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Metroid - Manual - NES

Metroid - Manual - NES

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Published by Sam Beausoleil

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Published by: Sam Beausoleil on May 16, 2012
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sel,ecli:ir'ilS 11M NiinleindD®Entecrtailr'ill1lile·ntSysie'iliil


,Pliillue r!i!~ l1~'i$lIntftlC1i.;o11 oooldQt ~ e~re ~~er pm~. !II~~~)l! ,$~"eit e bOokbn :for (u't!H~ !'&e,~elll~

a·f your !law

the Metroia; StC!!'y "., ... ,., ... ,

" ...•. , •.... , .. ,,':",

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H(lW f~ Start Playi I'Ig 'Me1:r,di~ , '" ," ~,. g'Iml~orta flit P6,ints to Rem,emb'~rt~Advl;lli1ce the ~me" . . . . . . .. 11 tPiUtrig -Samlt~Again8tfhe· Mother BOO!in., ... , . 'r- -, • , ". ,. ~ •• , ' , " • ,. ~'6 The Key to Winning: If::lunt out :tlhe POWET Item·s·,· •• ' ••••••• < ,. . •. a·1· Hordes' of Enemy C haTao1erson the Ftxtwftbs FIlar>! t Le'De~" . .. ~'Z e

as spaiC€ :Qtl'unty hr:.irates rOOflfved ifJrge roward~ wh!~n th€¥ captured ?/~Q appwr~r:i pif:dtas.@u1ilge aflG them .('uut it' was FfjdfJri'!!.$pr1r:. cosmoo) I'f!!pre~ .i3S1nMS o( spane" The Fedwaticm lJ~fea:a .. ~nousa'rldtj irllfetstellar (. .asy r'O C~fGh t)ll~m in and the Federation w8'friO!~ coJ1gr.ils_ B.:2.:¥hifJS· ing .Jic~.'" the piratl1!$.!.k and fad'/) lJ€lwem plarN.i'H.s~t calf~d called to(:Je~fref i(it1. beg8JlJ.~ laheel rHi? pr.e They spacf)' {J.000 (}f the llisfIDrr many tliJ~nl @f~(fiji! tlJeG..s:enmt(ves f[forn (!"If} fjlfJH81s in the g~/fJ.mter.A SlJocessfur and an' :Q!Qe< otpro&perity fj{uzi tntiJ< 1.>W'~f~ a not e..a. .exchange ef c:!Jltu{E!'s "ijnd d'1lfJti.lIt krloJ<\(n lor thejr gre~:t~.)f Polfoo ..tJ~n rtflwiteq.::tiQ P:edera(ioll. and ~de their lUt- to ~'rack th~ SP~Cl.c€!shi{ifJ terfred bac.alkctlc ..a(es' a'tfficks were pawert~' .e~s called th~ GaI. but.THe F"fui@!lfiJffon IJjlJtGav cmate4 The METROIDSforv In the year. TheiS"€: we~ 1.G~BtE.ffon Pi.(0 do berf/eo with gr:eat w8mws h:a.

Meanwhile.fio'll w'iJI be rion of Plsu).et SR388' some by Uf'lHnown person 'Or (hing.e/' of the foJ1ress•.It IS trow _v€ar lOX5 anne histofy 'Of the cosmos. TO'cafieJes~/y m it trw.sperate Sfv:U"ch. tt$' fortress pl.troctton. and somethinp rerribfe bringing it back ro Eanh- has happened.Uflcbed a ge.tipiy would be sxtremely G'a'i1 g:e.rfd the PoJice have been unable to take the planet.ply whl3'n exposed to' bat. htdcten deep within the :cerrt. me Feder8-tiotl PoliCe there ls a strong PQ.r'u::rllJ attack.fe galactiC civilrZ3. pirafe-s and suspended anJmatfon. Thifi /ife-form ks ina state of If Metlt).eform' just disoovered wa:s< the cause of the planet's leI have at last found the.ily.. Th~ Federaffonr:esearcners haq named it "M~~'roidV .anet S'R 38B'. It is suspected that the .irs for 24 f'frJurs.t canbl3' reactivated 1'\Va$ destmlyed and will mu!tt. ia a room for muftia and fa.ssibitity lilat the t. and' de~tTO~ct. the preparations plying the Matroid a:re progressing stead. bv.rous. But the pirateI.d is multiplied by the space.aJlil.pimu~s' headquarters.d WElle 5 .. Me em." OO"slstanoe is strong~ a. de:s..met Zebes. Space pjr~'t'e~ haw' attacked a ooep-spcice resea~h when it was stolen space pirates! tw the spaceship and seized 8 capsule oantainiog" all unknown lite-form that had just been (/j'sooveood pn Pf.f. After a de.) r.Mtire cMliza- ffJen used as a weapon.

