Larry Eigner, The Reception

(suggestions for a play). Copyright 1964. 5 Poems & !e" #e$er %elf &a"e.' Prefa(e is a letter from )o*ert +un(an, ,pril -., 195/. 01o poems on an . 2 *y 14 fol" out. Part of a letter to lg in(lu"e". Co$er photograph *y Paul %aun"ers.


a fa(simile e"ition of duende 6 1hi(h 1as originally pu*lishe" on a re34rotary mimeograph ma(hine on 01iltone' paper, 56 pp.1964

a "uen"e "igital release -61po *o3 5/1 pla(itas, ne1 me3i(o ./645 larrygoo"7(om(