. composition. v. (Dyeing) tin spirit. — à graisse. of comprendre. count. — de sub• stitution. account . grease cup.a. def. compressiag. — maximum. m. v. Dutch compound (a solution of sodium and potassium silicates used for purifying water). m. p. — sulfonê. count. — passager. restrain. sulfonated compound. composite.. c omptant. weaver's glass. compte. composer . compresseur. addition compound. — minimum. thread counter. render an account. endanger. a. composition. compte-grains.

v. révolution counter. counter. concurring. a. concrétionner. concurrentiel.) phase coïncidence. m. concurrencer. concrétionné. seconds counter. concavité. v. tachometer. comminute. concessionnaire. concluant. a. coôperate. grantee. bar. be in accord. solidification . etc. (see concasser). compétition . conceive. dry meter. /. m. (see concasser). speed indicator.compte-tours 96 condensation compte-tours. /. v. — de vitesse. (of rays) focusing. concevoir. reconciliation. conclu. rend. v. /. concision. /. S sing. /. sintering. indicator .. conciliation. a. concerner. sinter. a. gas meter. concis. — pendulaire. a. /. révolution counter. concourse . m. /. (of concevoir) conceives. be conceived. concurrencent. render or become concrète or solid.t. concurrent. etc. converge. p. (shop) counter.r. computer. conceptuel.i. condensing. /. concurrent. (of concourir) concurs. p. concise. concolorous. contrive.p. (Comptes rendus) Proceedings (specif. /.i. condamner. comptoir. — sec. conceptible. & i. concern. conclude. S sing. m. concentré. concède. conclusion. conclure. /. concierge. concentrai)le. conceming. v. (reduce to fragments) crush. plunger. v. competing . render concrète. de}. concentrique. conceptual. /. pr. granting. v. abbrev. conçu. concrète. crushing. v. m. containing shells. crushing.a. condenser. a. concrétion . concentrically. & f. a. concentrateur. censure. compulsory. p. concevable. v. — électrique. grid capacitor. — à seconde. agreement. conceptionnel. condemn. /. (of lines) meet in a point.t.t. <& prep. solidify. compulsif. shire. v.t. a. concrétion. — de tours.. concentrator. conclusive. m. v. condensing. v. concession. a. a yellow dye (curcumin?). concert. concavity. condensability. block . condensabilité. concolore.) clock meter. (in England) county. a.a. a. concerter. — de grille. v. a. m. (Elec. (see concourir) . bank. amount . & f. — à gaz. bray. shut up. conchoïde. conjointly. v. concassement. a. concrète. of the Academy of Sciences). agreement . concourt. electric meter. concret. etc.a. break.t. p. concourant. concession. be concluded. m.t. — à eau. a. alcoholometer. cake. pr.t.t. concurrence. conçoit. & r. capable of being concentrated. speedometer. compute. reckoner. compteur. p. & p. v.t. concentrated. v. — des phases. concentrate. sur- . meter. (of concevoir) conceived. /. striker. solidify. condensate. concordance. condensât. condensative.. conchylaceous. count. m. concessionaire. word. conclusif. conceive. a. bruise. concassation. p. m. pr. doorkeeper. crusher. concentriquement. a. concuteur. express. coopération. compétition . concréter. concentrate. adv. convergence. concorder. concordance. solid. m. concilier. p. of uniform color. in compétition. pr. of conclure. concuter. plan. concordant. adv. v. conclut. conciliate. concentration. m. concurrently. concréfier. pound.t.a.t. concernant. anellation. /. rival. concret ionary. (of lines) meeting point.t.t. conclusion. concoction. v. concurrence. co ne a s sage. competitor. comté. m.. concombre. (of conclure) concluded. concourir.r.. m. a. calculator. — par l'extérieur. (of strata) conformable. a. S sing. form a concrétion. in short. concentration. conceivable. earldom . concurrent. conciliation. condensant. m. concours.i. concordant. conclusive. digestion. v. concentrer.r. condensateur. cucumber. concéder. branch bank. (Law) concurrence. grant. agrée. concasser. conchoid. reconcile. concentric. adv. conchoidal. concrétionnaire. (of time) coincide . competing. (Elec. a.t. condensing. relate to. conchylien. — à alcool. conceivable.a. v. /. concoction . m. etc. condensatif. compete . contribute. condensation. condensation. concourme. m. porter. (of rings) fusion. concur. concluding. concasseur. rival. compete with. strike. Compt. water meter. conciseness.

r. (see confectionner). confidence. conf. conditionné. confide (in). abbrev. on condition of. à — de. made.a. confer. taper. m.t. seasoning. confidential. — de décharge. p. maker. — à injecteur (or à jet). making. (Leather) soak in bâte. be made. confidentiel. conductivity. Conduit. m. condenser. surface condenser. (Pharm. conical. tin. donner du —. v. surface condenser. confide. confervoid alga. p. manufacture. anellate (rings). a. escape pipe. conductibilité. confirmer.r. duct. — de houblon. make conical. channel. confiserie. driver. condenseuse. confiscale. confection. — d'aspiration.) humulus. a. delivery pipe. preserving. condimental.t. manufacture. carrying. hop strobile. confidant. carry . v. a.i. cône clutch. /.). (see confire). côner. condenser. -r. hose. make up. condition. — de vent. of conducteur. condimentaire. etc. m. m. cône. confisquer. confirma toi re. hairweed. p. v. m. a. supeiïntendent. m.r. adv.a.t. a. conduct oneself . v. /. conduit. see. ready-made (clothes). /.a. service. condenseur. — d'échappement. /. cône.t. v. conductibility. & r. etc. ready-made clothes. construetion. confectionne ment. & pr.t. v. confldement. confident. conferve. making. be conducted. confesser.p. — d'amenée. manager. confisant.t. lighting cône (funnelshaped chimney to be placed on open furnaces while they are being lighted). fem. condense. conditional. management . (Bot. — souple.t. conditionner. v. cone-shaped. clothier. steam pipe. tubular condenser.t. m. provided that. business or shop. (see confectionner). specif. pipe. fuse. passage. be made up.) driving. v. canal. making up. filtering cône. conductible. — de la vapeur. condimenteux. tube.i. confectionneur. Pharm. conduction . confidentially. confidentiellement. condensation by injection. confirmative. truncated cône. conditionnellement. v. (esp. /. cône. specif. border (on). m. — de friction. compare. condition. on condition that. confirmatif. border... v. p..) confection . delivery pipe. gas pipe. condensé. 3 sing. & /. conducting. condensing apparatus. /.t. configurer. (Steam) exhaust passage. outlet pipe. conductivité.a. (Used in the PÏ. conductrice. conducting. (Mach. be confirmed. condiment. clothes maker. m. /. conductible. m. — à vapeur. lecture. confidentially. (Mach. comparison. condensing. give an address. pickle (in vinegar) . v. flexible pipe. main. meeting. canning. — droit. transmitting. — fdtrateur. conduct . v. waste pipe. waste pipe. conductive. conduire. m. condition. taper. give configuration or form to. taper. conductor. conveyance . (of conférez) compare. conditionnel.t. condimentary. making up. confirm.) com&t. entrust. confidential. blast pipe. v.) confiner. etc. confectioner.a. suction tube. exécute.a. channel. adv. hold a conférence . conical.i. conférence. conferva. injection condenser.i. a. à — que. manufacturée] article. confiance. confiseur. p. confident. be committed. v. confiant. a. direction. etc. hose. a. confire. coned.. p. etc. deliVery (of water. can. confectionné.t. confer. superintendence. confiding. etc. exécution. v. préserve (fruit. confier. . condenser. confection. manufacturer . /. confine. condensed. confectionery . drive. adv. — par mélange. m. — par surface. confess. conducts. cf.condensation 97 confisquer face condensation. convey. conditionally. lecturer. confectionner. conférence. etc. m. class . conditioning . conductrice. ventilation shaft. steam piping. manner of packing for shipment. right cône. etc. etc. preserving. ajuster —. — allumoir. conducteur.t. condiment. condensate. ïead. confin. v. p.t. taper.. Cône. confirmatory. (see confier) . leader. confine. conductivity. leading. confirmatory. conduct. confectioner's art. conférer. faire —. conduct . v. employment. conférencier. /. guide. construct.) strobile. pipe. — à gaz.r. drive.) control. waste pipe. /. commit. jet condenser. make. (Pharm. v. v. m. en —. conditioned. v. conduite. — tronqué. m. . etc.). tube. v. condit. — de décharge. suction pipe. — de vent. conditionnement. (of conduire) conducted. conduit.tubulaire. bâte. a.

) knowledge.a. m. — au but. join. joint. know. congelant. confiner. m. connaisseur. /. congruous. comfortable. (Mac/i. a. v. freeze. (of connaître) knew.t* <e i. congelable. conjonction. make known.) direct action. conjoin. coniférine. skilled in . skilled. f form (to). conjecturer. conhydrine. conglutiner. be identical or. conicine.) coniforme. congealable. conformément. /.) conidium. & r. confusedly. a. congestive. cold storage . conglomerate. acquainted with.v.a. expert. be versed in. a. p. v. connexer.i. adv. border. congestionner. acquaintance.) circuit closer. conglutine.a. & m. confortable. conformité. coniform. /. sweetmeat. sensés . connectïf. conformably.t. help. comforting. & i. coniine. flow together.confit 98 conquiert confit. suitable. ing industry. coniférylique.connaissant.a. dis. preserved méat. etc. (Mminff) ore baaket. coupled . confiture rie. knowing . key. Congo brillant.a. conjunctive. connection. v. known. connect. a. /. conjecturally. — du froid. préserves. m. congélation. confus. tautomeric comme. notice (of leaving).. /. conoid.! conjonctif. congédier. v. leave. congrès. connu. /.t. (Org. jam. connect. /. confused. confounded. connut. be confounded . mash (for animais). congruity. merge. coniferyl alcohol). connotice of. /.r. taper. (Elec. conglomnexion directe. gealment . conjecturalement. m. synchronized. p. conconfort. p. pr. bill of Iading. v.t. congeneric. p. conglutin. pja. tions. agglutinant. a. . a. w. freezer. /. comply (with). conglomérat. vat (for dressing furs) . confront . {Leather) bran bâte. comfort. mingle. uniting.t.t. convenience. dismiss. v.t. p. preserve(s). /. m. pr.t. m. connecter. la quinone-oxime se confond avec le conique. Finales. conicité. v. confiturier. conjoncteur. clearance. coniferous. m. coniféroside. in some cases. adv. a. congeal. understand. m. p-nitrosophénol). & r.) fiUet. conjugué. m. be confused. mingle. consciousuess. (as. /. confondre. comfort. n. congest. conjoint. join. conjoined. a.t. conjonctivite. related. charge. /. connective. conidie. canquest. conic. conicalness.conjoindre. accord. a cori(Leather) bated. confound . congru. a. preserved . refrigerator. v. conglomérer. /. congestif. conhydrine. conglutinant. adv. congé. adv. conjonctive. conifer. concongloméré. oonquer. expert.t. se — à (or en). congéstéd. unité. def. well known. congénère. 3 sing. conglomerate. specif. conformer..• conjointement. be versed in. discharge. conjugaison. m. a. (pï. conforme.. v. m. oi confire. (Mach. préserve factory or shop.i. jointly. v. join. a.a. agglutinative. a. (Dyes) brilliant Congo. congealing. confusément. jugaisons accumulées. préserve making. préserve business. congress. congregated. m. (sometimes pt. unité. m. blend . conoïde. p. congener. — congruité. give congélation.. comgress of those interested in the refrigeratfit. m. joined. CÎOûiferae.r.t. o. congeler. conical. p. ap. v. conglutinate. sweet(s). coniferyl (in the phrase confuse. connexité.a. a. (Leather) bâte. folead. freezing . é: p. v. v. conform. pickled . coniferin. cong«alableness. connaître. connaissement. connected. /. connexion. known. /. confondu. conquête. connector . connecteur. conformity. /. a. connaissance. de son.) conjunctivitis. congé. conjugated . tub. compare. faire congélateur. conformable. conjugate . propriate. conquérir. conifère. /. conicity. v. v. puer. m. /. candied . conjunctiva. conquiert. introduce. connective. conjugation . connoisseur . cumulative conjugaconfronter.t. connexe. conine. 3 $in<g. /. con. specif. (of conquérir) conquers. congélabilité. connection. def. v. conflict. a. a. conjointly. frost. erate. conjecture. congrégé. m. /. Chem. m. maker or seller of préserves. congealing.t. aid. p. ing. S sing. a.t.) conflit. alcool coniférylique. —. (Med. conglomérated. associated. (Bot. describe. confiture. conjonction. conical. conicine (conine).

a. astound. — d'amandes. consoler. constituent. /. keeper .) colored glasses. now often translated confection since the old distinction between conserve and electuary has been abandoned) . build. lattice constant. stable. par —.) compound powder of almonds. <è m. cured fish. form. constituant. v. m.a. consigner. consigner. a. steadiness. consent to. common «omfrey (S. consummator. cotmselor. officinale). préserve onesélf. a. v. consistent. consistency. consommé. wall fixture. consistomètre. — de légumes. a. v. /. stabifity. em pirical constant. conscience. conseillable. /. constantly. v. consomption. preserved food. etc. m. conscient. conservatory. conservation. (Com. a. eonquered. v.i. v. /. consignateur. préserve. consumed . préservation. p. (of conserver) preserving. canned. pickled. m. be advised. (storage) jar. fix. /. seek counsel (from).(Symphytum). considérable. conservateur. consécutive. considérer. (pi.t. m. put. consignment. specif. state. {Finance) fund. /. (of a Hqmd) thick. crédit. — de fruits. console. conséquence. considération. conserver.a. be preserved.t. orders. p. a. overwhelm. consent. constipate. board. v. consist.') consignor. consomptible. p. place.t. conseiller. canned goods.t. considerably. — de dissociation. consîder oneself. — d'écoree d'orange. consignataire. a. considérablement.) Gram-positive. vérification .) comfrey . ascertain. conservative. preservative . constipant. conserve. conséquence. constant. consolider. v. statement.). conséquent. specif. adv. consistance. consommation. consumable. etc. conservatoire. (with en) aonsisting. council. conservation. constater. a case containing drying agent .t.t.r. in conséquence. p. (Com. consolide.t. a.r. consister. . conaiderate. — officinale. grande —. distinguished. conservative. en —. — alimentaire. dismay. i>. advise. consistometer. — de rosé. regulairôn. conséquent. constituent. conséquemment. consequently. conserves alimentaires. consecrate. (of conquérir) eonquered. conscientiousnèss. /. m. firm. vÀ. consent.. conscientiously. conseilleur. adv. conquoillotte. m. S sing. conséquent. certain.t. considéré. dissociation constant. eonsistently. m. /. preserved fruit (dried. counsel. consummation. consommer. p. dévote. consortium. adv. refuse admittance to. conserve (in Pharm. preserved vegetables (dried. hanger. consummated . m. consume. v. councilor. v. {Bot. {Bact. etc. consumer . constancy. v. syndicate. conseil. eonscious. consolidate. consistant. /.) staining jar. in sirup. (of a crop) density.r. p. with constancy. a. v. consentir. v. sanction. consécutif. m.) confection of rosé.) keep.p. /. constiper. — de poissons.t. m. consequently. consummate. therefore.t.conquis 99 constituer conquis. p. v. ascertaining . préserver . consacrer. advisor. esteemed. adv. consterner. def. constitute. constipatîng. consigne.t. — emp irique.r.a. consign . (of fruits. preserved méat. consolidate. constant. /. consumption . steady . order. conservative.) confection of orange peel. console. — de viande. constituting. /. (Pharm. consummate. considérable . m. be considered. constamment. esteem. conscience . constance. a. conscientious. — le Gram. considération. conservatism.). a. v. braoket. /. v.t. a. etc. consciousness . /. /. consider. consecutively. preserved food. adviser.) consignée. a. (Micros. consommateur. confine (soldiers. conservatif. consequently. consommable. counsel. adv. conquit. verify. consistent . consortium. — rêticulaire. v. n. — de rosé rouge. m. constante. goggles. consistence . counselor. preserved food. consignation. constant .u. (Pharm. a soft cheese of FrancheComté. preserved fîsh. advisable. constituer. consentement. consciencieusement. consumable. considered. déposât .t.a. consécutivement. order . constatation. consciencieux. conservant. (Pharm. consumption.).

t. consumer. report. ancontenance. unwillingly. iîow. tion. contrecarrer. construction. contrebande. capacity. contracter.r. contentious. continuance. contraindre. contiennent. m. /. restrain. pasa. contaminer. a. distort. v. intense applica. close by. contrayerva. build. a. m.). contour. injurious. conte rie. circuit. con.a. m. waste away. f consult one another. contrary . v. noyance.t. consulter. continuai. counter-. contrary. compelling. backfire. & i.contre-coup. — de. temporaneous. adjacent. against. m. contest.contre-balancier. contrariété. countercontigu. contagious. pr. retardation. continu. constraining. (of contraindre) waste one's money. m. p. au —. m. convolution. contraire. reaction. v. & f. contournement. per contra. restraining. agreement. counteract. v. contrat. reluctantly. trayerva. (of contenir) con. leveling tube (for Lunge continuel. a. restrain. contiguous. m. 3 sing.contrarier. contradictory. back draft. contient. /.a. contain . in opposition.a. contraster.constitutif 100 contredire constitutif. glad. downward. containing .t.r. v. strength or constrain. m.r. contractor. continûment. continu. counterstroke. (of contenir) contains. builder.contre. countenance. consider. side by side. v. m. contents. contraignent. continuité. /. uninterrupted . continue. counteract. tact. consultative. /. nitrometers and the like). contint.t. disputed. on the other conter.a. counterbalance. back (of a chimney). contract . contrast. construire.contraint. v. as an offset.t.t. adv. winding. p. contenir. contrary. relate. p. contrastant. f tinued . contracting. contractive. contrainte. contrairement.a. side or point. m. trace the outline of. be con. etc. adverse. contractual. a. au taminated. v. contraignant. contractuel. intenseness. o —. par content. ( Wine) loss from evaporation contradictoirement. against. continuer.contre-bas. contrebalancer. & i. v. containing. a. /. v. v. force. <c i. contrariety. be conm. p. against. v. contract. constitutionnel. v.contre-charge. prep. m. contourner. a. contagieux. v. contemporain. adv. pr. tain . contradictoire. be consumed. strain. /. contraband. constitutional. p. contrast. /. (Bot. def. tracted. coarse Venice glass. restrained. (of contraindre) constrained. contradict.t. contestation. continuum. adv. contractif. opposing contenu. consuming. a. a. contention. <c i. countercurrent.r. counterpoise. outline. content.t. — curseur. con. continually. contrarily. /. v. /. S pi. contents. deconstructeur. p. contempler. contrasting. /.t. hand. négative accéléracontester. restrains. continuously. contre-avions. contention. lower. m. adv. tinued. rebound. extent. dispute. v. contraste. near. satisfied. — à —. contrayerve.p. container. contained . and absorption. a. very close. v. compel. S pi.t. v. contaminate.) concontentieux. consumant. contact. constructor. adv. anti-aircraft (gun. contra-. contre-cœur. pr. content. ally. contenant. contractstructure. —.t. area . v. countercontour. contestation. continue. p. continuellement. consume. turn or wind around. tained. v. on the contrary. ing party. contre-courant. oppose. m. pleased. contre-burette. be counterbalanced. contre-balancer. constitutive. contemporary. /. /. ajar. contradictorily. contre-accélération. contract. /.. continuous. consult. be conconsultatif. continuity. con. v. construction. construct. form. building) contractant. a.t. tion. contrary to.t. p. be consulted.a.t.t. contemplate. sliding con. . /. m. contre-. o. S sing. health. dispute. adjoining. balance each other. time. v. m. twist. interfère with.r. constraint . m. difficulty. recoil. a. or contredire.r. tout —.contre-allumage. repercussion. adv. contact. advisory.t. m. (of contenir) con. a. passing. consume. v. a. counterbalance . tell. twisting around . constrain. m.t.

— de l'arsenic. /. (Elec. back (of patents) infringement . offend. contre-tension. m. 3 sing. remote control. socket. wrong side.p. juice extracted. a. stamp . mishap.i. convallaire. /. convainquant. checking. opposed force. contre-pente. reverse slope. wrong way. controller. contrôleur-mesureur. a. pr. p. countermark. -électromotif. contrefont. m. fringe. infringer. taxpayer. shutter. the convallarine. v. counterpoise. /. of contrefaire.t. m. boss. comptroller. seurs. a. reinforcefice. mark. cheek plate. contribuable. contrary. bruised. convincing. controlhng. p. counterpoise. checker. .Bot. m. back plate. /. • contre-plaque. dispute. /. m. fabricated. counterenamel. ment. counterfeiting.convaincu. convallamarin. /. m. contre-hachure. returning steam. layered. contribuant. pr. znischance. (P/iann. contre-fiche. etc. strument for recording the amount of beet contre-paroi. contrée. contribute. timecontre-mouvement. convallarin. foreman. dues. contredire. stay. convallaroside. contreferait. (. back draft. m. reinforcing contus. p.t. controller's ofcontrefort. convallamaroside.. controlling. contrôlage.) arsenic antidote contredit. contrôlable. contrôlement. contre-tirage. gold).t. v. check . contradiction. contrefaire) counterfeits . m. back sans —. a. veneering. contre-pied. /. list . contre-peser. région. trôler). & p. wrong way. enameler. etc. /. calibrate . check nut. — à distance. countertest. counterfeit. rejoinder. set screw (for another contresens. mark (as contremander. v. contre-feu. of contrefaire. unseasonableness.a. oppose. disguise. counterfeiting . inopporcontre-émail. contre-pression. (see concontrent. /.a. /. cond. brace. contre-électromoteur. forges. unquestionably. trôler). convinced.t. contre-vapeur. lock nut. contrôle. roll. /. countermovement. v. of contrevenir. veneered. contributif. m. contreplaqué. deance.controverse. m. forgery. control test. contrefaction. inspector. guard plate. ascertain by checking . m.a. m. v. S sing. stamp. check screw. m. counterforce. p. (of fabrics) screw) . (mountain) spur. register. three-ply. counterweight. feign . (Sugar) an incontre-oxydeur.contrepoison. m. convicting. v. m. contre-écrou. bate. control . convince. contused. pr. plate . contre-émailler. S sing. cross-hatching. /. a. tax . taxable. contrepoids. countermotion. /. contre-force. forge. contre-poison. m. jam nut. antidote. counterfeiter.t. p. reverse (way). counterfeit. cross-hatch. contrefaire. convaincre. counterreaction. mimic. etc. /. m. countermand. control. contrefaçon. v. contrefaire) . wrong way (of the hair). contrary. forger .a. a. wrong counterelectromotive. forged. S pi. contributive. contre-partie. false. controuvé. à —. check . /. controvert. contretemps. counterfeit. m. pressure. & p. eontravene.t. wrong sensé. overseer. contributing. m. /. (of steam. couoterfeited. contribution . contradicting. countertest. contrefaire). controversy. contrevalence. convincing. contremarque. m. contre-essai. /. /. contradio. pirate. blast plate. countervoltage. (of contribuer. (see concontre-hacher. /. tory. v. against the grain or the nap.i. contribution. /.t. /. m.) convallaria. country.t. tirne.contredisant 101 convallaroside contredisant. contre-réaction. keeper. laminated. convicted. incontrefacteur. controllable. contrôler.a. v. (see tributor. contrevenir. p. stud. counterpressure. S sing. contre-poii. counterproof. books) pirated édition. S sing. counterpart. def.) contre-épreuve. a. brace. controverser. contravalence. contre-maître. check test. m. convaincant. /. concontrefait. casing (of a furnace). m. buttress. of (ferrie hydroxide with magnésium oxide). counterenamel. à •—. pr. -valency. contrevent. tunely. contrôleur. def. counterbal. m. (see contrevient. back plate (of a hearth). support . m. convict. m. etc. counterpressure. of contrefaire. verifiablc. a. m. contributory. m. contre-vis. v. — en trois épais.

cock.) a part looped like a bugle.. • copalme. a.r.casing. copyist. /. m. coopératif. m.t.). fitly.p. coordonné. convoiteux. lamina. agreement. — d'or. (of a boiler) body. coopérative. convulsive. /. Papaver rhœas. copahène. convolvulin. m. a. convenient.t. convertir. shelly. (of convenir) admitting. copal. express train. corail. — d'œuj. copious.convenable 102 corbeille convenable. coraux. joint property. coq. convertissant. convolvuloside. m. def. (Aero. m. corbeau. admit. raven. convoi.. corailleux. a. a. convoyeur. copaïer. conformity. (of convenir) admitted. copulation. a. corn (callosity).t. cooperate. cor. coralline.t.Bot. copula. = copaïer. convulsively. suitable. /. convulsif. /.a. typographical error. coprostérine. coral. convenant. copaline. m. copuler. /. m. converger. /. phosphatic nodule. v. a. m. convulsé. m. copaiba tree. — direct (or exprès). copeaux d'alésage. coordinate.) copalite. /. be pioper. m. /. call. goW in laminas. m. — à papiers. v. acknowledge. /. copolymère.p. be expédient*. suitable. copalm. copre. m. copulation. goods train. v. m. eopale. coordinate. conversion. p. m. (Founding) cast in a ehiB mold. a. propriety. convulsiver. p. /. convoy. turnings. (railway) train.t. eggshell. m. (Med. scale. a. paper 17 x 22 inches . converting. copy. & Pharm.) fuselage. v. coordinate. /. convolvuline. horn (instrument) . convulsé. /. suitableness . a.t.) a dull porous state of the glaze due to imperfect vitrification. coquilleux. m. copier. convert. coordinence.) aconite. convier. shell gold. convexe. /. a. coordonnées polaires. m. filing. bugle . suitably. copropriété. coquille. (Mach. coprosterol. shellfish. — du Levant. shell. m. convertissage. wastebasket. (FoundinfJ chill. be converted. convient. (Bot. a. shell. v.a. coquelicot. hunting horn. basket.t.i. coprah. ' coquin. converting. m. v. below. funeral. converging. p. (of convenir) admits. convertibilité. convulsivement. converge. S sing. borings. etc. of convenir. corbel. (of convertir) converting. v. coordonner. coordonnées rectangulaires. coupling. /. convenu. copeau. rascal.) whooping cough. p. — de chasse. coral. v. coordonnée. /. convertibility. adv. /. v. coordination number. pi. propriety. cofirdinated. /. (Cerom. shell. well-bred. m. bracket. S sing. v.i. convertible. converti. copaiba. covetous. p. m. coprolite. rectangular coôrdinates. copaL copaline. convenir. coqullller. prompt. convenience. a. /. coopérer. /. convertisseur. — de petite vitesse. slow train. convertissement. convulser. copie. becoming. invite. convenablement. convexité. m. (Cerom. copieux. coquelicot (the corn poppy. copaene. housing. adv. chill mold. coordinating. convention. coordiner. /. cutting. — ou net. copiste. copule.t.. a.t. p. copayer. — de marchandises. couple. convexity. f. fait copy. convergent. m. adv. (Mach. pine) shaving. cocoon. coprolithe. v. copra. coparvks. copeaux de tour. coqueluchon. agrée. coquiller. convoquer. correlate. conveyer. coprecipitin. coquerelle. turn. coplanéité. freight train. m.. or its red color). convert. convention. chill casting. (on shîpboard) cook.) see coque d'ceuf. copra. copolymer.i. pr. convergent. etc. coordonnateur. copieusement. convulsionner. etc. (Afin. fir (deal.) alkekengi. convoy ship. conversible. proper. . suit. pr. copy. shaving. convoke. couple. corbeille. m.r. copiously. convertible. convertissable. ask. corallin. coprécipitine. v. be s\ùtable. change. corallien. converted. v. convint. copahu. bushing . convex. (of ships) hull. m. coque. copier. coqueret. a. chip. any tree of the genus Copaiva. (. coquillage. proper .t. expédient. converter. v. convenance. /. m. m. cocculus indicus. — • de sapin. v. coqueluche. (of animais) copulate. agreement . beg. /. kink. conversion. coordinate. coplanarity. polar coôrdinates. copahuvique. of corail.

m. shoe dealer. (. knurl.t. measuring (of wood) by cords. — à violoncelle. cornaline. ribbon . match. — de cerf. union. sound a horn. p. piano wire.) chord. cordonnet.) a member of the Cornaceae. braid. m. m. basket fui.t. corporation. cordierite. rope. cello string. /. dice box. /. tough. dyer's weed (Genista tinctoria). violin string. cornel berry. cordage. corporal. cormier.t. measure by the cord.) iolite. m. m. cordé. cornouiller. tar retort. coriace. cordonnerie.) carnelian. /. — à boyau. cornier. line. corné. corneous. corète. — détonant. oording (of wood). turned-down corner. detonating fuse.) camelian. cord. fiber.) aphanite. Bickford fuse. m. corps. ketone body. body. /. corporel. etc. cornéenne. v. /. tar still. wire rope. corderie.) converter. twist. — Bickford. tarred rope. cornue. milling (on a coin). corme. corollary. coriaeeous. (Bot.) acétone body.) corolline. a. (Min. — d feu. leatherlike. custard apple (Annona reticulata). cord (of wood). cornaille. cornet. /.) corps. band. /. (Anat. string . corner. smell. strand . m. coarse corde. fruit of the cornel. a vessel for carrying lye.Mil. retort. line. ropewalk. bag. cordiérite. cornière. twist. cornu. string. corporeal. — de piano.) water caltrop. braid . dog's-ear. (of the ears) ring. corner. stink. cord .) cordate.) cornea. (Métal. Cordova. small cord. v. cordier. milled edge (of a coin). flowering dogwood (Cornus florida). eornucopia. Une. — aldéhydique. angle iron. — goudronné. — à grandes fleurs. — à goudron. (Min.) tanner's sumac. jute plant (Corchorus). Cornwall. aldehydic substance. a large two-handled vessel for carrying liquids.t. /. /. coriaire. horn raspings. m. cordée. v. corindon. horn. absurd. string. corporifier. a coaree wrapping cloth. a. (.i. v.) any plant of the genus Cornus (cornels and dogwoods). Music.r. horn. o. angular. cordage. little horn. become stringy.) corundum. cornice.a. cordon. /. solidify.) cornet.) corne) (Cornus). m. — azoté. leatherhke. cornéole. v. cordage business . coronaire. twine. cornetier. Cordoue. corindonique. border . coriandrol. cornered . cordovan (leather). — à lessives. /. small basket. Corée. m. small cord. din. /. corded. v. service tree (Sorbue domestica). rope. — à gaz. (Bot. plait. bodily. twist. cordite. cornard. — d'abondance. row. corneille. Korea. corossol. cordelette. cord. fuse. coriandre. a. silk twist. corolle. crow. — d'amorce. /. corder. (Petrog. . line. rope maker or seller. twist . /. dog's-eared. twisted. due to incomplète fusion. /. (Anat. /. (Bot. corniche. /. thread. retort. corbillon. m. fuse. tape . gherkin. /. plenty. cordonnier. (Expl. m. (Bot. cornichon. gas retort. (Assaying. cornéliane. tanning material. elbow. point. horny. — de distillation. m. cornée. m. (Careful modem usage avoids use of the term "body" for substances. catgut. horned .) — acétonique. mfll. cordeau. compound. fruit of the cornel. a. m. piano string. (Med. cordeline. — à violon. (Bot. (Biochem. substance.t. basket. (of wood) cord. twine. dog's-ear. /. horn of. hartshorn. string. cordeler. match. string. corne.) coronary. guild. cordonner. turn down the corner of. cordage making . violoncello string. corundum.) chorditis. a. {Bot. /. cornet.corbeillée 103 corps corbeillée. /. horn. /. cornouille. selvedge. woodwaxen. cordage factory. a. m. coriace. fuse. fuse. (Old Chem. be corded. shoemaker. (Bot. /. a. cordât. lay (into rope). corollaire. m. — en fil de fer. small cord or rope. v.) cordite. service berxy. m. /. prong. /. (Glass) a cordlike defect on blown glass. (Music) string. (Min. vegetable ivory (from the corozo palm). match. /.) coriander. — -porte-feu. a. m. cordage. corner iron. cord . aldéhyde.) oorporify. trade or shop. (Bot. (Bot. (of liquids) ropy. /. Cornouallles. (Afin. m. (Geom. a. m. (Glass) a hooked tool for removing crucibles from the furnace. /. horn worker. m. list. cordon .Glass) ferret.) corolla. /. coriandrol (linaloôl).) loosestrife. string . m. (Bot. shoe making. corozo. cordonan.

corriger. correspondre. figure. close together. (see corroyer). beside. — de la chair. corrodabilité. claying. erosive.t. overlay.t. /. {Geol.r. cosmetic. — à —. correspond.a. correctîng. a. cotarnine. cosensibiliser. cote. v.) overburden. correspondant. corrosion. on one side. corrected. gradient. awry." — épuisée. — simple. /. p. = cosseterie.t. /. corpuscule. corroyer. softened. foreign body (e. correspondance. putréfaction. cosmic. tonic.a. p. corroder. black substance. Ivory Coast. m. (of trains) connection.) cosecant. & m. /. beet chip. etc. corrodant. corrompu. etc. fatty acids and even lecithin. corroborant. corrosive. West Coast (esp. dehydrating agent. côte. currier. /. puddle.) consensitize. m. hollow ware. {Tech. close to. reducing substance. communication. cotangente. specif. a. beat. lug . p. corton. full-flavored. cosine. corrupted. /. & m. /. corresponding. body of gas. off size. be eroded. {Leather) currying . cossctte. corrective. side by side. p. foreign substance.t. thick-skinned .r. gas . corroyage. compound. corrélative. a.. work. /. iPyeing) spread out on the roller. & r. Corsica. correctement. puddle. m. quota. {Com.) cotangent. etc. corroyère. nitrogen compound. cortine. — pituitaire. adv. numbered . weld (iron.g.corps 104 côté nitrogenous substance. cortin. cutting into chips or slices and the treatment of thèse (in the case of chicory.. corroboratif. /. /. corrupt.). lettered. corréler. (Biochem. v. à — de. v. /. corsé. rib. /. v. cosmogony. puddling. p. give body. Côte occidentale. correct oneself. a. v. corroborant.) . — isolant. corroding. correlatively. corrosion. letter. — de minerai. artificiaï corundum. {Math. scrap iron. reducer. a. reform. corrected copy. correct. p. — cétonique. a. etc. corrodibility. flavor or strength to. slope. cosmique. kosin (from cusso). a. v. cosseterie. corroborating. fat {corps gras proprement dit). reading (on an instrument) . silk floss. corubis. — gazeux. shore. dress down. (Med.) quoted. be correoted. correcteur. m. gaseous substance. cossette. v. (Com. chip. cossetterie. ketonic compound. v.) quotation. corruption. proofreader. corrector. corrosive. a. sideways. m. corrosive. currying. corroirie. become corrupted. strong. yellow substance.) érosion. m. /.t. husk. /.a. — réducteur. . corroborer. pituitary body. mark (as on a chart) . consistency. "noodle. — composé. malax (dough. hammer. desiccating substance. deprive of plasticity (as wax). a kind of Burgundy wine. corroyeur. m. — creux. cross-sensitize. rich. corrompre. insulator. corpuscular. mortar.) . simple substance. ketone . etc. — muqueux de Malpighi. podded . de —. élément. curry (leather or skins) . corpus luteum. (Bac t. — de betterave. correctif. coast. monied. (Geol. {Math. — jaune. cosécante. m. erode. soaps. /. /.) tanner's sumac.a. a. supporter of combustion. correlate. full-bodied. cosse. v.r. corroyé-niasse. (see corrompre). Corse. etc. & m. pod. v.a. corpuscle. (Physics) black body.t. /. by. /. fatty substance (ineluding. Malpighian layer. corroborative. side. hollow body . puddled clay. gaseous body. correction. corrective.t. {Leather) flesh side. spent chip. m. corser. corroborate. côté. of Africa). correctly.) corroborant. corroi. etc. correspondent. corrélatif.) thimble. {Bot. in the eye). v. fats. near. sidewise . v. hull. /. cossu. m. pug (clay or with clay) . socket . (see corroyer).) ketone body. cossette. /. correspondence . cotarnine. near. coté. — poil. drying). cosmogonie.t. à —. cosmétique. obliquely .a. plane (wood). specif. corrosif. & m. soften (as leather or iron). cappadine. putrid. adv. m. corrode. {Leather) hair side. corrélativement. corrupt. — comburant.) cosine. on one side. slicc. corruption.i. /. {Printing) form. ketonic body. corrigé. — de soie. corpusculaire. — desséchant. — gras. protein. correctness. curriery. Côte d'Ivoire. p. — protidique. be corroded . corection. m. in the most gênerai sensé. — étranger. hors —. forge. m. ore body. sideways. — noir. cosinus.a. knead. obliquely. {Math.

r. couac. become like cotton. cotonnerie. p. cuckoo clock. an apparatus for stirring tan liquor. (loss due to. side stone (of a furnace) . layer. horny layer. v. (Paper) coating machine. cotonnier. v. form an elbow. downy . cotiser. assessment . du — de. feather bed. co tonner. share. coudranner.a. lay flat. — d'apprêt. a nitrated cotton of the formula C24H32Oi2(NO3>8 (according to Vieille). rubberized cotton. cotton mill. p. lay on . cotton. — nitrated cotton. inscribe. couchant. core casting. Iode.) bearing. young fustic {Cotinus coggygria). couchis. cranked part. — poudre. bend. lie down. (Ezpl. stitch. quote. coter. m. v. /. — azotique. mark. etc. waste. bend (in the form of an elbow). stratum. apart. v. film. — limite. See goudron. S sing. guncotton. guncotton. socket. bent. — endécanitrique. glass wool. — octonitrique.t. — de Malpighi. knee. /. coasting.a. cotonneux.p. /. m. couche. etc. (Bot. scouring. guncotton. quince wine. m. absorbent cotton. lay. coastal. m.r. attaches. casting. swan neck. m. /.) cotton plant. hazel tree. cotylédonaire. lying. décime . quince). elbow . coudrer. coat. coudre. v. clubbing together. long-staple cotton. m. cassava flour. — absorbant. p. lie. cotyledonous. — minéral. cotonnade. couaque. /. raw cotton. (Founding) one of the parts of a mold. m. — de fumier. (of bacon) rind. flowing.i. . (Bot. see col de cygne. sleep. (Painting) priming coat. cotton goods.i. Vieille's name for the highest nitration product of cotton. m. v. guncotton. scalding. • nitrate. /. couché. cotinus. a. cotton wool. raw cotton. (Métal. bed.r. /. m. cou. v.) setting . — d'impression. /. cotton. coton. write down .i. (of coudre) sews. vein. letter.t. leaking. — de barrage. (of hair) woolly. bucking (in laundries). p. be sewed. Malpighian layer. coat . boundary layer. coudrier. couder. m. v. crank. coater. (Gardening) layer. hotbed. m. o. sew. etc. couette. v. coteau. crank. goudronner. — cornée. côtière. m. lie. layer of manure. soaking in tan liquor. (of blood) buffy coat. (see coucher). etc. cotignelle. hillside. setting sun. coud. v. a. tack on. coarse. — de cygne. west . (see couler). childbed. minerai cotton. nitrocotton.t. coudrée. couchage. coucou. (oî copper) become covered with light spots. slope. number. — à noyau (or o noyaux). carbolated cotton. cotylédon ous. v. coudrement. coast. cotylédoné. any thick skin. — en laine. hotbed . (of a boiler) lagging . club together. tan vat. /.r. (see coucher). (of the sun. coucheur. go along. sewing machine. under col. m. coudreuse. nitrocotton.) fustet. insulating layer. coudran. /.p. m. gooseneck. skirt. lie down.r. (Paper) coucher. — en coquille. seam. -u. cotoniser. attach. cou-de-cygne. etc. become nappy or downy. couenne. v. (Brewing) couch. — fulminant. (Physics) barrier layer. bed. short-staple cotton. cotton plantation. m.r. sew. cotignac. coude. cotton fabric. guncotton. slag wool. minerai wool. cotonné. coulable. /. coton-poudre. cotton culture. bed. côtoyer. — isolante. (Mach. a. m. {Paper) couch. priming coat. m. among. nitrated cotton. côtier. etc. lying down. m. absorbent cotton. hill. boarding . /.) castability. coucheuse. or allowance made for) leakàge. laying. m. m. cotylcdonary.) pyrocotton. Côte-d'Or. embed. be joined. go to bed. v. malt floor. insert . coulage.côté 105 coulage aside. soak in tan liquor. /. coudrage. coudé. cottony. — longue soie. fulminating cotton. — courte soie. cotisation. become nappy or downy. coulabilité. etc. turn. — explosif. m.t. marmalade (esp. — pyrique. — caoutchouté. /. m.a. (of coucher) laid.) set. cotonnage. cuckoo. regarding. lay down. cottony. soaking in tan liquor. — nitré. kneed. loop. lying. (of the sun. shell (of électrons). bow. cotin. tanning vat. down. v. — de verre. recumbent.t. coating. bedding. pigskin. arid land. {Bot.t. becoming nappy or downy. — brut. v. angle. quota. layer. castable.) hazel. a. (of coucher) laying. cranked. parturition. Côte-d'Or (French department). coudret. also coat. neck. p. knee. couchart. — phénique. recumbent position. etc. layer. etc. with respect to. pr.t. a. stratum . — hydrophile. coucher. assess.

color. à —. (Bot. — glacée. sfider. explosion. tim&. a. — à mordants. c o u l e u v r é e . à — sûr. — à. trough. colour .) ûvergiaze aolor. coup. secondary color. — . stramer. fast dye. running down (as of glaze). coulissant. complementary color. COUlcr. c o u l o m m i e r s . — de dé&. fktw. slip. guide. channel. blow. strained broth . flow. thin mortar. a variety of smalt. — de poussières^ dtnt explosion. feu de moufle. brush color. afterward. the use of an ioed diaeo solution. — da. throw (in games) . strainer. with sliding motion. — lavée. oast of the dice.. v*r. (Geol. — vitrvfvable. — modBt mode ooior. creep. primary color. -—• du film. (Founding ) run through the mold. furnish with groovea or guides. stroke. castîng. colander. — hicidonique. aniline dye. — complémentaire. sudden increase in heat . an azo dye prodiiced on the fibar with. tempering color.) drop . — de chair. eastiag. dye . fugitive color. fugitive dye.) runner. loam caeting. /: (Bot. — composée. filter. (Petroleum).a. accommodating. blast. water coior. slotted link . o^erbuming. flowing. lip (of a crueible). too late. cas*. guide block. foundr slake (lime). ship)-. GOUliss*.t. run lead mto.) contimaous. v. c o n m y s . running. couleur^ ju color. shock. aprè» —. coumarilic. c o u l u r e . fast oolor. waterpBoof paint. sink (a. glide | Fuih oneself. pui. m. — de grand feu. c o u m a t i n e . light color. artist's color. (thne)r slip. c o u m a r o n e . — de dé. blast. oil color. p. heatstroke. azo dye. underglaze c o u l e u v r e . run. {Bot. run. flesh color. spray (side ciiannel in a mold}. kumiss. m. v. — à ciwie. surely. enamel color. (see eonler. lead. discharge.fîrter eloth.) a name for plants which correspoads (but only in part) to sn&keroot. ail a t once. (of fruits. — à eau.). coulée 1 .. cast. — de chaleur. forward stroke.) bistort. cou mer in. coulis. sfiding.. — raoa*— twy aaddened or darkaned oolor. cavrag-. etc. — d'awiïme.i. caster (in fotmdries and ceramic work) . passage(way). tap> (métal or a fornace) . coulomb meter. sliding. — de foudre. moM. aniline color. (see couler) . vitrifiabîe color. off (of métal).coulage 106 coup eoler. slide. cause to flow. — grand teint. pale color. priming color. secondary eolor: — solide. a cheese similar to Brie. slide .i. — à l'huile. running out (as of cast métal) .) slùfei slider. eertainly. m. run out. — en sable. hopper. scourer (in laundries). ground color.a. luminous paint. groove. vat dyei * primitive. slot. coulé. backr • stroke.: pass. /. specif. glide. m. — de Virginie. — d*arrière. heatmg . couloir. turnj dpaft (o€ liquor). azo calor. primary coloc. — en toile. m. slip. shot. m. ramier. — foncée. (pièce wfcich slfdeff in a groove) slide block. leak. m. mordant color. small groove. cloth fiîter. v*t. tongue. slide. m.fire clay.t. bruise. failure of fruit due to washing off of pollen. woundl à —. m.. tapping. grout. filter. (of ships) sink . c o u m a r a n e . chute. sliding shutter. couleuvrine. — d'avance. etc. shot> report* discharge (of a flrearm). cou marie. guide. m. move. — bon teint. exploawH. fluid r (ofl machine parts) movable. — azoique. coulisser. (Mach. stolon. — d'imprimerie. /. film track. pale color. — d'apprêt. — cfe bélier. — du reeuit. thunderbolt. c o u m a r i q u e . sand eastâag. coulement. /. strain.t. sullage pièce (of a casting) . /. engrave boldly. snakeweed (Polpgenum bistorta). v. — au "pinceau. thunderclapi — de main. — minérale. — pour cuve. ov^erfaeating. Goulombmètre. distemper color. taphoîe. slidmg motion. snake. pour.y coulée. channel. sliding.. — matrice. molten métal. etc. cottlisseau. m. — grattée. (Foamdtng} meltiog: heat. mettre en —. v. (fie. c o u m a r y l i q u e . fast color. (Cerom. — secondaire. flow. fast color. alter the surface of (a gold alloy) by chUJ casting. return stroke. — éclairante.) venture. — claire. Veau. temporary asst6taoo& — de mine. cooUssement. /. vesael put under the spigot of a cask. p. cbannel from furnace to molri. hydrauiïo reooil. running. couloire. filter. etc. flawing. — en détrempe. coumarone (benaofuran). slidîn^. mordant dye. — faux teint. colored printing ink. /. — sousglaçure. stain . head'. ((7«ramO any color applied in or under fhe glaze. colander. coulant. cast. a. fast dye. — en terre. (of kihis. Virginia snakeroofc ÇAristoiochia serpentaria). slip. fluenrt . pass. faint ookar. m. m. dye. /. (of soil) Bot firm. scalder. faet dye. v. m. coumaran. dark color. minerai color. burning . — de' feu.

sharp. three-phase (or triphasé) current. coupe-betteraves. m. m. eut. cup (in technical sensés). p. stroke. frame.) connection. coupure. rectified current. two-phase (or diphasé) current. /. coupe-cannes. v. primary current.) connect.i. horizontale.t. (Med. ing (of liquide) . m. contradict oneself. etc. — *»coupe-papier.. /. cutting. <large) knife. vitriol (covyeraê is view. cupel. cupola. culprit. eut oneself . /. mixter. commonly. copperas. courage. enameler's file. prooi shot. {Elec. lineal . /. wire cutters. coupe-flamme.-(see couper). etc. cutter. (Med. incision. — coupoir. small paper money. etc. m. cross section. -pour le —. cutter. coupeller. cleaver. couple. alcocurrent. flow . glass cup. sunstroke. glanée. readiîy. eut up. — de -platine. eut out. eut. — vagacoupe-racines. coupler.T.coupeur. shovel for gunpowder . sugar-cane slicer. cutting. guilty .a. return curcoupelleur. continuous current. (JSlec. cleavage. m. m.) circuit breaker. addition of fer. — discontinu.) régénération. coupole. culpable. ground current. m. cutting. — alternatif. cutter. dish. transversale. coupeuse. — plate. — à haute fréquence.a. — dérivé. (Elec. timber. specif. — en verre. one after another. alternating root slicer. m. root catter. — gazeux. coupeau.coup 107 courant de sang. m. eut off. fuse. blunt. rent month.) connection. of alcohol) . dilution (of dyes). m. intersect . m. — heureux. m. firat attempt . — terrestre. — polyphasé. hinge. blend. effective sait. — de -couperet. stray current. court. /. V. for once. cutting.g. chip (cf. couple. m. (of — redressé. droit (of pan. m. cle&ve . now used in English only of the green iron move). cupola fumace. section. trench. white vitriol (zinc sulfate). alternating current. bedl cap (in & tower) . — sur —. charging current. assaying cupel. .g. etc. /. sugar-beet slicer. currently . cou rade. eut. coupant. spirit. lighting current. coupe-chiffons. — en retour. — inducteur. /. coupling. /. hit. shot. hol). blue vitriol (copper sulfate). (Elec. cross . run. coupé. mixture. — en travers. (Elec. — portant. ordinary. couplet. dilution (e. courage. eurrent . heart. couple. menting liquid to unfermented to «tart the fermentation . blood stream. — de charge. paper cutter.) apoplexy. — vibré. m. — ceesively. couple. coupable» a. plan. rent. length (as of a buildcoupelle. common . coupe-air. eut . v. — lumage. platinum dish. green vitriol. m. current. soleil. derived current. fabrics) wear at the folds . — couplet. pipe cutter. pan (as one for burning sulfur) . v. ditch. stream. a shallow complément. vegetable cutter. m. etc. beetbond. fraction (of a share). coupe-net. ôat dish. spark gap. cupel.) acné rosacea. fission. /. p.) cutoff. lucky shot (throw. leakage current. temper. couplage. d'essai. — monophasé. high-frequency bubble cap..section. (see couper) . — de flamme. specif. stray current. blend (of wines. curcoupellation. m. tube cutcoupage. cutter .t. course. cupeller. (sharp) edge. eut. — d'al~ glass. uninterruptedly. beetroot slicer. time. m. — sanguin. m. copperas. chopper. small — biphasé. current. truncated. stream of gas. suc— blanche. divide. pair. coupe. cupellation. rag chopper. be eut . m. (see couper) . coupon. ing). remuant (of a cloth). cutting machine. courant. earth current. — de fuite. (see couper). m. — verte.t. a. ctip or glass having a foot and stem. . snip. cour. inducing current. lucky venture. coupon. coupling. — à étincelle. ^eSO4-7H2O). cross. secondary current. small stemmed — tontmu. couperose. m. longitudinal section. -eut. duit. — verticale.). intermittent current. couramment. (Blec. eut. adv. dilute (e. — en long-. look.a. p. coupe-légumes. inst. — triphasé. part. coupe-tubes. /. couper. shunt curcoupe lot. hinged joint. . coupement. présent. coupe-tuyau. this bleue. rent. m. — xi'œil. v. induced current. — d'essai. m. — de retour. polyphasé current. — tellurique. single-phase (or monophase) (of liquida) mis. a kind of sardine. vertical section. copeau). eut each other . cut-oat. TO. fiame arrester. m. trap (in a pipe). horizontal section. cutting. coupe-circuit. cutting. cutting. a chimney). running . break. salable. m. nippers. sight.

length. bell-shaped curve. coutelure. messenger. bending. m. bowed down .i. cours. tent cloth. etc. cushion. crooked. sought after. courge. (of coudre) sew. /. avoir —. etc. overrun. be current. fut. — de need of. cushion. coronation. scraper.i. bush. wing top (of a burner). curving.t. m. wreath. courbé. briefly. coûter. adv. trip. screw die. follow. be bent. blunt courroi. driil. halo. bushing. v. belge. coutume. mill race. etc. runner.a. p. knife. coureur. pr.) cusso. (journal) box. also ita resin).) joursquash.courtage. top. coûtant. — d'essai. coussinet. — coutil. small knife. rent. & subj. etc. cous. ride. band. watercourse. m. bow. shoulder strap. race. duck. driving belt. pocketknife. active cur. accustomed . distance. coût. oourse. curvation. a. be current . nary (curve). /. ring burner.a. m. rib. sewing. run. correspondent . — de gaz. belt. v. courtois. courbaril (Hymenœa courbaril. piston). short-circuit. m.p. turn. customary. — à fileter. pillow. bend. m. m. member of the coussiner. bend. p. etc. /. coursier. m. pad. stream. watt current. — èmoussê. roam over. (of de la cloche. bow. billes.) dead. pr. been current. in probability curve. m. {Dyeing) oxidation courbaril. belt. curvature. brayera. genus Cucurbita (including pumpkin. pad. hors —. — sans fin. cutlery . flexure. fan belt. — de chimie. rate. couronne. court. bendable. round knife. — de coutelet. run . Courber. 3 pi. (Bot. stitch. (as a title) textbook on coutumierement. costly. (Leather) knife eut or scratch. sewed . bending. m. nal bearing. filière. (of the couronnement. /. stoop. o. circulate. S pi. ture. coussin.t. v. curva. (Pharm.) short circuit. curved. — à cloche. short. ally. See corroyer.— rond. — courrier. couseuse. crown. run. /. price. p. curved . a. rover. — watté. be paincorroyage. courroyer. mouth) closed. bail bearing. bolster . (Calico) a cloth courbarine.. pr.a. adv. frequency curve. customary» cuschemistry course (specif. couru. ful. bend. {Dyeing) roller. sharp knife. bend. throw (of a crank). m. v. oratory work) . courbure. /. sewer .Cl>utumier. m. top pièce. — en éventail. courteous. attached . cost. ring. m. any plant of the genus ffagenia. pr. m. strap . coping. — bandou. (Elec. (of a burner) COUSSO. shortly. courir) runs. whetstone. & adv. m. curve. courroyage. court-circuit. (Elec. coûteux. p. printed in order to prevent soiling and to courbe. contour. curve. . couteau. courbaril (resin). p. mail. courent. v. de —. p. bent. cate. edge .courant 108 coutumierement current. blueberry . S sing. fréquenter. travel over. rim (of a wheel) . v. — affilé. — de be current in. — de coutellerie. broker. — funiculaire.r. journey. pillow courir.) granulating knife. cutlery works or ventilateur.. apparatus. specif.circuiter. — de courier. (see coudre). short of. cousent. courtement. v. courroie. improve the printing. custom. usuchemistry. a. — court. /. m. transmission.course. bilberry. belt . lière. walk. be dear (costly). career . test run. etc. hoop. go block. stooping. knee.courtier. (Expl. post. ticking. d'eau. crown. cost. run after. dear. (of a balance) knife courra. bend. bend.i. — râcloir.t. chair . oî coûter. drive. v. curve. a. bowed. flight (of a courbage. cutter. — à fréquent. expensive. bent. gourd).a. bow. crowning . market price. /. (Mach. couronner. customarily. shoulder belt. in demand. endless shop. courbement.t. (oî price) cost. /. m. m. course. (of rails) about. brass . cushion. projectile) . price. courbaril made to travel underneath the cloth to be copal. cap. indic. (of courir) run. v. (BotJ) rosé . knife . /. stroke (of a courbable. of courir. a course of lectures tom&rily. cap. /. ing. a. à — de. m. (of courir) will run. m.t. m. or recitations as distinguished from lab. contour line. stoop. niveau. brokerage. S sing. bowing.cousant. corona . scraping knife. infiection. poche. run about. hasten. cousu. curving. stitcher.) cucurbit. expense.

(see cracher). staple. primer ing. clamp. horseradish.crânien. {Mining) overbur. couvage. clinker . be afraid . craquelée.) a reddish brown glaze re. clamp. screen (of a waste pipe). (Métal. (of metals) dross. craquelin. couvent. craqueter. cracking (as of varnish or cracher. fear. for fear that. m.) couverte. talc. v. a hard.t. craquellement. sembling tortoise shell. (Com. couvoir. crapaudine.) a kind of regenerator. chair. (see couvrir) . appréhension. (Leather) a craignant. albuminoid matter. craquer. eovering. top .i. m. (Mil. cran. (Pharm. skull. specif. crackle (as porcelain or Q. — précipitée. crimson. (Ceram. m. (Bot. pivot . couvre. convent. of couvrir. démontrer) which was to be deraonstrated.E. v. v. /. armden. crack. foui. — de Bretagne. cover. couvre-objet. boiler scale . obscure . screen . filth. m. m. be covered. a. crackling. a. scum of lime soaps. cramp. stitching. coveîîine. craquement. ringed cover. v. (Geol. m. /. not corne. m. couvercle.. ringed crampe. cracque. cloudy (weather) . (Min. splutter . crasses. m. dread . crampon. smolder. craquage. craquant. indic. spit. primer cap. spit out.) spark. be craquelage. m. safety catch. crackle. covered. /.couture 109 crasseux couture.i spit .F. gratcouvre-amorce. /. catch. Cracovie. m.. v. I fear he will —. and antimonite formed in Iead refining. flaw. (Pharm. craie. — sûreté. crackle. face . m.q.. /. Krakow. on the surface of a fermenting liquid. m. je crasser. à anneau. hard biscuit. incubator.a. pr. crassement. decrepitate. roof. craint. v. /. ing.t. black dre. crapouillot. ing. etc.t. craquetant. crachement. sputum. spit. (Leather) = écraminage. dirty. boilers) prime. cranium. hesitate (with de). chalk. & m. crackling.a.D. incubation. (CeramJ àefect. p. blanket. p. crackling. scum craminage. coverlet. sputter. f brass . spittle. brood on. m. /. (Métal. & Glass) crackled. seamless. /. /. lest.i. Comptes rendus (which see).) precipitated chalk. /. crâne. cracking. — de aluminous variety . crack. m. <c subj.) drossy. sans je crains qu'il ne vienne pas. creak(Elec. impurities removed from steatite. dross. v. cracking. lodging.Q.t. be afraid of.t. bold. m.r. crackling. incubate. crasse. creak. small cramp or clamp . cover. = craquèlement. roof. craquelé. fouling. o. cover. (Ceram. .t. glow. shelter. cap. over. — cramoisi. sheltered (country). cloudy. crackage.t. crainte. pr. m. (see craquer).. p. m. crackle. craquelure. cover . cracker. I fear he will corne. lid. v.. — préparée. Cracow. cover oneself. dreaded. crackled state.) prepared chalk. S sing.cranage. lid . p. — préparée. de — que. conceal .a.) craquette. etc. (of craquer) cracking. covelline. de couver. m. pr. toad. fissure. crains qu'il ne vienne. m. v. bushing. couveuse. facing . crachat. — de Briançon. glass). start at the joints. ring cover. m. (of a ship) deck.) glaze.. pr. C. escape valve . /. dirt. (of paint). etc.r. (of objects) be liable to injury from. throw out. spitting. decrepitation. o. crackle manufacture. sewing. fear. cramp. crack. crasse noire. seam . craignent. fissure. m. indic. m. a. m. monastery. craqure. abbrev. crackle ware.i. a mixture of Iead antimonate craindre. brooding. slag . /.D. v. (Founding) run over. (ce qu'il fallait craquètement.) horseradish. mushroom anchor. m. couverture. v. p. /. (Pharm.) security. crasseux. craquètement. (Micros. deep-colored (wine) . cover. outbid. C. feared. m.f. abbrev. m. (Métal. bush. bearing. /. S pi. écaille. (of craindre) fearing.) prepared chalk.i. fouling. of crainetc. nick. cramponner. melted butter. dog. foam. notch. craqueler.) cover glasa. (Min. esp. cranial. cramp. socket . m. cramponnet. cracking. /. etc. couvert. /. & subj. covering . pi. dread.) covellite. cowper. /.r. m.) trench mortar. for fear of. form clinker. staple. brood — de. difficultly fusible throw. cog. crackling. v. couvrir. secret . notching. — lavée. fear. v. v.crapaud. C.d.

a mixture of the with orange flower. rough coat (of plaster). crisped. peak. vitrified coal ashes. crayonnage. créatinurie. chalky. sketch. 771. crater. cream of lime. ice crésylite. slag dump. sputtering.t. cresyl (hydroxytolyl). crémojnètre. dusk). cresoxide. omentum. outline. m.) saponated cresol solution. v. rough-cast. a. — créer. — à lumière. crisp. a fatty cosmetic cream. — de crépir. v. /.t. /. créative. strainer. v. /. m. p. creosol. cresol (esp. vJ. — de mille-fleurs. excavate.a. crédit. m. become hollow. cold cream. — de cou- créneler. creatinemia. draw. dig. garcten peppergrass (Lepidium sativum). m.r. m. rough-coat (walls) . etc. of crémer.) toothing. chalky. chalk pit. dross heap. creusement. comb. crayer. crémage. creusage. creatinic. dike . cream . cresyl (the radical. cretaceous. low). a. /. creamometer. digging. sublimed sulfur. créosotage. dam. crayonner. cresorcinol. (Leather) dressing. cresson. /.. gruel . — émulsion. — des jardins. chaux. drawing. cratère. rack. crépuscule. m. m. rosé. — de carbone. (Elec. craping. crédibilité. cresyl (an antiseptic). disinfection with cresyl. creator. cress. creatine. crackling. crayon. créosote. m. hollow out. m. dredge. sodium cresolater de soufre. pi. v. tassium borotartrate. m. pr. sprinkler. crimp. — sodique. creuse. crésyl. crémaillère. or hydroxytolyl). a. /. credibility. study crénelage. crêper. créancier. grain (leather) . mark with chalk. crêpage. crib . m. frothing crésylage. — Para? rica). — isomers). twilight (either dawn or créatine. cremate. crépitacrayonneux. fem. cretaceous. sketch. pencil. Indian cress. — du goudron de bois. leur. carbon. cresolate. — de tartre. of créateur.t. phosphatic slag. o. carbon rod. — de crésylyle. incased crayon. indentation. /. milling. tooth. m. carefully. sputter. — froide. creditor. a. electric-light carbon. tion. cresylene (tolylene). notching. (Bot. incrément. dressing or glossing of crêpe. . — d'orge. creamy. m. colored pencil. crésole. (Mach. créateur. cresylite (trinitro-m-cresol). po. preliminary washing (of fabd'Inde. m. (see crépir). credence. /. crémeux. crépiter. crésol. v. m. m. sink. créosote. crépitant. /. cinder tip. caul. cresylic. crayeux. m. either tolyl wine. — d'avoine. cream. cinol. a. manger .i. crépissure. crépine. — de crésylique. m. — d'amandes. creuser. /. crisp (hair). crepitate. crème. a. v. nasturtium. crépi. (Pharm. — de graphite. m. cresotic. crémant. curled. v. v. créosote. m. m.t. /. chalk. — d'azotate d'argent. crest. v. cretons.t. barley crête. m. m. crèche. almond crésylène. crépitant. crayère. cresson des jardins. CJfésyle. crément. indent.) carbon . v. /. — à dessiner. create. indenting. go deeply into. p. mark. wood-tar créosote. sirupy liqueur . creatinuria. — de fontaine. v. etc. cog. greaves (of tal— grasse. — à cautère. solubïe eream of tartar. cream of tartar. crésorcine. m. m. flowers of sulsodium cresylate. rack bar. (see creuser). cream.t. debt. a liqueur flavored crésylol. — de glace. rough coat (of plaster). a. watercréditer. slag phosphate. m. a. crédit. m. of creux. rosé. fringe. silver nitrate stick. lead pencil. notch. fur. crackle. Para cress (Spilanthes oleracea). creatinine. water. drawing pencil. v. garden cress. — alénois = nursery. hydroxytoluic. a. crape. créosotique. crépitement. /. stick. (of hair) wooly. rod . claim. créance. etc. toothed bar. m. m. /. crépissage. /.) cress. pencil . oat gruel. 4-methylresorcréatrice.t. cresoL — savonneux» créatinique. crépitation. caustic stick.t. créatinémie. crénelure. a. creamery. ridge. hollow. mine de plomb. m. ambrette. /. fem. crépu. /. /. crimping. crémerie. — électrique. crémer. creosoting. crassin. — à gaine.i. /. créosoter. crayon . cream.crassier 110 creuser crassier. tartre soluble. créosol.t.crétacé. crésate. arc-light carbon. créatînine. cracklings. graining. crepitating.

/. cristaux de Teichmann. rock crystal. m. furnace). bristles. /. — à deux axes. — de liesse. cast-iron crucible. cristallographiquement. /. tin cry. cristaux de = creuset de Paris.a. crystallizabihty. (see crisper). — à vis. sifter. locust . /.a. (Com.r. — en argent. crissement. cristallifère. v. graphically. dide. casting crucible (of a nitrate. cristallin. hollow. pro. crucible maker. crystallogeny. cristallographique. v. crispation. eut glass. shrinkage crack. Teichmann's crystals (of hemin). criminal. /. boiter. silver crucible. break. /. shrivel. claim. cristallogénique. crack. cry out. cry. cristallisation. blacklead crucible. crissure. crucible. crevasse. m. porcelain crucible. criminel. crystallography. (Geol. tionnée.) tartar (recreux. /. /. crible. crisper. crease. scold. cristailoïde. crystal. & m. — mixte. Je r. crier. & va. biaxial crystal. /. m. fissuring. — de Gooch. crevaison. burst. criquet. unevenness. sift. — en grès. — de roche.Petrog.) jack. crystalhferous. fissure. Florence. o. (Métal. etc. siftings. wired glass. vegetable fiber. crystalloid. crisis. crystallization. (of acetic criblage.t. cristallerie. taglio.. break. cristaux de lune. contract. (Petrog. wrinkle. creaking of cristallinité. creuslste. cracking. line lens. crever. — d'essai. en —. sifting. (Anat. m. cristallographie. v. irritate.cristallisant.. — fracseur. mi. perforate. — minéral. /. /. cristallisoir.i. riddling. grate .creuset 111 cristalloïde creuset. brown crystals of choline periocreusetier. stoneware crucible. (of food) cream of tartar). crevasse. /.) crystallite. crystalline. niter. /. m. crystallizing. tin. creak . split. esp. (of iron. crystallographer.t. — de Rosé. bark. brasqued crucible. grate. cristallisable.(Bact. t.) crystallitic. wroughtiron crucible. Gooch crucible. screen. — — en plombagine. crin. cristaux space . p. v. crystal . grinding. saltpeter.i. /. cristaux de tartre. hollow. dish or pan vessel. unglazed porcelain crucible. screenings. shriveling. orcristallisoir double. platinum crucible. m. — sos. — en silice. i. — taillé. cri. sal soda (sodium carbonate decahydrate). (coarse) hair. lifting jack. Petei dish. hollowing. (. crystallizing criblure. crystallized but not as highly purified as empty. orystallogenic. /. etc. crack.) hearth. — de retrait. cristalliser. crack. . riddle. shrimp. crystal glass. /. crystal glass factory. assay crucible. m. (coarse) fiber. & r. crystals of Venus (old name for depth (of a cog or a ship). crevasser. crystallize. sieve. screw »paraffin) chiller. m. crlBtaUisabilité. /. crevette. grating. sand crucible. clay crucible. Crimée. . m. cristal. prawn. fissure. an object of glass. /. Iceland spar. cristaux de soude. — en fer forgé. deep. graphite crucible. flint glass. horsehair. adv. a. — en terre de Parie. v. wrinkle. .t.t. m. soda crystals. cristallogénie. o. creusure. mold (for casting) . m. wire glass. silica crucible. squeal. creek. Hessian crucible. bursting. a. hollow.r. offer for sale. crystallizable . cristallopalm fiber. cavity. incompact. — armé.i. a. etc. string. crisser. a. crise. crystal glass. v. m. — en biscuit. crystallizer (for cric.cristallitique. — d'Islande. groove . crique.t. o. m. • en platine. cry . v. — en charbon de cornue.ted crystal. fractional crystallization. m. cristalline. (of animais) die. m. grating. (Physiol. crible-classeur. grind. unsubstaatial. cristallière. v. acid) glacial. classifying screen. Paris crucible. kill. criquage. (of a tire) puncture. screening. crystallographic. Chem. crack. /. French crucible. v. Crimea. m. — en porcelaine. pit. slot . — de Paris. cry. cristallite. rustling (as of silk). a. m. burst. p. — à secousses. swing sieve. retortcarbon crucible. v. hole. art of making crystal glass or objects of it. Rosé crucible (with tube passing through the cover).) crystalv. shaking sieve. crevice. — en fonte. de Vénus. cristalliseur.) stringer. in incrystallized copper acétate). m. crystallized silver creuset-puisard.) tubular. loose. esp. cricket. contract. cribleur. criqûre. — de l'étain. cribler. — végétal. burst.) crystallin. esp.i. — en terre. cristallographe. riddle. jack. chink. creaking. cristallisé. rock-crystal mine. crystallinity. — brasqué. shrivel. a. rustle . crystallized. /. screen.

sketch. crotonyle.i.) cross-stone. croissant. twist slightly. crochu. croiseur. crystallometry. p. croupissement. cross out . criticize. critiquable. a. criticism. growth. a. v. — ou pile. m. critère. twill . crusader. m. cross Iode. diphosgene. cri tic. foui. a sickle. m. crotton. hook.t. rude. /. pawl. cross each other. crusted. crocetin. croix.cristallometrie 112 cru cristallometrie. e.a. believe. crystallotechny. crotonisation. croiser. crocéique. give a crunching sound. crocoisite. soil. v. dung (of horses. clasp. be crisp. hook. (window) sash. crook .) scale. crisp. (Min. stagnate. croconic.a. crosne. (Pharm. mules. crust. /. crossing. (Métal. cross wires . cross . /. croquer. cristé. v. croconique. adv. crosswise. croconic. /. crotonique. grow. (Printing) dagger. crotyl(2-butenyl). cristallotechnie. — de Mars. crusty. mire. /. dépend on oneself.i. croît. a. crunch (the sound). stagnant. sandy soil. filth. courbé en — de fusil. cross vein. crotonylic. (see croître). /. m. crotoné. /. v. bend. m.. m. dirt. m. pr. rabble. (of bricks) unburned.) scab. fissured part of bark. /. a.) crosshead . pr. claw. crotonization (reaction typically shown in the formation of crotonaldehyde from two molécules of acetaldehyde). m. v. wallow. croisée. croyance. sink. (Med. etc. = christe-marine. croyant.a.t. 3 sing. crotte. et subj. m. t. crude. cross. rump. p.t. (of a fracture) hackly. gristle. little cross.t. crochet. 3 sing.r. en —. crouler. v. hooked. of cristal. crocéine. croître. crescent-shaped object.g. stagnant. crested. cruise. outline. — écossaise. pi. cinder. a. (Mm. (Mach. weave. m. crotonyl((ran*-2-butenoyl) . tread (of a tire). & Bot. crotonylique. raw . grow longer. growth. (see croiser). (Printing) bracket. v. o. croquis.t. of croître. croisement. criterion. m. art of producing crystals artificially.i. fall. croûteux.t. croyable. spoke. decayed. crocique. believe. schistose. cru. a. indic. crotchet. etc. catch . crocus. stagnating. critique ment. (of croître) grows. /. critique. belief. open to criticism. dirty. twill. crotylique. v. believing. rough. crotin. a.) green-cross liquid. /. cron. crotonoyl(trans-2-butenoyl) . (Brewing) a kind of sparger. fall in. croit. crocus of Mars. m.) crocus. augment. m.) crystallophyllian. a. cross. p. /. be crossed. m. crocétîne.).) crocoite. ridge. v. a. rump. butt. o. croupe. m. cross . — verte. crotter. (of a stream) rise. m. /. p. rabble. (of wine) particular . /. v. cruiser. croupion. — de brassage. m. crosse. thinks. a. croire. etc. crédible. m. critically. a. m.i. v. crocoïse.r.i. croc. earthenware pot for collecting turpentine. crunching. crottin.i. stagnation. croupon. window. decay in water. croissent. cristallophyllien. critiquer. turn. etc.a. heads or tails. croupi. crotyl(2-butenyl). be believed. scabby. m. cristaux. steelyard.. sketch roughly. crosier. (Founding) skin. v. m. (Mil. obverse (of a coin).a. v. crossed. hook . crot. cristallométrique. colcothar. crocein. v. crescent.) rough form of a future plate or other flat pièce. croceic. croisillon. hip (of a roof). croceic. stock. crossbar. lie in filth. likely. bend. o. p. crossarm. Chinese (or Japanese) artichoke (Stachys sieboldi). crotonylene(2-butyne). cross pièce . pr. m. /. crunch . croisé. critique. crocher. (Leather) butt. croissance. m.a. catch.) containing croton oil. indécent. crotyl(2-butenyl) . (of croire) believes. (Tanning) outer. /. (Chem. green cross. v. think. (Glass) a notched block of iron used as a support for the blowpipe.. bent like a gunstock. p. tufted. (of water) hard .t. increase. criste-marine. a. croisette. croupissant. croûte. /. crotonylène. (Geol. crotonic. m. buttstock. foui. Called also crosne du Japon. believer. dung. growing. rattlesnake. crochet. crystallometric. critérium. crotale. croquant. harsh. lap over . m. small hook. a. credence. (Ceram. croupir. crotine. /. think oneself. (Optics) cross hairs. decay. a lump of sugar retained in sifting. fang. crossing . 3 pi. /. critical.

stout leather. cupola furnace. cubical. leather tanned with the root bark of the kermès oak. /. crudeness. bufî leather. m. imp. — à œuvre. cuiller. hide . — de Hongrie. (of water) rise. 3 pi. cubic. (Physiol. cuillerée. euffat. cryptoxanthine. nip off (wire). — en suif. — aluné. — ciré. (pi. 771. /. horn spoon. crypton. leather . ox hide. m. scoop. /. — à semelle(s). cryohydric. crue. spoon. S sing. cubage. fabrication. casting spoon. small pitcher or jug. cueillage. m. stone bottle. — chagrin. combination of cube and octahedron. = cuir ciré. /. def. cryolithe. a paper imitation of leather. cueillir. rawness. cryométrie. scalp. buckskin. krypton. — en fer. cruchette. cubane. cubicite. cryoscopique. cube. — aggloméré. vamp leather. v. crûrent. — à vapeur. molded leather. cryptoxanthin. — creux. /. — de garouille = cuir de Bordeaux. dredging ladle or bucket. a. cryoscopie. small pitcher or jug. cryptographie. p. Russia leather. oiled leather. — à gaz. crurent. m. fine sheepskin. raw hide. green hide. cuillère. such as is used for vamps.) cryolite. cryomètre. — à fondre (or — de coulée). cryophore. /. cubic. a. m. (Min. — cru. /. bone spoon. growth. m. cucurbitacé. cuboïde. ladle. cruchon. — corroyé. cruchée. pi. • — en poils. a. /. (Physics) cryophorus. cryometry. — — en porcelaine. spoonful. pancake. — d'Allemagne. cubique. cubeb (fruit of Piper cubeba). subi. — en verre. (of croître) grown. thought. cuine. cubébin. gathering. skin. — de Bordeaux. cuber. calf (leather). examine with a cryoscope. jugful. pitcher. p. jug. — chamoisé.) cubicite (analcite). kibble. wax leather. — en corTie. crudity. cryoscopie. pitcherful. assay spoon. increase. def. cryohydratique. m. — de Valachie. cruche. leather for gas fittings. — de Cordoue. tiresome.p. glove leather. (of croître) grew. scraped leather. (of croire) believed. /. a. — en platine. — à empeignes. p. -xanthol. cubilot. (auger) bit. crucifères. cryptogamous. crut. /. m. cucurbite. cucurbitacées. — fossile. cubic. /. Hungary leather. & m. o. (Mm. cryptogam. rough leather. — en plein suif. détermination of cubic contents. m. cryogène.) Crustaoea. — à essais. porcelain spoon. measure in cubic units. — étiré. platinum spoon. — de • molleterie. green hide. coil (rope). cryogen. — gras.p. — factice. — bouilli. strong leather. — en os.) an earthenware retort for distilling nitric acid. /. chrome-tanned leather.) Cruciferœ. pi. (of croire) believed. def. cubèbe. cruor. curried leather. bloody. a. hydraulic leather. — de bœuf. specif.) Cucurbitaceœ. cubic capacity. a. (Old Chem.cru 113 cuir vineyard or région. crop. raw hide. (of water) hardness. m. v. cuboctahedron. & imp. (Mining) cage. an imitation leather made from leather scrap. — de Russie. — de papier. m. m. cube. /. — anglais. cruel. v. — de montagne. bailer. sole leather. tallowed leather. a quinonetanned leather. cordovan. cruenté.) cryptogamic. /. eufat. /. — de poule.t. cubébine. crustacés. (Bot. cuilleron. harvest. /. m. ladleful. iron spoon.) cubanite. cuir. crustaceans. cubizite. m. def. cryptopine. (Zoôl. crût. artificial leather. freezing mixture. — chromé. /. /. /. m. — de laine. leather tanned but not curried. cuboid. cryptogame. — d'œuvre. — en cire. imitation leather. — de drague. cube. — dur. /. a variety of asbestos.t. shagreen. — embouti. bowl (of a spoon). soft or thin leather. alum-tanned leather. steam shovel. buff. cryometer. S pi. leather dressed in scourings. cucurbit. p. a. cryoscopy.) raw vegetables or fruit. of croire. (Métal. (Bot. chamois. m. m.) cruor. — de buffle. cryptographique. pi. gather. gathering. subj. leather fully curried. = cuir d'œuvre. soft leather. a. horse leather.. cryolite. — de veau. waxed leather. cruauté. cruel. (Bot. raw diet. upper leather.) cucurbitaceous. p. — en croûte. of croître. sole leather. — fort. cryptopine.) cupola. — chevelu. cueillette. cubic contents. 8 sing. p. jar. believed. iron ladle. crû. cruelty. cube. cubical. waxed leather. glass spoon. cryoscoper. cubature. S sing. cube. mountain leather (a variety of asbestos). m. moleskin. crudité. . cubo-octaèdre. casting ladle. Wallachian leather. — en huile. (Min. Cordovan leather. — brut. cubebin. tawed leather. (Bot. bucket. /. chamois leather.t. a.

