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46120114 Main Naksatra Table

46120114 Main Naksatra Table

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Published by: ranjeevkumar on May 16, 2012
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1 Naksatras table;

To determine any result for a house; it’s lord, the rasi dispositor of it’s lord and the star dispositor of it’s lord will all have to be taken. Among the three that which goes most powerful will predominate, Note: Planets situated in the stars of their own Tatwa will give their individual effects without modifications. But if they are in inimical tatwas they give untoward effects. For example, if Budha as lord of 5th Bhava is in any of the stars of Akasha Tatwa his begetting issues is as distant as the Earth is from Akasha. If Sukra as lord of 7 be in any of the stars of Tejo Tatwa his conjugal happiness is as inimical as Water and Fire enemies. Here Sukra is Jala Tatwa Planet. _Adhomuhha : (Signs with faces downward) 1,4,7,10, from sun ,(look for hidden, dirty things) _urdhvamukha : (Signs with faces upward) 3,6,9,12 from sun (frank, straightforward, proud) _Tiryakmukha ; (Signs with faces backward) 2,5,8,11 from sun (tricky, tendency to lie or cheat)
planet S tattva E must X agree the star Tattva Ê PrithiviM A malefic nadi Mental Or dustana type Attitude ▼ Lord here can affect raju In body sex Gana mood Feet Soles Vata Horse Deva Latent Internal goal/ Ability, Aspiration & Power, Pada (1st syllable varna of given name) Support D A K M From.. 1 2 3 4 Ashwin.k. ChuChayCho La ▼ext. External objective ▼ goal. Desire, aspiration sign, symbol Class Action, shakti, keyword group varna & star gunas ▼ D RRR Horse Head Vaisya Healing, traders star mood disposition Vision/ goal Vision/ goal Inauspicious▼ Straight/ tiryak

L O Direction ▼ R D 1 Aswini 2 Bharani 3 Krittika 4 Rohini E E E E

Laghu gentle Swift

» PrithiviF Hip Toes ¸ PrithiviF Head Head

Pitha Eleph.Man Yama kaphaGoat Raksas Agni Brahma Moon Rudra Aditi

Li Lu Lay Lo A RRT Vagina Aa E(i) U,oo Ay K RRS Razor O Va Vee Vo M RTR Chariot

¶ PrithiviF Throa Forehead kapha Snake Man t 5 Mrigasira E ¼ PrithiviN Head Brows Pitha Snake Deva 6 Ardra W É Jala F Throa Eyes Vata Dog Man t 7 Punarvasu W ½ Jala M Navel Nose Vata Cat Deva 8 Pushya 9 Aslesha 10 Magha 11 Purva p W W W W ¾ º Ê » Jala Jala Jala Jala M F F F Hip Feet Feet Hip Face Ears Chin R. Hand Pitha Goat kaphaCat kaphaRat Pitha Rat

candala Removing impurities, transform, Brahmi Burn,cut, purify, intense, sexual n Sudra Bestows fertility, influence, power

tricky, tendency to lie or cheat Ugra, cruel Restrain Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things Misra, mixedhardwork Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things Fixed steady Growing Up, urdhvamukh straight Up,urdhvamukh Straight/ tiryak frank, straightforward, proud frank, straightforward, proud

VayVo Kaa Ke M RTT Deer Head Kookha Jna tCha K RTS Head KayKo Haa Hee A RSR Bow Ho Daa Day Do Moo Mé Tee Tou D D A K RST RSS TRR TRT

Servant Enjoy, seduction, search experiences Mridu, soft soft Butcher Achieve gains by tears, perseveranceDaruna forceful Vaisya Give plenty, star of changes, vitality chara moving

Deva Brihaspati HooHay Raksas Sarpas Dee Doo Raksas the Pitris Ma Mee Man Bhaga Mo Ta

12 Uttara p F 13 Hasta F 14 Chitra 15 Swati F F

¸ Tejo ¶ Tejo ¼ Tejo É Tejo ½ Tejo ¾ Tejo

16 Visakha F 17 Anura. F 18 Jyestha

F Navel L.Hand Vata Cow M Throa Fingers Vata Buff. t F Head Neck Pitha Tiger F Throa Chest kapha Buff. t F Navel Breast kaphaTiger M Hip Stomach Pitha Hare

Man Aryaman Tay To Paa Pee M TRS Deva Surya Piu Sha Nu(nTe(u M TTR Raksas Visvakar. Pay Po Ra Ray K TTT Deva Vayu Ru Ray Ro Ta A TTS

tricky, tendency to lie or cheat Flower Ksatriya spiritual discipline, prosperity,swift Laghu gentle Sanctify Up, urdhvamukh frank, straightforward, proud Serpent candala Destroy obstacles, paralyse, poison Daruna dreadful Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things Palanquin Sudra Mighty, dreadful, strong ego, fame Ugra, cruel fierce Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things Front Bed Brahmi Fiercely Crave for pleasure, music Ugra, cruel Procreate up ● n Back Bed Ksatriya Endurance, family unity, determined fixed steady Prosperity under Hand Vaisya Gain with tricks, heals, humorous Laghu gentle Fast,Gain Straight. / tiryak tricky, tendency to lie or cheat Pearl Servant Mystical, artists, reap good karma Mridu, soft tender straight Wheat Sprout Butcher Transform, destroy or heal, moving chara Transform Straight/ tiryak misra, mixed secretive Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things Mridu Gentle,soft Straight/ tiryak tricky, tendency to lie or cheat Umbrella Servant Heroism, brilliant, top of everything Daruna Cold, hard Straight/ tiryak tricky, tendency to lie or cheat Crouch Lion Butcher Alaksmi, ruin, clever, suspicious Harass, cruel clearing Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things Fan Brahmi Invincible, over passion, vigorous Ugra, cruel severe Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things n Elephant TuskKsatriya Early losses, and success later steady fixed up Arrow candala Hearing, learning, service to people chara travel Up, urdhvamukh frank, straightforward, proud movable eccentric cruel Up, urdhvamukh Up, urdhvamukh frank, straightforward, proud frank, straightforward, proud

