This website is dedicated to all the contactees and abductees who have had the
courage to speak out about their personal experiences with extra-terrestrials. In
spite of the intense social and political pressure to remain quiet, these brave souls
have demonstrated uncommon integrity by risking ridicule from family and friends
and in some cases even physical harm and harassment from our government.
I want to thank my family for having supported me in this endeavor and by
contributing their own personal abduction accounts to my research project. I also
thank the other abductees who have worked with me to contribute invaluable data
toward the understanding of the extra-terrestrial phenomenon.
Truman L. Cash
1 nave intentiona11y c1aced tne q1ossary at tne beqinninq ot tne
boox so tnat readers may tami1iarize tnewse1ves witn some ot tne new
terwino1oqy ot e×tra-terrestria1 contact. 1nere are no ' · otticia1' '
terms and detinitions to describe various abduction cnenowena because
our educationa1 system and our qovernwent do not otticia11y recoqnize
UECs as beinq rea1. 1 nave taxen tne 1 iberty to coin a tew new words;
it is not my intention to be an autnority on tne subject, but to
cromote understandinq. 1nese new terms are not intended to serve as
new standards in tne UEC tie1d, but were1y to c1arity sowe very
e×traordinary cnenomena tnat 1 nave observed, wnicn are, tor the wost
cart, toreiqn to wost ceoc1e.
A cerson wno is �axen by E1s witnout nis or ner consent.
1n wost cases tne abductee is eventua11y returned. 1nere
are sowe cnanne1ed entities and certain otner e×tra~
terrestria1s (E1s) wno c1aim tnat abductees nave at some
coint in time aqreed to tne abductions, and tneretore
tney snou1d not by detinition be ca11ed abductees.
However, e×tensive researcn--inc1udinq cast 1ives
researcn--nas snown tnis to be ta1se. A1so, in 1iqnt ot
tne crue1 and caintu1 ascects ot many abductions, one
wou1d nave to be a bit crazy or a q1utton tor cunisnwent
to want to be abducted.
E1s intentiona11y create awnesia. Cttentimes tnis is
accomc1isned usinq a t1asn weacon tnat creates a briqnt
t1asn tnat renders tne abductee unconscious. 1t
standinq, tne abductee wi11 co11acse to tne qround as it
nit over tne nead witn a c1ub. Bowever, tne t1asn weacon
is not cnysica11y caintu1. Sor.e ceoc1e nave crocosed
tnat abductees qo unconscious because ot tneir
unwarranted tear ot E1s. 1nis is simc1y not true. 1
nave tound tnat tne ceoc1e tnat usua11y crocose tnis
tneory otten scend a 1ot ot tiwe 1isteninq to cnanne1ed
A sciritua1 beinq. Cut-ot-body e×ceriences and cast 1ite
wewories demonstrate tnat we are not meat bodies (wnicn
sowe a1iens reter to as "containers" ) , but ratner we are
sciritua1 beinqs. A beinq is not cart ot tne cnysica1
universe , but tnrouqn tiwe nas becowe attacned to it.
1o act as a re1ay coint tor cowwunications trom E1s or to
a11ow one ' s body to be used as tne re1ay coint. So:ne
ceoc1e qo unconscious and a11ow anotner entity to take
over tneir body, and some ceoc1e do not. Because
te1ecatny is a rea1 cnenomenon, cnanne1inq can
occur witn or witnout imc1ants in tne brain. Cnanne1ed
intormation nas croved to be unre1iab1e due to tne awount
ot disintormation beinq disseminated by cnanne1ed
entities. 1neretore, 1 do not base any conc1usions
so1e1y ucon tne say-so ot any sucn entities. Sowe ceoc1e
creter not to use tne word "cnanne1inq" to describe a11
tyces ot cowwunications witn E1s or "niqner beinqs . " I
use it, however, to describe a11 tyces ot cowwunications
with E1s (that are not tace-to-tace cowwunications)
without reqard to anyone' s cersona1 word crejudices.
A cetson who has had sowe torw ot contact with E1s. Sowe
torws ot contact are not tace-to-tace, such as te1ecathic
or channe1ed cowwunications. becendinq on the conte×t,
this terw is either used to desiqnate a tree wi11 contact
as occosed to an abduction, or it is sowetiwes used to
desiqnate a11 tyces ot contacts inc1udinq abductions.
1o discredit; Governwent debunxers otten try to discredit
UEC eyewitnesses by attackinq thew cersona11y, cub1ic1y
revea1inq t1aws in their character, etc. so that the
cub1ic won' t taxe thew serious1y.
An abbreviation tor Extra-1errestria1s : a1iens. E×tra
weans above or beyond; 1errestria1 reters to the Earth
and its inhabitants . 1heretore, E1s reters to beinqs who
are above or beyond the surtace ot the Earth. 1t wou1d
a1so reter to beinqs beyond what we wou1d consider norwa1
to Earth societies and 1ite. 1heretore, in a qenera1
sense E1s wou1d inc1ude a11 torws ot sentient beinqs
toreiqn to Earth 1ite, inc1udinq the so-ca11ed "channe1ed
"ascended wasters, " beinqs trow "hiqher
diwensions, " and subterranean a1iens. 1 don ' t c1assity
these atorewentioned "other-diwensiona1" entities into
ditterent cateqories because there is no way to crove
that they aren' t just t 1esh-and-b1ood E1s , who have the
we11-earned recutation ot 1yinq to Earth huwans .
BYPNC11SM: 1he state in which an individua1 ' s awareness is 1owered
to the coint where awnesia and other suqqestions can
be insta11ed ( iwc1anted) , which can cause the individua1
to react contrary to his or her own vo1ition and can
a1ter his or her own viewcoint ot rea1ity. 1his state is
otten reterred to as "staqe hycnotisw. "
1MPLAN1. 1. 1o estab1ish tirw1y in the wind or consciousness;
iwcrint. 2 . 1o ewbed surqica11y in tno body.
1 have c1assitied iwc1ants into tour basic tyces--SCC1AL
M1SS1NG 11ME: Actua11y, wissinq tiwe is not tiwe that is wissinq, but
rather wewory that is wissinq. 1t is awnesia. 1t is two
o ' c1ock in the atternoon--a11 ot a sudden it ' s tour
o ' c1ocx! "Gee, what have 1 been doinq tor the cast two
hours--l don ' t rewewber! " 1iwe has indeed warched
torward two hours, so it' s not wissinq. What ' s wissinq
is the wewory ot what the abductee was doinq durinq that
HR1: Maqnetic Resonance 1waqinq. A hiqh-tech scanner that
records radio waves qiven ott by brain tìssues. 1he
catient is surrounded by a cowertu1 waqnetic tie1d and is
bowbarded by radio waves, and then a cowcuter converts
the siqna1s into cictures. MR1s are usua11y the best way
to detect a1ien brain iwc1ants.

A chysica1 universe object or enerqy watrix that is
ewbedded inside the body.
A costhycnotic suqqestion that is iwcrinted in the wind
ot an LNCCNSC1CLS cerson. Varyinq deqrees ot
unconsciousness are created by such wethods as hycnosis,
e1ectro-shock , hiqh-tech e1ectronics, druqs , extrewe
cain ( torture) , or siwc1y a b1ow to the head.
Brainwashinq, which uses various cowbinations ot hycnotic
druqs, e1ectro-shock, and costhycnotic suqqestions, is a
torw ot csycho1oqica1 iwc1antation.
PSYCBClRCN1CS . lhe use ot hiqI-tech e1ectronics to int1uence the wind.
A ta1se wewory iwc1anted in the wind ot an abductee by
an El to disquise or occ1ude the actua1 events that
occurred durinq the abduction. A screen wewory is one
tyce ot te1ecathic iwc1ant.
An idea, chi1osochy, re1iqion, crochecy, secret society,
etc. that a qrouc ot ceoc1e CCNSC1CLSLY and W1LL1NGLY
accects as beinq true. lhey are ca11ed socia1 iwc1ants
because they attect society as a who1e and can a1so be
reterred to as qrouc thouqht. Socia1 iwc1ants are not
based ucon reason or ewcirica1 research. lhey are based
ucon b1ind, unquestioninq taith and authority tiqures.
Cttentiwes, rea1 or iwaqined threats he1c to ho1d the
socia1 iwc1ants in c1ace. 1n the context ot this book,
the oriqina1 source ot socia1 iwc1ants is Els. Socia1
iwc1ants are contaqious ; that is, they can be transwitted
trow cerson to cerson ( throuqh scace) , qeneration to
qeneration (throuqh tiwe) .
SCMNAMBLL1SM. Wa1kinq whi1e as1eec or wa1kinq whi1e in a hycnotic
1MPLANl. An idea, ewotion, wenta1 iwaqe cicture, voice, or other
sensory cercection that is iwcrinted in the wind ot the
victiw with or without the aid ot e1ectronics or a
chysica1 iwc1ant. 1t is actua11y an i11usion desiqned to
deceive soweone in order to contro1 their thouqhts and
actions and thus, by detinition, has a neqative
connotation. lhis can a1so be ca11ed lELEPAlB1C BYPNCS1S
and accears to be a cowwon csychic abi1ity ot Els.
|Note : 1 oriqina11y terwed this chenowenon "te1ecathic
hycnosis , ·· and then surcrisinq1y a short tiwe 1ater 1
discovered that an E1 by the nawe ot Sewjase had
exc1ained this chenowenon to contactee Eduard "Bi11y"
Meier. She ca11ed it ··te1enosis , " which is, as she
exc1ained, a cowbination ot the words "te1ecathyII and
·'hycnosis. " |
lRANSPCNbER. A tyce ot a1ien brain iwc1ant that accears to tunction as
a transwitter and a receiver.
1 . An abbreviation tor Unidentitied E1yinq Cbject. lhis
weans exact1y what it says--it ' s an ob1ect, it ' s t1yinq,
and you

don ' t know what it is. 2. UEC is a1so is
cowwon1y used to indicate an a1ien scacecratt, such as a
t1yinq saucer. 1n this book I use thc terw "t1yinq
saucer" scecitica11y to describe a tycica1 disk-shaced
UEC (t1yinq disk) as occosed to a trianqu1ar, ciqar-
shaced, or other torw ot UEC.
Cne who studies LECs.
1 discovered to wy disway in 1988 that 1 had been abducted by
extra-terrestria1s. Bowever, it wasn' t unti1 tour years 1ater that 1
beqan to rea1ize that the abductions weren' t just a one tiwe anowa1y ot
wy past: they had becowe a continuinq and inteqra1 part ot wy 1ite. At
this 1uncture 1 beqan a quest to understand why wy tawi1y and 1 were
beinq continua11y abducted. 1 wanted to xnow who these beinqs were,
what they were doinq, and why they were here.
At tirst I didn ' t rea1ize that there was so wuch intorwation
avai1ab1e on the sub1ect ot abductions , and so 1 te1t a1one. Bowever ,
as 1 beqan to discover the nuwerous booxs on the sub1ect and weet other
abductees, 1 tound that 1 was anythinq but a1one. As 1 beqan
recoverinq the wewories ot wy own past abductions and those ot other
abductees, 1 tina11y tound the answers to wy questions and wuch, wuch
wore. 1he to11owinq report is the resu1t ot wy three-year quest to
understand the wost cha11enqinq eniqwa ever to p1aque wanxind.
1nitia11y 1 had no idea that wy research wou1d eventua11y revea1 the
trewendous iwpact that extra-terrestria1s have had in torwinq and

waintaininq the structure ot our society here on this tiny orb in the
dust ot the Mi1xy Way Ga1axy.
1n the to11owinq paqes you wi11 discover what it is 1ixe to be
abducted by extra-terrestria1s. You wi11 tind out not on1y what they
1oox 1ixe , and what the inside ot their cratt 1oox 1ixe , but a1so what
they are doinq, and what their purpose is in contactinq us. 1hese are
the co1d, tactua1, eyewitness accounts ot rea1 peop1e.
AstronowerJLEC debunxer, Car1 Saqan, has stated in reqard to the
LEC phenowenon that " anecdota1 stories don' t count. " 1he truth ot the
watter is that "anecdota1 stories" is debunxers ' 1inqo tor " tirsthand,
eyewitness testiwony. " 1n our society eyewitness testiwony is 1eqa11y
adwissib1e evidence in a court ot 1aw. 1he eyewitness testiwony ot an
averaqe Awerican citizen is not rendered inva1id siwp1y because he or
she doesn ' t have a "Ph.b . " atter their nawe or because they are not an
"authority. "
Cn Novewber 5 , 1975 six wen returninq howe atter a day ot tree
thinninq witnessed a LEC, which turned out to be a qenuine a1ien cratt.
Cne wan, 1ravis Wa1ton, ventured too c1ose to the t1yinq saucer and was
strucx vio1ent1y by a briqht b1ue-qreen ray, which hur1ed hiw bacxward
and xnocxed hiw unconscious. 1he other wen t1ed and reported what they
had witnessed. 1hey were subsequent1y each qiven a 1ie detector test
by a po1ice po1yqraph operator who suspected that they had wurdered
Wa1ton. A11 tive to1d the sawe story, and they a11 passed the test
with t1yinq co1ors. Eive days 1ater 1ravis was returned by the Els,
and he 1ater qave a detai1ed account ot what he cou1d rewewber ot his
1his tawous abduction case is unusua1 not on1y because severa1
peop1e conscious1y witnessed the incident, but because their c1aiws
were veritied by a po1ice po1yqraph operator betore the abductee had
even been returned. Bad this been a hoax, it wou1d have been very
un1ixe1y that a11 tive witnesses wou1d have passed the po1yqraph test.
Abductions, however, are not unusua1 . 1n tact, astronower and Air
Eorce LEC consu1tant, br. J. A11en Bynex, is reported to have stated
that one out ot every torty peop1e have been abducted. (Va1erian,
1988) 1n 1991 abduction researchers Budd Bopxins, John Macx, bavid
Jacobs and Ron Westruw cowwissioned the Roper Crqanization to conduct a
po11 ot 6000 adu1t Awericans that inc1uded questions indicatinq typica1
UEC abduction sywctows. Their ana1ysis ot the survey resu1ts indicated
that about one in titty had been abducted. Erow wy own cersona1
exceriences and research 1 be1ieve that these tiqures are riqht in the
ba11 carx, thus indicatinq that about tive wi11ion or wore Awericans
are abductees. Bowever, these tiqures way very we11 be an
underestiwate ot the situation.
Given these nuwbers, why aren' t wore peoc1e reportinq siqhtinqs ot
a1ien spacecratt? The answer to this and wany other re1ated questions
can be suwwed uc in just one word, TECBKCLCGY. As you wi11 see as you
proqress throuqh this boox, extra-terrestria1s possess not on1y a very
extensive understandinq ot the physica1 universe, but a1so ot the wind
and spirit.
1he quest to understand extra-terrestria1 contact can becowe an
a11-consuwinq, never-endinq, and otten cerc1exinq cha11enqe to those
who approach the subject earnest1y and with an open wind.
Eirst ot a11, there is such an overwhe1winq quantity ot wor1dwide
UEC siqhtinqs and reported contacts with a broad diversity ot ETs with
various aqendas here on this p1anet. 1t is a tu11-tiwe job just to
xeec abreast ot a11 the current siqhtinqs, contacts and intorwation as
we11 as to intorw onese1t ot a11 the past LECJE1 reports . Eor those
1ivinq on averaqe or be1ow averaqe incowes, the cost ot booxs, videos ,
cassettes, waqazines and other sources ot intorwation can taxe a biq
bite out ot one ' s budqet. A1so, tew peop1e have the wherewitha1 to
juwp on a p1ane and persona11y investiqate a siqhtinq or contact
ha1tway around the wor1d.
Second1y, the extra-terrestria1s thewse1ves are otten 1ess than
ocen and honest, and in wany cases they are outriqht decective and even
wa1icious. 1 say this not to incite tear, but to show just cause
aqainst b1ind trust or worshic ot extra-terrestria1s, a surcrisinq1y
cowwon phenowenon not on1y historica11y, but cresent1y as we11 .
The cowwunications or teachinqs ot wany a1ien qroups are otten
ridd1ed with contradictions, ha1t-truths and obvious 1ies. Theretore,
the serious student ot extra-terrestria1 contact wust inherent1y becowe
a c1ever detective with enouqh xnow1edqe and experience to discern tact
trow tiction. 1his process is not easy, taxes years, and requires
above a11 an ocen wind and an unquenchab1e thirst tor the truth.
And then, once you discover the truth, you wiqht beqin to tee1
very, very a1one.
1hird1y, there is the rea1ity, or credibi1ity tactor. Kot
everyone is an E1 contactee or abductee or has siqhted an a1ien cratt
p1yinq our air scace . Theretore, the subject ot UECs or E1s is
unrea1 to wost ceoc1e. Those who study the subject without havinq had
a rea1, persona1 excerience way be haunted with a tee1inq ot anqst
1urxinq in the shadows ot their winds that the very subject they are
di1iqent1y studyinq way not even exist. Psychoana1ysts and other
arwchair chi1osochers have written booxs and cosed theories that
re1eqate a1iens and their cratt to the scrap heap ot were wenta1
tabrications or "wass ha11ucinations. " When one reads their 1auqhab1e
theories , one beqins to wonder who is actua11y ha11ucinatinq.
1he rea1ity tactor is wade even wore etherea1 due to the now
obvious qovernwent cover-uc and debunxinq ot UECJE1 eyewitnesses , which
was initiated in the 1940s, or cerhaps even ear1ier. To wy utter
awazewent 1 rea1ized the true nature ot this insidious cover-uc when I
uncovered the eyewitness testiwony ot an abductee who was taxen to an
underqround base joint1y wanned by a1iens and wi1itaryJinte11iqence
personne1 . 1n the suwwer ot 1994 1 , too, was abducted and taxen to an
underqround U. S . wi1itaryJa1iens base.
1he qovernwent ' s concerted cawpaiqn to ridicu1e, narass, and
tnreaten UECJE1 contactees and abductees nas ettective1y served to
sque1cn wost peop1e' s desire to qo pub1ic witn tneir eyewitness
accounts. 1hen to cowp1icate watters even turtner, tne qovernwent has
ostensib1y in¸ected a substantia1 awount ot disintorwation into tne
streaw ot "1eaxed'' qovernwent intorwation, tnus creatinq turtner
contusion and discouraqewent tor truth seexers. The tasx ot the UEC
researcher wou1d be wuch easier nad our qovernwent not chosen to
sequester the 1ion ' s share ot va1id data and a1ien artitacts trow the
pub1ic dowain.
Unti1 the qovernwent re1eases a11 the data tney nave qarnered--
tnat is, it they ever re1ease it--tne eyewitness accounts ot abductees
and contactees provide tne wost intorwation and insiqnt into e×tra¬
terrestria1 activities and intentions . Uto1oqists otten over1oox this
trewendous1y rich source ot data.
Eina11y, one ot the wost insurwountab1e barriers to understandinq
a1ien contact ta11s within the rea1w ot the ewotiona11y e×p1osive
sub¸ects ot re1iqion and po1itics. 1ronica11y, tLese two topics are
priwe tarqets ct the not-so-nice a1iens, as wi11 be revea1ed in tnis
Cttentiwes a UEC researcher ' s riqid1y structured concept ot
rea1ity, reìiqious be1iets, or vested interests bars niw or her trow
controntinq tne sub\ect witn an open wind, which is necessary to tu11y
understand tne intentions and viewpoints ot the e×tra-terrestria1s. As
br. Bynex a1so apt1y stated, "We11 , it these are inte11iqences, then
they xnow sowetninq about the pnysica1 wor1d tnat we don' t xnow, and
they a1so xnow sowethinq about the psycnic wor1d that we don' t xnow--
and tney' re usinq it a11 . " ( B1uw 1974)
Lixe the "B1ind Men and the E1ephant" , uto1oqists otten wiss tne
biq picture by e×awininq on1y one or two pieces ot tnis qarqantuan
puzz1e. Theretore, 1 have not re1ied entire1y on wy own research to
e×pose a1ien wanipu1ation, but nave a1so inc1uded supportinq evidence
trow other tie1ds ot study, sowe ot wnich are seewinq1y unre1ated. Cne
wust be wi11inq to contront certain repetitive phenowena reported by
contactees and abductees such as te1epatny, out-ot-body e×periences,
prophecy, channe1inq, and even past 1ite abductions. 5owe peop1e tee1
threatened by sucn phenowena and re¸ect it out ot hand as hoa× or
b1aspnewy. 1hose with tunne1 vision wno retuse to widen the paraweters
ot their rea1ity wi11 1ixe1y not benetit trow tne study ot e×tra-
terrestria1 contact. 1t wi11 a1ways rewaJn a wys1 ery to thew.
Eor e×awp1e, sowe UEC qroups waxe a biq point ot taxinq a
"scientitic" approach to tne sub¸ ect. 1his is rather ironic as the
word "science" oriqina11y weant "to xnow. I
Bowever, in tnese wodern
tiwes science nas becowe "the study ot tne PBY51CAL UN1VEP5E, ]ust the
PBY51CAL UN1VEP5E, and notninq e1se e×ists but the PBY51CAL LK1VER5E . "
1n otner words it they can' t xi11 it, dissect it, weasure it, put it
under an wicroscope, and observe it with their 1 iwited tive senses,
then it wust not e×ist. E×tra-terrestria1s, however, xnow that this
isn ' t true. 1he understandinq ot our own spiritua1 nature is one ot
the wost vita1 xeys to understandinq the UEC pnenowenon. Witnout tnis
xnow1edqe there can be no scientitic understandinq ot tne UEC eniqwa.
Perhaps we need to re-detine science as beinq "tne process or ettort to
understand the unxnown. " My tavorite dictionary detinition ot science
is "xnow1edqe qained tnrouqh e×perience.t,
Even wodern scientists witn a11 tneir e×pensive and e1aborate
equipwent base tneir observations and conc1usions on eyewitness
testiwony. Eor it is they who wust 1oox at tne readinqs on the dia1s
and interpret tneir weaninq. 1t is tney who wust peer down into tneir
wicroscoces and draw conc1usions about what they are watchinq.
Lixe a scientitic 1aboratory exceriwent, anyone can duc1icate wy
research usinq the sawe crocedures that 1 have used, which wi11 in turn
yie1d the sawe resu1ts and tindinqs that are revea1ed in this boox.
Theretore, wy research and discoveries can be veritied by anyone who is
wi11inq to cut torth the tiwe and ettort necessary to revea1 e×tra-
terrestria1 activities and intentions. Contrary to cub1ic ocinion, we
no 1onqer need on1y to scecu1ate about the wotives and wodus ocerandi
ot the neqative E1s. 1t is xnowab1e. Cne on1y has to be wi11inq to
xnow it.
When 1 was near1y ha1tway tinished writinq this boox, 1 scracced
wuch ot what 1 had written because 1 rea1ized that the best way to
cresent this intorwation was throuqh the eyes ot 1he abductees
thewse1ves and in their own words . With this torwa1 the reader can
vicarious1y e×cerience the rea1ity ot the abduction chenowenon in
detai1. Un1ixe wost abduction booxs, none ot these abductees were
hycnotized or c1aced in any xind ot a trance state whatsoever, so they
were tu11y conscious and aware and otten crovided their own cersona1
ana1ysis ot scecitic ascects ot the abduction chenowenon as they were
reviewinq their wewories ot the abduction incidents. Most ot the
abductees inc1uded in this boox chose to rewain anonywous; their rea1
nawes have been rec1aced with cseudonyws. 1t is a sad cowwentary on
our society that these ceoc1e tee1 they cannot qo cub1ic without
risxinq ocen ridicu1e or behind-the-bacx snicxers.
A1thouqh the wateria1 in this boox wiqht be reqarded as beinq ot
an advanced nature, 1 have written it in such a way that a cerson new
to the sub1ect can easi1y understand it, whi1e seasoned uto1oqists wi11
a1so qain new intorwation, insiqhts, or veritication ot chenowena with
which they are a1ready sowewhat tawi1iar. A11 that ' s rea11y required
is an ocen wind and a tru1y scientitic accroach.
Truth xnows no vested interest. 1 ' w an indecendent researcher.
1 ' w not current1y a wewber ot any traterna1 orqanization, secret
society, re1iqion, church, or co1itica1 carty. 1 have never been
ewc1oyed by or atti1iated with any inte11iqence aqency. No one e1se
has tinanced wy research, so 1 ' w not ob1iqed to s1ant the resu1ts ot wy
research in tavor ot any vested interest. A1so, the abductees who
contributed the detai1s ot their own exceriences in this boox were
1ixewise not int1uenced by any ot the tactors above. Cttentiwes
abductees view their abductions trow the traweworx ot a riqid1y
structured rea1ity or a re1iqious be1iet systew that consequent1y
co1ors their intercretation ot their e×ceriences . 1hey try to
ciqeonho1e the abduction chenowenon into this traweworx, and 1ixe
cuttinq a round ceq into a square ho1 e, it ¸ust doesn' t tit.
Eortunate1y, the abductees who worxed with we on this croject were
ocen-winded, virtua11y 1acxinq in creconceived notions, and had 1itt1e
or no xnow1edqe ot the detai1s ot the abduction chenowenon in the
bebunxers sowetiwes accuse UEC researchers ot beinq wotivated by
woney. Bowever, wost researchers scend wore woney on the study ot UECs
than they ever waxe. 1t is wore ot a cassion or hobby, and on1y a very
tew have wade a crotit even when they do write a boox. A11 thinqs
considered, one wou1d waxe wore woney cer

hour t1iccinq burqers than
writinq a boox about UECs or e×tra-terrestria1 contact.
Money has never been wuch ot a wotivation tor we either. 5ince wy
youth 1 ' ve souqht the intanqib1es in 1 ite 1ixe truth, xnow1edqe, and
understandinq. 1n wy ear1y teens 1 becawe aware ot beinq aware. 5o
innate1y 1 xnew that 1 was not ]ust a weat body or aniwa1 . 1 ¸ust
"xnew" that 1 was a "beinq . " Frow that coint on I ]ust wanted to tind
out who "1" was and what the true nature ot rea1ity is. 1n this sense
this boox is the cu1wination ot a 1itetiwe ot wy research into the
wind, 1ite, and the true spiritua1 nature ot wan.
5owe UEC researchers who have discovered what the neqative E1s are
up to state that the qovernwent is justitied in xeepinq the truth away
trow the pub1ic. 1 disaqree. Just because the truth ain ' t pretty, is
no reason to waintain secrecy. 1here are other reasons tor the
qovernwent secrecy, as wi11 be revea1ed in the to11owinq paqes ; these
"reasons" neither serve the Awerican peop1e nor do they contribute to
our 1onq-terw surviva1 .
1he phrase "Know the truth, and it wi11 set you tree" stucx in wy
wind since wy youth, and 1 ' ve tound that it
s a very worxab1e princip1e
that can app1ied not on1y to the physica1 universe, but a1so to the
rea1ws ot wind and spirit. 1t we are to tree ourse1ves trow the bonds
ot e×tra-terrestria1 wanipu1ation, then we wust indeed contront the
truth. Sowe uto1oqists c1aiw that peop1e wou1d just tota11y treax out
it they tound out the truth. As 1 have discovered in case atter case,
this is siwp1y not true.
1n reterence to discoverinq the truth about UECs, J. A11en Bynex
indicated that it wou1d be so unbe1ievab1e to us that it wou1d be 1ixe
P1ato beinq sudden1y contronted with the techno1oqy ot te1evision. 1 ,
as we11 as thousands ot other abductees, have discovered that this is
indeed the case; so wuch so that we are otten at a 1oss tor words to
describe even in twentieth century terwino1oqy the phenowena that we
have persona11y observed. Any sincere investiqation ot the UEC
abduction phenowenon revea1s that the truth is indeed stranqer than
tiction. 1heretoreI it is in the interest and spirit ot truth, treedow
and the tuture surviva1 ot wanxind that 1 present the to11owinq
evidence and eyewitness testiwony.
1he saucer hovered above the hiII overIooxinq the PaIouse River.
1t circIed Iett to riqht, then withdrew behind the hiII onIy to
reappear seconds Iater in the starIit sxy. 1he saucer repeated this
waneuver tor severa1 winutes as its Iiqhts whirIed Iett to riqht as it
it were spinninq.
My wother, sister, brother, and 1 stood on the raiIroad crossinq
in the widdIe ot the road, tacinq west and qazinq in wonder. 1
Iistened intentIy as they ottered each other pIausibIe expIanations as
to what it wiqht be. Hy brother suqqested that it wiqht be sowe xind
ot e×periwentaI aircratt trow EairchiId Air Eorce Base, which was ]ust
t itty wiIes to the north. But 1 couId teII trow the way he said it
that he didn' t reaIIy beIieve the Air Eorce couId possess such an
awazinq aircratt. Even today we aII rewewber havinq seen this wost
curious phenowenon. 1n 1992 , thirty-si× years Iater, wy wother
described the ob1ect as a typicaI, Iarqe tIyinq saucer with Iiqhts.
1t was 1957 , 1 was eiqht years oId, and we were totaIIy obIivious
to the tact that we had 1ust been abducted and e×awined by aIiens with
Iarqe bIacx eyes and paIe sxin.
As stranqe as it sounds, we never reaIIy discussed the siqhtinq in
the ensuinq years untiI I brouqht up the sub]ect in 1993 . 1o this day
1 aw the onIy IawiIy wewber who rewewbers what reaIIy happened that
niqht. 1 didn' t discover the shocx1nq truth ot that niqht untiI thirty
years Iater. 1 was in the process ot recaIIinq trauwatic incidents
trow wy past when this scene suddenIy pops into wy wind:
1 ' w standinq on the road watchinq the UFC above the hi11. My
brother, standinq on wy riqht, is taIxinq about what the ob]ect wiqht
be. 1hen suddenIy another scene tIashes in wy wind. l · w sittinq in
the bacx seat ot our bodqe station waqon, paraIyzed. 1 Ioox out the
window to wy 1ett and see stranqe-Iooxinq beinqs with biq bIacx eyes
peerinq throuqh the window at we.
1hen 1 t1ash torward in tiwe. I
w Iyinq heIp1ess on a tabIe in a
Iarqe roow with a curved waII on one side. 1 turn wy head to the Iett
and see wy tawiIy stretched out on tabIes beside we.
At tirst 1 don' t beIieve it. 1his was ]ust too bizarre. 1 tried
to xeep the truth ot the abduction trow invadinq wy reaIity as 1
continued viewinq the wewory. But I tina1Iy couId no Ionqer deny the
truth. 1he trauwa that was Iocxed up tor thirty years burst torth Iixe
a daw spIittinq wide open.
1 don' t beIieve 1 ' ve ever cried so Ionq or so hard. But as the
tears poured trow wy eyes, 1 beqan to teeI the weIcowe reIiet trow the
burden ot wentaI anquish. 1he trauwa ot this particuIar abduction
wouId no Ionqer attect we. Bowever, 1 now had to contront a wa1or
ad1ustwent in wy personaI reaIity.
At tirst 1 didn ' t xnow how to deaI with this bizarre new
reaIity. I beqan to teeI anqer and resentwent toward these stranqe
beinqs tor vioIatinq wy tawiIy and we. 1 iwaqined scenarios where 1
wouId bIast the aIiens away with an Uzi and tnen capture their ship.
1houqh it was pure tantasy, this was wy way ot triuwphinq over the
abduction and becowinq a victor instead ot a victiw.
Bowever, a tew days Iater 1 received another session, which
re1eased even wore ot tne pent up ewotions toward wy abductors. 1 nad
uncovered yet anotner abduction incident in tne 1ate seventies that nad
occurred in Cnat!aro\ , Wasninqton, 1ust titteen wi1es nortn ot Spokane.
My wite-to-be, J
I was a1so abducted tnat niqht, and I wi11 never
torqet tne sadness and he1p1essness 1 te1t when 1 saw ner sittinq on
tne t1oor ot tne ship with her bacx aqainst a wa11 . Sne was s1uwped
over and appeared to be unconscious. burinq tne abduction I was 1aid
on an e×awininq tab1e witn sowe kind ot e1ectrodes on eacn side ot wy
nead. 1ne e1ectrodes didn' t actua11y toucn wy nead¸ but appeared to be
attached to the tab1e. Sowe kind ot e1ectronic wave osci11ations, or
whatever, were beinq passed throuqh wy brain. 1 cou1dn ' t waxe out what
they were doinq nor wny. 1his abduction occurred on tne very niqnt
that J and 1 wet and te11 in 1ove, so perhaps tne Grays were
p1ayinq watcnwaxer. Erow the Grays ' point ot view, it wou1d seew tnat
J wou1d be a 1oqica1 cnoice tor we since sne was an abductee, too.
Atter discharqinq the ewotiona1 trauwa ot those two incidents, 1
beqan to take a ditterent viewpoint toward tne a1iens. I reasoned tnat
their race was probab1y siwi1ar to ours in tnat sowe were bad and sowe
were qood and sowe were in between. I no 1onqer dwe11ed on tne sub¸ect
ot wy past abductions, and I turned wy attention toward hand1inq wy
day-to-day 1ite. Litt1e did 1 know at tnat tiwe tnat tnese two
incidents were were1y a sawp1inq ot an end1ess p1aque ot even wore
bizarre abductions tnrouqhout wy 1ite.
Severa1 years 1ater, in 1992, 1 beqan tne continuinq process ot
openinq up wewories ot abductions , revea1inq tnat I was 1ivinq a
doub1e, secret 1ite aboard spacecratt--a 1ite ot abductions that nad
wreaked pnysica1 , wenta1 , and spiritua1 navoc upon wy tawi1y and we.
Cn tne surtace tnere were no observab1e indications tnat eitner I
or any otner tawi1y wewbers had nad contact witn extra-terrestria1s.
We nad no reason to suspect that tne 1ives we were 1eadinq were
anythinq out ot tne ordinary. A11 o1 our abduction experiences were
secure1y tucRed away benind a so1id vei1 ot awnesia. Litt1e did wy
wite and 1 suspect tnat the choices we had wade in our 1ives were not
entire1y our own. We nad assuwed tnat tne reasons we nad woved so
otten were a resu1t ot our own conscious and se1t-deterwined desires.
1n 1992 we both rea1ized that wany ot our woves, sowe ot which were
sudden, were preceded by abduction incidents. 1ne urqe to wove was
siwp+y an unconscious surviva1 wechanisw to avoid a repeat ot an
np1easa+1 experience containinq pnysica1 and ewotiona1 pain.
J and 1 had sp1it up and tnen qotten bacx toqether aqain
severa1 tiwes durinq our warriaqe. Eacn tiwe tnat we parted, one or
botn ot us nad a stronq desire to wove away trow tne area we nad been
abducted in. 1his urqe was e×acerbated by the tact tnat the abduction
incidents usua11y caused ewotiona1 upset. We vented our anqer, tear,
or depress.on on each other w·thout rea1izinq that the true source ot
the ewotiona1 disturbance 1ay cowp1ete1y nidden be1ow our 1eve1 ot
awareness. 1his cause and ettect re1ationsnip otten resu1ted in wy
experiencinq depression, anqer, or irritabi1ity 1o11owinq abductions,
and I wou1d subsequent1y increase wy consuwption ot a1coho1. 1his, ot
course, on1y wade watters even worse.
I 1ater discovered in wy research that the sywptows tnat 1 nave
just described are cowwon pnenowena awonqst abductees. 1 a1so tound
that we were not a1one. As wy understandinq ot e×tra-terrestria1s and
tne abduction phenowenon increased, I beqan to ta1k wore open1y about
my experiences. As a resu1t, 1 beqan to weet otner abductees in tne
norwa1 course ot day-to-day 1ivinq. As I wet wore and wore abductees,
I becawe awazed at now wany ot us there rea11y are.
Most abductees, however, are tota11y unaware ot tne tact tnat tney

have Leen in contact with e×tra-terrestria1s, and they 1ead re1ative1y
norwaI Iives. E×tra-terrestria1s understand the wind aII too weII, and
they use this techno1oqy to insta11 awnesia in the aLductee . 1his
resu1ts in what has cowe to Le xnown as "wissinq tiwe . ¹' Actua11y,
··wissinq tiwe'' is sowewhat ot a wisnower. Wnat tne aLductee is rea1Iy
wissinq is wewory, not tiwe. Tiwe has warched torward. 1t was two
o ' c1ocx. 5udden1y, it ' s tour o ' c1ocx. ··Gee, wnat have 1 Leen doinq
tor the past two hours?" 5owetiwes, however, not a11 ot the wewory qets
LIocxed out, so the aLductee wi11 rewewLer Lits and pieces ot the
aLductions. Tnis can Le very disconcertinq or triqnteninq to abductees
who naven ' t educated thewseIves on the rea1ity ot this phenowenon, so
they otten withhoId teIIinq even their cIosest triends or re1atives tor
tear ot ridicu1e. Bow the E1s create the awnesia and why they do it
wi11 Lecowe wore apparent as you read throuqh the to11owinq aLduction
accounts .
As wuch as 1 have Leen aLducted, 1 have never noticed any "wissinq
tiwe . " UnIess one has conscious1y noticed specitic points ot reterence
such as tLe position ot the hands ot a c1ocx, the Iocation ot the sun,
or tne Iocation ot one' s car on the road, the aLduction wewory won ' t Le
wissed. Most ot wy aLductions occur wnen 1 ' w s1eepinq, so 1 don' t
notice anv wissinqwewory.
J , however, has reported two instances ot wissinq wewory,
which occurred in the suwwer ot ' 78 Letore we wet. 5he was 1ivinq in
5poxane at the tiwe, and the niqhts were hot. 5he couIdn ' t qet to
s1eep, so she decided to drive north to her parents howe in Chattaroy
wnere it wou1d Le coo1er. 1ne Iast tninq sne rewewLered was Ieavinq
tne city 1iwits ot 5poxane and turninq onto the Newport hiqhway. 1he
ne×t thinq she rewewLered was pu11inq her car into her parents'
driveway. 5he had aLsoIuteIy no wewory ot drivinq the distance Letween
5poxane and Cnattaroy and couIdn' t account tor tne wewory L1acx-out .
1his nappened twice witnin a weex' s tiwe. Consequent1y, she was
concerned aLout tnis and tnouqht tnat perhaps she had ta11en as1eep at
the wheeI . 1his, however, wade 1itt1e sense Lecause she hadn' t driven
ott the road or had an accident. 5he 1ater discovered that she was an
aLductee 1onq Letore she ever wet we.
recovered tne wissinq wewory ot one ot
occurred was so intriquinq that 1 have
Chapter Nine.
On June 29th, 1994,
tnose hot suwwer n1qhts. Wnat
inc1uded ner detaiIed account in
A1ien iwpIants inserted into various parts ot the Lody are otten
reported Ly aLductees . 1n tact wedica1 doctors are now Leqinninq to
notice these iwp1ants in MRls . Tnese are rea1, so1id, physica1
oL1ects . My aLductors--aIiens caI1ed "Grays"--have inserted an iwp1ant
tLrouqh wy torehead ¸ust aLove the Lridqe ot wy nose. 1he iwpIant was
Iater rewoved aLout a year 1ater on EeLruary 7 , 1992 and then 1ater
reinsta1Ied on March 26 , 1993. 1 xnow this Lecause 1 rewewLer thew
doinq it. Apparent1y, this iwp1ant is Iocated in wy Lrain Lecause it
du11s wy wentaI acuity and speed ot wenta1 cowputation incIudinq
readinq speed. 1t a1so adverseIy attects wy ewotions Ly inhiLitinq tLe
Liqher ewotions such as cheertuIness and 1oy . When the iwpIant is
taxen out or reinstaI1ed there is such a drawatic chanqe it' s Iixe the
ditterence Letween niqnt and day. 1n June ot 1994 1 was descriLinq
wnat the iwpIantinq arw 1ooxed Iixe to wy doctor, who has ta1xed with
other aLductees . Be stopped we in the widdIe ot wy e×p1anation and
toId we that he a1ready xnew what it Iooxed 1ixe trow a picture drawn
Ly another aLductee.
Another tawi1y wewLer, Burt, appears to nave a1so Leen iwp1anted,
as 1 ' I1 discuss in the to11owinq chapter.

BUR1' 5 ABbuC11CN
Burt qets nose b1eeds sowetiwes tor no accarent reason. 1his, ot
course, in itse1t isn ' t unusuaI . Bowever, abductees very otten have an
iwcIant that is inserted up one ot their nostriIs. 5owetiwes this
iwpIant causes nosebIeeds, especiaIIy riqht atter it has been
instaIIed. Burt toId we that in the ta11 ot 1992 he had recurrinq
nosebIeeds over a three-day ceriod. burinq this tiwe he e×perienced
qreat accrehension, a tear ot an unknown "sowethinq" tor which he couId
not ascribe a detinite, p1ausibIe exc1anation.
Eor the cast two years, 1992 throuqh 1994, Burt a1ways s1ept with
one or two knives under his wattress. At tirst J cou1dn' t account
tor the disaccearance ot a nuwber ot her knives trow the kitchen drawer
unti1 she discovered this bIack ho1e ot butcher knives . Burt o

roawed the house at niqht wie1dinq these cuIinary weapons ,
investiqatinq "creakinq sounds ,
as it a stranqer had invaded our
space. As he 1ater discovered, his tears were not untounded.
1n a 1ate niqht conversation with J in the taII ot 1993, Burt
1earned that both she and 1 were abductees. Burt hadn ' t read any books
on the subaect nor was he interested in u1Cs or E1s, but he did want to
tind out it he a1so was an abductee . 5o 1 ottered wy services .
1he ski11s that 1 had acquired don' t ewp1oy the use ot hypnotisw
at a1 1 . 1 had 1earned how to brinq torth wewories trow the unconscious
wind without cuttinq the sub1ect in any kind ot trance state
whatsoever. 1n tact the subaect is tota11y aware and conscious and is
ab1e to transter and re-e×perience these hidden wewories trow the
unconscious part ot the wind without any harwtu1 side ettects. With
these techniques it is virtuaIIy iwcossib1e to instalI a post-hypnotic
suqqestion. 1he sub1ect siwcIy returns throuqh

n incident trow his
past severa1 tiwes untiI it has becowe part ot his or her conscious
wewory and any physicaI cain or paintuI ewotion has disapceared. 1t is
wuch 1ike quick1y cassinq a waqnet by a naiI near the edqe ot a tab1e.
With each cass the nai1 nudqes a 1ittIe bit cIoser untiI it is tina11y
c1ose enouqh to be cuI1ed onto the waqnet. Yor exawcIe, the tirst cass
throuqh an incident way on1y yie1d cart ot �he story, or it way be
vaque or hazy, but upon additionaI recountinqs, wore detai1s ot the
incident surtace untiI the who1e incident becowes cIear. 1 ' l1 excound
ucon this subaect in Chapter Eiqht in order to shed wore 1iqht onto
a1ien wind contro1 .
1he oriqina1 question that l asked Burt was, "Bave you ever been
A1thouqh 1 usua11y never ask scecitica11y tor an abduction
incident, in this case it seewed accrocriate as this is what he wanted
to know. 1he answer to that question was an abduction incident that
took over seven hours to brinq to the surtace. We worked tor tour days
with one session each day. A1thouqh it is unusua1 to spend so wuch
tiwe on aust one incident, our ettorts paid ott in that a Iot ot
detai1s were extracted. Atterward Burt wade sowe sketches ot the
aliens, their cratt and other itews ot interest. (5ee i11ustrations)
5urprisinq1y, this abduction took p1ace in the wee hours ot the
worninq beside a norwaI1y busy tour-1ane street within the city 1iwits
ot 5pokane. 1hat they can abduct peop1e in popu1ated areas without
detection dewonstrates a technoIoqy that is beyond our wi1dest
iwaqination. 1t a1so e×p1ains wLy so wany abductions can occur witL so
tew siqLtinqs.
TLe transcript ot tLis taped session contained a qreat dea1 ot
repetitive intorwation, due to tne tact tLat we Lad to waRe severa1
passes tLrouqn tne incident; 1 Lave tneretore edited tLe transcript tor
purposes ot tnis booR. 1 nave tried to edit tLe incídents in tnis booR
as Iitt1e as possibIe in order to waintain tneir inteqrity. Bowever, 1
didn' t want to burden tne reader witL wany repetitive detai1s or
e×traneous cowwents , and 1 needed to protect tne identities ot tne
peopIe invo1ved; tLeretore, sowe editinq and nawe cLanqes were
required. Eor e×awpIe, 1 decided not to burden tLe readers witn tLe
trequent use ot "uws, ¹' ''ers, " "aLs, ·· "nwwwws, " and otLer sounds tnat
peop1e waRe wLile pausinq in tLouqLt. 1 Lave a1so not sLown tLe
trequent pauses in tne widd1e ot sentences wnen abductees are pausinq
to 1ooR at tne particu1ars ot eacn incident. CtLer tLan tne above
wentioned winor aIterations, tLe toIIowinq incidents nave been
presented in tneir oriqina1 condition witLout any siqniticant
a1teration. Any cowwents tLat 1 ' ve added are tneretore encIosed in
parentneses or bracRets.
1ne to11owinq transcript beqins in tne second session and starts
in tLe widd1e ot tne incident wLere Burt is sittinq on a bencn in a
spacecratt. Burt beqins by describinq wLat Le Lad uncovered in tLe
• •
prev�ous sesslon.
Burt' s 5ession #1 -- 5aturday, Cctober 2 2 , 1992
"Return to tLe incident we were worRinq on yesterday and return
to tLe tiwe you were sittinq on tLe bencL. "
Burt: "Yean, l rewewber now, it was IiRe wLen you are in a doctor' s
ottice, and tLey Lave IiRe tLat wLite paper on it. But it was
wore 1iRe--wLat 1 was sittinq ( on) --it was wore IiRe tnat wnite
paper tLey use . "
"Can you see it now?"
Burt: " YeaL , 1 can Rinda teeI it. 1t tee1s 1iRe paper, rea11y dry . "
( 1n a Iater session ne described tne paper as aIso beinq sott
and swootn . )
"Wnere are you at in tne incident riqnt now? WLat ' s nappeninq?"
Burt: "5ittinq and IooRinq torward at tLe wa1 I . "
"A11 riqLt. Return to tne beqinninq ot tLis incident. "
Burt: "CRay. "
"Wnat ' s Lappeninq?"
ßurt: " 1 rewewber seeinq tLat U-snaped object wovinq across wnere 1
see, and 1 see it wovinq downward. TLen it cowes c1oser to we.
TLen tLe next tninq 1 rewewber 1 ' w sittinq up on tnis bed witn
pIastic or papery sort ot cover on it. And 1 ' w 1ooRinq at a
waII. 1 ' w not wearinq a snirt. 1t ' s Rinda cooI in tLere. 1ne
roow is circuIar tnat 1 ' w in. 1t ' s Rind ot a qrayisn 1iqnt.
1nere' s a cat sittinq ne×t to we in about an arw' s reacn. 1t ' s
b1acR, and it ' s just sittinq tnere. "
"Wnat coIor is its eyes?" ( 1 was curious as 1 Ladn ' t Leard ot
or recaIIed any incidents wnere any dowesticated aniwaIs were
seen aboard spacecratt. )
Burt: " 1 don ' t rewewber. Cranqe. " (Be 1ater described tLew as
ye11owisL-oranqe. )
"ioes it nave any stripes on it?"
Burt: "No, it' s soIid b1acR. "
"1s it an ordinary cat?"
Burt: "YeaL, an ordinary cat. 1t Las sLort nair, you Rnow, sIicR-
Lacked Iookinq. 1t' s kinda 1ookinq straiqnt torward Iike 1 ' w
doinq. 1 and tne cat seew to Le actinq ratner apatnetic. 1 t' s
1ike--wnere 1 ' w at--1 'w not a1arwed Ly it. 1t doesn' t seew 1ike
anytninq unusuaI. 1 ' w 1ookinq a1onq tne t1oor wnere tne t1oor
weets tne waII . 1t' s kind ot sIoped downward to tne t1oor.
Turninq wy nead on tne wa11 1 see Iike a sywLo1 on tne waI 1 .
1t ' s 1ike a riqnt parentnesis--1 wean, 1ett parentnesis--witn a
dot in tne widd1e ot it, not toucninq it, but rea11y c1ose to it
and centered verticaIIy to it. (5ee i11ustrations) 1 was
1ookinq at it, 1 rewewLer . 1 didn' t rewewLer Leinq interested
in it. 1 was ]ust 1ookinq at it tor sowetninq to Iook at. "
"Wnat coIor is it?¹'
"Wnite. 1 was sittinq tnere kinda Iookinq at it and started
turninq wy nead Lack, and--just a IittIe Lit--and sowetninq
woved Lenind we, seews to wa1k across tne roow, and tne cat
1uwps down to tne t1oor. 1 near kind ot a tnud sound, so 1 turn
wy nead to Iook at tnere. 1 don ' t see niw, and 1 1ook up, and 1
notice tnis oL1ect on tne wa1 1 . 1t was 1ike a square snape witn
Iike a part ot a weta1 a×1e attacned to it witn a crescent ne×t
to a q1ass window or sowetninq. A circu1ar piece ot qIass witn
a crescent qoinq around part ot it. And I didn ' t see anytninq
tnrouqn tne qIass · cause it was LIack. And 1 was--1 start
turninq wy nead Lack; 1 start 1ookinq straiqnt anead ot we. 1
was just Iookinq at tne wa11 , and 1 start tee1inq rea11y tired.
1 started kinda restinq wy nead in wy nands , tnen 1 sat up. 1
kinda sat up, you know, kinda tryinq to tiqnt Leinq tired. And
1 was 1ookinq anead ot we, tryinq to keep wy eyes open, and it
was \ust too nard, so 1 was puttinq wy nead in wy nands. I
quess 1 te11 as1eep. 1 ' w qettinq rea1 tired, and tnat was tne
1ast tninq 1 rewewLer. " ( Burt now snitts Lackward in tiwe to
wnen ne tirst entered tnis roow. ) "I aIso rewewLer tnere ' s two
creatures in tnere, two Leinqs in tne roow. Cne appeared to Le
qoinq tnrouqn sowe drawers . 1 see sowetninq in one ot tne
drawers. 1t seews to Le sniny Iike cnrowe or stain1ess steeI . "
"Wnat is its snape?"
" 1 can't see aII ot it ' cause it' s in tne drawer, and 1 ' w just
kinda Iookinq over. Part ot tne Leinq ' s snouIder or arw' s in
tne way, so 1 can' t see tne wnoIe tninq . "
"Wnat' s tne Leinq' s arw Iike?"
" 1t ' s a wnite 1aL coat ne ' s wearinq. " (Be 1ater descriLed tne
IaL coat as Leinq Ionq and Laqqy, not tiqnt-tittinq, and witn a
pocket on tne 1ett side. 5ee 1 11ustration. )
"io you see tne Leinq ' s nand?··
"No, 1 don' t. Bis arws appear to Le in tront ot niw, so 1 don' t
see ' ew. " ( Burt 1ater wentioned to we tnat tney nad tnree
tinqers, Lut no tinqernaiIs. 1ney didn ' t nave wucn ot a paIw,
as it tne tinqers connected direct1y to tne wrist. )
" 1s ne 1ookinq at you? "
"No, ne' s Lusy. 1 rewewLer seeinq niw, 1ookinq at niw in tne
tace. Be' s--wnite 1aL coat, kind ot suntIower seed-snaped eyes ,
Iike teardrops or sowetninq. Tne teardrops are kinda pointinq
towards its nose, tne wore sIanted ends are. And it doesn' t
nave wucn ot a nose. 1t' s nose kinda qoes down a Iitt1e Lit,
tnen kinda points up and nas Liq nostri1s. 1 don' t see any Iips
or ears at a1I, 1ust nas a swaII woutn, a1I L1ack eyes--so1id
L1ack. 1 can ' t teI1 wnere ne ' s Iookinq. No watter wnere its
nead is pointinq it seews to Le starinq . "
"1s tne Leinq tnat you' re Iookinq at cowwunicatinq to you? "
Burt: !·No, 1 don' t tninR so. 1 can' t teI I . 1 tee1 1iRe 1 Rnow wnat
ne' s doinq. 1 can ' t te1I wnat it is. AIwost as it ne ' s
e×awininq we. "
· ' 1s ne e×awininq you?"
Burt: "Yean, Rind ot 1ust a quicR exawination, 1ooRinq at we. "
"Wnat does tnat tee1 1iRe?"
Burt: "5cary. Kinda spooRy tee1inq. Bis eyes, you can ' t teI1 wnat it
weans, can ' t te11 anytninq trow ' ew. 1 tninR 1 nave wy snirt on
tnis tiwe. 1 ' w 1ooRinq at it in two--it tee1s IiRe 1 ' w wearinq
wy snirt. 1 wa1R in witn wy snirt, and 1 1ooR at niw. Be' s
exawininq we. "
"1s ne toucninq you? "
Burt: "No. 1 was 1ust Rind ot wa1Rinq past niw, 1iRe ne was qivinq we
a quicR IooR-over, Rind ot 1iRe ne was borcd witn tnis. 1t was
1iRe sowetninq ne did, 1iRe a 1ob ne nad. 1his--wnat ne nad to
do was Rind ot 1ooR at we ' cause tnat was wnat ne did. 1 was
Rind ot waIRinq torward a 1itt1e bit--rea11y s1ow1y--1 tninR
tnere' s one benind we. 1t was tne one wno was wessinq in tne
drawer. 1 was wa1Rinq past a drawer. 1nere ' s one standinq by
wnere tne drawer is, and tnat was tne one wno was IooRinq we
over, but tnere seews to be one benind we. 1nat was tne one
tnat wa1Red across tne roow. 1ney seew 1ust about identica1.
You can' t--tnere ' s no distinquisninq teatutes on tnew. 1ney
botn 1ooR very wucn tne sawe. 1ney' re nairIess, pa1e sRin,
Iarqe eyes, 1arqe nostriIs, swa1I woutn--a peepnoIe--botn
wearinq tne sawe tninq. 51ow1y 1 ' w wa1Rinq past niw. 1 ' w 1ust
Rinda turninq a IittIe bit. 1 teeI IiRe sowebody ' s te11inq we
to turn. No one ' s toucninq we. No one ' s toucninq we at a11.
Just seews, 1 don ' t Rnow, 1ust turninq, you Rnow. 1 1ust Rnow
tnat 1 ' w supposed to turn. 1 Rinda turn a Iitt1e bit. 1 ' w
waIRinq, and 1 see a tabIe, tne sawe Rind ot coverinq on it,
Rind ot a papery coverinq, but tnis one nas a bacR on it. 1t ' s
Rind ot sIoped up a 1itt1e bit. 1nere' s a 1 iqnt propped up by
it. 1t seews to be Rind ot briqnter. 1t seews to be a bit
briqnter tnan tne qray one 1 saw. 1 ' w Rinda wa1Rinq towards tne
bacR ot it. 1nere ' s IiRe IittIe cups or sowetninq attacned to it
tor no1dinq tninqs. 1 t' s 1iRe tney ' re sniny, Rinda IiRe sniny
weta1 bars cowinq up tne side on tne corners ot it, on tne
bacR . "
"Wnat ' s nappeninq now? "
Burt: ·· 1 ' w benind it, not 1ooRinq at it (tne tabIe) . 1 ' w Rinda
1ooRinq 1ust at tne wa11. 1ne roow 1 cawe into is wore 1 iRe a
na1t-spnere snape. 1t ' s not a tu11y circu1ar roow, a na1t-
spnere. 1t ' s not divided direct1y down tne widdIe. 1ne roow
tnat 1 ' w in, it 1ooRs IiRe i t' s two roows or sowetninq. 1ne
roow tnat 1 ' w in seews to be a bit 1arqer tnan tne otner, ' cause
it ' s not divided equa11y. 1t' s a11 circu1ar. 1ne waII in tne
widdIe is Rinda sIoped, and tnere' s a swa11 counter, and tnere ' s
severaI drawers in it. And riqnt on tne corner one by tne door
tnere is--tnat' s wnere tnis beinq was IooRinq in. Be was
1ooRinq tnrouqn tnat one, and wnen 1 wa1Red in ne didn' t seew to
be IooRinq tnrouqn it. 1t was wore IiRe it was 1ust Rinda
standinq by it. 5o 1 waIRed in, it Rind ot looRed at we,
sRepticaIIy, as it ne was e×awininq we and was sReptica1 about
it, about we. 1 1ust Rinda qet tnat teeIinq. 1 wa1R past niw,
and now 1 ' w standinq benind tne bed or sowetninq, 1 don' t
Rnow, witn tne bacR propped up. A briqnt Iiqnt over it. Cn one
side it seews to be a Iever, a wetaI bar cowinq up trow tne side
ot it. 1here ' s sowe shiny pen-1ixe thinqs in one ot the cups on
the sides . 1 sti11 have wy shirt on. "
"Bow do you teeI? "
Burt: "Kind ot apathetic sti11. 1 ' w standinq Ly the Led, and 1 wove
out trow Lehind it onto the other side, the opposite, to the one
with the 1ever on it. 1 ' w standinq Ly the Lacx ot it where it
sIopes up . 1t cowes up aLout to wy waist. 1 ' w 1ooxinq at
it. 1t ' s a papery sort ot thinq on it. 1he Iiqht on there is
rea11y Lriqht, and it ' s waxinq wy eyes hurt. 1here' s a Iiqht
aLove it (the Led) , and it ' s reaIIy Lriqht, and it ' s waxinq wy
eyes hurt. "
"Are you standinq?"
Burt: "5tandinq. Cne hand' s xinda 1eaninq on it. My 1ett hand is
xinda 1eaninq on it. Now 1 ' w 1eaninq on it with Loth hands .··
'·Where are the Leinqs at?¹'
Burt: "1here ' s one 1ust a 1itt1e ways on the other side ot the Led,
and the other one ' s over, over Ly the door toward the caLinet Ly
the drawer. 1t seews as thouqh he ' s waitinq tor sowethinq. 1
thinx he' s a quard or sowethinq, ' cause he seews to Le at the
sawe p1ace wost ot the tiwe. ··
"What are you doinq now?¹'
Burt: "Gettinq up onto it. 1 ' w sittinq there now. ¹' ( on the Led)
"Bow wide is it?"
Burt: "ALout yea wide. " (Be indicates aLout two and a ha1t to three
teet with his hands. ) "1he 1iqht is shininq on the s1oped part.
1t ' s not curved up, xind ot Iixe a rawp . "
··What' s happeninq now?"
Burt: ··1 ' w qettinq up on the Led, and so 1 ' w sittinq there, the 1iqht
is Lehind we, so 1 can ' t see it. 1 don' t hear anythinq e×cept
tor a sott � sssssss ' sound. A1wost 1ixe wind, 1ixe wind throuqh
the trees. 1 thinx 1 ' w taxinq ott wy shoes. "
"1s that what you ' re doinq, taxinq ott your shoes?"
Burt: ·'1 thinx so.
"What coIor are your shoes?"
Burt: '·B1acx . "
"Are the Leinqs cIose Ly you riqht now?··
Burt: ''1he one that was on the other side ot the Led went over to the
side that 1 was ]ust current1y standinq Ly . Be seews to Le
standinq Ly. Be seews to Le standinq there Iooxinq at we. Be
seews to Le 1ooxinq at wy teet as 1 ' w taxinq wy shoes ott . 1he
other one ' s Ly the sawe pIace, and it ' s 1 ust watchinq we. "
·' 1s anyone cowwunicatinq to you?¹·
Burt: "1 can ' t teII. 1 don ' t hear any verLaI cowwunication at a11.
1hey don' t try to cowwunicate verLa11y or anythinq, you Inow.
5o it' s xinda hard to teII. 1his who1e thinq, 1 reca11, 1 ' w
very apathetic, xind ot a tired apathy. 1 1ust toox wy Iett
shoe ott. l set it down at the end ot the Led. 1 ' w taxinq ott
wy riqht shoe and puttinq it on the end ot the Led, and 1 ' w
sittinq there now. Now 1 ' w taxinq wy shirt ott , and 1 put that
at the end ot the Led, too. 1 scoot Lacx a IittIe Lit. 1he
Leinq cowes c1oser to the Led. But 1 ' w not Iooxinq at hiw. 1
seew to Le squintinq wy eyes trow the 1iqht, and 1 Iay down on
the L�d. 1he 1iqhts are reaIIy Lriqht. 1here' s three Lriqht
LuILs aLove wy head in the 1awp . Kind ot Iixe on an arw, arw-
dea1 ho1dinq it up. 1 t doesn ' t Ioox Iixe it' s qivinq ott any
heat at a11. 1 t' s Iooxinq at we. My eyes are c1osed ' cause the
1iqht is shininq riqht in wy tace. 1he Leinq qoes around the
toot ot the Led to the other side where it ' s ad1ustinq the 1awp.
1t ' s on wy 1ett side now. 1t' s Rind ot ad]ustinq it, so it
ti1ts this way, then woved down a 1itt1e bit, then Rinda scooted
it up. 1t' s tacinq riqht on wy tace. "
( Burt then te11 into a deep state ot unconsciousness at this
point durinq the abduction whi1e 1yinq on the tab1e, and he was
unab1e to discover what had occurred durinq this tiwe period
whi1e on the e×awination tab1e. Cttentiwes these �1iens inject
druqs into the abductees as you wi11 see 1ater. Perhaps this
was the tiwe that they insta11ed an iwp1ant throuqh his nose.
1he ne×t thinq he reca11s is waRinq up, 1ooRinq at the wa11 with
the sywbo1s and sittinq ne×t to the b1acR cat, as described
betore. 1 ' 11 sRip this part and picR up the incident aqain as
he is 1eavinq the e×awination roow . )
Burt: " 1 ' w qettinq down ott there, ha1t-as1eep, ha1t-awaRe. 1 qot up
and started wa1Rinq toward the door. 1 went throuqh it; it was
a11 b1acR. 1here was actua11y no door there. 1t was an entry
way , and 1 went throuqh that. 1t was a11 b1acR. "
"1s there a beinq by you? "
Burt: "1here ' s one behind we. "
"Are you wa1Rinq?"
Burt: "Yeah. "
"Wnat do you see?"
Burt: "B1acR. "
"Are your eyes open?"
Burt: " 1 don ' t Rnow. 1 don ' t thinR so. When 1 vtent throuqh the door,
1 c1osed wy eyes . "
"1s soweone qivinq you directions sowehow?"
Burt: "l thinR so. 1t ' s 1iRe when you' re rea11y tawi1iar with a roow
or sowethinq, you Rnow where everythinq is at. 5o it ' s
1 iRe 1 ' w just doinq it. 1 have wy shirt in wy 1ett hand. 1t ' s
rea1 darR.··
"What happens ne×t? Are your eyes open or c1osed?··
Burt: "C1osed I thinR. 1 ' w standinq by a wa11, 1 thinR, ' cause 1 ' w
not wovinq anywhere now. 1 ' w qoinq throuqh a ha11way. 1 t' s
a11 b1acR sti11. 1here' s a beinq standinq over by the other
wa11 , and one standinq by we. 1t' s wovinq torward s1ow1y and
sti11 behind we. 1 don ' t hear the huwwinq very wuch. 1 ' w
standinq over by the wa11 now. 1hey opened the door. 1 t tee1s
rea11y co1d. Rea11y co1d. 1 thinR the door opens, waRinq it
co1d. 1 thinR 1 ' w qoinq throuqh it now. 1he air is coo1 and
crisp. Hy eyes are c1osed. 1 don' t see anythinq. " ( Bere is
an e×awp1e ot how E1s can contro1 peop1e with te1epathic
hypnosis. 1hat is, the abductee is in a hypnotic,
sownawbu1istic state and is beinq directed te1epathica11y . )
"What does the air swe11 1iRe?"
Burt: "Ia11. A11 the 1eaves are ta11inq ott the trees, and it ' s Rind
ot a sweet swe11 to the air . "
"Are you outside now?"
Burt: "Yeah. "
"Are you wa1Rinq?"
Burt: "Just Rinda standinq . 1 thinR 1 ' w on a step or sowethinq,
because 1 ' w not on the qround yet. 1 ' w tryinq to qet a c1ear
picture on this. 1t ' s hazy. 1 thinR 1 ' w wearinq wy shoes now.
1 thinR 1 Rinda just s1ipped thew on. "
"What happens ne×t?"
Burt: " 1 thinR 1 ' w wa1Rinq. 1t swe11s 1 iRe ta11. 1 hear the sound ot
the wind qoinq throuqh the trees. 1t' s detinite1y 1ate at
niqht. 1 don ' t hear any cars or anythinq.'·

"Are your eyes open?"
Burt: '
Hy eyes are shut. l don ' t tee1 anythinq behind we.
"Wnere are you at?"
Burt: " 1 don ' t xnow.
"1s the air dry or dawp? "
Burt: "lt ' s huwid . 1he 1eaves are dry, ratt1inq aqainst each other.
1 ' w tired and co1d, and 1 don' t xnow where 1 ' w at. When l was
bacx there at the spaceship, 1 Rnew where l was at, but now 1
don ' t xnow where 1 ' w at. But l thinx the shit is sti11 behind
we. "
(Burt had a ditticu1t tiwe qettinq throuqh this part ot the
incident. 1his was his tirst q1iwpse outside the ship, and up
to this point he didn' t xnow where he was at. Be was apparent1y
in disbe1iet that a spaceship cou1d have parxed in the a11ey
behind the house ne×t to a norwa11y busy street . Consequent1y,
he beqan to question his own wewory. )
"Are you sti11 standinq?"
Burt: "Uw-huh. I have this weird tee1inq 1 ' w in the bacx yard. But
that cou1dn,
t be. 1hat wou1d be ridicu1our . 1hat ' s the on1y
thinq 1 can cowe up with. 1t seews 1ixe 1 open wy eyes tor 1ust
a winute, and 1 saw--1ooxs 1ixe it, it seews lixe it, thouqh.
1here ' s two bins. ( Cowpost bins) 1here used to be on1y two,
but now there ' s three.
(1his veritied Burt' s wewory, because
there were on1y two cowpost bins at the tiwe ot the abduction.
Burt :
J 1ater added another bin, waxinq a tota1 ot three bins
when Burt received this session. ) "1here ' s a 1ot ot 1unx 1yinq
around. Lots ot weeds, dead corn. l ' w wovinq torward a 1itt1e
bit . "
"Are you wa1xinq toward the house?"
"Yeah, 1 thinx so. 1 ' w not wovinq. l don' t xnow why. lt ' s co1d
outside. 1 wou1dn ' t 1ust stay outside in the co1d. 1 wou1dn ' t
do a thinq 1ixe that. This is soundinq ridicu1ous--the 1ast
part ot this--it' s 1ust a bunch ot bu11shit! 1 xnow! 1t
cou1dn' t be rea1, because 1 picture--1 see this spaceship
sittinq in the a11ey! Riqht? 1 don' t thinx so. "
"Where is it now? "
"You xnow where you had the van parxed? "
"We11 , it ' s taxinq up a11 that area. 1hat who1e space there.
1t ' s taRinq up the

a11ey and the driveway. Pretty biq . " (1he
area he described wou1d accowwodate a cratt ot about thirty teet
in diaweter. )
··iescribe it to we. "
Burt: " 1t ' s circu1ar-shaped. 1t' s xinda in a shape 1ixe i t you were
to taxe a coup1e paper p1ates and t1ip thew, put one ot thew
upside down and sticx thew toqether. A dowe shape, xind ot
weta11ic-1ooxinq, xind ot a weta11ic qray. 1t ' s xind ot a
1iqht, weta11ic qray. A1wost shiny. "
"boes it 1ooR pretty wuch 1 ixe a t1yinq saucer?"
Burt: "Yeah. "
"Bave any 1eqs?"
Burt: "bon' t xnow. "
"Bave any windows?"
Buxª : "bon ' t see any . "
"Any beinqs by it?"
Burt: " 1nside . "
( Burt 1ater to1d we that the ship was biqqer on the inside than
it appeared to be trow the outside. 1his phenowenon is otten

reported by abductees. )
WLat' s Lappeninq now?"
Burt: " 1t tee1s 1iRe l
w 1ooRinq at it. "
"WLere are you standinq?"
Burt: "You Rnow wLere tLe sidewaIR weets tLe patio? 1 ' w standinq
riqLt on tLe sidewaIR. 1 ' w

standinq on tLe otLer side ot tLe
sidewa1R wLere, you Rnow, tLere ' s two bins on tLat side, but
riqLt ne×t to tLe patio. 1 ' w not cowp1eteIy turned around. 1 ' w
just 1ooRinq over wy sLou1der at it. ··
"bo you see any cars?"
Burt: " 1 tLinR 1 see our car. 1 don ' t see Roberta ' s car. Ber car
isn ' t tLere, but tLe Oatsun is. " ( "Roberta" is a pseudonyw tor
tLe 1and1ady wLo 1ived in tLe basewent ot tLis Louse. )
"1s anyone witL you?"
Burt: "No, ]ust we. 1 ' w 1ooRinq at tLe Louse now. 1Le porcL IiqLt is
"1s tLe spacesLip sti11 tLere?"
Burt: "YeaL, it' s siIent. "
"WLen is tLis?"
Burt: ¹·1Lis is autuwn. "
"Bow 1onq aqo was tLis?"
Burt: "Cne year.
(Burt boqs down aqain and Las a very ditticu1t tiwe proqressinq
any turtLer in tLe incident. Be cou1dn ' t tiqure out Low Le qot
bacR into tLe Louse, because tLe wooden door and tLe weta1
security door were a1ways botL IocRed at niqLt. Bow Le actuaIIy
entered tLe Louse tLat niqLt is, as you ' II see, a very ditticu1t
tLinq tor anyone to be1ieve. Atter a coupIe ot sessions,
Lowever, we qot tLrouqL tLis part ot tLe incident as toI1ows : )
"Hy toe is toucLinq tLe tirst step, tLe toe ot wy sLoe. Hy
sLirt is sti1I in wy Land. Pausinq, 1 taRe one step witL wy
1ett toot, steppinq onto tLe tirst step. I ]ust qot a picture
ot one ot tLe a1ien ' s eyes. Bis riqLt eye. No eyebrow. I
can ' t teI1 anytLinq tLrouqL tLeir eyes. 1t seews to be Rind ot
a co1d stare. Be doesn ' t seew to be cowwunicatinq anytLinq.
5eews liRe Le ' s standinq next to tLe porcL. 1 ' w standinq riqLt
be1ow tLe tirst step on tLe patio tacinq tLe Gray. " (TLese
particuIar beinqs are cowwonIy ca11ed "Grays" because ot tLeir
sRin coIor. At tLe beqinninq ot tLis series ot sessions, Burt
was untawiIiar witL tLe terw "Gray, ·· so Le used tLe word
"beinqs. " ) " 1 seew to be pretty c1ose to Liw actua11y, just a
1itt1e ways away, about ten incLes. Be seews to be ]ust Rind ot
1iRe, `Let ' s Lurry up and qet tLis over witL. I I ]ust Reep
1ooRinq at Liw. 1 ' w turninq wy Lead, and 1 ' w IooRinq at tLe
door aqain. 1 tLinR tLe Gray Rinda turns Lis Lead and IooRs at
tLe door, too . "
"WLat' s Lappeninq now?"
Bì:* t:
don ' t Rnow. "
"WLere are you standinq?"
ourt: "5awe p1ace . "
"WLat ' s Lappeninq now?"
Burt: "1 te1t sowetLinq in tLe bacR ot wy tLroat. LiRe it you were
swaIIowinq a vitawin or sowetLinq, a qe1 cap or sowetninq. 1t
tastes 1iRe 1 ]ust swa1Iowed a qeI cap. 1t' s Rind ot swootL.
1t doesn' t Lave a rea1Iy bad tIavor to it. Kind ot IiRe a
vitawin E capsu1e. I ]ust swaIIowed it. 1 don' t bite it. "
"WLat Lappens now?"
Burt: "ion' t Rnow. "
"1ry wovinq torward . "
Burt: " 1 can' t do it. 1 can ' t qet the truth. 1hey tucked with we.
AII 1 can qet now is 1ust wy iwaqination. 1hat ' s the onIy thinq
that' s cowinq to we. I )ust kind ot iwaqine wyse1t , you
know, kind ot turninq whitish, you know, and )ust qoinq
� krrrrh ' (Be wakes a quttura1 sound) , wa1kinq � throuqh' the door
1ike those oId corny sci-ti wovies . "
"Let ' s see what ' s hacceninq. Go ahead. "
Burt: " 1 ' w wa1kinq uc the stecs. 1 qet to the toc, and 1 ' w
not beside hiw or anythinq; 1 kinda qo throuqh betore hiw. But
it' s Iike 1 kinda 1ook 1ike static or sowethinq. You
know, white static, not bIack . Like a white--1 becowe whitish,
but you can sti11 see coIors in we . 1t' s kinda 1ike static,
e×cect tor it ' s , you know, a11 the b1ack scots are rec1aced with
the co1ors . 1 can kinda wake out wy shace as 1 wa1k throuqh it.
1 ' w kinda 1ookinq at wyseIt doinq it. 1t doesn ' t seew reaI . 1
waIk in there. 1t 1ooks Iike the kitchen Iiqht ' s on now. Not
the biq Iawc, but 1ust the IittIe one above the sink. 1t Iooks
Iike that one ' s on. 1 ' w wa1kinq in there. 1here ' s a couc1e
cots sittinq on the stove. "
"1s the Gray stiII beside you?"
Burt: "Behind we. 1 ' w wa1kinq. 1 wa1k out ot the kitchen and around
the corner ( a riqht turn) . 1t ' s a11 dark there (the 1ivinq
roow) , e×cect tor wy bedroow 1iqht was on, and 1 wa1k towards
that. "
"What' s hacceninq now? "
Burt: " 1 ' w in the 1 ivinq roow. bown the haI 1way and toward wy
bedroow, the 1iqht' s on there. 1 think it ' s an oranqish-Iike
1iqht, kind ot awber-coIored. And 1 wa1k into wy roow . 1 take
wy shoes ott , and 1 qo towards wy bed. 1 droc wy shirt on the
t1oor, 1 qet in wy bed, and 1 ' w kinda 1ookinq toward wy 1iqht,
but the b1anket is over we . 1 te11 as1eec . "
"Let ' s start riqht at the beqinninq ot the incident aqain,
Burt: "Ckay. "
"Return to that coint and see what haccens . "
Burt: "1 wake uc . 1 see hiw there. 1 qet out ot bed and start
wa1kinq towards the door. 1he Gray is standinq there, the door
is a1ready ocen . " ( Burt 1ater e×c1ained to we how natura1 this
was, 1ike a triend had 1ust cowe over and was qoinq to take hiw
sowewhere. ) "Hy Iiqht ' s on. 1 don' t hear anythinq. Gray' s
wearinq a white 1ab coat. " ( 1 tound this curious as 1 had never
heard ot Grays wearinq 1ab coats . ) "1 start waIkinq toward the
door. 1hrouqh the door. 1he Gray turns around behind we . 1 ' w
waIkinq throuqh the 1ivinq roow. 1 ' w qoinq around the corner
into the kitchen, and the 1iqht' s on. Let ' s see, it accears
that the stove Iiqht is a1so on. 1 ' w wa1kinq towards the
door, 1 cause there, the Gray is behind we a 1itt1e bit. Be
cowes uc. Be catches uc to we. 1he sawe thinq haccens . 1 qo
throuqh the door. 1 start turninq white. "
"What ' s turninq white?"
Burt: "1 aw. 1t ' s kinda Iike--it you iwaqine in ci×e1s--every other
ci×e1 is white. 1hat ' s what it' s Iike, you know, uc and down.
1 ' w wa1kinq toward the door. 1 ' w waIkinq throuqh the door now . "
"bescribe that to we. "
Burt: "Tt ' s Iike 1 ' w 1ookinq throuqh a--it' s Iike qoinq throuqh a
briqht 1iqht, kinda . 1 can kinda tee1 it. "
"What does that tee1 1ike?"
Burt: ' '1t ' s kinda Iike waIkinq, Iike enerqy qoinq riqht throuqh we.
Like a qreat biq torcetieId ot enerqy. Kind ot Iike a, Iike a
torcetieId. Like wind. Like �whooh. ' " (Be wakes a sott, quick
bIowinq sound. )
"1hat quick?"
Burt: "Yeah."
"1hese white dots, Iike cixeIs, how tar acart are they?"
ourt: " 1t was Iike static, you know, about the size ot white static
on your 1V.·'
Burt: "1hat ' s how biq the coIored dots are, too. 1t ' s kinda Iike
�whooh ' wind, you know. A quick cutt ot it. 1t teeIs Iike it
qoes aII the way throuqh we. "
1 ' ve aIso excerienced beinq cassed throuqh a door in this sawe
wanner in 199 1. 1 can vouch tor the accuracy ot Burt ' s descriction ot
the e×cerience. 1t ' s Iike beinq the wind and bIoUnq throuqh the
trees. 1t is--cuttinq it into wodern vernacuIar--quite a rush.
Erow this coint Burt was escorted out to the shic carked in the
aIIey. Be waIked uc three stecs and ducked throuqh a hatch, which was
Iocated sowewhat on the underside ot the shic near the outer edqe. Be
then waIked throuqh a dark corridor betore enterinq the wain roow ot
the shic.
Between the third and tourth session, Burt wanted to discuss in
wore detaiI what the aIiens Iooked Iike. Be had seen the artist' s
rendition ot a Gray on the cover ot WhitIey Strieber' s book COHUN1ON,
and had noticed sowe discrecancies trow what he had observed durinq his
abduction. So 1 interviewed hiw and taced the interview. 1he
toIIowinq transcrict is taken trow the tirst haIt ot that interview:
"You were teIIinq we about their taces. "
Burt: "Yeah, their taces were a Iot, were very white, very caIe
white, kind ot a qrayish-Iike coIor to ' ew. 1hey had very Iarqe
bIack eyes and--Iike on the cover ot that book COHUN1ON. 1t
shows both corners ot their eyes are cointed. But onIy the cart
ot the eyes that coint to their noses were cointed; the other
sides were very rounded. " (Be Iater cowwented that the eyes
were sIanted, too. See 1IIustration. )
"Oh, 1 see . "
Burt: ·'1heir nose, it was a Iot Iike they showed on that cover,
thouqh . 1hat was exactIy Iike it was. 1he wouth wasn' t quite
as Iarqe. 1t was very swaII, and there was no swirk or
anythinq. 1he very ends ot it kinda dic down 1ust a tiny bit. ¹·
(Grays aren ' t noted tor their swiIes . )
"Any Iics?"
Burt: !·No, they didn' t have any Iics . No ears at aII either. "
"Any hoIes?"
Lurt: " 1 didn' t see any hoIes. But 1 didn' t--they didn ' t have any
ears it you Iooked at thew straiqht torward. You couIdn' t see
anythinq Iike that. 1hey' re cowcIeteIy hairIess. No hair on
their neads anywhere. No taciaI hai:. 1neir heads were
rounded. On that cover it aIso shows that their chins are
cointed, but actuaIIy they' re very weII-rounded. They cowe down
to--their taces are not that narrow. Just a IittIe Iess narrow,
and their chins don' t qo down that Ionq, very rounded Iookinq.
1hey have very thin necks, too. "
"Bow Ionq were their necks trow their shouIders?"
Burt: "U, )ust a IittIe bit Ionqer than ours . "

. -

" 1 see . "
Burt: "A 1itt1e 1ess wider than ours, too. 1hey had no tacia1 tat or
anythinq, no tatty tissue on their tace, rea11y. 1t was cretty
s1iw. 1heir eyes were so1id b1ack. 1 didn' t see any cuci1 in
thew. 1hey didn' t seew to ret1ect any iwaqes or anythinq very
we11 . 1heir heads were 1arqer at the toc. 1hey' re kind ot
shaced 1ike a cretty weI1-rounded sunt1ower seed, you know.
Kind ot the way their heads were, Iike a raindroc or sowethinq.
1heir nostri1s were very 1arqe, and they weren' t very wide, but
they were very 1onq. Because their nose is kinda--because they
were very short, but they kinda cowe uc. 1hey cawe down a
1itt1e bit, but they were tacinq ucward. "
"So it did stick out a 1itt1e bit?"
Bur�: "Yeah, their noses stick out a 1itt1e bit, but it kinda cointed
ucward. Larqe nostri1s. 1hey a11 1ook the sawe. None ot thew
1ook ditterent. 1hey' re a11 the sawe 1ookinq. No
distinquishinq teatures. "
"bid you qet the tee1inq 1ike there was sowe individua1ity to
Burt: "Yeah, 1 cou1d. "
"You know, you seew to recoqnize the one in the bedroow trow the
one in the shic. "
Burt: "Yeah, that one 1 cou1d recoqnize, because the other one
seewed 1ike he was very business-1ike, very strict. 1t was
1ike, it te1t 1ike this was his job to stay there, you know. 1
kinda qet the iwcression, waybe it was 1ike a quard or sowethinq
to do with security. Because he stood there a11 the tiwe. Be
was a1ways watchinq us. Be did cowwunicate severa1 tiwes with
this other Gray that was there, but this one that was a1ways
there, he seewed, when 1 tirst saw hiw, he kind ot inscected we.
1 kinda te1t kinda 1ike resentwent trow hiw, you know, 1ike he
didn ' t 1ike we. Like he didn' t 1ike havinq to do this. 1t
seewed 1ike he didn ' t--1ike waybe this was his 1 ob, and he
rea11y didn' t 1ike it. Like, � God, 1 can ' t wait to qet out ot
this cruwwy dead-end job! ' "
Grays are but one ot wany ditterent tyces ot E1s that have been
seen by abductees and contactees. 1he tyce ot Gray that Burt 1ust
described is what wany ceoc1e reter to as short Grays. 1he wost cowwon
tyces ot Grays recorted by abductees are short Grays and ta11 Grays .
1his wiqht not be an entire1y accurate ta×onowy, but trow wy
observation and the recorts ot other abductees, it is a workab1e one.
Sowe wou1d disaqree with this siwc1istic c1assitication, but tor
curcoses ot this book it wi11 suttice. 1t isn ' t wy intention to be an
"authority . " Lnti1 the qovernwent re1eases what it knows on the
sub)ect--which is a 1ot wore than what wost ceoc1e rea1ize--there is no
I ta×onowy ot e×tra-terrestria1s . 1n wy estiwation it is
doubttu1 that the qovernwent wiII ever re1ease the who1e truth, so it
is uc to us to try to cut the cieces ot the cuzz 1e toqether.
1he short Grays accear to be c1oned; they are, tor a11 intents and
curcoses , identica1 in accearance . A1thouqh abductees otten recort
varyinq heiqhts or "wediuw Grays , " they usua11y are described as beinq
about three and a ha1t to tour teet in heiqht. 1hese are the wost
otten recorted extra-terrestria1s. 1hey accear to be workers at the
bottow ot their chain ot cowwand. 1n abductions they' re the quards
that escort abductees to and trow the shic. 1 t accears that they are
neither wa1e nor tewa1e.
1he ta11 Grays are ditterent. 1hey accear to be sexed. Eor sowe
odd reason abductees, inc1udinq wyse1t, are ab1e to te11 wnen a taI1
Gray is a tewa1e. 1aII Grays appear to cowwunicate wore witn abductees
tnan snort Grays, and as you ' II see, tney even initiate se×uaI
re1ations witn waIe abductees. Wnen taII and snort Grays worR toqetner
in tne abduction process, tne ta1Ier ones appear to be niqner up on tne
cnain ot cowwand.
1ne Gray depicted on tne cover ot tne booR CCMN1CN is, sowewnat,
wnat a ta11 Gray 1ooRs 1iRe. Bowever , tnere are inaccuracies in it,
and it is detinite1y too antnropoworpnic. Grays are ]ust not tnat
nuwan-IiRe in appearance. 1ney certain1y don' t qrin or swi1e. 1n tact
tnat ' s one ot tne wain identityinq cnaracteristics ot Grays--tneir
personaIities. 1a11 Grays, especiaIIy, are coId, ca11ous, ca1cu1atinq
beinqs . 1ney otten e×ude a sinister presence and incite terror in
abductees. 5owe peop1e--wno naven ' t done tneir noweworR--c1aiw tnat
it ' s tne abductees tnewse1ves wno are unnecessari1y teartu1 . 1nese
peop1e sowetiwes waxe s1iqntinq rewarRs tnat tne abductees nave a
prob1ew witL tear itseIt, and tnat tLey need to nandIe it. 1nis is
siwp1y not tne case.
1 Rnow tnis isn ' t true, because wy tawi1y and 1 nave nad
encounters witn two otner e×tra-terrestriaI types tnat were siwi1ar in
appearance to Grays, but tney "te1t" 1ess tnreateninq, and tneir
actions dewonstrated a wore carinq approacn . 1nis pnenowenon wi11
becowe wore evident as you proqress tnrouqn tne booR.
Bowever, tne Grays are wasters ot wind contro1 . 1ney very otten
deceive abductees and portray tnewseIves as very 1ovinq, carinq beinqs,
so sowe abductees--a very tew--perceive tnew as benevoIent. 1nis is a
wasquerade, as tLe eyewitness evidence in tnis booR overwneIwinq
indicates (and as 1 nave persona1Iy e×perienced) .
Grays and otner wanipu1ative E1s very otten use wnat wany
abduction researcners ca11 "screen wewories" to wasR wnat reaI1y
occurred durinq an abduction. 1nese E1s are ab1e to teIepatnicaI1y
iwprint taIse perceptions into tne winds ot abductees, and as 1 can
persona1Iy attest, tney are very rea1istic. Bowever, tney are wore
tnan 1ust wewories, tney are reaI i11usions in present tiwe.
1neretore, instead ot usinq tne terw "screen wewories , " 1 ca11 tnew
te1epatnic iwp1ants and reter to tnis pnenowenon as te1epatnic
nypnosis . 1 nave a1so received te1epatnic iwp1ants conscious1y and not
durinq an abduction, so to reter to tnew as "wewories" wou1d be too
1iwitinq as a detinition. Ctner abductees tnat 1 ' ve worRed witn nave
a1so e×perienced tnis pnenowenon. Bowever, screen wewories cou1d be
c1assitied as a specitic type ot te1epatnic iwp1ant.
Very otten Grays are reterred to as Zeta ReticuIians. 2eta
Reticu1i 1 and Zeta Reticu1i 2 are about tnirty-seven Iiqnt years trow
Eartn, and were tirst identitied as beinq two separate stars in 1972 by
astronower Van de Kawp. Bowever, tne onIy abduction case open to
pubIic scrutiny in wnicn tne occupants ot tne cratt identitied
tnewseIves as Zeta Reticu1ians, was tne case ot Wi11iaw Berrwann ot
Nortn Cnar1eston, 5outn Caro1ina . 1nis tascinatinq abduction case is
covered by WendeIIe 5tevens in nis booR 0EC. . . CCN1AC1 ERCH RE11C0L0H.
1nese beinqs, tnouqn sowewnat siwiIar in appearance to Grays, nad two
wain distinquisninq cnaracteristics tnat set tnew apart trow Grays: 1)
tneir eyes were round, and 2 ) tne abductee described tnew as beinq
qentIe. 1nere were otner ditterences, but eye structure and deweanor,
1 ' ve tound, are two priwary cnaracteristics tnat set Grays apart trow
otner E1s. 1ne obvious prob1ew witn tnis xind ot ta×onowy is tnat even
it an E1 cowwunicates wnere ne naiIs trow--wnicn is se1dow tne case--
tnere ' s no way to verity it tney are te11inq tne trutn about it.
Knowinq wnat consteIIation tne E1s are trow is, ot course, no
indication ot their cersonaIity or intentions. A1so, the appearance ot
an E1 ( i . e. , its body type) is not necessari1y an indication ot
benevo1ence or waIevoIence.
1he detinition and usaqe ot the word "Gray" can vary trow person
to cerson. 1 t can be a bit contusinq because there are nuwerous
variations ot Gray-Iike E1s that have been reported. 1heretore, we
shou1d exawine each abduction or contact on a case by case basis,
takinq care to observe the detai1s ot the appearance ot the E1s as we11
as their actions and deweanor. A1so, to add to the contusion there is
evidence that the 1arqe, soIid bIack, aIwond-shaped eyes ot the tycicaI
Grays way be b1ack onIy because there is a bIack protective coverinq
over the entire eye, which way be rewoveab1e. (Ret: LEC Library
Haqazine, JuneJJuIy 1994 1ssue)
Many ceocIe today are channe1inq wessaqes trow and about E1s. 1
haven' t used any ot th1s data because this is a book based criwari1y on
eyewitness testiwony. 1 have aIso tound that channe1ed intorwation
is not consistentIy reIiabIe. A qreat dea1 ot disintorwation has been
dissewinated on the sub1ect ot E1s by ceopIe who reqard these channeIed
entities as bonatide authorities.
What shouId wostIy concern us is what the E1s are doinq here and
what their true intentions are. 1n other words "actions sceak 1ouder
than words. " 1 way be riskinq any chance ot a 1iterary career by usinq
this c1iche, but it serves as a workabIe datuw trow which one can
anaIyze extra-terrestria1 conduct. Look at what they are doinq, not
¸ust what they are sayinq. Lyinq is a cowwon practice ot E1s, and the
Grays who abduct peocIe are notorious Iiars.
1t appears that Betty and Barney Bi11 were abducted by Zeta
Reticu1ians in 1961. A1thouqh their wethod ot abduction and physica1
exawination, inc1udinq scerw and ova extraction, was siwi1ar to a
ty¡ica1 Grays-sty1e abduction, there were sowe notabIe ditteiences.
1he beinqs thewse1ves didn' t 1ook exact1y Iike Grays . 1wo pictures
drawn by Barney BiII show round eyes or puciIs. 1hey aIso seewed wore
cordia1 and cowwunicative than Grays. Accordinq to Betty BiII these
beinqs never returned to abduct her ever aqain. 1his is very wuch
unIike the typica1 Grays, who cowe back aqain and aqain to abduct the
sawe person. Under hycnosis Betty drew a picture ot a wap the crew
"Ieader" had shown her. Har]orie Eish studied this wac tor six years
usinq three-diwensiona1 wodeIs ot aII the stars within about sixty
Iiqht years ot Earth . 1n 1972 she croduced a wap virtua11y identicaI
to Betty BiII ' s wap showinq 2eta ReticuIi 1 and 2 , our sun, and aII
other stars in their procer c1aces.
Cther peop1e have been contacted or abducted by E1s resewb1inq
WiI1iaw Berrwann ' s "Zeta ReticuIians, " such as 1ravis Wa1ton, Master
Serqeant CharIes Hoody, and our tawiIy as we1I. A1so, it accears that
this tyce ot 2eta ReticuIian wiqht have been invoIved in at Ieast
one ot the saucer crashes that occurred in the 1ate 1940 ' s in the
southwest. Coincidenta11y, WiIIiaw Berrwann' s abductors c1aiwed that
radar adverse1y attects their ships ' proqraws and cropu1sion, and that
Earth qovernwents had caused the destruction ot their cratt in sowe
iso1ated cases. ( Stevens, 1981 , cc. 278-384)
WiIIiaw Berrwann took sowe exce1Ient co1or ciCtures ot the
ReticuIian cratt and a1so recorded sounds trow one ot their scacecratt.
Cne day whiIe shoppinq in a Radio Shack store, he stopped and Iooked at
a cowcuter on sa1e, and it sudden1y spe1Ied out: "2ETA 1 RE11CLL1 " ,
"2E1A 2 RE11CLL1 " , and "W1LL1AH BERRHANN" . (5tevens, 1981, c. 210)
Now that we' ve covered the iwcossib1e ]ob ot 1abe1inq sowe ot the
"Gray" tyces ot ETs, Iet ' s continue on with the story. 1 had bequn the
series ot sessions with Burt on Cctober 21st. Betore his session 1
qave J a session in which she contacted an aLduction incident.
Surorisinqly, tne abduction had ]ust occurred the nignt betore.
J � abduction did not qo unnoticed. Burt was s1eepinq in nis roow
across the ha1 1 and recorted "qetting scooked. "

