Rendezvous At 12 By Erik Appelkvist

RENDEZVOUS AT 12 SCENE: 1 EXT.NEW YORK-MID-DAY (PRESIDENT STINSON WALKING AND TALKING WITH MASON) MASON: President are you sure its safe to be walking on the street with no protection? PRESIDENT STINSON: Well that’s what you are here for isn’t it Mason? MASON: (SARCASTICALLY) Very funny... PRESIDENT STINSON: (CALMLY) Relax Mason everything will be fine. MASON: As you say. PRESIDENT STINSON: Now back to the matter at hand... I am to hold a public speaking in central park one week from tomorrow. You of course have ultimate and unlimited access. You will enter from W 72nd street and central park west. A man by the name of James Crook will ask you for ID just flash him your badge and walk through. MASON: Of course Mr. President sir. PRESIDENT STINSON: I doubt you will remember this by heart Mason so write it down. MASON: Yes of course sir. PRESIDENT STINSON: Very well then Mason this is my hotel thank you for the escort. I will see you in a week. Where is your entrance? MASON: W 72nd street and Central Park West Sir. PRESIDENT STINSON: Very good. Good bye Mason. SOUND: RADIO CHANNEL JINGLE (CONTINUED)



RADIO REPORTER: We will take a short break and send you to commercial but please sit tight as this screening of "Rendezvous At 12" Commercial SOUND: COMMERCIAL JINGLE COMMERCIAL MAN: Do you know why 3/5 people use oxydent toothpaste? Well i’ll tell you why. No other tooth paste whitens you teeth and keeps plaque out of you mouth! SOUND: RADIO CHANNEL JINGLE RADIO REPORTER: We welcome you back here to radio 1. Now back to the screening of "Rendezvous At 12" SCENE: 2 INT.NEW YORK-MIDNIGHT (4 DAYS LATER; MASON FINDS OUT ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT.) MASON: Yes. Yes. Yes of course. I understand but this is an urgent cause! WHITE HOUSE PHONE OPERATOR: There is no exception not even for you Mason. I’m not going to wake the secretary of defense just so you can speak him. MASON: (STRESSED) You don’t understand the president is in grave danger! There is a plot to assassinate him at his speech in three days! An organization called Viper lead by Russian outlaw Evgeny Kuznetzouv WHITE HOUSE PHONE OPERATOR: Why did you not say that before! Here i will redirect you to him immediately. EVGENY KUZNETZOUV: Damn it! Those American infidels know to much! I must act quickly! Thanks Dmitri for tapping into that call for me. DMITRI: nichego ne bylo (russian for it was nothing) SOUND: PHONE BEEPING (CONTINUED)



SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Who is this? How dare you wake me up at 4 in the morning?! I was having a nice sleep! MASON: I understand that this may be an ungodly hour but please listen to me. There are people that want to kill the president! SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Come again? I must have misheard you. I thought you said that someone wished to kill the president. MASON: This is no hoax the presidents life hangs in balance. You need to send backup to New York immediately. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Yes of course I will send thw two finest C.I.A agents in the country Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Rosky MASON: Thank you so much. Good bye Mr. Secretary sir. SOUND: PHONE CALL ENDING RADIO REPORTER: Thank you once again for tuning into this screening of Rendezvous at 12. We will be right back after this short commercial break. Let me remind you, the audience that this is just a play the president is not acctually being assassinated there seems to have been some confusion about that for anyone that tuned in late. COMMERCIAL 2 SOUND: COMMERCIAL JINGLE COMMERCIAL MAN: Do you know why 3/5 people use oxydent toothpaste? Well i’ll tell you why. No other tooth paste whitens you teeth and keeps plaque out of you mouth! SOUND: OTHER COMMERCIAL JINGLE COMMERCIAL MAN 2: Some men die weak can say they died feel the power of mates. We are not others die strong but only a hand few Army-strong. Join the army now and friendship and bonding with army just strong, we are army strong




