300 Target TOEIC Second Edition


Answer Keys

The firefighters are holding a hose. It’s rush hour. The man is sitting at a desk. The man is lifting a box. The files are arranged neatly on the shelves. The people are at an airport. The package is being delivered to the woman. 8. (B) The women are working on a project together. 9. (C) There are several glasses on the counter. 10. (A) The patient is being treated by the dentist. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (C) (C) (D) (B) (A) (B) (D)

41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. (C) (B) (C) (A) (B) (B) (C) (C) (A) (A) (D) (C) (D) (A) (C) (A) (B) (B) (D) (A) (B) (D) (D) (B) (B) (A) Reserving an extra hotel room A name and reservation number The man’s family name Their company’s new invoicing system Their old billing system was outdated. It has helped her with her work. It contained an unexpected item. A telecommunications expert The meeting was not essential. She didn’t know she had to pay taxes. How much she will have to pay Read an information leaflet Buying a piece of land and building on it Increase the size of their building In three months A staff meeting She had to meet a client. She is glad that she was not there. John’s office number He doesn’t like being disturbed at home. In the office directory Next Wednesday afternoon The meeting will be very long. A presentation by the planning division A scandal in the construction industry Many of their buildings have structural flaws. The company will have to pull down several buildings. They have an outstanding bill to pay. The man’s Straight away

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. (B) (A) (B) (C) (A) (C) (C) (A) (B) (A) (B) (C) (A) (B) (B) (A) (A) (A) (C) (A) (B) (B) (A) (B) (C) (A) (C) (C) (A) (B) I have to finish a marketing report. The supplier. Our shipment has arrived. On Julie’s desk. For a class I’m taking at the community college. We can pick it up any time after 3:00. A year. Sure. What’s the number? I’d rather get it all done today. Sure you will. Let me help you. I’m almost done. Yes, it’s very interesting, but a little difficult. It certainly was. I don’t remember exactly, but it was a good deal. I thought we’d agreed on two o’clock. From five o’clock until seven-thirty. I don’t mind going to meet her. Oh, I threw it away already. Yes, with my business partner. Early next week. I couldn’t find the room. Actually, he asked if he could have it. Oh no. Not again. Well, how urgent is it? Didn’t you know? She’s on vacation. There’s some space in the basement. How does next Tuesday sound? I’m going to be in charge of that. I put them in an envelope on your desk. I work flexi-time, so it varies. Oh, we thought you had ordered them.

67. (B) 68. (A) 69. (C) 70. (D)

71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. (B) (B) (C) (D) (D) (B) (C) (D) (A) (A) (D) (C) AAM’s success in foreign sales England, Norway, France, and Germany Mark Simpson To decrease use of paper and electricity Flush the toilet regularly. People must conserve natural resources. To subscribe to this publication By credit card Those interested in the arts On a train The train is late. The food service will close.

(D) West Free Checking 155. 148. (C) It’s a young. 114. (D) On the office notice boards 177. PART 5 101. (B) (C) (C) (D) (B) (D) (D) (D) (D) (A) (D) (C) (B) (B) (C) (D) (C) (B) (C) (B) incentives will allow coordinate would arrive many themselves within by scarce found that requested latest accepted minimum to place nobody by most themselves opposite 102. 126. (D) To reduce the possibility of forest fires 179. (B) An ad announcing a special offer 159. 103. 152. 184. (C) To make a complaint 182. (C) A business person 160. 122. 112. 106. 128. 168. 137. 145. 138. 94. (A) (B) (B) (D) (A) (B) (C) (A) (C) (A) (B) (C) (A) (D) (B) (C) (A) (D) (D) (C) ago ought impressed Despite over notified yet are going Even whether as and percentage depends effect While has When holding ceremony . 131. 133. 90. 109. 140. (A) To speed up your call 1 Ticket delivery A businessman who provides charitable assistance For a decade By allowing for the provision of clean water Health care products Gold Card Members get 20% off on Tuesdays. 132. (C) A sales letter 170. 95. (A) Winter 164. 92. (B) $250 161. 86. (C) About three weeks 183. 91. (A) They will have to pay a fine. (D) West 55 Checking & West Advantage Account 154. 121. 93. (A) The items were dispatched twice. 84. 111. 135. 125. Winter vacation packages Dinner By visiting a branch directly or calling a special hotline PART 6 141. 118. 104. (B) An increase in transactions between bank branches 167. 85. (D) It is less expensive to use single-engine airplanes than trucks. 130. (C) Stay home when you are sick 163. 115.Answer Keys 301 83. (C) 100. 127. (B) (A) (A) (C) (C) (D) sure convincing expired advise announce free 142. 136. (B) 12 months 158. (B) To give park regulations to visitors 178. 139. (C) If they join the park’s animal-feeding program 181. 171. 143. All GFY customers To keep him informed of the situation Improving quality control A pay raise or an increase in personnel Health and safety inspectors Defective safety mechanisms They will be off work with full pay for about a week. 89. 113. (A) That workers are reluctant to take sick leave 165. 108. (B) Just a few months 173. 88. 180. 134. (B) 99. 87. 110. 166. (A) A technical periodical of the electronics trade 157. (A) Convenience and expense 175. (C) (C) (B) (C) (D) (A) away free cut up forward pick up apply PART 7 153. fast-growing company. 124. (C) West 55 Checking 156. 150. 96. 123. 144. 105. (A) It will increase profits. (B) Real Estate agents 174. (C) Two weeks after the news release 169. (B) Read the agreement and complete a questionnaire 172. 117. (A) She will stop using Office Depot. 119. 97. (C) (A) (D) (B) (D) (A) (D) (A) (B) (A) (D) (A) (C) (C) (A) 98. 146. 120. (C) Until construction is completed 176. 149. (D) A computer program 162. 147. 151. 116. 129. 107.

