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Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

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Published by: kattimattinen on May 16, 2012
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People are at different stages of development. All have the same
potential to become perfect, but it will take some longer than oth-
ers if they are younger souls who have much learning ahead of
them. Some of those with the youngest souls have recently gradu-
ated from the animal kingdom, and their first several lives as
humans are brief and crude. Te oldest souls are superhuman mas-
ters of knowledge and wisdom who have overcome the limitations
and ignorance that still challenge others. Te majority of mankind

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resides somewhere between these two extremes of animalistic and
superhuman existence.

Young souls are not self-aware enough to know the difference
and relation between themselves and others, and so they tend to
see other people as things necessary for their own survival rather
than independent beings who have their own needs. But as the soul
develops from lifetime to lifetime, it becomes increasingly self-
aware and eventually acquires the ability to choose its relation to
others and the world. Tat choice is whether to gain at the expense
of others by manipulating them, or gain through the benefit of
others by helping them. It is basically a question of selfishness ver-
sus compassion, imbalance versus balance, stealing versus sharing,
darkness versus light. Te self-serving attitude we may call “nega-
tive” and the all-serving attitude we may call “positive.”

Te choice between negative and positive is an ongoing total of
the little choices we make each and every day. When you gain
pleasure from the suffering of others, when you express hate for
them because they are different from you, when you make them
give up what is best for them just to serve you, that is aligning with
the negative. When you gain happiness from the growth of others,
when you remember that despite differences everything is an ex-
pression of the same Creator, when you make choices based on
what is best for all in the long run, that is aligning with the posi-
tive. As humans we have within us two opposing forces, one
calling us higher toward the positive, the other pulling us lower
toward the negative. Some days one is stronger than the other. Te
more often we obey a force, the stronger it becomes. So as time
goes on, a soul tends to align itself more strongly with one force
while the other grows fainter.

At the top of human development are people who are either
very positive or very negative. Te very positive ones have golden
hearts and the wisdom to effectively serve mankind, while the

48 Fringe Knowledge for Beginners

negative ones have darkened hearts and the intelligence to manipu-
late mankind. Upon reaching a certain purity of positivity or
negativity, they grow beyond being human and become something
more angelic or demonic. Each of us has the potential to do like-
wise, depending on which force within us we consistently choose to
act upon.


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