— phosphaté. enamel leather. — corné. — blanc. copper. p. powder for gilding. (aee (of color) copper. boiler (of sirup. kitchen. (Sohweitzer's reagent).) chalcophyllite. eook. cuprous ingP oxide^ copper(I) ojride. ou. cooked.).) brasses. pr. blue vitriol. leather. specif. patent leather. soft copper fittings.uiret.. boiler . — moniated oopper. (Mnalloyed) eopper. — hydrosiliceux. grainad leather. — carbonate. m. cuisiner. cooking. laminé.. oopper phosphate. instrumenta or the U3ce.— sulfaté. patent leather. deadburn. armored. cuire) . boiled or cooked state. v. kilnman. (Breuiing) kettle man. tanned/ hide .t.) toughcuisent. & subi.. olamp firing. — arséniatê.. (Ceram. boil (sirup. sheet copper.) bornite. cuprio sulfate. leather fr-om a thin hide. sulfureux. (Min.) glaze ooppar sulfate. thiek leafcher. — tique. — mégissé. — p. [CU(NH3J)«JC12. — rosette. copper arsenate. bake. vert. — lissé. (see ouivrea. electroplating. (pi. eopper ammonio-sulfate. p. cupraïnmoniuins plat. cfcloride. — préparé. copper. c u i v r e r . sulfate. (wood). Hungary boiling to graûïi. crude specif. native copper. copperplate . cuisage. (Mm. S sing. salé. baker (of cheese). (see cuire). of cuire. oopper. lime. (Min. — tanné. done . wlW (froro chaeaemakiug). cooker. — nirr^. — brut. rolled leather. cooking. — oxudulè. (Min. — du vernis. c u i v r a g e . — cru.. m. etoi (see cuivrer)'.) red ooppa». /. ohar feather shot. /. — verni. copper. — pyrietc. copper carbonate (b*leu.) chalcopyrite. p. — de station.) bomite. — rond. bake. coppered. — battu. metalalloy of copper. food. (of. morocco.i. (Paper) teux. blister copper.) gray copper. prépare. bskiog. (Métal. orudei with a cuirass. granulated copper. — rouge. m.). fireman. suitable for cookcopper. oooker. vet copper orej cyanotrichite.) copper pyrites. ooze leather..a*urite. oopper cuisse. etc.) black cuisant. —• sélénié. cuprite. ripen. cuiseur. armed. silk. etc. morocco. burning. armor plate. (Métal. v. varnish. — vitriolé. armor-plate.) assurite. copper sulfide. boiling. (Métal. coppery. armored copper. armor. hy— à fond. tetrahedrite. ertci). cookery.a. eopper selenide. copper. cooking. — ammonico-muriatique. cuprous • cuirasser. armor. arm chloride. brick. tawed hide. lacquered leather. silfc.) covellite. pitch copper.: (Pharm. such as white tombac). /. matc u i r a s s e m e n t . white copper (a white cuirassé. (Min. oover or sheathe witb cuite.. — bleu. thigh. — cassant.a. burn (brick. prepared. burned. (Sugar) specif. — en grains. smarting. /. — hongroyé. /. ripe. pr. copper nitrate. be cooked. — noir. • c u i r e . (of sirup) boiled to thread. araenide.: treat with copper or cuire) . — galvanique. sheathing... (Ceram. burning. — vert. nattened leather. — micacé. any ammoniated copper com•plaqué..moulé. shagreen. armor-plated . copper amminojapan leather.). oxidized keen. etc. — pound or solution. c u i v r é . burner (of pottery.. — en dégourdi. biting. brass or tawed leather. etc. unrefined copper. au. of cuit. — arsenical. calcine. clad. four. copper sheathing. (Min. — sulfuré. copper silicidë. dry copper. overroast.a.. m. * grenu. eopper(I) chloride. hurt. S pi. —• leather. c u i v r e ..) underpoled armoring.) silicon copper.t. arm. c. raw hide. — mica.).t. — velouté. boiling. salted hide. per foil. — c u i r e r . ve)^ (see cuire) . leather. soap. (Min. smarting. — à la volée. sharp. v. p. copper smooth leather. — jaune. — de Chypre.o. armor. — c u i v r é e . cément. — silicié. m. rosette copper. cook. purities). achite). Smart. chaloopyrite. brass. armor plate. — ptaé. v. leather cloth.) cuisine. copper. batch. burning. oiled leather. (Min. berzelianite. charring.) amdcessed leather.cuir 114 cuivrer centration . heat . cop(Soils) hardpan. (Métal. armored< vessel. pure (Suffpr) vacuum panman. m. & t. specif: tetraœminocopper(II> green hide. chloride. bake. indic. au filet. — vierge. — ammoniacal. m. overburn. (Min. etc. —. smart. (aee copper. boiled. micsceous copper (copper brittle from im*cuir-toile. — panaché. — oxydé.. wrought copper. sirup) cona copper sait. — maroquihé. unrefined copper. — droUB oopper silicate. cruiser. m. — mou. copper cuirasse. boilennan. (Brick) virgin copper. fem. — molieierie. an unhaired skin or hide. coppering. etc.) chrysocolla.. — gri». molded leather. n.a. tanned leather. battleship. (Mm. v. — hépacook.. of cuire. burned. etc. cuit. (Min.t. — cuisson.) biscuit ûaking. — laqué. copper oxidè. — en plumes. . cover with leather.

swelling. farming. of copper and calcium (as. cupro-ammonique. cuprammonium. saline incrustation. cuprinitrite. cupréine. rocker. (of a cylinder) head. cunette. tilter. cuprous. — en plaque. a. /. m. m. Y. v. cupferron. m. m. cuprico-. m. cupferrone. phosphate cuprico-uraneux. bleachery.t. i. cupro-potassique. (when small) button. cuprique. m. cuprocyanide. cupralun. culminant. stock. cuprotitanium. cuprico-uraneux. be cultivated. /. cupriferous. cupreous (as. m. {Bact. cuminol. copper. m. cumoyl(p-isopropylbenzoyl). base. culbuter. /. — de poche. cupule. a. o. drain. curain. cultivé. cupropotassique. culminate. m. cuproprotéide. tripper. m. culture. (Bact. . cuprofer. cultivateur. m. v. cumylidène.r. deposit. fall. — en strie. v. specif. cuminyh'dene. (of a magnet) yoke. ouprammonium. but also = cuminyl. gutter. {Bot. (of a eut stone) culet. cuorin. culotte. breech. cuminole. n. cultivation. cultivated. (Geol. copper works. overturn.. cecal pouch. bromocuprate(II). Y-joint. a. /. cul-de-lampe. a. culée. copper ware. — de bouillon. cumaldehyde. culot. spoeif.) stab culture. mass at the bottom of a crucible (usually of métal or matte and then called also regulus). (Bact. culturel. /.t. curage. coppery. of or pertaining to copper. m. culinaire. brass worka. chlorocuprate(I). cuivrure. [Métal. cuminique. — de plomb. (of a ship) stern. CuCa(C2HsO2)46H2O). CuBr4—. cultivate. dead end. cumyle. cupule. broth culture. C3H7C6H4—. cuorine. farmer. cuményle. cumulo-volcan. (small) cup. caraway. upset. a. cul-de-sac. a. covetoua. cuminil. Schweitzer's reagent. m. p. m. cupritétrabromure. cuproprotein. cuprotitane. culot. cuprous thiocyanate) . cuproxyde. culbuteur. cuivreux. curare. eyanocuprate(I).. cupricalcique. overturning. clovs bark. cupritribromure.) skull.) Cunila (a genus of which dittany. m.) sac.) cumin. of copper and uranium (as. sewer. cuminic. /. cupricyanure. culturel. cuprochloride. cuprochlorhydrique. m. dump. m.) streak culture. /. culasse. a. m. n. cupric. curare. copper pyrites). m. greedy.cuivrene 115 curare cuivrerie. cleaning. (Bact.) lava plug. tumble. cumulative. cumyl (properly = cumenyl. breech. tip.) persicary. m. gutter. /.) plate culture. C origanoides. ** cuivrage.i. and cumoyl. acétate cupricalcique. pyrites cuivreuses. & r. agricultural. CuBr3cuproammoniaque. cuminoyle. cuprocyanure. copper oxide. curaçao. crop. drain. /.a. channel. m. a mixture of sodium and calcium sulfates obtained in the evaporation of sea water. cuprifluorure. agriculturist . Cu(UO2)2(PO4)2-8H2O).) droplet culture. cuprohydrocbloric cuprochlorure. culroinating. copper alum (cupric aluminate). /. m. cumène. etc. cultivated land. culture. /. a. bottom. bromocuprate(Il). (Bot. /. cuminile.) boss. cupreine. m. abutment. (Prmting) tail pièce. dump. copper(II). pouch. a. a. /. bottom. cuprifère. curaçao (a liqueur). copper(I) (as. culinary. (Assaying) lead button. cumenyl(isopropylphenyl). cul. breeches. cupro-. /. n. m. cap. — des prés.a. (see culbuter). cupriazotite. cleansing. culminer. m. ia a member). cupricyanide. Y-pipe. m. sulfocyanure cuivreux. — en gouttelette. cupriâuoride. {Bot. m. tipper. breechblock. m. rocking lever. of copper and potassium. cumin. v. bracket. eascabel. cunila. tilt. culière. p. (Anat. cupric. Y-tube. socket. cumene (properly used of isopropylbenzene but applied also to a mixture of mesitylene and pseudocumene). a. culbutage. culvrico-. /. culllavan. overthrow. a. cul-de-poule. plug. m. curari. culasse. C3H7C«H4CO—). cupferron. — en piqûre. m. curanderie. cumic. protubérance. cultivator. cultiver. m. cupide. part of a bide next the tail. cumulatif. (Geol. blind alley. cuivrique. culilawan. a. C3H7C6H4CH2 —. a.




curarine, /. curarine. — à tan, tan vat, tanning vat. — à teincurariser, v.t. curarize, treat with curare. dre , dyeing vat. — à tremper, steeping cistern. — de cyanuration, cyaniding vat curatier, m. tanner or currier. or tank. — de fermentation, fermentation curatif, a. curative. vat. — de -précipitation, précipitation curcuma, m. turmerie, curcuma ; curcuma tank. — de repos, settling tank. — de (the plant). teinture, dyeing vat. — de trempage, cure-dent, m. toothpick. (Malt) steeping cistern. — d'Inde, — cure-feu, m. poker. d'indigo, indigo vat. — en bois, wooden cure ment, m. cleaning, cleansing; dredging. vat or tub. — guitloire, fermentation vat. curer, v.t. clean, clean out, cleanse; bail. curetage, curettage, m. curetting, curet— matière, (Brewing) mash vat, mash tun. — mouilloire, (Brewing) steeping cistern, tage. soaking tub. curette, /. cleaner, scraper, spoon (as for exploring for oil or for cleaning a blast cuveau, m. small vat, tub or tank. cuve-cylindre, /. drum. hole) ; (Med.) curette. cuvée, /. contents of a vat, tub or tank. cureur, m. cleaner, cleanser ; dredger. cuvelage, m. tubbing, lining, casing. curieusement, adv. curiously. curieux, a. curious; careful; interested (in). cuveler, v.t, tub, Une, case (as a weli). cuvelle, /. (Brewing) = menette; (Ceram.) m. curious person or thing ; connoisseur. the cylindrical case of a grinder. curin, m. = curain. curiosité, /. curiosity. cuvellement, m. tubbing, lining, casing. curseur, m. slide, slider; (Elec.) sliding cuve-matière, n. (Brewing) mash vat, mash .tun. contact ; runner ; index, pointer, a. slidcuve-mouiUoire, n. steeping cistern. ing. cuver, v.t. & i, ferment (in a vat). cursive, /. (Printing) italics. cuverie, /. room or building in which fercursoir, m. slide. mentation vats are housed. curure, /. mud, slime (as from a ditch). cuvette, /. basin, dishT cup, bowl, jar, sink, curvilatère, a. with curved side or si des. sump ; cistern, réservoir (as of a baromecurviligne, a. curvilinear, curvilineal. ter) ; bulb (of a thermometer) ; tray (as for cuscamine, /. cuscamine. developing) ; (Micros. ) staining box or cusconine, /. cusconine. tray ; (Glass) a small pot formerly used cuscute, /. {Bot.) dodder (Cuscuta). in refining ; (Soda) the mildly heated pan cusparine, /. cusparine. or first hearth of a sait-cake furnace; botcustode, m. cuatodian, keeper. tom of a lead chamber, in which the sulcutané, a. cutaneous, of the skin. f uric acid collects ; (of a reverberatory CUticole, a. (of parasites) subcutaneous. furnace) hearth. à —, dished. — à culcuticulaire, a. cuticular, of the cuticle. ture, culture dish. — à photographie, cuticule, /. cuticle. photographer's tray. — à rainures, (Micutine, /. cutin. cros.) grooved staining box. — d'egoutcutiniser, v.t. cutinize. tage, drip cup. cutiréaction, /. skin test, cutireaction. CUVage, m. vatting; specif., fermentation of envier, m. tub, vat, trough. grape mash in vats before pressing ; tub C.V., abbrev. (cheval-vapeur) horsepower. cyanacétique, a. cyanoacetic. house. eu vais on, /. vatting; duration of vatting. cyanamide, /. cyanamide. — caîcique, calcium cyanamide. Cf. cuvage. cuve, /• vat ; tub, tank, copper, cistern ; cyanamide-calcium, /. calcium cyanamide. (pneumatic) trough; jar, cell (as for spec- cyanamidure, m. métal derivative of cyanamide (e.g., CaCN2). trum analysis) ; (photographie) tray ; (of a blast furnace) interior, esp. the shaft. cyane, m. cyanogen. — à absorption, absorption cell (for spec- cyané, a. containing cyanogen, cyanogen, tral analysis). — à chicanes, baffle tank. cyano. — à eau, water trough. — à fermentation, cyanéthine, /. cyanethine(4-amino-2,6-difermentation vat. — à huile, (Métal.) oilethyl-5-methyipyrimidine). tempering tank. — à la couperose, cop- cyaneux, a. cyanous (Obs.). peras vat. — à lavage, (Photog.) washing cyanhydrate, m. hydrocyanide. tray. — à mercure, mercury trough or cup. cyanhydrine, /. cyanohydrin, cyanhydrin. — à moût, (Brewing) mash tun, mash vat. cyanhydrique, a. hydrocyanic.




cyanlllde, /. cyanilide (carbanilonitrile). cyanine, /. cyanin, cyanine (both the plant color and the synthetic dye). cyanique, a. cyanic. cyanisation, /. kyanization; cyanizing. cyaniser, v.t. kyanize; cyanize. cyanite, /. (Min.) cyanite, kyanite. cyanofer, m. ferrocyanogen ; potassium ferrocyanide ; blueprint paper. cyanoferrate, m. ferrocyanide, ferrocyanate. cyanoferre, m. — eyanofer. cyanoferrlde, m. ferricyanide. cyanolerrlque, a. ferrocyanic. cyanoferrure, m. ferrocyanide. cyanogène, m. cyanogen. cyanogène, a. eontaining or pertaining to cyanogen. cyanogénèse, /. cyanogenesis. cyanogénétique, a. cyanogenetic. cyanophosphore, m. phosphorus cyanide. cyanophycées, /. pi. (Bot.) Cyanophyceae. cyanose, /. cyanosis; copper sulfate, blue vitriol, (Min.) chalcanthite. cyanose, cyanotique, o. cyanotic, cyanosed. cyanoser, v.t. affect with cyanosis, cyanose. cyanoside, m. cyanin. cyanurage, m. cyaniding, cyanidation. cyanuration, /. cyanidation, cyaniding. cyanure, m. cyanide. — d'argent, silver cyanide. — de benzyle, benzyl cyanide, phenylacetonitrile. — de potasse, potassium cyanide. — jaune, potassium ferrocyanide. — rouge, potassium ferricyanide. cyanure, a. cyanided ; cyanide ; cyanide of. cyanurer, v.t. cyanide. cyanurique, a. cyanuric. cycladiène, m. cycloalkadiene. cyclamine, /. cyclamin. cyclane, m. cycloalkane. cyclanlque, o. cycloalkane. cycle, m. cycle; ring; (Elec.) complète circuit, loop. — fermé, closed cycle. cyclène, m. cycloalkene. cyclénique, o. cycloalkene. cyclique, o. cyclic. cycllsation, /. cycïization, ring closure. cycliser, v.t. & r. cyclize, form a ring. cyclite, /. benzyl bromide (as lacrimator). cycloheptanique, a. cycloheptane. cyclohexanique, o. cyclohexane. cyclohexyle, m. cyclohexyl. cycloïde, /. cycloid. cyclométhylénique, a. cyclomethylene (designating the cycloalkanes). cyclomètre, m. cyclometer. cycloparafflne, /. cycloalkane, cycloparaffin. cyclopropanique, a. cyclopropane.

cycloptérlne, /. cyclopterine. cyclotétranol, m. cyclobutanol. cyclotétrylamlne, j . cyclobutylamine. cygne, m. swan. cylindrage, m. calendering ; rolung ; cyUndering ; cylindrical turning, cylindre, m. cylinder; roller, roll; drum; arbor, shaft. — à chemise, jacketed cylinder. — à cingler, shingling roll. — à fil, wire roll. — à laminer, roll, roller. — à tôle, plate roll. — à vapeur, steam cylinder. — broyeur, crusher roll, crusher. — compresseur, roller, squeezer. — creux, hollow cylinder. — d'amenage, feed roller, feed roll. — de /rein, recoil cylinder. — dégrosgisseur, coarse-crushing roll, roughing roll. — d'essai, measuring cylinder. — droit, right cylinder. — femelle, lower roll, bottom roll. — finisseur, finishing roll. — fournisseur, feeding cylinder, feed roll. — mâle, upper roll, top roll. — presseur, (Calico) pressure cylinder, the cylinder on which the cloth is carried while being printed. — vérificateur, cylindrical gage. cylindrée, /. cylinderful. cylindrer, v.t. calender (paper, cloth, etc.); roll (leather or a road) ; cylinder. cylindreur, m. calendrer, calenderer; roller. cylindrique, a. cylindric(al). cylindriquement, adv. cylindrically. cymol, m. cymene; cymenol, hydroxycymene. cymyle, m. cymyl. cynurénique, a. kynurenic. cynurlne, /. kynurine(4-quinohnol). cyprès, m. cypress. cyprin, m. (Zoôl.) carp. cypripède, m. (Bot.) cypripedium, lady'sslipper. cystéine, /. cysteine. cystine, /. cystine. cystinurie, /. cystinuria. cystique, a. cystic. cystoïde, a. cystoid. cytise, m. (Bot.) cytisus. cytisine, /. cytisine. cytogène, o. cell-forming, cytogenous. cytogénèse, /. cytogenesis. cytologie, /. cytology. cytologique, a. cytological, cytologie. cytolyse, /. cytolysis. cytolysine, /. cytolysin. cytolytique, a. cytolytic. cytoplasma, cytoplasme, m. (Biol.) cytoplasm. cytosine, /. cytosine. cytotoxine, /. cytotoxin.

D., abbrev. (dureté) hardness; (densité) density. d'. Contraction of de. d'abord. See abord. dactylotype, /. typewriter. dactylotypie, /. typewriting. dague, /. scraper, scraping knife; dagger,

daguerréotyper, v.t. daguerréotype. daguerréotypie, /. daguerreotypy. daguerrien, a. of Daguerre, daguerréotypie. dahline, /. dahlia (inulin). daidzéol, m. daidzein. daidzoside, m. daidzin. daigner, v.i. deign; be pleased. d'ailleurs. See ailleurs. daim, m. buckskin; suède; buck, deer. daleau, m. = dalot. dallage, m. flagging, paving, pavement, (paved) floor. dalle, /. slab, plate; flagstone, flag; gutter, conduit; (in sugar refining) a pipe conveying the sirup ; shelf (of pottery or stone) ; sink ; whetstone ; slice (as of fish). — rodée, ground-glass plate. dalléoquinine, /. thalleioquin. daller, v.t. fiag, pave with flagstones. dalot, m. escape hole, vent; oulvert. daltonien, a. & m. Daltonian. dam., abbrev. (décamètre) decameter. damage, m. ramming, tamping. damas, m. damask (in various sensés); speoif., damask steel, Damascus steel; damson (plum); (cap.) Damascus. damasquinage, m. damascening, damaskeening. damasquiner, v.t. damascene, damaskeen. damasquinerie, /. damascening, damaskeening. damasquineur, m. damascener, damaskeener. damasquinure, damasquinurie, /. damaBcenitig. damassé, o. damasked, damask. dame, /. dam; (Métal.) dam, damstone; ranimer ; lady, dame ; (at cards) queen ; (pi.) checkers. dame-jeanne, /. demijohn. damer, v.t. ram, tamp. dameur, m. rammer, tamper. damier, fti. clieckerboard.

damjnara, m. (Bot.) memhcr of the genus Dammara. damoir, m. rammer, tamper. damoiselle, /. rammer, beetle. danger, m. danger, risk; trouble. dangereusement, adv. dangerously. dangereux, a. dangerous. danois, a. Danish. dans, prep. in; into; according to. danser, v.i. dance; flicker. dans-œuvre, adv. (of measurements) in the clear. daphnétine, /., daphnétol, m. daphnetin. daphnine, /., daphnoside, m. daphnin. d'après. See après. dard, m. pointed (dartlike) flame ; dart ; spindle ; (of insects) sting ; (of flowers) pistil. darder, v.t. dart; shoot with (or as with) a dart. dari, m. durra, dari (a kind of millet). dartre, /. tetter, skin affection; (Founding) scab ; scale. daté, p.a. dated. dater, v.t. & i. date. datisclne, /. datiscin. datte, /. date (the fruit). dattier, m. date tree, date palm. daturine, /. daturine (hyoscyamine). daube, /. steaming, stewing, braising. dauphin, m. dolphin; mouth of a gutter pipe. Dauphiné, m. Dauphiné (old Prench province). dauphinelle, /. (Bot.) larkspur, delphinium. d'autant. See autant. davantage, adv. more; longer. davier, un. forceps; cramp. de, prep. of ; from ; (of time) in, during ; because of ; (of manner or means) with ; (of an agent) by; (with comparatives) than, by; (with an infinitive) to . . ., of . . . ing (thus, d'avoir may usually be translated either "to hâve" or "of having"); (in partitive expressions) some, any (as, de Veau, some water) ; (with traiter) as. — ce que, because; although. dé, m. die (pi. dice) ; die (pi. dies) ; block (for propping) ; bearing; gage; thimble. déagréger, v.t. disaggregate, disintegrate. déalbation, /. dealbation, bleaching.





déassimilation, /. disassimilation. déauration, /. gilding. débâcle, /. breaking up (of ice); débâcle. débâcler, v.t. open; clear. déballage, m. unpacking. déballer, v.t. unpack. débander, v.t. unbind; unbend, relax; disband. débarquement, m. landing, debarkation. débarquer, v.t. & i. land, disembark. débarrasser, v.t. free; clear, clear up, clear away. v.r. free oneself, get rid. débarrer, v.t. unbar ; free from inequalities of dyeing. débarreur, m. a mender of defects in dyeing. débat, m. debate; (Law, pi.) trial, pr. S sing. of débattre. débâtir, v.t. demolish ; remove basting from. débattable, a. debatable. débattre, v.t. & i. debate, dispute, discuss. v.r. struggle; debate; be debated. débenzolage, m. removal of benzol or benzène (e.g., from illuminating gas). débenzoler, v.t. remove benzol or benzène from. débet, m. débit. débile, a. feeble, weak. débilement, adv. feebly, weakly. débilitant, p.a. debilitating. débilité, /. feebleness, debility, weakness. débiliter, v.t. debilitate, enfeeble. débimètre, m. flowmeter. débit, m. delivery, discharge, flow, rate of flow ; supply ; output ; (Mach.) feed ; débit; sale; (retail) shop; license (to aell); cutting, sawing (of wood, stone, etc.); delivery (in speaking). de —, (Com.) in demand. — visible, sight feed. débitage, m. cutting up, sawing up (of wood, etc.). débiter, v.t. deliver, discharge (liquid, gas, etc.); retail, sell at retail; eut up, saw up (wood, stone, etc.) ; débit; utter, speak. V.T. be delivered; sell, be sold; (of wood, etc.) eut up; be told, be reported. débiteur, m. & a. debtor; feed spool (for film). débitmètre, m. flowmeter. débituminiser, v.t, debituminize. déblai, m. excavation, cutting ; eut ; (pi.) excavated material, rubbish, waste. sels de —, abraum salts. tléblayement, déblaiement, m. cutting, cutting away, excavation; clearing. déblayer, v.t. eut away, clear away; clear. débloquer, v.t. unblock, release, open. débobiner, v.t. wind off, unspool, uncoil.

déboire, m. aftertaste; disappointment ; distaste. déboisement, m. clearing, deforestation. déboiser, v.t. clear of timber, deforest. déboîter, v.t. disconnect; dislocate; uncase. débonder, v.t. unbung; open the vent of. v.i. & r. escape, run out, burst forth; discharge, be emptied. débondonner, v.t. unbung. débordement, m. boiling over, etc. (see déborder) ; overflow; flood, outburst. déborder, v.i. & r. boil over; overflow, run over; burst forth; projeet. v.t. overflow; Project beyond; outstrip, débordoir, m. drawknife; (Glass) basin. débouchage, m. unstopping, etc. (see déboucher) ; cork extraction. débouché, m. outlet ; end ; mouth ; expédient ; opening, market. débouchement, m. unstopping, etc. (see déboucher) ; outlet. déboucher, v.t. unstop, unstopper, uncork; open; (Elec.) unplug; set (a fuse); punch, make (a hole). v.i. pass out, debouch. débouchoir, m. cork extractor, corkscrew. déboucler, v.t. unbuckle ; uncurl. débouillage, m. {Dyeing) boiling, boil. débouiUeur, m. {Dyeing) boiler; bleacher (of yarn). débouilli, m. (Dyeing) boiîing, boU; extract. débouillir, v.t. (Dyeing, etc.) boil. débouillissage, m. (Dyeing, etc.) boiling, boil, scalding. déboulonner, v.t. unbolt; unscrew. débourbage, m. washing, etc. (see débourber). débourber, v.t. wash, free from mud or slime, (Mining) trunk, sluice; clean, clean out (as a cistern); clarify (as wine). débourbeur, m. a worker or apparatus that cleanses from mud or slime, washer, cleanser. Specif. : a boiler attachaient for removing the mud deposited by hard* water ; a trommel for removing earthy matter from ore ; an apparatus in which the suspended matter in gas liquor is deposited. débourrage, m. removal of wadding, etc. (see débourrer). débourrer, v.t. remove the wadding, padding, etc., from (see bourre); untamp, unram; (Leather) unhair ; strip. débours, m. pi. expenses, outlay. débourser, v.t. disburse, expend. debout, adv. upright, standing, erect, up. débraiser, v.t. draw the embers or fire from. débraser, v.t. unsolder, unbraze.




débrayable, a. disconnectible. débrayage, m. disconnecting, disconnection, etc. (see débrayer). débrayer, v.t. disconnect, disengage, throw out of gear, uncouple, release. débrider» v.t. release; (Med.) débride; unbridle. tu. stop. débris, m. remains, fragments, débris, rubbish, waste, scrap. — cellulosique, (in flour analysis) fiber. — de fer, scrap iron. — de fonte, foundry scrap, cast scrap. — d'os, (Fertilizers) bone meal. — métalliques, scrap métal. débromer, v.t. debrominate. débrouiller, v.t. untangle, unravel, clear up. débrûler, v.t. deoxidize. (Oba. or Rare.) débrutir, v.t. rough-grind, rough-polish. début, m. beginning, start, début. débuter, v.L begin; start; (in games) lead. déc, abbreVs of décomposition. déca-. deçà-, ten. deçà, prep. on this side of. adv. on this side. — et delà, hère and there, on ail sides. en —, on this side. par —, on this side, on this side of. décacheter, v.t. unseal, open. décaèdre, m. decahedron. décagranime, m. decagram, 10 grains. décahydruxe, m. decahydride. décaisser, v.t. unpack, unbox; pay out. décalage, m. unwedging, unkeying; (Elec.) displacement, divergence, lead (or lag) ; slipping (of film). décalaminage, m. descaling, scaling. décalaminer, v.t. descale, scale; decarbonize (an engine). décalcifier, v.t. decalcify, delime. décaler, v.t. unwedge, unkey ; displace, shift. v.i. lag. décaline, /. Decalin (T.N.), perhydronaphthalene. décalitre, m. decaliter, 10 liters. décalquer, v.t. transfer (a design). •décamètre, m. decameter (32.8 feet). décanaphtène, m. decanaphthene. décantage, m. decanting, décantation. décantateur, m. décanter; settling tank. — en hélice, helical décanter (for removing suspended matter from water). décanter, v.t. decant. décanteur, m. décanter, a. decanting. — d'huiles amyliques, fusel oil separator. décapage, décapement, m. cleaning, etc. (see décaper). décapant, p.a. cleaning, etc. (see décaper). m. cleaner, remover ; etching agent. décaper, v.t. (of metals) clean, scour, pickle,

dip; etch; 0ux (métal before soldering); scrape; uncap. décapeur, m. cleaner, etc. (see décaper). décarbonater, v.t. decarbonate. décarbonateur, m. decarbonator ; specif., a tube for removing carbon dioxide from air. décarboniser, v.t. decarbonize. décarburant, p.a. decarbonizing, decarburizing. 77i. decarbonizer. décarburateur, a. decarbonizing, decarburizing. décarburation, /. decarbonization, decarburation. décarburer, v.t. decarbonize, decarburize. décarbureur, m. (Gas) purifier man. décarburisation, /. decarbonization, decarburization. décastère, m. decastere (10 cubic meters). décatir, v.t. sponge, ungloss (cloth, etc.). décatissage, m. sponging, unglossing. décatisseur, m. sponger (of cloth to remove gloss). décédé, p.a. & m. deceased. décelable, a. détectable. décèlement, m. détection; disclosure, disclosing, revealing. déceler, v.t. detect; disclose, reveal. décembre, m. December. décennal, a. decennial, ten-year. décentrage, m., décentration, /., décent renient, m. décentration, decentering. décentrer, v.t. decenter. déceptivement, adv. deceptively. décerner, v.t. award, confer; decree. décès, m. decease. décevant, p.a. deceiving. décevoir, v.t. deceive. déchaîner, v.t. unchain; release. décharge, /. discharge (in various sensés) ; outlet, vent; place for keeping rubbish. — à lueur, glow discharge. — silencieuse, silent discharge, déchargement, m. discharging; unloading. déchargeoir, m. outlet, vent, escape pipe, waste pipe. décharger, v.t. dïscharge ; remove the charge from ; unload ; empty. v.r. discharge, unload or relieve oneself; be discharged ; (of dyes) fade out ; (of rivers) empty. déchargeur, m. discharger ; unloader ; drawer (of coke, etc.) ; lightning arrester. déchaulage, m. (Leather) unliming. déchéance, /. forfeiture; décadence, decay. décherra, fut. S sing. (of déchoir) witl fall. déchet, m. loss, waste, wear and tear ;




(often pi., déchets) refuse, waste, scrap; sewage. — d'animaux, animal refuse, offal. — de coton, cotton waste. déchets de criblage, screenings. déchets de verre, broken glass, cullet. déchets métalliques, scrap métal. déchiffrable, o. decipherable, legible. déchiffrer, v.t. decipher, décode. déchiquetage, m. cutting up; (Rubber) milling. déchiqueté, p.a. ragged, jagged, eut up. déchiqueter, v.t. eut up, eut in pièces. déchiré, p.a. torn, etc. (see déchirer). déchirement, m. tearing, etc. (see déchirer). déchirer, v.t. tear; rend, lacerate, tear open, tear up; torture, distress; slander. déchirure, /. tear, rent; tearing; lacération. déchloruration, /. dechlorination. déchlorurer, v.t. deehlorinate. déchoir, v.i. fall, lose, décline, fall off. — d'un brevet, forfeit a patent. déchu, p.p. (of déchoir) fallen, etc. déciare, m. deciare, 10 square meters. décidant, p.a. deciding, décisive. décidé, p.a. decided. décidément, adv. decidedly, positively. décider, v.t. décide, détermine, settle. v.i. décide, v.r. be decided ; décide. — de, décide on ; décide to. décidu, a. deciduous. décigramme, m. decigram, 0.1 gram. décilitre, m. deciliter, 0.1 liter. décimale, /. décimal. décime, m. décime, 0.1 franc. /. tenth (part). décimètre, m. decimeter, 0.1 meter. — carré, square decimeter. décine, /. decyne. décirage, m. removal of wax. décirer, v.t. remove wax from. décisif, a. décisive ; peremptory. décistère, m. decistere, 0.1 cubic meter. déclanche, /. disengaging gear, release. declanchement, m. = déclenchement. déclancher, v.t. = déclencher. déclaration, /. déclaration; verdict. déclarer, v.t. déclare; reveal, disclose, v.r. manifest oneself, appear, occur; déclare oneself. déclenche, /. disengaging gear, release. déclenchement, m. unloosing, release; (Mach.) disengagement, also disengaging gear ; unlatching. déclencher, v.t. unloose, release; (Mach.) disengage, throw out of gear, trip; (Elec.) open (a switch) ; unlatch. déclencheur, m. releaser, release, tripper. déclic, m. click, catch, pawl, trip; trigger

déclin, m. décline; (Mach.) release. déclinaison, /. declination; declension. décliner, v.t. & i. décline. décliqueter, v.t. release (as a ratchet). déclive, a. sloping, inclined. /. slope. décliver, v.i. slope, be inclined. déclivité, /. declivity, slope. déclore, v.t. unclose, open. décoaguler, v.t. decoagulate. décoaltarisation, /. removal of coal tar. décoaltariser, v.t. free from coal tar. décochage, m. (Founding) stripping. décocté, m. décoction (the substance). — • d'aloès composé, (Pharm.) compound décoction of aloes. — de bois de Campêche, (Pharm.) décoction of logwood. décofféination, /. removal of caffeine. décohéreur, m. decoherer (old radio device). décoiffage, m. uncapping, etc. (see décoiffer). décoiffer, v.t. uncap ; uneork ; uncover. déçoit, pr. S sing. (of décevoir) deceives. décollage, décollement, m. séparation (of things stuck together), detachment, ungluing, coming off, parting; (Aero.) take-off. décoller, v.t. separate (things stuck together), detaoh, unstick, unglue, deglutinate. v.r. come unglued, come off, come apart; (Aero.) take off. décolletage, m. removal of the crown or top of plants (e.g., sugar beets) ; screw cutting. décolleter, v.t. remove the crown or top of ; eut, turn (screws). décolorant, p.a. decolorizing, décolorant. m. bleaching agent, décolorant. décoloration, /. decolorization, décoloration, decolorizing, decoloring, bleaching. décolorer, v.t. decolorize, decolor; discolor. décolorimètre, m. decolorimeter. décoloris, m. loss of color. décoltharisation, /. = décoaltarisation. décombres, m. pi. rubbish, débris. décomposant, p.a. decomposing. décomposé, p.a. decomposed; (Bot.) decompound. décomposer, v.t. décompose; alter. v.r. décompose ; change, be altered. décomposeur, m. décomposer; specif., in the Deacon process, the chamber in which hydrochloric acid is decomposed. décomposition, /. décomposition; altération. décompte, m. discount, déduction; itemizing, analysis (of an account); disappointment. décompter, v.t. deduct.




déconfiture, /. discomfiture ; insolvency. décongélation, /. thawing, thawing out. décongeler, v.t. thaw, thaw out. déconnecter, v.t. disconnect. déconnexion, /. disconnection ; release. déconseiller, v.t. counsel against. déconsidérer, v.t. discrédit. déconstruire, v.t. take apart, disassemble. décor, m. décoration. décorateur, m. decorator. décoratif, o. décorative. décordonnage, m. removal of crust from the stampers of a powder mill. décorer, v.t. decorate. décorticage, m., décortication, /. decortication, etc. (see décortiquer). décortiquer, v.t. decorticate, bark, husk, hull, shell, peel, mill. découdre, v.t. unsew, unstitch, rip, rip off. découler, u.t. trickle, flow (gently), drop; (fig.) fiow, spring, follow. découpage, m. cutting, etc. (see découper). découper, v.t. eut, eut up, eut off, eut out; punch, v.r. be eut, be eut up ; stand out. découpeur, m. cutter. découpeuse, /. cutter; specif., an apparatus or machine used for cutting. découpler, v.t. uncouple, disengage. découpoir, m. cutter, cutting machine; cutting punch. découpure, /. cutting, cutting out; eut; cutting, part eut out ; fretwork. décourageant, p.a. discouraging. décourager, v.t. discourage, v.r. be discouraged. décourber, v.t. unbend, straighten. décousant, p. pr. (of découdre) unsewing, etc. décousu, p.p. (of découdre) unsewn, ripped. découvert, p.a. discovered; uncovered, exposed, bare. m. déficit, à —, uncovered ; unsheltered; openly; (Corn.) without security. mettre à —, uncover, disclose. découverte, /. discovery; overburden. découvrant, p. pr. of découvrir. découvreur, m. discoverer. découvrir, v.t. discover; uncover; expose. v.r. be discovered ; be visible ; reveal oneself ; expose oneself ; uncover. décramponer, v.t. remove the cramps from; unspike. décrassage, m. cleaning, etc. (see décrasser). décrasser, v.t. clean; wash, scour, scrape; decarbonize (an engine) ; deslag. décrayonnage, m. cleaning (of a furnace). décréditer, v.t. discrédit. décrépiter, v.i. decrepitate. décret, m. decree.

décreusage, décreusement, m. scouring, etc. (see décreuser). décreuser, v.t. (Silk) scour, strip, ungum, degum; scour, cleanse. décreuseur, m. scourer, etc. (see décreuser). décrire, v.t. describe. v.r. be described. décrit, p.p. âc pr. S sing. of décrire. décrivant, p.a. describing. décrochage, décrochement, m. unhooking, etc. (see décrocher); detachment. décrocher, v.t. unhook, unfasten; disengage; disconnect. v.r. (Mach.) fall out of step. décroissance, A decrease, diminution, décline. décroissant, p.a. decreasing, diminishing. décroissement, m. decrease, diminution, (of waves) damping. décroître, v.i. decrease, diminish, décline. décrotter, v.t. clean, clean off, brush. décrouir, v.t. (Métal.) anneal. décrouissage, m. (Métal.) annealing. décrofitage, m. cleaning (from crust); (Founding) dressing down, skinning. décroûter, v.t. remove the crust from, clean. décru, p.p. (of décroître) decreased. décruage, m. = décreusage. décrue, /. decrease, décrément. décruer, v.t. = décreuser. décrueur, m. = décreuseur. déerflment, décrusage, décrusement, m. = décreusage. décruser, v.t. = décreuser. déçu, p.p. (of décevoir) deceived. décuire, v.t. thin (sirup). v.r. become thin. décuivrer, v.t. deprive of copper, decopperize. décuplateur, o. multiplying by ten. décupler, v.t. décuple, multiply by ten. décuvage, m., décuvaison, /. (Wine) racking off from the vat after fermentation, tunning ; (Brewing) nooring. décuver, v.t. rack off from the vat, tun (wine) ; (Brewing) floor. décyclisation, /. decyclization, ring opening. décycliser, v.t. decyciize, open up. décyle, m. decyl. dédaigner, v.t. disdain. dédale, m. labyrinth, maze. dédaléen, dédalien, a. inextricable, Jabyrinthine. dédaller, v.t. remove the flags from, unpave. dedans, adv. inside, withîn, in. m. inside, interior. au —, within, inside. au — de, within, inside of, in the interior of. de —, from within; (of measurements) in the




clear. en —, within, inside, in; (of a défécant, m. defecating agent, defecant. burner) at the base; (of measurements) in défécation, /. défécation; clarification. the clear. en — de, within, inside of. par défectible, o. imperfect. —, through ; within. défectueusement, adv. defectively. défectueux, a. détective, faulty, unsound. dédicace, /. dedioation. défectuosité, /. defect, fault, flaw. dédicatoire, a. dedicatory. défendre, v.t. défend; protect; prohibit, dédier, v.t. dedicate. dédit, m. forfeit; bond; retraction. forbid. v.r. défend oneself; forbear; dédommagement, m. damages, compensaavoid ; décline ; deny. tion. défendu, p.a. defended; forbidden, prodédommager, v.t. compensât*, indemnify. hibited. dédorage, m. ungiiding. défense, /. défense ; prohibition ; fender. dédorer, v.t. ungild, remove the gilding — d'entrer, no admittance. from. défenseur, m. defender, champion. défensif, a. défensive. dédornre, /. ungiiding. dédoublable, a. divisible into two, decom- déféquer, v.t. defecate, clarify, elear, purposable, resolvable, etc. (see dédoubler). ify. dédoublage, dédoublement, m. division défera, fut. 3 ting. (of défaire) will undo, into two, décomposition, resolution, etc. etc. (see dédoubler), dédoublement cétonique, déférer, v.t. confer, bestow; denounce, acketonic cleavage. cuse, v.i. defer. dédoublé, p.p. of dédoubler, m. an arti- déferrage, m. removal of iron, deferrizaficial brandy made by diluting alcohol. tion ; removal of ironwork ; (of a horse) dédoubler, v.t. divide into two, décomunshoeing. pose, cleave, split; (of racemic substances, déferrer, v.t. deprive of iron, deferrize; redouble salts, etc.) résolve; dilute; reduce move ironwork from ; unhinge (a door) ; one half ; undouble, unfold ; unline, ununshoe (a horse) ; disconcert. sheath. v.r. divide into two, décompose, déferrisation, /. deferrization. split, be resolved ; diminish one half ; un- défervescence, /. defervescence, subsidence fold ; be unlined. from a state of effervescence or (M éd.) of dédoublure, /. rent, split; large air noie fever. (in an ingot). défi, m. défiance. déductlf, a. deductive. défiance, /. distrust; diffidence. dédurtàvement, adv. deductively. défibrage, m. séparation of fibers (see défibrer). déduire, v.t. deduct; deduce; relate. défibrer, v.t. remove or separate the fibers dédurcir, v.t. soften. défaillance, /. failing; fainting; faintness. of, disintegrate (as wood or sugar cane) ; défaillir, v.L fail; default; faint. grind (wood for making mechanical pulp). défaire, v.t. unmake, undo, untie, take défibreur, m. fiber separator; (.Paper) pulp apart; disengage, ungear; unscrew; take grinder; {Sugar) cane shredder. ofi; defeat; make way with; rid. v.r. be défibriner, v.t. defibrinate. undone, corne loose; weaken, spoil; rid déficeler, v.t. untie, undo, open (a package), oneself, get rid (of). déficit, m. déficit ; deficiency. déficitaire, a. déficient. défait, p.p. & pr. S sing. of défaire. défaite, /. defeat; subterfuge, évasion; ex- défier, v.t. defy. v.r. be distrustful; be cuse, pretext. suspicious, hâve an idea (of, that) ; defy défalcation, /. déduction, réduction. each other. défilage, m. unthreading, etc. (see défiler). défalquer, v.t. deduct. défilé, p.p. of défiler, m. (Paper) half défausser, v.t. straighten, true. défaut, m. want, lack, absence, deficiency; stuff ; défile ; constriction. defect, flaw; fault; default. pr. S smg. dénier, v.t. unthread, unstring; (Paper) (of défaillir) fails, etc. à — de, au — de, separate (rags) into threads or fibers, in the absence of, in lieu of ; for want of. break in; release (a brake). faire —, be absent, be missing; fail. sans déflleur, m. unthreader; (Paper) rag-cylin—, faultless; flawless. der driver, a. unthreading; (Paper) breakdéfaveur, /. disfavor. ing-in. défileuse, /. unthreader; (Paper) breaker. défavorable, a. unfavorable. défilochage, m. = défilage. défavorablement, adv. unfavorably.




défilocher, v.t. = défiler. défini» p.a. definite; defined. définir, v.t. define. v.r. be defined. définissable, a. definable. définitif, a. définitive, final. définitivement, adv. definitively, finally. défit, p. def. S sing. (of défaire) unmade, etc. défixation, /. séparation, removal. déflagrant, p.a. deflagrating. déflagrateur, m. deflagrator. déflagrer, v.i. deflagrate. défléchir, v.t. & i. deflect. déflecteur, m. deflector. défiegmage, m. dephlegmation, rectification. déflegmatenr, m. dephlegmator, rectifier. déflegmatlon, /. dephlegmation. déflegmer, v.t. dephlegmate, rectify. déflexion, /. deflection. déflocheuse, /. rag-tearing machine, devil. défloculation, /. deflocculation. défoncer, v.t. scrape out; dig up, plow. défont, pr. S pi. (of défaire) unmake, etc. déformateur, a. defonning. déformer, v.t. deform; distort; warp. v.r. become deformed; warp. défournage, détournement, m. taking from an oven, kiln, or furnace, drawing. détourner, v.t. take or draw (porcelain, glass, cernent, etc.) from an oven, kiln, or furnace. défournenr, m. drawer, kiln (or oven) drawer; (for plate glass) hot-push man. défourneuse, /. (Glass) pot wagon. défoxage, m. (Wine) removal of foxy taste. défraîchir, v.t. deprive of freshness, deluster, fade. v.r. lose freshness, fade. défrayer, v.t. pay the expense of; entertain. défricher, v.t. clear, make tillable; clear up. déf ruiter, v.t. strip of fruit ; remove the taste of the fruit from (as olive oil). défuselation, /. removal of fusel oil. défuseler, v.t. free from fusel oil, rectify. dégagé, p.a. disengaged, etc. (see dégager); free, open; graceful. dégagement, m. disengagement, libération, émission, évolution ; clearing ; rédemption. dégager, v.t. disengage; liberate, émit, evolve; blow off (steam); clear; redeem. v.r. be disengaged; be emitted; be cleared; disengage oneself. dégaler, v.t. clean, comb (as rabbit skins). dégarnir, v.t. degarnish, strip, untrim. dégarnissage, m. degarnishing ; thinning (of sugar beets). dégaser, v.t. degas, free from gas.

dégasolinage, m. removal of gasoline. dégât, m. damage, destruction, waste. dégauchi, p.a. smoothed, smooth, even, true. dégauchir, v.t. smooth, dress, plane, polish; straighten, true. dégazage, m., dégazation. /. degassiog. dégazéification, /. degasification. dégazéifier, v.t. degasify. dégazer, v.t. degas, degasify, outgas. dégazolinage, m. removal of gasoline. dégel, m. thawing, defrosting. dégelage, dégèlement, m. thawing. dégélatiner, v.t. deprive of gelatin, degelatinize. dégeler, v.t., r. & i. thaw, melt. dégénéré, p.a. degenerated, degenerate. dégénérer, v.i. degenerate. dégénérescence, /. degeneration. — ffrotsseuse, fatty degeneration. dégénérescent, a. degenerative. dégermage, m. removal of germs, degerming. dégermer, v.t. degerminate, deprive of the germ. dégermeur, m., dégermeuse, /. degerminator. dégivrer, v.t. de-ice; defrost. dégivreur, m. de-icer; defroster. déglaçage, déglacement, m. removal of luster; removal of ice. déglacer, v.t. deprive of luster (as paper); remove the ice from ; thaw, melt. dégluement, m. removal of glue, ungluing. dégluer, v.t. remove the glue from, unglue. déglutir, v.i. swallow. déglyceriner, v.t. remove the glycerin from (as oils), deglycerin, deglycerinate. dégommage, m. degumming, etc. (see dégommer). dégommer, v.t. degum, ungum, scour (silk). dégonflement, m. déflation, going down, réduction (of swellings). dégonfler, v.t. deflate, reduce (something swollen). v.r. be deflated, be reduced, subside. dégor, m. discharge pipe or tube; specif., (Distilling) a pipe carrying spent wasi». dégorgement, dégorgeage, m. clearing, etc. (see dégorger); discharge; outlet. dégorgeoir, m. a mill for scouring cloth ; an instrument for cleaning a tube or opening; (of a gun) priming wire; spout where water issues. dégorger, v.t. clear, deobstruct, unstop (as s pipe); cleanse, scour, wash (cloth, leather, etc.); hollow out; disgorge, v.t.

t. en —. m. dehydroacetic. outside. a. dégourdir. shrewd. lean. revive. warm slightly. dehors. (Ceram. tar remover. extracting. m.) dégraisseur. unrig. m. v. (see dégraisser). dessuintage. déjà. /. (Cf. a. V. par —. reduce in size. v. concentration. dégraisser. v. machine or tool that roughs down. — d'épreuve. de —. déguisement. cool. more. ( Water) removal of gross impurities. dégréner. taste. biscuit fire . m. (Ceram.a. biscuit. unfasten. dégourdi. grease removed by scouring. anglais. dégrossisseur. par degrés. rn.t. polish.) remove from the pugger. dégrossir. dégreneur.) sharpen. m.dégorger 125 delà discharge. dress down (wood) . dégraisse. be disgusted. m. de — en —. warp. déjeuner. o.r.t. (Used chiefly in phrases. — centésimal. abroad . warm slightly. déhydracétique. also.) give the first or biscuit baking to . déguster. etc. dégut. v. au — de. unoil. test by tasting. dégoûtant. thin. detar. dismantïe. drip. (pi. degree centigrade. scouring.t. without. beyond. dehydracetic. m. outside. unglazed . scouring. removal of graphite. distort.a. scour. on the outside . en — de. m. disgust. réduction in size. cleaner. au —• de. — de soleil. dégustateur. deteriorate . give a first filtration to (water). v. take the chill off of .i. already. free from fat. m. concentrate (ores) roughly. remove numbness from. deprive of tar. tone down . dripping. roughing down. (Iron) roughing rolls . dégoudronnage. m. trickle. impoverish (soil) .. v. be degraded. dégoûter. revive . adv.t. disguise. a fabric that fades rapidly. dégoudronner. déguiser. dégrader. déjecteur. dégrade. degreaser.T. (fig. m.) au —. trickling. déhydromucique. etc. dégrever. dégoût. v. m. dégraissage. & r. p.t. . scum (liquids) . m. reanimated.r. damage. degré. lively. decay.t. scouring agent. degree of freedom. au —. delà. correct the greasy taste of (wine).t. out. excrément. adv. v. dégradation. prep. rough-dress . m. v. m. foreign countries. (subject to any opération roughly. p. test breakfast. step by step. from beyond. m. outside of. rough-shape. etc. beyond.i. in a preliminary way) rough down. exterior . out of . v. rough. disgusting.t. sharp. skim. /. (of colors) dégrade. v. dégrade oneself.t. unhook. become lukewarm.r. etc. daggett (empyreumatic oil of birch). emaciate. taster. m. degras. ungrease. out. (Ceram. coarse screen or filter. dégraissis. (see dégrossir) . centigrade degree. p. antiplastic or aplastic material. beyond . beyond.) mill attendant. without. {Ceram. v. en —. déjection. v. farther. by degrees.t. v.). slightly warm . ejector (of boiler scale). dégragène. dégras. dégrossissage. (of porcelain) in the state of biscuit. m. beyond . m. a substance supposed to exist in fish oils. v.t.t. become unstopped. empty.) déjection. rough shaping. scourer (in various industries) . free (as from tax or duty). (see dégrossir) . m. (Ceram. (Ceram. degree of hardness. & Physiol. decay. skimming or the like. m. dégoudronnement. (Leather) dégras. breakfast.) biscuit baking. meal. disgust. dégraissoir. drawing (of métal). v. m. etc. drop. externally. revived. (Geol. oil separator. v.) render less plastic. a workman. outward. outside. roughshaping.t. degragene. (see dégraisser). dégrener. cool (to lukewarmness). scouring machine (for wool). mortification. clean . déjeter. outside . m. dégrosser. degree. dehydromucic. dégraissant. dégradation. sod oil. fat-extract (filter paper) . tasting (of wine. dégraphitage. etc. v. ) leaning agent. dégouttement. test meal. draw (metals). discharge. dégréer. détérioration. dégoutter. outside of. v. gradualîy. disguise. dégustation. rough-grind (plate glass). — de dureté. a machine or instrument for scouring or degreasing. reducing. dégrossage. step.i. reduce. dropping.a. dégoudronneur. allow to cool (to lukewarmness) . frank. fat eut from méat in retailing it (distinguished from leaf fat). out. removal of tar. unglazed body. — de vapeur. preliminary. /. rough-shapes.) dejecta. breakfast. m. from there. v. — de liberté. overflow. dégrafer. degrease. roughing. overflow . apart from.

delight. mixing.a. v. delphinine. etc. v. délisser. v. v.t. cleave. délayant. weaken (colora). m. m. want. par —. délier. v. /. (Ceram. m. (Brewing) mash.. déliquium. v. paste. thinner (see délayer). v.t.) expulsion of the after-birth. disintegration . p.) order.t. thinned or tempered material.. démagnétiser. p. délirant.t. stirring of melted glass. v. uncover. weakening (of colors).a. délibéré. m. specif. abandoned. v. m. tempering or tiûnning.t. beyond. a.) order. joint (in rock). loose.t. deleterious. délaiement. démaclage. délié.). (of lime) slake. rag cutting or sorting. démasquer. sort (rags). v. démanganiser. délustrer. v. a. dilute (cotes). refreshing. démangeaison. untied. loose. ask. slender. a liquid used for mixing. délabré. specif. split. démêlage.t. application. butter drier. délayement. (Com. crumble. apply for. v. demander. dismember. mixing. délayage. m. (Mach. deprive of milk.a. p. m. délibérer. fissure. ask for. start. contradict. enormous. delphinine. délétère. m. délayer. p. (Law) plaintif!. deliberate. crumbling. claim.t. stand out. délassant. & m. asker. & r. délaitage. démentir. délitescence. dilapidated.delà 126 démesuré further on. be disentangled . sponging (cloth). distinguish . effiorescent. demain. déluter. = délayage.t. abandon. /. deluster. effloresce.r. lag . délustrage. délicieux. m. delicious. shatter. discover . mixer. (Com. combing (of hair). wool pulling. offense. disentangling.) délitescence. sponge. clever. (see démêler) . délainage. /. v. m. m.t. the working or drying of butter. starting. /.a. be inconsistent. mixture. v.t. disorder. be delirious. v. deliberate. course. délicat.t. démaeler. /. délire.t. m. reduce to order. adv. dilution. deliver. délainer. bold. crumbling. thinning (of plants) . be cleared up. define. démarreur. v. time alkwed. p. v. rift.r. side transverse to the grain. m. bearing. dilute. mix (a powder. suspension. deliquium (Obs. délutage. unlute.t. liquid formed by déliquescence. p. démembrer. p. time required for delivery. démesuré. a. délivrance. free. (of a stone) edge. v.t. delphinin. delay . specif. demand. dementia. v. removal of the lute. grant (a patent). (Med. m. v. ungloss. délitage. deliverance. efflorescence. démarrage. délivrer. (Brewing) mashing. délisseuse. wanted. divorce. patent application. v. delphinoside. cease. délicatesse. delimit. (Paper) eut (rags) to workable size. m. m. (see délayer). délecter. demandeur. (of buildings) give way.a. set (a stone) edgewise. délit. fine. etc. (see délayer). delustering. delirium.t.a. v.t. démence. v. noxious. removal of coke from a gas retort. délégué. délavage. removal of milk. with a liquid). shrink (cloth). immoderate. gait. clear. m.. delightful. delicacy.i. délitescent. démanteler. tomorrow. /. m. question. belie. délaisser. — de brevet. delivery. délaissé.) starter. or the like.) blunger. deprive of luster.t. m. untie . (see déliter). — de livraison. /. splinter. délissage. = délayage. in disuse. m. delegated. wish. disintegrate . v. temper. délabrer. demande.i. demandé. décide. demand. demagnetize. m. strip of wool. specif. mash. in demand. m. délayeur. request. démarche. délaitement. wool puller. etc. battered. sorting (of wool) . déliter. (Physioî. delegate. thin.t. dismantle. délicate.t. (Cernent) wash mill. etc. m. more. m. rag sorter. remove the lute from. v. démariage. disentangle. délitement. excessive. délaver. farther. shrewd. délaiter. m. & i. stir (melted glass). demanganize. démêler. unmask. capable of being disintegrated. unluting. délivre.t. m. disbelieve. . délaineur. v. v. /. déliquescence. v. eall for. itching.t. p.t. délirer. o. o.. work (butter). thin. /. ruin. demarcate.a. after-birth. delirious. contradict oneself or each other. p.a. délai. /. rag cutter. démarrer.t. délimiter.a. délaiteuse.

of moderate depth. half-finished product. . & m. demolish. thin brick. demi-cylindrique. beetle.t. half life. (of machines) obsolescent. demi-solide. semi-fraud. demi-opaque. demineralize. (of cheese) made from partially skimmed milk. a kind of lead glass in the making of which crystal cullet is used. demi-acier. demi-litre. m. demeure. immeasurably. dwell. half-size. /. demi-circulaire. /. a. /. live. semiopaque. v. semifluid. half-wave-length. demi-métal. demi-siècle. m. half-century. hemi-. m. demi-boule. excessively. a. a. out of fashion. twentieth. adv. v. half-hour. demi-balle. m. à —. a.. semi-firm. permanent. demi.t.) semi-conductor. m. hémisphère. p. semi-brilliant. m. /. /. a. (of coal) semi-bituminous. semi-. demi-coke. demi-brique. a. half-round file. demi-conducteur. v. m. /. half hogshead. démonstrative. semiopal. /. demi-ronde. /. o. demi-muid. /. immovable. half-brick. half-disk. half. demi-sphérique. (Paper) half stuff. remain. semisolid. demi-tour. def. demi-moule. m. semidrying. half tint. stationary. démolir. semimetallic. /. a. hemispheric(al). of médium length. living. semimetal. demi-molle. moderately brilliant. m. survivor. demi-cercle. a. a. /. demethylate. m. demi-fin. convincing. semicircle. (see demeurer). nearly white. twilight. m. semisteel.t. demi-doublé. m. semi-white. démettre. demi-période. a. demi-précieux. /. demi-molécule. semiproduct.p. (of type) medium-faced. démoduler. dim light. neither deep nor shallow. a. (Paper) designating a wood pulp made by combined chemical and mechanical treatment. a. démonstratif. /. partial fraud. demi-ferme. /. single. demi-jour. old-fashioned. semiprecious. a. m. demi-fluide. semicylindrical. demi-profond.a. demi-blanc. /. m. hémisphère. demi-existence. half. /. résidence. democracy. semiscale. semicoke. half-molécule. a. half (-life) period. demi-disque. (Med. half turn. semiporcelain. <c p. semirefined. démixtion. /. demi-fraude. of déf mettre. demi-cristal. half horsepower. /. half-length.) designating a paste which is rather stiff but can be kneaded by hand. demonstrator. remove wax from (honey). half a tenth. séparation of the constituents of a mixture.t. demi-dixième. half round. v.) designating a paste easily worked by the fmgers yet not adhering to them. demi-heure. enormously. demi-produit. m. demi-onde. m. v. m. stop. demi-chimique. a. m. demi-long. demi-cheval. demi-vie. demi-teinte. demi-diamètre. half-round. a. radius. /. demi-opale. a. a. (Ceram. semihard. specif. v. o. à —.i.r. demi-sécheur. delay. demi-rond. /. déminéraliser. dwelling. /. /. semimanufacture.) excessive élimination of minerai matter in the urine. demi-journée. résignation. démonstrateur. resign . half. demeurer. rest . v. demi-porcelaine. a.. m. m. half-mold. demi-sphère. (of metals) half-fine. démis. demi. demi-fixe. p. demi-raffiné. 1 & 2 sing. demi-. demeurant. dismiss. (Blec. demineralization. /. déméthyler. demie. a. demodulate.t. demi-haut-fourneau.t. small blast furnace. /. semicalcareous. half-day. half size. half life. a. a. demi-gras. demicalcaire. semiportable. half-liter. m. remainder. o. (Ceram. half-wave. au —. a. a. (Jewelry) designating a jewel having the crown of one stone and the lower part of another stone or of glass. by half. demi-grand. démodé. intermediate. demoiselle. demi-grandeur. demi-brillant. demi-longueur.démesurément 127 démonstratif démesurément. adv. semidiameter. rectify. démocratie. v. on the whole. ranimer. /. after ail. demi-dur. o. /. demi-pâte. dislocate. half-. deprive of methyl. a. half-ball. déminéralisation. semi-chemical. semicircular. & m. etc. quit. hémisphère. démission. twelve-carat gold. demitint. be dislocated. half circle. stay. / m . m. demi-métallique. démieller.

drawing. dénaturant. denitrating. renne (pig iron). (Glass) a long rod with a double hook at the end. m.t. deodorize. pump out. be named. dismountable. a. v.. v. tooth.) serrated. real density. denounce. real density. density by mercury. dénominateur. eurrent density. en — de scie. /. dénaturé. v. v. dépannage. set of teeth.t. a greenish-blue variety of topaz. v. a.a. denitrate. remove from the mold. (of leaves. draw. /. dentifrice.t. a. denitrify. provision.t. /. deprive. an instrument for cutting soap.t. dénaturer. saw-toothed. altered.t.* product. démontage. v. — de lion.a.demonstrativement 128 déparaffiner démonstrativement. /. o. dénoyer. dénommer. unnatural. démultiplication. v.t. food product. dent-de-cheval. dénote. dentelé. dépaqueter. densement. census. /. denominator. dénaturation. modification. cog. densité. create a différence of level in (as mercury in a manometer). denrée. p. stripping. take apart. m. /. denture. number. catch. m.) leadwort (Plumbago.a. indentation. dent. absolute density. stripper. démontrable. — d'engrenage. m. densimetric. dents de loup. p. unset (gems) . denter. dénombrable. dismount. dénivellement. change the nature or properties of. v. be dismountable. v. disconcert. a.t. m. (of wheels.r. (Mach. loosen.a. reducer. strip. reducing. be disconcerted. dentiste. set of teeth (esp. for handling the pots in the furnace. removal of paraffin. déniveler. déodoriser. dendritie. v. removable . go to pièces. m. denaturation . v. dénitrer. removal from the mold. (of iron) refined. dénombrer.t. a.t. dentaire. tooth. a. disassemble . v. denseness. dendritique. dénombrement. m. knock down. déparamnage. etc. a. dentelure. /.) cogged. jag. unpack.) réduction. serrate. jagged . v. capable of being taken apart . unlevel. converted . ratchet. notching. démontrer. — des boutonniers. toothing. demonstrate. dénaturateur. m. tooth . densimètre. be dismounted. /. dénitrage. v. undernutrition. (see démonter). dentifrice. m. demonstrable. pawl. esp. v. lift. démultiplicateur. destitute. déparafflner. adv. dewax. tooth. dénuer. pawl. dénude. /. dentist. dénoncer. démontable.r. dénaturer.. dentier. (Bot. devoid. a. v.) a device for reducing velocity. dénitrant. take to pièces. displacement of level. démouler. enumeration. specif. .) catch. dental. gear down. open. denatured. dénoter. /. démouleur. enumerate. cogs. denteler. dénivellation. v. denté. demonstrability. v. list. tooth-cleaning. — absolue. démontrabilité. under dent. m. dénutrition.t. also pitch . denominate. commodity. v. deny. p. dénégation. différence in level.t. v. déni. dénaturant. dénitrifler. etc. /. (Bot. — de loup. denitrifying.t.t. démultiplier. detent. strip. produce. servicing. untie. notched. an apparatus for removing nitrogen oxides from molasses. démonter. /. count. m. demoralize. — de vapeur. densely.t. denture. denture. dentelle. toothed. — au mercure. (Bot.t. dentelaire. click. an artificiel one).) reduce. gear tooth. dénouer. a. dénuder. m. convert. — réelle. name. altération. denumerable. lay bare.) dandelion. good. dénitreur. food product. collapsible. — alimentaire. densimeter. gearing. m.t. dénier.. (Mach. dénitrificateur. alter. unwater. cog . foodstuff. denaturing. See dent de loup. p. m. m. lifting. dismounting. m.. adv. déniai.t. catalog. /. (Mach. P. strip. dénote. /.t. take down. convincingly. v. démoulage.t. /.t. indent.t. notch. v. dent-de-loup. europaea). denitrifying agent. bail out. denitration. vapor density. detent. — de barrage. bone turnings (used for making glue). dental. déclare. m. m. deprive of paraffin. (Mach. denitrator.) teeth. v. conversion. peak. m. a.) dentate. dénature.t. lacework. (Mach. v. show. specif. numbering. etc. lace. unleveling. — du courant. dénué. (Mach. counting. densimétrique.) repairing. démoraliser. density. foodstuff. v. denaturing. dénutrition.

v. etc. break. — houiller. removal of lead. /. not to thrive . imperfect. decanting. settle. m.) overpole. molder. place of departure. déplacé.a. /. dépositaire. depilatory. dépendre. v.t. /. filling station. movable.t. discharge.t. displaceable.t.t. décline . dephosphorizing.a. déplâtrage. depickling.t. waste. unhair. v. déperdition. discharge. dépend . remove lead from. waste dumping. (Old Chem.t. v. depot. déployer. m. déparer. consume.dépareillé 129 dépouille dépareillé. phase shifter.t. remove. dépolissement. m. v. shift. mislead. stripper . v. dépêche. coal bed. starter. m. v. /. depolished. m. wasting away.t. dépotage. outlay. mat. costs. dépister. strip of lead.a. m. waste. cost. a. dépeindre. m. (see dépérir) . settling.t. lay aside. grind. discharge (as of water) . mar. v. hide.t. departure. m. (Métal. settle. despite. frosting (of glass). dépeleur. separator. incomplète. be deposited. /. (Elec. dephosphorize. file. depict.r. trustée. draw out. déphaseur. take down.i. dephosphoration. déplaire. déporter. déphlogistiquer. m. exit . dépilatoire. strip of ornament.a. déport. depolishing.r. départir. dépérissement. déphosphoriser. déplacer. a. sorting. v.t. m. déposition. belong. charges. decant. v. m. department. (see déplacer). /. be higher or longer than. deposit. & i.t. v. depilatory. dépêcher. m.t. m. marine deposit. (of gas or liquid) escape. a. (of glass) ground. decay. etc. discharge (of a firearm). dephosphorylation. depolarize. v. p. f. dissipation . depolymerize. unpot.i. V. m. depository. déplombage. dépendance. déposage. (see dépérir). depolarizer. distribute. deposit. discover. disagreeable. dépolarisant.t. v. spoil. unfold. v. dépilage. dépareiller. wither. v. storage. out of place. séparation. remove. dépendent. a. v. dépense. déplu. v. loss. waste away. See déflegmateur. (Elec. /. v. v. dépotement. of déplaire. départeur. depolarizer. depolarizing. dépasser. dépoter. form a deposit. v. skin. etc. desist. depolished surface. expend. be displaced. dépicklage. lose polish. dépôt. dépose. efflux . pass. clear of pillars. register (as a trade-mark).t. exceed. project beyond. peeler . unwind. dépiler.) dephlogisticate. dephosphorizing agent. dépolymeriser. grinding. remove the polish of. etc. parter . displaced . v. removal of calcium sulfate. & f. — des déblais. eut away . depletion . expenditure. crop (as of grain). waste dump. a. expense. dépérir. déphasage. -ylisation. be moved. dépolariser. dépilatif. p. dependence. S sing. cutting up.t. v. — emplisseur. m. bestow. m. expense. become dull. — marin. déposition. a. pr. (Mining) removal of pillars. dépendant. spite. m. v.t. depopulate. département. depolishing. dépolarisateur.t. m. parting (of metals). depilate. & m. tarnish. départ. dépolir. etc. dépens. m. deposit. v.) déphasé. en — de. décantation . not to be pleased. dépilation. déphaser. be spent . m. frost (glass). .t. unhairing. & m. expand (métal). tarnishing.r. frosted. spoil. precipitate. deploy. dispatch. déplaçable. be consumed. go beyond. v. p. wasting. display. depolarizer. v. m. depolish. coal deposit. dépècement. hasten. dépolariseur. displacement. of départir. déphlegmateur. v. tarnish. déplier. move. v. p. unhairing. spoil (a set). m.t. déplacement. depilation. unpleasant. dépouille. in spite of.i. consumption (as of electricity) . déposer. départ. removal of plastering or plaster. dépolissage. déphaser. p. division.T. dephosphorization. odd. m. m. m. v. dispatch. describe. let settle. dépérissant.r. skinner. deposit. change one's résidence. déphosphorer. déphosphorant.r. dépeupler. displace.t. dispensary. déplaisant. storehouse. dispense. déplomber.r. v. aux — de.a. dépit. surpass. decay. v. laisser —.t. depositary. déphosphorylation. pi. hurry. dépoli. p. spend. at the expense of. v.) phase displacement. be displeasing. v.t.p. dépenser.

/.t. déraciner. v. /. p. m. dérivée. dépression. /. diversion . true skin. p. dépouiller. since. dératisation. v.) fin. derle. p. — purique. dépuratif. déprenant. dépoussiéreur. depurative.) scouring. uproot. dépris. strip . branch off. — avant. deputed. pickling. un-. shunted. v. therefore.t. & r. removal of sand (as from castings). p. trouble oneself. dépression. shp away. pulper. rub up. dérégler. destitute. removal of rust.t. (Aero. v. (In chemical cames the préférable translation is de-. accordingly.t. — que. m. deprive. déréglé. lowering. purify. derivative of the nature of an ether (or ester). v. purine derivative. m. remove dust from. disturb. out oî order.t. reap. drift.a. au — point. a. v. derrière. immediately.t. booty. v. dérivatif. plunder. m. skid. taper . déroulement. variation. a.t. disconcert. rag cutter. v. private. dérivé. v.t.(Elec. v.t. depuratory.t. gather (crops) .t. m. disarrangement. work up (reports. m. cutting (of rags) . par —. draft gage. etc. (see dépouiller). from then. dérayage.t. /. dérangement. steal away. pickle. dérobé. remove rust from. lastly. v. au —. derivative. v. dérange. dermatitis. back. n. since. v.a. dermatite. a. dépuration. depurative. unrolling.dépouille 130 désabler (Mach. when. lately. — que. disparage. unroll. v. dérive. behind. m. v. a. estremely. dermic.t. unwinding. (Mach. dérochage. dérivation . — lors.) derivative. désabler. disordering. /.t. m.t. divert. small tube connected to a larger one. separate. v. as. dépoussiérer. adv. be derived. dépurateur. dissolute. dès.) derma. relief. before. etc. (Aero.r. dépouillement. originating. v. breakdown. derivative. déréglage.) .r.a. derived. v. hind part. removal of excess finish (from cloth). & r.) clear.a. kaolin. eut (rags). dérocher. déviation . shell. after. derivative. . dermique. pulp. starting from. prep. etc. (Math. as. réduction to pulp. disorder . député. purification. des-. since. secretly.t. recently. get out of order. behind. derme. déprimomètre. save. be (or get) out of order. dip (metaîs) . separating. spoil. dépoussiérage. a machine for removing excess finish from cloth. be stripped. déprécier. a. rear. des-. dipping . drayer. remove rock from. put out of order or adjustment.a. déraper. v. peel. scour. part. déraisonnable. déprimer. m. irregular. See drayage. removal of dust. dérive. derride. dérompage. dépulper. — là.r. unreasonable. depurate. deputy. — stéranique. derivative. taper. (Anat. v.) clearance. rid oneself. o. not des-.) shunt. as soon as. m. (Métal. rat extermination. dépuration.) side-slip. proceeding. /. drift. shunt .a. reduce to pulp. dés-. depress. — là que. dennal. (Elec) shunting.t. derride. adv. dérouler. dépulpeur. & adv. latest. v. ever since. secret.i. relieve. deresinify. unrivet. /. m. dépuratoire. as. dérivation. separated. desand. dernièrement. steal. m. abstract (accounts) . dernier. (Elec. secondary. of the. m. (see déprendre). deprive . v. reduced pressure. privately. m. inordinate . déranger. dérompre. dérésinifier. prep. remove excess finish from (cloth).r. dépulpage. dust remover. ever since. — lors que.t. m. removal of rock. from that time. & m. disarrange. mislead . pulping. etc. dérompeuse. prep. dérangement. dis-. unfold. (mortal) remains. dépurer. strip oneself. Contraction of de les. vacuum. deflect. déprendre. dérivant. last. — après. /. p. from. — êthéré. (of wine) become lighter.a. steroid. & m. depreciate. devoid. bridge. dériveter. uncoil. dépourvu. deviate. depuis. failure. à la dérobée. be deranged. dérouter. de-. des. p. dérouiller. v. dérayer. v.a. p. go over. drift .i.t. skin . p. unrivet. m. since. parted. stolen . since. v. m. • since. eradicate. déviation. derived. m. from. (see de). be hidden. shelled .) désablage.t. v. dériver. from the. back part. unprovîded (with). hide.) shunt. m. deprived. dérouillement.t. from behind.r. dermis. v. dérompoir. dépourvoir. skinning. unawares. v. deprive of sand. dérober. (of ships) stern. /. therefore.

désacidiflcatlon. désassembler. make less full. désemballer.t. (see descendre).désabonnement 131 desempoisonner désabonnement. free from sebist. désagréable.a. désemplir. désaccoupler. empty (in part). deprive of asphalt. p. disintegrator. m. (see desceller). désastreux. (Med. désavantage. (Physiol. desceller. v.t. deamino-. désamorçage. etc.t. descellement. extinction (of an arc) . désargentnre. désamorcer. off center. a. v. /. désembrayage. désamination. disintegration. deaminase. v.t. deamination. down wire. désagrafer. desilvering. descend. désamino-. disagreeable. disarticulate. v. désassimiler. disintegrating. disagreement . unhook. catabolize. v. v. deamidase. désappointer. desilveriïing. désargentation. (Glasa) chip off the rough parts of. de-energizing . put out of order. désajuster. v. unsteel. descend. disassimilation. /. destroy the level of. disadvantage. v. déschister. désagrégation.a. confusion. descendant. désaération. ungear. disarrange. unpriming.t. v. /. unclasp. take down. désarroi. désaigrir. v. p. désaligné. deactivation. désacidage. wean.t. deaërator. v. p. /.t. disassociate. désaciérer. desilverization. land. go down. descenderie. désaccorder. a. refresh. stop. désarmer. v. v. inclined passage.a. v. m. get less full. desilverize. v. m. m. désassocier. démagnétisation. désastre.t. adv. disintegrate. désassimilation. disaster. désemparer. p. descente. m. lower. désassorti. désaimantation. désalcoyler. m. v. désazotation. désavouer.t. désaimanter. = désagrégation.r. unfasten.t. désagrégeable. /.t. & i. v. disassociation. désasphaltage. disadvantageously. deacidification. désemballade. désavantagensement.t. v. descriptif.t. désassociation. désaltérer. désaclder. disaggregation .t.t. denitrification.a. a. deaëration. deaciding. etc. taking down.t.a. disjoint. subside. disastrously. removal of asplialt. descriptive. (. sweeten. v. désagréablement.t.t. defect.o. désassemblement. dieorder. unpleasantness . etc. dealkylate. odd. m. v. p.t. render inactive. désactivation. etc.t. v. v.Mining) inclined passage. /. désaérer. break the point of. désassimilatenr. crumble. out of alignment. m. désagrégeur.t. désargenter.a. désallaiter. /.t.t. unpacking. désargentage. a. descended. free from poison. désaspnalter. imprime. discord. get low. unlearned. quench the thirst of. remove the soumess or sharpness of. detune. remove the priming from. désaccord. désazoter..t. unfavorable. unsteeling. désagréger. deaërate. disagreeably.t. /. disarrange.i. unsealing. herma. m. etc. descendu. 771.t.t. weathering. v. désaclératlon. put out of tune. uncouple. deacidify. taking apart.t. oatabolism. v. v. a. m. disastrous. v. désagrégeant. désavantageux. p. désagencer. /. adv. désaérateur. désassemblage. désagrément. disassemble. m. fail. disassembling. forgotten. quit. down stroke. demagnetize. render uneven. leave. disarray. disclaim. désamidase. désaffleurer. removal of acid. denitrify. descending. disavow. v. disintegrate. unlearn. v. v. dernolish. /. de-energize. separate (joint by joint). disown. désaxé. failure.) release. /. disassimilate. V. p.t. unpack. desilver. v. deaminase. disadvantageous.t. forget. (see descendre). /. disconneot. unseal. adv. désactiver. deactivate. désastrensement. /. désacidifler. descendant. descendre. m. dull. désagrégeage.t. disappoint. v.) rupture. /. See débrayage. slope.T. m. disarm.t. désaminase. drain (a pump). disarrange. v. désarticuler. v. = désargentage.r. ill-sorted. a. disaggregate . deacidify.t. v. catabolizïng. m. /. désaturé. v. désapprendre. descent. down pipe. /. m. (Mach. v.t. o. unaaturated.t. unmatched. superheated (steam).) disassimilatîng. fail. disadjust. m. . desempoisonner. v. discontinuance (of & subscription to a periodioal). disintegrable. v. eccentric. blunt.t. fail to bring to the proper level (as in pipets) . v. désappris.

v. a. déflation. & m. v. disorder. dehydrate. unoiling. désexcitation. m.a. deodorize.i. v. v. désintoxiquer. a. deemulsifi cation.désémulsification 132 désorganisateur désémulsification. désintoxication. déshydration. despair. & m. désordonner. = détourner. sorry.t. âesmotropique. /.t. detin. désolvatation. désir. before dyeing.) deënergization. désobstruant. déséquilibré. /. remove the low-boiling constituents of. désincrustation. disconnect. deodorize. déshonneur. désémulsionner. /. désintégrateur. unbalance.i. dehydrogenize. dehydration. . desmotropie. a. m. désertique. /. m. v. désire. déshuileur. désintégration.t. /. m.t. /. desensitize. désolation. dehydrating agent. m.t. dishonor. dehydrase. desensitization. /. free from incrustation or scale. désenvelopper. m. boiler compound. v. v. déshydrogénation. /. concern. /. v. desmotrope. removal of low-boiling constituents.Paper) separate (the sheets) . disinterested.t. disengage. out of equilibrium. désinfectant. a. dehydrogenase.t. m. désœuvrer.t. désétamage. removal of oil. removal of incrustation or scale (as from a boiler). & i. v. désenfler. dehydrogenase. v. unoil. dehalogenate.t. désinfection. désenflure. desmotropic. /. m. open. demulsify. & r. v. désincrustant. disconnect. déshydrogéner. déserter.t. discouraging. déshuiler. dismantle. desperately. disinfection. désolution. desmotropy. remove the oil from. unbalanced.) desmine (stilbite). désémnlsion. m.i. scale-removing. m. déshydrase. désinence. free from crust or scale. désobéir. disorder. désessencier. m. designate. v.t. imbalance. déshydrater. a.a. /. a.t. distressed . v. désintégrer.t. désert. desensitizer. clear. disinfect. /.t. a. deëmulsify. undressing. desmine. désorber. v. /.) deobstruent. désespérant. déshalogéner.t. disorganizer. désensibilisateur. désorganisateur. désodorer. désobstructif. unlock (a wheel). v. p. a. desperate.t. v.t. désinfecteur. (Elec. scale. dénote. désensibilisation. dehydrogenate. désétamer. disinfecting station. desmotrope. disintegrate. désespérément. déshabillage. disincrustant. deobstruct.a. descale. disintegration.r. 771. termination (of a word). desensitizing. désensibiliser. drive to despair. desolution (removal from solution or lowering of solubih'ty). ungear. deserted. distress.t.a. sorry. désert.t. désordre. déshuilage. eradicating weeds. désespérance. disordering. /. désintéressement.. v. (Med. désexciter.t. wish. v. (. /. p. /. désodorisation. softening of skins by soaking. m. release (aa a brake). uncouple. v. déséquiper. disorganizing. descah'ng.t. & r. undo (as a package). disturb. v. désincruster. p. desizing. deodorization. désinfecter. adv. disobey. dehydrogenization. v. a. désessenciement. désert. desolate . déshydrogénase. désespéré. désert . p. dehydrate.t. déshydratant. v.t.t. /. désobstruer. throw out of equilibrium.t. disentangle. lose water. désodoriser. despair. désengrener. désireux. o. désherbant. désenfourner. v. oil separator. désenrayer. déséquilibre. be deflated. désirons. discourage. désespoir. despair. n. desolvation (dissociation of a solvate). render idle. désenflammer. vexation.throw out of gear. antiincrustator. désémulsionnage. désespérer. dehydrogenation. v. v. v. desmotropic. désert. extinguish (a blaze).t. déséquilibrer. v. detinning. désencroûter.t. désirer. m. v. detoxication. v. /. . /. desmotropism. disinterestedness.t. m. /. v. disinfector. m. désencollage. demulsification. /. déshydratation. désire. v. detoxicate.t.t. disinfectant. dishearten. dehydration. deprive of the more volatile part. indicate. desorb. going down. disintegrator. {Min. v. désigner.t. v. weed eradicator. aperient. m. (Efec.) deënergize. désentortiller. m. désintéressé. m. dehydrating. deflate. m. a. v. v. v.t.a. a. v. désinfectoire. m. désolé. p.t. désolation. weeding. m.

upper part. over. beneath. desiccant. v. dessaignage. underhand . desserré.r. m. desiccative. m. deoxy.a. deoxidizing. adv. desulfurize. destiny. henceforth. /. désoxygénation. désoxygéner.L draw.r. scour (see dessuintage). desulfur. m. dessiccant. deoxycholic.t. However. désoxy-. — linéaire. dessalage. désoxydation. v. below. dessiccatif. /.t. désoxycholique.t. /. (aee de). désosser.a. drying. destructibilité. à — que. supply. steeping. dessiccateur. operate.r. free from blood. desulfurize. (Suint is preferably removed by steeping in water and is then distinguished from the degreasing or true scouring which follows. in order to. unsolder . dessert. design. destructeur. slackening . désoxyglucose. engineering drawing. release. drying agent. upon. top. from. deoxy (or desoxy) sugar. deoxygenating. cover (of a book) . desoxycholic. draftsman. desséchant. disorganize. right side (of cloth). destroyer. dessert. a. are usually included in the term "scouring.t. deoxidize. support for a dish. /. desiccating. desservir. desseuvrer. m. removal of sait. skim. freeing from blood. v. sans —. — à vide. & i. m. désoufration. consignée. m. v. scouring.r. slack. drying. désose. /. . season (wood).(preferably). v. under-. on top. dessévage. unsoldering . singly or combined. dessoufrer. take shape. /. v. the two opérations. on. destructif. loosening. sketch. of whom. from off. desquelles. disorganization. dessécher. deoxygenation. m. top . m. under. dessalaison.t. v. m. /. v. unwelding. p. v. desquamation. à —. dessalement. unwelding. etc. despumate. bottom . m. formation of froth. drying. freshening. /. drawing . desulfurization. désoufrer. separate (sheets of paper). de —. serve. deoxidizer. desoxyglucose. upper. be deoxidized. v.t. dessinateur. dessaigner. dessèchement. on. m. scumming . slacken. remove sand from (as castings). m. /. outline. de lesquelles. dessoudage. line drawing. deoxidation. en —. hereafter . dessécheur. desiccator. specif. advantage. à — de. steep. fate. release . — au lavis.t. dessein.. dry. desserrer. loss oî sait. set off. v. dessabler. p. dessouffler. sketch .a.r. v. (see dessécher). destinataire. back (of the hand).t. /. loosen. v. désoxy gênant. m. — au trait. get loose. by design. deflate. v. destine. deoxygenate. underwear. addressee. dessouder. upon. dessous. désoxydant. deoxidizing. unweld. desiccate. in order that. /. désoxycholalique. desiceant. m. — de génie. desulfuring.a.t. dessuintage. & m. dessécheuse. dessalure. service. desulfur.t. destructive. m.. upper side. despumer. vacuum desiccator. rendering less sait. an apparatus for removing suint from wool. dessuinteuse. become disorganized. remove sait from (as sea water by distillation).t. m. v. desoxalic. clarify (by removing scum). design . destructibility. desserrage. adv. m. render less sait.désorganisation 133 destructif désorganisation. Une drawing. drier. above. exfoliation. dessablage. pr. cleaning. removal of suint from. undershot. désoufrage. m. damage.. destin. bone. desserrement. despumation. under side.t. on purpose. a. etc. thereafter. v. desose. wool. a. appear. removal of sap.t.t. desulfuring. under. desiccating. p. S sing. above. from whom. /.a. de —. loose. remove the bones from. deoxidize. résolve. looseness. dessus. p. deoxyglucose. desulfurization. v. deprive of suint. desiccative. unsoldering . be loosened. dessiner. désormais. deoxidization. corne unsoldered or unwelded. v. unscrew. Contractoins of de lesquels. /. destructive.t. m. underneath.t. a.t. m. desquels. m. wrong side (of cloth) . unintentionally. p. v. take away. blueprint.") dessuinter. désorganiser. désoxalique. v. desiccation. dessaler. from which. /. v. v. desoxy-. dessin. draw. sand removal. thenceforth. en — » underneath . destroying.t. despumation. of desservir. o.. es prep. desquamation. deoxidation. drain (land) . destiner. dessoufrage. dessiccation. dessoudure. m. wash (hides or skins) to remove blood and other impurities. dry up.t. disserve. of which. v. wash drawing. over. m. /. v. désoxyder. clear off. v. designer. adv.