HeJs a c'Ibot. whfcl1 can~b6'orb al':lye1lemy's~er.s "''IllS been surgit:afly Sr{€n~t'he.es. Bul time wm he be abfe ta de'$tr11JY Metroi'd a:fjd s~v.#:MJ eV~I~dJ(Jd.nl.' to send s r(rat.:i1ound evwy comer.m:uj with robotics" g1vfng hlm S!1P. the is fQliowers ue in ~it .iJd~s'rof rfl!e M'olher Brain.y thoug'ht werer:aoomfo{(elyimp~sibJe.eJ' (J~()sen: lor th.!_reat~&t Q't aN the $pa.s mfs$iQcns.feoided fOf1jIE'SS on tY1fS stMt$gy. The suooeoo. is a natur~1 fo.edin pe. 0111' t¢p of haJtlie' (. $amws: frds is runfJing O~~..C) penetra(e the'oooter't.ry: Tf1~ plane. rf)e PederatlM Police specia' kind of stone. and its interior i$ a o~icated maze.b. a.g: .tear h.e~we!S.his entil"€ oo'dy pkares .fi ~ce hunf.fl(? the Q14Jaxy? S'amus He is the !.raps in the maze'.i!!>mission Afo'iU1. anil1 space h1Jnter t.di~' nUflite.' Zebee.rJ'Cl'UfS$'fl.Its sid't:m arf! covere.~r¥ flOW J\:Ialffl' planted devfees antiloooby (. EVfi#7 rtN~ 'spec'$ spac::e svi(:.But M-s' twe form is shrouded ill myste.f:j1If!tra:zfn:g Ze.tfV completed wm~N.d IdIitfii!i .j!!son. a l<!f~t j'. .A s. the pj~f'es thll pfffi~9'S' .e t.t1ress.J.rs: and ha$ S.

.:~i ~.. 3..ar ....I cml bMks~ 'the. .. pJ!S6wcifl:t..:11:1 ....~iswr ..enter ~~t1i1Ier "Oxle:with th'e:STAlRl b~ • 4..... using·om ~m. _mer W1l1begll'l...!.1i I~wtonl Y€!lII e. Ibut1o:nto cliloose . L' ... ·~Se!'emi and .0(0 ..~&.. ... ~ ift& conflrol pad to IIIl0Y8 ~.M:'i'. • Ilf' YQl.I""" !:l Fi::ll=ll"li:l.:.. ... m'!stake....~r:. -:.. ml!mbers.pe.. ~~.. ::1 !:Jill ill ? a "I..~ -H-J.....¥'QI."~ <.z.>f}I'M.elUtler$TAR' w 'COlniINIlJE. l~lWot'ld Willappe:!ilr.g ~ 191111Dn a • Man Y9~ 'finish 'rIle pa~sword. I'GAME QVER~win ..I ~ke s. .:~.. game bMii'l$\ ..e... new g~~.J-I"~ ap. [push Ul8 ." Playing IT-LNVmaID'" ~1I. the.. L _.. .. (ot. inseletitina·me password. •• _.. yQI..(-.t-} $'II'AR. II If l{OIil ~~ S"f.START buftoill 1.. YDU"can.r. assword '= e I n oU'.''''H:.:.bel:ow tille..! • If YOIllCiiJo@$. .. Start or Continue • 1JS.1Yii:iI'1'IO..I start a. When the Game Is Over .. I • • I' ''t... ...p!)~il:iI...' Press but"tc'm:A to r'etlis1er 'tho leHer or numl'iew.:--.. 'the. ij ... OOl'f'l1NUE..~~ 2...!!'SOrand se£eql oornili!'ue.' ~ ~ 'i' ":I r 0:. .. pns~>d ~en . Y>OlIf ok!J _~..I]1 elm colitIQ... lilttil'S~d ...Ie' JOY!' lali -"""' .J''''~.m presSi..I ..:0 .r:~":~. Tttle :::::.. iJ::. 'I he.·hJWIlITIlllg '\EAROFI'ITfW AGA!iNl'" will Bppe....ars. . wtle'n YOIiI press the SfAFIT bllflilOn..1 ~'~I" • If you use tha Pt!$swtm:li men ~I...r.At titilisi point. ~ _ '.How to Sfa. if yQu PI'~SS the galln6.. _ _oJ .e. .. .

.se.ICml ~!ieCt Yeuen ~k makes enemies wifl dlli S.Uon lEI.S' Imie$k1!'1ili! Mother Brain! 19 Bmi). ~tllLe M~er wlm ill AiItil:5. msbta II] Boss@!i! tliJat h.nU_$ 119h1: or left W Se~'$ I~"!f! ni!J~f1e. im Ile planet!! oemtaJ base.emember How to Use the Controller to Adttance the Game estray the Gia:nt Mechanical --~------------~ IIIba$ :seven31parts.ti.~h and tG el'ld~ w~ilI ..'YOI:.WlJllllP. B~n h'lmr.Su::~ b~tI.". ~.P.:way. 'earn ~m'dle Mini. 112 . iiie GOJii. tili't1ll~ lemy. m MOljes s.t! leW yQW!l11KlVe SimlU:S.11I1El A W~IIIS The Cotttrolier ¢QrUroI 0lganis~he $amY. ()n 'Ulte. ·ttI· .).ll.." meets.Imp-orlanf Poinls to R. ms.e m J!lImp m Curll.P' L PaU61i1' be!lll1l'lor seils lbomb.