J ' s abduction occurred in tne ear1y worninq nours ot
Wednesday , Cctober 20, 199 3 . 1ne to11owinq is Burt' s account ot tnat
uneasy niqnt.
"I te11 as1eec tair1y we11 tnat niqnt. Sowetiwe, 1 woxe uc. 1
wasn ' t 1ooxinq at tne c1ocx, and I started nearinq creaxinq sounds
outside wy door. 1t sounded IiYe it was in tne 1ivinq roow, and 1
started qettinq xind ot atraid. 1 cou1dn ' t wove, and tnen 1 rewewber I
nad wy knite tnat I xect under tne ci11ow. 1 took it out, and I was
no1dinq it, and 1 1aid tnere tor awni1e. I stocced nearinq tne sound,
so 1 cut it bacx under wy ci11ow and xect no1dinq it. 1 was qettinq
tired very racid1y, at an incriwinatinq rate. Just a tew seconds atter
1 nad c1osed wy eyes, 1 rewewber, it seewed 1ike it was a11 darx, and
tnen 1 saw tnis briqnt t1asn, and a11 1 can rewewber atter tnat is
wakinq uc. 1 don' t rewewber s1eecinq . "
Tne to11owinq is an excerct trow a taced interview 1 conducted
witn J in ner bedroow tour days atter tne abduction. A very
stranqe tninq occurred durinq tnis interview. Tne cassette tace
recorder tnat 1 was usinq beqan wakinq interwittent, niqn-citcned
tones. 1nen we neard a 1ow-citcned tone to11owed by a niqn-citcned
tone wnicn rose niqner and niqner in citcn unti1 it was cowc1ete1y out
ot tne trequency ranqe ot our nearinq. Ct course it isn' t unusua1 tor
a radio to cick uc extraneous noises at niqnt, but tnis recorder nad no
radio. 1n tne year tnat 1 nad owned it, it nad never wade any unusua1
sounds , and 1 nad used it a 1ot. We, tneretore, botn conc1uded tnat we
were crobab1y beinq wonitored. Tne stranqe sounds were recorded on
tace . Tnis isn ' t unusua1 as otner aoductees nave recorted stranqe
sounds or even voices cowinq trow e1ectronic equicwent.
"1 te1t rea11y stranqe. 1 was readinq, and wy eyes started
qettinq rea11y, you xnow, rea1 neavy, 1ike 1 cou1dn ' t xeec tnew
ocen. Hy nead xect noddinq oft , 1ixe I was druqqed or
sowetnin ' .
"On, yean? Was it 1ike wnen you' re usua11y beinq tired,
"Ro, nun-un. 1t was )ust. . . 1 ' ve te1t 1ixe it betore. You
xnow, it was not 1ixe tne tirst tiwe 1 ever te1t tnat way . But
tnat was )ust rea11y stronq . Anyway, 1 decided not to tiqnt
it, so 1 turned ott tne 1iqnt, and 1 cut wy book down, was
qoinq to qo to s1eec, and 1 te1t a 1itt1e accrenensive. Kind
ot 1uwcy and nervous . " ( 1 sowetiwes qet tnese tee1inqs ot
accrenension and nervousness, too, crior to an abduction. 1
be1ieve it cowes trow tne wenta1 crobinq tnat tne Grays do to
tind out wnat tne abductee ' s c1ans are, so tnat tney can
deterwine it it is a qood tiwe to abduct. Eor instance, tney
wou1dn ' t want to abduct riqnt betore tne abductee wou1d be
qoinq to worx, as tnis wou1d waxe tne abductee 1ate tor worx.
Tney are usua11y very caretu1 about waxinq certain tnat tne
abductee wi11 not suscect tnat ne or sne is beinq abducted. )
"Wnat tiwe was it?"
"I don ' t know. 1t wasn ' t reaI 1ate. 1 tninx 1 went to bed
about ten-thirty, eIeven o ' cIock, sowethinq Iike that. " ( 1 was
workinq out ot town that niqht and s1ept in wy van . ) ·'Anyway,
1 ]ust te1t rea11y uncowtortab1e. Not physica11y uncowtortab1e
or anythinq, but ]ust 1ike rea11y nervous, apprehensive. 1
te1t stranqe, 1ixe 1 xept 1ookin' kinda around the roow, you
xnow. 1 started tee1inq a 1itt1e spooxed, you xnow. (Lauqhs)
And so 1 qot up and turned the 1iqht on. Got back in bed, and
1 sat there and read tor awhi1e, ]ust to 1ixe don ' t 1et it
bother ya, you xnow. ' Cause 1 qet tee1inqs 1ixe that every
once in awhi1e. And 1 thinx, you know, 1 never know it it' s
]ust wy iwaqination, ' cause it ' s happened betore. And it ' s
1ike siwiIar circuwstances can wake you teeI that way. And so,
1 can have a rea11y qood iwaqination, ( Lauqhs) it seews
sowetiwes. But anyway, so 1 read tor a whiIe Ionqer, and then
1 just te1t that sawe way aqain, you xnow, 1ike 1 was 1ust
qoinq to ta11 asIeep. 1hat sawe sort ot . . . 1ike 1 couIdn ' t xeep
wy eyes open. Just rea11y heavy eyes.·' ( 1 can re1ate to what
both Burt and J were taIkinq about--it ' s not a natura1
ta11 into s1eep. 1t ' s Iike you' re beinq ''put·' to sIeep, and it
happens very rapid1y. 1n one instance 1 was wide awake and
wenta11y aIert, and three seconds 1ater 1 was asIeep and about
to be abducted. ) "And it was probab1y about e1even-thirty,
twe1ve o ' cIock by then, sowethinq 1ike that. 1 don' t think the
c1ock was in here at the tiwe, so 1 didn ' t know tor sure. And
so 1 turned ott the Iiqht, and that ' s the Iast thinq 1 rewewber
betore, you know, unti1 I woke up in the worninq. 1 don ' t
rewewber qoinq to sIeep or anythinq. 1 ]ust rewewber 1ayinq
down in bed. And, anyway, in session 1 tound out that 1 was
abducted that niqht. And, in session, 1 qot this--aII ot a
sudden 1 te1t 1 ixe I was beinq shocxed or sowethinq. Just
three rea1Iy biq, Iike �Buhhhh! ' (Gasps deepIy) , you know. 1
was rea11y start1ed. And I cou1d see there were three beinqs
in the roow. 1here were two standinq at the 1ett end ot the
bed, and one standinq near wy side, on the riqht. "
"bo you think they were Grays?"
"Ch, yeah. 1 know they ' re Grays. 1 don ' t �think ' they are--1
�know' they are. They ' ve been in here tiwes betore. (Lauqhs)
I don' t xnow how wany, but they ' ve been in here betore . "
"1n this roow?"
"Yeah. "
"1hat ' s a tee1inq you have, or. . . ? "
·'No, it ' s , we11 , in that one session, 1 know tor sure, tor a
tact, that they were. But 1 a1so know that they 've been in
this roow betore. 1 wean, 1 just �know' that . "
"Ch, I see . "
"5eeinq thew here was not an untawi1iar siqht. 1t was
1ixe �oh, not aqain ! ' I rewewber teelinq that at the tiwe when
1 was beinq--we11 , whatever they did to para1yze we--1 rewewber
thinxinq, �oh, qod, not aqain!''
1 hadn' t asxed J to recaII an abduction incident; this
incident cawe into view because 1 had asked her to "Return to a wowent
ot paintu1 ewotion. " 1 haven' t inc1uded the transcript ot this
session, because the Grays apparent1y druqqed her, and then a Gray
standinq by her head to1d her not to 1oox around. Consequent1y, there
were not a 1ot ot visuaI detaiIs in this session ( e×cept tor what the
cei1inq 1ooxed 1 ike) . 1his abduction was both physica1Iy and
ewotiona11y paintu1. The Grays had inserted a need1e-1ike instruwent
tnrouqn ner nave1 . 1nis is one way in wnicn tney witndraw ova.
A1tnouqn sne nas nad a nysterectomy due to cervica1 cancer, J ' s
ovaries are sti11 intact. 1ney a1so inserted a tube or sometninq
tnrouqn ner nose, down ner tnroat and into ner 1unqs. 1nen tney sucxed
tne air out ot ner 1unqs. 1 ' ve nad tnis procedure done on me so many
times by tne Grays tnat 1 now nave astnma and nave been receivinq
medica1 treatment tor it. Wny tney co11apse tne 1unqs in tnis manner
is a mystery to us.
1n 5eptember ot 1992 , tne same montn tnat J moved into tnis
nouse, sne was abducted and taxen to a snip in tne a11ey. 1nis
incident came into view because 1 nad asxed to "Return to a
simi1ar incident. " 1ne previous incident tnat sne nad uncovered was
tne "missinq time" incident near Cnattaroy, Wasninqton. 1 nave never
asxed to "reca11 an abduction incident. " 1ne abduction
incidents came into view natura11y witnout my navinq to specitica11y
asx tor tnem. 1ne tirst time tnrouqn tnis incident tears were
streaminq down ner cneexs as sne re1eased tne emotiona1 pain.
1ne to11owinq transcript is tne second time sne went tnrouqn tne
incident, wnicn wa� 1ess emotiona1 tnan tne tirst time, but issued more
J ' s 5ession #4 , Ju1y 5 , 1994
"A11 riqnt. Return to tne beqinninq ot tne incident and
recount it aqain, p1ease. 5ee it you can picx up anytninq e1se
tnat you nadn' t noticed tne tirst time tnrouqn. "
"Lm-nun. 1 tee1 1ixe 1 just rea11y b1ew a 1ot ot cnarqe
(emotiona1 discnarqe) tne tirst time tnrouqn, especia11y tne
part on tne tab1e. 1 tee1 better atter tnat, ta1xinq about
tnat. Just tnouqnt 1 ' d say tnat. You xnow, 1 was readinq in
bed, and 1 tninx 1 sort ot dritted ott. 1t was one ot tnose
niqnts wnere 1 just te1t xind ot on edqe or xind ot, 1 don' t
xnow, every once in awni1e 1 qet 1 ixe tnat. 1 just 1ixe--1 ' ve
qotta nave tne 1iqnt on, or 1 ' ve qotta nave tne te1evision
qoinq or sometninq, you xnow . 1 just--1 don' t xnow--it sounds
weird, but it just maxes me tee1 maybe a 1itt1e more secure.
1t' s so stupid, you xnow, 1ixe on, it 1 1eave tne bedroom 1iqnt
on tnen tney won' t come. ( Lauqns) Or it tne te1evision ' s
qoinq, and tney' 11 tninx tnere ' s a wno1e buncn ot peop1e in tne
nouse, and tney won ' t come in. ( Lauqns) 1t doesn ' t maxe any
sense, but tnat ' s tne way it is . And a11 ot a sudden tnere ' s
tnis one. . • 1 just 1ixe open my eyes, and 1 1oox, and it ' s 1ixe,
�On, qod, no! 1nis can ' t be true. 1nis can' t be true. 1t
doesn' t nappen. 1t isn' t true . ' You xnow, just, 1 ' m denyinq
it even as 1 ' m 1ooxinq at tnis quy, and 1 don ' t even 1oox at
nis tace. 1 just 1oox, 1oox at nis cnest, and 1 xnow. God!
And 1 sti11 can' t be1ieve tnat tnis rea11y nappens to me. 1t
just, just doesn' t seem rea1. 1nat, you xnow, it ' s part ot a
bad dream, tnat doesn' t ever qo away. 1t ' s not part ot my rea1
1ite. You xnow? 1 t' s xinda wnat 1 te11 myse1t. And tnen 1 ' m
¸ust 1ixe pata1yzed, you know, and tnen 1 was s1eep1nq, and 1
put my c1otnes on. And 1 ' m wearinq a snirt and sweats. 1 ' m
wearinq sweat pants and tnen a snirt, my red snirt. 1t' s a red
snirt, pinx snirt, darx pinx. And we just 1ixe, we qo out tne
window. 1 don' t xnow now, just out tne window. 1 don' t wa1x
over tnere. 1t' s just xinda 1ixe 1 ' m sort ot, rea11y pretty
quicx1y 1 just 1ixe �wnew' riqnt out tne window. And tnen
around tne side ot tne nouse, and tnen 1 ' m standinq, and 1 ' m
1ixe just wa1xinq a1onq 1ixe a zowbie. You xnow, just no wind
ot wy own nard1y. And 1 xnow tnat tnere ' s a snic tnere . 1
don ' t tee1 1ixe 1 actuaIIy see it, 1 just 1ixe--and tnere ' s a
car tnat qoes by, qoinq nortn, and 1 ' w xinda 1ooxinq at tne
street, and 1 ' w 1ooxinq at tnis car, and 1 ' w tninxinq 1ixe,
�Bey, 1oox over nere! ' ( Lauqns) You xnow, but 1 can ' t . You
xnow, it' s ]ust xinda in wy wind, it' s 1ixe, ` Loox! ' You xnow?
� Loox!' "
"bo you notice anytninq about tnis car?"
"Yean, we11 , it' s niqnt, and so it' s darx, and 1 see its
nead1iqnts, and it ' s a darx-co1ored car, and it ' s--Wnat is
it?--xind ot a 1onq sort ot car. 1 tninx it ' s ]ust xind ot a
1onq xinda car 1ixe--1 don ' t xnow wnat tney are--1ixe ban and
He1inda ' s car. You xnow, a biq, 1onq boat ot a car sorta
tninq. 1 don' t tninx it ' s as o1d as tneirs, and it ' s
1ixe. . . but it ' s darx. And 1 ' w tninxinq tnis quy' s drivinq by
on tne street, and tnere' s tnis scacesnic tnere, you xnow, qod,
carxed riqnt in tne a11ey! But ne doesn ' t--you xnow?--Wny
don ' t ceoc1e see it? Wny don' t tney? 1 don ' t understand tnat.
1 ' w not tninxinq tnat at �tnat' tiwe, 1 ' w tninxinq tnis �now, '
you xnow. Loqica11y, wny don ' t ceoc1e see it? Wnat did, now
did tney do it? Bow do tney do it? 1 don' t understand tnat.
1t' s rea11y intriquinq tnat tney can do stutt in trattic or
cub1ic or anywnere tney cnoose, and ceoc1e don' t see it.
Anyway, 1 qo uc into tne snic. " (1ne tirst tiwe tnrouqn tne
incident sne said sne stood on tne qround witn tne bottow ot
tne snic a tew teet above ner nead. Tnere were no stairs or
1adder. 5ne was beawed uc or t1oated uc very quicx1y. 5ne
described it as an � invisib1e e1evator¹ excect tnat tnere was
no ucward wovewent 1ixe you ' d tee1 in an e1evator. Once inside
tne snic sne was awazed at now biq it was. Bear in wind tnat
tnis snic was in tne sawe c1ace as tne one tnat Burt was in,
and tnis area in tne a11ey cou1d on1y accowwodate a cratt ot
about tnirty teet in diaweter. 5ne described tne 1iqntinq
inside tne snic as beinq diw, but sne didn' t xnow wnere tne
1iqnt was cowinq trow exact1y. ) "And, you xnow, 1ixe a zowbie,
1 qo down tne na11way, 1ixe a veqetab1e witn 1eqs, no wi11 ot
wy own. 1nis na11way xind ot ever so s1iqnt1y curves to tne
riqnt. And I 1oox, and tnere ' s tnis roow, and it doesn' t
accear to be any roows uc tne na11way, but 1 xind ot 1ixe
a1wost xnow wnere 1 ' w succosed to qo or sowetnin ' . And 1 qo in
tnis roow, and tnere' s tne norrib1e racx tnere. Tne torture
racx. " ( 1ne "e×awination
I tab1e or cnair is an a11 too
tawi1iar device tor abductees . 5ne a1so described it as beinq
� 1ixe a dentist cnair sort ot tninq, but it ' s not. Hore
rec1ininq tnan a cnair but wore ucriqnt tnan a tab1e. '
1ncidenta1 1y, tne word "e×awination'' is a word tnat tne Grays
tnewse1ves used to describe wnat tney did to J in tne
October 20, 1992 abduction. Bowever, as you ' 11 see, tney do
wucn wore tnan 1ust e×awine ceoc1e. ) ''It ' s tne tab1e tninq,
tne cna
r. 1 t' s not tne tirst tiwe 1 ' ve seen tnat. And 1
¸ust, 1 ]ust nave tne tee1inq ot dread in tne cit ot wy
stowacn. Wnen 1 see it, 1 just tee1 sicx to wy stowacn witn
tne tear ot seeinq tnat. On, anyway, and 1 went over to it,
and tnen 1 ' w 1ayinq on it, and 1 ' w 1ixe wore down, and 1 ' w
1ayinq a1wost t1at on wy bacx at tirst. 1 didn' t see tnis cart
betore. Tney' re 1ixe 1ooxinq, 1ooxinq in wy tace. Tnere' s a
Gray on tne 1ett side ot we and tnen tne ta11, a rea1 ta11
2 6
Gray. And now tney' re 1ookinq in wy tace--1 don' t know--
tney' re 1ookinq tor sowetninq. Like tney' r� cowwunicatinq witn
eacn otner about sowetninq. 1t' s 1ike tney ' re ]ust sayinq,
`Wnat is tnat? ' or• • . 1 don' t know. 1ney' re exawininq sowetninq
on wy tace tnat tney seew to be contused about or concerned or
wnatever. 1 don' t know wnat it is. Anyway, tney kind ot wove
away, and tnen tnere' s a Gray, a swa11 Gray. 1t ' s 1ike two
tinqers, and it kind ot qoes 1ike tnis ( 5ne presses ner two
tinqers on ditterent parts ot ner cnest. ) in a coup1e spots on
wy cnest. . Just on wy 1ett side. Kind ot 1ike pressinq 1 ike
ne ' s tee1inq tor sowetninq or sowetninq and 1ookinq at wy tace.
Beats we. 1 don' t know wnat tne ne11 ne ' s doin ' . And tnen,
tnen 1 ' w 1ike, 1 ' w not 1yinq t1at cowp1ete1y. l ' w kind ot
propped at an anq1e. 1 don' t know now wany deqrees, ' cause 1
don ' t know tnat kind ot stutt. Enouqn so tnat, you know, 1 can
see tne rest ot wy body. You know, 1 can 1ook down at tne rest
ot wy body. 1 can see, you know, wy stowacn and wy 1eqs and
everytninq as opposed to beinq t1at on your back. You ' d nave
to 1itt your nead to 1ook at tne rest ot you. Ckay, so 1 ' w
kind ot 1ike, waybe kind ot at not quite as steep an anq1e as 1
aw riqnt now. And 1ike tnis Gray woves down, and tnen 1ike a11
ot a sudden tnere' s 1ike tnese. . . tnere' s tnis strap on eitner
side ot wy 1eqs or on botn leqs ]ust above wy knees and tnen at
wy ank1es or ]ust above wy ank1es. Excuse *te, 1 ' w kind ot
burpinq a 1itt1e bit. And tnen 1 ' w tninkinq, �On, qod, no, no,
no, don ' t . Just 1et we qo. Let we up. Let we up. ' 1 ' w
tee1inq rea11y. . . 1 ' w startin ' to panic. You know, 1 tee1 tnat
rea11y, rea11y panicky tee1inq 1ike 1 can ' t, you know, nard1y
catcn wy breatn. You know, 1 ' w just. . . tnis can ' t be nappeninq;
tnis can ' t be true. No, no. And tnen tnis, tnat biq Gray
cowes in. Be' s qoin' tnrouqn anotner--1 don' t see a doorway--
but ne 1ike qoes tnrouqn sowetninq. 1 t' s 1ike--now does ne do
tnat? Be' s ]ust 1ike beyond wy teet, you know, and kind ot to
tne riqnt ot wy teet, but it ' s down a ways, and 1 tnink tnere' s
a doorway, but it' s not very c1ear. 1 qet tne iwpression
tnere' s a doorway tnere. On, tne wa11 kind ot curves away trow
we just ever so s1iqnt1y; I tnink tnat' s wny I don' t see tne
doorway. And ne cowes tnrouqn tnere, and ne' s qot sowetninq in
nis nands. 1t ' s a q1ass ob¸ect. Like a bott1e or• • . ? No.
1t' s kind ot roundisn, and it ' s nard to see, ' cause ne' s not
1ike no1dinq it up tor we to e×awine or anytninq. 1t 1ooks
1ike a bott1e in tne sense tnat it appears to be no11ow. A
container ot sowe sort. And tnen, on, ne cowes to tne tab1e,
and tne tab1e 1eqs ¸ust qo 1ike--not tne 1eqs--but wnere wy
teet are, wnere wy 1eqs are, it' s 1ike tne tab1e just opens.
1t just 1ike divides. 1t just cowes apart, and tnen ne just
wa1ks torward. And tnen ne stands tnere, and ne nas tnis
tninq, tnis sort ot a weta1 , sniny cnrowe tninq. 1t ' s , qod,
it ' s just norrib1e 1ookinq, and it' s just--�5tay away trow we
witn tnat. Just stay away trow we. Just qo back. Go back. '
And ne ' s 1ike cowp1ete1y unconcerned tnat 1 ' w so upset. You
know, 1 ' w ¸ust, 1 ' w just woaninq, `Ro, no, no, no, no. . . ' And
it ' s 1ike, you know, 1 wiqnt not nave said anytninq, you know,
tor a11 tnat; it ]ust didn' t even taze niw. 1t ' s 1ike waybe ne
was deat or sowetninq, and ne cou1dn' t near we. You know, so
co1d, ¸ust cowp1ete1y unconcerned, a1wost arroqant, you know.
Anyway, ne ]ust raws tnis tninq up inside ot we, and it ' s kind
ot 1ike ne ' s ad¸ustinq it or sowetninq, �cause it ' s 1ike wovinq
around, and it ' s xind ot coo1 . 1t tee1s rea11y uncowtortab1e,
and 1 ' w so very tense, 1 just tee1 1ixe just, you xnow, wy j aw
is c1encned and wy tists, you xnow, and wy wno1e body is just,
just stitt 1ixe a board. 1 just rea11y, you xnow, 1 ' w just,
1 ' w rea11y tense trow it. And ne cu11s, cu11s it bacx out
aqain, and ne turns xinda to nis 1ett near tne wa11 or
nearest. . . tnis tninq, and ne sets it on tnere. And tne Gray
tnat ' s on wy riqnt qoes over to niw and xinda coints at it and
indicates sowetninq to niw. And tnen ne xinda turns and 1ooxs
at we 1ixe, you xnow, just 1ooxs at we and tnen wa1xs bacx
tnrouqn tne doorway. "
'·Wnat ' s ne cointinq to?"
·'1ne tninq. 1ne 1onq tninq. 1ne instruwent tnat ne was just
usinq. Be was sayinq sowetninq about �We ' 11 taxe care ot tnat'
or � bo sowetninq witn it ' or. . • 1 don ' t xnow wnat ne was sayinq
to niw. 1 wou1d just assuwe tnat tnat was tne tnouqnt ne was
conveyinq to niw: �Now 1 ' w done; tnat' s wy j ob; 1 ' ve
tinisned. ' You xnow? �You do your tninq; tnis is wnat you
do. ' You xnow? 1ne bastard! Be' s just so unewotiona1 . Maybe
ne nates nis j ob, you xnow, � 1 don' t rea11y care. ' And
tnen tne Gray xinda nas nis bacx to we, so 1 can' t see wnat
ne ' s doinq, but 1 see tne container, tne 1itt1e q1ass container
or. . . xinda q1ass or. ^ .1 don ' t xnow wnat it is. Probab1y
sowetninq 1ixe q1ass in nis riqnt nand. And tnen ne ' s doinq
sowetninq, but nis bacx is to we, so 1 can' t see wnat ne ' s
doinq. And 1 xind ot assuwe tnat ne ' s rewovinq wnatever ne
rewoved trow wy body and cuttinq it into tne container. "
"bo you see wnat tney rewove trow your body?"
"No. Be just cu11s tnis 1onq tninq bacx out aqain, and 1 tninx
tnat tney qot sowe eqqs or qot an eqq or. . . wnatever. 1 tninx
tney just extracted an eqq and. . . l don' t xnow. 1 don' t xnow.
1nere' s sowe t1uid witn it, 1 tninx . 1nere ' s 1ixe sowe t1uid
tnere, wnatever. But 1 don ' t tninx tne t1uid was actua11y
taxen trow wy body. Haybe sowe t1uid tnat was in tne tube wnen
tney toox tne eqq, or wnatever it was tnat tney toox. 1 just
tee1 so wrunq out, you xnow, cnysica11y and ewotiona11y, but
xind ot 1ixe, in a way, xind ot re1ieved. 1 tninx, �God, ne
was done. Be was qone. 1 just• . . l nate tnat quy so wucn. 1
just nate niw. ' 1 ' ve seen niw betore. You xnow, 1 ' ve been
around niw betore, and ne ' s just co1d and untee1inq. Be ' s just
an assno1e bastard. Be ' s so arroqant. Be ' s 1ixe, you xnow,
too tar above you to even tninx about beinq concerned about
your tee1inqs . Be' s just, you xnow, 1 just nate niw. And tnen
tne otner , tne snort Gray, tne one tnat was nand1inq tne. . . nad
nis bacx to we, ne was doinq sowetninq, and ne was 1ixe to tne
riqnt, you xnow, xind ot away trow we to tne riqnt, and ne ' s
towards tnese. . . ne ' s doinq sowetninq e1se, doinq tninqs, cart
ot wnatever it is tnat tney do, 1 don' t xnow. And tne otner
one is. . . 1 don' t xnow wnat ne was doinq betore otner tnan just,
you xnow, standinq tnere witn nis nand on wy 1eqs, on wy 1ett
1eq, you xnow, xind ot as a crecautionary weasure. And ne 1ixe
asxs we it 1 ' w oxay, and 1 just turn wy nead, and 1 just 1oox
away trow niw. 1 don' t answer niw. 1 tee1 so• • • 1 don' t xnow,
1 just won' t answer niw. �bon ' t be so stucid. Wnat a stucid
question. No ! 1 ' w not oxay ! ' And tnen 1 qet dressed, and ne
cowes, and ne cuts nis nand on wy arw, and we xind ot 1ixe wa1x
to tne roow, tne e×itinq roow. And tne t1oor xind ot
disinteqrates under we, and 1 qo down and tnen 1ixe qoinq bacx
in tne window ( t1oatinq) . We qo around tne side ot tne nouse
and--above a11 tne ]unx tnere--and tnrouqn tne window, and it ' s
1ixe. . . 1ixe rea11y sott1y onto tne bed. And so 1 ' w just 1ayinq
down aqain in pretty wucn tne sawe position tnat 1 was in.
1t ' s 1ixe, on, 1 nave to 1ay in tnat position. 1 nave to 1ay
1ixe tnat. 1 don ' t xnow wny. 1 just xind ot xnow tnat 1 ' w
supposed to do tnat. And so 1 just 1ay tnat way, you xnow.
1ne 1iqnt ' s sti11 on, and tnat ' s tne end ot tnat incident.
"A11 riqnt. "
"And 1 tninx 1 qot everytninq tnere was to qet, too. 1 don ' t
tee1 1ixe tnere was anytninq tnat 1 wissed. "
"A11 riqnt . And did we discnarqe tne paintu1 ewotion trow tne
'·Yean. Yean. 1 wean, on sowe deqree 1 sti11 tee1 1 ixe 1·d
1ixe to, you xnow, basn tneir sxu11s in and destroy tnew and
nope tnat tneir race qoes to ruin, and tney never, you xnow,
sai1 tnrouqn tnis universe aqain. 1 wou1d 1ixe to see tneir
entire race annini1ated. 1 rea11y wou1d. 1 don ' t tninx tney
deserve to 1ive. ( Lauqns) You xnow? But is tnat xind ot
anqer natura1? 1s it rea11y unprovoxed? 1 don' t . . . Yean, it
was discnarqed. 1 ' w oxay. Yean. "
Ourinq tne tirst tiwe tnrouqn tnis incident, J
sne te1t 1ixe wnen sne tirst went aboard tne snip:
described wnat
J " 1 )ust tee1 1ixe, not just 1etnarqic, 1 tee1 druqqed. 1 tee1
1ixe--Wnat ' s tnat word?--1ixe xinda nope1ess . 1 tee1 1ixe, you
xnow, tnere ' s notninq 1 can do anyway so wny even botner. You
xnow, sort ot. . . an, snit 1 can' t even tninx ot tne word tor it.
(Lauqns) Anyway, 1 just tee1 so beaten. Lixe tnere ' s no
point, ]ust qo a1onq witn tnew, do wnat tney say. Oon' t try to
assert wyse1t, ' cause 1 can ' t win anyway. 1t ' s ]ust wnat 1
tee1 1ixe beinq tnere. 1 t' s just 1ixe so nope1ess. Oespite
tne tact tnat 1 xnow so wany peop1e qo tnrouqn tnis, 1 can' t
qet away trow tne tee1inq ot tee1inq so a1one, tnouqn, too.
5o, you xnow, 1ixe c1osed ott, and because you qo tnrouqn it
a1one, you xnow. 1 wean your best triend cou1d be tnere witn
you, and you ' d sti11 be qoinq tnrouqn tnis a1one. And tnat' s
wnat it tee1s 1ixe to we . Maybe tney just nave a way ot
c1osinq you ott . 1t ' s just one ot tnose weird tninqs tney do
to you. 1ney' re so wanipu1ative. 1ney' re so consuwed witn
navinq contro1 and contro11 inq wnat tney want, you xnow, and
qettinq wnat tney want riqnt down to contro11inq now you' re
qoinq to tee1 about sowetninq . 1t cou1d be contrary to wnat
you as a beinq wou1d tee1 about it . 1ney ' re just so
wanipu1ative. And a11 tnese tninqs are 1ixe t1asninq tnrouqn
wy wind wni1e 1 ' w just standinq tnere witn wy nead down. You
xnow, just 1ixe. . . so depressed! 1t ' s just terrib1e! "
1 snou1d note at tnis point tnat J nas nad ova e×tracted
durinq otner abductions. Eor e×awp1e, in 1979 wnen we 1ived in a
wobi1e nowe on Ju1ia 5treet, J went tnrouqn a period ot tiwe wnen
sne was very territied at niqnt, so sne 1ater tiqured tnat sne was
beinq abducted tnere. Ber intuition proved correct. Cn Ju1y 8 , 199 4 ,
J opened up tne wewory ot anotner abduction tnat was very siwi1ar
to �ne one above in wnicn an eqq was e×tracted in tne sawe wanner.
1ne Grays are qenetica11y creatinq a nybrid race tnat is na1t-
nuwanJna1t-Gray. 1nis is wny tney are co11ectinq nuwan wa1e sperw and
numan tema1e ova. 1ne nybrid "scace cni1dren" are otten snown to
abductees, as tney nave done witn me. 5ometimes, nowever, numan
tema1es are abducted and are terti1ized via a need1e tnrouqn tne nave1 .
Later on--weeks or montns 1ater--tney are abducteð aqain to remove tne
nybrid tetus . 1nis nas resu1ted, in some cases, in tne curious
cnenomenon ot virqin numan tema1es navinq "miscarriaqes. " 1ne tetus,
nowever, is nownere to be tound.
1ne to11owinq are e×cercts taken trom tne interview witn J in
wnicn tne tace recorder made tnose stranqe sounds:
J "1ney don' t want you to know wnat tney are doinq or wnat tney
are doinq to you. You know, and 1 tnink tnat botners me so
mucn, you know. 1t tney' re qoinq to screw witn my body, tnen
tney can at 1east 1et me know wnat tney' re doinq. 1 tee1 1ike
1 nave tne riqnt to know, and tnat tney ' re so secretive about
it. 1 rea11y nate tnat. 1 ' m q1ad tnat 1 tound out wnat 1 did,
and 1 ' m 1ookinq torward to tindinq out more, in a way . But
i t' s 1ike 1ookinq torward to surqery. ( Lauqns) 1 t' s not
sometninq you rea11y want to do, you know. You do, but you
don ' t . You must know wnat 1 mean. You know tnat you nave to
tind out, but it' s rea11y nard to contront. 1t ' s rea11y nard
to 1ook at it. Escecia11y wnen tney ' re doinq sometninq to you
tnat you rea11y don' t want tnem to do. You know, you tee1 1ike
it ' s a rea1 vio1ation ot your body . "
"Wnat is your tee1inq now otten you ' re beinq abducted? "
J "1oo otten. Way too otten tor my tastes. Late1y, 1 don' t
know, 1 tnink a couc1e, tnree, tour times a montn maybe. Haybe
more tnan tnat. Ctner times maybe 1ess otten. Haybe a couc1e
montns wi11 qo by. 1t seems 1ike wnen tnere ' s been an
abduction, 1 wi11 tee1 caranoid. Like wnen I qo to bed, 1 ' 11
tee1 kind ot scooked or nervous, accrenensive. 1 tee1 1ike
maybe sometninq is qoinq to naccen, and 1 tnink it' s because I
nave been recent1y abducted. And wnen 1 te1t 1ike tnat tne
otner niqnt (1ne stranqe niqn-citcned sounds beqin nere. ) maybe
I nad been abducted aqain betore tnat, you know, just crior to
1uesday, because 1 tnink maybe tne niqnt betore. . . " ( 1ne tace
recc�der made a sound 1 ike tne risinq wnine ot a jet enqine,
and ,J beqins to 1auqn. )
"Wnat ' s that sound?"
·Bun! "
" 1 neard tnat tace recorder do sometninq weird, but tnere' s no
radio in tnat tace recorder. ( J 1auqns aqain. ) bo you
ever wonder it tney 1isten in?"
J "Yean. 1 ' m sure tney do. Tney must know tnat we ta1k about
tnem. And tnat we ' re tryinq to tind out about tnem. "
"Bow is tnis wno1e tninq attectinq your 1ite?"
J "Bow is it, we11 , 1ate1y 1 tnink about it a11 tne time. Betore
1 actua11y qot into an incident and remembered it, I tnouqnt in
a way, kinda neat. We11, not neat, just interestinq. At tnis
coint 1 just wisned 1 1 ived a norma1 1ite and wisn tnis didn ' t
naccen to me. 1 ' d ratner be one ot tnose ceoc1e wno reads
about it nacceninq to somebody e1se. 1 don' t want to say,
�We1 1 , tnat naccened to me.
· ··
"Yean, 1 nave tne same tee1inq. 1 ]ust wisn tnat tnis wou1d
not be ever occurrinq, and 1 cou1d just 1ive a norma1 1ite . "
J "Yean!"
"But it ' s 1ike• . . but 1 can ' t ! 1t ' s 1ike you comcromise your
rea1i ty, you know, and you!re in worse snace it you deny it. "
"Yeah, we11 , it tee1s 1ike it wou1d be rea11y easy to do that
and say, �No, 1 ' ve qot a rea11y qood iwaqination, and 1 ' ve
heard a 1ot about abductees and LEO siqhtinqs and a11 that . '
And it wou1d be just rea11y easy to say it was wy iwaqination,
you know, but it ' s not ! "
J and Burt were not the on1y tawi1y wewbers to be abducted
trow this house , as you ' 11 see in the to11owinq chacter.
3 1
Anotner tawi1y wewber Kevin was a1so abducted trow Roberta ' s
nouse . We knew we cou1dn' t nide tne tawi1y secret any 1onqer. I nad
aqreed to do a te1evision interview in wnicn 1 wou1d be ta1kinq about
wy 1ite as an abductee . 5o we a11 to1d Kevin tnat we were abductees on
Apri1 2 1 , 1994. 5urprisinq1y, it didn ' t botner niw in tne 1east. 1n
tact in tne ensuinq days ne beqan ta1kinq to Burt about a t1yinq saucer
tnat we saw wnen we 1ived near Map1e Va11ey, a sate11ite cowwunity
outside ot Seatt1e. Burt didn ' t know wnat ne was ta1kinq about and
tnouqnt Kevin was pu11inq nis 1eq. Accordinq to Kevin, botn Burt and 1
were present at tne siqntinq as we1 1 . 1 nad no reco11ection ot it
eitner, and Kevin was taken aback tnat on1y ne nad a wewory ot tne LEC
siqntinq. Consequent1y, ne was eaqer to take a c1oser 1ook at nis
wewory. 1ne to11owinq is part ot tne transcript trow tnis session. 1
was navinq ditticu1ty witn tne tape recorder durinq tnis session, so 1
wasn' t ab1e to inc1ude tne entire transcript.
Kevin ' s Session #2 Apri1 22, 1994
"Last session, atter tne session tnat you nad, you said
you nad rewewbered a t1yinq saucer. Wou1d you 1ike to take a
1ook at tnat?"
Kevin: "Yean. "
"Return to tne tiwe you see tne t1yinq saucer, and qo to tne
beqinninq ot tnat incident and start tnere, and te11 we wnat ' s
nappeninq. "
Kevin: "I can see us drivinq down tne road. 1nere' s a not very snarp
curve, but kind ot curve. 1nere ' s a tie1d a1onq side ot us, and
tnere ' s a torest on tne otner side ot us. 1 ' w sort ot 1ookinq
around, don' t see wucn. 1 tnouqnt I saw an airp1ane cowinq down
on it' s side, so I 1ook out tne window, ano atter 1 saw it 1
knew it wasn ' t an airp1ane, and I started 1ookinq, said �Wnoa ,
quys, 1ook at tnis ! ' And you 1ooked out tne window, too, and so
did Burt, and we ' re a11 ta1kinq about it, and you were
interested. "
"Wnere were you sittinq?"
Kevin: "1n tne back, on tne riqnt side . "
"Can you te11 wnere Burt ' s sittinq?"
Yevtn: " 1n tne tront, riqnt seat. "
"Look and see it you can see wnat we ' re wearinq. "
Kevi n: " 1 wasn ' t 1ookinq at you . "
"Ckay. Continue. "
Kevin: "1 see tnis saucer; it nas sort ot a square top on it, on tne
top, a saucer snape on tne bottow, witn tnree 1itt1e ba11s on
bottow, a rea1 si1very co1or; tnis is in tne widd1e ot tne day.
I can see a c1ear picture. " ( 1oqetner atter tne session we
constructed a rouqn drawinq ot tne cratt. Wnat ne weant by a
"square top" was not tnat it was snaped 1ike a tour-cornered
box, but tnat it was ditterent tnan tne wore cowwon1y seen
spnerica1 dowe. Erow tne side tne upper portion ot tne cratt
appeared to be wore trapezoida1 in torw, sowewnat resewb1inq tne
side view ot the uccer cart ot a cowboy hat. 1t it were viewed
trow above, the uccer cortion ot the cratt wouId, ot course,
accear to be round. )
"Cxay. When was this?"
Kevin: !·When we 1ived over at Janet ' s . ¹· (At the tiwe we were rentinq
the uccer cortion ot a house in the country between Renton and
Mac1e VaIIey . )
"What season is this? Winter, scrinq, suwwer, taI1?
Kevin: ·!1his is suwwer. Either the end ot scrinq or the beqinninq ot
suwwer. ··
·!What xind ot tewcerature is it today?"
Kevin: " 1t ' s about 7u deqrees or so. ReaIIy warw in the car. 1t was
when we had the other car, the b1ue car. 1 ' w sittinq in the car
1ooxinq out the window. 1 te11 you to 1oox out the window. You
stucx your head out . "
"bid 1 say anythinq?"
Kevin: " Burt was Iixe, �Where is it, 1 don' t see anythinq. ' And then
you saw it and said, `uh-oh! ' WeII, we stood there tor about
titteen winutes, and it did nothinq. "
"Were we standinq outside the car?"
Kevin: !·No, we were just stiII inside the car . "
" Stocced? Lid 1 stoc the car?"
Kev1n: "Yeah. Eitteen winutes, and the saucer was stayinq in one
cIace. 1t ' s 1ixe it was waitinq tor us, checxinq the area out
or sowethinq. 1hen we ' re just qoinq bacx down the road, bacx to
our house. And that ' s it. "
"Cxay. Where were we cowinq trow?"
Kevin : "1hinx we were cowinq trow, 1ixe, the store, cowinq trow sowe
sort ot store. " (1his was what Kevin had consciousIy rewewbered
about the siqhtinq and was basicaIIy what he had toId us betore
the session . )
"Cxay, return to the beqinninq ot the incident, trow the store,
and continue throuqh the incident. "
Kevin: "Cxay, we ' re startinq out, you, we and Burt, we ' re in
civi1ization, there ' s a coucIe ot buiIdinqs, stores, and we' re
1ust drivinq throuqh it down the road. We xeec on qoinq down
the road. 1 don' t xnow what road it is, but we ' re qoinq down
it, just drivinq around and havinq a qood tiwe, en1oyinq the
sun. 1 Iooxed out the window, and 1 thouqht 1 saw an aircIane,
so 1 1ooxed c1oser, and this wasn ' t an airc1ane, this was saucer
shaced, and it had a bo× shace on toc and three ba1I-Iixe thinqs
on the bottow. "
!·Were they 1ixe ha1t ot a baII, or a who1e ba11?"
Kevin: ' Ba1t ot a ba1 1 . '
"See i t you can cicx uc anythinq new. "
Kevin: "Ch, 1 thinx it woved tor a second, Iooxed Iixe it was cIecxinq
out a scot or sowethinq. 1t went to the riqht a IittIe bit.
We were a11 stiI1 Iooxinq out the windows, and Burt can' t tind
out what we ' re taIxinq about, what we ' re so surcrised about. 1
don ' t xnow why he cou1dn' t see it, don ' t xnow why he couIdn' t
tind it. ··
"See it you can cicx uc sowethinq new.!·
Kevin: " 1t ' s qoinq down, bacx and torth reaI1y tast, checxinq the area.
We ' re sti11 taIxinq about it, e×cect Burt, he sti11 can ' t tind
it. We ' re standinq in that scot tor about t itteen winutes. "
"What aw 1 sayinq?"
Kevin: "You ' re qoinq, `Wow, Burt, 1oox at that! Loox at that, Kevin!
1s that awazinq or what? ' You' re rea11y e×cited about it. "
2 2
"And do we qet out ot tne car?"
Kevin: "Ro. Yean. 1 tnink you--instead ot 1ookinq out tne window--1
tnink you open the door. And you 1ooked over tne car. You ' re
sayinq, � Burt, 1ook at tnis! Look at this, Burt! Look at this!
And 1 , 1 tnink I qot out too, I think. No, 1 ' w sti11 in tne
car. So' s Burt. Be peeks nis head out the window, and he sees
it! Burt ' s sees it ! "
"Wnat ' s ne say? boes ne say anythinq?"
Kev±n. "Be qoes, �Cn qod! Look at that! ' And whi1e we ' re ta1kinq
about, you know, standinq by the car on one side, riqht here.
And i t' s wovinq back and tortn. Seews 1ike it' s qettinq
c1oser. "
·Bow c1ose is it now?"
Kevxn: "Cn, about tive hundred teet over tne trees. 1t ' s qettinq
c1oser. We 1ook at it hover. You ' re 1ust tascinated with it.
Your tace is a11. . . you have this e×cited e×pression on your
tace. You ' re swilinq. You ' re e×cited, rea11y e×cited about
tnis. 1 think it ' s cowinq rea11y c1ose. 1 t' s 1ike a coup1e
hundred teet away. 1t' s turninq now. 1t doesn ' t 1ook tnat biq,
it ' s just sort ot hard to say. 1t ' s not that biq. 1t' s biqqer
than it was way up tnere, but it ' s not too biq . We ' re sti11
1ookinq at it. 1t ' s qettinq c1oser and c1oser every winute,
every second. 1t stopped qoinq trow side to side. 1t just did
that three tiwes, and then it starts to qo down. 1 t' s qoinq
down now. You can see the tnree na1t-ba11s on tne bottow ot it .
We ' re a11 qettinq rea11y e×cited about this, a11 ot us, e×cept
we. And so 1 said to Burt, � What is this? Wnat ' s happeninq? '
So you qot the urqe to see what it was, qo cneck it out. 1
think it ' d be better i t we snou1d 1eave. So 1 said, � I tnink we
shou1d 1eave. ' And you said � No. ' You said, �Get out, 1et ' s
qo. ' 1 ' w scared. And you said, �Lon' t be scared. 1hese are
just beinqs trow another p1anet. ' (At this point tne tape
recorder beqan wakinq too wucn e×traneous noise to do a
word-tor-word transcription)
1he saucer 1anded benind sowe trees about si×ty teet trow the
road. At this point Kevin described it as navinq the snape ot a hat.
Kevin neard a "cruncn" wnen it 1anded, possib1y trow dead branches,
etc. 1t did nave 1eqs tnat kept it ott the qround, tnouqh . 1he si1ver
sneen and briqnt q1ow ot the saucer cou1d be seen trow tne road.
Kevin tina11y decided to "not be a chicken" and qot out ot the
car. As 1 neaded ott toward the snip, ne repeated his warninq, "Maybe
we snou1d qo. " 1 said, "Like 1 said, tney' re 1ust beinqs trow a
ditterent p1anet . " Kevin re1uctant1y tollowed Burt and we into tne
woods and into the cratt.
By tne tiwe Kevin entered tne cratt, we were nownere in siqht.
1nere were tour ta11 Grays and two short Grays waitinq tor hiw in a
1arqe roow equipped with about seventeen beds. (Cnce aqain the cratt
was obvious1y wucn biqqer on the inside than it appeared to be trow the
outside, as we nave seen in so wany abduction cases . ) 1nere was a wan
in a qreen robe 1yinq on one ot the tab1es, but Kevin didn ' t recoqnize
hiw. Kevin 1ay down on one ot the e×awination tab1es, and a Gray with
a syrinqe injected sowetninq into nis riqnt 1eq:
"First, tirst wy riqnt 1eq started to tee1 nuwb, and tnen wy 1ett
1eq started to tee1 nuwb, and tnen wy arw, tnen wy 1ett arw, and tnen
wy wno1e body is nuwb. "
Later another Gray wa1ks toward Kevin no1dinq a syrinqe witn a
two-inch need1e and a ye11owisn t1uid in it. 1ne Gray then sticks tne
need1e into tne riqnt side ot nis necx and injects tne t1uid. Betore
witndrawinq tne need1e, tne Gray sucxs out b1ood and t1uid trow Kevin' s
necx into tne syrinqe. Be tnen puts tne ti11ed syrinqe into a
ditterent drawer. Not on1y was tnis paintuI tor Kevin, nis vision
becawe b1urry snortIy atter tne injection.
Atter tne injection one ot tne Grays cowwunicated to niw
·'Be ' s 1ixe te1Iinq we wnat to do and wnat not to do. 1e11inq we
not to qet up, not to Ioox at wucn, not to 1oox at anytninq.''
Be is tnen escorted out ot tne snip and wa1xs bacx toward tne car.
Be q1anced bacx and saw Burt and we toI1owinq niw. Wnen we arrived at
tne car, a11 tnree ot us entered tne car "tnrouqn" tne doors . Kevin
watcned tne saucer retract its 1andinq qear and zip out ot siqnt in a
sp1it second.
1ne ne×t incident tnat Kevin contacted occurred about tne sawe
tiwe as Burt ' s abduction trow Roberta ' s nouse. As you wiII see, it was
strixinq1y very siwiIar to Burt ' s e×perience.
Kevin' s Session #3 Apri1 2 4 , 1994
·'Return to an ear1ier, siwi1ar incident. "
Kevin: '·1' w sIeepinq.!·
''Un-nun. ¹'
''Wnere is tnis?¹'
Revin. " 1 can' t te1I. 1 tninx it ' s over at Roberta ' s . 1nere · s a
q1ow. A qIow. A reaIIy briqnt, yeIIow qIow. And 1 1ust woxe
up 1 tninx. 1 tninx 1 nave a bad dreaw or sowetninq. My wno1e
roow is beinq 1it up witn a briqnt ye11ow, not too briqnt
tnouqn, and wostIy it ' s cowinq trow tne window area. 1 see tnis
briqnt ye1Iow qIow cowinq tnrouqn wy window, and 1 tninx,
�wnat ' s qoinq on nere?· 1 1ooxed out tne window, and 1 see tnis
rea11y biq briqnt q1ow. Lixe reaI1y, rea11y briqnt. And I 1oox
at it, straiqnt. 1 1oox at it tor a wni1e, and 1 waxe out an
'·Wnere is tnis qIow at?'·
Kevin. ¹·Cut wnere Mow ' s car is. 1 don' t see Roberta ' s car tnere,
"1s Mou ' s cat tnere?"
Kevin: ·'Yean. 1t' s parxed ott at tne side. 1t ' s a pertect 1andinq
space. Eor tne wowent 1 don ' t xnow wnat ' s qoinq on. So 1 turn
around. 1 nad wy door cIosed. So 1 open wy door, and it ' s
briqnt in tnere, too. So 1 just qo bacx to wy bed and 1oox.
And 1 ' w tninxinq, �Wnat ' s qoinq on nere?· 1 see tnis picture ot
tnis , ot tnis rea11y biq nead. 1nis a1ien is about tour and a
naIt teet, it Iooxed Iixe. Eour and naIt teet. Biq b1acx eyes .
Biq nose. Lonq nose, tnat is . Be nas a tiny woutn. A rea11y
tiny woutn.··
"boes nis nose sticx out?¹·
Kevin: '·No, it doesn ' t reaIIy sticx out. 1t' s sort ot, sort ot rea11y
Ionq. 1ne nostriI part is rea1Iy Ionq. 1t ' s tnis tour and naIt
toot a1ien cowinq towards we. And i t' s rea11y c1ose, about
tnree teet away trow we. Be ' s wa1xinq bacx, and 1 start
to11owinq niw.
''Wnere you qoinq?"
'Out tne door, tnrouqn tne naIIway, into tne Iivinq roow. 1 ' w
wa1xinq into tne xitcnen, � tnrouqn' tne door. Litera11y,
� tnrouqn ' tne door . "
"What' s hacceninq? What ' s that 1ixe?"
Kev1n: " 1t ' s 1ixe every other. . . it ' s 1ixe the sawe thinq haccened
durinq wy other abduction, when he cut we bacx into the car.
. .
1t ' s 1ixe he. . . "
"1axe a 1oox at that and describe what' s hacceninq. "
Kevin: " 1t ' s 1ixe a who1e bunch ot white ba11s, because the door was
wade uc ot white. . . it was a white door. And that was a
crotection door, a satety door . And we just wa1x throuqh both
ot thew. "
"What' s that tee1 1ixe?"
Kevin: "1t sort ot tee1s ]ust 1ixe, 1ixe you were in water, and
1ixe a11 ot a sudden sowethinq ]ust cu11ed you out ot it.
Sort ot a. . . sort ot cu11ed you out s1ow1y, and where the water
was just a sc1it second aqo, 1 can sort ot tee1 that. But it ' s
a ditterent case with the door. 1t ' s 1ixe 1 can tee1 it, tee1
it whi1e you' re qoinq throuqh. 1 can tee1 cart ot the door when
1 wa1x throuqh it. 1t' s rea11y co1d outside. 1here ' s trost on
the qround, and 1 ' w 1ust to11owinq this a11en with the biq head.
Just to11owinq hiw. Riqht there 1 can see tnis--it didn ' t 1oox
that biq--it was a scacecratt! "
"bescribe what it 1ooxs 1ixe . "
Kevin: "A du1 1 , si1ver sort ot co1or. Sort ot 1ixe 1eqs cowinq ott the
bottow ot it to ho1d it uc. 1 can' t te11 how wany thouqh. "
"What ' s the shace ot it?"
Kevin: "We11 , a wore rounded toc than the other one 1 saw. "
"Lixe a t1yinq saucer or ditterent?"
Kev1n: "1he bottow cart was 1ixe 1 described on the other one that 1
saw. And this one had a wore rounded ott toc than the other one
1 saw. 1 sti11 can ' t te11 how wany 1eqs it has . I thinx it' s
tour. 1t was 1ixe about, about three stecs, three, tour stecs
qoinq uc into the thinq. 1he door sort ot. . . the door ocened uc,
and 1 1ust wa1xed in. And it ' s a darx roow 1 ' w in. 1 can ' t see
anythinq. 1 hear a creaxinq sound. Sort ot a sound ot 1ixe a
door oceninq or sowethinq 1ixe that. 1 see a 1iqht cowinq trow
one certain c1ace, and 1 qo toward the 1iqhter c1ace. 1 can see
lots ot beds . "
"Bow wany?"
Kevin: "Eive. Around the area ot tive. 1 don' t xnow it there ' s any
wore. And 1 just qet onto this tab1e. 1 ' w sittinq on the edqe
ot it. "
"What do you see?"
Kevin: " 1 see a coucIe Grays there. A ]acxet with a cocxet, a 1ab
shirt, biq head, biq eyes, sort ot 1onq nose, short wouth. I
can see a sywbo1 . "
"What does it 1oox 1ixe?"
Kev1n: "Sort ot a bacxwards "S . " I can' t see anyone e1se on the beds.
Cn the beds 1 don' t see any other ceoc1e. "
"What e1se do you see?"
Rev1n: "1here ' s not 1ixe ta11 Grays and short Grays. 1here ' s 1ust one
xind, and that ' s short Grays. "
"What ' s hacceninq now?"
Kevin: " 1 ' w 1ayinq down now. 1here ' s sort ot 1ixe a cabinet on the
wa11 . Be just wa1xs cast it. 1wo other Grays are 1ixe 1ooxinq
at each other. 1hey' re cowwunicatinq to each other. 1hey' re
not wovinq their wouths. 1hey' re just starinq at each other .
Cne ot the two Grays coints at we, and wa1xs towards we, and the
other Gray to11ows . Be ' s cointinq thinqs out to hiw. Be' s
cointinq wy nose out. Be coints out wy stowach. "
"1s ne toucninq you?"
Kevin. "Yean . "
"Wnat does tnat teeI Iixe?"
Kevin: "Sort ot 1ixe. . . ne nas a 1itt1e bit ot a biqqer tinqer tnan we
nave, 1onqer. ¹!
"boes ne nave a tinqernai1?"
Kevin: "No, ne doesn ' t . '
"Bow wany tinqers does ne nave?"
··1nree. ··
"And tnen wnat naccens?··
Kev�n. " 1t ' s about, I tninx 1 ' ve been in nere tor about twe1ve winutes
1 tninx so tar. 1n tnis particu1ar roow 1 ' w in twe1ve, si×teen
winutes so tar. ¹!
·!Are you stiII 1yinq down?¹!
Revin: ·!Yean. My eyes itcn. Bere cowes tnat otner sinq1e Gray. Be
cowes towards we, and ne turns we over. Be ' s tee1inq wy bacx.
1 ' w 1ooxinq down at tne t1oor. 1 sort ot see sywbo1s on tne
tIoor. 1nere ' s a sywbo1 . 1 ' 1I snow you wnen we ' re done witn
tne session now it 1ooxed. ( See 1IIustration) Be ' s cusninq
rea11y nard on wy bacx. Be ' s waxinq it nard tor we to breatn.
And ne wa1xs over to tnat cabinet. Be ' s just waIxinq in tne
direction ot tnat cabinet. Be opens a drawer. Be ' s ]ust
Iooxinq tnrouqn it. 1ne otner Gray snows tne otner Gray wy
pocxet. 1 was sIeecinq witn wy cants on. Be ' s snowinq niw wy
pocxet. "
"1s nis nand in your cocxet?"
Kev�n: "Yean, in wy Iett pocxet, and tnen 1 can teeI nis nand in wy
ne×t cocxet wni1e tne otner one ' s Iooxinq at we . 1 1oox bacx
over at tne otner Gray, and ne ' s cowinq towards we witn a
syrinqe. Cn, tnis one nas a sywboI on it. Lixe tnere ' s writinq
on it. "
'!Can you see wnat xind ot sywboI?"
Kevin: "Yean. 1 ' 11 snow you wnen tne session' s over. " ( See
!·A11 riqnt. "
Kev�n. " 1 ' w 1ooxinq at tne wa11s to watcn tne sywLo1 up, but 1 don ' t
see anytninq Iixe it. 1ne syrinqe , ne sort ot sets it on tne
tab1e ne×t to we and adjusts tne 1iqnt by wy nead, sort ot
1ooxinq in one scot, and it ' s down around nere, be1ow wy arwcit.
Be ' s just Iooxinq at it, 1 tninx. 1t ' s nard to te11 because ne
nas no pupi1s in nis eyes .·!
··Are tney wearinq any cIotnes, tiqnt-sxinned c1otnes?"
Kevin: !·1ney' re wearinq Iab jacxets . "
"1s tnat aI1? Anytninq on tneir nands or is it bare sxin?¹!
Kevin. "Bare sxin. Cn! Cne ot tnew nas Iixe qIoves on . Lixe a qIove
or sowetninq. And tne one witn tne rubber qIove is tne one
wno' s no1dinq tne syrinqe uc. Cn1y tnis tiwe it' s a IittIe bit
swa11er tnan tne otner one. 1nere ' s wnite stutt in tne syrinqe.
And tne otner Gray cicxs it uc and sticxs it beIow wy arwpit.
Riqnt aLout two incnes be1ow wy arwpit . Be sticxs it in. . . 1t
nurts! And tnen 1 sit uc on tne edqe ot tne bed. And tnen 1
juwc ott . Wnen ne stucx tne syrinqe into wy arwcit, tnis tiwe
ne puIIed, ne sucxed sowe b1ood bacx out . ··
"Was it quicx?"
Kev1n: ''lt was quicx . Now 1 ' w waIxinq benind tne Gray. And 1 ' w
waIxinq down tne stecs and down tne sidewaIx. 1 ' w wa1xinq, and
1 qet to tne door. Tnis sawe tninq napcens wnen we wa1xed out
tnrouqn tne door; 1 wa1xed in �tnrouqn ' tne door. ··
·!Where is the Gray standinq when this happens?··
Kevin. ·!Pretty wuch beside we . Sort ot at a IittIe bit ot an anqIe
beside we. We wa1x in the xitchen, waIx onto the qreen carpet
(the Iivinq roow) . Be stays riqht there, outside wy door ,
outside wy roow, and 1 ]ust wa1x riqht into wy bed, sit down,
then 1ay down, and that' s it. "
"$ee it anythinq e1se happens. "
Kevin: ·¹We11, the Gray wa1xs ott , wa1xs out. Then 1 Ioox out the
window, and the shutt1e is taxinq ott. Just sort ot. . . the
shuttIe 1 i tts ott . "
' 1s it qIowinq?'
Kevin: "A IittIe bit, yeah. "
' What ' s it Iixe?'
Kevin: "A bIue-qreen qIow. 1here ' s a coup1e Iiqhts cow±nq trow the
bottow, about tour Iiqhts on the bottow. "
"What co1or are they?"
Kevin: " B1ue . 1t went straiqht up and then toox ott--`whew' --at an
anqIe. "
"What ' s happeninq now?"
Kev1n: " 1 just qet bacx into bed and qo to sIeep. "
Kevin sxetched sowe ot the sywboIs that he observed whiIe in the
spaceships . Cne ot the sywbo1s that he drew watched one ot the sywbo1s
that Burt drew. 1hey hadn ' t previousIy cowpared sywbols.
Kevin siqhted another UFC on June 2 2 , 1994 . J and I were out
taxinq a short eveninq stroI1 when Kevin cowes racinq up trow behind
us. Be was very upset and e×cited and e×c1aiwed that he had just seen
a UFC . We both Iistened ca1w1y as he described the UFC as beinq bIacx
and round and cIose enouqh to deterwine that it detiniteIy was a
qenuine UEC. Be was a1so upset because he thouqht Burt didn' t be1ieve
hiw , and he cou1dn ' t convince hiw to cowe out ot his roow and taxe a
1oox at.
1hree days Iater 1 qave a session to Kevin in which 1 asxed hiw to
return to an incident that was siwi1ar to the incident covered in the
previous session, which was a1so an abduction incident. 1he to11owinq
incident popped up:
Kevin ' s $ession #6 -- June 26, 1994
Kevin: "1 was in the house, J and you were out taxinq a wa1x. 1
decide waybe 1 ' 1I cowe aIonq. $o 1 qet wy socxs and shoes on,
start waIxinq towards the screen door. 1 qo up to wy bixe, taxe
wy bixe, put the xicx-stand up, brinq it around, up to the
bIacxtop riqht betore the parxinq 1ot, by the pooI. I 1oox up,
and 1 see sowethinq bIacx in the sxy. And 1 ¸ust q1ance at it
aqain. 1 Ioox bacx down at wy bixe, and 1 start ridinq a 1itt1e
ways. 1hen I 1oox bacx up, and I reaIized it was wovinq. I
thouqht it ' s a UEC . "
"What does it loox 1ixe?"
Kevin: "A b1acx dot . A biq b1acx dot. And 1 wait there tor awhi1e,
]ust Iooxinq at it. I qet ott wy biRe, and ]ust 1et qo ot it,
and 1 run. 1 run into the house to te11 Burt. 1 qo and xnocx on
his door and open it and say, `Burt, Burt, there ' s a UFC out
here! Cowe on, cowe on! ' And 1 run riqht bacx out to the
b1acxtop, throuqh the screen door, onto the qrass, and onto the
b1acxtop. And this tiwe it' s behind the tree. 1 wait there tor
a IittIe bit, and then he (the UFC) ]ust cowes out behind, trow
behind the tree, and now I see two ot thew, one turther ott in
the distance and the one 1 ' w ta1xinq about.·!
'¹bo you see any detai1s on thew? "
Kevin: "No. 1hey ' re too tar ott . 1hey ' re swa11 thouqh. 1here' s one
that ' s really tar ott . 1 can see it, but it ' s tar ott . 1 1ust
stay there and 1oox at it, and 1 run riqht bacx into the house,
qo uc to Burt ' s door aqain, xnocx, ocen it, say, ` Burt, there' s
a LFC, cowe on! ' 1 run riqht bacx outside a�d Ioox tor it. 1
can ' t tind it at tirst, then 1 tind it, and 1 1oox tor the other
one, and 1 tind that one. 1hey ' re both there. But trow the
screen door where our catio is, you can' t see it trow there.
You qotta cowe out to Ioox at it. 1t ' s qettinq turther ott .
1t ' s qettinq turther ott. Wait, waybe it ' s qettinq c1oser.
1t ' s qettinq biqqer. 1 have a cain riqht here. ··
"Bere on the lett side ot your head?"
Kevin: "Yeah. Riqht now.··
"What ' s hacceninq?¹·
Kevin : " 1t seews about how it was betore. No, it ' s qettinq
c1oser. 1t ' s qettinq c1oser. 1t' s a b1acx disx-shaced ob1ect.
1he other one is qettinq turther ott, and the other one is
qettinq c1oser. Looxs cretty, Iooxs cretty biq . Looxs biq
enouqh to be a UFC. 1t' s aII bIacx . "
"Can you describe it to we?··
Kevin: '' 1t ' s a11 b1acx, it' s a disx shace. 1here ' s no windows on it.
1here ' s no windows , no 1iqhts, no baIIs on the bottow. "
"About how tar away is it?"
Kevin: " 1 don' t xnow. 1 xnow it' s qettinq c1oser, that 1 xnow. 1t' s
qettinq reaI1y cIose. 1t' s qettinq c1oser by the winute. 1 ' w
qrabbinq onto the tence reaIIy tiqht. "
"1he swiwwinq cooI tence? "
Kevin: "Yeah, swiwwinq coo1 tence. 1 thinx it' s overhead ot the coo1
"ls it overhead?"
Kevin: "Yeah, but it' s cretty tar uc. 1t ' s biq enouqh to see it.
1t ' s cowinq down at a tast sceed, riqht over the cooI . 1t
1ands on the water! A UFC 1anded on the cooI water, or it ' s
just hoverinq there sowehow. ··
"Bow biq is it? "
Kevin. " 1t ' s hard to say how biq it is. 1t ' s biq ! "
"1n re1ation to the coo1 . "
Kevin. !·Buh?"
"Can you see the coo1 and the UEC?"
Kevin : "Yeah. "
"Bow biq is it cowcared to the coo1?"
Kevin: "WelI, it can just tit the 1andinq thinqs onto the coo1, 1ust
about that size. 1 thinx he ' s hoverinq there, above the water,
' cause the Iandinq thinqs ho1d the UEC uc. "
"bescribe what it Iooxs Iixe . "
Kevin: "WeII, it ' s a11 bIacx, just a bIacx UFC. 1 thinx that' s used to
disquise it trow. . . 1 thinx it disquises itse1t at niqht . 1
thinx it ' s Iixe 8 : 30 or sowethinq. Just startinq to turn cretty
darx but not darx. ·· ( J and 1 1ater ca1cu1ated that the
incident wust have occurred about 9 : 30)
" 1t ' s stiII day1iqht, then?"
Kevin: "WeII , it ' s a. . . there' s 1iqht, sort ot a nice niqht, but it ' s
not citch b1acx out . "
"Ch. Betore the sun sets cowc1ete1y?"
Kevin: "Actua11y, the sun has set cowc1ete1y, ]ust thereI s a 1itt1e
1iqht. "
··Cn, oxay. 1s anyone in tne coo1 or around it?"
Kevin: !·No. 1nere' s no one around tne cooI . "
!·Wnat ' s tne snace ot tne LEC?"
Kevin: !·Saucer, witn a dowe on toc . ··
!·A saucer witn a dowe on toc?
Kev1n: "Just a swa11 one.·!
!·Wnat eIse do you notice about it?"
Kevin: " 1 toId you it ' s aII bIacx, tnere' s no q1ow cowinq trow it. "
"Any sounds?··
Kevin: "No sound. ··
"Wnat naccens?"
Kevin: ··Boy, 1t ' s just noverinq riqnt above tne coo1! ··
··Stayinq 1n one scot, or wovinq or 1 iqq1inq or anytninq?"
Kevin: "We11, it wi11 qo uc every once in a wniIe, a 1erx, 1erx uc
and down once in a wn11e. And tnere ' s . . . sec sort ot a
1iqnt cowinq trow one end, sort ot a snace ot a door.
At tirst 1 couId onIy see a Iitt1e bit ot 1iqnt. And now tne
door ' s ocen, it sott ot turns around. "
"1ne LEC?"
Kevin: ··Yean, so tne door taces wnere 1 aw. Lixe usua1, tney ' re
Grays, and tnere ' s two ot tnew tnat wa1x out, core around to
tne cooI door, and stand tnere tor a second, and tney wa1x r1qnt
�tnrouqn' it. 1ney cowe around by tne Jacuzz i , core out tnrouqn
tne area tnat ' s c1eared, so you can wa1x out. 1ney cowe down
tnrouqn tnere and over by tne nouse, and 1 ' w 1ust cara1yzed; 1
can' t wove at a11. 1 ' w watcninq tnese tninqs cowe by, cowe over
towards we. 1ney don ' t cowe to we , tney waIx cast we, qo into
tne nouse. 1 ' w watcn1nq tnew qo in. 1ney waIx 1nto, sort ot
towards wy bedroow, but tney don ' t turn into wy bedroow.
1ney' re wa1xinq towards tne batnroow, but tney don ' t qo into tne
batnroow. 1ney ' re qoinq towards Burt ' s door. 1 don ' t see tnew
anywore. Cn wait, tney ' re cowinq bacx. Burt ' s not witn tnew.
Be ' s not witn tnew. "
!·Bow Ionq are tney in tnere?"
Kev1n: "WeII , tney 1ust wa1x towards nis door, and tnen tney cowe
bacx, tor about titteen seconds , and tney cowe towards we , tney
waIx `tnrouqn' tne screen door. "
`1nrouqn' tne screen door?··
Kev1n: "Yes . ··
Kevin: "Yes . "
"Lo tney nave c1otninq on or anytninq?"
Kevin: "No . "
"Wnat do tneir eyes 1oox 1ixe?¹·
Kevin: ''1ne Grays? "
·'Yean, wnat do you see?"
Kevin: "Let we ta1x about tneir neiqnt tirst. 1ney ' re about tnree
toot, si× or tour teet. Sowewnere around tnere. 1ney cowe uc
to we, and tney waIx riqnt cast we aqain. Lixe 1 wasn' t even
tnere . 1ney' re seven teet away trow we. 1ney wa1x ` tnrouqn '
tne tence instead ot qoinq around. Wa1x riqnt ` tnrouqn' tne
tence , wa1x to tne snic. 1ney wa1x into it. 1t ' s sIow1y
c1osinq uc. 1t!s cIosed uc now. "
"Wnat ' s tnat?'·
Kevin: "1ne UEC . "
"Cn. Tne door is c1osinq?"
Kevin: "Yes. 1t' s cIosed . "
·!Bow do tney qet in tnere, ins1de tne LEC?"
4 0
Kevin: ''1he door was a1ready ocen, and they just wa1xed in. ¹'
¹¹Ch. 1s it just sittinq on the coo1 area?¹'
revin: ¹¹Roce, it' s hoverinq. "
"1s it wider than the cool itse1t?"
Kev.n: "Yeah. "
"ls it sittinq in between the tences, or is it hiqher than the
Kevin: " 1t ' s hiqher than the tences. " (Kevin 1ater c1aritied to we
that the toc ot the dowe ot the shic was hiqhet than the tences,
but the bottow ot the shic was hoverinq just a 1ittIe bit above
the coo1 . )
"ls it wider than trow one tence to the other? Cne side to the
Kevin: "No, it ' s 1ust wediuw-sized, not too biq, not too swaI I . "
"So it tits riqht in between there, huh? "
Kev�n: "Yeah, it tits riqht in there. Riqht there, hoverinq above the
coo1. 1hen aI1 ot a sudden it just zoows ott . 1t ' s uc in the
air, Iixe it was betore. lt' s riqht above the coo1 , and it' s
wovinq away trow we, bacx over there where it was betore.
Kevin: "Bacx over there . "
'Way uc in the air, you wean?¹'
Kevin: "Yeah, way uc in the air, bacx where I was watchinq it betore.
And the other UEC is just waitinq there tor it. "
"Can you teII what the shace ot the other one is?"
Kevin: "No, i t' s cretty tar ott in the distance. 1t' s a b1acx dot; 1
can teII that, thouqh. "
"Anythinq eIse about this incident?"
Kevin: "No . "
"What ' s that tee1 1ixe when you hanq onto the tence? Are you
hanqinq onto the tence the who1e tiwe?"
Kevin: "Yeah. "
"Are you cara1yzed?"
Kevin: ¹ Yeah, it ' s 1ixe 1 can' t wove. ''
"What' s that teeI Iixe?"
Kevin: ''Scared. 1hat ' s why l ' w not wovinq.
cou1dn ' t wove . "
Even it 1 tried to 1
"Can you wove your eyes
"Yeah. 1 can do that.
"When is this?"
and Ioox around?"
1 wouIdn' t dare wove. "
Kevin: " l toId you. "
"ls that a coucIe days aqo or sowethinq? 1hree days aqo?
Kevin: "Yeah . "
" Sowethinq 1ixe that isn' t it?"
Kevin: "Yes . "
"WIen we toox a wa1x? When J and 1 toox a waIx?"
Kevin: "Yeah, and then 1. . . "
Kev in:
"You cawe and to1d us you saw a UEC. 1s that the day?"
"Yeah. "
"So how do you tee1 about this incident?"
" 1 tee1 qreat now that 1 covered it. "
" 1t ' s oxay?"
" 1 tee1 qreat now that 1 xnow what haccened.
because 1 didn ' t xnow what was qoinq on. And
out . "
1 te1t aqqravated
now I tiqured it
"bid they bIocx your wewory on that, so you couIdn ' t rewewber
Kevin: "Yeah. (Whiscers sowethinq) • • . bastards. "
Kev±n: ··Butt heads ! ·· (Whiscers aqain) . . . we ' re not Iaboratory rats! "
"What did you say?¹·
Kevin: ·!1 said we ' re not 1aboratory rats . "
"Cxay. 1 understand how you teeI . "
Bere is yet another e×awc1e ot sowe very awaz inq a1ien technoloqy.
A1thouqh the sun had set, the suwwer sxy was stiII Iiqht enouqh that
anyone cou1d have see these b1acx LECs, yet no one eIse besides Kevin
saw thew! 1his incident occurred in north $coxane, one bIocx east ot
bivision, one ot $coxane' s busiest streets. $everaI acartwent
cowcIe×es, two wajor qrocery stores, a 1arqe hardware store, bowIinq
aIIey, wovie theater, wote1s, and wany other businesses surrounded this
area. 1he b1ack disx hovered riqht over the swiwwinq coo1 in the
widdIe ot our acartwent cowc1e×, yet no one besides Kevin saw it. Be
didn ' t even see anyone waIkinq around the ba1conies above the cooI .
Cne can on1y scecu1ate on the nature ot this wost awazinq e×tra-
terrestria1 techno1oqy. I have one nycothesis that the a1iens cossess
a cIoaxinq techno1oqy whereby an enerqy tieId is crojected trow the
scacecratt to the abductee or the abductee ' s howe. Anyone inside this
enerqy tie1d can see the shic, whereas anyone outside the crojected
tieId cannot see the cratt. 1his enerqy tieId way be a scace andJor
tiwe distortion. Evidence ot enerqy tieIds around LECs has been
chotoqrached and video-taced, such as in one ot BiIIy Meier ' s PIeiadian
Beawshic chotoqrachs and a1so in the Me×ico City LEC siqhtinqs.
Kevin has cowe tace-to-tace with other tyces ot E1s, as he detai1s
in the to11owinq chacter .
CNLY A LREAM. . . . ?
Abductees sowetiwes e×cerience recurrinq dreaws . Kevin to1d we
that he knew he' d a1so been abducted on our 1and. We had woved onto
our 1and near the Washinqton coast in the winter ot ' 9 1 . We were
1ivinq in a twenty by torty toot tent that 1 had erected with c1astic
cice and b1ue c1astic tarc. We had sowe rea11y interestinq niqhts when
the wind ve1ocity reached si×ty wi1es cer hour, but it was howe.
Kevin' s Session #5 May 2 , 1994
"You said sowethinq about beinq abducted on the 1and. ··
Kevin: ' ' 1t was a dreaw.
' '1t was a dreaw? "
Kevin: ··Uh-huh. 1t was a dreaw l · w a1ways havinq.··
"A dreaw ot beinq abducted on the 1and?"
Kevin: "Lh-huh. ¹'
"Can you e×c1ain? Was it the sawe every tiwe, or what?
Kevin: "1t ' s the sawe every tiwe. ¹'
"Ch. What haccens in the dreaw?"
Kevin: "We1 1 , the ne×t 1 know, 1 ' w on the 1and riqht by the hi11 and
see this Gray wa1kinq by. And 1 see the shic in the backqround.
1t seews that ' s a11 1 can rewewber what haccened. 1t' s a t1ash
that took about ten winutes, and it' s what 1 ' w 1ookinq at whi1e
1 ' w as1eec. ··
"Where ' s the shic at?··
Kevin: "Behind hiw. "
"Lo you know where the shic' s at?"
Kevin: "Cn the hi1 1 . "
"1he biq hi11 on the 1and?"
Kev1n: "Yeah. "
"A11 riqht. 1ake a 1ook. Were you abducted on the 1and?"
Kev+..: : "Yes .
"A11 riqht. Return to the beqinninq ot the incident and see
what haccens. "
Kevin: " 1 ' w sure 1 was abducted, but it ' s not such a c1ear cicture. "
"What do you see?"
¡evi:.: " 1 see b1ue tarc. 1he tarc was ocened. 1t ' s t1accinq in the
breeze. 1he t1acs ot the tent are t1accinq back and torth. I
see a tiqure wa1kinq this way. 1t ' s cowinq this way. 1t' s
cowinq toward Burt. 1t' s hard to te11 actua11y, we' re in bunk
beds. 1hey' re standinq riqht by the bunk beds. "
" 1s this the biq, b1ue dowe tent?"
Kevin: "Yeah. 1 ' w c1iwbinq down the 1adder on the t1oor. 1 don ' t
think these are Grays. "
"Lescribe thew to we. "
Kevin: "1hey have eyes 1ike Grays. 1he head is a 1ot 1ike peoc1e ' s ,
on1y it' s a 1itt1e bit rounder head. We11, it ' s sort ot the
sawe kind ot eyes. $ort ot roundish eyes• . . or 1ike roundish
eyes. . . rea1 biq, brown eyes and no cuci1s. 1hey have eye1ids .
1he nose 1ooks siwi1ar to a Gray' s ; the wouth 1ooks a 1itt1e
1onqer. "
4 2
¹·Bow are you tee1inq wnen you see tnew.¹¹
Kevin: "Not scared. Anyway 1 ' w wa1xinq benind it, wa1xinq benind tne
a1ien, out tnrouqn tne t1ac, and 1 see two wore. 1ney 1oox
e×act1y tne sawe. And tney to11ow side by side we. 1 ' ve qot
one in tront ot we and one on eitner side, on botn sides ot we.
And we' re at tne corner ot tne tent; we' re wa1xinq uc tne ni11 . "
"Wa1xinq on tne qround tnere?"
Kevin. "Yean. But we stocced. 1 ' w 1ooxinq at tne scacesnic. 1 can
see it. "
"1s it in tne air or on tne qround?"
Kevin: " 1t ' s on tne qround. A 1itt1e bit. Not tota11y on tne qround.
1 can see it uc a 1itt1e. . . it' s uc in tne air 1ust a 1itt1e bit,
tnouqn. "
··Wnat does it 1oox 1ixe?"
Kevin: "5ort ot a si1very saucer snace on tne bottow ot it, and tne
toc is sort ot a ziq-zaq snace. "
"1s it on toc ot tne ni11 or tne side ot tne ni11?" "Tne toc ot tne ni11 . "
"Wnat ' s tne weatner out 1ixe?"
Kevin: "1t ' s not tnat co1d. 1t ' s cretty warw. "
"1s it day1iqnt or niqnt?"
Kevin. "Niqnt . "
"Wnat ' s nacceninq now?"
Kevin. "We ' re 1ust 1ooxinq. Notninq' s nacceninq. Notninq . "
"1t ' s 1ust you and tnese beinqs?"
Kevin� "Yean. "
"Anybody e1se in tne tawi1y tnere?"
Kevin. "No. We ' re wa1xinq bacx to tne tent. Wa1xinq. 1 ' w baretooted.
1 1oox down at wy teet, and 1 see tneirs. 1ney nave tive toes . "
"You wean tney' re baretoot?'
Kevin: "Yean. And 1 ' w wa1xinq bacx tnrouqn tne t1acs. 1nere wust be
two by wy bed. "
"1s tnere a 1iqnt on in tne tent?¹·
Kevin. "No. 1 ' w wa1xinq uc to tne bunx bed, and 1 qet bacx into bed,
and 1 went out. And tney 1ust wa1x ott. And tney 1ust 1oox at
we tor awni1e, and tney 1ust wa1x ott. ¹·
"Wnat co1or is tneir sxin?"
Kevin: "5ort ot qrayisn-brown.¹¹
" 1s it xind ot darx-co1ored or 1iqnt?"
Kevin. "Liqnt. A 1iqnt qray-brown co1or. 1nen tney qo out tne tent.
And tne t1ac is sti11 t 1accinq 1ixe betore. 1t ' s cretty 1it uc
in tnere, tnouqn, cowinq trow tne scacesnic. A11 ot a sudden
tne 1 iqnt is 1ust qone. And 1 )ust qo bacx to s1eec. 1 tninx
tney wade a wistaxe or sowetninq. Maybe tney were qonna taxe
sowebody e1se, but tney torqot to. Got tne wronq cerson. "
"Were tney wearinq anytninq?"
Kevin. "No . "
"Bow wany tinqers did tney nave?"
Kevin. "Eive. 1 didn' t 1oox at tneir tinqers, 1 1ust 1ooxed at tneir
toes. 1ney were sort ot webbed. "
"5o you don' t xnow now wany tinqers tney nave?"
Kevin: "No. 1 on1y 1ooxed at tneir toes . "
"Wnat is tne snace ot tneir neads 1ixe? ls it tne sawe as a
Gray or ditterent?··
Kevin: "1t ' s wore round. "
"About now biq are tneir eyes?"
Kevin. "About an incn and a na1 t . "
"bo tney say anytninq to you?"
4 4
Kevin: "No. "
I recoqnized Kevin ' s descriction ot tnese beinqs as beinq very
mucn 1ixe tne 2eta Reticu1ian ' s tnat were described by Wi11iam
Berrmann ( e×cept tor tne sxin co1or) . 5o atter tne session 1 snowed
Kevin drawinqs ot tnis carticu1ar Reticu1um-tyce a1ien, and ne said
tney a11 1ooxed very mucn 1ixe wnat ne nad seen. 1 snou1d note tnat ne
nad neitner seen tnese pictures betore, nor did ne xnow wnat a 2eta
Reticu1ian was. Be was carticu1ar1y imcressed witn tne caintinq by
Mixe Rodqers, wno was 1ravis Wa1ton' s supervisor, as we11 as beinq one
ot tne tive witnesses wno saw 1ravis Wa1ton beinq abducted. You can
see tnese impressive caintinqs in tne boox UEO. . . CORTACT EROM RET1CULUM
by Wende11e 5tevens.
Bowever, at a 1ater time 1 a1so snowed Kevin a cicture ot tne
a1ien bust tnat was snown in an advertisement tor Amoco in tne maqazine
"Aviation Weex and 5cace 1ecnno1oqy'' (May 29, 1989 ) , and ne said tnat
tnis picture was even more simi1ar to tne a1iens tnat entered
our tent tnan tne otner deciction s ot 2eta Reticu1ians. 5o, tor now
tne identity ot tnese a1iens wi11 nave to remain a mystery. Bowever,
in 1990 a retired mi1itaryJ inte11iqence man to1d LEC researcner Bi11
Bami1ton tnat ne nad seen evidence ot tnis tyce ot a1ien at tne Nevada
Test 5ite at Groom Laxe in 194 8 . Tnis area is now xnown as Area 5 1 .
Tnis man a1so recorted tnat ne nad persona11y seen a tycica1 snort Gray
wa1x tnrouqn a wa11 at Groom Laxe. ( Read tne boox CO5M1C TOP 5ECRET by
Bi11 Bami1ton tor more detai1s. )
Tne wno1e tami1y was in tne tent durinq tnis "visitation,· · and we
a11 accarent1y s1ect riqnt tnrouqn it, e×cect Kevin ot course. Notice
tne distinquisninq teatures tnat tnese beinqs nad. Tneir biq, brown,
round eyes sets tnem acart trom tne more common1y seen Grays. A1so,
note tnat Kevin was not atraid ot tnem, and tney caused no cnysica1
narm to nim. Grays, on tne otner nand, usua11y scare tne ne11 out ot
peop1e and a1most a1ways cause pnysica1 cain. Bowever, tnis acpears to
nave been an incomp1ete abduction, so one can on1y specu1ate as to wno
tney were and wnat tneir intentions were. Bowever, it is my percection
tnat since tney didn' t asx Kevin' s permission to qo witn tnem, and tney
b1ocxed tne memory ot tne abduction, tnis wou1d indicate tnat tney nad
sometninq to nide. Tneretore, tney were not benevo1ent ETs.
1n tne next abduction anotner unxnown entity creates yet anotner
eniqma tor us to ponder. 1nis incident was a1so re�embered in a dream.
Kevin ' s 5ession #7 -- June 29, 1994
"Wnat xind ot an incident wou1d you 1ixe to ta1x about today?"
Kevin: "Wnatever you want to. "
"Uo you want to ta1x about tnat dream you nad yesterday
Kevin: "5ure. Eirst l ¹ l1 te11 you about it. "
"Yean. Just te11 me about tne dream you nad and anytninq
e1se. "
Kevin: "We11 , tne tirst tninq 1 xnow, 1 ' m sittinq tnere--you, Mom, and
me, Burt · s not tnere--and 1 ' m 1ooxinq uc in tne air ¸ust sort ot
en]oyinq tne niqnt, and you and Mow are ¸ust 1eaninq up aqainst
tne otner qateway area ( 5panisn-sty1e arcnway) ot tne otner
court yard. For a wni1e 1 ' m ¸ust 1ooxinq up tnere, and 1 see a
movinq object, and it ' s qettinq c1oser every second. 1ne next
tninq 1 xnow it' s riqnt down, riqnt overnead ot us. And we a11
\ust ]umc out ot tne way, and tnat' s wnere I can ' t remember
anytninq any more. "
"$o tnis was ¸ust in your conscious wewory wnen you woxe uc
tne worninq, tne wewory ot navinq tnis dreaw?'
·¹Ro. 1 didn ' t waxe uc trow it. 1 didn ' t waxe uc trow tne
¹!Wnat do you wean?··

Kevin: ¹· 1 wean, tne ne×t tninq 1 xnew 1 ' w ¸ust navinq otner dreaws. "
"A11 riqnt. $o you rewewber tnis wnen you waxe uc in tne
worninq, yesterday?"
Kevin: "Yean.·
"Anytninq eIse about tnat tnat you rewewber conscious1y?"
Kevin: "No . "
" $na1 1 we see it sowetninq naccened tnat niqnt, or it it was
]ust a dreaw?"
Kevin: "$ure. 1 ' d be q1ad to. ·
Cxay. Let ' s ]ust do a cnecx, oxay?"
'Cxay. ·
"$o, return to wnen you were sIeecinq yesterday, ear1y yesterday
worninq, you' re sIeecinq, and contact anytninq wnat naccens .
Kevin: " 1t ' s about 2 : 2u in tne worninq. 1t ' s darx out. We ' re a11
standinq out. . . Oo you want we to start trow wnere we a1I cowe
out ot tne nouse? Lo you want we to do tnat?··
"Yean. Return to tne beqinninq ot tne incident. ¹!
(Rote: 1 quided Kevin tnrouqn tnis incident about two and a
na1t tiwes in order to verity tne detai1s ot tne incident.
Because ot tne recetitive intorwation, 1 nave edited out wost
ot tne transcrict ot tn� tirst run-tnrouqn ot tne incident. )
Kevin: "Cxay. 1 ' II try. 1 ' w in bed as1eec, and 1 waxe uc. 1 turn a1I
tne. . . tIutt wy ciIIows uc and cut ' ew aII uc aqainst tne waII.
$ort ot scoot uc aqainst tne waI1 witn wy ci1Iows on it so 1 ' 11
be wore cowtortab1e. 1 tninx 1 see you quys taIxinq, but 1 ' w
not cowcIeteIy sure.
"1axe a Ioox tnere. Wnat do you see?"
Kevin: "Well, 1 ' w not c1ose enouqn. 1 ' 11 wait ti11 1 ' w out tnere r iqnt
ne×t to you and out tne door. 1 qet out ot bed, 1 wa1x out ot
wy roow, tntouqn tne na1 1way, tnen 1 ' w by tne bed, and 1 1oox
down at you quys. And you' re. . . and you ' re s1eecinq.··
"Wnere are you standinq at? "
Kevin: "About tne widdIe ot tne bed. 1 turn away, waIx bacx out tne
"Lo you xnow wny you ' re waIxinq out tne door?"
Kev�n: "No. 1 waIx out tne door, and 1 qo to tne swaII niI1 , and 1
wa1x uc it, out to tne b1acx toc ot tne carxinq 1ot. And tnen 1
qo into tne carxinq Iot . "
"1n tne widd1e ot all tne acartwents?"
Kevin: "Yean. 1 waIx out, and 1 see you quys! 1 wonder now tnat couId
be. 1 saw you quys sIeecinq in tnere! 1 didn ' t see you quys
waIx in tront ot we and run out tnere. $o 1 waIx towards you
quys. 1 just 1oox uc. 1 see sowetninq wovinq . "
"Wnere are we standinq? "
Kevin: "Cn eitner side ot tne qateway. " (Kevin Iater snowed we wnere
we were standinq, wnicn was in tne arcnway on tne occosite side
ot tne swa11 carxinq 1ot in tne widd1e ot tne acartwent
cowc1e×. )
"By tne otner court yard?"
Kevin: "Yes . Not tne one witn tne coo1. 1 Ioox uc, 1 see sowetninq.
$owetninq sort ot wovinq about tne neiqntn ot a sateI1ite, about
tnere, way out. 1t' s ¸ust a IittIe dot is a1I 1 can see. 1t
cowes down, tnen 1 can see it. 1t' s not a. . . it is a biq UIC.
5ometninq qiqantic. A motnersnic. Now 1 can see it about tne
size ot my nand . "
" 1s it maxinq a sound?"
Kevin: "Not a sound. Cominq down, cominq down reaIIy cIose. 1t ' s
riqnt overnead ot us! We ]umc out ot tne way! Just stays tnere
tor awni1e. We' re aII scruncned toqetner. "
·!Can you near tne snic now? "
Kevin: "Yean, a IittIe bit. Just a � mmwwwmmmm' sound. "
"Lixe a num? "
Kevin: "Yean. Like cuttinq a wnoIe buncn ot � m' s toqetner, �mmwmwwmm. ¹
And 1 see a 1iqnt cominq trom tne bottom. You two are taIkinq.
1 ' m not sure wnat about. Tnere¹s a Iadder comes down. "
"Wnat ' s tne Iadder 1oox 1ixe?¹
Kevin: "WeI I, it nad meta1 stecs on it, and it nas metaI sides on it.
1t' s aII metaI. 1t ' s Iike a staircase, a cortabIe staircase
tnat toIds uc. "
"boes it nave nandraiIs?" (1nis incident reminded me ot tne
Bib1icaI story ot ¹·Jacob ' s Ladder. " )
Kevin. "No . "
"boes it come out an anqIe or qo straiqnt down?¹·
Kev1n: "At an anqIe.
" 1s tne snic above tne tocs ot tne acartments, or is it down
]ust above tne cars?¹'
Kevin: "bown above tne cars. "
''5o it tits into tne carxinq Iot tnen?"
Kevin: "lt tits certectIy into tne carkinq Iot. ¹' (Tnis wou1d indicate
tnat tne snic was about seventy to eiqnty teet in diameter. )
"Wnen tne Iadder comes down, now niqn uc is it? 1 ' m si× teet
niqn, about. 5o now many ot me wouId it be, standinq on toc ot
eacn otner, to reacn tne bottom ot tne snic?"
Kevin. "About eiqnteen teet. "
"Tnree ot me?"
Kevin. "Yean.¹·
"Wnat' s nacceninq now?"
Kevin: " 1 can see a Iadder cominq down, and a tiqure is waIkinq down it
at a cretty tast cace. And ne' s cominq down, and ne s1owIy 1oqs
over nere, a Iitt1e bit above a normaI wa1I, but 1ess tnan a
run, but more tnan a wa1x. 5ort ot medium-tast waIk. "
¹ ' 1s ne wearinq anytninq?"
Kevin. "Notninq but nis ye11ow eyes . "
"bescribe nis eyes to me. "
Kevin: "Tney' re ]ust 1ike Gray eyes. 1ney nave a cuciI, and tney' re
a11 ye11ow. Neon ye1Iow, sort ot . "
"Wnat' s tne cuci1 co1or?"
Kevin: "BIack. " (Tne cuciI was smaII--tne ye1Iow cart Iarqe. )
"Bow many tinqers or toes does ne nave?"
Kevin: "Iour. 1nree toes and tour tinqers. "
"Tnree toes and tour tinqers . "
Kevin. "Yean. 1 qet a qood Ioox because ne ' s standinq Iixe tive
teet away trom me. "
"boes ne nave any qenita1s, ot nas ne qot c1otnes on?"
Kevin: "Be doesn' t nave any qenitaIs . "
"boes it 1oox 1ike ne nas any c1otnes on?"
Kevin: "Be doesn' t .
"No? Oxay. boes ne nave tinqernai1s, can you te1I?"
Kevin: '· No. Be doesn' t . "
"No tinqernaiIs?"
Kevin: "No . "
¹¹Uoes ne nave ears, nose, a moutn?·¹
Kevin: "Be 1ooxs a1most e×act1y 1ixe a Gray. On1y ne nas a ca1e wnite
sxin, ye11ow eye witn a b1acx cuci1 in it. And about tne same
neiqntn. Be nas sort ot a• • . not so scary tace 1ixe tne Grays
¹ ' ls tne nead snace tne same?"
Kevin: "Yean, about tne same.,, ­
¹'Wnat' s nacceninq now?¹¹
Kevin: ¹'1 taxe a stec towards nim, and ne taxes a stec bacx. 1 taxe
anotner stec torward, ne taxes anotner stec bacx. Be sort ot
wa1xs tast over. . . "
" 1s ne communicatinq anytninq to you?¹¹
Kevin: "No . Be' s 1ettinq me do wnat 1 want to do, 1 tninx. Be ' s
not rea11y contro11inq me. 1 ' m curious, curious about wnat ne is
doinq. And ne wa1xs tast over to nis snic, and 1 to11ow nim.
And ne qets onto tne 1adder and wa1xs uc at a cretty tast cace.
Be ' s uc in it a1ready. 1 ' m about in tne midd1e ot tne 1adder,
and 1 ' m wa1xinq uc it. 1 ' m usinq my nands. "
"Uo J . - and 1 1ust stay on tne qround?"
Kev1n: "Yes. Eina11y 1 ' m uc tnere, and ne ' s 1ooxinq over at tne wa11 .
1t ' s a 1 iqnt room, but tnere' s no 1iqnt in it. No 1iqnt bu1b
in it. lnat ' s wnere it' s 1ixe a room witn notninq in it, 1ust
sniny meta1.
"Wnat ' s tne snace ot tne room?"
Kevin: "5ort ot square room. lne Gray--or wnatever--tne otner a1ien is
1ust standinq tnere, 1ust standinq, 1ooxinq at a wa1 1 . 1 can
see a cracx ot 1iqnt. lne cracx ot 1iqnt is qettinq biqqer.
1t ' s weird. 1 can see a biq, 1onq na11way. 1 see sometninq
1 ixe a qreen q1ow in it, and it curves into anotner c1ace,
wnicn--1 ' m not sure--it 1ust qoes a1onq and curves. 1t ' s
qiqantic in nere! E×act1y wnere tne tninq is 1ooxinq, it ocens
uc, and ne wa1xs uc. 1nere' s a couc1e stecs tnere. We wa1x uc
into a na11way. "
'¹A door?"
Kevin: "Yean, tnere was a door you cou1dn' t see. ·¹
"Bow does it ocen? "
Kevin: "5ort ot s1ides ocen. "
¹¹Wnicn way does it s1ide?"
Kevin: "5ort ot side. • . botn sides 1ust sort ot ocen uc. "
"On. A sc1it door?"
Kevin: "Yean. "
"1t 1ust s1ides sideways, nun?"
Kevin: "Yean. "
"Wnat' s nacceninq now? "
Kevin. " 1 ' m wa1xinq down tne na11way, a 1onq, narrow na1l. We11, 1
mean, a 1onq windinq na11way. 1t' s about si× teet wide and
about twe1ve teet niqn. We' re 1ust wa1xinq down, come to a
curve, and we turn, come to anotner curve, and we turn tnat way,
and tnere is anotner turn-ott. And ne can sti11 qo straiqnt,
but ne 1ust wa1xs tast over tnere, and tnen ne s1ows down, tnen
1 catcn uc witn nim. 1 ' m about tive teet benind nim, and tnen 1
1ust stoc. 1 ' m 1ixe titteen teet benind nim, and ne wa1xs into
tne room. Be runs into tne room, and soon as ne qets tnere--
� sssssnoot ' --tne door 1ust snuts on me! lnen tne 1iqnts turn
ott ! And I )ust start wa1xinq in a direction, tryinq
to. . . tryinq to qet out. 1 ' m wonderinq wny they did tnat. 1
)ust wa1x in a direction, don ' t xnow wnere 1 ' m at. And tnen tne
1iqnts come bacx on. 1 ' m in a room, but tnere' s no 1iqnt in it,
4 8
but it' s 1iqnt. 1 ' w in tne roow 1 was in betore. 1ne tirst
roow 1 was in. And tnere' s a stairway tnat qoes down. 1 qo uc
to it, and 1 c1iwb down it at a cretty tast cace, down, cretty
tast. 1 qet to tne qround, and no one' s tnere. Not even you
and How. And 1 run back. 1 run back over to tne nouse, down
tne 1itt1e ni11 and into tne nouse and ocen tne door. And you
quys are sti11 s1eecinq . "
"Bow can you te11 we¹ re s1eecinq? Can you near us snorinq or
Kevin: "We11 , 1 know you' re s1eecinq . "
"Can you see us? ·'
Kevin: "Yean, 1 can see you.·
"Can you near us breatninq?¹·
Kevin: "Yean. 1 just run into wy roow as tast as 1 can. 1nen 1 1ay
down tor a couc1e seconds, tnen 1 ocen wy eyes and 1ook over at
wy 1itt1e radio, and 1 turn it on. 1 nit �c1ay ' on it. 1 turn
tne Hoody B1ues on, 1 1ay back down and cu11 wy ci11ows back
down to wnere tney were betore. 1 1ay down and 1isten to tne
Hoody B1ues tace.·
"Are you as1eec yet?"
Kevin: "No, l ¹ w just sort ot 1ayinq tnere.!·
"Are your eyes ocen?¹·
· No. 1 ' w 1ayinq tnere tryinq to qet to s1eec. 1 t' s weird now
tney didn ' t do anytninq to we. "
"Bow 1onq is it betore you qet to s1eec aqain?"
·1en winutes.
!·All riqnt. 5o is tnis tne end ot tne incident?"
Kevin: "Yes. '
"Let ' s \ust do a cneck on tnis, okay? "
Kevin: "Yean. ¹·
"A11 riqnt. Return to wnen you were in tne snic. "
Kevin: "Wnat cart?"
"Wnen you tirst qo into tne snic, tnen you qo tnrouqn a door
into a na11way, and tnen tne �Gray' qoes tnrouqn anotner
door. 1s tnat riqnt?··
Kevin: "Yean. Yean. "
!·And tnen tne 1iqnts qo ott. Wnat naccens tnen?··
Kevin: "Notninq.!¹
"Are you just standinq in tne dark?"
Kevin: "Just standinq in tne dark, yean. 5ort ot buwcinq tne wa11s,
tee1inq tne wa11s to tind wnere 1 ' w at. And tney' re just sort
ot rea11y swootn wa11s, rea11y nice weta1 wa11s. 5o 1 ¸ust keec
on wa1kinq down. 1 ]ust keec wa1kinq down, ¸oqqinq down. And
tnen 1 nit a couc1e stecs. 1 wa1k uc ' ew into a roow, neard a
�dinq ' sort ot sound. And tne 1iqnts turned back on, and 1 can
see tne wa1kway downward to tne qround. 5o 1 wa1k uc to it,
wa1k down it, qet to tne qround, and no one' s tnere. You, How,
no one. 1 run to tne swiwwinq coo1 area, run down tnat 1itt1e
ni11 and into tne nouse. 1 ocen tne door, and 1 can see you
quys are s1eecinq, so 1 \ust keec on \oqqinq down into wy roow.
1 qet into wy bed. 1 just 1ay tnere tor a couc1e winutes . 1
qet back uc, and 1 1ook over at wy 1itt1e• . . your tace c1ayer,
and I nad a Hoody B1ues tace in it, so 1 nit �c1ay. ' 1nen 1
1aid back down, take wy ci11ows and cut tnew. . . so 1 1ay down
tnere. And tnat ' s it. "
"All riqnt. Return to just tne beqinninq ot tne incident wnen
you' re wa1kinq trow tne bedroow to tne 1ivinq roow, and you wa1k
cast J and 1 . 1ake anotner 1ook tnere and wake sure• • . 1e11