detonating. desulfuration. détonance. pressure regulator . double-action detonator. p. v. draw out. divert. désulfitage. m. take down. désuint-. — d'incendie. pass. determined. out of order. soften (water).. détonation. détonneler. — à double efîet. a. expand. hold back. détourné. etc. loosen. (oî gases) expand . for olives).t. get out of order. . déteignent. firing mechanism . v. & pr. of déteindre. disorder. in détail. déteindre. retail. anneal (steel).a. etc. /. détraqué. m. unbend. detach . & r. lose color. sorting (of wool). détritage.destructrice 134 détroit destructrice. obsolescence. turn off.t. détient. déterminer. v. indirect. soften.) annealing. m. mollify. etc. v.a. m. désyle. detain. détonation. turn off. détériorer. détonateur. strait. of (détenir) detained. v. v. détonation. untwisted. olives). unbend. retail.t. p. p. fem. corne Ollt. m. p. (Steam) cut-off.) detrital. sweeten. (of détenir) detains. detect. explosive. dig up. detour. mixing. delayaction detonator. détailler. en —. détériorant. m. désunir. be detached. détoner. untwist. bleach. (see détourner). detonating substance.r. of déteindre.p.Métal. detonating.r. /. v. desulfurizer. désulfuration. (see détourner). a. m. m. désulfurant. détergent. (see déteindre). deranged.t. v. detan. résolve.. détritique. o. v.o. v. decoloring. détrempeur. v. détartrisation.t. S sing. détortiller. cause. & r. explosive. désuétude. caused. p. (of steel) anneal. détartreur. détrichage. m. fade. remove tartar or scale from. p. détanner. v. lose color. loosen. v.) retail. dilute. v. détouper. (see détremper). (. m. desulfiting. dissuade. get loose. (Art) distemper. disunite. détricher. détremper. réduction valve. détresse. be thinned. v. détrempe. obsolesoent. deteriorating. eut up. explode. détroit. p. /.r. déteint.t. détartrage. deter.t. (Corn. a. fur. undo. v. disjoin. etc. v. fire alarm. divert. v. détritus. be mixed. roundabout.i. m. m. détritus. détour.r. decolor. /. déterpéner. turn aside. v. v.a. desulfuring.r. détriter. détaillant.t. détacher. detector. détordre.t. etc. expansion valve. S sing. déterger. détermine. unearth.p. (of gases) relax the pressure on. detartarize.t.i. relax. (of Mme) slake. disjoint. détail. desulfurizing. slacken. détartrer. diverted. m. v. détirer.t. détendre. unloose.t. diversion. put out of order. déteignant. distress. v. pr. turn away. /. corne undone. m. deteriorate. détectrice. & m. crushing (esp.t.t.t. allow to expand . détersif.r. detersive.t. p. desyl (a-benzoylbenzyl). take down. v. cleaner (as of casks or boilers). débris. détecter. /. draw from the tun or cask. release. v. détecteur. desulfurize. soak.t. enervate. désulfurer. detent. scale. m. déterminé. détermine. deviate. thin. mix (a solid with a liquid). détendeur. expansion valve . turning. by-way. hold. clean. v. detonate. of destructeur. détail. détente. détriplement. detector. détournement. défile.t. relax.t.t. become deranged. held. v. détonant. sort (wool). detonator. détraquer. /. m. deflect. m.t. removal of tartar or scale. of olives). déterminate. v. v. wet. détripler. by-(way). détritoir.a. crushing mill (esp. /. etc. — retardé. S pi. desulfurization. pr. unstop. m.) retail. slake (lime). a. m. dérange. (Com. divide into three parts. retailer. removal of tartar or scale. m. (Geol. m. v. remove spots from. détrempage. by retail. disuse.t. à détonation. m. détors. détonement.t. v. /. v. stretch. désuet.r. knocking. explosion. déterrer.o. free from terpenes. v. winding. division into three parts. soften. détenir. v. o. v. removal of sulfites or sulfur dioxide. détail. detartarizer. v. corne ofi (on).t. detannate. desulfur. crush (esp. relaxation. détenu.i. turn. expansion (of gases) . untie.o. trigger . untwist. détourner. deprive of tannin . excavate. See dessuint-.t. clean (casks or boilers). scaler.t. (Steel) annealer. fade. v. water softener. cleanse. p. catch.

deutylène. <c adv. m. v.p. mourning. divest. a. (of formulas) structural. under sucre).) developer. a. m. fut. réel. developed. must. p. reveal. devitrify. devint. overflow. a. front. mercuric oxide. discharge. p. (see développer). dévêtir. v. of devoir. m. m.) deutocarboné. p. destroy . fore f part. run. second. devenir. unfold . develop . déverdissage. deuxièmement. taper. a. front. — que. let down.t. two. développer. deux-points.r. of devenir. forestall. become devitrified. etc. Obs. dévideur. incline. owe. dévitrifler. — de mercure. & i. before. v. predecessor. sprayer . zinc peroxide. deviendra. dévissage. leaning. devers. estimate. run over. (Old Chem. dévernissage. deuto-iodure.or di-. deutosulfure.t. dibs (a sweet préparation). two. — fois. — que de. dévoiler. in pairs. (see déverser). surpass. m. & r. déverdir.) deutonitrate. p. flow. développé. second story. a. form. (Old Chem.i. deutoxyde.o. (of devenir) bccame. & subi.) deutochloride. deflect. v. dévidoir. p. of devoir. show. before. colon (:). mercuric iodide.r.t. m. pr. development. undress . (esp. leaning. dévisser. déviable. n. dévésiculeur. v.t.t. v. of devenir. v. etc. go down. déviation. devancer. outstrip. v. p. deutochlorure. dévier. devait. diarrhea. red lead. spillway . unscrewing. def. détruisant. m. déversement.o. In the phrase par devers. devis. .t. m. deuto-.t. debt. deflectable. ruined. expand .i. removal or loss of varnish.i. v. — descriptif. — jet. m. (Old Chem. lean. (of devenir) become. /.t. /. m. v. déviateur. dévider. inclination. spool. réel off.) solution of mercurio nitrate. — de mercure. déviation. (Old Chem. — poudre.840 fine (about 20 carats). v. weir . v. m. devenu.t. devancier. developable.r.t. clastic. deyt-. deuil. m. détruire.) bircarburetted.) deuto-. — approximatif. grow.) deutoxide. pr. develop. adv.) deutosulfide. (of devenir) becomes. deutérique. duty.t.r. loss of green color. lose green color. m. deviate. warp. m.t. remove the varnish from. wreck. unscrew. S sing. précède. (Petroleum) whipstock. Dyeing) developer. devient. m. be obliged. (Pharm. détruit. m. S sing. to. deutérure. corne down. devoir.i. deutoiodide. a. (for gold) a standard of 0. — estimatif. flow. (Geol. — de mercure liquide. ought. — de plomb. secondly. toward. développement. warp. deux. lose the varnish. (It properly designated the second M a séries but was sometimes used in the same way as bi. unfold. form. devastate. déverser. become. remove from the mold or wrapping .t. S pi. be unwrapped . réel. expand. deuxième. m. display. pouring. v. Obs. v. association of workmen. deutazotate. v. ethane. out of plumb. uncoil. m. m. à — fins. v. S sing. disclose. ruin. (Old Chem. undo. anticipate. prep. in possession of.t. — à —-.r. imp. (esp. devant. — de zinc. twice. — titre. pr. deutiodure. incline. deflection. rough estimate. divert. causing déviation. (see développer). v. m. dévaster. unwind. deut-. v. deutiodide. unwrap. minium. (Leather) second dusting and lying (see poudre). dévaler. divine. v. m. /. should. lower. deviner. (Old Chem. lean. a. devanture. deuteride. dual-purpose. two by two. Photog. dévoiement. déversoir. spécification.p. développateur. get. développeur. m. m. a.détrôner 135 devoir détrôner. m. dethrone. deutane. dévissement. v. m. deflector. pour. dévers. m. m. etc. deubs.) deutiodide. m. (Sltgar) second spinning (see sucre de deuxième jet. développable. wind. destroying. a. unveil. descend. ethylene. v. before. (Old Chem. outdo. second. m. dévernir. prow (of a boat). before. of or combined with deuterium. (of détruire) destroyed. inclination. denecting. dette. v. deutogène. cant. second. v. estimate.) secondary. v. — de mercure. warping. mercuric chloride. a few. pour. v. splash head. S sing.t. indic. m.t. deviennent.

t. diacéturie. dévouer. diagnosis. diagometer. hydrazine. diaphanéité.) dextrorae. dialurique. diagrède. diamantoid. diamidophosphorous. consume. /. abbrev. m. black diamond. diamond dust.3-butanedione). zircon. diagométrie. wi. diamanté. diagonally. — extérieur. diamétral. m. clockwise.a.5-hexadiene). m. diallyle. — brut. dextrinate. powdered glass. diacetylenic. — intérieur. à la —. diaphoresis. diamagnétique. left to right. dg.t. a machine for tearing rags. v. m. a. dialysable. — taillé. a. dextrorsum. diamino acid. etc. m. diamantine.) step-down transformer. for kneading rubber or for opening wool . diamantaire. S sing. glittering. /. /. dextrine. & f. dextronic (D-gluconic). v. /. diamidobenzène. diamètre. lowering of the voltage. as one for taking glass pots to the furnace. diaminobenzene. diacétylénique. a.. diagnostiquer. rough diamond.) diagrydium. transparency. purge. diamagnetism. m. diallagique. — de verre. diacetin. diamantifère. diamino. a. dialytic. diamido-. of devoir. diamond. Diane. m.) wattless. biamyl (decane). v. a. skillfully. dextre. a. diamidophosphoric. /. devoted. a. dévorer. diamyle.) modulation. load curve. diaphragm.) diabetic. dialcohol. incline. âhurrine. dialcoyl-. diaphorétique. brown diamond. m. (décigramme) decigram. a. (Elec. diacid. glazier's diamond. skill.) diabètes. for dimethylglyoxime. diamantiferous. m. diabetometer. third vat. a. diagométrie. biallyl(l. a. o.) Devonian. v. m. & m. dibasic acid. dézincifier. devil. /. of devoir. m. a. turn aside. — de vitrier. (Bot. (Old Chem. right-handed. sparkling. diamidogène. dihydroxy alcohol. diaphanous. diabète. fdiamagnetic. dévolteur. diaphorèse. diagonally. inside diameter. /. S sing. diagramme. dialyzate. o. diagnostique. diametric(al). dévonien. m. diamagnétisme. dialyze.) diallagic. diacétine. diablotin. dextrinique. & m. m. diamidophosphoreux. diagnosis. diagomètre. /•> diagnostic. a. diagnosticate. a. (Geol. m. diacaustique. m.) Diana. déwatté. a barrow or truck. biacetyl(2. diametrically. transluceut. adv.. dialkyl-. a. diagenesis.t. diagrara. pertaining to dextrin. dextran. devour. m. load diagram. dialyseur. m. dextrin. m. dévote. dialyzable. used as a gem.dévoltage 136 diaphragme dévoltage. a. -zol. a. phosphorodiamous. v. DH. dévoué. adv. /. diamond cutter. /. o. o. diaznino-acide. m.) diacodion. /.t. dialcool. dialyser. diagénèse. (Elec. dextrement. dyad. dialysis.t. diamant. m. dezineify. outside diameter. right. diamido-. — noir. dialyzing. diade. diagonale.(seeamido-). /. diamond. diaphane. (Music. durrin. (Med. a. a. specif. brilliant. devra. dia-monded. dévoyer. diaphaneity. right-handed. (Min. diamétral. v. & m. a. m. dextriner. eut diamond.. adv. dextronique. diamidogen. dextrorotatory. dithnagnétomètre. transparent. translucency. diagnostic. diapasonnage. m. diamidophosphorique. silver. /. diaphoretic. dialyzer. containing two triple bonds. dextrane. o. diagnose.t. a. a. diabétomètre. diamantine (a polishing powder). diacaustic. m. wretchedly. /. m. diaphragme. diamyl(dipentyl). dextroracémique. (Old Pharm. dhurrin. diagométrique. — à rabot. p. treat or coat with dextrin. dextrotartaric. — savoyard. v. dialuric. o. devrait. diaceturia. dexterity. en —. carbon diamond. diagometry. dialyse. dextral. a. & i. diameter. diagonal. glaaier's diamond. badly. diagonalement. m. diacode. diamétralement. m. diaminoresorcinol. m. dextrinous. diable. /. (Pharm. diagnose. dextrogyre. . carbonado. diamantin. phosphorodiamic. (Dyeing) fecula vat. diamagnetometer. dialysat. m. d-tartaric. slope. diamidorésorcine. — de charge. diamantine. m. fut. & adv.t. diamylique. m. diad. — brut de Ceylan. /. diacétyle. dialytique. a. dextérité. abbrev. /. diacide. diabétique. (Med. diacodium. cond. dextrogyrate.

a. m. différé. diaphragmer.a. differently from. a.) God. differentiate. dicoumarine. diastase. dieu. à la — de. diazo compound. diaposltif. différence. m. diélectrolyse. dichloroacetic. dicoordonnê. m. /. dibenzyle. diathermic. bicetyl (dotriacontane). diazotant. diazotize. dickmaische. postponed. diatomée. a. /. (Min. dicentrine. dichlorhydrine. . diazotizable.) stop down. diazol. diazotation. /. diastase. m. enzymic. adv. m. /. m. adv. v. a. p. dichloride. differentiation. diathesis. bibenzoyl. delayed. /. & i. be differentiated. bibutyryl (4. v.a.. diaphragm. containing two carbonyl groups. dictate. dicoôrdinate(d). m. m. dicalcium. diketo-. diazo compound. m. dicoordiné. (Med. m. a.) dittany. dicétone. a. dicotyledonous. differently. 1. dictame. diatomic. /. & i. — d'épreuve. diatomicité. (Bot. milk diet. a. dichloré.t. /. diathermie. diazoimido. m.t. dielectric. dichromatic. dicotylédone. dietetically. dichroïqne. dibenzyl ketone. a. diazonaphtalène. dichroism. diethyl ketone (3-pentanone). diazimide. god. diéthylé. diazoamino-. diathermic.6-octadiene). diététiquement. /. diethyl hyponitrite. diazoacétique. dibrom-. /. diethyl. diazoacetic. dicalcique. dibasic. diazoimide. a. m. specif. dihcdral. a. diazocomposé. dicyclohexyle. didyme. bicolor. /. a. diélectrique. a. diketone. diazotization. a.diaphragmé 137 différend diaphragmé. diazo compound. dicétonique. (Med. diastatic. diazoture. m. dihedron. o. = diéthylénique. o. disilver. m. dioxo-. diketonic. dicrésyle. différence. a. didymium. m. diathermaneity. Chem. diazoamino. diazobenzene. o. dibasique. diastatic. dictionary. dicarbonique. dichromatique. dibenzylcétone. o. dibutyryle. p. having two double bonds. adv. /. diastatique. /. phosphorodichloridic. /. bicresyl (when used of the compound CH3CeH4C6H4CH3 it is better translated bitolyl). différenciation. /. /. m.t. dicarbonyl.5-octanedione). dichloracétique. diazo-dérivé. différemment. a. diazoimino. dicoumarol. dispute. dibromo-. diastasiquement. — de Crête. m. diazo derivative. dinitride. dicrotyle. diazoamidé. a. a. dicarbonylé. dichroïte. dichlor-. diazo. diazo. dichlorure. /.) fasting cure. diazoamido-. a. — absolue. diazoter. diazonaphthalene. diazobenzol. dichroïsme. deferred. (Photog.) dicarboxylic. dicétyle. dichromatic.) dielectrolysis. diazoimine. /. (Org. dicéto-. dichloro. diethyl. dicentrine.) dichroite(iolite). v. diéthylcétone. a. /. dietetic(al). m. diazotizing. m. fundaniental différence. o. having two colors. diète. a. distinguish. diatomicity. (Brewing) thick mash. diéthylénique. m. dichloroethyl.t. diénique.) diatom. diathermane.r. diarrhée. — lactée. dièdre. bibenzyl. diketo. dichloro-. diethylenic. -aminé. & m. diathèse. differ. dietetics. a. m. dicotylédoné. diazoïque. — finie. diathermanéité. Cretan dittany (Origanum dictamnus). diastasic. dicalcic. (Med. the frajrinella (Dictamnus albus). /. différencier. diastatically. diéthénique. m. diazole. bicrotyl (2. extraction with ether. a. diapositive. dichlorophosphoric. diéthylique. a. différend.) diarrhea. diferrous. diathermancy. /. dicoumarin. v.3-diphenyl-2-propanone. dichroé. différence. diazoéthoxane. dicter. m. /. test diet. m. dihedral angle. diathermique. benzil. m. a. a. diazo-imidé. a. a. a. diet. (in gênerai) enzyme. dichroïde. diatomique. diargentique.) stopped down. (Bot. dictionnaire. /. (cap. diazobenzène. dichloréthylique. dichlorohydrin. diferreux. a. diathermy. diététique. (Photog. diastasique. having a diaphragm. /. diethylated. diazotable. diene. a. v. bicyclohexyl. dichlorophosphoriqne. diéthéralyse. dichroic. diathermanous. m. dibenzoyle. diapositive. /. contrary to. diathermansie.

rend. — de térébenthène. v. diffusibility. digestive. dihydr-. dignement. diluvien. Digitalis thapsi. digallique. dilation. difficult.t. biisoamyl (2. v. a. dimensionnel. foxglove. dilatable. m. a. v. diisovaleryle. diligence. /. expansible. diluvial. dihydrure. digeste. a. /.) digitalise. dime (the coin). dilem. dike. dilatabilité. expanding. doformed. rending. m. difficulty. difficultly. tearing. dilemma. diligent. phosphorodiâuofidic. f hasten. undoubtedly. dilacérer. v. dilemme. diliydrate. digestive. dilate. m. m. — d'Espagne. worthily. prompt. dignified. adv. & r. . biindogen (indigotin). m. dilem.différentiel 138 dimensionner différentiel. a. difformed. m. v. See hydrine. dihydride. be put o£f. diforrnine.a. distending. diluvian. diluteur. — continu. diindogène. dihydrobenzène. digitaloside. dika. biisopropyl (2. — de tête.t. diiodé. o. a. diluvial. press. patchouh'. a. m. m. m. /. m. dilatable. a. v. m. digresser. dilatability. dilater. a. diffuser. dilatation. dihydrobenzene (cyclohexadiene). digoxio. digitalin. (Pharm.t. defer. m. diglycoside. diffusive.a. dihydrate. expansibiUty . diluting. p. /. & Pharm.t. a. /. (Sueur) first diffuser. be deferred. distend. despatch.r. dam. diimidogen. difiuor-. a. last diffuser. /. (Min. expand. /. a.) dihexahedral. /. delay. diffractif. digestible. diffuser. digitale. dimensional. digitonoside. diiodhydrate. a. a. difficulté. m.) digitalis. a. suitably. (Med. siphon extractor. dilué. diluted. patchouli. diisobutyle. m.7-dimetb. digestibility. n.t. difluorophosphoric. delay. diluer. dijoxoside.r. promptness. dimensionner. dilam.t. à m. diligenter. of or pertaixûng to Dijon. /. dihydrin. (Bot. a.i. diligence. dihydriodide. differential. postpone. expansion. brisant. diffuse. dilacération. différer. dilatant. v. digallic. digitalin. (Méd.7-dimethyloctane). diligent. digester. a.r. p. digérer. /. /. v.i. dilatateur. dike. m. difficile. digitaline. /. m. — officinale. diiod-. proportion. diisopropyle. terpin hydrate. diluent. a. différence. dilation. dam. v. a. diluting. dihalo-. m. Sunday. common or officinal foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). (Bxpl.) dicodid. push. v. a. difforme. dilatomètre. dihexylcétone. worthy.3-dimethylbutane). dilator. breakwater. v. tithe. m. m. dihexyl ketone (7-tridecanone).) rending. diformin. v.yl4. diffustbilité. diglucoside.) dika. m. sprayer. v.t. dihalogéné. a. sans —-. biisobutyl (2^-dimethylhexane). dlhexaèdre. postponement. différentielle. dilute. impound. m. diiodo-. m. readily. dikodid. difficilement. adv. digitaliser. diffiouity. diglucoside. différentier. delay. without difficulty. /. dispute. /.t. v. digitoxine. digitoxoside. dilacérateur.) dilator. diisoamyle. v. glyoxal. continuous digester. be digested. tear.t. dihydro. digestif. digesteur. m. dilating. dilem. m. dihydrogenated. v. terpinol hydrate. diSractive. diluant. digest. dihalogenated. } . m. . dihydro-. & i. dinuophosphorique. ethanedial. with difficulty.t.a. digestibilité. a. diimidogène. m. diiodo. digérable. digne. <c r. willingly. differ. digne. digitorin. be diluted. loudspeaker. difiract. dinydrogéné. — -pourprée. biisovaleryl (2. m. m. diluent. dihalo. m. dilate. /. diffasif. diffuse. diffus. dihexahedron. (Bot. /. deservedly. diimide. /. — de queue. biformyl. dignity. differential.5-octanedione). p. tear up.i. dignité. digress. HN: NH. differentiate. diffuseur. diffracter. m. a. obstacle digner. dilatometer. dijonnais.t. dihydrine.t. dîme. dimanche. shattering. tenth. v. digitonin. v. difluoro-. difonnyle. diluent. a product obtained by digestion with some suivent.

comme dioctaèdre. diploédrique. dimethyl. 1 & S sing. diphenyl. qui dirait. a. dioctyl ketone (9-heptasay. dimorphie. m. e'est-à—. m. dinaphtyl-. dioxy-. diméthylé. m. specif. dinanderie.dipropargyle. (ofdirective. diméthylbenzène. bipropyl (hexane). /. dimer. diphasé. m. wash (silk) after dyeing. of dire (to dioxyquinone. dinaphthyl-. dioxytartrique. /.) diplohedral. dis. dipyridyle. words. directly. o. (but. dîner. (of gasoline) straight-run. /. diméthylique. directive. halves or réduction to half. direct. two molécules of simple protein with a dindon. dinicotique.5-hexaisra. m. be spoken. (Min. dire) said. steer. /. /. /.dimercure-ammonium 139 discernable dimercure-ammonium. telling.) directrix. diminution. a. def. dihydro3tytartaric. ti. diphthexylene. alkadiene. a. statement. (fig. diphenyl ketone (phenyl (Hg2N). said. if you like it). direction. diméthylcétène. dimercuriammonium diphényleétone. a. dioléfine. /. m. a. o.. a. m. dioxypurine (purinedione). départaient (of addioxanne. say). /. a. fem. diphtheric. p. diprotein (a conjugation of dinaplltyle. certificate. diméthylcétone. bipropionyl (3. told. as one would say. dioxyde. m. dole). /. directement. dioxol. diphasé. diriger. directrice. lessen. dioxole. o. acétone). that is to say. conduct. the équivalent of. dipentène. reproach decanone). diogot. a. dioxane. of directeur. /. a. dirigé. o. branch. saying. decrease. m. dionine. dimeric. manage. diphenolic. m. v. diolefln. codylic). that is. diploid. diphtéritique. tendent. dipentene. two-phase. opinion. dioxindole (3-hydroxyoxinsuperintendency . m. directif. dinitro. diphenic. a. m.) dirigeable. be told. bipropargyl (1.) dionin. a. m. m. under oxy-. /.o'-bibenïoic. m. dinitroso. m. m. diphénylglyoxal. dioptries. ritic. tell. dinltrosé. dimcthylbenzene. & t. diphtérie. a. dimethylketene. v. a. a. ate. disant. m. diminish. directed. guide. diplogène. pr. si le cœur vous en dit. dinaphtol. directorship. dîne. m. directing. steering gear. monium. S pi. diphtérique. a. as much as to dioctylcétone. o. dihydroxyquinone. benzophenone). m. bioctyl. /. dioxine. dimorphe. a. a. dimorph. ketone. m. dioptric(al). holder of a diploma. dioritic. turkey. dimorphous. dimethyl ketone (methyl dipiocoque. a kind of brassware for. diyne). binaphthol.) diplococcus. (Pharm. dioggot. /. management. ous. diphénique. o. /. diphenylglyoxal (bendimêthylarsinique. director. . manager. (See note dirent. a. diolein. managership.4-hexanemerly made in Belgium and elsewhere. dioxide. diprotéide.) guiding. dimethyl. adv. dioxy-. dihydroxy-. ketone. m.t. (Cryst. dioxindol. dipropyl. /. disazoïque. speak. dimidiation. dipolar. a. diplômé. dimorphisme. m. dioxin. dirigible.) dioetahedral. p. dioxan. disazo compound. dinaphtho-. & m.) diplohedron.dipropionyle. superindioléine. (Bot. m. dioctyle. a. de a. biphenyl. diphtheria. disazo. dihydroxybutyric. division into diplombique.. dimercuram. dimethylated. /. dimère. say. /. a. profess to be. addioritique. dimorphic. cetane (hexadecane). dione)..) dimer. a. dipicolinic. direct.diphényle. m. diploèdre. v. disbroder. dioxypurine. dipolaire.i. binuelear. bipyridyl. dinncléaire.diphénolique. say. dinner. (Math. m. dipicolique. dimidiation. dipropylique. directional.t. predict. & p. discernable. /. dioxybutyrique. m. dire. diphasic. (Leather) daggett. p. m. v. v. (Bact. direct .t. gradudiminution. dipropyle. m. diploma. (of dire) saying. dinaphto-. inactive limonene. diminuer. a. (Cryst. be dinitré.a. m. binaphthyi. diplumbic. en —. dimethylarsinio (cazil). def. diplogen (deuterium). pr. prosthetic group). /. discenùble. directeur. direction. diplôme.r. dinicotinic. ministration. ministration) . dioptrique. a.t.

disproportionnel. dismember.i. v. dispersive. dispersed.) make and break. /. m. a stirring apparatus for electrolytic analyste. /. disappear. disodique. disproportionaliy.t. disperser. disilicic. safety device. dispense. shortage. /. incongruity. discorder. discours. & r. disproportionately. dispute. v. discontinuous . (Min. dissimilar. m. be unsuitable . v. discordance. dissect. /. talk. unlike. v. dissectible. expensive.t. . dispenseur. /. /.r. (Optics) diffuser.r. /. disposed. on hand. disjoint. disproportional. questionable. disproportionation.i.i.r. v. costly. v. /. v. discolore. dispersity. a.a.r. dissentir.i. disponible. dispenser. disodium. dislocation. disparaissant. /. /. active. dispos. & i. dissimilar. dispersé.r. dispute.a. éloquent. séparation. m. v. v. (JSlec. debatable. p. disjunctor.t. exempt. disponibilité. arrangement. disproportionate. disjoint. a. disconvenance. dissociative. dispute. disappearing . disque. v. fluent (of speech).i. a. dissipate. discern. disques de gélatine. discoidal. separated. become separated. disilicique. discrétion. (Law) enacting clause. of dire. /.i. disloquer. v. disséminateur.t. — agitateur. dissécable. discolor. discret. disruptive. disguise. place in position. v. disodio-. lamellae. asbestos plate. be dispersed. dispose. arrange. cake. dissimilarity. contend. disputation.t. bicolor. disette. & subj. discourse. disjoined. dissociant. dispense with. discordance. v. discourse.. discernment. discontinuité.t. oonceal. available.) medicated gelatin disks. be disjoined. excuse. /. /. a. v. (Pharm. discernerj v. disproportion. dissociating. disent. of disjoindre. disposition. dissemblable.) intermittent. disodium. discoïdal. /. disrupteur. discontinuation. indic.t. lively. disséquer. v. hide. device. disparition. disposable. apparatus . m. discrimination. dispersoïde. dismutation. /. plate.r. prépare. cut-out. disgracieux. specif. v. expérimental device.discernement 140 dissocier discernement. — d'asbeste. scarcity.r. at will. be dissipated.) lamella. discreet. dissocier. disjoin. p. dislocation. dissent. unlike.t. dissociabilité.r. disproportionner. /. disjonction. disk. (Elec. discoid. adv. a. disposer. ambulatorium. miasing. discontinu. diffuse (light). dissimuler. dissimilarity. vanished. dissemblablement. p. disjoindre. be discussed. discontinuation. v. dissociability. be discerned. disperse. v. disert. a. disposability. dissemblant. System .p. p.a.p. discontinuance. a. a. disconvenir. discoïde. dissimulate. a. dispensaire. dispositif. pr. disappearance. p. disproportion. disruptif. dislocate. v. adv. at discrétion. p. be discordant. be disposed or arranged . disséminer. — de sécurité. be discontinued. dismemberment. disjoncteur.a. disposé. dissemblance.t. deny. dissemble. measuring instrument. ÇSlec. v. dise. m.) circuit breaker. (Geol. disproportionné. — de sûreté. v. disproportionnément. a. a. a. — de -mesure. disparaître. disodé. disparu. v. a. discuter. S pi.t. discontinuer.) gersdorffite. divert.) unconformity. v. a. disjunction.t. awkward. separate. disparité. disperse. disparity. disjunct.i. contend with. dissimilarité. disproportionellement. nickel glance. adv. disposition . dispendieux. ungracious. a. grinding plate. — Rom. dispersité. p. discrétion. disposition. a. dispose (of). discutable. ephemeral. à —. discourir. dispute. v. disputer. m.t. v. dissociate. m. — d'essai. stirring device. a. shaking device. (Pharm.r. disque-broyeur.a.t. /. sprightly. dissimilarly. v. dissiper. disseminating. m. o. arrangement. disjoignant. /.a. v. a. dissipate.t. dismutation. p. corne apart. v. dispersif. unlikeness. bicolored. discontinue. disperse. be dispensed.a. disomose. availability. disseminate. /. discuss.t. dispersoid. m. transient. p. v. discontinuity. m. speech. dearth. v. dispense (with). of disparaître. dispensary. a.

distribute. adv. be dit. S pi. disulfoconjugué. daily. diversity . dithiane. v. distilling. m. asymmetry. /. carrier. dis. distorsion.disulfoné. & m. distanhexéthyle. soluble. variety. ler. diurèse. continuous distillation. ditolyle. (Med. m.a. distinctif.. v. divinyle. dissoute. o. m. distillateur-liquoriste. v. divi-divi (Caemlpinia species). v. dissolveur.r. wander.r. m. specif.divalent. distordre. distraire. . v. dithio acid.t. divers. vacuum distillation. dithian. dissoluble. p. ditérébénique. hexaethylditin.t. divisionnaire. dito.dix. m. dissolvent. a. o.) dividing plate. divisé.i. distrayant. pr. diversion. dissolving. v. dividedly. divert. (Pharm. distillatum.t. v. /.r. dry distilla. soudre. m. distorted. metrical. disulfonated.t. distillate. said. disulfoxyde. supply. distiller. v.. m. dissymétrie. m. (of dissous) dissolved. /. 8 sing. /. distended.a. /. adv. tional distillation. tenth. o. v. solution. /. m. dissous. thymol iodide. solvent. distinguished. p. m. distribuer. valve gear (for steam). o. v. /. p. diverging. a. separately. dithiin. issue. ditertiary. distingué. o.o. (Math. /. adv. told . diverse.r. dissolver. divisionary. diviser. frac. fem.) diuresis. & r. différent. /. of caoutchouc used as a cernent . pr. ditartrique. dissolvent. de divided. distinctively. powdistinct. v. distinctivement. a. & p. adv. distributivement. diviseur. distordu.3-butadiene). ditertiaire. called. be dissolubility.diversifier. distributeur. (of liquids. (Expl. distribution.t. a. & m. dissolvability. divisément. o. a. & i. (Elec.) dithionique. diurétique. distract.dithiine. dissolve.a. dissout. distillery.) sparking distance. diterpene. (Med. unsym.diversité. distillation. divergent. eighteen. p. a. a. distinctly. divide. solvent. (of dissoudre) dissolves. disulfo. & m. — sèche. distillatoire.t. solution. a. pr. distinguish oneself. divide. disthène. eighteenth. eighteenmo. distort. Sn 2 (C 2 H 5 ) 6 . distinct. dividivi. o. adv. ramble. dissymetry. m.t. disulfoxide. a. distill. /. dissolved. differently. 18-mo. divider. v.) dithymol biiodé. distiller. a. a. distend. ten. m. divert. tentiometer.) diuretic. distannique. v. distillateur. dithioacide. — de tête. distortion. distillât. distributor. radius of effect. spoken. disulfonate. (of steam) regulator. eighteenth. be diverted. specif. distributively. o. finely divided. — continue. a solution distributif. dissolutif. distannic.t. —. diverger. divisional. dissolu.a. powder. tion. p. dissoudre. solvent. a. m. dividend. ditto. v. adv. pr. i. variouB.i.r. diurnal. diversement. tion.) flow. & subj. p. delivery. tributed.t. distendre. dide. bitolyl. distance. divalent. dithionic. distinctement. be (Mach. dithymol diiostriking distance. diversify. pi. distillateur-parfumeur. distendu.. indic. distilling. divertir. dissymétrique. distraction. m. (Radio) voltage divider. dissoluble. a. distinguish.) divisor. v. of dire (to say). dix-huit. of distraire.t. divide finely. in traction . distinctive. o. (less commonly) dissymetrical. distillerie. divided. dissolvant. of dis. dividende. tion. bivalent. asymmetric(al). /. a. — explosive. distributive. v. & r.a. v. m. versely. disulfo. variously. bivinyl (1. distors. dissolution. feed. diverge. dered. distillatory. dissolve. tributing . p. ditartaric.p. diurne. o. distributer. /. — de tension. podistinguished . disulfonated. S sing. m. m. différent. divisibility. divisibilité. first frac. — fractionnée. distillate. dithiane.distribution. disdissoluté. récréation. def. disulfoner. dissolvent. dissolvable. m.. divaguer. (less commonly) dissolvent. — sous vide. distance. dissolubility.) disthene (oyanite). a. v. dissolved. perfume distilsundries. etc.dissolubilité 141 dix-huitième dissolubilité. liqueur maker. dix-huitième. (Afin. /. m. 3 sing.t. distinguer. divergent. subtraction. m. dividing. p. a. & m. didistillation. a.

) dorénavant. m. — la chaude à. pr. of dorsal. /. a. S sing. dormitif. (décilitre) deciliter(s). (. données. doctor. area.donneur. so. donateur.M. nineteenth. debtor.. — sur. ger . dolage. from whom. document. sleeping. — le vent. assign. nineteenth. seventeenth.dixième 142 dorsale dixième. learned man. whereof . à deux doigts de. of which. lauric. dodécaédrique. little fin. dominate. dodécylique. therefore.Bot. tenth. yield. about ten. to redness). spigot. dodecanoic. then.t. (décimètre carré) square donc. fall . tn. 3 sing. mant. trig. v. — documenter. terdix-neuf. (of devoir) ought.) dolomite. /. une — d'années. a. n. m. v. sleep. ought. etc. & m. dormust. dominate. as weights) . turn on the blast. pression. strike . documentary.) heat (esp. be gilded. fem. cum). ridge. specif. — d'encliquetage. (fixed) frame. — du cône. fix. — au documentaire. pr. produce. but. (Med.4-hydroxyphenylaïanine). from which . donor. dog. base on docudu froid.) sink.t. v.) swallowwort. docteur. m. domaine. turn on . pron. (Mach. v. give vent to.. golden. — auriculaire. m. leave a residue.r.. white swallowwort (Cynanchum vincetoxidl. o. — (Métal. p. (Min.t. m. dm**. doisil. dodecylic open upon. clean or rake the grate.i. tions) ten per cent. m. docimasy. (Astron. /. — du mentary évidence. — dorage. pi. a. njave (Mimusops njave). giver. sleeper . ritory. hit. thermique. bixylyl. — indicateur. click. (see de). degree of doctor. spigot hole. it is a pity. predominate. blow. (Cryst. dormit. dog. finger cot. sopodoléritique. idea. & m. post . known quantity. damage. (see doler). une — de. owes. a. & m. doit. give rise to. docimasiste. — docimasie. dopa. a. index finger.t. a. dopa oxidase. doctorate. forefinger. docimastic(al) . m. dormant.. (acid). standing. m. m. la grille.. run . dommage. dolomite. give oneself up. dixylyle. m. (of dormir) slept. rific. ten. a. dominer.) dormitive. o. dix-sept. gûding. résidu. majeur. donation. bear . now. a. djavé.dolomie. docimastique. v. (Métal. & m. dizaine. turn on pressure. rule.D. (Geol. dodécaèdre. of devoir. (Petrog. a. — vent à.t. golden. apply pressure.) slacken the fire. be published. common foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). of whom. smoothing. m. (of devoir) should.r. & m. c'est —. dix-neuvième. gift. doigtier. doler. taper. donor. (Docteur Médecin) Doctor of Medicine.. seventeenth. v. — naisdodécanoïque. bid. gilt (specif. dorsale. m. give . fixed. (décimètre) decimeter(s). pawl. sinkhole. detrimental. ascribe. whose. shave. au —. donner. domain. guarantor. dopase. doigt. (of water) be still. dommageable. (of solu. dormir. field. a. fast. middle finger. m. v.) dog. finger. seventeen . finger.i. dm. middle finger. be pertaining to assaying. M. a. buff. abbrev. within dont. a total of ten or about ten. m. doline. specif. gilder. /. gild. pr. dodecyl (alcohol) . hereafter. henceforth. indic. m. doguin. hit the mark. datum. v. property. rise (above). etc. pawl . etc. v.a. — la rkomboïdaî. admit air to . with an ace of. dopa (3. rubber finger stall. m. smooth (by cutting).. injurious. a. with which. little whom. attribute. sance à. a. /. — du milieu. nineteen. Dr. f. ger. in the future. doive. /. conj. mation . overdix-septième.data. assaying. ratchet. n. de/. power. slick (leather. m. a. a décade. buy oneself. dead . apply. support by citations. /. m. o. m. abbrev. gilding. adv. dress (wood) with an adz. don. docimasy. (of water) stagnant. m. ring finger.) doleritic. domestique. etc. — dorer. dodecahedral. assayer.) . & subj. domestic.t. <c m. . rhombic dodecahedron. abbrev. présent. a. dolomitic. infordecimeter(s). — annulaire. abbrev. heat value. docte. dompte-venin. censure. débit side.doré. S sing. overlook. be fought. become de caoutchouc. ten. (Bot. given. — à doctorat.) dodecahedron. subi. m. be above. 3 pi. D. . dm*. finger stall. (of fire) smolder. v. fight. be stagnant. toe. give. within a hair's breadth of. petit •—. f look. gilded. p. learned. doivent. doreur. gold-plated. donnée. hâve.) digit. dolomitique.

douer. pigment ored glass.doublure. m. double. sweetly. regulator (of proportions). a.dort 143 douve dorfc. o. etc. dose. préparer. m. adjust (a volume). gravimétrie détermination. doubt. cum). double weighing. — au doubleur. bittersweet (Solanum duling. provide. plate. a. m. dosable. double-acting. a. dosimétrique. — pesée. stave .p. a. duty. fill doucette. préparation.) dosing. smooth the edge of. p. m. doucement. (of dormir) sleeps. vessel. fold . à — fond. douillet. wet gilding. adv. v. or furnish with a measured quantity . dosimétrie. /. déterminer. grind. ) dose. or airport. painful. back (as of a chair). liqueur . doser. m. doucereux. probably. etc. doucissage. portioned or constituted. suspect. amalgam gild. . tions. doubler. measurer. — au mercure. (in a rolling mill) passer. /. proportioner. douane. au —. glass) . m. (Glass) flash. m.t.douce-amère. lap . m. effect. electrogildcane mill . polish. pearl millet (Pennisetum glaueye. device for determining or measdoucir. doublier. beyond double weighing. mix or proportion properly. (see doubler). doubled. etc. (Soap) a solution of potassium carbonate. (of doux) sweet. doubtful. doubler. — liaison. v. /. m. electroplating with gold. doute use ment. doute. maker of plated ware. dossier. — au pouce. undoubtedly. doublon. grinding smooth. douceâtre. casing. en —. gently.doublet. double do U S il. m. flukeworm . adv. doubling. file. — voie. /. insipidly sweet. (Geol. back. p. thickness (as of douillon. ache. gilding. — d'âne. a. bond. pain.) dosimetry. be determined. endow. pro. doubtfully. spigot. doseur. /. — au sauté. case. v. m. douteux. duplicate. etc. adv. scale (as a defect in metals) . painfully. (of doucir) ground.t. back. neek toms officer.r. m. coating. a. a. bottomed. doublé. coat with coldorure. à — paroi. ture (using the proper proportions). double-way. tender. v. v. hors de —. softness. m. (Bot.douloureusement. liqueur . mordant. endowed (with). sans — without > doubt. mixture). doué. duplicate . délicate. incomplète dosage. insipidity. sweetish. fem.) spearwort (Ranunculus species). — par imcatch er. as a bottle filler. double wall. a. m. no doubt. double. etc. douanier. stem (of a funnel). sweetish. douche. doubt. $ sinç. double . possessed (of). pr. /. doublet. a. scaUng. paper). hâve a susm. wool of inferior quality. m. cold gilding. dosateur. in proper propor. (Mach. douceur. (see doux). v. etc. /. dortoir. doseuse. fiuke.r.i. doublement.) hogbeneath the fabric and the coursier). ( Wine) dosage. double-fond. line. sprayer. proportions (of ingrédients in a douce.i. douter. ridge. ditch . fine grinding. etc. customhouse. plated ware. doubling. — en poids. duplet. — pas. (see doux). two-ply sheet métal. picion. trempé. ing. papers. détermine. mixwelding or soldering. m. (Med. doser (of wine or douci. etc. /. buah. plate. douche. douve. an inferior quality of soda ash. m. — de. détermination . doubly. a.t. v. (Calico) doubler (thick cloth dos. endow. dual. /. mersion.douleur. {Med. — galvanique. sweetness. hot gilding. be doubled. /. by degrees. of customs. razor) . double-walled. double thread. jacket.r.t. ing. à — effet. douara.a.a. smooth by grinding (as uring. undoubtedly. sorrowful. m. copy. o douloureux. v. doubt.) box. doter. dry gilding. /. m. doublage.) corn salad (Valerianella). double. p. wet gilding. refiexed border. set (as a dosimétrie. determinable . soft. grinding (as of glass or a gem). m. socket. equip. spigot hole. /. double. dubious. m. (see doubler). lining. ( Wine) dose. prépare. ratio . softly. double-paroi. (sleeping) quarters. sweetish. — à. m. double. (see doubler). properly procamara). (of a bell jar with top opening). etc. double-pesée. /. v.t. double bottom.) dosage. (Med. sweetishness. — électrochimique. (see doubler). amount. shower bath. doubt. sheath. distrust. — au feu. /. portion. adv. double . regulator. mildly. (Sugar) part of a electrogilding.douçâtre. (Med. double. a. adv. (Bot. custom(s). dose. bushing. cusdouille. doubloon. v. etc. etc. custom. medicine). proportion. gilding. sleeve. n. sore.

with good reason. droll. softness. duty. right. level. bonbon . & m. etc. m. dragon tree (Dracœna right . Chem. adv. on or plete. drayer. dragonnier. brewer's grains. m. drille. dualine. m. drageoire. dragon. (Pharm. draw up. drachme. druggist. mild. dress. — en douzaine. dealing in drugs. v. drayage. dualistic. rightly. a. he must hâve gone. a. /. /. right. spot in a diamond . softly. true. m. dram (the weight). draper. dredging . woof. drayoire. (of Steel. draperie. drusique. . erect. v. o. opposite. buckskin cloth. right line. dudgeonner. borer. duché. m. mild . (of water) fresh . (see dresser). /. — maléfique = malfil. droguer. drogue. cloth. some. rubber sheet. from the. dressoir. tabulate. /. & f. (Docteur) Doctor. v. slops. a.t. tn. dredger. gentleness. bit. he has drapier. straightdouzil. droitement. m. cloth manufacture. gently. Contraction of de le.) right-handed. a. drape. /. right . cloth by fulling. cf. ductile. see draguage. etc. straightening or leveling. lively. import duty. m. dualistique. m. /. Dresden. amusing. droguerie. train. doyen. a. dean . drap..p. dualistic. dualism. selling. easy.t. Dover. duitage. senior. drug. sweetness.) dropax.) drastic. ness). m. raise. buffing. dressing. dresser. dragée. a. sugarplum . (Med. drastic. duchy. (less often) malt. under droite. drugs. dealer in drugs. m. perpendicularly. m. . exact . spigot hole. malt. etc. drayure. protecteur. draff. sweet ends). n. draper. brewers' rightful. m. cusgrains. /. fem. dresser. il aurait — drastique. shape (as tube distiller'» grains. mented. cloth. p. iff. owl (of certain kinds). v. funny. the residue left after distilling ductile. drapery. v. /. drain. (often -pi. dragoon. & r. vinasse) . ductilimeter. etc. drapeau. dresser. dredge. drug trade.droite. droit. /. à bon —. etc. protective tardragueur. law. filter cloth. dualist. dressage. etc. smooth. (Leather) shaving. had to go . m. of the. shaving knife. small shot. (Leather) shave. of droit.t. ductible. à —. drousser. twelfth. drus drage. /. straight . a. dextro. & m. — de distillerie. he ought to hâve known. savoir. (Org. shaving (of hide). dragon . duke. dukedom. — de filtre. expand. (Paper) rag. /. m.a. starchy materials (as grain. something for dressing or douzième. dredge. — de right .) unfer.. duc. /. twelve. a. a. D r . tables. drain . potatoes. soft . (see de). dredging . drague. m. duboisine.t. ductility. drag. a. drosser. Dresde. — draguer. owing. /. drapant. brewers' grains. il a — aller. — pharmaceutique. douze. protective duty. judiciously. rubber blanket. currier's knife. /. right hand. twelfth. dredger. set up. shop. drain away. drôle. drëche. thick. duboisine. a. drug.dressé. au — de.t. table. justly. buff (with a dualisme. to the right. strong purgative. make out. etc. spigot. m. /. du. make (a fabric) into finished dru. straighten. adv. adv. sweetly. a. true. v. dragging. justly. cloth dû. pharmaceutical Iozenge. — de douane. upright.t. drêches) spent wash. gentle . — d'entrée. drapery. ô droite. v. — fort anglais. de. ening rod. clockwise. de —. vigorous. draco). thickly. /. rightfully. m. dragage.) dressement. dozen. smooth . etc. (from devoir) due. sideboard. doux. de p. a. ought. m. cloth seller. m. (see dresser). elder. drainer. dragging. m. dressing. (of wine. flag. straight Une. face. m. fee. sheet (for a bed). /. adv. woolen stuffs). set.t. censure. m. upright .a. knife or emery wheel to equalize the thick. scribble (wool). m.dualiste. arrange. drêches mélassées. right-handed. etc. ductilimètre.Douvres 144 duitage Douvres. dressed. crowded. m. due. m. (Paper) pressing board. cloth (esp. v. (see dresser). right-hand. caoutchouc. abbrev. p. m. dressing. drug. etc. drag. drain. dropax. m. drusy. toms duty. groove. owed. drain tile. brisk. m. toll. ductilité. sweet . dualin (a kind of dynamite). drachma. in the. weft. drill. droguiste.t. Dr. spent malt.

free from acidity. m. durcissant. (Old Chem. or the like). v. pr. abbrev.) duloifioation. dulcite. m. durement. of devoir. hardly. dynamite-gélatine. of durer. life. durcissement. (Bot. firm.) dynamo. dyname. — que. hardenable. dynamite. dure-mère. m. hard . bitterness. /. a.i. dz. m. /. /. continue. duralumin. dynamitage. (Blec.t. m. dynamite factory. hard. m. dulcitane. o. hard. hardening. /. durablement. /. of dû. /. fluffy. dyspnœa. /. — composée. (see de). dynamite handler . . from which. pi. /. /. dulcitol. stoutly. (Expl. duplicité. o. 3 sing. v. energy-producing (said of foods such as starch. durelin. dynamotor. adv. /. dulcamarin. m.. S pi. (Oeol. gelatin dynamite. duveté. dynamic(al). remain. duly. n. while. m.. dulcin. /. adv. v. time interval. harden. dur. /. callosity. /. durillon. dynamophore. sturdy. /. durant. durcissage. /. of devoir.) dyspnea. weft yarn. /. dyssymmétrie.) dysentery. hardening. 1000 kilogrammeters. dyssymmétrique. — tenace. adv. v. dûment. hardener. hardness. compound-wound dynamo. last. a. durableness. m.) dulcify (sweeten. (of cloth) nap. unsymmetrical. dynamically. a. dut. dynamo. duplicata.a. inured. duplicate. asymmetry. (of a ffame) hot. dureté. dynamite maker. dyslysin. m. {Med. hardening. during . — au feu. indic. dulcitan. v. — de la prise. dulcifying. dynamiter. callosity. harshly. dysentérique. duite. dynamiting. adv. duvet. Contraction of de lequel. (douzaine) dozen. tough hardness. dulcifler. that. durer. dynamie. durcisseur. corn. S pi. dyslysine. /. m. dynamiter. gelatin dynamite. specif. durability. sugar.. m. dysenterie. (see dur). durably. hardened. endure. dodecane. m. (of plastics) thermosetting. durabilité. dyspnée. downy. duryle. etc. etc. duveteux. dynamoteur. (Anat. stiff. of which. a. down. duralumine. dnlcite. dissymmetry. o. (Med.t. def.o. durée. m. heartwood. hardening. dulcification.duite 145 dz. hardenability. a. dulcifler. /. harsh. long. & r. prep. duplicity. durcir. a unit of work. from whom. & subj. . dynamiterie. dulcamarine. /. dyke. time. of the which. rough. dynamite-gomme. durent. dysenterie. fireharden. p. dynamitière. durcissabilité. of whom. p. weft thread. o. adv. a. during. m. lasting. fats). duquel. duramen. asymmetric. durcissable.) dura mater. /. m. duodécane. hard.) duramen. m. de/. Dunkerque. dnlciflant. /. dynamique. i. dynamogène. (Old Chem.t. . dus. /. (Cernent) setting time. Dunkirk. dyke. British oak (Quercus robur).) dynamogen. /. dynamiquement. dynamite magazine. doubieness. duration. dulcine. m. dynamics.) dike. duryl. p. dynamiteur.

tears. — à souder. calcareous water. Javel(le) water. scouring water.) perfumed spirit. spring water. — claire. size. chlorine water. — crêosotée. ammonia water. — de glace. crystaî water.E eau. cologne.) eau de luce (mixture of oil of amber. eau de Cologne. bitter water. — ardente. — d'aneth. water distilled from lettuce. — de conductibilité. (Pharm. — camphrée. sometimes with balm of Gilead added). potable water. — de fleur d'oranger. (often pi.) diluted lead subacetate solution.) compound spirit of melissa. — buvable. whitewash. gloss . conductivity water.) chloroform water. aqua ammonise.) stronger ammonia water. — de Mindererus = esprit de Mindererus. (Old Pharm. eau de Labarraque (aqueous sodium hypochlorite). feed water (as for boilers) . clear water. — de cristallisation. drinking water. (Pharm. surface water. — chlorée. — • d'argent. — de baryte. (Ceram. soldering liquid. bran mash. — à refroidir. alcohol and ammonia. — de façonnage. combined water. a liqueur fîavored with. hence.) fennel water. — de chlore. — de fontaine. Barèges water (a natural sulfur water) . — alcaline. boiling liquor. limewater (water containing calcium salts). malt extract. — d'ammoniaque forte. distilled Ïiquor (esp. aqua ammonise fortior. — cêmentatoire. /. Carmélite water. city water. waste water. an antiseptic solution containing copper and zinc sulfates. (Pharm. calcium hydroxide solution. bromine water. rain water. — aromatique. — de chloroforme. — de carottes. — d'Egypte. eaux) ïiquor. — de luce.. 146 . — d'égouts. day water. — d'ammoniaque. (Pharm. eau de Javel(le)« — de jour. water containing starch. — de chaux. — crue. limewater. — de la reine de Hongrie. malt water. — de combinaison. — de gomme. (Pharm. a water extract of mallow flowers. — de conduite. cooling water. (Pharm. boiling lye. — d'alimentation. — de ciel. angel water (an old perfume). — africaine = eau d'Egypte. ) camphor water. once used as an indicator. edge water. a sulfide solution for blackening silver. hard water. — cordiale. leaves or the like macerated in water. — boriquée. — blanche. baryta water. berries. ) Hungary water. — d'ange. (Textiles) water solution of white soap. (Pharm. a solution of silver nitrate used for turning hair black. — de menthe. ardent spirit. — à dégraisser. — de malt. — courante. gum water. à grande —.) anise water. — d'anis. lead water. lemon. alkali water. (Pharm. — d'amandes amères.) water which évaporâtes from the paste on exposure to dry air at ordinary température. — chlorinée. water of constitution or oombination (usually applied to water not removed by ordinary drying at 100-120°). ice water. bromine water. {Pharm. hot water. Labarraque's solution (or nuid or Ïiquor). — de Barèges. — acidulée. — de Cologne. (Pharm. — de fonte.) chloroform water. — de mélisse.) créosote water. (Pharm. eau de via. boric acid solution. under esprit. charged water. — de décharge. — de lavage. — de fenouU. aërated water. (Pharm. — de Goulard. chlorine water. — carbonique. Cologne water. running water. water of crystallization. — de mélisse des Carmes. — arrière. — calcaire. — de Javel(le). — chlorurée. — de Labarraque. wash water. — de colle. yeast extract. filtrate (as distinguished from precipitate) . well water. water from melting ice or snow. — bromêe. a liqueur flavored with cinnamon and rosé. liquid . — céleste. with excess of water. — de laitue.) bitter almond water. — de gisement. — de mauve. carbonated water. — de goudron.) Goulard water. orange-flower water. — de levure. starch water. water. — de cuite. sweat . magnesian water. alkaline water.) distilled dill water. — chaude. a liqueur containing particles of silver. sewage. carbonated water. (pi. — amidonnée. used as a mild sédative. eaux) clear liquid. an aromatic distillate made from flowers. (Mining) cernent water (water containing metallic salts). — clairette. — de Chine = eau d'Egypte. tap water. tar water. (Pharm. — d'Alibour. — chloroformée. oil "water (sait water associated with petroleum). — de brome.t. brandy). (Pharm. eau céleste (solution of cuprammonium sulfate). carrot water. glue water. v.. — à blanchir.

— petite. — pluviale. fluid magnesia. orange. (in gênerai) carbonated water. — de vie.). arrack (from rice) . etc. chalybeate water. — d'or. — de Perse = eau d'Egypte. — distillée. — résiduaire.) elder-flower water. — de trempe. — d'hydratation. city water. rain water. (Métal. distilled water. — distillée de fleurs d'oranger. — parfumée. included water. physiological (Pharm. — de source. aqua regia. — de riz. — quadruple. — de piment de la Jamaïque. stagnant water. surface water. — minérale. (Pharm.) pimento water. (Pharm. tooth lotion. iodine water. first sour.) rosé water. — magnésifère.) aromatic (or medicated) water (water distilled from certain plants). — du robinet. yellow wash . sait water. aqueous phénol. — pure. — incrustante. (Soap) a caustic aîkali solution (Obs. soldering liquid. (Pharm. — de roche. a liqueur flavored with lemon. (Pharm. hydrolat. quarry water. — phagédénique. (Pharm. perfumed water. — salée physiologique. weak liquor. — de menthe verte. rice water. — faible. — d'usage. — distillée de hamamelis. nitrohydrochloric acid. (Pharm. — de naphe. (Pharm. — de raze. minerai water. — divine de Fernel. — gazeuse. — de ville. hepatic water.) water.) peppermint water. sulfur water. — distillée de lauriercerise. — forte. hydrogen peroxide. weak liquor. atill water.) aromatic sulfuric acid. — médicinale. medicated water. an aqueous solution of iodine. (Pharm. ice water.. iron water. — de soudure. heavy water. — oxygénée officinale. brandy distiïled over aromatic plants (Obs. — météorique. — de ruissellement. physiological sait solution. (Pharm. — rouillêe. — magnésienne. (Pharm. — isotonique.) caraWay water. — distillée de sureau. — liée. rock moisture. spring water. — physiologique. water of hydration. — de mine. Witch-hazel extract.) hamamelis water. — hydriodatée. (Brewing) mash water. — hépatique. tap water. aërated water. an aqueous solution of common sait. — distillée de menthe poivrée. bound water. — froide. — dentifrice. drinking water. soft water. oil of turpentine. — fluviale. specif.) spearmint water. — distillée de rosé. — distillée de carvi. potable water. — phagédénique noire. — impériale. fat sour (water). — mordante. strontia water. river water.) cherry-laurel water. an aqueous solution of mercuric nitrate. sewage. (Pharm. magnesian water. — mère. iodine water. mud. — régale. residual water . — hygrométrique. an aqueous solution of sodium chloride. iron water. soapsuds. rain water. tap water. rain water. (Pharm. (Pharm. — de strontiane. — martiale. brine.eau 147 eau been quenched. {Pharm. iron water. soda water. — •profonde. cold water. aqua fortis. (Pharm. black wash. — douce. spirit flavored with apricot seeds. — glacée. stagnant water. — des Barbades. — de savon. (Pharm. water in which red-hot iron has . pure water . well water.) hydrogen peroxide solution. hard water (producing an incrustation in boilers). effluent . sea water. hard water. toilet water. mash liquor. mine water.) cinnamon water. — ferrée. — de noyaux. — des Carmes. moisture. rosé water. — mercurielle. a liqueur containing gold particles. fresh water. — phéniquée. — oxygénée.) phenolated water. — ferrugineuse. (Pharm. chalybeate water. — de puits. — de mer. Carmélite water (spirit of balm mint and lavender). combined water. — de rosé. orange-flower water.) orange flower water. — lourde.) black mercurial lotion. (Pharm. water containing dissolved gases . chalybeate water. — de Seltz. — d'hydration. — de rase. caustic liquid. hygrométrie water (sometimes. — d'iode. — dormante.) peppermint water. zinc sulfate. — phénolée. aqua fortis. ~ fraîche. mother liquor. carbonated water. — dure. charged water. stream water. — grasse. — de toilette. service water. graduated brine. •— d'interposition. (unflavored) carbonated water. trickling water. — distillée purissime. Barbados water (a cordial).) solution of magnésium carbonate. — gazeuse simple. specif. surface water. — de naffe. (Pharm. weak solution. physiological sait solution. — distillée de cannelle. fresh (not sait) water.)." (Pharm. — graduée.) hardening water. — potable. subterranean water. Seltzer water. coriander.) yellow (mercurial) lotion. = eau-de-vie. still water. — morte. cool water. — salée. tar. scented water. — folle. water in which red-hot iron has been quenched. — divine. specif. fresh (not stale) water. and aloes. Cf. — de Rabel. weak solution.. aërated water. "plain soda.) yellow mercurial lotion. — de pluie. water remaining in a substance under ordinary dry conditions but expelled by heating to 120° or less). water highly purified by distillation and bacteriologically stérile.) carbonic acid water. city Water. liquid dentifrice.

— séléniteuse. eaux éboulement. eaux faibles. purgative made from spirits. pr.t. water. sulfureuse. v. spring water . eaux ébiseler. waste éblouir. erode.t. sketch. m. e. pi. — de Dantzig. snow water). — vive. eaux d'égout. sauvages (below). (Tech. brackish water. v. — de grain.t. {Pharm.) a weak solution. cities. dazzling. face without penetrating the earth. rough draft. tions for crystallization. raw brine. — saumâtre. flood ébouillanteuse. kirsch. /. be dazzled. sketch.t. rap. mother liquors. grasses. sewage. v. be agitated. (see ébarber). pare.) play.) talus. bevel. — tiède. scraper. /. esp. shake. sauvages.ébranler. urinais.) a ébénier. m.ébouillanter. remove the butter from. apple flood water. éblouissement. (of eau) waters. v. strong solution. clip. shake. j uniper. rough-shaping. & i. /. scalding. — sauvage. fait down. m. /. — vitriolique. eau de vie. weak nitric acid .t. ground water. water containing calcium sulfate. rough -shaping . shaking. brandy. cherry brandy. clove.ébouillantage. • de cerise.ébarboir. saline water. (Mining) water burr.. falling in. ammoniacal solution or filtrate. eaux ébeurrer. distilled liquor). S sing. — (see ébarber). ébourrage. = débourrer.) . falling down. rough -shape. rough sketch. (Pharm. chisel . mother liquor. ebonize. hot-spring water.r. eaux ménagères. commotion. m. m. shake.ébauche. be shaken. — de vin. débris. fall in. eaux de cuite. liquor (from distillation of coal. scalder. suif ur water. v. jack. under (rain water. sour eau-mère. ebony (wood). boil away. eau-de-vie. marc brandy. m. jet. quarry water. aqua vitae. = débourrage. m. — végétoroughnesses of) trim. résiduaires. (Starch) sour liquor. scald. urine used as a source of ammonium salts. (Sait) brine in the first stage of éboulls. pr. trimming. m. privy vaults. disof camphor. specif. ébarbage. sea water.t. p. ébouillir. sewage. /. free of inud or slime. spirit flavored with v. clean. dazzling. — sure. etc. spirit ébranlement. ébouer. pi. de marc. applejack. etc. (Mining) slime ébarber. crude brine.t. — usée. dazzle. v. lukewarm water. water that has run over the sur. eaux sures. — allemande. sur. v. — edge. etc. (Geol. etc. marines. — sulfurée.) running. water. backlash.) brandy. eaux ébouillant. fallen material. m. v. v. whisky. eaux ammoniacales. — tombée.f one made by leaching sodium ébène. m. agitation. nip. terraine. cnip. — camphorée.eau-forte. brandy (or. scraper. weak faints. v. flush.) last lye water. ends or water. pi. water containiug grease. /. (Dist. refuse water from ébaucher. faire —. chamfer. v. of ébouillir. glare. containing metallic sulfates. v.a. v. aqua fortis (nitric acid. — de pomme. /. (remove the edges. rainfall. p. — virginale. earth as distinguished from meteoric water eaux-vannes.t. v.t. aluminate with water. turbid water . move . roughcast .t. ébarbement. vannes. minéràle. m. (Teck. evaporation. eau. running ébardoir. blank. ébauchage. (Niter) concentrated solu. surface water. — a médium strength used in etching). cause to fall down. rain water. eaux éblouissant. strong liquor. agitate. — thermale. ébout. — sait solution.t. eaux des villes. eaux. liquid manure obtained from crumbling. ébarbure. — seconde.r. turpeth. — sou. — dernière. trimming. ammoniacal ébat. eaux fortes. landslide.) Goulard water. wood. — sédative de Raspii'd. apple brandy. trouble. residual liquor (or liquid) . ebony (tree). water which has been in contact with the eaux-mères. — saline. (see ébaucher). etc. etc. (Soda ) red liq uor. — turbance.i. liquors. leak. — de cidre. throw ammoniacal liquor from gas plants. vertes. /. eaux rouges. rough pièce. a liqueur fiavored with celery. crumble. rubbish. (Pharm. a drastic ébourrer. (Mach. disturb. scammony and jalap. etc.r. waste water. boil down. = eaux vannes. scrape. copper sulfate. waste waters (from mines or factories). vierge. water. m. eaux superficielles. face water (in the narrow sensé). make water. eaux folles = eaux ébéner. apple. eaux pluviales. esp. of ébouillir.g. brandy sédative water. a natural (in the strict sensé). . eaux down. /. water. — tellurique. sour. in gênerai. thermal water. underground water.eau 148 ébranler lemon and mace. — fossile. stale ébouler. collapse.

etc. n. m. husk. remove the angles échappé. échangeable. (of échapper) escaped. scale off. scarlet. v. hull. check scale.) scaffold. interchange. break. divert. m. gage. ecboline (ergotinine). spread open. écaillage. /. hull. a. gaseous metabolism. platébullioscopie. fine gage. écatir. m. samples of (e.g.) kermès). be dispersed. v. (less often) ebullition. eburine. pade. blend.t. channel. shell. sample. draw (wire). /. test (as weights) .) dentation. scaling. échancrure. f ébrun. absolute error. écale. (Glass) an iron shovel used for échancrer. heat exchanger. disperse. — ilatten (wire) . v. exchange . éb ronde r. fiesh.échafaudage. reaction. écarté. écaillement. échange. hollow. iron scale. crust. <c m. ébruiter. — absolu. eburin.) eebolic.t. v. (see écacher). sample. (see écailler. deviate. échantillon.p. v. différence. écaler. in return for. etc. échantillonner.g. aquash. scale. (see écailler). shell. shell. v. margin of damage.t. écachement. — de fer. ébullioscopie. average sample. m. catissage.) a system of refractory partitions in a kiln. husk. . slate (hides).. strain . iron) into given patterns or shapes . scaly. échantillonner). clear space. m. in exchange for. sugar) in order to obtain écailleux. removal. hull. /. sample. little shell. /. introducing the pots into the furnace.t. v. (see écarter). v. /. exchange. of boiling points. sampler. = ébumification . /. rumor. crush. écatissage. forge moyen. sort. escajoint . groove. exchanger. éburine. from. mass. m. able.a. etc. m.) scaffolding. span .t. ébullioscopique. eeboline. v. /. chip off. mold. ébrouer. stepping aside . (see écarter) . m. notch (as a knife). échanger. m. gage. p. gloss (cïoth by pressing). (Certain coehineal scarlet.t. r écarner. m. êhroudir. a standard product.r.t. scarlet. /. width error . ébrouage. ébrutage. m. notch. (Med.. curve. spécimen.t. m. etc. indent. (Med.t. ébroudir). m. mean error. isolât éd. shallot {Allium ascalonicum). m. (Ceram. — de bénéfice. échalote. observation form. digression . /. (Dyeing) washing (of écater. o. v. éburné. separate. échantignole. hollow out. — moyen. groove. squeeze. cloth scarlet. crushing. iné b u r nation. /. . ebullioscopy. gage. sampling. pattern.t. eebolique. eap. a. déviation. (Founding) modeling board. open. disébroudage. etc. /. report. m. deoxidize (iron wire). écaille. m. size. scale. turn aside. interchangeébutter. flake off. — pour draps. ebulliometer.t. (see écailler). unchanged material. eegonine. notch. shell. (Paper) squeeze nioisture de température. of . — de Biebrich. (Dyeing) wash (wool). make known. scale. /. Biebrich. êcaille(s) model. smutty grain. ébroudeur. — de Hollande. — tolérable. take samples v. drawing (of wire . v. p. chip off.r. (Dyeing) washing (of wool). = catir. a. échafaud. (Optics) dispersion . husk. v. nitrogen metabolism.flaky. removed. material that ha(J escaped conversion in a of. bruise. scaling. wool). natural échappade. ébulliomètre. rough-grinding (of diamonds). — de Venise. écacher. dimension. ébrouissage. échantillonnage. à V—. /. interchange. échanges gazeux. interval. exchangeable . through a écarter. channel. interchanger. v. haramer scale. disperse. & a. échappée. variation. (also Métal. mix différent écaillette. écarlate. Uttle scale.ébrécher 149 échappée ébrécher. échangeur. conversion of powdered — de. Iike ivory. remove . m. tolérance.t. bracket. départ. make up (e. ébullitlon.t. squamous. ebullioscope. seatter . /. échantillonneur. see tant. form. boue and ivory into eburin by heat and pressure. round off. m. (also Métal. — témoin.t. chip. diverge. v. profit. space. boiling. dress. matrix. wire drawer. /. v. . Venetian articles are fired in the compartments thus scarlet (an old scarlet dye made from formed instead of in saggers. apart. etc. a. m. v. pitch (of a screw) . éburge. scale. /. eegonine. m. spacing.t. distance (apart). écartement. eburnation. shell. en ébumification. leeway. écart. eburite. aside. flake. acarf (of an opening) . échanges azotés. keep away.

heating. give light.i. enlighten . scour (wool). gleam. éclabousser.t. éclairé. strand. whitewash. écharnage. become bright. distribution (at intervais. become heated or hot. (Steam) exhaust. /. pr. échenal. p. escape . — de distillation. scalding vat. (in spectra) continuous illumination. shining. m. fragment. escape. escape. in a séries). arrangement. outlet. rn.a. /. /. dis- tribute. check. — Qras. expire. fleshing machine. pass a rope around. clear spot. (Leather) sweating. échelonnement. skein (in France 100 meters). cheese mold. (Zool. overheat. Iet off (steam. become thin. etc. brilliancy . reverse. v. /. échauder. welding heat.t. experienced.) maturity. dab. p. m. échelonner. éclair. aceording to scale. escape from. pearly luster.) echinococcus. éclaboussure. inform . — métallique. éclaïrcie. v.).t. — cireux. spatter.t. hanfc. escapement .t. S sing. éctaarpe. pimple. (of échoir) fell due. channel . warm.a. /. pr. v. scale. écharner. fail. spatter(ing). luster (as of minerais) . clear up. due. écharnement. v. — graduée. échec. bursting. Iet slip. shine. clearing. etc. let go. etc. scalding . m. waxy luster.échappement 150 éclat échappement. — de. flash . m. v. — mobile. m. whitewashing . p. m. (see éclaircir). m. splash.) echinoderm. blick. clarify. échauffement. proportion. heated. échouer. reconnoiter. sash. happen. brighten. S sing. gleam. écharnure. burst. shred. echinus (a rounded molding). imp. échauffe. heat. — proportionnelle. /. smutty. flesh (hides). m. splinter. greasy luster. (see échauffer). v.a. fragment.p. etc. illuminate . éclat. clear. — sulfurique. / . éclairant. S sing.. écharper. m. clarity. lighting. moldy . vanish . forget oneself . occur. (of yarn) become rotten. seraping.i. clear space. — onctueux. m. fut. / . m. m. checkerboard . etc. run aground. v. luminous. outrigger. crack (in wood) . — d'eau. diagonal scale. shiver. grading. etc. îighten. loud and sudden noise. fleshing (of hides). échauffage. échelle. (of a ladder) rung. {Petroleum) acid heat test. etc. (Com. be lighted.i. échéant. éclaircissement. scout. m. flash. scald. échet. tie. brightness. clear up. water gage.r. grade. step . prickle. light. — du fond. échaudure. whitewash . (see éclairer).t. m. fleshing knife. crash . metallic fragment or splinter. defeat. (of échoir) falling due. sliding scale. m. pièce of iron at welding heat.) rotten . eleetric lighting. lighter. card. clearness. — résineux. paring. (A&saying) fulguration. éclairer.r. bû illuminated . échauffer. splash(ing). enlightened. metallic luster . éclairage. à V—. splendor. échéance. Iighted. /. échapper. lightning. échenet. diagonal scale. reduced scale. hardness scale. — fuyante. escape. lighting. m. expiration. (of wood) dry-rot. nue (of a reverberatory furnace). heat. — rêduite. illuminated . continuous light. (Zool. gas lighting.r. échevette. — à. p. /. warm. Iet escape. gas detector . — perlé. v. anger.t. écharnoir. etc. become overheated . watch. become clear. m. of échoir. échiquier. scarf. digestion with milk of lime. become warm . etc. échaudage. fall due. v. scald. polish . gutter. — de dureté. m. illumination. échine. resinoua . chip . — électrique. écheneau. m. éclaircissage. heating. reduced scale. échu. m. m. lighting. échaude. graduated scale. v. elcar. éclaircir. failure. échauffé. écharde. checkerwork. — de réduction. taper(ing) scale. skein. échaudoir. m. v. & t. (of échoir) falls due. m. splinter. laisser —. éclairement. thin. échinoderme. échelon. pass over. exchequer.t. échauboulure. clearing. écherra. place at intervais . illuminatiag. écheveau. échaudillon. (of échoir) fallen due. /. vex. écharneuse. échoyait. p. v. illuminating. (of wood. (Founding) gâte. greasy luster. (see échauffer). — au gaz. — nacré. /. leak . round. échinon. spine. etc. distillation range. (see éclairer) . v. ladder. slash. échinocoque. échoir. brace. inform oneself. illustrate . éclaireur. flash.t. arrange (in a séries). open. /. scalding house. report. v. well informed. v. — de proportion. etc. vs. corne undone.

— de bourdaine. écorcher. iïesh (hides). — de quina. éclipser. écorcer. — à tan. adv. Ecosse. écornure. fleshing (of hides). — de chêne. earth's crust. /. specif. — de citron. Hstening. écourter. excoriation. cinchona bark. m. — de tan. (Wool) breech. chamfer. éclater. lemon peel.t.) viburnum prunifolium. /.i. écolier. dock. écotage. (of time) pass. v.t. v. T.) Winter's — bark. écouane. Scotland. /. (Pharm. hearer. — de limon. écouloir.i. — de mancône.) magnolia bark. split.) spark gap. m. économe. écœurer.r. v. tanbark. écorcier. (Pharm. sweet orange peel. discharge . écorce. blossoming. scratch. — réglable. — de quillaja. m. economically. break off the corner of. etc. sell off. bark. breeching(s).) cortex. economize . v. flowing off. (of paper) white and of médium quality. strip (of bark or rind).t.) quillaja.) sell. /. — d'orme. shut off (a flowing Iiquid) . — vitreux. & r. sweet orange peel. /.) pomegranate bark. peel. azadirachta. (Pharm. m. shiver. éclatine. écouter. (of a sail) sheet. coarse wire. shiver. — de Panama. split. glitter. shiver. cinchona. • dite de Panama. Hstening. be eclipsed. outflow. brilliant. (Pharm. bloom . scholar. /. m. /. (of people) disperse.t.N. shrill.) margosa bark. écoutant. v. flow . heat economy. (of wood) splintery. (Pharm. murder (a language). skin. shine. draining. soapbark. — de racine de berbêrides.) stain. — d'orange amère. (Pharm. shell. — de la racine de cotonnier. scoop. économiser. school . peel. m. peeling. éclatante. économiseur. disrupt. /. écorçage. ) euonymus. economical.) white oak bark. a. (Elec. écoine.i. bevel. (fig.) rubus. a. v. steward. écorner. scoop. listen to. (fig. m. écoute. m.a. (earth's) crust. /. écope. economize. grater. (Ceram. (Pharm. écoupe.) slippery elm. taste rough to. écli. écossais. fishplate. économique. thunder. p. écolier. azedarach. barking. broken-off corner. a. Scottish. (Pharm. appear . discharge hole. a cellulose acétate tape. & Anat. rind.) eut into. curtail.i. (Bot. save. flash. bitter orange peel.) pomegranate.éclat 151 écouter luster. fiscal agent. économies. bitter orange peel. éclusage. (see éclater). burst. écosson. = écorce de — Panama. quillai bark. splint. quillaia. economizer. v. v. hatch. abrasion. stripping. be revealed. — de ronce noire.) surface.) spark. technical school. crack. v. effluent. m. dark spot. /. écorchure.t. adjustable spark gap. etc.t. flow away. p. eleuthera bark. burst. m. v. (Pharm. (Pharm.) cascara sagrada. m. (Pharm. be brilliant. — d'oranges douces. stripping. auditor.t. /. rend. splinter . peel. sicken .t. husk. (Pharm.a. place where tanbark is kept. écouenne. wahoo bark.) cotton root bark. a. chip. berberis root bark. fleece. — de quinquina. écouailles. — d'azédarac. a fragment of bark. dîshearten. o. écluser. v. v. etc. pupil. — calorique. rasp. éclore. tanbark. (Pharm. — des arts et métiers. blackhaw. . m. (see éclater).) sale.) cabbage-tree bark. bloom . granatum. efflux. impair. éclatement. (Elec. splinter.) rocket. — terrestre. /. écorcement. blunder.) frangula. locking. m. (Founding) gâte shutter. (Pharm. éclatable. v. v. éclateur. écoulement. barking. floodgate . quercus. grater. — de cerisier de Virginie. lemon peel. — de l'orange douce. vent. — de magnolier. sluice .) cascarilla. /. hatching. shutting off . économie. — soyeux. m. be economized. run-off. v. bursting. éclisse. open. run out. economic(al). hatch.) wild cherry. chip. /.t. see mancône. pi. (Com. /. — de bigarade. m. oak bark. bark. dawning. — de la racine de grenadier. (Pharm. -^ de géoffrêe. splinter. écollage.r. (Pyro. fish. grate on. — de margousier. (Pharm. vitreous luster. schoolhouse . (Com. école. bursar. lock . Panama bark. éclosion. gâte . outlet. ulmus. v. = écorce d'azédarac. splinter. /.) mezereum. Scotch. dawn. also discharger. silky luster. shovel. — de mêzéréon. écosser. disgust. m. — de grenade. organism . ladle. m. splinter. magnolia. bursting. peeling. hull. v. bright . écluse. & r. chip. /. v. elm bark. écouler. économiquement.t. shorten. /. — d'evonymus. — sacrée. — éleuthérienne.t. seîi. break out. rasp . lock (pass through a lock).t. blackberry root. (Pharm. flow out. granatum. écoussage. economy . cascarilla bark. (Pharm. éclipse.t. v. — de yiburnum. running out. éclatant. loud . explode. * de Winter. savings. appearance. dam .

p. clamp nut. spell. set nut. édification. casket. mortar. scum. lapse. etc. édition. remove by skimming . (Métal. crushing. dish. — de mer.. skimmer. pr. éducateur. /. (less commonly) edit. T. clerk. v. rock.) crash. — à scarifier. écu. écrivant. écraseur.t. — à broyer.. skimmed . (Corn. (for liquids.N. earthy aphrite. skimmer. v. p. (Min. separate (as milk or meerschaum. falling in. eold-hammer. écrouler. earpiece. of éducateur. v. m. shield. large skimmer.t. /. /. building. dross. m. skimming ladle. receiver. m. foaming. m. /. strainer. raiser. — à la machine. écrémage. sea foam. (of iron) badly worked. wing nut. cry out.t.t. hide. m. (see écraser). collapse. mering. (Leather) removal of the écroûter. v. m. clean. m. S ting. v. milk pan or crock. scour (iron wire).a. foam. /. fly nut. (Métal. & p. crush . bruise . breeding. S pi. pr. édicule. handling heavy weights. publishing.) écrasable. m. m. (see écumer). build up. /. swab. cation. shutunwashed. scumming. in a centrifugal) .) Cancer. éduit. small édifice or structure. skim. m. /. milk). éculer. (see écraser) . écrit. v. écurie. o. éeriteau. écurement. crown (the coin). written. écrasage. écureuil. écrouissage. faîling in. /.éduction. v. édifiécriture. écrémation. eduction. sandiver. m. écran.t. (Optics) filter. bowl. /. scour. defatty matter from the flesh side of the bark. écu.a. m. wing édition. spot. m. /. (of écrire) write. — de terre. case. brush. cold-harden. separated . roller. separating (as of milk by écutnation. édestine. (Pharm. (Min. (Olass) skimmer. m. m. separator rid. scoria. soapy water. écouvillon.) kish. crushing.t. flattener. etc.) earth foam. /. écru. écrevisse.t. (pi. foamy.) a porous form of héma(milk). écrier. static shield. caving in. /. v. écrire. write. essential oils) ecuelle. skimmer. ter. éducation. scummy. etc. écumer. 771. /. écurer. écrémer. (of écrire) writes. fem. m. écumage. v. & i. crushed. small skimmer. éditeur. clear of froth or écrémette. (Qlass) glass gall. frothy. listener . satisfy. écume. écrémoir.t. screw. v. etc. jewel case. écrouissement. vessel used in molding wax. p. écumeux. (see écraser). etc. etc. raising. building up. ridding. educator. money. écroulement. éducation. scum remover. Edimbourg. m. scum . v. /.t. bill. v. typewrite. m. écrivent. flatten . build. scum. breeder. crushable. écrémé. tite.t. scummer.) drossing. foaming. skimmer. m. screen. area. machine). écrasement. electro. tor. esp. implosion. (Astron. écrouir. lime. écuelle. pamphlet. pr. — aûè. clear. (Métal. écrin. m. m.) plaster. coldéducatrice. écumeur. (of écrire) writing. give way. wing nut. écrémeur. training. form (wax) into cakes. etc. skim — de fer. educational. .t. écumant. m. reef. become covered with scum or dross. cold-ham.écouteur 152 éduit écouteur.r.) dross. placard. foam.a. — capacitif. scouring. shield. éerémoire. /. sponge. scorifier. m. v. masticate (rubber). — de fonte. skim. — à oreilles. /. zinc peroxide. écrou. fly nut. m. m. cold-draw.r. écusson. écraminage. — de serrage. foamy. frothing. colécouvilloner. saucer. cleaning. cold-harden. scum. writer. /. (less commonly) ediécriveur. v. écumette. v. éculon. writing..) raw. pi. large tongs for écumolre. écraser.i. swab. écrivain. écurette. m. stable. v. m. hard particle in écurage. Scripture. m. froth. thumb nut. brush out. exhaustion (of steam). edify. écrasé. collapse. p. crayfish . a. writing.r. édifier. squeeze . roll. m. (female or internai) screw. — de fumée. écueil. crusher. m. unbleached.r. remove the crust from. éditer. burating inward. writer. notice. /. mop. skim.ectogan. skimming. écumeresse. fall in. (see écrouir). (Aero. skimming . scraper. /. frothy . o. mop. (for obtaining écrasée. baffle plate. skim off. squirrel. (see écraser) .. sinoke screen.) accounts. écrémaison. /. froth. educt. edestin. /. écrémure. m. skimming. flat. — papillon. skimmings. v. publisher. collapse. publish. screw nut.. p.t. (of cloth. Edinburgh. écrémeuse. a. books.

mislaid . Egée. /. as to. led astray. effluve. effleurer. à — retardé. enliven. even. & r. flake off. . de. p. m. level.i. v. v. — de effulguration. égaré. delay-action. v. pi. — édulcorer. — de masque.a. graze . make. effective . drain. leveling . —. édulcoration. v. indeed. wandering. mislay . frightful. raveling out . give way. laire. pick to . fringed. etc. égalité. v. foliation.t. (pi. of leaves. a. remove the surface of. égaux. sédiment. effrayant. effectuate. m.t.t. a. sweetening. scrape. real. m. m. collapse. effaceable. tractive force. m. efficacité. effluence. action. shattering effect. obliterate. glowing. — pellicuequalization. (nondisruptive) electric dis. m. useful effect. effet-volant.pièces. (Elec. ravel out. thin. effilocher. valve égaler. sweetening.édulcorant 153 égout édulcorant. equalize. level. effleurir. touch . m. m. effondrilles. à — de. (of égal) equal. smooth. église. protection. v. effriter. edulcorant. lees. . a.r. evenness . stress . m. be the same). égalisateur. funds. sinkhole. /. regulator. égaliser. butcher. effondrer. flywheel effect. m. skim stray. degerming. in ail (rags). (see effleurer). edulcoration. disintegration . a. à tous égards. etc. effeuiller. screening effect. adv. égalitaire.r.r. effacing. taper. égorger. equalization.r.t. effort . (Elec.) skin effect. lead astray. along. evening. /. disorder. equalize. . v. actual. à V— de. corona. effect. in effect. taper. likewise. effectivement. mislaying. — de tension. effaçurer /. efficaciously. v. effect. effet.t. level tion. disordered. buffer effect. (Corn.) skin effect. (Med. equal to. v. evening. m. defoliate. — de à V— de. — soupape. outflow. efficacement. v. effectif» a. even. effondrement. equal. v. render friable. égermer. strip égaliseur. wildness. respect. m. m.t. m. adv. with regard to. égout. try. charge. exhaust. m. v. equalizer. tapered. bending stress. plow deep. remove the germ of. charge . v.) fibrillate. oblitération. équation . vin effect. breaking in. active. to be equal (or. effroyablement. stress. flaking off. effroyable.) corona dis-égal. fall. v. in comparison Kelvin. strip of flowers. subsidence. v. effacement. cause to give way. /. in. masking. v. unifonnity. frightful. unravel.a. lost. be drawn out. m. sweetening agent. Aegean. — de peau. in reality. weathering. fearful. be lost.t.t. crumbling. in reality. exfoliation. — également. raveled. en ing. — d'écran. fiashing. wandering.r. efficacy. shave . dregs. disintegrate . exécute. exhaust (soil). equal. deed. effectively. gutdig up. effacer. /. /. slender. edulcorate. sweeten. effleurement. scale off. (Elec. stray. equality . édulcorant. efficiency.t. wauder. with respect to. alike.t.r. regarding. m. ravel. equal. equalizer. v.effritement. efficiency. — de torsion. effaçable. accomplish. m. be mislaid. — brisant. separating sieve (for gunpowefficace. ravel out.égalisatrice. — de traction. effect. break in. œgis. (Leather) scrape or shave the haïr égarer. do. v. strain. appalling. touch on . drawing out. shearing stress.) bilî.) sieved gunpowder. strive. effacement. exert oneself. sewer. /. & r. effectively. effective.t. equalizer. breaking stress. respects. on a effilage. Aegean Sea.t. draw out (as a glass tube).t. /. wither. égalisation. drip. prune. let wander. o. like . p. efface. terrible. in fact. ma&c. in fact. be scraped. mechanical effect. — de couronne. removal of égarement. degerm. dérange.égalisage. error. der). égalisoir. ravel. effloresce. égide. /. m. go astray. church. equalization. thinned. rending effect. regard. v. frightfully. égard. pull. Kelwith. slaughter. balancer. to effiler. equally. effilé. twisting stress. égayer. dripping. erasure. buffer ac. effeuillage. drawn out (as a glass tube). /. de cisaillement. spattered . effilochage. alike. side of . crumble. torque. — de rupture.. force. m. efficacious. mécanique. a. effleurage. (sce effiler). even. v. like.égermage. same. rinse (linen). cause to crumble. skim over . at par. — de flexion. pi. dreadfully. p. erasure. fade. misguided . effluence. erase. effectuer. sieving (of gunpowder). m. adv. /. effort. m. equalizing. effluvium. the surface. — utile. — tampon. etc. exfoliate. even. /. efforcer. supposing . perform. tensile effaçage. adv. weather. v. v. égalisure(s).t.a. level .t. deviling in comparison with. supposing the equality of.

mortar. /. électriser. eleometer. soar. élatéromètre. drainage. eicoaenoic. elastin. crush (grapes). gin cotton. resinous (négative) electricity. électif. elayl (ethylene). v. adv. spring. égruger.t. elaïdin. o. extend.t. slender. elaterometer. ardor. élavage. electrocapillary. mealer. m. dewater. elaterin.t. choice. /.t. ekaiodine (astatine). égrugeage. very well. électrocapillaire. electrical. elaldéhyde. p. ejector. — vitreous (positive) electricity. à!—. enlargement. m. égrappage. shelling. & m. tall. broach. m. éjecter. électrisant. élargissement. élaborant. pick (as grapes from the bunch). électrisation. dripping. splint. v. /. etc. & m. enlarger. trim. well. drainings. /. élection. elaborate. cleaning (of ore). well then.N. a. draining. washer. ektogan. m. v. sally. /. drain(ing) board. wash out. picking (esp. v. égrènement. électrique. élancer. electroanalysis. ékazote. élaïdique. /. électro-aimant. spreader. élastique. v. washing. électro. a. ekacesium (francium). m.. ekasilicon (germanium). élan. électrifler. a. élaldine. /. a. /. extension. m. (see égruger). /. grinding. electively. (Bot. égoutteur. spring. (Old Chem. Obs. égouttage.) a porous form of hématite. pick from the bunch (as grapes) . — résineuse. drip. pruning. elaïn.r. a. élastiflcation.). éjection . /. Obs. • vitrée. m. /. electrifier. m. scratch. m. spread. m. wash (as rags). (Glass) dropping board . v. électriquement. grinding (as of glass or diamond). m. élaguer. diamond dust. widen. scratch. clean (ore). a. eisen-ram. electric phenomena in gênerai. eicosénique. électivement. élasticité. etc. (Med. élancé. v.t. extrusion. électrisable. draining rack. choice. ginning (of cotton). électroanalyse. /. élaver. electromagnet. elaborating. éjection. electromagnet. enthusiasm . égrugeoir. (Founding) vent. electrum. m. m. channel . lop. electric. marble. draining dish. égouttement. fly. égratignure. égrngeure. drainer. pulverizing. olein. shell (as maize). start. argon. grindings. drain. électre. m. best. m. /. drain .t. m. (Min. electrocapillarity. égrisage. elastomère.t. elasticity. electrification. elaïdic. eject. égrainage. (Gunpowder) rubber. m. grinding. elasticizing. égiapper. electrifying. (Sugar) sirup from which one crop of crystals has been removed in the centrifugals. prune. impulse. jump. m. électro-aggloméré. égriser. élaïne. enlarge. égouttoir. ékasilicium. m. etc. m. m. v.t. élaborateur. élection.t. drainer. drain. let drip. /. égrisé. égrener. élatérine. ejecting. m. Egypte. m. égratigner. eh bien. /. m. élective . m. v. /. élaveuse. élaile. m. elastomer. peel (flax). électricisme. etc.t. m. elk. electivity. widening.) squirting cucumber (Ecballium elaterium). electrize. v. électrocapillarité. /. elatrometer. electricity. drip. élargir. pulverize. — de premier jet. a. — de deuxième jet. a. electrically. a. élatérium. electrifiable. reamer. elastic. électriseur. m. /. /. électro-affinité. electro-affinity. ékamanganèse. drain. a.) elayl (ethylene). of grapes) from the bunch . m. ékaïode. grind. adv. égyptien. rush. preferred. égoutter. v. washing. élastine. v. (Pharm. drain. Egyptian. ékacésiiun. sélective. . selectively. ekamanganese (technetium). zinc peroxide. v. widener. meal (gunpowder). o. électricien. selectivity. élagage. élaïomètre. m. v. ekaboron (scandium). ékabore.r. m. a. égrugeur. picking. v. battery carbon. égrisée.) dilator. dash. m. /. élargisseur. electrician.i. slim. égoutture. v.r.t. élayle. See égrenage. v. a. (Sugar) sirup from which two crops of crystals hâve been removed in the centrifugals. m. électivité. grind (glass.t.égout 154 électrocapillarité ter. draining.a. electrify. elseometer. electrify. éjecteur. égrenage. m. m. paraldehyde. m.) elaterium. become electrified. dripping.t. électricité. élaborer. m. washing out. Egypt. T.