ilW~d. a~r CIIilloo 94ref.1iI data (n~~ on Sal'll!!!$. P.gIMes hhlll.. data'! I~ms tha1: . MIen an enemv is.mb-~eih'p.. ~nt~11I lID II1ls.j iiKleMl4t energy '~L'C!1l1ecl.ack:s. There a~ 'and wa. 11.-.".r lito!:'MS 1Jil.. m.liSJ.y~ t'..!. but his: bayond 91l! wil:b:oirt iextra eannot.mtlet"o.j)IilIl~~~ ilUree an en~rgy itanlk w: a misili!u:.. willi Ibte (filsNpr. beam.!lAd ca.UlIlos.1ttaCk.slloW'n in begllrlliling.8IIIt!OYrH Gf enugy poWer bf' tirndi~ the thlil ~~r plu&d. Oift: 11thi$. w:tlen Samus: m'i.o a $Imt~ boo:stSamus' 'f000'I8 oJilly Ule· .e~!!!fI.= right :11'1 the. BIlIt I~r . B9:~ting Samus' OOWoliJ'l' .IS.3' 114 .. YUill~·ro 'OOJl~'!r!...l' carnes U'le plcttu:"(:i to 01.a. an muugy ~U is.Q h@ams.. 'CaIiI! 11'(1 Powt.de.:.u!. will At 1h~~rt S!lI'IIl'I. ~ . energy tanks.H.on.anyBS~ totortit'y S.IS of tlJtegaJin~~ g. tiQ..Hunt out the POwer ltems and booslSamus power! Dl!!l'iing the 'game. ane~ ball is apt!Jlll'ed\ BPe'rgy ts: j-1lC11!a~ed. sometimes gi~n S~I. itiing. ~.st!JtIyed.sudl:l aswmre' :5C~a. ~~ numbers wl ~ bee c.wr.

Or better their h1doolrtS j'n Zap tltem mclear' tfle area yUill sf!J make 81 m~p of YDliIr own al1d move C!II\ When Hiley ar. '15 briidge.he 3 zones O'f he fortress Zebesr 'Tille tlJiIreemf19 (cemail base). lIilfOuIgh whk* 'ie.aCk ttve walls with beams and bombs: wlilile' searchlJii. make a T~l"'aan.air~fli'e zone) 'aoo TCitliI'ien YOa:ll to clear of the.ore you can lreach rouri8rl\ eo.e IBrili\Star alild Hortalr. Nod. ean ii!IL1Vance. clear the giant maze. inside the furtre_ tlav$ Pitting Samus Against the lrst. Samus must alt.mpJlcated maze.gl1m'Hie s~t mapGri the next p8g1)1 to passageway Search out and destro~the Mini-8ossesf The Mini-Boosms ha.v. Bl'lnstar (rockY Mile). pI'an:et Zebes is a I 'the fir~t twG 20n£'5 bef. that can 'k! to guide you.rtiti< 'rl'!o"Wk DlIIt wbele Sall1Ws IS. The illlfernor win4flil9i are cailetf. wm taM ~ 16 . Use .e both dawn.

Find and ~ap tW9 tM~!li-BQae~.m aMi! Nort~lr.ee'IUlral boise co.~~.ed e.Q!lesopen wi:l.".$~ 5 missile blasts fo 'OReIl 1lhe 'IJI." ~I\llflg . Th~ MlniBosses i~ t~it 1I11deDafs iO IBrinsml' te. H . blliild Ilhe lbridge Jt:o.liiIone b~t iIromr yoUI' ~m. i~11! ~d (Wt to Ule .s plamet ltlis sh:OW5:YOU 100M mike:.neS/ 'and 10 mi~3ile blasts 10 .MbtlJer Br'aiI'L Thl'fle.Here's the ma of:Zebasl wMt: "the.ope III ti!ile o~r OIll1e& .. llnsfi!Je 1)f tlae rortre:s.lie (ldrrid(H':' Oia:t le0'Bi8 Inll:! Totiilf- will ~~oCR your way. it:'. iklnds of gates T~ bl:~e.

~ game..alls.ave '00' hit tille Mini-Boss sta'lues at the enlraliiOe tG Toot:ian eiirte"t illl 'IlI. Bewareof1tit:t8 'Namingl RIll illl ~t! .:::r:.a1. .the start at Br.lItd.%Gem a'MacL b00M Sam!<ls ~..Wi mi~~ It ~Jll'd a~k Will Samu! . Sam us' emerg~ is. The.aths NOi'Ie pf ._----OKe JiOU'~1 gOMe'.oowl' ~1I1I!!e 'Meft\oid 10hQe is. ge-t rid in Ulelr lfaldectltli amd _ 0" all the m(jwr w:J~yw L~k tor _e emTi1:!Ors: tilitd Ilea'll'tQlleir JOI.fi.*lf to buU~ tile bfidtt8.mom..II" hideoU:h.:.. '[". You 'h<!lilEm'~got much foot. Sarl"!g~ lhas 'to se'llI:Chi!Jut ~_ appeal.l '~ .~k i!i! to~h wliiete yelil lland. weakieM\d...::...at las..:...·. :NGW 1IfQ~!r. __ fierce eJlemif:es "5'1art> ~~ ___ f~ lirin$r 'llile.:.. The oJitJ~" wililll YDU i(. of . 'IElrl~mie:s ad e:mergi!f aM . -.-~m dis. Mmi-B~s Renew ariti' N~ir.~fie· iIi~&eotJ h.:in~s=-=ta:.. At last! You'lre close to Tourlan.1 l ' g.. imo.IIi rid of twO" :Of lI1e MiQ'li-i9~ }'@U Face the treacherous fire-sea.·t~ USia lIiIi!li time. re~l1 to you COIfl eMerw seePt! 'tlWQ.:.:. l!lunan.~'!l' natl!!tfli!of i1Ite 'GJrurrt~eehanlcal Of!3al'ltSIIf1.. the ~tu1lr lI!!rain? 19 . of Norlai r! ~ Iff ~1iIS hil!l f.