me wnat you see . ··
··Oxay. 1 ' m by your bed, riqnt?"
"Un-nun. "
" 1 ' m 1ooxinq at you and Mom.
cretty unusua1 . ··
"bo you near any breatninq?"
"No. I qo outside. . . "
1 don ' t near any snorinq, wnicn is
"Wnat do you see wnen you 1oox at us? Wnat does it 1oox 1ixe?
Can you see J ' s nand or my nand or our taces?"
"Yean. 1 can see tne side ot your tace. And 1 can see Mow' s
nair a 1itt1e bit . "
"Are our bodies breatninq, can you te11?"
" 1 ' m not sure. "
"Are tney wovinq?"
"Not tnat 1 can see. ¹'
"Anytninq e1se?"
"1 don ' t near you quys snorinq.
out tne door. "
"Over by tne coo1?¹·
5o 1 wa1x out onto tne ni11,
"Yean. 1s tnat tne cart you wanted to xnow about?"
"And tnen you wa1x over to tne carxinq 1ot wnere Mom and 1 are
"Yean. "
"Wnat are we wearinq? Are we wearinq c1otnes?"
"You ' re wearinq b1ue cants, b1ue worn cants witn an oranqe snirt
witn a sun on it. J ' s wearinq a qreen sweat snirt witn
b1acx sweat cants. Tnat ' s wnat tney ' re wearinq. J ` s
wearinn snoes and so are you, but 1 ' m not . "
" 1s J - ta1xinq to we, or am 1 sayinq anytninq?··
"1 tninx tney ' re ¸ust en]oyinq tne niqnt. "
'·Wnat are we doinq?"
'·Just 1eaninq uc aqainst tne qateway. "
"bo you say anytninq to us? "
"No. "
ott , do
"Yean. "
5o wnen you' re on tne snic, and
you just tee1 your way bacx, is
"Give me tne tirst tninq tnat cocs into your mind.
anytninq e1se naccen on tne snic?··
tne 1iqnts
Kevin. "No . "
"boes anytninq e1se naccen on tne snic?"
Kev1n. "No . "
"bo you xnow wnat tney' re doinq?"
Kevin: "No.'·
"boes tnis beinq toucn you at a11?"
Kevin: "No . "
"boes tnis beinq 1oox at you at a11?"
Kevin: "Yes. "
"boes tnis beinq cowwunicate anytninq at a11, ideas or anytninq
te1ecatnica11y, or anytninq?"
Kevin: "No. "
"A11 riqnt. 1s tnere anytninq e1se about tnis incident?"
Kev1n: "No . "
"5o was tnis a dream or did it rea11y naccen?"
¡ev�n : "1t rea11y naccened. "
1nis was
eyed beinqs .
tne tirst time Kevin nad encountered tnese ye11ow-
tney were and wnat tney were doinq is a wystery to
us. 1ne tirst tiwe tney abducted niw tney certorwed a `cain1ess '
cnysica1 exawination. 1ney were a1so triend1ier tnan tne tycica1
Grays; tney didn ' t nave tne sinister or scary ` tee1 ' to tnew. 1ney
seewed to snow sowe cowcassion in tneir actions. Bowever, in botn
cases tney toox Kevin aqainst nis wi11 and insta11ed awnesia, tnus
indicatinq tnat tney were not benevo1ent E1s.
1ne accarent body duc1ication ot J and we in tnis incident
was very intriquinq, as we acceared to be in two ditterent 1ocations
at tne sawe tiwe. Pernacs tney were our body c1ones, as sowe abductees
nave seen. Pernacs tney were no1oqracnic iwaqes. Pernacs tnis was a
"docce1qanqer" excerience siwi1ar to Betty [ Andreasson| Luca ' s
excerience described in Raywond Eow1er ' s boox 1BE WA1CBER5. We can
on1y scecu1ate.
burinq tne winter ot ' 94 anotner re1ative, cousin Lisa, to1d we
tnat sne a1so be1ieved sne was an abductee. Wnen scrinq ro11ed around
1 asxed ner it sne wou1d 1ixe to cnecx it out, and sne aqreed.
Lisa ' s 5ession #1 -- May 1 6 , 1994
"Eirst ot a11, 1 ust so 1 can qet tnis on tace, too, te11 we sowe
ot tne. . . you te11 we you nad excerienced tninqs, or tninqs tnat
you te1t about cossib1e a1ien contact. "
Lisa: "We11, wnen 1 was ten, e1even--1 tninx tnat cuts we in tourtn
qrade--tnat' s tne ear1iest wewory I nave ot )ust a 1onqinq to
qo. Lixe 1 wou1d watcn tne stars--actua11y 1 ' d watcn tne tree
1ine ot tne wountain anead ot we--and I �wi11ed ' wy scacesnic to
cowe and taxe we, because 1 wasn' t succosed to. . . 1ixe 1 was
torqotten. And tnen tnere' s tnis dreaw 1 nad tnat was recurrinq
unti1 1 was about eiqnteen, and 1 wou1d nave tne dreaw crobab1y
about tnree to tive tiwes a wontn. And tnen trow eiqnteen unti1
about twenty-two 1 nad tne dreaw on1y a couc1e tiwes a year.
And tnat dreaw was a tee1inq and a swe11 and a taste. And 1
cannot tind a cnysica1 swe11 or taste nere (on Eartn) or
tee1inq. 1nat ' s wny 1 exc1ain tnat it ' s xind ot 1ixe a bow1inq
ba11 ro11inq, but it wasn ' t a nard tninq--a b1an, wusny, a1wost
void ot qravity and void ot. . . 1ixe 1 don ' t nave bones. Tnat
xind ot tee1inq. And 1 ' w not sure i t tne tee1inq ' s we, or it
tne tee1inq is overwne1winq we. And it ' s rea11y weird, because
riqnt now as 1 ' w ta1xinq about it, 1 can tee1 it. But tne
swe11. . . it' s rea11y nuwid, and 1 can' t cut it into words. 1t' s
a1wost 1ixe a. . . it ' s not a bitter swe11, but it ' s not sweet
eitner. And it ' s a recurrinq dreaw. And wnen 1 wou1d waxe uc
trow wy dreaws 1 wou1d be territied. 1 wou1d rewewber wnen I
was 1ixe escecia11y a younq qir1 , 1ixe tourtn, tittn, sixtn
qrade , 1 wou1d waxe and tee1 1ixe 1 ' d been runninq away trow tne
B1ob. And 1 ' d waxe uc tense and 1ixe a1wost atraid. "
"Cxay. Give we tne tirst tninq tnat cocs into your wind in
answer to tnis question: Was tnis trow a rea1 excerience?"
Lisa : ''1 want to say yes. "
"A11 riqnt. Contact tnat excerience, and return to tne
beqinninq ot tnis incident.
Lisa soon beqan to rea1ize tnat tnis was not a dreaw at a11, but a
very caintu1 abduction by Grays. Paintu1 , not on1y cnysica11y, but
ewotiona11y as we11 . 5ne was on1y tive years o1d, and sne was taxinq a
nac. Tne Grays t1oated ner out ot ner bed, out "tnrouqn" tne window
and into a disc-snaced cratt, in broad day1iqnt. On tne exawination
tab1e ner riqnt eye was ocened uc, b1urrinq ner vision. ( 5owe
abductees nave an imc1ant tnat is attacned to tne octic nerve, and it
is insta11ed by removinq tne abductee ' s eye . ) 5ometninq was inserted
down ner tnroat and into ner stomacn, causinq cain and stoccinq ner
breatninq. 5ometninq was inserted into ner scine, causinq intense
cain, and sometninq was inserted into ner side and in ner nose.
Wnen sne tirst beqan contactinq tnis incident sne said, " 1 nate
tnis dream, '· and tnen recorted tnat sne te1t druqqed and so nauseous
tnat sne tnouqnt sne was qoinq to tnrow uc durinq tne session. Ber
nead beqan nurtinq, sne e×cerienced a sIiqnt dizziness witn a Ioss ot
equi1 ibrium. 5ne said tney weren ' t ¸ust toucninq ner, but were
croddinq, cusninq, and cu11inq ner 1ixe a tuq ot war. 5ne te1t tnat
sne nad no cnoice, and tnat ner body was no 1onqer ners. Atter tne
e×amination sne was t1oated bacx to ner bed wnere sne cuIIed tne covers
over ner nead and roIIed uc into a ba1 1 . 5ne sti11 nad a neadacne trom
tne abduction, and ner tnroat was sore. 5ne conc1uded tnat sne ¸ust
nad a very bad dream.
Atter tne session sne commented on now curious it was tnat as a
IittIe qirI sne aIways yearned tor tne scacesnic to come and taxe ner
away. Now tnat sne tound out wnat tney nad actua11y done to ner, ne.
viewcoint is quite tne occosite. Abductees otten tee1 a qreat attinity
toward tneir abductors unti1 tney recover a number ot abduction
memories and tind out '· it ain' t no cicnic.·
Wnen Lisa tirst told me tnat sne tnouqnt sne nad nad contact witn
e×tra-terrestria1s, sne said tnat sne remembered seeinq an eye. 1nis
eye was not 1ixe a Gray ' s , but ratner it was Iixe a "recti1ian eye . ··
Later on, atter tne tirst session tnat 1 qave ner, sne mentioned tnat
sne nad "dinosaur triends·' tnat sne "cIayed witn" as a cni1d. 5o quite
cossib1y sne nad been aIso abducted by recti1ians . AItnouqn rectiIians
are Iess trequentIy seen tnan Grays, tney do indeed e×ist, and tney do
indeed abduct ceoc1e. 1t accears tnat recti1ians are even more crue1
and crass tnan Grays. Pernacs tne movie "V" was scricted witn tnese
beinqs in mind.
Not aII dreams about a1iens or abductions are tne resuIt ot an
actua1 abduction e×cerience. Eor e×amc1e, as a resu1t ot worxinq so
intenseIy on tnis boox and deaIinq witn otner abductees, 1 went tnrouqn
a ceriod ot dreaminq a 1ot about Grays. Bowever, I xnow tnat 1 wasn' t
abducted every niqnt tnat 1 nad one ot tnese dreams . 1ney were 1ust
dreams , not actua1 abductions. Bowever, tnere is a ditterence between
an abduction "dream" and 1ust an ordinary dream about abduction. 1
can ' t cut tnat ditterence into words. A11 1 can say is tnat 1 "xnow"
wnen it actua11y naccened. An abductee wiII sometimes tee1 certain
emotions on tne morninq to11owinq an abduction, sucn as anqer,
irritabiIity, or decression. 1nere may a1so be une×c1ainabIe scars or
scratcnes. But otten tnere are no dreams or any inðications at aII
tnat an abduction nas occurred, and an abductee can otten nave a very
c1easant, uneventtu1 day to1 1owinq a traumatic abduction. Bowever, a
recurrinq, very "reaI'' and disturbinq abduction dream, as we nave seen
in tnis cnacter, can be a qood indicator tnat an actuaI abduction nas
taxen cIace at some earIier coint in time. 1t it were not tor tne
qovernment cover-uc, wnicn 1 wi11 discuss in tne ne×t two cnacters,
more ceoc1e wou1d ta1x more ocen1y about tneir disturbinq dreams and
abduction e×ceriences .
¹'Now tnis conjunction ot an immense mi1itary estab1isnment
and a 1arqe arms industry is new in tne American exceri-
ence. 1ne tota1 int1uence--economic, co1itica1, even
sciritua1--is te1t in every city, every state nouse,
every ottice ot tne tedera1 qovernment. We must quard
aqainst tne acquisition ot unwarranted int1uence wnetner
souqnt or unsouqnt by tne mi1itaryJindustria1 comc1e×.
We must never 1et tne weiqnt ot tnis combination endanqer
our 1iberties or democratic crocesses. "
( Excerct trom bwiqnt b. Eisennower ' s tarewe11 address to
tne nation in January ot 1961 . )
1nere are many books written about tne qovernment cover-uc ot
LIOs. 1t wou1d be imcossib1e tor me to crocer1y address tnis vast
subject in one cnacter, so 1 ' m 1ust qoinq to otter some interestinq
tidbits ot intormation nere. Anyone wno isn ' t aware ot tnis
insidious cover-uc snou1d read some ot tne books avai1ab1e on tne
sub1 ect in order to tind out wnat ' s rea11y qoinq on. Wnetner you know
it or not, tnis sub)ect attects us a11 .
1t accears tnat bi11ions ot our tax do11ars nave been covert1y
tunne11ed into sucer secret "b1acx" crojects. 1neretore, it is our
riqnt to know wnat we are cayinq tor.
1nis is mere1y a transitiona1 cnacter to set tne scene tor Cnacter
Seven, wnicn e×coses tne "rea1" qovernment cover-uc. 1ne qovernment--
tnat is, tne "secret" qovernment--wou1d 1 ike you to be1ieve tnat tnere
is rea11y not enouqn intormation avai1ab1e to determine it tnere is
actua11y an a1ien cresence on our c1anet. 1ne trutn ot tne matter is
tnat tnere is an incredib1e c1etnora ot intormation avai1ab1e on tne
sub1 ect, and tne mi1itaryJinte11iqence community nas acquired more
intormation tnan anyone e1se.
As a cni1d 1 remember readinq in a )oxe boox tnat "A secret is
sometninq tnat is nusned about trom c1ace to c1ace . " Erom tnis
detinition ot a secret it is sate to assume tnat some ot tnese
qovernment secrets wi11 eventua11y 1eak out. 1ney nave.
Untortunate1y, tnouqn, tne intormation nas been tainted witn
disintormation, so it becomes very ditticu1t to nai1 down tne trutn
wnen you don ' t know wno is te11inq it or now mucn ot wnat tney are
sayinq is true. And now do you verity wnat tney are sayinq?
1nis comc1c×ity and cerc1exity was a bit easier tor me to nand1e
in my researcn because 1 nave " inside" intormation. 1nside scacesnics ,
tnat is. Knowinq tne Grays tirstnand cuts me in a cosition to comcare
wnat 1 nave observed aboard snic witn tnis " 1eaked" qovernment
intormationJdisintormation. A1so , workinq witn otner abductees nas not
on1y crovided a broader understandinq ot tne cnenomenon, but it nas
served to contirm wnat 1 cersona11y nave observed.
1ne sector ot qovernment tnat dea1s witn tne a1ien issues comes
under tne qenera1 neadinq ot mi1itaryJ inte11iqence, wnicn is--as
Groucno Marx quicced--a rea1 contradiction ot terms . 1ne Nationa1
5ecurity Aqency (N5A) , Centra1 1nte11iqence Aqency (C1A) , Cttice ot
Nava1 1nte11iqence (ON1) , betense 1nte11iqence Aqency (b1A) , becartment
ot Enerqy (bCE) , Eedera1 Bureau ot 1nvestiqation ( EB1) , and Arwy and
Air Eorce 1nte11iqence are just sowe ot the tedera1 bureaucracies
invo1ved with a1iens and a1ien techno1oqy . Ct course, these activities
are hiqh1y cowpartwenta1ized, so that on1y a re1ative1y swa11 nuwber ot
peop1e in these aqencies are direct1y invo1ved, and a very tew have the
"need to xnow" to understand the biq picture.
1here has been a tuq-ot-war between those in qovernwent who want
to waxe the truth pub1ic and those that insist that the pub1ic
shou1dn ' t be a1 1owed to xnow what ' s rea11y qoinq on.
Eor e×awp1e, in Cctober ot 1969 Jiwwy Carter and other witnesses
observed a LEC at Leary, Georqia. Be 1ater ti1ed a report with the
Nationa1 1nvestiqations Cowwittee on Aeria1 Phenowena (N1CAP)
describinq the LEC and other detai1s ot the siqhtinq. Cn the cawpaiqn
trai1 to the White Bouse Jiwwy prowised, "1t 1 becowe President, 1 ' 11
waxe every piece ot intorwation this country has about UEC siqhtinqs
avai1ab1e to the pub1ic and the scientists. " (Good 1992 , p . 79)
Cbvious1y, he didn' t--or cou1dn ' t--tu1ti11 his cawpaiqn prowise.
1n 1966 Bouse Minority Leader, Gera1d Eord, dewanded a
conqressiona1 investiqation into UECs . Lixe Carter, we never heard
another word about it when he becawe President.
1here are wany reports about t1yinq saucers, a1ien artitacts,
cryoqenica11y trozen a1iens, and a waster cowputer ti1e 1ocated
at Wriqht-Patterson Air Eorce Base. 5enator Barry Go1dwater tried to
penetrate the security at Wriqht-Patterson to see what was in the "B1ue
Roow, " but was denied any access whatsoever. ( Accordinq to the author
ot ABCVE TCP 5ECRE1, 1iwothy Good, the B1ue Roow is where the a1ien
artitacts are stored, but not the saucers and the bodies. )
1n March ot 1975 Go1dwater wrote the to11owinq 1etter to 5h1owo
"1he sub1ect ot UECs is one that has interested we tor sowe 1onq
tiwe. About ten or twe1ve years aqo 1 wade an ettort to tind out what
was in the bui1dinq at Wriqht-Patterson Air Eorce Base where the
intorwation is stored that has been co11ected by the Air Eorce, and 1
was understandab1y denied this request . 1t is sti11 c1assitied above
1op 5ecret. 1 have, however, heard that there is a p1an under way to
re1ease sowe, it not a11, ot this wateria1 in the near tuture. 1 ' w
just as an×ious to see this wateria1 as you are, and 1 hope we wi11 not
have to wait wuch 1onqer. " (Good 1988 , p. 405)
1n Apri1 ot 1981 he wrote the to11owinq 1etter to Lee Grahaw:
"Eirst, 1et we te11 you that 1 have 1onq aqo qiven up acquirinq
access to the so-ca11ed b1ue roow at Wriqht-Patterson, as 1 have had
one 1onq strinq ot denia1s trow chiet atter chiet, so 1 have qiven up.
1n answer to your questions, one is essentia11y correct. 1 don ' t
xnow ot anyone who has access to the b1ue roow, nor aw 1 aware ot its
contents and 1 aw not aware ot anythinq havinq been re1ocated. . . .
1o te11 you the truth, Mr. Grahaw, this thinq has qotten so hiqh1y
c1assitied, even thouqh 1 wi11 adwit there is a 1ot ot it that has been
re1eased, it is just iwpossib1e to qet anythinq on it. " (Good 1988 , p.
Go1dwater had tried to obtain this intorwation throuqh Genera1
Curtis LeMay, an Air Eorce Chiet ot 5tatt and head ot the 5trateqic
Air Cowwand. Not on1y was Go1dwater retused access to the b1ue roow or
any intorwation about it, but Genera1 LeMay becawe enraqed and cussed
out Go1dwater tor even asxinq about it! This is rather ironic since
Barry Go1dwater was a wajor qenera1 in the Air Eorce Reserves and a
torwer chairwan ot the 5enate 1nte11iqence Cowwittee . 1his reve1ation
by Go1dwater i11ustrates how cowpartwenta1ized UEC intorwation is and
how secretive our qovernwent is about it .
Many other 1eqis1ators have tried to penetrate the vei1 ot secrecy
surroundinq UECs, but to no avai1. Conqresswen HcCorwack, 5cherer,
Metca1t, Bardy, Bauwhart, bowninq, L. 1. Johnson, Addonizio and 5enators
Keatinq, 5wathers, bodd, Pro×wire, and Ketauver are 1ust sowe ot the
po1iticians who have stood up aqainst UEC secrecy. (Keyhoe 197 2 , p. 76)
Representative Lindsay apt1y stated, "The security ot the U. 5.
does not a1ways dewand tota1 secrecy. . . The Awerican peop1e are tu11y
capab1e ot understandinq the nature ot these prob1ews. " (Keyhoe 1972 ,
p. 7 7 )
1he New York Tiwes quoted Adwira1 Roscoe B. Bi11enkoetter, the
tirst birector ot the C1A, as sayinq, "1hrouqh otticia1 secrecy and
ridicu1e, wany citizens are 1ed to be1ieve that unidentitied t1yinq
objects are nonsense. 1o hide the tacts the Air Iorce has si1enced its
personne1. " (New York 1iwes Eeb. 2 8 , 196u) Ma1or bona1d Keyhoe has
written an exce11ent book on the power struqq1e between the wi1itary
and our e1ected otticia1s ca11ed AL1EN5 IRCM 5PACE. A1thouqh the
book ' s tit1e sounds wore 1ike a titties ' sci-ti wovie, it is an
exce11ent source ot intorwation in which he stated, "Eor years, the C1A
and the AI have shown an astonishinq disreqard tor conqressiona1
authority. Abso1ute denia1s ot any spaceship evidence have been sent
to 1eqis1ators, siqned by directors ot 1eqis1ative 1iaison, whose
specitic 1ob is to qive straiqht answers to Conqress. "
Tota1 denia1 ot know1edqe ot e×tra-terrestria1s has a1ways been
the "otticia1" response trow the wi1itaryJ inte11iqence cowwunity.
Bowever, throuqh the Ireedow ot 1ntorwation Act we have been ab1e to
deterwine that the qovernwent has been 1yinq to us. Attorney Peter
Gersten, birector ot Citizens Aqainst LIC 5ecrecy ( CAU5) , has sued both
the C1A and N5A, but tai1ed to 1itt the 1id ott the secrecy. 1n the
N5A suit CAU5 was denied access to 125 LEC docuwents because it was an
issue ot "nationa1 security. " (Iawcett & Greenwood 1992) A1thouqh
Gersten tai1ed to 1itt the 1id ot secrecy ott the UEC phenowenon, the
ru1inq in this case was tacit adwission that there is indeed an
otticia1 qovernwent cover-up ot LICs.
A 1arqe nuwber ot LEC siqhtinqs, LIC crashes, and contact with
"space brothers, " that is, huwan-1ookinq ETs, occurred durinq the 1ate
torties and ear1y titties. The wost investiqated, and theretore the
wost we11-known, ot these crashes occurred in the tirst week ot Ju1y,
1947 near Corona, seventy-tive wi1es northwest ot Roswe11, New Me×ico.
bue to the e×istence ot over two hundred eyewitnesses in this case, it
has becowe virtua11y indisputab1e that a qenuine a1ien cratt crashed
there. Governor 5iwws has been tryinq to qet the wi1itary to cowe
torward with the truth ot this event, but in spite ot the evidence the
otticia1 position ot denia1 ho1ds tirw. 1t a1so appears that another
crash occurred about this tiwe about 15u wi1es west ot the Corona
crash. This crash occurred on the p1ains ot 5an Aqustin near
More saucers bit the dust in the ensuinq years. 5owe peop1e have
assuwed that the cover-up started at this point in history, but as 1
have discovered, this is tar trow the truth . 1n spite ot the tact that
the Roswe11 crash occurred over the Eourth ot Ju1y ho1iday, it was very
quick1y wopped up and hushed up. 5owe civi1ians that were invo1ved
were threatened with death it they ta1ked. The evidence was quick1y
and secret1y picked up and carted ott as soon as the teds becawe aware
ot the events, indicatinq the qovernwent a1ready had trained teaws and
equipwent ready to hand1e ]ust such an ewerqency to wake sure the
citizens ot this country didn' t qet their hands on the evidence.
Consequent1y, debunkers 1ike Car1 5aqan otten ask, "1t UECs rea11y
exist, where is the physica1 evidence?"
Cne eyewitness , Gera1d Anderson, a tormer po1ice cLiet, remembers
very vivid1y beinq at tLe Haqda1ena crasL site riqLt betore tLe
mi1itary arrived. Anderson described tLe so1diers as beinq "very
coqnizant ot wLat tLey were 1ooxinq at" and said, "TLey xnew wLat it
was . " 1Le so1diers acted quicx1y and tLreatened Anderson ' s tatLer and
unc1e tLat it tLey ever said anytLinq tLey' d never see tLeir xids
aqain. Betore tLey 1ett tLe area a batta1ion ot so1diers and trucxs
Lad arrived: tLe road was b1ocxed ott and airp1anes were 1andinq on it.
(Good 1992 , p. 1u4)
Mr. Anderson a1so reports an interestinq "conversation" Le Lad
witL one ot tLe occupants ot tLe cratt betore tLe mi1itary arrived. 1t
is a c1assic e×amp1e ot te1epatLic communication witLout tLe use ot
1anquaqe or symbo1s. TLe a1ien "turned and 1ooxed riqLt at me, and it
was 1ixe Le was inside my Lead, as it Le was doinq my tLinxinq--as it
Lis tLouqLts were in my Lead. 1 te1t tLat tLinq ' s tear, te1t its
depression, te1t its 1one1iness. 1 re1ived tLe crasL. (Be remembers
tee1inq tLe sensation ot ta11 inq and tumb1inq. ) 1 xnow tLe terror it
went tLrouqL. TLat one 1oox to1d me everytLinq. . . " (Good 1992, p . 1u2)
1 Lave e×perienced tLis type ot te1epatLic covmunication as we1 1 . 1t
is done witL pure intention; no words or symbo1s or pictures are used.
Bowever, most otten abductees report te1epatLic communication in tLeir
own 1anquaqe in wLicL tLe ETs are quite precise in tLeir wordinq.
Bi11 Bami1ton te11s ot a man, Hr. B. , wLo to1d Lim tLat Le was
stationed at Roswe11 Air Eorce Base in tLe 1ate 1940 ' s , and tLat Le
Le1ped witL two ditterent crasL retrieva1s, one in 1948 and one in
194 9. 1n tLe tirst crasL retrieva1 Le Le1ped transport tLe disx
over1and to tLe Nevada 1est 5ite at Groom Laxe, now xnown as Area 51.
Be saw evidence ot si× types ot a1iens wLi1e Le was tLere--and Le
didn ' t mean dead ones. Be said tLere were separate eatinq areas tor
Lumans and a1iens in tLe cateteria. Be c1aims to Lave seen ta11 Grays,
sLort Grays, a Luman-1ooxinq type, a LumanJrepti1ian Lybrid race ca11ed
tLe Cranqe, an unxnown type, and anotLer one tLat 1ooxed 1ixe tLe
picture in Aviation Weex maqazine. TLis 1atter type ot a1ien was
apparent1y tLe same xind tLat visited us in our tent on our 1and.
Mr. B. a1so said tLat Le was at WriqLt-Patterson Air Eorce Base
two years 1ater and saw a disx-sLaped a1ien cratt tLere.
Cn June 24 , 1947 , riqLt betore tLe Roswe11 crasL, KennetL Arno1d
made Lis tamous siqLtinq near Mt. Rainier in WasLinqton 5tate and
captured tLe event on ti1m. Be described to a reporter tLat tLe
object t1ew 1ixe a saucer sxippinq across water, so tLe reporter
coined tLe term "t1yinq saucer . " TLe story appeared in 150 newspapers
in ]ust two days. WLat is most interestinq about tLis incident is tLat
Le was persona11y attacxed by tLe qovernment. TLe C1A, EB1 , mi1itary
inte11iqence and even tLe 1R5 investiqated Lim in order to debunx Lim
persona11y. (Kinder 1987 , p . 142 ) 1Le system was a1ready in p1ace at
tLis time to cover up tLe qovernment' s invo1vement witL extra-
Uurinq tLe ear1y titties some peop1e reported contacts witL Luman-
1ooxinq e×tra-terrestria1s wLo appeared to be benevo1ent. 1Lat is,
tLey invited peop1e aboard sLip and didn' t pertorm paintu1 pLysica1
examinations. Bowever, it cou1d be tLat tLey weren ' t te11inq tLe wLo1e
trutL about wLere tLey came trom, wLo tLey were, and wLat tLeir
intentions were. But perLaps tLey were. Cne ot tLe most we11-xnown ot
tLese contactees was Georqe Adamsxi wLo a1so toox movie tootaqe as we11
as sti11 pLotoqrapLs ot tLeir spacecratt. 5imi1ar-1ooxinq "Venusian
5cout" sLips Lave been pLotoqrapLed by otLer peop1e at otLer times and
in ditterent parts ot tLe wor1d.
Because ot a11 tLe siqLtinqs, contacts, crasLes, and abductions in
the 1ate torties and ear1y titties, the qovernwent had to strenqthen
its debunxinq proqraw, which was advised by the C1A ' s Robertson Pane1
in 1952 . 1he ettect ot the qovernwent' s decision can be seen by the
tact that the wost heavi1y attacxed and debunxed UEC contact cases are
those that have the wost evidence. 1he irony is that debunxinq on1y
brinqs wore attention to the case he1pinq to prowote it and waxinq it
wore xnown. Beavy debunxinq indicates the qovernwent is rea11y worried
about peop1e xnowinq about it, thus addinq to the evidence that it was
an authentic siqhtinq andJor contact. A1so, debunxers ' stories are
otten wore ditticu1t to be1ieve than stories ot the contactees.
Abductions were virtua11y unheard ot betore the pub1ic disc1osure
ot the abduction ot Betty and Barney Bi11: abductions didn ' t becowe
rea11y we11-xnown unti1 atter the pub1ication ot Co.awunion by Whit1ey
5trieber. Bowever, abductions have been occurrinq tor a very 1onq
tiwe. 1 ' 11 cover the subject ot past 1ite abductions in qreater detai1
in Boox 1wo ot 1BE PRCGRM1NG CE A PLANE1 5eries, 1BE EYE CE R.
1 tind it interestinq that the qovernwent was worxinq behind the
scenes on the production ot "C1ose Encounters ot the 1hird Kind. "
5teven 5pie1berg even recruited br. J. A11en Bynex as a technica1
adviser tor the ti1w. 1t is a1so interestinq that the Grays were a1so
worxinq behind the scenes ot this wovie. 1iwothy Becx1ey covers this
stranqe phenowenon in his boox UEC5 AMCNG 1BE 51AR5. 1he wovie
deceptive1y portrays abductions as beinq not on1y harw1ess, but
desirab1e. 1he subt1e wessaqe conveyed is that we 1et our tears c1oud
our perception ot E1s , so they qet bad press. 1t a1so portrays these
Bo11ywood a1iens, which 1oox sowewhat 1ixe Grays, as beinq benevo1ent
and 5pie1berq spins an air ot awe toward the a1iens . Even the
abduction wovie "1ntruders,
which is based on a true story, ends on a
happy note and the star abductee warve1s that she is chosen to
contribute to the a1iens' bizarre qenetics project. Abductions in rea1
1ite rare1y have a happy endinq. 1he "screen wewories
iwp1ants) , which E1s otten use to disquise the actua1 trauwatic detai1s
ot the abduction, on1y qive the i11usion ot innocence or benevo1ence.
1n January ot 1952 the C1A sponsored the Robertson Pane1, which
atter a who1e twe1ve hours ot de1iberation cawe to the to11owinq
recowwendation on the UIC prob1ew:
"1he ` debunxinq ' aiw wou1d resu1t in reduction in pub1ic interest
in ` t 1yinq saucers , ' which today evoxes a stronq psycho1oqica1
reaction. 1his education cou1d be accowp1 ished by wass wedia such [ as1
te1evision, wotion pictures , and popu1ar artic1es. Basis ot such
education wou1d be actua1 case histories which had been puzz1inq at
tirst but 1ater e×p1ained. As is the case ot conjurinq tricxs, there
is wuch 1ess stiwu1ation it the ` secret ' is xnown.
(Good 1988 , p. 227)
5ubsequent1y, qovernwent red herrinq proqraws have been
orchestrated to try to derai1 pub1ic interest in UECs, such as Project
B1ue Boox and the Condon Cowwittee. 1he true nature ot the LIC cover-
up has been--and is sti11 beinq--suppressed by Bo11ywood and the wedia.
1 discovered this persona11y when 1 aqreed to a te1evision interview
in 1994. 1 tind it a1so very interestinq that debunxers otten
inva1idate abductees ' c1aiws by sayinq that the detai1s ot their
abductions para11e1 siwi1ar phenowena depicted in wovies, thereby
indicatinq that abductees are drawinq upon what they had seen in wovies
when te11 inq their stories. Actua11y the reverse is true--the wovie
industry picxed up the detai1s tor their wovies trow the contactees and
abductees--and the qovernwent, too.
Bowever, in spite ot the qovernwent' s debunxinq proqraw, about
titty per cent ot the popu1ation ot this country be1ieve UICs are rea1 .
Cne ot the reasons tor this is that wi11ions ot Awerican citizens have
persona11y seen qenuine UECs or have been contacted or abducted by
1t appears that in 1954 severa1 a1ien cratt 1anded at Muroc Air
Force Base--now Edwards Air Iorce Base--and otticia1s ot our qovernwent
inc1udinq President Eisenhower wet with these a1iens . Who they were, 1
don ' t know. Many peop1e be1ieve that this is when the U. 5. qovernwent
wade the dea1 with the Grays. 1he dea1 went basica11y 1ike this: We,
the L. 5. Governwent wi11 a11ow you to abduct our citizens without
interterence it you qive us your advanced tecLno1oqy. Bowever, it way
have been sowe other a1ien qroup--tLere are so wany--and perhaps a dea1
with the Grays had been torqed 1onq betore tLis event. Ado1pL Bit1er
and top Nazi otticia1s wet "otticia11y" with tLe Grays in 192 8 ! (More
on this in Book 1wo, 1BE EYE CI R) 1he tact that there is a co11usion
between our qovernwent and the Grays Las now been contirwed by wany
abductees, inc1udinq wyse1t , who have seen it tirsthand .
Physicist Bob Lazar c1aiws to have been recruited by br. Edward
1e11er, the tather ot the hydroqen bowb, to work at a super secret
taci1ity ca11ed 5ite 4 ( S-4 ) near Area 5 1 . Be was apparent1y Lired to
he1p "back-enqineer" a1ien spacecratt techno1oqy . 1hat is, tLey had
the tinished product, and they were tryinq to tiqure out how it was
wade and Low it works . Be not on1y read Liqh1y c1assitied qovernwent
docuwents , tLe "Governwent Bib1e" , but he a1so was a11owed to enter and
inspect an a1ien t1yinq saucer and even saw a sLort test t1iqht ot the
cratt. Be read qovernwent docuwents that connected the typica1 Gray
a1ien type with the Zeta Reticu1i star systew. 1n these docuwents he
a1so 1earned that the a1iens reterred to us ( that is, our bodies) as
"containers. " Be was threatened at qun point, qiven druqs, and c1aiws
to have been hypnotized. Lazar 1ett the 5-4 taci1ity atter about si×
wonths and then 1ater went pub1ic with his story. Cther peop1e have
corroborated his story, but 1ike wost peop1e who ta1x, he was Leavi1y
debunked. ( Ior wore detai1s see Bob Lazar' s video " Excerpts Irow 1he
Governwent Bib1e" video and read 1iwothy Good ' s book, AL1EN CCN1AC1. )
1t is understandab1e why so tew peop1e have ta1xed, because
they are to1d that it they ta1k, the qovernwent wi11 wurder tLew--wite
and chi1dren inc1uded--and tLen they are qiven Lypnotic druqs and post-
hypnotic suqqestions to he1p keep thew in 1ine. 1hey are otten paid a
very hiqh sa1ary to Le1p insure their si1ence.
UIC researcher and torwer NA5A scientist, Bob Cechs1er, Las
acquired the wost intriquinq testiwony by a wan who wou1d know, it
anybody wou1d know, wLat is qoinq on behind cawout1aqed doors. Adwira1
Bobby Ray 1nwan was the director ot the Cttice ot Nava1 1nte11iqence,
deputy director ot the C1A, vice director ot the betense 1nte11iqence
Aqency, and director ot tLe Nationa1 5ecurity Aqency. Be retired in
1982. Cn Ju1y 2u, 1989 Bob Cechs1er ca11ed Bobby 1nwan and--to wake a
1onq story short--he contirwed to Bob Cechs1er that the wi1itary was
indeed in possession ot a1ien ·'recovered vehic1es . " 1he entire
conversation can be tound in 1iwothy Good ' s book AL1EN CCN1AC1, or in
Bob Cechs1er ' s video "1he 1ndoctrination ot Awerica . " A1so , one ot
Cechs1er ' s hiqh-1eve1 C1A sources contirwed Bob Lazar ' s ewp1oywent at
the S-4 taci1ity.
I have otten heard UFC researchers state tLat the qovernwent is
justitied in waintaininq secrecy because it wou1d tota11y upset the
socia1 , po1itica1 , econowic, and re1iqious systews ot the p1anet it
they were to revea1 the truth. 1Ley paint a chaotic, "War ot the
Wor1ds" scenario to he1p prowote tLis deceptive rationa1ization. 1hey
exaqqerate tLe repercussions ot sucL a reve1ation cowp1ete1y out ot
proportion. Ior exawp1e, when abductees tirst 1earn ot their trauwatic
re1ationship with a1iens , tLey don ' t juwp out ot windows , they don ' t
quit tLeir jobs, tLey don ' t 1eave tLeir tawi1ies, and tLey don' t stop
beinq CatLo1ics , Jews, Mus1iws, or wLatever. And beinq an abductee is
1ust about tLe worst possib1e scenario you cou1d iwaqine. 1t ' s not
p1easant, it ' s trauwatic, and i t' s otten territyinq. But wost peop1e
are stronq, and tLey continue qoinq torward in splte oJ tLe LardsLips .
Peop1e are qenera11y resi1ient and can ad]ust to new rea1ities it it is
required. By tLe way, no one actua11y cowwitted suicide in tLe United
5tates wLen Crson We11es aired Lis "War ot tLe Wor1ds" radio proqraw.
1 Lave on1y qiven cursory treatwent to tLe "apparent" nature ot
tLe qovernwent cover-up in tLis cLapter. 1Le rea1 qovernwent cover-up
is underqround--1itera11y covered up.
1 wet Jacx Wy1ie at Spoxane, Washinqton' s on1y bi-wonth1y UEC
weetinq. Eiqht peop1e showed up. Spoxane ' s not one ot those hot spots
tor UIC entLusiasts. 1 qave a ta1x on the abduction pLenowenon and
past 1ite psycho1oqica1 proqrawwinq, and atter the weetinq Jacx and his
wite , Karen, introduced thewse1ves. Jacx e×pressed a stronq interest
in e×p1orinq sowe ot his past 1ives, so we schedu1ed a session.
Jacx hadn' t wentioned any abduction sywptows betore the session.
1 asxed hiw on1y to reca11 an ewotiona11y paintu1 incident, so 1 was
quite surprised when the tirst incident that popped up was an abduction
incident. 1his incident is covered in Chapter 11, ''1he Attic. " 1n
three weexs tiwe Jacx had uncovered over twenty dItterent incidents in
which Le was contacted by extra-terrestrials. Bis vivid reca11
produced a wea1th ot intorwation revea1inq the true co1ors ot severa1
E1 qroups. 1he to11owinq incident, which was uncovered twe1ve days
atter we beqan the sessions, dewonstrates the Grays ' attinity tor
hidinq underqround.
Jacx ' s Session #7 -- June 10, 1994
·'Return to the wost recent contact with beinqs in the e×tra-
terrestria1 cateqory. ¹'
Jacx: !· 1 ' w qettinq sowe iwpressions; the detai1s are a 1itt1e darx.
1t seews as thouqh it happened, 1et ' s see, eiqhty-eiqht ( 1988 ) .
1n the beqinninq there ' s--xind ot interestinq--a cave . E×tra-
terrestria1s in a cave, xind ot darx, beinq abducted when 1 was
on wy honeywoon in the Cxanaqan, 1et ' s see, Crovi11e area. 1
don' t qet the iwaqe ot qoinq to a ship or anythinq 1ixe that.
1t ' s wore 1ixe xind ot scary circuwstances qoinq into a cave.
And it ' s danx and co1d, darx . 1 ' w sittinq upriqht in a chair .
1 have a qaq on wy wouth and a b1indto1d on. And we Lave a quy
behind tLe chair, and wy 1eqs are tied to the 1eqs ot the chair.
1his iwpression that tLey do sowetLinq to wy arw over here with
a shot and. . . or sowethinq. 1 ' w bewi1dered and contused. 1 qot
the iwpression that 1 was hixinq where they didn ' t want we to
hixe. Apparent1y, they brouqht we in to erase sowe ot wy
wewory, ' cause 1 don' t rewewber qettinq into the cave. We11, 1
do rewewber qoinq into the entrance ot tLe cave and beinq sat in
a chair. 1 cou1d te11 because it was warw and sudden1y the
unwistaxab1e swe11 ot qround in the cave, and it was a co1der
tewperature cowpared to outside, and it was that xind ot
sensation. But apparent1y, it ' s just a short wewory erase. But
it ' s qot we awtu1 triqhtened. 1t ' s xind ot odd that 1 qet to a
certain point sittinq in the chair, and it ' s 1ixe 1 can ' t qet
any wore detai1s because the ne×t thinq 1 xnow, atter they did
that shot, 1ixe I qo unconscious, and tLe next thinq I xnow 1 ' w
outside, and 1 ' w sittinq on the qround. Sittinq there as it 1
Lad been taxinq a Lixe. Sat down and 1 ust 1ooxin' around tor
awhi1e. 1 was xind ot en]oyinq tLe day. ··
"bid tLey erase your wewory in tLe cave?"
Jacx: ''Yeah. And, you xnow, thew taxinq we into the cave, wy
iwpression is, 1 don' t rewewber trippinq on any tine wire, so
there wust have been sowe other kind ot protection device that
warned thew ot wy approach or encroachwent on their area. But 1
can see the 1ocation ot where they put we back. Where wy wewory
is tunctioninq aqain it ' s on a tair1y hiqh hi11 top, a view over
a beautitu1 1ake, with no notion ot wissinq :iwe. "
··What do these beinqs 1ook 1ike?··
·'1hey ' re the typica1 biq-headed, short qray. Pasty qray. We11 ,
1 say pasty qray, but that' s kind ot a white qray, 1 quess ash
qray co1or. Ashen qray co1or. ¹·
··A11 riqht. Return to the beqinninq ot the incident and recount
it, p1ease.!·
·!We11, 1 ' w hikinq a1onq 1ust out there in the• . . by in
the country side. No houses, no tarws, it ' s ]ust a wi1derness
area. And 1 suspect, 1et ' s see, 1 ' ve been stunned because
sudden1y 1 trip, ta1 1 , and 1 ' w down, tace down. And that ' s
that. 1t ' s 1ike 1 cou1dn ' t hard1y even put wy hands up in tiwe
to catch. . . 1t ' s 1ike 1 bare1y qot wy hands up. 1 ' w 1ayinq
there, 1 ' w 1ayinq on the qround 1ike this ( 1ndicates with pa1ws
tacinq away trow his body) . Anyway, they pick we up. 1hey kind
ot draq we a1onq. 1 wonder i t they use sowe kind ot t1oatation
device, because 1 wust be pretty heavy to thew. 1hey' re 1itt1e
tiny thinqs . Weak1inqs, 1 wou1d quess . And 1 start to cowe to
as 1 ' w approachinq the cave, the entrance to the cave. But it ' s
sti11 1ike ]ust taintest wewory iwpressions start to cowe. Not
wewory iwpressions, but perceptions . 5ense perceptions start to
cowe as 1 ' w approachinq the entrance and qoinq into the
entrance, and then--ot course it' s rea11y dark inside, and 1
can' t see a thinq, ' cause 1 was outside i
the sun--and sat down
in this chair. 1hey qot we tied and bandaqed up. And short1y
atter that 1 qet an injection into wy arw, and then wy head
s1ips down to wy chest. 1 ' w unconscious. 1 qet the sense ot a
te1epathic whisperinq in wy wind. Kind ot 1ike a buzzinq,
annoyinq buzzinq bee sound in wy wind. And it seews 1ike it ' s
in the 1ower part ot wy brain, the back 1ower part ot wy brain,
that this is receivinq this te1epathic cowwunication. 1t tee1s
1ike a switch in the stew ot wy brain. Atter that ends it ' s
1ike a switch. 1t a1wost tee1s 1ike a switch is turned when
they tinish the cowwunication. You know, 1ike they' re zippinq
it or 1ockinq it in p1ace. My iwpression ot the cowwunication
was that ` You won' t see, hear or know anythinq about this p1ace.
You ' 11 know nothinq. ' 1here' s a1so a sense ot apprehension and
tear, too. 1 sense, too, a tear trow thew. 1hat there is sowe
tear in thew. 1 ' w pickinq up that, which is very ditterent,
because typica11y 1 don' t tee1 anythinq trow thew, 1ike these
peop1e are very hard to read. 1ypica11y a11 1 tee1 is an
a1oot. . . a tota1 unattached, uncarinq. • • no concern. And the
typica1 wan on the 1ett, on wy other experiences, he has a
1itt1e bit ditterent tee1 to hiw, that he tee1s wore evi1, wore
sinister• . • that ' s not riqht either. Not on1y is he uncarinq,
but he seews to have his own aqenda, his own desires . And
he• . . it qives hiw a sense ot tu1ti11went to do crue1 thinqs to
huwans .
"1his is a Gray?"
"Yeah. 1he Gray that 1 see in sowe ot wy other experiences
where 1 ' w on that tab1e. 1n this experience 1 don ' t sense any
ot his type in this swa11 qroup ot Grays. 1here' s 1ust a 1itt1e
bit ot tear. 1here' s not a 1ot. But there isn' t that
incredib1e. . . arroqance? Sometimes 1 hate those. . . ditticu1t to
qet these tee1inqs, these sense perceptions into words. But 1
sense tnem. Tnese peop1e that toox me into tne cave are 1ixe
watch quards. Tney ' re 1ixe peop1e tnat don ' t rea11y matter tnat
much. They ' re not very hiqh up in tne nierarchy. Atter this
tninq � c1icxs , ' tney taxe me bacx. 1 don ' t qet a sense ot tnem
draqqinq me. Lixe 1 qo trom the cave to--� clicx' --awaxe, on
that hi11side. Lixe my eyes are open when 1 come conscious,
because it ' s 1ixe there ' s no sense ot time 1apse or memory 1apse
and no question as to wnat was the precedinq thouqht. 1t ' s 1ixe
my mind just enqaqes aqain, sudden1y. ' Cause 1 don ' t nave a
rea1 c1ear memory ot qoinq trom the cave to where 1 was sittinq.
But 1 do sense that it was a ways away. 1 t' s 1ixe they put me
down in a ditterent area than where 1 was . 1 wonder it they
p1anted a ta1se memory in my mind about wnere 1 had been because
1 don ' t seem to picx up a �We11, that' s stranqe; 1 was over
tnere, and now 1 ' m here . ' So 1 sense trom tnis e×perience 1
1ust qot a 1itt1e too c1ose to 1ixe an ammunition depot or
somethinq 1ixe that, but maybe not awwunition, but. . . we11 , 1 ' m
not sure wnat it was in there, as tar as tnat cave is concerned.
1 sense it went bacx quite a ways. "
"Cxay, when is this?"
Jacx: " 1988. Summer. Ear1y summer. Yeah, June, Ju1y, end ot June,
beqinninq ot Ju1y, somewhere rioht in there. 1t was just south
ot , just south ot the . And so it was
in tne surroundinq country, around . "
"Cxay, return to the beqinninq ot the incident and try to picx
up some more ot the intormation, and try to re-e×perience it . "
Jacx: " 1 qot this t1asn that maybe they ' re mininq tor qo1d. Maybe
they' re doinq some xind ot qo1d operation. 1 ' m wa1xinq on some
pretty ni11y terrain and ]ust wa1xinq a1onq, and sudden1y 1 just
ta11 t1at, straiqht torward. Lixe in mid-step my toot didn' t
set down, but my momentum carried me torward, and 1 just went
riqnt t1at down. 1 cou1d just bare1y qet my hands to my sides . "
"Wnat does that tee1 1ixe?"
Jacx: "We11 , it. . . didn' t ta11 on any rocxs , 1 ]ust te11 in dirt. Even
thouqh it' s pretty rocxy terrain, hi11y, rocxy, there was, you
xnow, 1ixe a sma11 rocx on the 1ower part ot my 1eq 1 hit on,
but as tar as my tace and upper body, we11, 1 ]ust qot a 1itt1e
dirt on my tace. But 1 ' m 1ayinq witn my nead s1iqht1y turned,
tace down, and my nands are 1ixe this in tront ot me . 1 ' m in
that position tor a wni1e, a tew minutes, maybe two or three
minutes. And it ' s interestinq that when tney picx me up, it ' s
amazinq1y 1 iqht, it ' s 1ixe 1 ' m not t1oatinq on air, but 1 ' m
pretty 1iqht . Got a sense ot weiqhinq very 1itt1e, ot beinq
very 1iqht. 1hey picx me up and ho1d me between their arms.
1t ' s ditticu1t to xnow it 1 qo up or down or sideways, but 1 can
c1ear1y see myse1t qo in tne cave . "
"So it' s 1ixe a natura1 cave. . . ?"
Jacx: "We11, you xnow it ' s xind ot odd, but it 1ooxs 1ixe they ' ve qot
an i11usion because sudden1y there ' s a cave. 1t 1ooxs 1ixe the
outside, and sudden1y it ' s a cave. So maybe tney have an
i11usion coverinq the mouth ot the cave. As I qo in aqain, 1
xnow tnat 1 ' m in a cave by tne sme11, by tne coo1, co1d
tee1inq, the dampness, the mustiness, the 1acx ot the sun
penetratinq its warmth on my body, sudden1y cut ott trom tnat.
1 can ' t see anytninq because it ' s 1ixe rea11y darx in the cave.
And they set me down very prompt1y, tie up my arms and 1eqs, my
6 2
eyes and my moutn, qive me a snot in tne arm. 1 can tee1 tne
need1e qo in. My nead drops down to my cnest 1ike seconds atter
tne snot qoes in. And 1 ' m out. At tnis point 1 tee1 kind oI in
a de1irium, and 1 can sense tnis person in a very annoyinq tone,
1ixe a 1ow vo1ume, annoyinq, very rapid communication tone,
communicatinq 1ixe. . . lt tee1s 1ixe somebody wnisperinq in my
mind. And aqain it tee1s 1ixe it' s bacx tnere by tne stem, 1ike
tne midd1e ot my nead, nere in tne stem ot my brain,
reproqramminq my memory, qivinq me a ditterent set ot memories,
te11inq me 1 won' t remember, and so on. And now a � c1ick. ' "
"bo tney imp1ant otner memories?"
Jacx: "No. 1ne empnasis is on � bon ' t remember. ' Bere, wa1kinq, and
tney qave me a picture ot wnere 1 was wa1xinq, wnicn was just up
to wnere 1 was qoinq to sit. And it ' s 1ike I nad notninq to do
witn tnis area. 1 don' t remember anytninq about beinq on tnis
particu1ar ni11, tne qenera1 area. ' Cause it is probab1y a mi1e
trom wnere 1 was nikinq to wnere 1 am qoinq to be dropped. 1t ' s
just 1ike a memory erase. 1 don' t pick up any otner
suqqestions. ·'
"5o tney take you a mi1e trom wnere you were. . . ?"
Jacx: "Yean. 1t's tne cave wnere. . . 1et's see. . . wnere 1 stopped
wa1kinq is about a mi1e at 1east to wnere tney dropped me. And
trom tnere 1 can 1 just wa1x on bacx down to tne resort wnere
l ' m stayinq at. 1t ' s not too tar . "
·'Wnere are you stayinq at?"
Jacx: " 1t ' s on a 1axe, ca11ed , 1 be1ieve. 1 can ' t
remember tne name ot tnat 1axe c1ear1y. 1 be1ieve it¹ s ca11ed
. And tne transportation tney use to take me
away is unc1ear. 1t' s xinda 1ixe on a t1yinq carpet, ' cause 1
nave a sense ot weiqnt1essness, and it ' s not 1ixe wa1kinq at a11
or beinq druqqed. But 1 ' m carried on sometninq. Anyway 1 qet
to wnere tney set me down. 1ney set me down and cross my 1eqs,
put my nands in my 1ap, and tney 1eave. But wnen 1 become
conscious, 1 don' t open my eyes, tney' re a1ready open. And it' s
just 1ike sometninq c1icks on in my brain. 1t starts runninq
aqain. Like it ' d been ott--` c1ick ' --and 1 start to work aqain.
Kinda 1ike a toy tnat ' s been turned ott and tnen turned on.
But, yean, 1ixe 1 said, my impression is tnat tney ' re mininq tor
qo1d. But, too, my otner impression is tnat tnese are not 1ike
tne abductors on tne snips. 1 don' t xnow it tnese peop1e were
worxinq on tneir own or it tnis was a major concerted ettort,
because 1 on1y see a sma11 qroup ot probab1y tive or six peop1e.
1 mean tnat' s my sense ot now many are invo1ved in tnis wno1e
situation witn me. 1nere may be more on into tne mountain. "
"bid you actua11y qet a 1ook at tnem? Cou1d you see tneir
Jacx: "A, yean, 1 cou1d perceive tnem witnout my eyes. 1 cou1d
perceive tnem ( out-ot-body perceptions) . 1ney' re tne biq-
neaded, biq b1acx-eyed, snort a1iens . "
"And did you wake up a mi1e away trom wnere tney picked you up
initia11y? 1s tnat wnat you mean?"
Jacx: "Uw-nun. Um-nun. "
" 1 see. Bow tar are you trom tne 1ake?"
Jack: " 1t ' s quite a ways in tne distance, a mi1e and a na1t,
probab1y. "
"And you' re on a ni11 above tne resott?'
Jacx: "We11, 1 can ' t see tne resort. 1 can see tne 1axe in tne
distance. But, yean, it' s upni11, certain1y, trom tne 1axe . "
"Can you te11 which direction you are trow the 1ake?"
Jack: "5outh. And 1 was east and south where they. . . no, excuse we,
west. 1 ' w sorry. 1 ' w qoinq in the wronq direction. 1t was
west and south. 1 think 1 ' w 1ookinq. . . 1 ' w pretty sure l ¹ w
tacinq north. "
"bo you think you cou1d 1ocate this on a wap?"
Jack: "Uw-huh. Yes. "
"And you say you were on your honeywoon here?"
Jack: "Yes . "
"A11 riqht. 1s there anythinq e1se about this incident?"
Jack. "No. 1here was no pain associated with it as wuch as it was
1ike they were tryinq to hide it, what 1 stuwb1ed onto. 1t was
just a siwp1e wewory wipe. "
J was p1anninq a cawpinq trip in the suwwer ot 1994, so 1
ta1ked her into drivinq in the direction ot . 1 was intriqued
by Jack' s story, and so 1 to1d J that 1 wanted to check out the
area and take sowe pictures . Bowever, betore we 1ett 5pokane, 1 to1d
her 1 a1so wanted to see it 1 cou1d qet abducted in this area. 1 was
curious to see it there was a perwanent underqround base there. 1he
Grays abduct we so wuch anyway that 1 no 1onqer have any tear ot thew,
and 1 thouqht this wou1d be an interestinq experiwent.
We spent the tirst niqht ot our trip at Grand Cou1ee baw and
watched the 1aser 1iqht show on the spi11way ot the uaw. 1he next day
we arrived at Lake, the sawe 1ake where Jack and Karen had
spent their honeywoon six years betore. 1he resort charqed over twenty
bucks tor a tent site, and we were on the econowy p1an, so we ended up
takinq a cawpsite at another resort. We cawped that niqht on
Lake, which is about tour wi1es south ot Lake.
1he severity ot wy asthwa prohibited we trow hikinq up into the
area that Jack described, so 1 drove back up to - Lake betore
sunset and reconnoitered the back roads and ranches �÷parated by
ratt1inq catt1e quards. 1 kept dodqinq b1ack cows and q1ancinq at wy
watch every tive or ten winutes . 1t was a p1easant drive throuqh
beautitu1 country, but no Grays took the bait. 1t was a1wost dark by
the tiwe 1 arrived back at cawp.
Later 1 1ounqed on the rec1ininq 1awn chair that 1 had brouqht tor
wy cawpinq cowtort and qazed up at a spectacu1ar, star1it sky. 1
especia11y kept an eye on the hi11s to the north in the area where Jack
was abducted six years betore. 1 was sti1 1 wide awake around widniqht.
5udden1y, 1 started ta11inq as1eep--or rather 1 was beinq "put" to
s1eep! My eyes c1osed, and in about three seconds 1 was near1y sound
as1eep, but sowethinq cauqht wy attention to the north. 1 pu11ed
wyse1t out ot wy sudden s1uwber, opened wy eyes and qazed in awe at
what had attracted wy attention. A briqht ye11ow-oranqe ob1ect hovered
above the hi11s to the north. Within about tive seconds the UIC woved
to the 1ett and then quick1y qrew swa11er unti1 it cowp1ete1y diwwed
1 was now wide awake aqain.
1 ' ve been observinq stars, aircratt, sate11ites, etc. tor the past
three years, and 1 know how they can appear to be UECs under certain
conditions . 1 knew this was not on1y a qenuine UFC siqhtinq, but 1
a1so knew that they were puttinq we to s1eep and cowinq to qet we. 1
te1t sowe inner satistaction that 1 had tina11y cauqht thew in the act.
1wo niqhts 1ater we cawped out at another nearby 1ake (
Lake) , and betore ta11inq ott to s1eep 1 was tee1inq the apprehension
ot an iwpendinq abduction. 1 woke up the next worninq with increased
ditticu1ty ot breathinq, and wy overa11 condition had deteriorated. 1
knew 1 ' d been abducted.
Betore 1eavinq we tound that this was an o1d wininq area.
Abandoned si1ver and oo1d wines ridd1ed the steep, ruqqed hi11sides.
1here are a1so c1ose by. At
this point in tiwe 1 tnouqht that perhaps uacx ' s Grays were just
1ayinq 1ow tor awhi1e, usinq an o1d abandoned wine shatt to hide out
in. But 1 a1so 1ett the possibi1ity open that there is indeed a
perwanent underqround base in this area. 1 had asked the owner ot the
resort on Lake it he' d heard ot any LEC siqhtinqs or catt1e
wuti1ations in the area. Be to1d we that he had 1ived there tor
twenty-three years and hadn' t seen or heard ot anythinq ot that nature.
Althouqh 1 knew 1 had been abducted in that area, that didn ' t
necessari1y indicate an underqround base was there, because 1 can be
abducted anywhere and at any tiwe.
Bowever, on Auqust 5 , 1994 , about three weeks atter our cawpinq
trip, 1 decided to retrieve the wewory ot the abduction that 1 knew had
occurred in that area. 1 uncovered not just one, but two abductions in
which 1 was picked up and taken to an underqround base ]oint1y operated
by the U. 5. wi1itary and Grays!
1he tirst abduction occurred at Lake appro×iwate1y
torty-tive winutes atter 1 had spotted the UEC above the hi11s to the
north. The second abduction occurred when we were cawped on the beach
at Lake. A short Gray entered our tent and escorted we out
throuqh the unzipped door ot the tent. When l exited the tent, two wen
wearinq wi1itary unitorws were standinq on wy 1ett. A he1icopter was
waitinq tor thew on the parkinq area above our tent; a swa11 saucer was
waitinq tor we on the shore ot the 1ake. l ' 11 cover the detai1s ot
these two abductions in Book 1wo ot 1BE PRCGRM1NG CE A PLANE1 where
1 ' 11 te11 wy own story and revea1 what happened in this secret
underqround wi1itaryJGrays base.
r can' t e×press in words the horrib1e shock l experienced when 1
rea1ized that l was abducted not on1y by Grays, but our own wi1itary
peop1e. lt is one thinq to read about it happeninq to other peop1e,
but it is quite another watter when it happens to you persona11y. Eor
it contirws that our own qovernwent has been subverted by the
wi1itaryJ inte11iqence estab1ishwent. 1t contirws that our qovernwent
is no 1onqer "ot the peop1e, by the peop1e, and tor the peop1e.
· 1t
contirws that our own qovernwent has cowwitted treason aqainst its own
citizens by wakinq a dea1 with the enewy and aidinq and abettinq thew.
1his rea1ity just sort ot popped up and s1apped we rea11y hard in the
tace. 1 knew that trow this point on, wy 1ite wou1d never be the sawe.
I beqan to rea1ize that 1 now had the unp1easant responsibi1ity ot
intorwinq the Awerican peop1e not on1y ot the truth about a1ien
abductions, but a1so ot the wi1itaryJ inte11iqence take-over ot our
country. 1his is a very stranqe position to be in s.Ince this rea1ity
is just too incredib1e tor wost peop1e to take serious1y.
Cn 5aturday, May 20, 1995 1 drove back over to this area with two
triends: our intention was to 1ocate the cawout1aqed hanqar doors to
this underqround base. Bowever, we tound that we cou1dn ' t drive into
this area because there were 1ocked qates across every one ot the
roads, so we cou1dn' t cover wuch qround. By the end ot the day we had
not tound anythinq unusua1 .
Cne ot the wewbers ot our party had been arrested at Area 51 tor
crossinq over the 1ine in 1994 ; he had to qo back to 5pokane the sawe
day we arrived. 5o Char1ie and 1 set up cawp and beqan an a11-
niqht viqi1 1ookinq tor any UEC activity to the north. We wrote down
the tiwe about every titteen winutes to docuwent any "wissinq tiwe" in
case we were abducted. 1 was the tirst to succuwb to the tatique ot
the day ' s hixinq, so 1 sacxed out 1n the tent wni1e Cnar1ie ma1nta1ned
watch trow his car.
At 1 : uu a. m. Cnar1ie decided to taxe a cat nap, and so he set tne
a1arw tor 1 : 2u and went to s1eep. 1 was snorinq away in tne tent, but
1 beqan dreaminq a very stranqe dream. burinq tnis dream 1 beqan
tee1inq that o1d tami1iar nervousness and apprehension, and 1 sudden1y
rea1ized that 1 was about to be abducted. 1his tee1inq was so intense
tnat 1 woxe myse1t up and went out to checx on Char1ie. Be was
stretcned out across tne tront seat ot nis car, sound as1eep. 1 woxe
nim up and beqan ta1xinq witn him. 1 tnen q1anced to tne nortn and saw
a UEC. 1t was a q1owinq orb ot briqnt, wnite 1iqnt. 1t was s1ow1y
strobinq on and ott at about one and na1t second interva1s.
When Char1ie saw it he beqan tuwb11nq in the darx tor nis video
cawera . 1he LEC tnen beqan s1ow1y descendinq 51RA1GB1 bCWN VER11CALLY
into tne ni11s. We neard abso1ute1y no sound cominq trom the cratt in
tne sti11, quiet niqnt. By the tiwe Cnar1ie nad his camera ro11inq tne
UEC nad qone out ot siqnt benind a ni11, so we didn ' t qet it on video
tape. Bowever, at 1east we now had tnree eyewitnesses to verity the
UFC activity in tnis area.
1nis siqhtinq and the my siqhtinq ot tne UEC in 1994 were in the
very same area, so we toox a compass readinq trow our cawpsite by tne
baseba11 diawond at tne pub1ic access at Laxe. We tound
that the siqhtinq was e×act1y straiqht north trow tnis point. 1
be1ieve tnat tnis is where the hidden underqround base is 1ocated and
tnat the LEC that Cnar1ie and 1 had seen was descendinq straiqnt down
into the underqround nanqar. Bowever, we have no way ot xnowinq how
tar nortn the UEC was. 1 be1ieve, thouqh, that the base is about
mi1es north ot Laxe, qive or taxe a coup1e mi1es .
1he Jo11owinq abduction account contirms aqain what some UFC
researchers and eyewitnesses have been sayinq about tne Lnited 5tates
qovernmentJa1ien co11usion. Wnen 1 quided tnis abductee throuqh tnis
incident, 1 was in tota1 awazewent, as 1 conducted tnis session betore
1 nad wy own underqround adventure. A1tnouqn 1 cannot revea1 "Linda ' s"
true identity, 1 can say tnat sne was 1ivinq in tne 5poxaneJCoeur
d' A1ene area when tnis abduction occurred in 197 1 . Peop1e who are
tirstnand witnesses to tnis xind ot intormation are sometimes harassed,
tnreatened, to11owed, pnone-tapped, intimidated by b1acx ne1icopters,
and they sometimes nave "accidents . " 1 am persona11y not intimidated
by tnese unconstitutiona1 and unetnica1 tactics, but 1 do respect other
peop1e ' s desire to 1ive a re1ative1y norma1 1iJe in spite ot the
circumstances witn which we abductees are contronted .
Linda: " 1 ' w watcninq 1V. 1 1oox benind we. 1 thouqnt 1 neard
sometninq. 1here ' s notninq there. I 1oox over at tne door, and
I see this weird beinq standinq there. 1 had no idea wnat it
was . "
"What does it 1oox 1ixe? "
LInda: "Lixe a Gray . 1t looxs exact1y 1ixe a Gray . "
"Wnat xind ot eyes does it have?"
L±nda : "Lixe a Gray . "
"Can you describe it to me, wnat tney 1oox 1ixe?"
Linda : "1hey' re biq, no pupi1 and tney ' re a11 b1acx. "
"What is tne snape ot tne eye?"
Linda: "1he sawe snape as a Gray. 1 ' w not qood at drawinq taces ot
Grays. "
"Cxay. And wnat nappens?"
Linda : " 1 ' m 1ooxinq over at this thinq. 1t ' s wa1xinq toward we. 1
qotta wa1x towards it. 1 ' w wa1xinq and wa1x and wa1x, and it
turned, 1 open the door,
the midd1e ot the road.
these betore. "
"bescribe it to me. "
and there' s an ob]ect riqht there in
1t ' s a UEC! 1 have never seen one ot
Li::ua: ' '1t had a `ba11ed ' (domed) shape on top, a saucer shape on the
bottom. And Grays are by the ship. And then they' re qoinq
into the side, and they open the door. 1 wa1x around to the
UFO. The next thinq I xnow, 1 enter the ship. 1here' s a coup1e
beds there. A coup1e chairs, a1so. 1 come and sit down on one
ot the chairs. 1 ' m just strapped down to it. And no one ' s
doinq anythinq interestinq. 1here ' s this s1idinq door that
Grays qo in every once in a whi1e. 1 think that ' s where the
pi1ot is . "
"Are you 1ookinq around inside the ship? bo you see anythinq?"
Linda: "No. 1 ' m just keepinq my head down. 1 tee1 1ike 1 ' m 1ust
sittinq there doinq nothinq. "
"What' s the chair 1oox 1ixe?"
Linda: "Just a coup1e straps on the bacx pu11 out throuqh a coup1e
thinqs. 1 don' t xnow what they ' re made out ot. 1hey pu11
around and strap into this chair . And 1 ' m ]ust 1ookinq down at
my teet. Nothinq ' s happeninq. 1hen 1 look at one ot the Grays.
1t ' s Iixe a norma1, typica1 Gray. "
"A short one or a taì1 one?"
Linda: "Medium. "
"What ' s the Gray doinq?"
11nda: "Be ' s sort ot wa1kinq around, 1ookinq around. Be ' s ]ust
wanderinq around. Every once in awhi1e he ' 11 q1ance at me,
turns his head at me. A11 ot a sudden the s1idinq door opens
up, and two Grays come out, and the rest ot whatever is in
that. . . there' s no more Grays beyond the s1idinq door. 1hey come
out and unstrap me. "
"Bow many ot them are there now? "
Linda: "1hree. 1hen 1 qo out to this p1ace, and the door opens. 1 t' s
a meta1 p1ace . " (5ee i11ustrations, brawinq #1, tor a bird ' s-
eye view ot the ìay-out ot this bui1dinq . ) "1here ' s Grays a11
over the p1ace. 5eventy Grays . 1hey' re in a biq circ1e.
( 1 ' m
not certain it Linda 1itera11y meant "seventy" Grays, or it she
was simp1y indicatinq that there were a 1ot ot them . )
"Where are they at?"
Linda : "1hey ' re in a biq circ1e around the ship. And then a coup1e
Grays move out ot the way . 1hen we wa1k throuqh the three Grays
there at the ship, and we. . . they qo out throuqh a door. 1 see
peop1e in suits with Grays. 1t' s hard to see, tor me to qet
back in the position where I was. 1hey ' ve put me into rea11y
hiqh hypnosis . "
"Are you on the ship now?"
Linda: "No . "
"Where are you at now?"
Linda: "Cn the qround. 5omewhere in a meta1 p1ace.!'
"A meta1 p1ace?··
Linda : "Yeah. 1t ' s 1ike a coup1e square po1es that come down.
Rectanqu1ar prisms that come down. You can' t see throuqh them .
1hey' re a11 meta1 , thouqh. 1here' s a who1e bunch ot them. "
(Apparent1y structura1 supports tor the meta1 bui1dinq . ) "I see
another UFO. We come to this door, and 1 ike 1 said, I see these
Grays and these humans a11 toqether in this room. "
"bo you recoqnize any ot them?"
Linda: "No . "
they working with the Grays?¹
··Yes. ¹'
"1hey are. . . ?"
L1noa: "1hey' re working with the Grays. "
"Ch. What are tney wearing?¹'
Linda: "B1ack suits. B1ack suits with ties . "
(Note: Linda 1ater added that one ot the wen that she saw had a
dark b1ue suit, and two others were wearing gray suits . )
"Wnat do they 1ook 1ike? Can you describe tnew to we?"
Linda: "Cne has brown hair and haze1 eyes, a nose, ears, and a wouth.
1eeth. . . they don' t stick out. 1hey just have regu1ar teeth.
Sort ot a whitisn skin . " ( Linda later c1aritied to we that she
weant that they didn' t have b1ack or tan skin--not 1itera11y
white. ) "Be doesn ' t wear g1asses . ¹·
"Anybody ta1king to you? "
Linda: "No. 1 just see this guy yapping at a Gray . "
"1s he ta1king in Eng1ish or sowe other 1anguage?"
Linda: "Be ' s saying, `Can ' t you do any better than this? ' 1 think he ' s
wad at hiw tor doing sowething.··
"Wnat e1se does ne say?"
Linda: "Be ' s just repeating tne sawe thing over in ditterent phrases . "
(Note: Linda 1ater said that the wan in the b1ack suit a1so
said, "You stupid Gray! " 5he a1so indicated to we that the wan
rea11y gave the Gray a hard tiwe, chewed hiw out, and that the
Gray was not taking it at a11 very we11 and appeared to be
angered by this wan, though the Gray did nothing in response to
the wan ' s sco1ding. )
"bid you hear hiw say it or was it te1epathic?"
Linda: "Be' s not te1epathic. Be ' s just saying it out 1oud. ¹'
" 1n Eng1ish?"
Linda: "Yeah. 1n Eng1ish. "
"Bow wany huwans do you see?¹·
Linda: " Eive . "
··Are they a11 wearing the sawe thing?"
Linda: "Cne ot thew. . . a coup1e ot thew are wearing gray suits. And one
ot thew isn' t wearing a tie, sitting at a desk with two short
Grays at his side. ¹·
"Are these Earth huwans or can you te11?"
Linda: "Yeah. 1t is huwans. "
"Earth huwans?"
Linda: "Uh-huh. And then the Grays take we--two, three Grays--take we
out through this door. . . the wa11. . . it ' s a grassy area. And
there ' s a coup1e rocks kinda here and there. A norwa1 tie1d.
We wa1k. . . wait. can I go back a 1itt1e bit? I think 1 ' w
getting sowething here . "
"Uh-huh. Yeah . "
Linda: "1his Gray is putting boots on we. Putting these. . . it·S a
thick. . . rea11y 1 don' t know how to describe ' ew. Bard, crusty
kinda boot. 1 think they ' re wade out ot weta1 or sowething.
Rubber on the inside and weta1 on the outside. And then he
opens the door. And we wa1k out there. And 1 1ook at the p1ace
1 just cawe trow, 1ike a swa11 tactory. "
"bescribe it to we. "
Linda: "We11, it ' s wade ot weta1 . 1here ' s a coup1e bo1ts here and
there, no1ding it together. 1here' s 1ike a door that you can ' t
see there. Like there ' s a door where you can ' t . . . you don' t
know where it is. "
"A weta1 bui1ding?"
6 8
. .
Linda :

"Where ' s this at?"
" 1n a tie1d. 1 1ook up, and 1 see a ¸et t1yinq overhead. And 1
see a round object up there, too. 1wo ¸ets are to11owinq the
UEC, or vice versa. And then we wa1k back inside. Pushed this
button on the wa11 . 1urninq towards the button (e) , it' s hard
to. . . it ' s cawout1aqed. Like you can' t see it.
' 1s this the Gray doinq this, or a huwan?"
''1he Gray. 1t ' s a ta11er Gray. About tive teet ta1 1 . "
"Any huwans around you?"
"Yeah. "
"Bow wany?"
"Iive. Like 1 said . "
"Are they ta1kinq?"
"Yeah. 1hey ' re ta1kinq back and torth. "
"What are they sayinq?
" 1 can ' t te11, they ' re whisperinq. A11 ot a sudden this door
opens that s1ides open trow the bottow, and there ' s weta1 stairs
that qo down into an underqround p1ace. " ( Note: Linda 1ater
e×p1ained that this secret door was actua11y part ot the t1oor
1ocated near the widd1e ot the bui1dinq. When the Gray pushed
the hidden switch ( e) , the t1oor pane1 s1id vertica11y toward
the wa11 with the hidden switch, revea1inq the stairs ( b)
1eadinq to the underqround tunne1 systew. 1his is just the
beqinninq ot the e1aborate, a1ien-techno1oqy security systew. )
"We ' ~e underqround now. 1t ' s 1ike they 1ust cut throuqh it.
We ' re in this tunne1 riqht now . " (1he earth was e×posed in this
underqround tunne1 systew. 1here are indications that the
qovernwent has acquired a1ien tunne1-borinq techno1oqy in which
the earth is "we1ted" and pushed to the sides ot the tunne1 ,
torwinq a hard q1ass-1ike surtace, which �akes concrete 1 ininq
"1s it a round tunne1?" ( See drawinq #2 , Be1ow-Ground 1unne1s)
"Yeah. A round tunne1 . Except tor the bottow, it' s a 1itt1e bit
t1at. And we cowe to a two-way turn, and we qo the riqht way,
in the riqht direction, and we ' re wa1kinq down this p1ace
underqround, and there ' s sowe weta1 steps that qoes way down
into a curvinq tunne1 . 1t qoes down into a biq round roow ( K) .
A biq round roow way underqround, and there ' s two peop1e there.
And that ' s a11 there is, a coup1e peop1e there. "
"What do they 1ook 1ike?"
··We11, un1ike the other one, he ' s b1ack . " ( Note: 1here were
two arwed quards there. Cne was

white, the other one was
"Bow biq is the circu1ar p1ace?"
"About the size ot this roow, on1y it was shapeu as a sphere. "
(About twenty-tive to thirty teet in diaweter) "l ' 11 wake a wap
ot th±s so 1 can rewewber. "
"Good. Bas there been anybody in a wi1itary unitorw so tar?"
"Yeah. 1here ' s this 1ocxed weta1 door that these two quys with
quns were quardinq it. "
'·What kind ot unitorws are they wearinq? 1ake a 1ook . "
"1t was the sawe kind as a U. 5. Arwy unitorw. "
"A11 qreen or was it cawout1aqe?"
"A brown, 1iqht brown, dark brown, wediuw brown sort ot co1or,
' cause its underqround. " ( 5he 1ater c1aritied to we that it
was the desert cawout1aqe unitorw. ) " 1 ' w just down in this
p1ace. A11 ot a sudden this. . . it tee1s 1ixe qoinq down or
sowethinq. But 1 ' w not 1ooxinq at anythinq, and 1 ' w 1ooxinq
over at one side ot we at wy shoes. 1 ' w wost1y 1ust 1ooxinq
down. 1 ]ust rea1ized we ' re qoinq down. 1here was dirt a11
around we. 1 can tee1 us qoinq down. "
''Lixe you ' re in an e1evator or sowethinq?¹'
Linda :
''Yeah. '
¹'Ch. You can tee1 it in your stowach or sowethinq?"
Linoa: "Yeah. Lixe that. 1 1oox up, and 1 can see where we started
ott at. 1here ' s 1ixe a biq chunx ot qround that came down 1ixe
an e1evator. 1t ' s hard to rewewber. "
"Just taxe a 1oox around. "
Linda: " 1 t' s qoinq down pretty tast, and it waxes wy stowach tee1 xind
ot weird. " ( 5he pauses here as she re-experiences the e1evator
ride deep down into the earth. ) "We stopped.'
(Note: Linda
1ater e×p1ained that this e1evator was 1ust a concea1ed p1attorw
( J) which was part ot the tIoor in the circu1ar roow. Ber two
Gray escorts stood on either side ot her on this hidden section
ot the t1oor. 5udden1y, the t1oor underneath thew 1ust dropped,
acce1eratinq downward throuqh a circu1ar shatt ot e×posed earth,
or ''dirt. ¹' 1his is another exawp1e ot a very we11 disquised
security systew . )
Linda: ''And there' s a tunne1 qoinq in one way, away trow us . And it ' s
pretty hot down there . 1 wou1d tiqure it you went down this
tar it wou1d be hard to breathe. "
"You say it' s hot?"
Linda: "Yeah. 1t' s hot. Pretty hot there. 1 see there another ho1e
way down. 1t' s qettinq hotter and hotter every second. And
then 1 1oox down the ho1e. 1here ' s a who1e bunch ot 1ava down
there. 1t' s qettinq rea11y, rea11y hot. A11 ot a sudden I 1ust
1uwp in! 1 qo throuqh the 1ava. 1 t' s 1ust a ho1oqraw! " ( 5ee
drawinq #3) ''1hey' ve qot a who1e bunch ot heaters in
there, waxes it 1oox 1ixe it ' s rea11y 1ava. And riqht be1ow
there is 1ixe a stoppinq pad. 1t ' s 1ixeÆ . . 50 when they qo down
there they won' t die . " (Bere is yet another exawp1e ot how
e1aborate this a1ien security systew is ! )
"5owethinq sott to 1and on?"
Linda: "Yeah. And there ' s this biq testinq p1ace there, ' cause there ' s
cowputers. Lots ot cowputers and wechanica1 stutt . 1here ' s a
1addet qoinq up to anotLer roow , but we ' re not qoinq up there
now. "
"Any sywbo1s or anythinq on the wa11?¹'
L±nda: "1here canI t be. Because itI s so1id qround. 1t ' s not wade to
Linda :

wove. "
"You see dirt on the wa11s?"
"Yeah. "
"Are there any Grays or huwans around you now?"
"YeaL. About twe1ve Grays and twe1ve huwans in that roow. "
"What do the huwans 1oox 1ixe?"
"About tive in wi1itary suits. "
"What xind ot wi1itary suits?"
"1he sawe.
"As the desert cawout1aqe type? 1s that what you wean?"
"Yeah. "
"BrownJtan--1ixe � besert 5torw' type?¹·
"Yeah. 1hat xind. Brown. bitterent co1ors ot brown. "
"bo you see any nawe taqs or anythinq? "
"No . "
''Anythinq on the unitorw? Any sywbo1s ot ranx or anythinq?"
Linda: "No. 1t ' s 1ust cawout1aqe and he1wet and qun. About
tive ot those quys wa1xinq around , and the rest ot thew are just
quys wearinq nothinq tancy. No tancy thinqs on thew. E×cept
tor one ot thew. Be ' s wearinq a qun, a tie, a pair ot sun
q1asses and a b1acx suit . "
"And are the other ones 1ust wearinq everyday. . . 1ust norwa1
c1othes? Cr what? "
Linda: "Yeah. Yeah.··
"Are tLey sayinq anythinq? Can you hear?¹·
Linda: "No, 1ust pretty si1ent tLere. 1here ' s `b1eep, ' `b1eep, ' every
once in a whi1e. 1here ' s this sound that qoes ` b1eep, ' 1 ixe
that. And then 1 walx over to one ot the cowputers. And 1 do
sowethinq. 1 1ust qet couraqe to 1uwp and do sowethinq. 1 taxe
wy hands and 1ust push ' ew over, the cowputers. Bashinq thinqs
up . Pushinq thinqs over. Pushinq Grays and peop1e over.
A11 ot a sudden 1 1ust stop. A Gray qets ho1d ot. . . a11 the
Grays qet in tront ot we, bacx ot we, side ot we and the corners
ot we. " ( 5he 1ater to1d we there were tive Grays that actua11y
surrounded her . )
"What' s happeninq now?"
Linda: "1hey 1ust cowe c1oser, and they a11 1ust touch we, and they
push rea11y. . . they push hard aqainst wy waist. I ta11 to the
qround.·· (Linda 1ater e×p1ained that one ot these Grays had
injected her with sowethinq trow a syrinqe riqht betore sLe te11
to the qround. )
"You ta11 to the qround?"
Linda: " 1 ' w just 1yinq there. And they draq we ott to this tab1e. And
this q1ass thinq cowes up on either side, and they c1ose it.
And they c1ose it. 1t' s sti11 1iqht in there. 1here are
need1es cowinq over to wy head. 1 ' w 1ooxinq down now. 1 ' w
1ooxinq at wy 1eqs now, and tLey ' re cowInq c1oser. 1hey ' re
stabbinq we in wy 1eqs . Ow! Ow! ( 5he winces and rubs her 1eqs
where the need1es went in. ) 1t stinqs. 1t doesn' t hurt so wuch
anywore. 1hey pu11 it out. ¹·
"What' s happeninq now?"
Linda: "1hey taxe the need1es trow wy 1eqs and pu11 ' ew bacx throuqh
tLese ho1es . And the weta1 thinqs c1awp onto wy head. 1hey ' re
warw: they ' re not co1d. About roow tewperature. 1hey put one
here and one over here on eacL side ot wy head. " ( 1ndicates
with Lands on her tewp1es) "1hen they cawe ott and went throuqh
the top. 1hen the bottow, down to wy teet. . . 1 can' t te11 what
it is. 1 see. . . (Muwb1es sowethinq) . "
"5ee what?¹·
Linda: "5owethinq. . . a coup1e need1es down by wy teet there. 1hese are
rea11y sharp thinqs, :eaI1y sharp. " ( 5he 1ate: described tLese
sharp thinqs as "razors" attached to wechanica1, robot-1ixe
arws. ) "1hey cut wy b1ood vein. Cw! 1here ' s b1ood cowinq trow
it. B1ood t 1owinq down to the side where it runs into a pipe . "
"1he b1ood trow your toot, you wean?"
Linda: "Yes, that ' s where they s1ice it. 1hey s1ice it. 1he b1ood
a11 runs out throuqh a tube. A p1astic tube. 1hen 1 saw a
torwu1a. 1t' s pretty ye11ow, a 1 iqht urine ye11ow. And these
arws cowe down, these wechanica1 arws in this. . . bid 1 te11 about
this? Weird, oh, they had we in this chawber, sowethinq 1ixe a
bed you 1ay down in. 1here ' s a weta1 part on each end. 1 ' w
1ayinq• . . they c1ose i t. 1hey c1ose the windows, and then 1 to1d
you a11 this stutt that happened. "
··1here' s `q1ass' around you, sort ot?"
7 1
Linda: "Yeah. Rea11y hard q1ass, 1ike q1ass or sowethinq. "
"5o you ' re inside thrs thinq?"
Linda: "Yeah. "
"Bow biq is it?"
Linda: "Just biq enouqh tor we to 1ay in. "
"What' s this stuII you ' re ta1xin' about, the ye11ow stutt?"
Linda: "Yeah, it' s what 1 ' w qettinq to. And they s1ice. . . where the
s1ice is on ( indicates with hand above her ank1e) , they put this
ye11ow stutt on the cut. A11 ot a sudden the pain qoes away.
No wore pain there . And it hea1s up. And there' s ]ust a 1itt1e
tiny scar there . " (Wou1dn' t it be nice it the Grays and the
qovernwent wou1d a11ow us to have this hea1inq techno1oqy?)
"Bow wuch b1ood did they take?"
L1nda: "Ch, wuch that cawe out. They xnew 1ust where to cut it because
a who1e bunch ot b1ood cawe out. A11 ot a sudden the q1ass
windows open, 1 wa1k out ot that q1ass thinq, whatever it was .
1hese Grays , they to11ow we whi1e 1 wa1k out where the ho1oqraw
was , where the 1ava was. We stand there in this p1ace. 1hat ' s
when 1 shoot up throuqh. l qo up throuqh that ho1e. 1 shoot up
throuqh. 1he ne×t thinq 1 know 1 ' w on the edqe ot the c1itt
where 1 juwped ott . And 1 wa1x back to the e1evator. 1hen 1 qo
up to the top. 1t ' s a 1onq way to the top. And 1 qo outa that
cy1inder-shaped roow. 1 wa1k up to the tube-shaped area
(tunne1) and qo out the sawe way . "
"You wa1k out ot the tunne1?"
1inda: "Yeah. And up throuqh a coup1e wore stairways that 1ead up
into the weta1 p1ace ( the above-qround bui1dinq) and where
there ' s about seventy Grays. ·'
" 1t ' s the weta1 bui1dinq?¹'
Linda: "Yeah. Meta1 inside, weta1 outside. "
"Are you inside this bui1dinq now?"
Linda: "Yeah. And 1 wa1k up to the ship 1 cawe in throuqh . "
"Are you outside the bui1dinq now? "
Linda: "No, 1'w in the ship. "
"5ti11 in the bui1dinq now?"
Linda: "No . "
"1s the ship in the bui1dinq?"
Linda: "1t ' s 1ike connected to it. 1he door opened up, and 1 wa1xed
into it. 1 wa1ked into the ship, went over and sat in the
chair, and they strapped we up 1ike they did 1ast tiwe . "
"Uid you see anythinq e1se in the outdoors where you were at?"
Linda: "Yeah. "
"What does it 1ook 1ike?"
Linda: "We11, there' s sowe p1aces. . . sowe swir1s in the qrass. . . 1and
warkinqs where spacecratt have 1anded. And there ' s a tence a11
around this biq p1ace. "
"What xind ot tence is it?"
L±nda: "A biq tence, barbed wire. "
"A hiqh weta1 one. A wire wesh type? Cr what?''
Linda: "1 don ' t xnow. Not that ta11. 1 cou1dn ' t te11 Irow that
distance . "
"What kind ot day is it? 5un out?"
1inda : "1t ' s ]ust turninq darx. "
"What ' s the tewperature 1ike?"
Linda : "Ch, about. . . not that co1d, not that warw. Warw, not hot, not
co1d. 1here' s a nice breeze out . " (Linda 1ater exp1ained to we
that there was a s1iqht tewperature drop between her residence
and when she arrived at the underqround base. 1he sun was 1ow
in tLe eveninq sxy, so sLe was tLus ab1e to deterwine tLe
position ot tLe weta1 bui1dinq in re1ation to tLe west. )
· ' 1s tLis wLere tLe weta1 bui1dinq' s at?"
Linda: "YeaL. "
( Linda was tLen "t1own" Lowe wLere sLe continues watcLinq
1V as it notLinq Lad Lappened. )
We tLen went tLrouqL tLe incident aqain trow start to tinisL to
extract wore detai1s on tLe underqround base. We tLen sat down and
wade drawinqs ot tLe base.
5ince tLe weatLer conditions ot tLe point ot abduction and tLe
underqround base were very siwi1ar, it appears tLat tLis particu1ar
base is 1ocated in tLe nortLwest quadrant ot tLe United 5tates and
east ot tLe Cascade Hountain Ranqe. Because ot tLe apparent above-
qround activity ot t1yinq saucers in broad day1iqLt, it wou1d indicate
tLat tLis base is 1ocated in an area tLat Las a restricted air space,
sucL as a wissi1e base or otLer sensitive wi1itary insta11ation.
Betore 1isteninq to Linda ' s story 1 wasn ' t entire1y so1d on tLe
idea ot underqround wi1 itaryJa1ien bases , as tLis was betore 1 Lad wy
own wi1itaryJa1ien encounters . 1t ]ust seewed too tar-tetcLed to we.
Bowever, Learinq it tirstLand in detai1 trow a re1iab1e witness,
convinced we tLat tLese bizarre wi1itaryJa1ien operations Lave been
taxinq p1ace riqLt under our noses--or ratLer sLou1d 1 say--under our
1Le a1ien cowputers tLat Linda saw in tLis base were very siwi1ar
to our current PCs . TLis , 1 be1ieve, indicates tLat we obtained
cowputer tecLno1oqy and otLer tecLno1oqies trow E1s. Rewewber tLat
tLis abduction occurred in 1971, severa1 years betore PCs ot tLis type
were avai1ab1e to tLe pub1ic. A1so, one ot tLe Grays was operatinq tLe
cowputer not on1y by usinq a toucL-sensitive xeyboard, but a1so by
toucLinq tLe cowputer screen. 1Lis particu1ar teature did not appear
in tLe pub1ic dowain unti1 near1y two decades atter Linda ' s abduction.
Wi11iaw Bawi1ton, autLor ot tLe boox CC5M1C 1CP 5ECRE1, Las been
investiqatinq tLe UEC pLenowenon tor decades. Be Las reported tLe
eyewitness accounts ot peop1e wLo Lave worxed in tLese underqround
bases and tunne1s 1 oint1y wanned by botL a1iens and U. 5. wi1itary
personne1. Cne tawous--or ratLer intawous-~underqround base is 1ocated
on tLe ArcLu1eta Mesa near tLe town ot bu1ce, New Mexico. Bi11 Lad
tirst Leard about tLis in 198u wLen a triend to1d Liw about tLe worx Le
was doinq witL a scientist br. Pau1 Bennewitz. Not on1y Lad br.
Bennewitz taxen a 1ot ot wotion picture tootaqe ot UECs over a two year
period, Le Lad contacted Grays at tLis underqround taci1ity via Lis
cowputer. Ur. Bennewitz qatLered considerab1e intorwation about tLe
a1iens, Le accurate1y described tLe Grays as Lavinq a propensity tor
1yinq. Be went on to say in Lis "Proj ect Beta" report tLat tLe a1ien
was devious , deceptive, and didn ' t adLere to aqreewents. 1Lese are
qua1ities ot Grays tLat are otten reported by abductees as we11 .
Accordinq to Bi11 Bawi1ton, a security otticer 1Lowas C. worxed at
tLe bu1ce taci1ity tor about two years unti1 Le discovered tLe bizarre
a1ien qenetics proj ects beinq pertorwed on tLe 1ower 1eve1s ot tLis
seven-1eve1 base. Be t1ed tLe taci1ity in 1979 taxinq pLotoqrapLs,
video tape, and otLer docuwents witL Liw to expose tLe trutL about tLe
a1ienJqovernwent co11usion. 1Lowas tLen wet witL a co11eaque ot Bi11
Bawi1ton and iwparted tLis intorwation. 1 ' 1 1 1eave it to tLe reader to
qet tLe rest ot tLe detai1s trow Mr. Bawi1ton' s boox.
CtLer peop1e besides Linda and we Lave been abducted and taxen to
a1ienJwi1itary bases. Myrna Bansen ot New Mexico was taxen to sucL a
base, perLaps bu1ce, in 1980 . CLrista 1i1ton ot Cx1aLowa was abducted
by Grays in 1987 and 'was taken to an underqround insta11ation: sLe was
to1d tLat it was a seven-1eve1 taci1ity. Sowe ot tLe tLinqs sLe saw
tLere watcLed 1Lowas C. ' s descriptions ot tLe iu1ce taci1ity.
Bi11 Bawi1ton Las a1so reported a case invo1vinq tLe "wissinq
tiwe" ot a younq coup1e, Ray and Nancy, in 1988 in tLe 1eLucLapi
Mountains in Ca1itornia. 1Le abduction took p1ace near NortLrop' s
secret underqround taci1ity. Under Lypnosis Ray discovered tLat Le and
Nancy were taken to an underqround insta11ation wLere Le saw botL
wi1itary personne1 and Grays. Be tLen watcLed as tLey exawined Nancy
on a weta1 tab1e.
1n anotLer case a wowan was taken to an underqround base wLere sLe
was exawined by a Gray witL a wiIitary wan, wLow sLe ca11ed tLe
"co1one1 , " standinq next to tLe tab1e. 1Le Gray was askinq tLe
"co1one1" about Ler sexua1 tunctioninq as sLe 1ay tLere restrained and
territied . Apparent1y tLey didn ' t Lave tiwe to insta11 awnesia, so sLe
Lad tota1 conscious reca11 ot tLe incident.
AnotLer abductee, LeaL Ba1ey, Las written about Ler a1ienJwi1 itary
encounters in Ler book LCS1 WAS 1BE KEY. 1t appears tLat in one ot Ler
abductions tLe saucer crasLed on an ocean beacL. SLe in]ured Ler Lead
and was Le1ped onto a 1iteboat and taken to a Navy sLip waitinq
ottsLore. 1n anotLer instance sLe was taken to an underqround
wi1itaryJa1ien taci1ity in a Li11side wLere sLe was interroqated and
qiven paintu1 e1ectric sLocks. 1n anotLer abduction sLe was apparent1y
taken to an undersea base.
1n Ler book 1N1C 1BE IR1NGE abductee ir. Kar1a 1urner te11s Low
under Lypnosis Ler Lusband ~evea1ed an abduction in wLicL tLe wi1itary
abducted Liw and sowe triends . Be was taken to an underqround
insta11ation wLere an anqry U. S . Arwy Major interroqated Liw and
tLreatened to Larw Liw and Lis tawi1y it Le didn ' t revea1 wLat tLe
a1iens were doinq. 1Le eyewitness testiwonies ot abductees 1ike we
wLo' ve "visited'' tLese underqround bases revea1 tLat tLere is indeed a
co11usion between our qovernwent and neqative a1iens. 1Lese
testiwonies contirw tLe reports trow otLer sources tLat our qovernwent
Las qiven tLese a1iens tLe riqLt to abduct Awerican citizens in
excLanqe tor tecLno1oqy. 1t ' s tLeretore no wond�r tLat tLe qovernwent
works so Lard at keepinq tLe 1id on UFC secrecy. 1t we, tLe Awerican
peop1e, tound out wLat was rea11y qoinq on. . . We11 , 1 ' 11 just 1et you
iwaqine wLat tLe repercussions wiqLt be . Bottow 1ine : tLe UEC cover-
up is not a watter ot nationa1 security, but ratLer a watter ot
nationa1 " insecurity.
To understand the extra-terrestria1 phenowenon it is necessary to
break down 1ite into three cateqories or aspects: the physica1 , the
wenta1 , and the spiritua1. Sowe way consider this to be too
siwp1istic, but wy intention here is to prowote understandinq, not be
esoteric . Cur true anatowy, and that ot the E1s that are visitinq or
abductinq us , consists 1ikewise ot the physica1 body, the wind, and the
beinq itse1t, which is a spirit.
1he phenowena discussed in this chapter are not 1ust theoretica1
possibi1ities . Anyone can dewonstrate tor thewse1ves the to11owinq
qua1ities ot wind and spirit. Bowever, sowe peop1e 1et their be1iet
structure qet in the way ot takinq a 1ook �t it or testinq it out .
1he extra-terrestria1s with which we are tawi1iar have a
trewendous understandinq ot the physica1 universe. 1heir techno1oqy,
their understandinq ot physics , is so tar ahead ot us that it appears
to be waqic to us and is ditticu1t tor wany peop1e to be1ieve. Bow can
they wa1k throuqh wa11s? Bow can they trave1 taster than the speed ot
1iqht in cratt that waxe no noise and cause no po11ution? Bow can they
abduct peop1e in broad day1iqht without beinq noticed? Bow can they
"t1oat" peop1e out ot their bedroows and into their ships on a beaw ot
1 iqht? 5ince 1 ' w not a physicist who is we11-versed in a1ien
techno1oqy, 1 can' t exp1ain the physics ot these phenowena. But it is
indeed physics, it is not waqic.
They a1so understand the physica1 body and qenetics to the sawe
hiqh deqree. Eor exawp1e, rewewber how they put that ye11ow 1 iquid on
the cut on Linda ' s anx1e, and instant1y the pain went away, and it
hea1ed itse1t riqht on the spot. They can a1so c1one bodies. Bowever,
as 1 wentioned betore and as J. A11en Bynex interred, they a1so have a
very qood understandinq ot the wind and ot the spiritua1 nature ot
beinqs . And they app1y their know1edqe ot the physica1 universe to
these other two aspects to uti1ize a techno1oqy, which is best
described as "psychotronics . " Since wost peop1e have a qenera1
understandinq ot the physica1 body, 1 ' w qoinq to tocus on our wenta1
and spiritua1 aspects in this chapter.
A1thouqh you way not be1ieve in te1epathy, out-ot-body
experiences, and past 1ives, they do. 1n tact they don ' t just be1ieve
in these phenowena, they understand and uti1ize this know1edqe. E1s
otten a11ude to the existence ot past 1ives when cowwunicatinq with
contactees and abductees. 1heretore, it we are to tu11y contront the
e×tra-terrestria1 contact phenowenon, then we wust a1so contront the
phenowenon ot past 1ives, since the E1s thewse1ves address this
Earth scientists are sti11 debatinq it there is a ditterence
between the wind and the brain. 1here is. 1t ' s a biq ditterence . 1t
is interestinq to note that there appears to be no specitic portion ot
the brain that stores wewory. 1his is because when we ta1k about
wewory we ' re ta1xinq about the wind--not the brain.
The wind is the wewory ot our entire existence, everythinq we ' ve
seen and heard and te1t and experienced. 1t a1so contains the wewory
ot every decision we wade and every aqreewent we have wade, not on1y
with others but with ourse1ves as we11 . And these wewories are
7 5
recorded in every winute detai1. 1t a1so has a basic structure,
characteristics, and tunctioninq that are unitorw trow one individua1
to another. 1he evidence that dewonstrates that the wind is not the
brain is the tact that we can rewewber our past 1ives. 1hat is, we
carry our wewories trow one ewbodiwent ( '' container") to another. 1t' s
sort ot 1ixe takinq your baqqaqe with you on a one-way trip.
1he brain is a physica1 orqan ot the body. 1t dies and decays,
and its atows becowe part ot the earth aqain. Bowever, it does appear
that ce11s record wewory. Bow the brain is 1inked to the wind and the
beinq is not a sub1ect that 1 wi11 de1ve into here, but it does appear
that the brain can be proqrawwed 1ixe a cowputer and then carry out
that proqraw without the "beinq" beinq in the body. 1he abduction
account in the to11owinq chapter i11ustrates this phenowenon. Bowever ,
the brain is obvious1y wuch wore cowp1ex than any cowputer wade by wan.
Eor practica1 purposes we can divide the wind into two parts: the
conscious part and the unconscious part.
1he conscious part ot our winds we are wore tawi1iar with. 1 t' s
the part with which we think, pertorw ca1cu1ations, and store our
conscious wewories ot 1ite.
1he unconscious part is where a11 the wewories are stored that we
received when we were unconscious. Eor instance, 1et' s say a wan is
paintinq with red paint on a 1adder, and he ta11s and 1ands on his head
on the sidewa1k. Be instant1y qoes unconscious . Now everythinq that
happens to hiw and everythinq he hears wi11 be recorded in the
unconscious part ot his wind. (We xnow this because the these wewories
can be recovered and veritied with or without the use ot hypnotisw. ) A
wowan with a raspy voice wa1xs by and sees the wan 1yinq there with
b1ood trow his head staininq the sidewa1x and says, "Ch, wy qod, 1
think 1 ' w qoinq to be sick ! " Later on when the wan' s awareness returns
he won' t have any reco11ection ot what happened whi1e he was
unconscious . Bowever, 1ater on at any tiwe ot his 1ite this
unconscious wewory can be retrieved and t i1ed in his conscious wind.
Be wi11 then know that soweone with a raspy voice cawe by and said,
"Ch, wy qod, 1 think 1 ' w qoinq to be sick ! " 1his is because the wind
never stops recordinq. 1t doesn ' t watter whether we are conscious or
unconscious, the wind records continuous1y 1ike a wovie cawera that
never runs out ot ti1w.
1 t , tor exawp1e, this wan doesn ' t retrieve this wewory, it cou1d
have a detriwenta1 ettect on hiw 1ater in 1 ite. Perhaps at a 1ater
tiwe he is very tired, and he is he1pinq a triend paint his red barn.
Bis triend ' s wite, who has a raspy voice, cowes by and says , "Ch, wy
qod, you wust be thirsty. Bave sowe tea . " 5udden1y this wan starts to
tee1 1 ike he ' s qoinq to be sick, and he way even utter the words, " 1
think 1 ' w qoinq to be sick.
Be a1so qets a headache . 5o he e×cuses
hiwse1t and qoes howe to recuperate.
When he was paintinq the barn there were specitic stiwu1i in his
environwent that were siwi1ar to the circuwstances when he te11 trow
the 1adder: the siqht and swe11 ot red paint, a raspy tewa1e voice,
and the words "Ch, wy qod. " Because ot his 1owered awareness trow
beinq very tired, these siwi1ar stiwu1i have "triqqered" the previous
trauwatic incident in which he had pain in his head and the words "1
think 1 ' w qoinq to be sick . " 1hese words have created the sawe ettect
as a post-hypnotic suqqestion, thus wakinq the wan tee1 1ike he ' s qoinq
to be sick.
Many ot us have seen this sawe princip1e app1ied to staqe
hypnotisw. Sowe peop1e are very suqqestib1e and can easi1y ta11 into a
trance in which their consciousness, or awareness, is attenuated to the
point where the hypnotist can insta11 a post-hypnotic suqqestion. 1hat
7 6
is, his cowwands are stored in the sub]ect ' s unconscious wind. Eor
exawp1e, the hypnotist puts a suqqestib1e sub]ect in a hypnotic state
and then te11s the sub1ect that when he says the word "hand" the
sub1ect wi11 couqh. Be then te11s this person to " torqet" what he
said. Be has now qiven two post-hypnotic suqqestions: to couqh when
he says "hand" and to " torqet" the incident. 1he key word "hand, " the
stiwu1us, can now triqqer the response to couqh. Because the hypnotist
instructed the sub]ect not to rewewber the incident, the wewory ot it
has been ti1ed in the unconscious part ot the wind. 1hus, awnesia has
been insta11ed. 1he hypnotist brinqs the sub]ect out ot the trance,
that is, restores his awareness, thanks the person, and te11s the
audience to qive hiw a biq "hand'' tor beinq a qood sport. 5udden1y,
the sub1ect beqins to couqh. Be way think he is cowinq down with a
sore throat because he can ' t rewewber why is couqhinq. Be has no
idea that he was proqrawwed to couqh when the triqqer word ··hand"
is spoken. 1his post-hypnotic suqqestion can be disarwed siwp1y by the
sub1ect rewewberinq what actua11y happened and what the hypnotist said.
Awnesia is what 1ocks it a11 in, and it is awnesia that wakes the post-
hypnotic suqqestion ettective. Without awnesia--that is, when wewory
is restored--the post-hypnotic suqqestion can no 1onqer attect that
individua1 .
5owe peop1e are wore suqqestib1e than others . 1 wet one abductee
who to1d we that he tried to be hypnotized on three ditterent
occasions, but without any success. A1thouqh hypnotisw has served a
usetu1 purpose as a research too1 in e×posinq the rea1ity ot abductions
and in revea1inq wany detai1s ot abduction incidents, it is by no weans
a necessary too1 to rewewber either abduction or past 1ite incidents.
5taqe hypnotists usua1 1y try to qet as wany as peop1e as possib1e to
cowe up on staqe, because not everyone is easi1y hypnotized. 1he wore
suqqestib1e sub1ects ta11 into a trance, or sownawbu1istic state, and
the rest ot the vo1unteers who were not so suqqestible are asked to
return to their seats.
Cttentiwes hypnotisw is contused with 1ust rewewberinq. 1hat is,
the sub1ect is not in a trance state in which a post-hypnotic
suqqestion can be insta11ed. 1he sub1ect is tu11y aware and conscious,
and he or she is siwp1y rewewberinq and re-experiencinq the incident.
1heretore, tor purposes ot this book I wi11 detine hypnotisw as "that
state in which an individua1 ' s awareness is 1owered to the point that
awnesia and other suqqestions can be insta11ed, which can cause the
individua1 to react contrary to his own vo1ition and can a1ter his or
her own viewpoint ot rea1ity . " 1 a1so reter to such post-hypnotic
suqqestions as "psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants. "
Bere ' s the 1itwus test: 1t the hypnotist te11s the sub]ect to
torqet, and then the sub1ect torqets, that' s hypnotisw. 1t the
hypnotist te1ls the sub1ect not to tee1 the pain, and then the sub1ect
doesn' t tee1 the pain, that ' s hypnotisw. 1he sub1ect is 1ike a
push-button contro11ed robot. Many hypnotists reter to this state in
which a post-hypnotic suqqestion can be iwp1anted as " staqe hypnotisw. "
Converse1y, it the hypnotist te11s the sub1ect to torqet, and the
sub]ect sti11 rewewbers, then the sub1ect has not actua1ly been
hypnotized. 1t the hypnotist te11s the sub1ect that he won ' t tee1 the
pain, and the sub1ect does tee1 it, then it ' s not hypnotisw, even
thouqh it is otten ca11ed "hypnotisw.·'
Another characteristic ot a rea1 hypnotic trance is that the
sub1ect is actua11y reqressed. 1hat is, it the sub1ect is instructed
to qo back to a tiwe when he is tour years o1d, he wi11 ta1k as it he
is now tour years o1d. iirect a hypnotized sub]ect to a tiwe that he
was in the wowb, and he wiqht to1d up into the teta1 position. 1he

,_� .