193. Fiction Paperback It includes books given away. 195. Discount coupons A job ad Good pay. (A) (A) (B) (C) (B) (C) (A) (A) (C) He is sorry. but understands her reasons. 190. 186. 198. 192. (B) A balloon toy 194. 199.302 Target TOEIC Second Edition 185. managers. To solicit ideas from sales staff He will not be at the meeting. 187. and opportunities An MBA graduate with no sales experience Winning a prize for his MBA thesis He lacks the necessary experience. 196. 189. 197. (C) (B) (B) (C) (B) (C) . 191. She used to work with underprivileged children. To find volunteers Deprived children from the local community People with medical training. 188. 200.

It’s probably got a virus. 42. (B) 35. (A) 25. (C) 4% (B) (C) (B) (C) (D) (B) (B) (A) (D) (C) (B) (B) (B) (C) (C) 31. we’re closing early for the holiday. 3. Ian and Brian will be joining you. Sure. I’ve already sent them to your secretary. It’s too early to check in for the flight. (C) 34. Turn the green lever. 47. She is looking forward to getting one. 28. 80. (A) 40. (A) 26. On the 19th Overseas business challenges Translation His company may expand overseas. The basement is flooded. 55. 12. (C) 39. (B) They are working near a minor road. 10 years Nobel Prize winner A tour operator 2 300 The interest earned on your bank account Your credit record is always changing. 67. 18. (B) 33. Someone whose credit application was rejected 86. (A) (A) (A) (B) (A) PART 4 71. We’re going to buy a new one. 53. As soon as possible. 77. (A) 38. 87. On the middle shelf towards the wall. The woman is standing atop the ladder. He said he would put it between the copy machine and the filing cabinets. All weekend. 1. The repairman hasn’t arrived yet. 74. 66. 23. 63. 84. then pull out the empty tube. 76. (A) 36. 57. 10. 30 boxes He thinks he is lost. The referee is observing the players. I designed the lettering using my PC. 30. 62. The man will be late again. 59. 61. It says in the program. 2. 4. I don’t know. 21. Well. 8. 45. I need to take a look first! I’m sorry sir. (A) The market was weak in October. Consumer affairs Star 4 minutes She is writing a book. Lay off one member of the staff To New York The woman has to reduce the length of her trip. Thank you. There was a power outage. (C) (A) (B) (B) (A) (A) (B) (C) (C) (B) (C) (A) (A) No. 68. 13. Market research Tomorrow at ten o’clock Documents to be read The supply department He is busy. 50. I believe it’s still Andy McCarthy. 22. He’ll have an office on the fifth floor. 44. 5. 16. 9. 29. 78. 60. Two years ago. 46. Relax. 65. At a conference all week Check the Asian reports immediately Bad news To a meeting He needs to finish writing a letter.Answer Keys 303 PRACTICE TEST 2 PART 1 The doctors are looking at an x-ray. 58. 73. I have an opening at eleven. (D) (B) (A) (C) (B) (B) (B) (C) (B) (B) (C) (B) (D) (B) (A) (A) (B) (D) (B) (A) (C) (C) (B) (D) (B) (B) (A) (D) (B) (A) Their employer It is much nicer than his old computer. 15. (B) . 69. I only have window seats available. (C) (A) (B) (C) (A) (D) (B) (A) PART 3 41. 24. A brochure on mutual funds Call and request a copy It is free. The clothes are hanging on the rack. 20. An office a couple of blocks away By calling their old number Reduce overhead They’re unreasonable. 48. I can get it done after lunch. 43. (A) The woman is writing something in her book. 70. (A) 37. 81. There’s no one in the lobby. 14. A letter Check a letter for her Perfection is more important than punctuality. 72. There were a lot of items to discuss. 49. 75. Wait. but I need it back. I hope they’re not locked inside the cabinet. PART 2 11. 64. The two men are shaking hands on an agreement. and there was nowhere else to put them. so I couldn’t serve customers. Twenty-five should be enough. 85. have a safe flight. 27. 19. (B) 32. 83. The woman is getting off the train. 7. 6. I haven’t counted them yet. 54. No. 82. 17. 52. I still have a whole day to get it done. 56. I’d go for the candidate with the most experience. 79. 51. OK.