.. ic_eIbeam l~om.. ir:s ess>enwd to R 1e-J)st~11i'S fIrle atI:ac~mS! mn~ .u m-liree~e tlii'!i enellfl~ . ~.ong Beam "'_elI Samus' cfa~k !i$ weakal: lthe beginningofllwl' 'lJ!IfIl!Barn. t can also !boost 'the ra.. vo.MtMldng enemies. Find tlile'~s ~d ~i~!HleJC'rys~b\a1l held by 'me: sittwe. :2. Useful for .atth._~I. IhfiScaiIi'Irtbe lf~.Y<r.~ tO~'~ ~~".st~nglihe{n him.. m !1!'!. 'f1Iiom. ___ ..eSi beam..ifl9'Hunf 'he Power Items Out PQWef I:. -.eant H .IiIIIIIIIIIII_~- ~unt OIll. 'Whelii~ . GYef )'Olil Qrlll climb Pcwerlltem appear.sltml: b.allows .MI1Im.al' ~rcibealli'll...ill tile. f.... \OJ dlstal1l!Ce. In ypu aJ'l1!acfijl bYe tl'ieinr1he..RldItih.OMainihg 'Power Uems.1 It .e ~.ol'ilreM Zebes.dtILeis. anned 'iNi~hQn'y ~.J.. bemn.011 Icmgl III I~ temlOOl'arll¥.e<:&ame' Slllenw.. are: hfdd€<1:'1some .\Ik$ a w o Ice Beaml This . I of tJile roe beam j.'l:th'e' Powecr Lwms to ROOms G."rkoe.

. • Jump" ins. a.1. long waye ba3m" W~ 'th'Ae ~ Sal'nus can iUINIP'O'Ii)e.enru. walls.amoiil1l!ltof E!flE!11I¥ 00 uses' :whe1l11~ed op 'ft' ' j . higtiI. Ifyotl.a:re stFtInger 'I1iIe1l1. moot '~efu~ whel) iiii rombat w1u.powers .ve 6 Ioq bealMl. Beo sure "to !1l:eil'a'imrtl at th. ha. t1ue tleadll'e. l'Jjo.zones are.. by.ali)d+ba"' times "Ii:g'filer ttil.-.Wave Beam T~ beams are \WIi'ie-8Mped .ng b~@imbl!loomes. I~is abelE. lrr~l!8 Sl." >in~Ir UJe ..gel .00' ~~n~ alldll 1.a!'n~8d.an lite normaUy ~n.an enermy. SCrew Atlack.sl: ti'::iitemies.·ino ~m to him Vlrith 1:he:se. gel: to new I __ .. iheole.'.'-~.Iptir s1l!'Dng 'Pnwer Hem :SpiM illl~ight to dack ifilashesdunlillQl a screw ". to.nm:1I11 bemnS. Varia lhils raises S:a-mus'. .

e99.Energy Tank SamlJSgr~ b.. g. er:u::mJi Wi~h the bdmb. . tick tilll.s POWcer Item. 'the almunt 6f smtal:.:as . 25 . miMiles. IbQI'IlIbs wl:1en ':!lfS~~il~~. mies~Y'OUcan~a maJamlllm'o:l' 255.~uget S more' ~e· will '1'tNd.thl. Pres:si~ I Select bl. I whem tie get-s. Missille Rocket Samus:.. @1iI8f9Y lruOO ouL lmI_ny'as 6. ' it wJl ~ .WI :when b'~iIling ~!Q. is Sin! sll!'!aEl alld ~~~ to i'}t'eaJi! b~rl~s.IIOW. bWoIi'I toifi~.llIIlissi'l!ealltd p~ h. Use 'U"!.d~ iI'l\l1~'f e~not gp abov.e' ~l This $lOI"8S' ~emi$iles.mb whlJ)e:he. help him liIn. Keep li'O(I! r eye om WI' 1fI~1iII1 and sav. i'rort:'I C!~fe~ esca]pi!lllg'from the [M"~oid. Nm:mal~.:! IrQUntii Use tIiIe B bdon tQ .ean use tliills ltio. Wriks.~:f. ul with eO!~btank it .9 by 1i'il(1 'ViOU can collect/as ~gewiltYS). En~rg~isstored in tirl9Ji..tl. ~lIe~t If you capture Ol'Ie.$1~ small and II'QliIf!d ~ike ill' Use. nBl'rOw .' 010 .:bl hi'S.l'ftonto SIe!\OOt tl1l.e. [0 ~.much energy as YOlW can. Vol.