Raksas Indragni Ti Tiou ThayTo D TSR Triumph Archcandala Blossom by patience, persistence Deva Mitra Na Ni Nû Né D TST Lotus Sudra Skills, social organizer, plentyness No Ya Yee You A TSS YayYo Baa Bee K SRR Bu Da Bha Dha M SRT M SRS A STR

A º Vayu F Feet R. Side Vata Hare Raksas Indra

19 Mula A Ê Vayu N Feet L. Side Vata Dog Raksas Nirriti 20 P.ashada A » Vayu F Hip Back Pitha Monk.Man Apah

21 U.ashada A ¸ Vayu F Navel Waist kapha Camel Man VisvadevaBay Bo dJa dJi 22 Sravana A ¶ Vayu M Throa Genitals kaphaMonk. Deva Vishnu Jû Je(t) Jo Gha t 23 Dhanista S ¼ Akash F Head Anus Pitha Lion Raksas The VasusGa dGeeGeu djeu 24 Satabhi. S É Akash N Throa R. Thigh Vata Horse Raksas Varuna Go Sa See Seu t 25 P.bhadra S ½ Akash M Navel L.Thigh Vata Lion Man Ajaikapad Say So Da(z Dee 26 Ut.badra S 27 Revati S

Servant Symphony star, difficult relations Chara D STT Flute D STS Empty Circle Butcher Removes sin, injury, debts, mystical chara

A SSR F. Death Bed Brahmi Overactive to sacrifice then detachedugra, cruel n ¾ Akash M Hip Shins Pitha Cow Man Ahirbudh. Du Tha Gya Da K SST B.Death Bed Ksatriya protect, care, nourish, far travels fixed º Akash F Feet Ankles kapha Eleph,Deva Pushan De Do ChaaChee M SSS Drum Sudra Protect and feed animals & humans Mridu soft

Down/adhomuka ● look for hidden, dirty things

fixed up Fertile,mildstraight

Dhruva (fixed); success in sowing plant seeds, griha-pravesha, planting , (establishing a village), Vinayakashanti, first practice of music, new clothing, erotic pleasures, making and wearing ornaments. Chara (moveable); Riding a car, scooter etc., laying out a garden, and entering that garden for the first time, opening a ship, sexual intercourse, getting gold, silver and gem jewellery, or starting a new branch of learning. Ugra (violent, cruel or unkind); defeat to an enemy, electric or fire instruments, starting new lights or fires, poisoning, doing tantra, taming of animals, all cruelty-related works should be undertaken in ugra nakshatras. Mishra (sadharana); Mixing of metals and other things, captivating someone, use of poison, hatred-related actions, agnikarma, starting of agnihotra (lighting fire for yagna). Kshipra (small)(Abhijit also) Movable works (which involve movements), selling of goods, learing shastras, using and purchasing ornaments, giving and taking medicine, works related to art, culture and literature. Mridu (maitreya, soft or friendly) ; Wearing of new clothes, making friends, making of ornaments, music-related activities are allowed.

3. travels and the like & specially in the context of an enquiry into argha (worthiness. Indyarthabhoga star gives opulence. 22. 25. 17. The 15 remaining constellations (1. Jyeshta. § Birth in Aslesha (Cancer) – Magha (Leo) junction is called Matri (mother) Gandanta § Birth in Jyestha (Scorpio) – Moola (Sagittarius) junction is called Pitri (father) Gandanta. Ardra. 20.2 Daruna or Teekshna (severe) . 24) have each an extent of 6° 35' 17" only.4° 04' 21". sowing seeds. Rohini. Bharani. Swati and Satabhisha (2. starting work of laying out a garden. quarrel. Punarvasu. as Abhukta Mula. 6. Vishakha. abhukta star = no enjoyment. Real extension (sukshma) for each constellation is relevant in connection with marriages.-Uttaraphalguni and Uttarabhadra (4. 10. 5. 26) have each an extension of 19° 45' 52". price of offering). ruin if moon is there= 3 junctions of tribhagi (water/ fire signs) or the last 6 Ghatikas of Jyeshtha and first 8 Ghatikas of Mula are known. Uttarashadha. 9. Abhijit is spread over the remaining space . value. 23. 7. Ekabhoga star gives one type of enjoyment. 16. 15. pilgrimages.(entering a house or a village). entertainment and wearing of new clothes and ornaments are permissible. recitation of mantras. The last 5 Nakshatras are considered as having five defects (Pancakadosa). training of horses and elephants. 21. PANCHAKA Naksatras . Ashlesha. Not good for auspicious muhurtas . 13. 12. 27) have each an arc of 13° 10' 35". 19. sangeeta¬vidyarambha (starting learning of music). 8. 18. 11. 14. Arthabhoga star gives economic prosperity.

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