105. 196. (B) She will telephone the hotel again. 165. 193. (D) 175. 187. 124. (A) 180. (D) 183. A lack of choice of styles To maintain contact with a customer 50% off if you buy more than $50 by December 10th His company’s prices and the quality of their goods He no longer works for Wilcon Products. 194. 134. 185. On a separate form To encourage workers to be more careful They are more careful about safety than men. 188. and customers 100. 120. (A) In a bank 99. Saturday or Sunday His application for a rental car was rejected. 162. 151. (D) (C) (C) (B) (B) (C) recent premises clerks convey stock inconvenience PART 7 153. 190.m. (D) The gunmen. 135. (C) At the ticket office 98. 97. 109. An instructional memo To assist employees in finding jobs they like The supervisor adds comments. (B) 182. 170. (B) A computer research system 200. 107. 192. (C) In half. 146. (B) 176. 126. 96. (D) (A) (A) (A) (D) (C) (C) (B) (A) (B) (D) (C) (B) (A) (D) PART 5 101. 104. starting in July 155. (B) (B) (D) (A) (D) (B) alert reputation customers staff further affected 142. 95. 139. Dancer Female authors earned more than male announcers. 138. 130. The women’s athletic footwear business is going strong. 125. (A) 174. 111. (D) 179. 116. 147. 163. 164. (A) (B) (B) (C) (A) (A) (D) (D) (A) (B) (A) (D) (D) (A) (B) (A) (C) (C) (B) (B) suggested its highest Although addition expected serving developing are available for cost time already surpass greatly on According are being required took 102. 119. (B) 172. 136. 127. 144. 199. 191. (B) (D) (B) (C) (D) (C) (B) (B) (D) (A) (B) (C) (B) (D) (D) (C) (A) (C) (A) (B) because of grew opportunities who wealthier about demonstrable information in announcement effective sailing opting will have been next Friday right how many Despite biggest working 171. (C) $20 91. 169. 189. 110. 131. 112. (C) People standing in the street 156. (C) 178. Something getting in workers’ eyes These accidents are avoidable with care. 186. 159. 137. 114. 161. 157. 143. (B) 181. Burnham does not return their calls. 129. (A) 4 94. 108. 148. (D) It states that it is used in the best health spas and hotels. (C) To alter a reservation 93. An ad for a loan company Excellent interest rates on your loan A young couple looking for their first home More than 85 years The amount women spent on athletic shoes in a 10-year period. 140. 90. 115. 158. 118. 198. (C) (A) (B) (B) (B) (C) (A) (B) (D) (A) (D) (D) (A) (C) (C) (B) PART 6 141. (A) 173. (A) Broad research criteria A computer with certain specifications 4 Delivery time and price $18. 133. 103. 149. 197. They have unreasonably high standards. 106. 122. bank clerks. (D) Establishing copying limits 154. 121. (C) A train has come off the rail tracks. 167. 128. (B) Rail travelers with flights leaving Heathrow Airport before 4 p. 160. 113.304 Target TOEIC Second Edition 88. 145. . Spending has quadrupled in a decade. 2 and 7 6 weeks A special deal on a rental vehicle You must reserve a vehicle ahead of time. June 2nd Architects In these professions. (C) 184.35 A mail order catalog Pay a $15 membership fee Discounts on all purchases at SHOP stores During bargain sales To collect money Setting up a meeting Mr. 117. (C) 177. men earn more than women. (D) Because of an increase in fuel costs 89. It may prevent them from ingesting toxins. 195. 123. 166. 152. 132. 168. 150. (B) To soften water 92.

(A) The man is talking on a public telephone. we’ll discuss it at the meeting. (B) Problems with a fax machine 45. (C) (A) (C) (B) (B) (C) (B) (B) (C) (A) (A) (B) (A) (B) (A) (C) (B) (A) (B) (A) (A) (C) (B) (B) (B) (A) (B) (A) Three people from accounting resigned. (A) Mathematics 69. but we’re investigating. 3. (C) An excellent employee 54. (B) By taking his time and not hurrying 58. 16. (A) Order a box of pens for the man 53. 2. How about on Friday? There’s one on Water Street. Yes. 78. 43. (A) The road is full of traffic. 82. 83. (A) Talking about a letter 42. 27. (C) He thinks they are very helpful. 48. 20. (C) She is very interested in his offer. It turned out to be more complicated than we thought. They were a little disappointing. 85. Yes. 18. It’s the new intern.Answer Keys 305 PRACTICE TEST 3 PART 1 1. (C) She thought the man liked his job. 8. 10. (B) Accountant 70. 84. (B) Give Evans a bonus or a raise 56. 5. I’d like to get a job in advertising. 25. (D) The two men are hanging from safety harnesses. Marketing Elizabeth Morgan was a science teacher. 38. (D) The woman is walking up the stairs. (C) Because of stress 59. It sure looks like it. Turn it so the green stripe is facing up. (C) The police officer is arresting a suspect. 4. it’s too wide. 28. 79. 17. (B) She feels overworked. you turn the knob to the left. (A) Giving advice about managing time 57. 44. For three days. 76. No. (C) He is picking a book off a table. 13. I had a wonderful time. 50. That was Dawson. 23. They’ve found a cheaper supplier. 14. 3 A guest speaker is being introduced. 52. 12. 37. (B) He has quit his job. (B) The train doors are open. I have a spare one. (D) Give her credit card number 64. (B) Improved relations with Price 55. 32. our biggest client. The black and white looks a little oldfashioned. I’ll be done in about five minutes. 75. (C) Comparing the cost of different options 68. 74. PART 2 11. 34. 15. (B) Buying new machines 67. she’s got 10 years work experience in computer graphics. I’ll go by bike. 29. First. 66. 9. (B) The three men are walking together. PART 4 71. (B) More time to complete the work 49. (B) 40. 7. We’re not sure. (C) In an office supply store 51. 15 years ago. 26. 31. (C) The bridge is crowded. if the weather is decent. 72. To announce a death Coronado Partners Three years At an airport To advise passengers about carry-on luggage restrictions Passengers with young children A catalog 3 Catalog shoppers 39. 6. No. I think. I’ve never met her before. Yes. I guess we’ll meet in his office. 73. 77. 22. 33. (A) Print out a confirmation sheet 46. 47. 30. 80. 19. PART 3 41. Don’t blame me every time you lose something. 60. (A) The man is confused about something. (C) Salesman 63. (A) . 21. 61. (B) The machines kept breaking down. 35. I’m afraid it’s broken. By tomorrow afternoon. (D) (D) (C) (C) (D) (A) (A) (D) (D) (C) (A) (B) (C) (C) (C) To order some forms Press 4 to hear the message in Spanish. 81. 36. (C) The document has been sent successfully. 24. (B) The man just needs to make a few changes. (D) They are out of stock. We’d better let him know sooner rather than later. There’s going to be an investigation. (B) To a smaller city 62. (A) It’s unlikely he can extend the deadline. (A) Return it 65. That’s OK.