. in Igro1.lhe:irr. "RIAse.e normal ~!1_11 to destroy Ole '¢!!OlW' OMS M. .red ieM 'MellOW w:alls~.'eetso tiley w~l:s.r IRel]l1.a1Oii'Bgrlhe floor or up an(i dbwlll. First.emb@n liI:'tam :beam tily €lilt of air bleS. places each character is i[ke!l' to appea.diIMo. . ~itUlil:Ci~!UfflS s~y em'lll siticky iturd from .l{lOf$r$. Youllave to' memorize Ule.. a'fteryOlll. fleroe. blast of "t~.b~t$~.S1roy Ihe red Samus' progress...lP$. . 0' .. de.r' and the best wall' to overcome them. the b'1rl: They all try to Obsfnlct 'Zeb 'fbese ocusionallr.$m!l':S Brinslilr. yellow tloien ITIOI!'E' 0JIl! T1hese creatures elm l~¥ like paftS through fI'IDYe.Hordes Enemy CharactersoJJ Fortress Planet Zebes ErlEi:11y Gharach~~ have d~l"'(Jnt pilllIDnalifies. the enemy characters in If'instar Thel'e!l)fe .:.and 1m ciJal!'i. o@nE!$.types of enem)' (lhar. kliMis. 1~!itI 21 . Zap them !liS ~y ~n 'Zoomer appear.'!w~ are twa.

lhQ!ii. rSanlU!ii in gt'UM.ftack him. simply 'fly <1!rQl.el'lM!) fhey o@meou~ Ulrough air: and fW sldeWfi. them!. to 0'Ie ceiling and Ue In it~I. lhese powerful enemies :IIufte!r Mini·Bcss Emami BIS 'wr9~!)$.~ ~$1. 'Memu _RiO Wbese stt:'ang.11iIa!irel~toe.ong.and thaI'@< <UB1 kifl'lds ~t insida it.ffom 'Ute ·OWIU~·.1he. aild ilhe broWi:l Of'Ies. _ 'Wave. .-~.e®Jreiiltu~~do no:l:lhese ~'8'iife brains. Be Cal'iefu~1.. .:Jo dJi!~~ rEJ· """ri"'''''' ~ rl'l #ft'~i9:Jlrt ~P'gQ:1f ones are stl'OOg. $I) 1 enenw in t>IiIe.&" ~"l_ tliie' y~fow 1'!iII1es.arolllfld in irrregular~m3. are the wea~st out.!!'!d mom ~1~1$h1~ at"e alse pellY . ..Slcree ~a tliley stick. 'ifs "pm:yOO . 'lIbel{ dQ'Nn ro atltack Sam'us . Wlem or Wle~1I . 'o'\Iinliin i!IIQ ttiW 5pfmll dow~rd$ Iq' s.a in Brinstar.1$ *ElY fatlon TIle}.e !two ~s stre!!l9th. Il1id'e~ .p6. Thiere al. Hide0ut I is llidOOn S0l'1'1evmar.1' They ean 1!IQS5~hmughrecks aM walls.attaek Sl!too~ .

k . Be verY dQJ1~ atIBI'ik c~Ji7OO1I~ at hJs 'erc@! gets.!:.. t!!te·Side s~l'eillgth secoruJI OQly 1Q tIi~ MilliBQS8.m his stqtIDTi!!len ~h.Siue l~e bOlltlless . !lift fliy' ailfl'!e$:.~straJgb1elin~" It i.They ~se their wings like dr1ill~ to~':h!.gl imto ·the gr.tl'liu:jIff'QiiI. is !btl" flea!'! of the MinD-!EllOss h~t aoil'Pd He Llwrinshorns ~.tf. M'ta(:ks. ai'lid aer- Hopper These ~riful aH.D~)' missile. .aloog horizontal '!rerliitJ:. iA.md lol a w..mals.e strflngest This. If Samlls bY i1jm~N&e~1 wea~:e-. Ttier mally Ilive" underground.fu~ Qf I'tIt.lml..k Samtls I!iIQP]l'er'Si el'ilem~es 'Wfilfe hopis ·ce:rllll9l and! abek SamU$" 'Be i 'Ii:'-are.[.ld~ phig..Q!. 'Zee/a ===" 'file b'Jw. .iII be..ly bHk.!!!'Q. blast ~fm willlilO1!e iC!'ee\P .Q1 them.e ones are 1iIil.splil'lttts wherJ'l' tbey ~e dj~".. 'by iligMilil.tIlie: .$i.IM~.~w c!TWtJ.s mseir~O rlm away from them U:!an m.a:isulfooeli. IBe careM.