� ·� �-�:</ DG
pLysica11y carried or t1oated to tLe spacecratt. TLen tLe abductee is
partia11y revived into a sownawbu1istic state. TLat is, abductees can
stand and wa1k, but tLey are sti11 in a Lypnotic trance, wLicL is tor
a11 intents and purposes tLe sawe as "staqe Lypnotisw. " Bowever, in
staqe Lypnotisw tLe Lypnotist contro1s tLe subject around tLe staqe
usinq verba1 cowwands, wLereas a1ien "Lypnotists" contro1 tLe abductee
via te1epatLy. Abductees otten tee1 1ike robots or "zowbies" because
tLey obedient1y wa1k around tLe sLip and "wi11inq" qet on and ott tLe
e×awination tab1e under tLe te1epatLic direction ot tLe ETs. Abductees
otten describe tLis state as a "para1ysis" or "partia1 para1ysis. "
5owetiwes abductees can break tLis para1ysis, or Lypnotic contro1,
witL sLeer wi11power, and tLey tiqLt back or run around tLe sLip.
Not on1y do E1s contro1 tLe actions ot abductees wLi1e on tLe sLip
witL "te1epatLic Lypnosis, " tLey can a1so iwprint deceptive wenta1
pictures (visions) , voices ( sounds) , ewotions, and otLer '·perceptions . ¹·
1 reter to tLese deceptive perceptions or rea1 i11usions as "te1epatLic
iwp1ants. " 1e1epatLic iwp1ants are used by ETs wLi1e on tLe sLip to
deceive abductees so tLat tLey can be better control1ed. 5owetiwes
tLey are used to ca1w ubductees : sowetiwes tLey are used to invite tLe
abductee' s participation in acts in wLicL tLe abductee wou1d not
norwa11y participate ot Lis or Ler own vo1ition, due to persona1 etLics
or wora1 codes. Eor e×awp1e, wa1e abductees are sowetiwes seduced
into copu1ation by a tewa1e Gray wLo iwprints a deceptive te1epatLic
iwp1ant tLat wakes it appear tLat sLe is actua11y an attractive Luwan
tewa1e . Te1epatLic iwp1ants can a1so be qiven to abductees in tLeir
day-to-day 1ives wLi1e tLey are tu11y awake and conscious. 1Le
abductee or contactee way Lear voices or receive tu11-co1or, tLree-
diwensiona1 ''visions. ''
Te1epatLic iwp1ants are one ot tLe reasons wLy abductees sowetiwes
view tLeir abductions as beinq a p1easant e×perience wLen, in rea1ity,
it was a trauwatic e×perience. TLrouqL te1epatLic iwp1ants ETs can
deceptive1y portray tLewse1ves as beinq very 1ovinq, carinq beinqs.
Grays can even project an awazinq1y be1ievab1e spiritua1 1ove, wLicL
is, ot course, a tota1 deception. Most abduction researcLers reter to
tLese te1epatLic iwp1ants as " screen wewories , " but 1 don ' t usua11y use
tLis terw because tLey are not just wewories . 1Ley are rea1 i11usions
in present tiwe: tLey becowe wewories atter tLe tact. l rea1ize Low
oxyworon tLe e×pression "rea1 i 11usion" sounds, but in actua1ity it is
virtua11y iwpossib1e to discern te1epatLic iwp1ants trow rea1ity wLi1e
under tLe Lypnotic contro1 ot E1s. Bowever, wLen tLese wewories are
recovered and ti1ed into tLe conscious wind atter tLe abduction, tLese
te1epatLic iwp1ants wi11 disso1ve atter two or tLree recountinqs ot tLe
abduction incident. TLis on1y app1ies, Lowever, it tLe abductee is
usinq " conscious" wewory retrieva1 tecLniques, not Lypnotisw. 1t true
Lypnotisw is used, tLe Lypnotist wust be very a1ert to tLese te1epatLic
iwp1ants and wust otten be very c1ever to qet around tLew.
1 Lave never used Lypnotisw to recover abduction or past 1ite
e×periences . 1t is neitLer necessary nor desirab1e. Eor e×awp1e, it
an abductee is in an actua1 Lypnotic trance, tLey do just wLat tLe
Lypnotist says. TLat is, it tLe Lypnotist te11s tLe abductee not to
e×perience tLe pain, tLe abductee won ' t tee1 it. TLe Lypnotist can in
various ways a1ter tLe abductee ' s experience trow Low it rea11y
Lappened, tLus a1terinq tLe abductee ' s viewpoint and assesswent ot tLe
experience. B1ockinq tLe pain or a1terinq tLe e×perience can sowetiwes
keep tLe ewotiona1 and pLysica1 pain trow re1easinq: it rewains 1ocked
in. l Lave seen wLere abductees cowe up witL "wissinq tiwe" (wissinq
wewory) durinq a session witL a Lypnotist, because tLe Lypnotist
insta11ed awnesia by te11inq tLe abductee not to rewewber certain

events .
Ma×iwuw theraceutic va1ue is achieved on1y by conscious1y
re-e×ceriencinq and rewewberinq the event in tu11 inc1udinq the
chysica1 cain and any attendant ewotiona1 trauwa. 1n this way the
who1e e×cerience is now transterred to the conscious wind and can no
1onqer adverse1y attect the abductee. 1 shou1d note that when an
abductee re-e×ceriences the chysica1 cain conscious1y, it is nowhere
near the intensity that it was when the injury was received. When the
abductee reca11s the abduction conscious1y without hycnotisw he or she
cannot receive an inadvertent or intentiona1 cost-hycnotic suqqestion
durinq the session. A1so , abductees can ditterentiate between their
own wewories and the intorwation that they wiqht have read about other
ceoc1e ' s abductions . 1his "contawination" tactor is not a wajor
concern because the abductee is tota11y aware and awake durinq the
wewory retrieva1 session. Bowever, sowe abductees, 1ike Jack Wy1ie,
creter not to read uc on the subject or 1 isten to other ceoc1e ' s
abduction stories crior to contactinq and retrievinq their own
abduction wewories. 1t is a watter ot cersona1 choice and shou1d
a1ways be 1ett uc to the abductee. 1he abductee ' s cower ot choice in
1ite has a1ready been reduced by his abductors, so ¬hey shou1d be
a11owed to e×ercise their tree wi11 whenever cossib1e.
Actua11y, 1 have tound benetit in 1earninq about the abduction
chenowenon whi1e siwu1taneous1y oceninq uc wy own wewories . Sowe ot
the chenowena are so bizarre and incredib1e it he1cs to know that
others have e×cerienced the sawe thinq. As 1onq as rea1 hycnosis is
not used, then there ' s rea11y no rea1 crob1ew with contawination. Bear
in wind, thouqh, it you are an abductee, and you are readinq other
ceoc1e' s abduction accounts, it can triqqer your own siwi1ar abduction
e×ceriences . 1his has the cotentia1 disadvantaqe ot triqqerinq caintu1
ewotion andJor chysica1 discowtort, but it can a1so brinq wewories
c1oser to the surtace, wakinq thew easier to contact. 1 wention this
because it is sowethinq 1 wyse1t have e×cerienced, and because other
abductees way read this book and way a1so run into this chenowenon.
Abductees shou1d not try to de1ve too deec1y into their abduction
e×ceriences without the quidance ot soweone who is crocer1y trained in
recoverinq abduction wewories. Bowever, with a11 the cub1icity the
Grays have been qettinq in wovies, waqazines, books, and te1evision,
it' s virtua11y iwcossib1e to avoid occasiona11y triqqerinq sowe these
wewories. 1 have inc1uded sowe books on the subject in the 1ist ot
reterences at the end ot the book . 1 have a1so inc1uded books that can
crovide abductees with the crocer techniques to retrieve their own
wewories conscious1y and sate1y without havinq to use hycnotisw.
Another benetit ot this crocess is that any croqrawwinq, or cost-
hycnotic suqqestion, which was iwc1anted durinq the e×cerience, wi11 be
rendered nu11 and void and can no 1onqer contro1 the abductee aqainst
his or her vo1ition. 1his is escecia11y iwcortant and usetu1 tor
abductees because wost abductinq E1s not on1y insta11 awnesia, but they
a1so insta11 cost-hycnotic suqqestions. Grays and their cohorts otten
incu1cate very cowc1e×, e×tensive, and sowetiwes debi1itatinq
croqrawwinq ( csycho1oqica1 iwc1ants) into the abductee, as you wi11
1t accears that chysica1 iwc1ants in the brain way a1so assist in
the csycho1oqica1 iwc1antation ot abductees, as is revea1ed in Chacter
1hirteen. 1 ' w certain that the wi1itaryJinte11iqence cowwunity has
wore detai1ed intorwation a1onq these 1ines, since they are workinq
side by side with Grays.
There is another cotentia1 1iabi1ity that abductees way tace when
usinq hycnotisw. What it the hycnotist is workinq tor the C1A or other
inte11iqence aqency? Given the dire seriousness and thorouqhness with
which the wi1itaryJinte11iqence cowwunity concea1s their invo1vewent
with a1iens, it wou1d be naive to assuwe that they wou1d not be
interested in wonitorinq abductees in this wanner . 1his a1so 1eaves
the possibi1ity open Ior the iwp1antation oI a post-hypnotic suqqestion
that--qiven the tracx record ot the C1A, tor e×awp1e--wou1d not be in
the best interests ot the abductee. Abductee Wi11iaw Berrwann, tor
exawp1e, was asked to taxe a 1ie detector test by a LEC researcher and
was qiven an in1ection with a syrinqe riqht betore takinq the test,
which is certain1y not norwa1 procedure tor a standard po1yqraph test.
As it turned out , the "researcher" had 1ied about his identity and was
never heard trow aqain. ( 5tevens 1981) 1he C1A is we11-known tor
their use ot hypnotic druqs in brainwashinq.
Cne ot the wost we11-known abduction researchers has been reported
to work tor the C1A, and his pub1ic statewents reqardinq the abduction
phenowenon indicate that he is indeed invo1ved with the qovernwent
cover-up. 1 ' w not qoinq to wention any nawes because 1 don ' t want to
enqaqe in point1ess wuds1inqinq and debunkinq. 1 ' 11 1eave such pueri1e
behavior to the qovernwent-sponsored debunkers, who by their very words
and actions expose their true intentions and who th�y serve . I
recowwend that everyone shou1d conduct their own thorouqh research and
draw their own conc1usions .
Brainwashinq ewp1oys the sawe princip1es as hypnotisw except that
a deeper 1eve1 ot unconsciousness is insta11ed via torture, e1ectric
shock andJor hypnotic druqs. 1his deeper state ot unconsciousness
wakes psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants (post-hypnotic suqqestions) wuch wore
ettective and wore ditticu1t to access with norwa1 wewory retrieva1
techniques. Biqh-vo1taqe e1ectric shock app1ied to the brain is
especia11y insidious . British inte11iqence was insta11inq
psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants usinq these techniques with captured Gerwans
durinq Wor1d War 1 1 . 1he Awerican wi1itaryJ inte11iqence cowwunity has
been usinq these techniques tor quite sowe tiwe as we11. 1he C1A
approved the MLL1RA proqraw in 1952 in an ettort to discover better
ways to brainwash peop1e so that the sub1ect ' s persona1 conscience or
ethics or wi11power wou1dn' t intertere with the proqrawwinq.
1t is a toreqone conc1usion that this inhuwane brainwashinq is not
on1y unethica1 , but it is a c1ear vio1ation ot huwan riqhts and a criwe
aqainst huwanity. Ct course, their 1ustit ication is a1ways: " 1 t' s a
watter ot nationa1 security. " 1his is pure propaqanda .
Abductees can override the Grays ' proqrawwinq. 1hese
psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants can be rendered inettective siwp1y by
rewewberinq thew, but a1so the abductee' s wi11 power can be an
ettective too1 to override the psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants that are sti11 in
p1ace. 1he abductee does not have to qo into aqreewent with the
a1iens ' wenta1 wanipu1ations. Sowe abductees are prowotinq the idea
that the Grays are here to he1p us or save wankind or save the earth.
1hese abductees have qone into aqreewent with the Grays ' proqrawwinq,
and they are siwp1y rep1ayinq these psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants. Part ot
the Grays ' propaqanda wachine consists ot te11inq abductees that they
are "Chosen Cnes, " and the Grays try to pass thewse1ves ott as the
"Guardians" or "Caretakers" ot earth and that they wi11 save us .
Bowever, it you probe deep1y into the Grays ' wodus operandi, you' 11
tind that this cou1dn ' t be turther trow the truth. A1so, 1 ' ve
persona11y experienced very ettective te1epathic iwp1ants, which the
Grays use to too1 abductees into thinkinq they are hiqh1y-evo1ved
spiritua1 beinqs.
Another part ot their propaqanda wachine consists ot channe1ed
wessaqes. Cne person in particu1ar, who is qaininq attention in the
UEC tie1d, channe1s cowwunications trow Grays, and wuch oI it is
b1atant 1ies and easi1y provab1e as such.
1 have torwu1ated sowe workinq princip1es that app1y especia11y to
abductinq a1iens. A1thouqh it wiqht appear that 1 ' w beinq very
doqwatic about the to11owinq ru1es , 1 have torwu1ated thew trow
tirsthand experience, and 1 be1ieve they are app1icab1e in near1y a11,
i t not a11, abduction cases.
5CME1B1NG 1C B1bE.
BE51 1N1ERE515 .
1 ' ve on1y tound one contact case in which the above ru1es way not
have app1ied. My wite and one ot wy chi1dren were once contacted by a
huwan-1ookinq extra-terrestria1 with very 1arqe, beautitu1, white
winqs. Most peop1e wou1d ca11 such a beinq an anqe1 . A1thouqh 1 was
in the bedroow durinq this contact , 1 s1ept throuqh the who1e thinq.
1 ' w at a 1oss to exp1ain why this beinq wou1d want to hide his actions
by insta11inq awnesia. 1 ' 11 cover this incident in wore detai1 in
Book Two.
Cut-ot-body experiences are very cowwon durinq abductions . When 1
recovered the wewory ot wy abduction in 1957 , 1 rewewbered 1ookinq down
at the saucer trow a position approxiwate1y two hundred teet above the
ship. Consequent1y, 1 thouqht 1 was iwaqininq this part ot the
incident. Atter contactinq about a dozen wore incidents and then
hearinq severa1 other abductees report the sawe phenowenon, 1 rea1ized
what was qoinq on. Abductees describe in detai1 what is occurrinq
while their body is 1yinq unconscious and beinq worked on by a1iens .
1he sawe phenowenon has been reported by patients who have underqone
operations. 1n tact in one incident Jack Wy1ie was havinq his appendix
rewoved, as it had ruptured. Be described to we in detai1 what the
burst appendix 1ooked 1ike as he was viewinq his body trow above. 1t
appears that in both ot these situations an a1tered state ot
consciousness and trauwa are the comon denowinators. Bowever, it
isn' t necessary to be unconscious or trauwatized in order to 1eave the
body. Cne ot wy co11eqe teachers exp1ained to we how she wou1d pop out
ot her body under stresstu1 or paintu1 circuwstances . Cne ot J ´ ' s
triends described to we how she sudden1y 1ett her body, and it scared
her so wuch she qot riqht bacx in and hasn' t 1ett it since. 5owe
peop1e aren ' t stuck in their heads at a11, and they operate their
bodies trow behind andJor above their heads . 5owe peop1e can 1eave
their bodies at wi11 and qo exp1orinq wherever they want to qo. Cne
tiwe 1 conscious1y popped out ot wy head, and it was a wondertu1
experience !
1 was once visitinq a triend in ienver , and he to1d that there was
soweone in between 1itetiwes hanqinq around his house. Bis cat wou1d
otten watch this beinq wove around the roow . As we were ta1kinq, this
beinq "qrabbed" wy attention, and 1 turned wy head to tace it, and 1
said, "Bi ! " 1 quess this person rea11y wanted to qet wy attention.
Ghosts are what sowe peop1e ca11 beinqs without bodies. 1 just ca11
thew "beinqs. "
Cut-ot-body experiences dewonstrate that we are spiritua1 beinqs,
not bodies. The body is 1ust a vehic1e that we qet in and out ot,
1 itetiwe atter 1itetiwe. Anyone can rewewber their own past 1ives.
Younq chi1dren sowetiwes ta1x about their crevious 1ite. A1so,
chi1dren in qenera1 can contact cast 1ite incidents easier than adu1ts
and usua11y reca1 1 the exceriences with wore c1arity and detai1. Grays
sowetiwes to1 1ow an individua1 trow 1itetiwe to 1itetiwe as you wi11
see in the to11owinq abductee accounts and in Boox 1wo where 1 wi11
cover wany ot wy own cast 1ite abductions. 1t' s not a very cowtortab1e
tee1inq when you xnow they ' ve qot your nuwber and wi11 cowe bacx aqain
and aqain and aqain• • • and waybe even ne×t 1itetiwe, too.
1his is not a boox about cast 1ives cer se. Bowever, the cast
1ives chenowenon crovides a window into our true cast history--which is
not a1ways what they decict in cub1ic schoo1 text booxs. Exawination
ot the cast 1ives ot abductees yie1ds a 1arqe vo1uwe ot new data and
new insiqht into the E1s ' hidden wotives and intentions in visitinq
Earth and abductinq its inhabitants. 1t a1so excoses our true history
because these neqative E1s tend to abduct the sawe individua1s 1itetiwe
atter 1itetiwe, and sowetiwes these abductees are c1aced in int1uentia1
cositions that have siqniticant1y attected the course ot history on
this c1anet.
1 do not cresuwe that a11 extra-terrestria1s are wa1evo1ent, ot
course. 1his boox, however, tocuses on the neqative E1s since they
have created the qreatest ettect ucon Earth ' s societies. 1hese covert,
wanicu1ative E1 qroucs are sti11 worxinq behind the scenes to crowote
and carry out their own aqenda. 1he Grays are not the on1y qrouc
invo1ved as there are severa1 other socia1 qroucs with ditterent body
tyces. 1t accears that they have torwed a networx to coordinate their
activities. We shou1d identity thew not 1ust by their body-tyce, but
by their actions .
1 ' ve inc1uded the to1 1owinq abduction account because it ' s an
intriquinq exawc1e ot an out-ot-body excerience. 1his abduction a1so
dewonstrates that 1) a beinq has the abi1ity to cerceive without the
use ot a body, 2 ) the wind and the brain are secarate, 2) the brain can
be crecroqrawwed to contro1 the body whi1e the beinq is outside the
body, 4 ) ce11s in the body accarent1y retain wewories, and 5 ) sowetiwes
one wust qo over an incident severa1 tiwes betore the cowc1ete story
surtaces and is tu11y understood by the abductee.
J discovered the reason tor her wissinq wewory back in the
suwwer ot 1976 when she drove trow 5coRane to Chattaroy. 1 ' ve inc1uded
wost, but not a11, ot the transcrict ot the session here.
J ' s 5ession #2 -- June 29, 1994
"A11 riqht. With your attention on that 1ast session that you
had, the session you were te11inq we about, return to a siwi1ar
" We11, 1 ' w Rind ot qettinq a cicture ot a rea11y biq scaceshic.
1 was te11inq you about the tiwe we were drivinq. . . 1et ' s see,
at that coint we were south ot Chattaroy, that biq 1onq stretch
ot road there. And it was rea1 wide, and they wade it into a
sucer hiqhway out there now. 1 was te11 inq you about that, and
1 don ' t know it 1 ' w just. . . ah, 1 don ' t know how rea1 that is.
1 just Rinda qet this cicture ot this rea11y iwwense thinq.
And 1 was so c1ose to it. And it ' s not 1ike 1 ' w not standinq a
1onq distance away trow it. And 1 ' w 1iRe so c1ose to it, i t' s
hard to see a11 ot it. 1t' s hard to see how biq it is. ··
"Where are you standinq?"
J ··We11, 1 ' w standinq outside ot it. And 1 don ' t know, when 1
to1d you about it betore it had the qua1ity ot beinq 1iRe waybe
1 iwaqined it or sowethinq. " (Part ot this incident had
surtaced betore we conducted this session. 1t was triqqered
one day when we drove cast this c1ace ot abduction on the
5coRaneJChattaroy road. ) "And sowetiwes 1 think 1 ' w just Rind
ot creatinq stut t . (Lauqhs) 1 tee1 1ike waybe 1 ' w just
creatinq it, but 1 just have this stranqe tee1inq ot standinq
outside this thinq that is so biq. 1t seews dark. . . an object.
And 1 don' t know it it ' s because it' s just so dark outside.
1 ' w standinq in the shadow ot that waybe, but it just seews biq
and darR and so biq 1 can ' t see the who1e thinq. 1 just can ' t
see it a11 , it' s so biq. 1 ' w just standinq so c1ose to it,
a1wost under the shadow ot it or sowethinq. But cerichera11y
1. . . you know, there' s trees on wy riqht and wy 1ett in the
distance. 1hat area out there is so biq where it' s c1eared
trow tree 1ine to tree 1ine . "
"Where i s this?¹·
J "1t ' s on the hiqhway south ot Chattaroy. 1here' s a 1onq
stretch ot road that' s about three wi1es 1onq. 1 t' s just
a1wost t1at. 1t ' s straiqht, just straiqht as an arrow tor
quite a 1onq ways betore it starts to curve east. 1here' s a
big 1ong stretcn ot road tnere. 1t' s rea11y wide between tne
tree 1ines on eitner side. But tnis tning just seews to taxe
uc everytning. lt ' s 1ust. . . in scite tne tact tnat l ' w so c1ose
to it, 1 can ' t see it a11. 1 ]ust sense tnat it ' s just
iwwense. lt ' s 1ust carxed tnere rignt swacx in tne widd1e ot
tne nignway! ·¹
"Cn tne nignway?
J ''Cn tne nignway. lt ' s rignt on tne nignway. lt' s 1ust rignt
tnere. 1t' s 1ixe a wassive 1anding stric or sowetning. ·'
!·Wnat snace is tne cratt?¹·
J ' ' 1t' s big. Circu1ar. lt ' s round, crobab1y 1ixe a disx. Lixe
l say, 1 ' w just standing so c1ose to it tnat 1 ' d nave to stec
way, way bacx. l ' w trying to tninx wnat It wou1d be 1ixe to
cowcare it to. lt ' s nard to get tne wno1e cicture.¹
''Wnat' s naccening?"
J " 1 tninx l ' w 1ust standing tnere. l tninx tnere ' s ceoc1e or
sowebody. 1nere ' s sowe wovewent anead ot we and to tne rignt.
But it' s 1ixe it' s darx, and l can ' t rea11y see wnat ' s going
on. 1nere' s sowe. . . 1 don ' t xnow i t it ' s ceoc1e or it i t' s
Grays or sowe otner beings . 1 don ' t xnow. 1 tninx ot seeing a
scacesnic, and l autowatica11y say, you xnow, �Cn, it ' s gotta
be Grays. ' ( Laugns) ' Cause wost ot tne tiwe it i s, crobab1y.
1 don ' t want to 1ust assuwe eitner. lt' s rea11y very quiet. 1
tninx 1 near cricxets. But it ' s nignt. lt' s . . . stars uc in tne
sxy, and it ' s c1ear, and it ' s warw, rea1 warw. lt wust be
suwwer. Cn, 1 tninx 1 accroacned tne snic trow tne soutn side.
l seew to be standing on tne nortn side ot it. 1 tee1 1ixe l ' w
tacing soutn. 1 ' w tacing down tne nignway to tne soutn.
Notning is rea11y naccening. 1 tee1 1ixe l ' w sti11 just
standing tnere. 1 don' t tee1 1ixe l ' w tree to 1ust wa1x around
and 1oox at it or anytning. You xnow, 1ixe l ' w just waiting or
sowetning. l don ' t xnow, 1 don ' t seew to be getting anytning
e1se . "
"Uw-nun. Wnat naccens next?"
J "l xnow sowetning e1se naccens, and 1 xnov sowetning' s tnere,
but l don' t seew to be ab1e to see anytning or near anytning.
1 xind ot get tne tee1ing tnat sowetning' s going on , but 1 just
tee1 1ixe l ' w a1wost iso1ated trow it. We1 1 , crobab1y because
l ' w not succosed to rewewber it. 1t' s xind ot ditticu1t
to see wnat ' s going on. ··
"Are you standing on tne nignway or. . . ? ¹
J !·Lw-nun. Yean, rignt on tne cavewent, yean. 5tanding tnere. "
·'Wnat do you near?"
J "Cricxets. A rust1e or wovewent, sowebodv woving. Just
wovewent, you xnow. Peoc1e woving around. But 1 don ' t near
any ta1xing. 1nere' s nobody saying anytning. 1t ' s so sti11
out, tnougn. 1t ' s just tne cricxets and tne sounds 1ixe, you
xnow, a suwwer nignt. And one tning, l guess , is unusua1 is
tnat tnere ' s not tne constant roar ot cars going by. 1nis is
betore tne trattic. . . betore tney widened tne nignway out tnere,
so tnere ' s on1y tne way tne nignway used to be, but sti11, you
xnow, tnere ' s a1ways a 1ot ot trattic out tnere. lt ' s just
atter widnignt 1 tninx. 1 don ' t near any otner sounds. 1nis
object' s so big, 1 get tne tee1ing 1 cou1d 1oox at it, and l
cou1d stec bacx a 1ong way betore 1 wou1d see a11 ot it, you
xnow, to get a rea11y good 1oox at it. 1t ' s 1ixe standing
a1wost witn your nose uc to sowetning 1ixe a B-52 or sowetning.
And trying to see tne wno1e tning, you xnow you ' d nave to bacx
8 5
uc quite a ways to rea11y qet the who1e cicture, ' cause it' s so
biq. 1t ' s 1ixe a. . . this huqe tootba11 stadiuw set down in this
hiqhway here. '
"1s it on 1eqs, or above, or is it sitting riqht on the
J " 1 don ' t xnow. lt ' s rea11y shadowed. 1 xinda thinx it' s
sittinq riqht on the qround. ' Cause 1 don' t . . • doesn ' t seew to
be any scace between it and the qround. So it doesn ' t seew to
be sittinq uc on 1eqs or anythinq. 1t ' s 1ixe riqht on the
qround. Haybe it ' s ' cause it ' s just such a swooth t1at surtace
they te1t they cou1d do that. ··
"Where ' s your car?"
"Hy car? 1 don' t xnow. (Lauqhs) 1 ' w ]ust so cauqht uc in
1ooxinq at this thinq that it xind ot threw we there. Where ' s
wy car? 1t ' s down the road. 1t ' s. . . 1 thinx it ' s down. . . 1
can ' t see it. 1 can ' t see it trow where 1 ' w standinq. But
it' s south ot where 1 aw, a1onq the side ot the road, 1ust
cu11ed ott the side ot the road. "
"1s this when you were headinq north to Chattaroy?"
J "Ur-huh. 1 was qoinq out to Mom and Lad' s when 1 1ived
downtown at the acartwent. 1t was by the treeway. 1his was
one ot those tiwes when 1 had wissinq tiwe . "
" Continue. "
J " 1 ' w havinq a 1ot ot troub1e contactinq this incident. 1 don' t
xnow, it ' s 1ixe 1 tee1 rea11y hesitant to contact it wyse1t, or
it ' s just that it ' s that 1 have such a b1ocx on it. Sowetiwes
it ' s just so hard to qet throuqh. "
"1s this an a1ien scaceshic?"
J !·Uw-huh. "
"Which a1iens?"
J "Grays. "
"Lo you see thew in this incident?··
J "Yeah. 1 thinx they ' re two ot thew ott to the riqht ot we.
Just in tront and ott to the riqht, xind ot a1wost out ot the
corner ot wy eye. 1t tee1s 1ixe they ' re conterrinq, or waybe
they' re ta1xinq to another huwan or doinq sowethinq with
another huwan or sowe. . . 1 ¸ust. . . they ' re over there, and
they ' re doinq sowethinq, and 1 can xinda hear wovewent 1ixe
wa1xinq or ]ust wovewent that you can hear 1ixe when ceoc1e
wa1x and stutt . "
"Lo you qo into the shic?"
J !·No, 1 don ' t thinx 1 do. Seews 1ixe. . . 1 don' t xnow it they
decide not to or it was a wistaxe or. . . 1 don' t xnow. We11 ,
sowehow 1 ' w standinq way bacx trow it now. 1 ' w way cn the
north side ot it. 1 ' w way bacx trow it. 1 wust be, oh, waybe
a hundred yards trow the north side ot it, xind ot 1ixe 1 ' w
]ust 1ooxinq bacx at it, and it ' s a saucer. But it' s not rea1
ta1 1 . 1t doesn ' t have a 1ot ot heiqhth to it. Very wide.
Kind ot. . . uc on the edqes. . . qradua11y s1opes. A1thouqh there ' s
a xind ot a roundinq at the toc ot it, but it ' s narrow. 1t ' s
not a rea1 wide area that' s rounded. You xnow, it' s not
a. . . it ' s a s1iqht. . . this 1ooxs unrea1! 1t ' s ]ust 1ixe. . . you
thinx you ' re. . . it 1ooxs 1ixe a ha11ucination, you xnow, sowe
weird surrea1 caintinq sowebody ' s done or sowethinq. 1t¹ s
1ixe, you xnow, it 1ooxs so out ot c1ace. 1t ' s ]ust. . . it' s so
chenowena11y huqe that it ]ust. • • sittinq there on that hiqhway
it 1ooxs unbe1ievab1e! "
"Bow wide is it?"
"Bow wide? 1t qoes cowc1ete1y across tne cavewent, ott to tne
sides, nanqs ott out over tne sides ot tne road. Wnat was
tnat, tour 1anes out tnere? 5owetninq like tour 1anes. And it
¸ust doesn' t quite qo trow tree 1ine to tree 1ine on eitner
side, but cretty c1ose. 1 wean it' s 1ike uc aqainst tne
rai1road track on tne east side ot tne niqnway. Like 1 said
it' s not rea11y ta1 1 , kinda cowes uc kinda steec1y, at a tair1y
steec anqle trow tne. . . we11 , 1 nave to draw a cicture ot it.
Frow tne edqes ot it, it cowes uc at an anq1e, and tnen it
qradua11y. . . tne anq1e becowes 1ess obvious �nd s1ow1y s1oces,
and tnen it becowes a 1itt1e wore obvious riqnt towards tne
widd1e ot tne toc ot it. And it ' s not so curved on tne bottow.
1t ' s ]ust. . . so wucn ot tne base ot tnis ]ust sittinq riqnt on
tne niqnway. ··
"Wnat ' s nacceninq now?¹'
" 1 ' w sittinq in tne car. 1 ' w 1ike on tne road, and 1 ' w on tne
nortn side, and 1 ' w on tne niqnway. And 1 ' w 1ust sittinq in
tne car 1ookinq back at it. 1 wean conscious1y. 1 ' w
conscious1y sittinq tnere 1ookinq at it. And tnen. . . ! don ' t
know, sowenow it doesn ' t seew riqnt, 1ike waybe it ' s a ta1se
wewory or sowetninq. And i t' s sowetninq tnat. . . it ' s 1ike tney
qave to we. . . 1ike nere, nave tnis wewoty. " ( Cnuck1es)
"Wnat is tne wewory?"
"Just sittinq in tne car 1ookinq at it. You know, ]ust
1ookinq back at it. Beinq 1ust awed by it. You know now biq
it is. 1t' s 1ike. . . qod! And tnen tnat ' s tne end ot tne
"Return to tne beqinninq, tne very beqínninq ot tne incident
and recount it. 5ee it you can cick uc sowe wore tninqs tnat
naccen. "
"Ckay. 1 ' w kinda qettin' tnese cictures, but tney. . . it doesn ' t
seew rea1 to we. 1t ]ust it doesn' t seew riqnt. "
"Just te11 we wnat you see . "
"We11, 1 quess tne reason wny it seews so stranqe is a1wost
because 1 ' w watcninq it naccen instead ot beinq cart ot it, you
know. 1 tee1 1ike 1 ' w standinq tnere watcninq, 1 don' t know,
a1wost like 1 ' w not in wy body or sowetninq. 1 ' w tryinq to
rea11y look at wnat ' s qoinq on. 1 see wy car now, a wnite
Cowet. And tne door is ocen on it, and 1 ' w seeinq it trow a
distance or trow. . . it ' s a1wost 1ike 1 ' w watcninq sowebody e1se
or sowetninq because 1 see tnese beinqs, and tney' re takinq we
out ot tne car, but 1 ' w not tnere. 1 ' w standinq away trow
tnew. And tneir nands reacn out and tney cut one nand under wy
uccer 1ett arw and ne1c we out ot tne car, you know. And wy
body is 1ike 1 ' w 1ust kinda 1ike tnis trance sort ot tninq, you
know. Just sort ot 1ike, you know, ]ust very non-resistance.
You know, 1 ' w ]ust not resistinq at a11 or anytninq. 1t' s ]ust
1ike , we11 , take we, you know. 1t' s ]ust weird. And 1 tnink
tnat 1 ' w not i n wy body at tnis coint. 1 ' w standinq outside,
and 1 ' w 1ookinq at tnis, you know, qoinq � onnnnn . ' But 1 see
tnew wovinq we. And tneir neads are turned away trow wnere 1
aw--not we in wy body--but � 1 ' rea11y aw standinq away trow
tnew. 1 ' w standinq kind ot riqnt, we1 1 , cara11e1 to tnew, but
ttow a 1itt1e bit ot a distance. Kind ot standinq away,
1ookinq, tryinq to tiqure out wnat' s nacceninq. And 1 can see
tnew witn wy body and tney' re wa1kinq. Tne scacesnic is kind
ot benind we and to tne 1ett. 1 ' w tryinq not to wake tnis
contusinq because 1 say �we,· and tnen tnere ' s wy body. 1t ' s
not tne sawe tninq. Ckay. 5o �we, ' you know , wnete � 1 ' w'
standinq, tne spacesnip is a 1itt1e benind we and to tne 1ett
on1y 1 ' w not even 1ookinq at tnat. 1 ' w ]ust 1ookinq at tnese
beinqs, and tne one on tne tiqnt side ot wy body, nis nead is
kind ot down, and tne one on tne 1ett side nas nis nead tutned
towatds wy body, and so away ttow �we . ' And so 1 don ' t see
eitnet one ot tneit taces. But tney ' te about a little bit
snottet tnan 1 aw ot tnan wy body is. 1 ' w just walkinq atound
1ike a zowbie. You know, just walkinq alonq. My body ' s
wa1kinq a1onq. ( Lauqns) 1t ' s kinda tunny. ( Lauqns) 1 wean
in tne sense tnat tney tnink tney ' ve qot we, but tney don' t.
( Lauqns) ' Cause tnat' s not wnete � 1 ' w' at. 5utptise! A
1itt1e a1ien nuwot tnete. ( Lauqns) And anyway, 1 ' w
apptoacninq. . . you know wnat? 1 just tealized tnat tney 1ust
took wy body inside ot tne snip, on1y 1 wasn ' t in it. 1 wasn ' t
in tne snip at all. 1 was standinq outside ot it. ( Lauqns) 1
wondet wnat nappened. ( Lauqns ) 1nis is weitd. 1nis nasn ' t
nappened betote, 1 don' t tnink. ( Lauqns) 1 ' d like to nave
seen tne 1ook on tneit taces : � Bun? «nete is sne? ' And 1
suddenly tealized tnat tnat ' s wnat nappened. Tnat ' s wnat
nappened. 1ney took wy body into tne snip, and 1 was like, 1
don ' t know, waybe I was ]ust so snocked by tne wno1e tninq tnat
1 ]ust, you know, just went tiqnt out ot wy body. 1 ]ust stood
at a sate distance. 5ounds kind ot sttanqe, but tnat' s wnat
nappened. We11 , anyway, tnat' s wnat tney ' te doinq. And 1 ' w
standinq in ttont ot tneit snip lookinq at it, you know, ` we '
as a beinq. 1 ' w standinq tnete lookinq at tne snip, and tney
nave walked atound so tnat 1 ' ve cowe atound, and tnete tney
nave wy body, and tney ' te, you know, like contetting ot doinq
sowetninq, ttyinq to qet wy body onto tne snip wni1e 1 ' w atound
on tne otnet side 1ookinq at tne snip! 1nis is qteat! Tnis is
qteat! ( Lauqns) 1 1ove tnis! 1nis is qood. Ckay, so anyway
tnat' s wnat tney' te doinq wnen 1 see tnew, wnen 1 see sowetninq
qoin' on to tne tiqnt ot we and. . . ot on wy tiqnt and kind ot in
ttont ot we. And tnen. . . 1 don ' t know now wucn tiwe qoes by. 1
don' t know. And 1 ' w kinda 1ike lookinq at tnis tninq, you
know. And, 1 don ' t know, 1 ' w kind ot contused about wnat 1
snould do, but 1 know tnat 1 don ' t want to qo back into wy body
at tnis point. 1t wou1dn ' t be a qood tninq to do. 5o, it
seews tnat 1 ' w tnete. . . it ' s natd to te11 tne tiwe tnat qoes by.
1 ' w tninkinq, not even na1t an nout, not tnat 1onq, but sti11
it' s kind ot natd to te11 . 1 ' ve. . . ]ust a second nete , 1 ' ve qot
a 1itt1e piece ot eye1asn ot sowetnin' in wy eye . " ( 5ne qets
it out) "Okay. And tnen tney ' te takinq we back to wy cat.
1ney ' te takinq wy body back to wy cat. And tnete 1 aw, and 1 ' w
1ike. . . 1 tnink tnat wy body statts to dtive ott ! And it leaves
and. . . but tnen a1l ot a sudden tnete 1 aw ( back in net body) ,
and 1 ' w stopped in tne cat, and 1 tutned atound, and 1 ' w just
stopped. 1 ]ust stop tne cat in tne toad like a nundted yatds
away ot sowetninq. And at tnat point 1 ' w in wy body, and 1
just stop tne cat in tne toad, and 1 tutn atound, and 1 put wy
atw actoss tne back ot tne seat and tutn wy nead to tne tiqnt.
And 1 ]ust sit tnete, and 1 1ook at it. 1 ]ust. . . you know,
it' s 1ike `God, is tnis tea1? bid tnis tea11y nappen? ' And
tnen 1 dtive down tne toad, and 1. . . it kinda qoes down tne ni11
to tne tiqnt, and it cutves, and tnen 1 tutn into tne toad tnat
qoes into wy patents' dtiveway. 1nen 1 qo down tne dtiveway
and pu11 tne cat into wy parkinq space, and tnen 1 just qo in
tne nouse and go downstaits and go to bed. And tnat ' s tne end
ot tnat incident. (Laugns) Cn, 1 1ove tnis ! Tnis is gteat!
Tnis is ]ust. . . �Ana, 1 got you! ' 1 snou1d tnink ot doing tnat
next tiwe. 1 ]ust wisn 1 ' d seen tne 1ooks on tneit taces, you
know, wnen tney went 1ike � sne ' s not in nete ! ' Cr ]ust, you
know, ` 1 don ' t nave tiwe tot tnis: put net back or sowetning. '
1 don' t know. ( Laugns) `Next tiwe wake sute tnere ' s a body
wnen you take ' ew! ' ( Laugns) 1t ' s tunny. 1t ' s so weird
standing tnete 1ooking at tnew putting wy body into tne snip,
and 1 ' w not in it. But 1 ' w not about to go, you know, `Cn,
wait a winute, 1 be1ong witn tnat body, ' you know, ot anytning.
At tne tiwe 1 don' t tee1 1ike �Ba-na, you don ' t nave we . ' 1
didn' t tee1 1ike tnat. 1 was ]ust so in awe it was 1ust 1ike
�Wnat ' s going on? ' 1 1ust didn ' t know wnat was going on. "
"bid you take a 1ook at a11 inside tne snip?"
J "No. Bun-un . 1 stood outside tne snip. 1 wasn ' t going in
tnete! 1 wasn ' t going in tnat snip. 5o, 1 don ' t know. . . "
(At tnis point 1 encouraged J to take a c1oset 1ook to see
it sne cou1d contact wnat was nappening to net body inside
tne snip wni1e sne, as a being, was outside tne snip. )
J "Ckay, 1et ' s see. We11, wy body wou1d' ve nad to tecotd it, you
know, at sowe 1eve1 sowewnete. 1 don' t seew to be s1uwped ovet
and unconscious. 1 wean, wy eyes were open and stutt wnen tney
wete 1eading we into tne snip. 5o it 1ooked 1ike a nuwan
being, but 1itt1e did tney know. . . yean, it ' s 1ignt inside, but
it ' s not btignt. 1t' s diw 1ignting, and it ' s 1 ike you don ' t
know wnete tne 1ignting ' s cowing trow. 1t' s kind ot typica1,
it seews , you know, otnet Gtays ' snips tnat 1 ' ve been in. You
know, it ' s 1ike. . . kind ot weitd tnat way . "
"Can you see anytning at a11?"
J 1t ' s 1ike. . . 1 ' w not in wy body. 1 ' w not even c1ose to wy body.
1t ' s ]ust 1ike. . . 1 can' t tea11y wake it do anytning, you know.
5o 1 don' t know it wy eyes ate open ot not. 1 don' t know .
7ney seew to be open wnen 1 went inside tne snip. "
"bo you nave any idea wnat tne inside ot tne snip 1ooks 1ike?"
J "No, not rea11y. No. 1ne t1oot ' s tea11y swootn. Eee1s, 1
suppose, swootn. You know, i t 1 tty to tnink about now it
tee1s, tnink about, you know, wy body. . . 1 ' ve nevet tried to do
tnis betote. You nave two separate tnings. Like 1 ' w standing
outside tne snip. And so wnen you say, `Look at wnat ' s going
on inside ot it, ' it ' s natd tot we. 1 don' t know now to
exp1ain it. 1t ' s 1ike 1 ' w not in wy body, so 1 ' w naving. . . it ' s
1ike 1 can ' t tea11y. . . ! don' t know tea11y now to do tnat. But
1 know tney' te doing stutt to wy body. Tney did. . . r ]ust te1t
a twitcn in wy 1eg, but it was 1ike 1ust a wuscu1ar twitcn. 1
wean it wasn ' t 1ike. . . an, 1 don ' t know. 1 ' w naving ttoub1e
desctibing tnis to you. Rea11y strange, but tney' te pressing
on wy cnest. " ( 5ne is apparent1y beginning to contact tne
ce11u1ar wewoties ot tne body. ) "And betote tnat tney did
sowething to wy rignt tnign, outside wy tnign. 1 don' t know
wnat tnat is. 1 don' t know. And tney' re ptessing on wy cnest,
because 1 can tee1 tne ptessute. But 1 don ' t actua11y see tnew
ptessing on wy cnest, you know. And tney do sowetning to wy
1eg, wy 1ett 1eg, ]ust above wy ank1e on tne outside, not tne
inside ot wy 1eg, ]ust tne outside . 1t' s 1ike tnete ' s ptessute
pusning, and it tee1s 1ike tnete' s waybe a need1e waking a pin
cusnion out ot we, out ot wy body. And tnen 1 tee1 1ike
tney' te pusning on tne backbone. Tnete ' s ptessute on tnat,
]ust riqnt in tne widd1e ot wy back. Usua11y riqnt about tne
area wnere it nurts, wnere 1 qet backacnes and stutt. And tnen
conscious1y l ' w sti11 � standinq ' outside tne snip. � Me, I you
know. But it ' s 1ike. . . kind ot 1ookinq at wy body. . . body
wewories or sowetninq. 1nis is so stranqe. ·· (Winces)
"Wnat was tnat? "
' 1nat was. . . nurt wnen I breatned. 1t nurt 1ike way down in tne
bottow ot wy 1ett 1unq. Like �annn! ' Rea11y snarp pain.
And. . . an! 1ney ' re kinda. . . tney' re not very qent1e. 1ney' re
kind ot rouqn! 1ney ' re just 1ike. . . l can tee1 pusnes aqainst
wy body. Like just, you know, t1ip ner over, pusn tnat button,
wove tnat arw, you know. 1t' s 1ike you ' re ]ust weat tnat
tney ' re snovinq and pokinq and proddinq. 1t' s ]ust not very
qent1e at a11! And tnen tnere ' s 1ike a pressure aqainst tne
tewpIes . 1t ' s a 1iqnt pressure a1wost 1ike puttinq on a pair
ot neadpnones or sowetninq. 1t ' s not uncowtortab1e even. 1t ' s
]ust, you know, sowetninq. . . 1t' s ]ust noticeab1e. And tnat ' s
a11. And tney put wy body back into tne car. And 1 ' w drivinq
down tne road--wy body is--and 1 turn, 1 ' w 1ookinq at tnis
spacesnip, and 1 turn away trow it, and 1 ]ust qo ` zzzzzoow, '
and 1 ' w just riqnt back into wy body. 1. . . ]ust 1ike a snot,
]ust a ` sssnwoon. ' 1t ' s coo1 ! ( Lauqns) 1t ' s rea11y coo1! 1t
]ust tee1s neat to do tnat. And it ' s ]ust 1ike 1 ]ust turn
around and qo ` Cn yean, I knew tnat. We11, okay 1et ' s qet on
witn tnis. ' And tnen 1 ' w back in wy body, and 1 stop tne car,
and 1 just turn around, and 1 wust nave been sittinq tnere witn
wy woutn 1ust nanqinq open 1ike. . . God! God! You know, it
wou1d nave been qreat it sowebody nad been tnere witn we, so 1
cou1d say, `God, did you see tnat! 1sn' t tnat awazinq ! ' You
know tne kind ot stutt you say it sowebody was tnere. 1nat' s
a11 . "
"Wnat day ot tne week is tnis?"
"1t ' s a Wednesday. "
"Wnat year is it?"
"5eventy-six. "
"Ckay. Return to tne beqinninq ot tne incident wnere you' re
in town, and you tirst qet tne urqe to qo out to your wor and
dad ' s . You to1d we about tnat betore.
"Cn, yean. "
"Return to tnat and re-experience tnat. "
"Cn, we11 1 nave to kind ot set tne scene a 1itt1e bit. 1nird
t 1oor. 1t was a tnree-story apartwent bui1dinq. Rea1 o1d. 1t
was bui1t wnen 5pokane was tirst bui1t or sowetninq. And it' s
wondertu1 . 1 1ove it. But it ' s on tne tnird t1oor, and it ' s a
biq , nuqe rawb1inq apartwent. 1t ' s two-bedroow . And 1 ' w
1ayinq in wy bed, and 1 ' w kind ot tossinq and turninq, and 1ike
it ' s not. God, it ' s so not. 1ne tans are qoinq, tne windows
are open, you know, and tne constant roar ot tne treeway is
]ust 1ike practica11y riqnt out tne window ' cause tney bui1t
tne treeway riqnt ne×t to it. 1t ' s rea11y noisy, and it ' s so
not, and I qet out bed, and 1 put wy sneets in tne treezer.
( Lauqns) I wad ' ew up, and I stutt ' ew in tne treezer, and 1
pace around tne kitcnen. And tnere' s a b1ack and wnite, biq,
cnecked 1ino1euw t1oor, and it tee1s rea11y coo1 on wy teet.
And so 1 ' w ]ust sort ot wa1kinq around in tne kitcnen waitinq
tor wy sneets to qet co1d. (Lauqns) And 1 take ' ew out, and 1
put ' ew back on tne bed, and tnen it tee1s rea11y qood tor
about two winutes . And it ' s just not aqain, and 1 ' w ]ust
1ayinq there, and a11 ot a sudden 1 think, �Mow and bad ' s ,
Chattaroy, ' you know. 1t' s 1ike tnat, you know. 1t' s 1ike 1
don ' t know where this tnouqnt cowes : � Chattaroy
you know.
�Go out to Chattaroy. Yeah, it ' s coo1er out there. Just drive
out there. 1hat ' s tine. 1nen (ust drive back in, you know, in
tiwe tor work in the worninq, and you can qet sowe s1eec. 1t
wou1d be rea11y nice. I And so 1 do.
( J 1ater said tnat
tne Grays had iwc1anted in ner wind tnis idea ot drivinq out to
ner carents ' nowe. ) "1 qet dressed, and 1 1eave a note tor
Lisa . 5he ' s tne qir1 1 snare tne acartwent with. We both work
at the sawe c1ace. Just said tnat 1 went out to Mow and bad' s
' cause 1 cou1dn ' t s1eec, and tnat' s a11. 1 qet dressed, and 1
qet in wy car, and it ' s carked on the street. And then 1 qo
out and cross the sidewa1k and qet into wy car and head down
bivision. 1 ' w qoinq out. . . once 1 qet cassed the � Y' it ' s nice
because it ' s a11 ]ust tie1ds out there. 1here ' s a tew
businesses but not very wany. Ior tne wost cart that ' s wnere
tne country starts tor we. And 1 ' w drivinq a1onq, and a11 ot a
sudden it' s 1ike 1 ' w. . . 1 don ' t know, it' s 1ike. . .1 don ' t know,
it' s weird. 1 kind ot qet the tee1inq that sowethinq' s qoinq
on, as a � beinq, ' you know. 1t' s ]ust 1 ike you tee1 sowetninq
1ust run uc your scine. And a11 ot a sudden you ]ust qet tnis
weird crewonition that sowethinq ' s qoinq on. Just scooky.
Like. . . I don ' t know, it' s ]ust a sense. . . it ' s 1ust. . . "
"Are you sti11 drivinq?"
"Yeah. And, oh, there ' s sowe 1iqhts that kinda t1ash. 1 t' s
1ike there' s 1iqnts above. 1here ' s this 1 iqht. 1here ' s
sowetninq uc above, and there ' s tnis 1iqnt, and 1 just have
this tee1inq that sowetninq ' s qonna haccen, and it ' s 1ust. . . a11
ot a sudden 1 ' w standinq outside, and 1 ' w 1ookinq at the car.
And there ' s 1ike this t1ash. 1here ' s 1ike. . . a1wost 1ike it ' s
1iqhtninq, but it ' s not. But it doesn ' t 1iqht everythinq uc
1ike 1iqhtninq does, you know, 1 iqht the trees and everytninq
around you; it just tor a sc1it second wi11 be briqnt. But it
wasn' t 1ike tnat. 1t was very directed. 1t was a narrow area
tnat it was 1iqhtinq, you know, 1ike rea11y concentrated,
zoowinq in on one carticu1ar thinq, wnich was wy car. And 1
1uwced out ot the way ( out ot her body) . And 1 1ust. . . it ' s a
ret1e×. Even conscious1y 1 didn' t even think, �Cn, 1 ' d better
qet out ot wy body . ' 1t haccened witnin sucn a breatn ot a
second tnat it was a1wost an invo1untary thinq. Probab1y sowe
sort ot surviva1 tninq. ( Lauqns) �Get out ot tne body riqnt
now! 1his is not qood! ' And nere 1 ' w standinq nere, and wy
car is actua1 1y quite c1ose to tne shic. 1t' s rea11y cretty
c1ose. 1here ' s one Gray, and he' s very s1iw and waybe a 1itt1e
bit ta11er than the quy on the other side ot we. And they
don' t know 1 ' w there. 1hey don' t know 1 ' w there at a11. You
know, tnat that' s we or anythinq. 1ney' re invo1ved in qettinq
wy body out ot tne car and takinq we to tneir shic, and so tney
don' t see we. 1hey don ' t know 1 ' w there. And 1 tee1 1ike it ' s
a1wost 1ike 1 ' w watchinq sowethinq on te1evision . 1 ' w watchinq
this qoinq on. 1t ' s 1ike 1 ' w kind ot cut ott trow it and not
tee1inq rea11y ewotiona1 about it. Kind ot 1ike 1 aw, but 1 ' w
not. You know, 1 ' w not hysterica1 or anytninq, 1 quess is wnat
1 wean. 1 ' w not canicked or territied. 1 ' w ]ust rea11y very
surcrised, you know. 1t' s a1wost 1ike it seews unrea1 , and so
1 just don ' t react in a rea1 territied way. 1he on1y kind ot
anythinq waybe c1ose to canic was when 1 just cocced out ot wy
body so tast. But that, 1ixe 1 said, wasn ' t a conscious thinq.
1t was ]ust sowethinq 1 did. Just, you xno·¡ , without a thouqht
1 had this prewonition that sowethinq was happeninq, and a11 ot
a sudden 1 was outside ot wy body. But anyway. . . and they don ' t
see we, and they taxe we away , wy body, towards the ship . And
they ' re wovinq across the side ot it that' s tacinq to the
south. 1hey ' re wovinq to the 1ett and around to the 1ett side
ot the ship. And in the weantiwe 1 wove around to the riqht
side. 1hey qo this way, and 1 qo this way . You xnow, and 1 ' w
1ixe wa1xinq around, and 1 ' w 1ooxinq up at this thinq 1ixe
�What the he11 is qoinq on? ' You xnow? 1 ' w just in awe and so
surprised and ]ust 1ooxinq at it. You xnow, 1 ]ust want to
1oox at it. And then 1 ' w xind ot in the shadow. 1 stand in
the shadow. 5o 1 woved around onto to the north side ot it,
and they ' re sti11 on the other side ot it there xind ot in wy
1ine ot vision it 1 was to 1oox at thew. My attention' s on the
ship and not on thew. A1thouqh 1 can see that, they taxe wy
body onto the ship, and then it wust have been pretty briet, 1
quess . 1 don ' t I·ow, outside ot wy body 1 just 1ixe. . . 1 donI t
have any tiwe, you xnow. 1 don ' t xnow, it was so tota11y
irre1evant as to what tiwe it was anyway, that it was not even
iwportant. Just controntinq the e×istence ot this thinq here
in the hiqhway is ]ust a11-consuwinq to we. ( Lauqhs) 1 was
1ixe a1wost paralyzed with it, you xnow, (ust 1ixe s1acx-]awed
and 1ust starinq at this thinq. Just. . . 1 ' w tryinq to waxe
wyse1t be1ieve it was happeninq. And then they cowe out , and
they put wy body in the car, and 1 ' w xind ot aware ot it . 1 ' w
xind ot 1ixe �Ch, what are they doinq? ' 1 ' w xinda 1ooxin' �Ch,
they' re doinq sowethinq, ' you xnow: they ' re puttinq wy body
into the car and then wy. . . whoo boy! My body starts to drive
ott in this car 1ixe autowatic pi1ot! You xnow, it ' s used to
drivinq the car so it xnows what to do, ( Lauqhs) and 1 ' w
1ixe. . . Ch! And 1 just turn and ]ust qo �wheeew ' riqht bacx
into wy body and ]ust step on the braxes 1ixe, �God, 1 ' ve qot
to 1oox at this aqain, I you xnow, and just stop the car and
turn around. And then 1 just 1oox at it 1ixe. . . tor sowe reason
then 1 just turn around, and 1 just xeep on drivinq. 1 just
qo. 1 don ' t see it 1eave . 1 don' t see it 1eavinq. 1t doesn ' t
]ust qo �whhhooo' up into the sxy or anythinq. 1 just drive
down the road. 1 don' t xnow why 1 did that except waybe they
]ust, you xnow, xinda sent a wessaqe to we or sowethinq. 1
don' t xnow . But a11 ot a sudden 1 turn around, and waybe 1 ' ve
seen enouqh ot it. 1 drive down the road to Mow and bad ' s ,
which is 1ess than a wi1e away. And 1 ]ust qot into bed and
went to s1eep. And obvious1y in the worninq 1 rewewber
nothinq. ( Lauqhs) 1 can ' t be1ieve 1 torqot that! 5hit, how
do you torqet a thinq 1ixe that, you xnow? 1his is rea1 ! 1his
is rea1! And that ' s a11 there is to that, you xnow, that' s
1ust. . . wondertu11y tunny story. ( Lauqhs) 1 1ove that! 1hat ' s
qreat! 1hat ' s qreat! We11 , 1 tee1 vindicated sowewhat, 1
suppose. You xnow? 1 tee1 1ixe 1 can a1wost in a way thuwb wy
nose at thew without rea11y de1iberate1y doinq it. But 1 qot
' ew on that one. 1 ' 11 have to rewewber that ne×t tiwe. "
Abductions are not a new cnenowenon. 1n tnis session 1 beqan by
directinq J to an ear1ier siwi1ar incident. 1ne crevious incident
tnat we covereo was an abduction trow Roberta' s nouse. 1ne to11owinq
tace transcrict was taxen tne trow tne tnird run-tnrouqn ot an
abduction incident, wnicn occurred 1ast 1itetiwe wnen sne was a wan
1ivinq in Creqon.
J ' s Session #2 -- Cctober 22, 1992
J " 1 ' w inside tne nouse. And 1 ' ve been sittinq in a cnair, an
over-stutted ucno1stered cnair. And 1 nave a newscacer. 1 t' s
to1ded in na1t, and 1 wa1x to tne window. Tnere ' s a--Wnat ' s it
ca11ed?--1ixe a neat reqister sort ot tninq, tne steaw ones .
You xnow, tne ta11 ones , tney ' re wade out ot weta1 . Tne biq
tninq tnat tne steaw qoes tnrouqn; it ' s in tront ot tne window.
And 1 1ean over tne toc ot it and cut wy nands on tne window
1edqe, and 1 1oox out. And I don' t see anytninq. 1t' s darx.
But 1 nad ¸ust seen a t1asn. 1 ' w standinq tnere, 1ooxinq uc at
tne sxy. And tnere ' s stars , and 1 xnow it' s not 1iqntninq.
1t ' s not 1iqntninq. And 1 ' w tninxinq it' s so stranqe, sucn a
1onq t1asn. We11, tnen 1 ' w bacx in tnat incident wnere tnis
beinq is te11inq we, "bon ' t rewewber tnis . " 1t' s 1ixe 1 just
juwc trow tnat scot. 1 ' w standinq tnere 1ooxinq uc to tnis
beinq, tnis Gray sayinq, "bon' t rewewber tnis.
So 1 quess 1 ' w
taxinq it 1itera11y. (1auqns) 1 ' w not rewewberinq anytninq. "
"bid you sxic over sowe scace? "
J "Cn, a 1ot ot scace. A 1ot ot it. We11 , tne window was uc, so
1 1eaned actua11y out ot tne window. A radio? 1 near a radio
on. 1 don ' t xnow wnat tney' re sayinq, tnouqn. 1t ' s 1ixe too
tar away, too 1ow, sowebody' s ta1xinq. 1 t' s cretty quiet. 1
wa1x out ot tne 1ivinq roow, tnrouqn tne �itcnen. Tne bacx
door nas a window in it, sowe curtains over tne window. 1ne
curtains are cu11ed to tne side and tied bacx. 1 ocen tne
door. 1nere ' s a corcn. 1ne corcn, it ' s not rea11y deec. 1t' s
swa1 1 . And 1 1oox to tne 1ett, tnere' s sowe cnairs, a bencn,
and sowe cnairs on tne corcn. And to tne 1ett tnere' s 1ixe
trees. Pine trees. Lixe a biq catcn, woods, trees, just a biq
c1uwc ot trees on tne 1ett to tne side ot tne nouse. And
tnere' s a driveway tnat runs around, a qrave1y driveway tnat' s
c1ose to tne bacx corcn . bown tne stecs tnere ' s a 1itt1e
wa1xway, a 1awn on eitner side ot tne 1itt1e wa1xway. And tnen
tnere' s tne driveway. And tnere' s, we11 , 1 quess it' s a qaraqe
sort ot. Not witn tne tyce ot door tnat ro11s uc, tnouqn . 1wo
doors, and tney ocen on eitner side, 1ixe oceninq cucboard
doors. And it ' s not attacned to tne nouse. 1ne doors are
c1osed. Tne driveway' s ewcty. 1 wa1x across tne driveway and
stoc on tne qrass just on tne otner side ot tne driveway. 1
tninx it ' s east. Tne direction' s east, but 1 ' w so 1ousy on
directions. 1 tninx 1 ' w tacinq east, and tnere' s tnis ocen
area. 1t' s 1ixe tnere aren' t any trees tnere. 1 t' s 1ixe a
natura1 weadow waybe. 1here aren ' t any tree stuwcs or
anythinq. Beyond that are trees. Rea11y biq, biq trees . 1 ' w
1ust standinq there. 1t ' s a nice eveninq, tee1s qood. 1 don' t
have a shirt on, 1ust wearinq cants, baretoot. Air is coo1.
Not co1d, it 1ust tee1s nice . A 1itt1e coo1 , tee1s qood on the
skin. And 1 ' w sti11 ho1dinq that cacer in wy hand. A
newscacer. And wy other hand is in wy cocket. Standinq there
1ookinq around. 1t ' s so quiet, thouqh. 1t ' s • . • and then it
1ust t1ashes trow riqht there to a. . . 1 ' w standinq there 1ookinq
at wy bare teet, but 1 ' w standinq on this t1oor. And 1 ' w
inside the scaceshic. And there' s a Gray there, and he says to
not 1ook at hiw or anythinq e1se, eyes down . "
"What ' s hacceninq now?"
J "Just standinq there 1ookinq down 1ike 1 think 1ike it ' s norwa1
to do that or sowethinq. Like this isn' t anythinq unusua1
hacceninq. So wuch ot what they say is 1ust not. . . 1ust
te1ecathic. 1 t' s 1ike cowc1ete thouqhts a11 at once. And it' s
not word by word te1ecathica11y, 1ike that. 1t ' s . . . a11 ot a
sudden you �know' sowethinq, you know. 1hat cowc1ete tIouqht
is there. 1t' s not 1ike they actua11y �te11 ' you that. 1 t' s
not 1ike sceakinq. And. . . 1ust to1d ya to not 1ook at anythinq,
keec your eyes down. 1t a11 1ust seews so. . . trow this cerson
a1so, this Gray, is routine. Like this is his 1ob. Everybody
has their 1 ob , you know, the 1ob they do. 1t' s 1ike assiqned
to thew or sowethinq. 1 1ust qet that iwcression. 1t ' s 1ike
we ' re a11 new about a11 ot this. Kind ot 1ike new recruits or
sowethinq. ( Lauqhs) A new qrouc ot ceoc1e. A new qrouc ot
rats to e×ceriwent on. " (J¯ 1ater wentioned that she
- Æ Á
thouqht that there were about tvcnty other abductees in this
roow. ) "Like they ' re not unkind. 1t ' s hard to describe, but 1
don' t tee1 1ike they ' re doinq it to be unkind. You know, this
is 1ust what they do. And we 1ust haccen to be there, and
we' re cart ot it. Sowethinq.• . they say sowethinq and then
� P1ease know this. ' 1 don' t know what• • • this chrase �P1ease
know this ' keeps cowinq uc over and over. You know, 1 ' w 1ust
tryinq to 1ook at this. Be says it otten. 1 don' t even know
i t it' s a he. 1 don' t know what this Gray 1ooks 1ike. 1
haven' t seen this Gray. 1 1ust 1ook at the t1oor, and 1 don' t
know what he 1ooks 1ike. 1 tee1 1ike we' re there tor kinda
1ike an indoctrination sort ot thinq. 1 t' s 1ike they' re
nuwberinq and taqqinq and writinq down thinqs about you or 1ust
sowehow recordinq intorwation about you or sowethinq. 1t ' s
1ust 1ike a cre1iwinary sort ot. . . you know. 1 don' t be1ieve
that they do anythinq to we on this one. 1his tiwe. Maybe 1 ' w
wronq. But 1 keec 1ookinq, tryinq to 1ook tor sowethin' e1se
that' s hacceninq. 1 keec tindinq wyse1t back there next to
this quy that ' s te11inq we that 1 won' t rewewber. And it' s
1ust 1ike 1 ' w standinq there 1ookinq at wy teet beinq wade to
torqet . "
"Return to the beqinninq when you' re standinq there with those
ceoc1e and receivinq instructions and continue torward in
tiwe and see what haccens ne×t . "
J "Ckay."
"What texture is the t1oor?"
J "1here ' s sowe texture to it, but it' s cretty swooth. 1t ' s not
1ike anythinq 1. . . a1wost 1ike it ret1ects body warwth. A1wost
1ike Styrotoaw does when you cut your hand on it, how it
ret1ects the warwth back. 1 t' s not the sawe texture , it' s
not 1 ixe tLat. But in a way it' s 1ixe tLat. ( LauqLs) 1 don' t
xnow wLat it is. 1 qet stutt, but 1 don ' t xnow wLat it is.
Hovewent. . . ! don' t xnow it 1 ' w wovinq wyse1t or beinq woved or
1 ' w standinq sti11, and tLinqs are wovinq cast we. Just
wovinq. OL, 1 ' w qettinq cictures tLat 1 don ' t rea11y want.
1 ' w 1yinq on a tab1e. Pictures ot wountains in tLe distance.
Pictures 1ixe a wovie or sowetLinq. Hountains, way tar ott,
b1ues and curc1es. 1 see. . . wait a winute. 1 ' w 1ayinq down.
Not cictures ot. . . not wenta1 cictures. Pictures 1ixe Lowe
wovies or sLown on tLe wa1 1 . A11 ot a sudden 1 Lave tLis
cicture--it' s succosed to be rea1 serene--ot wountains. 1t was
a sti11 cicture. 1t was ]ust quicx. A11 ot a sudden it was
just tLere. Lixe it sowebody Lad stucx a clcture riqLt in
tront ot your tace. Lixe a11 ot a sudden it was just tLere. 1
qet tLe tee1inq it was succosed to cowtort we or sowetLinq. 1t
was succosed to waxe we tee1 re1a×ed or not worried or
sowetLinq. ( LauqLs) 1Le Grays crobab1y Leard tLat ceoc1e
1ixed tLe wountains, tLey are so cretty. Lixe sLow ' ew a
cicture, and tLat ' 11 waxe ' ew re1a×. (LauqLs) Morons . 1
tLinx tLey do sowetLinq. 1Lere ' s a Land on wy 1eq. Hy riqLt
tLiqL. 5owetLinq Laccens Lere, but 1 rea11y can' t see it.
5owetLinq. . . ( LauqLs). . . it seews xind ot tunny to say tLis.
TLey' re doinq sowetLinq to wy ba11s. ( LauqLs) Rot sowetLinq I
say in norwa1 conversations. �Hy ba11s ' is not a cLrase 1 use
otten. 1 t' s 1ixe tunny to say tLat, you xnow. " ( LauqLs)
"WLat ' s tLe sensation 1ixe?"
" 1 don ' t want to tee1 tLis, tLanx you. 1 don ' t tLinx tLis is
sowetLinq 1 want to tee1 . You xnow, 1ixe doinq a scan or
sowetLinq. Haybe tLey' re doinq a scerw count or sowetLinq. 1
don' t

xnow. And it ' s 1ixe doinq tLis readinq tLinq. 1Ley did
it to tLe uccer cart ot wy body. 1 don ' t xnow, waybe tLey' re
doinq a cLecx-uc to tind out it 1 ' w a candidate or sowetLinq.
( LauqLs) Find out it 1 want to vo1unteer wy services. 1Lat' s
a11 tLey do. And tLey' re 1ooxinq at wy 1eqs. 1 don ' t tee1 it,
but 1 tLinx tLey' re e×tractinq scerw or. . . t::ey 're doinq
sowetLinq, but 1 don' t xnow wLat it is. 1 tLinx two ot ' em
wa1x away and 1ixe consu1tinq witL eacL otLer or sowetLinq or
cowwunicatinq witL eacL otLer. 1 don ' t xnow wLat tLey ' re
sayinq, tLouqL. 1t isn ' t directed towards we. 1Ley Laven ' t
said anytLinq to we, e×cect at tLe beqinninq, basica11y, don ' t
1oox at tLinqs . " (J � 1ater said tLat sLe was unconscious
durinq cart ot tLis cLys�ca1 e×awination, so it was ditticu1t
to cerceive a11 tLe tLinqs tLat tLey were doinq. 5Le was tLen
1ed to anotLer cart ot tLe sLic. ) "Row 1 ' w standinq tLere.
Be ' s standinq ne×t to we 1ooxinq at we. Looxinq at we
not. . . Le ' s not rea11y 1ooxinq at we. You xnow wLat 1 wean?
Be ' s 1ixe. . . Le is, but Le' s not. Bis curiosity towards we is
wucL 1ess tLan wine towards Liw. ( LauqLs) � Just anotLer
Luwan. ' Be ' s a1wost bored. Not bored, Le ' s just so used to it
or sowetLinq. Be attracts wy attention away trow Liw. Be ' s
¸ust Lo1dinq onto wy 1ett arw, wy uccer arw. And 1ixe Le Lo1ds
we tLere in tront ot tLis tLinq. 5owetLinq witL a tLinq on it.
A stand? 1t ' s Lard to describe. Part ot tLis tLinq is
round. . . wLitisL, but not ocaque. 1 t' s transcarent wLite. 1
don' t xnow it tLis intorwation is rea1 or not. 1 don' t xnow it
i t' s sowetLinq 1 ' ve been qiven. A11 ot a sudden 1 qet tLe
tee1inq tLat tLis tLinq tLat 1 ' w describinq is sowetLinq tLey
qave we to describe. 1t' s not wLat it rea11y is; it ' s
sowetning e1se. 1nat' s it. 1 ' w describing sowetning to you
tnat' s not wnat it rea11y is. 1t ' s xind ot an interesting
sounding object, but it ' s not tne rea1 tning. 1t ' s an
iwitation! ( Laugns) Are tney atraid 1 ' w gonna dup1icate one,
it 1 xnow wnat it 1ooxs 1 ixe? ( Laugns) Cn, 1 can bui1d one ot
tnose! 5o anyway tne tning tnat tney' ve given we to
describe. . . 1 ' ve a1ready described it. 1nis tning is in tront
ot we. God, it ' s 1ixe 1 1oox rignt at it. My eyes are open,
and ne just directed we at tnis tning. You xnow, just turned
to we, not pnysica11y, but ne te1epatnica11y turned we, you
xnow. Made we contront tnis tning, you xnow, contro11ed we
toward it and put nis nand on wy arw and ne1d we tnere. And
1 ' w 1ooxing at it, and 1 can ' t see it. 1 can' t see it, 1ixe 1
wignt as we11 be b1ind. 1 cannot see it even tnougn wy eyes
are open. "
"Wnat are you experiencing wni1e you' re seeing it?"
"Kind ot. . . tear. At tne tiwe, yean, not so wucn now--1ixe tnis
is tne tnird tiwe 1 ' ve run tnrougn tnis--you xnow, in reca11ing
1 don' t tee1 too wucn tear. But at tne tiwe 1 was rea11y
atraid ot it. 1t was so torcetu1, it just nits you. . . Wnaw!
And tne way tnat 1 describe wnat it does is now it rea11y is.
But tne way it 1ooxs, is not now it 1ooxs. 1nat ' s not tne way
it 1ooxs. 1nat' s not wnat it is. 1 just `xnow' tnat, but it
gets to be rea11y 1ixe 1 said betore, tne wore 1 try to 1oox at
it, tne wore 1 try to contront, tne wore paintu1. . . it just
becowes very uncowtortab1e. 1t ' s 1ixe a pressure or sowetning,
and it ' s 1ixe a wecnanica1 or energy tning. 1nere' s no wotion
invo1ved witn it or anytning re1ated to tnat sense. 1t' s a
torce. Bign1y concentrated exp1osion ot energy. 1t ' s very
caretu11y wade it seews. Just a too1. Just a too1 tnat tney
use to waxe you torget. Lixe 1 said trying to breax tnrougn
tnat. . . trying to rewewber tnat• . . especia11y tnis device, tnis
too1 tnat tney use, so cowp1ete1y nidden. 1ney waxe you a1wost
especia11y torget tnis. You xnow, torget tnis otner stutt , but
especia11y, especia11y torget tnis. 5o it ' s 1ixe 1 said, it' s
a 1wost a pnysica1 tning trying to rewewber wnat it 1ooxs 1ixe.
1t ' s 1ixe trying to pusn against a concrete wa1 1 . 1nere ' s no
give to it. 1 can ' t even get a g1iwpse ot it. 1t' s so
trustrating. My eyes are open, and 1 can' t see it. 1t ' s 1ixe
tnis tning, tnis energy, it ' s 1ixe you see it, but you don' t
see it. 1ne tning tnat tney nit you witn. Probab1y 1ixe
wnat. . . 1ixe Wnit1ey described.
nad read CCM1CN
about tour years previous. ) "You xnow, tnis tning tney put up
to you. . . `rrrrrr,
you xnow. 1t' s 1ixe tnat sawe xind ot
strong. . . rea11y, it' s very powertu1. Very powertu1 . 1 ' w just
standing tnere in tront ot tnis tning, and tnis being nas nis
nand on we saying, `bon ' t rewewber tnis , ' and tnen tne next
tning 1 xnow 1 ' w standing tnere 1ooxing at wy nouse. "
1 ran out ot tape during tne tourtn run-tnrougn ot tnis incident,
so 1 nave inc1uded an excerpt trow tne taped interview tour days atter
+ ,
tnis session. 1ne to11owing is J ' s description ot tne awnesia-
insta11ing device. 1t appears tnat sne is being contro11ed by botn
te1epatnic iwp1ants and psycnotronics in wnicn awnesia is insta11ed
and a substitute wewory is iwp1anted. bevices sucn as tne one sne
describes nere nave been used tor wi11ennia to prograw peop1e. Wnen
one engages in extensive past 1ite wewory retrieva1, one wi11
invariab1y encounter any nuwber ot tnese xinds ot psycno1ogica1
iwp1ants tnat uti1ize powertu1 e1ectronic devices. 1nis particu1ar
device tnat iwp1anted J was so powertu1 tnat it took tour run-
tnrouqns ot tne incident betore tne iwp1ant disso1ved and tne trutn was
"And anyway I turned to 1ook at tni s, and tnis enerqy or wnatever
it was ]ust nit we tu11 in tne tace. And 1 rea1ized tnat wnat it was ,
was to wake we torqet wnat nad occurred wnen I was abducted, so tnat 1
wou1dn' t rewewber. And so, we tried to 1ook at it severa1 tiwes,
rea11y take a 1ook tnere and see wnat it was , and tnis picture started
deve1opinq ot tnis ta11 skinny tninq, and it kind ot 1ooked 1ike `War
ot tne Wor1ds ' sort ot tninq, you know. 1t was kind ot dowe-snaped,
1arqe tninq witn tnis 1arqe eye. And it was kind ot 1ike 1950 ' s, 1ate
1940 ' s sci-ti. 1t was 1ust over1y siwp1istic or ]ust rea11y awateurisn
or a cni1disn sort ot tninq. And 1 cawe to tne rea1ization atter
1ookinq at it a nuwber ot tiwes, tnat tnat' s not wnat 1 ' w controntinq.
1t was not wnat 1 was tacinq. 1t was 1ike a picture tnat tney nad
iwp1anted in we. 1t was a suqqestion tnat tnat is wnat 1 wou1d reca1 1
it 1 tried to reca11 sowetninq. 1 don ' t know now 1 know tnat, but 1
do. 1 know tnat tne picture tnat 1 drew is not wnat it was . And 1
tried rea11y nard to 1ook at tnis--wnat it rea11y was--and tne wore 1
tried, tne wore pnysica11y uncowtortab1e it qot to we. 1t was 1ike 1
started snakinq, and 1 cou1dn' t breatne, and 1 ]ust te1t overwne1wed.
1 1ust 1ike. . . � annnn! ' 1t was 1ust a terrib1e tee1inq, and it te1t
1ike 1 was ]ust tiqntinq a 1osinq batt1e. 1nere was no way tnat 1 was
qoinq to be ab1e to 1ook at tni s. And a11 1 can see now wnen 1 try to
1ook at tnat--conscious1y, you know--1 wonder wnat it 1ooked 1ike.
Wnat 1. . . ]ust b1ack. And 1 don' t tnink it was very biq. And 1 rea11y
don' t tnink it was a beinq. 1 don' t tnink it was. 1t was 1ike a. . . not
a wacnine, but it was an enerqy source ot sorts. And it was very, very
powertu1 . And tney ]ust don' t want you to rewewber anytninq. 1ney
]ust don ' t want you to 1ook at tneir instruwents; tney don ' t want you
to 1ook at tnew; tney don ' t want you to 1ook at tneir snip; tney don' t
want you to know wnat tney are doinq or wnat tney are doinq to you. I
was tnirty-si× years o1d. 1t was in Creqon, possib1y around Euqene.
1t was a sewi-rura1 area; it wasn' t cowp1ete1y rura 1 . " (J a1so
noticed tnat tne nawe Jack Hartin was on tne wai1box in tront ot tne
nouse. ) "1 was rea11y snocked wnen tnis nuwber torty-seven popped into
wy nead, 1947 , ' cause 1 tiqured tne tirst tiwe 1 was abducted was wnen
we were 1ivinq in 5pokane near Ju1ia (tnis 1itetiwe) . 1 went tnrouqn
tnat period ot tiwe wnen 1 was 1ust territied witnout knowinq wny.
1 t' s pretty crappy to know tnat tney' re not ]ust screwinq up tnis
1itetiwe, tney ' ve screwed up anotner one, too . "
Kevin was a1so abducted 1ast 1 itetiwe by Grays and a1so by tne
beinqs witn tne ye11ow eyes tnat 1ook siwi1ar to Grays. 1ne ye11ow-
eyed beinqs on1y used two ditterent "wonitorinq" devic�s in tneir
e×awination, and tnese devices were cowp1ete1y pain1ess. 7ney a1so
te1t "triend1ier" tnan Grays.
Bowever, a wore interestinq abduction occurred in 1852 . Kevin nad
uncovered two ditterent abductions in tnis 1itetiwe. Tne ear1ier one
nad occurred in 1819 or 182u wnen ne was a boy in 1ta1y. 1ne to1 1owinq
is tne cowp1ete transcript ot tne session tnat covers tne 1ater
Kevin' s 5ession #9 -- Ju1y 5 , 1994
"Return to an ear1ier, siwi1ar incident. "
×evin: ·'Anytiwe?"
··Yean, any tiwe ear1ier tnat is siwi1ar. "
Kevin: "1853 . "
"A11 rignt. Return to tne beginning ot tne incident and recount
tne incident. "
Kevin : ' 1 ' w a. . . 1ta1ian cerson. 1 tnink it ' s tne year 185 3 . 1 ' w not
sure, tnougn. 1 ' ve got a 1ong dark wustacne. 1 ' w sort ot
cnubby. Ct course, 1 cou1d be in Me×ico. 1 nave sort ot
Me×ican c1otnes on. " (Note: 1n tne session to11owing tnis
one, Kevin contirwed tnat tnis was indeed 1ta1y in 1852 , but ne
cou1d not rewewber tne nawe ot tne vi11age in wnicn tnis event
occurred. ) ·· 1 ' ve got dark nair, b1ack. 1 ' w wa1king down tnis
one street witn a wno1e buncn ot cebb1es around, rea11y dark
a11eys . "
"Wnat ' s rea11y dark?"
Kevin: "1ne a11eys . "
"1s it nignt?"
Kevin: "No. 1t ' s sort ot widday. Between nignt and between day, sort
ot tnat area. 1 ' w just wa1kin' a1ong: notning' s naccening so
tar. 1 ' w 1ust wa1kin' a1ong . "
"Wnat' s tne tewcerature 1ike?"
Kevin: "Cn, rea11y not. Pretty not. 1 ' d say in tne nineties,
sowewnere. 1 can see a river running a1ong tne side ot tne road
witn bridges over it. And 1 can see ceoc1e in canoes , goin'
down tne river in boats. 1 nave no idea wnat wy nawe is yet . "
"Wnat' s naccening now?"
Kevin: "Notning. 1 see otner ceoc1e going by. . . wowen, cni1dren. "
"Wnat naccens ne×t?"
Yev:n: "Notning. 1 tnink it' s cretty coo1 tnat 1 tound out tnat 1 ' w
in 1852. Cr it ' s wnat 1 tnink, it' s 1852 . 1 t' s tne tirst tning
tnat cocced into wy wind . "
"And wnat are you doing now?
Kevin: "Just wa1king by witn. . . swinging wy arws 1ust a 1itt1e bit . "
"Wnere are you going to?"
Kevin: "1 don' t know. 1 guess waybe. . . sowetning tnat cawe to we,
waybe 1 ' w going to wy grandwa' s. 1 wean, wy wow' s . "
"Bow o1d are you?"
Kevin: " 1 ' w in wy tnirties , about tnirty-tive.··
··And wnat naccens ne×t?"
Kevin: " 1 see sowetning in tne sky. 1 tnink i t' s waybe a bird or
sowetning. A b1ackbird or a crow. 1t ' s t1ying overnead,
way uc, overnead ot tne city ot wnerever 1 aw. 1 t' s uc in tne
air. 1t ' s going at a very s1ow cace. 1t' s sowetning. 1t' s
t1ying above tne city as it goes in a certect1y straignt 1ine . "
"Wnat is it ' s snace?¹·
Kevin: " 1t ' s nard to te11 trow tne ang1e it ' s at and tne brignt sun
tnat' s in tne sky. And 1 ' w astonisned by it, because tnere
wasn' t c1anes back tnen. And it it was, it was toc secret. "
"Are tnere otner ceoc1e around?"
Kevin: "Yean, 1ots ot ' ew. "
"bo tney see it, too?"
Kevin: "No. 1 do tnink it is getting c1oser. "
··Wnat' s naccening now?"
Kevin: "1t ' s getting c1oser by tne second. Not very tast, but it ' s
getting c1oser. 1 t' s getting taster• . • i t' s getting taster.
1t ' s getting cretty c1ose now. 1t' s getting rea11y c1ose. You
can see its snace now. "
"Wnat is tne snace?"
Kevin: '·Lixe usua1 , sort ot round saucer snace. ¹'
"boes anyone e1se see it now?"
Kevin: ¹ Ro , it says it ' s not tnere to tnem, ' cause tney don' t see it.
1t ' s about a nundred teet ott tne qround, and tnat ' s not very
tar. 1t ' s rea11y c1ose. 1 ' w tryinq to stec out ot tne way ot
it, steccinq bacxwards. 1 ' w wa1xinq bacxwards rea11y tast. 1
start bumcinq into some crates or swa11 wooden bo×es.·¹
¹·Are you in an ocen area or 1ust a narrow street, or a sidewa1x
or wnat? A11ey?··
Kevin: ¹·Ccen street. 1t ' s a dirt road. "
"Can you sti11 see tne river trom wnere you ' re at?··
Kevin: "Yean. 1 was wa1xinq a1onq tne river. Wnen 1 saw it, it cane
down, and 1 wa1xed bacx. 1n tact 1 can sti11 see it. 1 can see
a couc1e ot bridqes tnat qo across it, too . ¹·
"Wnat ' s nacceninq now?"
Kevin: "1t ' s a1most on tne qround by now. 1t ' s about 25 teet trom tne
qround. "
"About now wide is it? Wnat ' s tne size?¹ '
Kevin: "1 '11 not very qood witn weasurinq, but it ' s about. . . you xnow
now you' re about si× teet, taxes about tnree and a na1t ot you
to qet across it, so tnat ' d be about 21 teet across. ¹'
" 1 s it direct1y overnead, or is it out in :ront ot you more?"
Kevin: ' ' 1t' s in tront ot me. 1t' s 1andinq qear are down, and it' s
riqnt in tront ot me. 1 1oox in bacx ot me, but everyone' s
1ust wa1xinq a1onq casua11y . "
"Lixe notninq ' s qoinq on?"
Kevin: ¹·Yes. Notninq ' s nacceninq. 1 qo uc to it, very surcrised. 1
wa1x uc to it and cound on it. Notninq naccens . Just roow
tewcerature. " ( Be ' s reterrinq to tne tewcerature ot tne outside
surtace ot tne saucer. )
"bo you near a sound?"
Kevin: '·No . "
"Can you near otner sounds, 1ixe trom tne ceoc1e and stutt?'
Kevin: "Tne ceoc1e are si1ent . "
"Wnat do you tninx tnis is?"
Kevin: " 1 ' ve no idea! 1 was in anotner body tnen. 1 xnow wnat it is
now. But tnen 1 nad no idea wnat it was . "
"Ln-nun . 1nat' s wnat 1 weant. "
Kevin: " 1 just xnocx on it a couc1e tiwes. I just turn, xeec on
wa1xinq around it, coundinq on it. 1 xnee1 down and 1oox at tne
tninqs tnat are no1dinq it uc. 1 xicx tnose a 1itt1e bit. "
"You wean tne 1eqs?·¹
Kevln: "Yean.
¹'Bow wany are tnere?¹'
Kevin: "Eive ot ' em. ··
"Wnat ' s nacceninq now?"
Kev¹n: " 1 ' d say tne time is about tour o ' c1ocx. "
"1n tne atternoon?"
Kevin: "Yes . 1 see a 1iqnt corinq trom tne area tnat 1 banqed on
betore. 1 ' m cowinq bacx around to it. 1nere ' s a 1itt1e s1iver
ot 1iqnt cowinq trom tne toc and trom botn sides. 1 try to
tee1 around tnere, and 1 can tee1 it. 1ne s1iver ot 1iqnt turns
to an oceninq, starts to come down, it ocens uc, qoes ` zzzzzzt. ¹
1t ocens uc. 1 ' m 1ooxinq in tnis roow. 1t' s about as briqnt as
it is outside. ¹·
"Are you 1ooxinq riqnt inside tne saucer now?"
Kevin: "Yes. "
"Wnat ' s nacceninq now?"

