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Hurd, Mark


Friday, July 16, 2010 4:22 PM


Donatelli, Dave


Bradley, Todd; Robison, Shane


RE: Intel K22 Update


Excellent news!


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From: Donatelli, Dave

Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 5:34 PM To: Hurd, Mark; Bradley, Todd

Subject: Fw: Intel K22 Update

The latest

From: Fink, Martin R

To: Donatelli, Dave; Robison, Shane

Sent: Fri Jul 16 00:01:54 2010

Subject: Intel K22 Update

Dave/Shane -

I had a call with Kirk Skaugen to review K22 contract progress. Not only did they not bring up the slate issue (I didn't

bring it up either), they want to drive to announce this via an event that Mark and Paul already have scheduled to occur at half-moon bay on August 25th

I'm not sure what exactly this means, but I have rarely seen Intel so aggressive on anything to do with Itanium EVER, and

they are working very hard to get this moving forward.


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F rom:

roger feigelson <>


Mon Feb 142011 16:22:33 PST


andy baiIe

<andy .baileyonì>


sandy vella <sandy.\'e11a(>


Re: 1-[P-UX and Security Patch Omissions.


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I left a message for Russell Green in support to get some more information about this situation. I'd like to see if there is any rational reason they won't update the bulletin to show HP UX is included.

On 2/14/2011 3:29PM, andy bailey wrote:

> Did we get an update from Support?


> Andy





> On 2/8/20 11 3:34 PM, sandy vella wrote:

» Roger.

» I would agree with you on approach and agreed that it may not be an

» easy discussion.

» Sandy


» On 2/8/2011 3:29 PM, roger feigelson wrote:

» So I see two approaches here. Either we just be aware of this and

» let Judson know, or we go into the support execs and find out

» exactly why they're doing this. I prefer the latter approach

» because I want to understand why this decision was made and make

» sure it wasn't a rogue decision, but realize it can become

politically charged.



» » Roger

» On 2/8/2011 3:25 PM, sandy vella wrote:

» I was told it was a management decision. Not clear who in

» management though.

» Sandy


» On 2/8/2011 3: 19 PM, Roger Feigelson wrote:


All our contacts in support said was it was a decision made higher up.




further confirmation/ownership? It sounds like it was done intentionally.

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» From: "Andrew Bailey"<andy.baileyorac1e. corn>

» Sent: Tue, February 08, 2011 3:02 PM

» To: roger feigel son<roger.feigel>

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Sandy, were you able to get any

jsIie Rackwood CSR RP



Subject: Re: HP-UX and Security Patch Omissions.



See what you can find out why, on the surface it doesn't make sense.


» » Thanks.

» » Andy



On Feb 8, 2011, at 2:17 PM, roger feigelson<> wrote:


» Not sure what exactly is going on, but hiding the existence of the security patches for 1-IP UX only

makes things difficult for our customers. Our customers pay the same amount for support on HP as they do on


Sun, so they really need to continue to get the same quality of service.

» Original Message

» Subject: HP-UX and Security Patch Omissions.

» Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 12:13:31 -0800

» From: sandy vella<>

» Organization: Oracle Corporation





CC: Sandy Vella<sandy.vellaoracl>

» Roger.

» Per our conversation, the Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware security patches are being

shipped on all platforms; including HP-UX. Although, HP-UX has been left out of the security bulletin, which

lists specific 0/Ses that product is shipped upon. Per our conversation, it appears that we will not update the



current bulletin to include HP-UX. The next security patch is available in April. We are not sure at this point, if

the same omission will occur again for the HP-UX platform.


I wanted to point this out, as several customers and HP have noticed this omission.

» Sandy


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Tim Kelly <tim. kelly©oracle. corn>

Sun Mar 27 2011 08:14:29 PDT

Sarah Hunter <sarah.hunter©oracle.corn>

David Simmons <>; Mark Moretti <>; Richard

Reuter <>

Re: Migration Services - Retriever

Importance: Normal





looks good. did anything change from last one?

i'm not sure we want to consider this, but i'll throw it out there anyway. because oracle is essentially dictating a

move from HP/Itanium, should/can we make this more of a service specific to that? "To help migrate off of your

Itanium environment".

I laugh at the first sentence "Do you need to evolve your existing HP infrastructure to meet more demanding

service levels, contain costs or avoid IT obsolescence?" - because we are the ones dictating IT/Itanium obsolescence

in this case.

Mark would know far better than I if this is too specific, but I did lobby Bob & Sonny over the weekend to create more around Itanium migration specific messages and aircover. this would fit in that category i think.