étalon. — lénitif. électroscopique. shielded élec.) cell. — de soufre. elegantiy. m. /.élève. — de liaison. eliminator . m. electrophoresis. — à goutte. — de passage. electrolyzer. m. electrotypy.élémentaire. /. a. — • électronégatif. électron. be erected. élever. électuaire. electrolytically.éliminateur. a. a. /. a. aromatic confection. of éliminateur. électromoteur. electron-seeking. — de électrodynamique. o. eliminating. exalt.r. éléolique. elevating. électrométallurgie. (Elec. electrochemistry. o. /. électrométrique.) elœosaccharum. rear. an oil as base. eleoptene. — occupé. . eleometer (oleometer). pile. éliminatoire.élévateur. the old disélectrochimiste. o. éléolate. electrogenetic. électrotypique. électrosoudure. m. electrotechnics. odd électron. éléomètre. hoist. /. m. adv. a. — de rechange. m. élevure. (Math. (Pharm. éléolat. raising. lift. o. retarding électrode.) a préparation having électrolyseur. — minéral. etc.) square. electrolyzable. raising. v. electric welding. élémi. /.) electuary (now électrochimique. électrométallurgique. nutrient. élévatoire. electrodialysis. (JPharm. /. eliminative. /. a. chemistry student. — célibataire. electrochemist. elevating. jem. minerai (or inorganic) constituent. m. fem. m. électrophorèse. m. electrolysis. o. of électromoteur. electrotype. high. electroly. m. m. electropolar. electromeric. électropolaire. a. m. elevate. électrogène. /. m. elœoptene. electrotrieuse. électrophore. éleuthérien. electronic.électrocapillochimie 155 éliminatrice électrocapillochimie. électrolysation. a. v. spécial. electro. eliminative. éléolithe. & f. lifting. elevatory. breeding. electrotypic. adv. — apparié. be raised. electrolyzing. élevage. separator. lift. (Math. élément. (see élever). électron. — de réduction. electrometallurgy. a. m. eleetroionic. eliminatory. electrometric(al). (Pharm. a. shared électron. part. — en dérivation. (Pharm. young tron. elemi. raised. electrotechnic(al). éléolé. elementary. éléoptène. électrolysafole. a. paired élévation. (Pharm. tion having an essential oil as a base. electro-osmosis. — nuélectroionique. élimination run. o.éléosaccharum. confecélectrocinétique. m. elœolite. elevated. éliminatrice. a. electrofilter. physics student. elevator. /. m. électrométrie. électrochlmie. animal or plant. rise. m. a. élément. m. m. electromagnetic. elec. electrokinetic. électrochoc. p. tritif. conelectrokinetics. magnetic ore separator. /. electrometry. /.) eleolite. électrode. transit électron. — de poivre. électrolytiquement. electric shock. — de séné composé. a. a.élevé.) eleuthera.a. electromotive. /. m. electrodynamics. /. a. électromagnétique. nutritive substance. confection of senna. electrolyze. /. electronegative.) relating to the préparations called éléolé. pupil. (Min.t. ping électrode. — à godets. electropositive. — partagé. vator. — électro-filtre. électrophile. — physicien. electric filter. _ phile. électrostatique. électro-osmose. /. scholar. m. électromotrice. confection électrode. électrolytique. olectroscopic. produce. m. — au carré. spécial student. spare electrodynamic. (see élever). a. élèvement. bucket eletromotor. electromer. tion of pepper. a. statics. hoist.) involution. électrotechnique. raise. électromagnétisme. electrocapillochem. electro.t. istry. élévation. electromagnetism. a. (Elec. increase (of price) . électrodialyse. électropositif. erect. élégamment. a. elevatory. electrolytic.) standard cell. /. /. électronique. electrophorus. /. (jBïec. raising (of animais). m. a. casélectromètre. electrometallurgi. dropof sulfur.) shunt élément. m. raising (of animais). /. — de freinage. pimple. pustule. (Pharm. electrotype. bonding électron. chimiste. électrolyser. carilla. électron. etc. student. fection of senna. — bénévole. often translated confection. etc. electrometer. v. be produced. regulating cell. electrochemical. cal. a. électromère.) a préparaélectrolyse. generating. — aromatique. tinction between electuary and conserve having been abandoned). zation. m. electrostatic.électrotypie. (electric) cell.

v. nozzle . (Pharm. embalming. embellissement. enameling. glazing (see émail) .t. élire. m. avert . v. called enamels in English).éliminer 156 embouer éliminer. eucumbrance .r. imélu. emballotter. pack. eulogy. (Bot. elect. embarrassment. barrel. fem. salutis.r. (Pharm. elect.t.t. /. etc. v. by some to the thicker and less fusible fit together. (of liquids) bubbling. — de pepsine. packing case.) offspring. emblée. emboîtage. defer . disappear. embaumer. join. a. elucidate. (of paregoric. /. grance. émaillure. emballage. — de propriété. ing. m. washing. elixir. (Old Pharm. pack.t. pron. v. v. v. ellébore. «t. — à la cellulose. emboîtement. ornamentation. /. emboire. elle. v. daub.) dope. fit. fem. v. mud. éluat. be averse. enameling. /.r. pack up. émacié.t.) compound tincture of senna. pron. mouthpiece . p.t. /. itself. eulogistic. pi. very thin. be embarrassed . départ. (of a reaction) beconae vioellago-tannique. embaumement.t.r. (see neglect. m. enamel. go away. éluder. emelles-même. elected. embolie. élixation. v. emanative. /. cover or coat with oil or wax.émaillite. emblem. p. them. be distant. lent . wash out. elutriant. embalm. at once. enamel. remote. (Med.) elixation. — bleu. élude. embarrasser.embole. (with de) trouble oneself (about). embariller. obstruction. she. case. hurry eliagique. improve (in apélongation.) camphorated opium tincture. themselves. a. v. etc. m. m. be entangled. commendatory. joint. glazing (see embouchure. m. seat. distance . emballement. élution. (Aero. m. go away.t. elongation. ellipse. (Pharm.) eœbolism. juncture. pepsin elixir. withdraw. elliptique. éluant. embarquer. provement. émit fraestrange. elute. remoteness . a. (Geol.a. fit in. seeth.r. v. nest. (Pharm. elutriation. adornment. (Ceram.a. distant. p. pack. it. a. mortise. trouble. elixir of vitriol. In the phrase d'emblée.t. at the first onset. /. socket. balt. walls (of a glass furnace). /. m. removed. emblème. bark. v. cellulose lacquer. emboîter. pass off. v. — parégorique. ornament. with ease. pi. v. etc. elles. m.t. tangle. absence . — fébrifuge d'Huxam. v. enameling factory. émailleur. v. fem.i. éloigner. removal. ellagotannic. m. /. embarillage. put together. /. box. emanate. helleborin. praise. m. (Bot. m. and by others to the opaque glazes which are emboîture. .t. — de co. embarras.r. eliminate. éluer. émailler. ellipse. émanation.) émaraudin. be engaged. washing out. pron. ellagic. enameling.) helleborine. eluent. emerald-green. v. émaner. matic sulfuric acid. m. m. /. her. etc.) embolus. (Med. enameler. v. baie. (of a needle) depearance). elléborine. élutriation.) shoulder. m. Huxham's tincture of bark (compound émaux. n. coliar. off. herself. engage. with émail). ship.r. — de salut. whether transparent or opaque. (see éloigner). élixir. /. éloigné. — à force. pron. washings.) hellébore. glazer (see émail). emballer.r. /. (Pharm.) glaze (restricted clamp. obstruct. eluate. m. émaillage. embaumer). télescope.) aroa reaction) violence. /. box. mouth. praise. glazes. emanium (actinium). tincture of cinchona). (Tech. v. (of machinery) race. v. go émaillerie. be evaded. off. v. (see emboîter). enélogieux. packer. run away.) émanation. — vitriolique.) émanatif. a. averse. /. they. packing. the praises of. glaze (see émail).t. v. elhptic(al). fitting.t.t. joint. elle-même. faire V— de. v. embouer.a. embase. sing embarrassant.) eluvial. remove . o. embark. driving fit. v. barreling. joining.i.t. elixir émanium. (Mach. smalt. be différent. évade. fit. émail. {Pharm. (Grammar) ellipsis.) racing. emballeur. embed. soak in. go together. a. embarrassing. v.t. or choke. banish . (see embassure. embellishment. embellish. a. élucider. enamel work. (of cloth) shrink. clamp. Section. tincture of aloes and myrrh. glazes. emaciated. elution. soil. v. éloignement. éluvial. éloigner) . éloge. frame. m. embarras». residual.t. adorn. v. (of émail) enamels. embellir. (fig. base. m.

engage. transmit. etc. soluble cream of tartar. be doue. etc. /. begin.t. m. clouding. attachment. emboutir. cap. emeritus. em.a. ginning. branch. utter. S sing. embrouillement. accumulaembuvage. scuring . engagement. m. a substance prepared from a solution branch. o. stoke hole. embrayer. 3 sing. a much used kind emmener. — à baïonnette. attach. fasten. fog. v.t. elevated. émerveiller. fiery. emerging. {Métal. système par —. éminence. emitting. emerging.r. fragmentanect. p. — du Brésil.r. warehouse. émeut. embrace. bayonet joint. fastened. coated with emery. carry away. v. embryo. & m. émigré r. join . /. v. p. embryon. spray. emanchement.a. tion. outlet. émit. v. r Brazilian emerald (green tourmaline). en —. pr. engaging. stamper.a. m. m. a. mince. high. sending. etc.embout 157 emmieller embout. (Elec. emetic.t. connect.t. of emery. waxed. /.t. sweeten with honey. storing. grinding. v. embrasé. covering with oil or wax . fire. m.t. embraser. radiate. tice. con. clutch. utters. provide with a handle. /. m. p. émergence. m. eminency. v. complicate. émeriser. m. provided with a ground stopper.r. v. — dirigée. transmitting. émergence. ground with emery. émeuler. embrouiller. tartar embranchement. m. a. sheathing with émet. cumulate. stamp. store. émissaire. dull. & r. v. émettre. having a handle. ©meri. v.émietter. take fire. m. astonishing. . put on a éminemment.t. send. broil. make too brown. — de fer. émier. specif. emb ou tisseur. v.) (1) insert. wonder. pr. embrocher. pièces. émersion.. émeulage. join. a. v.t. tip. v.t. p. fog. embrun. crumb.t. storage. skewer system (of cop dyeing). honey. embouteillage.a. (of cloth) shrinkage. eminence. migrate. embu. embrumer. embrasement. waxing. break into brocher). a. m. & a. skilled by long pracembouti. émétique. embut. a. v. emmancher. emissary. émerge. a. joined. (of émouvoir) moves. acsoaking in. eminent. begun. emerald.t. stamped work. attached. embouteiller. m. v. fit on. m. tion. set on fire. fogging. beémergeant.t. emetine.) fire door. /.émis. eminently. obscure. throw into gear. émerger. m. emery. branching.a. embuvant. emmieller. embrochage. shape by stamping. emissive.t. emerbayonet attachment. stamped. (of émettre) emits. stamping. cap. p. p. (Pftorm. (2) arrange in séries . (of emboire) oiling. fastening. /.i. kindle. sender . beam embrunir. emboutissage. p. v. emery. kindle. v.t. émission. grind or rub with emery. (see embrayer) . press. emersion. of cream of tartar in boric acid or borax. eut in. émergence.t. bottle. m. émétine. à V—. connect. émit. grinding. with emery emmêler. — de ing. joint. embroilment. (see em.t.émetteur. émerveillable. spit. emitted . tip. burn. ferrie potassium tartrate. émérite. envelop in fog or mist. a. coat with emery. jonction. helved. embrayage. emmagasinement. émission. métal. émincer. émission. grind. wander. m. m. coupling.t. v. embryonnaire. express. pr. — de noxos. radio. v. providing with a handle . embrancher. m. entangle. crumble. stamped pièce.t. crumbling.t.t. stamping . v. bottling. emmagasiner. embrasure. burning. embryo. attaching. cover with métal. insertion. émergent. eminently. v. on fire. v.t. fumée. _ gency. embrasser» v. v. astonish.t. v. emerging. ground. obpar —. émissif. embryonic. — de bore. emigrate. adv. éraeraude. warehousing . emetic. (of émettre) emitted.p. transmitted. spindle System. S sing. engaging gear. helve . crumble.t. brown.) ferrum tartaratum. spindle . /. m.i. flange. conflagration. join each other. expressed. emery. cloud. p. ferrule. take away. join.émiettement. transmitter. v. v. limestone cave. m. fire. smoke generator. def. (of emboire) oiled. v. fire. emmagasinage. etc. m. emmanché. éminent. mouthpiece. émeriller. emitter. v. covered with métal.r. v.

àye blue witb woad. embedding. macadam. v. — de poix de Bourgogne. stack.t. sharpened. hindrance.t. taint. — adhésif. emmoufler. plaster. — de savon.t. excretory organ. stuff (fowls). empirer. purchase. upper. ground . dull.) empasir. (Physiol. {Soap) the process of making soap paste. impede. (see empâter). empailler. /. empierrement. perplexed . wrap up. m. refrain. finbedding.t. rouse. emodin. impaste (as cojors). — mercuriel. emphatically. (Pharm. empâtage. emplissage. & r. infect. clog (as a file). absorb. (of émoudre) grinding. macadamizing . make pasty. adhesive. — calmant. foundation. émotion. road métal. (in modem usage) lead plaster. preoccupied. opium plaster. système par —. take possession of. make into paste. m.emmouflement 158 emplissage emmouflement. m. starching. empâter. m. m. obstacle. empasma. a. p. belladonna plaster. stone ballast. pitch plaster.t. emphasis. location. /. m. p. help. belladonna plaster. empeigne. empereur. diachylon plaster. adv. — temporal. v. empêcher.) put in the muffle furnace. — vésicatoire. hinder. m. load. m. v. — de caritkarides. m. empiétement. empilement.a. filling. a perforated tube through which steam is blown). impaste. cantharides cerate. émoulu. a. disturbance. be anxious. a structure in which crystallizers for low-grade beet sugar are put to be heated. — d'extrait de belladone..t. stir up. broken stone (for roads). empirique. p. /.t. /. seize. full. pile up. oppose. invade. stuff. v.t. etc. rise. emphysémateux. compact system (of cop dyeing). v. empêché. émousseur. mercurial plaster. emplastique. m. prevent . trim.) emphysematous. emplacement. m. emplette. v. empiristic. be moved. empirie. blistering plaster. sharpen (edged tools). free from foam. v. V. v. m. — de belladone. ehamfer. foot. /. empiricist-. opium plaster. — de litharge.t. grow worse. assimilate. either by the cold process or by boiling. gravel. émotion. émodine.i. warming plaster.a. empirisme. m. émousser.t. empirically. contaminate. empirical. emparer.t. (Ceram. emphatiquement. infrînge on. starch. experimenting. packing. v. pile. emphatique. m. — de plomb. v. soap plaster. empiéter. pack. pr. empiriquement. p. v. be roused. empêchement. filling roono. fill. empasteler. empirical. v. empasme. plaster of colophony. Burgundy pitch plaster. pack or wrap with straw. occupied . m. (Brewmg) doughing in (moistening and softening of malt as a preliminary to mashing). pack up. emphase. stiffen with starch. emphatic(al). intrude.t. fill up. a. — résineux. m. . emplâtre. empâtement.i. v. (Med. blunt. bevel. intrusion. v. piling up. lead plaster. v.t. opium plaster. packing up.r. empêtrer. métal» gravel. clear of moss. emplâtrer. encroachment.t.) emphysema. opium plaster. empierrer. — d'opium. émoulant. empaquetage. hâve a foui odor. cantharides cerate. emplacement. (with de) take up. émonctoire. emphysème. m. encroach on. also the doughed-in malt. pile. impediment. staek. steric hindrance. émoudre. footing. — diachylon. emplastic. filled. /. v. move. putting in the muffie furnace. émouvoir. émoulage. empester. lay on thickly.t. base. v. émonder. render worse. a. empli. empilage. ammoniacum and mercury plaster. spread. lead plaster. resin plaster. — odontalgique. prevented . stacking . grinding (of edged tools). empiler. v.i. cantharides plaster. entangle. empirie. (Brewing) dough in. stink. agitation. empirîste. (Pharm. hindered . empaqueter. paste. lead iodide plaster. prune. adhesive plaster. v. m.t. lead plaster. emplir. raise. piling. empattement. m. menthol plaster. (Med. empesage. empiristique. a. dissolve . adv. emperor. embarrass. ground. — de poix cantharidé. empiricism. cantharidal pitch plaster.t. m. encroach.t. macadamize.) plaster. m.r.a. — de menthol. litharge plaster. m. v. empiricism. embed.) emunctory.T. — de gomme ammoniac mercuriel. diachylon. empirie. — d'iodure de plomb. grind. foam remover (e. — céphaîique.t. lead oleate plaster. v. position. — stêrique.g. — simple. v. fill with paste. site. etc (see empâter). v. (Leather) vamp. empeser. v.

encaissant. m. v. empontiller. tan vat. p. pack (in a case or box) . a. (see de). /. v. m. carry. emporter. some. prevail over. /. punch.t. enantiomorphous. empreinte. emulsifying. m. emprésurer.r. emprunter. artificial .) emulsion of cod-liver oil.) empyema. haste. borrowed. (Med. m. empois. employ.a. emplomber. v. m. m. emuisifier. hasten. embarrassed. it. v. leave a print. v. etc. remove . be iroprinted . emulsin. /. employer. pr.. (of a reaction) become vigorous or violent .t.t. encan. v. (Mach. treat with rennet.) chloroform emulsion. loan. in. at. imprison. in the respect that. — d'huile de joie de morue. emuisifier. emuisifier. empourprer.) liquid petrolatum emulsion. encaquer. m. cash on hand. (with p. /.) of htm. m. v. impress. provide with a point. filling. m. émulsion. frame. (Glass) manipulation with the punty. stamp. core extractor.. employeur. outweigh . employé. 3 pi. its. emulsive substance.a. of them. emplombage. fly into a rage. (see encaisser).t. v. etc. employaient. m. (see encaisser).) solution hollow. /. grasp. empoisonnant. m. v. m. cover with pitch. emploiement. (instead of de lui. assumed. seize. (Métal. emulsive.t. poisonous. — d'huile de vaseline. while (or not translated). by. inclose. encadrer.r. v. encroachment. m. m.) emulsion of oil of turpentine. v. empreignent. of empreindre. auction. m. empoigner. encaisser. empoisonnement. or pontil. empreindre.t. émulsionner. poisoning.a. lining or coating with lead . borrow . surround. employer. make use of.t. — d'amande. énantiomorphe. leading. (Textiles) dressing. framing. emploi. m. roused. of empreindre. emulsify. Brinell hardness. m. (Pharm. m. be eager. (Geol. starch paste. purple. hers. be employed. (Pharm. v. (Glass) manipulate or shape with the punty. etc. assumed. eiï *presser. /. incasing. artificial. empyreume. be carried off. emporte-pièce.) castor oil mixture. bed (a road). starch paste. pr. m.r.t. priming.t. emploie. emprésurage. borï'owed. incasing.p. p. etc. from the fact that. émulsionnement. m.t. — d'essence de térébenthine. embankment. eagerness . encartouchage. encaissage. — ce Que.r. imprint. — Brinell. p. carry away.t. m. empressement.t. busy oneself. v. v. p. (of émouvoir) moved. for.t. milk of almond. empoise. empyreumatic. émulsif. (Pharm. Uke. emulaifying. carry off. (Geol. of it. designating a gray filter paper. emuïsîncation. a. (Paintïng) first coat. emuisifier. p. — de chloroforme. en. a. énallogène. enantiomorphic. pitch. encaisse.a. insert. etc. empoisser. /. m. use. v. d'—. emulsify. (fig. v. to. point. V— sur. 3 sing. énantiotropie. empyreumatique. encadrement. — de cobalt. treatment with rennet. incasing. smalt. v. émulsifiant. emprise. (Pharm. barrel. stamped. émule. imprint. 3 sing.t.t. incase. v. poison. m. any.emplisseur 159 encartouchage emplisseur. from him (her.) smelting oi silver or gold ore with lead ore as a means to separating the precious métal. of her. émulsine. empreint. /.a. clerk . impression. p. emporétique. purpled. m. encaissement. empourpré. émulseur. emposieu. émulsionnant. /. or pontil. emuisifier. empontillage. p. v. m. m. assiduity. émulsificateur.r. empyème. surpass. impressed. borrowing. rival. because.) in. stamp. receive (money). collect. pr. be removed . filler. lead (see emplombage). enantiotropy. m. (Pharm. (see encaisser) . office. chloroform mixture. v. a.a. envelop. emulsion of castor oil. m. emulsion. crowd. a.a. them). his. empuantir. empyreuma.a. — d'amidon.) of foreign origin. emprunt. e m pointer. position. poisoning. émulsionneur. frame. d'elle.) bearing. v. theirs. empoisonner. p. . éxnulsionnage. emprunté. a. ému. employée!. m. emunification. color purple. employment. pron.t. employée. prep. emuisifier.) emulsion of almond. p. (Pharm. -neuse. specif.t. v. emprisonner. pr. competitor. imprinted. — d'huile de ricin. v. purple.t. (of employer) employs. use. span. m. cartridge filling. etc. become putrid. einprimerie. tanning vat.) pack.

fit in. /. m. m. bind . (Ceram. etc.t. enclosure.r. encollage. /. enclave. encoffrer. fric• tion catch. m. v. enchanting. encourageant. nicking. (Petrog. (see encoller). packing cloth. boundary. glue. v. enchevêtrement. encumber. v. lime (hides). raise the priée of. — indien. enclosure. also. chaining. include. encelgnant. /. encaster.encartoucher 160 encrassement encartoucher. enclose. . v. adv. encoller. v. obstructing. encastage. inclosed. linkage. m. enchaux. wedge. /. besides. p. become entangled or interîaced. en-cas. iœpediment. v. countersink. captivate. become dearer.t.t. hall. let in. enclumette. (see encastrer) . m. m. rise. m. encouragement. p. bid . encastrer. encochement. small anvil. anchor. sizer. m. etc. encognure. (Leather) liming. bed. surpass.r. m. over-all dimensions. m.) inclusion. enclenchement. p. recess. catch. included. encourage. rabbet. inclosure. — énallogène. encor. encocher. enchant. encens. etc. a. captdvation. etc. encourir. gummer.t. (Min. v. encontre. recess. enchaussenage. m.o. enclore. of enceindre. — femelle. m. /. p. m. notch. connection. en cas. enchérir. encombre.a. corner. slot. m. m. connect.t. fit together. bend into an elbow. increase (in price). etc. fouling. encouragement. nick. cognate in-.) placing in saggera. sizing. v. weld. circumference. encolleuse. against. enclumeau. glue. — à frottement. encas. v. incurred. enchaussenoir. paster. elbow. p. v. etc. enshrine. (see enchâsser). auction. polishing wax (any of various préparations containing wax and used on wood. — mâle. let in. v.p. encaustic.r.g. (inclosed) space. be connected. m. pregnant. though. notch. coordinate .t. a. (Anat. groove. atoms).t. incur. congestion. m. encaustic. (Ceram. encombrant. slotting. delightful.t. sack cloth. entangle. m. put or store in a cellar. clusion. counter to. v. (Ceram. /. encrage. encolleur.).t. enceinte. set. (of crystals) interlace.o. seat. encombrer. v. etc.t.t. yet. etc. encourager. nick. (see encrasser). m. In the phrases : o rencontre. solder. (Leather) lime pit. weld. in the opposite sensé. locking gear.t. v. m.i. enchevaucher. size. anvil. arrange. set in. sagger Stacker. a. siaing machine.t.t. v.t.a. encirer. lock. interlock. gum. tangle. obstiicle. m. hoard. v. enclumot. throw into gear. enchâssnre. encaustic painting. m. = enclenchement. /.) place in saggers. enclanchement.) xenocryst. pertaining to or désignating the above préparations. circuit. enchanter. outbid . kerf. enchaussumer. enclos. inclose. encourdat. enchevêtrer. S sing. v. (Leather) lime liquor or paste. enclose. encolure. — Que. encoignure. surround. engaging gear. encaver. encaustique. bidding. chain .t. (Métal. encore. frankincense. anything for use in an emergency. enclose. insertion. inclosure. /. v. v. insert.t. key. matting. — des mégissiers. enchérissement. enchaussumoir. /• bid.) incus. v. inclose. enchaînement. enclencher. link (e. size. eut.t. gluer. enclusion. enclin. leather. pr. inking. v. encouru. /.. pr. cumbersome. throwing into gear. interlacement . enchanteur. encouraging. detent.t. encollure. locking. v. incense from a kind of Juniper (Juniperus lycia). lime paste containing sodium sulfide. arrangement. oil (cloth). incense. enchaussener. linking. accidentai inclusion. v. although. encouder. m. wax. welding. — homéogène. à Vencontre de. enchâsser.t. v. delight. fitting in. encoche. enchère. an impregnating material for preserving sculptures . put or inake into cartri dges. contrary to. bulky. setter hand.t. encumbering . enchaîner.) welding point. enceindre. engaging. (of enceindre) enelosing. /. slot. liming vat. set in. interlocking . space occupied or required. encombrement. fit. cabinet. lock. enclaver. encasteur. encrassement. encumbrance. to the contrary. — sur. m. enceint. a. v.. encastrement. mortise. place. entangling . & p. obstruction.t. inclose. be linked. v. inclined. notching. ratchet mechanism or gear . engage. m.t. still. v.) placer. encliquetage. enclume. angle. again. bed. chamber. bid for. /. obstruct . sizer.

with regard to. available energy. hardness. quick-drying ink. énergétique. hollow. bring forjh. — sympathique. lull. endotoxin. silver ink. . a. energetically. depression. enfant.t. layer. coating.t. dam up. encrené. pr. endenter. locality . (Bot. iron twice heated and hammered. endothermique.r. endochrôme.) endospermic. = encuvage. enfance. endomorphe. enduction. endurcissement. ink fountain. radiant energy. kinetic energy.t. v. encrenée. cover the ridge of (a roof). put on. encre. — de lait de ciment. encyclopédique. endémie.r. permit. copying ink.t. endocardite. black ink. (for airplanes) dope. — dragon. harden. m. chemical energy. — d'impression. /. India ink. m. m. v. indelible ink. endauber. endosmometer. endémie. encyclopedia. (something used for coating) wash. put to sleep. endotoxine. a. v. treat. etc. with regard to it (him. endosmotique. (Anat. (Biol. heat energy. printer's ink. eoat. énergiquement. — libre. v. cog .t. printing ink. (see enduire). v.) endogenous. cover.) endocardium. coat. etching ink. — d'imprimerie. — copiante. — à tampon. endure. gold ink. ink pad. m. imprégnation. à son —. endémique.t.t. v. caun. inkstand. — de rayonnement. endosser. encrivore. . indent . m. choke. enduisant. — de chaleur. /. encré. m. etc. endospermique. plaster. (of enduire) coating. overlay. encuvage. dam. grouting. foui. indorse.encrasser 161 enfariner encrasser. /. adv. — à mordant.p. endiguer. & /. can (méat). /. actual energy. m.) endogenetic. & p. sprinkle with flour. writing ink. incrusting. damaging. thermal energy. red ink. — mécanique. — à copier. become fouled. dirty or choked. soaking. (of firearms) métal fouling. (Bot. endogen. sleepy. endosmose. endaubage. heat energy. v. /. — constante. encuver. soiï. encreur. (Biol. — de Chine. v.t. ink for pads. incrust .t. drawing ink. /. passage (in a book). encuivrage. blacking.t. energy. v. energy-producing. tin.t. inker.) glaze. enfariner. — indélébile.) endoearditis. encyclopédie. a. v. crust. v. a. indelible ink. /. tooth. energetic.a. (Métal.) endochrome. endomorphic. (Founding) black wash. m. m. — à dessin. enduit. coating. one of a séries of concentric rings. clog. soak (as hides or malt). ink-removing.t.' kinetic energy. p. enfaîter. m. p. injure. — à report. endosmotic. a. give birth to. transfer ink. China ink. child.) endoplasm. putting into a vat. allow. encyclie. ink block. stamping ink. scarf . sympathetic ink.(Aero. — pinétique. endurcir. énergique. a. dope. v. output energy. /. v. endémie. tub or tank.) endosperm. 3 sing. tub or tank. incrustation. — argentée. copying ink. endosmomètre. a. endormi. — siccative. a. infancy. ink roller. endosmose. free energy.t. encroûtement. hendeca -. a. dam in. infant. — tendeur. become incrusted. hardening . childhood. clog. m. m. steam power. — dorée. endogène. a. her). — à marquer. — actuelle. /. — de sortie. m. ink. — noire. make foui or dirty. marking ink. — de noir. — à écrire. energetic. endosmosis. enduire. v. endéca-. with respect to. endurer. eadomorph. pr. v. etc. mechanical energy. (Med. encyclopédie. (Geol. endommage ment. v. coating. endoplasme. a. damage. — rouge. harden. (Ceram. m. damage. endroit. glazing. m.) twice heated and hammered. — corrosive. — utilisable. énergie. become hardened. ink.r. provide with teeth. endosperme. put into a vat. ink-destroying. m. . endommager. v. p. inking. m. enduisage.a. etc. etching ink. m. m. v. enfanter. paint. point . (see enduire). of enduire. place . — thermique. dovetail. plaster. encuvement.t. childbirth. v. encroûter. à V— de.t. m. dormant. side. asleep.) stiffening dope. m. tinned beef. inked. permanent ink. /. encrier. endocarde. a. choke (as a filter or a grate). right side (of a fabrîc) . encrer. coating. — de la vapeur.t. enduitage. préserve. m. preserved méat. — chimique. enfantement. endothermic. fill (a glass pot) properly so that the batch in it has a rounded top. (Bot. endormir. /.

embitter. — de sauvetage. enfui. — en écfiappade.r. swell. break open. etc. be produced. coating with glue or glutinous material. — de mise de feu. enfonçolr. rescue appliance.) engobe (slip or paste applied in a thin layer over a body of différent composition). engobe. enflammer. smoky. a vessel for heating mercury. = engluer. at last. p. mallet. engallage. engorger. gall. enfourneuse. = engluement. depth. enficher.) coating with engobe. v. p. hole. stoke hole. obstruct. (see enfoncer) . enfuir. putting in a furnace or oven.t. ingulf. obstruction. v. engluer. enfutailler. engourdir. fire door. tun. v. get entangled. string. congestion. v. enfilure. smoke out. congest. v. engouer. break in. (Ceram. m. v. v.t. turgid. v. (see enfumer) . swelled.t.) plug in. device. m. stop up. m. (Ceram. v. . beget. deep. (Ceram. dépression. putfed up. rigid . v. (of enfuir) leaked. blow up. be stopped up.a. engage oneself. etc. m.t.t. (see enfoncer) . set on fire. cause. plunge. contain. put in the furnace or oven. etc. on fire. enfournée. embed . cavity . séquence. confine. escaped. exaggerate. engin. inflation. etc. (Ceram. enfieller. enfourchure.t. swell. enfourner. /. p. etc. escape. V. barrel. inflate. enfoncement. insert . swell up. render bitter. enfoncer. v. fill with smoke. dull. generate. échappade). v. v. liming. v. one who puts something into a furnace or kiln. engourdi. enfreindre.r.t. /. gumming. v. choke up. impregnate with gallnut décoction. v.t. v. gum. imbed. m. engouement.r. etc. fire escape.t. thread. (of waters) rise. m. enfumage. (of a mine) fiery.t. form. kindle. adv. sunken.t. swell. ignite. engluanter. enfin. of enfreindre. shape. enfourchement. etc.. v. kiln man. p. enfumer. appliance. hollow . crotch. tumor. séries. enflé. -m. engagement. sunk. engloutir. be bred. enfonçure. enflement.t. begin. enfermer. m. v.) heating to about 100° to expel moisture.. stringing. p. puff out. engommage. engagement.a. hell. be jngulfed.r. run out. v. pride. inflation. plunge.t. engaller. stubbom. swelling. unité. devised by Boyle. deaden. press (a button) . m. fashion. beater. v. v. engeance. equipment. engorgement. v. (Ceram. enfler. bloat. intoricate. v. suite. leak. firing device. — de Boyle. m. string. wind. v. breed. start.t. m. enfumé.t.T.) put into compartments in the kiln (cf. occlude. burning.r. enfourneur. benumb. /. congest. pr. (Ceram. production. v.) oven man. engine. numb. inflame. blend. v. p. galling. envelop. a. specif. row. (of enfuir) leaking. /. enter.t. engendrement. m. bottom (of a cask). invite . engendrer. violate. enfuyant. (Ceram. cavity. coat with glue or glutinous material (as tar). enfreignant. swallow up. bury. stopping up.t.t. feverish. inflated. etc. (Elec.) glaze. infringe. engager. p. enfiévré. (Perfumery) enfleurage. v. enflure.a.) fork link. engobage. séries. ignited.a. hammer. /. enfournage. breeding.t.t. v. ignite. swollen. etc. inclose.t. sinking. breed. run away. thread on. engluement. etc. fork. smoked. bottom (casks).t. numb . m. pawn. gall steep.t. v.) coat with engobe.) rush (into). enfûter. enformer. begin . v. enfouir. urge. be smoked. enfilade. v. m. smoking. & i. induce. (Ceram. include. enfleurer. impregnate (fatty substances) with the odorous principles of flowers. (Glass) pot filler. include. /.t.r. v. lime.r. begin on. smoke. hollow. (see engorger). gear. (see enfler). subside . enfoncé. be inflated. drive (in) . disappear.t. enlist. m. shut up. deepen. (of water. m. engouffrer. lock up. begin.p. enfournement. obstruct.t. v. head (pins).) glazing. recess . row. /. enter (into). /. v. /.t. inflamed. set fire to. m. — de lancement. engluage. in short. sink.r. englober. take fire. formation. engage . enfiler. firm. choke..enfer 162 engourdir enfer. lower. enfleurage. (Mach. start. produce. go along (a road). finally. sink .a. v. instrument. engommer. pestle. charging machine. enflammé. slip painting. (see engager). p. cask.r. m. pr. shut in. m. engober.

enormousness . m. p. mad. ennemi. enormity. worm gear. furious. statement. buy up. à —. coloring. grow fat. place in Une. (of enquérir) inquires. a. containing water in cavities. green manure.t. enregistrement. & i.t. engaging. enriched. fatten. gearing. (see enlever). interlace. aline. — droit. etc. corne out. enligner. enquis. a. v. removal. hostile. tire. concentration. record. — azoté.t. enivrant. fail to work. enregistrer. m. enol (unsaturated alcohol). a. engrais. énouer. 3 sing. jam. a. énonciation. fattened. annoy. engraissage. coïored print. covering.r. enluminage. registering. statement. v.t. complication. m. v. . nitrogenous fertilizer. take away.t. m.r. énoncer. /. compost. engraisser. gear. r. phosphate fertilizer. soil with grease. raging. enunciate. indent. v. root. enol. be in gear. engage. lace. engrener. recording. m. grow weary. (Calico) light overprinted colors. m.. inquire. fatten . be rooted. m. v. clôt.t. p. brake . m.t. weary. be enriched .t. v. enragé. be concentrated. (see enrober). (see énoncer). arrange. chetnical fertilizer. grief. pr. mesh. fattening feed or pasture. burl (cloth). v. a. carry away.r. take off. liquid manure made from human excre ment.a. catching. (of machinery) stop.r. ennoble. lift up. complète fertilizer. take out . enrichment. énigme. madman. putting into gear .i. enolic. a. m.t. begin. m.t. — composé. fertilize. catch. engrènement. enlever. v. v. absurdity.t. enquérir. enraye ment. a. etc. etc. v. take. engrenage. déclare. coloring. check. bone fertilizer. enlace. enquête. record. énorme. enormous. spoke (a wheel). engrenure. color . fertilizer. tedium. coagulate. rise. enigma.t. (of liquids) thicken. torpor. be annoying. begin. enraciner. — cylindrique. m. énigmatique. nonahydrate. /. m. be removed. express. intoxicateenkysté. entwine.r. — d'os. greasy . enlève-bouchon. illuminate . enivrer. engraissement. registry. flush. m. ennéahydrate. v. enunciation. (see engrener). recorder. v. m. v. registering device. removing. v. enrobage. agglomerate. lock (as a wheel) .engourdissement 163 enrobage engourdissement. — à vis sans fin. enigmatic. be sold. = engraissage. etc. bone meal. thrive. m. enlèvement. énormité. encysted. train of wheels. énoliser. — azotique. enregistreur. m. enrichissement. spur gear. care. grease. be put in gear. — potassique. etc. fat . discharging. v. (Min. p. fatten. tiresome. v. déclaration. remove. registering. — complet. (see engraisser). register. enormously. concentrate. put into gear. manure. v. redden. v. énol. intoxication. /. etc.i. ennui. jam (machinery) . m. v.) enhydrous. p. fertilizing. (see enrayer). ennuyer. mixed fertilizer . toothing. v. enluminer. inquiry. v. (of enquérir) inquired. enhydre. stated. expression . ennui. tedious. énormément.t. etc. potash fertilizer. dullness. manure . enlevage. tooth. intoxicating. restrain . énoncé. cork puller. state. v. corne off. lift. enlacer. énolique. enrichir. enrich. oil. — phosphaté. fertilizer. enivrement. enluminure. checking etc. a fertilizer made by precipitating liquid manure (eaux vannes) with magnésium and iron sulfates. enemy. m. /. gearing.a. — chimique. be in gear.a. proposition. /. — vert. register. /. engrurne 1er. numbness. bevel gear.p.r. stopper extractor. — Chosko.t.r. investigation. a. enquiert. v. — flamand. m.t. enolyze. m. gear. be lifted. geared. registration. (Calico) discharge. v. root.i. fertilized . — conique. ennoblir. engraissé. enrayer. v. m. a. adv. (Calico) discharge. enunciation. v. wheel work . herbage as a fertilizer.t. stop. enrayage. ennuyant. feed with grain. m. v.. (see enluminer) .r. gear.t. v. expression. enneahydrate. stowage (of casks) . cogging.

v. ensilage. mass. rusty. rolling. caking. grease (wool. ensiloter. follow. entity. wholly. a. be heard. sulfur. agreement. prime.t. (Elec.t. = entaille.t. enseigneur. v. m. v. entacher. riprap. m. fur. m. mounted on cloth. — en dérivation. sing. heap. encroach on. v. enroulement. massing. tun.r. v. entoilage. heap. stacking. begin cutting. jag. m. case. m. entaillage. v. ensemble. cloth-covered. scatter (like seed). enthousiasme.t. enrouillé. v. incrustation. next. at the same time. enthusiast. wind (wire. instruct. (see entendre) . totality. ensimage. v. etc.t. sulfuring stove or room. teach. ensafraner. m. • enrouler. heaping. scratch. wrap. v. store in a silo. set. ensaffron. see under bien. sow. sulfurize. /.t. understanding. v. show. cutting. accumulate. meaning . ensue. entirety. v. sign. entonner. obstinate. fully. enseignement. (Elec.) séries winding.. entartrage. sand. v. m. enterrer. sulfuring. enrockment. self-willed. ensuit. v. a. storing in a silo. heard. m. roll.o. fabric. v.i. place in which articles are bleached with the vapor of burning sulfur. guide mark. m. contrived.enrober 164 entonner enrober. hear of. m. sulfuration. touch . p. entêté. m. entendement. covered with scale. score. enthusiasm. ensachement. winding. whole. total. gash. entier. winder. roller. entendre. pile. tunning. ensemble.r. in full. enserrer. be heaped. fully. enrocher. cover. & f. rolling up. entonnaison. contaminate. (Med. m.) shunt • winding. m. . enrouleur.t. be understood. v. /. intelligence. entité. entamure. first pièce or quantity eut. ensulfer. assembly.t.r.t. caking. m. coil. (Arith. entaillure. begin on.) integer.t. m. wholly. entonnement. m. entente. mark. entartré. enthalpy. (see entailler). ensanglanter. ensoufrement. /. injure. enrouiller. fill with enthusiasm. bag. understood. inclose. wind. — à. entaille. agrée. notch.). entassement. enrochement. en-tête.t. (cloth) covering.a. put into sacks. entailler. stubborn . after. bagging. /. m. /. intégral (numbers). understand.t. heading (of reading matter). adv. cloth. enroulage. entire. entirely. hardening (of gunpowder or the like). guide notch. afterward. m. v. eut (slightly). slash. entamer. burial. hear to. pile up. entonnage. flag. crowd. sack. intone. open up. whole. etc. o. m. piling. unity. /. become covered with scale. intoxicated .t. enthalpie.t. adv.t. nick. score. See ensilage. dans V—.). enrobeuse. contain. envelop. a. be rolled. judgment. harden. mass. inoculate. winding (as of a dynamo or of thread) . & r. gênerai effect or compass. burying. entendu. v. treat with sulfur. — de. stack. heat content. ordered. ensilotage. barreling. en —. infatuated. etc. = entamure. understand. barrel. v. etc. ensiler.) enteritis.t. entente. eut the first pièce from. on the whole. ensabler. bury. hear. whole. teacher.r. eut. instructor. then. ensemencer. outfit. v. stain with blood. m. coat. enrochage. & r. dye with saffron. entame. scale. consent to. adv. entièrement. v. sowing. (of ensuivre) follows. ensuivre. seed. coating machine. enterrement. ensucrer. ensoufrage. groove. — en série. ensachage. rust. taint. bien —. riprap. /. ensilage. etc. ensuite. graduation mark. notch. — révère. ensiler. oil.t. p. enthousiaste. roll up. eut. v. (cloth) cover. /. enthusiastic. ensacher. etc. ability . ensoufroir. /. prevail on or over. entérite.t. incrust. sugar.t. (Micros. ensoufrer. incision. cake. lining. together. v. enthousiasmer. entoilé. entasser.t. incise.) embed. entirely. teaching. rusted. v. aggregate. instruction. ensemencement. scale.t. capable. v.. tallow. putting in casks. v. /. entire. enseigne. pile. m. v. oiling (of wool. ensimer. v. v. enseigner. pr. groove. a. S sing. ensign. be wound. whole. treat with tallow. squeeze.t. cloth. vitiate. v. v. aff ected with headache . hear. eut into. understanding. fill or choke with sand. (see ensemencer). etc. hardening (as of gunpowder) . entartrer. put in swallow . intelligent .t. /. eut. a. saeking. m.t.r. m. v.t. m. mean.).

containing a screen. encounter one shaped funnel. interfunnel. conflict. entreposer. impede. v. — à robinet. store. bonded tangled. — en ligne de compte. bowels. —. twine. (Mach. reciprocally. • à — another. intermixing. lar. m. be worth considering. distillable with steam. bromine funnel. deposzt. associate. entonnoir-filtre. sweep away . border. entremêlement. maintain. p. — à. separating funnel. v. entraîner) . m. coal entrecouper. Bergami funnel (steam-heated). twist. middle. m. imbring in. entredeux. ture. brome. ribbed funnel. v. entre-deux. (see ment. entourage. v. v. v. p. obstacle. attempt. over or down (see entraîner). perforated funnel. maintain entraver.entrer. com. heart. encircle. — à entrefer. entrails. intervention. filtering basket (funnel with large holes in indifferently. interweave. — à entreprise.unnel. interhopper. braid. carry along.t. corne into play. /. etc. surroundings. estabh'shment . mouth. — à la vapeur.) cirque . intertwining. trous. à V—. case. interrupt.t. hot water (hot air. warehouse keeper. enter.r. — à décantation. gin to melt. médiation. m. channeled entrelacer.t. interval.t. surround. grès. mix. entorse. /. v. tack. contract . neL — à filtre. — en jeu. m. crater. in theentrepositaire. be admitted. hindrance. undertake. clash. — à boule. prep. distillation ébullition. v.) air gap.entonnerie 165 entretenir entonnerie. enterprising . glass funnel. between.t. (also entretemps) meantime. funnel with stopcocfc. m. partition. put in.t. entretenir. bulb. hinder. entour. aten-tout-cas. m. v. interval. interfiltrer à chaud. enter. frame. — à charbon. set. v. admission. a porcelain suction funnel. entortiller. adv. m. intersect. mounting. wind . m. m. contractor. — filtrateur. (something that surrounds) mart.r. (Geol. sprain. twist. enthusiasm . converse with. tained. entrecroiser. project. make an attack (on).entre-choquer.i.t. captivate . — à filtration chaude. étanchée. bewith steam. so-so. meanwhile. talk with. — à entre-croiser. m. vicinity. (Elec.t. v.t. filtering funnel. ventureting . précipitation). entraînable. entre-fer. inlet. wrap up. bulbed funnel . entrepreneur. wrap. tween. filtering funnel. set ajar. nel for hot filtration. entreprendre. enterla vapeur. mutually. v.entreposeur. /. hol. funnel-like. interlacefunnel. its sides). placing in bond. intersect. twine.) feeding. enplace in bond. — en verre. m. capable of being carried entrepris. encroachentraînement. win. involve . inter-. = en-cas. entonnoir.i. entourer. f. entrance. keep. undertaking. training. with stem drawn out). carrying away. warehouse. specif. interweaving. intermingle. — funnel (bulb-shaped. interlace. m. en other. insert . (Métal) pipe. entraining agent. entrailles. agency. carry over (in distillation)) carry down (in enter into account. entreposage. v.entre-. v. intermix. — cannelé. entrepôt. interweave. be kept. beor kegs are filled. feed. entraîneur. environ . séparation. a. entrée. away. separatory entrelacement. interlacing. shine feebly. meantime. funcross. between.t. — à tamis. v. casing. begin to boil. trammel. /. nlter(ing) funnel. entremise. keep up. v. hopper. /. bonded warehouse. get en. separatory funsperse. municating gear . stemmed funnel. one womb. m. prise . warehouse keeper. encroach .p. m. ïnhibit. /. funnel ment. (Mach. v. strain. . stoneware funnel. longue douille. cause . be mainentrave. be kept up. funnel-shaped. begin to operate. — ajouré. — percé de entremêler. employer. m. médium. entourage. open partly. separating funnel.i. — à mercure.entreprenant. core. — en entre-luire. interposition. shock. & r. entre-temps. intermixporcelain funnel. carry away. adv.t. openwork funnel. of entreprendre. infundibu. entreluire. mercury ingress. sealed (or hermetic) lead-in. /. who engages to carry out an enterprise. some. — de Bergami. — en pulse.t. among. twine. entraîner. entry. sieve funnel. — en porcelaine. (Brewing) place where casks entre. long. v. pi.entrée. — en fusion. tangle. each low . depositary.entre-bailler. collide. v. intestines.t. warehouse. opening (into). storage. part or space steam) funnel. one another. bonder. m. import. drive .) drive.a. train .r. entrain . par —.

(Glass) addition of cullet to the pots. aid. /.t. splay. m. suburbs.r. enzymatique.) density. m. v. r. tie. shoulder. talk. with regard to. subject to épaillage (see it). supply .) pôle pièce. envy. thickening. eut retoise. breakwater. v. fly. enveloppe. envelopper. of entretenir. thickening agent. v. entr'ouvert. thick. steam jacket. send forth. overflow. envoiler. economy. épervière. crossbar. specif. cover. (Bot. thickening. conversation. — d'eau. maintenance . enverra. /. talk. éolipyle.t.t. (Elec.r. crossbar. consider. case. épandre. enveloppant. shipment . envoyeur. épanouissement. p. /. a. spelling. environs. /. (Sewage) disposai of sewage by flowing it upon land. shed. parcel or goods sent. épeautre. enverrage. v. wrap up. invade. v. wrong side. send.t. v. éperonner. spread open. water jacket. jacket. 3 sing. éosinophilie. a. & m.) spelt. shoulder . thickness. savings. turn on. support. effuse. envieux. fly away. — franco. /.O. m. p. a. 3 sing. envider. half-open.t. half-open. (Geol. éparpillement. hawkweed. cause to bloom. encroadhment. cleaning (of gold). m. m. disperse. 3 sing.) epaulment. upside down. envelopment. prep. spare. about. wrapping. envoi. stay. scattered . envahissement. spur on. éolipile.t. . (Biol. catch a glimpse of. fly off. m. enveloping. to. extrusion. entrevoyant. frantic. o. v. spread. bend (in tempering).a.. repair . éperdu. adv. warp. enverrer. envoy. épanouir. — de vapeur. environner. opening (of flowers). V. éperon. thickness. p. extent. thicken. support . épancher. sender. abbrev.r. entretient. épandage. — contre remboursement. distribution . a.) be extravasated . épars. & i. v. épauler. spread (as of wings). save. (Elec. épargner. face. eolipile.t. scattering. care . visualize. crosspiece. wrapping.t. fut.r. spell. shipment. entrevit. distracted. enveloppement. buttress. shoulder. éosinophile.t. waste. entretien. open partly. enveloping.) Eocene. economize. stripping (sugar cane) of the lower leaves . overrun. wrong. /. expansion.t. v.t.t. éphédrine. casing. envoyer. ephedrine. épair. spur. envergure. bloom. long for. inclose. dispersai. envisager.p.t. v. /. open. toward. spread. envers. irrigation. épais. eosin. envelope . v. m. envoler. sending.t. spreading. envy. p. (of envoyer) will send. énumérer. C. épée.r. sparse.) rattlesnake weed (Hier~ acium venosum).t. m. (of envoyer) sends. support oneself . m. appearance. v. v. désire. entropie. /. (Pharm.t. /. enzymatic. open. open . m. pi. def. reverse. environ. v. éparpiller. encompass.. spread open . case. sword. éosine. wind up.t. (Med. épaississant. v. surround. v. épailler. effusion. épargne. pr. épaissir. gas bag.T. m. pour out. wrong side out. enumerate. shipment . encroach on. m. m. m. (Paper) pulp. — à gaz. entrevu. m. v. /. invasion . envier. envie. envahir. girder. spread. etc. v. épaisseur. (Mil. open. see or foresee dimly. bar. épaule. p. be effused. envious. m. thickness.D. rib.t. envelop. — chercher. outpouring. support each other . v. m. (Glass) add cullet to. v. v. covering. sent free.a. m. clothes . converse. distribute . entr'ouvrir. send for. of entrevoir. épellation. bracing. surround. eosinophilia. shedding . a. covering or Iining with glass. dismayed. thrift . spur. jacket. épeler. environs. v. épanche ment. clothing. spread .a. scatter. m. /. désire. entropy.t. back side. involve. suspect (as a new élément). /. réel. stay boit.) eosinophil(e). seolipile.t. longing. of entrevoir.t. fill up with mud or silt.) hieracium. removal of vegetable matter from wool or wool cloth (called carbonizing if by chemical means) . thickener. scatter.. épaississement. /. épaulement.entretenir 166 éphédrine oneself. a.t. expand . entrevoir. expand. éocène. scattering. (see envelopper). à V—. m. (Bot. épaillage. v. land treatment. 3 sing. m. m. open. envaser. regard. v. upkeep . /. envoie. opened. pr. pr. enzymic. cover. (environ) about. p. cover or Une with glass . v. of entrevoir. env. desirous. v. v.

) epithelioma.) epipastic. /. cylinder. /.one remover. épingler. clean. picking. remove stones from. thorny. m. /. a. à V— de. p. épinard. à V— de l'eau. expressed. press. épierreuse.t. (Soap) drawing oiî of the aqueous layer after the soap lias been salted out. épisarcine. /. (Soap) a tube used to draw off the aqueous layer from beneath the soap . épiation. bursting test.) epidermis. m. époussetage. épidémique. sponge. /. épointer. priming wire. epilation. reduce to paste (by grinding). pickings. etc. a. heat test. épice. a. a. épouvanter. — à chaud. express. épispastique. tried. test . /. sponge rubber. small dusting brush. — de caoutchouc. époutier. earing. (Phann. /. /. (Bot. splice. dike. à V— du feu. depilatory. — de durée.t.). a. pricker. /. (Bot. grinding to paste in a mortar.t. /. (Pharm.. ephemeral. épinette. platinum sponge (specif. résistance test. taste. /. m. épluenage. rubber sponge.) spruce (Picea). sugar. a. depilation. /. /. épincer. éponssette. epilatory. épithéliome. a. thorn. m. épi» w. splice. prick. purifled material as distinguished from mousse de platine). pressed. meet with. S sing. epimeric. probe. a. frighten. coffee. breaking test. m. fireproof. spiced. boundary film. pr. épidémie. (Métal. epinephrine (adrénaline). — à rainure. v. a. ear. épineux. delouse. st. on trial. épinglette. proof against. épouvantable. — de pression. épingle. épidémie. break the point of. proved. m. v. usually of glass) . épiage. frightful. /. parings. spécimen. leavings. foreign matter in wool cloth. espouse. etc. small spoon for fluxes. burl (cloth). épongeage. cylinder with enlarged top. épousseter. épigastre. p. eradicate (hair) . heading (of grain). hot test. épiler. v. duster. epilation. m. try. v. v. (of épreindre) expresses. époutir. — d'essai. épicier. épreindre. v.t. & m. v. — de nourrice. m. spiny. & m. epimer. spike . a. thorn tree. blunt. (Med. épister. burl (cloth). pin. (Music) spinet. dismay. épluchure. épilobe.a. spruce (wood) . épouti.). époussetoir. pr. etc. épierreur. needle. cylinder (narrow upright vessel.t. pressure test. v. épilage. = épilage. époxyde. experiment .) a sharp point on the surface of metallic copper. v. gage. feel. test. pungent. m. v. épicer. éplucher. — à owtrance. éprouver. éprouvette. dusting. v. — à cuvette supérieure. test . unhair. dust.) willow-herb.t. épinceter. epicamphor (3-camphanone). épiguanine. teat. test pièce. — de fer. pin. pick.t. épinage. prove. épisser.t. m. époque.a. hydrometer jar. épreignant. depilating. — à bec.t. — de cassure. pierce. éplnière. v.) epigastrium. test glass. /. épilant. sugar. épierrer. — à pied. spine. épilamen. p. épipastique.t. cylinder with foot. biting. tuft . m. squeezed. scrutinize. dustbrush. grocer (dealer in spioes. cylinder with a vertical channel for a thermometer. epigenesis. (Bot. safety pin. test bar. éprouvé.t. prickly. undergo. épichlorhydrine. squeeze. unhairing.t. epichlorohydrin. epilate.a. fracture test. v. épicé. drying cylinder. (of épreindre) expressing. épousseteux. m. m. — à dessécher les gaz. épicéa. m.) barberry. epocli. coffee. calcium chloride jar.éphémère 167 éprouvette éphémère. trial . épine. terrify. v. episarcine. conform to. épouiller. spice. test tube . jetty. expérience. grocery (shop).a.t. épistation. spinal. épine-vinette. épreuve. dustcloth. (Assaying) éprouvette. épreilit. endurance test. drying tower. /. à /'—. éponger. /. m. weed. head (of grain) . épigénie. waterproof. /. proof . dust-removing. /. p. — de chaleur. iron sponge. v. grocery business. /. depilatory. groceries (spices. dreadful. — de platine. épimère. /. etc. sponging. /.t. reliable. épiderme. remove dust from. spongy iron. spinach. épissure. scrutiny. tea. /. p. cold test. éponge. /.t. m. m. (Anat. spice. m.) epispastic. sponge. v. (Anat. assay. épidémie. dusting. épicerie. — à froid. épicamphre.t. épinephrine. — d'essai.t. épilatoire. épouser. m. epiguanine. epoxide. épinceler. v. breaking test. cylinder with lip..

m. gang.i. erroneous. érepsine. purified. /.. ers. /.éprouvette 168 érythrine pièce. éroder. equiaxed. square. any plant of the genus Ervum. pin. a. be équivalent. m. equilateral. équipotentiel. éruption. cleaning . érythème. -matique. équation. etc. erratique. esp. a. of équivaloir. équipe. v. épuisable. refinement. working plan. clean. dihedral angle. épuiser. equiangular. m. a. adv. érythémateux. ergoted. Erlenmeyer flask. equivocation. équilibrer. lug. square. purification. chemical equilibrium. equimolecular. a. erreur. equivalentist. pr. spur . balancer. épurateur. a. exhaust. equator. knacker's trade. drainage. équipage. set. ère. refining . error in reading. m. wander. équivalant.t. ergostérine. — chimique.. a. m. /. équilibre. ergotique. /. épuratif. equivocal. spurred. a. équivalence. équiper. equilibrium. square. a. — en T. /. refined. équivaut. errant. équation of state. ernolith (a plastic composition). équipé.) erysipelas. pr. — d'état. equipotential. v. v. right-angled iron or brace. eruginous. a. m. erbine. ergotine. ériger. purification. outfit. oil refiner. wandering. — chimique. — graduée. extract. éraflure. ergotic. épuisant. erbia.t. of erythema. m. — mécanique. équiangle. exhausted. purificative. glancing wound. purifying. érable. m. erbium. ernolithe. mechanical equilibrium. assemblage. épuisement. /. — de seigle. blowout. équimoléculaire. squaring. érysipèle. spent. érosif. gear. ergot . /. party (of workmen). équerrer.) ericaceous. erbique. balance. purifier. erbue. équilibrage. v. adv. /. (cap. équilibration. erect. m. équivaleur. /. . m. a. gear. of erbium. eut up (animais). équivaloir. à —. équivoque. equilenin. p. équipage . équilibreur.t. éq. 0. exhausting. hookup . clay used as a flux. v. erronément. exhaustion . v. extraction . err . in an équivalent manner. graduated cylinder. erode. gearing . scrubbing (of gases) .) Ecuador. abbrev. /. épuisé. purify. {Bot. p. equilibrate. équilénine. chafe. spend. catch. (Med. erythematous. v. m. & r. refine. équipement. — de rédaction. erucic. épurer. erythrin. square. éricacé. erroneously. v. era. épurement. /. cleaning. balancing. eremacausis. the lentil (E. m.a. purifying. /. /. équivalentîste. specif. (Pharm. pure. purifying . outfit . lens).a. scrubber. érucique.t. an adhèrent of the doctrine of équivalents. a. a. (Sugar) an apparatus formerly used for extracting beet juice from the pulp. etc. érigéron.t.t. beveling. équatenr. /. erbium oxide. m. maple (tree or wood). p. a. épure. erepsin. a. errer. T square. set. /. équivalenunent. m. equip. equipped. (équivalent) équivalent. diagram. m. ergosterol.) ergotin. équarrir. right-angled elbow. v. a. chemical équation. éruptif. — en té. /. cutting up of animais (esp. (Med.) erythema. v. erucin. — de lecture. équiaxe. équerre. equivocalneas. a. seruginous. drain. erosive. ergotinine. épulpeur. error. old horses. decay. érucine. a. équerrage.). mules. out of print. ergot. crew. /. équation.t. ergoté. érémacausie. equipment.i. sugar maple. — à sucre. exhaustible. érythrine. refinement. put up. erlenmeyer. a. fit out. m. ergotinine. cleanse. a. a. m. rig up. cleaner. purificatory. stop. épurateur-hullier. at right angles. érugineux. purifying. m. épuration. éruption. m. p. spurred (as rye). equipment. ergot of rye. a. equilibrator. (Bot. errant. épuré. S sing. of équivaloir. abrasion. /. eruptive.a. p. /. daisy fleabane. refining. clérical error. refiner (as of oils). /.a. erratic. ergotinine. m.r. bevel. v. erroné. scrub (gases). crew. fray. raise. épuratoire.) erigeron. /. — divisée. équarrissage.t. 77t. éraiiUer. unravel. bevel. m. gush. équilatéral. équilatère.t. v. fitting (of soap) . be purified.

tu. Escaut. — clos. escarbille. — ardent. esquille. spirit of vitriol (old name for sulfuric acid. m. — acétique.) spirit of Mindererus. & f. — d'orange composé. a. (Corn. espagnol. éséréthol.) carbuncle.) spirit of soap. hope. crust. wood alcohol). species. esclavage. — de cannelle. eschel (variety of amalt). acétone. kind. espacement. (Pharm. closed (or inclosed) space.) speeie. caustic. alcohol distilled over spices. — pyroligneux. m. (Mining) clay. érythrosine. esquine. erythrosin. v. — à la perle. = eschare.) camphor spirit. chinaroot (rootstock of SmUax china). proof. — de lavande. ardent spirits. /. es. m. (escompte) discount. sprat (the fish). spirit of wine. m.) escarpment. espace. (Pharm. espacer. (pi. /. escalier. esquinancie. wood spirit. m. foretaste. hollow space. outline.) compound spirit of orange. — pyroacétique.t. eserethole. {Sot. (Pharm. sulfur dioxide (old name). esp. m. sketch. test. touch test. v. (Mm. analysis.t. /.) tea. /. — de Vénus. pyroligneous spirit.t. esquisse. pi. érythroxyle. discount. mind. blowpipe test. /. spirit of niter (a 68-70 per cent aqueous solution of nitrie acid). essence of peppermint. prep. range. splintery. — des sept grains. — • de menthe. — de pétrole. — à chaud. escarboucle. assaying. — épices. thorough test. escope. trial.t. a. esquisser. n. etc. splinter (of bone). ésérine. infusion. interval.r. distance. m. slave. /. m. érythrodextrine. — de vin. espèce. spirit of sait (old name for hydrochloric acid). /. escoupe. alcohol. dead space. (Qeol. — de sel ammoniac. es. furnace hoist. winter barley. erythrophleine. — de soufre. assay. pr. portion. dulcified spirit of sait (a mixture of hydrochloric acid and alcohol). m.) erythrophyll(in).) Spaniard. place at a distance apart. Espagne.t. blank test. m. — de Mindererus. — de bois. o. expect.Bot. stairs. évade. glacial acetic acid. Spain. sort. m. escarre.) erythritol. clay band. hope. — à la tache. m.t. m. esculin. spot test. /.) eschar. essay. /. — de camphre. eserine (physostigmine). petroleum spirit. staircase. cobalt bloom. sketch. m. spiral. spacing. (Pharm. escarner. (. (Chem. m. cold test. escaille. escarpé. be discounted. (Pharm. espoir. spirit. Scheldt (river). — chimique. (Med. (Min. /.) quinsy. escamoter.) acetic acid.. strong alcoholic liquor or solution. space. — de vitriol. scoop. /.r. v. espèces pectorales. /. eschel. (Old Chem. (Pharm. /. (coal) cinder. espérance. borax bead test. m. en —. drop test. hope. wit. Spanish (language). when somewhat diluted). esclave. spiral. esquilleux. /. escarpement. slavery. érythrophylle. slavisk. pectoral tea. — de vert-de-gris. esquiver. v. separate. blowpipe analy- . flesh (hides). chemical species. pyroxylic spirit (wood spirit. fuming nitrie acid. v. be spaced. expectation. — à fond.t. — à la touche. make disappear.) formic acid spirit. escarbilleur. m. solution of ammonium acétate. m. hope. v. escompte. — mort. /. (Pharm. hot test. essai. escourgeon. spirit of wine. in the. slave. space. esprot. scab. — de vinaigre. v. — de savon. v. esc. snail.) discount. /. — pyroxylique.) acetic acid. eschare. steepness. spiral staircase. (Old Chem. esprit-de-vin.) lavender spirit.) any plant o£ the genus Erythroxylum.) cinnamon spirit. — au chalumeau. round shovel. m. sample. abbrev. a spirit distilled from several kinds of aromatic seeds. /. scoop. — de nitre. — de raifort composé. v. esprit. /. — à froid. spot test. a. spirit of camphor. & m. erythrodextrin. espérer. eseharotic. — à blanc. . (Pharm. (ethyl) alcohol. ash ejector. (Pharm. a spirit distilled over coffee. /. (of être) art.) compound spirit of horseradish. — de moka.érythrite 169 essai érythrite. — au borax. œsculm. — de nitre fumant. steep. — de sel dulcifié. pyroacetic spirit (old name for acétone). bead test. (Med. hope for. a. — de sel. escullne. escharotique. (cap. /. juggle away. escompter. are. Spanish. S sing. — de fourmis. — creux. esearped. escargot. érythrophléine. outline. m.) érythrite. testing. spirit of sal ammoniac (old name for aqueous ammonia).

pimenta oil. oil (or spirit. (Perfumery) concrète (a waxy mass rich in essential oils). oil of turpentine . — de Cognac. — de muscade. — d'aneth. — de fenouil. Iaboratory inspector. — de savon. oil of savin. — de Portugal = essence d'orange.t. — de moutarde. — de fleur d'oranger. — anglaise. oil of hedeoma. oil of peppermint. try. essanger. petroleum spirit (a rather loose term applied to volatile petroleum distillâtes). oil of (Chinese) cinnamon. — de pouliot américain.essai 170 essence sia. — de cannelle de Ceylan. — de valériane. — de distillation. — de malt. oil of copaiba. spearmint oil.t. baking test. /. — de bétula. — de mirbane. cade-wood oil (a volatile oil obtained by distilling the wood of Juniperus oxycedrus with steam and not to be confused with "oil of cade"). — de bergamote.) oil of chamomile.) myristiea oil. essaim. oil of fleabane. caraway oil. essayeur.) santal oil. oil of thyme. allspice oil. analysis by the wet method. tester. — de menthe poivrée. essayerie. nutmeg oil. disseminate. float test. the letter S. v. oil of Siberian fir needles. (Pharm. an American oil of turpentine sold in England and Antwerp. crowd. turbidity test. — de macène. — de panification. assay office. oil of wormwood. (Petroleum) straight-run gasoline. blank test. throng. oil of dill. eontrol test. attar of rosé. = essayerie. specif.t. (Pharm. caasia oil (from Cinnamomum cassia). an oil of turpentine. etc. v. — de citron. oil of rosé. clove oil. dry analysis. oil (or essence) of mirbane. — d'automobile. (Pharm. m. gasoline (or petrol) from cracking. oil of gaultheria. /. — de templine. — de cardamome. — de gaulthêrie. gasoline. — de goudron de bouleau. oil of coriander. oil of wintergreen. — de cracking. — de Sicile. oil of (American) pennyroyal. — de cajeput. pure essential oil. — artificielle. — de bay. allyl isothiocyanate. m. essaie rie.) chenopodium oil. oil of pennyroyal. assayer. oil of erigeron. — de coriandre. — de goudron de pin. although it is sometimes used of the oils themselves and of other volatile liquids. wire gage. — de Sibérie. cardamom oil. oil of sandalwood. wet assay. — de miaouli. allyl mustard oil. oil of anise. analyze. oil of betula. /. — de gaz naturel. — de bigarade.) Juniper oil. — de durée. — par voie sèche. wet test.) rectified birch tar oil. an artificial mixture of esters of fatty acids. essence . test. — de pin de montagne. oil of cubeb. gasoline. coriander oil. .) bitter orange oil. — de thym. spirits of pine tar. — de eucalyptus. essayage. allyl isothiocyanate. American wormseed oil. — d'anis. used to adulterate brandy. any artificial substitute for essential oils. — par voie humide. oil of hedeoma. — concrète. see under petit-grain. spearmint oil. lavender flowers oil. oil of aniseed. petrol . oil of miaouli (from Melaleuca species). any volatile liquid. — antihystérique. — d'absinthe. assay. — de louche. neroli oil. bay oil (from Pimenta acris). orange flower oil. testing. (Pharm.) — absolue. oil of caraway. — de eubèbe. — de romarin. — de menthe verte. (volatile) oil of nutmeg. (English usage tends to restrict "essence" to alcoholic solutions of essential oils. essence. oil from the cônes of the silver fir (Àbies alba).. — de pétrole. dry test. endurance test. an alcoholic soap solution. (Pharm. — de cadier. v. — de bouleau. — de camomille romaine. (Pharm. — de hédéoma. volatile oil of mustard. bitter almond oil. rosemary oil. — allylique. /. cloud test. — de pression. anise oil. petrol. nitrobenzene. — d'amande amère. turpentine oil. variety. — témoin.) dwarf pine needle oil. spirit . pressure test. (Pharm. S-shaped object. — de menthe crépue. oil of (Ceykra) cinnamon (from Cinnamomum zeylanicum). oil of Juniper berries. oil of nutmeg. — de can nelle de Chine. — de cade.. volatile. specif. swarm. m. thyme oil. — de choc. — de lavande.) fetid spirit of ammonia. (Pharm. (Pharm. oil of clove. — de copahu. essence of rosés. — de rosé. essence of cade (a volatile oil obtained by distilling oil of cade with steam). — de piment.) oil of Australian sandalwood. casinghead gasoline. oil of sweet birch. assay îaboratory. — de santal d'Australie. soak (as soiled clothes). scatter. (Pharm. impact test. — de sabine. dill oil. (see essayer). oil of lemon.) fennel oil.) myrcia oil. oil of rosemary. lavender oil. bergamot oil. kind. dry assay. rosé oil. peppermint oil. — de petit-grain. wet analysis. — de santal citrin. (Pharm. lemon oil. — de genièvre. essayer. (Roman) camomile oil. — d'êrigéron. esséminer. — de carvi. — de chénopode vermifuge. — de girofle. analyst. (essential) oil . extract of malt. (of trees) species. esse. (Pharm. oil of eucalyptus. oil of cajuput. or essence) of turpentine. — au flotteur. — de térébenthine.

centrifugal drier. benzine. — de glace. (Min. set. place. m. v.)i heavy petrol. (Zoôl. settlement. in which es. m. pewter vessel. valuer. m. a. towel.t. /. exposure to air. long drill. bismuth. estampille. essuie-main(s). doctor. — soufré. sheet tin. estropier. — d'orange.t. v. rhodium oil. estival. estimate. (of être) is. floor . — légère. hand towel. seraper. season. row. gris. étaient. m. estampe. et. esturgeon. stamp. petrol . 120° C. v. lain painting. summer.) body. (Paints) minerai estime. esteem. essentially. m. v..t.t. (Used in asking questions : phor formerly used in painting. étagère. m. — essence concrète. — grasse.t. essence d'aspic. v. m. cassiterite. establish. ligroine. plant. — rectifiée. /. ratus. wipe. (Mining) level . progress. essential oil. dry (without heating. wipe off. drying . essuyage. /. stamp. étain. stannite. — estérifier. pin. (Old Chem. étai. tier . advance. lathe). degree . less commonly called estragon (Artemisia dracunculus). other phrases with plant names. — essentielle. estomac. essentiel. /. m. estagnon. — estampage. (Anat. wood tin (fibrous cassiterite). wringing or centrifugalizerect.'' estraquelle. pe. . vinegar es-[ estampeuse. esteriîy. enduring. établissement. m. — en grenaille. estimator. fix. (see établir) . spindle.t. (Alchemy) essentifieate. battu. m. grain tin. — minérale. gasoline . 8 pi. stamp. — estaminet. bar tin. lourde. (Glass) ladle. étable. stand. m. v. form. estimation . ing) . fine carded wool. strand. /. flight. peel. esseret. stable. 3 sing.) tarragon. axle.en verges. etc. — de vinaigre. as essence d'ail. a. estragole. set of shelves. essencifier. . — d'alluvion. cloth for cleaning glass. small restaurant. frame (as of a seasoning. sence (a strong acetic acid solution). m. {Paint. stamping. (of être) were. lay. estimated. n. et . . /. tinfoil. v. floss silk. m. prop. wiping. — estampillage. — naturelle. — en estacade. centrifugal machine or appaworks. essential oil (volatile estimer. establishment. essencier. estamper. trademark.estimation. a copper or tinplate container granulated tin. long auger.) fossa. stamp. /. dry. gasoline. estampille use. etc. essuyant. /. p. Est-ce que le corps fond? Does the sublow-boiling gasoline . tiers or stages. workbench . resinified oil of turpentine. value . petroleum distiilate. m. stomach.est-ce que. arrange in rows. étaim. cripple. . m. œstival. — en feuilles. pewter. stamping. (For the meaning of estragol. café. essorer. v. mark. platblocs. a. m. hub. et. m.esther. esule. essuyer. m. works .) estrasse. pr. mutilate. noir. centrifuge. stamping machine. penwiper.t. punch. settle. estrigue. spirits. stockade . m. /. — rhostock. — essuyeur. . stamping machine.a. — de bois.t. vacuum drier. essential. estimate . layer .estampoir. drying (see essorer) . endure. ester. mangle.) sturgeon. shelf.) bismuth. etc. a mixture of terstance melt?) penes estracted from essential oils. east. tin.a. stay. set up. estuary . — solide estoc.estival. — — used for transporting oils. esser. {Tech. from very volatile to estimatif. m. bench. iron essoreuse. sence means '' (essential or volatile) oil. /. drain . stamp.t. both . wiping .t.) spurge. m. /. essentiellement. (Bot. m. rosewood oil. gray tin. étager. essor. hydroextractor '. (ore). (a sword). stamp. axletree.t.) orange oil.essence 171 étain oil of valerian. /. m. & m. estimation . step . draining . m. p. straight-run gasoline. m.) tin pyrites. . stream tin est. troleum ether. m. stage . oil of sweet orange estampiller. oil of natural origin). an oil of cam. esteem. and. die. — en grains. essieu. ing) rectified oil of turpentine. m. block tin. — indienne. stand. établi. v. as by établir. étage. used in porce. (Pharm. wiper . conj. essuie-verre(s). tuck dienne. m. imp. m. v.estragon. see the plant name in question. gage (wire). — sidérurgique. /. leer. (Mining) black tin. pyriteux. frameworfc . story. v. Florentine reeeiver. estuaire. stamper. m. m. any estimateur. and. heavy gasoline (boiling over 100. essuie-plume(s). established. adv. (Soap) drier. annealing oven. essorage. directe. (Bot.