139. (C) Membership of a debating society 190. 125. 109. (B) By 3 p. (A) Before July 28th 171. (B) $32 185. 123. (D) Bi-monthly 157. 116. Williams will be under no pressure to take out a policy. (A) To thank Ewan for his efforts over the past year 169. 172. 97. 113. 130. (B) He is one of their clients. 145. 119. 137. 99. (C) Drilling for oil deep below the ocean 174. (C) 3 weeks and one day 178. (D) Conducting Better Meetings 154. (D) (D) (A) (B) (D) (C) 92. (C) $62. 127. Give a description of Samantha at the customer service center People who have trouble sleeping $20 3 Local businesses To fund projects for young people in the local community One Greenford youth who wants to study engineering PART 7 153. 132. 182. (B) The importance of secretarial work PART 5 101. 126. (B) Mr. 131. 186. (B) (C) (C) (B) (C) 100. 164. (B) Get a card with the lowest interest rate possible. (A) Take over a Finnish drilling company 176. (D) Winter 166. (D) 94. (D) (C) (D) (B) (A) (B) (C) (A) (A) (B) (A) (D) (C) (C) (D) (C) (B) (A) (A) (A) memorable Most any hopes have been whether never since lowest developers until promoted after found differing entire objective capital lend required PART 6 141. (B) His secretary 173. (C) To ask Let’s Go to cancel a bill 170.m. 87. 108. 96. 151. 111. (B) Create a financial budget for the meeting and stick to it 155. 184.m. (C) An airline and travel destination Skiing None Made a flight reservation By 11 a. 112. 143. (A) What he will be doing in each location 181. 146.306 Target TOEIC Second Edition 86. (D) Enthusiastic 192. 147. 121. 88. 115. 150. 107. 149. 120. (D) Her lack of experience 191. (A) (C) (A) (A) (B) (C) (D) (C) (D) (D) (D) (B) (B) (D) (B) (B) (C) (D) (B) (B) return For in who out off to stay claimed must have so precise by one was asked long loyal lower inefficient precedent would have given 102. (C) Value 160. 105. (D) A stock market investor 175. 89. 180. 117. 136. 106. (D) Organize and produce presentations and seminars on management 189. (C) A confident art major with consulting and computer experience 188. 168. (A) This is one of the best lines of portable stereos made today.40 158. (D) (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) premises every grateful suitable further earliest . 110. (B) Taking on more difficult drilling jobs 177. 124. (B) The company was recommended to him. 140. 98. (B) Prescription drugs for men and outpatient care for women 183. (B) He had to perform surgery. 118. 129. 90. 128. 114. She couldn’t get all the seats located together. 144. 135. 138. 161. (B) Time management 156. A shopping mall A child has got lost. (C) Women spend more for medical services. 104. (B) 95. (D) Making a charitable donation in his name 167. (C) 93. (A) People who pay the balance in full each month 165. 133. (B) 12 times a year 159. (C) (D) (D) (D) (D) (D) remind entitled make rate to inform eligible 142. 152. 148. 134. 91. (D) Evaluate whether your credit card serves you well 163. (D) Drive a rental car 179. (B) A job vacancy 187. 103. 122. (C) Emphasize product value 162.

(A) Samples of suitable office furniture . (C) Eric Richards 196. (B) Work on computers to experience problems first hand 198. (C) She thinks it is a wonderful idea.Answer Keys 307 193. (B) Sending a member of the support staff to the conference every year 194. 197. (D) As soon as possible 200. 195. (A) Southwest Telecommunications wanted to solve problems caused by long-term computer use. (C) Providing chairs with good back support 199.