On Mar 27, 2011, at 10:56 AM, Sarah Hunter wrote:




I know you wanted to review any updates to the resources.


Here is the Migration Data Sheet update from Mark Moretti. Copying David too, for reference.



From a process perspective, I believe you wanted to "approve" any new postings, so I will look for your approval

to post.



Special thanks to Mark for the fast turn-around.






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Lesbe RoCkWO0d CSRRP

ORCLOI 607452

Conversation with at 7/28/2011 2:18:55 PM on

keith.block@oracle.comlBeehive (jabber)

(2:18:55 PM) you there? (2:19:01 PM) yes i am (2:19:07 PM) on a plane?

(2:19:37 PM) i am

(2:19:42 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: are you on a break

(2: 19:55 PM) we&apos;re done. mh had a forecast call at i i

(2:20:05 PM) it was judy&apos;s so it went fast

(2:20:11 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: does it bug anybody else

(2:20:23 PM) that every two weeks mark gets on a fcst call with all the evp


(2:20:28 PM) or is it just me

(2:20:46 PM) oh i&apos;m sure it bugs - but you know -no one says anything.

(2:21:15 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: so am i mud out there (2:21:18 PM) how much time is left to sell??? (2:21:23 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: you know

(2:21:28 PM) you are NOT mud

(2:21:29 PM) it's not like we dont know what we are doing

(2:21:37 PM) amateur hour

(2:21:44 PM) yep

(2:22:01 PM) hold on - someone is calling me (2:22:05 PM) k (2:37:01 PM) hello (2:47:19 PM) ok back (2:47:28 PM) joanne (2:47:36 PM) she&apos;s a treat

(2:47:36 PM) she's duckin me

(2 :47:47 PM) why?

nèver are

(2:47:56 PM) she is stealing revenue from me (2:48:01 PM) of course she is

(2:48:22 PM) she doesn&apos;t like anyone who has a different style than her (2:48:42 PM) keith.block@oracle.comlBeehive: she ain't all that

(2:48:44 PM) she gets rattled

(2:49:02 PM) finance thinks she doesn&apos;t understand how a P&L works!

(2:49:09 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: um dat's not good

(2:49:10 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: so

(2:49:15 PM) keith.block@oracle.comtBeehive: hurd trashed me huh

(2:49:22 PM) no, he did not trash you.

(2:50:03 PM) it was the same conversation he had with you about andy and the

numbers. it came up when judson went thru his review

(2:50:11 PM) i told mark (2:50: 15 PM) and you know how he is with numbers

(2:50:24 PM) that the channel numbers were fullfiliment (2:50:29 PM) the channel does not sell independently

(2:50:49 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: so judson can say whatever he wants, it's not incremental


(2:50:52 PM) keith.block@ö and mark knows that

(2:50:57 PM) keith.block@orácle.comfBeehive: why doesn't mark focus on bic

(2:51:06 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: he's shrinking 15% (2:51:10 PM) because you bring in the most money! (2:51:21 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: maybe if emea did it's j ob he wouldn't have to

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Rebecca Romano, CSR #12546


(2:51:24 PM) you&apos;re the best and only bet to grow

(2:5 1:29 PM) how nice

(2:5 1:41 PM) he should focus on steve. our china revenue is peanuts (2:5 1:54 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: he doesn't like to travel

(2:52:01 PM) he likes to stay in the u.s. and rattle around (2:52:09 PM) it&apos;s his comfort zone

(2:52:10 PM) lots ofnoise, not much results

(2:52: 17 PM) keith.block@oracle.comlBeehive: be a flicking global president

(2:52:29 PM) :) (2:52:56 PM) sorry

(2:53:04 PM) keith.block@oracle.comíBeehive: 5th week travelling

(2:53:11 PM) ugghh

(2:53:18 PM) keitb.block@oracle.comíBeehive: it's ok they take good care of me

(2:53:25 PM) they should

(2:53:27 PM) just dont like the distraction from the i ith floor

(2:53:3 1 PM) him

(2:53:33 PM) nice guy

(2:513:38 PM) not enough room for us both

(2:53:45 PM) keith.block@OraCle.cOmfBeehive: he should be a ceo

(2:53:58 PM) he&apos;s used to that role for sure

(2:54:16 PM) he needs you

(2:55:17 PM) so


(2:55:23 PM) we have to stop meeting like this

(2:56:42 PM) keith.blOCk@OraCle.COmJBeehiVe you wont meet with me in person

(2:56:46 PM) keith.block@oracle.comíBeehive: ok

(2:56:48 PM) keith.blockcâ linda's bonus

(2:57:03 PM) what can you live with. she&apos;s in for 40k

(2:57:12 PM) 39.9999

(2:57:20 PM) i knew you would say that (2:57:41 PM) whatever i give you for a number, he is going to counter offer (2:57:46 PM) so what number is he thinking about (2:57:54 PM) no, he&apos;s not, because i&apos;m plugging in and approving it

