One of the primary objectives of the economic policies of most countries in the world has been economic equality

"equal pay for equal work", This solution decreases the gap economically first. Our solution is decreasing the gap between the two classes socially and culturally in order to be solved economically easier by time, the poor must develop confidence that they can also do things and the rich must help in whatever way they can.




In India the percentage of people

living below the World Bank's international poverty line of $1.25/day is 42% in 2005. Even there's been great economic development and industrialization; but it has served to benefit only the entrepreneurs. The salaried employed have not been able to rise above the middle class. Problems like illiteracy and low life expectancy continue to hinder the rural population. Most farmers make as little as 33 cents a day! (Source: International Relations Center)

India suffers from a big gap between the community's high and low classes.





one community

This proposal is an example for the system that the design of several vital public spaces around India in the coming 50 years inwhich the design provide ( sharing.?? creating points of gathering for making common services and space interaction where people can do different activities making people of different classes. how could collect people ??!! . while making all terminals meet in the same point frequently including a parking space. societies. Proposa1. interaction and Using the service of transportation (which is a vital service in India) with all it's types ( form the metro to the transportation by animals) to be the joint of connection between community classes . using a unite that contains all transportation types as a j oint and distribute it around the country .. . along main routes Constructing all transportation lines parallel . cultures and religions mix together to help strengthening the concept of unity HOW to solve the problem SO ..

Illustration of system order hexagonal public space t + section inside the hexagonal public space grid that illustrates the different hieghts the hydrolic unit can be moved. study model that represent the propsal 3 .

. Strong structure. and the hexagon is the closest to the circle without lost space. they have more area covered then other shapes such as squares. hydrolic unit with this hydrolic unit which change from a plane to a chair ( 0.or even enters down to put a green plate over it so we can increase green areas 4 .0m) & ( 1.5 m hieght ). but .why?? variables of grids that can be used. while if circles are stacked on their sides or on top of each other.There is no lost space between hexagons. For example: squares can be placed on top of each other and on their sides.5m ). Has no sharp angels between it's sides. I I ! I I I I ! 1. 4. 3. Large storage. 2. like circles. hexagonal grid is the best. there are parts between the circles that are not used. one of the strongest known shapes is the circle.table ( 1.

dancing open theatre reading sustainability cycling acting . the proposal will use colors as a pattern that makes their relationship with the place stronger and adds a sense of familiarity to the place Adding places for daily activities and interaction. generatmg e ectncity of the units Market and shopping meetings competitions Yoga Multi uses of place cafeteria festivals concerts sports green areas setting Indians believes deeply in energy and energy transformation .. besides India is a country of a big population Collecting Energy from ground getting advantage of crowd's flow by Collecting Energy from ground while they walk or dance by using the idea of dance machine Steps are considered of a big importance in the Indian culture so we supposed provide the public spaces with huge stepped seating spaces Flatten every plaza to make the plazas spacious and apply the principle of unity Inspired by the strong relationship between Indians and colors. I . like Yoga group practicing activities or dancing places. would make the place more successful in achieving its goals setting areas people can change the design of the units through bluetooth or wireless comunications open theatre 5 .

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