Worried about her job security To make a complaint The man is leaving. The two women look happy. To Edgar Winters. 79. I did. The last weekend in March. (B) 37. 6. (C) (C) (B) (A) PART 4 71.308 Target TOEIC Second Edition PRACTICE TEST 4 PART 1 1. The woman is seated on the right of one of the men. (D) Mild temperatures with gusting winds 83. I have no idea. The man and women are surveying the view. (B) 16. 28. Morocco and Egypt. 55. It’s because it’s on the main road. he wants you to call him back. 14. They’ll tell us at the weekly meeting on Wednesday. Walter. 60. Only five days. Because she needs to find a suitable replacement PART 2 11. They aren’t happy with it. Do you mean the red power mower. but I’m not sure it’s the right job for me. (C) 38. (B) (B) (B) (C) No. 76. Sure. 61. sir? He’ll arrive at ten. (C) Arbitrarily move passengers to a different flight (D) (D) (B) (C) (B) (C) (B) (C) (D) (B) (C) 34. 9. They’ll have to say everything twice. He hopes she likes her new job. Yes. 58. 25. The woman is surfing the Internet. He should have stayed home. 7. He left his keys in the parking lot. Coworkers No one tried to take his car. 24. 32. His time management skills Edit a report Whether she has communicated clearly She is a better writer than she realizes. This is such a mess. I was hoping I could look at it over the weekend. 13. 46. OK. 63. 45. I’ve never known Alison to miss a deadline or forget to do something. 3. 49. and it must be for a family member. 2. It’s supposed to be delivered within the hour. (C) 66. 54. 70. Why? Is there a problem? Yes. 56. 81. 75. Go straight down the middle aisle to the back. 15. (A) There are not enough seats available. 82. The women are discussing a document. 17. 33. (B) 35. $6 7 days Hold on to your hats because it will be windy. 18. 78. 21. 42. 4. turn it on. May 1st Shopping for clothes Disappointed With sympathy She has been given a raise. They are going through a quiet period. 43. Drop by my office this afternoon. she took the shuttle. He thinks he has the flu. That the company makes the woman work too hard To the manager’s office He might lose his job. 52. (B) . Return it to the manufacturer. (A) (A) (C) (A) (A) (A) (B) (B) (B) (B) (A) (B) (A) (B) (A) (A) (A) (B) 64. 51. (B) 40. 26. (A) 39. 72. The people are arranging papers on a table. 10. 53. 22. 29. She’s going to coordinate conferences. I’ll be right there. In June. (A) 67. 48. 57. 77. here’s an application form. Of course! Your proposal was excellent. PART 3 41. The cars are at the gas station. Is that OK? It’s the white building on the right. 68. There are tools on the work bench. He hasn’t been working at the company for very long. 80. 69. 31. (B) 36. 73. 19. 30. 20. The same as yesterday. 47. Putting in some extra lights Buy some table lamps She doesn’t care if Peter is present or not. 27. (C) (A) (B) (B) (B) (C) (C) (A) (B) (A) The room has been set up for a conference. 50. 59. about 12 hours. 74. and we’ll get started at 10:30. 62. 23. 12. 8. (C) 65. 5. The man is painting a door. she’s a real professional. At a staff meeting Beneath the back windows Just before noon Two medical doctors She is an excellent lecturer. But I didn’t understand them. 84. Long. Lived in West Africa Taos Communications They have new film projectors. 44. (C) (A) (B) (C) (B) (C) (C) (A) (B) (B) (B) (B) (B) (D) (A) (A) (A) (C) (B) (C) (A) (B) (A) It is too dark.

130. (B) (B) (B) (B) (A) (A) (C) (C) (D) (C) (D) (A) (C) (B) (A) (A) A better class of travel or a free flight When the library is open People with vision problems 2 A health supplement For three weeks Start with 600 mg. 140. 187. 114. 172. 123. 143. 97. 135. 103. 91. (A) 164. 127. 96. 155.Answer Keys 309 85. 108. 99.000 Passengers must fly once a month for 12 months.50 According to the distance transported A penknife 70 pounds Anyone interested in improving their computer skills Twice a month A schedule of classes Report financial transactions of a certain size They are unhappy about them. 90. 100. 173. 129. 133. 188. 111. (D) 168. (A) 167. 124. 118. 183. 119. 113. 93. (C) 180. 154. (B) 163. 152. By telephone After midnight The hotel is located far from the road. (A) (C) (D) (A) (C) (D) (B) (B) (D) (C) (A) (C) (A) (D) (A) (D) (C) (A) (B) (D) was held within most competitive Situated list rather enough have changed sum when better might as soon as have developed come out reflect essential on Higher 169. 3 Because the order was canceled 160. (A) . (C) (B) (B) (C) (D) (C) resort enter increases prosecuted celebrate initial 142. (C) (D) (C) (D) (C) (B) (C) He is a tax accountant. 122. Madrid Type the fax onto a website A headset Individuals who conduct international financial transactions 5. 132. 146. (B) 178. 145. Mr. 171. (A) (A) (C) (A) (B) (C) all-inclusive spend installed entitled save comprehensive 189. (D) 175. without incurring charges $1. 87. (C) 162. (A) 165. (B) (C) (B) (C) (B) (B) (C) (A) (D) (B) (B) (D) (B) (D) (B) (C) (B) (B) (C) (B) number don’t complex due to would be on hope proved seemed excited was Since informative from As provide lower had been currently must 102. 125. Anyone interested in fund management PART 7 153. Rhonda McVities $52. 137. (D) 177. 134. 110. 105. 120. 109. (C) 170. Rodriguez’s credit card number March 31st Pay the full amount before July 5th He should have paid the full amount by April 29th. 106. 144. 138. 151. 95. 159. It doesn’t matter how far you fly. 92. 150. Prevent illegal funds being channeled secretly by organized crime groups To confirm a reservation for a meeting at the BV Center About 80 As soon as she receives this letter The AV department and Food and Beverage Manager It’s free of charge and available all the time. A maximum of 4 By calling a special phone line or downloading the form He wants a quiet room. (B) (C) (C) (C) (A) (A) (C) (B) PART 6 141. (D) 179. 185. 107. (C) 190. 156. 86. 117. 112. (B) PART 5 101. (B) (B) (C) (A) 174. 126. 121. 139. 128. 157. (B) 181. 149. 147. regardless of your balance Transferring funds to another bank fifteen times in a month. 115. 88. 184. 158. 98. 182. 104. 136. 131. (B) 161. 94. (C) 176. 148. (B) 166. 186. 116. 89. then reduce it to 300 mg To announce job cuts For a year The most junior employees Six times That his company has not been doing its best Call Kevin To promote a new book She thought the market was saturated.