(2:58: 10 PM) he didn&apos;t give a number, he asked me to talk to you to pull it


(2:58: 16 PM) keth.block@oracIe.comIBeehive: 35


we talk about linda&apos;s bonus. sorry for añother great

(2:58:17 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfßeehive: 32 (2:58:19 PM) what do you think

(2:58:25 PM) she's really bummed about the stock

(2:58:33 PM) keith.block@oracle.comlBeehive: she hates hurd

(2 58 38 PM) anje dodson@oracle corn how about 33k

(2:58:42 PM) i bet

(2:58:47 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: ok

(2:58:51 PM) she's gonna hate me

(2:59:04 PM) tell her it&apos;s not you. and don&apos;t throw me under the bus! (2:59:24 PM) it&apos;

(2:59:35 PM) it&apos;s all about sales (2:59:41 PM) keith.block@oracle.comlBeehive: i have been a staunch defender of you (2:59:45 PM) who&apos;s bringing in the revenue (2:59:52 PM) keith.block@oracle.comíBeehive: and all of the attacks you have been subject to

(3 :00:08 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: KIDDING

(3:00:09 PM) now i&apos;m feeling vulnerable (3:00:15 PM) everybody loves you

(3:00:19 PM) how's janet lewis

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(3:00:25 PM) my buddy

(3:00:27 PM) we should tell her to fuck off

(3:00:31 PM) she resigned, did you hear?

(3:00:36 PM) no

(3:00:40 PM) keith.btock@oracle.COm/BeehiVe: that's great news

(3:00:40 PM) and so far - no fireworks from hp (3:01:06 PM) mh doesn&apos;t think there will be

(3:0 1 : 14 Nv» he's in the know

(3:0 1:20 PM) does he talk about canham (3:01:23 PM) yes he is

(3:01:40 PM) he doesn&apos;t say anything negative about andy

(3:01:59 PM) meaning - that guy&apos;s horrible - nothing like that

(3:02:27 PM) hejust talks about his forecast the uncertainty about making the


(3:02:57 PM) you know this is mark&apos;s sweet spot, right - hardware

(3 :03 :02 PM) keith.block@oracle.corntBeehive: yeah

(3:03:05 PM) keith.block@oraclecornfBeehive: here's the deal

(3:03:10 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornlBeehive: this isn't hp (3:03:12 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: we bought a dog (3:03:15 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornfBeehive: it's all about exa

(3 :03:20 PM) asking reps to sell the dog

(3 :03:24 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornfBeehive: is not a great thing

(3:03:30 PM) keith.block@oracle.comfBeehive: mark wants us to sell the dog

(3:03:30 PM) exactly. (3 :03:35 PM) keith.block@oracle.comlßeehive: sorry (3 :03:42 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: wants the hdw peeps to sell the dog (3:03:51 PM) keith.block@oracle.corníBeehive: every single call

(3:03:55 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: 4 yesteray (3:03:58 PM) 2 today (3:04:00 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornfBeehive: all about exa (3:04:03 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: nobody talks about sun

(3 :04:05 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: even the sun customers

(3:04:08 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: it's dead dead dead (3:04:17 PM) he did acknowledge that it&apos;s hard to recruit guys to sell sun - but

not exa

but who knows

(3:04:26 PM) keith.block®oraclecomfBeehive: exa is easy

(3:04:31 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornfßeehive: nobody wants to sell sun

(3:04:37 PM) keith.block@oraclecomfBeehive: it baaaalllll00000000ws

(3 :04:37 PM) pigwith lipstick

(3 :04:42 PM) keîth.block@oracle.cornfBeehive: at best

(3 06 22 PM) anje dodson@oracle corn we did have a good discussion about workday - marketing wise and your pmo was highlighted

(3:06:33 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornlßeehive: we're good

(3:06:35 PM) keith.block@oracle.cornfBeehive: gotta shut down (3:06:40 PM) keith.block@oracle.corn/Beehive: landing in the nations capital

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