étendage. tinning. éteignoir. calk.i. stamp. (in gênerai) coat with a métal. United States. of éteindre. spreading. — à l'air. étanche. etc. m. à V— libre. extensive. étêter. (of a furnace. 2 pi. a. m. éthanol. étamper. (Some French writers apply the terni éther to esters and oxyde to ethers.t. spread. éthalique. trade.) stamen. tinned work. étendu. v. register. silvering of mirrors. make tight. die. éternel. — estimatif. spread out . crude state. m. estimate. S sing. diethyltin.t.r. drying rack or drying room. éthényle.) — acétique. étatisation. (see étendre) . drying chamber or room. extinguisher. ethanamide (acetamide). dwell (upon). a. shop. galvanize. éther. (éther-ael) ester. S sing. bolting cloth. ethanol. pipe vise. put out (fire. of étal. galvanizing. lute. étalonner. — des glaces.) State. be quenched . v. swage. extent. m. stud.t. normal. tight. étaux. été. of éteindre. p. ethanediol.t. étendoir. /. stanch. v. halting place.a. étalage. stubble. m. étanchélté. v.t. etc. standard. (of être) are. m. éthanoate. à —. tin. stallion. calling. ethanoic (acetic). /. v. — donné. grain tin.t. éthanolyse. étampeuse. spread. — galvanique. rough state. pi. galvanizing. m.t. (of être) was. the layer produced by tinning. pi. — portatif. m. étal. v. sneeze. m. m. remove the head of. compass. m. /. v. étendre. v.a. stretched. était. (Math. ready for. — critique. stay. éthal. stay. an alloy used for tinning. be dimmed. sneezing.r. m. silver. allay. stall. éteint. m. extinct. spread out. specif. profession. m. sneeze. be extinguished. Government. — à la vapeur. a. v. étampe. p. extension . étalonnement. stretching. éthène. étalon. standard. lights). étalement. ethanedioic1 (oxalic). eternal. etc. m. pr. ethyl ace- . étan. slake (lime) . prop. (Calico) steaming. state. ethanoic (or acetic) anhydride. m. swaging.t. quench (thirst). stamping . stand. show. ethyl alcohol. value. (see étaler). status. /. étamine. intend. p. éthénol. smear. length . — à l'eau. v. m. stamp . éteignant.) expand . ethanal (acetaldehyde). a. etc. gage. étanchéifier. (of être) been. p. support. stretch out. étendue. v. critical state. m. be diluted. étangue. éthanoïde. water-tight. m. account. ethal (cetyl alcohol. m. — à tubes.p. top (trees). /. état-major. (of lime) air-slaked.). slaked. étampage. tight. m. (see étalonner). — de vapeur. think. stop. (cap. etc. (see étendre) . punch . in the free state. dilute. shore. ethenol (vinyl alcohol). extinguished. étain-grain. m. en V—. become extinct . reach. steam-tight. go out. staff office. v. display. extinguish. o. /. plate. ethylene glycol. display. ethene (little used). calibrate. summer. etc. /.) boshes. m. (see éteindre) . — à main. ethylene. etc. étamure. éternuer. dilution. tammy. faire — de. stamp. condition. ethenyl (vinyl). spread out. /. ethanolysis. sternutation.t. tightness. /. ethanoate (acétate). extend. nationalization. m. dilute. rate. m. m. gaseous state. /. etc. dim . believe. étanchélser.r. area. f aint. range. stamping machine. étamage. étaler. tract. (of glassware. this being the case. pond. m. m. hand vise. v. étayer. shore up. éthanediol. cancel .) drying. dépend on. p. seal (weights. pr. (of ink) blot.étain-diéthyle 172 éther étain-diéthyle. stage. spread . éthanoïque. etc. pi. list. m. metals. m. États-Unis.). /. étape. die away . prop. êtes. swage . diluting. stamp. éternuement. éthanal. — d'eau. (Glass) fiattening . adjust. stretch. pr. extend. die . (see étamer). acetic ester. dying . m. — gazeux. paint. éthanoyle. (of être) being. (for clothes. spread. pr. état. faire — que. — au zinc. m. étant. m.t.) standard. éteule. éternûment. v. /. ethanoyl (acetyl). calk . — brut. zincking. imp. given. 1-hexadecanol). étang. out . étamer. standardization. a. éthanamide. étalonnage. standardise. stretch. quench (flame. en — de. étancher. etc. {Bot. zinc. large tongs. éteindre. ethanedioïque. etc. expanse. cetyl (alcohol). flatten (window glass). palmitic (acid) . — au pinceau. pi. of étau. vise. punch. — naissant. nascent state. staff. diluted. make tight. (éther-oxyde) ether. spread. étançon.

ether-alcohol (a mixture). an ethereal solution of médichydrochlorique.) = éther officinal. éthyline.) éthérat. ethylamine. petroleum éthérolat. éther-oxyde. a. — nitreuxoxide of iron). ethyl chloride. drique. ethiops martial (blaek (or ether). etherify. cinal alcoolisé. ester. introduce ethyl into. ide" (a mixture of mercuric oxide and meranaesthetic ether. ethyl bromide. éthylé.éthérolîque. ethyl nitrate. m. etherize. éthylique. esterification . ethyl nitrite. (organic) oxide. — nitrique = éther azo"black oxide of mercury. a. hydrochloric ester. esterify. {Pharm. amyl éthylénolactique. of éthérène. a. — officury). spirit erai (black mercuric sulfide). nitrous ester. ether.) spirit of nitrous ether. éthylbenzine. — amylnitreux.' a. m. — nitreux. éthérification (or esterificaester.) ethiops. {Pharm. methyl silicate. chloride. (organic) monochlo. etherate.a. specif.) aethiops antimonialis (old acid ester). éthylidénique. drique. — officinal. purified ether. ethionic. solvent ether. or Rare. (of medicines) having ether as the excipient. {Pharm. v. chloroethane. methyl chloride. m.2-ethanedithiol. m. éthoxyle.) — acide. — méthylchlorhydrique. be — anesthésique = éther officinal. (formerly) ethereal sait. — etherolate. ether. m. a. — composé.éthylbenzène. m. o.éther 173 éthyline tate. ride. ethylidene lactic (designating lactic acid proper). a. 1. — pyro. a. — minérale. /. nitrous ester fïdes). ethyl sulfate. — éthérolature. (in old usage) nitrous éthérique. ethyhdene. — éthérifier. ethyl chloride. sulfur ether. {Pharm. of ethyl acétate. hydric ether (ethyl ether). pur. (old name for) ethyl crylic). specif. bromoethane. — méthylique. a. pertaining to éthylidénolactique. neutral ester (as contrasted with monial.t. {Pharm. éther. a. — sulfuré. {Obs. ethyl ether.etherified. a. — rectifié du commerce. {Pharm. ethoxyl. neutral ether (ether having a préparation of mercury and antimony sulneutral reaction). éther-sel. {Pharm. esterify.)éthyle. ester. — éthylate. v. — per se. ethylbenacétique. etherificaalcoolisé. hydrique. ether. m. nitric éthérisation. ethylin (ethyl ether of an alcohol. /. ethyl nitrite. ordinary ether.). ethane. ether. (organic) éthéroacétique. m. — azo. compound ether pertaining to ether and alcohol. — anti— neutre. acid ester. ether. ethers (or to esters).) petroleum benzin. éthylénique. ester. éther-acide. éthyler. be esterified.) ethyl nitrite spirit.éthéro-alcoolique. chlorhydrique. p. ethyl chloride.) etherization. m. — éthériser. — méthyliodhy. ethyl ester. etherifier (or esterifier). pertaining to ethers (or alcoolisé. methyl iodide. {Pharm. specif.. pyroacetic ether (old name for zene. {Old Chem. esp. chloroinal principles. esterify. v. m. dérivé éthéré. — valeramylique.) ether spirit. methyl ester. ethylate. methyl ether. — étïiérolé. chloromethane.) (ethyl) ether. {Pharm. ether-alcohol.r. furique. ether spirit. ethyl oxide. etherifying (or esterifylation see the adjectives. — éthérification. ether. ethyl ester of a carboxylic acid .' {Obs. monochlorhydrique." "mercurous oxtique. a product obtained by disether.. — bromhytion. éthyliaque. ethylenedisulfonic . — éthine. (See the note under éther. esterifiable. see éther). m. — vinique. — sel. ethylene.) v. ethereal tincture. ethyl ether . to esters). etherify. (For other phrases of similar trans. — mêthylsilicique. ethyl. specif. éthiops. /. éthérifiable. etherolate. — de pétrole. — martial. of nitrous ether. /. as. /. — ordinaire. ethoxide. — sul• (incorrect use) s-ethanedisulfonic. ethiops minalcoolisé. /. ester.étherificateur. (organic) sulfide.t. ethyl. thio ether. (less often) — sulfurique alcoolisé. . acid ester (corresponding to aoid sait). specif. tion. ethylene lactic (hydravalerate. sulfuric ester. amyl nitrite. — tilling ether from aromatic material. ethereal sait. (See amylazoteux. ethyl iodide. ethylated. sulfuric ether (ordinary or ethyl éthylène-dithiol. éthéré. (old name for) ethylene. pertaining to ordinary ether.) spirit of ethylenic. iodomethane.. ethyne (acétylène). hydriodique. specif.. glycerol). m. — azoteux ethereal. specif. ethylate.t. ether) . /. spirit of ether. m. sweet spirit of niter. teux. ethereal.) see éther alcoolisé. {Med.éthlonique. acétone). o. ester acid. ethereal derivative. of or ethane. — azotique.) {Pharm. éthylène-disulfoné. _ ing) apparatus. chloro. iodoethane.

packing. m. /. constrict. astonishment. a. strangling .t. étonnament. étoupas.t. strangeness. — fulminante. étiole ment. p. stocky. m. étrange.) choking frame. /.r. suffocating or stifling. vessel into which new charcoal {Méd. /. (Biochem. a coarse cloth made from tow. smother .a. beat out.) star wheel. /. stuff. stufiing. fulguration . term is now used chiefly in pyrotechnies). étoupement. suffocate.t. starlike. thoughtlessness. throttle étonnement. étirable. v. a. safety fuse. solution of alum and sait. . foreignness. (see étirer) . étoffé. v.r. spark. condensing.L be ethyl). proportion to width). glass tubing) . étouffer). ethylmalonic. étouffée. — noire. v. p. Bickford fuse. wonder . éthylure. star-shaped crack . v.) pack. (Leather) a tawing liquor consisting of a étrangement. (Expl. étoffe. suppress. glittering. stop (with tow. — à froid. étrangloir. suffocating. allayed . be drawn out. slightly warm . (steam) .) electrotomy. — d'allumage. padded. astonish . etiolated.. constriction (as in a (Mil. crack (radially) . drawn. tow . stuff. wiredraw (métal) . v. (Pyro. m. étourdir) . sparkling. étiqueter. second stage in burning. m. benumb.) Very light. etc. stretch out. foreign étoile. a. /. /. m.t. cotétique. stopping. starry. étincelant. éthyne. parboiled . étiquetage. percussion fuse. foreign parts. capable of being drawn or — à friction. calk. tube).a. (for charcoal or coke rires) . extinguisher étinceler. étotiper. be suffocated. tow packing cloth.) etiolin. v. be suffocating. strangle. rending (by quenching). /. stuffed. fuse. stifling. — (Ceram.L sparkle. étincelage. emaciation. cloth. étourdir. v. primer. thoughtless. carelessness. crack. stretch. wiredrawing . parboil.a. allay (as pain). during which the éthylphënylcétone. narrow. label. (of rub— à percussion. étrangler. unknown. glittering. m.) etnite. v. the tubes. étioline. stretched out. abroad. spark. scrape (hides) . oakum.). friction fuse. étisie.t. electric fuse. etc. material. stuff.) étoile. ignition étoupage. long (in friction primer. astonishing. /. étourdissement. friction primer. m. etc. /. (Mach. foreigner . étiolé. étincelle ment. étranger. p. p. (Mach. étincelle. m. étiré. electric spark.a. choke . p. rend (as valve. acétylène. throttling . strangeness . (Mach. stunning. fabric. ton. placard. ample. a. roll (métal) .t. etc. — de mise de feu. m. minerais by heating and quenching). étoile r. ethylsulfuric. étonnant. /. etc. throttle étonner. stretch (as rubber) . ticket. cracking. m. strange. astonishment. etc. (Charcoal) the éthylisme. étouperie. wax. /.t. (Pyro. ticketing. etiolation. p.) eJastic. labeling. étoupe. narrow. étoupille. damper. fuse. numb. lining. extraneous . étoupille r. — électrique. match (the last étiquette. contraction. choke. muffie . ethyl. provide with a fuse. étioler. m.) choke . docket.a. /.) packing.a. label. sparkling . /. éthylsulfurique. v. étirage. waste (as of cotton). m. comunacquainted. (of metals) ductile. warm slightly be stretched . sparkling. — électrique. — de Bickford.) compression (through a temde sûreté. stew. étourdi.éthylique 174 étrangloir étouffant. n. deaden. colddrawn. draw. éthylmalonique. m. tric primer. elecplate). v. stellate. à V—. astonishingly. etiolate. a. m. emaeiated. throttling device. damp. dizziness . star . éthylique. match. ) packing. ethyl phenyl ketone principal décomposition occurs. drawing. (of a land. draw out (as metals or é tour de rie. condense (a subject). fortable. m. ethylic. m. etc. étouffement. strange. is put to prevent oxidation .a. /. tarred oakum. stuffing. fuse. foreign . strangely. stranger . jump spark. stunned. star-shaped part bearing étrangeté. strange thing. centrifuge) head. (Pyro. etc. m. ethide (binary compound of étouffer. adv. a. — éclairante. alcoholism. percusber. stewing. heedless. star. spark. p. — éclatante. percussion primer. (as water) .. v. ethyne (little used). — percutante. suffocation. lengthen. étrangleur. sion fuse. a. v.t. & r. stifle . m. étouffoir. stout. étiquette. starred. étranglement. stun. glitter. (Mach. primer. étirer.t. a. (see (propiophenone). oakum . v. v. (see etnite. adv.t. percussion primer. (see étirer).

étreinte. stove.r. euclidien. euphrasie. a. re moval. oven. étude. being. eupatoire. adv. eudiometry. drying stove or oven. étrécissement. for bacterial cultures. m. Barbados oven (for testing moisture in flour). of avoir (to hâve). o. euphorbe. (see étuver) . prop. v. vaeuum drier. a. — à. /. drying stove. euglobulin. É. stay. abbrev. (pi. (Steam) exhaust. étudier. m. be of it. survey (as of a railway) . m. stoving. — à cultures. ice closet. drying kiln.: (Ceram. eupione. be. air bath. there are. euchlorine (mixture of chlorine dioxide and chlorine). euphorbiacée. eux.) eupatory (Eupatorium).) europhen. — à dessécher dans le vide. euglobuline.) Euphrasia. hâve (in certain auxiliary uses. etc. electric oven. strap. eus tache. (Pharm. (Bot. close. a.être 175 évacuation être. — des Grecs. p. eucolloid. europeux. drying stove. eutannin (chebulinic acid). étreindre. p. there is. (Pharm. m. eux-mêmes. etc. specif. be in it. cover. étrier. db i. v. étroitesse. eût. eugénine. intimate. étreindelle. adv. /. eurent. strict . tight . narrow. (see étreindre). (Bact. eu tanin. emptying . étreignant. eupione. eugenin. eucolloïde. — à vapeur. cramp. (Leather) a heating of the oiled skins in steam ovens in the process of making chamois. office (as of a lawyer). vaeuum oven. clamp. shrinking. eutectic. m.-U. specif. narrowness. — vivant. à V—. envelope. eutexie. europic. — stérilisatrice. survey. v. European. pr. narrowing . étui. a bag of horsehair or other coarse matériel in whieh are enclosed the woolen press bags used in pressing oil meal or fatty acids. contract. drying closet. eutectoïâe. etc.i. eut. hoop. europhène.) incubator. v. eudiometric(al). themselves. scanty. — à air. a.. tie up. évacuation.) euphorbiaceous plant. /. m.) foment. étriqué. (Bot. (of goods) exportation. dry. étuve. eyebright (E. hot-water oven (not water bath. imp. be. (Cooking) stew. narrow . it is. 3 sing. m. m.) euphorbia . (cap. /.a. pron. européen. — de Barbade. refrigerator (specif. m. p. /. (Bot. band. narrow. évacuation . them. contraction .t. a. eucalyptus.t.) Euphorbiaceae. drying room. oven. of étreindre. under investigation. /. étrécîr. a. p. become narrower . étuvage. be studied . U-bolt. though the latter may be combined with it). étudiant. /. he is. Euelidean. eutectic point. he has corne). étroit. il est. embrace. hot-air oven. & m. (Med.) évacuation pipe. a double-walled case cooled by a current of ice water and used for maintaining substances at zéro). m. europique. etc.) incubator. subj. point d'—. be in for it. p. stoving.).) eudialyte. eudialite. eudiométrie.) = enfumage. m. eucalypte. eupion (an empyreumatic oil).t. m. pron. e utectique. they. eucalyptole (cineole). — électrique. étreint. eudiometrically. binding. /. m. eutexia. m. — à dessécher. be at. eu. closet. — de séchage. . — glacière. shore. narrow. europous. sheath. étuvement. — froide. sterîlizing oven. living being. v. étroitement. bind. narrowness. stove. /. eudiométriqué.. m. narrowly. def. (of avoir) had. tie. 3 sing. the stirrup-shaped support for a balance pan). /. v. scarce . See the meanings of the prépositions.p. /. /. stirrup (specif. shrink. /. etc. See this in the vocabulary. vaeuum drying oven. p. sweating room. (hot-air or vapor) bath. clasp. support (of various kinds). — de. of étudier. (see étroit). europium(II). /. euphraise. — à eau. constraint. hot-air closet. (see étuver). est-ce que. as il est venu. /. (Min.t. scarcity. eudiometer. shortage. etc. common agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria). bound. def. m.) European. steam. (of avoir) had.r. S pi. study. /. (see étroit). case. eduction. — à vide. study . eudiomètre. be arrived. eudiométriquement. etc. (Bact. en —. officinalis). tie. (États-Unis) United States. heat (moderately) or dry in an oven. (Mach. v. — séchoire. (of avoir) had. student. étrésillon. drying oven. sterilizer. euphrasy. box. m. euchlorine. bath (for drying. press. étuver. shrinkage. study. eutectoid. clasp knife. /. (Bot. existence. eucalyptus. cramped. shipping. a.) euphorbium. pr. eucalyptol. europium(III).

exagéré. evolutional. evaporate. blanch (green things). widen. v. évade.r.t. (pi. évaporatif. enlarge. évaporation. évidement. v. appréciable. hollow. m. (of wine) become flat.a. v. punctual. exaggerated. be estimated.t. a. éventure.) overexposure. valuation. évaporateur. /. m.t. export. évaporimètre. exalbumineux.r. évaporo-distillatoire. exagération. évaporer. évidagre. exaltation. a. contingent. altération due to exposure to air . escape. evaporating. airing. bell-mouthed. be worth. strict. grooved.a. /. éviter. batswing . etc. etc. — de po$e. evaporator. évasement. exagérer. examination. v. /. evaporate to dryness. /.t. eventually. obviousness. avoidable. empty. flash evaporation. evolved. éveiller. eventuality. a. (fig. emergency. splayed. crack. eviscerate. éventrer.t. /. for or pertaining to both evaporation and distillation. éventable. dépending on circumstances . évent.t. évaporomètre. exaggeration.) vent. m. m.i. (see éventer). be altered by exposure to air. splay . p. exaetness. rip open. escape. examinateur. evacuate. évasure.) musty or flat. enlarged. exactitude. v. m. examiner. altérable in air. /. (flaring) opening. fan oneself. flatness. a. éverninique. evidently. be discovered. funnel-shaped. evolutionary. m.t. évoquer. value. be heedless. recess. cavity. etc. évader.a. évanouissement.r. honeycomb (in metals) . excite. scent. v. certainly. evaporative. a. cavity. éventage. évasion. etc. evaporator. en —. éventail. p. partly hydrated plaster. evoke. excitement. évasion. clearness. hollowing. etc. spreading. disappearanee . /. évidure. hollow. make flaring. contingency. evernic. évitable. stone gutter. /. evaporated. éventuellement. éverd limer. évaluation. (railway) siding. written examination. hollowed out. éviscérer. (Radio) fade . éventualité. a. (enameler's) screen. . v. v. (of wine. a. accurately. evaporimeter.t. atmometer. évider. bellshaped. v. fanshaped.t. /. a. widening. alter by exposure to air. (fig.t. run on". en —. évaluation. transfer (liquids). m. hollowed. exactitude. exactement. m. capable of being aired. become flaring. vent. v. v. width (at the opening). avoid. hollowing. évaler. événement. — à sec. disappear. m. évoluer. a. exact. évolué. exalgine. m. /. V. aperture. (of a fuse) flash hole (also. V. vanish. flare. evaporating apparatus. (see éventer). entrance examination.) dust. v.) exalbuminous. évanouir. /. précise. m. o. excessive. evaporator. v. be wild. gut. p. (Pharm. exalter.t. v. sink. /. (Bot. adv. évaporeuse. perform évolutions. m. evaporating. awake. (Math. faint. groove. fan. under examination. enlargement. expose to the air. v. évasé. be evacuated. m. contingently. widened. enhance. ship. estimation. m. évier. escape holc. evolve.T. avoiding. — écrit. bishop. atmometer. évêque. alarm. widen. = évidement. /. v. & i. exalgine. (open) air .) eliminate. exact. everninîc. heedless. call forth. punching hole) . groove. open up (a quarry). fainting. avoidance .) muatiness. (Founding) riser. fan (a person). hollow. warnîng. examen. o.t. air hole. switch.) exalgin. a.r.r. wake. évolutif. giddy. batswing burner.T. p. (Radio) fading . be valued. widening. v. exaggerate. évidé. évaluer. scoop out. flaring. v.t. eut. occurrence . waste. évaporé. évaluable. discover. (see évider). evaporation. gas port. make (wine. eventual. /. o.r. exactly. évernique. évaser.évacuer 176 examinateur évacuer. évaporisateur. estimable. — à siccité. event . m. évidence. estimate. eviscerate. evaporation. exalbuminé. éventuel. air.a. wake. m. v. exalt. (Photog. exaltation . faire —. etc. specif. éventer.t. adv. adv. éveil. bleach. v. evaporometer. m. v. remove. estimate. crack . évaluable. awake. evaluate. évaporatoire. — d'admission. v. — par détente. widemouthed. m. developed. drain. évidemment. évidence. évaporisation. find out.) find vent.t. evaporate. hollow out. grooving. évitement.

exigeant. excessively. pumping (out).) over. p. excellently. scanty. fem. exosmotic. of exclure. a. a. o. a. (Min. — que. exciting. exotiquement. /.t. spécimen. exemplary. discharger.t. exception. excrémenteux. for example. excitatrice. exact. excess pressure. living being . height. — d'alcool.exfolier. excavateur.t. v.t. exhausteur. exception. ticing. exister. o. excréter. a. examine. excepting. laughing gas. example. m. excremental. a. — de pression.i. dewatering. excrétoire. a. exhalaison. exhauster. decenter. (Steam) cut-off. exempter. a. exceeding. v.) exciter. cial period. excavatrice.excuser. — de pose. construction. excess. m. dredger. exorbitamment. patexcess.t. prep. finanexcentrique. free. /. (Com. free. m. v. ingly. exotherme. acting. exotic. deexcitatif. v. go beyond. decorticate. v. exposure. adv. a. par —. fem. excréteur. exogen. v. overweight. o.a. exert. exocyclique. exemplaire. drill. excesexcortiquer. exclut. evaporate.exhaussement. exclude. excel. eccentric. excoriate.t. require. raise. excuse. v. m. excentrer.a. in excess.t. /. be required. m. be exhaled. train. surplus. excrémentiel. dérivation. exhumer. v. exosmosis. free. alcoholic. excusablement.examiner 177 exotiquement examiner. v. v. eut out. /.t. exothermic. exigu. need. & r. adv. exceptional. m. exclusive of. excorticate. m. v. o. exercer. excitator. drill. a. surplus. à exocellulaire. tiresome. v. adv. exécuter. exfoliate. excéder. exhalation (something exexcepter. par —. excepting. exceptionally.t. exciser. exhaure. exécute. dans V—. excise. exciter. v. exempt. show. exotically.t. stock on hand.) valentinite. raising .t. m. excédent. adv. exosmose. unless. on hand. v. exercise. v. a. surplus . exocellular. exogène. p. example.a. exacting. excentricité. o. excellence. existing. necessity.t. /. /. exclusivement. need.t.r. exitèle. v. exemple. of ex. def. — un effort. exceptionnel. v. excaver. citateur. existent. existence. ex. /. make eccentric. petty. excess .) exigence. exercé. adv. exclusive. a. excitateur. /. exosmose. adv. energy-liberating. preëminently. in excess. as an exception. a. sively. cavating. o. excite. o. model. (Photog. exhale. instance. excrescence. to drainage.t. exécution. exactingness . a.) exogenous. exclusif. v. trained. eccentricity. prééminent. exhibit.r. excitement. exiger. exosmotique. adv. en —. exempt. exempt. exécutable. v. a kind of sait evaporator. except. . executive. excrementitious. narrow. exorbitantly. pr. excessive. necessitate. m.) shunt excitation. practice. v.-. /. excusably. practicable. cepted. excessively. exist.t. excretory. immoderately.exhausser. exhilarant. excellence.t. unreasonablenes. exigency. v. excess tern.t. indeed! exempt. erect. excitation. haled). exclure. m. etc.) exciter. V— de. exceed. — sur. (Elec. skilled. gaz excessif. & p. exception. exécutable. of excavateur. carry out. unearth. excitation. exocyclic. excellement. discover.existant. fiscal year. excroissance. exclusion. par excellence. eccentrically. excess. excédant. small. perform. exécution. exoénergétique. a. exécuteur. exhiber. a.t. number. o. for instance. foreign. excorier. practice.t. excitative. m. by way of exhalatoire. exotique. exercise. a. /.t. except that. (Elec. a. v. excavator. v. practiced. excretory. exonerate. S sing. exert a stress. excessivement. (Bot. excréttientitiel. v. & m. à V—. /. existence . excès. ex. exonérer. exceed. excavate. /. weight. nonweary. exécutif. exclusion. a. tire. excess. excrète. exhaler. — en mand. par —. — de poids. pracexcentriquement. finish. jusqu'à V—. exothermique. excepté.i. érection . a. v. except. exercice. excel. v. adv. in excess .t. /. p. exhume. exhilarating. copy. exclusively. /. overpressure. exceller. (Elec.t. excellency. exceptionnellement. exhilarant.

a. forward. /. a. v. exploiteur. mining. com— antigrisouteux. expertly. operate. v. valuation. /. m. etc. explosive. explanatory. bon. o. deuxième ordre. — réglé. a. expeditionary. test . exporter. sending. sender. blank test.i. forwarding. — au charforwarding . exploitability. blasting machine. give an explanation. exploiter. dynamite. exploser.t. o.exploiting. — puissant. v. /. exportatrice. exploratory. nitrate mixed exexpertement. — agréé. — a survey of. a.exponentiel. be exported. /. adv. blast. — d'amorce. test. tested. a meexpérimentatrice. v. make experiexplosive (as one containing an inert base). pr. duplicate. a. ex. investigate. mixed expérimenter. copy. workability. a. /. explicitness. transmission. — de explicite. a chemical com— à blanc. explicatif. draw up (documents). expérience. explicit.fem. sympaexpliquer. explosionner. explainable. working.t. patch. {Télévision) scan. explode. m. explosibility. v. two ingrédients). /. o. explosively. works. expeditious. /. nitro explosive. nitrocotton explosive. atomic number. m.) exponential. disruptive exexpérience. .t. v. shipping. explorer. shipper. exploitabilité. de sûreté. adv. — à exportation. explosion of explicitement. explosiveness. or sensitiveness of which has been reguexpertiser. expérience. expedite. /. m. exploit.). exploring. explanation. /. /. extrée. copying clerk. exponential. /. — binaire. m. index .exploseur. nitroglycerin explosive. plosive. despatch. factories. etc. — a base de expéditlf. — mixte. a. make lated by admixture or other treatment.i. adv. fond. priming explosive. v. be explained. m. expectative. v. — sympathique. /. exponent . shipper. expérimenter. experiment . des. — chimique. exponentially. explicable. exponentielle. farm. order. (expert) investigation. exploration. explicative. explorât!veinent. speedy. try. coal-mining explosive. v. petitioner. explication. ship. & m. exploiter. export. plosive. operator. /. — autorisé. etc. chanical mixture capable of explosive interexpérimenté. pound. — agricole. — à la poudre. high (power) exexpertise. rock-work explosive. experiment. expeditiously. (of exposer) exposing. explorer. expansivité. nitrocellulose explosive. mine. agri. Favier explosive. adv. explorateur. exotoxin. sending. — à la nitropédition . simple. m. v. m. hope. exponentiellement. grower. ment of . /. ploratory. exportateur. oper. explicable. exhaust. exporteur. etc. a.e.i. exporter. exploitable. exploratif. explosion of the second explicité. explain. exhibitor . m. — expérimentaliste. experienced. explosion . m. exploiter. experimentalist. exploitable. explosivité. the first order. of exponentiel.t. prompt.exotoxine 178 exposant exotoxine. exportation . etc. explosible. work. f chemical compound. explicitly. expectancy. — nitré. plosive. safety explosive. — mécanique. expansibilité. coton nitré. business. /. explosibilité. exploder . an explosive consisting of a single expirer. <c i. explode. m. m. /. export. m. blast. v. /. explosif. expéditeur. action. shippermitted explosive. a. adv. exploratively. /. expédier. /.t. farming. faire —. v. adv. thetic explosion. operator (of mines. v. exploration. {Math. a. expansivenesa. p.r. copying . exploitation. glycérine. ating (of mines. — des mines. culture. workable. expansive. explode. — de premier ordre. survey. explosive. explore.t. expéditivement. manager. expire. adv. experimentally. explosion by influence. exploitation. coal-mining explosive mission agent.t. èxpansif.o. binary explosive (one containing iiy.r. send. expéditionnaire. explosive mixture. explication. sender. coal-mining explosive.t. explosion.) . — Favier. pound used as an explosive. — à la cellulose niment. examine. exporter. expérimenter. blank experiment. expérimentateur. — d'un atome. expansibility. exporter. an explosive the action (expert) report. o. expédition. exploring. {Télévision) scanning. exploitant. explosive ment. explosif-roche. — brisant. speedpermitted (or permissible) explosive. explosive comexpérimentalement. a. explosif-cou ch. — minière. (guarding against firedamp). farmer. tried. forwarding.exposant.

dyewood extract. exuding. expel. exsiccateur. extra-doux.r.) discharge. o.) fluidextract. be expressed. exprès. extinguisher. solution of lead subacetate. S f sing. — de Saturne. a. a. extractability. m. foreign. (Pharm. extensif. extinguishing. adv.) pure glycyrrhiza extract. darkening. o. exude. extincteur. v. — d'incendie. v. o. v. desiccation. (Métal. (Pharm. extract of black cohosh. losa . a. a. méat extract.p. suppression . o. /. extensive. of extincteur. expressément. extraire. hydro-extractor. exudative. (Mining) raise. expressly. m. extra sweet. exudation. — à mousse. exhibition. m.) aspidium oleoresin. extérieurement. /. Javel extract. — de colchique. outside. exposer.) prepared for use at once (because unstable). /. extinctrice. exquis. specif. fem. purposely.) lead subacetate solution. & i. /. a.t.r. — de stramoine. v. — éthérê.t. extract of liquorice.) stramonium extract. expresser. extracellulaire. (Pharm. ethereal extract.exposé 179 extrait exposé. exterior. extract. — de jusquiame. exprimer. (Pharm. extraction. expulseur. exposition. a. weaken. abroad. shock absorber. a. — de garance. exterminateur. foam fire extinguisher. messenger. extra white. extendeur. expositif. exsudât. a. o. exudate. exsuder. eradication. black-out. extra-fin.) capsicum oleoresin. exquisitely. extractiforme. <c pr. explained. extractor. exprimable. /. extracellular. (Pharm. m. fire extinguisher. m. expressing. abstract. m. a. (Med. externally. slaking (of lime). (Pharm. exqulsement.t. express.) Goulard's extract. purposely. expound. (Mùiing) raising. o. — de Goulard. extender. m.t. exsudatif. extemporaneous. expulser. slaking. account. exsangue. — spontanée. exposed. éjection. of expulseur. a. calcined beyond the usual degree. exterminator. m. supercalcined. expultrice.t. /. yeast extract. expander (for tubes). squeezing out. extensibility. exsiccation..) extra current. a. express oneself. expression. fiouring (of mercury) . dry extract of hyoscyamus. a. extra-calciné. extractive.. expulsion. etc. exposition. (Pharm. extérieur. eject. an alcoholic solution of iron and potassium tartrates. /. — éthéré de capsique. (Anat. — de fougère •mâle. account. exquisite. exprlmeur. m. hydro- . fem. attenuate. /. & m. (Pharm. à V—. expressif. /. — de Javel. bloodless. expression . adv. p. expose oneself . extraction. statement. exsudation. m.t. p. Goulard's extract. extirpate. — de bois colorant. statement. eradicate. expulsive. explanatory. — de colchique acétique.) extensor.t. exsudant. (Pharm. extemporané. m. extract. expressive.) acetic extract of colchicum (corm). a. (of extraire) extracted. extirper. exsanguioated. extinction.) oleoresin. extra-courant. extirpation. extracting. extractiform. a. chemical extinguisher. adv. a concentrated hypochlorite solution used for steriîizing water. (Pharm. exposé.) sudorific. quenching (as of coke). dry extract of stramonium. a. — hydroalcoolique. foreign parts. a. be exposed. — de levure. externe. expressible.) dry extract of colchicum. m. extensibilité.) (dry) extract of krameria. expressly.) ox bile extract.t. extent. — catholique. (Gos) exhauster. (Pharm. — fluide.) wet extraction. exterminate. exterminer. exterior. extracts. descriptive. liquid extract. express. extracyclique. — d'actée à grappee. (Pharm. extractif. (Mach. outside. — chimique. exprimage. air slaking. — de ratanhia. hoist. express. v. external. exténuer. hoisting. extracteur. /. — de fiel de bœuf. ether extract. extirpation. exposure. expose. a. extra-blanc. — de réglisse. — de viande. v. outer. (Pharm. extinguishing . — à voie humide. m. self-induced current.a. (Elec. (Pharm. extenseur. o. extension. desiccator.) extract of timicifuga. (see doux). v. (Pharm. enfeeble. v. v. exposition. (Pharm. exterminating. explain. expulsion. extractibilité. /. expansive. extract of maie fern.) purified oxgall.) hyoscyamus extract. adv. outside. a solid extract from a combination of plants. expression. outwardly. exterior (angle). external. extinguible. extinguishable. madder extract. extinction . — de bile de bœuf purifié. extrait. extraeyclic. on the outside. m. expulsif. v. extra fine. extension. — de Mari. a. drying. etc.

a. liquid extract. extraordinalrement. dry extract of opium. extra pure. extrayant. extremity.) aromatic fluidextract. extrapoler. extra-pur. . extrapolate. extrémité. — liquide.t. adv. extremely. dry extract. extraterrestrial. (Pharm. — tcmnant. p. v. extra-terrestre. a. extra-neutre. extracting. dye extract. (Pharm. a. extraordinary. end. a. extrinsic. an extract made with more than one solvent. adv. a. completely neutral. — thébaique. — mixte. extrinsèque. — liquide aromatique.extrait 180 extrinsèque alcabolic (or water-alcohol) extract. (P/iarm. — sec. butt.a. tanning extract. extraordinaire. — tinctorial. e. extrêmement. /.) fluidextract.ttraordinarily.) opium extract.

. — de puissance. faïencier. facette. a. chemical works. /. m. faction. — de porter.t. fail. artificial rubber. — en grand. m. fahlbande. faint. optionally. o. bill. de — à. v. be opposite. sort. fac-similé. invoice book. a. /. façonnage. en — de. porter. (Mach. fabuleux. ssdly. m. copy exactly. so that. — de passage.t. adorn. fabricate. v. factage. sélective. v. ready. m. mill. insipidly. facilitate. etc. appearance. factor of safety.r. o. feeble. — filtrant. faculté. a way as (or that). fabricant-papetier. faham (Angraecum fragrans).) facula. fagot. shape.) bearing capacity. insipidness . facsimile. fabricant. a. facility . relax. /. face. mass production. glazed earthenware. fabricant-liquoriste. feebly. low-grade. be manufactured. face. faiblir. right. delftware (in English faïence is used esp. fahlore (tetrahedrite). v. fadeur. façonnement. sUghtly. slight. fadety a. readily. facilité. /. (Qeol. fagoue. facile. (Photog. fashion. facet. clerk. capability. plant. manufacturing. easily. porterie. i. factory. grow weak. faction. /. way. eut facets upon. (Astron. ado. work. facteur.t. façon. manufacture. faible. (see fâcheux). surface. sad. (small) face. weaken. artificial. power factor.) reducer. (fréquence) frequency. — de matières colorantes. m. factor. fabriquer. weakness. /. (frère) brother. factitious. opération. fadement. very dull. faiblisseur. faïencerie. /. fade. bill. dull (colors). /. load factor. troublesome. adv. slightness . quick. front. m. facultativement. sweetbread.t. adv. maker. v. adv. facet. dummy. coefficient. v. opposite. décorative kinds). /. fac-similalre. faiblement. facturier. o. maker. somewhat ïnsïpid . make. fabricateur. 181 . insipid. small. facticement. regrettable. facule. manner. manufacture. (Math. invoice clerk. faham. face. dye factory. finish off. yield. — de produits chimiques. m. bundle. /. readiness. make. so as. weak point. ability. flatness . maker or seller of glazed earthenware. factice. facile.) Fahlband. works. weak person. lightness . specif. — de couleurs. — en grande série. flat (as wine). ceremony. m. — de sécurité. manufacture. low. paper manufacturer. m. m. optional . de — Que. /. delivery (as of letters). m. /. fagot. (pi. /. care. making. finish. franc. abbrev. chamfer.t. beech oil. facture. insipidity. adv. (Analysis) coefficient of transformation. a. faire — à. à — teneur. /.. — de charge. faciliter. carrier (as of let- ters) . fâcheusement. /. in the face of. faculty.t. a. of the finer. manufactory. faïence. liqueur maker.) factorial. m. façonner. a. adv. selectively. in the front of. factitiously. form. property. dressing . be made. /. invoice. glazed earthenware factory. faiblesse. — en masse.) culture. feebleness. make. fagine. m. fabrication. unfavorable. filtrate factor. fashioning.) sentry. making. fadasse. weak part. maker. m. etc. (Mil. adv. make. make up. facsimile. factorielle. facturer. composition. something artificial. in sueb. facultatif. manufacture or business. façonBerie. fabulons. facilement. sham. Ught (in weight). m. lose strength . fabrique. facetter. fashion. ease. factice..i. facsimile. make. option.) means. disagreeable. workmanship . keep pace with. fabrication. invoice. large-scale manufacture. fahlerz. easy . weakly. structure. artificially. weak. very insipid . fac-similer. bevel. fâcheux. /. weakness. v. m. /. fahlerz. fabric. (see façonner). manufacturer. de telle — que. manufacturer. model. faïence. /.t. making. slacken. attention. (of fabrics) figure. (Agric. accustom. rsther àull. dullness.

farinacé. faner. v. fissure. burden. en — de. fallacious. ridge. fawn. form . a. dust . other phrases commencing with faire see familier. grown. feasible. subj.p. faisable. m. suit. phantom. in fact. m. make. beech mast. author. m. fait. etc. also beam. pr. dirty. fallu. ripe. familiarly. he will hâve faillible. pr. m. family. must. (Elec. p. make boil. fangeux. a. a. (pi. glue boiler. v. watershed. wilting . il me faut un entonnoir. that.t. whalebone. of faillir. specter. be the reason fameux. load. S sing. matter.) should hâve corne (or ought to havé faillibilité.) fasciculus. be needing .r. dans le —. of faillir. signify. /. number.t. was needed. falsification. of falloir. (. grogram (cloth). flour . faisceau. m. cause to deposit. bankrupt. beam. — de boiè. made. question. dirt. be falun. deed. fade. être — de. m. see that. — de blé. m. falloir. m. small flag. m. faradiser. play. treat (land) with shell mari. as should formable fault. (with en) be wanting. light beam (parallel faneur. p. failli. — cathodique. faille.. fallaciously. m. farcir. scanning fade. tedding . fanion. (Geol. v. farcin. /. doing. roasted malt. doing. /. matter. tedder. o. (face) paint . etc. do. m. de —. exécution. hunger. il a fallu un litre.. forge. act. etc. m. p. fanage. falunière. /. debase (coin). doer. indeed . the next important word in the phrase). sheaf. mire. a. — à la mécanique. il faudra qu'il vienne. adultération. produce.) faradize. summit. v. m. affair.) fault.r.t.t. done. — que de venir.t. — que. be S sing. beacon. cliff. done. (à malt) malt rake. faîtage. corne). be needful. load. make oneself . do. well bred. v. making. maker. counterfeit. be hungry. v. — contraire. a funnel. fantaisiste. m. disguise. point. v. fanon. of. portion. /. (fine) sawdust. fardeau. skylight. say. ridging.t. fantôme. charge (for goods) . sophistication. oatmeal. adulterate. nest of tubes. weigh heavily . — à la main. fantastic. group. tum. subj. smelter faix. de facto. faiseur. ridge. (Vet. be. falsifier. m. land . bankruptoy. adv. (For familiarité. familiarize. be. (of rays) pencil. falsifier. machine. faon. failing. falaise. freakish. a. tubulaire. cathode beam. a.p. accustom. etc. beech nuts. fit . form. top. become. ridge tile. mud. m. to hâve just corne. /. does. (of faire) makes. wheat flour. adv. matter. false show. cheese is drained. leaves. familiarity. farina.t. faillant. /. to corne. v. sink. light pencil (convergent rays). /. (of priées) fixed. familiar. v. dry leaf. fading . etc. m. of falloir. p.) Faluns. /. (of words) common. wilt. m. fallibility. properly. be wanting. a. by the fact. faisant. study. farbmalz. p. settle. one liter faille. be on the point (of). fane. — d'avoine. did.farder. etc. you (he. bunch.) farcy. farine. should.t. ne — que. I need faillir. faillite.o. coloring malt. fail. (see faire). wood flour.) faulted. paint (the face) . a. etc. perform. faisselle. (of faire) made. ted (hay). fact. muddy. v. be near. hand-made. signify. /. faim. m. — faîtière. v. made. faire. light. nue dust containing arsenic trioxide. falsification. familiariser. cause that . in faet. lir. (see faillir).faluner. a basket or vessel in which fantaisie. ridge. err. falsificateur. — fallacieusement. imp. share. — de colle. burden. shell mari production. (Anat. — d'arsenic. be nearly. ought. floss silk (thread). — déposer. faisait. be necessary. avoir —.r. faîne. sophisticate . application of shell mari to be formed.faillant 182 farine fallacieux. fancy. cause. kieselguhr.Geol. disguise.i. il fallait venir. /. adulterator. boil. /. foliage. meal . fallible. — fange. — lumineux. become make only. S sing. /. in point fard. par le —. m. . miry. a. faîte. famous. farinaceous. be requisite. (of faire) making. in fact . actual. shell mari. pr.i. etc. faînée. famille. — bouil. freak. & m. be. do only. bundle. be made. finished.r. comme il faut. baleen. do nothing but. also dike.t.a. Geol. v. v. calorifuge. lantern. become . ne familiar. (of a precipitate or the like) falunage. lot. /. D. familièrement. failure. m. fanal. deposit. /.rays) . unconnearly. pr. shell-marl pit.i. o. /. v. stuff. falsify. wilt. they. (see faire) . v. — explorateur.

crimson clover (Trifolium fausse galène. pr. out of perpendicular. — jaune. v. — publication) part. faulde. fausse. yellow cornfaultless. fatigue. o. (Paper) felt. gluten. d'os. falsely. adv. fécal. imitation gold. ate. twist. pi. a. a. pr. 1 & S sing. m. faux. inevitably. fail. faux-fuyant. — minérale.) favorite. fausse faro. v. faix. riety of calcite).a. /. en — de. beech. 1 & farinuleux. false bottom. suburb . assist. bendable. — gambier. m. faux-jour. cond. faute. fébrile. be impaired. faussable. behalf of.t. beech. esteem. weary. powdered ore. faulx. faudrait. S sing. fevered. of faillir. false fatally. o. favorablement. — faut. false light . (Thapsia garganica). for lack of. of falloir and of faillir. fiour of mustard. convert into or dust with brown. — pas. yellowish brown. wrongly.r. fatiguing. unevenly. faux-fond. & m. yellowishfariner. sickle. a. fau. bore faussement. nutmeg flower (Nigella sativa). pi. fauve. — de première. break (one's word). impaired. a. faussage.t. fem. etc. of favori. deadly carrot fasse. fayencerie. Thomas meal. fébrile. fayence. by-path. false. pr. pin. — de sondage. fawn color. without fail. stress.farine 183 fèces de briques. feverish. a. mealy. — de seigle. . favorably. imitation. See faux jour (under faux). imitation. (see fausser). faucher. m. fault. /. a kind of infant food fautif. unfortunately . (color or dye). the root fastidieux. used in dyeing. brick dust. fausset. twist . a. meal. v. /. residue. borings. by help of. See faïence. à —. — fenouil. m. wrongly. drillings. — de (see fausser). — dure. fascicle. o. fatal. slip. fauna. — de. starchy food. fausser. faudra. fawn. bone meal. (of a (Amanita muscaria).i. faix. — de montagne. v. place where charcoal is burned. faucet. strain. bend. mistake. fèces. of faux. scythe. viticorameal. /. farinaceous. faveur. fautre. favori. of falloir and faillir. m. of the best grades. pr. for the safce of. etc. excrément. a purple variety of fluorspar. be strained. imperfect. by means of.t. wearisome. m. (Anat. zircon. falseness. faveolate. v. v. fold (double). légume (inmock. false galena. fatigue. fautivement. of faillir. dust. small bundle. m. fossil farina (usually diatomafaire —. of Dioscorea rhipogonoides. be faux-frais. incarnatum). tedious.t. évasion. v.) cluding peas. flour order . m. — fasciner. adv. bending. m. peg. want. — Thomas. adv. spring. — lactée. warp. m.t. eut down. linseed meal. pea meal. forgery. inévitable. incidental expenses. subj. falsely. cumin. floury. adv. feoal. m. favorite. o. erroneously.t. of faire. shift. see). scythe. soft-wheat flour. falsehood. rice flour. v. s kind of béer made in Belgium. /. /. m. interfères with observation. faufiler. eut. falsity. plug. default. fascinate. ia fauder. place where ores are calcined. falseness.r. favelotte. sans —. faux-or. lentils. tiresome. m. faulty. (Anat. = faude. baste. in considération of. faune. m. favéolé. m. maize fiour. impair. bend. etc. S sing. — de riz. counterfeit.r. impair (as an analytical resuit). o. which range. lin. pseudo. (of leather) fair. faubourg. — jour. fatigue.). fayard. spring . without fault. fatal. démountain flour (= farine fossile. adv. flour. tedious. beans. kindness. m. tire. faubourg. — argent. etc. farineux. (Micros. a. mica. get out of — de pois. v.) any light that fatalement. — de moutarde. m. distort. containing flour deprived of t sing. bending. erroneously.t. — fossile. v. fiour. faecal. améthyste. dust. v. be fatiguing. — de graine de Un. faucille. sphalerite. fatiguer. etc. — tendre. $ sing. favor . favor. m. beech tree. v. strain. powdery. jem. made from fiour and milk. faude. currying knife. bore fausseté. m. — d'orge. barley flour. a. fausse oronge. faJlow. rye flour. falsely. warp. honeycombed. falsehood. (see fausser). of falloir. lack. broad bean (Vicia faba). diamant. flaxseed meal. — de forage. etc. /. fut. favoriser. m. spigot. p. ny amanita fascicule. for want ceous earth but sometimes a powdery vaof. step. hard-wheat flour. fèces. slip in or through. beech tree. à la — de. wrong. fugitive fatigant. work hard. yellow mica. mow. strain. tawny. ny agaric. — de maïs.t. farouch(e). be fatigued. /. — teint. m. mistake. m.

starch fendu. — doux. m. — de pommes de terre. fertility. counterf eit. m. v. v. m. féciilence. — iron. spKtting.fénolyle. splitter. slitting. woman. feindre. starch. — jilonienne. — bâtard. window. starchy. fécondation. female. fecundating. chink. o. sh'tting miU. m. (Min. muddy. chink.) port. conversion into starch. fertiliKng. a. fenchene.. — — félin. (Mach. féline. etc.t. v. cutting (iron) into narrow pièces. containing starch . fennelseed. crack. fennel. /. fecundation. — féculerie. (also pi. (Min. e. lightcharbon de bois. <3ee fendre). — arsenical. fenchyl. scruple. (Ceram. eut through. maize fenêtrer. crack. féodal. /. fenchol. fénone. crude starch high in fénolène. eoarae* opalin. féculeux. nacré. m. split.) bearing. fende rie. — avenpincers used in making crystai glass. perforate. dill. adul. — de retrait. drium). /. fendiller. a. p. fécondant. and médicinal uses. moonstone. < r. fertile. blue actéré. (force électromodite. refined iron. r trice) electromotive force. crack. chink. Catalan* iroB spar. fenugreek (Trigonella fœnum* feint. foui . labradorite. rend. fecula. opening. opaline feldspar. — azuré. fénolone. aventurine feldspar. fenugrec. prolific. — baryta feldspar.é. — de maïs. /.) vivianite. rendering fertile. fecund. m. & r. fecundity. amidon). cleft. = fêle. (Min. feignant. (of feindre) feigning. cracking. iron made by a method pirnilftr feldspathique. coldvert. — o nerf. (Glass) blowpipe. — granular iron. convert into starch or fecula. sweet fennel. argileux. dill. specif. starch (especially in its domestie splinter.EJVf. steely spar. E.F. part. starchy vegetable. tin plate (see fer-blanc).) feldspar. à souder. v. labradorite. fecal. /. féculier. containing starch. defect. m. crack. charcoal iron. flaw. (Min. cleave. fenchyl. — d'Italie. fêler. /. v.m. fendillement. facture. bitter féculent. iron.) a kind of spxiog adularia. see massiau. abundant . m. fêlure. forged iroâ. sanidine. be rent .) joint. — amer. /. colored. — arséniaté. — lent. /.a. fenclione. félatier. — blanc. starch manupuant. splitting. kaolin. — au femelle. horseshoe. lazulite.) araenopyrite. femme. fissure venu for determming starch). adulterate with starch. soldering iron.. ehrinkage crack. feudal. génial. cleft. split. steeled iron. v. — à cheval. Roman fennel. — à grain. to the Catalan process. — aigre. iron arsenate. corn starch. tur.) craze. starchy. hyalophane. génial. fecundate . fécule. (wrought iron made from the ore). felle.-m-. m. etc. groove. tool . v. bidity. be tération with starch. chinking. m. moisture. — fenchol. fécufennel. sea fennel. féconder. sntting machine. provide with Winstarch. (Qeol. a. sk>t. eut. m. chink. iron .a. /. starchiness . a colloidal solution of ferrie hyfenchyle. fenouil. wheat fenêtre. horseahoe. /. /. feculometer (instrument also vein. fendage.) scoroF. flatiron. fécondateur. — battu. — adulaire. — bleu. crack. — à la française. flour.fendre.t. — d'amidon. fenouillette. sweet fennel.M. (Mach. — de remplissage. — au bois. v. — verte.t. feldspath. samphire (Crithmum maritimum). chink. Bravais. — marin. white iron. /. cat (one of the Felidae).r. starch maker. foulness. feigned . slit. îeign. female. glass bîower. glassy feldshort iron. feculence. — vitreux. m. starch manufac. fissure vein. — affiné. (PharmJ) féculer. — grained iron. — à gros grains. potato starch. /.) fennel. m. slit. fibrous iron. — de blé. m. (see fendre). prétend . cf. m. craze. (see fendre). wild fennel. starch factory. . wife. potato dows. o. internai (screw). /. — à la catalane. fennel water. fendeur. a. m.fécond 184 fer fécond» a. • à repasser.f. starch powder. crevice. split. white cast iron. — argiliforme. fruitful. split. slot. chap. d'eau. starch. /. p. p. m. — barytique. — o massiau. féculage. o. brîttle iron. split. turbid. split.t. féculomètre. f. pearly feldspar. (Bot. clay ironstone. p. àbbrev. fer. f e fécondité. bloom fêle. wrought iron.t. turer. (iron) turiné.t. amazonite. greecum}. (Min. — chatoyant. crack. — à loupe. /. water fennel (Oenanthe phellanstarchy material.fente. imitation. etc. — aciéreux. fennel brandy.t. pr.a. fendille.) iron clay. fissure. feldspathic.. little crack. fertilize.

ferrous iron. oôlitic iron ore. cernent iron. — zingué. — chromé. • magnetic iron. — roulé. — émailté. — carburé. — puddlé. wrought iron. iron sulfate . cold-short iron. iron carbonyl.) "triplite. pig iron. scrap iron. blacfc iron. — carbonate argileux. (Min. malléable iron. — phosphoreux. (Mm. cold-short iron. hématite (showing metallic luster). iron turnings. — pisiforme. iron(III) oxide. (Min.) oôlitic iron ore. ferrochromium. (Min. brushed iron. tinned iron. m. (Min. channel iron. mitis métal. forge iron. ferrophosphorus. soft iron. old iron. whitehot iron.) magnetite. spearhead. — plat. —pailleux. tinsmith . (of faire) will make. — fondu à air froid. iron chromate. iron carbonate. blackshort iron. — hydro-oxydé. — tendre. (Min. fibrous iron. iron carbide.) melanterite.) titanic iron ore. Iaminated iron. tinwork. — de couleur. — sulfuré. iron(II) oxide. — micacé. — en tournure. cast iron. — en plaques. — gris. plated iron. féramine. burnt iron. (Pkarm. — oxydulé. tin plate proper (as diatinguished from terneplate). — carbonate spathique. — creux. chromite. siderite. Swedish iron. tinware. — soudable. hot-short (or redshort) iron. — encrené. ferrie iron. — en rubans. tinware maker or dealer. hoop iron. — de forge. (Min. etc. — en bandes. — étamé. — noir. — en limaille. — terne. bar iron. rolled iron. scaly hématite. — fin. iron plate. — de lance. galvanized iron. — cassant. hoop iron. oligist iron (the latter name is infrequent). — tenace. — spéculaire.fer 185 fer-chrome droxide obtained by dialyzing a solution of it in ferrie chloride. m.) clay ironstone. hard iron. slaggy iron. rolled iron. wrought iron. redshort iron. ingot iron. — sulfaté. S sing. fératier. — gras. — brûlé. hydrous iron oxide. ingot iron . —• brut.) bog iron ore (porous limonite). (Min. puddled bar. specif. (Min. — métis. — écroui. iron pyrites. — soudant. fer-blanc. molten iron. (Min. ferblantier» m. iron(II). pig iron. crude iron . — oolithique. cond.) hématite. hoop iron. cold-blast iron. — hydraté limoneux.) pyrite. — oxydé rouge. fibroua iron. strong iron. — magnésifère. platinized iron. — coulé. ordinary hématite.) chromite. — titane. ferait. — spathique. — platiné. — de fonte. — oxydé. glass blower. — limoneux. tough iron. fibrous iron. powder of iron. ilmenite. hammer-hardened iron. — rouverin. — manganèse. hot-short iron. — de lingot. — cassant à chaud. specif. — réduit. iron filings. m. oxide of iron. /. — natif. — étiré. /. iron oxide. — magnétique. — en gueuse.) magnetite.) siderite mixed with clay. — cendreux. tinner. ferblanterie. — brillant. cast iron. (Min. — casstmt à chaud noir. iron(III). overburat iron. S sing. — homogène. — nerveux. (of faire) would make. — des marais..) pyrite. — mitis. — cylindre. ferrous oxide. — de riblons. terneplate. flawy iron. — carbonyle. — en lames. merchant bar. — cémenté. bog iron ore. iron twice heated and hammered. — en feuilles. mild steel. — laminé. merchant iron. • — de Suède. slit iron. etc. — fendu. — de fusion.) spathie iron ore.) naagnesioferrite. m. ) spathic iron. (Min. hammered iron. — mêlé.) reduced iron. siderite. puddled iron. — ferrique. (Min. pig iron. (Min. — de ferraille. tin plate. mottled iron (cast iron between white and gray). fera. Obs. pisiform iron ore (granular form of limonite). graphite. red-short iron. — en loupes. — fort. refîned iron. — malléable. enameled iron. iron sulfide.) pea ore. native iron. — cassant à froid. — oligiste. sheet iron. (Min. esp. boiter plate. mild steel. cernent steel. scrap iron. ferrochrome. — gratté. ferro-concrete. cast iron (usually called fonte) . (.) red iron ore. galvaniaed iron. — galvanisé. •— de masse. charcoal iron. hot-blast iron. • de roche.) speeular iron. fut. — fibreux. sheet iron. brittle iron. . iron containing carbon. iron that xs flawy from ash spots.) chrome iron ore. — marchand. (Min. — doux. chrome iron. — en barres. — en lentille(s). m. gray iron. fer-chrome. — forgé. — de lune. — raffiné. black sheet iron.Mi». — martelé. — en saumon. platinum-plated iron. — carbonate terreux. specif. (Min. (Min. — chromaté. — — des lacs. kish. clay ironstone. — soudé. (Min. crude iron. — mou. — fondu. soft iron. — cru. — fin au bms. — corroyé. — carbonate.) micaeeous iron ore. refined iron. fer-béton. Bravais iron. tinware business. lance head. ingot iron. sîiort iron. filed iron. — ferreux. (Min. rolled iron. rolled iron. hotshort iron. — fondu à air chaud.) limonite. — en U. ingot iron. scrap iron. bloom iron. fer-à-nerf. (Min. wrought iron. U iron. tubular iron. weld iron. tin shop. rolled iron.

bubbly fermentation. nace. etc. v. . clasp. or one on which the pots are set. a. iron(III).) blueprint. truss. fermenter. iron business. falls. m. — ni. be closed. snap.ferrico-. m. ferrocyanate. fermentable. ferraillement. iron tool or pièce. /. fermentalre. fit or mount with iron. (. ferricyanic. fermentation in which the head alternately rises and ferrement. specif. — shod . — gallique. ferrique. shutter. ferment. top fermentation which pro. tion. hard kernel in stones. m. chalybeate.ferrico-potassique. leuse. seal.). etc. m. alcoholic fermentation. o. — spiritueuse. fariner. fixed. fermentative. rib.) red iron ore. ferrisuperficielle. close. ground seal. ferraille(s). alcoholic fermentafluoride. /.) circuit doser. junk dealer. shut off. closing. /. tueuse. ferment. ferro . closure. — sous ferricyanure. ironwork. violent fermentation. ferro. top fermentation in ferré. enzyme. first fermentation of wine. eolid. iron(II). ferricyanhydrique. harsh. solidly. mentation. Obi. ceeds quietly without agitation of the ferrlfluorure. characterized by excessive foaming. shut. — sucrée. n. — ferrasse. fermentability.) ferment. ferrocyanide. (fig. ironwork. m.ferrer. fasten ferrobore. gallic (or tannic) ferpagne. m. m. old iron. fermier. fermement. m. steadiness. iron alloy (as ferromanganese. junk. smooth .i. m. catch. (of horses) gas. ferrie. adv. fermeture. ferricyanogène.oxalate. m.a. fermentation. — hui. • alcoolique. /. one on which glass is cast. strongly. (. clasp. roof. ferricyanide. top fermentation. boit. fermer. organized ferment. pincers. m. — hermétique. m. — d'Eshead. (Photog. etc. fermé. — à rodage. fermentation.ferrifère. close. ferrailleur. /. ferrochrowith screws. stop. ferroalloy. macadamized. m. . /. a. ferrie oxide. ferro-alliage.Glass) bottle fermenting. iron-bearing. & i. o. hermetic closing. — nitrique. — ferrioxalate. — trade.Glass) formation of bubbles of good size in the ferret. m. sugar fermentation. a.aluminum. fastening (of any kind) . ferrocyane. — metals. shut. ferrie ammonium. ferrie potassium. farmhouse . the ferri-oxyde. pin. — à chapeau. fermentation of bread dough. firm. fasten. zip ferrocyanhydrique. en bulles.t. treuse. m. iron part of the vat and falling in another. ferrochrome. a. a. farm . leavening. ferro-aluminium. hermetic seal. iron. fermentative. iron(III) oxide. métal. ferroboron. ferro-aluminium. = ferret. m. m. closed. stop up. an iron vessel used in fusing figuré. etc. macadamize (a road) . low fermentation. le chapeau. lease . binding (sale). ferrocyanhydrate. fermant. the solid matter rising in one ferrerie. finnïy. — éclair. fluoferrate(III). circulation. blind. (Glass) an iron plate. m. versed (in) . screw down. v. Fernambouc. Recife (Bragirder. scrap iron.r. — haute. — panaire. lock. (see ferro-ciment. — par dépôt. impregnated with iron. m. a. fitted or bound with iron. (of fermer) closing. — tumul. (Min. m. cyanide. m. ferre. ferro-enrome. (Elec. nitric bacteria. chisel. fernickel. ferrous. firmly. firmness . m. ferrocyanide. p. (see fermer) . ground joint. o. fermoir. /. ferrous cyanide. (of which the head is agitated by the escaping roads) metaled. iron-nickel. ferrihead. shoe fermentation characterized by a vertical (a horse). pr. •— organisé. — ascendante et descendante. fine iron grindings. tight. fermentatif. as one on which the glass rests in a flattening furnitreux. hard. ferme. fermentescible. ferriferous. bayonet seal. fermentescibilité. oxalatoferrate(III). lock. bottom fermentation. — -mousseuse. fermentation ferrico-ammonique. — circulaire. a. nitrous bacteria. nitrous fermentation. seal. close.t. fermail. ferrie (in double salts). — à baïonnette. mentation (formation of gallic acid from ferreux. p. m. a. mium. ironed. ferrocyanic. ferricyanogen. fastener. v. tannic acid). — basse. fermentation characterized by the ferret. rattling. bayonet catch. & t. iron(III). — à vis. — soluble. m. fermeté. ferro-concrete. adv. tag (as of a shoe lace).féret 186 ferrocyanhydrique féret. hématite. ferme-circuit. high (or top) fer. m. fermer). iron(II) (Ordnance) fermeture. Pernambuco. /. ferment. a. (Steam) cut-off. frame. v. a. zil).

/. — de cuivre. m. naked fire. m. -~ steel (when the per cent of nickel is low). free flame. — grisou. lead foil. fetid. ferrophosphore. flame (color) . lamination. m. m. ferruglnosité.) put out of blast. — follet. — d'éclairage. fétuque. . (Rubber) eut sheet. m. (of a furnace) in opération. cold. bearberry. or other protection). fétidité. sheet fertilisant. veneer. list. anglaise. hydrogen phosphide. (Biol. m. newspaper. colored light. nickel signaux. — d'oxydation. blow in (a ferro-sulfate. reducing flame. hors —. m. — chinois. m. — nu. burn. plate or sheet of iron. ferromolybdenum. feuille. chalybeate. nickel silver foil. férule. ferrosoferric. fertility. — de couleur. ferulic. in blast. peruse. lamina. fire . ironmongery . — fertillsable. Bengal light. /. -mettre à —. ferrugino-caleareous. plate. Bengale. lead. soft Catalan. m.t. fétus. of copper. smoked sheet rubber. (Pharm. light. foulness. flashing (intermittent) light. m. f. magnétique. ferruglno-calcaire.) refining hearth. biscuit fire. bill. ferrotungsten.t. leaved. — d'affinerie. de placage. a. v. strap.a. ings). mettre ferrotier. fireworks. birthday. fireplace. hearth . silver foil. fire. pertaining to or consilver Ieaf. folio.) fining forge. ferrocyanure. up (a furnace) . foliation. the middle laver in pasteboard. chart. a. m. ferrotitan. fertilizable. leafiet.) mesoderm. sheet iron. sheet of tin (plate). — d éclipse».) uva ursi. ferro-urane. ferro-uranium. m. dull yellow (resemfétu. ferrocyanogen. signal light. (Métal. In such phrases as ferroblast furnace). faire —. ironworfcs. — dégourdi. terrou. iron-tin alloy. laminated. /. feuillet. iron foundry. a. foliated. strip. ill-smelling. ferrous ammonium mettre à feu. — grégeois. o'-the-wisp. gold foil. festoon. feuilleté. ferrophosphorus. sheet. /. mettre en —. a. Chinese fire (a firework containing iron filferrocyanogène. willferroprotéide. ignis fatuus. rolled sheet. foliate.ferrocyanique 187 feuilletis ferrocyanique. naked flame. gold Ieaf. feuillard. /. fétus. ferrugineux. Ieaf. /. festoon. feast. laminate. p. foliation. feuille-morte. bling the color of dead leaves). edge (of a eut stone). out of action. iron-containing protein. m. straw. flame .) senna. feuillaison. /. — férule. n'y sheet. m. (Bot. wind furnace. — moyen. thin plate. — de plomb. — de fertiliser. (Pharm. mettre sulfate.) ferrotype. (Métal. layer. loose sheet. m. — de ferro-étain. fertileness. leafing.. p. firedamp. foil. fertilité. /. adv. Ieaf. m. fertilisation. start III). band. wi. Ieaf through. — de tôle. (of crystals) Ieaf. chalybeate. fête. a. oil bath feuilletage. /. = sulfate d'ammonium.) ferroso-ferrique. leafy. hoop. (Rubber) eut sheet. m. — de caoutchouc fumé. fruitfully. ferrosilicon.) firat or hardening fire. with the naked or free flame (not using a sand bath. ferrocyanie. — ferro-slllcium. à — nu. iron(II) ammonium sulfate. ferruginous. mettre hors de —. sheet of glass. — d'argent neuf. ironwork. late. senna festonner. fetidness. firedamp.) fescue. de vent. — feuilletis. ferrocyanide. /. mounting(s). fertilize. fertilely. a. d'êtain. household. firedamp. /. taining iron and lime. signal firework. flake. ferruginous quality. iron plate. — laminée. — d'or. firework. serole. ferrotitanium. strike fire. ferromagnésien. sciée. touch off. — de ventre. scale. (Métal. iron(II. (Bot. ferronickel. feuille.. m. glass worker. /. foliage. le — à. feuillage.a. on fire. — brisou. (Métal. m. ferronerie. ferroprussiate (ferrocyafire. deceased. fête. — de fer-blanc. ferromagnesian. Greek ferroprussiate. home . — de fer. a. v. feuilles de busférulique. m.) Catalan forge. a. sheet ferrure. feno-tltane. & m. — de ferro-nickel. (Ceram.t. tintype. ferro-tungstène. fertilization. put in blast. v. — feu. feuilles de séné. fermement. stinking. — d'artifice. nide). feston. hardware store. — volante. m. hors —. m. fertilizing. etc. hardware. place in slate. a. fœtus. Ieaf. fetidity. festival. specif. (spontaneously inflammable) ferroprotein. flake. verre. (Photog. — de raffinerie. magnetic shell. ferrotypie. fétide. foliate. fitting(s). heat. en —. oxidizing flaine. — de réduction.) Ferula. feuilleter. — d'argent. a. (Métal. tinfoil. light . — ferruginous medicine. plate. o. set on fire. — grieux. ferromolybdène.

coir. a. /. congealment. figurative. — de Florence. — de cacao. symbolîo. a. packed. ficher. /. fibered.) slide. iron wire. v. leaf y. ox gall. ficelle. figuline. v. great. /. fibrous. small kaf. figof fibreux. soy fièvre. sîtow: v. — igasurique. — d'araignée. (Min. — de • filïrtf-cbnent. /. tie up (with string). hinge. ne. vul. felting.feuillette 188 fil feuillette. bast. sward. oongealing. — de verre. v. ficeler. (something to be thrust or driven in) pin. fever. barbed wire.) fibrolite. clogged. m. 6g. a building material. fibrocaseous. plug. cf.t. fibrillary. represent. tag. — ligneuse. havîng broad pr. . v.et. . (dried) bean. figure .. matting. fierce.t. paeking. leave. fibrille. filament. figure. be represented or figured. fiber. fictif. sliam. PM. m. soh'dification. v. fibrous material. recess. m. (Elec. dueteur. Barbary fig. — d'herbe.N. figurer. nbrocartilaglneux. countenance . peg. clavecin. fibre. fever patient. p. vJ. stake. fem. felted. m. figurative. wood cellulose. (Slec. priming fibro-caséeux. dung. — d'amorce. m. a. /. typical. conductoK flbrinolyse. — de rnent ™iTorf with asbestos fiber. figured. fiche. pichurim bean larial fever.) fibrocartilage. dung. m. form. textile fiber. /. — figuratif. drive in. wire. o. capable of being felted. wire. a.) fibroma. — couvert. piano wire. fiber. /. fibre. cask (oon. wire — de fer. — figuier. staple fiberr rayon yam. show. (fromr Nectandra pichurim). edge (of sharp tools) . faithfully. card.r. crosB wire. groove. feutrant. kidney bean. fève. fibrollthe.. feutrabilité. February. fibroareolar.t. /. felting. fibrocellulaire. fibrinolysis. leafiet. diagram. packthread. feutrable. 1 & S sinff. tie. f. look. (Anat. plunge in. felting quality. small fiber. v. taining about 125 lit ers). feuillir. solùlify. figer.) résistance wire. m. Caiabar. fibrocartilaginous. to the genus fiel. feutrage. specif. fibril. — barbelé. — tonka. a. — des fondeurs. thread. bitter aa gall. grain (of wood). caoutchouté. ehrysalis. stick in. ffbrom.. fictitious. soja bean. m. — fibrlneux. trîdc feuillu. copper flbrolne. feutre. twine. m. fibreux. prickly pear (Opuntia compressa). (Elec. brass wire. — de coco. fidélité. fidèle. c. venenosum). fibre. gall. insert.. mémorandum (on a card). trust. vein (in stones). put forth leaves. wood fiber. fibrinogen. string. padded. sandiver. — de Barbarie. confide (in).) m. — de bois. leaf. — de haricot. a. fictive. thrust in. — vulcanisée. — à plomX>t fibrine.) conducting wire. /. fibrous. rubber-coated wire. 'fichier. — d'amenée. v.) insulated wire. faithful. /. Saint Ignatius's bean (from Strychnas ignatia). proud. card index. fibranne. de boito. (Bot. — de soja. cozmecting plag. représentation. a. d'acier. — fiDrocartllage. £ février» m. fiery. fibrolite. felt. grain of wood. point (masonry). bean (refers specif. — d'aller. (beanlike) berry. feuillure. (Micron. pack (as with felt). — valudiqzte. slit.. /. fig. (Med. a. faithfuluess. — ûerr a. /. a. turf. a. stringy. /. — de bœuf. fibrinous. appear.t. — de contact. fibrillar. fibrin. — libérienne. (Elec. cooo(nut) fiber. m. /. figure. — textile. fil. de Saint-Ignace. wood fiber. horse bean. fibrocellular. bast fiber. fibrilla. figue. o. felting. fentrement. steel wire. métal fum* bean. (of ferments) organized. /. etc. a. — pichurim. leaves as distinguished from needles.t. haricot). plumb line. (Bot. o. < r. feverish. m. fiber. rabbet. feutrer. fidelity. — de cuivre. = fèye de fever. felting. padding. grain (of wood^. string? fibrillaire. aetting. adv. Tonkar tonka bean. féverole. (Optics) spider line. feutré. — de fielleux. face. like gall. solidifying. fibreuse. a. sod. bast fiber.%. m. /. felt. mai' Saint-Ignace. févfer. manure. knife or plug (of an electric switchi). — de marais. (inoculating) needle. cechauffage. oanized. course (as of a stream). fidèlement. sior.) honey locust (Gleditsia). cocoa bean. Calabar beau (from Physostigma fiente. figenuent. T. fig tree.fibrome. /. ure. of ficeler. — fiévreux. congealr set. glass gall. a. suitable for pottery. fienter. fiber. boit.t. yam. /. felt. /.figuré. — paludéenne. — d'archal.figulin.) lead wire. excel. pad. ticket» decidaous. broad bean {Vicia faba^. vjr. Faba. d'écorce. — co»*flbrinogène. m.

— o noir. packthread. wiredraw. wîre gage. bag filter. row. charcoal filter. a. m. external or . veiny. wiredrawing . m. — de pont. — de bande. (Bot. wiring . a. morocco.) slide. /. drawplate. v. — filage. filasse. — thermique. containing filtrat. (. filterability. v. morocco leather. altérable. net. stringy. netting. floss silk. a. maid. /. spinning. filament. sound film. — à aspiration. son . cordage factory. (in gênerai) unspun fibers. boy. stroke . veinlet. (Geol. hardened filter. m. — de soie.) sonore. sûreté. — divisé. (Elec. etc. — de platine. woody fiber. daughter. nun. p. inary filter.) line wire. spin. right-handed thread (of screws). sion. filicin (filixic acid) . — d'entrée. — durci. line. pitch (of screws). streaky. séries. — de en charbon. p.) draw. (Pharm. cord. string. filigreed. purr. m. flle. filamenteux. sans —. /. (of a screw) Berkefeld. wirelead-in wire. double yarn. filament. fUtratum. — à plis. bon filament. brass wire.t. vein-bearing rock. (Printing) filter. spinning mill. /.) streak . run. (circle of) filter paper. thread. m. wire. — maie thread (of serews). twine filtre. — zingué. m. watermarked. — au sable. spinning milt. (see filer) . filtrant. cordage. vis. inde ligne. — de retour. — ligneux. — dégrossisseur7 prelimà droite. wood. — à l'amiante. tow. filtrateur. vacuum filter. sand filter. — goudronné. — clos. fibrous asbestos. Berkefeld filter. m. ropy. filament. of filer. left-handed thread. /. a. — de charbon. yarn.) (Elec. threading (of screws). pi. (Paper) souple. m. filtration. spinneret. a. p. galvanized filin. — à bougie. o. screw plate. — à poche. veins of softer material. filtration. filamentous.a. stringy. safety fuse. branch office. cotton wool. twine. rope. (Min. return wire. filtering. fils du réticule. filter. filtration. filigree . or Iodes (as. de Mining) vein. filardeux.) heating wire. (Elec. — à essence. wire mill . draw. cutting edge. glass filiation. watermarked. (of stones) veiny. screw thread. — à vide.i. — nu. filetage. m. gîte filonien. (Optics) cross hairs. filtrable. analytical filter. (Métal. slide bridge. filamentous. — de fracture. filter. uninsulated wire.) stranded wire. filoselle (coarse silk thread). filter.p. filament. grain of die. streaky. wireless. charrope. — centrifuge. — recouvert. m. — Chamberland. n. mill. pertaming to or containing veina (Pharm. spin out . filtering. suction filter.t. sulated wire. eylinder filter. candie filter. plaited filter. — de montagne. dike. wrapping twine. filiation. — métallique. filtrate. Iode. file. spinning. filterer. thread. — de laiton. network .fileter. filature. /. /. subsidiary. m. silk thread. vein deposit). ter. asbestos filuids) flow in a viacous stream. twine. — à l'huile. — — à gauche. m. girl. — à filer. — d'emballage. filigree. (of a liquid) fine stream. marble. be ropy. spun glass. m. — d'injection. filtering. filali. filtering. filé.filigrane. m. (of stars) shoot. folded smoke . (Elec. v. rule . corn silk. m. /. filant. draw eau. sharp edge. lead-in. thready. — retors. /. thread . gasoline (lines) . filandreux. fiber. filiform. a. (of liq(petrol) filter. (of filer) epun. glass wool or the Hke. — en étoffe. draw. m. — de verre. platinum wire. (Elec. /. shp away . — à bourre. strainer.) stringer. gossamer . dike. silent film. o. — o sable. addition of fresh lead in tbe cupellation of filon.) Filago. diestock.) fuse wire. thread.) zen. filtrabilité.) band filter. /. filoselle. filtering. car. /. berland filter. — muet. — à analyse. a. (Elec. glass fiber. filtrate. specif. thread. eut a thread on.Elec. (Geol. wirewire. water filter. (Elec. a soft vein in fils. — femeUe. filtrage.fil 189 filtre silkworm gut. filicine.a. wire. thread. — extérieur. — à presfilerie. /. — fusible. pr. (of centrifugal filter. argentiferous lead . filonien. fissure vein. spin. of fil. string. (Elec. : a defect in glass . oil filter. filicin. thread. conduct.) filiforme. (of lamps) coal filter. filter. — band-pass filter. — tranchant. — filet. p. drawing. string. — de filiale. — de maïs. tarred filière. a filter of fibrous asbestos.filon-couche. — filigrane.) in. filandre. litz. pressure filter. ternai or female thread. etc. fille. closed (or inclosed) dash. fibrous. relationship. (Paper) watermark. film. thread. film. Chamfluids) streamline .

i. boiling flask. . filter in vacuo. fissure. end.filtre 190 FI cloth filter. measuring flask. — sons pli. subtlety. fine linen. m. m. complète. fixing. filterer.. — plissé. fissurer. n. filtre-fontaine. (ITOU) white pig. fin. Erlenmeyer flask. fixative . 1 & B sing. fissuré. fast. fisc. — à vide. fat-extraction flask. fistula. fixé. — adhésif. — dans le vide. — à décoction. fiole-ballon. fix. fini. adv. stabilizing. p. volumetric flask. financially. fixed salary. v. m. finally. a. delicacy . — d'attaque = fiole à attaques. fission. p. v. fissure from tempering. imp. finely powdered. of fin. filtrer. fines (of coal. finisher. fastened. filtre-presse. vial. fissure. Erlenmeyer flask.a. (of faire) made. finement. flask with ground stopper. — en Bohême. — conique. /. endless. financial. fixed. — d'Erlenmeyer. fixing -. m.t. fioretto. m. fin-fin. — séparateur. under fiole. finesse. finished . fisc. • en papier. etc. filter with suction. finish . folded filter. fixed. adv. pi. after ail. test flask. filter press. a. finalement. finite. o. fine métal. fixe. adv. filter. thin . suction flask. refinery. extraction flask. S sing. dropping bottle. — à matières grasses. wash bottle. def. at last. fixateur.a. thinness. /. sharpness (as of an optical image).) fines (specif. a pear-shaped flat-bottomed flask used in analysis for décompositions. binder . fission. chemical fixing agent. m. filtreur.. — d'odeurs. adv. = fine Champagne (below) . unplaited filter. — de mesure. — tubulée. — à la trompe. finerie. firent. a. fem. m. — jaugée. agglutinant . in the end. — ballon. — d'essai. — à essais. final filter. expérimental filter press. Symbol for fluorine.). fixed (nonvolatilizable) substance. cease. a. fistuleux. finishing. very fine. slender . S pi. fastening. crack. filtrate. m. — en Iéna. flat-bottomed flask. v. (of a cutting edge or an optical image) sharp . fine coal. solid . v. fixedness. ashless filter. flat-bottomed flask. fine-métal. — d'extraction. financiel. be completed. a. etc. cleavage. p. fixing agent. def. — à jet. tubulated flask. finely. /. cleavable. etc. m. fix . essence . flask. filter with suction. smalls. finishing. phial. exchequer. subj. after ail. cleavability. extra fine. a. fistule. fixation. = fiole ballon. last. balloon flask (when short-necked). strainer. fins. — forme poire. fineness . fixation. scent bottle. become fixed. settled weather. fixer. n. perpétuai. 3 sing. flask of Jena glass. quite.t. adv. S pi. — bouchée à l'émeri. finage. rent. p. be filtered. finely. (Jron) finery. crack. fixed star. — de trempe. fixage. v. cleft.) firm. ore. (pi. à la —. close. fisetin. finely divided. v. — de culture. — métal. /. paper filter. conical flask. fissility. a.t. — à attaques. a superior variety of brandy. fistulous. — réparti. — Gayon. — forme bouteille. fixity. (Corn. — mécanique. (of faire) made. (less often) bottle. stabilizer . jar. finisseur» m.) = filtre de bande. finally. fastening. & r. fit. acute .r.a. FI. stationary. filtré. State treasury. m. firm.r. test jar. (Métal. stability. specif. washing bottle. — chimique. m. conical flask with ground cap. v. fixatif. fine. — — finisseur. filter. finish. utmost. en — de compte. of faire. (Elec. of fin. /. — Champagne. /. (Iron) white pig.). fissured. m. p. filtered. m. fixité. etc. def.a. binding agent. fiole. house. — à fond plat.. fistular. pear-shaped flask. imp. /. m. fissent. v. splitting. — baiion à fond plat. cease. finir. fixement. establish. financier. final. an Italian liqueur. end. normal flask. fît. end. binder. filter - ing flask. specif. a. bubble tube (of a level). a large vessel contaîning a filter and having a cock at the bottom for drawing off the filtrate. split. a. /. /. finissage. mechanical filter. small . finesse. plaited filter. firme. etc. p. cracked. & m. flask of Bohemian glass. fissure. split. nonvolatilizable . Florence flask. — à gouttes. — sur toile. in the end. fixing. /. financièrement. fis. subj. fixing agent (as in Photog. coal dust . standard flask. culture flask. sans —. financier. refining. fine point. /.) fining. terminate.t. a. /. end. filter through cloth. bottle-shaped flask. fixedly.r. coal dust). nicety. graduated flask. glass-stoppered fiask. /. m. (of faire) made. financial. round flask (any flask with more or less nearly spherical body). — sans cendres. graduated flask. fissilité. fixer. be finished. fissile. fi se tin e. p. finite. fixative. fasten . of faire. fine. keenness. cleavage. & i. fissile. — étalon.

naked flame. tubulated bottle. /. — réductrice. flame. char (wood). flacon. m. — de chaîne. flatuosité. blowpipe flame. a bottle having a dépression around the base of the neck to catch liquid that runs down.t. — nwe. — prismatique. v. caressing. etc. . small flame. fléau. — du chalumeau. — bouché à l'émeri. — à large ouverture. luminous flame. washing bottle. flamand. v. blaze. beam (e. ( Ceram. m. etc. flank. /. (Printing) matrix. (fig. a wide-mouthed lipped bottle with sloping shoulder). a. — de garde. saccharification bottle. sterilize (instruments. (less often) flask. /. m.t. flamboyer. Woulfe bottle. smell. flame. /. — rf'oxydation. flambé.) flambé glaze. pressure bottle. — de numération. /. scent.). flaming. bottle with stopeock (usually at the bottorn).t. a kind of leather dressing. — gramme. — tubulé. bottle. — à cuvette.a. flair. — à sirop. (. brand-new. flamed. — oxhydrique. wash bottle. grease skimmed from the surface of water in which méat (esp. soothe. light. /. — éclairante. conical bottle or flask. m. m. also flong. m. Bengal light. counting bottle. filter bottle. m. imperfect. buckle. chain link. flanquer. flammèche.t. of a balance). bar. pressure bottle. safety bottle or flask. smell out. a. /. weighing tube. p. wavy . flask (as for mercury). boiling flask. — à pied. ) flambé. a. flamme. a. staining bottle. m. etc. candlestick . crack. — de Mariotte. balsam bottle. — oxydante. — neuf. flammé. oxidizing flame. bottle making . flambant. torch. ) flambé glaze. flammes perdues. (see flamber). flaconnage. muséum bottle. dépression. — à baume du Canada. fiawy. v. fl a m mette. flamber. flap. yield (to pressure). — à bec. flagellate.) Fleming. — à capsule à vis. spécifie gravity bottle. reagent bottle. candie . throw. — à étroite ouverture. bottle. toss. flambeur. cheek plate. flambeau. /. — pour réactifs. spécimen bottle. v. a bottle with a spécial base (as for muséum use). a sort of wide-mouthed bottle. /. Flanders. flame. flacheux. Flemish (language) . flannel. dropping bottle. (see flamboyer). glîtter. support. m. disk.) flambé. inequality. — à double bouchage. a bottle with a cap fitting on over the stopper. flatulent. flatter. — à réactifs. filter flask. — sêcheur. (. etc. — compte-gouttes. torch . — de réduction.a. test flame. v. — à tare. flagellaire.Textiles) singer. planchet . flatulence. — absorbeur. — à saccharification. flaming. weighing bottle. (see flamber). m. plate. side. Flandre. singeing. etc. flaming. flatter.) undine. plate. — de Woolf. flanelle. flanche. m. — à cuire. flaccid. (see flamber) . — marin. waste heat. m. receiving bottle. — de Woulfe. — d'essai. as one for salts. flan. flacon-bocal. half-consumed charcoal. pennant.. flavopurpurin.flache 191 fléau flache» /. blazing. m. reagent bottle. flambement. flavane. — récepteur. sirup bottle (esp.t. a (comparatively) widemouthed bottle (a very wide-mouthed bottle. flatueux. — à toucher. singe (cloth. (Ceram. a wedge-shaped bottle used in color tests. m. /. — à collections. gram bottle. wide-mouthed bottle. etc. . p. a. o. flavine. flank. flamelike. v.i. — à lait. m.cap. soft. with a flame). reducing flame. pass through or before fire . — à densité. sensé of smell. — camphored. v. flaming. flanc. milk bottle. — flacon bouché à l'émeri. oxyhydrogen flame. pork) is cooked . flaconner. (in the Leblanc soda process) candie. flaming or burning particle. lipped bottle. flambage. a hydrotimeter (for determining hardness of water). flairer. free flame. a. flavan. blaze. flamboiement. flambart. is called bocal). flatulency. spark . — jaugé. /. flambure. graduated bottle. slack. flasque. — à robinet. v. waste gases. a stocky square bottle. smell. — conique. flabby. flattering. spécifie gravity bottle. (Dyeing) unevenness of coloring. flavopurpurine. m. mat. bottle with screw cap. flavin. (Ceram.i. weak. narrowmouthed bottle. — laveur. Mariotte's bottle or flask. side plate. — à colorants. drying bottle or flask. caress. (Med.de — Bengale. m. absorption bottle.) scourge. reagent bottle. c. (Ceram. bottles.i. flaw. pyenometer. — à filtrer. skin-dry (molds).g-. flail. flame. flash. glassstoppered bottle. specif. flatteur. Flemish. — à l'émeri. bottle with ground stopper. streamer. m. — à pression.