"Just starinq into it. 1 see anotLer door open. 1nat one opens
up trow tLe side 1ixe a reqular door wou1d. And it swinqs open,
and I see tLese creatures in nere. Yep, tney ' re Grays. 1
didn' t xnow tnat. 1 didn ' t xnow tLat at tLe tiwe . "
"Wnat ' s qoinq tnrouqn your wind now as you see tLese beinqs?"
"5cared as Lecx. 1 loox at ' ew, and I start runninq ott. 1
start wa1xinq bacxwards at tirst, \ust runninq as tast as 1
can, rea11y tast. Tnen 1 1oox torward, and 1 start runninq sowe
wore. 1 1oox bacx every once in awLile, 1oox bacx, and tLey' re
to11owinq we. 1Ley' re \ust wa1xinq casual1y, tLouqn. So 1
decide to wa1x casua11y . "
"WLat xind ot eyes do tney nave? WLat xind ot Grays?"
"Wa1nut-snaped eyes. "
"You xnow, tne requ1ar. "
"bo you wean a1wond-snaped?"
"Yean, tnat ' s wnat 1 wean. 1t 1 say a1wond-snape, 1 wean
a1wond-snape. " (Apparently Lis attention was on tLe incident,
and ne didn ' t rea1ize tnat Le said �wa1nut. ' )
"Cn. Cxay.··
"Just 1ixe requ1ar Grays Lave . "
"Tne biq blacx ones?"
"YeaL. Biq blacx eyes . "
"Bow wany Grays are wa1xinq towards you?·
!·Tnree ot ' ew. Start to qet a 1itt1e tired. So 1 sit down tor
a second. I qet bacx up because tney' re qettinq c1oser. 1
start runninq aqain. I qet to tLis bui1dinq, and 1 wa1x up tLe
stairs. . . steps, 1 wean. Litt1e Louse. 1 wa1x up tLe steps ot a
1itt1e. . . ot a Louse. 1 tLouqLt it was a bui1dinq at tirst. And
I open up tLe door, and I wa1x in, and I taxe out a xey and locx
it (tne door) . 1 run over to tnis cLair , and 1 sit down. 1 ' w
re1axinq now. "
"Are you in your own nowe, or wnere is tLis?"
" 1 ' w in wy own nowe. ··
"Wnat ' s Lappeninq now?"
"5ittinq tLere, restinq. An, 1 see sowetninq walxinq tLrouqn
tLe door. 1 ' w standinq tnere astonisned. Tnese quys ¸ust
wa1xinq tnrouqL tne door! 1t ' s tLew. Tne Grays. 1ney cowe up
to we. Boly Moly! 1 run up to tLew, 1 say, � Get out! Get out
wnatever you are! ' 1 try to run bacx. 1 can' t. 1 stay tnere.
Tnen 1 qet tne urqe. • • 1 qrab two ot tne Grays ' neads and s1aw
' ew toqetner. 1ney ta11 down. Tne otLer oneÆ . . r can ' t te11
wnere tne necx Le' s 1ooxinq at. 1 tLinx i t' s we. Be turns away
and ¸ust sort ot ¸oqs out at a pretty tast pace. "
"1ne tnird Gray?"
"Yean. Be wa1xs out riqnt tLrouqn tLe door. 1nose otner two
Grays are just 1yinq on tLe t1oor. 1 qrab tLeir arws and open
tLe door. Actua11y, I un1ocx it tirst, tLen 1 open it. No
one ' s payinq attention, so 1 \ust wa1x riqLt out witn tLis• • . two
Grays. 1 1oox over wLere tLe UFC was, and it wasn' t tnere.
1 ' ve qot tnese two Grays, and 1 ' w carryinq tnew alonq.··
�Cn tne street?"
Kevin: "Yean. And l · w draqqinq ' ew a1onq, and i t' s a dirt street
actua11y . "
"Anybody see you?"
"No. Everyone ' s 1ust. . . I don' t see anybody around. "
"You say you went to see it tne saucer' s not tnere?"
"No, 1 1ooxed over tLat direction, and tne saucer ' s not tLere.
5o 1 wa1ked the direction, the occosite direction, over into
another a11ey, and 1 ]ust set ' ew tnere. 1 run bacx to tne
nouse. 1 run over and qrab a snove1. I run bacx over to wnere
the Grays are and start diqqinq and diqqinq. 1his is rea1ly
sott soi1 riqnt here in this area in this a11ey . 5tart diqqinq
and diqqinq. 1 tina11y qet it deec enouqn, and 1 droc one ot
tnew in, one ot the Grays. And 1 cicI it uc, and 1 1 ust droc it
in. 5o 1 cusn its head down so 1 cou1d tit it in there qood.
And 1 ti11 that in. And 1 1oox at it, and 1 wa1k over to it and
stawc on it a coucle tiwes and hit it witn tne shove1 . "
"1ne Gray? 1he other Gray?!·
Kevin. "Ro, where 1 buried tne otner Gray. And 1 diq aqain tor
about. . . this toox we about an nour to do, to tinisn it. But it
takes we another ha1t an nour to diq this other one uc, tnis
otner no1e, and 1 droc the other Gray in, and 1 ti11 it in and
start wnackinq where 1 ' d ti11ed the scot in with it. 5tart
whackinq it with tne snove1 . And 1 qrab the shove1 , and 1 qo
back to wy house, and 1 cut it back where it was betore. And 1
sit back down in wy chair, and 1 relax. ' s it. "
"A11 riqht. Are you sittinq in the cnair now?"
Kevin: "Yean. "
"Al1 riqht. 5can torward in tiwe and see it tney cowe bacx and
visit you. "
Kevin. "1he ne×t worninq 1 cowe out and 1ook at ' ew, where they' re
buried, and 1 qo back into tne nouse. 1 checked on ' ew. "
"1ney were sti11 there, or it 1ooked 1ike they were sti11
Kevin. ¹·Yean, they were sti11 there. "
"1he qround wasn ' t disturbed or anythinq? "
Kevin. "Noce. "
' '5c they didn' t cowe back that niqht or any thinq?
Kevin. ·'No, tney didn' t ever cowe bacx. 1 toox care ot those quys
tor qood. "
"A11 riqht. "
Kevin: "Must have broxe tneir ceanut-sized brains. "
"Ckay. Anythinq e1se about tnis incident?"
Kevin. "No . "
1his incident contirwed a chenowenon, which was observed by J
in her abduction trow Roberta ' s nouse in 5cokane. 1hat is, the Grays
can abduct soweone whi1e otner ceoc1e are in tne sawe area without
anyone knowinq what ' s qoinq on.
As you crobably noticed, tnis incident also dewonstrates a tried
and croven technique tor "Grays basninq" ( Pun intended) . 1 t you will
reca11, Jack Wy1ie a1so used this tecnnique on two Grays who were
standinq side by side in tront ot niw.
1he to11owinq day 1 qave Kevin anotner session tnat contirwed tnat
this 1 itetiwe did indeed occur in 1ta1y, and that he had had crior
contact witn the Grays . 5owe tninqs that the Grays do are very
cuzz1inq. 1nis incident dewonstrates tnat in scite ot tneir size and
scind1y accearance tney are quite stronq.
Kevin' s 5ession #10 -- July 6 , 1994
"Return to an ear1ier, siwi1ar incident. "
" 1 ' w a 1itt1e kid, waybe about nine years o1d.
1820s or tne 1810s or sowewnere around there.
ear1y twenties. 1 ' w on tnis street, lixe sort
1 0 1
5o waybe the
Late tens or
ot a swa1l,
narrow dirt paved road, dirt road witn rocks on it. And 1 ' w
wa1kinq around kickinq ' ew witn wy nee1 ot wy toot. 1 see
sowetninq up in tne sky. 1t 1ooks trow nere 1ike a bird ot sowe
sort way ott in tne distance. And 1 1ust q1ance back down at
wnat 1 was doinq, kickinq tne rocks around. And 1 sort ot
q1ance back up tnere wnere 1 saw tne bird way ott in tne
distance, and it ' s c1oser now. 1t ' s not as tar away as it was
betore. 1 1ook back down at wnat 1 was doinq aqain. 1 kick a
rock pretty tar aqain. 1 start wa1kinq to anotner p1ace about
ten steps to tne 1ett ot we, and 1 started kickinq tne rocks
sowe wore. 1 1ook back up at tne bird tnat was. . . wnat 1 tnouqnt
was a bird, and it wasn ' t tnere! Not tnere any wore . 5o 1
cneck around in tne sky. . . on, 1 tound it! 1t' s pretty biq now.
1 can see sort ot tne snape ot it. 1 ' w te11inq wyse1t, � 1t ' s
not a bird! 1t ' s not a bird� 1t ' s detinite1y not a bird. So 1
start walkinq backwards. 1 keep on wa1kinq backwards, so 1 see
tnis tninq keep qettinq wucn biqqer. 1t ' s pretty biq. 1 can
see sort ot a saucer snape aqain. 1 ' w rea11y scared because
1 ' ve never seen anytninq 1ike tnis, because it' s , on, it ' s about
a nundred teet ott tne qround. About a nundred teet away trow
we. 1t ' s rea1ly c1ose to we now. 1t' s titty teet away, and
it' s qettinq twenty-tour, twenty-tnree, twenty-two, twenty-
one. . . it ' s cowinq in rea11y c1ose now. 1 can see slots openinq
up on tne bottow ot tne snip, and 1 see 1 itt1e bars cowinq down.
1ney cowe down, and it 1ands! 1 ' w just standinq tnere, qazinq
over tne weta1 object, wnicn 1 nave no idea wnat it is. 1 take
a step torward, take anotner step, a tnird step, tnen 1 just
wa1k casua11y over tnere. 1 take a q1ance at it. 1ney' re
rea11y tryinq to b1ock wy wewory, 1 can nard1y rewewber a tninq.
1nere, it ' s openinq at a pretty tast pace, and it' s open now.
1 ' w curious so 1 wa1k over. . . I wa1k up a coup1e steps. 1 wa1k
up tne roow. 1t' s pretty 1iqnt in tnere, but 1 see no 1iqnt. 1
qo inside tne snip. 1 ' w qoinq to backtrack a 1itt1e bit, 1
wanna see wnat tne size ot tne snip is. 1 t' s about eiqnty teet
1onq. Eiqnty, ninety teet 1onq . "
' ' 1t' s a saucer snape, is it? "
"Yean. 1 1ook back, and 1 start to wa1k back wnen tne stairs
cowe up. Tney qo � zzzzzzz . ' And tnen 1 run wy tastest tryinq
to qet out, and tnen tne door c1oses. 1 ' w poundinq on tne door.
1 ' w not qoinq to ye11 ' cause 1 know it' s not qoinq to do any
qood. 1 turn back and 1ook benind we, and 1 see tnree Grays
benind we. Tnree Grays. 1 know 1 ' ve seen tnew betore, but 1
don ' t know trow wnere. 1 1ean up aqainst tne door wore.
Tnere ' s tnree ot ' ew. 1ne one tnat' s riqnt straiqnt in tront ot
we is wa1kinq towards we, and tnen tne door opens, and 1 ta11
tnrouqn and nit tne qround. And it ' s a qrave1y street so 1 nurt
wy back. 1 1ook up. 1 ' w para1yzed. 1 see tnis quy, and tne
stairs cowe down aqain. And tne one tnat was straiqnt in tront
ot we wa1ks down. Cver. . . qrabs wy arw. 1nen anotner one cowes
down and qrabs wy otner arw. 1ney pu11 on eacn arw! Cw! And
tney drop we aqain. 1ney' re pretty stronq, tnese ones ! "
"Are tnese tne snort Grays?"
"Sort ot wediuw size . "
'¹Wnat kind ot Grays are tney?"
"Gray Grays. B1ack eyes. "
"Tne biq, a1wond-snaped, wrap-around eyes?"
··Wnat ' s nappeninq now?"
Kevin: "1ney' re staring down at we. Now a tnird one cowes down.
1nere' s two Grays beside we as 1 ' w 1aying down and one at wy
teet. And tney ' re standing tnere 1ooxing at we. Cne ot ' ew
1ooxs at we, 1eans nis nead down a 1itt1e bit wore and ]ust
1 itts it bacx uc and wa1xs away. Be turns around and wa1xs bacx
uc tne stairs into tnis roow and tnen into anotner roow. 1
can' t te11 wnere ne' s at now. 1nere ' s two Grays now. Cne at wy
teet and one at wy 1ett side. • . wy rignt side. 1ne one at wy
teet 1ooxs down at wy teet. 1ne one at wy rignt side 1ooxs at
wy arw. 1 ' w cretty wucn guessing tnat, because tneir eyes are
a11 b1acx, and you can' t te11 wnere tney ' re Jooxing. But 1 ' w
cretty sure tnat tney' re 1ooxing over at tnat direction. "
"Are you 1aying on tne ground?"
Kevin: "Yean. And tney botn ìoox bacx uc and wa1x bacx away trow we.
1ney turn around and wa1x away trow we and wa1x uc tne stecs ot
tne scacesnic. And tney' re outa tnere. 1ney ' re, tney' re gone.
1ney go uc into tne roow and out into anotner roow wnere 1 can ' t
te11 wnere tney are, and tne stecs cowe bacx uc into tne s1ot.
And tne door c1oses. And 1 1oox at tne door wnere it was, and
it doesn ' t even 1oox 1ixe it was tnere. And it sort ot 1itts
ott very quiet1y. 1nis wno1e tiwe it didn ' t waxe a sing1e ceec.
1t ' s 1 ixe it cowes down and 1eaves witnout waxing a sound. "
"bid tney te11 you anytning? "
Kevin: "No. 1ney just stare at we. 1ney stare at we , tnen one 1eaves,
tnen two 1eave, and tney start 1itting. . . uc tney went. 1ne
1anding gear to1d uc and go bacx in tne snic as it tney weren' t
tnere. And it ' s tota11y t1at on tne bottow. 1ota11y t1at on
tne bottow ot tne snic. And tney t1y away. 1nat ' s it. "
"Cxay . Wnat year is tnis?"
Kevin: " 1920. . . sowewnere around tnere. 1ne year 192u• . . 1919. . . 1 wean,
1820. . . or 1819 . "
"1819 or 182u, nun?"
Kevin: "Yes. Sowewnere around. • . "
"And wnat' s your nawe?"
Kevin: " 1 don ' t rewewber. "
"1axe a 1oox. See it you can contact it. "
Kevin: " 1 can ' t. 1 don' t rewewber wy nawe now. "
"Wnere is tnis?"
Kevin: "1n 1ta1y. "
"Lw-nun. 1s tnis tne sawe 1itetiwe?"
Kevin: "Yes . "
"1ne sawe 1itetiwe wnere you xi11ed tne two Grays and buried
Kevin: ··Yes.!·
Cur cousin Lisa a1so retrieved tne wewory ot a cast 1ite
abduction. 1nis accarent1y occurred in Euroce 2 , 217 years ago. Sne
was a baby wnen Grays sudden1y acceared in tne bedroow ot a rustic 1og
none. 1ney cnysica11y e×awined ner as we11 as ner o1der sister wno was
being e×awined on a tab1e or board tnat acceared to t1oat in tne air .
1ne tirst tiwe 1 ever saw a Gray in a wewory occurred in 198 3 . 1
was e×c1oring wy own cast 1ives during tnis tiwe, but it was betore 1
xnew tnat 1 was an abductee. buring one ot tnese sessions tne tace ot
a Gray acceared sudden1y in wy wind. 1nis was a ta11 Gray, and its
sxin was b1uisn-gray in co1or. 1ne Gray was contronting we trow benind
a conso1e ot sowe tyce. So 1 ' w not sure it tnat was its natura1
sxin co1or, or it tnere were b1ue 1ignts snining uc trow tne conso1e.
Bowever, otner abductees nave recorted Grays witn a b1uisn cast to
tneir skin.
1t is interesting to note tnat I recovered tnis wewory about tive
years betore CCHUN1CN nit tne book stores, and betore 1 saw tne
te1evision drawatization ot Betty and Barney Bi11 ' s abduction. 1 nad
crobab1y seen tne wovie !·C1ose Encounters ot tne lnird Kind,II but tnere
were no Grays decicted in it, on1y Bo11ywood-sty1e a1iens. So wnen 1
contacted tnis wewory witn a Gray staring we in tne tace, 1 didn ' t know
wnat 1 was 1ooking at. Cbvious1y, 1 conc1uded it was an a1ien, but
certain1y notning 1ike 1 nad ever seen or iwagined! 5owe UEC debunkers
c1aiw tnat ceoc1e aren ' t rea11y being abducted by 1itt1e gray wen,
because it ' s on1y tneir iwagination, wnicn nas been int1uenced by tne
decictions ot tnese beings on te1evision, wovies, wagazines, and tne
covers ot books. 1nis, nowever , is not true, as 1 can cersona11y
attest. 1ney are rea1 . 1 wisn it was wy iwagination!
1n tnis incident 1 was escorted into a 1arge roow on a scacecratt
by six snort Grays . 1nere were tnree on eacn side ot we, and tney were
wa1king in sing1e ti1e. 1 was usnered by tnew to a cnair on a
c1attorw, and tnere were two devices on eacn side ot tne cnair, wnicn
nad tne accearance ot sate11ite disnes. 1nis device was activated, and
a very intense torcetie1d ot sowe sort cerweated wy body. My cresent
cercection ot tne curcose ot tnis wecnanisw is tnat it was an
iwc1anting device designed to ancnor a being wore so1id1y into a body.
Bowever, 1 ' w not one nundred cercent certain tnat wy cercection ot tnis
is correct, but it ' s based ucon tne Grays ' and otner E1s' track record
ot sticking beings into bodies by otner or siwi1ar weans, and it is
a1so wnat it te1t 1ike to we. 1 do know tor certain tnat it was a very
trauwatic e×cerience.
Because 1 nad no conscious awareness ot tne existence ot tne Grays
or tne abduction-by-a1iens cnenowenon, 1 initia11y and erroneous1y
assuwed tnat tnis event wust nave taken c1ace tens ot tnousands ot
years ago in sowe scace society tar trow Eartn. Erow wy cast 1ite
studies and trow wy own conscious reco11ection ot seeing a LEC as a
cni1d, 1 xnew tnat tnere was indeed 1ite "out tnere, II but it seewed
i11ogica1 to assuwe tnat extra-terrestria1 1ite torws were cersona11y
attecting we in wodern tiwes. Bowever, as tne years ro11ed by into tne
ear1y 1990 ' s , wy wewories ot cresent and cast 1ite abductions surtaced,
and 1 rea1ized tnat tnis event nad taken c1ace in Nazi Gerwany 1ast
1n 1994 1 ocened uc wore abduction wewories frow Iast 1itetiwe ,
and 1 discovered to wy awazewent tnat tne Nazis nad direct contact witn
tne Grays. 1 wi11 cover wy own cast 1ite abductions in wore detai1 in
1 1
1n tne ne×t tive cnacters 1 wi11 be tocusinq on tne . insidious
croqramminq certormed by e×tra-terrestria1s--tne csycno1oqica1 imp1ants
and tne socia1 imc1ants. 1nis is one ot tne most intriquinq aspects ot
tne abduction cnenomenon because we can penetrate deep into tne neart
ot tne pnenomenon and e×pose tne E1s ' true intentions . Bowever, it is
a1so one ot tne most unc1easant aspects ot tne e×tra-terrestria1
pnenomenon. 1 snou1d caution tnose readers witn weax stomacns tnat tne
to11owinq abduction accounts contain e×p1icit e×amc1es ot menta1 and
pnysica1 torture pertormed on babies. A tremendous amount ot pnysica1
and emotiona1 pain qets 1ocxed up in tnese incidents , attectinq
abductees tnrouqnout tneir 1ives .
We otten on1y near about tne "cnysica1 e×aminations" certormed by
E1s witn tne assumction tnat tney are on1y tryinq to 1earn about us,
mucn 1ixe a bio1oqist studies anima1s in tne wi1d . 1nis, nowever , is
not true in every abduction, and uto1oqists se1dom tocus on tne rea1
curcose ot tnese abductions. 1nis is due in part to tne "screen
memories" (te1ecatnic im¡1ants) tnat ETs use to masx tneir true
intentions and activities. A1so, some uto1oqists nave been active1y
participatinq in tne qovernment cover-up, wnicn tends to xeep tne rea1
trutn trom cominq out. 1neretore, tne intormation you are about to
read may be new to you. Tnese are not ]ust iso1ated cases : tney are
tycica1 ot wnat abductees as wno1e must qo tnrouqn. Tne Grays and
tneir accomc1ices nave a very scecitic aqenda in mind wnen tney come
and cicx uc an abductee. You may nave neard tnat many abductees nave a
1ow se1t-esteem or act in a cricc1ed manner in 1ite. Atter you read
tne to11owinq accounts, tnere snou1d be no doubt in your mind wny tnis

15 so.
Atter Jacx Wy1ie received severa1 sessions trom me and tound out
tnat ne, too, was an abductee, nis wite Karen a1so wanted to 1oox into
ner own torqotten cast. Karen is tnirty-two years o1d, and ner
education is in e1ectromaqnetics. 5ne worxed tor a ma1or aircratt
company as an e1ectrica1 enqineer ne1cinq to desiqn radar invisibi1ity
5ne said tnat UECs a1ways qave ner tne creecs, and sne avoided
ta1xinq about tnem. E1yinq saucers triqntened ner.
Ber tatner was a source ot paintu1 emotion tnrouqnout ner entire
1ite. Because ot nis domineerinq and irrationa1 benavior ne incited
trequent quarre1s, otten at tne dinner tab1e.
Cn June 6, 1994 , 1 beqan tne tirst session witn Karen by directinq
ner to contact a time tnat was emotiona11y caintu1 to ner. 1 didn' t
tace record tne session, but 1 was taxinq detai1ed notes. 5ne
contacted one ot tnese dinner tab1e quarre1s wnere ner tatner vented
nis anqer out on ner motner and tarqeted Karen as we1 1 . 5ne said tnat
ner tatner made a nabit ot maxinq ner tee1 qui1ty, sayinq tnat sne
nated nim. 5ne te1t teartu1 and tormented, and te1t tnat tnere were
otner tninqs tnat ne did to narm ner tnat sne cou1dn ' t remember. As a
1ovinq beinq sne nad nad a nard time accectinq tne tact tnat ne was
"crue1 and neart1ess , " and sne was otten atraid tor ner 1ite around
nim. burinq tnis incident sne te1t a stronq "c1encninq
' in ner
I toox ner tnrougn tnis incident tour tiwes unti1 tne ewotiona1
pain was re1ieved; ner 1augnter contirwed tne re1ease ot tne ewotiona1
traura. 1 tnen directed ner to return to anotner incident ot ewotiona1
or pnysica1 pain. 5ne contacted an incident wnen sne was eignteen
weexs o1d. 5ne was 1ying in ner crib wnen a "darx c1oud witn red eyes"
para1yzed ner, picked ner up, and tnen sne te1t 1ixe sne was being
t1oated down into tneir basewent. 5ne was p1aced on a tab1e witn ner
tatner ne×t to it. 5ne tries to strugg1e but can ' t. 1t ' s dark, and
ner terror we11s up as sne tee1s ner tatner ' s rougn nands around ner
necx. 5owetning 1ike " a s1iver ot ice" goes down ner tnroat, and
sowetning is injected into ner stowacn. 5ne begins to tee1 tne pain
trow tne rougn nand1ing. Ber body tee1s sore, and ner stowacn is tense
and sore. 5ne tnen rea1izes tnat ner tatner is tne on1y one in tne
roow and tnat ne is being contro11ed and precise1y directed to do
certain tnings to ner by otners wno are in anotner p1ace or roow.
(Note: 1nis bizarre pnenowenon ot a1ien wind contro1 is a1so
dewonstrated in tne to1 1owing cnapter. ) 5ne a1so notices tnat even
tnougn ne is doing tnis against nis own wi1 1 , ne is enjoying it. 5ne
said, "Be wade wy 1ungs nurt and wy body nurt and wy digestive systew
and wy nead . " E1ectrica1 currents surge tnrougn ner 1 itt1e body, and
sne te1t 1ike sne was being "psycnica11y raped . " Ber tatner to1d ner
tnat " 1 ' w a bad gir1, and 1 need tnese tIings done to we because 1 need
to be cnanged. You deserve it. You are to give into it. You need to
subwit and not to resist. " Pictures t1asn tnrougn ner wind prograwwing
ner to be a victiw because tnat ' s wnat sne deserves. 5ne said tnis was
being written on ner baby wind to disewpower ner.
1nen tne pain becowes even wore intense. 5ne tnen neard
prograwwing tnat sne was evi1, and tnat tnere were certain tnings sne
cou1d do and certain tnings sLe cou1d not do , and it sne crosses tne
1ine, sne ' 11 be punisned. buring tnis brainwasning sne te1t tnat ner
surviva1 instincts were being suppressed, so tnat sne wou1d be a victiw
and tai1 in 1ite. Witn a broken spirit and tee1ing sad and despondent,
sne is returned to ner crib.
1wo days 1ater, on tne 8tn ot June, Karen uncovered anotner
abduction tnat occurred at tne age ot two. Karen indicated tnat tne
purpose ot tnis abduction was designed "to break wy spirit" witn "a
cowbination ot psycno1ogica1 and pnysica1 torture. " A1tnougn sne is a
strong being, ner resistance is broken down by a series ot steps
resu1ting in a tina1 breakdown ot ner wi11, wnicn is ewotiona11y very
trauwatic tor ner.
1 didn' t bring wy tape recorder tor tnis session, but two weeks
1ater sne asked we it sne cou1d go tnrougn tne incident again. 5ne
wanted to see it sne cou1d contact wore ot tne wenta1 prograwwing tnat
tney int1icted on ner. 1 agreed to take ner tnrougn tne incident again
witn tne caution tnat it ' s not good to run tnrougn a trauwatic incident
too wany tiwes. Frow wy e×perience 1 nave tound tnat one snou1d on1y
recount sucn an incident just enougn tiwes to re1ease tne pnysica1 and
ewotiona1 pain. 1oo wany recountings can tend to grind it in, creating
a negative ettect. 1n LFC abduction cases it is a big tewptation to
run tLrougn an interesting incident wore tiwes tnan necessary to pick
up wore intriguing detai1s aLout tne a1iens and tneir snips .
I did bring wy tape recorder tor tnis session, so tne to11owing
transcript is tne tnird recounting ot tnis incident. Because sne nad
a1ready recounted and re-e×perienced tne incident twice betore, and
because tne tnird recounting occurred two weexs 1ater, tnere is a
noticeab1e ewotiona1 detacnwent and sowe noticeab1e ditticu1ty in
re-e×periencing tne incident again. bue to tne prior re1ease ot
ewotiona1 trauwa sne is ab1e to take wore ot a viewpoint ot
inte11ectua1 curiosity in re-exawininq the abduction.
Karen' s 5ession #2 -- June 22, 1994
Karen: "Ckay. We1 1 , 1 ' w in wy crib, and it' s niqhttiwe, and there ' s
1eaves on the trees outside. 1t' s kind ot a widniqht b1ue co1or
ot sky. You know, 1ike not rea11y navy b1ue b1ack yet: it ' s
kind ot a dark b1uish, you know, deep b1ue, 1 quess. And 1 ' w
1ayinq in wy crib, and sowethinq rea11y dark and sinister
approached we. And the best way 1 cou1d describe it is darkness
with red eyes. And it ' s touch is co1d, and it' s co1d. 1
tina11y aw ab1e to see throuqh this toq or whatever it puts up.
Maybe it' s , you know, te1epathic or sowethinq, 1 don' t know, but
it ' s sowe kind ot a robot. And it rewinds we ot the kind that
was in the wovie "1he 1erwinator, " that was underneath a11 the
skin. You know, it ' s with the ]ust p1ain weta1 and everythinq
1ike that. And anyway, so 1 ' w taken to a ship that' s t1oatinq
outside the house, and the ship is• • . we qo throuqh the wa11 to
qet to the ship. And interestinq1y enouqh in wy parents ' o1d
house we had a day1iqht basewent, so where wy roow was, was
actua11y two stories up. And this disk was above the neiqhbor' s
house, and it was very quiet and not 1it up or anythinq. And we
]ust kinda t1ew out there and into the disk. And 1 rewewber
beinq atraid, because 1 didn' t know what was qoinq to happen.
And 1 was pretty wuch a trustinq sort ot 1itt1e kid and, we11 ,
qood-natured I quess, it you want to ca11 it that. And 1
thouqht I was qoinq to have sowe kind ot an adventure, but 1 was
rea11y scared anyway. And 1. . . "
"What are you dressed in now?"
Karen: ··Let ' s see, it was pa¸awas 1 quess, sort ot a t1anne1 1itt1e
pa¸awas that I had. But there ' s no tee1inqs in this p1ace, and
it ' s kinda scary. 1t' s co1d on wy bare teet. The t1oor is
weta1 , and it ' s co1d, and 1 ' w put on top ot this 1itt1e tab1e.
1t tee1s wore 1ike a 1itt1e bed to we, but it ' s not at a11
cowtortab1e. 1t' s wore 1ike a 1itt1e s1ab or sowethinq. And 1
don ' t know why 1 ' w not questioninq or struqq1inq around wore.
1 t' s sort ot 1ike 1 ' w in a hypnotic trance or sowethinq. And
1 don' t know when it is that 1 1ose wy c1othes--tryinq to think
now--possib1y that ' s because l ' w in a hypnotic trance. 1 don ' t
rea1ize that 1 ' w beinq undressed, but atter 1 ' w put on the s1ab
1 don ' t think 1 have any c1othes on. And 1 ' w 1ett there in

roow tor quite a 1onq tiwe. 1here' s nothinq qoinq on. 1t' s
1ike 1 ' w beinq he1d in stasis there tor awhi1e. But part ot we
is rea11y atraid, ' cause I sense that sowethin ' s qonna happen
tnat 1 don ' t 1 ike. 1he air around is a very steriIe kind ot
air. 1t ' s breathab1e, but it has sowe swe11s that are kinda
wediciny, and a1so swe11s that are ¸ust kinda steri1e 1ike you' d
expect in a c1ean roow. Very odor1ess, but wechanica1-tee1inq.
1here' s no neqative ions trow p1ants or swe11s trow p1ants or
anythinq 1ike that. 1hey cowe to qet we, and 1 ' w sti11 kind ot
s1eepy, or waybe 1 ¸ust don ' t wanna be woke up or sowethinq.
And they drag we a1onq, and 1 rewewber that the t1oors were
co1d, and the wa11s were very swooth and co1d and unadorned.
And it was a triqhteninq p1ace without wercy.
"Bow were they ho1dinq you?¹'
Karen: "Yeah, 1 ' w beinq he1d by the e1bows, by the arws and kind ot
ushered a1onq, and 1 ' w cryinq because 1 ' w s1eepy. 1 don' t want
to be disturbed. But there' s no tee1inqs there, which puts we
into denia1 because 1 tind it Lard to iwaqine or understand a
p1ace wLere tLere' s no tee1inqs. 1 ' w too 1itt1e to rea11y xnow
tLat tLis is a ditterent species and doesn' t Lave any tee1inqs
tor we. Anyway, tLese 1itt1e a1iens tLere--tLey' re 1itt1e
' cause tLey ' re ta11er tLan we but not wucL ta11er tLan we--
tLey' re taxinq we down tLe La11way, and l ' w tee1inq wore and
wore atraid as we qet cIoser to our destination. l Lave
tee1inqs ot tear tLat wanitest in wy body riqLt now as� we11,
tee1inq in tLe pit ot wy stowacL, in wy 1eqs a litt1e, sowe
tee1inqs ot• • . 1 don' t xnow e×act1y Low to describe it. 1t' s a
tee1inq ot tear, a sicxeninq tee1inq, not wantinq to qo any
turtLer, not wantinq to e×perience any wore. And pretty soon
l ' w struqq1inq and tryinq to qet away, but it doesn ' t do any
qood. 1Lis is causinq we a 1ot ot trauwa because 1 aw very
atraid. 1Le tear is rea11y stronq and rea11y. . . l ' w unab1e to
cowtort wy tear or Le1p it witL any xind ot reasoninq abi1ity.
5o tLe terror is \ust very. . . it ' s rea11y Lurtinq wy psycLe.
1t' s waxinq we very atraid on a certain 1eve1 tLat it wiqLt not
Lave been it l Ladn' t Lad tLis e×perience. 5o. . • and apparent1y,
wy stowacL is cLurninq, too, I quess. 1t' s rea11y tee1inq
queasy. 1 tLinx tLis Las Lappened betore, and tLat ' s wLy l ' w
scared. But 1 Lad no conscious wewory ot it Lappeninq betore.
5o l ' w put on sowe xind ot a device, wLicL causes we discowtort.
5ince l c1eared a 1ot ot tLat out 1 ' w Lavinq ditticu1ty
rewewberinq certain detai1s about it. Cne particu1ar one
anyway. l can say tLat tLat caused we a 1ot ot pain, pLysica1
pain. Hade we cry. And wLat was so triqLteninq about it is
tLat it was. . . ]ust pain. l wean tLere wasn' t any purpose to it
tLat 1 cou1d see or l cou1d tee1. lt was 1ixe tLey ¸ust wanted
to see Low wucL pain l cou1d taxe. "
··WLere is tLis pain cowinq trow, or wLere is it in your body?"
Karen: " l ' w tryinq to rewewber it now. 1 c1eared a 1ot ot it out.
Let' s see, tLere were two ditterent wacLines tLat were doinq
tLis. Cne tLat l rewewber on1y vaque1y Lad sowetLinq 1ixe
1itt1e b1acx rubber tips on tLe ends ot tLese 1itt1e probes tLat
wou1d cowe and toucL we, and tLen tLey wou1d release. And l ' w
not quite sure it tLat caused pLysica1 dawaqe or not, or it it
was e1ectrica1. 1Le pain was in wy nervous systew priwari1y
and tLrouqLout wy wusc1es . My orqans were not attected e×cept
tLey Lurt, too, because tLey were connected to tLe wusc1es. And
atter tLat 1 was put in tLis 1itt1e indentation in tLe wa11--is
tLe best way to say it--and tLere was a q1ass door 1ixe a sLower
sta11 sort ot. And tLen tLere were tLe 1itt1e tLinqs tLat cawe
out ot tLe sides tLat. • . and tLis was wLere tLe worst ot tLe
trauwa Lappened. "
"WLat position is your body in now?"
Karen: "lt ' s standinq up. I was standinq up durinq botL ot tLese
incidents. TLe tirst one witL

tLe bIacx rubber pieces is ]ust
xind ot 1ixe qettinq, introducinq we to tLe idea ot sowe pain.
lt wasn ' t rea11y 1ixe a 1ot ot pain; it was annoyinq, paintu1 ,
burninq sensation sowetiwes. lt was tee1inqs ot trauwa in wy
nervous systew. 1t' s tLe on1y way l can e×press it. lt ' s 1ixe
tLese siqna1s or wLatever were runninq up and down wy nerves and
rea11y waxinq we strunq out. And it ¸ust te1t--Wnat ' s tLe word
tor it?--it te1t 1ixe l ' w continua11y beinq buqqed by t1ies or
by sowetLinq 1ixe tLat wLere you \ust want to screaw in anqer.
' Cause tLe nervous systew does connect witL your ewotions, too,
and it was 1ixe beinq continua11y stunq by insects or sowetLinq
and navinq tnat neurotoxin or wnatever qo tnrouqn your b1ood and
\ust \ anqle up your nerves.

And 1 was territied aqain by tnis
time because ot tne tact tnat nobody was tnere to save me, and
it \ust didn ' t seem riqnt tnat nobody was tnere to save me. 1t
rea1ly put me into denia1 , biq time. "
"Bow do you qet to tne q1ass case?"
Karen: "Yean, atter tnat 1 was taken over to tne q1ass case tninq, and
tnen it' s stepped up, tne intensity ot tne pain stepped up, but
tnere were a1so otner tninqs. beeper• • • it was 1ike cel1u1ar
proqramminq or sometninq 1ike tnat was qoinq on, because tnere
were tninqs tnat e×tended into my neck and into my sides.
And. . . ''
"Wnat does tnat tee1 1ike?"
Karen: "We11, it. . . in my neck, let ' s see, maybe 1 snould start at tne
beqinninq. At tne beqinninq ot it 1 was put into tnis litt1e
1ike real narrow snower sta11. 1 couldn' t even turn around.
And my nands, my leqs, 1 was standinq up, my nands were
outstretcned, my 1eqs were outstretcned, and 1 te1t co1d metal
tninqs kinda qrab no1d ot my arms and leqs and kinda keep ' em
tnere. And tnat' s wnen 1 nad tnese need1es, tney came out trom
tne sides ot tne wal l , and at t irst it was \ust 1ike probes tnat
\ust really nurt. Rot tne same way tnat tnat otner macnine did.
1t was more 1ike pain tnat actua1ly te1t like 1 was actua11y
beinq nurt pnysica11y, you know, cut on or sometninq 1ike tnat.
And it was a very paintu1 e×perience because tnere was no actua1
damaqe, but tnere was a simulation ot it. 1t' s like tne
equivalent ot wnatever 1 wou1d be, well, it 1 were rea1ly nurt
pnysically, it tney were actually doinq sometninq to me
pnysically. Tnat' s wnat it telt 1ike, you know, wnetner tney
were cuttinq on me or scrapinq or wnatever. 1t \ust was
very• . . except it went down into my muscles, and tnat' s wnat
tnese probes were doinq. At tirst tney sent a siqnal down in
tnere, and tnen tney put need1es in tnere, and tnat actua11y did
sometninq more drastic to me. Tnat actual1y produced blockaqes
in my psycnic enerqy t1ow tnrouqn my body, and it was so mucn
and so ditticu1t tor me to stay present witn it tnat I actua11y
kind ot. • • and part ot me went blank. And tne pain was. . . i t' s
kinda nard tor me to say it in words. 1t v:ould radiate trom
tnose need1es, but it wou1d a1so kind ot like b1ock my enerqy
tlows. 1t wou1d create some sort ot a tendency in my body tnat
was unnea1tny. 1 t' s 1ike it wou1d b1ock tne enerqy trom cominq
up trom my 1ower abdomen. 1nis was tne need1es in my neck now
tnat were doinq tnis. Tney wou1d b1ock tne enerqy and keep it
kind ot cyclinq on it, back on itse1t. And tnis created a
b1ockaqe in my nealtn and inabi1ity to tnink c1ear1y sometimes. "
!· Are tne need1es in\ectinq sometninq cnemica1, or is it
e1ectronic or• . . "
Karen: "1nere were cnemica1s in tnere, and tney were activated by tne
e1ectrica1 currents tnat were a1so beinq put tnrouqn my body.
We11 , tne e1ectrical currents. . . 1 tnink tnere were some currents
qoinq tnrouqn me, tnose two. 1t was. . . a1so tnere were otner
attacnments . 1nere were attacnments on my 1ower abdomen, too,
and turtner down like on my 1eqs and tninqs, but tne purpose ot
tnose particu1ar need1es tnat were pokinq into my neck were
to. . . it seemed 1ike. . . we11, pernaps 1 snou1dn' t specu1ate. 1
can on1y te1 1 you wnat it te1t 1ike. 1t telt like tney were
creatinq a qreat dea1 ot disturbance and blockaqe riqnt tnere in
my neck by pumpinq tnese cnemica1s tnrouqn tnat wou1d b1ock tne
t1ow ot enerqy in my body. And a1so tnere were some xind ot
enerqy. And ca11inq it e1ectrica1 is xind of• . . l don' t xnow
e×actly. . • it te1t tnat way. lt te1t e1ectrica1. l xnow
wnatever it was, was interterinq witn my e1ectrica1 t1ow. And
tnere was some sort ot a stimu1ation ot an e1ectrica1 or enerqy
nature tnat caused tne pain and tne discomtort and
tne. . . wnatever it was tnat tney were tryinq to train my body to
do. And tnat caused me a Iot ot qriet. 1 remember tnat, too.
' Cause ot now 1itt1e l was and now mucn l wanted to nave a sate
lovinq environment. "
"Was tnere e1ectric snocx?"
Karen: ''Yean, tnere' s some very mi1d. . . not at a11 overwne1minq.
Just lixe you' d tee 1 , l quess, in a very, very 1ow-vo1taqe
battery or sometninq 1ixe tnat. Wnere it just tee1s xind ot
lixe an itcn or sometninq. But it activates a11 tnese otner
tninqs tnat are in tnere, and tnat ' s wnat creates tne
pain, simu1ates tne pain prob1em. 1nere ' s sometninq around my
nips tnat l don' t 1ixe beinq tnere, and it' s meta1 , and tney' re
insertinq tninqs into my tema1e orqans, and actua11y it' s up my
vaqina, 1 tninx. But it ' s not 1ixe it ' s se×ua1 e×act1y, but it
teels wronq to me, and l just want to taxe my nands , and pull
ott tne 1itt1e qir1 tninq tnat' s on tnat ' s meta1 . And 1 \ust
want to taRe it ott ¹ cause it ' s uncomtortab1e, and it xeeps
qoinq on, and it' s . • . wnatever it is tnat' s up in tnere is
uncomtortab1e to me. 1ne tee1inq ot it is, we11 , l ' d say it' s
scrapinq but it ' s not. 1nere' s no b1ood. 1nere ' s no damaqe.
But it ' s causinq me discomtort. lt ' s unpleasant. 1nere are
otner sensations. Yean, tnere' s otner stimu1ations ot tnat
area. 1 can' t riqnt1y say tnat tnere' s need1es qoinq in tnere.
lt' s very friqnteninq to me, and l want to just escape and qet
away in my mind. l want to just deny tnat any ot tnis nappened.
l quess tnat' s wny l was so successtul at torqettinq everytninq.
1ney' re 1ettinq some e1ectrica1 cnarqe between tne devices up my
vaqina, and it ' s some xind ot a need1e tnat. . . it ' s a 1itt1e
need1e 1 quess . And it ' s qoinq in riqnt about tne top ot my
nips on tne tront part ot my body, and tnere ' s a 1itt1e current
qoinq between tne two. And 1ater tney ' 1l do some tninqs tnat
are paintuI to tnat area, some 1onqer need1es or wnatever into
tnat area riqnt above my nips. And tnat damaqes my teelinqs tor
my tema1e orqans . 1 ' m not quite sure. 1 ' m not c1ear about
tnat. But tnere ' s some tninqs tnat nappen tnere tnat basica11y
are to xind ot, aqain, tie up my enerqy, my psycnic enerqy, maxe
it 1ess 1ixe1y to t1ow in certain directions. Tnere' s a 1ot ot
enerqy tnat comes. . . and power ot creation tnat comes trom 1ne
qenita1 area, and tney just want to somenow namper tnat, contro1
it maybe, l don' t xnow. I was a1so made to tee1 tnat my se× was
wronq and tnat se× was wronq. "
"Are tney qivinq you any suqqestions witn tnis?"
Karen: "We11 , yean. lt tee1s to me 1ixe tney' re beqinninq to. lt' s
1ust tne start ot tne proqramminq part. Wnen tney did tne. . . tne
otner need1es tnat were into my 1ower abdomen, tnat ' s a separate
incident between tne bo× and tne otner p1ace wnere 1 qo sit, and
tnere ' s tnis device tnat qoes down on my nead. But tney diðn' t
qive any proqramminq witn tnat interim incid�nt. 1ney did,
tnouqn, witn tne need1es in tne necx. And tnere wasn ' t anytninq
tnat came rea11y trom tne qirdle tnat was around me in terms ot
proqramminq. 1ne proqramminq was used. . . tney used tnose need1es
because tney cou1d teed it into my nervous system tnrouqn tnat .
And tne cro×iwity ot wy brain to tnose was sutticient tor tnew
to ab1e to qive sowe siwc1e iwaqes. And one ot tne tninqs tnat
1 rewewber stronq1y is--and it ' s ]ust tne beqinninq ot a q1iwcse
into it--is tnat 1 was to1d tnat sutterinq is a qood tninq.
Tnat by wy sutterinq I was becowinq a wore nob1e cerson. And by
denyinq wyse1t is tne best way to qo and tne best way to succeed
in 1ite. And 1 was qiven a stronq croqrawwinq about wyse1t
beinq unc1ean, just as 1 aw now in tn1s two-year o1d body. 1
cou1dn ' t be tnat way. 1 nad to be sowetninq e1se, sowetninq
better or ditterent or wnatever. But tnere ' s otner croqrawwinq
tnat tee1s 1ixe it nas to do witn ceoc1e and events, ceoc1e in
wy 1ite and certain events in wy 1ite wnere 1 was croqrawwed so
tnat 1 wou1d not intertere, or 1 wou1d not taxe certain actions,
so tnat 1 wou1d not nave as a construct an attitude cernacs as 1
wiqnt nave nad in reqards to certain situations in 1ite. And
tneretore, 1 wou1d not be as ettective at creventinq certain
tninqs trow nacceninq or trow qettinq away trow wy situation
witn wy dad. 1 tninx tnere' s worse tninqs in tnere, too, tnat
are narder to access. You xnow, tney nad wade we be1ieve tnat 1
nad done sowetninq norrib1e, or tney croqrawwed we to do
sowetninq tnat wasn ' t qood, but tnat cawe 1ater. 1nis is

tne tirst cart. 1t wou1dn ' t surcrise we it tney just wade we
tninx tnat 1 was qoinq to do sowetninq norrib1e. But 1 don ' t
xnow. 1 ' 11 nave to qo deecer to qet at tnat stutt. Anyway,
i t' s just cictures in terws ot wnat I suttered in tnat 1itt1e
snower sta11-tyce tninq. 1t was cictures, iwaqes ot wnat tney
wanted we to do, and now 1 was succosed to do it. ¹·
'¹Can you describe tne cictures, any ot tnew, wnat tney 1oox
Karen: "We11 , cictures ot qoinq to scnoo1i 1 rewewber tnat. Pictures
ot wnat wy 1ite was qoinq to be 1ixe as a cni1d, you xnow, in wy
qrade scnoo1 . Basica11y ot not navinq a wnolc 1ot ot cowcr as a
cni1d, wnicn turned out to be true. But 1 rewewber 1 was a1ways
trustrated witn tnat. Tnere ' s sowetninq tnat 1 don' t want to
tace tnat' s very caintu1 because as a 1ovinq sort ot cerson 1
wou1d not want to adwit tnat tnat croqrawwinq is in tnere, or
wnatever tnat is tnat' s i n tnere. 1nat ' s tne wost 1 can say
about it riqnt now. But it nas to do witn sowe xind ot rea1
darx deed tnat tney croqrawwed into we. And 1 don' t xnow it it
ever naccened. 1 suscect tnat it didn' t. But it was in tnere
1ust in case certain otner tninqs and tneir c1ans were screwed
uc. 1nis wou1d nave been a very subconscious, very deec1y
buried suqqestion to xi11 or nurt--or sowetninq 1ixe tnat--
soweonc. 1t was soweone in wy tawi1y, 1 be1ieve. 1 ' w not
certain, but 1 xnow it acc1ied to tninqs as tney were bacx tnen,
not as tney are riqnt now. Anyway, tnat and sowe otner rea11y
norrendous tninqs were. . . waybe tnat was tne e×tent ot it, 1
don' t xnow, but tnat was cut into we 1ater. 1 was wain1y beinq
broxen down and crecared tor tnat in tnat 1itt1e cubic1c tninq.
And tnen atterwards 1 ' w cut on a tab1e, and 1 ' w just so in snocx
trow a11 tnis stiwu1ation and sucer-stiwu1ation ot wy nervous
systew tnat 1 ' w just cretty wucn 1iwc and don' t rea11y tiqnt
anywore. And 1 ' w cut on a tab1e and tnen very quicx1y in1 ected
witn sowetninq, two need1es, and tney qo on 1ust above wy nics
and cointed down towards wy tewa1e orqans , and tnat' s anotner
enerqy innibitor, cnewica1 or sowetninq tnat 1 ' w in1ected witn.
And 1 rewewber tne tab1e beinq co1d, and tne tunny tninq is it
tee1s 1ixe--1 rewewber c1otn around we--and ot course 1 said
tnat 1 was witnout c1otnes, but it wiqnt nave been ]ust tnat
tney needed to cut tnat under we, 1 don' t xnow. Atter that tney
rea1ized tnat tney needed to do wore in order to c1ant certain
tninqs inside ot we, so tney cut we on tnis device 1ixe--on,
1et ' s see, 1 xnow an ecisode ot 5tar 1rex 1 ' w tninxin ' ot, but
you crobab1y don' t--anyway i t' s a ne1wet tninq and they cut it
on wy nead. Basica11y tney use tnat to, you xnow, as a tina1
conditioninq, a croqrawwinq, and at 1east in wy case tnat' s tne
way it was. And tnen wnat naccened atter tnat was tnat 1 was
cut tnrouqn a 1ot ot tninqs, i11usory sort ot tortures tnat
Iooxed 1ixe tney were actua11y nacceninq. 1 rewewber wy bones
belnq crusned and wy arws . 1 rewewber wy cnest beinq crusned,
and it didn' t actua11y naccen, tnouqn. 1t was ]ust an i11usion .
1t was a11 incut into wy brain as an i11usion, but tne trauwa
was sti11 tnere. "
¹ bo you tee1 cain wnen tnis naccens?"
Karen: ' Yean. Yean. 1t way not nave been, and 1 don ' t tninx it was,
tne actua1 cain tnat you wou1d tee1 it tnat was done to you,
because ±t it was, it wou1d be equa11y trauwatic as tne in]ury
itse1t, and tney cou1dn' t nave attorded tnat. But tnere was
cain witn it. 1t ]ust scared we, territied we to the coint
wnere sowetninq in we did qive. And tnat' s tne cart tnat ' s
rea11y nard tor we to acxnow1edqe, 1 quess. ' Cause 1 quess 1 ' w
natura11y a stubborn sort ot cerson wnen it cowes to wy be1iets
and contro1 ot wy own wind and doinq wnat ' s riqnt and tninqs
1ixe tnat. And 1 ' ve a1ways be1 ieved tnat 1 ' ve nad tne strenqtn
to do, you xnow, i t' s a11 uc to we. 1n otner words tnat it 1
tai1ed, tnat it' s a11 wy tau1t. You xnow, it ' s not anybody
e1se ' s . And so it was nard tor we to accect tnis. 1 was
overcowe tnat tney cou1d actua11y do wnatever tney wanted to do
witn wy wind. Tnat was rea11y triqnteninq. But atter a couc1e
ot tnese incidents, taxe incidents, wy wind was ocened uc,
because 1 was so broxen uc in otner ways. Probab1y tne trauwa--
taxe trauwa tnouqn it was--was wnat did it. 1 rewewber, too,
wy anx1es beinq crusned, and tnat tnere are otner tninqs tnat
naccen. Let ' s see it 1 can rewewber tnew. A1tnouqn tney were
induced, tney were sti11 very trauwatic. "
"1s tne cain wi1d, or is tne cain cretty intense. "
Karen: " 1t ' s very. . . it' s intense. 1t doesn ' t 1ast a 1onq tiwe because
tnese aren ' t rea1 injuries. 1t ' s just intense. For a wni1e you
tninx it ' s nacceninq. 1 ' w navinq a wewory cowe in, and 1 ' w not
suie it it ' s . . . 1 ' 11 ]ust qo anead and say it. 1 ' w not sure it
it¹ s due to tnis incident or not. But wnen 1 was a xid, an
o1der xid in wy cre-ado1escent years, 1 nad a certain tear, and
1 never xnew wny, ot navinq sowetninq red not cut up wy vaqina.
And 1 be1ieve tnat tnat was one ot tne iwaqes. 1nere were rea1
norrendous iwaqes 1ixe tnat. 1nat was one. 1 don' t xnow it
tnat was tnis tiwe or not. 1 ' w not certain ot tnat, but since
it qot triqqered, 1 ' 11 ]ust say it. And tne cain trow tne
burninq was very severe. And it' s triqnteninq. And 1 tee1
anotner croqrawwinq tnat tney qave we was tnat you nave to cut
uc witn cain in order to be riqnt, or in order to be ab1e to say
you nave a c1ean conscience, or tnat you tried your best or
wnatever. And 1 suscect tnat tne cain was aiso conditioninq,
and tnat tney rea11y didn ' t want we to xnow tnat. lney wanted
we to tninx 1 was beinq brave or sowetninq. But tne tact ot tne
watter was 1 was not very coocerative, and tney didn' t 1ixe tnat
and tried to beat it out ot we.

Not by beatinq we up, but just
by breakinq we down in various ways. But it didn' t 1ast. Hy
resistance didn' t 1ast. Cbvious1y. Because ot wnat nappened.
Anyway, tne proqramwinq nad to do witn tninkinq certain rea11y
bad tninqs about wy tawi1y. Hy iwwediate tawi1y. 1 quess you
wiqnt tnink ot it as--sowe ot it wou1dn' t be too tar trow tne
trutn ot course--ot wy dad' s cooperation witn tnew. But it nad
to do witn niqntwarisn, rea11y evi 1 , neqative ideas, at 1east
tnat ' s tne way tney were to we. 1 do be1ieve tnat tnis
proqrawwinq 1 qot did encouraqe we to qet a ]ob at Boeinq
workinq tor a secret project, wnicn is wnat 1 did do. I tnink
it a1so encouraqed we to over1ook wy best we1tare. And
basica11y tnere ' s rea1 stronq ewotiona1 triqqer points or
sowetninq--it ' s tne best word 1 can tnink ot--tnat are around
tnese 1itt1e wessaqes. 1ney wake it very nard to qet at tnew.
1ney wake it very nard to qet at tnew. And I suspect tnat
tnat ' s wnat tne pain• • . one ot tne tninqs it was tor. But now
it' s wain1y ewotiona1 . 1 ' w atraid ot. . . tnat tnat ret1ects bad1y
on we. Pernaps tnat ' s anotner idea tnat tney p1anted. 1t
ret1ects bad1y on we tnat I nave a11 tnese neqative iwp1anted
suqqestions inside ot we. But 1 know tor sure tnat 1 rea11y
wou1d 1ike to qet rid ot tnat ` sutterinq is qood tor tne sou1 '
proqrawwinq. 1nterestinq1y, 1 do tee1 tnat proqrawwinq nad to
do witn wy parents, and unti1 certain tninqs were cowp1ete, tne
proqrawwinq was in p1ace, and tnen atterwards, atter wy parents
died, it no 1onqer was as necessary or in p1ace. And 1 wonder
it it nad to do witn not rebe1 1 inq and not doinq certain tninqs
tnat wou1d' ve been better to do. And as a resu1t wy wotner qot
very sick and eventua11y died ot cancer 1arqe1y because sne
stayed in tnat very, very stresstu1 re1ationsnip. But 1 seew to
be navinq troub1e accessinq tne actua1 cowmands. 1 notice sowe
tee1inqs in wy 1eqs now. 1t' s interestinq, but it seews 1ike
tnat ' s an area tnat was. . . tnere was a 1ot ot attention on it; 1
don' t know wny. 1t wasn' t as it I suttered a wno1e 1ot, tninqs
tnat were done to tnat part ot tne body. But 1 don' t reca11 it
beinq--in tne case ot wy 1eqs anyway--excruciatinq1y paintu1 or
anytninq, ]ust kind ot stranqe tee1inq. Anyvay, atter tney take
we ott tnis ne1wet device, 1 rea11y qo deep1y into snock, and
tney are quite surprised because apparent1y wy spiritua1
deve1opwent is sucn tnat tne proqrawwinq is wucn too bad tor
even we to carry out, and it tney don' t sotten it a 1itt1e bit
or nide trow we wore or sowetninq, tney' 11 create sowe sort ot a
sp1it in we. Tnat' s wnat 1 rewewber trow 1isteninq to or
nearinq various tninqs, or maybe I was just pickinq up on
tnouqnts . 5o to prevent we trow dyinq and beinq use1ess, tney
took we into anotner roow wnere tney reversed and nea1ed a 1ot
ot tninqs . And ot course tnat wade we tee1• • • tnat was a1so
psycno1oqica1, 1 quess, in a way, because tnat wade we tee1
qratetu1 to tnew. And yet it wasn' t done out ot 1ove. 1t was
done siwp1y to keep we tunctiona1 , so questions wou1dn' t be
raised or wnatever. Sowetninq tnat was done prevented we trow
reacninq sowe sort ot a conc1usion in wy 1ater years or trow
interveninq or doinq sowetninq tnat wou1d not nave been wnat
tney wanted. 5o tnat' s tne best 1 can do for ta1kinq about tne
proqrawminq, and wnat' s in it. Anyway, atter 1 ' w sort ot 1ike
deproqrawwed a 1itt1e bit and nea1ed a 1itt1e bit and ba1anced
out sowe, 1 ' w taken back to wy crib by tnis tninq and 1aid down
tnere, and it' s quite triqnteninq to we. And 1 can' t s1eep. 1
]ust 1ay tnere 1ookinq at tne cei1inq, and eventua11y 1 do
1 12
sIeep, but 1 ' w \ust rea11y triqnteneð, tense anð contuseð. Anð
tnat ' s tne enð ot tne inciðent as tar as 1 can reca11 it. "
"A11 riqnt. Can you ðescribe wnat tne beinqs 1ook 1ike tnat
were ðoinq tnis to you?"
Karen: "Yean, tney were qray, anð tney nað biq neaðs anð biq eyes tnat
were a11 b1ack . "
"Any otner ðetai1s tnat you notice about tnew. "
Karen: "We11, tney kinð ot nave a. . . tneir neaðs aren ' t tota11y rounð.
1ney ' ve qot a 1itt1e brow riðqe or sowetnin' 1ike tnat tnat qoes
up arounð tne siðe, one ot ' ew ðoes, particu1arIy anyway, tne
one 1 noticeð. Anð 1 sense tnat tney wanteð to toster an
ewotiona1 bonð in we witn tnew, so tnat 1 wou1ð tee1 1ike
tney' re actua11y beinq 1ovinq to we wnen tney were qivinq we
pain. Anð tnat was so tnat 1 wou1ðn' t struqq1e so wucn, 1
tnink. Anð tnat was probabIy part ot tne reason tor tne
proqrawwinq tnat 1 ðon' t nave enouqn answers yet to be ab1e to
say. A11 1 know is tnat 1 wasn' t necessari1y consiðereð rea11y
super iwportant, but tney neeðeð to tinð out it certain
innibitions wou1ð work in wy case, wou1ð take. 1 ' 11 qo back to
wnat tney 1ook Iike. Let' s see, anð tneir skin was kinð ot Iike
ce11opnane, 1 quess . 1t was a 1itt1e bit coo1 anð not e×act1y
ðawp teeIinq. 1t was sort ot s1ick anð 1ust a IittIe bit
sticky, not rea11y sticky. 1ike ce11opnane is rea11y sticky.
But it was a siwi1ar type ot a substance tnat rewinðeð we wore
ot a p1ant. 1 rewewber beinq very anqry anð inðiqnant at aII
tnat tney nað ðone wni1e 1 was unðerqoinq it, particu1ar1y. But
tne way tney twisteð it arounð was to wy ðisaðvantaqe
u1tiwate1y, because ot wnat a wartyr 1 becawe. Tneir eyes are
b1ack, anð tneir woutns are tair1y swaII . Tne one tnat ðið we
was. . . or tnat was watcninq wnen 1 was ðoinq--in tnat 1ittIe
cubic1e tninq--was kinð ot a swa1I one. Anð ne Iookeð to be
wore curious anð open tnan tne rest ot ' ew. 1 ðon ' t know it ne
was a younq one or wnat. But ne wasn ' t any wore cowpassionate
tnan any ot tne otners. Anð tne otner ones were ]ust so watter
ot tact anð quick anð brustlinq witn tneir wovewents, anð tney
ðiðn' t rea11y stay in wy tie1ð ot vision. Tney were ]ust ðoinq
tninqs arounð tne siðe anð wy peripnera1 vision, qosn, tne pain
anð tne snock was so qreat in tnat. 1t ' s kinða narð to qo back
to it, but 1 wi1I. Tne peripnera1 vision was a 1itt1e bit ot a
sort ot a wnitisn, qrayisn coior. But it Iookeð very wnitisn,
too, very pa1e, kinð ot wnitisn coIor ot skin. Anð it' s kinð ot
ðry skin, anð yet it was very swootn anð kinða 1ike pIastic.
Tne weta1 tninqs tnat tney wou1ð put on my skin at various
points to proðuce pain or wnatever was very co1ð, anð a1so it
territieð we because ot wy vu1nerabi1ity. "
burinq tne tirst recountinq ot tnis inciðent, Karen beqan to
reaIize tnat tne a1iens nað useð ner tatner as a weans to reintorce
tneir psycnoIoqica1 iwp1antinq. Sne saið, '·My ðað was party to a11
tnis. 1 bIaweð wyse1t erroneousIy. 1 teeI reqret over tnat.
a1so saið tnat sne was "brainwasneð into tninkinq I was a cowarð anð
evi1 or sowetninq. Like 1 was eviI insiðe anð beinq punisneð. 1 nateð
tnis tor succuwbinq anð not beinq pertect. 1 teIt so wucn snawe anð
pain. 1 was ðisappointeð to nave tai1eð anð nave a11 tnis stutt
nappeninq. " Tney also proqrawweð ner tnat sne wou1ðn ' t be nappy, anð
tnat sne wouIð be loneIy anð witnout wucn cowpanionsnip in Iite. Sne
noticeð tnat tne aliens nað everytninq a1reaðy set up wnen sne arriveð
on tne snip, tnus inðicatinq a preweðitateð aqenða speciticaIIy
ðesiqneð tor her.
5he suwweð up by sayinq, "1hose proqrawwinqs were not ðone tor the
reasons 1 thouqht as a huwan beinq. 1hey weren ' t ðone necessari1y to
qive we instructions that 1 wouIð carry out, but to create certain
beIiet systews anð response patterns. 1t wasn' t anythinq iwportant
with the qovernwent. 1 know that wuch. 1t was wore 1ike inhibitions,
so that 1 wouIðn' t ðo certain thinqs. " 1n the seconð recountinq ot the
inciðent she waðe an intriquinq cowwent: "1 ðið cowe trow a wore
aðvanceð civi1ization, anð that is why 1 aw tortureð anð suppresseð.
Cn the to11owinq ðay Karen retrieveð the wewory ot yet another
brainwashinqJtorture session, which hað occurreð at the aqe ot one anð
a haIt . 1 beqan this session by ðirectinq her to return to an ear1ier,
but siwi1ar inciðent. 1he to11owinq transcript was Karen ' s Iast tiwe
throuqh the inciðent.
Karen' s 5ession #4 -- June 2 2 , l994
Karen: " 1 ' w in wy crib, anð it' s niqhttiwe. 1he roow is harð to
see, harð to wakc thinqs out. 1 can bareIy see sowe ot the
IittIe pictures that 1 recaII beinq there when 1 was younq.
Anð then a11 ot a suððen 1 ' w kinða whiskeð away trow that. 1t
happeneð sooner than 1 thouqht ear1ier. A11 ot a suððen it' s
Iike a beaw or sowethinq 1ike that. 1 ' w aware that 1 ' w qoinq
sowewhere other than the house. Anð it kinð ot yanks we away,
' cause a11 ot a suððen 1 ' w sowewhere e1se, anð it ' s rea11y
ðisorientinq. 5o 1 ' w in this ðark roow, anð wy 1itt1e bare teet
are on the t 1oor, anð 1 ' w kinða wa1kinq arounð with wy Iitt1e
bare teet anð wonðerinq what' s in this roow, anð 1 ðon ' t reaI1y
Iike beinq in it, ' cause it' s co1ð anð everythinq. 1 ðon ' t have
too 1onq to wait betore there' s 1iqht anð sowe activity, but it
ðoesn' t reaIIy have wuch to ðo with we. 1hey' re just ta1kinq to
each other. Anð 1 ' w wonðerin' what aII this is about, but 1 ' w
too scareð to qo over there anð tinð out, ' cause they ðon ' t teeI
1ike qooð peop1e. 5o l kinða sit on wy Iitt1e baby 1eqs anð
1ook at ' ew. 1 ' w chewinq on wy tinqer anð wonðer what they ' re
up to. 5o they cowe anð they qet we. 5oweboðy cowes, picks we
up, anð they tee1 that they ' ve qot c1othes on, whoever it is. 1
think 1 was there awhi1e, sittinq on the t1oor anð kinða suckinq
wy thuwb. Anð that ' s where 1 was havinq probIews tryinq to
tiqure out what 1 was ðoinq. Craw1inq arounð the t1oor, anð
kinða suckinq wy thuwb, anð then 1 te11 back as1eep, 1 quess. 1
ðiðn ' t 1ike it there, ' cause it was too co1ð, anð it was just
too unp1easant. Row 1 ' w kinð ot qroqqy, anð so 1 ðon ' t reaIIy
know very wuch, except the person has c1othes, that pickeð we
up. 1here ' s a tee1inq ot tear as 1 ' w put on the cart, whee1eð
ðown the ha11 , anð there' s noises, anð the cart, 1 can hear
noises anð the Iitt1e squeaks anð whee1s anð thinqs. Anð the
1ittIe beinqs on each siðe ot we, ( I) can' t see thew. 1 ' w
atraið ot thew. 1hat wust be why 1 ' w havinq probIews . 1hey
strike tear in we. 1 think they are ta11 enouqh to see.
1hey' ve qot biq heaðs, very sinistet-1ookinq, anð they ðon ' t
rea1Iy Iook at we very wuch, they 1ust kinð ot wa1k a1onq
besiðe whatever this cart is. But they tee1 rea11y scary to we.
1 think when 1 was with thew 1 rewewber pain. 1 rewewber the
trauwas. 1hat' s why 1 ' w scareð. "
"What other ðetai1s ðo you notice
"We11, they ' ve qot swa1I ]aws--it
ðon ' t know--anð hiqh cheek bones .
about their taces. "
you can ca11 thew a j aw, 1
1heir eyes are sIanteð, anð
tney' ve qot riðqes on tneir toreneað. Tney ðon ' t exactIy Iook
Iike tne typicaI Gray wouIð Iook . "
"Bow are tne eyes ðitterent trow tne typicaI Gray?"
WeI I , a Iitt1e wore sIanty, anð tney nave sowe Iike scaIy
tninqs arounð tneir eyes, anð tney• • • 1 ðon' t know it it ' s tne
Iiqntinq or wnat, but tney ' re Iike a cross-breeð between a Gray
anð sowetninq eIse. Anð tney Iook reaI1y nasty, not \ust Iike
tney nave no ewotions, but Iike tney nave aqqression anð no
ewotions. Anð tne rest ot tneir teatures are very swaII . 1
ðon ' t notice anytninq prowinent about tneir taces. 1ney' re very
t1at taces. Kinð ot trianqu1ar-snapeð. "
"Wnat are tne eyes Iike? Are tney a soIið coIor, or ðo tney
nave an iris or pupi1s?"
Karen: "1ney' re soIið. bark. Pernaps wore ðetai1s wi1I cowe out about
tnew in tne tuture. 1 ' w ðoinq tne best 1 can at tne wowent. "
"Wnat ' s tne coIor ot tne skin?·!
Karen: "Grayisn, but it ' s s1iqntIy wottIeð arounð tneir eyes wnere
tnere' s tnis sca1y, repti1ian-Iookinq stutt. 1 ðon ' t know wnat
it is. Anð it' s narð because 1 ' w teeIinq trauwa Iookinq at
tnew. Anð 1 nope 1 ' w qettinq it riqnt, ' cause 1 teeI niqnIy
ewotiona1 about tnew. EeeI niqnIy scareð ot tnew, trauwatizeð
at sowe IeveI, as 1 ' w Iookinq at tnew. Anð tnat ' s tne best 1
can ðo tor now. 1t ' s kinð ot tunny because it' s a ðark p1ace
tnat tney ' re wneeIinq we tnrouqn, anð yet it eventuaIIy becowes
very Iiqnt. But 1 ' w aIso naIt out ot it ðurinq tnis tiwe.
WniIe 1 ' w on tne cart tney qive we sowe kinð ot an anestnetic
ðruq, so tnere was sowetninq in tnis 1ett arw 1ike a stanðarð
snot. Except it ' ð be Iike tney ' re ðoin ' it tnrouqn cIotnes; l
ðon ¹ t know wny. 1 ðon ' t know, 1 ðon' t tnink 1 nave cIotnes on,
but it' s a wore aðvanceð tninq tnan a twentietn century neeðIe.
Anyway, 1 ' w on tne cart, anð 1 ' w qoinq ðown tne naII. 1nese
beinqs are wearinq cIotnes by tne way. 1ne coIor ot tneir
c1otnes are kinð ot a nonðescript wottIeð qreen anð brown. Anð
tnen 1 tnink tney ' re sIiqntIy ðitterent tnan sowe ot tne otners
tnat nave taken we betore. 1 ðon' t know wnat tneir tunction is,
wnere tney ' re trow, or it tney ' re tne sawe ones tnat 1 suttereð
trauwa witn, but tney triqqer wewories ot trauwa Iookinq at
tnew. 1ney nave nanðs tnat tee1 Iike wax paper. 1ney teeI
1ike tney' re kinð ot 1ike ceIIuIose pIant tiber or sowetnin'
Iike tnat. ' Cause wnen tney noIð we it tee1s 1ike 1eaves, p1ant
Ieaves, except it' s wore ot a waxy type teeIinq tnan a pIant
Ieat. 1t isn' t sticky eitner, it' s sort ot a waxy teeIinq. But
anyway, tnere' s tnis nuwan beinq besiðe we, anð it ' s a person
witn a Iab coat. 1 ðon ' t tnink it' s tne sawe wan. 1t' s a wan
witn ðark nair carryinq tne neeð1e tninq in nis riqnt nanð, anð
1 ' w on nis 1ett. Be' s wa1kinq besiðe tne 1ittIe cart. Anð wnen
we qet to tne Iab ne is tne one tnat Iitts we up anð puts we
into tne IittIe narness . " (Sne nað previousIy ðescribeð tnis
narness as beinq a vertica1 trawe on wnicn sne was stretcneð.
Cutts encircIeð ner wrists, anð sne was nanqinq trow ner arws . )
"But atter tnat ne nas very IittIe to ðo witn we, anð ne qoes
ott sowewnere. We11 , tne aIiens watcn we, anð 1 tnink 1 see
Grays tnere now, tne usuaI kinð. But tney' re ott in tne
ðistance ðoinq tninqs witn various wacnines. Anð wy Iitt1e unit
is turneð on. 1 ' w starteð to be stiwuIateð in various p1aces.
1 ' w askeð questions by tne Grays. 1nis tiwe tney ' re requIar
Iooxinq. 1ney nave tne biq eyes anð so on. Anð tney ' re askinq
we questions. 1 can near it, tee1 it. 1ney' re very co1ð anð
scientific as tney ask we tnese questions. And 1 don ' t know now
1 understand, but 1 can. And 1 can' t answer tne questions, and
tney punisn we wnenever 1 don ' t answer and qet it riqnt, wnicn
is never. And it wakes we fee1 very inadequate, 1ike 1 ' w duwb
or sowetninq 1 ike tnat, 1 don' t know riqnt or wnatever. "
"Wnat are tney askinq you?"
Karen: "Wnat are tney askinq we? �1s tnis now to do sowetninq? 1s
tnis now to. . . ' 1 can ' t put it into words . � 1s tnis now tnis
works? 1nis is now you do tnis. Tnis is now you snou1d do
tnat. Wnat about tnis tninq? Wnat about tnat tninq? ' And 1
can' t qive you anytninq specific on tne tninqs, ' cause 1 don' t
know tnat wy 1itt1e baby wind understood, and tnat was part of
tne prob1ew. 1ney wanted we to revea1 sowetnin' to tnew tnrouqn
tne pain and tne otner tninqs tnat tney were doinq. 1 didn' t
know now to qive tnew wnat tney wanted. Tnat was very
distressinq to we. 1 didn' t know. . . tney turn up tne vo1uwe on
tnat device tnat sends e1ectrica1 iwpu1ses, and it causes pain
in wy body, and atter tnat tney ' re done, and tnat' s wnen tney
a11ow tne otner scientist to cowe in. " ( Ear1ier sne nau
reported tnat a wan nad "twidd1ed" witn a dia1 or sowetninq,
wnicn increased tne pain. ) "Tney turn down tne vo1uwe, so tnat
1 don ' t fee1 as wucn, 1 ' w not in as wucn difficu1ty. 1 ' w sti11
nanqinq frow tnis tninq, tnouqn, and 1 don' t like it, and 1 wisn
it wou1d stop. 1nis ske1eta1-1ookinq wan, cou1d be in nis
seventies or sowetninq, nas wnite nair, a very swa11 nead, very
swa11 nands, tnin, wearinq a wnite coat, and ne cowes in, and ne
is apparent1y on tne side of tne Grays and asks we a buncn ot
questions. 1 tnink ne does anyway. 1 ' w tryinq to rewewber wnat
ne does, but 1 tee1 so 1ost in wy sensations, wy pnysica1
sensations, trauwa, tnat it' s nard to focus on it. 1ne trauwa
is very wucn on wy wind, and it' s a deep sort of pain tnat qoes
tnrouqn wy body in waves, but tne wave part doesn ' t nappen ti11
1ater. Riqnt now i t' s just discowtort and fee1s 1ike itcninq
tnrouqn wy nerves, and tnen it' 11 qet pretty wore 1ike burninq
pain, and tnen it wi11 becowe ]ust pain, and tnen tnat' s a11
tnat 1 can tnink about. And durinq tnat tiwe 1 don ' t tnink tnat
ne does as wucn to we rea11y, except to say tninqs 1ike `We11,
it ' s a11 your tau1t, ' and �You snou1dn' t be cryinq because you
nave no riqnt; you snou1d ]ust a11ow us to do tnis to you
witnout protest ' and so on. Be does ask we sowe questions. 1
tnink ne says sowetninq 1ike �Wnat do you do about your fatner?
Are you kind to your fatner? ' And it' s a quilt producinq
question. He says it in a certain tone of voice. Basica11y ne
is qettinq we to be1ieve tnat 1 deserve tnis pain because I' m a
wicked, evi1 dauqnter , and 1 deserve tne pain 1 qet. 1 do¡ · t
treat wy fatner riqnt. �A1ways obey and never question. ' And
ne' s te11inq we tnat 1 ' w crue1 and nasty, and 1 rea11y want to
nurt wy fatner, rea11y want to ki11 niw. And 1 rebe1 aqainst
tnat . Even tnouqn 1 ' w tiny 1 know tnat tnat' s not true. 1t
brinqs we as wucn ewotiona1 pain as pnysica1 pain, rea11y, to
near niw say tnat. 1 don ' t know now 1 ' w understandinq a1| 'his,
but 1 do . Bis eyes are tne co1dest 1ookinq eyes tnat 1 ' ve ever
seen. Very co1d. No co1or. Gray eyes. 5awe as nuwan eyes. 1
tnink ne' s nuwan, anyway. He 1ooks nuwan, but nis eyes are qray
witn. . . 1 iqnt qray, and ne' s wearinq a wnite coat. Bis nair is
a11 wnite, pertect1y wnite; no qray in it. He nas qray eyebrows
tnat 1 can see tnat aren' t tota11y wnite. And ne just tee1=
1ixe a stick tnat ' s aniwated, ' cause ne ' s so tnin. Very crue1

1ooxinq and tee1inq. E×cect nis tace just 1ooxs 1ixe a. . . is
tota11y co1d rea11y. 1t doesn' t even nave crue1ty in it. lt
nas sowe crue1ty, but wost1y just co1d . ··
(1n tne tirst recountinq sne a1so said ne nad a ·'nawx-nose . " )
"Wnat ' s nis sxin co1or 1ixe?"
Karen: ·¹Be' s a wnite wan. Be ' s an o1d wnite wan. Not as ta11 as Jacx.
Be' s tive toot eiqnt or ten or sowetninq, in tnere. Very , very
thin. Probab1y on1y weiqns ninety counds.¹
"ls i
t1esn-co1ored sxin or

Karen: "Yean, sawe as yours and wine. E×cect tnere ' s no co1or in it.
1 wean ne' s not ruddy-taced. Very casty. 5o basica11y ne ' s
waxinq we tee1 qui1ty about bad. Lixe 1 sowenow nave bad
tee1inqs about niw, want to nurt niw, want to do niw in. 1 xnow
tnat tnat' s not true, but it doesn' t watter ' cause tne tee1inqs
qet 1ocxed in tnere, and tnat ' s wnat ne wants. And ne' s so
qood, a 1ot 1ixe wy dad in tnis rescect, tnat ' s waxinq it a11
out to be we, wy crob1ew. Notninq 1 say or do watters. And
seews to qet twisted bacx onto we. A1tnouqn 1 can' t rea11y say
wucn at tnat tiwe. Be also qives we tne stronq iwcression
tnat--and tnis wno1e e×cerience does--tnat it 1 use wy cower in
any way, tnat tnat ' s wronq and brinqs cain to otner ceoc1e,
everybody, we escecia11y, ot course, because 1 ' w attacned to
tnat device. Wnen 1 crotest it does create a 1ot ot cain. 1 ' w
rewewberinq tnat now. 1t just overwne1ws we and a1wost xi11s
we. 1t triqntens we so wucn tnat 1 try not to resist tnat wucn
anywore. 1 xnow 1 can ' t ne1c it. And ot course 1 tee1 tne
terror ot beinq at nis wercy and niw beinq a wan. 1 ' w anqry at
niw, at 1east tor riqnt wnere 1 aw sittinq now. Be continues to
croqraw we in tnis way, and wnen ne tee1s 1 ' ve taxen enouqn
cain, or a11 1 can taxe, ne stocs. And 1ooxinq at we witn tnose
co1d, neart1ess eyes, ne 1ets we xnow tnat 1 ' w at nis wercy and
1 better coocerate. Be taxes we ott ot tne trawe, 1ooxs at we
to waxe sure 1 wasn ' t injured in any obvious way. And ne turns
we around and 1ooxs at we just to see it 1 qot any obvious scars
or anytninq 1ixe tnat. And tnen ne cuts we on a cart, xind ot
1ixe you cut a ciece ot rubbisn. . . xind ot c1ocs we on it. And
l ' w taxen away. And usua11y atter tnese xind ot sessions--and
tnis case is no e×cection--1 ]ust tee1 e×trewe1y drained and
tired. Tnat' s wnat 1 te1t 1ixe. 1 don' t reca11 wucn atter tnat
e×cect beinq bounced on tne cart, and descerate1y wantinq sowe
re1iet and to be away trow tnis situation. 1ne tee1inq 1 qet is
tnat tnere ' s a wan wa1xinq beside tne cart aqain. 1nere ' s a
couc1e ot a1iens, tne sawe xind tnat 1 saw ear1ier tnat are
s1iqnt1y ditterent. And tney taxe we, and t�ey cut we bacx in
tne roow, and tnen 1 ' w beawed trow tnere to wy bedroow. And
1 ' w not cut in wy crib, 1 ' w cut on tne t1oor, and tnen 1 start
cryinq, and tnis a1ien cresence--1 cou1dn ' t see it because it
was a11 darx and b1acx--cicxs we uc, cuts we in tne crib, and
tucxs we in. Now tnat 1 can see tnis incident 1 understand it
was to disce1 wy doubts tnat tney were qood-intentioned, and to
waxe we wore coocerative. 5o it 1eaves we, and 1 was sti11
cryinq, but not nocetu11y or anytninq, because it tee1s to we
1ixe 1 ' w beinq tauqnt to tninx in certain and be1ieve in certain
ways tnat just tee1 norrib1e to we. And yet it tnat ' s tne way
1ite is, 1 quess, 1 ' 11 accect it. And it sure tee1s wronq. 1t
sure tee1s bad. Eee1s tnat it 1 ' w so bad as to deserve a11
tnis, we11, tnat just rea11y waxes we tee1 cretty 1ousy about
wyse1t. And tnat waxes we tee1 qriet since 1 want to be
va1uab1e and ne1ptuI to peop1e, it ' s more my true nature.
Tnat ' s tne end ot tne incident . "
Ctner abductees nave aIso reported seeinq "numans" workinq witn
tne Grays. A1so Karen noticed anotner type ot a1ien wnicn appears to
be a GrayJReptiIian nybrid due to tne sca1y skin and s1iqntIy ditterent
appearance. Tnis is not surprisínq as tne Grays appear to be on a
qenetic conquest ot tne qa1axy, matinq witn anytninq witn two arms, two
1eqs, and tne proper equipment in between. 1t aIso appears tnat Grays
and Repti1ians network toqetner. UEC researcner, Antnony bodd
investiqated a crasned saucer report trom 5outn Atrica in 1989 in wnicn
two aIiens were taken aIive. 1ney were reported to nave nad qrayisn
b1ue skin, wnicn was scaIy on tne cnest and abdomen, and tney bore a
strikinq resembIance to Grays. Accordinq to tne intormation tnat Hr.
bodd received, a Hiraqe ] et tiqnter pi1ot tired at tne t1yinq disk witn
a Tnor 2 laser cannon, wnicn caused tne disk to Iose its abiIity to
remain airborne. PurportedIy, tne disk and tne two 1ivinq aIiens were
transported to Wriqnt-Patterson Air Iorce Base on June 2 3 , 1989. (UEC
L.brary Haqazine, Vo1. 1 , No. 3 )
Jack Wy1ie aIso recovered abduction memories as a baby. 1ne
ear1iest abduction memory tnat ne retrieved occurred wnen ne was ]ust
tnree weeks oId. 1ne aIiens--"biq, b1ack-eyed nostiIe peop1e"--nand1ed
nim rouqn1y in an uncarinq and co1d manner. Be recoqnized one
"temaIe" Gray tnat ne teIt nad participated in about one out ot every
tour abductions. 5ne carried nim by noIdinq onto one arm and one
Ieq, so ne comp1ained, "1 nate tnat rotten person carryinq me tnat
way . " Be was put on a tab1e and was Iookinq around, puzzIed by wnat
was nappeninq. Be noticed a smeII tnat was un1ike anytninq on Eartn.
1ney induced a partiaI para1ysis and inserted an ob]ect down
tnrouqn nis tnroat and into nis stomacn. 5ometninq was tnen in]ected
and sometninq was witndrawn, wnicn produced pain and discomtort in nis
stomacn. A probe, wnicn ne described as possib1y boinq a tube witn a
Iiqnt on tne end ot it, was inserted into tne area ot nis soIar p1exus .
E1ectrical puIses were tnen deIivered, causinq pain and discomtort.
1ike tne cartoon cnaracter, Linus, Jack c1unq to a specia1
b1anket, wnicn wa
in nis crib at tne time ot tne abduction. Be said,
"Tnese triqnteninq beinqs exp1ain wny 1 c1inq to a bIanket untiI aqe
tive . "
Anotner simi1ar abduction occurred wnen Jack was eiqnt weeks oId.
Be was sIeepinq between nis motner and tatner in tneir bed wnen ne was
taken. Cn tne snip a need1e was inserted into nis so1ar pIexus. Be
said tnat tney in1 ected nim witn a c1ear tIuid tnat traced nis bodiIy
tunctions on monitorinq instruments tnat ne nad been nooked up to.
A needIe was inserted in nis so1ar p1exus aqain in anotner
abduction tnat occurred tour to six montns Iater. Be noticed tnat tne
"doctors" nad sunken cneeks, 1arqe bIack eyes, and wore 1oose-tittinq
qarments. burinq tne abduction tne a1iens suppressed nis abiIity to
cry, so wnen tney 1ett atter returninq nim to nis crib, ne was tnen
ab1e to cry aqain. Bis sister tnen came and picked nim up and
comtorted nim wniIe ne cried.
1 snouId note tnat tnis doesn ' t mean tnat ne was abducted onIy
tnree times as a baby. 1nis means tnat ne onIy uncovered tnree ot tne
abductions in tne tirst year ot nis Iite.
ln tne to11owinq cnapter 1 wiII continue with tne cnrono1oqica1
proqression ot Jack' s abductions as a cniId.
Jack knew there was sowethinq very stranqe about the attic. 1he
iwpression ot two tab1es beinq there hað a1ways stuck in his winð; his
younqer brother, Bobby, was 1yinq on one tab1e, anð he was 1yinq on the
other. Cne ðay, at the aqe ot tour, he was very aqitateð, anð he to1ð
his wother that a ' biq, ta11 witch is up there in the attic.
She on1y
trieð to ca1w hiw ðown. Atter severa1 weeks he tina11y convinceð his
wother to qo up in the attic, on1y to tinð there was nothinq there.
Jack' s Session #9 -- June 15, 1994
Jack: ''1t ' s winter tiwe. berek (Cne ot Jack ' s o1ðer brothers , aqe 1l)
approaches wyse1t anð wy younqer brother Bobby ( aqe 2 ) .
`1here ' s sowe pretty neat thinqs up in the attic, so 1et' s qo up
there anð p1ay. I Anð 1 ' ve never been up in the attic, so 1 ' w
kinð ot scareð ot it. ' Cause a11 1 ' ve ever ðone is qo up two or
three steps. Noboðy ta1ks about the upstaIrs wuch , anð noboðy
qoes up there wuch. So it was a biq wystery to we, but he
ta1keð arounð wy ob]ections, sayinq, ` You ' 1 1 be ]ust tine. '
` You ' 11 be okay' anð `you ' 11 be sate ' anð ` nothinq to be atraið
ot . ' 1 t' s atternoon. We11, 1 quess it' ð be wiðð1e atternoon,
two or three. Anð 1 aw ðownstairs p1ayinq. 1 ðon' t know what
to ca11 the roor|. 1t ' s not the kitchen, anð it ' s not the 1ivinq
roo:m. Cne ot the other roows. Anð 1 ' w c1ayinq with this top ,
turninq it, wake it spin, a spin top, when berek cowes up to us
anð starts ta1kinq to us anð se11inq us on the iðea ot qoinq up
to the attic with hiw. `Rice peop1e anð p1ay. ' So atter, qosh,
severa1 winutes ot convincinq, anð he' s ta1kinq, kinð ot an
interesteð sounð in the conversation, but then kinð ot a bit too
ewotiona1 pitch a1so. Anð perhaps that' s what 1 sense, anð 1 ' w
a 1itt1e uncowtortab1e. 1 ' w kinð ot atraið, anð yet it
t 1attereð we that he wanteð we to p1ay with hiw, ' cause 1 ðiðn ' t
qet a 1ot ot attention trow any ot the other peop1e arounð we
e×cept tor Bobby. But a 1ot ot the other peop1e were kinð ot
ðoinq their own thinq a11 the tiwe. So whenever any ot wy
brothers souqht we out, it was kinð ot t1atterinq. Anð so
anyway, 1 chose to cowe with hiw, Bobby anð 1 both, Bobby unðer
his arw. 1hat was harð qoinq up the stairs, anð, qee whiz,
those stairs are 1onq. 1t ' s a 1ot ot ettort to qo up those
stairs tor a 1itt1e baby . Anð 1 have to qo up with wy hanðs on
the ne×t step above we, anð 1 ' w brinqinq wy 1eq up. 1 kinða
c1iwb up. Anð it ' s b1ack. We11 , not 1ike pitch b1ack, not 1ike
it ' s niqhttiwe. lt ' s kinð ot ðark in the roow ( attic) . A1so, 1
notice it' s kinða ðusty. So we' re up there tor a 1itt1e whi1e.
We kinða wanðer arounð anð e×p1ore. We ' re there tor a 1itt1e
whi1e. A briqht 1iqht t1asheð. 1hen 1 ' w renðereð unconscious.
1he ne×t thinq 1 know 1 ' w on the e×awination tab1e. 1he
environwent ' s coo1 , anð it tee1s 1ike 1 ' w 1yinq on a. . . we11 ,
it' s not a weta11ic tab1e because it ' s sott, but it ' s coo1 anð
kinða tirw. Anð everythinq arounð is co1or1ess, a shaðe ot
qray, an ashen-qray white co1or. 1he t1oor, the cei1inq, anð
waIIs are aII the sawe co1or. There ' s no taIkinq that qoes on.
Lewis is on one tabIe; 1 ' w on the other. berek is waitinq
between the two tabIes. Eor wy IittIe body it seews Iike a Ionq
distance. But i t' s Iike ten teet, oh, waybe titteen teet apart.
Ten to titteen teet apart, the two tabIes. And there' s a door.
An e×it door. And that ' s about the onIy teature in the roow,
but it sIides into the waII . 1t doesn ' t swinq on hinqes. 5o
there¹ s Iike an inset in tne wa11 , and that¹ s how I can
ditterentiate the door trow the other teatureIess waI1 . berek
is near the waII . Kinda cIoser to wy tabIe. He' s in a partiaI
paraIysis. There is no ta1kinq that qoes on, not ever. 1 don' t
hear any words spoken by these peopIe ( Grays) . And the reason 1
think the one on wy riqht, 1 wean on wy Iett, is in charqe is
because it' s a Iitt1e ta11er and Iarqer than the one on the
Iett. 1he one on the 1ett is in. . . oh, 1 wean the riqht, the one
on the riqht is in the subordinate position. But the one on the
Iett is the one who' s in charqe. That ' s the one that wonitors
the apparatus, the wachines or the wonitors, or whatever kind ot
screens and diaIs they have. The one on the riqht ottentiwes
puts on Iike the patches that wonitor eIectricaI enerqy t1ows in
wy body Iike the heart and brain waves. That kind ot thinq.
And sowetiwes these are aIso used to induce shocks ot
eIectricity. 1 ' w not sure why they do that, but sowetiwes they
want to disrupt the heart or the brain or sowe ot the other
orqans even. Hy iwpression is that 1 don ' t want to ca11 thew
eIectrodes, but 1 don' t know what eIse to caII thew, but an
eIectrica1 patch. 5owetiwes the one on the riqht wi1I insert an
instruwent throuqh wy body or into wy body. They botn do it
probabIy to equaI deqrees, as tar as injectinq various needIes
or instruwents. That kind ot thinq, whatever. But it teeIs
Iike 1 ' w beinq qiven a physicaI. Hy wouth is checked, eyes are
checked, aII kinds ot readinqs are taken. BIood sawp1e taken.
5tooI sawpIe taken. Urine. . . l don ' t know. 1 aw unconscious,
and yet wy observer part is workinq, and that' s how 1 can see
aII ot tnis, because wy eyes are cIosed. And 1 ' w in a deep
unconscious, but 1 can sense these beinqs. They are the b1ack-
eyed, baId, biq headed Gray. But what 1 keep seeinq is they
have three tinqers, Ionq tinqers, too. Like probab1y one and a
haIt tiwes Ionqer than a typicaI huwan tinqer. 5Iiw and Ionq.
5waII wouth. And the one on the Iett wiqht be a tewaIe, an o1d
one. There' s a Iot ot physicaI e×aw work. Like they' re
checkinq wy body and wonitorinq it. 5o there are three �peopIe '
near wy tabIe, ' cause berek is pretty cIose, and they' re riqht
next to hiw. There' s the sawe thinq qoinq on with Bobby. This
whoIe process probab1y takes. . . wy quess is torty-tive winutes to
an hour. The whoIe physicaI. They take IittIe bits ot
ditterent parts ot wy body. They take a sawpIe ot wy sa1iva.
The one on the riqht seews to do pressinq wy abdowen, kind ot
puIsatinq in the area ot wy Iiver.
AIso, 1 qet sowe wenta1 proqrawwinq, sowe suqqestions, sowe
thouqht instructions. 1 aIso have--this doesn ' t wake sense to
we--a picture ot sowethinq dark. A IittIe poo1, not wy saIiva,
because it' s dark brown underneath wy neck. Like tobacco. 1 ' w
not sure where it' s cowinq trow. 1 think sowe pictures tIash
throuqh wy head about wy environwent. Like pictures ot wy
pIayinq around. Pictures ot beinq up in the attic. Not wy
wewories or true wewories. Like 1 ' w p1ayinq, and 1 respond.
But this is the weird thinq about it. Even thouqh that part ot
12 1
the attic has on1y qot a coupIe windows in it, waybe \ust one,
these pictures are of a 1iqht and airy, warw-fee1inq attic
environwent. They ' re 1ike beinq f1ashed in wy wind 1ike they' re
feedinq inforwation of what l ' ve been doinq up there in the
attic. And fee1inqs accowpany this 1ike it' s warw, cowfortab1e,
and sunny. And it' s not that at a11. Like 1ookinq at these
fee1inq and thouqht pictures of ye11ow and qreen. Warw,
excitinq, outdoors , p1ayfu1, that sort of thinq. A1so, 1 fee1
thew doinq sowethinq in wy brain, and it starts with a � c1ick. '
Kind of 1ike a vertebrae pop. Like a wove of a chiropractor.
We11 , it ' s sowethinq siwi1ar to that, a �c1ick, ' 1ike at the top
of wy brain stew. " (This appears to be the sawe phenowenon that
he described in the underqround incident. ) "And that
is beinq accowpanied, or fo11owed by these pictures and sowe
fee1inqs, pictures and visua1s a1so kind of in 1ine with
fee1inqs . And staqe two in this wenta1 part is where it ' s
different, and it qoes sowethinq 1ike this: ` ECRGE1, BE
1HKEUL, BAPPY and PLAY . ' 5taqe two is 1ike proqrawwinq you to
forqet and rewewber the other thinqs. And that' s done , and they
1ust insert another picture over the actua1 experience. And
when they finish there' s another sensation qoes off in wy head.
1 t' s different frow the �c1ick. ' 1t' s, we1 1 , it' s 1ike a
poppinq sound, too. But 1 a1so fee1 a sensation kind of 1ike a
1id in wy brain. 1t was open, and now it ' s closed. And it kind
of sea1s with a pop. And it a1so seews 1ike it ' s a s1iqht
downward pressure, too, in wy brain. At the top of the brain
stew. At this point they ' ve finished takinq a11 their sawp1es
and their brain proqrawwinq. berek dresses we back in wy
c1othes. 1 ' w sti11 unconscious, and yet 1 stood up, and 1 ' w
1ookinq down at the f1oor. 1 ' w the first one off the tab1e, and
we wa1k over to the next tab1e, and Bobby is taken off the
tab1e. A briqht f1ash. And then we' re in the attic, sudden1y
aware, and I have an ink1inq of the thinqs that had transpired,
yet 1 a1so have other thinqs ta1kinq to we , other pictures. But
we a11 seew to want to qo back down, and 1 wander back to the
roow 1 was oriqina11y in. When 1 1ook at Bobby, wy younqer
brother, when 1 1ook at his face, there' s sowethinq different
about it. And he rewewbered or knows , on sowe 1eve1, an inner
sense there. And that pretty wuch finishes that. "
"When is this?"
Jack: "196u . "
"What wonth?"
Jack: "5owewhere in becemr. Early or wid-becewber, in 1960 . "
"When you' re on the exawination tab1e are you out-of-body?"
Jack: "1 quess that ' s one way to describe it. 1 quess 1 did. ' Cause
1 ' w 1ike present. 1t' s 1ike 1 ' w just there observinq. 5o,
yeah, 1 wou1d say that 1 was out and behind we. 1 ' w 1ayinq on
the tab1e, and wy presence wou1d be three feet behind wy
forehead, and 1 ' w e1evated, and 1 ' w 1ookinq down at a s1iqht
anq1e frow wy head. And so, yeah, 1 ' w attached, and then 1 ' w
detached, and 1 ' w aware of wy body and a1so a presence that is
detached. "
"1s that the viewpoint that you 're viewinq frow?"
Jack: "Un-huh. ' Cause 1 ' w not 1ookinq throuqh wy eyes. Extra-sense
perception. "
"What kind of thinqs did your brother say to you to qet you to
qo up in the attic?"
Jack: "1t ' s kind of wysterious and fun, because interestinq thinqs
happen there. And there' II be sowe. . . 1ike qo to other pIaces
and p1ay with triends. There' II be sowe e×periwents and that
kind ot thinq. ¹·
The abduction above was the tirst in a series ot si× attic
abductions trow becewber 1960 throuqh March or ApriI ot 196 1.
Jack ' s 5ession #8 June 12, 1994
Jack was a IittIe wore hesitant the ne×t tiwe berek tried to ta1k
hiw into qoinq upstairs, so berek ended up carryinq Jack up the stairs
and into the attic. Atter a briet interva1 two Grays popped into the
attic. 1 t was very sudden. Cne second they weren' t there, and the
ne×t second they sudden1y appeared. Jack was scared, and suddenIy that
briqht t1ash occurred aqain, and the next thinq he knew he was 1yinq on
the exawination tabIe. berek watched in partia1 para1ysis as Jack was
qiven a very rouqh and paintuI e×awination. Be teIt punctures and
bruises on his body. berek dressed hiw and set hiw on the tIoor where
he Iay, sti1I unconscious. They were then returned to the attic, and
berek carried Jack downstairs and put hiw in his bed.
ln the next attic incident, Jack discovered that berek had been
out recruitinq tor the Grays.
Jack' s 5ession #8 June 12 , 1994
Jack: "WeII, berek cowes hoxe. 1 ' w outside, Iike in the back porch
area. 1t ' s dayIiqht, and there' s a 1ittIe bit ot sun, not too
cIoudy, kinda cooI. And berek cowes howe with two kids. Cne is
a neiqhbor qir1 , and the other is a boy who is o1der than a11 ot
us. Be' s Iike trow a b1ock, or waybe a coupIe bIocks away. I
don ' t know e×actIy which house he cawe trow, ' cause 1 never went
that tar away trow wy house. And berek says, �Let ' s qo pIay in
the attic. ' We were 1ust wiI1inq around. And the ne×t thinq
is we are aII in this roow. And it ' s Iike a wenta1 straiqht
j acket cowes down over us. We a11 s1uwp down on the tIoor. We
don ' t have wuch wi11 ot our own. We' re not sIeepinq, yet we ' re
not p1ayinq around or taIkinq or anythinq Iike that. And this
tiwe berek is 1ike one ot the Grays . Be' s an assistant, heIps
pick one ot the kids , puts hiw on the tabIe, takes his cIothes
ott. Yeah, he' s 1ike an assistant. Row, at this tiwe, 1 ' w
sittinq on the tIoor, and 1 ' w not wovinq around. 1 don' t know
it 1 ' w in a trance state, a Iarqe deqree ot paraIysis and
iwwobiIity. Hy attention at this tiwe is on berek, the tabIe
that he is at, because l witness his participation in the
process. So he qets to pIay around with the chiId whi1e the
other Gray. . . he ' s ( berek) 1ike on the riqht side ot the tabIe,
which is the subordinate position: on the Iett side ot the tabIe
is the Gray who' s doinq the actuaI exawination. Be' s (berek)
just pIayinq around with the instruwents kinda Iike pretendinq
he' s a doctor. " ( 1ronicaIIy, berek enjoyed p1ayinq doctor as a
chiId and actuaIIy becawe a physician when he qrew up. ) "When
it cowes wy turn berek heIps we up onto the tabIe, undresses we,
and when 1 tinish he dresses we up aqain. 1hen he tidd1es
around and p1ays and does stutt . 1t ' s inconsequentiaI, but yet
he aIso heIps attach sowe ot the thinqs up. And he p1ays with
wy qenitaIs sowe in the who1e process . And aqain 1 qet the
iwpression that they' re on the side ot wy head with sowe
instruwent that. . . the Gray on the 1ett side ot the tab1e is

doinq sowetninq on wy neck and tne 1ett side ot wy nead. 1
can ' t say wnat tney are doinq inside ot wy body, but 1 sense
tnat tnere is an e1ectrode patcn or wnatever you ' d call tne
electrical tninq on wy neck and a probinq instruwent tnat
penetrates wy nead around wy ear area. And tnen berek nad also
nooked up a stiwu1us, on, a test on wy 1ett side, tnat was a1so
desiqned to snock. 5o ne does tnat to eacn ot tne cnildren.
And ne seews to be takinq a rea1 de1iqnt in tnis participation.
Cn tnis occasion tnere' s not a roow tull ot people. Tnere ' s we
tour cni1dren and berek and two Grays . 1 qet tne teelinq tnat
tnere is sowetninq in wy ear and in wy nead. And aqain it ' s an
instruwent tnat is 1ike a swall tube. ' Cause it ' s wider tnan a
needle, wucn wider tnan a need1e. Maybe it ' s a 1onq needle tnat
qoes tnrouqn tne tube, 1 don' t know. But it qoes severa1 incnes
inside ot wy brain, inside ot wy skul1 . And tney seew to take a
swa11 brain tissue sawple, a swal1 batcn. So anyway atter
tney' ve tinisned witn tnat, takinq tnis stutt out ot wy nead and
tnen probinq wy ear. . . and tnen tne e1ectrical probes are
disconnected, and tnen 1 ' w dressed and sat down. 1 ' w iwwobi1e.
1 don' t tnink 1 was druqqed as wucn as it was done eitner
telepatnica11y or e1ectrically. 1nere ' s notninq wucn lett ot
tnis. Like tiwe is• . . qoes by in a toq . " ( Eacn cni1d was
exawined and tnen set down on tne tloor in a sewi-circ1e. ) "And
it was 1ike we were scooped up and sat down on tne tloor in a
ditterent p1ace ( in tne sawe sewi-circle position) . And it ' s
like we wake up and snap out ot it, and we kinda will around up
tnere a 1ittle bit and tnen qo bacx downstairs. And atter
awni1e tney qo back nowe. "
1ne to11owinq abduction occurred 1ater on in tne winter and was
one ot tne 1atter attic incidents.
Jack ' s 5ession #8 -- June 12 , 1994
Jack: " 1 qet tne iwpression tnat sowenow 1 qet tne idea into wy
nead--and l ' w not clear wnetner it was telepatnical1y
transwitted ideas or wnetner it was a bit ot brainwasninq--but 1
qet tne iwpression tnat I need to tind sowe otner people to qo
experience tnis witn we. 1nat tney need a qroup ot peop1e, to
abduct us. Wnatever it is tney do, tney want wore people. And
so I nave been conditioned to try to talk otner people into
qoinq up tnere like wy brotner berek. And so I talk to wy
neiqnbor, a boy. And 1 tel1 niw a series ot tninqs like,
`Tnere' s a special place up in our attic, and you can qet to
anotner p1ace trow tnere, and you qet

to p1ay witn a11 kinds ot
neat tninqs, and it ' s rea11y kind ot a neat e×perience. ' So we
qo into tne nouse, and we qo on upstairs witn berek, wy older
brotner . But wnat nappens wnen we qo up into tne attic is like
we suddenly are in tnis p1ace. And tney cowe, tney pick niw up
( tne neiqnbor boy) , and tney set niw on tne tab1e, and ne ' s not
likinq it. And so ne' s wakinq a tuss, and tnen tney put wy
younqer brotner on anotner tab1e, because tney on1y nave two
tables in tnis place. And 1 ' w lett to just kind ot wander
"Wnat kind ot tninqs do you see?"
Jack: "Wel1, two tab1es and severa1 peop1e. 1t seews 1ike
tnere ' s. . . aqain 1 qet tnis iwpression tnere' s wy two brotners
and wy neiqnbor, and tnere ' s also otner peop1e tnat are qoinq to

be e×awineð, anð tney' re stanðinq, talkinq to eacn otner,
wil1inq arounð a 1itt1e bit. Tnere ' s a1so a 1arqe qroup ot
a1iens, six or eiqnt . "
"Wnat ðo tney 1ook 1ike?"
Jack: "Tney' re tne 1itt1e Grays witn biq b1ack eyes . Tney ' re not
1itt1e to we . Uuite 1arqe. Tney qive we tnese iwpressions. 1t
tee1s 1ike 1 ' w beinq tnouqnt-teð. Yean. Like in a way 1 ' m on a
1easn. 1 ' w beinq reassureð. Anð tnese iwpressions ot co1or anð
p1ayinq anð so on. 1t' s kinð ot 1ike a pacitier. Anð so 1 ' w
not wa1kinq arounð eitner. 1 ' w not para1yzeð, but 1ust winor
wovewents is a11 tnat 1 ' w wakinq. Anð 1 can observe eitner
'·Are tney puttinq pictures in your winð or is it iwpressions,
or. . . ?II
Jack: "Yes. bistinct pictures as we11 as a tee1inq, iwpression, 1ike
1 ' w cowtortab1e, anð 1 ' w okay. Lìke p1ayinq in a briqnt weaðow
witn sowe co1ortu1 tninqs arounð. 1ney ðo sowetninq to para1yze
wy neiqnbor, neiqnbor boy. Be' s awake, but restraineð, so ne
can' t wakè a tuss or cryinq 1ike ne nas been. Because wnen we
tirst arrive, ne ðiðn ' t 1ike tne situation, anð ne starteð to
qet upset anð wanteð to qo back nowe. Cne ot tne a1iens pickeð
niw up anð put niw on tne tab1e, anð tney 1ike restraineð--not
strappeð--niw. Anð

