Seminar on IT Acts ABSTRACT Student Name 1.TechDefence Detail : The quest for knowledge, a sense of achievement, the commitment to vision and a drive by passion had a rendezvous as TechDefence, a dream which started with Sunny Vaghela and closely shared by Himanshu. TechDefence realize sensitivity of information as an asset thereby making a paradigm shift towards information security as an investment for competitive edge and the business continuity Services
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Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Cyber Crime Investigation Cyber Law Consulting

References- https://www.techdefenses.com

The complaint will be handled by the High Tech Cyber Security Experts and Rajasthan Police with the help of Resource Centre for Cyber Forensics. References.cybercellindia.com . We provide you with facilities for asking expert opinion regarding any cyber crime and through the forum people can discuss various issues in cyber crimes. It also envastigtes to provide information regarding cyber security and cyber forensics to people of Rajasthan.CYBER CELL INDIA : Cyber crimes are becoming a nuisance in the society especially crimes such as cyber stalking and cell phone stalking. The objective of this programme is to create awareness among the people about various types of cyber crimes. Many of the victims are not aware about the cyber crimes and its manifestations. its impact in the society and educate the public in prevention of cyber crimes. This portal will function as the interface to public to provide them help in dealing with cyber crimes.2. Any victim of cyber crime can report the crime through this portal.https://www. .

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