(of an arch or trajectory) height. florentium.t.) safflower. floss silk.) net lift. floconnement. floculer. floating. florissant. fliqueur. wobble. flection. p. flèches d'amour. bit. floatability. — (or fleurs) de vin. flouriah. florid. fleuri. sublimed arsenic trioxide. m. flocculate. (2) white cast iron for conversion into steel. floran. spring . v. /. flowing. bend. inner bark. m. flottation. buoyant. m. etc. yield. florentin. — d'ètain. /. surface. bending. flint. zinc bloom. flower. float. marigold. — de chaux. (Distilling) low wines. fleurs de carthame. imp. — d'alun. notation. mace. give forth an odor. uncertain. m. v. floating. a. flotte. smooth. billow. flaky. float. flexible shaft. m. flowers of bismuth. (Bot. flex. stigma. tuft. water line. m. m. — de zinc.) calendula. fleurer.N. /. wine mold (Mycoderma vint). head. flocculate. m. v. à —.flèche 192 flotter flèche.r. flexibility. v. shoot. & r. flower of antimony.) flowering. level with. phlegm. wave. flutter. fine flour. (Pharm. fleurir. flake. efflorescence. — de farine. m. dip.i. asbestos wool. curdling. coarse flour. river. ornament. dot. glass furnace man. fléchissement. /. hydrozincite. floculant.a. — de mine. floss. fleet. alunogen. (Old Chem. on the edges (as glass or pottery). m. n'enrage. (fig. (of smoke) puff. dotation. spring . bloom. (Pharm. fading. flowers of benzoin (benzoic acid). flottaison.i. near. floccule. foam which forma in dyeing. flower. warping. a. flush with. brand. even with. glacier. flotter. arnica flowers. v. m. a. fade. (of an arch) height. buoyancy. sag. m. floating. fleuraison. p. (Métal.r. flegme. (Bot. — d'amiante. fade.a. flottement. m. v. — (or fleurs) de soufre. esp. etc. flexible. floculation. efflorescence. /. fioating . choice.) floss: (1) vitrified material floating in a puddling furnace. fragrant. shaggy. flora. flottable. wavering . fine flour. flocky. floss. /. pointer. notation.t. flower. fiber. (Pharm. bloom (on fruits. (seefléchir). arrow. fleurée. camber. fleuron. flocculent. buoy. fleurant. bend. /. m. slack . deflection. florau. erythrite.) move. /. v. deflection. m. fluttering. sag . /.) flowering. cobalt bloom. navy. . bend. flexion. pollard. groats. fleurs d'arsenic. flétrir.flocculent. i«e river. flock. spit. flocculating. flossy. a. wobbling. flood. beater. /. waver. v. flexible. v. part of the bark richest in tannin. antimonious acid. float.) a powdery form of calcite. white stannic oxide (formed by burning tin). drilï. an opaqueness produced on glass by hydrofiuoric acid. brand.) . tongue.i. float. flore. flocculent material. (Paper) beating trough. /. smell. /. fléchir. withering. — d'antimoine. fold. a.) arnica. m. — de glace. fleurs de bismuth. fleuve. (Aero. sprout. mold (on wine. an instrument for measuring the height of liquids by means of a float. /. Florida.i. flexure. sublimed bismuth trioxide. T. fleuret. flowers of zinc. flocculation. curdle. — de cinabre. zinc oxide (sublimed). dress. m. — (or fleurs) de cobalt. v. inflection. flottage. m.) rutile needles in quartz. choice wool. flowers of sulfur. (of sugar cane) top. m. bran. flottant. borer. wither. 61). wavering. v. flottabllité. give way . /. notre. a. — de laine. fletter. hair side (of a hide or skin). flocculate. sublimed sulfur. sag . dot. flot. o. floridine. no. — de muscade. bend . grits. floatable. floconner. wither. /.) feather alum. sea. flourishing. floche. fleur. fiint glass. (Min. spire. m. floconneux. etc. flowered. reeilience. flexibilité. v. nôtre. Floridin. (Min. floculeux. floculat.i. /.t. flower. flocon. — élastique. m. flétrissure. flowers of arsenic. fiexure.t. flocculation. waving.t. fleurs d'arnica (or d'amique). flexion. (Min. flocculating agent. floating. bending.).floccose. flint . florissait. /. m. afloat. fleurs de benjoin. fleurs de Diane. floraison. a. bend . flexible tube or pipe. (of priées) f ail. Floride. Florentine. fleurs de linc. fluctuate. S sing. flowery. flotomètre. rock dritl. à — de. felt. sagging. a. a powdery form of cinnabar (native merctirïo sulfide). yield.) boric acid. fleurs de tous les mois. promethium (at. (of fleurir) flowered. bending.

fluormeter. indistinct. /.) hang fire. containing fluorine. a. liver of sulfur. /. /. mulous. flame. v. swell. fluoride. fluctuating. fluer. 1 fluoriflque. a.t. specif. follicular. foment. (of a screw) fluoré. fluoritique. abbrev. a. peg. waver.. time. foisonner. chlorofluoride. fiaorenyl. v. fluxage. river. (Min. foliole. /. /. fluidizing. focalisation. fluidifier. fluoran.i. tiply . swelling. fomenter. deux —.fluorometer. fluoritic. blurred. paste soufre potassique. fluoric. fluatc (fluoride) of. folie. fluorsilicique. increase. potash. m. increase. folliculin. fœtus. hydrofiuoric. fluorifère. fluochlorure. fluoborio. folly. focal Une. fluoryle. fluaté. m. a. — chromé. fluoride. foliaceous. flou. fœtal. without fluosel. fluxing.) £ulfurated (lead glass). m. fluor spar. ner) . fluoric (hydrofluoric). fœtal. m. extensive. fluoric.flotteur 193 foncé flotteur. thinning of asfluctuer. a. fluxion. dull. flouve. fluidifiant. v. m. fluor spar. fétus. containing fluorine. a. m. once. fluidification. white flux. a. together. follicule. a. hydrofluoride. m. fluorphosphate. dark. hepar. etc. m. inflammation. fluidly. chromium fluoride. m. fluorinate. bail valve. fluoboré. fluxion. light flux. (Min. folliculaire. pin. deepened. (see foncer).) foliate. swelling. foie. m. de — à autre. foisonnant. a. à la —. a. de soufre. fol. fonçage. when once. — de chrome. v. leafy. fluorination. flat. fluidity. index float. expand. Carbon fluoride. — d'arsenic. à boule. from tima fluorescigène. adv. foliated. m. flow. a. fair. /. blur. fluorisel. fluorure. F. flooryl (C13H9—). fail to hold. liver of arBenic. foliacé. o. /. /. m. focet. plug. fluophosphate. fluidité. creepage. flowing. m. a. /. abound. (Bot.' floater. a. — d'antimoine. fluoréthyle. folié. — fluoride. a. — blanc. ihiate (old name for fluoride). — noir. locale. fluorsilicate. liver of antimony. /. proof. m. fluoration. form of fou. v. fluency. fluidify. fluoroethane. insanity. focusing.) anthoxanthum. In the phrase spath fluor. m. fluidifying.t. etc. a. o. fluorescigenic. fluosllicique. fluoroform. fluvial. of fou. once as. fluidizing. fluorescence. foliole. fluosilichire. deepening. o. abundance. a. une — que. fluctueux. m. a. belief. fluoroforme. fluid.. liver. /. fluage.) liver. fluosilicate. containing fluorine. fluidificateur. contrast. — de carbone. fluctuant. lumineux. market. treated with fluoroform. (of salts) creep.) fluorite. fluidness. phalt with oil. v. m. folliculine. m. (Bot. madness. une —. time. = fluosel. abundant. (see foncer). m. hepar fluoborique. flux. ethyl fluoride. abundantly. folle. follicle. fluorhydrique. treated or combined with boron foi. fluosilidé. fluvial. fluidification. fluo sait (any of various comptes salts containing fluorine). fluoroformé. m. chromium foncé. fluosilicate. foirer. render fluid. swell. fluoride. twice.i. at the same fluorescéine. fluidizing. v. /. m. — de fluor. fluorine. fluid. à —. m. fluidic. /. fluidifying. imprégnation with fluosilicates. Obs. (Pharm. /. o. . Obs. at once. floating. flowage. flux. focal length. fem. Obs. fluidize. bail float. chloride arsenic sulfide. /. m. fluosilicic. flow. — index. /. a. (MU.i. — réducteur.i. focal distance. fluorine. (Old Chem. — speoif. hay. the tetrafluoride. m. fois. m. fluidique. /. faith. — de morue. & m.a. antimonii. — fluate. fluidement. p. spigot. fœtus. hepar. — à clapet. fluorescein. /. ood liver. causing to time. o. diarrhea. faucet. a. fiuatation.foisonnement.t. (see foisonfluorhydrate. black flux. float. foison. m. (of colors) deep. confidence. a. foin. vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratutn). fluorer. fluorane. o. reducing flux. fluosilicate of. a. — odorante. fluctuate. passion.O. ' fluorique. fluoromètre. etc. fetal. a. with fiuidity. Alternative masc. grass. focalization. flow. a. fluctuating. o. a.) fluorite. (flamme oxydante) oxidizing fluide. fluxing. foire. fluosilicic. liver of sulfur. m. leaflet. fluorescin. fluorescine. fluorifer.

deepening.a.i. water réservoir with cock. found. dregs. aciérie. — voir. fungi-. (Bot. do. base. on. author(of type) font. crude métal. linear function. deepen. casting. fongoïde. pit. pots are molded. fountain. /. lot of skins curried at one time . size. réceptacle or fixture for delivering liquids. foundry. — d'arrosage. surface fonctionnel. fungicide. réducteur. fondamentalement. in the présence of acid. (Fats) rendering fonderie. — de couverture. cast. (of fondre) meltsprinkling can. base. — de gai. fundamentally . office. hollow. fondrière. — de fer. sédiment. rely. dissolve. v. funds. found. smelting. etc. fondé. à — rond. — fonder. charcoal jaune. work. ironworks. completely. (Micros. — attorney. real estate. cored casting. (Med. a function of. fongueux. fonctionnement. fonctionner. fonceuse. fonger. a. (Paver) coating machine. water. m. f ondage. at bottom. its liquid form. at bottom. m. act as. reliance. pig iron. gun métal. sadden (a color) . fall in. forge pig. v. — de suif. — à canon en bronze. v. melting.a. entirely. tallow melting house. m. fungoid. v. (see fondre). gun pig. be fonction. brass foundry.fonceau 194 fonte fonceau. See also fond.fondoir. (Med. v. fondant. underground. — fonte. à —. bot. be founded. acid fusion. fusion. molten.) dissolve. en — de. dig. iron founding . p. depth. m. fondement. capital. tom (as casks) .) sinking. officiai. foundation. brass . pr.r. a soft esp. base. fused.) bright field. melt. adv. /. font. steeled pig. fungin. melting. fongus. founded . functionary. sédiment. well. (Med. dark fongine. dry and solidify (sugar loaves) . /. foundation.t. smelt. dissolve. a. melting house. flux.) dissolvent. fungus. head. — à l'acide. functional. /. the sinking of wells. p. — à robinet. mine. fondateur. steeled iron. fondure. bronze foundry (or founding). melter. faire —. Obs. fondamental. land. roulement. alkali fusion. act. m. (formerly) brass. base. business. m. m. fondis. melt away. /. smeltery. & pi. smelting . founder. esp.a. etc. casting. — de background . hot-blast pig. thoroughly. etc. bottomed. o canon. stone flux. v. action. faire — de. — de laiton. de — en comble. — clair. — à Valkali. a. — au bois. m. fonds. p. blend. further end. fungicidal.t.i. calcareous flux. (Sait) the end wall of a fur— linéaire. blend. prime. S pi.i. wools) . ground. melted grease. pr.. capiback. founder. — de cylindre. also fonds. /. round.t. (see foncer). caster. cylinder fongicide. foncièrement. v. etc. (of faire) make. m. serve as. eompletely. (of paper) blot. pr. fondrler. a solid in contact with fontaine. (fit. gun pig. melt. m.well. pi. soil. bottom. — au brass foundry (or founding). a covering of flux used as a protection from the air. m. lees. bronze. fongique. rush (upon). /. foncement. flat-bottomed. funotion. — à canon en fer. (in gênerai) cast métal. darken. in reality. iron foundry. /. dépend. — courants. working capital. opération. (Micros. melting. foncer. spring. cast iron. gas ing. — de cuivre charbon de bois. sink (a hole or shaft) . bog. bilge. semisteel. founding. — à l'air chaud. functioning. sprinkler. melt. authorized person. smelter. as blended. /. — calcaire. well founded . melting pot. — à — de bronze. m. nace. fall (upon). a. rely. melted. of fondre.) dissolvent. m. sing. fondrilles. v. — à l'air froid. cast-iron. fund. dregs. lower . fungous. burst. — social. de cale. résolve. — de pouvoir. put the ground coat fondre. operate. a table or slab on which glass founding. ground coat . en —. S sing. fuse. foundation. fuse. foundation. a. fondeur. etc. fond. blending (as of fondation. sink. ground. m. smelter.) dark field. ground.) field. fundamental . current funds. bonbon. water fixture.) fungic. founding. thoroughly. bright ground. charcoal iron. function. (Geol. à — plat. melt. See tal (of a company). lime. reducing flux.r. melt away. bed. subsidence. a.fondu. noyau. m. m. completely. adv. blend. founding . — fongi-. pig. cold-blast pig. p. f. — à affiner. vessel for melting wax. au —. (see fondre). fused product. fonctionnaire. m. ized. fuse.

by means of. formative . forgeage. pocket size.) sinking. well. — à bouchons. approximate (a décimal). project. converter pig. — de moulage. mottled cast iron. alien. cast manganèse. blacksmith. cast iron. auger. much. iollow casting. siliceous cast iron. black (very graphitic) cast iron. boring machine. m. crude •cast métal. forester. foret. tractive force. mottled cast iron. foundry iron. ionizing power. foreur. forcement. a. firedamp forcite. — spiegel. granular pig iron. vis inertiae. inventing. — en saumon. forging. mitis casting . charcoal pig. specif. momentum. — mitis. pig iron. /. -crude manganèse. -white pig. v. foret-râpe. mottled pig. forgé. v. — résineuse. by the strength of. T. inertia. v. very . — d'affinage. cast iron rich in phosphorus and poor in silicon.N. — malléable. coniferous forest. — à hélice. ferrochromium. boring. cork (or stopper) borer. m. iorge pig. / . formateur. — siliciée. forfeit. — vive. forcite. — antigrisouteuse. cast iron slow in solidifying. pig iron for refining. m. (pi. subsidence. /. pig iron. — métisse. charcoal iron. — au coke. à —. — centripète. — d'aflinerie.) forcite. soft cast iron. — UmaUleuse. a combined drill and rasp for sampling sugar beets. specular «ast iron. fontis. créative. — en pain de sucre. — blanche miroitante. — bigarrée. m. cast chromîum. motive power. — en chevaux. hard. electric smelting.N.) a process for obtaining silver or igold by production of a copper matte and subséquent séparation of the precious métal. fine iron . drill. forest. drilling . m. — catalane. chilled casting. — à l'anglaise. p. — spéculaire. small shears. refined cast iron. forged. borehole. — noire. forgeable. malléable.t. — suédoise. forcettes. — chromée. Swedish pig. forerie. — de manganèse. — mazée. forger. puncture. — douce. pig iron. forgery. — dure. coke pig. — aux créions. — électrique. anottled pig. — mêlée. — silicieuse. (Métal. forgeable. living force (kinetic energy). formatif. extremely. porous pig. horsepower. . cinder pig. m.a. — de fer. format. forging. — maculée. size. forêt. forjeter. electromotive force. porous cast iron. cast iron.) = emplombage. format. forest. graphitic pig. horsepower. (Mech. — tirante. (Geol. by force. necessarily. force . gimlet. forgeur. v. foundry pig.) shears.— grenue.t. hard cast iron. driller. chilled casting. invent. forge. refined pig. — blanche. — de bois. m. as shown by the resemblance of the batch to a sugar loaf. — mécanique. forfeited. contract. m. spiegeleisen. formaline. — graphiteuse. pig iron. — motrice. m. — de courant. mitis métal. hammer. — rubanée. forfait. centripetal force. work. — de bras. — tendre. strength . force. bulge. bloomery fire. drill. a.t. (Glass) fusion which is proceeding satisfactorily. — de cheval. bore. spiegeleisen. (Bxpl. — Thomas. — crue. — moulée. dead force.) vis viva. {Métal. chilled cast iron. Formalin. — de bouchon. T. rendering of fats by simple heating. /. pig iron for refining. forger. cast iron «f mixed gray and white color. forgerie. (Mech. crime. wrought (as iron). lifting (or carrying) force or power. — blanchie. — pour acier.) refinery. perforate. foundry pig. m. — électromotrice. mottled cast iron. hand power. forcing. forgeron.a. adv. boring. drilling machine. mirTor iron.) current intensity. twist drill. force. — d'art.graphitic iron. — d'inertie. a. refined cast iron. /. iron «astings. — d'ionisation. — grise. — de chrome. boring tooï. deciduous forest. forge. — 'Caverneuse. pig iron. boring machine. boring bit. forain. forage. m. — épurée. the *cracklings being strained off. /. rotary drilling. raw iron. — feuillue. silicon steel.i. pi. forgement. — d'acier. a quality of zinc used in making imitation bronze . forge. forgis. — truitée. drilling. — raffinée. forcer. — en coquille. cast steel. centrifugal force. de —. — vive. — portatif. /. a. cast iron for conversion into steel. white cast iron. rolling mill. gray pig. (Métal. forcibly* — centrifuge. — portante. boring house. — en gueuse. — de finage. — plombeuse. artistic casting. — brute. — miroitante. black (dark gray) cast iron. «rude chromium. foundry iron. — d'impulsion. soft (gray) cast iron. — morte. borer. smith. m. forcément. forestier. métal rod to be drawn into wire. gray cast iron. /. — par rodage. m. — cuivreuse. perforator. smith. by dint of. — en creux. cork borer.fonte 195 formatif ipig. /.) vis mortua. (Elec. à — de. fine . drill. borer. foreign. forcibly . foreuse. malléable cast iron. forer. power . many. pig. mottled pig. p.

the absolute number of atoms of différent (Bot. (see fouetstrongly. gréseuse. summary formula. big. formamide. be stated . formulaire. (Geol. tassium formate. forure. v. m. sudden. form. be formed. mold.t. — perckloré. v. v. very slightly douce. —o boue(8)y ammonium formate. (of boiling) fouet. — de travail. phenylglypit. lash. shape. former. form. drain. greatly. fortifier. empirical formula.. (Mach. heavy. etc. lively . strong whipping. fossilifère. bored hole. tetrachloride. (Anat. excavation. — de potasse. /. formiate. (Ànat. also lacuna. a. a.t. formin. fortuitous. strong person . foudroyante. m.foudroyant. (Glass) bottle annealer. skillful. high. fouettement. — soluble. rational foudroiement. as it happens. formène. (see foudroyer). difficult. greatly. (of things)formula (indicating the relative or. formel. fossé. formulable. (Geol. extremely. strongly. a. — à ciel ouvert.foudre. accidentally. fortunate. chalk line. /.y formol. hâve the formula. molding pit. capable of being formulated. — à tan. whip. /. strike by lightning or by formyler. prodigious . strong. fearful. fossiliferous. formidable.fossette.t. one sometimes used for formula. insane. make. a. formiamide. /. formula. (loosely) formaldehyde.a. destroy. formonitrile (hydrocyanic fossile. v. — à formate. tentative formula. a. casting pit. trench . height . empirical fou (or fol). thick. — emgarde. adv. (Biol. tan pit. formylate. overwhelm. best) part. /. methylidyne. storage cask. pomud pit. wanton. formic. depth. aimoet insoluble. Btriking with lightning. mula. the first fermentation of wine. structural as 300 hl. tun. forcibly. — houillère. thunderfort. sirengtliening. — rationnelle. crazy. enorvat. a. oonstitutional formula. grave.t. fortify.formation 196 fouettement formation. (little) pit . — d& fornaique. be formulated. /. formuler. — chimique. finnly^. p. chance . large cask (containing as much tution.) a rocket making a formyle. v. forming. a. formylène. mold. fosse. a. forménique. slush pit. cavity. /. /. adv. form. — de repos. /. m.) nasal fossa. de coulée. o. whipcord. by chance. formate. (Med. bore.) man. any powerful electric discharge. tan. kinds but not their mode of union). great. sodium ash pit. tetrachloromethane. whipping. sandstone formation. very. highly. slime pit. thunder. méthane. forme. — d'ammoniaque.t. dent . lightning. accidentai. formogène. v. — brute. hole. specif. m. mandelic.a. idle .) rift valley.) fossa. cesspool. formation. — d'imprégnation. — septique? formochloride. strength. by chance. m.) atrength-giving medicine. & r. often. fortuit. fonderie. etc. hard. formulate. v. m.) fulminant. strike . fortuitously. clever. trough fault. — mous. — colic. formonitrile. thing. express in a for. (Sewage) septic tank. fossilizing. thunderbolt.r. m.y (thick. méthane. m. a. formally. open pit. formuler. fossilize. cesspit. shape. formula. formule. settling • formobenzoïlique. socket . fortuné. formidable. — d'eau tremely. — d'aisances. coal measures. m. vat. drilled hole. trough fault. tonic. /.) loose. treat with Formol or formal. main. a. foolish . fossil. chemical formula. flagellum. fortune .). — de soude. fort. p. adv. carbon fortuitement. formulary. fortunateméthane. dimple. strengthen. ditch. 06*. mouler. (Pyro. & m. m. /. lightninglike. — d'effondrement. m. Formol. fortifying. de —.t. forte . m. — de • — développée. fast. thunder.) wild . very. — à cendres. fossiliser. formine.fortifiant. form. (pi. pirique. exter). m.) fresh-water formation. v. -trice. trench.t. fortement. formyl. structural formula. ditch. (Anat. severe. m. foudroyer. v. generating formaldehyde. soaking pit. brisk. — de consti. fossilisateur. (Geot. dehyde. hard. pertaining to fortune.) fossa. adv. structural formula. pit. unsteady. v. irregular . a. a. m. noise in imitation of thunder. coal formation. chloroform. foundry pit. a. — peu eoluble.i. — globale. (Med. formellement. blank.r. nasale. . ners. formai. hard. acid).

soda furnace. /. foulonnerle. — à puddler. m. . multitude. cupola. (see fouler). sprain. search. presser. baker's oven. puddling furnace. foulonner. géode. continuous furnace or kiln. (Zinc) a combined Belgian and Silesian furnace. (Pharm. in crowds. pressing. — à boulanger. retort oven. treading. gallery fumace. gas kiln. (Soda) a salt-eake furnace usjng pots. — pressoir. shelved oven or kiln. — de séchage. crush (as grapes). full.t. m. foulonnîer. fuller. great number. — à vent. — à trémie. — à chaux. horizontal (or reverberatory) furnace. • annealing furnace. (Soda) black-ash furnace. m. drying kiln or stove. — à souffler = four-ouvreau. basic-Uned furnaee. one for burning gypsum to plaster of Paris. m. — de grillage. foulerle. tread (of a step).t. beat. resin oven. foulage. roasting furnace. petrol furnace.). — coûtant.) vug. smudge pot. enameh'ng furnace (a kind of muffle furnace). air furnace. ram. fiaming furnace (for sterilizing glassware. f. pelt . — à étendre. (of a pump) forcing. explore. — à ruche. discontinuons (or alternate-working. (see fouler). mine. — o recuire. milling. fumace with hearth. digging. — à sécher = four de séchage. hearth with bed. — à sel de soude. /. wind furnace. — de ressuaffe. tank furnace. reheating furnace. iull. en —. press. mine. fulling machine. explore. stamp . — de travail = fourouvreau.t. etc. — de galère. print. force. small shaft furnace. — à carbonater. etc. melting furnace (as for glass). fouleuse. crucible furnace. tamper. ranimer. retort furnace. excavation. lash. muffle furnace. m. (see fouler). exeavate. liquatkm • hearth or furnace. /. — à air soufflé. blast (of a bellows). — à manche. — à cristaux. fulling. — à sole. draft furnace. — à • refroidir. — à pétrole. m. trample . pile (of skins). baking oven. galley.t. by-product coke — oven. calcining furnace. fern. lash. — dormant.fouetter 197 four fouetter. — de fusion. cémentation furnace. muffle furnace. — à soufre. — à dalles. cookstove. fulling mill. — à chambre. baking oven. fulling mill. — acide.i. — Ballot». fougère. gas oven. — à aludels. — de carbonisation. crowd. — à étages. steel fumace. — à poix. charcoal kiln. • à tuiles.i. reverberatory furnace. fouiller. — o acier. — à cuire. brick kiln. streak . squeeze. (Glass) a furnace (or compartment of a fumace) in which window glass is cooled gradually after being flattened. mill man. (see fouler). fulling mill. — continu. as distinguished from a meehanical furnace. etc. pit. a gas-retort furnace. — à cuve. fulling machine or mill (for cloth or leather). fouille.a. chambered furnace or kiln. Ieer. annealing furnace or oven. — belge. znill (cloth or leather) . — à flamber. hopper crusher. — steam oven. kiln . reûning furnace. foulure. (Glass) a furnace in which the pots are given a preliminary heating. drier. in great quantity. fulîing. — o tremper. heating furnace. whip . — de cuisine. — à gai. mill. stove. melting (ov smelting) furnaee. v. maie fern. roaster. Ieer. — à jritter. sprain. tramp. furnace . oppress . foulon. sulfur furnace. — d fumer. fouillis. four. cavity. pressing. v. m. or batch) furnace or kiln. pelt. gallery furnace. fouleur. dig. dig. /. — à tubes. — à réverbère. (Glass) annealing oven. pot arch. a combination crnsher and press for fruits. confusion. (Qeol. — à briques. Welsh furnace. compress (as air) . tile kiln. m. v. foulolr. — liégeois. /. — mâle. — à soude. — d'attrempage. — belgesilésien. etc. cupellation furnace. — à cuvette. flap. — à éma&er. (Iran) refinery. track. beat. tube fttrnace. — à cémenter. — à moufle. — d'affinerie. gas furnace. plaster (with roughcast). fuller. fulling.t. foule. coke oven. (Glass) annealing oven. specif. • à coke à récupération. fouler. soda-ash furnace. brimstone burner. incinerator. shaft furnace. crusher (as for grapes). — à creusets. hardening furnace. — à bassin. m. v. — de recuisson. (Weaving) shed. medley. finery. v. specif. — basique. — à coupeller. bluing kiln (for tile). tread. v. milling. — ô plâtre. (Coke) beehive oven. beater. disorder. sink (a well). — à coke. burrow. shelf burner (as for burning pyrites smalls). — à pain. p. galley. — à affiner. oven . aludel furnace. — à galères. v. etc. /. pitch oven. foulonnage. — à cornue(a). foulée. dig. — discontinu. — à vapeur. fouir. search. pressing. whip. Urne kiln. (Zinc) Belgian furnace. — de recuite. /. — à réchauffer. (Qlass) ftattening furnace or oven. electric furnace. acid-lined furnace.) aspidium. bread oven. bustamente furnace. — électrique. gasoline furnace. — à incinérer. — d'affinage. plaster kUn. foulement. — à fondre. — à résine. fulling mill. foulant. — à bleuir. (Coke) beehive oven.

(For other phrases fournette. beech tree. — à sécher. clos. air furnace. /. — générateur. (small) fork. furnishing. fork. stove. neau. inserted. m. fodder. à bassine. — reheating hearth. /. catalan. — à essais. fourché. coppers or the furnace. fork. haut —. ant. p. stoke. nace. m. Perrot furshot hole . m. kilnful. fur. a furnace. — à gaz. fire box. furnace. fournisseur. fourchon. err. — Martin-Siemens. branch. /.four 198 foyer (Zinc) Liège furnace.T. food for anitermite. — à vases foyer. car. — furred. branched. — à main. m. m. calciner. soaking pit. fourbissage. etc.t. (Glass) a furnace with large openings at which the workmen heat fourgonner. pyrotechnie furnace. sleeve. fourniture. blast furnace. focus. line with wood. — silésien. — d'affinerie.fourni.t. the glass while blowing it. small reverberatory furnace. nace or stove provided with inlet and out. thrust.t.) sêcheur. m. m. purveyor. cloven (hoof). four-ouvreau. charcoal line with fur. Pasteur sterilizer. — à coupelle. supply.fourvoyer. furnishing. finery hearth. etc.. v. sheath. fourrager. scabbard. table fork. thrust. fournir. — à scories. — corresponding phrases under four. rocrucible furnace. cinage. stuff. Catalan d'artifice. case. m. forked. drying four-séchoir. tin furnace. rotatory kiln. m. ber. eover. prong (of a fork). — blanche. fourgon. v. (Cernent. fournissement. v. foyer. — à fourreau. etc. glass furnace.) — de verrerie. chamber (of a mine) . mislead. (military) mine. fourche. seller. "blowing hole. let tubes for the use of gaseous fuel. furnace room or area. etc. V. (see fourrer) . oven. brushwood. grate furnace. grate hearth. burnishing. or one for cupellation). revolving furnace. baking. stirrer.i. — . drying furstove. — de mine. furbish. fourrier. enameler's furnace (a kind canique. — de raffinage. blast furnace. kitchen range. lining. m. stir (a fire). drying oven. forage. p. • tubulaire. (with à) provide (for). foyard. furry. fourré. pot furnace. swarm. gas fourrure. /. nest (of tubs. /. specif. firewood. — alandier = alandier. (Zinc) Silesian furnace. pi. forking. furnace. open-hearth furnace. poke. — à rôtir. furnace. supply. hay. fit for forage. wagon. /. bushy. provided . light. fourchette. — de grillage. — à chalumeau. ding.) conduit.t. see the corresponding phrases under four. blast furnace. furaish.a. drying furnace. v. (See fournir) . — à tubes. — d'essai. muffle. — mé— d'émailleur. kiln. /. crucible and retort furnaces). calciner. — loupe. chemical furnace. blowpipe furnace. bîoomery forge. portable stove or furlike). furring. pillage . branching. charcoal stove or furnace. forked. laboratory furnace.fourrer. /. m.. burnish. & i. roasting furnace. — tary furnace. cram. (Mercury) a double reverberatory furnace used at Idria. m. — à flammes. drying kiln or stove. — de (Métal. gas stove. fire. forage. — Perrot. casing. lobby. — à réchauffer. assay furnace. Siemens-Martoire. ovenful. van. pay (for). — soufflé. — de laboraMartin. mechanical furnace. v. etc. /. quartermaster. woody (country) .) fournilles. blast hole. poker. — à — à vent. bon. slag hearth. furnace (for heating tubes). calcining furnace. provide. mine chamber. closed-vessel furnace (including chamfurnace.) refinery. bedfourchu.a. supplies. fourmiller. v. — pit. m. — Pasteur. — à char. be wrong. beech. (Elec. prickle. (For other phrases see the rotating kiln. /. fourbir. kitchen stove. v. source of light. source. fourneau. furnisher. & r. roasting furaace.) rotary kiln. forage . a. hearth. v. blast batch.). insert. • rotatif. (Founding) ingate. assay furnace.a. wood lining. furbishing. thick. polish. mais (esp. straw.t. mage. provision. nace (a gas furnace for heating crucibles refining furnace. serve pit. Belgian furnace." fourmi. calciner. elean. foraging. abound . a stove or brazier consisting of a deep vessel with a circular top. fournéd /. of muffle furnace). put. — tuyère. — d'affinage. — rotatoire. fourreur. — catalan. furnished. fournaise. supplier. tube furnace. cupellation furnace. — potager. fork. a. white ant.i.t. (Métal. generator (for fuel gas). (Métal.) rotating hearth. branching. tine. p. charge (in a furnace or kiln). fourrage. v. fire chamber. covering. casing. — rotatoire. share (of capital). — à grille. fourcher. rumtickle. (see fournir). calcining furnace. fourchure. — de rafcuisine. m. — de calforge or furnace. — (rope). Catalan forge (or furnace). — fournerie. tube fouteau.i. furrier.

coal dust. braking. fracture. knocker. impressive.) Frenchman. f.a. bridle. fractionner. & r. milling. recently. complète. of franc. franger. adv. freedom. (Dist. cutter. — réel. smuggle milling tool.foyer 199 freinte finerie. (Métal. ex• de cœur. tuition. fraudulently. belly. m. stroke. fracture. cutting file. /. franguline. break. crashing. strawberry. freshnesg. passing. v. cross. o. a. fera. retard. récent . adv. damp. cutter. freinage. way). tuition fee. carnage paid. fraudulent. Frankfurt am Main. m. forcible. jump over . (see tion. adulterate.. fragmentaire.b. v. striking.) heart eut. beating. m. of frai. — scostamper. — frappant. m. fraude. frank. — d'utilisation. m. raspberry (plant). m. eut. /. wear away. cost. raspberry. sunnount . striking. post free. frange. the boshes. être — de. whole. — à bord. fraîchir. m. écossais.t. frapper. /. breakage. striking. brittleness. fraxine. framboise. (see frapper). beat. /. fem. breeze.t. /. expenses. plait. p. & i. pure. frill. m. exhibit. fractionate. shrinkage. close. breeze. affect. a. /. fraisage. operating costs. exemption (as from duty or fractionnaire.freindre. mammillated. fringe. French (language). bottom fraction. face. v. m. striking. /. — de port. coolly. etc. breaking. fractionated. etc. — de queue. — ceed . be struck with. frayer. m. etc. a. m. v. v. framboise. a. fining hearth. (Lead) Scotch hearth. frangibilité.i. break into fragments. frais.of frapper.) eut. hit.t.i. fresh air. producer. (Dût. fracturer. graze. — franc.. of frais. lamb or the like). fraxoside. coolncss. full. franking privilège . costs. coolly. fractionnement. ice coolness. adv. beat. m. fraise. fully. p.. brittle. fraetional . frangibleness. recently. m. striking. striker. /. m. fragment. Francfort-sur-Mein. fracas. beater. free on board. brake gear.i. /. culm. fraiser. clear.). franc. frai. during manufacture). stamp . fractiona.t. /. freshly. toc. strike. frangible. freshen. — mécanique. adv. frappeur. fragility. having a raspberry freiner. loss (as of a substance odor or fiavor. See also frais. frauduleux.a. wear. fragmentary. adv. (flamme réductrice) reducing Main. defraud. cool place. frappé. fractioning. wear. main body. spawn . real. ruBe. (of a blast furnace) part above (cap. fragile.t. franchement. free. v. etc. de grenouille. v. reamer. a. pi. frankfractionné. mesenin. having a raspberrylike sur. p. mechanical stoker. p. blow. tax) . m. fraiseuse. iced. spawning . fracasser. fragile. mill. — virtuel. m. fraîcheur. v. /. etc. associate. flame. v. hâve. break.o. a. fraction. — français. pr. fraxin.t. Frankfort. frail. stamp. completely. v. fragmentation. charges. check. French.a. free. smash. frangulin. fracture. distinctly. frein.i. open (a fraisier. quite. m. supérieur. v. shrink. frangible. press into cakes (as soap) . true. franco. chill. strike. knock. fresh . waste.i. frauduleusement.franchissement. noise . a. fragmenter. /. expense. v. a. rub. spirited.) leuconos. (of wind) frappement. fragmentation.t. fringe. stamped. = fraisil. be affected with. franchise. m. . pass over.t. countersink. damping. hit. gas producer. freinte. v. fraystamp. real focus. framboisier. m. bore.t. Frankfort on the F. breakable. — gazogène. frangibility. franguloside. /. tery. pi. (Dist. frankly. frappage. frasil. milling machine. (see frapper). /. become cooler. m. /. virtual focus. — de tête. v. postpaid. abbrev. franchir). ness . frog spawn. m.) refinery. m. ream. crash. fraisil. struck.t. cool. strawberry (plant). pass. freshness . fraction. v. immunity . (of fraîchement. Frankfurt. shatter. purely . freshly. frankly. curb. fraction. knock. crow (of a calf. laires.R. cloth) strong. small fry . impression. brake. v. frauder. fractional. (see frayer). franche. adv. a. ing. (wines. fragilité. fraud. fragile. (see fraiser). fray. top fraction. a. frappe. a. Francfort. break up. tumult. break. etc. bit. m. carriage free. free. franchir. unadulterated. coal (or eoke) cinders. frailness. brake. etc.t. fraîche. splinter.

foliage. fritter. fromenteux. — gras. frette. frumentaceous. pass over. sophistication. m. cheese dealer. shred. frettage. hoarfrost . (see fretter). m. frisson. refrigerating.i. fréquenter. /. fritty. brother. cold. frémir. fritte. esp. frisons) floss silk. — fermenté. fromage. of the nature of a frit. v. /. cheesy. m. grazing. shivering. shake. frigidité. rate. fréquence. frit. m. associate (with). (of frire) fried. froment. froisser. skim-milk cheese. m. m. v. soft cheese. v. adulterate. a kind of beardless wheat.. frenade sonsmarine. il fait —. m. fromageux. tremble. rubbing. v. foliage. a. & r. frimas. attend (classes). fréquent. v. pi. froissure.t. a. frelateur. cold weather. a cask for sugar. load. fuse partially. — épeautre. rub. uncooked cheese.frelatage 200 fronde frelatage. < pr. m. pucker. /. frondaison. rub in. fallow land. cold-producing substance. production of cold. frying. be agitated. v. réfrigération. chartering (of a vessel). — épineux. m. tire. frémissement. fromager. bit. quiver. suitable for making frit. oat grass. frigorifie. cheese maker. v. or d'Espagne). wheat. supersonic frequency.t. maize. build up (a gun).t.. /. v. — demi-gras. prickly ash (Zanthoxylum). a. & i. crucible stand. durum wheat. friche. — à la crème. resort (to). frêne. brush. — à pâte ferme (or résistante) hard cheese. cheese factory. adulterator. refrigerating chamber or apparatus. v. hornet. cold. frigorie. frigidly. m. fermented cheese. cheese room. frictionner. a. crackle. Ê fritons. Frise. frêle.i. fromentacée. sizzting. /. rye grass. cheese mold. à —. a cheese-shaped support for crucibles.t. wrinkle. frequln.i. brushing. crisp. v. (Indian) corn. frelater. fritting. friction.t. /. ring. refrigerate. produce cold. curl. fretter.t. /.t. frigorifique. rumple. (see froisser). hoop. froid. fromentacé. cream cheese. frequency. be near. offend. etc. v. coldness. /. froideur. frigo. coldness. fritter. — aubaine. frissonner. o. a. v. cheese from partially skimmed milk. frumentaceous plant. rumple. coolly. m. (See frigorifier. m. frigorifère. frelon. froidement. fromental. v. frittage. a machine for waterproofing cloth with rubber. m. m. chill. — de Hollande. v. chilung. m. sophisticate. or filled cheese containing an équivalent amount of fat). fresque. (of water) simmer.i.) silk-cotton tree. frigoriflcation. frictionneuse. cracklings. — ultraacoustique. m. frequenting. (of mixtures) freezing. friser. fritter. leafing time. fragile. rustle. fresh or unfermented cheese. etc. hard wheat. fritting. etc. adv. frelatement. chip.t. /. — maigre. fréquentation. cheese trade. m. friction. soft cheese. graze. m. sophisticator. /. fret. /. cooler. tremor. froidure. frit. cold-producing. contact. i. band. m. /. freight. murmur. sizzle. vibration. frictomètre. shake. m. rubbing. fry. wheat. fries. fréquemment. cold chamber. v. m. frire. curl. frond (of ferns). (p!.t. crumple. frying noise. cottage cheese.t. frequently. frôler. vibrate. fresco. frit. adultération. /. at low température. frelaterie.t. m. Dutch cheese. — d'iode. etc. m. p. v. /. — à pâte moUe. fréter. charter. coldness.p. m. in the cold. frying oil. ash (tree or wood). uniment. quiver. braise. /. cheese. fronde. frison. /.. frôlement. /. Friesland. cold. whole-milk cheese. & r. chilled méat. shiver. friability. froissage. fritteux. /. frUbilité. frying fat. roar. fried material. /. frigidness. rich cheese (either cream cheese. cheese shop . precipitated cuprous iodide. /. n. a. fallow. frigidity. collar. — de Turquie (or des Indes. fromagerie. froncer. freight.i. large calorie (when absorbed). friture. sling. crisp . — cru. spelt. graze . freeze (as méat). attendance (on courses) . fréquentation. sirup. m. . cold . agitation. frelatatlon. bruise. {Bot. thrill. cooked cheese. chill. single cheese. — cuit. m. — d'Eidam. (see frémir) . hooping. coldly. — frais. Edam cheese.t. it is cold. /. v. 3 sing. frère. rub. — mou. adv. frail. réfrigération. depth charge. eoldness. wrinkle. flange . frittier. frigorigène. — touselle. fritteur. rime. frictometer.) frigorifier. hoop . m. wheat-producing.

«c rruotoaan. escape gases1. & a. friction under load. farm manure. mahua (IKpe latifoliu). msnured. smoking. wash (an of a bans.fumade.) fumarofe. /. fruits de exnaust fumes. — de mercure. frottage. polish. frotteur. spot. vJ. fumigator. 9ue gaB. surface friction. manure. m. 1 a. sans —. frottoir. famed. a. recède.i. 1cereal. rubbing. fmniger. fumigaitie. m. fnmeron. a. in front. /. — de fugacité . meddfe (with). fruit. /.. (Mil. o. m. simultaneously. fulminate . /. évade. fume-cigarette. fufaiinic. fraitr ddl seed. fnlmtnuTique. polisher. fruit-bearing. frottement. forehead. carbol fuchsin. ruatlinsr. wiper. fume . bear fruit. (Assaying) fulgoration.• avoidance. frontispiece. vj. cigaret holder. fumé. bor. be frmtfoL fttmarolle.a. frontispice. frontière. fruit storeroom. frotter» v. m. fugitive. — d'argent. m. fuh'ginosity. /. flight . smokeless. m. heady. fading . fulmi-paille. fly.. dill fumée. (Boct. half-burnt (or smoky} charfrumcntacé. fulminaterie. m. fuite. escape. taper. fulminate factory. nabber. p. manure. — ver fulminate. — fumet. dark glass marie for optical use). friction. frontier. (Agric. m. v. a. m. de —.) fumitory (FvmariaX pkéniquée. /. flashing. fumigation with chlorine. detonate. fruité. skin friction. sliding friction. fleeting. a. face. fumarkw (protopine).) nitrated bran. smoke. fruitfumerolle. fUgitiveness .) nitrated straw. fuhninate. rub each otner. v. fumigatiog. title page. fenoel fruit. a. p. wipe. (of wine) tonqnet. /. rubbing. fumigatoire. m. /. fruit. thin coat. dung. ti. (Oeol. rub. (of colors) fade. v. fumigation. scour" poîish. m. smoke. fumigation. fumer. brow. fruit. fruiterie. (EUee. v. frustrer. a. ïeaking-. frtrit trade. — de' Londres. retreat. fruitful. fructosane. at the brightening . fioor fulware. f. fumarine. fumarique. fumaric. (see fulminate. avcàd . profitably. fumigateur. fumigérite. speeif. friction pièce. rubber. 1 lanigène. rolling friction. guncotton. containing fuchsin. fume. Suites de fonte. polisher. leak. coal. . m. frumentaceou^. (Bot.) fennel. smoky. fumier. — d'aneth. détonation. (Mining) fuligineux. fruit. fumage. — soluble. fruitfully. ftonfrou.y fnmsrofe. smoker. smoke . v. (Mettot) spitlings. f. /. ferme. deprive. head. f.t. fructiferoas. frustrate . fugace.t. m. shif t . manuring. fruit-bearing. bruah. fulmi-coton. o.t. ». smoke-producing substance.a. flee. • de glissement.) rubbing contact. abreast. fulguration. fugitif. (Phann. aration. — de roulement. front. fuir. grmd (as glass). profitable. rage.fuligo. etc. fuchsine. fumeur. etc. fulminant. steam. soot. fenouilr (Pharm. (Oems) flàw. fulminer. (Expl. steaming . tme&fy. fulmînating. évasion. working face. p. m. m. a. ratobing. shœ. escape. sooty. m. dunging. etc. smoky.') manurmg. fruiter. /. — de taille. smoking . fucoxanthin.a. dungbill. smoked.t. soluble guncotton. der. fulmison. — d'échappement. fumerofe-. pyroxylin. — superficiel. fructueux^ a. a. m. smoky. — à noyaur sterne fruit. reeking. friction. fulmicoton. pterwara. fuming. fruit rack. fugitive. m. fructifère. m. associât e. fructifier. fltee from. foi. fraity. pine soot. dTmgîbg. fulmination. fnmipm. up (with). avoid.i. fruitier. fugacity. same tîme.) parent color). f. fnlmination.front 201 fumigérite front. (see frotter). smoke gi». 1m. fuliginosité. fenLondon smoke (denoting the color of a nel seed. escape. sootiness. fruit room. silfrotter). a surface on fumaison.t.t. fumant. v. erer. frottis. leakage. — en charge. which to ignite matches. /. slope (of a wall). fumeux. fncuxanthine. (Geot. odbr. feafc. boundary. /. m. fuming .) smear prépmanuring . fuliginous.i. froufrou. m. p. o. mercury fulmmatft. futonnurie. reefc. a. fuchsine. batter. m. smoko-producing.) titanium tetrachloride. frou-frau. esp. /. volatile.p. (Dyes} fuchsin. m. fume. — jaj/tomenne. (Agrie.) dill. (Expl. m. fumigenic. aroma. soot. fumeterre. (of wîne) fumy. rub fulminique. v. a. m. adv. fructueusement. (of fuir) escaped. fuchsine.

— à retard. furfuracé. fusée. fumaces. m. furious. m. m. instantaneous fuse. — à conçus* sion. stove setter. a. rifle. double-action fuse. detonating fuse. fusillette. charcoal drawing. blend. quick match. a. furanne. m. In the phrases à fur et mesure. fungine. m. flash rocket. fumivore. furazan. m. furfuryl (2-furylraethyl) . m. of être (to be). rage. 2furaldehyde. — aqueuse. — aquo-ignêe. furfural. shell fuse. strip fuse. a. n. m. spindle (Spinnmg) spindleful. o. percussion fuse. fusionneur.) furfuroyle. igneous fusion. m. slow match. furoic. flare. rocket flare. o. .) safety fuse. etc. fusionner. (formerly) musket. delayed-action fuse. — vive. furfuraceous. (also pi. etc. S pi. a. — à temps. m.) axle arm. furnaees. furoïne. disastrous. ovens. /. funeste. furyl. smoke consumer. m. builder or repairer of chimneys. in proportion. fustel. flare. (small) gun. fusels) fusel oil. ovens. m. au fur et à mesure. & i. — instantanée. rocket and stick. o. fusion. fusible. m. furfuranique. streamlined.) furunculosis. .) time. m. fusibility. /. fungicide. p. (Med. fuze. /. — plombeuse. o. m. (of être) were. barrel. an iion pot for alkaline fusions. fusco sait (any of certain complex ammino cobalt salts). furfuraldehyde. — fusante. of or pertaining to furan. m. fusion. subj. fuse. fertilizing .i. funicular curve. furoxan. spindle tree (Evonymus) . /.fumiste 202 fustok fumiste. v. — mixte. furfurol.5~oxadiazole. funicular machine. m. delayed-action fuse. fusiforme. — à la Congreve. fustic. fusiform. fuse. furan. r. journal. combination fuse. m. (Pyro. of or relating to furfural.t. fustoc. catenary. spindle-shaped. furfuryl. flare. furfuraldehyde. axle. m. P-furfuroyle. sealing with the blast. furane. sky rocket. /. furoncle. fustet. fusiform. fusant. funicular.) furunole.) signal rocket. (Afed. furonculose. a. pin. funiculaire. union. furoxane. passion. (of colora) spread. fungin. m. m. furol. cop . a. sinister. furan. — à lame. rocket. furfurylique. o. fusel. — ignée. m. fusibilité. furfurane-carbonique. /.2. fuscin. shell rocket. furanique. funicular (or cable) railway. fusil. fusing. spindle-shaped. star rocket. (Geol. (of salts) react to heat with crackling or sputtering. furodiazol. delayed-action fuse. m. m. time fuse. fjirfurane. concussion fuse. combination fuse. fustok. furodiazole (oxadiazole). — volante. furoin. (of boilers) safety plug. aqueous fusion. fusée. melt. /. time fuse. — éclairante. fusée-signal. furan. v. fusing. a. 0-furazol. m. — retardée. alcool. fusible. furazane. a. de}. j6-furazole (oxazole).a. fusion. (less desirably) furyl. a. aqueoigneous fusion. — lente. fusel oil. fuse. — de sûreté. extraordinary. light rocket. unité. fuscine. lead fusion. etc. fusain. fumisterie. — lumineuse. Congreve rocket. manure. fungicidal. fongicide. m. fustet (Cotinus coggygria or its wood). deflagrate. manuring. m. of or pertaining to furan. m. fuseau.. blending. — de Bickford. safety fuse. 3-furoyl). — d'honneur. fusionnement. m. Bickford fuse. spindle (in various sensés). furfural. (of fuses. furoyl (a-furfuroyle. (JElec. — à double effet. — à obus. smoke-consuming. 2furoyl. a. melting. charcoal for drawing. furieux. — éclatante. steel (for striking fire or sharpening).. /. quick match. a. a-furazol. fusel. fuzee (Gtoss) a tool for enlarging openings (Mach. imp. small rocket. branny. fuse wire. etc. fuser. fureur. l. furfurolique. fuscosel. /. — à la soufflerie. m. time fuse. light rocket. arbor. fusol. tremendous. fatal. boil. furolque. smoke consumption. furfurique.) fusain. furanyle. furent. — d effet retardé. — d'éclair. aldéhyde. fur. charcoal crayon. S pi. scurfy. a-furazole (isoxazole). — percutante. fusée-détonateur. (see fuser). m. (of lime) slake. /. p. — à durée. fertilizer. fumure. furancarboxylic. (See the phrases at acide. fmnivorité. = furfurolique. signal rocket. fury. furfuryle. — réglée. also a flattening tool. (Leaifter) plumping. /. building or repair of chimneys. fussent. (of compositions) fuse. • à — baguette. fuselé. — d'éclairage. time fuse. sznelting. /.

large tree. futaille. futility.fut 203 fuyant fut. escaping. stock. subj. p. imp. barrel. pôle. on-trip barrel. casks. timber forest. (see fuir). S sing. cask. trunk. futée. futaillerie. fleeting. /. /. def. poat. — perdu. wood for casks. — de dépôt. wood cernent. steel barrel. m. futilité. S eing. future. joiner's putty. frame. — fer. . barrel. lost barrel. futaie. p. (of colors) fugitive. (of être) was. & m. futaine. o. fustian. brace. of être (to be). barrels. handlo. fût. /. leaky. cask. /. etc. futur.a. Btorage cask. /. drum. /. shaft. steel drum. fuyant.

lump of coal. m. gang. entasis . gaïacène. galène. slush. galazyme. galactodensimeter. frame.) galactic. mixing (of cernent. case. m. (of mechanical parts) loose. m. guaiaconic. galée. gaïol.) galenic(al). m. galactase. (gros) boulder .) preparing vat. m. (Mining) drift. platform pièce of coal. mix thin. (of col. skins. galactotimeter (a form gâchoir. (in names of compounds) guaiac-. galactine. galalithe. staple. vitae. lignum gale. fication. lactase. guaiacol. lactometer. galactometer. gabouilleuse. template. (see gâcher). galactonic. galactane. galangin.) galactosis. gailleteux. gaïasanol. mire. galactomètre. rubbly (as & Med. friction gaine. reach. m. gabari. gain. /. /. galénique. abbrev. gâchis. (Gunpowder) making press gainer. trigger. m. galactique. m. (Min. mortar. m. lively. cob coal. . m. slake (lime) . adit. (Med. sheath. galactan. gaïac. galactometer. temper (cernent. /. gay.) galena. m. (Bot. gain. hook. (Astron. galère.t. galetage. abbrev.) scabies.) Galenic(al). galactose. — . jig. release. v. (of a fuse or shell) gaine. scab. gallumps. guaiacene.gaine rie. etc. envelope. /. coal). galéga. pebble . pattern. gaduin. improve. incase. {Radio) ampli. — serré. mix. guaiene. gallery. galenite. lactic. small galerie. /. batch. /. cover. ors) bright . (Bot. galalith. /. shingle . gravel. covering. T. m. gale (Myrica gale). gagner.galet. /. m. galactogène.i. galegine.) mange. m. (Bot. mud. covering. — de flue. lactometer. /. abbrev. umn of liquid in a polarimeter) . flue gaillette. galactonique. contour . m. matrix.t. gainier.) galactosuria. (of a having play. galégine. disk (placeci over the colgainage. guaiacum (tree or wood). earn. (Med. galbe. a. ruble . shaft. galène. swell. galactimètre. gadoline. a. gaillet(t)erie. /. galaheptonique. roller. m. /. — galactométrie. — lâche. scum. malring or selling of sheaths or (goutte) drop . m. m. lump. gallery furnace.). from milk. landolphia (or Congo) rubber. a. bungle. spirited. gailletin. specif.) guaiasanol. a. (Pharm. gabarit. of lactometer). brisk. gadoue. obtain. {Geol. /. {Pharm. sweet gale. galactan (from seeds) . cases. (gramme) gram. friction roller. guaiol. case maker's art or business. m. galanga(l). mix. gaduïne. G. an apparatus for washing galactidensimètre. gâchage. m. goat's-rue. gadolinium hydroxide. /.) galactosurie. coal in small (of a boiler) . gâchée. lumpy. m. galaheptonic. (Glass) gall. gale. a fennented beverage made win.) . galanga. galley. dung. (Physiol. (Min. Gram-positive. v. /. etc.) roulement. m.) galega. galactometry. /. /. lactate. trowel. a. galingale. wheel. casein. advantage. m. producing galbanum. night soil. mortar. mess. gâcher. gâchette. (Printing) galley. galangine. /. refuse. mix stiff. galactometer. itch. mixing.) scurf. m.) redbud (Cercis). /. 204 g. m. m. + . v. blast furnace) body. v. v. /. casing. gain. gage. coal in small pièces. G..galbanifère. /. get. {Ceram. roller (or disk). /. galactotimètre. etc. (fig. gabarier. a. cake. gai.N.t. spatula. Gram-negative. casing. lery. galactose.t. gabon. gâche. (gravité) gravity. (attached to the side of something) . galactogenetic. Gd(OH)3. clair. a. gaïacol. a. galactate. (Vet. (gauche) left. shelf. sheathing. m. boteh. m. /. m. roll. sheath. gaïaconique. gain. a. gage. gaïac-.

m. rubber glove. attendant. galvano.t. v. Galice. galet-guide. gallipot. galvanatechnique. rock(y) matrix. Aleppo Chinese gall (from sumac). m. bend. warden. an excresuence similar to the nutgall but found on or replacing acorns . /. galleux. custody.t. /. brewer. — enregistreur. /. gallein. assay. oak gall. — en amiante. madder dyeing. warrant. gallic. gamin. (Gunpowder) press cake. galvanoplastie. /. — à aiguille. & f. warrant. keep (from). electrotyping. coat with galipot. (Métal. madder field. loop. — rocheuse. m. scabby. (Med. madder dyehouse. a. garde-temps. garancine. /. /. gamut. knot. eleetrodepositioa. flyleaf. gambier. m. nurse. m. gallotannique. galipot. (Afed. gallnut. (Mining) refuse. glove making. ship biscuit. — d'Alep. disk. bachelor. guarantor. keeper. a. roller guide. m.) Welshman. itchy. gall (of plants). gamble. brasseur. guarantee. m. gallocyanine. string galvanometer. tachylyte. /. guard rail. Galicia (Poland). /. galipot. /. galvanizing. boy.) bismuth subgallate. /. galvanotyper. galvanically. garancin. . m. /. /. vs. galléine. galvanic. garde-fou. — apériodique. gallinace. electrotype. galvanisation.. surety. (Pharm. garançage. /. /.»'. /. boy. gallisin (gentiobiose). v. gangreneux. concrétion (as in founding sand). containing or yielding gallium. a. m. iourneyman.t.t. pan. pledge. Ga2Û3. (cap. gambir. m. electroplater. electroplating art. guarantee. m. mess tin. m. v. a coloring matter extraeted from the residues from madder dyeing. gangreneux. — à réflexion. glove. galvanoplastique. m. guaranteeing.4. gallous. madder-colored. v. m. galicien. madder dyehouse. garant. gallifère. respirator. garantir. shelter. galvanoplastie galvanostégie. security. gambier. cord. asbestos glove. dish. galvaniser. — stérile. specif.) galvanocautery. garancière. gallotannic. — basique de bismuth. flat coil. gailization. m.) gangue. (Printing) electrotype. gallate. electroforming . watchman. gamme. ganse. galvanique. galle. gallisage. /. mirror galvanometer. a pièce of electroplated ceramic ware. a. — à miroir. lump. madder dyer. eye. protect. mangy. préserve. man. deadbeat galvanometer. galvanoplasties. matrix. /. garancer. /. madder dyeing. ». gallium(II). /. galvanisation. gauntlet. galvanometer. protection. — de Chine. gall. rail.t. m. galvanize. m.) flimace foreman.galeter 205 garde-temps galeter. (Geol. garancerie. /. gallfly. gallium(III) . garance. ganll. beware. garanceur. gamelle. galvanoplasticien. gambir. scarlet. needle galvanometer. galvanotypie. Gand. o. range. m. galllque. an Afriean crude rubber. -typer. beware (of). /. m. (Gioss) assistant. Galicie. garanceux. a. m. o. -plasty. galvanomètre. m. /. Galles. galvanocautère. garde-corps. guard.5trihydroxybenzoic . garde-feu. — garde. m. m.t. boy. galuchat. galuchat (a kind of shagreen). (Petrog.. gallois. (of glass) covered with gall or scum. garantie. furnace man. — suspendu. chronometer. bearing galls. (Dyes) gallocyanin(e). galhc. alizarin. galette.t. garancine. — de chêne. gallon. (Wine) gallizing. galvanocérame. recording galvanometer.) gangrenous. galline. /. galvaniquement. rubbish. adv. electroplating. Welsh. guard. m. Wales. guard . guide pulley. gallate. gallisine. reflecting galvanometer. Gallic. a. glove trade. v. — artificielle. — cubique. gambier in cubes. nutgall. a. scurfy. /. m. garde-poumons.. garder. apprentice. gallon. railing. (of workmen) assistant. gallpoter. Galicia (Spain). specif. /. — de caoutchouc. gant. madder (the dyestuff). m. keep. m. galeux. (Qvnpowder) press into press cake. gamin. /. o. Ghent. 3. gallium trioxide. bowl. garde-four. v. scale. keep. ganterie. Galician. gang. /. garçon. v. a. guaranty. madder (Rubia tinctorum) . /. remain uospoiled. fire guard. gallisation. voucher. m. garde-fourneau. dye with madder. = garde-corps. obsidian. protection. m. electro.) ganil (a limestone). caretaker. (flat) cake. gangue.

v. gauche. gas made by distilling coal and passing in steam in the same apparatus. left. r. furnishing. (Bot. awkwardly. /. garnir. (of a furnace) waste-gas main.) gargarism. — de pétrole. stuff. m. exhaust gases. gastric. wintergreen (G. carbonic acid gas (carbon dioxide). gaufrer. m. oil gas. switch. — de l'iode. decorate. — intégral. gaz. gaufrage.) gastritis. lourd. v. trimming(s) . decayed. shunt. ethylene). corrugate. staff. coal gas. honeycomb. — basique. procumbens). gayol. fuel gas. guaiacol. boron fluoride. — des marais. guaiacum (tree or wood). — du gueulard. pack. forced feeding. producer gas. set. border. fitting(s) . be spoiled. gargouiller. Gascony. garouille. squander. gaver. — ammoniacal. gaspiller. waste. coke-oven gas. spoiled part. edge. goffer. m. (Bot. flue gas. — à Veau. furnish. — d'huile. asphyxiating gas. filling. tear gas. (see garnir). gas oil. m.t. gayacène. /. (aee gauchir). — de gazogène. clumsily. gasoil. adv. natural gas. equip. blast furnace gas. mezereon (Daphne mezereum). m. gaulthéroside. honeycomb.t. gauchissement. flue gas. water spout. trim . gander. p.) basic lining. taii gases. gargle. carbon dioxide (Obs. cram. fill . gastrique. — lacrymogène. goffering. keeper. illuminating gas. laughing gas. stamp. cake of wax . gâter. bend. left wing. — méphitique. mounting. ornament. v. — acide carbonique. (Mach. specif. — de houille. gargle.t. producer gas (made with dry air). m. — acide chlorhydrique. hydrogen sulfide. à —. v. etc. stick. hydrogen chloride. fit. gasket. v. air charged with hydrocarbon vapors. — de cameau. . kermès oak (Quercus coccifera) or its bark. gargouille. pôle. hydrogen chloride. stock. /. air carburetted by passage through light hydrocarbons. left. generator gas. marsh gas.t. spoil. left hand. — d'air. — à l'air. water gas. (of explosion engines) exhaust gases. gauchement. n. Obs. covering . — fluoborique. BF3 (old name). carburetted gas. gargarisme. wafer. /. carbon dioxide gas. 06s. — aérogène. garns. provide. guard. warp. dye with weld. rod. war gas. /. m. emboss. furnishing. charge. — azote.t.r. gaulthérine.). residual gases. spoil. v. crooked. levo. — d'éclairage. m. Obs. dyeing with weld.t. gaulthérie.) basic lining. garigue. waffle. gaseous ammonia. burnt gases. /. nue gases. gaudage. put or get out of true. (Métal.t. on the left. (cannon) cartridge. (railway) station. m. decay. — carburé. — hilarant. gardien.) carburetted-hydrogen gas (léger. warping. interj. m. (Med. /. specif. face .i. spurge fiax (Daphne gnidium) . — exhilarant. — asphyxiant. m. assortment. (Métal. blast furnace gas. — de fumée. — d'hydrogène carburé.de ville. gaule. — ammoniac. gattilier. gargousse. a. man . (Med. oil gas. & r. . — hépatique. — de queue. v. m. amiss. (Pharm. m. garniture. supply. furniture. — carbonique. gâteau. garnissement. air gas.) Vitex. v. — fluorique silice. gaspillage. stuff. left side. beware ! look out ! gargariser. waste land.garde-vue 206 gaz garde-vue. m. silicon tetrafluoride. gargoyle. detonating gas. gases of combustion. m. left-handed. to the left.) Gaultheria. gayacol. — de combustion. waste. m. v.) packing. etc. — de four à coke. gurgle. — détonant. — à l'huile. /. & i. mount. m. garnish. Gascogne.). awkward. gatch. gastrin. agnus-castus). buckle. gare. stuffing. m. squandering. — calorifère.t. stuffing. — de gueulard. line. (Old Chem. cake. m. lamp shade. ammonia gas. gaufre. — d'échappement. embossing. /. saffron. gastrite. — de combat. weld (the yellow dye from this plant). cramming. méthane. /. guaiacene. — city gas. garnissage. hydrogen iodide. eye shade. gastrine. spoiled. — de générateur. gorge. a. nitrogen gas. etc. gauchir. — de cire. weld. — de chauffage. oil gas. /. casing-head gas. m..) elixir of Garus (a stomachic containing cinnamon. crude parafHn. outfit. pucker. gavage. crimp. levorotatory. /. agnus castus (F. /. /. stamping. bearing box. dyer's rocket (Reseda luteola) . — brûlés. gas. — couchée. heating gas. watchman. gayac. /. gaude. wasting. town gas. — chîorhydrique. m..a. wax disk. — basique. gâté. waste. guaiol. garou. lining. gaultherin. v.

having a relatively high freezing point . gazeux. gassed person. m. the chemistry of gases. (see gazer). gélification. gazéification. platinum incandescent lamp consisting of a basket hung in a suffocant.) carbon dioxide. gas generator. gazogène. gazoléine. — chrometallic gauze. freezing. gazéiforme. m. — Riche. oil burner. m. gaseousness. corrosivesilica gel. gas. gazier. specif. pregnating apparatus. one for carbonating liquida. petrolatum. specif. gélatino-bromure. (Ceram. a. gelatinizable. /. — oléifiline. o. furous gas. gelatined. m. gasometer. — chromîfère. m. a. for gasifying coal. hydrogen sulfide. — mixte. specif. giant. /. sulfur dioxide. gelatinization. gauze. — de silice. gazéité. perfect gas. specif. m. — végétale.. gelatino-bromide. gas-imetc. — d'os. i. — blanche.t.) glycerinated gelatin. gelatin maker. cover with gauze . gas engine. coated with gelatin. gaseous. gazoline. inert gases.) susceptible to rending by frost. — puant. m. — gazolène. — phéniquée. o. — parfait. — médicamenteuse. . Siemens gas. gélatine. /. gélatineur. detonating gas. petroieum jelly. water). also "wef* natural gas. gazéifiable.a. bone glue. gein (humic tonnant. gauze. gazéifiabilité. gas man . — géine. carbonating. produeer gas (made with cloche. tard gas. — pauvre. rime. gassed. for food. (Old Chem. ing agent. gazogène. gein (a glucoside) . gaseous nature or gelatinate. gazéificateur. a. specif. gaze. (Old Chem. congeal. huge. — perdu. — sulfureux. gazométrie. v. noble gases. gas. gazage. sward. gasolene. a. — détonante. gazoehimie. absorbent gelable. ant. a form of gélatine-dynamite. freezing. gèle. freeze. gasification. /. gélatiniforme. — glycérinée. specif. hoar frost. m. veil. vegetable gelatin (gliadin). a gas consisting chiefly of ethane. v. hydrogen sulfide. mixed gas. — de pétrole. produeer gas. humic. istry of gases. gauze. m. gazométrique. gazifère. gaseous. foamy.gélif. v. gas holder.t. explosive gas mixacid). frost. idéal gas. a. gassy. gelatino-chloride. from wood or other organic matter). — au sublimé. gelatinizgazer. gélatinifier. Riche gas (a fuel gas made fire damp. generator (for fuel gas) . gélatine. gel. jelly. n. gelée. gasometry. gelatin. freezable. natural gas. frost. specif. gasometric(al). gazomoteur.. gaz ofacteur. g&zochimique. & r. gélatino-chlorure. a gas holder with a bel! which can dry air). specif. m. gelatiniform. convert into gelatin or jelly. gélatinifiable. a. /. gélatinisation. muspropane and butane. carbonate. petrol. dueer. of or pertaining to gas. a. m. newspaper. state.. explosive gelatin. humate. oil gazon. wire gauze. pertaining to the chem(Pharm. pectin . an apparatus geler. m. v. /.) gélatiniser. gelatinizing. /. gelatin dynamite.). specif. sul. (Métal. gîgantic. gasifier.t. also natural gas from which gasobe raised and lowered. bad-smelling gas. gelatinize. gasonobles. gasiform. v. m. a. /. a. gazé. a. gas. gelatinous. gelatinize.géate. gazolyte. gelatinizer. a. gasifier. gelatin antiseptic gauze. — de guerre. gauze maker. gazette. gasifiable. giant. gel. vegetable jelly. m. /. etc. gel. — à Jean gas. /. gasify. singe . — riche. gelation. congélation. congealable. rich gas. lîne vapors hâve been removed. gelatin. m. charge (as gélatineux. — végétale. gazéifier. freeze. m. gelation. rare gas. specif. waste gas. /. gas maker . explosive gelatin. /. vestre. — hydrophile. carbolated matée. grass. casing-head gazoscope. gélation. pro. ture. turf.) olefiant gas (ethylene). dichromated gelatin. sublimate gauze. treated with gelatin. — syl. gazol. — naturel. a.t. congealing easily. gas-producing. gazomètre. agar-agar. p.gaz 207 gélification nitrogen (Obs. — suifhyname. m. Sélatinisant.géant. m. — gaz-platine. (of stones. gazette. /. carbonating. sod. — métallique. a. a. — an early Siemens. noble gas. m. gasifiability. a. géique. drique. an apparatus for detecting gas. — moutarde.) reduce with gaseous fuel . gelatinizing. — alimentaire. jellying. gel. — rare. asphyxiating gas. /. — animale. m. gelling. surgical gauze. m. a.t. yielding gas. semi-water gas. gasifiable. veiled. gassing.. tending to gasify.

genre (painting). Gênes.) steam dynamo. génine. pi. annoying. /. genou. o. tap (pine trees). & r. générateur. groan. m.) joint. /. — à mort. gemme.) elbow. boiler. — sabine. (Biol. a substance from which another substance is formed. generalizing. crude turpentine. Juniper . folks. glittering. généralisation. /. génétique. (1) collagen. gem. a drink made from wild fruits and ilavored with gin. m. /. geniculate. gélivité. v. m.gélifier 208 (as. (Astron.) a gelatin-coated pill. m. turpentine. generic. /. ball-and-socket joint. génalcaloïde. generously. gens.) Juniper. generalization. génésiquement. gélolevure. gelatinous. génie. /. a. m.) gène. /. difficulty. genus . (Bot.i. specif. genévrette. Cardan joint. o. /.) generatrix. inconvénient. en —. in gênerai.) group . (Pharm. susceptibility to frost eracking. o. Juniper berries. specif. inconvenience. gelsémine. /. — de vapeur. o. relating to gélose . knee.) sloped agar. original substance. yeast cultivated on gélose. heifer. genetically. Saxon type (said of a shallow type of small evaporating dish). waxen. (2) agar-agar. v. gem. frost crack. attendants. généreusement. incise. type . (Bot. genèse.t. become generalized. gencive. of the nature of a jelly or gel. génésérine. (Anat. (Oeom. o. (Min. généreux. généralisateur. — Saxe. genouillère. joint. génipi. formation. genetic. (Tech. gélis.t. adv. /. a. génératrice. freezing. engineers. v.) lactose agar. genestrolle. génésique.) bud. impede. fem. steam generator. designating clinée. common broom. specif. gélulo. woodwaxen (Genista tinctoria). gênériquement. knee-shaped. m. gélifier. a. of générateur. toggle joint. geneserine.t. gémir.) gum. /. générer. persons. become common. Genoa. inconvenience. géllvure. an alloy and its component metals. elbow joint. m. = gélif. generous. — in(Bact. — à balais. hinder. (Bact.) Gemini. moan. généralisable. connection. savin (/.a. genin. artemisia (Alpine species). people. gène. geminally. (Elec.i. in pairs. v. trouble. generality. général. generator. mode . /. génito-urinaire.) woodtinctoria). m. /. /. genesis. frostbite. annoy. geïsemine. genre. a. /. generative. generally.. a. a. kneepiece.t. sabina. — à vapeur. gélosique. adv. gélomètre. m. gêne. style. common broom (Cytisus sco•parius). men. gélose. in gênerai. adv. trouble. genièvrerie. (Bot. gênerai. incising. m.. m. genetically. p. /. a. génépi. /. pi. of or treated with gélose or agar. (Bot. geminate. géminé. servants. sort. généralise. gel. /. tribe. — commun. gelure. (Mach. — à vapeur. gemmage.r. m. bud. gent. & m. productive. géminalement. v. genalkaloid. genitourinary. a gelatinous substance. generically. (Pharm. generally.) broom. gin distillery. nations. generalizable. render gênerai. une alliage et ses métaux gent substances from which others are formed générateurs. pine oleoresin. generative. genetic. genouillé. — d'or. génistoside. genièvre. généralité. /. geminal. génératif. ready congealability. v. génétiquement. troublesome. jellrfy. precious. gemmy. virçiniana). a. a hydrometer for gelatin solutions. — à vie. — des teinturiers. a. m. geline. genius. generating. gender . /. Genève. adv. engineering. (loosely) agar. sel —. greenweed. /. — lactosée. gemmer. gênant. specif. generator. gème. généralement. genestrelle. a. genistin. Geneva. also /. générique. rock sait. genêt. adv. v. (Bot. the mixture from which a compound was formed). généraliser. tapping in such a way as not to kill the tree. /. a.) Juniper (Juniperus) . universal joint. gin (the liquor) . /. jelly. dyer's broom. — de Cardan. gélose. m. kind. géliforme. Gémeaux. embarrass. gélose. severe tapping resulting in the death of the tree. /. gêner. a. race. a. tapping (of trees for turpentine). dyer's weed (Genista .t. m. le mélange générateur d'un composé. v. m. Juniper berry.') gelsemium. — du gaz. adv. génisse. /. gas generator. genévrier. (of land) fertile. specif. generate.

glbelet. /. wcak. crack. germoir. /.) magnesite (magnésium gerber. malt noor. /.i. /. geranial (citraV). m. géophysicien. géochimie. gentisiqae. sprayer. /. gipse. m. m. v.) girandole. (Bot. geometry. germer. wool clotà used for tallowing gerce. crack. gétanique. m. oil of sésame. gentiopicrin. Qerman.) fixe opal. p.t. spray. /. gentiane. r. t. administration. m. gerçure. v. pretty. germant. shaky. gercer. a. geranie.) clove tree. gimlet. géographie. vetch. germwidal. stock (Matbucket. . giration. m. gentianin. gestionnaire. manager. germane. geranyl. m. spraying. (Bot. fluogermanic gentiacanloside. clove. ginseng. geologist. gible. — rosat. gentiopicroside. m. geologieally. m. gésier. pile. adv. bacterium. gérer. a. génuinité. gyratory.) temper crack. piler (for casks). geometrie(al). gillon. giUénie. a. geofogic(al).) Indian pliysic (GiUenia trijotiata and stipulât a). /. germaniuni(II). vj. gerlot. (Bot. géométriquement. m. a. gerle. s. gesse. a. conduct. (Métal. gerbe. jet. germanopropane.) Geraniaceae. manage. rest. /. v. Cf. m. gerntanochlofoforme. (crystal) nucleus. géophysique. — gérant. — bactérien. gin. (abusàvely) gin. trichlorogermane. GesHs. m. gingas. /. geodetic. poor. clove bark. /. géologue. germanifluorhydrique. etc. m.a. gercurt. gibier. geophysics. géranium.) Geoffraea. géranyle. a. geography. trigennane. geograpber. cinale). germaniser. (Bot. fissured.) ginseng. germanous. huge. nobk-man. germinating. adv. a. girofle. jet. germinate. agent. direction. giclée. manager. /. gigantic. /. girasol. magnesite. géoflrée. gentianlne. a. géographier. gergelln. ginger. géométrique. m. Jamaics ginger. & i. gerlon. gizzard. chap. gerbeuse. gbee. géographe.) dam plate. m. germicide. pea. management. be. Germasaie. v. géranial. gentianoside. /. sheaf. chap.i. set of bricks in the kiln. carbonate). shcaflike.. géodique. managernl. géologiquement. gracious. flash (of fire). (of wood) girasoi. germination. gestion. — blanc. m. germinating. gernmnation. (Pyro. adv. /. giratoire. geometrical. m. /. géométrie. a. hookworm. the phrase cannelle giroflée. germaneux. genumeness. a. /. geochemiatry.) gentian. (P(tper) rag tnb. /. géographique. m. girandole. gentilhomme. géologie. bitterwort (Gentiane luiea).. m. colossal. v. <St Pharm. m. germanique. m. shower (as of sparks or gingibrlne. a. géographiquement. vetchliag (Lathyrus). gentianin. germe. gyrational. m. gisger. chandelier. la. hides. director. (Bot. peeled ginger. gicler. geodic. wkite rosé géranium (Pelargontum capitatvm). m. (Bot. sprout. gigantesque.t. gypsom. géodésiqne. gipon. GeH*. germanic. giroflier. /. yellow gentian. wallflower. a. squirting. a. germanium(IV) . a. gérance. bind in sheaves. a. (Bot. rag giroflée. g*ee. m. directing. powdered ginger. gaine. géométral. gentisio. /.) géranium.) mistletoe (Viscum album).t. m. of Ëttle value. géologique. délicate. fissure. m. Germanise.) bftiotrope.t. ticking (the clotli). m. m. spurt. whisky.gentiaeauloside 209 giroflier germanifluorure. o. germ. — imtne. girasol. gésir. (Bot. gingembre. map. gicteUJT. /. a. nozsle. officinal. (Mm. spray. commoik ginger (Zinziber offimanaging. m. (Bot. gingoet. géraniacées. (clothes) moth. (Métal. gentiacaulin. germanométhane. v. thiola). small heap («f ses sait). /. m. m. cracked. geograpbioally. m. fluogermanate. gentil. geograpme<al). crack. gerblforme. mécanique. a. kind. (Soap) lye vat. a. v. — de trempe. ghé. gentleman. cleft. & t. atomizer. geometrically. geology. management. ghy. a. gyration. /. /. m. cosmie rays}. malting appaiatu». (Min. atonûzing. lie. chmk. a. /. germinatec. squirt. m. pi. giobertlte. geophysicist. m. maBAgership. m.t. m. earry on.

lump. bluish green. glean. — de vitrage. plate-glass maker. on the glaze. & i. vault of a glass furnace. gitoxoside. slide bar.) glacial. or dealer in. treat with clay. glt. glissoir. /. globular. glazing. givre. slide block. gliding. slider. — en filons. m. sedimentary deposit. glandulaire. v. slippery. ice. etc. glide. gland. m. — oculaire. guide. glaceux. glaucous.t. = glissement. shpping. glaiser. icing. exude with difficulty (said of oil wrung from chamoised skins). ice pail. (Min. crystallization resembling frost. sugar crust. gitoside. lower millstone. (of gésir) lying. glauconite. . glandalre. = glucomètre. resting. are. a. m. /. chute. pugging. frosting. sliding. iced. glapir. viscous. globeux. m. home. flawy. m.gisant 210 globeux gisant. that of vanillin (or benzoic acid) on the surface of vsnilla. plate glass. guide. is. glaçage. givré. v. — houiller. glacial. icy. gitin. (see glacer). glaie. pièce or cake of ice. glaeis. glacial. (Geol. chill. vault of a glass furnace. — à main. pr. slide. — stannifère. glisseur. gland. coating with glair. acorn. white frost. p. mast. — pUée.t. glauconie. underglaze. slip. «oid. tin deposit. /. vitrify. melting ice. globaux. gentle slope. v. glairing. glass. lodging. sur la —. a small rocking apparatus for making ice or ices by the use of freezing mixtures. vitrify. a. floe. gisent. glandée. (of gésir) lie. leg (of beef). icy. freeze. m. slide. pr. glaciale. icy. /. glaise. /. m. /. — sédimentaire. m. gloss. icing.) glacier. calenderer. freeze. glaçant. cry. global. entire. glide. ice chamber. gliadlne. glair. glette. tassel. glacer.). coal deposit. bed. icy. glass cover (as for a clock). glacé. gîte. of global. clay soil. slip. glazing. m. rest. globose. adrenal gland.i. glairer. (Ceram. — d'eau. clayey. a. glairy. o. cold. givrage. rests. mosc. icing. ice (cream) making. /. glass window. glace. m. glacier. apparatus for making ice or ices. massive deposit. guide bar. — surrénale. glairine. freezing. a. glaceur. globe .r. lens. (Med. eyeball. freezer. glissement. slide. gitalin. pannage (acorns. /. m. suprarenal gland. glacis. m. o. (see glacer). glacière. coal bed. glisser.) glaze. In the phrase terre glaise. glacerie. litharge. crushed ice. glaiseux. a. m. pr. glaner. glanduleux. vein deposit. — filonien. glaze.a. (Bot. position of minerais in the earth . /. glissage. solid carbon dioxide. mirror. pi. slider.t.i. ice cream. glaucosuria (indicanuria). /. hoar frost. oil-bearing strata. gitonine. glaciaire. clay. slide block. /. total. on-glaze. m. slide. ice house. m. glauconieux. ice.) glana. /. under the glaze. glairin. a.t. flaw (in a preoious stone). m.. i pi. steal.a. o. m. gitogênine. glandulous. ice chest. slide. frosted.) gismondite. sliding. glairage. specif. freeze. refrigerator. m. — de pétrole. etc. m. /. sliding pièce. glacé. /. vein deposit. niaker of. v.) glaucoma. — fondante. m. (Geol. gitoxlne. (of gems) flawed. gliadin. m. (Mach. gitaline. (minerai) deposit. bail . glaze. ice manufacture. etc. /. glaire. glaçon. freezing point. a. glaze. bearing. glandular. glauque. globe. /. gross. dry ice. waterlogged deposit. glande.t. glaucome. gitonin.) siiding pièce. glaçure. clay pit. glaisage. glissant. Gl. glacier. — à bascule. clay. glazer. slide laee. summary. clay. ices. v. glaireux. stratifiée! deposit. v.) glauconite. glandular. p. plate-glass works or business. glazing (for pastry) . Symbol of glucinium (béryllium). (Min. /. slip. /. looking glass. gisement. (Anat. slide block. v. hand mirror. gismondine. /.r. glaisière. plate glass. /. p. varnish. glissoire. /. (Sugar) drying board. v. gitoxin. /. S sing. — sèche. a.t. — en couche. glazed.) ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallînum). (minerai) deposit . cold. slide. a. freezing. coat with glair.a. calender. glair (white of egg or any similar viscous substance). m. p. /. gitogenin. ice. glissière. (of gésir) lies. icicle.. o. sous 2a —. slide. slipping. glaucurie. m. v. gleucomètre. puddling. freezing. v. glaireous. bed . pug. slip. ice . — en amas. glauconitic. (Painting) glaze. ice cellar. slider. frosty. claying. gitonoside. stratified deposit.

