I have noticed over the past few months that some of my audiences are suffering from a lot of negative

surroundings. My theme is constantly telling the students that yes they can achieve and don't allow anyone or anything to stand in their way. Well it seems that naysayers are growing because even today I have had stud ents come up to me and say " Patrick you are the first person that said I can fo llow my dreams". Wow! Really? We must do a better job at motivating the youth we come into contact with. I thi nk we are sitting on a wealth of potential in or youth today. I think we are get ting short changed by those people who for whatever reason can't or won't see su ccess for themselves, influecing those that can but can't stand up to the verba l road blocks. I think we are on the fringe of a negative spiral if we continue to discount the dreams and goals of our up and coming youth. We owe it ourselves to be the spark for our youth. Even if you motivate one you have done a world of good. Let's start now!

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