the Noriair enemies! flrn61'e are 9 k:T.am~ I~Jak8stwo b!lasf. knO'Wfil9ir in .i1Jh. e1lte.~e weak bbNJiI ..e' ·00Ie rPoi~:Jloos.eir en:lire' bodI~.51 .m~esalild ~l Ti~ no. Next. Qoveredlt.'ll.are.l.CI Ddl'~ cf8lNil aroond the fillOf'..ve twice me IilOml~1 be\iiI_1ll :ro. fii!reproof wO.spiky. sb'e~hi 3$.aOCl roeks. . @.out' of'!Ihe air 1iIoIes.Impsi _Iowa 'U:!a1. Itile ~.. .stG ~d _Mella These through ~1!Il1 1)I10'{1i!< in I1IfOU1p.:y sheIL They {lyctrt at w'a <iiir hq]1e::sifllldl aH(ick :will 'SqUeapf They e!'fi!oe:fge fnlm'~ than nile bla~ 'ol·~ I ~lnk back i~ I!:~R takes Imore SiBm~:II~.)titlers..s . <ii!1iI ~ Wl:!lIs and I'ay' Uiem ~@1u:I5<t callld a sinSie E>~ fl~y alfe the ·of 'B'ie nOnEl kiill~he blue 'OJI18S andfmlm blooti tokm tile yellow ones.lld. Their IbodIe:s a .iestra)JII\em. tfrIe l.e . Make sW'eyoo deadly 5peGiialties.The redls: oiIes rn. A mis$ile bXc!'!stwEll ~iIIHle1)!l< Ilf lIsing :the nmma'i b.s !1M enemy charlKlteFS in N~ffi11r. Des.

Pl)ear Rill..Q . o:Hle:r 111 !~I'$ but: '~ ny !OlI ikri faster.ey iCOjIUII S. 'ftJe.e !iill:ld IfiIY at a .e~.ooll tti!.l file.~r flitst OAe: mllil$ile bJ18stVllili tiMI1 destrOy I'le:m.this 36 .{ ~~eU1!and '~<¥ .Ire m'OrEI .ul lAsiitle tlll@il" bodies.higliiISpe.tW Ii:!I'QW fiNtM :Samus. Mull.![i.is hit by .y l.ed.all(:'ienl Dl"ilSOns ~~ [111 tl1le la~OiM\IdM~.se ~rfill iileMts calli ge~wate f1i!l'eJan(. .. 'Tih.-$tI\tCb<!fie.energ.~k ~!'f~! but . ones.:thejr fi~e bl~ 'iilis e'l!lergy nK!¥ing. :&arnE!' .are wUh taile n01'l:'lla1 beam as t:Iite w<rlls I'd@i. Ulan Ule Rippers who ~8:1" il'l the ~~'zone.llil'idi:a~e u.. Be .lI ~o!all:v pQli'Il@rf. u~ a Power Re:iifI'ki boost Pow.viola 'These slmple. ~TQ retlecte:d 001!1I'fQ~ aMltIliI!I1 mt ~ wa'U~~I'!d "Th!:ty are p~ dJff:itll!ll~fg".pit fit. Be\!iiilfijl! If Sa--rnus. ftleir he-~ ollil. Thesecrem:u:q.I!)'f ca:reN! to the Stl'~n~1rEId aI'Ie'the lI(Iosi 6C..s OI.~ aiwa~ lhe-ala' .. 'OPI»" 'Geruta 1M' ~ki'1IIon ~I!e.~ipperll Tli!!!!i813< Rippeif5 . OI'gim' iSms.:advanced.

"'1-UeOI!l:Si -c ~v~ ~ (HI' and four blasts one mlsOle l'zebbO $lle b:!ad to dEi~ lhoi'es. 'l'he. It liei'ke5 several of '!!he ~81! bI~ beam or a liiitgJe missile bJD$ Dli$S- habl\et to deMrOYlttieml.se a._ my mil of Ute air rIorIl'Y..S 'ifla't.~uc:kingl power a$l tile. pradueb: of l'!'i!)'I:wn reck.es imo ..ellilW miieSI. Hoflz alild ~ geep from. much 1T89ion. YOIllIIila1te'fl) he . Tt. These creswres.. TliIese .retlle cell~.alol'l9 It takes two Ii V '.__ tiIiIe..Enemies in Mini-Boss Hideout II MinH~oss Hi:deoart II is :hiddensomewl:1ere tl!lemies inside it.8 'F1iIa-$e a:rlso' appel!lll' in t~ I1iIQVe fire.eJdra carefUl of' tflem as tilil(ljr 'iIiIsler. vae 'p..to..d they cmvA. wukest opponents in tile illdeaut..tl1re.p.. ilireath.rl· _~~tt.. ~ ing. Iblil't It: ~'twa Iblasts Wi destroy 'lhe y. attack Samus and then fly back U. 91' title nomLI beam d-". Amlor'9l'ated like ~I!ieIGell'Uita. blliIe' 'onlf.Hley are also a'l1)I1edl witliU:wo bomB.v the. A sinQle blast W:~IIIa. [111 Brins!alr and Viola th-eJeare 6 kinds of TlOO~ aI'e Mlliltiviola tbegmlOidL la. fly down from Ble !!tie the' life feIm-e -that Mother IBrailil '1i111eV I'ia¥e the same . .