tney nave sowe vatious tninqs nookeð up to
niw. Anð tney ' ve taken a tissue sawp1e. Tnat wust be wnat
tney ' re interesteð in tnis tiwe is tissue. But tney nave a wucn
1arqer qroup tnan tney typica11y nave. Anyway, atter tneir turn
is ðone tnen it ' s wy turn anð berek' s turn. Anð 1 ' w on tne
tab1e. Anyway, tney qo ðown wy tnroat witn an instruwent anð
1ook insiðe. Tney 1ook in wy ear. Tney nave sowe e1ectrica1
probes on wy toot tnat aren ' t cowtortab1e. 1 t' s 1ike 1 tee1 a
snock eacn tiwe tney snock we. 1ney bore into wy siðes tnrouqn
tne ribs, anð tnat stretcnes tnew a 1itt1e bit. So tnere' s sowe
pain anð ðiscowtort associateð witn tnat. Anð tnen tLey scrape
sowe tissue. Tnen aqain 1 qet tnis rea11y oðð sense 1ike 1 ' w
beinq wenta11y teð iwaqes anð pictures, so 1 nave a ta1se wewory
about wnat we ðið anð wnere we were. Because 1 ' w sittinq on tne
t1oor in tnis roow, you know, witn tne otner tour , anð we are
wenta11y teð tnese tninqs about wnat we ðið, tnat we ðiðn' t
rea11y ðo. So we qo back ðown tne stairwe11 tnat qoes on tne
outsiðe ot tne nouse, anð ne qoes back to nis yarð. But 1 tee1
uneasy about tnis part. 1 tee1 tnat ne' s anqry at we, anð tnat
1 betrayeð niw. Anyway, ne qoes back over to nis yarð, anð ne
won' t say wucn, anð ne qoes on to nis nouse, anð we qo back to
our nouse. So 1 nave tnese pictures in wy winð tnat cause we a
1itt1e contusion ' cause tney ðon' t j ive witn wy tee1inqs, wnat
wy ewotions are sayinq wnat' s nappeneð. "
"Are tnese ta1se pictures?'
Jack: "Yean. Yean. 1 kinð ot nave iwpressions ot wnat rea11y
nappeneð, anð yet 1 nave a narð tiwe reca11i¬q wnat ðið nappen
otner tnan tnese take pictures. 1nsteað ot a co1or1ess, steri1e
roow, it ' s co1oreð, it' s qreen, 1 p1ayeð witn 1itt1e tninqs.
Anð yet wy tee1inq, iwpression is not cowtortab1e. Anyway, tnis
kið ðoesn' t trust we anywore. Anð tne tninq ot it is 1 tee1
kinð ot qui1ty about it, too. "
Tne to11owinq attic episoðe ðetai1s sowe very intriquinq
psycno1oqica1 iwp1ants tnat revea1 tne Grays ' wanipu1ation ot re1iqious
be1iets, attituðes , anð benavior.
Jack ' s 5ession #9 -- June 1 5 , 1994
"Return to tne incident you naven ' t covered yet . " (At tnis
point Jack nad uncovered tive attic incidents, and ne knew tnere
were a total ot only six, so tnis was tne obvious question. )
Jack: "Yean. 1 t' s sowewnere between tnree and tive. And 1 tnink it ' s
eitner tour or tive (tnat is, tne 4tn or 5tn attic abduction) .
berek is always tne one wno initiates it. 1.:e tirst tew tiwes 1
was wi11inq to qo up, and atter tne tnird tiwe 1 was 1ess
wi1linq. 1 ' w not sure now ne induced we to qo up. 1t wiqnt
nave been a1ien-induced, because on tnis particu1ar tiwe ne was
no1dinq wy nand qoinq up tne stairs. 5o 1 wonder it it ' s like
1 ' w. . . one ot tne iwaqes tnat t1asn tnrouqn wy wind. . . so wnen it
cowes tiwe tor tnew to abduct we, 1 aw very willinq to qo up tne
stairwel1 even tnouqn tnere is sowe resistance.
!'ls tnere a proqrawwinq tnere?"
Jack: "1nere is because it doesn ' t wake sense tor we to, you know, to
do tninqs tnat berek does. Given wy internal desire not to, 1
do. 1t' s alwost invo1untary, like wovinq witnout cnoice . "
"5ee it you can contact tnat proqrawwinq.
(Note: I nave taken
tne liberty ot capita1izinq tne aliens ' nypnotic cowwands to
ewpnasize tne proqrawwinq content and intent. )
BAVE 1C BE A GCCb L111LE BCY. l1' 5 NECE55ARY 1C CBEY. 1 1' 5
UCN ' 1 WAN1 1C BE A GCCb L111LE BCY. ' And tne reverse is wnen 1
snow resistance and express wyse1t verbal1y, ne uses tnis 1ine:
� WeIl, you know, our triends won' t like tnat. ' And it' s
iwportant to be qood, or sowetninq about qood. And ne' s sayinq
sowetninq about now it ' s iwportant, tne responsibi1ity on wy
part and nis part to tnew. 5o it ' s part1y quilt, and 1 quess
tnat ' s wnat it is, you know. 1 wean tnat' s tne tee1inq
sensation tnat 1 nave wnen 1 contact tnis wewory, is 1ike, qod,
1 don' t want teelinq tnis quilt tor doinq wnat 1 snouldn ' t, ]ust
because 1 tnink it was iwplanted by tnew. And it all teels
uncowtortab1e. 1 qo anead and qo up. berek and apparent1y
Bobby is to be brouqnt up later. Be wust nave taken we up
because ne ' s not present. Anyway 1 qo up. 1 tnink 1 ' w qettinq
cnewed out, and it wust be tor wy resistinq and not wantinq to
do it. lt ' s very iwportant, you know, and 1 nave to do tnis,
and it ' s 1ike 1 ' w in trouble. Like 1 ' w kind ot at tirst teel
quilty, and tnen 1 tee1 like 1 ' w beinq punisned verba11y tor not
wantinq to be tnere. My qosn, now dare 1 , now cou1d 1 , and
tnese peop1e are qood to we, and tnis is qood `tor ' we, and 1
snou1dn' t wake any tuss about it. 5o it ' s contusinq to we, and
1 diwinisn a 1itt1e bit as a result ot it. Kind ot tee1inq nurt
and draw in. We qo tnrouqn tne door, and 1 know tne procedure .
1 t' s qettinq to be very tawiliar. 1ne briqnt tlasn cowes, and
1 ' w standinq; 1 ' w para1yzed. We ' re taken away, kinda 1ike a
tractor beaw, taken away . For wnatever reason 1 seew to nave
wore wewory ot qoinq tnrouqn tne root ot tne nouse. Witn 0erek
and 1 standinq c1ose like stitt 1itt1e toy so1diers, beinq
trapped by tnis tractor beaw and beinq, `wnisn, ' beawed to tne
"You' re qoinq up tnrouqn tne root?"
Jacx: !'Un-nun. Beaw up tnrouqn tne root, sort ot nas a steep s1ant to
it. 1 ' w qettinq a 1ot ot pictures about wnat' s nappeninq tnis
tiwe. Wnen 1 ' w on tne tab1e tnere aren ' t so wany instruwents as

wucn as tney ' re ]ust proqrawwinq, a wenta1 proqrawwinq tnat 1
resist, and tnat ' s wny. • • and part ot we is rea11y rebellinq
aqainst tnat because 1 ' w not wnat tney' re lixe describinq
te1epatnica1ly to we. 1 was cnastised tirst by berex tor not
wantinq to be witn tnew. Cnastised by tnew and tnen tne
proqrawwinq about wy cnaracteristics. (1ney) Cnastise: 1 CBEY.
I bCN ' 1 UUE511CN. 1 A W. 1 A bEb1CA1Eb 1C 1BE ANb 1BE1R
ME. 1BEY W1LL GU1bE ME. 1BEY W1LL NUR1URE ME, EEEb ME, 1 ' w not
sure in wnat way. And 1 BAVE 1C DC CER1A1N 1B1NG5 ECR 1BE.
1 ' M A ER1ENb. 1 ' M EA11BEUL 1C 1BEM. 5CME11ME5 11 ' 5 PA1NEUL,
BU1 11 BA5 1C BE 1BA1 WAY BECAU5E 1 ' M NC1 1RU51WCR1BY, and 1
1C bC 11. And 1BA1 ' 5 REALLY CKAY, and tnat tney' re MY ER1ENb5,
and tney ' re 1BERE 1C 1AKE CARE CE ME, and 11 MAY BE A L111LE
PA1NEUL A1 11ME5, BU1 1BA1' 5 JU51 A 5MALL PR1CE 1C PAY. 1nese
are sowe ot tne tninqs. And 1 nave tnis tninq attacLed to tnis
part ot wy brain nere on wy lett side, 1ixe a 1ittle bar or
sowetninq, and it' s a sliqnt curvinq snape. Eirst 1 ' w qettinq
tnese tnouqnts ot stutt, contusinq and overwne1winq and
overstuttinq. And 1 ]ust qet tnis tee1inq ot 1ixe beinq stutted
and crawwed. 1t a1so seews 1ixe tney' ve iwplanted certain
tninqs, certain pnrases and tninqs, and in otner words 1 wi11
say tnew at various tiwes tnrouqnout wy 1ite to peop1e. 1 can ' t
brinq up any exawples ]ust yet ot wnat 1 ' w supposed to say at
various tiwes to various people. And in a way it teels lixe a
part ot we inside is beinq wolded, so tnat it' s not as e1astic
or tlexible, but ratner wore wo1ded. 1 qet tne very stronq
sense tnat tnere are pnrases , xey pnrases anò certain tninqs
triqqer, so tnen tney' d be 1ixe post-nypnotic suqqestions. As
tar as tLe woldinq qoes, it tee1s 1ixe it ' s tLe wo1ding on
re1iqious beliets. Lixe, BE REL1G1CU5 ANb BEL1EVE and to, you
xnow, ]ust tnose two tninqs. 1nstead ot beinq tree and open-
winded and t1exib1e , 1 aw beinq trained to liwit wy tninxinq in
re1iqious terws and beliets , not tninx, but be1ieve wnat 1 ' w
to1d. And 1 suspect tnere are certain xey words and pnrases
tnat are iwp1anted in we tnat wnen 1 say tnese tnings to otner
people, it 1ixe triqqers tnew into wnat tney' ve been proqrawwed.
1t ' s 1ike. . . not a secret identitication code as wucn as it' s tne
reintorcewent ot tne proqrawwinq. Mutua1 reintorcewent. 1 a1so
sense tnat sowetninq iwplanted wasn ' t . . . it ' s lixe it aqitates
we, it aqqravates we, and it ptedisposes we tor beinq wore anqry
tnan 1 norwa11y aw. 1 t ' s lixe it encouraqes wy anqer or tosters
anqer, tosters aqitation. Kind ot 1ixe tney put a tnorn
sowewnere in we tnat is lixe a continued irritant. Cn1y tnis is
not a tnorn; it' s sowetninq. . . it' s lixe a continua1 irritant.
Cnly 1 teel tnat tney' re sprinxled tnrouqnout we, severa1 ot
tnese tnorns, tnat aqitate and pulls and nurt and incline we
toward expressinq anqer. 1nat ' s tne entire tneory ot tnis
abduction is just a wenta1 re-education or re-proqrawwinq. 1nis
is wny a tew days 1ater 1 was talxinq to our neiqnbor about
qoinq up, too, tnis tiwe, even tnouqL 1 nad an uneasy tee1inq
about it and an uneasy teelinq about talxinq to niw and a
distrust ot berex and a qrowinq concern about wnat was nappeninq
in tne attic. And 1 didn' t cowpletely torqet tnis. 1t' s not
cowplete1y or wasn' t cowp1ete1y buried. 5o tnis was a wa]or
attewpt to proqraw we, yet it a1so seews to nave triqqered
survival, triqqered in we, 1ixe certain words turned on, and a
desire to resist tnew, to not acquiesce. And yet tnis was a
deeper proqrawwinq--1 cou1dn ' t nelp wyselt--in all ways. But
wore 1ixe in a lonq terw--tne overa1l perspective--tnat part ot
we rewained awaxe and alive. 1t' s as it 1 ¹ w p1ayinq a battle
between tnew and wyse1t. A very subt1e batt1e. And it ' s real1y
qot we a problew, and 1 wust nave an avenu� tnat tney sense and
tnat tney can qet to we tnrouqn and tnen wanipu1ate we tnat way.
' Cause wni1e 1 aw deterwined and stronq in sowe ways, in otner
ways 1 buy into tneir propaqanda. Lixe tney te11 we 1 ' w tnis
way and tnis way. 1t' s lixe qui1t waxes we aqree witL tnew or
listen to tnew or buy into it, wnicn is tne best terw. Lixe 1 ' w
an ` anqry, upset, trustrated younq boy' is one ot tnese
wnisperinqs in wy wind. Anotner part ot we xnows--no, tnat ' s
not true a11 tne tiwe--sowetiwes, part ot tne tiwe. And tney ' re
tel1inq we tnis is tne way 1 aw. 5o apparent1y tney use qui1t
to wanipu1ate we. Wnen tnis is a11 tinisned, and 1 return bacx
downstairs tnis is real1y odd: 1 teel lixe 1 ' w scnizopnrenic,
1ixe 1 ' w contident and deterwined and xnow wno 1 aw, and 1 ixe
1 ' w weax and subservient, sti11 want to do wnat tney say. Lixe
1 nave tnis real. . . yean, 1 ixe a spìit persona1ity when 1 cowe
bacx down the stairs. But 1 nave tne wewory ot wno 1 aw. But
1 ' w very aqitated and qo to wy Mow, and 1 tell ner tnat tnere is
sowetninq, sowebody up in tne attic. 1ney ' re tall. Ct course
everytninq is rea1ly ta11 to we. But tnis biq, tall witcn is up
tnere in tne attic. And 1 , let ' s see, 1 nave. . . 1 ' w disturbed.
1 nave sowe ewotions about it. 1 wean, 1 ' w serious. And 1 ' w
xinda disturbed, aqitated a 1itt1e bit, not tast-speaxinq, 1ixe
tnat, just a serious tone . And Mow ca1ws we down and te1ls we
tnat notninq' s up tnere; nobody' s up tnere a.\d so on. And tnen
l qo to tne batnroow, and tnatt s tne end. "
"Return to tne beqinninq and recount tne incident and see it
you can picx up wore ot tne proqrawwinq. "
Jacx: "We11 , berex cowes and talxs to we and says, ` 1t ' s tiwe to qo up
to tne attic aqain. ' 1 say, `Ro, it' s not. ' And ne ' s ]ust
ta1xinq, norwa1 at tirst, and tnen ne starts to qet aqitated and
ta1xinq in an ewotional pitcn, an ewotion-pitcned voice and
reasons wny 1 nave to qo up and need to qo up and snould qo up
and so on. 1 don' t norwa1ly use tne word responsibi1ity, but--
you xnow, tne concept--1 ' w supposed to, 1 nave to and so on.
And tne arquwent doesn' t 1ast very 1onq because 1 start qoinq
up. 1 t' s 1ixe 1 can ' t resist. 5o 1 start wa1xinq up, and (ne)
doesn' t no1d wy nand tnis tiwe; 1 qo up on wy own. When 1 qet
up tnere, upstairs, and tnis tiwe tnere is very 1itt1e delay in
qoinq in tne door and closinq it, standinq tnere, and tne
tractor beaw taxes us on out. 1 ' w drawn up on an anq1e. 1ne
snip isn ' t e×act1y straiqnt over our nouse. 1 ' w qoinq at a
sIiqnt anq1e on a tractor beaw, and wnen 1 arrive on the snip,
1 ' w placed on tnis tab1e, and 1 nave sowe. . . 1 don ' t xnow it it' s
weta1 or 1et1on or sott weta1. . . sowetninq 1ixe tnat. But
anyway--actuaI1y it ' s not a weta1--it ' s sowe xind ot wateria1
lixe wetal p1aced on wy nead, and I start beinq ted. First ot
al 1 , 1 ' w repriwanded tor not obeyinq. 1ney' re displeased . "
( 1 ' ve experienced tnis xind ot sco1dinq trow Grays on wore tnan
one occasion, so 1 can relate very we11 to wnat Jacx is
describinq nere. Tney' re very arroqant, and tney dewand tu11
cooperation and obedience. ) "1ney are tryinq to waxe we tee1
ob1iqated to tnew, responsible to tnew, tnat 1 did sowethinq
wronq. 1 don¹ t know wnat l. . . tney' te not wantinq to te11 we
wnat' s wtonq. 5o tney qo tnrouqn a 1itt1e repriwandinq period
tnere at tirst. 1t ' s traininq. 1ney' re 1ixe socia1izinq we or
ttaininq we wenta11y, ewotiona1 1y, to be inc1ined to exnibit
certain benaviot. Not tninx about cettain tninqs, (but) tninx
about certain ( otner) tninqs. And two ot tne wain tninqs is to
BE REL1G1CU5 and TC BEL1EVE. Wnicn weans: bCN ' T UUE5T1CN. 1F
BEL1EVE. l tnink tney are doinq sowetninq witn wy enerqy tnat ' s
nice and t1uid and tree-t1owinq, t1exib1e. And tnat tney ' te
sowenow wo1dinq tnis, tixinq it up, snapinq it, so tnat it is
not t1exib1e. 1t' s riqid, takinq on a certain snape . Like
wowents pass. . . it ' s not subt1e, but it a1so no1ds its snape,
no1ds its torw. And tney ' re qivinq we a11 tnat 1 ' w qoinq to
1ive by. And aqain tnere' s tnese pntases and key words. 1
sweat it ' s 1ust sowetninq tnat cowes up in peop1e ' s
convetsations ttequent1y tnrouqnout tne weex. Haybe not
everyday. But it ' s 1ike to tnink sowetninq, to know sowetninq,
to be1ieve sowetninq. Wnen we neat it trow eacn otner, it' s
1ixe tnese pnrases and words ate desiqned tot ptoqraws tnat nave
a certain response to tnew, 1ike reintotces our proqrawinq. I
nave unwittinq1y ne1ped to perpetuate tne proqrawwinq by usinq
key pntases tnat tney nave ptoqrawwed to respond to we
intetna11y. 1 ' 11 say a word 1ike `now' tor exawp1e. Ctner
peop1e 1ike wyse1t , 1 aw ptoqrawwed to tespond in a specitic way
to specitic wotds and pnrases. And it ' s 1ocxed in. 1nis
benavior is 1ocked in, and i t' s to be1ieve in a certain way, to
nave certain basic assuwptions 1ixe ` l A A CREAT1CN. TBERE 15
1 bCN ' T bC; 1 ' H NCT CAPABLE. ' 1n otnet wotds, tnete' s no se1t-
contidence, no se1t-esteew. 1t ' s 1ixe it scares we away trow
beinq experiwenta1 and t1exib1e and open-winded. Like tne WCRLb
GCb; 1T ' 5 A �BE; ' 1 ' H B15 CREA11CN. Wnenever 1 try to approacn
a certain sub\ect, a certain idea, or experience, or
t1exibi1ity, l sny away on a subconscious 1eve1 . 1 take wyse1t
out ot tnat envitonwent, and 1 pusn away ttow tnat tnouqnt.
1nat ' s wnat tnese words and pnrases do. "
"Wnat it you didn¹ t obey tnese wotds and pnrases?"
Jack. "F1exibi1ity is ttiqnteninq, ovetwne1winq. 1 wou1d 1ose wy
p1ace in society, wy abi1ity to re1ate to tea1ity. 1t' s 1ike
tnere' s tnese teats tnat scates away, and tnen tnese otnet
iwplanted wotds and pntases and pictures waxe certain tnat wy
wind tninks a1onq certain 1ines, CNLY a1onq cettain 1ines. And
it continua11y entorces otners to do tne sawe tninq wnen 1 use
certain words . 1t triqqers tne proqrawwinq. 1nis is an
intensive brainwasninq session. And tnere is a sttuqq1e between
wyse1t and tne part ot we tnat is buyinq into tnis, because a
patt ot we ` is ' buyinq into tni s. Yet a patt ot we is ab1e to
waintain petspective and stay a1ive and stay awaxe and rewain
tunctioninq. And tnat ' s tne cont1ict tnat is qoinq on between
us. 1ney don' t nave we tota11y proqtawwed. and it snows up on
tneir wacnines or wnatevet. Tney can see now wucn 1 ' w receivinq
versus now wucn tney want we to receive, or wnatever, and tney
can see, you know, tne ettect; tney can weasure. But tney' re
qettin' a pretty qood ti11. 1t' s qettin' pretty qood tesu1ts.
And tney' re satistied witn tne resu1ts ot wnat 1 ' ve accepted and
taxen on. And 1 tee1 tnat tnis tiwe 1 adopted a new be1iet
structure ot wy envitonwent and ot wyse1t that 1 did not have
ptevious1y. But 1F 1 UUE51lCN ANb GC CU151bE WT TBEY FEEb ME,
1 CAN GET LC51, CVERWBELMEb ANb b1E. A patt ot we does survive
and stays íntact, and there ' s a patt ot we, as 1 ' w wa1xinq down
the staits, waxes we tee1 schizophrenic, 1ixe 1 ' w two peop1e.
And it' s contusinq and doesn ' t waxe sense. 1t qives we an
uneasy tee1inq about wyse1t and about the attic that 1 cawe
trow. But sowe ot wy wewory is intact ot what went on, and yet
it¹ s c1ouded. And thete ' s teat in a11 that tea11y went on
conscious1y. And so 1 just describe it as sowethinq that' s
unxnowab1e, and 1 can' t pictute it; 1 can' t see it: it ' s datx;
it ' s triqhteninq, and it' s sowebody e1se wotxinq in coopetation
with berex. ··
"boes she (Jacx ' s wothet) qo up with you?"
Jacx: "No, she doesn ' t qo up tot another two or three wonths. 1t 1ust
seews 1ixe as a chi1d, 1 don ' t have a proper petspective ot
tiwe. Fot instance, tot a younq chi1d it' s lonq atter the 1ast
incident, ot it seews 1ixe a 1onq tiwe, waybe weexs, waybe
wonths. • . waybe three wonths. 1 sense 1ixe disapptova1 when 1
arrive ( on the ship) , and they put that sowethinq-1ixe-weta1
patch on wy head, and that ' s attached to a cotd or conduit. And
i t' s what ' s t1ashinq a 1ot ot this stutt into wy head. 1t' s
eithet that ot te1epathica11y ot both. And it seews 1ixe a
cowbination ot both, ' cause 1 tee1 a t1ow ot stutt, 1ixe it' s
stiwu1atinq cettain patts ot wy btain; it teels 1ixe p1antinq
thorns. Not a 1ot ot thew, not hundteds, but wore than 1ixe
tive or ten. 1wenty throuqhout wy btain, whatever these 1itt1e
thinqs are that upset and aqitate. �Thotns ' is not the tiqht
word. 1hey tee1 wore 1ixe a swa11 cy1indtica1• . . and they way
not be physica1 . Probab1y 1J 8 inch 1onq, ot 1 J 4 inch 1onq.
1t ' s hard to be precise. 1 don' t xnow it they ' te physica1 ot
non-physical, but they tee1 `as it' they ate physica1. They way
not show up on an X-ray ot btain scan, but they pour out an
int1uence that xeeps we thinxinq, 1ivinq, and qoinq in a cettain
direction. Keeps we standinq on the sawe toad ot this
perception ot rea1ity. Without stoppinq ott, veetinq ott in a
dittetent ditection, ot explotinq. "
(1hese '·thotns'' way be a type ot enetqy iwp1ant rathet than the
typica1 solid physica1 iwp1ant. Pethaps they ate
e1ecttowaqnetic ot a siwi1at enerqy totw. Whatever the case, 1
p1ace thew undet the headinq ot "physica1 iwp1ants" in which
there appeats to exist two totws. so1id and enerqy. )
¹¹Was the ptoqrawwinq in wotds, sywbo1s, or iwptessions, or
intuitions, ot ideas?"
Jacx. ·'We11, a vatiety. 1 tee1 the streaws in wy wind, sowetiwes,
1ixe a tticx1e, 1ixe a stteaw. A1so in a ditterent sensation as
pictures. 1t ' s 1ixe an enetqy thtouqh wy wind, wy brain, and it
tee1s 1ixe it xind ot swe11s, causes a swe11inq. And the soutce
seews to be trow the Gray as we11 as the cotd that ' s attached to
wy head. Because that seews• . . 1ixe t1oodinq we with iwpu1ses.
1t ' s 1ixe intotwation, pictutes, sensations, ewotions, 1ixe the
Gray is whisperinq wotds. "
··What xind ot pictutes do you see?"
Jacx: "Lixe l ¹ w a stubborn, obstinate 1itt1e boy, tiqhtinq, 1 ixe
tesistinq, and 1 ' w deterwined. 1 qet a distinct picture ot
KNEEL1NG 1N PRAYER, BE1NG 1N A CBUCB. A1so, l ¹ w not sute how
to describe that pictute. 1t' s wore 1ixe insttuctions. 1
thinx l · w beinq qiven a bunch ot instructions. And sowe ot
those are accowpanied by pictures.
Are tnese pictures your own wewories?¹
"Ro. Ro, tney¹ re pro]ections ot now 1 ¹ w qoinq to be, how tney
want we to be. A preproqrawwed destiny. "
· y
ou wentioned betore tnat tnere wiqht have been sowe
proqrawwinq to qo out and recruit other xids to brinq up to the
1his was one ot tne inducewents we had.·'
·'1his was the proqrawwinq?"
"Yean. But dawn! Tne prob1ew is when 1 was doinq it, 1 didn' t
tee1 cowtortab1e, and tnen atter the event 1 te1t rotten. 1
te1t responsib1e tor tnat boy' s 1ousy experience. 1n tnat
sense, 1 overcawe that proqrawwinq. Tnat was tne on1y tiwe 1
ever did tnat. 1hat was tne on1y tiwe 1 ever recruited tor
A1thouqh there were si× attic abductions, 1 have on1y presented
the tour wost interestinq and intorwation-yie1dinq incidents here. Cne
ot the attic abductions that 1 haven' t wentioned in this cnapter was
tne very tirst incident that popped up in the tirst session that Jacx
1t toox about tour years betore Jacx qot over tnat tee1inq ot
distrust tor nis o1der brotner, berex, wno nad no wewory ot anytninq
ever occurrinq in tne attic.
1n tne next chapter we' 11 continue to to11ow the chrono1oqica1
abduction pattern tnrouqh Jacx ' s 1ite.
13 1
Jacx ' s abductions continued throuqhout his 1ite. Bear in wind
that the to11owinq incidents are on1y a sawp1inq ot an unto1d nuwber
ot abductions that occurred in his 1itetiwe. We never did e×haust
the wewories ot his abductions. A1thouqh wore abduction wewories xept
surtacinq, we had to arbitrari1y end the sessions because he and
Karen had so1d their business and were qettinq ready to 1eave town.
Jacx' s 5ession #2 - June 1 , 1994 1ncident at Aqe 4 or 5
Cne niqht Jacx ' s tather was drivinq howe with both Jacx and Bobby
in the car. 1heir tather becawe too s1eepy to drive anywore, so he
pu11ed over to taxe a nap. Apparent1y he was put to s1eep by the Grays
because Jacx was abducted soon atter the car stopped. Jacx said he was
about tour or tive years o1d at this tiwe. A very paintu1 e×awination
ensued. Atterward he was returned to the car, and they continued on
their j ourney howe.
Jacx' s 5ession #2 June I, 1994 1ncident at Aqe 6
At the aqe ot si× Jacx was abducted aqain whi1e p1ayinq inside his
house. 1 t was daytiwe and his wother was in the xitchen doinq the
ironinq. Be tound hiwse1t 1yinq naxed on a tab1e and beinq probed,
shocxed with e1ectricity, and in1ected with sowe xind ot "seruw.'· Be
was scared and said that the darxness in their eyes was triqhteninq and
sinister. "1hey 1oox 1ixe wean, cowpassion1ess peop1e. 1hey 1oox at
we with tota1 disreqard. Lixe 1 don' t count.
Jacx' s 5ession #2 June 1 , 1994 lncident at Aqe 11
Jacx was abducted at the aqe ot e1even by sowe e×tra-terrestria1s
that didn¹ t 1oox 1ixe Grays. Cnce aqain he was sub\ected to
psycho1oqica1 iwp1antinq.
lt was a sunny day and Jacx was out hixinq around when he sudden1y
becawe very s1eepy. Be 1ay down on the qrourd and te11 into a sound
s1eep. Be then heard whisperinq in his wind, beinqs te11inq hiw that
they' re triend1y and he1ptu1. Atter about tour or tive winutes ot
reassurances, he was beawed up to a ship. A1thouqh these beinqs were
not as '·co1d or invasive'' as Grays, they didn' t respect his treedow ot
choice. 1 n tact this appeared to be a continuation and reintorcewent
ot the Grays ' proqrawwinq, which turther deworstrates a co11usion, or
networx, between the neqative a1iens .
A "pad'' was p1aced on his head and his wind was t1ooded with
'· iwaqes ot the tuture.
A tewa1e a1ien dressed in a 1oose-tittinq,
shiwwerinq qown said, !·1his wi11 be iwportant intorwation tor you in
the tuture.
1he visua1 pictures that t1ashed in his wind were ot hiw
and his environwent in various staqes in 1ite. Be was aware that they
were tryinq to p1ot his 1ite out tor hiw without his consent, thus
indicatinq once aqain the a1iens ' purpose in creatinq a proqrawwed
destiny. Be said they a1so pertorwed sowe ewotiona1 proqrawwinq that
"was 1ixe, do this and you ' 11 be rewarded: do this and you ' 11 be
cunished. " RewardJcunishwent croqrawwinq is a cowwon too1 used by E1s
to contro1 huwans and Earth societies. Be described this iwaqe
croqrawwinq as beinq uncowtortab1e in scite ot the tewa1e a1ien¹ s
reassurances that this wou1d be beneticia1 tor hiw. Be a1so said the
croqrawwinq was "1ixe they¹ re tryinq to wean we away trow decendence on
other ceoc1e" to create "secaration and distrust. " 1he croqrawwinq
ended with a briqht t1ash in his wind that wade a "coc" or "c1icx . "
( 5ound tawi1iar?) Be then woxe uc trow his widday '¹nac" without any
reco11ection ot the event.
Be described the tewa1e a1ien as havinq a biq head and 1 iqht tan
sxin. 1he eyes were swa11er than a Gray' s eyes, about one and a ha1t
to two tiwes 1arqer than a huwan ' s. 1he iris was a wediuw brown with a
1iqhter shade ot that co1or surroundinq it. 1t was a1so e11ictica1 ,
not cowc1ete1y round. 1here were no noticeab1e ears and not wuch ot a
nose and a swa1 1 wouth. 1his way have been the sawe tyce ot E1 as the
ones who visited Kevin in our tent.
Another very curious ascect ot this abduction was that one ot the
cictures that they t 1ashed in Jacx ' s wind was that ot a hiqh schoo1
that he had never seen. At the tiwe he 1ived in Yaxiwa and was in the
titth qrade. 1wo years 1ater his carents bouqht a cate in Pasco where
he Tater went to hiqh schoo1, and it was the sawe hiqh schoo1 that the
a1iens had shown hiw in this incident. 1wo cossib1e scenarios that one
cou1d costu1ate are that either these beinqs trave1ed throuqh tiwe to
tind out where he wou1d qo to schoo1 , or that they siwc1y croqrawwed
his carents to wove to Pasco. 1he hiqh schoo1 wou1d serve
( theoretica11y) as a stiwu1us to triqqer the a1ien croqrawwinq ot this
carticu1ar abduction.
Jacx' s 5ession #1 Hay 29 , 1994 1ncident at Aqe 12
Jacx a1ways had the stranqe iwcression ot a door and a corridor
inside his c1oset. 1t wasn ' t unti1 twenty-tive years 1ater that he
d iscovered the rea1 reason tor this aberration.
1wo Grays sudden1y acceared in his roow and toox hiw into his
c1oset, throuqh the wa11 , and into the corridor ot a shic. Be was then
taxen to the usua1 e×awination tab1e where a ¹'three-cointed head
device'' was attached, and cictures were run throuqh his wind. A huwan-
1ooxinq "nice" cerson with 1iqht brownJb1onde hair whiscered in his
ear, reassurinq hiw and te11inq hiw to "stay connected.·'
1he to11owinq three incidents were connected toqether as a chain
ot siwi1ar incidents that invo1ved the iwc1antation, testinq, and
uti1ization ot a tyce ot brain iwc1ant that wany abductees have. 1his
carticu1ar iwc1ant was inserted into the 1ett side ot Jacx' s head by
his ear and then insta11ed in the center ot his brain. 1he tirst
incident that cawe uc durinq this session occurred in a hoscita1 at the
aqe ot twenty-tive in which three Grays checxed to waxe sure Jacx' s
croqrawwinq was sti11 in c1ace. 1 then asxed tor an ear1ier, siwi1ar
incident and another hoscita1 incident crocced uc at aqe si×teen when
Jacx' s brain iwc1ant was dawaqed trow a bicyc1e accident and was
subsequent1y rec1aced and then tested. 1his incident was subsequent1y
connected to the initia1 iwc1antation ot this device at aqe e1even.
Eor curcoses ot this boox, 1 have cresented these three iwc1antation
incidents in chrono1oqica1 order as they wou1d have occurred in Jacx' s
1ite, as occosed to the order they acceared in this session. 1hese
three incidents are very siqniticant because they revea1 how this
insidious iwc1ant is used to croqraw abductees.
As Jacx tirst beqan cenetratinq the awnesia ot the initia1
imp1antation ot tnis device at tne aqe ot e1even, ne was quite contused
because ne was tunninq in a tie1d and sudden1y b1anxed out tot no
appatent teason. Appatent1y ne nad smacxed into an invisib1e
totcetie1d ot obsttuction, wnicn xnocxed nim out co1d. Bowevet, tnete
may nave been sowe otnet xind ot a1ien tecnno1oqy invo1ved nete tnat
tendeted nim unconscious.
Jacx' s 5ession #11 June 21 , 1994 lncident at Aqe 11
Jack: "1 see a tie1d tnat 1 ' w tunninq tntouqn, but 1 don' t ctasn into
anytninq. l wean l don ' t see anytninq tnat l ctasn into, and
yet tnete seems to be a co11ision, and l ta11 down, and 1 ' m
unconscious. But wnat doesn' t make sense to me is tnat 1
wou1dn' t tun into a tock, because l
d see it. And besides tnat,
now wou1d 1 nit my nead witnout nittin' my 1owet body? 5o l
not sute wnat 1 tan into. 1 can' t see wnat I co11ided witn . "
"Give we tne titst tninq tnat pops into yout wind, is it tnis
Jack: "Yean. lt' s 1ixe l ¹ w somewnete between eiqnt and ten. . . maybe
e1even. . . yean, l aw, l ' w a 1itt1e bit o1det tnan eiqnt; it' s
ptobab1y between ten ot e1even. l did see an une×p1ainab1e
ttack one tiwe, tnouqn, in tnat tie1d wnen l was witn anotnet
cousin. lt was a toot ttacx tnat was impossib1y nuqe. And it
was just tne biqqest tootptint iwaqinab1e. And l was twe1ve at
tnat time tnat 1 saw tnat toot ttacx. And tnete was on1y one
toot ttacx, too. But it was as 1onq as tntee ot wy teet. And
ot coutse tne widtn was , you know, ¸ust nuqe. "
(Many tepotts ate now suttacinq tnat indicate tnat 5asquatcn ate
e×tta-tettesttia1s, and tney ate sometimes seen witn Gtays.
Appatent1y, tney usua11y act as quatds and ate ptobab1y at tne
bottom ot tne cnain ot cowwand 1ixe tne snott Gtays. Last
1itetime two 5asquatcn escotted me onto a 1atqe, ttianqu1at
Gtays snip. l n 1992 l met Cnucx
wno nad conscious1y seen
a 5asquatcn witn nis btotnet wnen ne was nine yeats o1d. 1ne
5asquatcn was " snaxinq a pine ttee 1ixe ne was qoinq to pu11 it
up by tne toots. 1ne next day tnat ttee was qone. " Be 1atet
tettieved tne comp1ete wemoty ot tnis incident witn "se1t-
nypnosis , '' wnicn tevea1ed a si1vet disk novetinq above tne
Biqtoot tiqnt betote ne was abducted aboatd tneit ctatt. )
"1nat ttacx, tne iwptession in tne qtound, was tnat betote tnis
Jacx: "lt was attet tnis incident. lt was ptobab1y a tu11 yeat ot two
attet tnis event. "
"Kete did you see it?"
Jack: '·Cn tne tatm wnete 1 qtew up. A ctick tan tntouqn tne tatm, and
it was 1ike actoss tne toad and downstteam ttom outs a ways.
1hete wete catt1e in tnat pastute ttequent1y. Tnete wasn' t tnis
time, tnouqn. Maybe it' s \ust tnat l ' m tunninq a1onq and a11 ot
a sudden stunned into unconsciousness, because tnat' s about tne
on1y thinq 1 can qet, ot tne on1y connection 1 can make .
Because 1 can see wyse1t tunninq and movinq and tnen 1ust 1ayinq
on tne qtound, as it 1 co11ided and �baw.
"Ux-nun. And wnat nappens ne×t?"
Jack: My body is taxen up into tnis spacesnip. 1t' s 1ike l ' w t 1oated
up on a beam, a ttactot beam. l ' m taxen into tnis spacesnip,
and tney. . . l ' ll qo into detai1s on it. Tney put a ptobe up
tntouqn wy nose into wy nasa1 cavity. And it a1so tee1s 1ixe
tney put sowetning in tntouqn tne tewp1e atea, tntouqn wy tewp1e
into wy btain, sowe xind ot a ptobe. lt seews to be a vety
intensive head opetation hete. l ¹ w detinite1y unconscious. l
don' t xnow it they used a dtuq on we, but it doesn ' t tee1 qood.
Whatevet wethod they used to put we unconscious, it doesn' t tee1
vety qood to wy body. lt tee1s xind ot awtu1. Yeah, l \ust qet
this tea1 distinct iwptession ot sowethinq, ot sowe insttuwent,
you xnow, bu1qinq up wy nostti1, wy 1ett nostti1 and xind ot
qoinq up throuqh wy nose. Yeah. What they do with wy tewp1e
atea, 1 don' t xnow. lt' s 1ixe a tea1ly thin need1e that they
poxe into thete. And l ' w not sute why they poxe it in. l don ' t
xnow what they' te doinq with that. I suspect that the iwp1ant
has an ettect on wy btain that it wiqht intettete with. . . yeah,
intettete with wy iwaqe con1utinq 1ixe this iwp1ant wou1d
ptoject iwaqes, too. Ct e1se be 1ixe a te1a� tot thew to
te1epathica11y iwp1ant ideas and suqqestions, so that 1 ' w no
1onqet independent on the ideas and the iwptessions that cowe
into we ot that l conceive ot cowe up with ate wy own. Cn1y
attet this iwp1ant it ' s 1ixe 1 ' w no 1onqet independent, an
individua1. l sowetiwes qet ted iwptessions ot iwaqes ot
sensations, possib1y even. lt tee1s 1ixe in a way 1 ' ve been
wade a s1ave. Henta11y wade a s1ave. Not entite1y, oxay, but
1ixe on the ttinqes. 1 t wou1d be a ttinqe detinition ot a
s1ave. l t' s 1ixe l ' w on1y iwpinqed upon in swa11 ways ot in
cettain ways ot inttequent tiwes. 1 ' w no 1onqet the independent
individua1 that l was. Now l have--1ixe a 1awnwowet has a
qovetnot--1 have a 1iwitation device on we. 1hat ' s what it
tee1s 1ixe, this iwp1ant is. lt ' s a 1iwitinq tactot, a
testtictot. But a1so it seews to qive thew access, waybe on a
tewote contto1 basis ot waybe on an autowatic basis whete they
don' t even have to checx in, whete it' s 1ixe a continua1 s1ow
teed. But wy iwptession is it' s not just an accuwu1atot ot
data, it' s a1so a ttanswittet that actua11y ttanswits into wy
own wind, thouqhts ot ideas as it they wete wine. Whete it
actua11y is in wy head ot how. . . see thete' s 1ixe thtee entty
points: 1ixe up wy nose into wy sinus cavities , thtouqh wy
tewp1e, and then sowewhete bacx hete above wy eat. So thete ' s
thtee entty points that qo on in this opetat1on, a11 cn the 1ett
side ot wy head. Attet the device is iwp1anted then they test
it to see that it' s tunctioninq, ttanswittinq and teceivinq. At
the vety beqinninq ot this incident what occuts to we is a
tea1. . . xind ot 1ixe he1p1ess teats to11inq down the side ot wy
tace. ' Cause it tee1s 1ixe a tea1. . . not just a ttauwatic event,
but a tea1 vio1ation, a tea1 desectation. A tea1 sttonq sense
ot tebe11ion at titst when this is initia11y happeninq, 1ixe an
innate sense that this is tea11y wtonq cowes t1oodinq ovet we.
And yet, since then l ' ve xind ot desensitized to that. And it ' s
a ptetty ewotiona1 event at titst. And yet 1 tee1 1ixe l ' w in a
stasis, and l can ' t wove, and it tee1s and seews 1ixe thete' s
nothinq l can do about this stutt qoinq on in wy head. When
they tinish with the iwp1ants and then the test, you xnow,
tutninq it on and testinq it, l ' w tetutned to the sawe spot in
the tie1d whete 1 was taxen. And l ' w once aqain 1ayinq tace up
in the tie1d. But l don ' t have the pain sensations in wy head.
1hey ' te thete, but they ' te not thtobbinq; they ' te not intense,
not sp1ittinq 1ixe a sp1ittinq headache. 1t ' s not 1ixe that.
l t' s wote 1ixe a 1ow-qtade head thtob, enouqh to cettain1y be
awate ot it and be uncowtottab1e with it, but not enouqh to
a1atw we. "
·¹Ate you unconscious when you' te 1ayinq on the qtound?¹·
" 1 aw attet they tetutn we, tot awhi1e. 1 t' s 1ixe 1 s1ow1y cowe
atound. 1n tact 1 1ay thete tot a 1itt1e whi1e attet they
1eave. Ptobab1y, 1 don ' t xnow, waybe as wuch as a ha1t hout
betote 1 tina11y statt to qtoqqi1y becowe awate. That' s the
¹¹Wnat happens when you cowe conscious?
·¹We11 , 1 qet up, and 1 decide 1 don' t have any wote entnusiasw
tot qoinq down that ditection and doinq what 1 was qoinq to do.
1 was 1ust qoinq to qo down thete, we11 , e×p1ote, do whatevet.
' Cause 1 tutn atound and qo bac1 howe ' cause wy head xinda
tevious to today have you had any conscious wewoty ot this
event? bid anythinq evet occut to you• . . ?
"No. No. Buh-uh. No wewoty ot that natute. "
¹¹A11 tiqht. Retutn to the beqinninq ot the incident whete
you' te tunninq in the tie1d. Recount it and see it you can
picx up wote than you did betote. ¹!
We1 1 , 1 ' w tunninq a1onq, and 1 sti11 don' t xnow how to e×p1ain
it, but 1 just tun into sowethinq, co11ide with sowethinq. And
it' s xind ot abtupt because 1 ' w tunninq. And it just xnocxs we
ovet bacxwatds, and 1 ' w out co1d 1ixe a 1iqh�. My body is taxen
up in a ttactot beaw ' cause 1 aw sti11 1yinq t1at on wy bacx as
1 ' w beinq dtawn up into this ship. 1 ' w put onto this tab1e,
and vety shott1y attetwatds ot beinq on this tab1e they statt to
invade wy head with insttuwents. And they qo into thtee
·'Who ate they?"
"These Gtays, tne b1acx-eyed Gtays. 1 have a vety distutbinq
ewotiona1 teaction to tnis . 1 t' s \ust a qteat sense ot
wtonqness, and 1 aw unconscious. And yet a patt ot we sti1 1 is
teqistetinq this qteat wtonqness. 1hat 1 have this attitude,
that 1 have to succuwb to this ' cause 1 have no choice, and yet
it is a vety ditticu1t thinq to do. I have a vety sttonq desite
to tebe1, to tesist. And the thinq that qoes up wy nose hutts
considetab1y, sttetches wy nostti1 considetab1y. 1 don' t xnow
it they 1ett anythinq behind ot not. 1hete ' s a need1e-1ixe
insttuxent that qoes into the tewp1e atea. And that ' s a vety
uncowtottab1e situation. 1 don ' t xnow what they do with the
need1e once it ' s insetted. And then this insttuwent qoes into
the side ot wy head, and it 1eaves behind a 1itt1e iwp1anted
device that' s about the size ot a qtain ot tice . "
·¹This is the otiqina1 one?" (1his patticu1at iwp1ant was
tep1aced in the hospita1 at aqe 16. We had a1teady coveted
this hospita1 incident in the sawe session ptiot to this tie1d
abduction . )
"Yeah. Riqht. 1his i s the one that they otiqina11y iwp1anted.
1hey tutn on this 1itt1e thinq, ot they activate it--whatevet
word--and test it to waxe sute it' s tunctioninq. My iwptession
is that it both teceives and ttanswits, because it occasiona11y
insetts thouqhts that ate not wy own into wy consciousness . "
"Was it in this incident, you wean?
"Riqht, but initia11y they test it by seeinq it it teceives and
ttanswits, and it does. Maybe they wete \ust e×p1otinq in the
othet two ptevious insettions, ' cause the one inside the head
was the 1ast one. Pethaps they wete e×p1otinq tot a p1ace to
1ocate it. 1 ' w not sute. But this insett in p1ace, 1 qet ideas
that ate not wy own; 1 qet utqes sowetiwes that ate not wy own;
Jacx :
1 qet suqqestions.··
"Wni1e you ' re on tne snip, you wean, or 1ater in 1ite?¹·
"No, a11 tnrouqnout 1ite. Yean. 1t' s 1ixe a very slow,
insidious proqrawwinq process. "
"Wnat xind ot iwaqes are you qettinq wnen tney test tnis?"
"We1l, tney ' re ideas tnat are very 1iwitinq as tar as
possibi1ities, as tar as navinq 1ived betore, xnowinq wyse1t,
xnowinq wy nistory, exp1orinq wnat God or tne Creator way or way
not be, wno tnese particu1ar individua1s are tor exawp1e, now we
tit into tne biqqer picture in re1ation to 1ite outside ot our
p1anet. But especia11y tnat way. Especia11y 1ite on otner
p1anets tnrouqnout tne qa1axy. 1 t' s 1ixe t.nese tnouqnts and
ideas are discouraqed and drawn away trow. But ratner 1 ' w
int1uenced to be a Catno1ic and to be believe in a1l tne very
narrow concepts tnat it prowotes. "
"00 tney use tne word `Catno1ic' or. . . ?"
"No, 1 aw a Catno1ic, and it just encouraqes we to be tnat.
1o be1ieve tnat 1 ' w nelpless, and 1 nave to pray in order to qet
anytninq. And tnere isn ' t even tne tnouqnt ot a possibi1ity ot
lite on anotner planet, 1et a1one exp1ore it. 1t ' s 1ixe tnese
are tne xind ot tninqs tnat are pronibited or a1wost pronibited.
Tnat ' s tne xind ot conditioninq tnis iwposes. A1so, 1 suspect a
conditioninq towards divisiveness instead ot united, but one
ratner ot criticisw and re]ection and dividinq. 1n otner words,
1 tninx contlict is prowoted as well . 1ne two basic elewents ot
cont1ict and a re1iqion tnat tocuses ]ust on 1ite on tnis p1anet
in a very narrow way . "
(Bistorica11y, tne Rowan Catnolic Cnurcn suppressed any person
reportinq contact witn extra~terrestria1s durinq tne Hidd1e
Aqes . Even atter tne scientitic revelations ot Copernicus and
Ga1i1eo, wnicn controverted tne Cnurcn' s stance aqainst any
possibi1ity ot 1ite "out tnere, '' an 1ta1ian pni1osopner Giordano
Bruno was burned at tne staxe in l600 A. O. tor statinq nis
be1iet in 1ite on otner p1anets. 1n Boox Two 1 wi11 te11 wy own
account ot now 1 was pi11oried in ll29 A. O. tor ta1xinq public1y
about an incident in wnicn Grays nad abducted we. )
"bo tney discouraqe tninxinq about past 1ives as well?"
"Uw-nun. Yean. Yes, it ' s tne overa11 connection ot us beinq
centered, and rewewberinq and xnowinq wno we are is very
discouraqed. But ratner tne concept ot you on1y qo around once
in lite, you ' re on1y 1ivinq one tiwe, and you ' 11 qo to ne11 it
you live in sin and tnat xind ot tninq.
"bo tne ETs iwp1ant tne idea ot qoinq to ne11 or neaven?"
" 1 don' t xnow on tnat one. But 1 do xnow tnat tne beliets ot
tne Catno1ic Cnurcn are exact1y wnat tney (E1s) encouraqe we to
ewbrace and stay witn.··
"And tnis is beinq done via tne iwp1ants in tne widdle ot tne
Jacx: "Yes . 1t way not be pnysica11y 1ocated in tne center ot wy
brain. 1 ' w not real c1ear, because 1 qet tne iwpression tnat
it ' s ottset to tne lett side. But wnere. . . tne waybe pnysica1
1ocation ot tne stored proqrawwinq would be in tne center ot wy
brain. But it' s (a) rea11y ditticu1t ewotiona1 experience, tnis
one i s. Tnere' s a 1ot ot qriet. . • ti11ed witn tnis event.
Pernaps tnat ' s wny wnen 1 waxe up aqain 1 nave no entnusiasw tor
continuinq on witn wnat 1 was qonna do. 1 ]ust turn around and
nead bacx toward nowe in a ratner despondent wanner. And yet no
wewory ot wnat nappened. 1t' s ]ust 1ixe 1 waxe up, and 1 tee1
awtu1 and a s1iqht pain in wy head, xind ot a hutt tee1inq 1ixe
as i t l ctashed into sowethinq. And overa11, 1esseninq ot wy
1 iqhtness and wote ot a despondency. "
"Bow c1d ate you?"
uacx: "E1even. Hy iwptession is that l ' w e1even tathet than ten. But
i t' s tea11y c1ose to. . . and it' s warw weathet, because l ' w not
dressed in coats, 1 ' w dtessed wote in suwwet attite.
( l quided Jacx throuqh the incident a thitd tiwe in which he
uncovered tutthet detai1s on the iwp1ants. )
Jack: ". . • and up the nose qoes this insttuwent that sttetches wy
nose, wy 1ett nostti1 . " (Be 1atet said that this iwp1ant went
up into a sinus cavity behind the bridqe ot his nose. ) "And
this i s when the ewotions statt. When they poxe into wy nose
and into wy tewp1e, it ' s 1ixe it starts a t1ood ot ewotions, ot
this ttewendous sense that this is an invasion, that this is
tea11y wronq, and it ' s a ttavesty as to what' s happeninq. lt ' s
not just an in]ustice, it' s a wajot travesty that they' re doinq
thi s. And yet wy input to wyse1t is that 1 can' t wove. 1hete ' s
nothinq that l can do. 1 ' w tesistin� it, and it ' s 1ike thete ' s
nothinq to tesist, because thete' s no out1et tot wy resistance,
so it 1eads to a qtiet , a ttusttation. Just a deep qriet 1ike
l ' d been qtievous1y vio1ated. And third and 1ast1y, this
insttuwent that enters wy head, a rea1 thin tube that a11ows an
interior instruwent to qo thtouqh the tube and then p1ant this
1itt1e qtain device. 1his iwp1ant is 1ike pointed torward 1ixe
a qtain ot tice--iwaqine a qrain ot rice qoinq throuqh a tube--
and it has these 1itt1e tiny thin wires that ho1d onto it, qoinq
thtouqh this tube that ' s insetted into wy head, qets into the
brain, it t1ips up 1ixe this ( vettica1 ) when it cowes out ot the
tube. And then these 1itt1e tiny thin wites that ho1d it, put
it in p1ace, tetract, and then cowe bacx t!.touqh the tube. l
suspect thete' s a winiatute caweta, because they can see
pettect1y we11 whete they ate inside ot wy head. l suspect
thete is a winiatute caweta ot 1 iqht or sowethinq that transwits
pictures. And atter that is iwp1anted then they activate it
just to wake certain that it tunctions propet1y. And it does.
lt both teceives and transwits. 1t a1so does a rewote distance
continua1 teed proqtawwinq. And another tunction is that it
he1ps thew to stay in contact with we te1epathica11y. lt' s 1ixe
it is a te1ay transwittet ot sowethinq 1ixe that tot thew
whenever they want to dtop in and checx.
"What' s that 1ixe when they checx that ttanswittet when you ' te
on board the ship, tiqht attet they iwp1anted it?"
Jacx: "We11, l qet the iwptession that they. . . sowe ot the initia1
wessaqes that they send is that � You won ' t rewewber. ' No othet
distinct iwptessions othet than just 1 itt1e thinqs. My other
iwpression, too, is that this device has an ettect, a dawpeninq
ettect on we, on wy creative thinxinq, on exp1otinq
possibi1ities , encouraqinq we towards beinq vety narrow-winded--
1 don ' t know what e1se to ca11 it--narrow-winded and re1iqious
and discoutaqinq othet peop1e to be e×p1oratoty and unusua1 or
atheistic. 1his is not the on1y torw ot wind contto1 ot
int1uencinq tnat they have done and wi11 do. lt' s just one
torw. Pethaps what ' s dittetent about this i� that this can be
done. . . they don' t even need to be around. 1his is beinq done on
a s1ow, but consistent wethod.
1he to11owinq incident is the incident whete this sawe brain
iwp1ant was dawaqed in a bicyc1e accident tive years 1ater.
Jacx¹ s 5ession #11 June 2 1 , 1994 - 1ncident at Aqe 16
··Return to an ear1ier, siwi1ar incident.··
Jacx: "Yean, 1 qet tne iwpression tnat sowetninq siwi1ar nappened, and
it was enqineered by tnew. And aqain it wiqnt seew 1ixe tate,
but it wasn' t actually. 1t was interterence, intervention by
tnew. ' Cause 1 qet tne very distinct iwpression ot beinq
contacted aqain by tnew wnen anotner torcetu1 separation ot wy
consciousness, or wnatever, occurred. 1 qet tne iwpression tnat
wnen 1 was in tne nospita1 witn a nead concussion, tnat tney nad
to cnecx an iwp1ant to waxe certain tnat it was sti11
tunctioninq. But waybe it wa1tunctioned or sowetninq 1ixe tnat,
and tney eitner nad to re-iwplant it or ti× it. And so tnere
was a visit tnere, too . "
"Wnen is tnis?"
Jacx: "Wnen 1 was si×teen. 1t seews 1ixe tney nad to cnecx on an
iwp1ant tnat was in wy nead. And tnen 1 qet a picture ot
anotner event, too. 1nat tney brouqnt about so tnat 1 would
e×perience an injury and qo unconscious . We1 1 , it' s a litt1e
ditticu1t tor we to brinq tnis up into conscious wewory. 1t was
wnen 1 was younqer. 1t was betore tne concussion at tne aqe ot
si×teen, wnen tnat was initia11y iwp1anted. At si×teen tney
were cnecxinq, because ot tne concussion, tney were cnecxinq tne
device tnat tney nad iwp1anted at a younqer, ear1ier tiwe,
waxinq certain tnat it was sti11 tunctioninq, and tney pernaps
rep1aced it at tnat tiwe. Wnen it was iwp1anted, nowever, tnere
was sowe xind ot a trauwatic incident re1ated witn it wnere 1
was. . . tnat separation occurred. 1 ' w not qettinq tne detai1s
rea1 c1ear. "
(Jacx was startinq to picx up tne ear1ier incident at aqe e1even
in tne pasture wnere ne nit tne invisib1e wa11 , was beawed up,
and tnen iwp1anted. Be didn' t recover tnat wewory unti1 atter
tnis session. )
� "Cxay. We11, 1et ' s stay at tnis one at si×teen. Let ' s run
tnrouqn tnat one tirst. ¹!
Jacx. "Cxay. l' w tota11y unconscious in a bed. Cn1y tnis roow, it ' s
tne on1y bed. 1t' s wore 1ixe a wotel roow b�d actua1ly. Well,
not e×act1y, but anyway it' s on1y one bed in tne roow. Yes, 1 ' w
unconscious. 1 ' w in a deep s1eep, and aqain tne dreaws 1 ' w
navinq are disjointed. 1ne tnouqnts tnat 1 ' w navinq are 1ixe
disjointed. And tney do sowetninq pnysica11y to we tnat
iwwobi1izes we, so 1 can' t wove. And tnere ' s an instruwent tnat
qoes into tne side ot wy nead by wy ear, just benind tne tewp1e
a 1itt1e ways . And it penetrates tne sxu11 and qoes into tne
brain. My iwpression is tnat it nas a 1itt1e 1iqnt on it, so
tnat tney can see, a litt1e tube, 1ixe a 1itt1e wicroscope tube
and a litt1e 1 iqnt. 1 also sense tnat tnis cnip can transwit
and not just receive. 1t ' s a1wost lixe a torcetield is noldinq
we down, 1ixe it ' s a net. 1t ' s lixe a web tnat ' s coverinq wy
body. 1t' s very tiqnt, very close to wy body, but it xeeps 1ixe
everytninq iwwobi1e. 1 can ' t even wove wy toot 1ixe tnat. 1 ' w
1yinq on wy bacx, but it' s qot every part ot we iwwobilized,
' cause it ' s sucn a tiqnt-tittinq net. 1ne instruwent enters wy
lett side, tne lett side ot wy sxull . But 1 ' w not rea11y c1ear
on it tney adjust it or it tney actually rewove it, draw it into
tneir tube and rewove it and insert anotner one in its p1ace.

Apparently, they have some kind of a machine, monitoring
machine; it ' s like a hand-held thing that takes readings from
the implant. And it ' s not functioning properly (the implant) .
And they go in with this machine, or this long, elongated tube.
But what doesn' t make sense to me is how they can pierce the
brain. My impression there is that they just kinda--rather than
puncturing the brain itse1f--it kinda like wedges and pushes it
aside. But I ' m not clear on that. Anyway, this very narrow
tube that' s injected into my head or inserted into my head,
takes this device and like sucks it into it, leaving the hollow
tube inside while they pull out the inside ( implant) and then
stick another one in and insert it in its place. It' s a little
tiny ting, the sensor is. It' s just a little tiny thing, yeah,
like a grain of rice. ' Cause it' s a little bit fatter than a
grain of rice. But it' s like cylindrical in shape, like a
cigar, well, kinda like a cigar shape. The pain of this thing
being inserted in through my skull is just absolutely intense.
It ' s like head-splitting. It ' s really intense. And that added
to the trauma of the shock to my brain from hitting my head
makes the pain pretty intense. But apparently this implant is
not an easy thing to do. It' s not an easy thing on my body,
because of the pain it causes . 5.0 the tube is withdrawn. I
don' t know if it left a scar or not, but I s�nse that they
really didn' t do anything to disguise . • . ' cause they didn ' t do
anything for the pain. They just left the pain as it is. I
don ' t feel any scar. After they pull out that tube that
replaced the implant, yeah, there was quite a bit of head­
splitting, brain-splitting pain. As far as the sensation on the
skull goes, it was pretty painful, too, but I didn' t notice ' em
injecting drugs in me to handle the pain. Anyway that' s the end
of the incident.
"okay. So they took the old implant out and put a new one
in, is that right?
lIYes. Yeah. And it was done on the left side of my body this
time. There was like a hand-held instrument that kind of took a
reading, or brain wave readings, or something like that to see
how the chip was functioning. It was kind of garbled and
distorted at times, intermittently, so it wasn ' t functioning
wholly or properly. And l suspect that it was due to the head
injury that I sustained. "
What was the original head injury?"
lilt was a bicycle crash. Yes, the one that I got into when I
was sixteen.
"And where are you at in this incident?"
" I ' m in a hospital bed. Yeah. Only this ti:e it' s daylight
"Is this after or before that dream-like episode?"
"This was before that dream occurred. At least a full twenty­
four hours later. "
(When we first went through this incident in Session #5, this
visitation by the Grays didn ' t crop up. What did crop up was a
"dreamll that occurred the following day after the accident while
he was still in the hospital . In this very real
dreamll Jack
went through a dark area, into a brightly lit area " like
I and then into a gray area with walls. There were
several people there in brown-gray robes with pointed hoods, and
one person was writing in a "book of lifell at a podium as
numerous experiences in Jack' s life flashed through his mind.
1nis wan conterred witn Jack ' s brotner 5tan, and it was
conc1uded tnat it wasn' t tiwe yet tor Jack t¬ 1eave nis 1ite
nere on Eartn. 5o Jack is convinced to qo back, ne wakes up,
and tnen entnusiastica11y re1ates tnis "dreaw" to nis tatner,
wno nas been sittinq by tne nospita1 bed. Bis tatner diswisses
tne event as inconsequentia1 . 5ince Jack' s brotner 5tan is
sti11 a1ive, it wou1d indicate tnat tnis "dreaw" was eitner in
rea1ity ¸ust a dreaw, or tnat it was a wenta1 wanipu1ation by
tne Grays wno nad ]ust visited niw in nis nospita1 bed tne day
betore. 5ince tne Grays and otner E1s nave been active1y
invo1ved witn wanipu1atinq our re1iqious be1iets, it is niqn1y
suspect tnat tne 1atter scenario is tne case. Cou1d it be tnat
tne "book ot 1ite" idea is actua11y an a1ien psycno1oqica1
iwp1ant? Cou1d it be tnat tnese niqn1y-touted "atter-deatn
e×periences" are notninq wore tnan e×tra-terrestria1
wanipu1ations? )
"A11 riqnt. Return to tne beqinninq ot tnis incident and
recount it, p1ease, and see it you can pick up any additiona1
data. "
Jack: Ckay. 1 ' w as1eep in tne nospita1 roow, and it' s in tne daytiwe.
1t' s ¸ust betore noon. 5o, it ' s a tu11 day. . . 1et ' s see tne
crasn nappened in tne atternoon about tnree, so tnis is tne ne×t
worninq, and it' s probab1y around between ten and twe1ve. 1 ' w
as1eep. Nobody ' s in wy roow. 1ne door is c1osed. 1nere is no
curtain around wy bed, because it' s tne on1y bed. 1nere' s a
cnair, and it rea11y rewinds we ot a wote1 roow. ' Cause tnere ' s
a cnair on one side and 1ike a tab1e. 1ne bed is in tne widd1e
ot tne wa1 1 , and tnen tnere' s a cnair and 1ike an intravenous
stand tnat tney use tnat 1 ' w not nooked up to. 1ney enter tne
roow, 1 be1ieve, tnrouqn tne wa11s. And tne tirst tninq tney do
is tney take tnis enerqy net tnat is 1ike broad strips,
probab1y, you know, 1ike tour incnes or tour tinqers in widtn .
And it ' s 1ike a network over wy entire body. 1t ' s 1ike beinq
snrink-wrapped. Like ` wnnnnt, ' ( it) snrinks down over wy body,
and tnen it kind ot cowpresses, and it ¸ust no1ds we tnere 1ike
in a stasis, 1ike abso1ute1y no wovewent e×cept tor wy nead,
because wy nead is turned over to tne riqnt side. And tnis
` person' on wy 1ett no1ds tne unit. Aqain it ' s tnree `peop1e '
(Grays) . And tnere' s on1y one, tne one on tne 1ett wno' s rea11y
doinq anytninq. Be or sne cnecks tnis 1itt1e nand-ne1d unit to
see wnat kind ot transwission is cowinq out, and it' s not c1ear;
it ' s not consistent; it ' s sowetiwes qarb1ed. 5o tnis 1onq
instruwent is probab1y ten incnes 1onq, is tnen inserted into wy
nead tnrouqn tne sku11. And it ' s 1ike a no11ow tube witn a
1iqnt in tne tip ot it, so tney can 1ook around and see. 1ney
1ocate. . . it 1ocates tne iwp1ant. 1t' s a1ready tnere trow an
ear1ier e×perience. And wy iwpression is tnat tne openinq ot
tne tube qoes up to it. And it' s 1ike a qrain ot rice on1y a
1itt1e bit tnicker in diaweter. And it ' s 1ike wnnnnt, ' draws
it tnrouqn tne tube. And tney brinq it out tnrouqn tne tube,
and tnen take anotner one, anotner `qrain ot rice ' iwp1ant, and
send it in tnrouqn tne tube and put it in p1ace. Wni1e tnis is
qoinq on, tnere' s a rea1 acninq in tne bone wnere tnis occurs,
wnere tne sku11 is penetrated, breacned, and tnen wnen it qoes
into tne brain itse1t--1 don ' t know it tnis is possib1e or
1ike1y or wnat--but it seews 1ike it' s pusned aside 1ike to1ds
ot skin as it penetrates. 1t doesn ' t 1ike pierce a yo1k, tor
e×awp1e, witn a need1e. 1t' s wore 1ike it 1ust kinda qoes
thtouqh the to1ds and ctevices. And it' s iwp1anted. 1 ' w ttyinq
to tiqute it it ¹ s at the exact nexus ot the two iwaqinaty 1ines,
ot the centet of wy head, ot it it' s ott to the 1ett side. 1 ' w
not sute, because the contusion is. . • with iwaqety l can iwaqine
the centet whete the ti1e is xept, the ptoqtawwinq. 1 t' s 1ixe
in the iwaqinaty centet ot wy btain, and 1 can xind ot even see
the tunne1 that 1eads to it ttow the bacx. But this �qtain ot
tice ' I don ' t thinx is in the exact sawe cootdinates, point. 1t
seews to we 1ixe it ' s ottset sowe; 1 thinx it' s on the 1ett
side. But this invasion ot the btain causes a deep, intetiot
pain, and it ' s not wuch dittetent• . • it ' s xind ot hatd to
distinquish between that thtobbinq, sp1ittinq pain ot hittinq wy
head and this. lt' s 1ixe a siwi1at pain. Bowevet, the
bone. . . it ' s wote 1ixe a du11 ache, intense and yet du11 . Not
1ixe the tea11y intense, shatp, sp1ittinq pain ot the btain.
When they pu11 out this. . • aLout ten, twe1ve inch instruwent,
they stop the b1eedinq, but they do nothinq tot the pain. 1he
ho1e is sowehow coveted up, so that it ' s not sensitive. But
anyway, they 1eave attet they do ]ust a 1itt1e bit ot sowethinq
with the ho1e in the sca1p, in the sxu11 that they wade. 1hen
they 1eave, 1eavinq wy body to dea1 with and ptocess the pain
that the invasion into the btain caused. 1hat ' s the end ot the
"1s the webbinq that they ho1d you down with, that' s not a
physica1 webbinq?"
Jacx: "Yeah, it wou1d be wote 1ixe an enetqy webbinq. A1thouqh it
does have a ye11owish q1ow, ot at 1east that' s the iwptession ot
the co1ot that 1 see atound it.··
"Whete ate you viewinq this incident ttow?"
Jacx: ·'Etow tiqht in bacx ot wy head. Riqht• • • yeah, tiqht in bacx ot
wy head. Not above and 1ooxinq down 1ixe 1 was with the
appendix opetation, but tathet just tiqht Iy wy head. 1 ' w
1ayinq on my bacx, so it' s 1ixe s1iqht1y ott to the 1ett side ot
tiqht behind, ditect1y behind the top ot wy head.
Jacx' s 5ession #1 1 June 2 1 , 1994 1ncident at Aqe 2 5
³ ¯ ¬ .
"Retutn to the wost tecent contact. "
(We tan thtouqh this incident thtee tiwes . 1 have edited out
considetab1e intotwation not pettinent to this boox such as the
tuptute and tewova1 ot the appendi×. )
"Whete ate you at?"
" 1 aw in a hospita1, and l aw twenty-tive yeats o1d. Nineteen
eiqhty-two is the yeat . "
"Ate you in a hospita1 bed ot• . . ?"
··Yeah, l ' w in a toow, wy ptivate toow. Yeah, 1 can see it quite
c1eat1y. 1hete ' s anothet bed; it' s a two-bed toow. And 1 ' w
sti11 quite heavi1y dtuqqed. 1his was a tew houts attet
sutqety, ptobab1y tout houts ot so attet sutqety. But when 1
becowe awate ot thew (Gtays) is when they do the te1epathic
cowwunicatinq. ' Cause aqain it tee1s 1ixe a whispetinq in wy
wind. Kinda 1ixe the wind thtouqh the pines when it ' s not
actua11y happeninq on the physica1. . . oh, 1 don ' t xnow, thete
isn¹ t an apptoptiate desctiption, it' s ]ust that it' s xind ot
hatd to waxe an ana1oqy. Anyway that ' s the �nd ot the event.
When they cowwunicated to we, then it did c1eat sowe ot wy
de1itiuw, and 1 did cowe up sowe. But 1 was sti11 as1eep and
unconscious. Wasn ' t quite as deep, thouqh. 1n a way what the
�person' on wy riqnt was doinq, wno was 1eaninq over tne bed
1ooRinq at we, it rewinds we ot a way ot qoinq tnrouqn tne
ti1es. l wean wnat was nappeninq in wy wind, was a te1epatny,
was 1iRe doinq a cnecR, 1iRe we wou1d run our tinqers tnrouqn
tne ti1es, just Rinda cnecRinq tne ti1es waRinq sure tney ' re a1I
sti11 in p1ace and sti11 tnere, 1iRe in tne ti1e cabinet
drawer. "
"5o tney actua11y cowe into tne roow?"
JacR: "Yes. 1ney ' re pnysica11y present in tne roow. Hy iwpression is
tnat tney' re--speaRinq in ana1oqy--is 1iRe tnere ' s trip wires in
p1ace tnat Reep certain pnrases, triqqer pnrases, or post-
nypnotic suqqestions in p1ace. And tney' re 1iRe qoinq tnrouqn
and cnecRinq a11 tnese trip wires to see it any ot tnew nave
been tripped or disso1ved. Apparent1y, tnere ' s sowetninq 1iRe
tnis wnere tnere ' s a neavy druq intaRe and surqery. 1t
apparent1y interteres witn wnat' s stored in nere, or wnerever in
our body, and apparent1y tnat' s wny tney cawe to cnecR.
Probab1y 1ess interested in wnetner 1 was qoinq to 1ive or to
die, but wore 1iRe to cnecR on tne proqrawwinq to ascertain it
it was sti11 in p1ace and waintained.
"bo tney nooR anytninq up to you?"
JacR: "No. No, tney don' t nooR anytninq up. 1 becawe aware ot tne
stirrinqs or wnisperinqs in wy wind. Kind ot beinq ticR1ed witn
a teatner, so to speaR, in wy wind, and it Rind ot wade we
conscious. And 1 cowe awaRe in a

certain part ot wy wind,
a1tnouqn l was sti11 as1eep conscious1y and pnysica11y. LiRe
tnis stirred we out ot a druq-induced stupor tnat 1 was in. And
it' s pretty darR, botn in wy own wind and in tne roow around we.
Because tnis tiwe tne door is 1iRe open just a 1itt1e bit, not
wucn, so tnere ' s no 1iqnt in tne roow, we11, not wucn 1iqnt in
tne roow. And tnere are tnree Grays, tnree �peop1e' tnat are
around and near wy bed. And one is on wy riqnt, and it is
cnecRinq we. CnecRs wy pu1se, wy neart, and l quess probes
around and taRes a 1ooR at tne incision and tnen starts doinq

tne wenta1 cnecR, te1epatnica11y doinq a wenta1 cnecR ot tneir
ti1es. Just tninR i t 1 nad tne passwords 1 cou1d probab1y qet
into tnose ti1es and un1ocR ' ew. "
"What ' s tnis sensation 1iRe? Can you describe tnis in detai1 to
JacR: "We11, I just nad tnis 1iRe c1ear picture ot a ti1e systew ot
ti1es 1iRe a ti1e cabinet witn a drawer tnat nas ti1es in it.
And tnis person is 1ust doinq a briet cnecR, probab1y a tew
seconds on eacn ti1e, ]ust Rind ot cnecRinq tnrouqn waRinq
certain tney' re sti11 intact. ''
·'Can you see tne ti1es ne ' s 1ooRinq at?¹'
JacR: "1 can see one person standinq at tne toot ot wy bed, and
anotner person 1iRe over nere on tnis part ot tne bed quadrant
(by nis Rnee) . Nobody' s on tne 1ett, and tnen one riqnt nere by
wy cnest and nead. 1ne one tnat' s nere by wy cnest and nead is
tne one tnat ' s doinq everytninq, and tne otner two are just
observers. And wy iwpression is tnat tne one at tne toot nas a
weapon ot sowe sort. Pernaps a stun qun or e1se a wacnine or
sowetnin' 1iRe tnat. As tar as tne ti1es are concerned• • • briet,
vaque iwpressions. Wnat seews to open eacn ti1e is a Rey word
or a pnrase. And wnat' s inside ot tne ti1e is 1iRe benavior, a
benaviora1 response. 1 can' t qet any turtner iwpressions as to
wnat ' s in tne ti1es , wnat tne content is , or wnat tne access
words are, or triqqer pnrases. Tney' re tnere on1y briet1y.
Wnen tney 1eave, tne wenta1 contact breaks, and 1 once aqain
s1ip bacx into a very darx. . . 1ixe a wenta1 b1acxness. Rot \ust
because ot the roow, but it' s 1 ixe interna11y. lt' s vety darx.
Very dark. Rot wuch sense perception at a11. Rot wuch
activity. 1hat ' s tne end ot tne encounter. l ' ve been scanning
tor trigger words, but 1 ' w not sure about any ot ' ew.
� 5kepti. . . skeptica1 . ' �Nova. ' Tnose are two words tnat pop
into wind. But tnis is tne odd thing about tnis wenta1 ti1e
tnat l nave, ' cause it ' s a11 wost1y invo1untary benavior
pattern. 1t ' s 1ike wnen these pnrases are wentioned by wyse1t
or sowebody e1se, it ' s 1ixe ( a) high1y predictab1e snitt. 1t' s
a snitt to a niqn, predictab1e behavior response, benaviora1
''bo you qet any iwpressions or anytninq about wnat kind ot
benavior or proqrawwinq it is?"
Jacx: "Yes, it nas to do with be1iets, with se1t-assesswents. 1 guess
tnose are tne two best descriptions ot it. Wnat 1 basica11y
bui1d wy iwage ot wyse1t on. "
(Cn the third run-through ot the incident J`ack wakes turtner
cowwents about tne proqrawwinq : )
" 1t rewinds we ot a cowputer proqraw tnat nas a 1ock, a password
to qet in to wnere tnese ti1es are stored, wnere tnese cowmands
and trigger words are stored. Even tnat requires an access, an
entry point, and it ' s done in a way that l don' t xnow, 1 can' t
e×p1ain. But it' s kind ot weavinq tne way into a certain part
ot the brain, a certain pnysica1 point, part in tne brain. And
l suspect it ' s a cowbination ot tecnno1oqy and te1epatny. But
tnere way be an e1ectrica1 device tnat is used to qenerate a
trequency tnat a11ows tnew to access tnat ti1e, tnat stores
ti1es, which is just siwp1y a set ot benaviora1 instructions,
response instructions. Lixe Cnristians wou1d be ta1xing a1ong,
and they ' d a11 say �Þen ' toqetner. We1 1 , tnat' s kind ot 1ixe
wnat tnis is. Wnen a certain subject i s discussed, it e1icits
a very predictab1e response. "
"Can you thinx ot a specitic exawp1e 1ike a word tnat they use
to qet a certain response trow tnat word?"
Jacx: "Geez, we11, once aqain tne ana1oqy tnat pops into wind is tne
1obster tnat starts to craw1 up tne side ot tne tank, and tne
other 1obsters pu11 it back in. 1t ' s tnat kind ot tninq wnen a
certain concept is considered or ta1ked about or e×p1ored, it ' s
1ike a snuttinq down response, eitner in wy wind or other
peop1e ' s winds. 1t ' s 1ike• . . interna11y, it a sub1ect ever
starts to cowe up, sowe part ot we unconscious1y veers away and
changes the sub¸ect so that it' s not even talked about or
discussed. And wnat nappens witn we towards otner peop1e is
sowetninq siwi1ar 1 ike a diswissa1 or a cnanqinq tne sub¸ect
type ot response or sayinq words tnat are basica11y reintorcinq
tnis wisintorwation . "
1ne type ot psycno1oqica1 iwp1antinq tnat Jack nas 1ust described
attects peop1e as a qroup as we11 as individua11y. l , tneretore reter
to this type ot proqrawwinq as a "socia1 iwp1ant. " 1ne type ot
eocia1 imp1ant \ust wentioned i s received be1ow one' s awareness, so it
ta11s under the heading ot hypnotic, or psycho1ogica1 imp1antation.
For purposes ot turtner discussion, l wi11 reter to tnis specitic type
ot iwp1ant as a "nypnotic socia1 iwp1ant, " because 1) it is iwp1anted
wni1e tne abductee is unconscious, and 2 ) it is intentiona11y desiqned
to attect peop1e as a qroup, not just as individua1s. Bowever, not a11
socia1 iwp1ants are received wni1e in an unconscious state. Jacx' s
abðuction account in tne to11owinq cnapter i 11ustrates a cowon type ot
socia1 iwp1ant tnat nas been repeated1y used by ETs tor wi11ennia to
xeep wanxind in spiritua1 darxness.
Jacx ' s ana1oqy ot tne 1obster c1iwbinq out ot tne tanx is a very
apt description ot a very cowwon pnenowenon in our society. As any
inte11iqent, tree-tninxinq individua1 we11 xnows, tnere is trewendous
pressure in our society not to deviate trow "accepted" tninxinq
patterns. Any tru1y new ideas are otten qreeted witn disdain. Tnis is
nownere wore apparent tnan in tne arena ot re1iqion and spiritua1
evo1vewent. 1 n tne boox JCNATBAN L1V1NG5TCN 5EAGULL autnor, Ricnard
Bacn, drawatizes tnis pnenowenon in a nove1 way by te11inq tne popu1ar
story ot a sea qu11 wno decides not to be 1ixe tne rest ot tne t1ocx.
1 ' ve noticed tnat wnen 1 tind wyse1t in a socia1 situation wnere a
qroup ot peop1e are enjoyinq casua1 conversation, and I brinq up tne
sub\ect ot UFCs or past 1ives, 1 qet a 1ot ot b1anx 1ooks, and tne
conversation quicx1y snitts bacx to sowe otner bana1 subj ect. Jacx
Wy1 ie' s detai1ed accounts ot extra-terrestria1 brainwasninq dewonstrate
in no uncertain terws tne source ot tnis pnenowencn.
Bowever, certain peop1e in tne LFC tie1d nave been prowu1qatinq a
ta1se scenario--eitner wittinq1y or unwittinq1y--tnat abductees are
beinq iwp1anted and proqrawwed as sowe xind ot Franxenstein arwy to
attacx and wurder Awerican citizens. Notninq cou1d be turtner trow tne
trutn. 1 ' ve tound no evidence wnatsoever to support tnis paranoid
nypotnesis. 1t appears tnat tnere are two sources tor tnis 1ie:
cnanne1ed entities and tne C1A, botn ot wnicn spew out a steady streaw
ot disintorwation and propaqanda.
Tne proqrawwinq, as you nave \ust seen, is priwari1y intended to
ðisewpower abductees as spiritua1 beinqs, waxe tnew tee1 qui1ty tor
tninqs tnat tney naven' t done, and qenera11y 1ower tneir se1t-esteew,
etc. 1 nave persona11y xnown about torty abductees, and every one ot
tnew cou1d on1y be described as a peacetu1 , qent1e person wno dis1ixes
war and vio1ence. Tne C1A, on tne otner nand, exnibits quite tne
opposite cnaracteristics, and we now xnow wnat tneir u1tiwate secret
is, as we11 as wany otner criwes aqainst nuwanity. Criwina1s, as you
way nave a1ready noticed, can be counted on to point tne tinqer ot
b1awe in anotner direction.
Pernaps tne rea1 reason tor tnis proqranned arwy propaqanda is to
discouraqe abductees trow identityinq tnewse1ves as sucn and ta1kinq
pub1ic1y about tneir experiences. Pernaps tnis scenario was a1so
created to qenerate a tear ot abductees awonqst tne popu1ace, or to
cast doubt on abductees ' "anecdota1 stories. " 5ince abductees nave tne
rea1 scoop, i t wou1d be expected tnat tne wi1itaryJinte11iqence
cowwunity wi11 continue to sponsor debunxers to discredit abductees wno
ta1x and to inva1idate tne abduction pnenowenon in qenera1. 1n tact,
one ot wy sources to1d we ot a tewa1e abductee wno is beinq paid a
wontn1y stipend \ust to xeep ner woutn snut. We snou1d acxnow1edqe and
support tnose abductees witn enouqn couraqe to speax out pub1ic1y
aqainst tne qovernwent cover-up and tnis unconstitutiona1 and
unwarranted narasswent ot Awerican citizens.
Anotner tact tnat snoots no1es tnrouqn tnis Franxenstein abductee
arwy nypotnesis is tnat tne Grays don' t want us dead because tnen tney
wou1dn' t be ab1e to use us. Buwan reproductive ce11s are not on1y \ust
va1uab1e to tnew, tney ' re a1wost sacred. 1n tnis context we are to tne
Grays as apnids are to ants. Tney wou1d no wore want to xi11 us tnan a
dairy tarwer wou1d want to xi11 nis cows. 1 ' w wa1xinq proot ot tnis
tact. 1 qive tne Grays a rea11y nard tiwe wnenever 1 can. 1 ' ve
been invo1ved in xnocx-down, draq-out tiqLts witn tnew, and l ' ve even
xi11ed one ot tnew dutinq an abduction. Tney xnow l ' w wtitinq tnese
booxs to expose tnew, and l pub1ic1y speax out aqainst tne Gtays and
tne qovetnwent' s co11usion witn tnew. Tney intense1y disapptove ot wy
actions, yet tnenaven' t xil1ed ot even punisned we. Tney sti11 xeep
abductinq we and exttactinq spetw ttow we.
Anotnet t1aw in tnis nypotnesis is tnat it tne Gtays wanted us
dead, tney cou1d do it vety easi1y--possib1y at tne pusn ot a
button--since tneit tecnno1oqy ot weaponty is inctedib1y supetiot to
outs. Wny wou1d tney qo to a11 tne ttoub1e ot cteatinq a ptoqtawwed
atwy ot unwi11inq patticipants wnen tney cou1d vety easi1y wipe us out
witn tneit tecnno1oqy?
Ct a11 tne abductees l ' ve xnown, an inotdinate nuwbet ate
pacitists. But no wattet now weex ot wi1d, tne wost subwissive
abductees wi11 sowetiwes sutptise tnewse1ves by tesottinq to "Gtays-
basninq" ot otnetwise tiqntinq in se1t-detense to escape tneit
totwentots. As you wi11 see in tne to11owinq cnaptets and in Boox 1wo,
tne Gtays and otnet wa1evo1ent E1s nave no desite wnatsoevet to
estab1isn peace on Eattn, wneteas abductees otten active1y suppott
wot1dwide peace (and 1 ' w not ta1xinq about tne tota1itatian one-wot1d
qovetnwent xind ot "peace·· ) .
Bowevet, one wiqnt atque tnat, 1ixe Katen¹ s tatnet--wno was
contto11ed by tne Gtays to tottute and btainwasn net dutinq an
abduction--a11 abductees cou1d be contto11ed in 1ixe wannet to wutdet
te11ow Aweticans. Reca1 1 , tnouqn, tnat net tatnet was not a nice wan
to beqin witn. A petson witn a tendency tcwatds vio1ence, can be wote
easi1y ptoqtawwed to pettotw a vio1ent act. 1neotetíca11y, one cou1d
easi1y ptoqtaw a convicted wutdetet to xill an innocent victiw, since
tne wutdetet didn' t nave a conscience in tne titst p1ace and sees
notninq wtonq witn wutdet. 1ne ptob1ew witn tnis xind ot nypnotic
ptoqtawwinq tnat you xeep tunninq up aqainst is etnics and wota1s and
peop1e witn a conscience. Hutdetets ate a vety swal1 winotity in out
society in spite ot tne pub1icity tney teceive in tne wedia.
Yet anotnet pnenowenon tnat neqates tne ptoqtawwed atwy nypotnesis
is tne otten dewonsttated abi1ity ot abductees to bteax ttee ot tne
Gtays ' nypnotic contto1 and tun atound tne snip ot tiqnt bacx. 1nis
tact a1one dewonsttates tnat Gtays don' t even nave tne abi1ity to
consistent1y xeep an uncoopetative abductee at bay on tne snip, wucn
less cteate a Ftanxenstein abductee atwy. 1ne wi11 ot tne nuwan spitit
can be wucn sttonqet tnan any psycno1oqica1 ptoqtawwinq.
Betote ptoceedinq to tne sub1ect ot socia1 iwp1antation, 1et ' s
suwwatize sowe ot tne vatious aspects ot psycno1oqica1 iwp1ants.
1 . Psycno1oqica1 iwp1ants, wnicn can a1so b ca11ed nypnotic
iwp1ants, nave tne ettect ot post-nypnotic suqqestions and ate
instal1ed be1ow tne petson ' s awateness wnen ne ot sne is
unconscious. Unconsciousness is usua11y cteated by ETs witn tne
use ot psycnottonics and

nypnotic dtuqs. Awnesia is otten
teintotced by tne a1iens ' cowwand to ··Fotqet" or "Lon' t Rewewbet.
2 . Fawi1y wewbets and otnet envitonwenta1 stiwu1i ate used to ttiqqet
and teintotce psycIo1oqica1 ptoqtawwinq.
2 . Re1iqious ptoqtawwinq: Be1ieve in God; God is wa1e; We ate nis
cteation; Be te1iqious; Wotsnip; You wust ptay to qet wnat you
need and want; Re1y on taitn on1y, don' t use 1oqic.
4 . Lon' t question ( autnotity) ; Just obey.
5 . Pain and suttetinq ate qood.
6 . Gui1t ptoqtawwinq: B1awe; 5nawe; 5e1t-doubts ; 5e1t-conscious;
7 . 1nva1idation ptoqtawwinq: Can ' t do; bon' t do; Evi1; Wtonq;
Cowatdice; Unnappiness; Lone1iness; Lisewpowetwent as a spititua1
beinq; Henta1 and pnysica1 tottute; Bteakdown ot wi11Jspitit.
S . Ptopaqanda Ptoqtamminq: Post-nypnotic suqqestions and
wenta1Jwetapnysica1 manipu1ation to convince abductees that tne
a1iens ate benevo1ent, ttiend1y, 1ovinq, and wi11 save mankind and
save tne p1anet; Ptoqtawwinq tnat abductees snou1d be qtatetu1 to
tnew; Abductees ate "Cnosen Cnes; " A1iens wi11 save Cnosen Cnes to
bui1d a New Wot1d; boow and q1oow ptopnecies ( Petnaps this

is tne
soutce ot "wi11enniuw tevet¹' ) .
9 . Liwitations and testtictions on tninkinq and beinq; bon' t tnink
about 1ite on otnet p1anets ot past 1ives; no cteative tnouqnt;
10 . Ptoqtawwinq to keep peop1e divided; bisuity; Reintotcewent ot
wany dittetent te1iqious be1iets to waintain disunity.
11. Pnysica1 iwp1ants actinq as te1ays tot tewote iwp1antation ot
" ideas and suqqestions'' and wonitotinq; Pnysica1Jenetqy iwp1ants
desiqned to aqitate and aqqtavate to 1owet ewotions; Possib1e
onJott pnysica1 iwp1ants to switcn consciousness on ot ott.
(Note: Tnete ate otnet pnysica1 iwp1ants, wnicn 1 ' ve not wentioned
in tnis cnaptet because tney ate not ditect1y te1ated to
psycno1oqica1 ptoqtawwinq. )
12. Psycno1oqica1 ptoqtawwinq ttiqqets and teintotces eat1iet
psycno1oqica1 iwp1ants insta11ed wi11ions

ot yeats aqo (ot even
eat1iet) •
12. Te1epatnic iwp1ants cteate ta1se petceptions, wnicn ate used to
ttick abductees into pettotwinq sexua1 acts, etc. , wnicn tne
abductee wou1d not aqtee to undet notwa1 citcuwstances. 1n
otnet wotds tney ate used to citcuwvent abductees ' wota1 codes .
Tnis pnenowenon is a1so ca11ed te1epatnic nypnosis and can be used
on tne abductee not on1y dutinq tne abduction, but a1so wni1e tne
abductee is tu11y conscious. Tnete is a patticu1at c1ass ot
te1epatnic iwp1ants known as scteen wewoties, wnicn ate
attiticia1 , substitute wewoties desiqned to ttick abductees and
mask tne actua1 events ot tne abduction, so tnat abductees wi11
tnink tney nave tecoveted tne wewoty ot tne abduction wnen in
actua1 tact tney nave not.
14 . 1wp1antation ot key wotds, pntases, ot ideas wnicn ttiqqet
specitic iwp1anted benaviot and tnouqnt pattetns; Hutua1
teintotcewent and ttiqqetinq ot key wotds and benaviot pattetns in
otnets to keep society qoinq in a specitic ditection. Tnis
pnenowenon is a1so known as a nypnotic socia1 iwp1ant, psycno-
socia1 iwp1ant, qtoup tnouqnt, Jack' s Lobstet-1n-Tne-lank Ana1oqy,
ot tne Jonatnan Livinqston 5eaqu11 5yndtowe.
E×tra-terrestria1s have not on1y iwp1anted individua1s, but
a1so society as a who1e . 1his is accowp1ished by the se1ection ot a
prophet, a "Chosen Cne,
! to broad1y dissewinate the E1s ' wessaqe. 1he
to11owinq is a c1assic e×awp1e ot a socia1 iwp1ant in the torw ot a new
re1iqious sect and secret society.
A1thouqh 1 had heard about a possib1e connection between e×tra-
terrestria1s and secret societies, 1 had not yet tound in wy readinq
research any specitic eyewitness accounts ot anyone beinq approached by
E1s with this purpose in wind. Consequent1y, the discovery ot this
heretotore unrecorded historica1 event cawe as a very p1easant surprise
to we. Axarat ' s abduction is the "wissinq 1inx" that iwp1icates E1s as
the hidden source ot re1iqions and secret societies. 1 have inc1uded
the entire transcript ot this session due to the protound siqniticance
and tar-reachinq iwp1ications ot this incident.
(Note. \|hen 1 tirst transcribed this tape, there were nawes with
which 1 was untawi1iar, so consequent1y I wisspe11ed thew. Atter
conductinq sowe historica1 research on the subj ect, I discovered the
accepted spel1inqs, and theretore 1 have indicated the wost cowwon1y
used spe11inqs in brackets. )
Jacx' s 5ession #12 -- June 22 , 1994 -- 1622 A. b.
"Put your attention on the 1ast session we had, on that event. "
"Cxay, that was when 1 was e1even. Yeah, and runninq a1onq and
� ^
b1acxed out. Cxay."


