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MBI Internet Expense Reporting ..........................................................................1-1 iExpense Reporting Objectives ............................................................................1-2 Oracle Main Page ................................................................................................1-3 How to Create an iExpense Report ...................................................................1-4 How to Itemize Expense Lines ..........................................................................1-11 How to Update an Existing Expense Report .....................................................1-13 How to View the Approval Status ......................................................................1-14 Expense Report Approval Process....................................................................1-16

Oracle iExpense Reporting Table of Contents i

MBI Internet Expense Reporting MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 1 .

iExpense Reporting Objectives iExpense Reporting Objectives • • • • • How to Create a New Expense Report How to Itemize an Expense Line How to Update an Existing Report How to View the Approval Status How to Approve an Expense Report ® MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 2 .

Favorites Under the favorites section. you will be able to add your most frequently used Main Page Oracle Main Page ® Worklist The worklist contains all of the following: •Notifications •Outstanding P-Card Reconciliations Menu The menu will list out all of the responsibilities that you have and their corresponding forms. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 3 . report or even your favorite URLs such as or www.

MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 4 . The Active Expense Reports page will appear. Select MBI Expense Report from the Menu on the main page.How to Create an iExpense Report 1. Select Expense Entry from the right hand column under the Menu. 3. 2.

MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 5 . − Entering General Information − Enter the actual cash expenses − Review the expenses you would like to submit. Click the Create New Expense Report button to create a new report. 5. The General Information screen will appear. Enter the appropriate fields according to the descriptions below. A new expense report involves 3 steps.4.

you will need to select an alternate approver as well. 7. − Select: Check one or more of these boxes to select the items you would like to Duplicate or Remove. If not. Click the flashlight to conduct a search for an alternate approver. Enter the appropriate fields according to the descriptions below. the report will be sent to your defaulted approver instead. − Reimbursement Currency: This indicates the currency that will be used to reimburse your cash expenses (this field is defaulted to the US dollar). − Alternate Approver: Select a different approver than the one defaulted. − Includes Foreign Currency Receipts: Check this box if any of your receipts are in a currency other than the US dollar. You can also click the Select All link to select all entries or Select None to unselect all selected entries. (or Save to save your work or Cancel to start over). − Expense Cost Center: The cost center assigned to you (this is a default field).− Name: Your full name (this is a default field). MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 6 . 6. − Date: Enter the day the expense was incurred. Generally this is only used if you change the Expense Cost Center. The Enter Cash and Other Expenses window will appear. The expense cost center can be changed but note that if you change the cost center number. − Purpose: Provide a description for the expense report here. − Expense Template: Make sure MBI Expense Report is selected. click the Next button to continue. − Line: Indicates the line number to easily identify entries. When all appropriate fields have been entered. Enter or select a date for the expense you are entering.

− Cost Center: Indicates which cost center the expense belongs under. or Cancel to clear the form). The date field will be automatically filled with that selected value. Click on the day that you would like to select. Refer to How to Itemize Expense Lines for more information on how to do this. This will most likely be the defaulted cost center unless you change it otherwise. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 7 . 8. − Justification: Provide an explanation for the expense incurred here. Select a date by clicking the calendar icon next to the date field. − Itemize: Click this icon to enter itemized detail entries for a specific expense line. Note: You can click Save at anytime and come back to it later.Enter in the form DD-MMM-YYYY. − Receipt Amount: Indicate the expense amount here. Refer to How to Update an Existing Expense Report. − Expense Type: Select the type of expense using the drop down list. Click Next to continue to the next step (or click Save to save your work.