/.) leucocyte. /. glycéré. glycéré. • phénolée. glucoser. cyanoglobulaire.) a solution in forma of starch sirup. gîory.) tenacious.) glottis. carbohydrate. of glycerol with acetic acid. D-fructose. glycglucoheptite. glyceric. blood cor. glycosidic. o. globulous. glorious.) glucoheptonique. glycéro-acétique. glycerin (in Org. phénol glycerite. destroying blood corpusclea. agglutinating. /. a. — simple. glutenin. globularoside. (Biol. /. pèse-moût). m. glycérique.i nique. m. pus cell. /. — du sang. common burdock (Arctium tannic acid. ionor. glucose factory. agglutinant. — d'alun. tannic acid glycerite. glycerin glycerite. car.t. glorieux. • blanc. — de borax. glucose. — cyanhydrique. glutamique. of glycerin. erin of phénol. glycerinate. white corpuscle (of the glucuronique. a. glucosic. (Physiol. a. cément. globule. globular. glucuronic.glucosier.) phénol glycerite. boroglotte. glycolysis. globularine. globulinurie. glucoheptonic. lappa) . m. T. glycerinize. rique. glycerin of boric acid. marine glue. glucoheptitol. glycero-arsenic. (Physiol. — de tan(ri)in. glycogen. glomerule. make sticky. /. a. m. globular. small mass. glycériner. (fig. v. globe-shaped. /. m.) corpuscle. /. — — glucogène. a. glueosan. de boroglycéride. glueina (beryllia). glucic. = glycéré glucinium. betglucique. phénol glycerite. cleavers (Galium). a hydrometer for sugar glycérineux. manufacture. glucolytique. (Pharm. glycerol and alcohol. glomérule. cément. glycémie. glucoserie. = glycéré. glutinous.. — gloy. v. glycerin of glouteron. — tannique. diac glycoside. glyceroboric. globulin. — d'acide phénote afc gJycoside. glucose maker. a. Chem. o. — d'amidon. agglutinative. glutamine. containing or resembling solutions. a. glycero-arsenate. m. — phénolé. larin. -protéine. — cristal. = glycéré à l'acide boglu. glycerolated extract. adhesive. globuleux. gluconic. m. glucide. /.) glycerite. glucosidic. glutinous. etc. gluténine. = glycéré au cous. glucose. red corpuscle viscous substance. spherical. glycéro-arséniqne. a. globulolyse. /. m. glycerin. vocabulary. phénique. /. gurgle. — rouge. treat with glucose. a. /. m. glycérine. /. /. globule. agglutinative. a. pel. a. (Pharm. /. — blood). glue. gurgling. /. gluconique. acid. glucose. glycerin of lead gluant.. of hydrastis. (See the glycérolé. glutinatoire. • mucilagineuse. starch.) — cardiotonique. glycéro-extrait. /. globulin. globu. glucosuria. m. glonoïne. glycoside. sptendor. n. /. a. gloy (a starch adhesive). glutineux. starch glycerite. lime. glucoside. birdlime. (Anat. o. sticky. glutaric. v. m. glycérat.N. glucolyse. glutamine. m. — à l'acide borique. glutarique. glycerin of borax. glucine.) glycemia. (Acids) Glover tower. gluten . /.glu-marine. . glucose glycéroborique. glycoprotein. nitroglycerin. a. m. glycerin (solution of a médicinal substance in glycerol). smear with birdlime or other pyoïde. glycosuria. & m. — lévulose. globulicide. glycerin glucide. esp. m. (Afed. fbsed sun. grape must (cf. glucoside.t. de sousacétate de plomb. glycerin of glover. — marine. blood corpuscle. — gluer. tanin. m. glutinant. glucinium (béryld'amidon. glonoin(e). glycerin of phénol. Cf. n. m. o. gloire. glucinum. vissubacetate. — glouglou. (Med. glucosique. splendid.t. gluten. glomerulus.) globulinuria. glucoprotêide. glutelin. a. ptiscle. glycerin of tannic glucokinine. glycerin of alum. = glycéré phénolé. glutin. — d'hydrastis du Canada. glycerin of phénol. /. a. let. tannic acid glycerite. a. (Pyro. — sanguin. /.globiforme 211 glycérolé globiforme. — massé. {Pharm.) glutine. m.) glutinatit. glycéro-arséniate. au tanin. goose grass. glossary. (Pharm. glucomètre. m. /. /. glue. — de phénol. glutamic.) hemocytolysis. litic. a.glucosurie. glueokinin. /. (of the blood). glycolytic. a. globuline. m. globular. ter called glycerol). glycéro-alcoolé. a. glucosidique. designating the esters glucosane. spherugenetic glycoside. glossaire. glutéline. a. lium). (Bot. — marine glue.

gneiss. gneisseux. — de fusée. gum lac.) gneiss. — de souakin. glycogenic. sassa gum.t. glycyrrhizin. (Old Chem. Bassora gum. gnelssique. glucosuria. glycogénle. glyoxalidine. m. a. pointing. — de Sénégal. glycogenesis. glycogène. m. cup of mercury . cashew gum.N. glycogénique. inlet of a sait garden. glycidiqtte. m. glucuronic.) glycin (iV-p-(hydroxyphenyl)glycine). a. Galam gum (a kind of gum arabic). /. glycin. sizing. shallow dish (as one for stains). a. goder. a auperior kind of gum arabic. glycosamine. /. dyer's beaker. caoutchouc. /. gum arabic. glycinium. plaster with rougheast. a kind of gum arabic. red gum. glycocholic. beaker . a. — laque. • huile.) Glycine. glycyrrhizine. gum — elastic. — caillou. gum resin. glucose. glyoxaline. — de Gambie. euphorbium. gutta-percha.) goiter. m. T. gommer. — rouge. rougheast. gomme-laque. glycidic. (Properly. glyciqne. glycogeny. a glycoside is an oside of any sugar. glyoxalidine (imidazoline). glycomètre.) augen-gneiss.) sulfur. explosive gelatin. v. m. glyoxylique. gommelin (dextrin). gomart. grease cup. — arabique. (Med. glycination. m. Gambia kino. gumming. v. rough plastering. gobeleterie. bag. readily. gommeline. gum tragacanth. a pale West Indian resin. glycuronique.) acacia. /. gneissic.) mercury. calyx.t. — de Galam. m. beaker. glyeolytique. size. /. or a plant of this genus. gommé. m. glycination. m. hard rubber. chewing gum. gummy. /. glucic. — ammoniaque. — à effacer. a kind of gom arabic. — ammoniaque. waterwheel or the like). gamboge. glycosazone. gum acacia. — thébàique. cup. a. — des funérailles. m. = glucomètre. oil cup. /. glycocolle. glyeogénolyse. goitre. /. — dure. gummed . a. gum ammoniac. — de Sumatra. a. knurl. (Petrog. glycoside. — sauvage. v. Sénégal gum (gum arabic from Acacia senegal). gamboge. /. glycerophosphoric. mix with gum. xylan. a. m. — explosive. gum. (Photog. m.t. a kind of gum arabic. bucket (of an elevator. v.glycérophosphorique 212 gomme-résine glycérophosphorique. glucosamine. a kind of tragacanth. — adraganthe. /. godet. glycosuria. glycolysis. v. m. adv. celt. goitre. /. mill. (Pharm. — de Senar. glycol. glycymètre. rubber. wood gum. thin plaster. bitumen. /. gobier. gomme-grattoir. Galam gum (a variety of Sénégal gum). glyoxylic. eraser. — de Perse. glucoside. — œillé. gobelet. gum guttse. gum. a. {Bot. m. mercury switch. lac. gïycose. — de -mercure.y case. — de gémon. glycolytic. m. (Med. glycoprotéide. m. • pseudo-adra— gant(e). glyoxalique. tragacanth. glycolyse. gobeter. shellac. — berbera. m. fucoid. hollow glassware. = glucomètre. gobetage. glycyle. goblet . pucker. godronner. — — haut-du-fieuve. a. In the phrase tout de go. clogging» gomme. — de bois. glycéryle. • gutte. — à cuire. /. /. glycogenolysis. • élastique. animé. (Pyro. /. gumming. rubber.) glycosurie.r. — de teinture. — de Bassora. glycogenic. — d'euphorbe. crude turpentine. glyclle. a. gum lac. gum ammoniac. glycyl. o. immediately. m. Afric&n copal. gum animé (or animi). a. . — à . formation of or combination with glycine. gommelaquer. glyceryl. gamboge. glycine. gomme-résine. glycolic.i. — animé. — d'acajou. glycoside.) gumma. puckering. gulf. /. specif. glyoxaline (imidazole). v. shellac. — des sages.. gum . glycoprotein. — adragant(e). Âfrican kino. golfe. bagging. hollowglassware manufacture or factory. gum. — acroïde. /. as contrasted with plantation rubber. stick. gum guttae. (Petrog. gobetis. glycol. m. seaweed. glycogenous. gomme-gutte. ammoniac. glycocholique. gommage. treat with gum lac. iQld Che-m. = gomme des sages. — à graisse. fuse cup. glycine . goémon. gum arabic. glycollque. vitrify (brick). go. gommement. cup (taller than tasse and frequently without a handle) . glycogen. — de l'or. n. m. — à mâcher. glycosurie. glucosazone. glucinum (béryllium). gneissose. ammoniac. — felik. lac. aearoid resin. glycosurique. a glueoside is an oside of glucose. (Rubber) wild rubber. — molle. glycogénèse. eraser. glucina (beryllia) . /.t. glycocoll (glycine). m. m. m.

) goût .t. /. /. puff up. throat. m. (Afed. m. {Bot. m. — blanc. gorge. peg. m.) gummite. tar. — de cade. gouet. gosier. speciî. puff up . roof. m. gousse. gonne. m. — de graisse. Norway tar. peat tar. vanilla bean. m. petroleum tar. gourde. etc. v. gondoler. /. m. m. — d'os. goudronnerie. fat globule. a. goutteux. tarring.t. & i. taste . v. wood tar. drop. 77i. iridescent. gouty. distend.t. husk. gouty person. tarry. m. drain . (Afin. /. gourer. "burnt" taste. bottle brush. gommo-résineux. swolleii. m. — de vanille. (Bact. Juniper tar.i. blister (in a casting). coal tar. lunch. m. goudronneux. /. gouvernail. — de bois. arum (plant of the genus Arum or some related genus). furrow. lunch. gorge. lamp chimneys. key . v. gouplllonner. gore. test-tube brush (or one for bottles. /. white clay. swell out. gourd. relish . pod. a. swell up. opening. jars. goujon. (of plates. /. — de Norvège. cleanse with a test-tube brush. tar works. /. hull. v. distended. drip tray . v. goulot. swell. gum-resinous. bone oil. adulterator. — à —. — animal. gonadotropin. /.a. & r. or the like. channel. place where tar is prepared. (of trees) gummiferous. gouache. ewell. mouth. gonflement.) a mixture of pitch and tallow. (of garlio) clore. rudder. dov«-colored. furrow .i. Indian tumip (Arisazma triphyllum). swelled. goureur. gorgonine. gougeage. gum-yielding. gosiller. peg .r. droplet. — de lignite. Whirlpool. /. volcanic ash. resinify. or the like). — à trois feuilles. goûter. water-color. throat. goure. (less often) odor. splint. coal tar. key. plug. hollow. sprinkler (as for a forge) . m. goudronner. gorge-de-pigeon. orifice. spout. gonadotrop(h)lne. v.r. gonfler. m. gorgonin. /. inflated. — minéral. lùnge. (Paper) water stain. gorger.) minim. swelling. goudronnage. air pump. heave. m. /. Rupert's drop. pin. spout . v.t. inflate. guli.) a mixture of pitch and rosin.i. o. (Pharm. gusset. vegetable tar (usually wood tar) . Dippel's oil. (Pharm. v. (less often) smell . (Pyro. gonunlte. (Anat. gousset. choke (of a gun or rocket) . swallow. goulotte.) gononhea. goutte. m. goudron. — de pétrole. v.t. globule of oxidized métal (in an ingot). gullet. be tasted. — de tourbe.gommeux 213 gouverne gommeux. v. goniomètre. steering apparatus. minerai tar. pine tar. pine tar. Stockholm tar. — à calfater. ehannel. hasp. gonfler. — végétal. v. m. a. Gorgonzola cheese. blast-furnace tar.r. adulterate (drugs). — gras. gudgeon. barrel. (Assaying) bead. neck. /. abyss. gouger. gumrny. /. eaves . . oil of cade. dowel. v.) buckle. little drop. bone oil. gommifère. (Expl. neck (of a bottle or otfaer vessel). water colors . Dippel's oil. gummiferous. water-color painting. dowel. gouging. gommier. o. v. gum-bearing tree. gouverne. swell. gonflage. draft. guidance. /. gum-yielding. /. gouvernateur. goupillon. cask. gouache. taste. m.) gonococeus. — de sûreté.) governor. gonorrhée. resinification. gutter. taste. drip . — des hauts fourneaux. gonade. m. gond. smell. m. goutter. guide. oil tar. /. gouge. taste. jack-in-the-pulpit. dropwise. m. maltha. pin . m. flask. (ftfed. Gorgonzola. gummous. be liked. hook. groove. inflation .) gorli (Oncoba eckinata). gum tree. tar. distention.) pine tar. inSater. goupiller. v. navy pitch.) fill. drop. v. /. the acacia. trough. goniometer. — sec.) safety pin. groove . armpit. — des gazogènes. bracket. inflation. — de houille. (Mach.i. m. drop by drop. gouffre. canteen. v. /. — de cuit. goril. regulator. gorge. gonflé. form a tar. pin.t. gonocoque. a. (Pyro. — de pin. gonfleur. drip. like.t. ». place where tar is stored. like each other. a. brown-coal tar. (Pyro. stud. helm. ehannel . hinge. producer tar. gouttière. lignite tar. p. heaving. gorgonzola. m. gouttelette.) gonad. gorgée. goupille. goût. narrow-mouthed bottle.t. tube support . recess . peg. Stockholm tar. be carried over (said of the liquid which is being distilled for brandy). chute.t. — de verre. adulterated drug. brace.

grainer. graisse. v. — de paradis. grâce. graissage. greaser. /. p. etc. graceful . large-grained. graines de lin. — de fin. kindly.) Gram solution. large boit. (Pharm. Persian berries (buckthorn berries from the Near East). (Bot. etc. grading. Avignon berries. graminine. graines de Perse. a. (Pharm. goyave. main. etc. grease shop. m. m. v. greasing. graines des Moluques. stone. guava. governor. amber seed. — de bitume.) sorting to remove refuse. also their fruit). graduation. — benzoinée. particle. m. linseed. gouvion. o. /. grabeau. lubricating grease. /. graciously. garble. high. — du beurre. steering. grape. (Glass) a milky and intractable state due to excess of sulfate in proportion to lime. — de bœuf. m. graduateur. calibrate. graissier. shelf. grand. (Pharm. thanks to. grammaire. granulation.) pellet.) grammatite (tremolite).. gradation. gradué. graduator. m. — d'amorce. m. (Métal. grease. gradin. granular form. fatty. graisseux. cottonseed. gramme (15. m. govern. — d'orge. crude parafnn. — alimentaire. industrial grease. berry. (Med. degree. à gros —s. bench. (Pharm. graineler. graines de Tilly. — de lin. yellow berry. granular crystallization . grain of paradise. lubrication. à —s fins. graduation. graduate. altération causing ropiness. graduellement. — chromatique. dripping. lead shot. kitchen stuff. — de machines. — balsamique. m. grease dealer. garble. gracieusement. step. any member of the Poacese. graines d'Avignon. direction . graines de coton (or de cotonnier). garnetiferous.) grass. gradational. a. manage. See greneler. m. oleomargarin(e). a. tall.433 grains). owing to. graminée. m. nonfreezing lubricant. aniseed. adv. .gouvernement 214 grand gouvernement. berry. lubricating. greasy. — musquée. graduel. m. graduai. grammar. amber seed. Gram stain. guava (the fruit). graduer. — de girofle. large pin. thanks. m. (Glass) opaque inclusion. /. — verte. grain (in various sensés). chief. small shot. — à canon. scarp. — de laine. — de ménage. butterfat. fenugreek seed.) grass. gradually. kermès berry. wool grease. (Paper) scar. — jaune. — à facettes. grease. — d'écarlate. /. flaxseed. grain. m. flaxseed. fat. dealing in grease. lard. faceted grain. (Min. (when purified) lanolin. — de raisin. graines d'anis. Molucca grains. grease cup. m. coarsegrained. squall. wormseed. granatique. gram. graminin. /. grabeler.) grain. à —s serrés. — industrielle. tilley seed (from Croton tiglium). (Leather) haïr side. reserve fat. cardamom. gram. v. — du porc. pock. tier. linseed. grain showing acicular crystals. greasing. — antigel.t. grainaille. helmsman. gramen. pardon. bead. a. — truite. — de mouton. graining. close-grained. — ô godet. grease. lard. grâce. roping (as of wine). grammatite.t. (Pharm. rank. grease from restaurants and kitchens. French buckthom berries. (Bot. — aiguillé. /. — tinctoriale.) bushing. gradatif. gracieux. kind. grade. (Pyro. o. musk seed. large. mutton tallow. thick grease.) cull the refuse from . — de Turquie.a. kermès. /. (Moch.t. gramineous plant.i. management . gradation. long. graisseur. government. oiler. /. grainage. — animale. kermès. (Math. bullberry (Shepherdia argentea and canadensis. m. — mécanique. calibration. vegetable fat. refuse. — de réserve. self-acting lubricator. grease business. lubricate. shower. graisserie. a. — consistante. — à vers. m. — de plomb. gramme. adv. animal fat. (Wines) viscous disease. grease for household use. mottled grain. m. clog (a file). —s de lin. maize.t. gracious . broken or powdered glass.) primer. m.) fragment. chromatin granule. /. grain showing facets of crystals. a. regulator. goyavier. specif. wide. /. mercy. /. purified bitumen. calibrated. — végétale. gun was. becoming ropy. — minérale. grainure. gradua te. graine. tilley. seed. rnutton suet. — à. — joyeuse. great. tilley seed. — d'ambrette. step. edible fat. grease. (Indian) corn. grade. grabelage. graisin.) benzoinated lard. m. full. linseed. oily. guava tree.) pustule. v. finegrained. grand. gouverner. assay button. barleycorn.) grad. gouverneur. graisser. (Bact. (of wine) become ropy or oily. steer. /. lubricator. eggs (of sîlkworms). graduated. kermès berry. on account of. musk seed. buffalo berry. adult. unctuous. oïl. m. flaxseed. v.

a. gratte-ciel. scrape . m. granulated sugar. granulate. an instrument for cleaning buttons of precious métal. thickly. treat with graphite. sweet woodruff (Asperula odorata) . (of pictures. gratis. graphite. o. (of sirup) hard bail. grab. powdered madder. bunch. gratification. (Bot. fatty . (Bot. burdock (Arctium lappa) .) wild mallow (Malva sylvestris ). adipocere. rich . etc. enlargement . — foyer. grappiers. (of plants) fieshy. gratte-bosse. grappillon. (Bot. a glassblower's chief assistant. granit. (Bot. oily . greatness. (of motors) at maximum speed. enlarge. rash. natural (or actual) size. servitor. granulatoite. grandee. âc a. grapeshot. called variously first footman. Great Britain. — boulé. — axe. granuleux. grande digitale. cause to grow. high power. à grande eau. (Bot. grande puissance. small cluster. /. adv. scraper. gratiosolin. au — régime. grande masse. flesh.. en —. itching. fire bridge (in a réverbératory furnace).) Gratiola. — boucage. flatter. n. gratter. grow . aphte. scratch. grappîer. an impure precipitate formed in making white soap. heavy duty. great man. thick .i. highway. m. grain. — teint. — officinale. ofjicinalis). o. unctuous . (Bot. adv. graphique. gratiole. méat. gras. gratiolin. scraping. at large. cluster of buîlets.) raceme . grandly. granulaire. make great. granulator (for metals). (Bot. in excess of water.) common sunfîower. gratis. granitoïde. quicfc dispatch. mainland. reward. /. free. sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). /. v. m. (Ceram. ) burnet saxifrage (Pimpinella saxifraga). cleavers (Galium) . granule. bunch of grapes .) aliphatic . grateron. v. a. etc. (of casting sand) loamy. (Org. the Pacific Océan. grandeur. grand-bassam. flesh. a. granular. — filet. greatly. m. — air. — explosif. wheat and rye. A slow-setting cernent called ciment de grappiers is prepared from it.) heating to the highest température desired.a. bail maker. adv. great velocity . granulome. cluster. m. — de cadavre. grape. major axis. granulator. clayey. manufacture of graphite. etc. — gamin. granitique. (of wine) ropy. scratch : erase . méat.) common foxglove. quantity .. on a large scale.) granuloma. dispatch by passenger train. thick. adv. graphite. — naturelle. continent. granulage. granitelike. m. n. granitaire.) pellet. granitelle. v. — soleil. scrape. /. (Railways) express. m. /. Chem.t. — de raisin. gratte. greatness. granitic. graphitization . generously. gratiosoline. graphite. brush.grand 215 gratter maximum . granitoid. high explosive.) common houseleek. m. highly. grands blés. grande route. granuliforme. /. grappe. full fire. bail holder. grandeur. graphitique. granular. (of paper) moist. granular. m. le — Océan. growth. grande joubarbe. fat . (see gratter). wide-angled. mass. a. tease ^cloth) .t. (in schools) senior. m. plumbago. scraper. grattelle. /. grande ciguë. f ull speed . m. grand-œuvre. granulateur. agglomération. — feu. v. (of soil) heavy. (Bot. v. grand-angulaire. o. grandly. m. (of sirup) long thread. grande vitesse. a. adv. graphically. /. granulé. drawing. granulated. height. graphitai. hook. the nonpulverulent residue obtained when hydraulic lime is slaked. graphitic. granulated. grandissement.i. (Med. (of glass) milky and hard to work (see graisse). boshes (of a blast furnace). graph. gratte-brosse. & r. graniteux. graphiquement. (of metals) soft. grandement. size . graphiter. main road. graphie. granité. lump . pi. m. largeness. m. diagram. fast. full scale. a. m. (Alchemy) the transmutation of metals. (Pharm. fat . /. allowance . slippery . m. magnify. granité. graphitation. goose grass. wire . — autel. oily. plentifully. granulation. /. a. /. granule. granuler. scratch brush.) common basil. (see grand) . grande terre. grassement. graphiteux. grande mauve. skyscraper. etc. (Bot. /.) full-size. granitic. — garçon. fast dye or color. granitoid.) granitell.t. magniri cation. principal axis. main body (of a blast furnace). gratioline. granuliform. (Petrog. m. gratuity .t. m. an African crude rubber. greasy. grease . magnitude . etc. — basilic. grapeshot. stature. like granité. etc. grattage. open air. black lead. Grande-Bretagne. dignitary . increase. grandir. gratte-boësse. hedge hyssop (G. v. grappin. p.) poison hemlock (Conium maculatum).

v. paving stone . gravité. graver. iron garnet. grège. /. a. gravimétrie. /. graveler. implant. — à main. millstone grit. rather slender or thin. gravement.) split. tailings. granulated métal.t. threads or grains before bleaching. gravid. m. spécifie gravity. lead shot. fretwork. n. m. v. /. gravel pit. grave.) graywacke. v. grénetine. pregnant. m. grenage. gratture. scraper. v. m. gravier. v. 77i. grec. grêle. v. gritstone. gravois. be engraved . by mutual agreement. & t. gravimétriqué. v. /. v. of grec. /. (cap. — argileux. {Sait) a low mound on which sea sait is heaped. v. scraping. little grain. — de plomb.) powder grains remainmg on the sieve . crack. m. & m. refuse grain. grenat. in bulk. granulation. gratuitously. grenadier. pi. a. grain. stoneware. grêlon. In the phrase sirop grenadin. m. gratuitoug.). calcium aluminum garnet.gratte-tubes 216 grès gratte-tube s. v. — suffocante. gravel . pass (wax) through the grêloir. seriously. gravide. /. grecque.t. grêler. granulated tin. granulated lead . granary. (Med. greffer.). grattoir. greywacke. m. granulator. v. attic. pomegranate. gravel. grossularite.) transplantation. /. m. /. cobble. grenaille ment. v. — noble. incendiary grenade.) G r en ad a. granulate. gratuit. (Petrog.t. attach . grenailler. a. be attached.t. tube scraper. granular. etc. o. in good part. pyrope.r. Avignon berries. — de béton. {Ceram. m.r. graveleux. grenadine. kindly. or pellets made from their powder. granulate. of or containing gamète. /. sandstone. paper. /. engraver. gratuitement. en —. gritty. slender. grain . gravimetry. graft . seed. pi. fem. n. grep. a.i. frog . grit. malt floor. — alumina-aUcareux. gravure. sirup of pomegranate. gravière. an instrument for measuring out an exact weight of liquid. gravillon. a. Greece. en —. coarse gravel. rubbish. m. grêlet. /. — de Bohême. . gravimétriquement. o. — à aiguiser.t. argillaceous sandstone. a. sandy loam . pomegranate tree. granulated zinc. — fusante. (Pyro. adv. o. grenadine. small shot . /. lump of coal. hail. greneter. grès. granulated ore. graft . v.t. gré. liking. — de liesse. corn. — spécifique. a. granulated form (of métal). m. be etched . grain (leather. m. corning. & a. inclination . stdpple. garret. granadilla. climb up. /. rake. grener. grenaille. eraser. etching. m. gravimetrically. Greek. m. triturator (for antimony sulfide). gravity. gravely. /. sirup of pomegranate. grelots. /. free. stone chips. a. m. fret. de — à —. grenade. greffe. etc.. grenatique. m.i. time grenade. = gravais. — ferprecious garnet. a.) gravel. (Expl. shot. heavy. carreux. grîtstone . granulation. granular structure.) stoneware. v. cob coal. —. garnet. adv. hailstone.) fine stoneware. -pi. grafting . ascend. a. record office. gravimètre.r.i. — dur. /. smoke grenade. granular carbon . m. climb.. v. grain. grenier. m. Grèce. thin. asphyxiating grenade. gravivolumètre. gravelly. etch. gravelle. m. — d'étam. — de zinc. gravimétrie. (of silkworms) lay eggs. m. small. grêloire. gravel for concrète. m. — houiller. raw silk.i. — oriental. grenadier. grenadin. gravimeter (a kind of hydrometer). /. form granules. gravir. — cérame. adv. be grafted. gratteur. granulated. /. — fumigène. illustration. the refractory material of Hessian crucibles. gravitate. grélat. grenadille. grenade. grêloir. grenu. free. will. — fin. (of silk) raw. (of sounds) deep. (for gunpowder) corning machine. corning house (for gunpowder) . grainy. greneler. grenoir. engrave . engraving. cobble coal. — incendiaire. scouring sand . m.t. — o fusil. graviter. hail. g renette. grauwacke. (Cerawi. gravats.t. — à meule(s). griadstone. — à malt. a pasty emulsion obtained in refining turpentine. made from fireclay and sand. hand grenade. rifle grenade. /. a perforated vessel for converting wax into ribbons. screenings (of plaster). grit . granulating machine. loft. rock ruby (a fine red garnet). en. (Med. — syrien. scraper. grave. grained. graveur. grenouille. grenetine (a pure form of gelatin). (Wine) tartar. graining. grain (leather.

/. blisters on imperfectly baked porcelain. dog. m. pearl gray. jaw. grey. pea coal . dark gray. (Ceram. — cendré. v. strike (of workers). — ordinaire. of firedamp. grip. gresserie. grimpage. grid. n. firedamp. become gray.i. grille. Sound like that of sleet.) roasting furnace.t. grès-cérame. netting. faire —. pï. fire grate. grignons. etc. — de perle. broil. singe (eloth). v. sandstone quarry. grippage. grating. griffer. claw. prong. gritty. griou. grisoumètre. pearl gray. striking. gray. climbing. light gray. stamped signature. grésillé. (Ceram. shrink. etc. grève. — à analyse(s). gris. m. / . combustion furnace. griffes de girofle. m. root. m.r. grisoumétrie. deadroasting. zinc dust. gnash. — blindée. — de zinc. catch. m. m. roasting in heaps. /. (Ceram. grisou. or as with. grisâtre. — de foyer. / . sleet. a. sleet. pitted surface to. v. grippure. (Métal. (Mach. (Bot. v. gries. o. m. grille-écran. — de champ. scorch. grate. (Pharm.Radio) shot effect. (Métal. sand bank. (Ceram. singeing machine.r. used in construction. roasting kiln. grilloir. a. hook. dark gray. marc of olives. & r. seize with. v. relating to the measurement of firedamp. or grayish brown.a. — acier. stoneware. raw silk. v. parch. — en stalles. a sour cherry. v. etc. strainer.) give a rough.t. (Radio) suppressor grid. grill. fîre bar . m. impurities in crude turpentine. grisard. griottier. a.t. /. greyish. fie mettre en —. (see gripper). gray. snatch. grate. firedainp. (. m. coarse wheat flour. /. — à manche. tipsy. broken or powdered glass . grillage. sharp. shade (with lines) . (Ceram. grip . roast. (of paper) unbleached. grief. grating. encumber. (of wine) pale. popular (tree and wood). gray. grisaille. m. silver gray. (see griller) . roasting. m. m. sandstone . • shaking grate. grinding. galipot. adv. gray. roaster. sandstone work. etc. shriveled. grievously. grating. chirping (of crickets). pi. beeome intoxicated. for evaporations) . grey. — à jeu. /. grèze. scratch. grizzled color. seize. screened grid. (of salts) creeping. gripper. coarse sand. grésil. for Kjeldahl flasks. v. m.1 grind.) roasting in stalls. — vert. m. grate. calcining furnace. lattice. griotte. grippeler. . grip. steel gray. greensand. shriveling. striker. o. hard stoneware.) screen grid. catch.) common stoneware. found in plaster stone. — pierre. furnace for décompositions (as one for Kjeldahl flasks). calcine.r. stamp (for signatures). /. shrivel. a. griffe. a spotted marble. fire grate.t. crusts. grill. (Elec. m. a. grignard. grièche. — à mort. griser. grate. v. handle.t. — meuîier. m.) stoneware. gril. climb (up). — de rejet. rootlet (of certain plants). v. v. grill. grimper. aah gray. calciner . roaster. grind. mortar sand. grid. — à attaque. a. slate gray.grès 217 grisoumetrique boniferous sandstone. o. gripot. olaw. — perle. grimpement. bind. seizing. griches. — en escalier. roasting in kilns. grésiller. measurement of firedainp. singer. grille. — foncé. — d'analyse. intosicate. grisoumetrique. o. gravely. sour. shrivel up . gray. m. slirink^ shrivel. gréseux. (see grésiller). mixed white and black. Grignard reagent. abrasion. (see gripper). ûeià gray.) grindelia.i. p. m. prickly. grincement. serious. grillage. grincer. etc. zinc dust. grippement. furnace (as for combustions. grayish. burden. v. — à secousses. /.) gum plant (Qrindelia). — clair. m. millstone grit. seizing. gréviste. steel gray. an apparatus for analyzing air for firedamp. claws. grievous. grièvement. gripping. /. v. m.i. griot. m. due to reducing vapors in the kiln. trhn (the edges of a pièce of glass) . a kind of cherry tree. (see grincer). pawl. confusedly erystallized gypsum.i. / .i.t. m. grieux. — de fer. — au four à cuve. grien. gallipot.) having rough. grillager. gravel. step grate. m. catch.) worn part. contract. grit. brown. grievance. grever. (of salts) creep. — ardoise. shrink. grésillement. strike. — d'acier. seizing. olive husks. — en tas. (Dyeing) iron liquor. combustion furnace. grindélie. v. v. scratching. m. grizzled. clove stems. grille. — argenté. pitted glaze. seize. m. m. iron gray. make gray. burn. (Mach.) grip.t. griller. lattice. firedamp. strand. wedge. squeak.) roughness or pitting of the glaze. — à combustion.

dye with woad. imido (or imino) group. grow larger. pregnant. (Métal. sulfonic group. 3. size. made from whale refuse. a. creasing. rumble. perfect. yttrium grogner. grossièreté. coarse flour. grunt. coarsely. cave. gooseberry. grossly . m. guaéthol. stuff.t. big end. — en série. currant bush. /.) connect in séries. /. containing firedamp. body. v. grogram (a fabric). crease. wheat weight. a fertilizer grossiste. group. converter. guanidine. great . grumeau. groupe. mass. crash. adv. main part . — de poissons. grossier. largely. v. guanier. coarse. sulfo guêpe. m. grossièrement. group . wholesaler. rumble. grossesse. — directeur. v. — à maquereau. gross . coarse.guanidyle. group . deep . — guayac.). coarseness . prostlietic group. grumillon. cluster. m. guaco. guéder. meal. groisillon. (Elec. m.r. small cavity (in cast métal). m.) connect in parallel. méat guano. — imidê. guanidyl. guacine. converter set. directing group. aminé. gros. m. (of persons) rich. grouping . revenue. (Com. curdle. bat grossissement. pièce of forge scale. gather. group. guapinol. en tension. & Pharm. set. reduce to meal.a. m. guanidine.82 g. woad. m. in. o. v. gros-blanc. increase. /. /. large. v. currant. wholesale trade. keto group. grossularite. roar. currant-colored. crâne. nodule. im. — marin. m. m. a cernent or mastic com.t.. phosphatic guano. /. — convertisseur. m. wholesale. cheese. — de viande. — toxophore. methyl gronder. wasp. n. a coarse variety of dens. lumpy . cavern. heavy. a. haptophore group. move. bulk. courbaril. v. compile . enlarging . fiery. (Leather) powdered chalk used groupement. /em. magnifyguano. (Bot.t. butt end. assemble . /. /. pregnancy.~) guaco.i. grind. rough. m. roughly. bulk. in. gooseberry. /. of gros.t. guanyl. amplifying. a. currant . /. v. gatherin making parchment. — blanc = crâne. grotte. — haptophore. amino group. p.) bloom. imperf ectly.t. grits. curd. pièce.) connect. /. groinson. (à ticle. guaniferbe magnified. grossement. small en —. — en quantité. cram. large iron bar.i. swelling. (Elec. rudely. grossulaire. tumor.i.gruer. (Elec. clôt. swelling. chromophore. magnification. a large pièce of sugar. — grume. guano. m.i./. of or yielding guano. adv. inmanure. a. — yttrique. steam crâne. v. — en dérivation. clôt. enlarge. much. grumelure. Gruyère cheese. v. (Elec. roughness. /. grosso modo.guanine. m. verte.t.r. gruyère. nodular. m. grue. rude. high. gruger. m. swell. connection. currant. m. enlarged or amplified. groseille. — prosthétique. grouper. Greenland. grow large or larger.grisouteux 218 guêpe group. guanid(in)o. — bout. crawl. coarse material. tatter. lump. devour. (of colors) dark. gross. flour . Groenland. guédon. grosse. (Elec. coagulate.) Connecting up. /. — méthylique. — sulfonique. toxophorous group. guapinol. swell. grugeon. crunch. woad dyer. céto. /. — de chauves-souris. magnify. fiock. — à vapeur. cullet. m. grosserie. large grumeleux.gtte. grumeler. thick. fish guano. class. v. blood guenille. guaiethol (2-ethoxyphenol). haptophorous group. v. .) wholesale . méat creasing. broken glass. — groisil. reduce to meal. guéer. v. smalt. a. roughly.r. posed of whiting and glue. group. ing. guaiacum (tree or wood). grind. — • specif. magnifying . m. clotty. curdy . — bleu. v. grossly. — polaire. dram (old gruau. gross. bark. v. toxophore group. pastel (either dye or plant). a. in gênerai. Schweitzer grosseur. grouiller. m. guacin. rag. gruauter. guédron. growl. grisouteux. (in dyes) guéderon. enlargement. v. specif. a wooden vessel used in sait gargros-blanc. motor generator. increase. group. gruel . m. currant-red. — phosphaté. grossir. guaner. — sanguin. rinse. /. amplify. clotted. guanine. m. v.t. swarm. (goutte) drop.m. . big. a.i. grumble. adv.t. group. grotto. large-sized material. in gênerai. log. group. manure with guano. guanyle. pargroseillier. coarsely. ous. m. /. meal.) guèâe. — fer. maquereau) gooseberry bush. grossular. fish ing. meal . groats . grossissant. lump coal . guano. magnifying power. grumble. abbrev.

de.) sow. a. — de gustatoire. curable. gustative. m. guider. few. percha. m. pig mold. healing. Tri. warfare. tle. a. gum guttse. pig iron. gymnosperm. fermentgyratoire. a sentry box. wrapping. & r. marshmallow (the confection). gummic (Obs. /. m. m. brush (as for tar or pitch) . little window. (Olass) a hollow cylinder used out. v. /. gypsométrique. martial. guiller. gummifère. shutter. as guimauve. gummy. m. guiper. fashion. a conning tower. a locomotive cab or in stirring optical glass.t. earthy gypsum. — mère. gypseux. — gutte. not long. /. a. (. Bhoad. granulator (for powder). chemical warfare. gummiferous. Short for gutta-percha. lift. en — guesdron. steer. ferment. warlike. m.) marsh mallow (Ala condensation ehamber in the manufacthaea) . (Iron) sow. /. wrap (with tape or the gas warfare. conduct. cure. manual. gulonic. /. heal. gueuse-mère.t. gurjun. gypsilère. throat. a small ehamber or shelter. mesh . be cured (of). guidon. pastel. (see guider). m. pertaining to the détermination of sulfates in wine. treat with Gunite (cément. bearing gypsum. mop. (of a gun) muzzle. guignolet. war départaient. v.t. gurjun. m. a. /. guide. guvacine. a kind of rum . tion ehamber. guide. — chimique. mouth (of a blast fur. . guttifère. gum.i. rein. 771. gymnosperme. guet. lie in wait for. pocketbook. wise. a. gypsometer (apparatus for determining sulfates in wine). (Brewing) work. m. gyle vat. hoist.) in guichet. (Iron) small pig. not muoh.) gymnospermous. gyratory. a. a. /.) pig. guilloire. lit. m. guesdre.guniter. v. v. m. put in quotation marks. recover. direct. a look. (Bot. m. ture of zinc oxide. fermentation vat. /. war. guidage.) guhr. v. gypsiferous. gypsometric. m. (Brewing) working. /. /. like). sand and water applied with an air gun). gum-bearing. guyacan. a. guéthol. gurgueulette. a. m. m. m. guinée. gypseoua. taste. wicket. gurgu. m. watch. guillemeter. /. manner. guide.t. guide. /.guillaume. m. gamboge. a téléphone booth. /. 77î. — respiratoire. guipon. a. (Founding) gâte. v. gypseux. glue. sweet cherry (tree).i. (Olass) working hole. o. gutter. guetter.guinand. winding. woad. gurjum. gutta-perca.) guttiferous. healable. gustatory. cure. gueuse. guérir. gueulard. jun balsam (from Dipterocarpus species). (with ne) searoely. guildive. guerrier.).t. etc. (Bot. (Bot. earthy deposit. tasting. raise. (Min. nace) . m. guillage. cément gun (see guniter). guérissable. wind. (Min. by way of. guvacine. guhr. gutta. mouth . mouth (of a sewer). /. v. mouth .t.guinder. watch. quote. m. guayacan. cherries. v. guillemet. gueule. — des gaz.) mistletoe (Viscum album). v. instead of. hardly. recovery. respira.) Guinea. guignier. (Iron) small pig. warrior. gutta-percha. (Bot. m. way. m. insulation. (Métal.t. m. m. /. heal. guniteuse. (Geol. gustation. plane. gui. guerre. ing. mesh. fonte. guérite. guiding. guaiethol (2-ethoxyphenol). guttagueuset. gummique. gustation. /. gypse. gypsum. gueusat. a liqueur made from sweet gypsomètre. /. the form of drops or tears. n. a. fermenting room. gulonique. /.guère 219 gyratoire guère. /. & Mining) float ore. woad dyer.t.Métal. (cap. guinea. guipage. guérison. quotation mark. SUide-âne. guise. v. adv.

haillon. pertaining to the chemcoat. mer head. fit. — hacher. halogénhydrique. halographie. haitsai (a seaweed gelatin). hem. chop. in practice. (Leather) (For phrases see hall. a. /. m. — d'alhash. habituer. hatching. hâte. skillfully. tatter. v. etc.i. halohydrine. p.t. capable. v. halurgy. luem-. hatchet. halochromy. the art of preparing salts. shred. habituellement. (see hacher). /. habiller. house. alkylmaghabitude. garment. en —. one who writes about salts. a fracture) hackly. a. hatchet. ably. 06s. halide. etc. halogen. clothing. skillful. shop. settlement . casthouse. plantation. nous. n. hachich. /. pertaining to the déterhaine. ability. a. dump heap. -wrap.t. v. heme. a.a. (Biol. /. cover. — à marteau. inhabit. haler. halogène. p. dress. assemble. halohydric. détermination of salts. halde. usually. halologique.t. (Photos. m. habileté. halochimie. halo. usual. rough. a. customary.). halogenated. o. & i. clothes. a. designating the resddues of hatchet. résident. become. n. the amount of salts présent (as in sirups) . ornesium halide. pertaining to the préparation or manufacture of salts. halogen. In the phrase habiter. halogehabituel. m. a. halométrique. halochromie. dressing. halogenatable. p. istry of salts. board. hack. customarily. m. hall. habituai. /. composé halogénalkyl-magnésien. hatch. hâte. dump. abhor. = hall. = halomètre (first sensé). haul. (see hacher) . habit. annealing packing. — de fonderie. /.) halation. dwell. clothing. v. m.t. haltère. adv. adv. /. fit. a. halotechnique. chopping. hachisch. halogen. hachage. halogéner. /. halogène. halochimique. halo. haloïde. dinarily. etc.t. v. halogenide. hatch. m. the chemistry of salts. custom. m. an instrument for measuring the angles of haï. — de coulée. halogénure.i. m. goniometer. a. hachette-marteau. m. hachette. mince. /. in working trinj. market. foundry house. detest. m. hatchet. detested. market place. halogénhydrate.) taw. m. — de recuit. (of halogéno-. dumb-bell. acyl halide. haché. cutter. shop. suit. customarily. v. fit. haleine. a. m. alkyl halide. rag. 220 . hall.t. ax. habituate. halophile. halogenate. habillage.a. sait crystals. compétent. halogénalkyl-magnésien. halography. halo-. be becoming. SOi. halide. a treatise on salts. v. heap. /. Rare. an apparatus for determining haexn.H habile. halochromism. haloid. aux mélanges. haï-tzé. shading. etc.i. — à main. (of haïr) hated. habitation. description of hachette-marteau. casting house. /. shed. hatred. /. hydrohahde. shade. chopper. v. coyle. habitation. m. halohydrin.t. m. halogénable. clevcrness. (see habiller). hatchet with hamsalts. pant. haunt. or description of salts. habillement. — habilement. m. habitually. /. cleverly. accustom. m. — à poing. inhabitant. hache. live in. chopping halologie. habitant. v.p. skill. hachoir. pertaining to the knowledge hachure.) halophilous. a. hand ax. hashish. shade. chopped. haïr. tow. room. diess.t. hachurer. enmity. /. /. See hém-. eut (in pièces). halle. m. /. dwelling. /. halide. mination of salts. haloraétrie. v. d'—. a. hedge. haleter. d'acide. = halographe. /. halomètre. halimètre. v. halotechnie. halurgie. clever. halogénique. acid halide. /. breathe quickly. oxaeids (as NO3. breath. m. habit. mixing house. pull. m. haie.

at the top. hardi.) aplome (variety of andradite).) hatchettite. & r. aloud. à la — de. Hebrew. m. luck .. m.i. harnard. above. v. harmonically.t. v. hebdomadairement. m. pitch. au —. harmonize. happant. hashish. mine run. lift.r. /.) henbane (Hyoscyamus niger). m. a. harveyage. — fourneau. abbrev. hamlet. chance . /. v. hectare (10. hanebane. hurry.t. a. a. (Min. haut-parleur.t.) Hamamelis. barrow. au — de. & m. v. iron sulfate (Obs. hastiness. hardiesse. a. fish hook. (Bot. upward. /. en — de. hanche. hastily.t. harmane. randomly. weekly. haraess. hautement. m. haplome. gear. seize. highly polished. in any case. wagon. deep.. m.) haùynite. m. m. m. Hebraic.) toothing. Obs. m. hâtivement. r. hasard. up. & /. à tout —. hameau. rise. upward. adv. harmoniously. haschisch.. -phore. at ail events. top. havane. p. by accident. m. /.t). be raised. m.) hangar. once a week. m. weekly. raise. by the upper way. eut. equal to. hambourg. haver. with La) Havana. Haye (La). adv. a. hasardeux. /. harbor. à la —. m. above. etc. forge scale. at the risk of.t. with Le) Havre. rise (as in price). adhère. quicken. harnais.. happelourde. hameçon. hatchetine. (of colors) bright. witch hazel. haptine. hazard. at the top of. haptène. depth. hareng. a. 2. (cap. harmonieusement. v. snap up. hâte. harmaline. hip. increase. a. hangar. high . something which serves to raise. /. to tbe genus harmaline. — de Virginie. haute pression. o. shank.) leg. stamper press. hurriedly. cf. haveuse. harmoniquement. in haste. hect. (Mach. m. gu^. loud-speaker. highly. fréquent. m. m. hebdomadaire. a.t. oil press. haqu£t. /. truck. havre. hasarder. -phoric.) coarse screen. hébétude. & r.. haunt. hâter.a. happer. staff. snatch. harp . par —. .halurgique 221 hectare halurgique. undercut. adv. /. prématuré. adv. daring. a.) harveyize. keg. highly. Harveyize. élévation . risk . early. haut. adv. d'en —. rear sight (of small arms). Havana cigar or tobacco. (Bot. m. haunch. /. boldness. v. harasse. harman (an alkaloid). griîzly. hauyne. stick. (Mining) cutting machine. (Tech. at random. (hectolitre) hectoliter. venturesome. /. hâtiveau. harmonique. head (as of water). en —. from top to bottom. witch-hazel leaves. harmine. cart.i. (of fruits) early. light chestnut. catch. adhèrent (as clay to the tongue). haricot. hammer scale. hurry. herring. /. abreast with. snroud. early fruit or vegetable. a. m. harmony. m. high gloss. de — en bas. stalk. m. clamp . harmoniser. harmonieux. hausser. v. v. associate with. haptophorous. venture. m. bold. hébéter. run of mine. rise. hauban. high pressure. altitude . (Min. le — Rhin. venturesome. hapten. harpe. havresat. haut-fourneau. /. fève). hastily.) stem. second course (of a reverberatory furnace). he%ht . (Métal. harveyiser. bargain.000 sq. by chance. m. /.) hébétude. haufwerk. imitation gem. haptophore. hâtif. dullness. upper. hazardous. hampe. Phaseolus. harmine. back. high. par en •—. (see happer). /. blast furnace. /. adv. crate (as for glass or porcelain). chance. open shed. handle. aloud. (Pharm. m. (cap. haste. a. v. (Métal. hectare. openly. v. v. adhering. loudly. harderie.t. hébreu. (Min. harmonie. Harveyizing. crucible tongs. blast furnace. (Bot. m. hardy. loudly. from above. n. /.t. loftiness. /. upstairs. m. a. from above. m. cramp. slot. /. m. up above. (Med. /. kirve. hanter. par —. hébraïque. hamaméUs. (cap. hazard. harmonie. (Aero. bean (refers specif. the Upper Rhine. small cask. en —. & i. haut-brillant. height . m. support. risk. v. relating to sait making. /. harmonious. gearing. happement. The Hague. hasty. hausse. Hebrew. hasten. adhering. on a level with. hauteur. stupefy. stay. accident. (of weather) clear.471 acrea). equipment. happe.t.) hamamelis leaf..) Hamburg.

/.) helvite. a. 22. a process of photo-engraving. hemorrhoid. hémostatique. hemihedron. hémimorphe. hémine. & m. (Mech. hémorragie. gais.) hemitropism. m. 26. henequen. a. hémorrhagique. helminthique. a. o. /. hémoglobinurie. hématoporphyrine. hémotoxine. helianthin (methyl orange). /. hémiédrie. (Cryst. a. a. m. hemoglobinometer. — brune. (Afin. /. hecto. a. hématurie. limonite. hématocrite. hémopyrrol. color photography. m. (Cryst. helvétique. hémorragique. hémocytomètre. hématinique. hémocyantne. — rouge. héliotropine.hecto 222 henequen hectogramme. /. hémipinique. hématoïdine. hem. hemieylindrical.8 eu. m. semipermeable. helical. helicoprotein. haemolysin. semicircular. helicorubin. /. m. hémomètre. hemolysin.) serew. iiematinic. hemin. (Med. hematogen. hemihedry. hemolysin. hemochromogène. hemipteron. haematimeter. a. /. hémimellique. hématimètre. m.. 130. m. hémoglobinomètre. hématogène. intestinal worm. o. hecto. hemadynometer. hémorrhoïde. hemotoxin. hematimeter. spiral. a. m. hématine. hematocrit. hédéoma. /. hémorroïde. (rarely) hemihedric. ordinary hématite. hémihédrie. hemiptère.) hematuria. (Bot. haematin. m. hématoxyline. (Cryst. hémolysine. hematolysis. helianthus. /. haemoglobin. hémolytique. hélianthe. /. /. hémérythrine. hélicoprotéide. hemipinic.) sunflower. sisal hemp. hématite. logwood tree (Haematoxyïon). hémiperméable. hemihedral. henequin. helicin. haematoidin. /. (Bot.) hématite. hematoporphyrin.) hemostasia. propeller. m. hemolytic. /. hematolysis. /. (Afin. /. (Cryst. hematitic. heliotypy. hederaceous. m. hectostere (100 eu. hemorrhagic. a. m. m. /. hectolitre (100 liters. (Med.) hemitrope. haematic. hemometer. hématéine.. hemacytometer. S. henequen.). (Min. hémorrhagie. haematein. hémiédrique. /. hemolysis. /. hélioplastie. hemipterous insect. hélice. /. of or like ivy. m. hematein. plagihedral hemihedrism. hectogram (100 grams).). héliochromie. /. hemitropic. helenin. hélénine. hémicylindrique. blood. /. /. /. /. hemocytometer. Swiss. a. hemaphein. helminthe. /. — plagièdre. hemolyze. helléborine. heme. heotoliter. v. (Cryst. hémostase. hematinuria. /. hémitropie. /. hémaphéine. héllcine. hemoglobin. yds. haematocrit. helicin.) sunstone. héliographie. haemin. hemoglobinuria. erythrocyte. a. (American) pennyroyal. hémimorphte.) hemimorphism.36 yards). hélicoïde.) hemiprismatic. pile. a. m. helléboréine. héliographique. hématie. hémisphérique. (Cryst. /. hemispheric(al). hématique. héliochromie. m. o.417 U. hélianthine.) hemihedral. (Cryst. hectometer (109. /. haematinic. hemimellitic. hémolyser. hematoxylin. heliographic. hémoglobine. m. hémiprismatique. helicoid. heliography. helleborein. hemihedry. aventurine. blood-red. hematolytic.) hemihedrism. helvine. & m. haemotoxin. hehninth. m. hédéracé. red blood corpuscle. hémièdre. haematogen. a. hélix. hemipic. hémitrope. héliochromique. hectomètre. hectostère. hematoidin. hématinurie. hémimellithique. helleborin. hemihedrism. o.0097 Brit. . héliotypie. hématolyse.) hedeoma. hélicoside. /. hemolysis. helicoid. /. m. /.t. hemochromogen. a. /. haematoxylin. a. m. m. /. heliochromy. hélicorubine. m. a. haemostatic. /. (Med. a. m. /. heliotropin (piperonal). hemocyanin. m. a. /. /. hémicirculaire.) hemimorphic. red hématite. hemopyrrole. hectolitre. héliolithe. haematuria. hématoxyle. /. /. hemostatic. hématie. hématolysine. hemostasis. a. hemoerythrin. hème. hemitropy. brown hématite. hemorrhage. hematin.) helminthic. hémolyse. /.

seaconjugated protein. herb trade or shop. woodwaxen ousness. herbous. hepsométrique. wort.) a ferruginous braun— au verre. herbacé. o. heparin. heptavalent. hour. heirship. /. — jaune. m. ing the evaporation of sugar solutions. /.t. /. herbage. cat thyme. m. m. woodwaxen (Genista hertzien. a. tinctoria). /.. hétéroprotéine. hépatique. time. bristle. heracleum. harrow. wax bleaching . of evaporation of sugar solutions. titis. cog wheel. v. hétérogénèse. covered . héparine. herborisé. meadow. pasture land. m. heroic. a. herculéen. alkekengi. adv. m. herbivore. pistachio resin. n. heule. m. (Bot. heterogeneous. spur hepsométrie. heptahydroxy. héraut. (Min. hedgehog . tarragon.i. m. at this herbeux. prickly. /. tanner's hétérogénéité. — à savon. herb dealer. herbe parfaite. dendritic. à V— qu'il est.. hedge mustard hétérocyclique. hereditary. v. — à jaunir. sunflower. heure. — à fièvre. m. weed. (Sisymbrium officinale). tized. — hespéridine. herald. tenter. bristly . hétéromorphie.t. inheritance. m. Herculean. heteromorphy. m. (OU Chem. a. unripe. time. hérisson. à cette —. a. monks. /. — aux tanneurs. hesperià Robert. grass. o. hêtre. /. héritier. madder. yellowweed. m. soapdin. m.hétéromorphe. herboristerie. hespéridoside. alumroot (Heuchera americana). m. bristling.) clay flux. /. (Masonry) hepsomètre. héraclée. /. v. héros. v. T. en —. harrow. /. dyer's hétéroprotéide. heterogeneity. — d'Améherberie. hepatic. — du lieu. — à loup.hétéroatome. (Genista tinctoria). v. heptyl. heptavalent. become rough. hernie. rupture.i. héréditaire. heuchère. saltwort. a. (Métal. herbage . Hérodote. (Min. v. heptanaphtène. — des Juifs. m. (Beseda luteola).hériter. wolfsbane. /. — aux teinturiers. air-tightradical) . herbaceous.r. beeeh (either tree or wood). green.t. (Cryst. — dragon. /.hésiter. heptyle.t. woad (Isatis tinc. /. Herodotus. weed. hétérocline.) hepatica. /. hermetically. héroïque. — au scorbut. /. pertaining to Hermès Trismegistus or to heptatomique. /. rique. inheritance. hepatization. Hermetism (alchemical heptine. hero. learia officinalis). herb Robert. toothed cylinder. — mauvaise. Hertzian. (Bot. hétérologue. bleaching place .hérédité.henné 223 heure henné. — au soleil. a. pasture. hermétique. hermetic state. scurvy grass (Coch. heptatomic. grassy. heteroxanthine. heptylique. héritage.) hepar. o. Heroin (diacetylnaorphine). herboriste. in embryo. henneh.) cow parsnip. /. belladonna. — de Saint Antoine. hérisser. bleach on the grass. heptamethylene (the herméticité. m. bristle. herb.. hetero atom. cat. hépar. — marine. a. a. heterologous. grass. rocket (Reseda luteola). heptyne. a. m. a. heptanaphthene. heredity. hétéromorphisme. /. /.. nightshade. boneact (Eupatorium perfoliatum). kali). — aux chantres. heterogenesis. stretching frame. = herse. prospective .) heteromorphism. /. become hepa. héritage. /. — de Saint-Philippe. measurement of the degree wheel. herbe. heures sup- . hétéroxanthine. a. (Med. herbue.) hépatite. — empoisonnée. herbivorous. heteromorphic. — dragonne. m. a. & i.) arborized. alchemy.N. willow herb (Chamœnerion angustifolium). hood (Aconitum). hermétisme. a. cycloheptane (the compound). m. heir. o. /. hérissé. v. dyer's rocket (Reseda morphous. heterogenesumac.. heptyl. heterocyclic. heptaméthylène. local time. cover. hermetic(al) . septivalent. at the présent herbivore. henna. hepatize. (Afin. inherit. v. an apparatus for regulatrough-cast. ness.) heparough . o. herber. hermétiquement. /.hétérogène. glasswort (Salsola ite. — à rayons. doctrine or cuit).) heuchera.t. — parfaite. now. hépatite. m. nip. pertaining to hepso. speoif. /. heterotoria). — aux chats. herb market. héroïne. m. m. (Bot. Hermetic(al). a. métrie. dyer's rocket herser. time. /. hesitate. hernia. luteola). hépatisation. hépatiser.

notch. histolyse. /. hexitol. . hectoliter(s). /. hexylene. braise . wintry.) Holland. a. hollander. hexagon. history. a. hexahydrine. /.p. knock. m. (For other phrases see under bon and tout. of or pertaining to hollandais. exhilarating. hexaèdre. m.holoèdre. pull up. a. holocristallin. struck. hexachloré. m. a. Dutch. o. m. m. ately. (Elec. shock. hivernage. holoédrie. /. histochimie. a. sur V—. knock . hisser.. hexaméthylène.) hidrotic. m. hexavalent.ù hibernate. hexadecanoic. v. histolysis. six-membered histologique. hevea. heurter. a. heurt. collision. histogenetic. a. hollande. histidine. hexine.. hexahydride. hexachlorostannate. heureux. hexabromostannique. v. hexosan. record(s). crown (as hidrotique. creak. ram. dron. holland (the hexanltré. chlorostannatehistochimique. hièble. shake.) holohedral. beetle. histogenic. run against.a. m. histochemistry. m. winter season. a. hectolitre(s).t. strike. hippuric. (Cryst. specif. winter. hévé. histogénique. esp. hL.hexonique. m. hexyne. hippurique. hirsutin. cyclohexane (the compound). hibou. histogeny. & m. fabric). (ring). a. m. hexagonal. (IV). m. Dutch (language) . hévée. m. holoédrique. pulper. (of acids) hexonic . for the hexite. m. histidine. hexachloro. winter . Ho(OH)3. nick. /. on the instant. (Cryst. m. immedi. m. o. hexahydrophénol. hexahydraté. a.) hexatetrahe. o. a. v. hoist. hier. présent. hile. m. ram. m. Dutch porcelain. (Photog. etc. a. yesterday.) hexosane. a. /. adv. of hexylene. histology. /. (cap. /. sill. geously. a. hirsutine. nick. story. hexahydrure. m. hexyl. (Med. shock. bromostannichistamine. histological. heurter) hit. /. /. histologiste. a. a. Danewort (Sambucus ebulua). hiverner. histologie. (cap. hexagonal. hexahydrated. adv.) holohedron. histoire. /. abbrev. histo hexahydrobenzene (cyclohexane). hexanaphthene. hexahedral. histogenèse. /. hexahydrobentory.t. hexaédrique. holohydroxy. knock. p. m. /. buffer. m. pleasing. hexahydropyridique. pahnitic. (formerly) hexite. m. hexaméthylénique. winter. etc. See hydrine. /. rific.) holohedrism. hexahydrobenzénique. overtime. a. /. /. raise. hexanitro. a. (Bot. m. hexylique. jar. hydroxoplumbate. o. adv. owl. v.holmine. hevea rabber.t. hexavalent. o.t. hexyl. /. hit.heure 224 holoédrique plémentaires. stop. hexahydroxybenzene. a. (Cryst. historien. hexahydrin.) Dutchman. histologically.) lamp-hour. historié. heureusement. hexahedral. hexagone.i. notch. heurté. m. a. histologie. hexachloride. hexanyarophenol hiver. heure-lampe. sexivalent. a. hivernal. cog. m. to hexahydropyridine (piperidine). pour V—. a. hexachlorure.) holocryatalline. happily. knock. histogenesis. m. wintering. (of hie.r. hexaâécanoïque. fortunately. v. hexaoxybenzène. hexamethylene. collide with . hit. (see heurter). histologist. historian. fortunate. m. hohnium hydroxide.) hilum. /. advanta. m. hedral. hexamethylene (the hoche. hitting. shock. hocher. hexatomic. zoic (cyclohexanecarboxylic). of or pertaining aging (of ceramic clay). histogenic. a. radical) . adv. of or pertaining historique. hexahedron. Edam cheese. m. hexatétraèdre. (of bases) hexone.) contrasty. hexyle. historiquement. hexahydrobenzoïque. drive. histogenetic. hexagonal. (IV). m. p. happy. catch. hexyhc. & i. histologiquement. pile driver..hexylénique. liexanaphtène. historical. v. /. heurtoir. hollander. hexafluoride. a. hiatamine. collide. histogénie. a. /. hexakistétraèdre. hexa. strike. hirsutoside. Dutch cheese. m. gaz —. histochemic(al). hexaplombate. hilarant. hexafluorure. historically. (cyclohexanol). sudoof a bridge). m. laughing gas (nitrous oxide). hexanitrated. (Cryst. histogène. hexatomique. hexakistetrahedron. a. (Petrog. o. heurtement. v.

t. hors-d'ceuvre. unskilled laborer. a. overall. m. — de mer. ashamed. honnis. honneur. holosidère. a. shameful. excepting. homocafélque. mint. homopyrrole. subjeot to hongroyage (which see). m. hopogan. kindness . homophthalie. v. hongrieur. hostility. m. prep. ness. — fermée. honteux. homogentïsïc. basket (for ore. etc. m.). homogenizer. civility.hotter. homogéniseur. homomorphe. leather. hongroyage. horticulturist. (See also hors homologiquement. /. hordénine. — de métier. homogenization. guest. homology. fatty material). /. house. a. outside. v. specialist. seaman. log(ue). hormonic. m. = hongroyeur. a. hongrois. scuttlefnl. timetable. homeomerism. m. /.) holosiderite. homologize. homogenize. a. m. homogeneity. v. homogenizing apparatus. hôte. homogénéisateur. homohors-tout. homologically.t. /. hors d'œuvre. artisan. . capable of being homolo. a. honour. under œuvre. to.holoprotéide 225 houblonner holoprotéide. m. oilman. v. houblonnage. m. homogénéisation. — homogènement. homogeneous. v. (Med. (principal) hospital. honesty. a. m. guage) . homeogenous. of.horloge.t. shame. honte. a. prep. honorablement. horizontal. m.t. homopyrocatechol. horary. Hungarian. homogène. a. maker of Hungary leather. holoprotéine. m. scuttle. hodful. hall. en —. hongroyeur. d'œuvre. relish. Hongrie. homologique. of magnésium peroxide. homoquinine. homogénéité. avoir —. /. homeomeric. houblonner. honorarium. homomorphic. homogeneously. leather (tanning with alum and sait fol. m. Hungary. /. m. hotte.t. hood. m. homard. horror. out gized. homofocal. a. horreur. hôtel. homologous. a. honorably. homogeneous. a. honoraire. homologous. hormonal. adv.t. hostilité. homoquinine. homophtalimide. homogénéiser. hopping.. homogentisique. honestly. /. city hall. or scutlowed by dressing with tallow or other tle. m. homme. — de 'peine. — de ville. fee(s) . a. m. hotel-Dieu. hormonal. honnêteté. honor. a. impregnate with hops. adv. adv. building. convert into Hungary houblon. préparation of Hungary hottée. mansion. hoeing. honor.N. horizontalement. /. hod.) Hungarian. homofluorescein. homogentisinique. horizontally. {Min. m. — de pé. homologie. homopyrrol. /. /. houage. m. honorary. hoquet. homéomère.honteusement. (cap. be an honor liquida by behavior of their drops). reasonable. hordéine. /. host . adv. moderate. homologable. hourglass. honest. homogenizer. in favor. adv. homologuer. décent. hospitalier. hop. outside. homophtalique. (see honfrom conjugated protein). /. a. oil man. m. homologic(al). /. horticulteur. n. adv. = hongroyage. without. homogénéifier. level. basketful. except. confocal. Magyar (lanclosed hood. hop (the plant or its flower). lobster.hors. ple or derived protein (as distinguished honnêtement. homophthalimide. accessory part. homopyrocatéchine. hourly. liorticultural. m. horizontal. a. /. v. appetizer. be ashamed. except that. man. shamefully. a. hiccup. ^ homéotropie. horaire. homofocal. a substance consisting mainly homofluorescéine. carry in a basket. sim. (also pi. hospitable. hôtel. /. T. a. addition of hops. — des monnaies. homeomery. n. propriety. hod. homocaffeio. /. timid. dread.t. m. hordenine. — à sable. clock.) homeopathy. hongroyer. respect. m. hospital. sandglass. homéogène. a. présent. fume cupboard. a. a. (Law) horticole.) homéopathie. etc. hiccough. /. homéomérie. adv. homogenizing. a. nête).honnête. homogenize.) homologue. exoept. — de. with a good (or strong) draft. — à bon (or fort) tirage. /. proper. timepiece. m. v. m. homologate. but. hordein. /. que. but. civil. out of. eity building. out. /. of like kind. /. craftsman. hood hongroierie. homeotropy (aualysis of honorer. trole. hôpital.

earthy coal. houle. long-fïame coal. houilleux. — grise. lean coal. lamp oil. — crue.houblonnier 226 huile houblonnier. houssage. oiling. — grasse. — de forge. — d'amandes douces. — luisante. tuft. machine oil. houe. /. /. non-caking coal. or a garden trowel. whisk. slack. olein.. peanut oil. specif. nonbituminous coal . hourdage. semi-anthracite. — d'abrasin. tub. honillincation. v. . raw oil. — de blanc de baleine. tung oil. (Pharm. hoe. nous se r. chest. cocoa butter. — d'éclairage. hoeing.t. coke. — de bouche. duster. coalify.) blistering liquid. carbonization. cacao butter. houille r. a. hourdis. crude oil. — éclatante. caustic oil of arsenic (arsenic tri chloride). linseed oil varnish. m. fat coal. greasing. tidal power. (Bot. trough. that of springs and waterfalls (said to be so called in allusion to the mountain snows which feed the streams). — de cacao. coal (as distinguished from coke) . lignite. — proprement dite. sperm oil. a founder's scoop. peacock coal. (Painting) in oil. coal in the proper sensé (by some applied to bituminous coal). — bleue. water power. houblonniere. — d'aniline. housing. lignite.) Juniper tar. — toutvenante. coarse plaster. h.. forge coal. colliery. glance coal. /. — au chlorure mercureux. — brute. m. a. hop raiser. /. forge coal. — à usine. — demi-grasse. as a glassmaker's shovel or spatula. dust. sweet-almond oil. non-flaming coal. hop. — flambante. m. Chinese wood oil. glance coal. coking coal . lubricating oil. coal. hoe. (Pharm. — allylique de moutarde. houx. — à coke. illuminating oil. — copal à tableaux. aniline oil. kérosène. specif. — blanche. — d'arsenic. wind power . — à longue flamme. rough coal. train oil. cottonseed oil. Chinese wood oil. semibituminous coal. (Pharm. small tuft. — blanche. /. & i. coconut oil. rough coal. fuel oil. edible oil. abbrev. oil. bituminous coal. v. à V—. sweep. oil of cade. — à chauffer. houilleur. — de coprah. /. houssoir. m. a short-flame coking coal . pertaining to hops. lubricating oil. table oil. specif. (Pharm. — de cantharides térêbenthinée.. run of mine. — camphrée. huile. a. specif.) expressed almond oil. houlette. /. hop garden. (Painting) poppy or linseed oil to which copal has been added. — d'arachide. huilage. — crue. — menue. coking coal. houppe. tufted.) holly.) butter of arsenic. — à courte flamme. run of mine. — de Chine. black coal. coal mine. — cuite. fuel oil. bone oil. coal (as distinguished from lignite or from water power and wind power). — à cheval. (Old Chem. — comestible.t. — de tade. animal oil. — terreuse. houillite. — animale. — o gaz. gas oil (a petroleum fraction). horse hoe. v. oil for food. salad oil. houppe. — sans flamme. — de colza. copaiba. shepherd's crook. — de cotonnier. whale oil. allyl mustard oil (allyl isothiocyanate). — de baleine. — miroitante. houer. edible oil. flaming coal. white oil. (Pharm. m. tung oil. — verte. m. houille. (haute pression) high pressure. tuft. ) camphor Uniment. — non collante. small coal. houillère. — anthraciteuse. /. — maréchale. — de bois de Chine. — absolue de Braconnot. a. cultivator. of or containing coal.) any of several tools. specif. coal. edible oil. colza oil (a variety of rapeseed oil).t. cluster. crude aniline. spermaceti oil. /. — à mouvement. — noire. anthracite (old name). soft coal. caking coal. dusting. whale oil. holly tree. containing coal. billow. — alimentaire. — de Brésil. v. (Ceram. comb (wool). rough walling. — d'amande. heating oil. — à graisser. short-flame coal. houppette. — tendre. — brune. rubble work. — de cheval. coal miner. sweeping. anthracite coal.. clump. specif.t. /. swell. (Tech.) rough form (of hollow ware). oil. cannel coal. caballine oil. — à manger. cade oil.p. coaly. — maigre. meîted horse grease. hop field. edible oil. — de cétacés. — carbonisée. wind power.. housse. dry coal. huche. /. bin. burning oil. — collante. anthracite coal. — de coco. anthracite coal. coconut oil. — sèche. houillifier. brown coal. copra oil. groundnut oil. broom (as of feathers or hair). houe ment. (Painting) poppy oil. iridescent coal. water power from ordinary watercourses (said to be so called in allusion to the greenness of the banks). ) injection of mercurous chloride. /. — de coton. m. m. — à brûler. noncoking coal. boiled oil . tung oil. cover . /. (minerai) coal. — de coupe. coalification. houpper. carbonize. — à mécanisme. lubrication.

— de rorqual rostre.. oil for oiling wool. (Pharm. — de paraffine. — de houille. burning oil. specif.) mer<suric sulfate. croton oil. cade oil. rancid oil. créosote oil.. — rance. = huile mercurielle. lamp oil. African palm oil. kérosène.) — de recense. lubricating oil. — de palme. linseed oil. when in a deliquesced state. specif. shale oil. — du styrax. — de médicinier. lubricating oil for engines using superheated steam. (Old Chem. specif. colza oil. in painting. cooking oil. fuming sulfuric acid. heavy oil of wine (or a mixture of it with ether). for preserving sodium. foots oil.. flotation oil. carbolic oil. lamp oil. — de ressuage. petroleum. — fixe. — êthêrêe. machine oil. oil of vitriol. potato oil) fusel oil or. table oil. gorlj oil. râpe oil. — de semences de cotonnier. spirits of turpentine. tar oil. neat's-foot oil. mercurial cream. — rouge d'Andrinople. — de Sénégale. — de poisson.) cutting oil. liquid petrolatum. specif. boiled oil. oil of amber. •engine oil. Nordhausen acid. sésame oil. lard oil. castor oil. an impure olive oil. rapeseed oil. explosive oil.) an oil containing a single médicinal agent. — sécheuse. — d'éther. amber oil. — de mercure. ) inj ection of mercury. maize oil. drying oil. liquid paraffin. palm oïl. oil of vitriol. — mangeable. attar of rosés. — siccative. — d'infect. — moyenne. semidrying oil. — de térébenthine. — grasse. — de morue. a petroleum distillate used as a solvent. — de flottage. sweet oil of wine (a complex residue from the manufacture of ether). resin oil . corn oil. Dippel's oil. fish oil. — pyrogênée. non-drying oil. (Pharm. earth oil. — de Saturne. a heavy petroleum spirit used in painting. edible oil. kérosène. — grasse à tableaux. — pour rouge turc. — lubrifiante. — de succin. — d'os. cottonseed oil. — de machine. rock oil. — de pétrole. — des pieds du gros bétail. — de maïs. fatty oil. petroleum. — légère. fusel oil. — douce de vin. — de vin pesante. fusel oil. — lourde. cod oil. — d'enfer. any oil obtained from petroleum. — de terre. sweet oil. esp. — phosphorée. — de palma-christi. — d'infusion. — de pied de mouton. — de graisse. — essentielle de pétrole. — de goril. minerai oil. oil of turpentine. (Painting) a bleached and boiled poppy oil. oil of wine. râpe oil. essentiaî oil. bone oil. — de méthylène. petroleum. (literally. — de couperose. — lithargyrée. — de lard. oil of the Dutch chemists (ethylene chloride). — distillée. specif. — explosive. — de tournesole. — de vaseline. = huile vierge.) phosphorated oil.. — pour rouge. oil that has been treated with litharge. coal-tar oil. for making fuchsin. ethereal oil. (Pharm. cod-liver oil. — de navette. low. — non-siccative. — de résine. oil extracted from marc (as of grapes or olives). tempering oil. — de lin crue. aniline oil containing toluidines. — essentielle. — de poix. — pour bleu. oil which has absorbed perfume by contact with odorous substances. — de foie de morue. cod-liver oil. — •de lin. — demibêcheuse. neutral oil. — de moutarde. flasseed oil. — de froissage. neat's-foot oil. nitroglycerin. note. — de sésame. (Pharm. — de surchauffe. doegling oil. etc. sheep's-foot oil. — de trempe. — détonante. — de noix. Turkey-red oil. fusel ©il. — de croton. seal oil. nut oil (specif. — de tartre. a fraction from the rectification of wood spirit. petroleum. — de rosés de l'Orient. — des Hollandais. (Old Chem. petroleum. — mercurielle. physic nut oil. burning oil. — de semence de lin. a solution of lead nitrate in turpentine. — lithargée. (Painting) boiled linseed oil. — simple. volatile oil. middle oil. — de goudron. — de mise au point. — d'ensimage. — grasse blanche. — de lin cuite. walnut oil). — de veau marin. — de cuisine. etc. — de grain. — de pied(s) de bœuf. fermentation amyl alcohol. — de ressence. — de pierre. colza oil. paraffin oil . lubricating oil. ) ethereal oil. — de -pomme de terre. — phénolique. — de goudron de houille. gingili seed oil. = huile de recense. enanthic ether. distilled oil. liquid storax.) liquid petrolatum. — de schiste. sunflower seed oil. an inferior olive oil extracted from the marc.freezing oil. tallow oil. — de naphte. (Pharm. — minérale. boiled linseed oil. a nearly pure aniline oil. mustard oil.huile 227 huile (Mach. raw linseed oil. — de graissage. benne oil.) sait of tartar (a pure potassium carbonate). edible oil. — de vitriol. olive oil. — de lampe.. linseed oil. (See colza. coal-tar oil. — de fusel. — de créosote. rock oil. — lampante. — froide. specif. — de rabette. heavy oil of wine. — solaire. light oil. aalad oil. fixed oil. — douce. castor oil. — de roche. specif. = huile détonante. — nonsécheuse. olein. — de ricin. — de marc. . rosin oil. worst grade of oil. — grise. Sénégal oil. heavy oil. — de queue. tejtile oil. liquid paraffin. — de suif. Turkey-red oil. — de table. empyreumatic oil. purified oil. lard oil. concentrated sulfuric acid .

humid. /. m. become moist or damp. m. /. humecter. be moistened. (Anat. (Med. /. humant. humidly. repelling moisture. (Leather) dress with oil. (Petrog. humidité. adv. heavy oil of wine. moistness. alloy -with mercury^ amalgam. v. dampen. /. amniotic fluid.) hydrargyriasis. p. dampen. hydrargyrum. hyacinth. a. — vierge. hydrargyrism. wet. humane. spirits of turpentine. hyaloïde. a.. oiler.huile 228 hydratant solar oil. a. human. render humid. m. hurler. hydrastine. /. render humid. hyalogène. humeur. a. fem. specif. /.t. anthracene oil. m. a. /. humanité. (of humer) sucking. oil. v. inhale. huître. hutte. huit. of or pertaining to humas. /. moistening. humidifier.r. diluent. human being. hyalin. /. hydrargyre. hurlement. m. — volatile de goudron. mercurial.. of or pertaining to oil. hyckori. dampish. eighth. man. /. oil mill. moisten. humanely. howl. hydralcool. m. huitaine. hydratant. a. hyalurgie. humuline. (Med. suck in. v. a. (Med. damply. hybride. huiler. huis clos. hydrating. dampening. /. moistly. humage. a. hyalogenic. huileuse. m. shelter.. v. a. /. humainement. hyalotechnie. oily. humer. humide. & a. humique.) hyalitis. humanitaire. ill humor. humidness. m.i. (Med. a. pertaining to glass making. a. humidity. a. hyalurgique. cabin. dampening. /. as huile de cèdre.t. a. hyalin. figure (of) eight. hydraste. green oil. a. humanly. hut. — du Canada. howling. hybridation.. /. /. humidifuge. oil of tar. eight. — de chiffre. hyalotechnique.) diluent. moist. m.) hydragog(ue).t. hybrid. m. lubricate. eight days.) aqueous humor. oil can. /. humanitarian. oil from the first light pressing. oil manufacturer. hydantoïque. a. hydracrylic. — amniotique. humectage. humidify. oil merchant. esp. oi] shop. suck up. /.a. a. moistening. becoming humid. huilier. & m. — aqueuse. hydracide. (Min. — verte. = hydro-alcoolique. hybridization. etc. pr.) humectant. oiler. art of making and working glass. humidement. hydnocarpique. a. o. eight. dampness. hydTastinine. a. humecteur. hybridize. private. (Bot. hyacinthine. hydatogenic. . humic. m. 77t. hydrargyride. a. machine for making oil. humidier. o. /. hybrider. week.) greisen. m. hydralcoolique. of huileux. (Min. mercury. moistening. hyaloid.i. v. hydatogène. huile de chènevis. moisture. stuff. eighth. m. sucker. dampening. oil stand. m. hydragogue. — volatile de térébenthine. humectation. sniffer. m. m. hyaloîdien. (For the meaning of phrases not included hère. m. moistener.t.) hydrastis. sniff. hydantoïne. humor. /. see the other important word in the phrase.) huilement. dampen.) hyalite. hydnocarpic. /. hyacinthe. oiling. oil cruet. & r. a. hydranthracène. — tournante. moisten. hyalomicte. /. humidification. adv. about eight. oil. /. hydrargyrisme. humeux.a. humidificateur. a. v. humulin (lupulin). hydrargyrie. p. huilerie. mettre en —. tar oil. humidifier. v. v. (Med. hydrargyrure. vegetable oil. inhaler. — volatile éthérée. oyster. mercurialism. humidification. humescent. fluid. p. art of making glass. (see humer). ethereal oil. damp. hydantoin. a. huileux. hydrargyrique. & m. exude oil. hydrastine. sucking. hydrargyrie. a. etc. hyalogen. virgin oil. /. cîosed door. hydrastinine. humin. hyaline. mercurialism. under-proof spirit. /. humour. hydantoic. humectation. pertaining to mercury. alcohol diluted with water. — végétale. any hydrogen addition product of anthracene. huitième. moistener. & m. humine.t. & a. rank olive oil. oil works. suck. goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis). pertaining to hyalotechnie. snuff.) hyacinth. -genous. m. humanity. humain. moisten. castor. hickory (wood and tree). oil of turpentine.t. v. m. humidify. hyalite. moistening. hydracrylique. hyalogen. hydracid. humectant.

hydraulics. m. hydravion. hydrobenzoin. a. carbohydrate. hydrazine. hydriodique. hydrogen.t. hydrocyanide. (loosely) absorb saturé. m. hydraté. unsaturated hydroearbon. stone. liydraziiiide. m. hydrobilirubine. water. of hydrazine. hy. /. dium chloride. m. hydroxide. doughing-in (cf. hydro-electric. hydraulicity. of hydriotic acid or a hy. sohydraulique. /. a. hydraulicien. relating to cycloalkanes. m. hydrocarbon. tanol. a. hydrocyclique. ferrocyanic.2. hydrocar•phényle. m. /. hydrodynamic. — de hydrauliclté. hydrater. — non water. hyaliène hydrocarbon. /. indan. chloral hydrate. hydrocarbon. terpinol hydrate. {Pharm. fiuoboric. ammonium chloride. hydrated lime. hydre. hydroxide.) butyl-chloral bonate. hydrine. a. chaux. hydrocarbonaceous . hydrer. v. hydroaromatic. hydroplane. /. hydréléon. — d'amdraulician. a. hydrofluorique. hydrogenize. hydrocyanique. hydrin (a terni équivalent to hydro-extracteur. hydraemia. hydro-alumineux. genizable. m. hydrogenate. pounds). /. empâtage). hydraulic. a. fluogermanic. philosophera' hydrocyanate. a. deliquesce.hydrofuge. fiuosilicic.t. m. a. — éthylénique. potassium bonic. nique. hydrocarbonate. hydrique. aluminum hydrobromate. — d'amylène. protectmg against moisture.3-trichloro-l. m. hydrate. sodium hydroxide. hydrate.) hydrocarbure.a. m. calcium chloride. hydriodide. ethylene hydrocarbon. — de potasse. a. hydrocarbon. — hydrocarbonate. a.l-butanediol). — alcalin.) hydroalumi. — des sages. water-alcohol. hydrodynamieal. carburettor. tert-sxay\ alcohol. /. hydrocérame. /. a. = hydrate de terpine. hydrazine. watertight. hydrate. m.hydrobromique.y hydrelaeon. hydrazinure. . hydrobromide. m. hydroaromatique. hydrocinnamic. (Pharm. hydrochloronitrique. hydrodynamique. hydre. a. hydroceramic. of water. become hydrated. a. aquo in some names of coordination com. phénol. laeum (Obs. a. a. — hydrocarbone. o. hydrocoumarique. hydriodaté.r. a water cooler of porous hydratique. of hydrofluogermanique. a. ni.) hydremia. hydrocotarnine. moniaque. a. hydrocyanic. hydrator. ide. hydrochlorique. hydrobilirubin. a. combine with méthane hydrocarbon. hydriodic. acétylène hydrocarbon.) precipitated zinc carehloral butylique. hydrate of. aqueous. hydrazoic. hydrobromic. — de soude. hydiofluoride. (P/iarm. hyde chaux. (Afed. hydrazoïque. a. hydrate. — de hydrocarboné. alkaline hydroxide. — allénique.hydrocyanoierrique. m. hydroferrocyanique. comhydratropique. hydrocarburateur. posed of porous clay. /. carbohyde dipentène. water. saturated hydrocarbon. containing alumina and the éléments hydrogénable. hydriodide of. hydrogenatable. a. nitrohydrochloric. hydroferrocyanic hydriodate. m. hydrocotarnine. hydrate. — de drate. hydro-alcoolique. v. m. hydrodynamics. hydrobenzoïne. — de carbonœ. hydrofluoborique. repelling water. a. hydrocinnamique. a. hydro-électrique. sometimes. hydro-extractor. o. a.hydrofluate. hydrochloric. hydrofluosilicique. hydrofluosilicic.hydrochlorate. (Med. — d'alumine. v. p. hydraulic engineer. hydrate (2. (Min. hydration. — de terpine. hydrocoumaric. — saturé. hydric. (Pharm. calcium hydroxdrous (or. hydrindène. m. a. m. 2-methyl-2-bu. pertaining to hyware. m. hydraao . nous. a. /. hydrated. hydrindene. parafnn. hydroof water. hydtateur. — de chloral. — acêtyléterpin hydrate. (Brewmff) hydrobenzénique. dilute alcoholic. hydrobromide.hydratation 229 hydrogénable hydratation. — de — de zinc. — de soude. hydrofluoric. m. droxide of. a. carbohydrate. /. seaplane. ferrie hydroxide. hydrazo compound. a. — forménique. hydroxide. drates.hydrofère. a. waterproof. hydrocUoride. o. basic) carbonate. hydrémie. hydra. hydrocéramique.). a. hydrazine. water-bearing. hydratropic. peroxyde de fer. (ferrocyanic). hydroaromatic.) amylene hydrobromure. driodide. hydrazinique.