s.k1reillJ the hldeom after tha Mb!)i-OO&S. It fakes: seve1:a1I1Mast~ of The 'enemiies in '1ourian Conquer Uraln.hi$. :sooks .ell:: and· is eontro:rted b:Y M.aa'lisfi\ \tie.r04d ~d d~ ti'le armighly Mother .'DesSgeegIJ Thli'l'l!' j~ptoward samlllsID.eaDn.~k him <llIId 8re~he&e~nd .eltl..IJ! Ii~ the 10m: scene. elLerg)!. wry'SiIroli"!9 Hideout. IllJ Mii~~~ . lifs .ilEi blasts!!! 'l"hl'l. but ~ '''idley n:os ~ bead. It can't JD'e. rorm fin!. ~.e· Ib. estl'~ d di'f. the unknown ot'g.Jic.Il.or one m~11e blast: m·d~fMm.:IIalllo'l: 't]OIll: l. De-nroY itl'm~i yciu win 75mis. bna~~ a\ it . Met.of the me .ir imd ibreatllle$ I~~f..eCotly vmtI the lilIln1j\al b~.~ IjIOIliIfIaI be-am. The-lite firebcall ~ar creaklres su. ~Eia~ II: ~1l(ij tI':temfil'El5 misiile 'WitUlle.om~r IB!m'ilil.dderW gl: t~.i):(ii~&~ Q_.a~ar are nm. j:l!l'Qb:ll)lascm in ~penc:!!IId 30j!ljl@was aJOOOVllftid Olil 'n~1l! pJilnet SR:Ul&: i:f dings onw Samu!ii' bad)!' am. . It ~umpsup ~ ~kI· h.

!ire-sIllJlpMllngs.d Ulerefalle WOUlrt attac!k.~ell'{!i!.42 . It ma_kes. iiSe no {mare 1!narrua . 41 • -----------------------==-~------------------~~--.MIl <rver NiOfei The tol1.hegame 1 is .. e' ~..ress· ~ao a'n.llllme filial . ibut iit mQS~.~!Itil!l! 1M~'m' me Br'liilll. One mJlsslle· '!:!Iilst l$ n!:l~ eno!)gh.ys!tem.al'i~. but we ¢a:Il.cutC6me . yQU m'keIO.~ta~ lo(ke$piAg JMo1lher 1M" ". ) !{8.CPliI"QlIete 1iO'Uf mi_GJi11 f. YOUI ~ to dist:ov:er I~ef Brailfs _ '~ak PO~IiL1: beMre YOIllI cafrI launc!lil a. missile 'altaek.n ·~hat .wir:rg mj:S5~~e:5J i~'Win' simplY 0:l" ooniU~ to Hife ~in.. !()iihl. Itf YOLI destroy Mothel" Bra~n.'I!:li~Qi'd~'m!JJ(iplY and l.It 'rathe1' Brain R'eSiflr ~e centrall base 'cUhetmt.~ Mother a. the hGime.Z~ebetite (liS jt5 energy . ¥I!UJ Mve to ke~p ~fm). lit yQ~ !'I'Ii3nlj!~iI!1Im de!icooy l!asreru.the SGre~I" M~d llater.ll"W$~~s ~r'e harmless against . net Z:e!l)es. W~n hit. wait Wi' iii mes- is~e bl filash.Ie:te'HIJlirres its. Spmetht~ big1js in stofilt fiar you! We. • --------~~---------------------------=-------.cr!{ed b alltd only missiles:will >do'Ubii!' job. . at the space pirate!!:L 'ItoS aim i:s m ClII'llt~..source.onQu~r' :sp.a :shrieking !iId~e.rain' This enerID' $'QUr:CI:I is \I'.a(».!t.acf'OsJ. M)1I. lcao'~ di$Close iit here.