Refer to the next page for definitions of each field. Cash and Other Expenses − Date: Date for the specific line expense. − Receipt Amount: Amount indicated for the line expense. Simply select the choice you want via the drop down list and click Go. − Cost Center: Defaulted Cost Center. − Reimbursable Amount (USD): Amount that will be reimbursed. The view will change accordingly. − Lines Requiring Receipts: Displays the number of lines requiring a receipt. − Purpose: Displays the purpose that you indicated for the report in the General Information step. − Total: The total amount for the entire report. General Information − Name: Your Full Name. the expense will need additional approval before reimbursement. − Approver: Defaulted approver for your cost center. − Exchange Rate: 1= USD. If the receipt is not accompanied with the expense report. − Expense Type: Type indicated during the Cash and Other Expenses step − Justification: Justification provided for the line expense in the Cash and Other Expenses step. − Expense Dates: Displays the date variation of all expenses in report. The Review Your Expense Report screen will appear. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 8 . − View Expenses By: You can select to view by detail or summary.9. − Receipt Required: This will be checked if the amount is over 25 dollars.

13. made any corrections and are ready for the approval process. Place the printed page and all required original receipts in an interoffice envelope and send to Controller’s Office. Click the Printable Page button to open a printable copy of the confirmation page. 14. 11. Once submitted. Click Home to return to the Main Menu. 12. click File > Print… (Ctrl+P) from the menu bar. Once opened. Click the Submit button when you have reviewed. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 9 . the Approver will be notified and a confirmation page will appear.10.

you will notice that your Active Expense Reports page will list all of your submitted reports. Click YES to withdraw or NO to cancel withdrawal. all approvers will be notified. When you re-login to Expense Reports. To Withdraw: Click the Withdraw icon next to the report you would like to withdraw.15. which will simply create another copy of the exact report submitted to submit to another person or to create a new report that is similar to this report. The following screen will appear. This will change as the report moves along the approval process. To Duplicate: Click the Duplicate icon next to the report you would like to duplicate. If YES. or Withdraw the report from submission. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 10 . The expense report submitted in this lesson is highlighted below. Notice how the status is currently Pending Manager Approval. you are able to either Duplicate. You can then make any changes or assign a different approver and resubmit. At this point.

− Expense Type: Select the type of expense for this particular item. After clicking the Itemization icon from an expense line within the Cash and Other Expenses screen. − Original Receipt Amount: This amount will carry over from the Enter Cash or Other Expenses screen if you entered there. 1. Descriptions of fields are below. − Start Date: Enter the first day this itemized expense was incurred. − Update: Click the update button to update the calculated amount after making any changes. 2. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 11 .How to Itemize Expense Lines The purpose of Itemizing Expense Lines is if you only have one receipt with many items. − Receipt Amount: The system will reflect the receipt amount for this item. − Daily rate: Enter the rate per day for this item − Number of Days: Indicate the number of days this daily rate was incurred. − Add More Lines: Click this button to add more lines for itemization. − Total Business Expenses: The amount displayed here will be the total dollar amount designated on this page. the following screen will appear. Enter values for all required fields and any other fields that are appropriate for the expense line. You can itemize each expense within that receipt here. Otherwise enter the total receipt amount for this particular expense line.

− Total Amount: Indicates the original total amount.− Under <Over> Itemized Amount: The variance between the Receipt Amount and the total amount divided on this page. This amount should remain 0. Click Cancel to cancel all changes. 3. Click the Apply button to apply the changes made to the expense line and to return to the Verify and Complete Reconciliation Transactions screen.00. Click the Update button to update the calculated amount after making any changes. 4. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 12 .

In this case. − Report Total: Total amount calculated from your last Save. The system will take you to the first screen of the report. Go to the Update Expense Reports section of the Active Expense Reports page. Continue where you left off. Update Expense Reports − Name: Name of person who created this report.How to Update an Existing Expense Report To access an existing expense report that has not been submitted: 1. All existing reports that have not been submitted will be listed here. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 13 . − Duplicate: Click this icon to create a new report just like this one. − Report Number: Reference number for the expense report. − Status: Status of the report. the report is Saved. − Purpose: Reasoning for the report. All Rejected reports will also be indicated here. 2. You can click on the link to update the report. Proceed with instructions from How to Create a New Expense Report. Refer below for definitions of each field. meaning all information entered at the time of your last save will be there. − Update: Click this icon to update this report. − Delete: Click this icon to delete this expense report. − Report Date: Start date of the creation of the report.