RADIO REPORTER: Now back to this screening of Rendezvous at 12. SCENE:3 EXT.NEW YORK-4 O’CLOCK P.M. (AT THE DAY OF THE SPEECH) SOUND: TRAFFIC MASON: Damn this New York traffic! At this rate ill be 30 minutes late to the presidents speech! To hell with it... SOUND: POLICE SIREN MASON: Out with the protocol this is more important. NARRATOR: We now join agents Rosky and Johnson at the presidents speech. ROSKY: Johnson! I can’t believe it i havn’t seen you since that mission in Kenya! JOHNSON: sM.ame to you Rosky. Let’s go check on the president. ROSKY: Sounds like a good idea to me. PRESIDENT STINSON: Hello Rosky, Hello Johnson. Where is Mason? JOHNSON: Mason has yet to show up. I hope nothing has gone wrong with him it’s unlike him to be late. PRESIDENT STINSON: I hope so too. ROSKY: With all do respect sir I believe that we should start the speech now. You are already 5 minutes late no need to postpone anymore. PRESIDENT STINSON: valid point. let me quickly get ready.




PRESIDENT STINSON: Hello my Americans. I am here today to anounce tha. SOUND: LOUD GUNSHOT EVGENY KUZNETZOUV: Good night Mr. President ROSKY: There he is! He is running towards the south (MASON ARRIVES TO THE PRESIDENTS SPEECH JUST IN TIME TO SEE THE PRESIDENT GET SHOT) ROSKY: Mason drive south go, go, go i’ll explain later. SCENE:4 EXT.NEW-YORK 7 P.M. MASON: What happened and how did it happen? JOHNSON: Allow me to explain. A man shot the president. He was sitting inside a tree with a sniper rifle and before the president could even explain what he was about to anounce he was shot dead by this man. ROSKY: We are heading south because i saw him hop down from the tree and on to a red Kawasaki motorbike heading south. MASON: Did you get his licence plate number? ROSKY: yes his plate number was 31HQ59J. MASON: good job Rosky. The agency needs more agents like you. JOHNSON: THERE HE IS! license plate 31HQ59J right? Try to kite him off the road Mason. MASON: Good job Johnson. I’ll try my best. ROSKY: Wait don’t do that hes got a gu. SOUND: LOUD GUNSHOT (CONTINUED)



MASON: NO! ROSKY! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! SCENE:5 INT. EMPTY WAREHOUSE 8 P.M. (MASON AND JOHNSON HAVE TRACKED EVGENY KUZNETZOUV) MASON: Come out who ever you are there is no need in hiding! We have you cornered. This is where it ends for you! JOHNSON: Mason look 2 o’clock there he is. MASON: you stay put I’ll flank around the left side. JOHNSON: Yes sir. (MASON SNEAKS AROUND EVGENY AND HAS HIM AT GUN POINT) MASON: hello there. EVGENY KUZNETZOUV: What the? how did you get here? MASON: Somethings i have taught myself. You are coming with me criminal scum. EVGENY KUZNETZOUV: Why not just shoot me? I know you want to. You want to give me the chance to walk? ha pathetic American. MASON: your words will not sway me to do wrong. I am a part of the U.S. government and i will never turn against it. EVGENY KUZNETZOUV: very well then take me where you want, do what you want for i have for filled my purpose. SCENE:6 EXT. NEW-YORK 12 P.M. (TWO YEARS AFTER THE EVENT MASON IS BEING GIVEN THE MEDAL OF HONOR) PRESIDENT OF USA: We are gathered here today to honor one of the greatest agents of all time. Mason. Mason stood above and beyond (MORE) (CONTINUED)



PRESIDENT OF USA: (cont’d) the call of duty. Risking his life to bring Evgeny Kuznetzouv to justice after he murdered the president. I will hand it off the Mason now if he has any words he wishes to say. MASON: Thank you Mr. President. I would like to thank my family and my friends for helping me along in getting this award. But more importantly i would like to thank two of my fellow agents. Agents Rosky and Johnson. Agent Rosky died that day fighting along side me for the same goal, my utter most respect goes out to her. I would like the thank Johnson who is sitting here today just waiting for his turn to get the same honor. I can’t think of a better way to end this then the good old pledge of alliegence. (PLAYS PLEDGE OF ALLIEDGENCE WHILST FADING OUT OF RADIO PLAY)

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