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A Calendar of Bruno%27s Sayings[1]

A Calendar of Bruno%27s Sayings[1]

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Published by: gsweet@bit.net.au on May 17, 2012
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January God has given us life, and we are responsible to Him to maintain this life.

If you have ever been in need somewhere, you have always called to God, and you should never fail to do that. I have said, again & again, “I am at once here and everywhere” I didn’t mean by that, that I am God… No! I am only a little, tiny tool of God. But I want to stand by man in word and deed, and show him the right way. And so you need only call me and I will be there at once. Please don’t get the impression that I will be there personally – no, but in spirit. If you are ever in pain, then call me – and whatever is supposed to happen will happen.


February My appearance, and my words, often help people to get well – whether they are poor or rich, young or old. However, in all such cases, it is not me that heals, but IT that heals! This “IT” refers to the good, it refers to God. It means to affirm life and the order that rules within it. He who gives up this order, and thereby, faith in God and himself, becomes sick. The more he surrenders himself to his illness, the more powerful becomes its dominance over him. Man gets entangled in his own thoughts. I want to free him from this dangerous entanglement. My words awaken his faith; faith in God and in himself. In this way he is given the power to free himself from the entanglement of the burdensome thoughts. That paves the way to order and health. He who becomes well, has also regained his faith. March Health can return, - only if we create order within ourselves again. But “to create order” also means that one must observe his body and give it the authority it needs to retain health. It needs exercise, cleanliness, oxygen. If one deprives it of these and other things important to life, it will become ill. But keeping order and paying attention to the body means even more; that is living in the good and casting-off evil…not accepting it at all…. For that is the source of illness that we always fail to recognise. We are worried about a relative… We are desperate. We can’t sleep, have no peace…. But all this has an effect on our body. Often, a telegram alone is enough to cause illness. When the messenger rings at the front door, and stands there before us, we are filled with fear. God in Heaven! What has happened? The shock attacks our heart and restricts our circulation, and our breath becomes short. Shock is something evil. We cannot take it up into ourselves.


April Through haste and impatience, you only squander the good energies, and what is more, you waste a lot of time through nervousness. By the way, nervousness is nothing but lack of energy. Stay calm in all situations. And if you ever think you are in a hurry, that is the time to really, consciously, slow down. Then you will notice one thing: calmness is sacred to man – only fools rush around. Calmness is the good, the divine. Haste and nervousness are evil, and not only lead to disorder in your environment …no, but also in your body. Haste and lack of inner balance, cause tension to build up in your body, and if tension builds up, often it leads - sooner or later - to disturbance and disorder. You call it sickness, I call it disorder.

May I know for sure that many don’t understand me, but I also know for sure that no-one understands himself. I know that people hardly know anything about the Divine or even about God, any more. I know that you haven’t yet brought yourself, or even could bring yourself to know yourself like your own body. And that you should think back, and remember what you in truth are – a human being! Man, Know Yourself! People rule over others’ bodies, but a human being that is not yet able to control his own body in order to lead it correctly and properly, will never be in a position to lead his fellow men. Where do we find the divine? Only within us, in ourselves. But I know that if people knew the kind of body they have received from God for their earthly life, then they would devote themselves completely to God and His works.

June The times, and the increasing number of healings have made me into a “major transmitter” More and more people are receiving the healing waves. I think I can say for my part, that everyone has a receiving station for these waves, and that one only has to know what he wants to receive. Surely there were also small healing stations earlier, but in my opinion, they had limited power and were not developed, but rather they were edged out because of their size, and also broke down. In short, I would like to say by way of comparison that I have found the receiving set in man and am in a position, so to speak, to “overhaul” the human organism. For people that have been healed through me this is just as obvious as the radio.


July People, including the enlightened, should get to know the spiritual powers again. One should utilise them again to advantage for the restoration and preservation of the divine order. As civilization advances, man loses the ability to behave naturally, and to utilize and mobilise his inner powers. I want to accomplish nothing more in my lectures than to cause my fellow man to recognise that it is primarily up to him to bring about his own inner order. Almost all people have to learn to realise that they have become blind to the divine powers. Therefore, I make all my listeners aware of the natural powers that abide within us.

August I continually implore you to get onto the good way as soon as possible, and that, for once you be true to yourself, and really do everything that you have promised yourself; that you also believe in that which you need for yourself; that you also really keep your promise when you renounce evil; that you no longer merge with evil, with the bad, but rather with that which really leads to the good, and which also is good for you. So that you can take up this good and the goodness of God into yourself, and can also then transmit it further to your neighbours


September Every evil thought that a person absorbs, doesn’t regret and doesn’t refuse, has sometime to be put into action. That is why it is so important dear Friends, for you to watch over, and control, your thoughts. I have just spoken, now, about absorbing thoughts. You may be surprised that I use this expression, but it is really so – the thoughts that fly around in your little head are not yours, dear Friends, you only absorb them, like the radio set absorbs the radio broadcasts. Only you, yourself, can determine whether you want to absorb the good or evil thoughts, the good or evil broadcast. For you absorb what you want, and your thoughts are the same. Therefore, I say time and again - dear Friends - that man acts according to his will. As the will goes, so goes the thought. Thought moves man to action! And I repeat, dear Friends, every thought that you absorb and do not reject through honest remorse, you must sometime put into action whether you want to, or not.

October A work is easy to destroy by some kind of carelessness, but how long it takes to build it up again! You see, dear Friends, it is also like that with you. A single evil thought that you absorb wears you down immediately and destroys all the order in your body, that you have with such great effort obtained, with God’s help. Therefore I emphasise again, always take up the divine power, and always take up enough so that a certain “charge” remains in your body. If you allow yourself to be worn down too much, then you can no longer receive new power without help. In order to be able to take up the good, divine “broadcast”, there must be sufficient good energy present within you. It is the same with a radio. Energy in the form of electric current must be given to it before the broadcast can be received and reproduced.


November I myself lost two children and know how it is. I also had to suffer. But I also knew the day and also the hour (in advance) and had to carry this with me throughout life. I had to know it, bear it, and that without despair. But even though that is so, my children aren’t dead. Only the bodies of these children are dead, and the soul lives on. It would be horrible to use the expression “the child is dead” No, the body is dead. The human being, like all creatures on this earth, goes his way, goes through his life. You are not unaware of how it is with animals. One year they are caterpillars, the next butterflies; and many other animals also change. It is the same with people! I ask you please not to declare your relatives dead – for the entire future, for their further life – when (only) their body is dead. ----------------------------------


December You will not be able to understand the birth of Christ, and will also not be able to appreciate it, until you have come to the recognition that you know what your own birth – your earthly life – means for you. Therefore, quite clearly, until you have achieved selfknowledge, and not only of what you are, but what you are in reality, in truth. Then you will really prepare yourself for the holy “feast”, for the true saviour, so that you are also worthy up to this day to receive the holy sacrament – of everything good that God has intended for you. Naturally you cannot abandon yourself to evil any more! It will be clear to you that Christ’s earthly life has not been in vain.


Help and Protection.

Those who work for God Are not only supported By Him and His force, but are also protected.

Just trust, Everything will be all right. I will do those things for you That you are not able to do, any more.


God has given us life And we are responsible to him to maintain this life.

It is so, that, if you are ever in need You must call on the Lord God - Whom you may never leave out.

.. “…ich [habe] meine Kraft von Gott erhalten, um allen Menschen ohne Ansehen auf ihre Religion oder Nationalität zu helfen. Wenn ich also – nicht heute und nicht morgen – ins Ausland gehen werde, so nur aus dem Grunde, um dort ebenfalls zu heilen."


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