(Pharm. /. hydrolyser. sulfuretted hydrogen. hydrogéniser. hydrogenize. m.t. a. m. a. hydroxanthane. (Min. hydrogénique. hydronitreux. (Bot. hydrolysation. hydrated phosphate of. m. a medicine prepared with honey and water. hydrosulfure. p. a medicine in the form of an aqueous solution or suspension. hydrostatique. a. /. hydroxyl.). hydrolysis. /. hydroperoxide. hydrocarbon. a.. hydropneumatique. /. hydroxamic. hydrophanous. hydroxéthylamine. a. hydroombellique. hydrophosphate. m. — sélénié. m. hydro-oxydé. hydrogenize. hydroxyimido. hydrolyzation. hydroselenic. p. o. hydroxyl. a. m. hydroxide of. v. a variety of coUotype process. hydrometrical. hydrotimetry. hydrométrie. hydrolé. water-soluble. hydrophane. hydrolysant. antimoniuretted hydrogen. bicarburetted hydrogen (ethylene). a. hydrolyse. — carboné. hydrogenolysis. (Med. C2H2N2S3). hydrométallurgie. hydropique. hydronaphthalene (any hydrogen addition product of naphthalene). arseniuretted hydrogen. /. orange flower water. hydroumbellic. a. hydrosulfite (dithionite). /. hydroïodate. hydropic. arsine. hydrometallurgy. . dropsical person. hydrotimetrie. phosphoretted hydrogen (hydrogen phosphide. hydrometallurgically. (of cotton) absorbent.) aromatic water. hydroxylated. hydrolat. /. m. hydrotimétrie. a. m. under eau. m. — de fleurs d'oranger. hydrolyzate. hydrométallurgique. hydrorrhée.hydrogénant 230 hydroxyl-imidé hydrogénant. (Afin. combined with hydrogen and oxygen. triazoic. hydropyridique. a. hydrogenizing. o. hydropisie. m. hydrosulfuric. hydrolyzing.) hydrophane. seleniuretted hydrogen (hydrogen selenide). reducing agent. hydrophosphaté. hydrotelluric. hydrosoluble.) containing silica and the éléments of water. hydropneumatic. be hydrogenated. a. specif. (Afed. hydriodio. be hydrogenized. hydrophthorique. hydrosulflte. hydrosulfurique. hydrominéral. /. hydroxylamine. hydrogène. siliciuretted hydrogen (silicon hydride). hydrolyte.) dropsical. phosphine). hydroplastie. hydrophile. hydrogénifère. hydrolyzable. hydronaphtol. m.r. hydrogénolyse. hydroperoxyde. hydrotimètre. hydrometer. m. hydronitrique. hydrophobe. a. hydronaphtalène. o. hydrotellurique. hydrogéner. hydrolysat. (Min. hydrometry. adv. hydriodide. hydrofluoric (06s. -lytique.t. hydrophilic. v. eau distillée and following phrases.) dropsy. hydroxyl-imidé. — naissant. o. hydrogenating. a. hydrosilicate. hydrophobe. /. hydrosulfide. containing hydrogen. hydrogenate.) of or containing hydrated phosphate. — silicié. xanthan hydride (perthiocyanic acid. of hydrogen. — tellure. m. (formerly) sulfide. a. hydrazoic. a. /. hydrosiliceux. Cf. hydroxide. hydroxamique. m. telluretted hydrogen (hydrogen telluride). hydrostatic(al). in. hydrophile. hydrotypie. hydrophobic. hydrometallurgical. (Min. hydroxylamine.) hydrated phosphate. o. medicated water. m. hydrométrie. hydrométrique. hydrosélénique. hydrolysate. (Coal) disposable hydrogen (the excess of hydrogen in a coal over that necessary to form water with the oxygen présent). hydroiodique. hydroxydé. v.a. a. (M«. a.a.) hydrophiIous. hydromel. — bicarboné. hydrogenate. — phosphore. o. m. hydrogen. — antimonié. hydrosulfurous (dithionous). /. o. hydromellé. hydrosulfide. hydrométallurgiquement. m. a. /. /. hydrostatics. nascent hydrogen. hydrogenating agent. m. hydrogenator. hydromètre. /. m. v. m. o. — disponible.) hydrous silicate. hydrosulfureux. métal plating in a solution without the electric current. hydrosulfate. hydrous oxide of. a. a. o.) hydrorrhea. hydroxyle. hydroxyde. hydrolysable. m. hydrolyze. — arsénié. a. m. — sulfuré. hydrotimeter. hydrogénure.t. hydrogen sulfide. hydroxylé. hydrotimétrique. relating to minerai waters. hydride. hydronaphthol (any hydrogen addition product of naphthol). hydropyridine. hydrolytie. hydrogen. 2-hydroxyethyIamine (2-aminoethanol). stibine. (Afed. a. hydromel.

adv. hypocras.) hyper bola. hyposulfurique. /. hypoazoteux. hyponitreux. /. (Med. a. o. hypo-iodous. (Math. o. hypophosphoric. » hypochlorite. hydrogenization. o. a. /. hypodermic. hypoazotide. hypochloreux. equilateral hyper bola. hyoscine. a. m. hyperhémie. adv. (Bot. hypohalogéneux. — de travail. manganous (or manganèse) hypophosphite. hygrométrique. hygroscopy. hypothionate. dithionate. — de potasse. hyperpression. hypophosphite. hygromètre. /. a spiced. chloric). hygroscopical. a. hyoscyamine. a. hygroscopically. /. hyperchloric (perhyperconjugaison. a. hypersensitization. n. hyposulfite. adv. hypodermiquement. — de chaux. hygroscopicity. o. hygienic. hypophosphite. hyperbolically. and (2) formerly. hyponitrous. hyposulfite. a. hypoténuse. hygrometrioally. hyposulfite of soda. hyperiodic (periodic). /. sweetened wine. hyponitrique. /. working hypothesis. hygrometric(al) . adv.) hypha.) hypertrophy. v. hygrométriquement. /. hyperoxide (peroxide). m. m. hypoazotite. hyplie. /. hygrometry. /. /. hygrométricité. hyposulfate. /. (Geom. ethy] hydride (ethane). m. used for two acids better called dithionous and thiosulfuric. for thiosulfate. "hypo" (sodium thiosulfate). M2S2O3. hygroscopicité. hyocholalique. a. hyponitric ("hyponitric acid" is an old name for nitrogen peroxide). /. adv. m. hypochlorique. = hypoazotique. hypériodique. hypohalite. ferrie) hypophosphite.) hyper hyperglucémie. /. hygienically. hyoscine. hypertrophied. hypophosphoreux. hydroxyurea. m. hyponitrite. /. dithionic. extremely high pressure. hypothénuse. hyperconjugation. used (1) for dithionite. hyperglycaemia. hypothecate. hypo-iodeux. eau de Javel. — équilatère. & m. hyperbole. hypochlorio C'hypochloric acid" is an old name for chlorine dioxide). hyposulfureux. hypodermically. M2S2O4. hyperchlorhydrie. — de potasse. hygroscopiquement. hypodenn. emia. — de fer. hygrométrie. hygrinique. hypoténuse. adv. m. — de chaux. hygiénique. hypertrophie. hyperboloïde. hypoderme. hypertensin (angiotonin). — de potasse. 05s. m. hypochlorous.) hypodermis. a. bleaching powder. a. — d'éthyle.) hypoderma. hypothèse. a. . hyperglycemia. hyperbolical. hygroscopique. hypobromeux. calcium hypophosphite. hyperbolic. hypobromous. hyperbolique. hypoglycémie. hypothéquer. hydride. hydrure. hypersensibilisation. hygrometricity . Cf. hyposulfite. hyperaemia. a. sodium hypophosphite. hypophysin. hyposulfate (dithionate). hypertensine. /. (Med. a. hypothétiquement. hypodermique. hyperémie. m. hygrique. hypophosphorique.) hypochlorhydria. hypohalous. hypothétique. /. a. — manganeux. hyoseyamine. hygric. hypertonique. /. o. m. — de soude. hygroscopic. (Med. hypertonic. /. a. hypohalogénite. hyperoxyde. hypochlorite. hypothionique. a. hypothetical. nitrogen peroxide. iron (specif. hypotensor. hygrine. m. o. hygrine. a. hydrogénation. eau de Labarraque. hygroscopicity. hydruration. (Med. /. hypothèque. hypothetic. m. hypocalorite of potash. /. hygrometer. hypothesis. hyposulphuric (old synonym of dithionic). a. hyperbole. hypochlorite of soda. — de soude. hypothetically. /. potassium hypophosphite. hypoazotique. hyperboliquement. hypophysine. hyponitrous. hypophyse. hypnotique. m. & Biol. hypophysis. m. hyposulphurous .) hyperchlorhydria. hyposulphite .) hyper boloid. hyperglycémie. hypertrophié. hypophosphorous. hyposulfurous. hyperchlorique. (Bot. hypoglucémie. hypochlorhydrie. a. (Zool. hygroscopic.hydroxyurée 231 hypothionique hydroxyurée. /. hyposulfite of potash (potassium thiosulfate). hypotenseur. — de soude. hygroscopie. hypoglycemia. hyposulfuric. /. o. hypochlorite of Unie. mortgage. hygiéniquement. Obs. & a.t. hyocholic. hypnotic. /. a. mortgage. /.

hypotonique 232 hystérie hypotonique. hypotonie. hypovanadous. (Med. hystérésie. /. hypoxanthine. hystazarine. hystérèse. hypovanadio. a. suboxide. /. chromic. (Bot. ypovitaminose. hypoxanthine.) hysteria. . hystérie. a. hypsohypsochrome. o. hyssope. /. /. hypsochrome. hysope. bypoxyde. /. hypovanadeux. m.) hypovitaminosis. hystérésis. hystazarin. hypovanadique.) hyssop. hystérésis. (Afed. /.

idealize. illustre. — réelle.t. reflected image. adv. icosahedron. m. fireproof. promethium (at. it. island. now. m. m. m. igniferous. ignifugé. Ues Lucayes. conima. m. a. illustrate. m. fire-resistant. identify. there is. adv. Iberian. chromo printing. illisiblement. unlawful. il. igBifUge. illegally. ichoreux. m. — ignicolore.) icterus. idiotique. deceptive. idiomatic . /. ichthyocolla. fireproof. image. yew tree. there icica. 4-methyl-3-penten-2-one.) eikonogen. illuminer. illisible.) yew. idiot. illustration. = ignifugation. idiotie. Iightïng. same. pron. illégal. flame-colored.) ichthyol. real igné. inverted image. igname. Jena. a. /. v. (formerly) idite. fire-extinguishing . in this there is no. ignifère. fire-colored. m. ibérien. idea. islet. idite. idol. p. n. a. illégal. /. p. illusoire.t. no. illusion. pron. 'iatrochimie.) ileum. ictus. a. illégitime. /. illogical. produced by or with the aid ichtyocolle. idéine. Caribbees. icosahedral. proofing agent.a. idein. iatrochimlque. ictus. illusory. work. (Photog. idiom. idiomorphe. illuminateur. illuminator. — d'optique. icosaèdie. illinium. m. virtual image. idolatrous. ideally.) idocrase (vesuvianite). producing fire. par —-. v. little island. illegitimate. ing . o. a. iconogène. illustrious. m. illumination. identically. jaundioe. /. picture. a. idéaliser. fireproof imagerie. a. m. — n'y a pas de. there are. 61). illuminating. ignitubulaire. iatrochemical. identiquement. /. n. delude. idéaliste. m.t. small amount. ictère. a. Jena glass. Lesser Antilles. a.o. ignigène. /. he. v. ici-même. this way. ichthyocolle. m. m. /. identity. adv. Ues caraïbes. adv. idole. Brazilian elemi. firemesityl oxide. ing. 233 . a.a. îlot. v. a. flameproof-imaginaire. (Bot. hère . a.) illipe. igneous. a. identical.t. ignifugeage. (Min.) illipe. optical idiotisme. illogically. idiot. illogique. a. a. draining raek illustrer. idealist. île.) ichorous. liraitless. ils. illustration . iatrochimiste. idryle. illogiquement. outline. identité. m. isle. Iéna. image. illipé. through hère. adv. illégalement. m. /. p. illustré. a. — y a. iléon. illustriousness . idonique. illuminate. illustrious man. idealistie. if.t. idryl (fluoranthene). idein. /. idolâtre. a. a. illusive. p. stroke. v. illustrated. fireprooâng. & f. not know. /. illusion. fireproof. a. image. — n'y a pas. — spéculaire. color print(that is. (Med. idolater. idocrase. ignifugation. pieture trade. ichtyol. v. /. idée. illumination. in this very place.) idiomorphic. unlimited. illuminant. m. difficultty flammable) State. adv. unknown. sketch. identique. putrid. /. of fire (see sel ignigène. yam. Bahamas. fire-extinguishing agent. ignifuger. a. a. (Bot. imaginary.ianthone. idéalement. illusionner. illusion. — réfléchie. (of boilers) fire-tube. mahua. render difficûltly flamœable. be ignorant of. ilipé. there. iditol.a. identifier. /. renversée. hght. /. illegible. they. idiotie. hère.t. there are not. m. idonic. a. /. ici. iatrochemist. iatrochemistry. isinglass. /. adv. m. deceive. a. ilicine. /. by ignorer. idéoside. sudden attack. a. bit. mirror image. /. m. (for bottles). rendering nonflammable or difficultly flammable. fireprooflng. v. ignoré. (Bot. m. under sel). illegibly. (Cryst. illimité. — virtuelle. celebrity. ilicin. is not.t. (Anat. (Med. absurd. (Pharm.

immunizing. fix . imperishable. immense. impalpabilité. imidogène. infallibly. house. m. imitative. imperfect. imidazoline. imido-éther. immangeable. immovable. imidogen. o.) masterwort. imperatively. unburnt. adv. impermanence. imperméabiliser.t. iminazyle. imitative. v. immerse. m. steep. unmanageable . specif. specif. imide.r. imbue. v.. waterproofing. immanquablement. imidic acid. a. m. immaterial. imidazyle. immortal. immatériel. motionless. v. immodérément. m. a. impennanent. adv. a. immesurable. p. a. /. /. /. immobilité. impayé. imagine . immoderately. impartially. immaniable. nonmotile. unburned. imperméabilisation.) cudweed. immesuré. m. pr. unbreakable. devise. a red ocher. stop (as a machine) .T. unmalleable. immortelle. rain-proof. immortel. p. imitateur. m. HN=. a. imperatoria. (of analyais) proximate. a. . immunochemistry. v. immuniser. /. render imperméable. imparfaitement. impayable. v. unpaid. unburnable. conceive .t. imbue. queer. imidazolyl. rendering imperméable. impact. disconnect. a. iminogène. imperishability. imperfectly. a. imprégnation . immobile. imidazolone. immersif. HN=. immenseness. immeasurable. mpalpability. imma. immunisant. provoking. iminazol. steeping. v. a. impératoire. immédiatement. /. imidazole. immersion. immune. impasse. be imbued. undrinkable. immediately. imidazolyl. /. not fit to eat. impérissable. immaturity. /• rendering imperméable. imbuvant. which absorbs the silver. throw out of action. excessive. impermanence. immensément. v. soak in. a. soaking.a. (see immobiliser).t. imitate. immunochlmie. immersible. immunité. imido acid. immobile. /. /. V. m. immédiate. greatly. immoderate. adv. iminé. etc. m. a. waterproof. impérativement. imperceptibly. impartialement. /.t. immersion. invaluable. /. m. imitatif. impatientant. imidazoline. (speoif. imbibe. (Silver') addition of argentiferous material to molten lead. a. imbiber.imaginer 234 imperméabiliser imaginer. m. f. immortelle. (of imboire) moistening. a. life everlasting. immensité. immunize. imperceptiblement. tiring. o. n. be imbued. imidé. immobility. immunisation. immense. immobilize. blind alley. specif. impartiality. /. odd. adv. impasse. immiscibility. /. impénétrabilité. moisten. render immovable. immerger. imperceptibilité. v. immunizing agent. imbrisable. uneven. imitator. impact . imitating. imbibition . impermanent. waterproofing. adv. imbrifuge.p. vast.t. p. certainly. imbibe. uneatable. not fit to drink. priming. imiter. /. impair. rendering immovable. adv.a. imbuement . fasten. a. immensely. specif. soak. /. m. impermanency. imino. imbuvable. first coat. (less correctly) imido ether. imido ester. incombustible. m. /. immalléable. impastation. plunge. (Pharm. (when the substance is of the nature of an imine and not an imide) imino. impartialité. m. real estate.. great. /. of imboire. impenetrability. /. ridiculous. paludism.t. imperative. imidazol. everlasting. immaturité. /. shock. o. imidogen. immédiat. immovable. immun. impastation. soak. adv. a. imperceptibility. a. impératif. real (estate). /.. imidure. a. imbrûlable. immunity. adv. immuable. imbrûlé. immunization. immutable. unwieldy. o. imperméabilisateur. a. impasting. not permanent. v. dip. etc. immeuble. p. iminazolone. imido . a. a. dipping.t. a. impérissabilité. waterproof. immensity. malarial disease. immersion . fixedness. o. m. imbibition. /. immobilisation. /. dead end. o. immobiliser. impregnate . o. a. o. imboire. imparfait. landed estate. be soaked. immiscibilité. unmeasured. = emboire. imbu. îmidoacide. imidazole. immodéré.t. wet. a. m. waterproof. impaludisme. a.

a. impure. impelling. imporosity. impose . /. — télégraphique. a. improper. improbability. — à l'eau. imposing. impute. adv.) produce an image on. unweighable. impraticabilité. v. m. unexpected. unsuited. unpurified. adv. improprement.a. imprécision. v. unawares.t. press. unprepared. v. improperly. air-tight. impermeableness . a. unaccustomed. inexactness.t. communicate . make an impression on. importer. impression. /. imprimure. implicite. unpronounceable.t. m. impossibilité. improvidence. etc. important. render imputrescible. a.r. a.t. & m. imprimeur. imponderability. inexact. imporosité. impuissance.i. undrinkable. incomplète. (Painting) prime. imposer. (see impropre). impulsion. a. printed paper or book. teletypewriter. inaccoutumé. important.a. brand. (. adv. unserviceable. (see imprimer). — à l'air. inaccordable. /. printing establishment. v. uncovered. m. a. improductif. a. — des tissus. something unforeseen. unacceptable. be important. irreconcilable.pi. main point . a. /. implanter. improbablement. imprimerie. /. implicit. printed. imprononçable. (Photog.imperméabilité 235 inactinique imperméabilité. impel. — au poids. m. improbably. a. priming. /. a. imprévisible. puise. impervious . In the phrase à Vimproviste. a. impluviosité. — sur étoffes. a. impurely. inachèvement. imperméable . impressionnant. improductivité. incomplète. levy (a tax) . unforeseeable.t. imprimeuse. impressive. unexpected circumstance. imprévoyance. inactif. ground coat. irreconcilable. a. textile printing. impondérable. implant. import. impeller. a. impulsion.. matter. unfit. a. a.t. specif. impureté. unaccomplished. imprégner. printing machine. unpulverized. inaccompagné. a. impressive. impôt. a. be imported. v. impliquer. impotable. p. a. inaccessible. impulse. impermeably. nonactinic. etc. print . v. textile printing) .t.) printed matter. waterproof. awe. implicate. adv. m. unexpectedly. inactinique. inactive. inabrité. a. impollué. a. impuissant. impersonal. imprint. imperméable. improbabilité. a. — au volume. (Photog. unpredictable.) print .t. /. invpur. impracticability. p. m. merciless.a. • imprécis. pressman. printing bouse. impression (in various sensés) . watertight. impress. impulsive. inacceptable. /. /.. a. inaccompli. no matter. impondérabilité. impulseur. impermeability.t. imprécision. unready. impondérable. importateur. unapproachable. & impTaeticab\e. impotent. v. v. unaccompanied. impose. improductivement. impure ment. a. impurity. lack of foresight. unproductiveness. tax . improvise. unpitying. /. pitiless. m. attribute. v. /. unproductive. mercilessly. not fit to drink. impulverisé. p. imprimé. print. mark. incompletion. impressing. impurifié.r. impressif. imputer. waterproof fabric or garment. impolarisable. rainlessaess. /. impulser.i. inaccommodable. imprévu. /. important point. ground . imprimer. inabordable. a. imposant. impitoyable. incompleteness. . waterproof quality. effect . pitilessly. impotence. tax by weight. impulsif. importer. waterproof. unfinished. impropre. imputrescibiliser. n'importe. m. nonporosity. inaccurate.t. v. imprécise. printer . lack of rain. /. impréparé. unproductively. v. a. unforeseen. unproductivity. /. unprotected. important person. impost. /. imputrescibility. impermeablement. inactinic. impressionner. reckon in (on an account). ground. become impregnated. a. a. impitoyablement. /.t. a. impersonnel. adv. — au service. impress. v. a. incorrect. tax by volume. a. unpowdered. impraticable. imputrescibilité. printing (specif. printing . v. a. inability. importing. •/. duty. p. a.a. unpolluted. unpolarizable. m. powerless. tax. impregnate. improviser. impossibility. v. imply. v. inachevé. give. suddenly. improviste. (Painting) priming.

/. irreconcilably. immediately. adv. inclination. incliner. incommoder. inclusivement. incommensurabilité. inconceivable. incohésion. incomplet. inclinaison. unsuited. slope. (Bact. incomplètement. unfit. (rarely) incohesion. gash. m. /. /. inclusion. inattendu. incarnat. a. incidentally. /. v. incompatibility. a. uncertainly. a.r. v. a. unexpected. unbreakable. a. incomplète. trouble. a. inaillé. disagreeable. inanimate.. inappétence. a. uncolored.inactivement 236 incongruité inactivement. o. fire. indispose . incerate . incoloré. pale red. incoagulable. pink. incompatibilité. inalliabilité. incombustible. incomparablement. incomprimé.t. unadhesive. incompressibilité. incapability of being alloyed . incunation. p.a. nonalloying . inappréciable. inalliable. inclusively. v. incombustibility. unaltered. inapt. a. * /. incinerate. — aux acides. irreconcilability. at once. a. a. a. a. flesh-red. . affection. hinder . a. incommensurability. /. uncoagulable. undressed. inadhérent. a. inaltéré. include. flesh color. adv. incapable. incline. acid-proof.a. /. unanalyzed. adv. unalterable. incommensurablement. /. incassable. incompatibility. a. not supporting combustion. incompatible. uncompressed. a. inassimilable. p. inappréciable. a. render waxy.t. fireproof. incise. inaltérable. adv. inattaqué. incertitude. fleshcolored. m. burn to ashes. adv. adv. /. inclusive.t. v. uncohesive. /. incompressibility. incération. incohérence. incommodant. not capable of being alloyed. & i. a. rosy. unfinished. /. a. adv. /. uncertain. inaugurer. v.t. incinérateur.t. impair. mixing or covering with wax. inconciliable. incisure. v. incinérer. incendie. inapplicability. slant. incalcinable. incompletely. p. inanalysé. incinerator. bend .a. inclusive. nonaqueous. unchanged. mix or eover with wax. inconvenience. inaptitude. v. inciser. incidemment. annoying. slope. inconciliablement. inactivity. incapable of being oalcined. incération. o. o. inclusion. unconformity. uncivilized. inconducteur. incohérence. a. inconflance. /. bow. /. a. /. unfrozen. incoloration. pitch. incertain. incendiaire. colorlessness. unattackable. a. a. a. inadéquat. inaptitude. unauthorized.i. enclosed. unassimilable. a. be incumbent (on). a. /. incertainement. uncongealed. inactivité. inappreciably. incomparably. inconvenience . m. not adhèrent. inaltérabilité. inconciliabilité. dip. conflagration. inclusif. distrust. m. irreconcilable. unalloyed. inanalysable. incisure. v. incendier. incongelé. /. uncalcined. inapplicabilité. adv.t. v. incendiary. inconcevable. incline. inappétence. inadéquate. gradient. inalterability. /. unanimated. incolore. incommensurably. /. incombustible. incessantly.t. nonconducting. unperceived. réduction to a waxy State. a. inautorisé. /. inaugurate. /. inclure. inclus. incessant.) embedding. adv. a. incongruous. unobserved. inanimé. résistant to acids. incoercibilité. incessamment. /. inclination. inactively. incivilisé. eut. incompatibly. incompatiblement. unceasing. indisposition. colorless. incongru. incapacité. /. carnation. incliné. a. inaperçu. incombustibilité. continually. incalciné. disagreeable. incoagulable. inaltérable. incohesive. uncertainty. a. unattacked. a. adv. a. burn. incidentel. a. inaqueux. incessant. notch. incapacity. o. inattaquable. pink . inconformité. incérer. incongelable. incomber. inapprêté. enclose. incomburant. a. uncongealable. incohérence. flesh color . a. incoherency. want of appetite. inapte. /. unappreciable. bright pink. adv. ineommode. incarnadin. /. disturb .t. unfitness. incongruité. inclined. inclosed. incommodité. burning. set fire to. m. a. v. inconvénient . inclosure. a. incidental. inappréciablement. a. m. provoke. unlooked for. /. incarnadine. a. nonfreezing. incohésif. incongruity. unanalyzable. nonconductor. a. dip. incoercibility. /. unceasingly.

incurie. indelibly. undecided. a. discontinuous. unknown quantîty. incontestablement. — cable. indicateur-robinet.» inconsistent . incultivable. unsteadiness. unlimited.t. colored indicator. uncultivable . adv. gage. code number. — flotteur. indemmfy. a. adv. inconstant. m. indicatory. West Indies. undefem. indefiniteness. undefinable. undescribed. etc. signal. unconverted. etc. a. not liable to get out of incristallisaule. incorporate. independent. inconverti. indigo in flat cakes. unburned. able.indemniser. inconstance. (see indestructibilité. indican.t. unculturable. /. o. loose. undiscoverable.) India.indicatif. indépendamment. increvable. indiinde. water française. unconsoiously. indeterminate. /. inconsistent. unsteady. explosion-proof. foreflnger. indazole. adv. — de marche. a. Inde anglaise. code.r. a. indous. logwood. o. fur. uncrystallizable. /. speed iudicator. a. indication. (cap. indivisible. (Elec. indent. indigo blue. /. /. v. indigo. information. indeterminateness . — de pression. v. /. indelible. a. indicator. curve înward. incorrectement. indenter. a. seale. o. uncultured. — coloré. undemonstrable. m. indicanurie. adv. uncontaminated. incorporer. East Indies. o. Dutch indigo. indan. indépendance.) unburned or under. incontrôlable. allowance . a.) voltIndes néerlandaises. adv. nonbursting. m. a. indaniline. indemonstrable. guide. a. inconsistency. undescribaincruster. a. meter. inconvénient. inaccuracy. /. Indes françaises. o. a. inconvertissable. détermination. indéfinissable. (see dédoubler). indicatrice. /. indescriptible. index noat. undamaged. incurve. cating. unconvertible. indélébile. — de tension.) meter. — de niveau d'eau. unconsciousness. indemnité. uncultivable. adv. indéréglable. indémontrable. inconsistance. /. index. Indes. indéchirable. untearable. indaniline. indépendant. lack of care. m. tage. a. undesirable. Dutch East Indies. o. indécouvrable.t. French India. adv. uncertain. indéterminé. /.indéfini. a. cuire). pres— plate. unboilcd. a. a. indeux. unconscious. inconsistant. v. incuit. indefitùtely. a. index finindazol. indécrit. indemnity. adv.) indicanuria. négligence. indamine.indétermination. British India. uncontrollable. a. inconsider. indican. v. indicatory. indamine. unknown. o. unaltered. incrusted.t. incredibly. pointer. composable. a. independently. indécis. Indes occidentales. inburned material. not deformable. order. /. indefinite. inconstant. incroyablement. (also pi. code letter. o. inexpli. a. gage. Indes brittaniques. indéniable. m. indofinable. of indicateur. Inde (Elec. index. indication. indéfinité. indécomposable. a. etc. indestructibility. pressure gage. indécomposable. inconscience. indéfrichable. /. tfc m. indésirable. sign. gage-cock. /. incontinu. indazine. uncultivated . undefined. disadvan. incontestably. /. unknown.. o. incurver. (Afed. index. incontaminé. a. incroyable. inconséquence. looseness. indécomposé. — de vide. undecomposed. inconstancy. unquestionable. inconnue. indéfiniment. indane. Indes anglaisa. indéformable. indescribable. m. inlay. v. /. indédoublable. inculte. incubating. indélébilement. inconvenience . incubator. undeniable. a. incorrigé. indium(II). become ble. floating index. indicative. incorrectness . m. m. vacuum gage. o. incubateur. a. inconsciemment. index finger. incrust. a. independence. a. /. sure indicator. indescriptiblement. a. inconvertible. indescribably. inconvertible. inconséquent. m. indicator. sign. indemne. /. a. indébrouillable. iodine number. ate. (Math. a. a.) indicatrix. ger. unresolvable. indazine. indécouvert. . /. See inde. m. uncorrected. o. undecomposinconscient. foolproof. — littéral. v. incorrectly. inraedible. a. forefinger. — de la vitesse. — d'iode. undiscovered.t. a.inconnu 237 indicatrice inconnu. incorrection. a. /. Indes orientales. inconsistency. indicateur. inextricable . m. trouble-proof. numérique.

des transports. — en factory. m. Indo-Chinese. indissoluble. inductif. packing fraction. a. supérieur. a. individuality. digo (Baptisia. undetermined. indigotin. indole. indistinctly. adv. 12mo. printed (or painted) cotton indosable. 1-indenone. /. — blanc. — bleu. a. a. indigocarmine. (see doser). a. — traité. m. not ductile. de base. — extractive. indigo ind'uctivité. v. inductility. a. d'acétyle. index of refraction. a. indiennerie. indigent. propre. indigo white. m. indu. — du livre. indigo plant (specif. undigested. (Elec. indigotine.indice 238 industrie indice. acid num. — des couleurs. sign. indophenin. mislead. (cap. induration. adv. cotton print in-douze. adv. indigomètre. adv. adv. agriculture. iodique. indoxyle. undue. indurer. a. indisputable. specif. (Analysis) (1) value. — d'acidité. & f. indigo carminé. untamable. inductive. indigenous. indoxazène. indiscret. indifferently. induline. o. de Hehner. indigo plantation. indigène. a. indigotier. indiscutable. m. — sauvage. cotton printer. painless. pr. inductilité.t. 18mo. indigoid. indication. zole). (Elec. etc. indigoterie. superscript. & m. réfrigération indusindistinguible. indirubin. inductile. undissolvable. unduly. m. trade. indigne. industrie. hardening. a. indigopurpurin. — indissolubilité. & m. indigometer. /. unworthy. iodine value. industry. native. Hehner value. indiquer. indic. indigestible . sketch. esp. adv. (cap. unquestionskill. saponi. propre. /. /. be sbown. octodecimo. /. — de saponification. erreur. subscript. induced circuit. a.individuellement.. led. indisputably.) indosé. acetyl value. indigent. opsonic indolcarbonique. inferred. etc. — indogène. — de Indivise. — indivisibilité. calling. cotton print. indivisibility. indéterminable. domestic. occupation.2-benzisoxaworks. (Petroleum) sludging value. o. poor. ment. /. acetyl number. — indigo-purpurine. induction . B. induit. des matières colorantes. m. a. induction. undivided. inducement. m. — agricole. a. unspeakable. commerce. undissolved. — commerciale. — d'iode. v. calico printery. lead. /. chemical able. — de réfraction. indienne. indirectement. ber. — pétrolière. /. indistinguishable. — individualité. indicate. (of induire) inducing. indûment. j . secondary circuit. indigo manufacturer. /. printed calico. a. dye industry. gofera tinctoria) . indien. be indicated. inductance. indifféremment. poudrons. — de cétène. m.t.t. /. m. a. a. indivisibly. indone. o.o.) self-induction. indoxazine (1. — indol. & m. induration. book industry. not due. cetene number.) inductance. individual. /. iodine number. inductor. fractive index. — indolore. indiscreet. indienneur. o. m. native. indigotique. manufacture. dexterity. o. index.r. key industry. m. inductile. Indian. indirectly. (Corn. adv. . tinctoria). indubitablement. indium(III). /. v. indivisiblement. mark. acid value. indubitably. dustry. index. individu. — indisputablement. indone.inducteur. — de tasse. p. indomptable.Indochinois. undiscussed. sublimed) indigo. /. re. (2) trace.) inducing. indurate. indiscuté. self-inductance. ture (of a dynamo). manufacturing. a. — indissoluble. infer. indication of oil. extractive inindistinctement. unquestioned. v.) Indian. a. a. transportation. calico printer. m. wild in. a. m. indissolubility. /. d'acide. induce. fication value (or number). farming industry. Hehner number. indigoïde. — indigo. p. indophénine. (Eîec. lack of ductility. indoxyl. indogen. cloth. harden. inductive. number. inductivity. Indo-China. inférieur. indoxyl. /.in-dix-huit.Indo-Chine. indicible. Indiinduisant. induced. induline. industry. induire. individually. /. a. indigo. duodecimo. /. ru. inexpressible. individual. indigo blue. armaindique. Indian. cotton printery. /. — d'art. (of the acid) indoxylic. — chimique. a. indolecarboxylic.) indoxylique. a. indigeste. show. m. home. adv. /. indomitable . — individuel. indissous. a. undetermined matter or quantity. treated (specif. indigotic. a. Jndirubine. — opsonigue. — frigorifique.

/. infamous. a.infiniment. industrieux. v. a. unexhausted. a. adv. pervious. inexhaustible. skillfully. below. (Mil. inébriatif. infâme. leakiness. uneven. hols and phénols are preferably translated inextensible. nullify. inépuisé. infinitesimally. (of metals) not ductile. resorcinol). adv. m. fermentable. nonexistent.. ing industry. /. inférieur. infaillible. unfermentable. one engaged in inexploité. private industry. inexcusablement. inexact. inexistant. m. a. adv. /.t. Names of alco. /. infidèle. o. a. (other inexprimable. infinity. adv. manufacturing industry. inextensible. incapable dustry. unfavourable.t. m. a. inexplosif. even. inexactly. firm. unequal. infertile. unfaithinespéré. /. a. déclare void.t. adv.t. m. ineffective. equality. inexorably. untried. adv. infectious. (Photog. inexploré. infiltrer. infertile. inexistence. v. inépuré. a. impracticable. (of inégal) unequal. inélastique. dye-inexpliqué. unexpressed. v. a. a. ineffectuai. inexcusably. adv. unexplosive. infinitésimal. unrefined. unexplained. unpracticed. — petit. adv. inexplosive. infavorable. base.) tual. try. unen. inextricably. a. perviousness. infinité.infécond. — inexplicablement. a. inélasticité. infallibly. industry. infirmation. unshakable. nonexplosive. inelastic. lowest. a. inefficacité.infect. inertia. inégal. unexploitable. inétanchéité.) unexposed. inexplosible. o. infini. /. — pétrolifère. manufacturing. in. indelible. a. a.ualness . inaccuracy. o. /. inébranlable. a. intoxicating. infaillibilité. inevitability. infiltrate. inextinguishable. paper inexorablement. infect. infecundity. inevitably. inexactitude. unworkable. inextinguible. inefficacement. undeveloped. ful .inexpérimenté. indefatigable inégalement. a. /. sugar industry. a. inévitablement. a. not extensible. a. /. infinitely. very low. infertile. be mferred. inférer.) infantry. o. infectieux.industrie 239 infirmer try. inertness. inexécutable. so as to end in -ol (as résorcine. inaptitude. a. inaccurately. — manufacturière. inaptness. ineptitude. inéquitable. infinie. ineffaçable. inexposé. industriellement. (Dist. infinitely. infirmer. unpublished. infinitésime. infarcissement. petroleum indus. dexterous. unexplored. — tinctoriale. inéluctable. a. ad infinitum. infermentescible. industrially. inégalité. infinitésimalement. inexpressible. unelastic. unevenly. o. & r. /. ineffectif. infécondité. filthy. nonexistence. inexactness. /. infériorité. adv. (acetylenic hydrocarbons) -yne. adv. m. inextricablement. unfair. a. infinity. infermenté. adv. nonfouling. compounds) -ine when the compound is a inexprimablement. a. a. industrial (specif. industrial. inferiorly. lower. infiltrate. incapable of being drawn out. — privée. a. inétirable. inferiority. not tight. a. inelasticity. inexactement. unwholesome. sucrière. inexperienced . . inégaliser.r. a. not punc. infecund. unevenness. adv.inexprimé. infecter. inefficacious. indefatigably. masc. impracticable. a. /. noninéquitable. unpurified. a. a. a. a. inépuisable. industrieusement. infer. o. ineffectually. infatigable. infidel. inexercé. à inévitabilité. infinité. infinitésimal. adv. infallible. /. inébriant. irrésistible. unfavorable. skillful. foui. industry. inert. unfertile. weakening. inefficace. infaisable. a. pi. unequally. v. unfermented. unhoped for. inferior. ineptie. weaken. a. — papetière. unreliable. inexpressibly. v. render unequal or uneven. a.) low-boiling substance. infallibility. adv. industriel. infectious. -in when it is not. inéluctable. a. a.*wine-growing in-inexploitable. a. of being developed. inefficiency. inétanche. infiltrat. inédit. inaccurate. a. unskilled. unexpected. a.t. un. & f. inexact. intérieurement. minute particle. inferior. unexploited. infatigablement. — vinicole. a. (Med. manufacturer). infinitely small. infailliblement. inefficacy. o. infinité. adv. inégaux. -ine. inencrassable. a. treacherous. infertility. /. nullification . /. inerte. inertie. adv. unfeasible. v. V—. a. (Math. ineffaceable. inexplicably.) infarction. infanterie.

civil engineer. shapeless. /. inquiry. non(m Iflammability. — chimiste. a. inhabitable. unskillful. v. a. ingeniously. infréquemment. /. inflexible. influence.. informer. spontaneous ignition. ingenuity. — spontanée.a. injectable. — civil. absence of inflammation. /. pi. infructueux. conrecherches. inintelligible. ingrain. a. gas engineer. initiative. innate. a. v. — ds touraUlOTis. v. inintentionnel. m. a. a. o. /. o.) béer wort. inform. v. rigid. a.i. /. a. adv. unskillfuhiess. infrequently. inhibiteur. uninflammable. /. infusion. tiator. o. ingéniosité. /. infroissable. — électricien. unmoistened. injected .a.inflagration 240 injecté inflagration. ininflammation. infrastructure. research engineer. uninterrupted. unhabituated. coninfusoires. gested. m. inflexion. infortune. infused.t. /. ingeniousness. intended for iningénier. Infusoria. ingénu. o. inhibitive. îgniting charge. explosives engineer. infrequence. ingrat.t. influential.r. infuse. m. enmity. infranchissable. inflict. inhumecté. adv. ignition. hâve influence. p. /et». p. o. — de pommes de nûning engineer. sanitary engineer. inapt. informe. impregnated . mechanical engineer. igniter. substructure. initier. v. & m. inflammation. inhibitrice. m. ingaranti. v. inhabité. (Bot.t. injectable. iniingazéifiable. inflammateur. o. — des -poudres et salpêtres. unyielding. m. — de injecté. initialement. infréquence. v. interfère. lack of moisture. — anti-oxygène. antioxidant. ininterrompu. v. ingenuous. /. tinuity. of inhibiteur. unproinising. unpleasing. unwarranted. inhaler. inhabilement. information. unsuccessful. adv. inflammation. inhibitor. information. be infused. a. infrequency. informulé. a. a. — gazier.) not rent by frost. a. unintelligible. m. v. unprofitable. — opticien. v. inhibitory. inhaling.) spelt. a. in-folio. o. infriable. inflect. ingénieur. v. ungrateful. m. a. uninhabitable. adv. inflexibleness. unintentional. a. influencer. catching fire. v. & a. uncommon. ingérer. groundwork. incurable. flammable. inflexible. inhale. adv. continuous. ingélif.t. a. electrical engineer. infra-rouge. inquire. a. /. /. incipient combustion. & m.t. initiate. native.t. initially.) infusion. /. infréquent. face mask. infléchir. a.t. not friable. unintentionally. ingénieusement. inquiry. infusibilité. infusion. (Bact. ingest. unformulated. unimaginable. m. v. ininflammabilité. intelligence.a. uamanageable. a. inflexibility. a. infusibility. . unformed. informai. inhaler. nonflarnmable. infusé. inflection. potato broth. inhalateur. inexpertness. (of stones. uninhabited. inflammabilité. initiateur. m. ininflammable. v. misfortune. infra-red. inhabitué. m. inflammable. unguaranteed. try hard. (Expl-) firing. p. chemical engineer.t. infus. investigation. /. a. a. ungasiflable. not freezing readily. folio. ingenious. unaccustomed. infliger. unskillfully. (in)flammability. infrequent. dryness. ask. nigenuousness. unprofitably. engineer. ungovemable. a. informé. unfortunate. ininterruption. inhiber. unfruitful. noninterruption. o. ingouvernable. adv. infusion. a. a. — des mvnes. do one's best. /. inhibiting. maker of optical instruments. a.r.r. hostility. pi. ingénuité. respirator. infuser. inguérissable. /. /. o. inintentioneUement. informations. creaseproof. inhabile. a. infructueusement. — sanitaire. jection. terre. infusoire. ingénieux. inhumectation. /. intuitive. inhibit. /. mexpertly. fire. influer.t. insurmountable. /.r. inimaginable. infusum. (Pharm. inhabileté. bend. inflexibilité. m. infortuné. infusorial. inimitié. etc. initiating. — mécanicien. inflammable. seldom. incapable. informed. influent. /. firing device.

v. a. anesthetic . unquiet. v. inoubliable. insensibility. /. insaturable. a. unsaponiflable. insaisissable. m. a. m. însciemment. odorless.r. insect. inonder. a. o. pr. unjustinable. inopiné. not seizable. (Mach. inné. adv. adv. (Afed. inopérant. etc. inobservé. biting insect (as fleas). tnorganicien. inoxydable. /. insaturable. inobstrué. suction injector. inquiéter. biting insect (as mosquitoes). insensiblement. adv. inundate. inodorous. adv. insaponiflable. insensitive. unobscured. disquiet. inoffensivement. unfair. v. be congested. a. injection. inositurie. inorganiquement. innocuousness. syringe. a. inosite. inoculate. innover. unsaturated. innombrablement. recorder. unoccupied. & a. a. m. inquartation. inscrit. /. injudiciously. inofnciel. unconsciously. innovate.t. inosic. înoffensif.r. a. a. unjust. a. inquiet. a. unofîicial. inquarter.i. insensitivity. flood. inquartation. nuroberless.t. register. a. anesthetizing apparatus . regiatration. worry. adv. inoccupé. anxious. a. v. v. inscribed. inositol. insaisissablement. inopportune. nozzle. uneasy. insapidité. inopportun. inscription. anesthetizing . inopportunely. injure. inundation. a. inorganically. harmlessness. m. insapide. innumérablement. a. a. in-quarto. 8vo. insecticide. inopportunément. (of samples) quartering. inobstruable. insipidness. innate. insensible. insensible. unheard of. enter. insecticide. inobscurci. a. adv. stainless. inoculer. (Expl. v. /. injury. a. injustifiable. (Med. a. moffensively.t. injurious. unoxidability. /. injurieusement. adv. inoxidable.) desensitizer. inosinic.) inosituria. /. insensitive. without number. not saturable. inséminer. ineffective. inquiétude. o. inodore. inobservable. insensitif. inscrire. a.injecter 241 insensitif injecter. injudicious. overflow. pi. incapable of being obstructed. m. a. /. m. (of inscrire) inscribing. (see inscrire). sprinkler. innocuité. a. & a. inject. déluge. a. (formerly) inosite. insécable. adv. o. (of chemists) inorganic. 16mo. adv. inorganic chemist. insalubre. unsaturable. a. inrouillable. inquart. anesthetize. trouble. injecteur. injustement. unforeseen. unexpected. unoxidizability. inseourity. nonofficial. render insensible. a. m. unhealthy. a. innovate. congénital. flood. rustproof. insensitively. inosurie. rustproof. o. unofficially. anxiety. /. insécurité. (Assaying*) quartation. adv. inseminate. insipid. inorganic. inscribable. m. a. a. uneasiness. /. a. inscriptible. o. be injected. imprégnation. register.a. abuse. unoxidized. v. unoxidizable.) Insectivora. injuste. a. inorganique. tasteless. m. insensibly. inborn . be flushed. recording. inosine. in-octavo. unjustly.t. p. . inscribe. insectivores. v. /. insensibilité. a. worry. unheard. unsatisfied. inodorant. insensibiliser. indivisible. a. injudicieux. (Ex-pl. a. inouï. inscrivant.t. inopinément. sixteenmo. moxydabilité. without number. quarto. injecting. adv. unhealthfulness. inosine. be inscribed. inscripteur. imperceptibly.t. unknowingly. insalubrité.) desensitize. write down. inoperative . octavo. tastelessness. a. v. a. etc.t. inoxidability. unobstructed. /. — aspirant. inofficiellenient. inscription. adv. — tuticole. v. insatisfait. p. {Zo'ol. a. /. v. (Expl. /. not observable. insecticidal. & a. congestion.) desensitizing.t. in-seize. subject to auartation. inoxydé. v. innumerable. inoculability. injuriously. /.) inodular. unobservable. m. sprayer. injector. insecte. producing insensibility. insaturé. injecto-poisseur. injudicieusement.t. inodulaire. /. /. imperceptible . m. inoculabilité. record. insensibilisateur. injection. inondation. nonrusting. impregnate (by injection). unhealthful. inosique. innombrable. unobserved. inoffensive. injurieux. adv. unexpectedly. — piqueur.) out of action. unforgettable. pitch sprayer. a. introduce.

instinctif. v. ins. inspirant. instantaneous photograph. v. insertable. cause to inhale. insigniflcance. v. unsolderable. m. nonsonorous. nonsolution. insigne. instrument. implement. a. m. intarissable. insolidité. pointer instrument. instantly. adv. adv. — de ménage. inspissate. institute.) underexposure. a. blowing in or on. — à aiguille. generating plant. entire . v. a. inflate. insondable.t. — d'énergie. founder. a. adv. insolubilité. de a. instinctivement. insufflation. lack of success. integrally. insuffler. silence. insignifiance.t. instability. snapshot.) insignia. v. unusual. insoudable. instance. learned. insuffisance. instantaneousness. insonoriser. institution. teach. v. household utensil. investigate. insidious. insumciently. soundproofing. chemical institute. insolubly.t. o. m. instruction.t. insupportable. instill. found.t. — agronomique. intégral. adv. badge. insolidement. instruments d'optique. /. works. (Corn. inspection. power plant. a. /. insoler. intaille. installateur. instructeur.r. référence instrument. expose to the sun. m. intégral. inspire. optical instruments. insufflateur. instinctive. equipment. inexhaustible. be inserted. insistence. a. instamment. instruit.t. — d'essai semiindustrielle. well-educated . failure. /. unweldable. soundproof. pilot plant. Insulinde. unsolid.Math. /. wholly.) intégral. pr. silencing. entirely. a. unwonted. unusually. m.t. insolvabilité. teacher. inspissation. equip. insignificant. breathe or blow into. apparatus. integrality. adv. unimportant. immediately. inspecteur. insolation. instructive. want of solidity. insoupçonné.) insolvent. instantané. train. a. insipid. instituteur. entirety. (Law) examine. . insolublement. intégrale. insonorisation. intégralement. untouched. insexe. — électrogène. insolite. unstableness. /. /. insomnia. instance . m. adv. not sonorous. a. inspectorship. (Loin) inquiry. completely. instinctively. breathe or blow in or on. adv. adv. installer.t. after the manner of. /. insoutenable. instantaneous. insolubiliser. /. inspecter.t.t. a. ignorance. insuffisant. — étalon. insipidité. intact. incapacity. moment. instable. teacher. p. urgently. a.inséparablement 242 intégralité inséparablement. agricultural collège or institute. /. adv. insister. /. insist. 3 sing. /. installation. insolubility. intégralité. insuffisamment. m. optical apparatus. v. a. inspect. insert. insipide.t.t. inspissation. Malay Archipelago. o. a. instantanément. a. after. complète. insufflate. earnestly. insuline. Malaysia. (see instruire). insérer. fitter. tastelessness. tasteless. insolitement. v.o. /. instant. signal. m. thicken. a. insufficient. thickening. — de -pose. /. instructif.) insolvenoy. instituer. institut. à V— de. instiller. v. à V—. incompétent. (Photog. o. exposure to the sua. v. insolation. inaeparably. insupportable. insufflation. a. instaurer. render insoluble. insurmountable. instructed. unsolidly. rendering insoluble. insuffiator. unbearable. tool. instantaneously. a. insolubilisation. — de mesure. inspection. instant. (pi. insuccès. insipidness. insomnie. insolvable. instructor. plant. o. ineasuring instrument. insérable. — chimique. persist. terephthalic. insolution. like.i. m.r. uteosil. untenable. /. v. m. be instilled. installer.t. institutor. insipidly. System. establish. (of instruire) instructs. /. whole. instruments de chimie. inspecter. v. unsuspected. instabilité. instrument . v. establish. intaglio. /. etc. instruct. unstable. o. In the phrase à l'instar de. /. insolide. insonore. electric plant. unknown to.a. insolinique. m. insupportable. aware. Insidieux. installation. insu. v. (. power equipment. mark. a. /.ilin. p. unfathomable. chemical instruments (or utensils or apparatus). v. m. inspiring. a. /. m. insipidement. instantanéité. remarkable. inspirer. (Com. etc. install. /. intact. o. v. institute . inspisser. insurmontable. insufficiency . instar. /. adv. asexual. /. not solid. instruire. insignifiant. inform . instruction. instructor.

interligner. intermoléculairement. unseasonably. (El^c. a. a. intermicellar. intercellulaire. intermedium . interstratifié. intempérisme. internally. a. current strength. -ference. means. m.t. interpréter. interior .t. intérim. switch. internationalement. adv. space. interested. — à bascule.t. m. interminable. interrupt. m. (Com. o. interceptor.intégrant 243 intervertir intégrant. adv. internationally. adv. interpolymer. a. interrupting. a. intermédiaire.t. severity (of weather) . intentionally. affect. v. intermediate . suspended. (Med. (Med. interpose. interruption. invertible. v. a. intermoléculaire. v. intensively. interpolate. m. intervalle. interliné". knife switch. interrupted . on account of. p. v. interpolator. intercept . m. a. interminable. interstratified. intermède. intérêt. inwardly. o. weathering agent .a. médiation. intercalation . interionic. m. stop. m. intervention . interesting. inner. înterfolier. suspend. v. intérieur. intenable. invertibility.t. intenseness.t. intermédiat. intentionnellement. forbid. /. a. inward. inverted. (Com. a. interdire. interrupteur. manager. /. intérimaire. prohibit. enter. interférentiel. inclemency. /. interdiction. interférométrie. a. a. p. intervene. intermédiairement.) circuit breaker. interject. intercepter. interligne. interglacial. intertubulaire. inner. be interested.t. v. interférer. injure. intelligently. eut off.t. v. intégral. interest. maintenance . management. a. a. v. intempérant. weathering. director. interlude. a. o. interroger. v. adv. intermolecular. interatomic. interiorly. interatomique. — en bougies. a. v. a. on the inside. accélération of gravity. p. intempestive ment. m. interstitiel. interfèrent.t. a. stop. (see interdire). intention. interested person. o. m. interpolymère. intégrité. a. v. inside . superintendent. space between Unes .t. intempestif» o. intenter. interposer. interpolar. inversion. interstitial. inside. intermediate. invert. (Printing) lead. intérieurement.t. prématuré. /.) prospect. (Printing) lead. — du courant. consult. intéresser. be interposed . intellectual. interferometer. /. v. m. par V— de.r. invert. a. intercaler. interrogate. m. intercellular. v. inside. interversion. intervertir. interionique. m. /. intempéré. m. v. a. weather.r. interglaciaire. intempérie. intermediate. intermediate. interpose. interchange. intendant. intensivement. v. steward. specif.a. prohibition. within. inter lineation. internai. intermediately. intelligible. interrompu. intellectuel.t. interféromètre. intelligemment. intendant .) current intensity. a.t. v. (Elec. intercepteur. intervertase.) middleman. superintendence. adv. adv. intendance.i. v. gap. for the sake of.) interne. interstellar. intensity. intentional. interrupter. interfering. invertase. intelligible . interversible. dumfound.t. interpose. . interdiction. intemperate. examine. mterpoïer. suspend . intéressant. o. adv. direction. family life. /. integrate. intellectual. intertubular. etc. intervenir. a. insertion. p.a. interstellaire. agency . à V—. acting. forbidden. inte rvention. intensif. adv. interest. insert. range. /. endless. interpolaire. interpret. interferential. înterferometry. intégrant. intelligibility. v.a. intensité. unseasonable. interpose. interior. interval. interminably. /. introduce. internai. a. /. by the use of. inopportune. intéressé.a. interdict. private Iife. supply dépôt. v. interpolateur. /. interleave. interjeter. intelligibilité. ) internally.t. interne.t. home . interfère. (Law) bring. intercalation. v. interminablement. adv. — à couteaux. interdit. a.. p. intermicellaire. tumbler switch. médium. interrompre. candie power. intensifier. o V— de. intercalate. — de la pesanteur. intermediary. interpolating. intermediary. interverti. integrity. m. intentionnel. intégrer. affected. intermolecularly. interversibilité. /. m. intensif y. untenable. intention. intensive.i. take an interest. /. /.

intervient. p. p. give notice to. inutilisé. reverse. a.T. reversai . a. inutilité. intrait. /.t. useless. /. iod-. invalidly. intoxication. v. v.t. inventeur. a. untranslatable. invisibly. a. inverting . invérifié. invisibilité. get in. unsold. a. adv. appeal to. lead poisoning. reversed. unglazed. /. intraveineux. antiquated. intramolecular. a. unwom. inviting. a. introduce . a. durable. inutility. invalid. & m. a. secret.) intrait. a. /. inventorier. list. intimer. v.. intrus. designer. rendered useless. /. invalide. unsalabie. introduire. inutile. intraduisible. daub. reverse. o. notify. intravaseuïar. nontransmutable. inventive. intumescent. intranuclear. inverter. invariability. disability. /.mtervertissement 244 iodable mtervertissement. inverti. a. poisonous. m. v. invalidate. obsolète. intransportable. /. poison. be introduced. admit. conversely. smearing. intranucléaire. m. close relation.t. unverifiable. invalidité. adv. a. intrinsic. V. unvitrified. intuitive. undiscovérable. adv. v. a. v. p. intestine. invitrifié.t. inmost part. iodable. intimement. design. intramolecularly. iodo-. /. m.p. adv. umitilized. etc. inventory. inuline. improbably. inventaire. intraméabilité. S sing. inusable. intramoléculairement. intra-atomique. a. introductoire. inusité.a. etc. inversion. intransparence. intestin. inverting. m. /. intimité. v. invendable. needless.t. invite. p.a. intrinsèque.t. nontransmissible. unvitrified.) intoxication. a. iodinatable: iodizable. invariably. invert. invraisemblance. /. involontairement. invisquer. invoke. invert (sugar. invertine. inverseur. unserviceable. inverse. introuvable. coating with a viscous material. contrary. untreatable. uselessness. o. invisiblement. investissement. invalidity. swelling up. needlessly. intracellulaire. inuloside. o. request. daubing. inulin. be invented. a. intoxicant. invitré. adv. involontaire.t. unlikely. intransférable. permeability. 3 sing. render useless. & a. (of sugarS. m. entitled. adv.a. adv. reverser. introduit. unsaleable. reciprocal. intrinsèquement. v. nontransferable. intime. întransmuable. investigating. intimacy. untransportable. intramuscular. specif. intruder. invariabilité. invisibility. optical opposite. involuntary. adv. intuitif. intracyclique. incite. (Med. v.t. intravenous. a. coat with viscous material. improbable. invraisemblable. intracyclic. reverse. . & m. p. a.) commutator . inviscant. invariableness. invitant. enter. inventor . intransmissible. a. intimate.a. reversing. invalidement. inutilement. pr. & pf. unusual . intramusculaire. /. oî introduire. invalider. v. inviter. a. intimately. inversive. unused. that cannot be worn ont. nontransparence. uselessly. invérifiable. involuntarily. pensioner. intra-atomic. inversion. m. a. introductory. invendu. swelling up.). intramoléculaire. a. of invisquer. m. unutilizable. o. intractable.t. pr. intumescent. adv. a. opacity (or translucency). invariablement. intravasculairc. intransmutable. o. unlikelihood. invoquer. invertissant. inventer. invar (nickel-steel alloy).r. inquiring. intuitivement. inviscation. schedule. /.t. intruded. intrinsically. inversif. m. p.a.t. a. — optique. inutiliser. (Pharm. (Elec. inutilisable. a. inversement. title.a. invertin (invertase). investigateur. p. v. a. invent . invraisemblablement. intitulé. — saturnine. v. inventif. uriintentional. intoxicate. intuitively. a. invertir. invar. unverified. invertebrate. intumescence. a. inventory. not to be found. adv. p. inversely.t. p. intumescence. intransparent. a. inversion. reverse.) inverted. intraitable. inverting. oî intervenir. m. invertébré. a. improbability. intrusif. v. poison. a. insert . inmost. m. inverse. a. adv. investigator. a. inusé.a. m. a. intrusive. intoxiquer. poisoning. a. inverser. m. /. a. /. not in use . intraeellular. a. poisoning. investment. nontransparent. smear. m.

a. iodometry. m. iodinatahle: iodizable. ipecacuanhate. m. o. /. m. o. containing iodine. — d'éthyle. iodine. iodize. iodo-iodure. — mercureux. iodoethane. iridien. iodized. mercuric iodide. m.) plant of the iris family. ioinzer. (Bot. p. hydriodic. iodochlorure. iodosulfide. /. a. ionisateur. iodinate. — de jet. containing iodine. iodostannic(IV). m. iodized. iodimetry. lut. iodostanneux. ionisable. /. hybrid ion. ammonium iodide. iodimetric. lodotitanique. potassium iodate. a. iodoéthylate. a benzène solution of asphalt used iû producing iridescence. iodoacetic. iodous. ionisation. treated with or containing iodine. amphoteric ion. iolithe. iiidique. — de form-yle. a. o.iodacétique 245 iridium-III-hexabromure iodacétique. convert into an iodoxy compound. p. iodometrically. m. iodinated . iridiferous. — d'amidon. (Med. -^ hybride. combine with iodine. /. a. iridin. méthylène iodide. iodobenzene. iodargyre. alloyed with or containing iridium. iodoprotéide. chloroethane. iodo-aurate. ni. iodotitanic(IV). iodylo-. m. iodic. iodhydrate. iodation. iodate. iodine-iodide (designating an iodide solution in which iodine is dissolved). m. (Min. impregnate with iodine. a. iodation. iodométrie. iodide. ipécacuanate. iodoxyl. iodine .) iodonitro. ionogenic. m. iodamyle. iodized. — de potasse. m. combined with iodine. and Inorg. m.t. (Med. f. /.) iolite. v. iodurer. ionizing agent. ipécacuana. a. (of aller) would go. iodeux. — de méthylène. iodisme. iodine-iodide (see next term). 3 sing. ethyl iodide. iodhydrine. m. iodinate. ipecacuanha. iodostannate(IV). m. ionium. iodoso. ionization. /. iodyle. iodotitanic. a. bromoh-idate(III). amyl iodide. ioder. m. ionize. irait. adv. iodoform. a solution of potassium iodide in which iodine has been dissolved. iodé. — d'argent. iodo-aurique. iodization. m. m. ion. ionisant.) Iodol (tetraiodopyrrole). ion. — hydroxylê. a. ipecac. iodosulfure. a. alkyl iodide. methiodide.) iridian. a. (Org. ipéca. a. iodol. iodatofluorhydrique. iodo-ioduré.a. /. iodobenzine. iodosé. m. iodostannic(II). (Min. .) iododerma. (Anat. /. iridée. iodométrie. a. iodoxybenzene. iodate. iode. iodized starch. /. inrilirahlfî. v. iodoformé. n. iodoform. iodoauric. iodated. iodostannite. m. iodized potassium iodide.) iodemia. m. m. iodylobenzène. irichromatine.-). o. iodifère. iodique. ionique. m. m. iodostannique. coated or impregnated with iodine. iodométhylate.t. iolite. m. iodoxy-. iodide of starch. iodination . O2I —• iodylé. iodométrique. silver iodide. iridié (both Org. iodoforme. ionic. starch-iodide. iodoxy. ioduration. iodiferous protein. iodémie. ipecacuanhic. m. iodostannate. iridié. iodostannous. /. a. iron iodide. iodization. — d'ammoniaque. toeated with or containing an iodide. m. iodéthyle. — de ylomb. — de méthyle. m.a.) iodism. iridine. iodoaurate. iodostannite. — d'alcoyle. a. iodométriquement. p. 3 sing. a. iodoformized. a. iodide. fluoroiodio. (Med. hydriodide. iodhydrique. ionium (thorium 230). methyl iodide.) iodyrite. sublimed iodine. (Pharm. — de potassium ioduré. ira. iodostannic. iridal. iodoamidonné. ionizing. bearing iridium. a. iridifère. /. — de soufre. iodo. iridium-III-hexabromhydrique. hydroxyl ion. (of aller) will go. iodinated. bromoiridic(III). ipécacuanique. iodize. iridi)ini-HI-nexabroniure. ioduré. iodylation. iodoform (old name). /. ionizable. a. a. /. mercurous iodide. v.t. v. ethyl iodide. iodostannate(II). iodomethane. a. m. iodyler.) iridian. cond. iodide. iodiferous. ethiodide. iodochloride. iodohydrin. ionogène. — sublimé. — mercurique. m. iodination. ioniser.t. Ghem. diiodomethane. a. iodure. iodate. iodonitré. lead iodide. sulfur iodide. a. iodide chloride. ipécacuanha. (Anat. iodostannate. conversion into an iodoxy compound.

m. iridin. adv. irreversibly. m. o. isocholestérlne. isoamyl (isopentyl). m. isindazol. irriter. a. a. abnormality. irritant. a. a. isocreatinine. a. adv. the rhizome of whioh is called orris root). isocline. iridium-III-trioxalate. isatine. irrésistiblement. irisation. agar. impracticable. m. o. v. /. irresolute. o. irréduit. irrigateur. m. cyanoiridic(III). irisation. m. isentropic. irrécupérable. oxalatoiridie(III). irreconcilably. isocholesterol. isatogène. iridium-III-hexanitrite. /. /. isobare. m. isocyclique. production of iridescence. /. irreducible. o.t. adv. isobutylique. isochore. a. irréconciliabilité. o. isobaric. irrespirability. iridium-III-hexanitreux. isoclinal. m. islandais. irrégularité. a. /. — végétal. isatide. irréparable. /. & t. isogone. become iridescent. v. iridium-III-hexachlorure. unexceptionable. contour line. m. nitroiridate(III). nitroiridic(III). unrealizable. irréductibilité. isatinic. irreducibility. a. a. /. isobutyl. irradier. irisage. isochromatic. irised. iridescent. unreal. isocréatinine. Icelandic.r. m. isoélectrique. irrésolu. isoamyle. adv. /. irrécouvrable. iris. isodynamic. irréversibilité. irrigate. iridium-III-hexacyanure. irrecoverable. irrevocably. a. a. irréalisable. isodyname. a. a.2-benzodiazoIe). isoelectric. {cap. a. /. irrationnel. — de Florence. a. isochronic. a. isodulcitol. isatin. isethionic. irradiateur. inadmissible. a. deuterium. irrational. isochor. isinglass. irisate. isochronous. isocyanuric. isocyanique. o. a. o. irrecoverable. /. Irlande. isohydrogêne. irresolvable. Iceland. irrationnellement. irrévocablement. isatropique. irréconciliable. m. isochore. irréductible. isentropique. isochroniquement. cyanoiridate(III). irréconciliablement. ischurétique. failure. a. irrégulièrement. iridosmium. iridium-III-trioxalique. adv. a.) Irish man. Florentine iris {Iris fiorentina. a.) isosceles. a. a. irréussite. rrrationally. (fonnerly) isodulcite. unresolvable. isathyde. irritate. -eibleness. (Geom. isocline. irlandais. Ireland.t. /. isodynamique. phenyl isocyanate. isocyanate. capable of iridescence. irregularly. Islande. isodimorphe. isochronally. a. Iceland. v. isatide. isatyde. irrécusable. irrespirabilité. m. isoapiole. isatic. a. isodimorphous. isatinique. irreconcilability. a. irregularity . isoamyl (isopentyl). m. m. isobutoxide. a. unfeasible. irresistibly. unattainable . isodulcite. adv. isocèle. isatogen. o. /. isodimorphic. m. iridium-III-hexacyanhydrique. isoapiol. of the same altitude. a. unsolved. m. /. m. isobutylate. a.i. isocinnamic. isochronique. isinglass. isochromatique. irregular. isocyanurique. . irradiating. m. isohypse. o. isocyanate. /. isohydrique. isogonal. isochronal. iséthionique. irrecevable. irréversiblement. adv. a. isogonic. n. a. isatropic. irisable. irrégulier. iriser. /. — de phényle. irreversibility. m. CH3CH: CH—). iris. /. a. irritant. isobar. irradiative. irrotationnel. oxalatoiridate(III). a. irradiate. m. isoallyl (propenyl. iris. isoamylique. irrigator. irréprochable.) ischuretic. rnake iridescent. annulUng. v. a. a. isocinnamique. isobutyric. lack of success. isohydric.t. irriguer. m. irreconcilable. irréparablement. Irish. irritating. irisated. irisé. isoindazole (1. isobutyrique. v. irradia tor. iridosmine. irreparably.iridium-IV-hexabromure 246 isohypse iridium-IV-hexabromure. iridescence. Irish. isoallyle. isochrone. irritant. a. a. bromoiridate(IV). iridoside. unreduced. irreproachable. irréel. (Med. adv. m. a. irrotational. m. isocyanic. isocyclic. chloroiridate(III). irrésoluble. /. sprinkler.

i. isologous. convert into an isomer.. isoîate oneself. isolating. ivory. iso valeric. isosuccinic. a. issues de la meunerie.t. isolation . isovalérique. insulating stool.. Italy.t. adv. a. isostrychnine. a. isolating. a. itérative. isolateur. isourea. a. o. of issu. isometric. isophthalic. isoxanthine. a. individually. a kind of viscosimeter. shorts). physical isomerism. isoxazol. /. — physique. insulating. at the end of. a. isonitrile. fem. isonicotique. isopelletierine. issued. /. isonicotinique. italique. isotétramorphe. /. Italian. isosaccharique. /. adv. — végétal. ivorine (imitation ivory). a. m. a. a. italien. isomerization. isoquinoline. ivraie. the resuit (of). isomorphic. detached. v. isometrical. nuclear isomerism. a. isovaleroyl. singly. — stéréo chimique. isotrimorphe. /. a. isopropoxide. isomorphiquement. itaconic. isostère. îsosulfocyanique. galbage. a. v. insulation. insulating. isolation. o. isomeric. isotonic. (Photog. a. ixomètre. isopentyl. m.v. vegetable ivory (from Phytelephas macrocarpa). itérer. isonicotinic. m. isomorphously.) isosceles. m. a. repeated. — optique. intoxication. isoquinoline. isolysine. a. isotropic. isoleucine. outlet. isomorphous. iso-urée. isomériser. isomerize. a. (in vacuo) in vacuum. in an isolated manner. isopropylate. /. insulation. isomorphisme. isotonie. isostrychnine. m. isothiocyanique. /. o. isosuccinique. isosuif ocyanate. insulated . isométrique. isonitrile (isocyanide). /. isovalérianique. /. . sink . — géométrique. — artificiel. (pi. geometrical isomerism. isomer. isouric. insulating device. isotherm. isopropyle. isolant. îsoleucine. isopoly acid. o. isoquinoléique. isoxanthine. italicized. allyl mustard oil. isopropyl. isourique. m. m. /. isosafrol. o. /. à V— de. isotropisra.) offal. (names of alcohols) -itol. isotropie. isovaléryle. m. isonitrosé. Italian. of isolateur. m. /. m. -ite. a. isthmus. drunkenness. stereochemical isomerism. isopelletiérine. insulate. isopropyl. isonitroso. /. a. a.r. /. isothiourea (thiopseudourea). isovireur. (Bot. isothermal.) rye grass (Lolium). byproducts of flour (screenings. isothiocyanate. ivoire.) self-toning. a. allyl isothiocyanate. isoxazole. isomérique. isomère. isosafrole. adv. a. be insulated . isotheriniquement. isotonic state. issuing . isoloir. isolatrice. /. itaconique. slop. a. isopropylique. /. iterate. isolément. isosaccharic. isoindole. m. isotopy.isoindol 247 ixomètre isoindol. isoler. isotopie. bran. isoosmotique. isopolyacîde. separately. isthme. m. a. — d'allyle. /. insulating. isothiocyanic. waste parts of slaughtered animais. isonicotinic. /. descended. isotrimorphous. isolichenin. itinerary. optical isomer. — de noyau. & a. itératif. m. /. be isolated. isomeric. issu. a. isotropous. petticoat insulator. ivoirine. isopyromucic. isomorphe. (Geom. insulator. a. ivresse. pseudourea. a. isolysin. a. on leaving. isonicotianique. isolog(ue). isotonicity. m. isopyromucique. issues des ordinaires. isosmotic. Isoscèle. /. issue . isolate. isostere. isomérisation. isophtalique. a. artificial ivory. isologue. issue. isotropy. — à cloche. isolé. a. isolichénine. isolated . — de position. fem. -ite. isothermally. m. exit . insulating material. m. isothermic.t. a. /. isovalérianate. isothio-urée. abbrev. v. ivoire. /. a. isomerism. isolation. isothermal. ivory-colored. isosteric. a. isomérie. o. (Printing) italic. refuse. isomorphism. a. insulator. isotherme. insulator. m. isolatif. a. isomerism. isothermique. isotopie. isomérisme. m. m. isovalerate. . Italie. italique. a. isomorphie. isotrope. itinéraire. proceeding (from). position isomerism. isotonique. -phie. (of the teeth) dentine. m. v. isotopique. m. isovalérate. isotetramorphous. isolement. specif. ivoried. m. offal. m. issues de la boucherie. & m. m. isothiocyanic. repeat. isoquinoléine.

m. adv. jump. jasmin. m. jealously. gaiter.t. ham. m. jet. (Pharm. jattée. jamais. gauger. marbling. gaging. Cassel yellow (a lead oxychloride). (Mach. (cap. — par emblissage. fallow. mottle. paste pot. jalousie. a.) sparking. jasperizing. calibrate. a. a. jealousy. — d'acridine. janvier. jaillir. jambon. m. etc. v. a. vegetable garden. of old. — d'antimoine. pôle. standard. French wire gage. /. steam gage. Japanese. a. down stroke (of a letter).t.) jasper. m. jambière. /. fallowness. Japan. japon. dark spot (in a gem). I. jauge-carcasse. m. — citron. gauging. pass (an elecferic spark) . ham. jaborandi.3'. Japan. calibration for contents. — de Paris. imitation of jasper. jardinier. Jamaïque. old. leg. jalapique. gauging. a. m. sapan wood. calibration for delivery. & a. jardin.) limb of a fold. Japon. (of light) flash. jasperize. m. — des -plantes. Jamaica. (with ne expreased or understood) never.i.) jack.) agate jasper. /. adv. Contraction of je. groove (of a cask stave). jessamine. /. dish. jalapine. jasmin. jet. japonique. bowlful. chime (of a cask). jaspure. jaspage. jabJe. tonnage (of a ship). that part of a glass pot where the walls and bottom join. (Bot. rim (of a wheel). Victoria yellow. /. cloud. rod (for surveying. spouting. jasperized. — de Brongniart. jamb. vacuum gage. jack. a vessel in which cakes of tallow are molded. jalapic. burst forth. (see jaillir). jadis. m. (of pipes. (Afin. calibration. bowlful. jar. Congo yellow. spouting. blind. jadien. a. strut. jambage. etc. relating to or resembling jade. /. felly. having dark spots. former. yellow. (of jaloux) jealous. jealous. m. — de Cassel. spout. January. shank. m. p. japonner. pour —. /. gaging. jaune. a. jadaïque. garden.t. jambe. etc. stake. garden. gardener. v. m. m. jalonner. spout. jalouse. a. gauge. /. jardinenx. = jalot. light yellow. leg. jacinthe. jalousement.) Japanese (man). adv. forever. stake out. spurt. m. m. /. m. — de vapeur. iklec. Paris gage. — sauvage. etc.a. m. gage. — de chrome. jaugeur. m. lemon yellow. m. mottling. — de cadmium. yellow jasmine (Gelsemium sempervirens).a. /. yellowish. gage. gardening . m. p. Japonic. jante. m.t. /. m. jauge. grating. gush. for ever. jallot. /. (Geol. like a grating.) jaborandi. formerly. — potager. — anglais. garden produce . patent yellow (a lead oxychloride).) sleeve. flash. — d'alisarine. (see jaillir). jatte. japonais. chrome yellow. à —. garden ground. marble. cadmium yellow. /. jalousie. (Min. — à tréfiler.) elbow . — congo. antimony yellow. ever. marbling. & m. false jasmine. wire gage. a. (Elec. — de Cologne. jaspé. mark out. a. fem. a yellow iron hydroxide. jauger. /. bowl. Japanese porcelain.') fire so aa to give the appearance of Japanese porcelain. japonic (acid). v. of or containing Jade. jasper. v. jarret. jaloux. jackknife. m. jasmole. /. &tc). jastnol. jaillissant. 248 . gage. acid yellow. — du vide. jaugeage. (of wires) very fine (Iess than half a millirneter in diameter). jaïet. brilliant yellow. jaunâtre. — clair. jaillissement. jalapin. m. jaquette. — acide. gauge. faire —. — brillant. a. jardinage. (Ceram.) jasmine. hyacinth. gager. jalot. hock. & Bot. jalon. a. etc. jaspe. jachère. — par écoulement. acridine yellow. jarre. fallow land. (of the eleotric spark) pass. — breveté. alizarin yellow. a. a. à —. truss. botanical garden. (see jasper). jaspagrate. m. jais. jacket. calibrating. Japanese (language) . calibrator. (of gems) cloudy. v.

jeune. etc.i. — en moule. straw yellow. spurt. — d'or. assortaient. in action. — siderin. yellow ocher. flow. /. without food and drink. seal. be thrown. — de vapeur. — soufre. sprinkle. bundle.) in gear. be joined. jeûne. connect. joining. throwing. m. channel. jayet. train. jeûneur. — de plomb. joint. — de flamme.r. java. (Dyes) gold yellow.t. place . straw-yellow. faggot. and in addition. joined. (of joindre) joins. yellowish. spouting. — à boulet. Javanese. expansion joint. meet. m. Verona yellow. run. — de Mars. (cap. add. — d'urane. . — indien. — articulé. fasting. pale yellow. — perdu. lemon yellow. be adjacent to. (2) jet. stone's throw. young (of an animal). joined. utter. blowing (of a fuse). play. jaunissement. privation. trick. fall. assembling. — foncé. n. ground joint. throw. egg yolk. a. steam _ jet. sprout . weld. gâte. I. stake. flash . jointée. next. adjoin. double handful. m. — de poids. be cast. touching. a size of paper (about 55 x 72 cm. jeweler's trade. joint. (see joindre). javellisation. jointe ment. (Afed. (Mach. cast . scatter . junior. — d'œuf. jet from a wash bottle. canary yellow. yellow N (a dye). action. (Founding) (1) casting. — de sable. (Mach. joaillerie. — de Naples. — d'eau. fountain. set of weights. Jésus.) incorrect spelling of Javel (see eau de Javel. unité. jet. m. m. adjacent. jewelry.) fire sheaf. jaune-paille. young. /. yellow. — d'orgues. fast. yeîlow ocher. jeweler. youth. (see jeter). backlash. pouring.t. discharge . jettison. jaunissage. nozzle. S sing. siderine yellow (a basic iron chromate). — de Hease.) lost motion. — de Turner. sulfur yellow. freak. runner. organ stop. émit. — de fer. Naples yellow. yellow ultramarine (barium chroraate). rain strip. butt joint. — de coulée. In the phrase à jeun. etc. jeter. — de condensation. p. jeu. jeudi» m. v. (see joigner) . — de mercure.) jaundice.jaune 249 jointoyer Cologne yellow (a lead chromate pigment). — de terre. — de Paris. jaune-pâle. jet. joint. Paris yellow. pour. throwing. — en about. — à la mer. throw. — minéral. (Mach. join. bail-and-socket joint. v. v. lay (foundations) . quinoline yellow. outline. fast. without food. {Founding) feedhead. — paille. j e u n e s s e . jaunir. — de feu. — inutile.. throw out or away . m. game. m. v. treatment with Javel water or Javel extract (as for sterilization). jetage. — à ce que. (Sugar) spinning (in the centrifugaî). jeun. javanais. — de pissette. a. earth thrown out in excavating. pale yellow. under eau) .t. beaide which. = jaunissement. swath (of eut grain). — d'outremer. — solide. faster. Mars yellow.). small heap (of sea sait). m. condensing jet. jaunet. color yellow. — de Vérone. joint. zinc yellow. — de pierre. — pâle. yellow of egg. runner.) knuckle joint. toss. — de zinc. joy. set. m. p. jaune-capucine. packing. fit. feeding head. Hessian yellow.a. yellowing. — Victoria. m. joie. /. (Masonry) point. — soleil.i. — N. — à moule. jeûner. joaillier. be in contact. cast (as métal) . jointoyer. a. joindre. mercury seal. v. functioning. jet. unité. dearth. shoot. younger. hurl. jointing. m.i.