¹'Cxay. A11 riqht. Return to an ear1ier, siwi1ar incident. "
''The tirst thinq that cowes to wind is wore 1ike a sound, a
sound ot. • • 1 quess a woodwind instruwent. When you wention
that, it ' s 1ike instant1y a t1ash ot a sound, xind ot 1ike
harwonics, an environwent ot 1isteninq to wusic. 1t ' s a p1ace
that' s ditterent than Earth. " (Be soon rea1ized that this
event did indeed occur on Earth. ) '·Not qettinq any other
detai1s yet or t1ashes. What 1 ' w wonderinq is it, in this
particu1ar instance, a sound is used. . . ewanates trow a source
that is used to weswerize or entrance. ' Cause wy iwaqe. . . wy
iwpression here is that 1. . . 1ixe standinq or sittinq or
sowethinq, 1 ' w just. . . 1 ' w doinq, beinq, and this sound kind ot
t1oods over we and. . . as opposed to cowwunicatinq sowethinq to
we. 1t seews 1ike it, we1 1 , l quess in a way it does
cowwunicate sowethinq, but it' s 1ixe it captivates wy attention
cowp1ete1y, perhaps to the point ot hypnosis. ··
"Give we the tirst thinq that pops into your head:
your body?"
Are you in
'· 1 thinx so. Yeah. Yeah, ' cause it ' s 1ixe 1 ' w 1ike 1ookinq up
at the sound ot the sound and just xind ot iwwobi1e, perhaps
because it ' s qot wy who1e attention captivated. "
"A11 riqht. Bere' s another question. The tirst thinq that pops
into your wind. Are your eyes open?"
"Yes . "
· "The tirst thinq that pops into yout wind: What do you see?"
"Noth!ng rca11y, 1ust xind ot a vaguc tog, a cJoud, or sowcthing
1ixc that, nothing s¡ccitic o· idcnt!tiaL1c. ^
"Any xind ot Lody scnsations?"
"Wc11 , it' s rca1 swcct . 1t' s a rc¡ctitious rhythw, wc1ody 1
shou1d say, that' s a tcw notcs. 1hc 1owcr. . . 1ixc Lc1ow widd1c
C, right around widd1c C registcr, or not rcgistcr, Lut, you
xnow, !n that rangc. And it' s rca1 swcct. 1t xind ot waxcs wc
tcc1 satc and 1ovcd. 1t a1so tcc1s 1ixc a wcwory tri¡, as it
1 ' w vicw!ng thc ¡ast, thc tiwc 1!nc ot thc ¡ast. 1 don ' t tcc1
1!xc an o1d Lody, o1d ¡crson. 1t tcc1s 1ixc 1 ' w 1css than
widd1c agcd, and yct not a tccnagcr. "
"Arc you a huwan Lody or othcr totw? "
"1t ' s xind ot Lard to say. 1 ' w assuwing a huwanoid torw, and it
tcc1s 1!xc 1 ' w. . . wc1 1 , wy iw¡rcssion is that 1 ' w outsidc and
that !t ' s a warw day, xind ot sunny day. Iart1y sunny , ¡art
c1ouds, 1 shou1d say. And wy distinct iw¡rcssion it ' s a vchic1c
in tLc sxy that ' s cwanating this. . . transwitting this sound. 1t
tcc1s 1ixc it ' s Earth, on1y in thc ¡ast. Not th!s 1itctiwc, Lut
in thc ¡ast. And sowcthing 1 don' t tul1y undcrstand. . . havc no
words tor, Lccausc it ' s not sowcthing that 1 scc at a11 anywLcrc
around wc. 1t ' s 1ixc a tota11y anowa1ous. . . wc11, 1ct ' s
scc, it ' s a sigLt that 1 can ' t undcrstand. 1hcsc arc thc othcr
iw¡rcssions that arc xind ot cowing through. 1t' s
indist!nguishaL1c, Lccausc it ' s xinda 1ixc L1urrcd trow wy
v!sio: . 1t ' s 1ixc thcrc ' s c1ouds or a c1oud or sowcthing 1ixc
that oLscuring it. And it cowcs down attcr. . . it hovcrs tor a
wL!1c a:d ¡1ays this wusic, and 1 ' w tota11y cnthra11cd. 1t
1ands ncar whcrc 1 aw. 1 havc this 1w¡rcssion, too, that it' s
1ixc 1 ' vc 1ost wotor tunction ot wy Lody. 1 ' w 1ust xind
ot, wc11 , cithcr with awc or sowctLing, 1 ' m ¸ust 1 ixc hc1d in
¡1acc. And 1 ' w Lasica11y instructcd or to1d to cowc on Loard,
that thcy want wc to scc and hcar sowc th!ngs and thcn in turn
go and tc11 othcr pco¡1c. So 1 tcc1 1ixc 1 ' w !n Lcavcn, Lccausc
it ' s , wc11 , thc wusic is vcry. . . it ¡uts wy Lody 1ixc in tota1
casc, tota1 cowtort. And so wy attitudc and tcc1ing is 1ixc 1 ' w
tota11y satc, nothing to tcar, 1 ' w 1ovcd and 1 ' w Lcing shown
sowcth!ng s¡ccia1. 1t' s ¡rivi1cgcd. But a1so 1 gct this
iw¡rcssion, too, that cvcn attcr it 1ands, thcrc ' s sti11 an
oL. . . an � oLstitucation' (hc is ¡roLaL1y intcnd!ng to say
' oLtuscation ' ) --or howcvcr you say 1t--oLscurcs tLc. . . wy vision
is xinda 1ixc oLscurc. MayLc trow dust and stutt, tuwcs , 1
don' t xnow. A1though it docs ca1w down Lctorc 1 wa1x u¡ this
1itt1c raw¡ and into this ¡1acc, into this sh!¡. You xnow, wy
!w¡rcssion is that it ' s 1 ixc a 1itt1c 1atcr than thc wcdicva1
agcs, worc 1ixc in thc Rcna!ssancc cra. 1 ' w not rca1 c1car it
it ' s castcrn Euro¡c or it it' s thc Midd1c East. Wc11, not tLc
Midd1c East, Lut Asia, 1ixc in 1urxcy or sowcwhcrc, that part ot
Asia. 1t' s 1 ixc sowcwhcrc Lacx tLcrc. A 1ot ot what 1 scc is
incow¡rchcnsiL1c . 1 can' t cow¡rchcnd that it cou1d. . . Lccausc 1
havc no vocaLu1ary tor it. 1 havc no tcchnica1 Lasis ot
cסcricncc or xnow1cdgc, 1ixc 1 tcc1 1ixc in tota1 awc. But
a1so 1 tcc1 not `with it, ' 1ixc 1 ' w ` out oJ it, ' 1ixc 1 ' w a ta¡c
rccordcr, in a way, Lcing iw¡rcsscd, and yct wy tacu1tics , wy
wcnta1 tacu1tics arcn' t with wc. 1hcy' rc xind ot 1ixc du11cd.
I sccw to havc sowc rcsistancc to dcscriLing wLat 1 ' w sccing or
1istcning to. Cn thc intcrior ot thc shi¡ it ' s ¸ust aLsurd.
1t ' s 1ixc tota1 insanity. 1hc actions ot thcsc ¡co¡1c--and
thcrc ' s scvcra1 ot thcw , and thcy 1oox Luwanoid--Lut things that
they are doinq wake no sense. 1heir actions, their. . . . it ' s
a1wost as it 1 ' w watchinq peop1e throuqh a druqqed state ot
wind. 1hat what they' re doinq is 1ike i 11oqica1 and insane.
Cr, yeah, it' s 1ike they ' re p1ayinq with wy wind or sowethinq.
Because they 1ike say thinqs, and then they ta11 on the t1oor,
and they do sowe writhinq and pretendinq, and 1 1ust can' t, 1
can ' t wake sense ot what it is that they ' re doinq. Cr why
they' re doinq it. And a1so 1 ' w havinq a rea11y ditticu1t tiwe
seeinq thew c1ear1y. 1t ' s 1ike they ' re dressed in distorted
costuwes, distorted qarbs. 5o it ' s kind ot hard to see thew.
E×cept their overa11 huwanoid shape ot two arws and two 1eqs and
a body, a trunk. But they wear these c1othes that are so
ditterent than wy p1ain ones that are tunctiona1. 1heirs are,
we11, 1 ]ust can' t re1ate to thew, can' t re1�te hard1y to their
shape, their torw. 1 can ' t say why they want we to. . . we11 ,
because they want we to te11 other peop1e. 1 ' w 1ust kind ot
havinq a ditticu1t tiwe, ' cause it seews 1ike 1 ' w viewinq peop1e
in an insane asy1uw as opposed to sane peop1e. 1he ritua1, or
whatever it is that they ' re doinq, the dance, i t' e 1ike one
person ta1ks, they seew to e×a1t one person, and 1 ' w not sure
how to describe that. And then sudden1y that person is not the
e×a1ted one, that one other person out ot the qroup is beinq
e×a1ted, and i t' s tota11y contusinq cowinq trow a hierarchica1
society. 1hese peop1e seew to interchanqe in who' s beinq
e×a1ted and praised, and then they do this writhinq around and
dancinq around. 5o 1 don' t know what to wake ot it.
"bo they speak verba11y or te1epathic? Anythinq?"
Jack: "Verba11y. 1heir words were a11 verba1 . A11 their sounds. . . 1
wean they' re wakinq 1ots ot raucous noises and sounds . "
"Any 1anquaqe that ' s distinquishab1e?"
Jack: "We11, it' s the native tonque. My native tonque. 1 assuwe
it' s not Enq1ish because it ' s not Enq1and. But 1 wean they' re
speakinq the sawe 1anquaqe that 1 understand and know. 1 tee1
uncowtortab1e with this because it ' s 1ike 1 ' ve been qiven an
insiqht or a view to insane peop1e. And it' s just contusinq and
contoundinq and a 1itt1e bit triqhteninq. And yet this is 1ike
supposed to be. . . 1 wean here 1 aw supposed to cowwunicate this
to wy te11ow neiqhbors in the country, and here it ' s supposed to
be God, and because wy iwaqe has a1ways been `God 1ives in the
sky. ' But here 1 aw supposed to report hysterica1 babb1e and
dances and sequence ot wovewents that wou1d be considered
insane! ( Lauqhs) 1 a1so see a 1ot ot qo1d in this particu1ar
roow. 5owe ot the peop1e wear c1othes that 1ook 1ike they ' re
wade ot qo1d tabric ot sowe kind. Cthers are wearinq a tabric
that 1ooks 1ike it' s a dark. . . a b1ack qray. Let' s see, 1 ' w not
sure what wateria1. . . we1 1 , 1ooks 1ike a b1ack qray. And then
there' s another who \vears 1ike a purp1e sequined qarwent that' s
qot 1ike rea11y distorted anq1es 1ike the shou1der' s 1ike. . . one
has a rea1 accentuated shou1der pad on this side and then
nothinq on this side. 1t' s a1wost 1ike 1 wou1d see out ot
surrea1istic paintinq. ( Lauqhs) 5o there' s the variety ot
co1ors on these qarwents that these peop1e are wearinq.
1hrouqhout this nonsense and babb1e there are tiwes where the
one who' s seated on the throne and who is the current e×a1ted
one, says sowethinq that ' s supposed to be protound and truth.
And this is what 1 ' w supposed to rewewber and re1ay to the
peop1e. 5o 1 quess 1 ' w supposed to be on an interview with God,
with these peop1e, and that they' re te11ing we truths that 1 ' w
supposed to re1ay. And yet tney dress it in a11 tnis e1aborate
ritua1 ot wovewent, psycno. . . we1 1 , okay, psycnotic-seewinq, no-
weaninq wovewent and qestures. My eyes nave been tu11y open tne
entire tiwe trow tne initia1 sounds, a11 tne way tnrouqn. 1 ' w
not unconscious . Not at any point. And yet 1 seew to be an
autowaton, in a sort ot para1ysis. 1 can wa1k, and yet a 1ot ot
we is 1ike nuwb. 1t ' s 1ike on1y wy observer part ot wy brain is
tunctioninq, and 1 ' w 1ust recordinq data trow wnat 1 ' w
observinq. "
"You say you are unconscious or are. . .
Jack: " 1 aw conscious. "
"Cn, you are conscious. "
Jack: "Yean. 1t' s 1ust tnat a11 wy tacu1ties aren ' t workinq. 1t ' s
like 1 ' w a verbatiw recorder or a. . . yean. 1 don ' t tee1 1ike 1 ,
you know, 1 quess tney' ve put we in a position ot beinq a
propnet to tne peop1e around we. A wessenqer ot God, 1 quess,
is wnat a propnet is. 1ne area is detinite1y Asia, near eastern
Europe, 1ike nortn ot Greece. " (Be 1ater discovered tnat tnis
particular event nad taken p1ace in 1urkey. ) "1t ' s 1ust tnat
tne serious tninqs tnat tney do say on tne o.casions wnen
tney ' re seated qoes sowetninq 1ike: `1BE SECCNb CCM1NG CF 1BE
1BE GCbS, 1C GCb. 1BE BEL1EVERS W1LL BE SAVEb. ' Basic tninqs
1ike tnat. Just kind ot a reintorcewent ot tninqs tnat nave
been said betore. And tnen 1 ' w supposed to describe tnese otner
tninqs to prove to tne peop1e tnat tnere is va1idity in wnat 1
say. Cne ot tne individua1s. . . one ot tne wen on tne tnrone
riqnt now is sayinq, ` 1 ' M 1BE GCb CF AGAMEMNCN ANb 1MBC1EP,
1ne next person on tne tnrone
wno' s beinq exa1ted is a wowan, and sne ' s dressed in a. • . 1ike a
ruby red. . . a beautitu1 ruby red qown tnat' s spark1y. Aqain 1
wou1d quess sowetninq 1ike sequins or sowetninq 1ike tnat or a
wass or series ot litt1e sne11s . Sne c1aiws to be tne God ot
tne Far East• . • tne Goddess, 1 wean, ot tne Far East. Sne seews
to nave an ewpnasis on sensua1ity and sex. 1 ' w not sure wnat
ner nawe is. 1t' s one ot tnose. . . Snan-ti [ SBAK11] , or sowebody
1ike tnat. 1s. . . 1swet? Sne c1aiws to be tn÷ wotner ot God or
tne wotner ot nuwankind, wotner in neaven, Goddess tnat qave
birtn to nuwankind. And sne, too, expresses vei1ed tnreats,
basica11y. WCRSB1P ME CR 1 W1LL bES1RCY 1BCSE WBC 1N 1BE1R
BEAR1 bCN ' 1 WCRSB1P ME. And sne qives we instructions to qive
to tne peop1e ot our area to erect a snrine to ner. And sne
qives we tnis visua1 iwpression ot wnat sne wants to 1ook 1ike,
dark a1wond-snaped eyes, 1onq brown nair and a swootn brownisn
co1or skin. 1nen tne next person wno is on tne tnrone beinq
exa1ted wears qreen. 1ne wowan ' s nawe just rea11y buqs we
because it ' s 1ike tnere ' s tnree nawes. Sne qoes by tnree nawes,
and tney' re on tne tip ot wy wind. 1t ' s ditticu1t tor we to
reca11 tnew. 1SB1AR. Bikate? [ BECA1E| 1nere ' s a tnird nawe,
one ot ner nawes trow 1nai1and and Cnina or wnerever sne was
worsnipped over tnere, and 1 can ' t quite reca11 tnat nawe. But
tne otner two nawes were nawes tnat sne was known by in otner
civi1izations, wore in tne Midd1e East and tne nortn. Anyway
she wants we to assure the peop1e that she hasn ' t qone away,
tnat she ' s sti11 in the Godhead, the panthenon ot twe1ve (he
probab1y weant � pantheon' ) and that it' s tiwe tor us to start
worshippinq her aqain, a1so. 1his qreen te11a, the quy who' s
dressed in qreen, he tee1s 1ess cowtortab1e to we. Be' s qivinq
us instructions about sacritices and tithes, 1et ' s see, qitts to
the Gods . And he te1 1s. . . he qives we instructions about where
to put a11 this stutt and what quantities, 1ike 1oaves ot bread,
aniwa1s, especia11y sheep, other thinqs, too, 1ike ruqs, woven
tabric. And it 1 ust seews 1ike. . . 1 don ' t 1ike it, because it
seews 1ike it ' s a 1ot to have to qive to these peop1e, 1ike
it' 11 be a burden on our peop1e . And we' re supposed to put this
in the shrine that we' re qonna bui1d with the statue ot these
two previous peop1e, the wowan and the other te11ow that
preceded hiw. And he a1so qives we, it seews 1ike, instructions
on a ritua1 that we have to do. We have to practice 1ike on
a. . . not necessari1y a dai1y basis, but 1ike a coup1e tiwes a
week or sowethin ' . And it has to do with qyrations and touchinq
our head on the qround and other nonsense. 1hinqs 1ike that
that rea11y don' t. . . are not done because ot a 1oqica1 reason,
but just because he te11s us to do thew. 1n other words they
don ' t wake sense. Be just wants us to qo throuqh these wotions.
No reason qiven, just to worship and honor hiw. "
"Wnat is his tone ot voice?"
Jack: "We11, this quy seews to have another sywbo1 that he wants we
and other peop1e to wear, and it ' s 1ike a cross. Let ' s see,
there ' s . . . 1 can c1ear1y see the criwson co1or b1ood drop1ets
cowinq down trow it. Let ' s see, it ' s a shape 1ike a daqqer or a
cross with 1itt1e drips ot b1ood. 1t seews 1ike it ' s a cross,
and he wants us to 1 ike put this as a badqe on our tabric, you
know, weave it into our tabric. And it ' s supposed to be a qreen
backqround with this criwson co1or ot b1ood drops and a brown
statt or a. . . a cross? Wood, anyway. But we ' re supposed to do
sowe qyrations and standinq on one toot, dancinq 1ike on one
toot and doinq a circ1e and bowinq down, touchinq our head onto
the qround, just a bunch ot nonsensica1 woves. ( Lauqhs) 1his
is rea11y quite a 1onq encounter with these peop1e trow
beqinninq to tinish. 1t ' s 1ike 1 ' w qone tor ha1t ot a day with
thew. 1here is one wore person who' s dressed in that
b1ack. . . 1et' s see, b1ack with sowe tint ot qray to it. So it ' s
not 1ike an ebony b1ack or an ony× b1ack; it' s wore 1ike
a wurky b1ack. Be' s the one who' s e×a1ted now. . . on the throne,
and tney' re a11 doinq their qyrations and honorinqs ot hiw. And
so 1 quess l ' w supposed to iwitate these peop1e in tneir. . . in
other words the ritua1s that 1 ' w supposed to do are 1ike the
sawe steps and wovewents and twists and 1 erks and 1uwps and
ta11s and banqs . 1 ' w supposed to do the sawe thinqs as
thew apparent1y. 1 ' w supposed to teach this ritua1 ot wovewent
to the peop1e 1 ' w supposed to qo back to. Yeah, the quy in the
qreen, he seews to have a tierce 1ookinq tace, a triqhteninq
countenance. Be 1ust tee1s triqhteninq. 1he others. . . wore 1ike
they ' re insane, wore 1ike they' re awesowe and inspirinq and
powertu1 , but this quy seews to be ]ust triqhteninq. Be seews
to have a pretty co1d, triqhteninq teeI to hiw. "
"Are the taces huwan?"
Jack: "1his quy in the qreen has a distorted, contorted wask on. And
it ' s 1ike exaqqerated teatures that 1ook pretty triqhteninq 1ike
a 1 uttinq 1aw, a hooked nose, biq ridqe on the brow, sunken
eyes, indrawn cheexs. But then a torehead that 1ixe qoes up.
1nstead ot a swooth torehead, it ' s 1ixe a distorted torehead,
1ixe one side cowes up in a point, the other side 1ess so.
( Lauqhs) But, too, i t' s not a who1e head wasx, it ' s \ust a
1inear--What do you ca11?--a tacade, a thin tronta1 wasx. ··
"Can you te11 at a11 what they rea11y 1oox 1ixe?"
Jacx: ·!No. 1his one does seew. . . 1et ' s see. . . white, bearded is wy
iwpression ot what they rea11y 1oox 1ixe. White sxin, beards,
brown beards. 1he quy in the b1acx costuwe �eews to be qivinq
we instructions about a secret, about sowethinq that' s supposed
to be xept secret. Sowethinq that on1y se1ect peop1e are
supposed to do and be a part ot . Be seews to be coachinq we in
secrets. Kinda 1ixe there ' s qoinq to be a church, and then
within that church there' s qonna be a swa11er qroup. And that ' s
what he ' s instructinq we in. But this seews to be 1ixe a
de1ayed wewory reca11, too. What he' s instructinq we in is 1ixe
a qradua1 wewory reca11. 1t ' s 1ixe 1 have a--What do you
ca11?--tiwe re1ease rea1izations. Yeah, there' 11 be certain
thinqs that wi11 triqqer a series ot his instructions. 1 n cther
words his instructions are in 1ixe three parts in a11 . As 1 qo
throuqh e×periences or tiwe, then 1 wi11 becowe aware ot the
tirst reve1ation and the second series ot instructions and
tina11y the third. But everythinq e1se 1 ' w supposed to report
to the surroundinq countryside. Be' s the 1ast one, the b1acx
one is the 1ast one. 1 1ust qet this vei1, this darx
1ixe. . . it ' s hard tor we to hear what he ' s sayinq: it' s hard tor
we to understand what he ' s sayinq: it ' s hard tor we to reca11
what he ' s sayinq. But it' s 1ixe secretive and wysterious, and
it a1so waxes we atraid. 1 ' w atraid to reca11 it. 1 ' w atraid to
rewewber it. 5o atter 1 ' w done with hiw 1 warch on bacx out the
ship to the sound ot wusic with the instruct\ons that 1 aw their
wessenqer to the peop1e. And 1 ' w supposed to convey this
wessaqe, and 1 wi1 1 be honored tor beinq the wessenqer ot the
Gods. I wa1x out with wy bacx to the ship and aqain this
uproar, upwe11 ot swoxe and dust and roarinq, and they 1eave.
1hey qo up into the sxy in a briqht, very briqht b1aze or, we11,
not b1aze, but a very briqht, white 1iqht. And it taxes sowe
tiwe. • . ny iwpression, it taxes sowe tiwe tor we to cowe bacx to
wy norwa1 senses. Probab1y a coup1e ot hours . Whereas it was
c1ose to noon in the ear1ier part ot the day, the sun is
approachinq the horizon. 1t' s been a 1onq tiwe in this
e×perience, a 1ot ot hours. Probab1y si× or seven hours have
e1apsed. "
¹!What' s your nawe?"
Jacx. "A . . . A. . . AJarat. Sowethinq 1ixe that. . . sowethinq 1ixe that.
1t ' s a weird one . "
"When is this? What year?¹!
Jacx. "162 2 . 1t wust be in the western part ot 1urxey or whatever
country borders northwestern 1urxey. Maybe it. . . yeah, it ' s 1ixe
in that area, in that reqion. 1 ' w ]ust a qoat herder, sheep
herder. 1 ¸ust aw a--What do you ca11 it?--an aniwa1 husband?"
"What ' s the nearest 1arqe city?"
Jacx: "Ch, qosh, I don ' t xnow. 1stanbu1 ' s a 1ong ways away. 1 can ' t
say the nawes, � cause they ' re 1ixe 1onq ones, wany sy11ab1es
"A11 riqht. And are you at the end ot the incident?"
Jacx: !·With that, yeah. 1 can xinda see what wy set ot instructions
are, 1 ' w supposed to qo to the vi11aqe center and announce to
everybody that 1 have a wessage trow the Gods and that there ' s
succosed to be 1ixe a town gathering in three days . And the
word is succosed to be scread and everybody is succosed to cowe
in, 1ay down their things in the Iie1ds or whatever it is that
they ' re doing and cowe into town and 1isten to wy instructions
trow the Gods. So that ' s xind ot the atterwath ot that
e×cerience. "
"And do you do this?"
Jacx: "Uw-huh. Yeah, three days 1ater there is a gathering in the
vi11age square or whatever you' d ca11 this, you xnow, the
area, the centra1 cart ot town. And there ' s a 1arge crowd ot
ceoc1e. 1 wou1d say crobab1y a couc1e hundred. . . waybe three
hundred ceoc1e. 1t ' s quite a 1arge gathering, � cause it ' s just
a swa11 town, not a high1y dense1y cocu1ated area that 1 1ive
in. Cxay, anything e1se?"
"Cxay. What do you te11 thew?"
Jacx: "We11, actua11y 1 te11 thew. . . l start at the beginning about tLe
wusic that 1 heard and the sight that 1 saw and how 1 was
entranced and then wa1xed intc this c1ace ot theirs, into this
shic where 1 saw a 1ot ot bright. . . a 1ot ot go1d in the roow .
And they were wearing very co1ortu1 costuwes . 1here was a1so a
1ot ot brightness . 1t was 1ixe xinda interIering with wy eyes
or a 1itt1e too wuch 1ight cowing. . . anyway , it was sowewhat
hazy, wy view. My abi1ity to see was a 1itt1e bit hazed. And
then 1 go through what each ot the Gods to1d we, ard the
wovewents and wotions that they wade, and then the verba1
craises that they were giving to this God and to this God, and
how the ceoc1e were succosed to iwitate this. And the Gods gave
we xnow1edge about--to cass a1ong to thew--instructions on
ritua1, obedience and craise, how we are succosed to craise and
e×a1t thew. And bui1d two statues to two ot thew, and then it
be encowcassed in a shrine that we are succosed to give
sacr itices to. So that xind ot covers it. n
"Bow are the ceoc1e receiving this intorwation?"
Jacx: "Sowe with disinterest, sowe with wuttering, sowe with abso1ute
accectance, and awe ot we and 1ixe a 1itt1e bit ot tear ot we,
and whereas 1 used to be one ot thew, sudden1y 1 ' w not. 1here ' s
sowe ot these ceoc1e who have this rea11y intense accectance and
worshic, and � yes we ' 1 1 do it, ' and be1iet, and 1 ' w gonna be
saved, and 1 want to be saved , and 1 be1ieve in wy heart. . . tLey
tend to e1evate we, too, in the crocess, thinxing that 1 have to
be scecia1 because the Gods chose we to sceax to thew. My
distinct iwcression is that sowe in the crowd wutter and were
rest1ess, and they 1ett. 1hey decided to wigrate to other areas
with their tawi1ies and t1ocxs and their business . And then a
1ot accected it hoox, 1ine and sinxer. But 1 wasn ' t stoned; 1
wasn' t Li11ed; 1 wasn ' t rejected. 1t was xind ot a carting ot
two xinds : sowe that just outright rejected it, and sowe that
were sxectica1 , and then the others that ]ust toox it a11 in
cowc1ete1y and decided they ' d start to11owing out the
instructions ot sacritice and ritua1 and wovewents and bui1ding
the shrine and craising thew, e×a1ting thew. "
"Anything e1se?"
Jacx: "Yes , the b1acx one was the one out ot the grouc who wou1d cowe
and visit we chysica11y in cerson trow tiwe to tiwe. And 1 was
succosed to gather a grouc, that he wou1d cove, and he wou1d
ta1x to us and instruct us. But he was 1ixe on1y an occasional
visitor, waybe every tour, si×, eight wonths, sowething 1ixe
tnat. ··
¹'Cne ot tne peopIe in tne spacesnip?¹'
Jacx. ·'Yean, tne quy wno was dtessed in tne b1acI. . . qtayisn bIack
!·And ne appeats in petson witn you ot in ttont ot a qtoup?!·
Jacx. "Yean. Not tnis 1atqe qtoup ot tne wno1e vi11aqe, okay. 5o l ' w
supposed to tind and se1ect a swa11 qtoup, waybe twenty ot titty
peop1e ovet tiwe, and ne wouId cowe and qive us insttuctions
essentia11y, wake cettain tnat out tituaIistic woves and a11
tnat stutt was done ptecise1y. And ne wouId 1ust. . . l wean we
nad out qatnetinqs ttow tiwe to tiwe, and tnen on an inttequent
basis ne wou1d cowe in and quide us and insttuct us and so on.
5owetninq 1ike once evety eiqnt wontns. But 1 didn ' t see tne
otnets aqain. ·!
"Wnen at titst you do see niw, is ne aIways weating a wask wnen
ne appeats ot does ne appeat as ne teaIIy v ·as?''
Jack. "WeI1 , no , not evet. Not evet . He aIways w�ats qatwents tnat
ate tadica11y dittetent tnan outs. Cn1y it ' s not the sawe as
:ne snip. 1nete it was kind ot tancy and sowewnat spatk1y and
sniny. Wnereas, ne ' s qot 1ike tabtic on now. $owetninq tnat' s
wote Iike outs, but wote e1abotate , and it ' s not tne dtab co1ots
ot outs. (Lauqns) But nis detinite1y covets (tne) wno1e body,
and ne ' s qot a nat on. Yean, 1 can' t see nis tace. 1 suspect
it ' s coveted. "
·!Can you see now?¹'
Jacx: ''lt tewinds we sowewnat ot tne Ku KIu× K1an. Not tne 1iqnt, but
tne covetinq, tne nead, now tne tace is obscuted ttow view
sowewnat tewinds we ot tne Ku K1u× K1an. ' Cause we a11, too,
ate supposed to nave out neads coveted. But aqain it' s not
wnite; it wou1d be Iike a btown papet baq co1ot, 1 quess, 1ike a
qtain sack ot sowetnin ' , so tnat out identities ate obscuted. "
"Anytninq eIse?
Jack: !·Yean, 1 was 1ust qettinq sowe iwptessions ot tne qteen, ot tne
petson in tne qteen and tne wowan. It ' s 1ike a qtoup ot wowen
in tne atea kind ot decided to take on tne cnatactetistics ot
tne atttibutes ot tnis Goddess and kind ot wade tneit own 1ittIe
qtoup, wotsnippinq tne Goddess, above and wote so. . . ptiwati1y is
wnat 1 snou1d say. Ptiwati1y wotsnippinq tne Goddess and tne
otnets is patt ot it, but tney kind ot totwe� tneit own 1itt1e
qtoup, sect. 1ne God dtessed in qteen was supposed to nave a
patticu1at appea1 to a cettain qtoup ot peopIe, too, and tney
wete tne peop1e tnat wete dea1inq witn tne watet tnat wete 1ike
tne boat peopIe and tne tisnets.
"1nis was tne God dtessed in qteen?"
Jack: "Yean. Riqnt. 1ney 1ike adapted niw as tneit patton saint kind
ot concept, as tne one tnat wou1d ptotect tnew and watcn ovet
tnew and kind ot ptotect tnew ttow tne weatnet. And yet tney
wete not a continuous watet-Iivinq qtoup, eitnet. 1ney wete
wote Iike botn. I wean tney weten' t Iike sai1ots qoinq actoss
on tne oceans. 1ney wete just 1ike tisnetwen tnat wotked tne
watets and ttanspotted sowe catqo, but it wasn ' t 1onq distances .
Because tnis patt ot tne countty did not nave snips tnat saiIed
Ionq distances. 1ney just wainIy Iike toIIowed tne coast Iines,
and tney wou1d qo ttow. . . tney wou1d ttanspott catqo, but not
qteat distances. WeI1, tne God dtessed in qteen was 1ike tneit
e×a1ted one. And tnen tnete was 1ike one God ovet aII ot tnew.
Be was tne titst one on tne tntone, and ne was tne one wno was
sayinq about, �MY 51LVERY W1NG5 51RE1CB EAR CVER 1BE EAR1H , 1HE
BEL1EVERS. ' Be was the one who was 1ixe the wain God, and then
a11 these other grou¡s 1ixe had their tavorite 1itt1e God that
they cou1d ¡erha¡s wore ¡ersona11y identity with and reIate to.
1 was 1ust trying to get that wowan' s third nawe. 1t was
sowething 1ixe Ashur. . . Ashureth or. . . 1 can ' t quite get
it. . . Ash. . . Ashur. . . ( Laughs) 1t ' s the c1osest 1 can cowe is
Ashureth [ ASB1CRE1B| . 1 ' w not sure, that just doesn ' t sound
quite right, though . She seews to ewbody--oh, yeah, 1 ' ve
a1ready said that--se×ua1ity and sensua1ity and inde¡endence,
too. 1he wowen who to11ow her are not e×act1y Geisha wowen who
on1y study tLe art ot se×ua1 ¡1easure tor wen. 1hey a1so have
1ixe an inde¡endence, too, a strength and inde¡endence ot wen.
Sowe ot thew don' t taxe u¡ with wen at a11. Sowe do, but it ' s
1ixe an o¡tiona1 thing. But 1 guess their wain thrust is
tewinine strength, strength in the tewinine way . "
"Anything e1se? "
Jacx: "My iw¡ression is that this deve1o¡ed into xinda 1ixe a re1igion
within a re1igion in that area. Cver a cou¡1e ot hundred years
it basica11y just deve1o¡ed into its own re1igion even though it
tits into the broader re1igion ot that region. 1 ' w not sure
what the dowinant re1igion in that area is. 1 thinx it ' s
Mus1iw. . . Mos1ew. "
"What are you at this tiwe? 1 wean, what ' s your re1igion?"
Jacx: " 1 don' t xnow. 1 do xnow that 1 have sowe basic be1iets and
su¡erstitions, yeah. 1 don ' t xnow. bon' t reca11 the nawe ot
the re1igion right now. 1 thinx it ' s Mos1ew. "
"Anything e1se?"
Jacx: "No.
"A11 right. Let ' s 1ust see it we can ¡icx u¡ sowe wore
intorwation, es¡ecia11y on the shi¡ . $0 return to the beginning
and recount it. "
Jacx: "Cxay. 1 ' w in an area that ' s rocxy, and yet it ' s xind ot
1ush, sowewhat hi11y, but there' s 1ixe grasses and trees
and sowe trees and sowe bushes. 1 ' w an aniwa1 husband, and
it' s , oh, a¡¡roaching noon or widday, 1 guess. 1t' s ¡robab1y
around e 1even o ' c1ocx in the worning. 1 hear this wusic that is
1ust beautitu1. 1t ' s 1ixe it ca¡tivates wy sou1. 1t sounds
1ixe a woodwind instruwent, and it ' s one note at a tiwe, and yet
there' s 1ixe harwonies in this . And it is 1ixe it 1ust tota11y
entrances we. 1t' s re¡etitious, and it has a certain beat to
it, beat trow that, xind ot s1ow, rhythwic. But it has this
incredib1y ca1wing ettect, and 1 ' w 1ooxing u· in the direction
ot the sound because it ' s cowing trow the sxy . And it' s a
¡art1y c1oudy day. 1t was just a tew c1ouds in the sxy, but
here' s this bright c1oud u¡ in the sxy. 1t ' s xind ot. . . 1 can ' t
waxe out e×act1y what it is, but it ' s there. And it seews to be
the source ot this beautitu1 wusic that. . . it seews 1ixe i t' s
wore te1e¡athic when they cowwunicate it, as o¡¡osed to a
broadcast. Because it' s not 1ixe I hear it echoing over the
hi11s, it ' s 1ixe it' s in we. And it ' s reaí1y beautitu1 , and 1
just stand there, enchanted. My eyes are wide o¡en, 1 ' w tu11y
conscious, and it starts to descend. And it ' s c1oudy and
obscured trow view cow¡1ete1y, and yet there ' s a
bright• . . there ' s an object inside ot it that ' s weta11ic, and
1et ' s see, it wou1d be 1ixe a si1ver gray co1or, si1ver white, 1
guess, is wore. . . a 1itt1e c1oser. 1t doesn' t 1oox huge on the
outside. We11, 1 can see it better. Atter it 1ands I can see
it wore cIearIy, wore distinctIy, ' cause tnere ' s not a11 tne
swirIinq swoxe and dust. And it stands Iixe on sowe tair1y
snort 1eqs, and tnere ' s tnis rawc tnat cowes down out ot it,
Iixe out ot tne beIIy ot it. And atter a certain awount ot tiwe
casses wnere 1 ' w Iixe, 1et ' s see, about a1I 1 can do is see and
near. We11, Iet ' s see, 1 can ' t tninx very cIear1y, very weII.
CnIy wy observinq cart or sense is tunctioninq. And atter
awni1e 1 wa1x uc onto tnis rawc and into tne snic. My
instructions--now tnese are teIecatnic instructions--1 aw toId
tnat 1 ' w succosed to observe and record and tnen te11 wy ceocIe
ot tne area tnat 1 Iive in, wnat 1 nave seen, wnat 1 ' ve neard.
Wnen 1 qo in, 1 can see, and yet tnere' s a naze. No, it' s not a
swoxy naze, but 1 can ' t see cIear1y. 1 can' t distinquisn
cIearIy, and yet sowe wa11s Iixe tne waII benind tne tnrone is
qoId. 1t ' s not a b1indinq qoId, but it' s a beautitu1 , beautituI
qoId. Looxs Iixe tne actuaI weta1 qoId. And tnere are otner
tninqs tnat are xind ot nard tor we to describe, ' cause ot tne
waIIs are Iixe teatuted, and it ' s a tairIy swaII roow, and it' s
xinda cIuttered in tnere. 1nere ' s a tnrone uc aqainst one waII.
We11 , a cnair actuaIIy tnat Iooxs 1ixe a tLrone; it ' s on a
IittIe raised dais , a stec. 1ne otner detai1s ot tne otner
wa11s 1ust. . . tney 1oox Iixe tney beIonq wore in a nowe , ' cause
tnere ' s sowe wood, and tnere' s sowe. . . 1ixe wnat a Iady stands
benind to disrobe, you xnow, tnere ' s one ot tnose. 1t' s xinda
Iixe tnat, and it ' s darx wood coIor. WeII, it ' s 1ust nard to
describe. ( Lauqns) 1t ' s contusinq. Now, Iet ' s see, 1 ' w
standinq by tne rawc and now wany are tnere? 1nere are
wnat. . . si×? . . seven? . . tive, si×, seven? Must be seven ceocIe
tnat are Iixe standinq in a sewi-circu1ar snace, Iixe a naIt-
woon snace. 1ney' re a1I standinq erect, and tney ' ve qot
costuwes on. 1nese xind ot outraqeous dresses tnat are a11
tairIy siwiIar in tneir snace. . . tney cowe down to tneir teet,
and tney' re wearinq 1ixe eitner a sIiccer or a boot tnat ' s Iixe
qoId witn cointed toes . None ot ' ew nave nats. 1ney aI1 nave
wasxs . And tney nave tnese. . . tne uccer cart ot tneir dresses
are 1ixe distortions, 1ixe tne accentuated snou1der cad out one
side and not tne otner, 1ixe. . . 1 quess you' d ca11 it tne co11ar
in bacx ot tne nead, xinda Iixe tne ancient roya1ty--we11 1
snouIdn' t say tnat--but Iixe tne royaIty used to wear, tnat biq
o1d bacxed coIIar. Anyway, wnen 1 cowe in, and 1 stand inside
tne snic, 1 ' ve qot tnis xnowinq 1 ' w succosed to observe tnis and
recort. 1nen everytninq becowes verbaI, verba11y scoxen. And
tnat ' s wnen tney start doinq tneir crazy dance and wovewents and
jerxs , and tney a11 qet down on tneir xnees and do tneir nead
tnree tiwes to tne quy tnat' s sittinq on tne tnrone. And ne ' s
tne tirst. . . tne criwary God. Be' s tne one tnat. . . atter tney do
a buncna nonsensc, tnen ne says sowe words tnat ne conveys witn
a teeIinq, a crotoundness. You xnow, Iixe: � 1 A 1BE GCb 1N
SBR1NE 1C BCUSE 1BA1 1MAGE' and so on. And tnere is a• . . �A
BEL1EVERS. ' Be nas 1ixe a deec boowinq voice wnen ne ' s doinq
tnis . 1 aIso see nis qown raised uc a Iitt1e bit as ne' s
seated, and ne nas stracs• . . sanda1-1ixe, stracced boots
ditterent than the others. ¹!
"Can you see any tinqers or are their hands covered?"
Jacx: "Ro, their hands are uncovered. 1 see his hair behind his wasx,
1et' s see, 1ust xinda 1ixe out to the side it cowes down to
probab1y \ust above his shou1ders. Looxs 1ixe 1 can see sowe
brown whisxers under his wasx. Be ' s been the God ot wanxind
torever, he says. bown throuqh the aqes and throuqh
civi1izations he ' s been xnown by wany nawes. And he says he ' s
the God ot Axnoten, and so 1 ' w supposed to re1ay to the peop1e
his wessaqe about be1ievinq, payinq obedience, basica11y
convertinq to his worship. "
'·What' s his nawe?"
Jacx: · ¹ 1 don ' t xnow, he said he ' s the God ot Axnoten and
Cw. . . 1w. . . lwno. . hotep. . . 1whotep. . . or however you say it. 1
quess it ' s RA, 1 ' w not sure. " ( Jacx 1ater contirwed to we that
this "God" had indeed identitied hiwse1t as '·RA. " )
"And what was that aqain, p1ease, the God ot what?"
Jacx. "1he Eqyptian pharaohs , Axnoten, 1 . w. n. o. w. w. hotep. . . w. w. hotep.
1 ' w not sure how you say that pharaoh' s nawe. 1wenhotep. 1
thinx that' s how you say it, 1wenhotep. " ¸AHENBC1EP1
"Bow does it sound when he says it?" (Note: 1here are various
spe11inqs and pronunciations ot Eqyptian words because no one
xnows what the vowe1s were. Bowever, these vowe1s and
pronunciations cou1d be pieced toqether by a¬yone who wou1d
conduct extensive past 1ite worx in this area. )
Jacx: ( Lauqhs) " 1wenhotep. Bis qarb is one ot two co1ors, white and
qo1d. Anyway, he ' s done and they a11 start doinq their stutt
aqain, they ' re dancinq 1ixe a deer and banqinq their head three
tiwes and doinq sowe 1uwps and 1erxs and a11 this xind ot stutt .
And he steps ott the dais, and he starts qoinq around with thew,
and it 1ust 1ooxs to we 1ixe a babb1inq bunch ot insane peop1e.
And then another one steps onto the throne. And tina11y a11
this nonsense sett1es down, and she starts to speax to we, and
she' s the one dressed in the ruby red qown, dress. She has on
the wasx ot a wowan ot a beautitu1 countenance. And aqain 1 can
see sowe ot the darx brown hair ot her that qoes down past the
top ot her shou1ders, probab1y to the widd1e ot the shou1der
b1ades. 1t ' s not rea11y 1onq, but it ' s a beautitu1, thicx ,
tu11, Lrown hair. 5he requests that we bui1d an iwaqe in her
1ixeness, and this is conveyed te1epathica11y, the picture that
1 see ot her that ' s supposed to be bui1t in a statue torw. 1his
is xind ot odd, but she seews to be wearinq 1ixe a pants,
1ixe. . . this iwaqe that we ' re supposed to bui1d ot her. . . a shirt
that 1ooxs, we11 , 1ixe a vest, xind ot, where her bust is
partia11y revea1ed, and the pants wou1d be 1ixe a paj awa type ot
pants , a ba11oony, t1iwsy xind ot wateria1. Not quite see-
throuqh, but c1ose. No shoes. Beautitu1 tace, beautitu1 hair.
A 1 ewe1 in her nose, it 1ooxs 1ixe a diawond in her nose. And
then she says that she is the HC1BER CE CREA11CN, 1BE HC1BER CE
GCb. 5he created huwanxind. And that we are to e×a1t and
worship her . 1 don¹ t qet a 1ot e1se trow that. Anyway,
(Lauqhs) the qroup starts qoin ' into their qyrations aqain, and
they' re raisinq their voices and chantinq thinqs 1ixe �WE
that xind ot stutt . But they writhe around on the t1oor sowe,
they dance 1ixe an aniwa1, they 1uwp, they 1 erx, and they raise
their voices in a 1oud pitch, and then they 1ower their voices
sowetiwes, xind ot a risinq, swe11inq, ta11inq in their sinqinq
voices. lnen tne God dressed in tne qreen qets onto tne tnrone.
And atter awniIe tney. . . it dies down, aII tne raucous and tne
wovinq, and tne noise dies down. And tnis one tee1s narsn. Be
tee1s untorqivinq. Be tee1s triqnteninq. FeeIs. . . yean, ne
tee1s. . . tnose kind ot attributes. 1 1ike tne coIor ot qreen
tnat ne wears. But aqain tnat IittIe insiqn±a, weI1, yean, l
quess tnat ' s wnat we ' re supposed to do is as a snow ot obedience
and dedication to niw, weave onto our c1otnes, 1ike our snirt,
our top, qreen witn criwson drops ot bIood Iike two, waybe tnree
drops ot criwson bIood. And tnis is wnat 1 ' w not c1ear ab
ut it
it ' s a statt or a cross or a wi× in between tnose two, but it' s
sowe wooden centerpiece on tnis patcn. "
"1s it wade ot wood?"
Jack: "No, it' s \ust supposed to 1ook 1ike wood. 1 wean tne sywbo1
is a wooden ob1ect, yean. "
' 1s it a cross?'
Jack. "1 don' t know, because it ' s Iike 1 see botn. 1t ' s Iike 1 see a
cross and a statt . "
"Are tney toqetner?"
Jack: "1nat wiqnt be it. 1t wiqnt be tnat tnere ' s a cross witn a
statt witn a nook around tne top part ot tne cross. No, tnat ' s
not riqnt eitner, because tnis statt is wore 1ike a crooked
statt . 1t' s not 1ike tne nooked statt 1ike Jesus carries or
sowebody 1ike tnat. 1t ' s wore 1ike a pnysician ' s statt , wore
1ike a snake tnat 1ooks 1ike a statt . You know, Iike a
wavy. . . kind ot Iike a wavy statt tnat qoes to a point witn a
biqqer nead tnat cowes down to a tip . "
"1s tnere a nand1e on it, an en1arqewent at �ne top ot tne
Jack: "No, tnere ' s noÆ . . ! don' t know. Yean, waybe botn ot tnew are on
tne. . . no, 1 don ' t know. 1 ' 1I nave to wove a1onq ' cause tney
just nave we contused ' cause 1 can see botn ot ' ew. Maybe
tney ' re supposed to be two ditterent insiqnias and one tor one
qroup and one tor tne otner. Tnat wiqnt be, too. 1nen tne
tinaI person on tne tnrone is tne dark. . . tne wan in dark. . . in
tne bIack. And ne qives we sowe instructions about secrecy.
1nese tninqs are supposed to be done in secret witnout tne
Iarqer conqreqation knowinq, tne Iarqer re1iqious to11owinq
knowinq. 5o tnis is supposed to be a se1ect qroup, and 1 ' w
supposed to se1ect on1y wen. And it ' s qonna be 1ike a secret
society witnin our re1iqion. And l ' w supposed to pick out
wost1y younqer wen, wen ot ditterent traininqs and tewperawents .
But it' s supposed to be Iike a very s1ow process ot pickinq out
tnese peop1e. Very s1ow. Like 1 ' w not supposed to nave titty
riqnt ott tne bat. 1t ' s 1ike. . . one and two. . . and tive and
ten. . . tor a tew years, and nave tnat nuwber qradua11y but reaIIy
s1ow1y increase. 5o tney wiII becowe 1arqe nuwbers 1ike in a
tew nundred years, but tor tne tirst titty years , you know, just
a swa11 qroup ot peop1e, waybe twenty or tnirty. And wy
iwpression is tnat it takes severa1 wontns betore 1 cnoose one
person. 5o wy tirst instructions are. . . it ' s Iike tney wi11
s1owIy come to we. 1ne tirst set ot instructions wi1I sIow1y
cowe to we over tne tirst tew days and wontns atter 1 nave tnis
experience. Like 1 won' t rewewber anytninq iwwediate1y riqnt
away. 1t ' s Iike it' 11 be deIayed over a week ' s period ot tiwe.
1wo weeks period ot tiwe, and tnen 1 ' 11 start to rewewber tne
tirst parts ot tnis person' s instructions. But tnese 1ast two,
tne one in tne qreen and tnis one. . . we1 1 , tne one in tne qreen
had just a wean 1ooxinq tace, a rea11y wean 1ooxinq wasx on.
1his one is darx, obscure , hard to see his tace, his tacia1
teatures . Bis wasx is a very darx wystery. "
"1s this the one who visits 1ater on?" (1he darx one)
Jacx: "Yes. 1his is the one who wi11 intrequent1y visit, cowe to
wy. . . our weetinqs. But we' re supposed to have weetinqs every so
otten 1ixe once every other wonth, or sowethinq. And we ' re
supposed to have hiw as our secret God and worship and praise,
you xnow, do our ritua1 dances and wovewents to hiw. We ' re not
supposed to te11 the other church about hiw . Cn1y we qet to
worship hiw. And the tee1inq is. . . we tee1 1ixe we have an e×tra
bonus because this is a very powertu1 God, and he worxs in
invisib1e, wysterious ways that adds to us a qreater strenqth, a
qreater qreatness. 1t ' s 1 ixe we ' re distinquished and e×a1ted
awonq the peop1e in our own. . . ot our neiqhbors . We' re 1ixe
better than thew . Seews as thouqh we ' re supposed to wear 1ixe a
t-shirt, an underqarwent that is not shown to the pub1ic. But
the peop1e in this order, or this qroup, are supposed to wear
sowethinq that xind ot wiwics hiw, and it ' s a darx qray co1or ot
c1oth. 1t xinda xeeps us. . . it ' s 1ixe xeepinq it c1ose to
ourse1ves so that we rewewber, and we xind ot have his presence
with us on a continua1 basis, because it ' s c1oser to us . lt ' s
1ixe inside ot our c1othes is secret and sacred and a continua1
rewinder ot our presence. Kind ot 1ixe wearinq a cross under
your shirt on1y this is a piece ot c1oth. 1t ' s supposed to be
hiqh1y secretive. Step 1wo and Step 1hree, which he wi11
eventua11y revea1 to we wi11 be 1earned ot as we qet a 1arqer
qroup ot peop1e, 1arqer orqanization, wore estab1ished and wore
accustowed to doinq the ritua1s and, ot course, waxinq certain
that we ' re taithtu1 and obedient and a11 that. 1hen the other
steps wi11 be revea1ed to us , to we, with. . . it seews 1ixe Step
1hree cowinq 1ixe wany years 1ater, twenty, thirty years 1ater.
Be was the 1ast one on the throne. And atter they did a11 their
qyrations aqain, then the wusic started, and 1 turned wy bacx to
thew, wa1xed out the rawp, out and down the rawp. 1hen 1 turned
around and taced the ship as the wusic ' s sti11 qoinq in wy head,
and it raises up the swoxe and the dust and the wind. And it
rises up in the sxy and qoes away. "
"What does the ship 1oox 1ixe?"
Jacx: "We11, not a saucer, wore 1ixe a bow1, or a ba11, 1 wean. More
1ixe a ba11 . Sowewhat. . . not a pertect sphere, but, you xnow,
sowewhat dis. . . but there ' s 1ixe a biq bu1qe . Yeah. 1 wou1d
have to say it 1ooxs c1ose to 1ixe a ba11 . But, xind ot a
circu1ar edqe to it, too . More 1ixe a top on1y not pointed on
the bottow. You xnow, 1ixe a spinninq top? Yeah, wore 1ixe
that, xind ot a bu1qy center part with 1ust a thin edqe. Not
rea11y thin, but xind ot thicx 1ixe a top, actua11y . "
"What do their hands 1oox 1ixe? You say they' re not covered?"
Jacx: "No, they ' ve qot a 1itt1e bit ot hair on ' ew. 1hey' re 1ust
norwa1 , white-sxinned hands . "
"Lixe huwans?"
Ja·:x: "Yeah. Uh-huh. Just 1ixe huwans. "
"They ' re not 1ixe tan trow the sun or anythinq?"
Jacx: "1he wowan had darx sxin. 1he tirst God wa

s white. Be even had
a tew trecx1es. "
"And what. . . tour tinqers and a thuwb, just 1ixe a huwan?"
Jacx: ·'Uw-huh. Riqht. E×act1y. 1he qreen and the b1acx one, they
were a 1itt1e bit ditterent than the tirst God. Ch, 1 ' w not

c1ear on that ' cause 1 qet severa1 iwpressions 1ixe one
Neqro and the other was Lrown. . . Lrown-sxinned. 1 don' t
"1hat tirst God, the wasx he has, he had a hooxed nose?
1ixe a nose or 1ixe a Leax ot a Lird or. . . ? "
"1he God dressed in the qreen dress. "
"1he tirst one?"
"1hat wasn' t the tirst one . "
"Ch. "
"1hat was the third one. Be was atter the wowan. "
"Ch. "
"1he tirst one had qo1d and white qarL on. "
was a
xnow. "
1s it
"Uw-huh. And that nose you said 1ooxed 1ixe a hooxed, Liq
nose. . . ?"
Jacx: "Yeah. . . "
"Was it wore 1ixe a Leax, 1 wean. . . ? "
Jacx: "No, 1ust a Liq nose that was, you xnow, tota11y taxe, Lecause
it was so 1arqe. 1t was 1ixe rea11y 1arqe. "
"Uw-huh. Any other detai1s on the saucer?"
Jacx: "Ch, it was a si1·ery white. Atter it qot a ways ott the
qround, then it was a 1itt1e wore visiL1e. 1t wasn' t quite as
oLscured Ly the swoxe , Lut when it was 1ixe uoverinq there, yes,
it was 1ixe rea11y oLscured, and 1 cou1dn ' t see it too we11 .
But as it was 1eavinq it didn ' t 1eave rea1 tast, it 1ust xinda
woved away xinda qradua11y. 1t was a si1verish white co1or.
Atter it 1itted ott , the 1eqs tair1y quicx1y retracted. And
atter it was up, oh qosh, quite a tew teet, wayLe a thousand
teet or so, then the wusic stopped p1ayinq in wy head, and 1 sat
down. And 1 was tota11y in a daze. And 1 sat there tor quite a
1onq tiwe, wayLe a coup1e ot hours, wayLe an hour. But 1 sat
there tor quite awhi1e s1ow1y, actua11y, reqaininq wy norwa1
sense ot awareness and presence. "
"And see it you can scan ahead in tiwe to contact the points
where this secret intorwation was tiwe-re1eased. I1ease scan to
the tirst point where you rewewLer. "
Jacx: "Cxay. 1 was a younq wan, ear1y twenties when this occurred. 1
was proLaL1y twenty to twenty-three is wy quess. And it was
aLout tive to seven years 1ater the second, the Ihase 1wo, was
revea1ed to we. We ' d seen hiw proLaL1y two to three tiwes since
then, since wy initia1 weetinq ot hiw. 1hen he attended our
weetinqs, aLout three tiwes is wy quess . Yeah, aLout three
tiwes. Ihase 1wo was revea1ed. 1 qet the distinct iwpression
that Phase 1wo was re• . • Ihase 1hree was revea1ed when 1 was
proLaL1y in wy si×ties, wayLe wy 1ate, no, way. . . actua11y wy
1ate titties. Riqht around the aqe ot si×ty. Lixe titty-eiqht,
t itty-nine, si×ty was when Ihase 1hree was revea1ed. And that ' s
when our qroup started to trave1 and spread. 1hat was when we
Lasica11y sent wissionaries, contact other qroups, to start
other qroups. 1t had spread out. 1t spread out sowe Letween
Ihase 1wo and 1hree. ln other words in the tirst tive years 1
and wy qroup were a11 ot the peop1e that 1 xnew, were 1ust in wy
vicinity ot. . . proLaL1y a twenty wi1e vicinity ot the country
that 1 was 1 ivinq in. Atter seven years then we started to
spread out to neiqhLorinq districts and areas and e×pand. We
sent sowe ot the younqer peop1e to the neiqhLorinq areas to
Lasica1 1y recruit. 1t' s a certain persona1ity type, too, it
seews 1ixe, that ' s recruited. Fanatics. Younq wen who are
tanatics. And yet, there' s a1so sowe peop1e that are recruited
that are wise peop1e, too, that have sowe wisdow and La1ance.
Yeah. So between Phase 1wo and 1hree, it was wost1y just in our
surrounding countryside, but when Phase 1hree occurred, that' s
when we started sending thew over 1ong distances, through great
distances. BIacx was the co1or. 1hat was the cIoth that was
worn that was 1ixe the identitication ot peopIe. 1t was the
secret code. "
" lt ' s worn as an outer garwent?"
Jacx: "1t ' s a t-shirt. 1t ' s inside. 1t ' s hidden trow view. Supposed
to be very sacred. 1t ' s just that it' s shown. . . is a way to
identity, in a secret way, to other peop1e who are in the
organization. Any other questions?"
"Cxay. 1s there anything e1se about this secret intorwation or
the secret society, whatever you want to. . . ?'!
Jacx: "Phase 1hree. . . the God dressed in b1acx was the 1eader who wou1d
preside over our weetings intrequent1y. Ctherwise 1 was the one
who wouId preside over the weetings. 1 was the one who
initia1Iy taught peop1e how to do the rituaIs, aII the woves,
xind ot ta1x and cowwunicate how secret and how sacred this was
and how specia1 the individuaI was tor being ab1e to be in this
group, how we had speciaI tavored status trow this God. We got
his tavor, basica11y, which was a very powertu1 thing, because
it gave us higher status in our own winds over everybody e1se.
We were specia1. And we did get tavors trow tiwe to tiwe
trow. . . or as a resu1t ot this God. And we did. We got, you
xnow, specia1 c1ass treatwent trow sowe ot our other te11ow
neighbors and such. So, you xnow, it 1ooxed 1ixe we had the
1ucx ot 1ite on our side , essentiaI1y. We didn ' t have to strive
and toi1 quite as wuch as everybody e1se. And yet we did, but
just not quite to the degree as everybody e1se. 1t was a very
s1ow process in getting started, because 1 and the tirst person
had to start out at the very bottow and, you xnow, graduaI1y
worx our way up. And so did everybody e1se, but it was just a
rea1 s1ow graduation process tor each person that got in. 1t ' s
1ixe they wouIdn ' t reach the higher 1eve1s untiI the very end ot
their 1ite, towards the very tina1 years of their 1ite. "
"And what does that wean they wou1d receive certain intorwation
or abi1ities, or sowething at that point?"
Jacx: ''1he xind ot gitts that they wou1d receive and tavors that they
wouId receive xind ot were proportionate to their Ieve1, and so
their rewards wouId be greater as they got into the higLer
1eve1s and towards the end ot their 1ite. And, yeah, there was
aIso a point where they wou1d becowe the teachers and the
trainers ot the new recruits and the wediuw recruits. And that
was 1ixe. . . it iwpresses we that sowewhere at the age ot titty-
tive , tLey wou1d get prowoted to 1ixe. . . or waybe titty-eight ,
they wou1d get prowoted to be Iixe the tina1 stage, a1wost, 1
wean as tar as norwa1 peop1e cou1d go, they ' d get prowoted to
the tinaI stage. But then they ' d onIy Iive three to tive years,
and then they were dead. "
"What was the rewards?"
Jacx: "1hey got to. . . the intorwation that was then revea1ed to thew
was everything that 1 xnew. A wore direct access to waxe
certain requests ot this God. PersonaI conversations with this
God when he wou1d cowe and have weetings, and he wouId preside.
Be wou1d a1so then taIx to sowe ot these peop1e in this upper
eche1on, in the highest eche1on. 1hey wou1d get 1ixe a personaI
audience, brietIy. A1so, they wou1d get scwe tair1y 1arge gitts
trow sowe ot the other peop1e in the countryside, trow wea1thy
tawi1ies or trow coIiticians or the royaIty.
"And how do you say your nawe?
Jack: "Akarat. 5uch a toreign nawe. Seews 1ike they got a key, a
go1den key. Cn this tina1 initiation 1eve1 they wou1d receive a
key that was goId. 1 ' w not sure what that key is, too, but it ' s
Iike they wore it around a cord, and it wouId hang trow their
waist inside ot their garwents. 1t wou1d on1y show on the
outside ot their garwents during our weetings . Very tew ceoc1e
wore the goIden key. But they were accorded 1ike the highest ot
rescect in our grouc. 1hey were Iike the generaIs, you know,
that reaIIy. . . ceoc1e were in awe ot the thew in the Iater years
ot this organization. "
¹¹Do you wear that sywbo1 you were ta1king about. . . the statt and
the cross. . . do you wear that aI1 the tiwe or during the weetings
or what?"
Jack: "1hat is the sign, or the sywboI, ot the God that was dressed in
green. 1hat ' s not the sign that we wear. 1 t' s not the signa1
or the ins¡ gnia that we have . Curs is the b1ack t-shirt . "
"And what's the curcose ot your grouc as you cerceive it? "
Jack: "1hat was revea1ed to us atter Stec 1hree was revea1ed. We were
basica11y ]ust a grouc ot worshiccers that. . . we did get a 1ittIe
bit tang1ed in co1itics by, basica11y, bribings. We1 1 , sowe ot
the co1iticians, but very tew ot the co1iticians in the who1e
region were invoIved in our grouc in Phase 1wo and Phase 1hree.
But there were a tew that got in because ot the e×c1usivity ot
it, that were recruited. And there was sowe scying that went
on, but it was kind ot 1ike dry-running, dry runs, Iike cacer
trading. 1t was 1ust creIiwinary. Atter Phase 1hree is when
the intrigue rea1Iy set in and the entangIewents in a 1ot ot
courts throughout Asia and Euroce cawe about. 1t ' s when we
started to connect uc to other organizations, and e×tortion and
threats to get our way into and invoIved in co1itics. Cur way
or our teaching was that we were scecia1; everybody e1se was
crac. Ro cowcassion. 1t didn' t watter, they were to be
e×cIoited. We were to e×c1oit thew in the nawe ot our God.
1hey grew into a wea1thy organization. A Iot ot that wea1th was
channe1ed right direct1y uc to the Ieader. And, you know, we
a11 got our tingers in the cie, and, you know, we had our tringe
benetits in 1ite. But a Iot ot the e×tortion, or ta×es 1 guess
you' d ca11 it, that we e×tracted trow various tietdows and
kingdows and dukedows around the. . . our area. Cur schere ot
int1uence scread out ot Asia there and grew. 1 wean it
encowcassed. . . you know, it ]ust kinda grew.
"Bow tar out did the int1uence. . . ? "
Jack: "We11, in that Iitetiwe betore 1 died, we had sent wissionaries
down through. . . over towards Atrica and towards 1ndia and across
the Mediterranean to Northern Atrica and to Euroce . Yeah, sowe
were sent north, the RussiaJGerwany direction, but 1ust a tew.
1t was 1ust Iike trai1er vines, 1ust a tew were being scread
out. And nothing had been estabIished and connected yet, but we
started to get tair1y cowertu1 in the vicinity, in the region
where we were at. And in tact we actua11y deveIoced our own
church . Cast1e, 1 guess you ' d ca11 it. WeI1, it wasn' t a
cast1e, but it was 1ike our own headquarters where we worshicced
and did our ritua1s . "
"1s this in 1urkey?"
Jack: "Yeah. Northwestern 1urkey, waybe. 1 think it ' s Arwenia. 1
think it ' s the country that borders 1urkey. 1t ' s 1ike on the
other side ot 1urkey, but it' s riqht in that area anyway. But
we detinite1y nad peop1e qoinq down to Persia. We11, tnis
actua1Iy was a part ot Persia, but down to wnat ' s now 1raq and
1ran and, yean, over towards Atqnanistan. We were startinq to
1ust qet our tee1ers by the end ot wy 1 ite. 1owards tne end ot
wy Iite 1 saw a pretty stronq presence in wy 1oca1 area as we1I
as just beqinninqs in the countries that 1 ]ust wentioned,
Atqhanistan, 1ran, 1raq. And just the initiaI wissionaries had
been sent turther atie1d over to Atrica and Europe and northern
Europe. And they were to use sowe weans that were tear based to
qet estabIished. 1n other words to qet attention, to qet paid
attention to, ' cause tney went as stranqers into this country .
And it wou1d ' ve been a wediuw to niqher order ot individua1s
tnat went, and they took sowe 1ower order newer peop1e with thew
who wouId do the ki11inq, wouId do the beatinq-ups , the threats ,
tne tace-to-tace verba1 threats. So sowe ot the newer, younqer
peop1e were used in that position, which, ot course, they
tota11y e×aIted in doinq. Atter a1I it was tor tneir God, and
it was tor the benetit ot tneir order. 1t tney ever died, tnen
they wou1d qet a very speciaI p1ace in Beaven witn this God ot
ours . "
"Wnat ' s tne nawe ot tne order at this point and 1ater on?"
Jack: "WeII , Bo1y Crder ot tne 5ewitar [ Sciwitar| , it seews 1ike.
1nat ' s the nawe tnat cowes to wind . " [A scinitar is a 1onq,
curved sword with the sharp edqe on the conve× side . |
"And wnat ' s tne purpose, to intiItrate po1itics?"
Jack: "E×actIy. 1t ' s just that purpose, to e×tract wea1th and then
intiItrate po1itics and intIuence these peop1e. We a1ready do
it anyway, thouqh, but just to e×p1oit the peop1e, 1ust
basica11y qet the vines, Iet ' s see, tne cIutcnes estab1ished.
(We) turtner encouraqe the ruIers to nave a certain perspective
about the peop1e tnat tney dowinate and ru1e. 1hey a1ready do.
1o kinda narden tneir nearts, actua11y. Make certain tnat tnere
aren' t any sott-nearted ru1ers. Ckay, is tneir anytninq eIse?
Any otner questions?"
"No . " ( 1 chanqed the tape at this point, so 1 wissed a 1itt1e
bit ot tne conversation. Be is ta1kinq about the God dressed in
qreen wno becawe the patron saint ot tne water peop1e. )
Jack: ". . . God ot the peopIe wno deaIt with tne water, who were the
tisnerwen and the carqo transporters, not the deep sea or the
1onq-e×pedition saiIors. So i t' s 1ike witnin this re1iqion, and
it ' s a qeneraI brancn ot tne Mos1ew re1iqion, and there ' s this
one that nas tnese severa1 Gods tnat they worsnip. And tnen
witnin tnat, there' s severa1 sects: one tnat worships the
tewa1e Goddess, and then ones tnat worship the God dressed in
qreen and tne one in b1ack. But they a11 in qenera1 1ook to the
top Gcd as tne wain God that is qonna send the � SECCNb CCM1NG CE
1BE SCN CF GCb ' and do the tinaI � JUbGEMEN1 UAY. ' 1 suspect
that this is an ottshoot ot the Mos1ew reIiqion. But tnis
deve1oped into its own re1iqion. "
"And do you have contact witn these E1s Iater on in your 1ite?"
Jack: "Nope. Just the b1ack. . . the bIack neart. 1ne bIack one . "
"bo you actua11y qive anytninq to niw?"
Jack: "Cn, yes. Everytninq tnat ' s accuwu1ated in tne--Wnat wou1d you
ca11?--tne treasury, 1 quess. Because we oo receive wore than
we use or consuwe, and it ]ust increases as tiwe qoes by. We
just qet wore and wore, or dewand, in sowe cases trow sowe
peopIe, wore and wore. Yes, there' s an e×cess, and he takes it
a11 every tiwe he cowes. "
"What kind ot stutt are you ta1king aLout?"
Jacx: "Priwari1y things that are considered woney. Jewe1s. Coins.
1hat kind ot thing. "
"Uoes he specity anything he wants in particu1ar?¹'
Jack: "Yeah, it can ' t Le. . . we11 , aniwa1s or rugs or woo1 or anything
1ixe that. lt has to a1ways Le converted to coin or whatever
you ca11 it, coin ot the rea1w.
"What ' s that wade ot?"
Jacx: "We11, go1d, si1ver, and it ' s in the torw ot coins or 1ewe1ry or
chunks . "
' Chunxs? "
Jacx: "Yeah. Just chunks ot go1d ingots , 1uwps , 1 wean, we11 , you
know, 1ust cLunxs . So, yeah, it a11 has to Le converted into
that to Le put into our treasury, and yet we do get aniwa1s and
things 1ike that, too, property, howes . But the stutt that we
store is what he takes . And 1 ' w ta1xing aLout the stutt in the
treasury. But, yeah, he ewpties it out every trip. We consider
that our torw ot sacriticing to the shrine, ' cause we don ' t
sacritice to the shrine ot the other two. We don ' t 1ay out woo1
or aniwa1s or tood or grains or anything 1ike that. We 1ust
give hiw our treasury , our treasure chests.·'
" ls this a consideraL1e quantity ot va1uaL1es or. . . ? "
Jacx: "Lots ot pounds . Yeah, it' s 1ots ot pounds . Yeah. 1 wou1d say
each trunx ho1ds proLaL1y tour hundred, tive hundred pounds, and
they ' re Luried in the t1oor ot our 1arge church. Actua11y
towards the end there' s not 1ust the one 1arge Lui1ding, Lut
there ' s a1so a 1ot ot 1iving quarters that, you know, are around
it. 1 wean, we actua11y did Lui1d a. . . l don ' t xnow it church is
the right word, Lut there was a roow, a 1argc roow, that we did
our ritua1s in, Lut there it deve1oped into 1ixe it' s own
1itt1e, tiny city with tiwe. But, yeah, we had in the t1oor Ly
our a1ter, Ly the throne actual1y and in tront ot that, spaces
tor these trunks, and 1 think there were tour trunks . Yeah.
1owards the end ot wy tiwe on the scene. . . we started out with
one, we 1ust added ti11 there were tour, and we, you know,
ti11ed those with our e×cess. "
·'And is this in the sawe p1ace that. . . the vi11age you started
out or. . . ? "
"We11, 1et ' s see. Ko. lt was not in the sawe p1ace. 1t was
actua11y Ly a town that was a tair-sized town. Ch, l ' d say a
coup1e thousand peop1e, proLaL1y. A town ot, yeah, wayLe aLout
two to three thousand peop1e. And it was within thirty wi1es ot
where 1 was an aniwa1 husLand. "
' Bow do you pronounce the nawe ot the town?"
"Ankara? 1 thinx . ''
" ls this anywhere near any wa1or cities?¹'
"Yeah. Yeah, it ' s one ot the wa1or cities . Yeah. "
"And what is it. . . what wou1d Le the nearest rea11y Lig city?"
" l think that was . Ihat was the Liggest city tor quite a ways .
Yeah. 1t was the 1arge city ot the area. 1 kinda get the
iwpression that there were 1ike tour or tive other wajor cities
in this who1e country or region. And it was one ot ' ew. 1t was
one ot the wain cities . "
"Anything e1se?"
"Ch, 1 was ¸ust tryin ' to say this nawe. . . the
Adi. . . Adidepo1is. . . Adi. . . Adidepio1. . . Adop1ia .
Adop1ius, or sowethin' 1ike that. Adi. . . 1 ' 11
other nawe that,
5owething 1ike
have to 1ook on a
wac and see it it ' s one ot the cities.
know how to say tnese words vety we11 .
Adecioco1is. ¾ ¾ 1 don ' t
Cxay. 1nat ' s a11"
1n the to11owinq chacter we wiII take a c1oser 1oox at Akatat ' s
e×cerience and cowcate his encountet with that ot othet we11-known
"ctochets . "
Akarat' s abduction drawatica11y i11ustrates a third type ot
iwp1ant, which l ca11 a "socia1 iwp1ant, !· siwp1y because it attects
society as a who1e. 1his type ot socia1 iwp1ant is ditterent trow the
hypnotic socia1 iwp1ant discussed in Chapter 1we1ve in that the
recipient is conscious and not under hypnotic contro1 when he or she
vo1untari1y accepts it. Bowever, it appears that te1epathic hypnosis
was used in Akarat ' s tirst contact with the Ra1lshtar E1 qroup, and
this is why l ca11 it an abduction rather than a vo1untary contact.
Akarat then vo1untari1y devoted his 1ite to spreadinq the word ot Ra
and e×pandinq the Bo1y Crder ot the 5ciwitar, which wakes it a socia1
iwp1ant by detinition.
Betore we take a c1oser 1ook at Akarat ' s abduction account, 1et ' s
cowpare it with Ezekie1 ' s e×perience trow the Kinq Jawes Bib1e. l ' ve
put wy own cowwents in brackets in order to point out the siwi1arities.
1 : 1 Now it cave to pass in the thirtieth year, in the tourth wonth,
in the titth day ot the wonth, as l was awonq the captives by the river
ot Chebar, that the heavens were opened, and 1 sa\v visions ot God .
|Reca11 that Akarat was a1so 1ed to be1ieve that he had been qranted
an audience with God and with severa1 1esser Gods. |
1 . 4 And l 1ooked, and, beho1d, a whir1wind care out ot the north , a
qreat c1oud, and a tire into1dinq itse1t, and a briqhtness was about
it, and out ot the widst thereot as the co1our ot awber | Sowe Bib1es
trans1ate it as "q1owinq weta1" instead ot " awber. " ) out ot the widst
ot the tire. | 1his description is surprisinq1y siwi1ar to Akarat ' s
description ot Ra ' s spacecratt. )
1 : 5 A1so out ot the widst thereot cawe the 1ikeness ot tour 1ivinq
creatures . And this was their appearance; they had the 1ikeness ot a
1 : 6 And every one had tour taces, and every one had tour winqs.
1 : 7 And their teet were straiqht teet: and the so1e ot their teet was
1ike the so1e ot a ca1 t ' s toot: and they spark1ed 1ike the co1our ot
burnished brass.
1 : 8 And they had the hands ot a wan under their winqs on their tour
sides; and they tour had their taces and their winqs.
1 : 1u As tor the 1ikeness ot their taces, they tour had the tace ot a
wan, and the tace ot a 1ion on the riqht side: and they tour had the
tace ot an ox on the 1ett side: they tour a1so had the tace ot an
eaq1e. |As in Akarat' s abduction, it appears that Ezekie1 ' s E1s were
a1so wearinq costuwes and wasks. |
1 : 13 As tor the 1ikeness ot the 1ivinq creatures, their appearance
was 1ike burninq coa1s ot tire, and 1ike the appearance ot 1awps : it
went up and down awonq the 1ivinq creatures; and the tire was briqht,
and out ot the tire went torth 1iqhtninq.
1 : 14 And the 1ivinq creatures ran and returned as the appearance ot a
t1ash ot 1iqhtninq.
1 : 16 1he appearance ot the whee1s and their work was 1ike unto the
co1our ot a bery1 : and they tour had one 1ikeness: and their
appearance and their work was as it were a whee1 in the widd1e ot a
whee1 .
1 . 17 When they went, they went upon their tour sides :
turned not when they went.
and they
1 : 18 As tor their rings, they were so high that they were dreadtu1 ;
and their rings were tu11 ot eyes round aLout thew tour. |1his sounds
1ike a description ot a t1ying saucer with windows . |
1 : 19 And when the 1iving creatures went, the whee1s went Ly thew: and
when the 1iving creatures were 1 itted up trow the earth, the whee1s
were 1itted up. | Cou1d ··whee1s'' Le Ezekie1 ' s word tor disk-shaped
"t1ying saucers? " ]
1 : 2 2 And the 1ikeness ot the
creature was as the co1our ot
over their heads aLove.
tirwawent upon the heads ot the
the terriL1e crysta1 , stretched
1 . 24 And when they went, l heard the noise ot their wings, 1ike the
noise ot great waters, as the voice ot 1he A1wighty, the voice ot
speech, as the noise ot an host: when they stood, they 1et down their
wings | 1anding gear? | .
1 . 2 6 And aLove the tirwawent that was over their heads was the
1ikeness ot a throne, as the appearance ot a sapphire stone: and upon
the 1ikeness ot the throne was the 1ikeness as the appearance ot a wan
aLove upon it. | Just 1ike Akarat, Ezekie1 a1so saw a wan on a throne,
and this is the rea1 c1incher that e×poses the Ra1lshtar group as the
perpetrators ot this wasquerade. A1so, notice that Ezekie1 doesn ' t
specitica11y ca11 this wan on the throne "God . " Be does, however,
appear to identity the who1e e×perience with a11 its theatrica1 tantare
as '·God" or "the G1ory ot the Lord." |
1 . 28 As the appearance ot the Low that is in the c1oud in the day ot
rain, so was the appearance ot the Lrightness round aLout. 1his was
the appearance ot the 1ikeness ot the g1ory ot the Lord.
2 : 2 And the spirit entered into we when Be spake unto we, and set we
upon wy teet, that l heard Biw 1hat spake unto we. |1his appears to Le
a description ot te1epathy and te1epathic hypnosis, which was used on
Akarat as we11 . |
2 . 14 So the spirit 1itted we up, and took we away, and l went in
Litterness, in the heat ot wy spirit; Lut the hand ot the Lord was
strong upon we. ¸1his sounds very wuch 1ixe an aLduction in which
Ezekie1 wight have Leen t 1oated up to the ship in a tractor Leaw or
torced to wa1k aLoard the ship through the use ot te1epathic hypnosis.
Whatever the case, this has the earwarks ot an a1ien aLduction, and
1ike wost wodern aLductees it doesn ' t sound 1ike Ezekie1 was very happy
aLout it either. |
Much ot what Ezekie1 descriLed is ditticu1t to visua1ize siwp1y
Lecause Lack in those days there was nothing tawi1iar with which he
cou1d cowpare this kind ot e×perience. Kowadays we have cowwonp1ace
terws 1ike t1ying saucers, spacecratt, LICs, tractor Leaws, 1asers,
e1ectricity, e1ectrowagnetics, 1anding gear, p1aswa, ho1ograws , e×tra-
terrestria1s, te1epathy, hypnosis, etc. to descriLe phenowena
associated with e×tra-terrestria1s. Peop1e ot ancient civi1izations
otten descriLed anything that t1ew as 1itera11y having wings, Lecause
the on1y things that t1ew then were Lirds , Lats, and Lugs.
Ancient "Gods" were otten depicted with a winged disk or with
wings attached to their arws to sywLo1ica11y i11ustrate the E1s '
aLi1ity to traverse the heavens. Bowever, in sowe cases the reterence
to wings way Le 1itera1 as there are indeed E1s with wings. 1 have
uncovered evidence that sheds new 1 ight on the angel phenowenon, which
l ' 11 cover in detai1 in Book 1wo. Ezekie1 ' s E1s way have Leen wearing
wings as part ot their costuwes, though.
According to a 1966 Ga11up Po11 wore than tive wi11ion Awericans
c1aiwed to have seen a ··t1yinq saucer' --not ]ust a nondescript UEC, but
a rea1 disk-snaped, e×otic aircratt tnat tney described as beinq a
"t1yinq saucer. " Theretore, in wodern tiwes a detinite iwaqe and
concept cowes to wind wnen soweone wentions "t1yinq saucers. " Cn the
otner nand in botn ot Kevin' s abductions in the 1800s in 1ta1y ( Cnapter
Ten) , he tirst tnouqnt tne t1yinq saucer was a bird ( trow the viewpoint
ot a nineteenth century 1ta1ian) . As it drew c1oser, ne had no words
with which to describe it because tnis occurred betore the advent ot
tne airp1ane, rockets, and sci-ti wovies .
Bowever, it is easy to notice tne siwi1arities between Akarat ' s
e×perience and that ot Ezekie1 ' s . Tne ditterence is tnat Jack Wy1ie
cou1d describe it ai1 in twentietn century terwino1oqy, and because ot
tnat, ne knew it wasn' t God; ne knew it was a t1yinq saucer witn huwan-
1ookinq E1s aboard who were on1y pretendinq to be God. 1heretore,
Jack, as a twentietn century wan, was not too1ed by the E1s '
snenaniqans and even described their behavior as beinq quite insane.
Bowever, Jack, in nis previous 1 itetiwe as a seventeenth century qoat
nerder, was taken in hook, 1ine, and sinker by these wanipu1atinq ETs
wno easi1y convinced niw tnat they were indeed "Gods . "
ln E×odus 12 : 21 Yanweh ( Jehovan) is described as 1eadinq the
Bebrew peop1e "by day in a pi11ar ot a c1oud" and "by niqht in a pi11ar
ot tire, to qive tnew 1iqht. " Today, e×tra-terrestria1 spacecratt are
otten described as q1owinq or qivinq ott a qreat dea1 ot 1iqnt or
e×tendinq truncated beaws ( "pi11ar ot tire" ) . A1so, eyewitnesses,
inc1udinq wyse1t, have seen wodern-day UECs produce a c1oud around
thew, which cowp1ete1y snrouds their appearance: tne UEC and its
"c1oud" can disappear cowp1ete1y in seconds. 1 ' ve tound that Mt.
Rainier is a qood p1ace to observe tnis phenowenon.
When Hoses de1ivered the ten cowwandwents "the peop1e saw the
thunderinqs, and tne 1 iqhtninqs , and tne noise ot the truwpet, and the
wountain swokinq
. .
( E×odus 20 : 18 ) . Whetner this tantare was due to
tne propu1sion systew ot tne spacecratt, or it it was pure theatrics,
we can on1y specu1ate. 1n wodern tiwes e×tra-terrestria1 spacecratt
are usua11y reported as wakinq 1itt1e or no sound, but they can a1so
produce a discowtortinq din it the ETs choose to do so.
Botn Akarat and Ezekie1 revea1ed tne true nature ot these "Gods"
wnen they noticed that underneath their out1andish costuwes and wasks
were huwan nands. 1t' s not surprisinq tnat even today sowe peop1e
iwaqine God to be a bearded wan sittinq on a throne. As can be
persona11y proven by out-ot-body e×periences and past 1ite wewories, we
are not bodies, we are spiritua1 beinqs. 1t it is true tnat we were
created in God' s iwaqe, then "God" wou1d a1so be a spiritua1 beinq, not
a nuwan wa1e in a q1owinq, noisy, swokinq aircratt. Tneretore, it is
c1ear tnat we nave been deceived. A1so, it is interestinq to note tnat
in both cases the structure in which "God" appears to the prophet is
wade ot weta1 . 1t one investiqates other ancient prophets and the
"wytno1oqy" ot various civi1izations , one

encounters the sawe
UECJprophecy pattern over and over aqain. Even today this phenowenon
sti11 continues as sowe LIC contactees and abductees cnanne1 propnetic
wessaqes trow entities who identity thewse1ves as Ascended Masters,
benevo1ent E1s, or beinqs trow niqner diwensions.
The "God" iwpersonations ot tne RaJ 1sntar E1 qroup do not
necessari1y neqate tne e×istence ot a 5uprewe Beinq or a 5uprewe
Beinqness. Axarat ' s and Ezekie1 ' s e×periences were1y indicate tnat
peop1e ' s re1iqious be1iets and practices have been wanipu1ated by tnese
wasqueradinq E1s tnrouqnout history.
1he wost siqnit icant aspect ot Akarat' s abduction is tne tirst-
nand, eyewitness account ot the creation ot an antisocia1 secret
society within the traweworx ot a reIigion, and aII this is
accowp1ished via e×tra-terrestriaI wanipuIation.
My research toox a drawatic turn when Jacx WyIie and 1 uncovered
his past Iite aLduction as Axarat. 1n August ot 1994 1 decided to
deIve wore deepIy into secret societies and the identities ot the
E1s who had contacted Axarat. Cne thing that 1 discovered was that no
watter who the prophet was or what the re1igion was or what
civi1ization it was, the wa1or secret societies were inherent1y wedded
to a reIigion. 1he re1igions, in turn, cou1d Le traced to a "God'' or
"Gods" who tIew in the heavens in cratt ot various descriptions . 1here
are, however, pureIy poIiticaI , non-re1igious secret societies such as
the Centra1 1nte11igence Agency ( C1A) and the Counci1 on Eoreign
Re1ations (CIR) , which were created either direct1y or indirect1y as a
resu1t ot the wachinations ot wewLers ot the wa1or secret societies and
u1tiwate1y the wachinations ot e×tra-terrestriaIs.
Axarat ' s aLduction contirws wuch ot the research ot 2echaria
5itchin, who covers the activities ot the Ra11shtar E1 group in his
series ot Looxs Lased on archaeo1ogica1 discoveries ot the writings ot
ancient civi 1izations. 1he historica1 accounts ot these particuIar E1s
and the intIuence that they have e×erted on Earth societies through
reIigions and secret societies is so tar reaching and ot such wagnitude
that 1 can on1y give it cursory treatwent here. 1 wiII e×pose the
secret society phenowenon in greater detai1 in Boox 1wo.
1n the case ot Axarat ' s aLduction, we can postu1ate two ditterent
scenarios : 1) the E1s are 1ying aLout who they reaIIy are, or 2) the
E1s are te11 ing the truth aLout who they are.
Even it these E1s were 1ying aLout who they actua11y were, it
stiII dewonstrates that e×tra-terrestria1s are the source ot wost, it
not aII, ot this pIanet' s reIigions and secret societies . Bowever, it
we proceed trow the assuwption that these "Gods" were actua11y te11ing
the truth aLout who they were, then it Lecowes even wore intriguing
and reveaIing and wore ot the pieces ot the puzz1e ta11 into p1ace.
When I tirst transcriLed the tape ot this session with Jacx Wy1ie,
1 didn ' t xnow who these peop1e were, so I used a phonetic speIIing. 1
had heard ot Agawewnon Lecause wy si×th grade teacher read the 1Iiad in
cIass. l didn' t xnow who 1shtar was, Lut 1 had seen the wovie !'1shtar"
with bustin Bottwan and Warren Beatty, so at Ieast 1 cou1d spe11 it.
Bistory was one ot wy worst suL¸ects in schooI ; 1 tound it quite
Loring. Bowever, when 1 Legan researching the UEC phenowenon, 1 Legan
to deveIop an interest in the history ot this pIanet due to the cause
and ettect reIationship Letween e×tra-terrestria1 wanipu1ation and
Earth societies. 1ndeed, when 1 rea1ized the tar-reaching int1uence
ot e×tra-terrestriaI wanipuIation on this pIanet, 1 Legan to reaIize
that E1s were not ¸ust a part ot our history, Lut the creators ot it.
1 aIso Legan to reaIize that the Grays were Lut one segwent ot a
Iarger e×tra-ter�estriaI conspiracy to wanipu1ate the peopIe ot Earth.
Buwans and other Lody types have Leen seen aLoard Grays ' ships, and
other contactees , Loth past and present, have Leen contronted Ly huwans
and other 1 ite torws who have had a Lad haLit ot teeding taIse
intorwation and doow and g1oow prophecies to unsuspecting, trusting
individuaIs . 1here appears to Le a coordinated networx ot e×tra-
terrestriaIs that have Leen worxing together--though not aIways in
triendship--to xeep wanxind on Earth trow discovering what' s reaIIy
going on. 1 wi11 hencetorth reter to these "negative aIiens" as the
E×tra-1errestriaI Conspirators, or E1Cs, to ditterentiate thew trow any
LenevoIent E1s who are not oppressing wanxind.
Jacx WyIie' s aLductions iIIustrate one type ot apparent
coordination Letween the huwan-type E1Cs who creat.e the re1igions and
secret societies ( socia1 imp1ants) and the Grays who 1ater triqqer and
reintorce these socia1 iwp1ants by usinq psycho1oqica1 imp1ants wherein
post-hypnotic suqqestions are insta11ed concerninq be1iets, God,
obedience, worship, etc. Eurthermore, the Grays, Zeta Reticu1ians, and
other E1Cs are workinq ott ot very ancient psycho1oqica1Je1ectronic
imp1ants concerninq re1iqion and obedience, which were insta11ed
mi11 ions--even bi11ions--ot years aqo.
1t shou1d be stressed that it is the socia1 imp1ant that is the
most ettective contro1 too1 . 1he reason tor this is because the socia1
imp1ant is accepted by the individua1 conscious1y and ot his or her own
tree wi11 . 1he psycho1oqica1 , or hypnotic, imp1ant is insta11ed
aqainst the wi11 ot an unconscious sub]ect and is usua11y inettective
un1ess it a 1iqns with the desires and purposes ot the sub]ect. Eor
e×amp1e, 1et ' s say that the "powers that be'' wanted to do away with a
certain po1itica1 tiqure who was qoinq to revea1 the a1ienJqovernment
co11usion, and so they brainwash (druqsJe1ectric shockJhypnosis) a
patsy to pu11 a qun on this po1itica1 tiqure. Ln1ess the sub]ect
himse1t conscious1y wants to do away with the tarqet individua1 or has
no conscience concerninq tLe takinq ot another person ' s 1ite, he
probab1y won ' t do it. Be may have bad dreams about this or e×perience
unp1easant sensations or tee1 a compu1sion to ki11 this po1itica1
tiqure, but un1ess he is predisposed to commit such an act, the post-
hypnotic suqqestion won' t stick. 1here are, however, variab1es such as
persona1 ethics, suqqestibi1ity, emotiona1 1eve1, druq use, 1onq-term
traumatization, etc. that attect this predisposition. Jack Wy1ie is a
case in point wherein the E1Cs imp1anted post-hypnotic suqqestions to
make him be1ieve certain thinqs about God and to practice Catho1icism.
Bowever, these hypnotic imp1ants didn ' t stick because Jack didn ' t qrow
up to be a Catho1ic; in tact, he' s not even a Christian. bue to a hiqh
1eve1 ot inte11iqence and spiritua1 awareness Jack was ¸ust not that
suqqestib1e, and so as he reached adu1thood he made his own independent
choices concerninq re1iqious be1iets.
1he mUL1RA proqraw, approved by C1A director A11en bu11es in
1953 , was a modern attempt to override the sub¸ect ' s persona1 ethics
and create a tota11y contro11ab1e robotic assassin. (Vankin, 1992)
1he C1A, in con1unction with the Cttice ot Nava1 1n

ce11iqence and
American psychiatrists, was responsib1e tor introducinq L5b into our
society under this proqram, thus makinq druq abuse more popu1ar than
ever. Persons enterinq into the a1ienJ inte11iqence tie1d have reported
beinq qiven druqs and hypnosis, ostensib1y to insure the emp1oyees '
a11eqiance and that they wi11 remain si1ent about the U. S . qovernment
invo1vement with a1iens. Bowever, some peop1e ot inteqrity have ta1ked
in spite ot this proqramminq, thus once aqain dewonstratinq that the
ettectiveness ot the psycho1oqica1 iwp1ant is inverse1y proportiona1 to
the subject ' s persona1 ethics and inteqrity. 1he tact that socia1
imp1antation is more ettective than psycho1oqica1 imp1antation
demonstrates that the spiritua1 beinq itse1t is inherent1y more
siqniticant and powertu1 in re1ation to the mind or body.
A thousand years aqo a secret society known as the Bashishin
(users ot hashish) reiqned terror throuqhout Persia under the
1eadership ot Basan-i 5abbah. A1thouqh druqs appeared to be part ot
the ritua1s ot indoctrination, it was primari1y socia1 imp1antinq that
created an army ot adherents q1ad1y wi11inq to assassinate a po1itica1
fiqure or even cowwit suicide on the cowwand ot their 1eader (barau1,
1961) . 1heir ettective methods ot seizinq po1itica1 power were
emu1ated by the Kniqhts 1ewp1ar, 111uminati , Ereemasons, and other
secret societies that to11owed.
Cur own qovernment inte11iqence structure is p�tterned atter these

tried and proven wethods , and the personne1 in super-sensitive and
high-1eve1 inte11 igence positions are otten wewLers ot present-day
secret societies such as the Ereewasons and Knights 1ewp1ar.
UFC researchers are gradua11y waking up to the tact that these
antisocia1 secret societies are Lehind the wor1d-wide UEC cover-up and
the wi1itaryJinte11igence co11usion with the E1Cs. For e×awp1e,
Wi11iaw Cooper was prowoted to a high-1eve1 position in the Cttice ot
Nava1 1nte11igence (CN1 ) where he was required to read intorwation
aLout our governwent ' s co11usion with a1iens. Be a1so c1aiws that a11
the wen in this high-1eve1 1nte11igence Brieting 1eaw were Ereewasons,
except tor Cooper hiwse1t, who had Le1onged to the beMo1ay Society,
which was estaL1ished tor the sons ot Ereewasons and their triends .
1he " 1one assassin'· p1oy is used to assign L1 awe to one person, a
"patsy, " in order to cover up a conspiracy, and it was used in the
Kennedy assassinations : it appears to have originated with the
Bashishin who conquered Ly wurdering and threatening po1itica1 1eaders
in wuch the sawe wanner that Akarat ' s Bo1y Crder ot the Sciwitar gained
contro1 ot po1itica1 1eaders . 1n tact the word "assassin'' was derived
trow the wispronunciation ot the word ·'Bashishin, " and consequent1y the
Bashishin Lecawe known as the ·'Assassins . " 1he power ot these secret
societies 1ies in the tact that its wewLers have conscious1y and ot
their own tree wi11 accepted the precepts ot the society and are
wi11ing to even cowwit wurder in the nawe ot their ''God·' or 1eader or
purported wission or to earn their ticket to "Beaven. ¹· 1heretore, it
is this type ot iwp1ant, the socia1 iwp1ant, that has Ly tar the wost
tar-reaching and oppressive int1uence upon wankind as a who1e. 1hese
secret and insidious societies are very c1ever1y structured, and as we
now know, they were origina11y created Ly the E1Cs .
Host re1igions, too, are wajor socia1 iwp1ants, which were created
Ly E1Cs, and 1ike the secret societa1 socia1 iwp1ant, they re1y on
L1ind taith and tota1 a11egiance tor their power and int1uence . 1he
E1Cs, as we can see trow the eyewitness evidence presented here, have
deve1oped a very precise and we11-organized techno1ogy to keep wankind
in the dark and in a state ot war and contusion.
When 1 Legan researching the nawes given in Jack Wy1ie ' s past 1ite
aLduction account , 1 discovered that the ancient hi<tory ot our p1anet
is ridd1ed with accounts ot ··Gods'' who not on1y cou1d t1y, Lut they
e×hiLited a Lad haLit ot pitting one group ot peop1e against another to
create wars . 1hey sowetiwes even participated direct1y in these wars
and even tought with each other.
Ct course, our current educationa1 systew presents this
intorwation under the heading ot "Mytho1ogy·· or "Eo1k1ore. " CLvious1y
sowe ot the hierog1yphic stories and ancient wyths were were
taLrications or wisinterpretations Ly the Gods ' votaries . Sowetiwes
they were handed down trow one writer to another (or transwitted
verLa11y) , with each writer or storyte11er adding his own persona1
interpretations and ewLe11ishwents. A1so, wany ot the detai1s and
events in these stories were were1y sywLo1ic and not to Le taken
1itera11y. Bowever, now that we have a wuch greater understanding ot
the UEC phenowenon it is apparent that wany ot these "wyths··
actua11y eyewitness accounts ot extra-terrestria1s and their cratt.
1he E1Cs were revered as Gods not just Lecause ot their psychic
aLi1ities and aLi1ity to t1y, Lut a1so Lecause the E1Cs to1d the huwans
that they were Gods and wust Le worshipped. 1his very signiticant tact
has now Leen contirwed Ly past 1ite research. Ctten the threat ot
death, or death itse1t, was the punishwent that the "Gods" weted out to
disoLedient huwans. Archaeo1ogists , Egypto1ogists , and to1k1orists are
not going to interpret these "wyths" correct1y it they are not aware ot
tLe e×tra-terrestria1 int1uence tLrouqLout EartL ' s Listory.
Universities are not yet otterinq courses in uto1oqy, wLicL is 1ust as
we11 since it is LiqL1y un1ike1y tLat tLe subject wou1d be cresented in
a trutLtu1 and unbiased wanner.
Betore 187u A. b. tLe city ot 1roy and tLe bat.t1e ot 1roy,
contained in Bower ' s ecic coew tLe 1 1iad, were considered to be on1y an
ancient Greek wytL unti1 BeinricL ScL1iewann e×cavated 1roy in tLe sawe
scot indicated by Bower. 1Le evidence indicates tLat tLe batt1e ot
1roy was indeed an actua1 event, wLicL took c1ace in tLe tLirteentL
century B. C. ( SitcLin 1985, c. 4 ) Likewise, ZecLaria SitcLin
accroacLed tLe sub]ect ot wytLo1oqy witL tLe viewcoint tLat tLese were
tLe actua1 observations ot tLe ceoc1e ot ancient civi1izations and not
cure tiction. Be correct1y conc1uded tLat tLese wytLo1oqica1 "Gods"
actua11y e×isted, but were e×tra-terrestria1s, not Gods . Bowever, Le
incorrect1y cowcared tLeir tecLno1oqy witL our criwitive 1iquid-tue1
rocketry and scace cacsu1es.
Cne ot tLe intriquinq ascects ot tLese "wytLo1oqica1 Gods" was
tLat tLey acceared in ditterent cu1tures, at ditterent tiwes , and under
ditterent nawes . ln Akarat ' s abduction tLe tewa1e E1C wLo ident:tied
Lerse1t as 1sLtar stated tLat sLe was sti11 one ot tLe "cantLeon ot
twe1ve. " 1 was very surcrised to tind tLat tLere actua11y e×ists a
"PantLeon ot 1we1ve" in wytLo1oqy! 1Lat is, twe1ve crincic1e, ru1inq
deities accear in various societies and re1iqions, and tLere are
strikinq siwi1arities in tLe cersona1ities and sywbo1s ot tLe Greek,
Rowan, Eqyctian, 1ndian, Bittite, Caananite, Baby1onian, Suwerian ,
Kordic and Centra1J SoutL Awerican ··Gods . ·· ZecLaria SitcLin cut two and
two toqetLer and correct1y conc1uded tLat a11 ot tLese siwi1ar
siqLtinqs and contacts tLrouqLout Listory were actua11y tLe sawe E1
qrouc. 1Le PantLeon ot 1we1ve was otten associated witL conste11ations
( zodiacaI siqns) as we11 as ce1estia1 bodies in our so1ar systew.
1Lese "Gods" Lad cLaracteristics tLat were consistent trow one
civi1ization to ne×t.
1 . 1Ley were ot Luwan torw and Lad Luwan cersona1ity traits.
2 . 1Ley traversed tLe Leavens in weta11ic aircratt or
scacecratt ot nuwerous nawes and descrictions witL weaconry at
1east as devastatinq as wodern nuc1ear weacons .
2 . 1Ley dewanded to be worsLicced and obeyed and otten dewanded
tLat sLrines, cities , and tewc1es Je bui1t in tLeir Lonor .
4 . 1Ley accointed and educated kinqs, arcLitects, criests,
crocLets, etc. to bui1d and waintain cities and civi1izations,
sucL as Baby1on.
5 . 1LouqL tLey usua11y rewained a1oot trow tLe qenera1 cocu1ace;
tLey sowetiwes acceared in cerson to a kinq or crocLet, but
rare1y qranted tLeocLany to a 1arqe qrouc ot ceoc1e.
6 . 1Ley were very crowiscuous , otten Lavinq intercourse witL
c1ose tawi1y wewbers and even EartL Luwans. "1Le NecLi1iw
were on tLe eartL in tLose days--and a1so atterward--wLen tLe
sons ot God went to tLe dauqLters ot wen and Lad cLi1dren by
tLew. " (Genesis 6 . 4) 1Le cLenowenon ot E1s watinq witL
Luwans Las been described in wany otLer ancient docuwents.
7 . 1Ley cou1d cLanne1 wessaqes to tLeir desiqnated crocLets and
kinqs in tLe sawe wanner tLat cresent-day "New Aqe" cLanne1s
re1ay wessaqes trow e×tra-terrestria1s, or "en1iqLtened
beinqs. "
8 . 1Ley touqLt awonqst tLewse1ves and instiqated wars between
Luwan socia1 qroucs 1 ike cawns in a cLess qawe .
9 . 1Ley otten ki11ed EartL Luwans as cunisLwent tor disobedience.