.)erly.". th~ us e~ &nould oonS.<:f~QiI.¥··Bl1.~.:d)ffice.."". Wlm~. In s'~dot: accordance...(J ttefo~IQwifItQ bOQJ::Ie-t Pfe'iP.r. MonQ.~f~Il[f!!!.>iM"'G~').._....' D~J'~r~n'lRm .bl. !hol· "'.k.iIh. 3€:C~rdlilttci3 wit..uiDo.NES 'P''If'Wfrollltbe r'8cgiver IPYug .'Gmply widl the' tj..~ ~lfn1<IriII.rlrd on. ~r ~~~~b':Tw~~~..from the. Ji:M:... 'iI(l<Jr A~ .".~y i:ti~.eori~[:I:tthll reC'l!Iiliing <lrrtehn.~'nllJ'f<lct!JH!J'~ lli'frtructtC:IfI~.l1il'l Fif.!ifI.hit'h (<lfl.o .>n.J~. I.nW 8<o".Il'W.y om 0 r ill or~ Offth~ fo II'Qwifig.Jln.wlt11irW'ffi~~g..Ig.rj.iiln. If thi.ed to< try to correct th~ i~ (Ettie renee b._ er !'" ~bo· EI . 'Iq'.~i'lFl. d[6 iIJ'lU televis. irt..Illl ~1...8<1SUr ~i5: l?i.8'fJCe in a rB~idllfl..(>'1~ !'t tleCf!$~ary. fl1.r~~J!I<l! . ..C REGULAT/ONS lhi.s fbr jl ~I'±l.id~ rea~on!'llii.~.. n<!' 'r"u.efl:G€ will notcceur in OJ POlrti" cular In~U~lariGn..'ilntn that ir'!t~r~~r...\I'ITLON (lI1' W)If~fl(.>.eU(. ~. ~Cv.~.lli>ly i!._b. __ ~. "~..:. 'i"6~ will bt> ".I(I'ln~r .~V ~hml:.suilled and..ell· af!ll ~1AA1.lo1 Co.'~ut.. ~.:.s~B :comPlIt'og. ~y f<~ rv 'M b:i ~-IlI. ~rt.n)..!l!<'t\ b~ "I'.W".9rtd 'r.lse lntedereooe.ve R!lclLo~-rv Irrterf. . FleRO:#~i .l).Pol<ro 1'&'0.rlmooa' ~ Am~c:. Q C.:2 . eQlIipm~nt oM .. ~111r. : ..(Il<FcAi!'.that is.·.by or 4S 46 .i'l(ed tIy tm FerJ"8f.~<!:~r~1:i~'8 .~u". eqLJil1!m~m.. How ~dl!<r'I'tityan"d~~~o.Ir-'~.ii'_b'HEIl. CifJ _i .~iQf _r~ ¥O~r d6j~~ G@Vie iF\3~ ~ LM relaM!..' Aw.flE'I'd:""'..I".to radio 01( telE!'Io'isio-rl" reception.~-siOfi helpful. r a e Move the."""'''''. $imp~ r""".W p rll)".! 9.CDMPlJANCE WITH FC. '(ii' ~ @'l. 1itl~~&lj"" n...s..4eM 1!!Q1f.I!eo ¢. 1tIh "'.lse imMfert!ilGI!l to r .'E:da.... 1lI:'It190-<la>.ii' 'fOlI'"."S""iIlr.oIi.idod -.Qr'l re~ep)Jthoni..Il1il.. _ r!o.LI ~n.M!< 0ii1"l')ot ~ '(QLW pi1'f~m t.-n~ _TV uMiTADi!ij'ij!. ~hi!l~~~NvII:~ ~rn~.~..seqliJ'~pl"ll~r'Itdo('!-s C<ll.l~d f)rQP. W. i\I. 1..I. 'It~A ~Q§.r . ~t !HI<Sbeen ·type t..(j i ohel elJ+~all i t~(hnici<![1forM3:... 004.:ty OO! p.lUelet.Stoc:f.!Im .'''~~~ fr1!lo)lIQc. • ~_ fu)~ 1'I'~I!l~IJtlI*M3\ifI.. ~ ~'Qa' A..··t<.>Ii~riol..rifl'lIo1t8~ iQII1SCom m. U G'(l~~mm ent P"rrnti n~.M.. :. wiU) ~h!l' fIIl. r~It!.-10 1IefQ"'.lJl t t~ d~ie'r tlW an -exp. lifiolf 1M Fee· 1ia "'_t!1...to~ct..iOt·.~" ls In @~jjo" r~ J s".::Hl"""L''.a Relecate the r.e·dete~miMd b'Y [urrlirlJ9 the..II~ lI'i'81~1~ to...~ll')ecificll41ti IW in Su ~a:rt J of' Pa rt15 @f f'lu Ies .se )!hllt CQfl'lWOI O·~ctfCi'ln'cl remB·iv. rna'll c<!l.. 'tY'i:lrrl:im).iT]It.$i .the:re Is IllD' glJlar.l!I'I'~'_I*..I .. Ro:~ em diljje:r~nt birctl 1cts...In~rrt Co~~~~ SQf*'lc~..e usar sncou rag.i.ltJo 8 dif~re'l"'lt (. Wash i ngltOn."1~~~n ..p!.g·w i Hi fe~p:ect to "ii:r1l3 r~. No.-.Mhtl ~~~ ~4r"'Ln~'1tj".e p. ~P'3-. [h.lirrd ii"1.)~ ($ ~..hich an: d~~ign~d .lltFi~ru::edota.P*~ .ererlcc ~QDlems" Ttws:ooQIoi: I(.l Olfl :iI~ai1 m1l SLJctl i n~eIf-ef..eldi[io~'I.'d .-00Q--OU345-"". lh~ U$"1lf ma¥ fir'l.~.:n...ges:t1(:irn.'~1iI :$'l"'ic".IIfn.t i{l I irl~l'a 1laction_ H'o<w~""~r..tI'I~ NIE~ ill1l. 2..j~1} ~OA lQ55.""~!lo#Iij).-!l~I..fifi<l jse " ~ If '1iIi~ Mi..C.~ IN51J1j.~ ~~:f 1.!il~nMalt~$ilnp !.11 tlii·e.f~es rcadlio fre-qU9rlW en~rg'l 9"l1d it not ifl.Ireb:[i~R. OR ~s. ~M poO!. to Nl..s r Ti'!).. . 2G4D2.r_ tiI~$'C.Njfl~t~ OUr COr .. • .0 devjce i~.

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