ㅡ (eu) sound. ㅓ (eo) sound. ㅗ (o) sound. ㅛ (yo) sound. ㅕ (yeo) sound. ㅑ (ya) sound. ㅐ (ae) sound. ㅔ (e) sound. ㅒ (yae) sound. ㅖ (ye) sound. ㅠ (yoo) sound.

Front Back ㄱ (g) sound ㅂ (b) sound ㅈ (j) sound ㄷ (d) sound ㅅ (s) sound ㅁ (m) sound ㄴ (n) sound ㅇ At the top of syllables is a place holder. 아= (a) ㄹ light rolled (r) sound. ㅎ (h) sound. ㅋ High (k) sound. ㅌ High (t) sound. ㅊ High (ch) sound ㅍ High (p) sound ㅃ Hard (B) sound ㅉ Mixture of (z and j sound). ㄸ Hard (D) sound. ㄲ Hard (G) sound. ㅆ Hard (S) sound. ㅏ (ah) sound. ㅣ (ee) sound. ㅜ (oo) sound.

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