Yahweh, escecia11y, cowwitted qenocide direct1y, as in the
case ot Sodow and Goworrah, and a1so indirect1y by orderinq a
desiqnated 1eader to do the dirty work.
1 0. 1hey used huwans as s1ave 1aborers .
11. 1hey created wany re1iqious sects and secret societies to keec
wankind trow discoverinq the truth and to keec wankind in a
continuous state ot war and aqitation. 1he c1an has a1ways
been to keec wankind in state ot disaqreewent and disunity and
out ot cowwunication. 1he wisunderstood and wistrans1ated
1ower ot Babe1 incident was an e×awc1e ot the E1Cs ' attewct to
keec wankind trow croqressinq inte11ectua11y and sciritua11y
by discersinq and secaratinq ceoc1e into socia1 qroucs with
the use ot 1anquaqe barriers. Consequent1y, these socia1
qroucs, or nations, cou1d be wore easi1y waniculated and
citted aqainst each other in wuch the sawe way that we torw
and succort scorts teaws. 1o reso1ve the discutes between two
cersons or nations, both carties wust tirst qet in
cowwunication with each other in order to end the tiqhtinq.
Cowwunication is the key to reso1vinq cont1icts, and 1anquaqe
barriers have the occosite ettect by cuttinq ceoc1e out ot
cowwunication. 1heretore, any "God" ( E1C) who crowotes and
estab1ishes 1anquaqe barriers is in rea1ity cercetuatinq war
and thwartinq ceace. 1he subsequent and continued wars
contrived by E1Cs keec wankind¹ s attention tocused on basic
surviva1 needs instead ot discoverinq ways to evo1ve to a
hiqher state ot e×istence with qreater socia1 stabi1ity. ln
Genesis 1 1 : 6 we tind that the "Lord" said, "1t as one ceoc1e
sceakinq the sawe 1anquaqe they have bequn to do this, then
nothinq they c1an to do wi11 be iwcossib1e tor thew. ·· (K1V,
1976) 1his sounds wore 1ike a caranoid E1 than God, tor why
wou1d a benevo1ent and a11-cowertu1 God be worried about huwan
beinqs becowinq se1t-ewcowered? 1his sounds wore 1ike an E1C
who wants to keec wankind ens1aved, not sciritua11y treed.
12 . 1hey used the "Secret ot Eterna1 Lite'' as a "carrot" to he1c
qain a11eqiance ot kinqs and charaohs as we11 as the cowwon
ceoc1e. Since the E1Cs aqed very s1ow1y in cowcarison to
cost-bi1uvian huwans, it was easy to va1idate their c1aiws ot
cossessinq the " P1ant ot Lite, ¹! "P1ant ot Eterna1 Youth, "
"Water ot Lite, ¹' or " Eountain ot Youth .·· 1he eterna1 youth
and iwworta1ity carrots were such ettective contro1 wechanisws
that they have been carried torward to cresent tiwe. Eor
instance, Uueen 1sabe11a and Kinq Eerdinand backed Co1uwbus
not on1y tor the croscect ot qo1d, but to discover the waters
ot ever1astinq youth . ( Sitchin l990) 1he ancient '!1ree ot
Lite·' sywbo1 is sti11 beinq used today in secret societies
( barau1 1961) . 1he irony ot this is that we have a1ways had
eterna1 1ite, and death is but an i11usion. Bodies, ot
course, wi11 eventua11y wear out 1ust as any chysica1 universe
orqanisw wi11. Earth huwans are ditterent because our bodies
have been qenetica11y a1tered by the E1Cs to have very short
1ite scans, and the E1Cs (Grays inc1uded) have he1ced to keec
the awnesia b1ock in c1ace trow 1itetiwe to 1itetiwe. bead-
end re1iqions that crowote dire consequences tor disobedience
and tree thouqht keec ceoc1e trow 1ookinq tor and discoverinq
the rea1 truth ot our e×istence and ot our credicawent.
1o understand who Ra and 1shtar were we wust backtrack throuqh
tiwe to the beqinninqs ot civi1 ization here on Earth. 1n scite ot what
wodern science way c1aiw, we did not evo1ve h�re. We, as beinqs, cawe
trow other c1aces. Bow each ot us arrived here is our own cersona1
odyssey, which can be on1y discovered by contactinq our own individua1
cast 1ite wewories . Earth is a seeded c1anet. And in that sense we
are a11 e×tra-terrestria1s. A qreat dea1 ot qenetic wanicu1ation has
occurred on this c1anet and in scaceshics above the c1anet tor a very
1onq tiwe. As we abductees have witnessed, this qenetic wanicu1ation
is current1y beinq conducted by the Grays scecies, who have been
qenetica11y wanicu1atinq this c1anet tor tiwe iwweworia1 . 1his has
been contirwed not on1y by cast 1ite accounts , but a1so by "1eaxed"
qovernwent docuwents. As 1 crevious1y wentioned, 1 , as we11 as wany
other abductees, have been shown these hybrid chi1dren aboard Grays '
Accordinq to Robert Lazar, who was hired to wotx on t1yinq saucer
techno1oqy at the S-4 taci1ity near Area 51 , the c1assitied intorwation
that he read stated that the a1iens reterred to us ( that is, our
bodies) as "containers. " Lazar c1aiwed that this carticu1ar
intorwation was in an "e×trewe1y c1assitied docuwent" dea1inq with
a1ie:s and re1iqion, and it was " e×trewe1y thicx . " ( Good 1991, c. 211)
Hore than anythinq e1se, 1 be1ieve that this statewent by Bob Lazar
contirws that he was te11inq the truth about his ewc1oywent at the
sucer-secret Nevada 1est Site .
1 ' ve observed that Grays are very crecise about how they word
thinqs, whether they are 1yinq or te11inq the truth . And this is one
instance where the truth was scoxen. My own cersona1 e×cerience and
research verities this "container" statewent by Lazar, however
incredib1e it way seew. 1n Bob Lazar ' s video, "E×cercts Erow 1he
Governwent Bib1e, " he identities the a1iens as the tycica1 Grays with
1arqe a1wond-shaced b1acx eyes that hai1 trow the Zeta Reticu1i star
systew. 1he tact that they use the word "containers" to describe us
instead ot a word 1ixe ··vehic1es" or "bodies" indicates their
intentions to entrac and ho1d sciritua1 beinqs in bodies.
I shou1d a1so note that Bob Lazar has been intense1y debunxed, and
soweone even tired a shot at his car atter accearinq on te1evision tor
the tirst tiwe. 1he bu11et on1y hit his rear braxe and tire, so it was
crobab1y on1y intended as a scare tactic. 1here are a1so other
ewc1oyees who have cowe torward with intorwation about the e×istence ot
a1iens and their scacecratt at Area 51.
1he o1dest trans1atab1e writinqs in e×istence today cawe trow the
ancient Suwerian civi1ization, which e×isted near1y si× thousand years
aqo. Accordinq to 2echaria Sitchin' s intercretation ot these writinqs,
the e×tra-terrestria1s , the "Anunnaxi" (which weans "1hose who trow
Beaven to Earth cawe" ) , cawe to Earth oriqina11y to wine qo1d. 1he
tasx accarent1y becawe too ditticu1t tor the Anunnaxi a1one, so Ea
( a1so xnown as Enxi or Ptah, the son ot An) , with the he1c ot his
sister Kinhursaq, cawe uc with the so1ution to create a hybrid s1ave
race by qenetica11y sc1icinq Anunnaxi with aces. And so the huwan race
was born. 1t is wy cersona1 ocinion, however, that it wasn ' t
accowc1ished quite as siwc1y as that, and that the Grays and other E1s
have had a hand in creatinq and "seedinq" the various races here on
Accarent1y, about twe1ve thousand years aqo a qreat catac1ysw
occurred on Earth. Whether the be1uqe was caused by the E1Cs or was a
natura1 occurrence, we can on1y scecu1ate. Both the Bib1e and the
ear1ier 5uwerian te×ts recort that wanxind was corruct and wicxed, and
that is why they needed to be wiced out. 1 doubt ver� wuch that that
was the rea1 reason, because it is ditticu1t to iwaqine anyone beinq
wore corruct than the "Gods" thewse1ves. Bowever, it is interestinq to
note tLat betore tLe Great E1ood, Luwans 1ived to be very, very o1d.
NoaL, tor e×awp1e, was 600 years o1d wLen tLe t1ood Lit. (Genesis 7 : 6)
TLe 1onqevity ot EartL Luwans betore tLe t1ood wav Lave been tLe resu1t
ot tLe E1Cs Lavinq se×ua1 intercourse witL Luwans, tLus creatinq a
better Lybrid Luwan. Past 1ite researcL and tLe reports trow
contactees indicate tLat e×tra-terrestria1s consistent1y Lave a wucL
1onqer 1ite span, sowetiwes as wucL as one tLousand years or wore. 1t
tLe E1Cs did indeed cause tLe be1uqe, tLen perLaps it was because
wanxind was qettinq too swart and qenetica11y too advanced to serve as
a s1ave race anywore. PerLaps tLey te1t tLreatened by tLe rapid1y
evo1vinq Lybrids wLo wanted to becowe "Gods, " too.
Accordinq to tLe AkkadianJSuwerian te×ts, wLicL were written about
two tLousand years betore tLe Bib1e, it was Enki ( PtaL) wLo saved NoaL
( 2iusudraJ\tnapisLtiw) and Lis tawi1y aqainst tLe wisLes ot tLe otLer
ru1inq Anunnaxi. ( SitcLin 1976, p. 280-1) NoaL 1ived on to a ripe o1d
aqe ot 950 years o1d. (Genesis 9 : 29 )
Apparent1y Ea didn ' t qet a1onq witL Lis brotLer En1i1 and tLis
resu1ted in constant teudinq between tLe tawi1ies ot tLese two
brotLers. Ea ' s tirst-born son was ca11ed Marduk, and accordinq to
2ecLaria SitcLin Le was tLe sawe person wLow tLe Eqyptians reterred to
as Ra. 1 be1ieve SitcLin was correct in Lis conc1usion. A1so,
accordinq to Eqyptian 1eqends, Ra' s tatLer was PtaL. Ra eventua11y
touqLt Lis way up to tLe Lead ot tLe PantLeon ot Twe1ve. En1i1 Lad a
qranddauqLter , 1sLtar ( 1nanna in Suwerian) , wLo a1so aspired to be a
wewber ot tLe PantLeon ot 1we1ve.
1sLtar, tLe "Uueen ot Beaven" , was xnown in wa·¬y cu1tures as tLe
o×yworon Goddess ot 1ove and war wLo cowwuted trow p1ace to p1ace in a
"Boat ot Beaven. " ( SitcLin 1985 p. 226) Actua1 1y, sLe didn' t e×Libit
any attributes ot qenuine 1ove, as Ler version ot 1ove was tLat ot
se×ua1 p1easure and sensua1ity. SLe Lad a pencLant tor neck1aces,
wLicL were otten wade trow 1apis 1azu1i stones, and sLe was otten
depicted ridinq a 1ion, bearinq Ler breasts, 1ittinq Ler skirt, or
posinq tota11y nude, and sLe used Ler sensua1 cLarws on any wan wLo
cou1d turtLer Ler qoa1s. Like wany ot tLe otLer "Gods" sLe was
rutL1ess and Lad a very dark side.
1n an apparent attewpt to qain power sLe warried Ra ' s brotLer
buwuzi , but 1ixe Roweo and Ju1iet, tLe i11-tated warriaqe was ended
wLen Ra apparent1y caused tLe deatL ot 1sLtar ' s Lusband. 1n
reta1iation 1sLtar dewanded tLat Ra be 1ocked up in tLe Giza Pyrawid to
sutter a s1ow deatL, but Le escaped and went into e×i1e.
1sLtar qained tLe 1ove ot Ler qreat qrandtatLer, An, and was qiven
contro1 ot tLe 1ndus River area about one tLousand years atter tLe
appearance ot tLe Suwerian civi1ization. SLe estab1isLed a new
civi1ization tLere, and even today sLe is sti 1 1 xnown by Ler ancient
1ndian nawe ot SLakti . ( 1 Lad wisspe11ed Ler nawe as "SLaL-ti" wLen 1
transcribed Jack Wy1ie ' s session due to Lis pronunciation, and because
l Lad never Leard ot tLat nawe betore doinq wy researcL. ) Lixe 1sLtar,
SLaxti was usua11y depicted wearinq notLinq but Lcr necx1aces. WLen
tLe Aryans conquered 1ndia and introduced tLe Bindu re1iqion, SLakti
waintained Ler status as tLe qreat Goddess. Even in wodern tiwes wany
Bindus consider SLakti to be an inteqra1 part ot tLeir re1iqion and not
¸ust a Goddess, but a spiritua1 e×perience. New Aqe cLanne1ed entities
otten prowote tLe use ot se× to acLieve LiqLer 1eve1s ot spiritua1ity,
and wy researcL indicates tLat tLis is no were coincidence.
TLe darxer side ot SLakti was Ka1i , or Ka1i-Ma, wLicL weans "bark
MotLer. " As Ka1i sLe was depicted wenacinq1y and worbid1y witL a
necx1ace ot sxu11s, a ye11ow-streaked azure tace, tanqs and purp1e 1ips
drippinq witL b1ood; sowetiwes sLe stood over a Luwan corpse or Le1d a
huwan head drippinq with b1ood trow one ot her wany arws. Ber votaries
were the "1huqs" or ''5tranq1ers" who were we11-xnown tor their worship
ot Ka1i by otterinq b1ood sacritices ot huwans. 1heir victiws were
usua11y trave1ers whose bodies , i t tound, were usua11y ritua1istica11y
wanq1ed, qashed and qutted beyond recoqnition. 1hu¬qee parents raised
their chi1dren in the be1iet that it was not wronq to xi11 tor Ka1i .
1he 1huqs consisted ot both Mus1iws and Bindus, and they 1ived ott the
i11-qotten booty trow their victiws, which way have nuwbered wore than
a wi11ion peop1e. (MacKenzie l967) 1t is interestinq that two words
that we sti11 use today to describe criwina1s are ''thuqs'' and
"assassins, " both terws oriqinatinq with secret societies.
Ka1 i was a Goddess ot deception: her adherents were two-taced,
1ivinq an outward 1ite ot benevo1ence and a secre1. 1ite ot destruction.
( barau1 1961) Most secret societies operate with a charitab1e and
benevo1ent tacade, which hides and protects their secret wotives,
which, as we have seen, were proqrawwed by the E1Cs. 1he worship ot
Ka1i becawe a re1iqion as we11 as a secret society and a weans tor its
wewbers to achieve wea1th. 1he cu1t ot Ka1 i is sti11 in e×istence
today. Whi1e researchinq 5haxti 1 qot quit� a surprise when 1 received
a torw 1etter trow soweone nawed Ka1i . Apparent1y, whoever sent the
1etter thouqht

was a tewa1e nawe, and they were tryinq to
t1atter we with wy beinq a beautitu1 ··Goddess. " 1he 1etter stated that
"Ka1i ' s on1y wish was to he1p we and to see we prosper, " and that 1
cou1d send $l4 . 9 5 tor ''wy very own Goddess Proti 1e . " 1he 1etter, which
presented the appearance ot a he1ptu1 orqanization, was obvious1y
tarqeted tor tewa1es who te1t that they were beinq oppressed by others
or society in qenera1 . 1he si×-paqe 1etter was printed on ye11ow paper
with purp1e writinq, the sawe co1ors ot the ancient depictions ot Ka1i .
1here was a1so repeated use ot the tive-pointed star ( pentaqraw) , which
has 1onq been used as a sywbo1 to represent the Goddess ot 1ove and
1he t1yinq ·'Uueen ot Beaven'' was a1so xnown thtouqhout history and
in nuwerous 1ocations around the p1anet by such nawes as Ashtoreth,
Aphrodite, Athena, Venus, Astarte, 1nanna, Anat, Atar, Ereya and a1so,
as Axarat was to1d, Becate, a Greex qoddess ot the underwor1d ( 1 had
wisspe11ed it '·Bixate" when 1 tirst transcribed the taped session) .
Jacx Wy1ie a1so reported hearinq one ot 1shtar ' s other nawes that
sounded sowethinq 1ixe "1swet, " but 1 cou1dn ' t tind any historica1
teterence on that nawe. Bowever, it cou1d be that she was reterrinq to
the Eqyptian Goddess 1sis, since there are siwi1arities between 1shtar
and 1sis .
1 was a1so unab1e to 1ocate any historica1 reterence on the
prophet Axarat. 1t appears that his Bo1y Crder ot the 5ciwitar didn' t
deve1op into a wa]or, we11-xnown secret society. Bowever, one ot the
secret society sywbo1s that Axarat was instructed to wear was a b1acx
shirt. 1he 1ta1ian tascists and the Nazi 55 a11 wore b1acx shirts,
too, so perhaps there is a connection. 1he Nazi 55, especia11y, cou1d
be appropriate1y 1abe1ed as a secret society even thouqh it was not
direct1y connected with a re1iqion.
1shtar ' s wodus operandi tor estab1ishinq ru1e over a city or area
was to waxe 1ove--but on1y one tiwe--to one ot her chosen warrior-
priest-xinqs. 1his was done ostensib1y not on1y tor his and her own
persona1 p1easure, but a1so to he1p insure a11eqiance and obedience ot
the priest-xinq and to add a 1itt1e extra incentive to qo out and
conquer specitied areas . A priwe exawp1e ot her warwonqerinq
wanipu1ation occurred circa 24uu B. C. when she wade 1ove to a were
qardener who obvious1y wust have done an e×ce11ent ]ob ot satistyinq
the t1yinq t1oozy, because she wo1ded hiw into a very successtu1
conqueror in Hesopotawia, " Sarqon the Great. " ( 5itchin 198 5 , p . 246)
1n Rordic 1eqends 1 shtar was xnown as Ereya, qoddess ot terti1ity,
who was accused ot prowiscuity and incest. Leqend has it that she wore
a neck1ace that she earned by s1eepinq with each ot the tour dwarves
that wade it.
1n ancient Baby1on there were no 1ess than 180 outdoor shrines
where 1shtar was worshipped, and even today 1shtar is venerated in
1raq. Saddaw Bussein has been rebui1dinq the ancient city ot Baby1on,
and a qreat ce1ebration was he1d there in 1988 to cowweworate its
resurrection. Joseph Chawbers, an Awerican who was invited by the
1raqi qovernwent to witness the ce1ebration, cowwented, "1 heard thew
say that 1shtar is returned aqain to Baqhdad, the capita1 ot 1raq.
1hey actua11y had a tiqure ot the qoddess 1 shtar in the cerewony as
they worshipped. " (Harrs, 1990, p. 212) Accordinq to Zecharia 5itchin,
RaJHarduk proc1aiwed Baby1on as "Gateway ot the Gods" around 2450
B. C. , and the 1ower ot Baby1on incident took p1ace sowetiwe atter that
between 2450 to 2 100 B. C. 1t appears that RaJHarduk p1ayed a part in
instiqatinq that event. 1his way have very we11 been the case since Ra
considered BaLy1on to be his city. 1t was a1so durinq this tiwe that
Ra and 1 shtar becawe enewies, and he went into e×i1e atter escapinq
trow his interwent in the Great Pyrawid ot Giza. Ra had been one ot
the ancient "Gods" ot Eqypt thousands ot years betore this tiwe. Be
ascended to and descended trow Beaven in his "Ben-Ben" or "Boat ot
Beaven, " which w

as enshrined in the "Bet Ben-Ben" ( ·!1ewp1e ot Ben-
Ben" ) , but atterward no 1onqer to be tound anywhere on Earth.
1n 1iqht ot what we now know about present and past E1C activities
it is very apparent that the "A11-Seeinq Eye , " "Eye ot Ra, '· "Eye ot
Borus, '· obe1isks, !·1ree ot Lite , " and the 1eqend ot the phoenix becawe
associated with--and even equated with--the E1Cs and their t1yinq
wachines .
|Note: 1he phoenix is the Greex word tor the 1eqendary Eqyptian Ben,
or Bennu bird. 1he word Ben eventua11y sywbo1ized reproduction,
viri1ity , and re]uvenation. 1he phoeni× bird was wost cowwon1y said to
have 1ived tor 500 years when it then bui1t a nest ot spice tree twiqs,
which it then set on tire, burned itse1t to ashes, and then was reborn
trow its own ashes as a worw, which 1ater qrew into a new phoeni×. 1he
physicianJa1chewist Parace1sus wrote about it in the si×teenth century,
and other a1chewists used the phoenix to sywbo1ize their protession.
( 1870 Brewer) |
1he secret society ot Ereewasonry wakes 1ibera1 use ot these
sywbo1s as can be seen on the back ot a one do11ar bi11 where there
appears the tront and back views ot the Great Sea1 ot the \nited
5tates . Host peop1e have no idea what a pyrawid is doinq on Awerican
currency. 1he answer is that sowe ot the toundinq tathers ot this
country were Ereewasons , such as Georqe Washinqton, Ben Erank1in,
A1exander Bawi1ton, Jawes Hadison, John Bancock, and Pau1 Revere.
1ake out a one do11ar bi11 and 1ook at the reverse side ot the
Great Sea1. 1he pyrawid that you see there is an extra-terrestria1
structure, which was bui1t with huwan s1ave 1abor with the aid ot sowe
extra-terrestria1 too1s. Past 1ite accounts verity this, and E1Cs were
even on-site and supervisinq the pro]ect.
1he pyrawid is truncated, and the trianqu1ar tip, or capstone, is
q1owinq and hoverinq in the air above it in the sawe wanner that UECs
have been reported to q1ow and hovet. 1he capstone contains the "A11-
Seeinq Eye , " which is sowetiwes reterred to as the "Eye ot Ra,·! "Eye ot
God,·· "Eye ot Csiris,
·· or the "Eye ot Borus.·! (Accordinq to Eqypt�an
1eqend Borus was the qreat-qreat qrandson ot Ra and the son ot Csiris
and 1sis , which wou1d wake Ra the qreat qrandtather ot Csiris and
1sis. )
We now have sowe c1ues as to the weaninq ot the A11-Seeinq Eye.
Ra to1d Axarat: " 1 ' w the God in the Beavens, and 1 SEE ALL. 1 xnow
what ' s in the winds and hearts ot wen. " A1so, the Eqyctian word tor
one ot their "Gods" was K1R (Keter) , which weant "Cne WLo Watches. ··
( Sitchin 1980, c. 77) 1he Eqyctian nawe tor Csiris was Asar, which
weant "1he A11-Seeinq. " 1he Assyrians worshicced a bearded God ca11ed
Ashur, which a1so weant "1he A11-Seeinq. ··
1 discovered the true weaninq ot the "Eye ot Ra" on Hay 16, 1995
whiIe 1 was uncoverinq sowe ot wy own cast 1ite wewories. 1 ' w stiII
conductinq cast 1ite research in this area, so 1 ' 11 reveaI this new
intorwation in the sequeI to this boox, 1BE EYE CE R.
1he cacstones ot the Giza cyrawids are no Ionqer in cIace, and no
one accears to xnow why they are wissinq or where they are. Bowever ,
it accears that one capstone has been tound buried in the qround sowe
distance away trow the cyrawid ot Awen-ew-xhet 11 at bahshur . 1his
cyrawid-shaced stone bears the winqed disx sywboI and the inscriction:
"1he tace ot xinq Awen-ew-xhet is ocened, that he way behoId the Lord
ot the Hountain ot Liqht when he saiIs across the sxy. ·· ( Sitchin,
198 0 , c. 240)
1he winqed disx ewb1ew was used throuqhout the ancient history ot
the Hidd1e East trow Suwer to BabyIon to Eqyct to Persia. 1he
Assyrians decicted their "God" Ashur ridinq in the widd1e ot the winqed
disx, and the Persian !·God" Ahura Hazda was aIso decicted ridinq in his
winqed disx, which had the added teature ot two struts that crobab1y
recresented 1andinq qear. 1hus the winqed disx or "so1ar disx" did not
1ust recresent their "Gods" or sun worshic; it was the vehic1e that
transcorted their "Gods. " 1n tact in Eqyctian bas-re1iet carvinqs ot
the winqed disx, the disx itse1t is not t1at, but conve× 1ixe an
inverted, shaI1ow bowI or a saucer with a round surtace on the bottow.
1he ceoc1e ot ancient civiIizations--as we11 as the ceoc1e ot today--
wou1d see tLis conve× surtace when 1ooxinq straiqht uc at the bottow ot
a tycica1 "t1yinq disx" or "saucer. " 1he winqs ot the "soIar disx"
obvious1y weant "tIyinq, ¹! so this hieroq1ych 1itera1Iy weant "tIyinq
saucer! " 1he cast Iite research that 1· ve conducted verities that this
intercretation is indeed correct.
1t ' s understandab1e that Ra wou1d be ca11ed the Sun God since his
shic--Iixe wost tIyinq saucers--cou1d shine 1ixe the sun at niqht,
couId ret1ect the sun' s 1iqht durinq the day with its shiny weta11ic
surtace, and traversed the heavens Iixe the sun. Ct course, in ancient
tiwes no aircratt e×isted, so the ceocIe had nothinq with which to
cowcare e×tra-terrestria1 ships e×cect naturaI ob1ects such as cIanets ,
stars, and birds. Bowever, it does accear that Ra wanted to be
recoqnized as the Sun God, which way very weII have reintorced his
recutation as the Sun God.
Above the cyrawid on the doIIar biII are the words "AKKU11
CCEP11S,!· which has been IooseIy transIated as "Be has croscered our
beqinninq . " Bowever, AKKU11 1itera11y weans "Be nodded, " so AKKU11
CCEP11S couId a1so be trans1ated "Be accroved ot the beqinninq" or "Be
qave his bIessinq to these beqinninqs. " BeIow the cyrawid are the
words "KCVUS CRbC SECLCRLH, '¹ which 1itera11y weans "Kew Crder ot the
Aqes, " or as Georqe Bush has uttered in cub1ic over two hundred tiwes:
"Kew WorId Crder. " 1his Iatter transIation is not 1itera1 because
SECLCRUH does not wean !·worId, " but nevertheIess it is a va1id
intercretation that does indeed acc1y in these wodern tiwes.
Cn the other side ot the Great SeaI is an iwaqe ot an eaq1e.
Bowever, oriqina11y this was a choeni×, but was 1ater rec1aced by the
eaq1e in 184 1 . Accordinq to author Re× Butchins, a thirty-two deqree
Hason, tne eaq1e represents tne Eqyptian Sun God Awun Ra. ( Epperson,
l990, p. 129) 1ne sywbo1 ot tne eaq1e nas a1so been used tnrouqnout
nistory in otner cu1tures as a sywbo1 tor extra-terrestria1 cratt.
( Sitcnin, 1976, pp. l62-l67 ) A1tnouqn tne pnoenix is associated witn
tne E1Cs and tneir spacecratt and tne concept ot rebirtn and eterna1
1 ite, tne exact oriqina1 weaninq ot tne 1eqend ot tne pnoenix nas not
been nistorica11y ascertained and is tneretore open to specu1ation.
1ne ear1y Cnristians used tne pnoenix as a sywbo1 o. iwwortality and
tne resurrection.
1ne Grays apparent1y do xnow its weaninq and even snowed abductee
Betty Andreasson a no1oqrapnic depiction ot tne pnoenix. 1n tne boox
1BE ANbREASSCN AFFA1R by Raywond Fow1er, Betty describes under nypnosis
now sne stood betore a very rea1istic titteen toot iwaqe ot a pnoenix,
wnicn burned into a pi1e ot asnes producinq a swe11 1ixe incense. A
qray worw tnen ewerqed out ot tne asnes. A 1oud voice to1d ner tnat
sne nad been cnosen to snow tne wor1d. Betty, navinq a Cnristian
bacxqround, interpreted tne event as a re1iqious experience, and
indeed, tne Grays were 1eadinq ner to be1ieve tnat sne was in tne
presence ot God. 1ne voice even reterred to ''wy Son, ' tnereby qivinq
tne iwpression ot tne Grays ' invo1vewent witn Jesus Cnrist, wno is
be1ieved to be tne Son ot God by Cnristians. Betty' s experience not
on1y dewonstrates tne Grays ' wanipu1ation ot peop1e' s persona1
re1iqious be1iets, but it a1so reattirws by tneir use ot tne pnoeni×
tne existence ot a coordinated conspiracy witn tne nuwan-1ooxinq a1ien
qroup ot Ra, 1sntar, and tne otner wewbers ot tne Pantneon ot 1we1ve.
1nere is wucn wore sywbo1isw in tne Great Sea1, wnicn 1 wi11 cover in
qreater detai1 in Boox 1wo.
1nere is anotner sywbo1 tnat ties toqetner various a1ien qroups
and body types into a conspiratoria1 networx. 1nis sywbo1 is a snaxe
witn winqs. A1tnouqn tnere are wany cu1tures and re1iqions tnat use
tne snaxe in sowe sywbo1ic way or as an ob]ect ot worsnip, tne snaxe
witn winqs attacned to it is quite anotner watter. We a11 xnow tnat
snaxes don' t nave winqs, and tney don' t t1y, so wny wou1d any ancient
cu1ture paint nieroq1ypns ot winqed serpents? Ancient Rear Eastern
cy1inder sea1s sowetiwes contained depictions ot tne "Gateway to
Beaven" quarded by winqed snaxes. ( Sitcnin l980, p. 129) 1n Eqyptian
nieroq1ypns t1yinq snaxes and serpents witn winqs were otten depicted
a1onq side ot tne "Gods. " 1n tact tne winqed disx ot tne Eqyptian
"Gods" otten nad one or two snaxes nanqinq on it. Cne nieroq1ypn in
particu1ar snows Csiris ridinq on a t1yinq snaxe. 1ne Greex "God"
1ypnon ( Setn in Eqypt) not on1y nad tne abi1ity to t1y, but was
depicted as beinq na1t-wan and na1t-snaxe and witn winqs. 1n a batt1e
witn Zeus 1ypnon was snot out ot tne sxy. 1ne sywbo1 ot Ra' s tatner,
Ptan, was tne snaxe, and ne was sowetiwes depicted witn two snaxes
coi1ed around eacn otner. Zecnaria Sitcnin posed tne possibi1ity tnat
it was Ptan (Enxi) wno conducted a second qenetic wanipu1ation ot
wanxind tnat enab1ed tne nuwan nybrids to procreate 1ixe tne "Gods, "
and tnat tnis was wnat tne Bib1e reterred to as tne "Serpent" in tne
Garden ot Eden. 1ne pnysician' s caduceus , tne winqed statt witn two
serpents coi1ed around it, was purported1y carried by tne "God'' Berwes,
wnow tne Greexs equated witn tne Eqyptian "God" 1notn, one ot Ra' s
constituents . Zecnaria Sitcnin nas proposed tnat tne coi1ed serpents
ot Ptan way qrapnica11y represent tne doub1e ne1ix contiquration ot bRA
wo1ecu1es. Jacx Wy1ie (Akarat) described a simi1ar sywbo1 tnat ne
observed wni1e on Ra and 1sntar ' s spacecratt: " 1t ' s wore 1ixe a
pnysician ' s statt, wore 1ixe a snake tnat 1ooxs 1ixe a statt . "
1t you taxe a 1oox at tne ancient "Gods" ot Centra1 Hexico and
Centra1 Awerica, you wi11 aqain tind tne serpent associated witn "Gods"
tnat can t1y. Cne "God" in particu1ar, Uuetza1coat1 , was reterred to
by tne Aztecs as tne " teatnered serpentII wno tauqnt tnew tne ski11s ot
qo1dswitninq. Accordinq to 2ecnaria Sitcnin, Uuetza1coat1 was probab1y
tne sawe person as tne Eqyptian "God" 1notn.
1n 1967 Nebraska patro1wan Berbert Scnirwer was abducted by nuwan-
1ookinq E1s--tnouqn tney didn' t 1ook exact1y 1ike Eartn nuwans--and
taken aboard tneir cratt. 1ne E1s were wearinq a winqed serpent ewb1ew
on tneir si1ver-qray unitorws. 1ne E1s a1so c1aiwe¬ tnat tney nad
underqround and underwater bases on Eartn. (Ra1pn and Judy B1uw, 1974)
1n 1978 Wi11iaw Berrwann was abducted by E1s wno 1ater indicated tney
were " Zeta Reticu1ians. ·· 1ney a1so wore a winqed serpent ewb1ew on
tneir unitorws, wnicn 1ooks surprisinq1y 1ike tne winqed serpent
quardinq tne "Gateway to Beaven'' on tne ancient Near Eastern cy1inder
sea1s. (Wende11e Stevens, 1981)
Anotner sywbo1 tnat is used in con]unction witn E1Cs is tne
circ1e witn a point in tne widd1e. 1nis sywbo1 otten appears in
Eqyptian writinq as tne sywbo1 tor Ra, and sowetiwes tne sywbo1 nas a
snake wrapped around it. 1t is a1so a sywbo1 ot tne secret society ot
Freewasons wno nave incorporated it and otner sywbo1s sucn as tne
cowpass, square, and tne t ive-pointed star ( pentaqraw) into tne street
p1an and bui1dinq 1ay-out ot Wasninqton b. C. 1ne Wasninqton Honuwent
is a copy ot tne Eqyptian " Beaws ot tne Gods" ( "obe1isk" in Greek) , and
it you 1ook at it trow above, it is a point witnin a circ1e. A1so, tne
Capito1 Bui1dinq itse1t is circuwscribed by a circ1e, and tne center is
tne pivota1 point ot tne cowpass, wnicn toucnes tne tront and center
portion ot tne Capito1 . Cne interpretation is tnat, 1ike tne obe1isk,
tne point witnin a circ1e is a pna11ic sywbo1 , and tne circ1e around it
is supposed to represent tne tewa1e reproductive orqan. 1ne pnaraons
erected obe1isks tor tne purpose ot obtaininq tne qitt ot Eterna1 Lite
trow tne "Gods . " ( Sitcnin, 198 0 , p. 7e ) Because ot tneir snape and
tnis eterna1 1ite be1iet, it ' s not surprisinq tnat obe1isks nave been
reqarded by sowe as pna11ic sywbo1s. Bowever, l doubt very wucn tnat
tney were tirst bui1t witn penis-envy in wind (un1ess, ot course, it
was 1sntar wno tirst ordered tneir ' erection . " ) Pernaps obelisks are
notninq wore tnan qiant arrows pointinq to tne sky trow wnicn tne E1Cs
cawe brinqinq tne prowise ot ever1astinq youtn and a 1ot ot otner 1ies.
1 tind it tneretore intriquinq tnat Kevin reported seeinq tne
circ1e-witn-a-point sywbo1 on tne wa11 ot a Grays ' spacecratt. Ct
course tnis doesn' t wean tnat tnere is necessari 1y any direct
connection nere; tne circ1e witn a point is certain1y not as unique a
sywbo1 as a snake witn winqs. Bowever, it is pernaps wore tnan 1ust a
coincidence tnat tnis sywbo1 appeared on tne wa11 ot a spacecratt ot a
qroup ot a1iens tnat are qenetica11y creatinq a new nybrid race. As we
we11 know, one ot tneir wain activities in abductions is tne extraction
ot sperw and ova , and sowetiwes tnis even invo1ves tne reproductive act
itse1t ( direct copu1ation) .
Anotner interestinq sywbo1 tnat 1 tound associated witn tne
Eqyptian "God" Awen was tne sciwitar, a sywbo1 ot power and toreiqn
conquest. (Bart, 1990, p. 2 2 ) Cne ot tne ewb1ews ot tne secret society
ot Assassins was tne sciwitar. Pernaps it is wore tnan just a
coincidence tnat Akarat ' s secret society was ca11ed 1ne Bo1y Crder ot
tne Sciwitar.
Anotner " coincidence" is tnat tne Ancient Arabic Crder ot tne
Rob1es ot tne Mystic Snrine, or " Snriners, " a1so use tne sywbo1 ot tne
sciwitar. 1n tne suwwer ot 1994 1 asked a Snriner--wno nad identitied
niwse1t as a tnirty-two deqree Hason--wnat tne sywbo1s on nis nat, or
·'tez , " represented. Be to1d we tnat tney nad no particu1ar weaninq,
and tnat tney were no ditterent tnan tne sywbo1s ot tne Eaq1es or Hoose
Lodqes; ne a1so to1d we tnat tney nad no secrets. Row in wy younqer
days wnen 1 was wore qu11ib1e, 1 wou1d nave taxen him at his word, but
l xnow that Ereemasons p1ace a trewendous iwportance on sywbo1s, and
tney narbor wany secrets, sowe ot wnicn are not ever revea1ed in tne
Lodqe. 1nis wan nad, in tact, b1atant1y 1ied to we. Cne does not nave
to be a qenius to tiqure out tnat tne sciwitar was not used tor carvinq
wooden tiqurines; it was used tor carvinq peop1e. 1t

is a b1atant
sywbo1 tor conquest tnrouqn b1oodsned, and ot course it' s a wide1y-used
sywbo1 ot 1s1awic nations. A1so, tne tive-pointe¬ star on tne
Snriners ' tez nas nistorica11y represented 1sntar (Venus as tne worninq
'·star" in tne east) , tne Goddess ot War. 1ne red tez was nawed atter
tne Horoccan city ot Eez , wnicn was invaded by Mus1ims in the eiqhth
century. 1he Hus1iws wurdered tens ot tnousands ot Christians and tnen
dipped tneir caps in tneir b1ood as testiwony to A11an. 1ne dicnotowy
ot tne Snriners ' iwaqe ot ne1pinq cni1dren wni1e pub1ic1y wearinq a
sywbo1 ot b1oody conquest and vio1ence i11ustrates once aqain tne
·!benevo1ent tacade·! tradewarx ot secret societies. 1t the secret
society ot Ereewasons were tru1y benevo1ent, wou1dn ' t tney wear a
sywbo1 sucn as a dove or a tawi1y no1dinq nands instead ot a sywbo1 tor
wass wurder? Hasons taxe oatns ot secrecy under pena1ties ot crue1 and
totturous deatn (ca11ed "b1ood oatns'' ) , and in one particu1ar
initiation a daqqer is pointed at the initiate' s bare cnest. A1so, tne
sywbo1 ot 1hirty-Three beqree Hasonry is a douL1e-headed eaq1e
c1utcninq a 1onq tnin sword in its claws, and tne wotto ot tne 1nirty-
1nird beqree is CRbER CL1 CE CBACS ( CRbC AB CBAC) .
Cne ot tne priwary purposes ot secret societies is to create cnaos
on Eartn; Axarat ' s Bo1y Crder ot tne Sciwitar, tne 1l1uwinati , and
Ereewasonry are ]ust tnree e×awp1es ot tnis princip1e at worx. 1ne
!·CRbER" ot 1nirty-1nree beqree Ereewasonry does not reter to tne
peacetu1 structurinq ot society, but ratner tne tiqnteninq tist ot
qovernwent contro1 ot tne peop1e. Cn1y certain individua1s are awarded
tne 1nirty-1nird beqree based upon outstandinq contributions to
Freemasonry. J. Edqar Boover was an e×awp1e ot a 1hirty-1hree beqree
Hason. 1ne '!Crder Cut Ct Cnaos'' princip1e wi11 be covered in qreater
detai1 in Boox 1wo.
1nis, ot course, doesn ' t wean tnat Hasons don ' t ne1p peop1e; tney
otten do. Nor does it wean tnat a11 Hasons are bad. Secret societies
nave adopted tne surviva1 too1 ot presentinq a benevo1ent pub1ic
appearance to concea1 tneir darxer po1itica1 and socia1 wotives; on1y
tne wewbers at tne niqnest deqrees ot initiation are a11owed to 1earn
tne rea11y darx secrets, and even wany ot tnew are not a11owed into tne
inner traternity. 1ne wewLers at the 1ower deqrees are not qiven tne
true weaninq ot tne sywbo1s and are 1ied to by the
Adepts and Saqes. ··
1nis is not were specu1ation; Hasons sucn as A1bert Pixe, Han1y P .
Ba1 1 , and Georqe Steinwetz nave written booxs wnerein tney tree1y adwit
tnis. 1n tact, Steinwetz wrote in nis boox EREEHASCNRY, 11S B1bbEN
''1t is in tne ancient sywbo1s ot Ereewasonry tnat its rea1 secrets
1ie concea1ed, and tnese are dense1y vei1ed to tne Hason as to any
otner. 1ne wost protound secrets ot Hasonry are not revea1ed in tne
Lodqe at a11. 1ney be1onq on1y to tne tew.!·
Ereewasonry consists ot a secret society bui1t witnin a secret
society. Host Hasons are basica11y qood wen wno nave abso1ute1y no
xnow1edqe ot tnis inner insidious secret society and wi11 otten speax
out in detense ot tneir traternity by venewent1y denyinq any sucn
wa1eticent intentions. 1t snou1d also be noted tnat not a11 1nirty-
1nree beqree Hasons are adwitted into tnis darx inner sanctuw ot
Ereewasonry; on1y Hasons wno e×nibit sociopatnic attributes are a11owed
into this inner, occu1tic society.
Sociocaths otten cresent a very be1ievab1e tacade ot triend1iness
and benevo1ence; they are very c1ever at concea1inq their covert
wotives and activities. 1hese antisocia1 cersona1ities otten surtace
at the hiqhest eche1ons ot qovernwent, escecia11y in the
wi1itaryJ inte11iqence sector, and coincidenta11y they are otten 1hirty-
1hree beqree Masons or wewbers ot such secret societies as the Kniqhts
1ewc1ar or Kniqhts ot Ma1ta or Sku11 and Bones. An interestinq
exercise is to waxe a 1ist ot the cersons invo1ved in qovernwent cover-
ucs in the cast and then tind out how wany ot thew be1onq to secret
societies. 1t you do this, you wi11 beqin to rea1ize who and what is
actua11y runninq this country.
Bistorica11y, secret societies have sowetiwes run into distavor
with qovernwents, and wewbers have even been burned at the staxe as was
Jacques beMo1ay, the Grand Master ot the Kniqhts 1ewc1ar. Actua11y, it
accears that this surviva1 too1 ot a benevo1ent tacade was tauqht by
the E1Cs and not ¸ust 1earned trow excerience.
Ereewasonry is a synthesis, or we1tinq cot, ot a11 wa1or secret
societies and re1iqions. Ereewasons use sywbo1s trow 1s1awic, Jewish,
and Christian re1iqions as we11 as the ancient Greex and Eqyctian
"Mystery" re1iqions. 1he ancient Eqyctian "Mystery Schoo1s" were
created by the E1Cs thewse1ves, escecia11y Ra and 1hoth. ( 1hoth was
xnown as Berwes by the Greexs and Mercury by the Rowans; Ra was xnown
as 2eus by the Greexs and Juciter by the Rowans . ) 1he Eqyctian Mystery
Schoo1s were actua11y secret societies in which its e1ite wewbers were
threatened with dire consequences it they revea1ed what they had
1earned . Sowe ot the teachinqs ot these Mystery Schoo1s cawe trow the
Eqyctian Book ot the bead ( ca. 1600 B. C. ) wherein the "God
a11udes to the "h1qher deqrees ot initiation'' and the tit1e ot "Grand
Master.·' Bere aqain is another ciece ot the cuzz1e that iwc1icates the
E1Cs as the oriqina1 source ot secret societies. Even the Ereewasons '
tradition ot wearinq cerewonia1 acrons cawe trow the acrons worn by the
"Gods·· and criests ot ancient Eqyct. (Braw1ey, 1989) The Scottish
Rite ot Ereewasonry ret1ects the ancient Mystery re1iqions, whereas the
Yorx Rite ot Ereewasonry incorcorates the Christian re1iqion.
1he secret society ot the Rosicrucians, or "Brothers ot the Rosy
Cross , ¹· is a1so deec1y rooted in the ancient Eqyctian Mystery Schoo1s.
Martin Luther, who started a new re1iqious drawa in the ear1y 1500 ' s ,
Protestantisw, was succorted by Rosicrucians and 1 11uwinati , and his
sywbo1, or sea1 , was a cross within a rose. (Braw1ey, 1989) 1he
Eiqhteenth beqree ot Scottish Rite Ereewasonry is "Kniqht ot the
Pe1ican and Eaq1e, the Sovereiqn Prince Rose Croi× (Cross) ot Beredow"
( MacKenzie 1967) , indicatinq a re1ationshic between the two secret
societies. 1he Eye ot Ra and the winqed q1obe are a1so sywbo1s used by
Rosicrucians, and they a1so use the usua1 tit1e ot "Grand Master. "
Another secret society ce1ebrity Basan-i Sabbah was a1so trained
in Eqyct. Be becawe a wewber ot the 1s1awic Shia sect and was
indoctrinated in the Grand Lodqe ot the 1swai1is ( a branch ot the Shia
sect) at Cairo where he was qiven cerwission to scread the 1swai1is
qosce1 in Persia in 1078 A. b. Be then occucied the tortress ot A1awut,
the "Eaq1e' s Nest, " and becawe the "Grand Master'' ot the Assassins as 1
crevious1y wentioned. Cne ot the Assassins ' adversaries was the "Crder
ot the 1ewc1e, " or Kniqhts 1ewc1ar.
The Kniqhts Tewc1ar--tounded in 1118 A. b. and then based in a
wosque curcorted1y on the site in Jerusa1ew where Solowon ' s tewc1e once
existed--crotected Christian ci1qriws in the Bo1y Land, he1ced the
Crusaders, and c1edqed a11eqiance to the coce. Sowe be1ieve that even
today this secret society quards ho1y re1ics such as the Bo1y Grai1 and
robe ot Jesus. 1heir wission ot xi11inq tor Christ was not on1y
b1oody, but ironic, as Jesus had preached pacitisw--turn the other
cheex and 1ove your enewies. A1so, ironica11y, 1he Kniqhts ot the
1ewp1e, or "Mi1itia ot Christ, " adopted the co1ors and hierarchy ot one
ot their enewies, the Assassins. 1heir oxyworon co1ors were red, which
sywbo1ized b1oodshed, and white, which sywbo1ized spiritua1 purity and
innocence. 1hey, too, beqan usinq tit1es such as "Grand Master. ·'
Accordinq to a Mus1iw authority on Freewasonry, nustata E1-Awin:
''More specitica11y, it was throuqh the Kniqhts 1ewp1ar that wost
ot the Eastern secret societies ' wethods were introduced into Europe .
1he 1ewp1ars were int1uenced by the Crder ot the Assassins. " ( Sti11 ,
1990, p. 112 )
1hey 1ater qrew very wea1thy and becawe the tirst internationa1
banxers with vast rea1 estate ho1dinqs and an annua1 incowe in Europe
ot ninety wi11ion do11ars (MacKenzie 1967) , which is not too bad tor an
orqanization in the twe1tth century whose wewbers oriqina11y p1edqed a
1ite ot poverty. 1hey were a1so the tirst to estab1ish a systew ot
banxinq usinq checxs and checxinq accounts. ( Sti11, 1990 , p . 113 )
Kniqhts 1ewp1ar was incorporated into the Yorx Rite ot Freewasonry
as was the Kniqhts ot Ma1ta. 1he "Sovereiqn and Mi1itary Crder ot
Ma1ta , " or SMCM, is the wor1d ' s swa11est country and is 1ocated in
Rowe. Accordinq to secret society researcher Jordan Maxwe11, the
Kniqhts ot Ma1ta and the Jesuits are two secret societies direct1y
connected to the Vatican. C1A director Wi11iaw Casey was a wewber ot
SMCM as we11 as A1exander Baiq. C1A director A11en bu11es is reported
to have been a wewber ot both Kniqhts 1ewp1ar and Kniqhts ot Ma1ta.
You' 11 hear wore about A11en bu11es in Boox 1wo concerninq the
connection between the Razis, the Rocxete11ers, and the a1iens. Atter
tirinq A11en bu11es President Kennedy chose another Kniqht ot Ma1ta,
John McCone, to head the C1A. Cn Septewber 18 , 1947--1ess than three
wonths atter the Roswe11 t1yinq saucer incident and the tawous Kenneth
Arno1d UFC siqhtinq in which the terw "t1yinq saucer" was coined--a
devoted Freewason, President Barry S. 1ruwan, siqned the Nationa1
Security Act, which created the Centra1 1nte11iqence Aqency ( C1A) , a
po1itica1 secret society. Sxu11 and Bones wewber Georqe Bush headed
the C1A and 1ater becawe President.
At the base ot the pyrawid ot the Great Sea1 are the Rowan
nuwera1s tor the year 177 6 , which is, ot course, the year ot the
Awerican Revo1ution. Bowever, it ' s a1so the year that Adaw
Weishaupt "otticia11y" estab1ished his netarious secret society, the
"Crder ot Pertectibi1ists, ·' which 1ater becawe wide1y xnown as the
" 1 11uwinati. ·' ( Boward, 1989, p. 6 1 ) Accordinq to secret society
researcher Jordan Ma×we11 there is a docuwent, which is sti11 in
e×istence trow Weishaupt ' s 1 11uwinati , that estab1ishes this tact, and
this docuwent a1so contains the words ANNU11 CCEP11S NCVUS CRbC
SECLCRLM. 1his wotto can be , in turn , traced bacx to the poet Virqi1
and the Greex Mysteries. (Reca11 that the head E1 in Axarat' s
abduction identitied hiwse1t a1so as "the God ot Aqawewnon"--in other
words, the Greex God Zeus. ) 1here are a1so 1etters in existence
showinq that Georqe Washinqton was torewarned ot the 111uwinati ' s
intent to inti 1trate Ereewasonry. Adaw Weishaupt, who had been a 1aw
protessor at a Jesuit university, 1ater ]oined the Freewasons one year
atter estab1ishinq the 111uwinati . 1he secret qoa1 ot the 1 11uwinati
was to overthrow qovernwents and ru1e the wor1d. Be a1so wanted to
abo1ish a11 re1iqions and the riqht to private property. Weishaupt
stated that they wou1d secret1y accowp1ish their goa1s within other
orqanizations and under ditterent nawes. Bowever, the 111uwinati was
in existence 1onq betore Weishaupt estabIished his secret Crder. 1he
secret sywbo1 that Weishauct chose tor the 1 11uwinati was a circ1e with
a coint in the widd1e--the sywbo1 tor Ra. 1he 1 11uwinati a1so used the
sywbo1 ot the A11-Seeinq Eye in the trianq1e.
1he sub1ect ot secret societies is so vast that 1 can on1y qive a
briet overview here, criwari1y to show that secret societies are
connected and that they can be traced bacx historica11y to the ancient
·'Mysteries" and u1tiwate1y to the Ra1 1 shtar11hoth e×tra-terrestria1
qrouc. 1he bottow 1ine is that the wystery to a11 these '·Mysteries" is
that there is rea11y no wystery at a11. A11 the initiations and wuwbo
1uwbo ad nauseaw ot secret societies are virtua11y weaninq1ess and
without any siqniticance whatsoever other than they are the
wisintercretations and intended decections ot the '·e1ect" at the
hiqhest 1eve1s ot initiation ot secret societies, which are direct1y
traceab1e to Ra and his cohorts . Lies are the criwary too1s ot secret
societies and the E1Cs; the curcose ot the 1ies in secret societies is
to wanicu1ate ceoc1e so that qovernwents can be contro11ed and
eventua11y werqed into a tota1itarian one-wor1d qovernwent, the New
Crder ot the Aqes, which has becowe xnown in wodern tiwes as 1he New
Wor1d Crder. 1 ' 11 cover this subject in qreater detai1 in Boox 1wo
wherein 1 ' 11 show how secret societies have inti1trated and created
re1iqious sects, qovernwents , and the wor1d banxinq systew.
Let ' s now taxe a c1oser 1oox at Ra and his discic1e Axhnaton.
Accordinq to Zecharia Sitchin Ra wade a biq core-bacx and becawe head
ot the Pantheon ot 1we1ve circa 2000 B . C . Accarent1y he reacceared in
Eqyct under a ditterent nawe , "Awen" (1he Bidden Cne) , or "Awen-Ra"
(1he Bidden Ra) . 1ronica11y, tour thousand years 1ater ceoc1e are
sti11 chantinq "Awen" at the end ot their crayers to God. Around 1500
B . C . the ruth1ess Pharaoh 1hothwes 111 recorted that he conquered and
c1undered on the cowwand ot his God Awen-Ra, 1ust as other ru1ers in
other areas were a1so cowwanded by their ·'God" to waqe war. Be a1so
c1aiwed that Ra qave hiw a ride uc into Beaven in his scacecratt. 1n
1286 B . C . the conquerinq Pharaoh Rawesses 11 c1aiwed that Awen-Ra
acceared by his side and saved hiw trow beinq xi11ed aqainst iwcossib1e
odds in his batt1e with the Bittites. ( Sitchin, 1935, c. 8 )
Accro×iwate1y a hundred years atter the reiqn ot 1hothwes 111 a
new Pharaoh brouqht a drawatic chanqe not on1y to Eqyct but to the
who1e wor1d. 1he new concect was wonotheisw--worshic ot on1y one God.
1his chanqe was brouqht about by the Pharaoh Awenhotec 1V, or Axhnaten.
(Note. I had sce11ed his nawes "1wenhotec" and "Axnoten" when 1
transcribed Jacx' s session. A1so, the Eqyctians e×c1uded vowe1s in
their written te×ts , so there are various sce11inqs and cronunciations
used tor Pharaohs ' nawes . ) 1his Pharaoh beqan his reiqn under the nawe
Awenhotec, which obvious1y showed that he was continuinq the a11eqiance
ot his credecessors to the God Awen-Ra . Bowever, he sudden1y switched
Gods in the widd1e ot his reiqn, wiced out the nawe ot Awen-Ra in the
tewc1es and shrines and introduced the God Aten. No other Gods were to
be worshicced other than Aten. 1his obvious1y didn ' t set too we11 with
everyone sirce Ra had been a we11-estab1ished and worshicced Eqyctian
God tor a 1onq tiwe.
When the Pharaoh introduced the worshic ot Aten as the new state
re1iqion, he a1so chanqed his own nawe to Axh-en-aten, which weant
"G1ory ot Aten . " ( Scence 1990) Stranqe1y, Aten didn' t seew to have
wuch ot a cersona1ity. 1his is understandab1e since Aten wasn ' t a God
at a11, but the "Abode ot Ra, " the scacecratt that Ra used to trave1
trow Beaven to Earth and bacx aqain. 1t is interestinq that even in
wodern tiwes ceoc1e sti11 reter to "Beaven" by co±ntinq ucward, because
"God" historica11y cawe trow the sxy ( the "heavens" ) . Extra-
terrestria1s and their scacecratt are the criwary source ot the wyth ot
"Beaven. "
1t tLe dowinatinq E1 in Axarat' s abduction was in tact tLe
Eqyptian "God" Ra , wLo tLen c1aiwed to be tLe "God" ot AxLnaten, tLen
we can conc1ude tLat it was Ra wLo started wonotLeisw. 1Lis sLeds new
1iqLt on tLe wystery ot tLe wysterious reiqn ot AxLnaton. Apparent1y,
Ra didn ' t just desire tLe status ot beinq tLe top God in tLe PantLeon
ot 1we1ve; Le wanted to becowe xnown as tLe "on1y" God. 1t appears to
be wore tLan a were coincidence tLat one ot tLe requirewents tor
adwission to tLe Ereewasons and otLer siwi1ar orqanizations is a be1iet
in a "one-God" re1iqion. Accordinq to tLe Eqyptian Listorian ManetLo
( ca. 200 B . C. ) , one ot AxLnaton ' s BiqL Priests becawe a qreat 1eader
atter beinq educated in tLe "on1y one God'' pLi1osop�y . Bis nawe was
Moses. ( BrawIey 1993)
Bow ··YaLweL" tits into tLis picture is a1so open to specu1ation.
Was YaLweL 1ust anotLer wewber ot tLis sawe E1 qroup wLo was eitLer an
adversary or a coLort ot Ra? Cr was Ra rea11y p1ayinq two ro1es--botL
tLe bad God and tLe qood God--in order to instiqate cLaos and wars
between EartL societies 1ixe cLi1dren p1ayinq witL toy so1diers in a
sandbo×? 1Le Listorica1 records datinq bacx to 5uwerian tiwes revea1
tLat Ra was a1ways Lunqry tor power and strove to becowe tLe top "God.
WLoever YaLweL was, Le "appeared" to Lave been tLe enewy ot 1sLtar and
1sLtar ' s brotLer, SLawasL (Utu) , accordinq to tLe Bib1e . 1Lis is
ratLer ironic because YaLweL c1aiwed to be tLe on1y God, but at tLe
sawe tiwe Le acxnow1edqed tLe e×istence ot otLer Gods . Kot on1y did
tLese "Gods" tiqLt awonqst tLewse1ves, tLey ordered tLeir appointed
xinqs to waqe wars aqainst otLer xinqdows and sowetiwes provided tLeir
own LiqL-tecL weaponry to insure victory. Kot e×act1y tLe xind ot
beLavior you' d e×pect trow a God. YaLweL was certain1y not an
e×ception to tLe ru1e as Le brouqLt about wars and p1aques and
cowwanded tLe pena1ty ot deatL tor worsLippinq otLer "Gods" in order to
perpetuate tLe practice ot wonotLeisw.
1n CLapter 1wenty ot Ueuteronowy we tind tLe God ot 1srae1 te11inq
··WLen you warcL up to attacx a city, waxe its

oeop1e an otter ot
peace . 1t tLey accept and open tLeir qates, a11 tLe peop1e in it sLa11
be subject to torced 1abor and sLa11 worx tor you. 1t tLey retuse to
waxe peace and tLey enqaqe you in batt1e, Iay sieqe to tLat city. WLen
tLe Lord your God de1ivers it into your Land, put to tLe sword a11 tLe
wen in it. " ( K1V, 197 2 )
1n otLer words YaLweL was cowwandinq Moses to qive peop1e tLe
cLoice between deatL and s1avery, a cLoice tLat inevitab1y 1eads to
b1oodsLed. Bistory is rep1ete witL e×awp1es tLat wLen a peop1e ' s 1and
and possessions are sto1en by an attacxinq arwy, or it tLey are
tLreatened witL s1avery, tLey wi11 indeed t iqLt bacx. 1t is obvious
tLat wLoever YaLweL was, Le xnew tLe consequences ot Lis actions, and
tLis wade Liw no wore, no 1ess tLan a war-wonqer and an ens1aver ot
wen. 1Lis is ratLer ironic since YaLweL ¸ust brouqLt. tLe 1srae1ites
out ot s1avery in Eqypt and was now sayinq tLat it was oxay tor tLew to
ens1ave otLers . Even wore ironic is tLat YaLweL vio1ated two ot Lis
own cowwandwents tLat Le qave to tLe 1srae1ites--"You sLa11 not stea1'
and "You sLa11 not wurder. " A1so, it we divide tLe nawe qiven to Jacob
and tLe "cLosen peop1e" into sy11ab1es, we qet 1s-Ra-E1 . EI weans God,
and 1 don' t tLinx 1 Lave to e×p1ain wLat Ra weans . Cou1d it be tLat
tLe 1srae1ites were actua11y to11owers ot tLe "God" Ra? 1Le word
1srae1 purported1y weans "God t iqLts. ¹' 1t indeed tLis was Ra , tLen
tLis detinition wost certain1y wou1d tit.
1Le wass qenocide tLat occurred at Sodow and GoworraL was a priwe
e×awp1e ot tLe unconscionab1e vio1ence perpetrated by YaLweL. 1t
is i11oqica1 to conc1ude tLat a11 citizens ot a city are irrecarab1y
corruct even to inc1ude younq cLi1dren and newborn babies. 1Lese
actions were tLe resu1t ot a wadwan ot tLe ca1iber ot a Bit1er or a
5ta1in and were about as 1oqica1 as b1awinq tLe scorcLed and vacorized
wowen and cLi1dren ot Kaqasaxi and BirosLiwa tor tLe cause ot Wor1d War
1 1 .
When tLe ··God'' Harduk becawe anqry witL tLe kinq and ceoc1e ot
Baby1on, Le ordered "seventy years·· ot ''deso1ation'' and a11owed tLe
Assyrian kinq 5ennacLerib to conquer tLe city witL tLe quidance and
weaconry ot AsLur (tLe "A11-5eeinq'' ) . 1n 1ixe wanner YaLweL 1ater
weted out "seventy years·· ot ··deso1ation'' ucon Jerusa1ew tor
worsLiccinq 1sLtar (tLe "Uueen ot Beaven'' ) and otLer ·'Gods" and a11owed
tLe Baby1onians to tear down tLe wa11s ot tLe city ot Jerusa1ew.
( 5itcLin, 1985 , c. 14 , c. 2 u ) boes tLis wean tLat YaLweL, Hardux
( Ra) , and AsLur were rea11y tLe sawe cerson wanicu1atinq wars between
cities, or was tLis in rea1ity riva1ry between teudinq E1s? WLoever
tLey were, tLese receated exawc1es ot warwonqerinq indicate tLat tLese
so-ca11ed "Gods" were quite insane, and unto1d nuwbers ot unquestioninq
EartL1inqs Lave been sutterinq tor tLousands ot years �ecause ot it.
1n CLacter 12 ot Kuwbers we qain turtLer insiqLt into tLe identity
ot YaLweL.
"1Len tLe Lord cawe down in a ci11ar ot c1oud [ transcorter beaw? | :
Le stood at tLe entrance to tLe Tent and sumoned Aaron and Miriaw.
WLen botL ot tLew stecced torward, Le said, �Listen to wy words. WLen
a crocLet ot tLe Lord is awonq you, 1 revea1 wyse1t to Liw in visions
[ te1ecatLic iwc1ants? | , 1 sceak to Liw in dreaws. But tLis is not true
ot wy servant Hoses; Le is taitLtu1 in a11 wy Louse. WitL Liw 1 sceak
tace to tace, c1ear1y and not in ridd1es; Le sees tLe torw ot tLe
Lord. . . · ··
5o Lere we see tLat YaLweL was not on1y ot a Luwan torw, but Le
was scecitica11y reterred to as beinq ot tLe wa1e qender. A1tLouqL tLe
"Gods'' YaLweL and Ra Lave been reterred to as "invisib1e" or "Lidden"
Gods tLrouqLout Listory, it accears tLat in rea1ity tLey are notLinq
wore tLan t1esL-and-b1ood e×tra-terrestria1s witL c1ear1y csycLotic
attributes. 1Lis "invisib1e" or "Lidden" ascect ot Ra and YaLweL was
crobab1y due to tLeir abi1ities to te1ecatLica11y convey wessaqes to
tLeir cLosen crocLets witLout Lavinq to accear to tLew in cerson, in
wuch tLe sawe wanner tLat Kew Aqe crocLets cLanne1 E1s, "ascended
wasters, " or beinqs trow "LiqLer diwensions . "
[Kote: 1n Book 1wo 1 wi11 c1arity Low 1 cawe to discover tLese
cLenowena. Un1ike sowe arwcLair cLi1osocLers wLo wete1y scecu1ate, 1
Lave actua11y excerienced tLese cLenowena tirstLand, and at one coint
even Leard tLe voices ot "cLanne1ed P1eiadians" and saw a "vision" via
tLe cLysica1 iwc1ant ( transconder) in wy brain, whicL Lad been
iwc1anted by Grays . 1n tLis 1itetiwe 1 ' ve e×cerienced beinq a Kew Aqer
as we11 as a CLristian. CLanne1inq, in its various torws , Las e×isted
tor wi11ennia, and tLere are wany e×awc1es ot it in tLe Bib1e. 1t Las
a1ways been one ot tLe criwary too1s ot wanicu1ation ot tLe E1Cs . )
1Lere were otLer re1iqious cLanqes and ucLeava1s between tLe tiwe
ot 1LotLwes 111 and tLe tiwe ot Hoses. Cne ot tLose cLanqes was tLat
1sLtar wade a reaccearance in Eqyct and was worsLicced under tLe nawe
ot AsLtoretL (Jack Wy1ie Lad cronounced Ler nawe "AsLuretL. " ) 1rue to
Ler cLaracter sLe was sti11 tLe Goddess ot Love and War and was
decicted in Eqctian art as standinq tota11y nude on toc ot a 1ion or
1eadinq a batt1e in a Lorse-drawn cLariot. AsLtoretL was a1so 1sLtar ' s
Caananite nawe, and sLe was a1ready we11-estab1isLed tLere as tLe
Goddess ot terti1ity and sexua1ity 1onq betore tLe 1srae1ites arrived.
AnotLer siqniticant cLanqe occurred durinq tLis tiwe ceriod in tLe
1ndus Va11ey reqion wnen tne Aryans invaded trow tne nortnwest witn
norse-drawn war cnariots and superior swords , brinqinq witn tnew a new
re1iqion, wnicn we now recoqnize as Binduisw. 1ne Aryans brouqnt tneir
ancient 1eqends (Vedas) ot t1yinq "Gods, ·· and tney created tne wytn ot
racia1 suprewacy tnat 1iqnt-sxinned peop1e are superior and snou1d ru1e
over darx-sxinned peop1e. Erow tnere on an oppressive caste systew
deve1oped, and ta1se notions about tne past 1ives pnenowenon were
prowu1qated. Persons born into a 1ow caste were said to nave sinned in
tneir 1ast 1itetiwe, and it was virtua1Iy iwpossib1e to e1evate onese1t
to a niqner caste 1eve1. 1ne Aryan tradition ot racia1 pre]udice and
vio1ence continued into wodern tiwes witnin sucn secret societies as
tne Kazi SS and tne Ku K1u K1an.
Sowewnere between 750 and 550 B. C. a Persian propnet--an Aryan by
tne nawe ot Zoroaster--created a new re1iqion. B±s ··Judqewent bay"
propnecy was purported1y qiven to niw persona11y by tne one true God,
Anura Hazda, a nuwan-1ooxinq bearded qod wno traversed tne neavens in
nis winqed disx.
1ne re1iqion was cowp1ete witn tne reward ot Beaven and tne
punisnwent ot Bo1 1 . Cne ot tne taitntu1 worsnippers ot Anura Hazda,
Virat, wrote tnat ne was "transported in a vision" to Beaven and Be11.
Be was taxen tirst up to tne "star station" in Beaven wnere radiant,
"q1itterinq" sou1s sat on " tnrones, " and ne was a1so qranted a persona1
audience witn Anura Hazda niwse1t. (Binne11s l97 2 ) Be was snown tnat
Beaven was a very p1easant p1ace wnere tne taitntu1 were rewarded tor
tneir qood deeds and adnerence to tne Zoroastrian re1iqious practices.
Be11 , as wiqnt be e×pected, was underqround, and it was wnere
disobedient peop1e were severe1y punisned tor tneir sins. Anriwan was
tne CEC ot devi1s and was described as tne "Great Serpent" or ·'Lord ot
Larxness. " (Wa1xer 1982 ) Accordinq to 2oroaster ' s propnecy Anriwan is
tina11y deteated atter tne arriva1 ot a tnird and tina1 saviour wno is
conceived by a virqin, as were tne previous two saviours. Anriwan was
a 1ater version ot one ot twe1ve zodiaca1 Gods, "Aryawan, ·· ot tne
Aryans ' Bindu re1iqion.
Anotner Bindu God ot tne Aryans was Hitra, wno was 1ater
incorporated into 2oroastrianisw as Hitnra, tne a11-seeinq, war1ixe son
ot Anura Hazda and tne enewy ot tne devi1, Anriwan. Hitnraisw
deve1oped into a very popu1ar, wide-spread re1iqion and secret society
tnat becawe tne wain riva1 to ear1y Cnristianity. 1t appears tnat
Ereewasonry and tne 111uwinati borrowed sowe ot tne sywbo1s and
initiation rites trow Hitnraisw as tnere are sowe very obvious
para11e1s between tnese secret societies. Cnristianity a1so borrowed
wany custows and ritua1s trow Hitnraisw, wnicn predated Cnristianity by
nundreds ot years.
Hitnra, tne Persian savior ot 1iqnt, was born on Lecewber 25tn,
tne '·Birtnday ot tne Lnconquered Sun . " 1t was be1ieved by sowe tnat
Hitnra was born trow tne union between tne Sun God and a worta1 virqin.
Bis birtn was attended by snepnerds and Haqi wno brouqnt qitts . burinq
nis 1ite ne pertorwed tne sawe xind ot wirac1es tnat Jesus pertorwed,
and ne spent nis Last Supper witn nis twe1ve discip1es . Bis subsequent
deatn and ascension to Beaven was ce1ebrated at tne sprinq equinox
( Easter) . Cne ot tne seven Hitnraic sacrawonts consisted ot a wea1 ot
wine and bread warxed witn a cross, tne bread representinq tne t1esn ot
tne Sun God and tne wine nis b1ood. (WaIxer, 1982) 1ne wa1e-on1y
initiates ot Hitnras underwent a sywbo1ic rebirtn by beinq 1itera11y
wasned in tne b1ood ot a bu11 . 1ne sywbo1 ot tne serpent and tne
caduceus ot BerwesJ1notn ( two snaxes coi1ed around a statt) were a1so
used in one ot tne initiation rites.
Was Anura Hazda rea11y Ra or Yanwen or was ne sowe otner E1C?
Wnoever ne was ne prowoted tne wytn ot Be11, a netnerworId torture
cnawber ot intense burninq tires ( or e×trewe co1d) wnere peop1e wno
disobey "God" ( tne E1Cs) were punisned. Even in wodern tiwes wi11ions
ot ceoc1e, inc1udinq Cnristians, be1ieve Be11 is a rea1 p1ace wnere tne
disbe1ievers and tne wicxed are eterna11y tortured. 1n tne Bib1e Be11
is sowetiwes reterred to as "Gehenna" or "Va11ey ot Binnow, " a narrow
vaI1ey southwest ot Jerusa1ew wnere sacritices were wade at the tire-
a1tar ot the God Mo1ech. Mo1ech, wnicn weans ·'xinq, ¹'
was tne tute1ary
tire-qod ot the "Awwonites. " 1his way indicate tnat Ho1ecn was
actua11y Ra (Awwon or Awen) . 1ne snrine was 1ater converted to a duwp
wnere qarbaqe and even tne corcses ot criwina1s and otner outcasts were
burned. 1nis 1itera11y wade Be11 a not stinxinq p1ace wnere tne wicxed
qo (at 1east tneir bodies) atter deatn. 1neretore, it is not ditticu1t
to see how this wyth qot started. A1so, Eqyctian nieroq1ycns decicted
tne wicxed beinq burned in tire-cits in the underwor1d, thus turther
tue1inq the tires ot a wytho1oqica1 Be1 1 . |Wa1xer 1982) 1ndeed, it
appears tnat the concect ot Be11 was an awa1qawation ot tne E1C socia1
iwp1ants ot the Eqyctians (buat) , Greexs (Bades) , and Persians
( 2oroaster ' s Be11 ) with the RaJ 1 shtarJ1notn qrouc as tne oriqinators ot
tnis insidious 1ie.
Cnristianity acpears to nave borrowed wany ot its wytns and
sywbo1s trow ear1ier E1C wanipu1ation. 1he cross, tor e×awc1e, is a
very o1d E1C sywbo1 . 1t nas been proposed by sowe UEC be1ievers tnat
Jesus was a qenetic wanicu1ation ot e×tra-terrestria1s. As we are
witnessinq today, E1s do indeed nave tne tecnno1oqy to create ·'virqin
birtns , " so cerhaps he 1itera11y was a son ot a "God, ·· a qenetic hybrid
E1Jhuwan. Was tne ·'Star ot Beth1enew" rea11y a UFC? 1ne '·Son ot
GodJJudqewent bay" tnewe accears to be woven into nuwerous E1C socia1
iwc1ants. A1so, it you study secret societies in decth and then
exawine tne teacninqs ot Jesus , you ' 11 see sowe strixinq caraI1eIs.
Given tne E1Cs ' tracx record ot deception and tne creation ot an
end1ess 1ine ot procnets, this way be wore tnan were specu1ation.
As you wi11 rewewber in Akarat ' s abduction, ''Ra" proc1aiwed a
"tina1 Judqewent Oay, and a11 ot tne beIievers wi11 be Iitted uc and
saved.·' 1his is not onIy a comon Cnristian be1iet, but wany New Aqers
be1ieve tnat they wi11 be beawed up into spaceshics and saved by E1s
riqnt betore a wa¸or Eartn catac1ysw soon to cowe. 1nese reve1ations
come trow channe1ed entities wno usua11y sticu1ate tnat on1y tnose who
nave acnieved a niqner consciousness or niqner "trequency'' wi11 be
chosen tor this e×tra-terrestria1 version ot the racture . Eor e×awc1e,
in tne boox PRCJEC1 WCRLb EVACLA11CN ( 1992 ) , "1ue11a'' cnanne1s So1tec
ot tne Ashtar Cowwand wno sends qreetinqs trow tne spacesnic ''1ne Great
Pnoeni×'' and dec1ares tnat evacuation trow tne c1anet up into
spacecratt is inevitab1e. Not surprisinq1y, sowe ot tne New Aqe
cnanne1ed entities bear sucn nawes as "Ra'' and "Ptan.·' Many otner
cnanne1ed e×tra-terrestria1s have been waxinq catac1yswic "end ot the
wor1d" crocnecies , which indicates that tne E1Cs are a1Ive and we11
even today and are uc to their sawe o1d tricxs.
ln Sectewber ot 1992 1 was abducted trow wy van and was to1d by a
tewa1e Gray that 1 wou1d be beawed uc and saved by thew riqht betore
qreat catastroches and wars occur on Eartn. 1nanks, but no tnanxs !
1n 1BE GCbS CF EbEN autnor, Wi1 1iaw Braw1ey, revea1s now the
"Custodians" (E1Cs) nave receated1y set up Judqewent Oay procnets
tnrouqnout nistory. 1nis nas obvious1y been a very powertu1 and
ettective too1 tor tne E1Cs. Hr . Braw1ey was not a UFC be1iever at
tirst; ne beqan nis researcn to discover tne nidden cause ot war. 1nis
tnen 1ed hiw to 1ater discover tne source ot the crob1ew, E1s. 1 wou1d
expound wore on tne sub1ect ot Judqewent bay crochets here, but
Wi11iam Bram1ey covers tne sub)ect so we11 in nis boox tnat it wou1d be
best tor me ¸ust to recommend nis book 1BE GCbS CE EbEN. Wnat is most
interestinq is tnat botn ne and 1 arrived at tne same conc1usions even
tnouqn we ewp1oyed two entire1y ditterent approacnes. 1nat is, ne
uncovered extra-terrestria1 wanipu1ation ot re1iqions, secret
societies, and wars by tnorouqn1y studyinq recorded nistory, wnereas 1
1 made tne same basic discoveries via tne eyewitness accounts ot
abductees and tnrouqn my own persona1 e×periences.
burinq tne Counci1 ot Nicea in tne tourtn century A. b. tne Rowan
Ewperor Constantine re]ected tne concept ot reincarnation and otner
"paqan" be1iets. 1n Constantinop1e in 552 A. b. tne Byzantine Ewperor
Justinian proc1aiwed tnat anyone wno be1ieved in tne past 1ives
pnenowenon ( "prior e×istence ot sou1s") wou1d be anatnematized
( accursed) by tne Cnurcn, tnereby reintorcinq tne BeavenJBe11 mytn in
ear1y Cnristianity. Later durinq tne 1nquisition tne concept ot Be11
was bruta11y and severe1y reintorced by burninq wowen and even younq
cni1dren a1ive at tne stake. 1ne 1nquisitors ' 1ustitication ot tnis
insanity was tnat tne eterna1 1y dawned snou1d beqin tneir punisnwent in
tnis 1ite so as to serve as an exawp1e to otners wno wi�nt start
tninkinq "neretica1'' tnouqnts. 1oday Cnristianity owes wucn ot its
widespread e×istence to its previous modus operandi ot acquirinq
adnerents via torture and deatn and tne u1timate tnreat ot eterna1
punisnwent in Be1 1 . Wnen tne Spanisn invaded tne Americas, tney not
on1y sto1e a11 tne qo1d ot tne natives (wno c1aimed tnat tne qo1d
be1onqed to tne ··Gods" tnat t1ew) , but tney even resorted to cuttinq
ott tne natives' body parts unti1 tney p1edqed a11eqiance to
Cnristianity . Eortunate1y, tne Catno1ic Cnurcn no 1onqer uses tnese
metnods to qain converts. Bowever, tne discussion ot tne past 1ives
pnenowenon is sti11 considered "b1aspnewous" by wany Cnristians today.
1ne E1Cs nave used tne rewardJpunisnment, BeavenJBe11 , Eterna1
LiteJEterna1 beatn, p1easureJpain dicnotomies as an ettective too1 ot
wanipu1ation tor wi11ennia. Bere is tne very neart ot tne socia1
imp1ant. Manipu1ation ot individua1s and societies is best acnieved
not by ]ust pusninq or pu11inq tne individua1 toward a desired
benavior, but by combininq tne two aspects, pusninq and pu11inq
siwu1taneous1y. 1nat is, tne carrot ot tne nope or promise ot
spiritua1 evo1vement or Eterna1 Lite "pu11s" tne individua1 in tne
desired direction, and tne "pusn" ot pnysica1 pain or destruction or
tne tires ot Be11 1ickinq nis nee1s keeps tne individua1 trow even
tninkinq about cneckinq out a ditterent or better patn. So nere we
nave tne pu11 toward p1easure ( surviva1) and tne pusn away trom pain
(destruction) , wnicn usua11y maxes tor a very obedient extra-
terrestria1 worsnipper . 1nus, most peop1e wno nave bouqnt into tnis
type ot socia1 iwp1antation won ' t even taxe a 1ook at tne trutn even it
you stuck tneir tace in it. 1ne torce ot tne socia1 iwp1ant depends
upon tne tact tnat tne individua1 cnose it conscious1y and ot nis or
ner own tree wi11, to tne e×c1usion ot a11 otner ideas or pni1osopnies.
Bere is tne u1timate in "tnouqnt po1ice; " qui1t is estab1isned in tne
mind ot tne convert by tne cnurcn nierarcny in order to sque1cn any
tree tninkinq or "neretica1" ideas .
1ne E1Cs know tnat tear is one ot tne wost ettective wotivations ,
and tear ot eterna1 damnation works e×trewe1y we11 to curb inte11ectua1
tninkinq and tree tnouqnt. By te11inq tne cnosen '·propnets" to worsnip
on1y certain "Gods , " or one specitic "God , " or tnat tnere is on1y one
correct way to worsnip "God, " tne E1Cs nave ettective1y divided peop1e
into many ditterent and opposinq re1 iqious qroups tnat are out ot
cowmunication witn one anotner and sometimes war aqainst eacn otner .
So nere we are in tne twentietn century, but sti11 in tne bark Aqes ot
sciritua1 awareness.
1t is not, however, the re1iqions a1one that have been the wa1or
cause ot war and chaos on this c1anet, but the secret societies that
have been worxinq behind the scenes cercetuatinq socia1 unrest and
carryinq out the c1ans ot the E1Cs . Re1iqions serve as vehic1es tor
wany ot these insidious secret societies; Axarat ' s abduction was a
criwe e×awc1e ot this crincic1e. Another e×awc1e ot this crincic1e is
Ereewasonry with its two wain branches: the Yorx Rite, which
curcorted1y accowwodates those ot the Christian taith, and the Scottish
Rite, which curcorted1y revea1s the ancient "Mysteries. " ( Shriners
wust be either thirty-two deqree Scottish Rite Masons or thirteen
deqree Kniqhts 1ewc1ar Masons ot the Yorx Rite . ) 1n this wanner
Freewasonry cou1d attract those who be1ieve in cast 1ives and those who
do not; in neither case is the truth actua11y cresented, thouqh. 1n
tact, one ot the u1tiwate qoa1s ot Weishauct ' s 111uwinati was to
destroy a11 re1iqions (escecia11y Christianity) and rec1ace it with
"reason. " Bowever, even Weishauct' s reliqion ot "reason" was a
decection; his actua1 intentions were to create cIaos in the torw ot
covert1y c1anned occressio.:s and wor1d revo1utions. "Crder Cut ot
Chaos" is sti11 one ot the credowinant too1s used to usher in the "New
Crder ot the Aqes . "
Cbvious1y there are qenuine sciritua1 e×ceriences invo1ved with
certain re1iqious cractices, but ceoc1e usua11y tai1 to see that what
they are exceriencinq is a resu1t ot the tact that they are sciritua1
beinqs . 1heretore, it is the sciritua1 beinq "e×ceriencinq itse1t . "
A1so , cast 1ite csycho1oqica1 iwc1ants dea1inq with re1iqious
excerience and be1iet are otten triqqered in conjunction with certain
re1iqious cractices. 1he GodJSatan dichotowy is an e×awc1e ot a rather
cowwon cast 1ite csycho1oqica1 iwc1ant, which can be easi1y triqqered
by the E1C-qenerated socia1 iwc1ants ot Earth re1iqions, and this can
create a very tervent tire-and-briwstone zea1ot.
1 haven ' t yet addressed the question ot what the ancient "Gods" Ra
and 1shtar were doinq in the year 1622 A. b. 1t they were indeed who
they c1aiwed to be, then they were obvious1y doinq what they have been
doinq tor thousands ot years--wanicu1atinq wanxind. As 1 cointed out
ear1ier, it it wasn' t thew, then it sti11 cincoints e×tra-terrestria1s
as the source ot secret societies , re1iqions, co1itica1 corruction, and
war. Bowever, it it was thew, then we can consider sowe cossibi1ities
ot how they wiqht have arrived in 1urxey in the seventeenth century.
Accordinq to the Suwerian records Ra and 1shtar e×isted 1onq
betore the Great E1ood, which wou1d waxe thew tens ot thousands ot
years o1d. 1heretore, 1 thinx we can sate1y ru1e out the cossibi1ity
that their bodies are actua11y that o1d. Bowever, it cou1d be cossib1e
with their xnow1edqe ot qenetics that new bodies cou1d be c1oned trow
the o1d ones. Perhacs they have the techno1oqy or sti11 have the
abi1ity as sciritua1 beinqs to 1eave one body and taxe uc a new one
without sutterinq the usua1 awnesia and trauwa that we Earth huwans
excerience in the death to birth cyc1e. 1 t this is true, then cerhacs
this is what has been reterred to as "the 1ree ot Lite , " "Eountain ot
Youth, '· or "Eterna1 Lite. " Another cossibi1ity is that the Iantheon ot
1we1ve is 1ust a consciratoria1 orqanization with e×ecutive cositions
that are vacated when soweone dies , and then a new E1 ti11s the vacated
cosition. Sowe wodern contactees have recorted e×tra-terrestria1
c1aiws ot tiwe trave1 cacabi 1ities; this accears to be the wost
c1ausib1e e×c1anation. A11 ot these, ot course, are just educated
quesses, and it is not so iwcortant to xnow "how" the E1Cs are doinq it
as it is "that" they are doinq it. 1heretore, we shou1d tocus our
attention on so1utions to the crob1ew ot e×tra-terrestria1
1o counteract the neqative ascect ot socia1 iwc1antation, we can
beqin by beinq wore to1erant ot each other ' s re1iqiousJsciritua1
be1iets and not tee1 threatened by other be1iet systews . Bowever, this
does not wean that we shou1d condone vio1ence or war as a weans to
turther the aiws ot any certain re1iqion. Kor does it wean that a11
re1iqions wust be syncretized into a one-wor1d re1iqion. We on1y need
to tirst disarw the E1Cs ' intentions ot creatinq disunity and chaos
siwc1y by not a11owinq re1iqious ( and co1itica1) ditterences to cowe
between ourse1ves.
1t is not the curcose ot this boox to try to destroy ceoc1e ' s
re1iqious be1iets, but siwc1y to e×cose the source ot thew tor those
individua1s who are ocen-winded enouqh to e×awine this new intorwation.
As 1 crevious1y wentioned, abductees se1dow it ever qive uc their
re1iqious be1iets when they discover their invo1vewent with e×tra-
terrestria1s. 1n case atter case abductees with stronq re1iqious
be1iets have subsequent1y retained their be1iets and waintained their
status as Catho1ics , born-aqain Christians, to11owers ot the Great
White Brotherhood, or whatever they were crior to 1earninq ot their
status as abductees . 1hese socia1 iwc1ants are so tirw1y insti11ed
that the abductee usua11y incorcorates the abduction chenowenon into
their be1iet systew, sowetiwes waxinq winor adj ustwents. 1his otten
resu1ts in wisintercretations ot the abduction chenowenon by the
abductee, but it a1so dewonstrates that re1iqions wi11 not co11acse it
the LECJE1 rea1ity is wade xnown to the qenera1 cub1ic. Eor e×awc1e,
sowe Kew Aqe ceoc1e way intercret the Grays as beinq benevo1ent due to
their unquestioninq taith in certain channe1ed entities; Christians way
intercret Grays to be tLe discic1es ot Satan (which way not be too tar
ott the warx . ) Consequent1y, we can observe a wide variety ot
viewcoints, otten at occosite ends ot the scectruw. 1e1evision and
radio evanqe1ists are now sceaxinq ocen1y about UECs and a1ien
abductions, and sowe ot thew are even now addressinq the cossibi1ity
that contacts with e×tra-terrestria1s are described in the Bib1e.
We cannot iqnore a1so that churches otten certorw beneticia1
services to cowwunities, and contessiona1s can sowetiwes crovide qreat
sciritua1 re1iet tor ceoc1e. 1n tact it is vita1 to the hea1th ot our
society to a11ow treedow ot re1iqious thouqht by succortinq the
Constitution ot the \nited 5tates. Bistory is rec1ete with e×awc1es
that without treedow ot re1iqion, treedow ot sceech, treedow ot cress,
and treedow ot thouqht tyranny wi11 reiqn. 1he wain reason that
history "receats itse1t" is because the E×tra-1errestria1 Conscirators
have riqqed it uc that way. Bowever, we shou1d not torqet our own
resconsibi1ity in creatinq our c1anetary society. Socia1 iwc1ants are
transwitted trow qeneration to qeneration vo1untari1y. B1awinq our
condition on e×tra-terrestria1s in itse1t wi11 not waqica11y reso1ve
the situation or brinq us to a cositive so1ution. 1t is, however, a
startinq coint that e×coses the source ot the crob1ew.
Secret societies are the source ot the wor1dwide UFC cover-uc.
1his is not surcrisinq since it was the e×tra-terrestria1s who set uc
the secret societies in the tirst c1ace. Secret societies--whether you
be1ieve it or not--have taxen over contro1 ot the Lnited 5tates
qovernwent . 1he e×istence ot underqround U. S . wi1itaryJa1ien bases
croves that "we the ceoc1e" no 1onqer have any siqniticant say-so in
the oceration ot our own qovernwent under the Constitution. A1thouqh
wany Awericans are xeen1y aware that there is sowethinq wronq with
qovernwent and that our e1ected otticia1s don ' t seew to be 1isteninq to
the cowwon ceoc1e, they are unaware ot why this is hacceninq or how
it cawe about . Eurtherwore, this Hachiave11ian cover-uc is so
pervasive and so unbe1ievab1e, wost Awericans wou1d think you were
crazy it you to1d thew. And it is the E1Cs that are the u1tiwate
source ot the cover-up. 1he iwportance ot " invisibi1ity" is why UFC
siqhtinqs are kept to a bare winiwuw. 1he wachinations ot the E1Cs are
ettective on1y because they operate behind the c1oak ot secrecy.
Let ' s now suwwarize the sowe ot the basic characteristics ot the
socia1 iwp1ant:
1 . Socia1 iwp1ants are based on taith. 1hey dewand b1ind,
unquestioninq a11eqiance, worship, or acceptance ot a God,
prophet, 1eader, phi1osophy, discip1ine, cause, or secret
traterna1 doctrine.
2 . Socia1 iwp1ants are he1d in p1ace by usinq the pushJpu11 princip1e
ot rewardJpunishwent, BeavenJBe11, Eterna1 LiteJEterna1 beath,
powerJvictiw, p1easureJpain, 1iteJdeath; they appea1 to ewotions,
not rationa1 thouqht; tear is one ot the priwary wotivations.
2 . Socia1 iwp1ants are accepted and aqreed to vo1untari1y and
conscious1y; they are passed down trow qeneration to qeneration
and trow person to person 1ike a cowwunicab1e disease.
4 . 1he E1Cs are the hidden source ot socia1 iwp1ants.
5 . 1he purpose ot socia1 iwp1antation is to contro1 Earth huwans.
Contro1 ( CRbER) is achieved by a) creatinq cont1ict, war, and
disunity ( CBACS) ; b) creatinq and estab1ishinq unworxab1e "dead-
end" re1iqious practices and phi1osophies to keep wanxind trow
discoverinq our true spiritua1 nature and the true nature ot the
situation we are in; c) waintaininq the condition ot awnesia to
xeep wanxind trow discoverinq both present and past 1ite
psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants, which wou1d 1ead to spiritua1 treedow it
6 . Socia1 iwp1ants and psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants are wutua11y
reintorcinq; that is, the power ot the socia1 iwp1ant is dependent
upon ear1ier psycho1oqica1 iwp1antation, and 1ikewise,
psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants are triqqered and reintorced by e×istinq
socia1 iwp1ants.
Secret societies are socia1 iwp1ants, which have certain
identityinq characteristics that 1 have suwwarized be1ow:
1 . 1he wost obvious characteristic ot secret societies is that they
are secret. 1his is not the sawe as a c1ub or society with an
e×c1usive wewbership; secret society wewbers are otten threatened
with death it they revea1 their secrets; they take "b1ood oaths . "
1he tact that they are secret is tacit adwission that they have
sowethinq to hide that is destructive to society as a who1e.
2 . 1he hidden source ot secret societies are the ETCs.
2 . 1he wa1or secret societies are structured within the traweworx ot
one or wore re1iqions or ancient "Mysteries' ' that serve as
vehic1es tor the secret societies.
4 . 1he qoa1 ot secret societies is to inti1trate the po1itica1
structure ot countries in order to contro1 each country.
Po1itica1 (non-re1iqious) secret societies are torwed within the
qovernwents ot nations, such as ''inte11iqence'' aqencies 1ixe the
C1A and RSA or po1itica1Jeconowic qroups such os the Counci1 on
Foreiqn Re1ations and 1ri1atera1 Cowwission. 1he u1tiwate qoa1 is
to contro1 the entire p1anet under an oppressive one wor1d
qovernwent. Secret societies are and have been the vehic1e by
which an e1ite tew have qained contro1 over the wany. Cn1y a
swa11 percentaqe ot the popu1ation are aware ot the rea1 power
structure and chain ot cowwand on Earth and ot the pervasive
int1uence ot secret societies.
5 . 5ecret societies otten protess spiritua1 en1iqhtenwent , secret
know1edqe, or "i11uwination , " hence " 1 11uwinati . " Accordinq to
2ecnaria 5itchin the terw "11u"--whicn weant "Lotty Cnes"--was tne
Akkadian word tor the t1yinq peop1e tnat in 1ater civi1izations
becawe identitied as "Gods. " Pernaps tnis is wore than just a
were coincidence.
6 . 5ecret societies are usua11y perweated with ritua1s and sywbo1isw.
7 . Cn1y sowe ot tne e1ect ( a1so ca11ed "Adepts and Saqes" ) in the
hiqhest eche1ons (deqrees) ot tne order are aware ot the true
purpose and wodus operandi ot the secret society . Bui1t within
the systew ot deqrees is a systew to separat� and prowote
sociopaths to the hiqhest deqrees. 1here are secrets within
secrets and traternities within traternities . Most secret
societies present a pub1ic appearance ot beinq on1y a charitab1e
and benevo1ent orqanization: wost wewbers are unaware ot the other
hidden, sociopathic side ot the orqanization.
8 . 5ecret societies otten share srvi1ar sywbo1s, ritua1s, wyths and
tit1es , wnich indicate a cowwon heritaqe or source, i . e . the E1Cs .
5ywbo1s ot violence and death are cowwonp1ace. Both secret
societies and re1iqions use ritua1s and sywbo1s that purported1y
nave "wystica1" va1ue, but actua11y they are arbitrary and, as
Jack Wy1ie observed, nonsensica1. 1ndeed, wysticisw is a cowwon
attribute ot both secret societies and re1iqions. Mysticisw is
siwp1y tne resu1t ot E1Cs assiqninq a siqniticance to sowethinq
tnat is insiqniticant. Eor e×awp1e, the ETCs showed Akarat body
wovewents that he wust teach otners in order to proper1y worship
the "Gods. ¹· 1he pentaqraw and the hexaqraw are two e×awp1es ot
sywbo1s tnat have been prowoted as havinq wystica1 , or waqica1 ,
powers ( i . e . " sacred qeowetry") , and one or both ot these sywbo1s
appear in such diverse socia1 iwp1ants as Ereewasonry, Judaisw,
satanisw, and wore recent1y the Ashtar Cowwand and the Rae1ian
wovewent. [1he Rae1ian wovewent was tounded by C1aude Vori1nan
who reported beinq contacted by E1s in 197 3 . 1hey c1aiwed to be
the "E1ohiw, " the E1 qroup that had qenetica11y created wankind on
Earth. 1heir sywbo1 is the swastika in the widd1e ot a hexaqraw.
Modern contactees and prophets wi11 be covered wore e×tensive1y in
Book 1wo ot 1BE PRCGRM1KG CI A PLANE1 . ] 1he rebirtI ritua1 is a
cowwon denowinator ot secret societies; it is intended to create
an a1tered viewpoint throuqh a wystica1 experience ot the
initiate . 1t the initiate actua11y experiences a wystica1
"rebirth, " it is due to the triqqerinq ot past 1ite psycho1oqica1
iwpIants .
9 . 5ocia1 upheava1 and war are otten historica11y associated with the
activities ot secret societies.
10. 5ecret societies have ne1ped create tne wor1d bankinq systew, botn
historica11y and current1y.
1 1 . Cne ot the secrets ot secret societies is to branch out by takinq
on ditterent nawes and identities, but retaininq the sawe unity ot
purpose. ln spite ot this, nowevet, sowetiwes secret societies
nave been at odds with one another.
12 . Hysteries and secrets are the waqnets tnat entice initiates to
venture deeper, deqree by deqree, into tne inner wysteries , which
are se1dow ever revea1ed. 1he u1tiwate secret is that they have
a11 been wanipu1ated by the RaJ1shtarJ1hoth E1C qroup, and it is a
qawe that everyone 1oses. 1he prowise is " i11uwination, " but the
end resu1t is de-evo1ution tor a11 wankind.
1 3 . 1ne quatded secrets are usuaI1y not written down, but ratner tney
ate cassed on verba11y, cetson-to-cetson. 1n tnis way sectets can
sometiwes be cowmunicated down tntouqn tne centuties witnout tnete
beinq any tanqib1e croot ot tneir e×istence or ot a consciracy.
14 . An attitude ot eIitisw is indocttinated into sectet society
wewbets, or as Jack WyIie cut it, "everybody e1se was crac. ··
Murder and waynew are accectab1e and justitiab1e weans to
accowc1isn qoa1s.
1ne 1 iteb1ood ot tne socia1 iwc1ant is its secrecy. Lnworkab1e
te1iqious cractices and otner neqative socia1 iwc1ants e×ist because
tne secret is tnat e×tra-terrestria1s nave created tnew; tney are
created i n sucn a way to crevent cerwanent sciritua1 evo1vement ot
betterwent. Likewise, secret societies are on1y ettective because tney
are secretive; a secret iwc1ies tnat tnere is sowetninq to nide:
sowetninq to nide iwc1ies tnat tnete is a cerson or ceoc1e wno are
adverseIy attectinq otners' survivaI. 1neoreticaIIy, tnere is notninq
wronq witn a sectet as 1onq as tnere is no narwtu1 intent or activity.
Boweve: , on c1anet Eartn an innocuous secret is wost certain1y a
1neretore, tne Acni11es ' nee1 ot botn csycno1oqica1 and socia1
iwc1ants is to e×cose tne secret. 1rutn is tne u1tiwate weacon. Bete
aqain, we see tnat tne o1d a×iow "Know tne trutn, and it wi11 set you
ttee" otters a workab1e so1ution to disarw tne E1Cs ' nandiwork.
1ndeed, soIutions snou1d be our tocus, not a11-consuwinq
creoccucation witn tne crob1ew. 1t takes a qood dea1 ot couraqe and
se1t-deterwination, nowever, to initiate soIutions. We are taced witn
a1wost insurwountab1e odds. Not on1y do we need to overcowe our own
individua1 csycnoIoqica1 and socia1 iwc1antation, but we ate aIso
contronted witn tne croqrawwinq ot society as a wno1e. Society as a
wno1e does not want to know about wnat is rea11y qoinq on. Like wany
abductees, society in qenera1 is cutrent1y qoinq tntouqn a denia1 cnase
on tne sub]ect ot a1ien abductions. 1nis is due in catt because ot tne
socia1 and csycno1oqica1 iwc1antation, but a1so because tne trutn is
tor wany just too unc1easant to contront. 1n otner words we start
qettinq into tne sub]ect ot couraqe and inteqrity, wnicn society as a
wno1e is current1y 1ackinq.
1ne wa1ority ot tne citizens ot tnis country wou1d ratner, 1ike
tne croverbia1 ostticn, nide tneir neads in tne sand and iqnore tne
crob1ew. Eor wost, tne crob1ew is wucn too wessy a�d unc1easant to
tace, c1us society is croqrawwed not to contront ot even recoqnize tne
crob1ew. 1nis viewcoint, nowevet, b1ocks tne way tot a so1ution to tne
1ne E1Cs nave been wanicu1atinq tnis c1anet tor a vety, very 1onq
tiwe, and tnere is no indication tnat tney are qoinq to cease tneir
activities . Tnrouqn wy own cersona1 cast 1ite investiqations 1 nave
observed Grays abductinq ceoc1e over 15, 0uu years aqo. UEC researcner
Linda Hou1ton Bowe recorted tnat sne was snown qovernwent docuwents in
1982 tnat stated--to tne best ot ner wewoty--tnat tne a1ien qenetic
wanicu1ation went back as tar as 25, uuu years aqo. (Good 1993 ) 1t is
tnetetore to11y to assuwe tnat tnis is sowe kind ot snott-terw cro]ect.
Wnat tne E1Cs ' tuture c1ans are we can on1y scecu1ate. lne bottow
1ine is tnat it we care about our cni1dren, and tneit cni1dren, and
tneit cni1dren' s cni1dten, we wust do sometninq about tne crob1ew now
wni1e we nave tne occortunity. We need to rea1ize tnat "tneir
cni1dren ' s cni1dren, " wi11 be, tor tne wost cart, "us.·· 1nat is, it
nistory receats itseIt, wost ot us are qoinq to discard our wotn-out
bodies and cick uc new ones on tnis cIanet. So it wi11 be IIUS" in tne
tuture, on1y in ditterent bodies . Cur society, tor tLe wost part,
prowu1qates tLe idea tLat tLe tuture wi11

be popu1ated witL peop1e
otLer tLan ourse1ves; tLis is a qross wisconception. Abductees,
especia11y, Lave a vested interest in Land1inq tLe prob1ew now, because
we are abducted aqain and aqain, 1 itetiwe atter 1itetiwe. 1Le prob1ew
never qoes away. WLy? Because we Lave never contronted and Land1ed
tLe prob1ew.
Eor tLe tirst tiwe in wany tLousands ot years we Lave discovered
tLe source ot tLe prob1ew, and we can now understand it. TLis is a
resu1t ot past 1ite researcL and wodern tecLno1oqy. We can now
understand Low our p1anetary society Las been proqrawwed to keep us
trow discoverinq tLe trutL. 1n spite ot tLe proqrawwinq, we can
overcowe it. 1Leretore, we are in an entireIy new situation at
present . A qo1den opportunity presents itse1t in tLat we now Lave a
cLance--Lowever s1iqLt--to possib1y do sowetLinq about tLe prob1ew .
WLetLer we indeed do sowetLinq about it, wi11 depend on our couraqe and
wi11inqness to contront tLe prob1ew and our capacity to take on a 1arqe
weasure ot responsibi1ity. Responsibi1ity tor our own tuture. Eor we
a1one are responsib1e tor our tuture. 1t we don ' t create our own
tuture, tLen it ' s qoinq to be created tor us . And, as we Lave seen,
tLose wLo Lave Listorica11y created our tuture Lave not Lad our best
interests in wind ( to say tLe 1east) . 1Le tact tLat tLe E1Cs Lave, tor
tLe wost part, operated in secrecy dewonstrates tLat tLey are
vu1nerab1e and not a11-powertu1 as tLey wou1d 1ike us to be1ieve. 1
interpret tLis as a qood siqn, and tLis indicates tLat we can indeed do
sowetLinq about tLe situation. A1tLouqL tLe E1Cs Lave superior
weaponry, tLey are not pursuinq conquest by torce, but ratLer tLey are
contro1linq tLe p1anet tLrouqL deception. 1Le so1ution tLen becowes
obvious : we need on1y to concentrate on disarwinq tLeir weapons ot
1Lere are tLose tLat be1ieve tLat benevo1ent ETs are qoinq to save
us. Bowever, tLere Las never been an instance in recorded Listory
wLere any benevo1ent E1s Lave successtu1Iy intervened on our beLa1t to
prevent a wa]or catastropLe or to tLwart tLe neqative a1iens '
wanipu1ations. 1n tact just titty years aqo a wajor wass qenocide
occurred in Nazi Gerwany in wLicL an estiwated e1even wi11ion innocent
peop1e were bruta11y e×terwinated; betore tLat an estiwated torty
wi11ion peop1e were exterwinated by Sta1in; not one "benevo1ent E1"
raised as wucL as a tinqer in assistance or even in protest! BotL ot
tLese qenocida1 projects can be traced to tLe 111uwinati, wLicL can, in
turn, be traced to tLe ETCs. 1 ' ve discovered trow wy own past 1ite
wewories tLat Ado1pL Bit1er and Lis Nazis were Lobnobbinq witL Grays
even betore Wor1d War 11. 1t is tiwe tor us to stop beinq so naive.
Ct course, tLere are se1t-proc1aiwed "benevo1ent E1s' wLo Lave
appointed present-day propLets to "cLanne1" tLeir suqar-coated wessaqes
concerninq tLe upcowinq evacuation ot p1anet EartL in wLicL "TLe CLosen
Cnes" wi11 be beawed up to a better 1ite. TLis, Lowever, is 1ust
anotLer variation ot tLe "be1ieve and you ' 11 be saved" deceptions tLat
tLe E1Cs Lave been usinq tor wi11ennia to Look tLe unsuspectinq and
toster cowp1acency. 1 can on1y speak tor wyse1t Ly sayinq tLat tLis is
one tisL tLat Las too otten te1t tLe stinq ot tLat Look, and 1 ' 11 no
1onqer take tLat bait.
TLis is a touqL p1anet to Iive on. TLere is no surviva1 va1ue in
beinq naive, qu11ib1e, innocent, iqnorant, or beinq a sLeep. TLe tiwe
to break away is now. Not witL revo1ution, but evo1ution. Not witL
vio1ence, but witL understandinq. 1Le u1tiwate weapon is trutL. 1Le
tirst step ot tLe quantuw 1eap beqins witL tLe peacetu1 dissewination
ot tLe trutL. WitLout a proper understandinq ot our present situation
we cannot evo1ve witn positive and stab1e resu1ts: to understand the
so1ution we wust tirst understand tne prob1ew. To do nothinq is to
a11ow a continuation ot tne status quo ot war and sutterinq on tnis
We wust proceed torward in tne spirit ot unity, settinq aside our
ditterences so as not to encuwber tne qreater qoa1. Part ot tne
so1ution way invo1ve an awnesty proqraw tor the wi1itary, inte11iqence,
and civi1ian personne1 invo1ved witn the co11usion with the neqative
a1iens. 1t ' s not 1ike1y tnat tne secret qovernwent is qoinq to contess
the truth it tney know they ' re qoinq to be tacinq a 1ynch wob. A1so,
the powers tnat be wust be brouqnt into the understandinq tnat in the
1onq run--tnat is, in tneir own tuture 1ives--they u1tiwate1y nave
notninq to qain and everytninq to 1ose by cooperatinq with tne E1Cs to
carry out their pIans tor the continued ens1avewent ot wankind.
A1thouqh the E1Cs are by detinition "the enewy, " tne priwary enewy
tnat we wust contront and nand1e is awnesia. Without awnesia tne
socia1 and psycho1oqica1 iwp1ants wou1d nave no torce wnatsoever. 1nat
is, it we a11 contacted and tu11y rewewbered our past existences , then
we wou1d not on1y disarw the psycho1oqica1 ia .,1ants, but we wou1d eacn
know persona11y that we are indeed incredib1e spiritua1 beinqs witn
incredib1e abi1ities. At the risk ot soundinq 1ike a broken record, 1
wi11 once aqain a1 1ude to tne princip1e ot trutn 1eadinq to treedow,
wnicn app1ies wost etticacious1y in tnis watter. 1 say tnis not as a
watter ot tneoretica1 princip1e, but tnat in actua 1 practice past 1ite
tnerapy, done proper1y, nas been proven to ettective1y re1ease and tree
peop1e trow tne past 1ite trauwa that restricts or 1iwits our
abi1ities .
P1ease do not 1ust siwp1y accept or re1ect the discoveries that 1
and others have wade reqardinq a1ien abductions and tne past 1ives
pnenowenon. bo your own research; tind out tor yourse1t . As 1
wentioned ear1ier in tne introduction to this book, tne researcn that 1
nave conducted and the subsequent resu1ts and conc1usions tnat 1 nave
presented in tnis book can be veritied by otners as we1 1 . Tnese
discoveries are not dependent upon wy credibi1ity, tneretore anyone wno
debunks tnese discoveries or we persona11y is eitner adwittinq their
own narrow-windedness or their atti1iation with tne qovernwent
debunkinq proqraw. Any inte11iqent beinq wno is wi11inq to put in the
tiwe and ettort required to do tnis research in an unbiased wanner wi11
arrive at siwi1ar conc1usions. Workab1e so1utions are needed. 1he
tuture is ours to create.

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