196. (D) You save 30% on all subsequent calls.310 Target TOEIC Second Edition 191. (A) She hires new employees. (C) Telephone people who are not expecting to hear from him 192. (C) One run by Telephone Connection’s competitors 200. (A) Whom she can call at the cheapest rate. and at what discount . (C) To get further information 199. (B) To arrange an interview 194. (B) Call Ms. (B) You must spend $50 a month to get cheaper rates. 197. (A) His excellent sales record 193. Prendergast 195. 198.

38. The man is wearing protective headgear. San Francisco. (B) (A) (B) (B) 39. For at least one year. 67. 15. Put up signs and close the restrooms At a bank Switch to a higher interest account It would be better not to change things. (D) (B) (B) (A) (C) The airport lounge is almost empty. One of their coworkers wanted a different schedule. 68. 23. 46. 59. that’s no problem. She seems very competent and kind. Friday Friday Over the telephone Dallas International Airlines Two companies will share marketing campaigns. 19. Not as often as I should. (D) (A) (A) (B) (B) (A) (B) (C) (B) (B) (D) (C) (A) (D) (A) (C) (D) (C) Upset and unimpressed Very surprised The company is located overseas. 72. (B) 61. (B) 9. I was in a meeting. I don’t really remember. 69. There is not much that they can do. Reading a report He thinks his work might not be good enough. 37. (A) 34. 22. On the table in the break room. Because he lost his wallet. Yes. Disappointed It will be hard to beat. 53. 42. Get three sponsors Activities for children 32. That’s a very good idea. Here it is. 12. 49. 5. Certainly. 58. In five weeks. 31. 70. That’s OK. He’s usually at his desk by 8:30. (B) 63. It was too low. Making an airline flight reservation 9:40 a. 82. (D) PART 2 11. Press the big red one. 78. 84. I have to leave by 4:00. 18. 66. (C) 33. He starts early. 4. it was terrible. I’m going to do it on the way to the bank. To be honest. Four flags are hanging from the office building. The man is waiting for someone. 26. Mr. 5 years Both companies are very successful. 83. 45. (B) 60. if I could just see some identification? By Friday at the latest. (B) . 54. She is collecting frequent flyer points from that airline. 24. 50. (A) 8. 30. (A) 7. Two businesspeople are walking past a park. There is a file on the desk. (A) 64. It deserves praise. There are very few customers in the store. 44. I’m thinking of flying. (A) (C) (B) (A) (C) (A) (B) (A) (B) (A) (A) (C) (A) (A) (C) (B) (B) (A) (A) (B) (A) No. About three quarters of a tank. 27. 28.m. 43. sir. we need to add more desks. 14. ready to be copied.Answer Keys 311 PRACTICE TEST 5 PART 1 1. Yes. 57. (B) 62. Yes. 77. 47. Curds has one more thing. The new receptionist is not very efficient. PART 3 41. The man and woman are sitting next to each other. 76. it’s supposed to arrive within the hour. It was my accountant. The waiter is carrying a tray of drinks. but I’m glad I’m not in your shoes. 16. (A) 35. I expected it to be longer. 13. The water supply has been cut off. 55. 52. 74. 21. (C) (C) (A) (B) (C) (D) (B) (D) (B) (A) (C) (C) (A) (B) To introduce new staff members Business investments in Asia Switzerland There is a dinner with the staff. 79. Um. 6. He is surprised by the changes. 29. 80. (C) 10. 48. 17. (A) (C) (A) (D) (B) (B) (A) PART 4 71. 81. I don’t know. 36. How he would like her to send the report Delivered by hand In the afternoon Take her to the airport 5:00 It will be too early for the man. 3. 65. The woman is using a notebook computer. 73. 25. No. 20. Because I can never explain what I want to others. 2. There’s an extension cord under the table. Yes. 4 weeks He needs to give the receptionist more time. 51. (C) 40. There must have been at least 50 people there. 75. Yes. 56. actually.

