Websites: That helped me and gave me information about my topic were the ones down below http://kidshealth

.org/teen/sexual_health/co ntraception/abstinence.html

Notes: Well I learned that abstinence is about not having any sexual relationships and avoiding sex and this helps you to not get any sexually transmited diseases and help you wait till you know it’s the right time to have sex and

Website: %2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0024658

The united states ranks all the countries because they have the most teens that don’t use abstinence The middle easter practice abstinence till they get married because of there religious aspects


Abstinence doesn’t have to do whit just sex abstinence means that your gone abstain from something and your not gone do it again like drug, alcohol, partying, anything you want stop doing because you know its bad to do or its not beneficial for you Abstinence is not just practice in some parts of the united states its also practice all around the world many people know what abstinence is some deside not to and some do



Even married couple practice abstinence because they think it would help there marriage not just virgins or teens practice it but also married couple that are married.

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