you will be able to track status changes of your report(s). Once you submit your expense report. 2. − Paid – Reimbursement has been paid to you. The statuses are as follows: − Pending Manager Approval – The submitted expense report is waiting on approval by the assigned approver. − Pending Your Resolution – Informs you that you were sent a notification explaining the required action. You will be able to view and track this status through the Active Expense Reports screen (Hint: The first screen of where you created your expense report). − Ready for Payment – Payables has approved the expenses and is preparing the reimbursement. the status of your report will display Pending Manager Approval. The Approver will receive a notification and will review the report and either: − Approve the report − Reject the report − Reassign the report to another approver − Request more information 3. Once the approver has submitted their response. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 14 . − Pending Payables Approval – Approver has approved your report and has sent it on to Payables to approve the expense report.How to View the Approval Status 1.

or delete the expense report altogether.) MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 15 . The report will be listed under Update Expense Reports section of the screen. (Refer to How to Update an Existing P-Card Reconciliation Report for further details.− Rejected – Manager or Payables has rejected the report. At this point you can either update and resubmit.

” 2. 3.Expense Report Approval Process 1. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 16 . The Notifications screen will appear. A Notification from a User will generally indicate who the notification is from and will say. Select a notification that you would like to reply to. All of your Open Notifications will be listed under the Worklist section of the main page. Click Open to open the notification(s) or Reassign to reassign to another user. Select the notification(s) you would like to respond to. “…requires your approval.

4. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 17 . The expense report(s) will appear. − From: Name of person who sent the notification − To: Name of person who receives the notification − Sent: Date the expense report was submitted − Due: Date the response is due back to the sender − Notification ID: Unique identification number given for each notification − Expense Report For: Name of person the expense report is for − Cost Center: The cost center which the expense was assigned to − Purpose: The reasoning for the expense − Expense Report Total: Total amount in the expense report − Notes: Any comments or notes displayed here. Refer to the following page for the definition of each field. If you clicked Open. Review each notification before responding.

as shown below: − Response: Any comments or notes to include to the submitter or the next approver (if applicable) − Display next notification after response: Check this box if you want the system to display the next notification in line after you submit a response. The response options are as follows: − Approve − Reject − Reassign − Request Information MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 18 . After reviewing the report. 5. Simply click the attachment to view the details.Cash and Other Expenses: Business Expenses − Line Number: Displays the expense line that the expense is referring to − Receipt Date: Date receipt was issued − Expense Type: Type of expense − Amount: Expense amount − Justification: Reason for the expense − Cost Center: Cost center the expense was assigned to − Total: Total amount of all expenses listed − Sequence: Sequence of notification and approval process − Who: Person who will be notified and their corresponding action − Action: What this person is responsible for − Date: Date that notification was submitted − Note: Any comments or additional notes − References: Any attachments or other references to support the expense. submit a response by clicking the appropriate response.

Once you click submit and return to your Notification page.Approve 1. Click the Approve button if the report requires no more action and you are ready to send the report to the next person in the approval process. Reject Click the Reject button if you reject approval for this P-Card reconciliation report. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 19 . The user will then need to make corrections and resubmit. The report will be sent back to the Submitter under the Update Expense Reports section of the Active Expense Reports page. you will notice that the status of the request has changed to Closed. 2.

or any other user (if applicable) MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 20 . Request Information 1. Click the Reassign button if you are not the right person to approve the report and need to reassign it to someone else. Click the flashlight to search for the person to reassign the expense report to. Include any comments you would like to provide to the next approver.Reassign 1. Select one of the following options: − Delegate authority for responding to this notification − Transfer ownership of this notification 4. or if the report needs additional approval. Click the Submit button or Cancel. 2. 3. 5. Click the Request Information button if you need more information from either the Submitter or previous approver.

Choose whether you would like to select a Workflow Participant or Any User. MBI Internet Expense Reporting Page 21 .2. followed by selecting the person’s name. Click Submit to send the request or Cancel. Enter in the information you are requesting in the text box provided. 4. 3.

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