123.312 Target TOEIC Second Edition 85. lack 130.m. able 117. (B) The existing engraving companies are unable to cope with demand. 131. 143. (A) Because their customer base is young 188. (A) 99. 180. quickly 126. (A) To notify readers of a new treatment for a disease 157.600 171. 145. 129. 140.Hong Kong 154. gained 134. (C) Wear comfortable shoes At a new employee orientation 10 That the manager is part of a team 11 rooms Entry fees They have been providing labor for free. 138. in 115. (C) To act as a tool for getting you a job interview 167. (C) They are business partners. 135. 149. and after 3 p. 93. 106. 161. her (A) (D) (B) (C) (B) (C) (C) (B) (D) (A) (D) (A) (B) (D) (C) (A) told change other people any isn’t necessary makes most of until required as much salary would late difficulties recorded effect (D) outstanding PART 6 141. (B) To promote a brand of children’s products 179. 151. 120. 104. 92. 118. (A) Getting sunburned once or twice has no lasting effects. (B) Anyone traveling on the Sea Star Express between June 1st and September 10th 176. To tell him that catering costs are higher than anticipated 3 Reduce the variety of dishes and request a new estimate PART 7 153. 108. 91. 110. (C) Somewhere outside of the US 165. 185. (C) To notify a customer of delayed shipment 184. 89. 175. (A) Your most recent job 168. 94. (C) (C) (D) (B) (D) (C) (B) (C) (D) (B) (C) (D) 97. (A) They’ll use GPS to inform customers of nearby retailers. 125. 155. (C) Before 10 a. (D) To ask for feedback on a new advertising idea 187. (B) They offer excellent quality at reasonable prices. for 111. 150. 181. 95. 122. PART 5 101. 172.50 156. 147. 136. 159.m. (C) By asking for one at any Western Railways station 177. (D) To teach preventive measures against getting skin cancer 178. am not 107. Hardly 132. (A) (D) (B) (A) (C) (A) revised regular existing enjoy discreet registering . (B) By February 28. (C) (C) (C) (C) (A) (B) draw minute remind submit affordable cutting corners 142. 2006 186. (A) The company was recommended by a colleague. (B) USA . (B) The same prices apply to a cellular phone or fax. (D) $4. (C) The Czech Republic would lose jobs to Romania and Lithuania. (B) 98. 102. 137. 86. (A) It would provide economic growth for all three nations. to bring 121. 146. (B) Women who suffered broken bones 158. 182. A garden supply center Over four decades Free compost Easy ways to save money Even slight changes in spending habits can save you a lot of money. 127. (C) Teachers are retiring and enrollment is increasing.m. more reasonable considered 124. (B) It will expand its membership. (D) At a private clinic 183. (C) Your nationality and the fact that you are single 169. 152. 144. 160. (A) To provide its recipients with information they can use to recruit new students for a program 170. 87. 90. doesn’t have 109. 88. agreed 128. (D) Czech labor unions 162. (D) 5:45 a. 133. 114. 112. 148. It is a waste of money. (C) 100. signs 119. (B) 1. (B) To inform passengers of seasonal changes 174. (B) How to prepare a resumé 166. 164. 116. received 105. decision 113. (C) Scholarships and a qualifying bonus 173. 96. and 11:25 p. most persuasive as soon as never have expected show 139. 163.m. (C) (B) (A) (C) (D) (A) (D) (D) (A) (B) (C) (A) (C) (C) (C) (B) (C) (A) (D) (B) (C) (D) (C) would have applied Actually 103.

(A) Blue Raven Construction 193. (A) Difficulty obtaining cell phone users’ personal data 190. (B) Non-payment of bills 192. (D) A retirement party 197. (A) 23 195. (C) For mailing and packing charges 196. (C) Singapore 199. . (C) Lennox Brothers has several branches in foreign countries. 194. (C) Special discounts on monthly fees 191. (C) Because he does a lot of business with George Spencer’s company 198. (C) He is on sick leave. (A) Monday 200.Answer Keys 313 189.

9. 14. (D) (A) (D) (B) PART 4 71. (A) 67. (A) 37. (C) A woman is making some photocopies. He’s based in the Hong Kong office now. 63. I’m not sure. 20. (B) 32o 78.314 Target TOEIC Second Edition PRACTICE TEST 6 PART 1 1. 53. 5. For half an hour. 59. 50.m. 55. 44. (B) President of a company 72. 26. 17. It only takes five minutes by taxi. (B) Send their resumé 83. 28. I think it’s number four. We’ll get our first issue next month. 64. 80. (C) A meeting 75. 68. 52. twice already. (A) Drivers 84. (B) A contract is being signed by the office workers. 74. (C) (B) (A) (A) (A) (B) (B) (A) (C) (B) (B) (C) (C) (A) (B) (B) (B) (C) (A) (A) (B) (A) (C) (A) (B) We might be able to. (D) At 10 p. Yes. I’d send an email. I’d like a phone number. 48. (A) (A) (C) (C) (D) (D) (B) (C) (A) (A) (C) (B) (A) (A) (D) (C) (D) (C) (B) (A) (A) (B) (C) A department store He bought the wrong size. (A) The aircraft aisle is clear. It has to arrive as quickly as possible. A company report Because only John’s proposal was mentioned Talking to the director about his concerns Cash a traveler’s check Some form of identification His driver’s license PART 2 11. Express. 33. I’m for it. 23. (A) In the Central Administration building 76. 22. 49. 16. 56. (C) . (A) Partly cloudy 79. By air courier.m. 51. 47. (D) There are a few coins in front of the phone. 57. 62. please. This morning. I think he’s having car trouble. (A) 39. It’s a lot quicker. instead of 9 a. That sounds interesting. 34. (A) Open a factory 73. She went home. (C) 66. 35. At the State Convention Center. 3.m. 2. 60. She’ll be here until the 23rd. (C) There was an accident. 19. 69. 30. PART 3 41. Next week At a railway station Tomorrow morning He missed the last train. Let me check. 46. I’d call back later if I were you. I start at 8 p. (B) 65. 36. (A) The wall is being painted. 4. 70. 8. please. (B) 40. 45. 25. 43. 21. 24. Is there a problem? They are here for a seminar at three o’clock. (D) It will pump a lot of money into the local economy. Yes. A refund Airport check-in desk clerk Half of them Put all his important items together A proposal Friday Wednesday Rent a car Three Full insurance To be able to see everyone He was out of the office last week. 7. (B) There’s heavy equipment in the parking lot. (D) At 9:45 77. I can handle them myself. 15. 42. Try shaking the cartridge. 10. 18. 58. 54. (D) There is an umbrella beside the man. There might be a little left. I did. No. (C) Bank Management 82. Make a phone call Coins in exchange for a dollar bill Asking at the newspaper stand A cold drink and a donut Get a discounted drink with every two donuts It sounds good. (C) The women are looking at a computer screen. 6. but she’s not interested. 13. 61. 31. 29. (B) The road is being repaired. they came yesterday afternoon. No. 27. 12. I think it’s the 10th. (A) On the telephone 81. (A) The men are resting in a park. 32. Yes. Eight dollars. (A) 38. I’m not sure which store you mean. I’ve read it.

