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Rizal’s first poem in native language which he wrote when Click to edit Master poem style he was 8 years old. Kaya ang marapat pagyamaning kusa Na tulad sa inang tunay na nagpala. • 5/16/12 . Mi Primera Inspiración [My First Inspiration](1874) The first poem Rizal made in Ateneo. The subtitlewas a tribute and praise for the Philippines’ native tongue.Sa Aking Mga Kababata [To My Fellow Children/Our Mother Tongue] (1869) • Ang hindi magmahal sa kanyang salita Mahigit sa hayop at malansang isda. dedicated to his mother on her birthday. expressing his tender affection in great verses.

on his saint’s day. his bother-in-law (husband of his sister. • A poem for his Rizal’s town. old. a poem in honor of 5/16/12 Calamba.Poems inspired by Fr. Calamba: Un Recuerdo a Mi Pueblo [In Memory of My Town] (1876) written when Rizal was 15 yrs. • . Narcisa). He congratulates Antonio Lopez. Sanchez when Rizal was still studying in Ateneo: Al Niño Jesus [To the Child Jesus] (1875) expressed his devotion to his Catholic faith in melodious poetry • Felicitación [Felicitation] (1875) Rizal was fourteen years old when he wrote this poem.

el Primero en dar la Vuelta al Mundo [And He is Spanish: Elcano. Terror de Jolo [The Battle: Urbiztondo. Sanchez when Rizal was still studying in Ateneo: • El Embarque: Himno a la Flota de Magallanes [The Departure: Hymn to Magellan’s Fleet](1875) the poem is a hymn inspired by the historical voyages of the Portuguese maritime explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Terror of Jolo](1875) 5/16/12 . Y Es Español: Elcano.Poems inspired by Fr. the First to Circumnavigate the World](1875) • • El Combate: Urbiztondo.

Poems in Religion and Education: Alianza Intima Entre la Religion y la Buena Educación [Intimiate Alliance Between Religion and Good Education](1876) • • Por la Educación Recibe Lustre la Patria [Through Education the Country Receives Light](1876) El Cautiverio y el Triunfo: Batalla de Lucena y Prision de Boabdil [The Captivity and the Triumph: Battle of Lucena and the Imprisonment of Boadbil] (1876) • La Entrada Triunfal de los Reyes Catolices en Granada [The Triumphal Entry of the Catholic Monarchs into 5/16/12 Granada] (1876) • .

a touching poem of farewell to his classmates.Poems on the late years of Rizal in Ateneo: • El Heroismo de Colón [The Heroism of Columbus] (1877) praises Columbus---the discoverer of America Cólon y Juan II [Columbus and John II](1877) Gran Consuelo en la Mayor Desdicha [Great Solace in Great Misfortune](1877) • • Un Diálogo Alusivo a la Despedida de los Colegiales [A Farewell Dialogue of the Students] (1877) the last poem written by Rizal in Ateneo. • 5/16/12 .

22. • Al M.P Pablo Ramon (Jan. • • Abd-el-Azis y Mahoma (Dec. Pablo Ramon who has been so kind and helpful to Rizal. 8.R. 1881) dedicated to Fr.A La Juventud Filipina [To The Filipino Youth] (Nov. 1879) a prize-winning poem written by Rizal when he was 18 yrs. 25. • 5/16/12 . 1879) A La Virgen Maria [To the Virgin Mary](1880) a sad poem Rizal had written after a civil guard struck a sword across his back. old.

• Goodbye to Leonor (1882) Goodbye. 1883) composed a lovely poem for Consuelo Ortiga y Perez to express his admiration for her. O. O. [To Miss C. goodbye! I take my leave. found comfort and joy in her 5/16/12 company. a sad poem where he poured out the cry of his agonizing heart. y P. Me Piden Versos [They Ask Me for Verses] (October 1882) wrote the poem after his arrival in Madrid. leaving behind with you my lover's heart! Rizal wrote a poem for Leonor Rivera before his departure to Europe. • A La Señorita C.] (Aug. y P. • . 22. Leonor.

A Mi… [To My Muse] (1890) a sad poem in which he was worried by family disasters while in Brussels. 1886) Rizal wrote the poem while in Heidelberg. • 5/16/12 . Belgium.A Las Flores de Heidelberg [To the Flowers of Heidelberg] (April 22. Germany as he was experiencing the feeling of homesickness for his parents and his country. • • Himno Al Trabajo [Hymn to Labor] (1888) a poem dedicated to the industrious folks of Lipa.

an Irish woman who went to Dapitan accompanying a man seeking Rizal's services as an ophthalmologist. Josephine (1895) dedicated this poem to Josephine Bracken. • Himno A Talisay [Hymn to Talisay] (October 13. • 5/16/12 .Kundiman (September 12. • Mi Retiro [My Retreat] (October 1895) a beautiful poem about his serene life as an exile in Dapitan. requested by his mother. • Josephine.Rizal’s favorite rendezvous with his students. 1891) a Tagalog poem which also shows a love for the mother land. 1895) a poem in honor of Talisay (talisay tree)--.

the ladies recovered a folded paper in the stove and saw the 14-line stanza of an untitled poem. 30. The poem “My Last Farewell” was translated and published in various languages all over the world. When they took their leave. who received a copy of the poem . The stove was given to Narcisa by guard when they were about to board on the carriage. At home. Mariano Dacanay. 1896) a poem written by Rizal on the eve of his execution. Rizal was visited by his mother and sisters. • 5/16/12 Fr. • Mi Ultimo Adiós [My Last Farewell] (Dec. gave it the title Mi Ultimo Pensamiento. as originally it had none. His friend and a fellow reformist. Mariano Ponce.El Canto del Viajero [The Song of The Traveler] (1895) a heart-warming poem of his joyous thought of resuming his travels. Rizal told Trinidad that there was something in the alcohol stove.

my friend. . beloved by me. sweet stranger. more fresh and at its best. (Last Stanza) Farewell. With gladness I give you my Life. region of the sun caressed.(First Stanza) Farewell. brothers. our Eden lost. in the home distressed. my adored Land. And were it more brilliant. sad and repressed. Farewell. 5/16/12 Farewell. parents. who brightened my way. Friends of my childhood.  Pearl of the Orient Sea. to all I love. To die is to rest. I would still give it to you for your welfare at most. Give thanks that now I rest from the wearisome day.

5/16/12 .

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