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General Phases of Design (Detailed)

Risk Meetings

Scope Defition

Design commencement

Initial design development

Initial Design Review & Audit (for example, 20% design complete)

Approval for Design (for example, 80% design complete)

Approval for Construction (95-100% design complete)

Design Plan

Hazard identification

Consultant Internal Review Process Design Close-out

Client Review (Seqwater involvement)

Consultant/Designer activity Seqwater close involvement

Initiate our review process Review Criteria

Meets Design Criteria/ Engineering Brief/ Systems Requirements Meets Functional and performance requirements Sufficient details for design verification (no ambiguity/incompleteness for the current stage) Sufficient details/maturity to proceed to next stage Risk identified, characterised and mitigated where appropriate

Risk Meetings
Constructability Review HAZID ENVID HAZOP CHAZOP FRA (Fire Risk Assessment)