(B) People aged over 60 99. 90. (B) (B) (B) (A) (A) could have PART 6 141. 111. Items will be marked with a sticker. 148. The development of a candy to help people give up smoking It does not contain nicotine. 103. should 114. came 108. 171. Although 116. 119.00 15% Environmentally safe products To inform workers how to throw away different types of waste Glass A code number in reference to the bins A motor show To counter the Corvette’s success Drag racing There are more women than in the past. are hoping 124. 164. 165. 149. 152. 125. 146. (C) 180. 162. best 112. drafted 104. (C) 182. 161. (C) (B) (B) (A) (B) (C) (C) (B) (D) (A) (D) (B) (D) (D) (A) (B) (B) (C) (B) (B) Yo Yo Ma Saturday At the box office Not permit unauthorized use of the vehicle Process a credit card voucher in Customer’s name Hemp hammocks $55. (A) (B) (B) (C) (A) (A) . 156. To let him know the status of his reservation One week His credit card number and dietary requirements 98. 183. 87. 177. needs 110. 86. (A) 179. 107. 163. 113. 109. those 118. 92. 105. 188. (C) (B) (C) (A) (C) (B) valuables cooperation Unfortunately arrangements tolerate aware 186. quality (C) (D) (A) (B) (D) (A) (A) (D) (D) (B) (A) (B) (A) (C) (B) (C) (A) (C) event as a has fabric required had been Since fewer until on exceeded immeasurable objective of worst hundreds facilities gives 173. 127. 97. 135. had been appointed chosen 139. (B) 181. (D) (A) (A) (C) (B) (B) (A) (D) (B) (B) (A) (D) (C) (C) (D) (B) (C) (B) (D) (D) (A) show 102. up to 134. It is awaiting federal approval. 160. 91. 172. 140. 93. 115. still 126. (D) One pill 85. 155. 144. 88. 185. (B) 174. (C) (D) (C) (B) (D) (C) unattended reimburse regret notice brought If 142. 143. 191. (C) A vitamin supplement 100. 117. 138. Until now. A training course for sales people Carol Dinkins Top sales staff Both “The Hard Sell” and “Cold Calling” As yet unspecified companies Reasons why people shop at one particular supermarket chain PART 5 101. 190. diversity 136.Answer Keys 315 In a helicopter New and used cars Free repairs Every day To introduce a guest speaker His inventions It had no dust bag inside. want to 132. 147. 95. (D) (C) (A) (D) (B) (A) (C) (A) (B) (D) (C) (A) (B) PART 7 153. 94. 123. 150. further 106. wealth 122. 170. They are free. 158. (B) (A) (C) (D) 178. 166. Make an appointment Families of substance abusers It depends upon the family’s disposable income. 129. still 120. 159. 89. 131. Hourly discounts on certain items A yellow light will flash. 175. 133. 169. 189. latest 128. 157. 151. 176. In major drug stores Much of the heat disappears through the walls and roof. 168. it was not available to the ordinary consumer. 154. 145. 167. The company should provide additional paperwork to employees traveling to Singapore. 184. 137. fill 130. 121. 187. Half an hour A free gift with every purchase Because he wants employees to avoid trouble entering Singapore 30 days File a formal application It was helpful but somewhat inadequate. 96.

(B) She didn’t think she would have any problems. (C) To complain about poor service 197. (C) He is waiting until he meets the others in person. 194. inexperienced company. 198. (A) They are a young. 200. (B) Work in the advertising department of Buyways 193. 196. (A) The answers are ambiguous. (B) To compensate her for the inconvenience she suffered .316 Target TOEIC Second Edition 192. (A) Shoppers in their 20s 195. (C) Free delivery 199.

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