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Article 11 - 5 Interior Design Tips - Unique for Triond

Article 11 - 5 Interior Design Tips - Unique for Triond

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Published by Michelle Symonds

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Published by: Michelle Symonds on May 17, 2012
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Five Interior Design Tips For Re-vamping Your Home If you have lived in your home for more

than a few years it is likely to need a facelift. Typically most people will have completely re-decorated or re-designed all the rooms in their homes over a period of a few years and the thought of starting all over again can be a daunting one as well as a considerable expense. But there are simpler and less expensive ways to transform your home than to completely refurbish it. Refurbishing rooms like our kitchens and bathrooms requires such a major initial outlay and upheaval that it is often impractical to do all over again. But these are areas that are most likely to have tiled walls or floors and ceramic or porcelain tiles can be replaced relatively easily without removing or replacing the kitchen units and appliances to update the room for a more modern feel. Similarly replacing a dated carpet with wood flooring can make a living space instantly more contemporary. So if you have been considering updating some of the rooms in your home here are some interior design tips that can easily give a room a whole new look without breaking the bank. They are all achievable by a competent DIY enthusiast but if DIY is not an option they are relatively inexpensive jobs to employ a tradesman to do. And neither will they disrupt you home too much – most of them can be achieved within a single day in the average home.

1. Fitted carpets are without doubt a comfortable and cosy option, particularly in a cold climate, but unless they are very good quality they will not age well. Colours go in and out of fashion quickly and often before there is any wear and tear the carpet will look dated. A far better option from a design perspective is a wooden floor. Wood never dates and if you do want to introduce colour then you can do so with a cosy rug. Many houses already have wooden floor boards beneath their dated carpets but if yours are in poor condition or you are worried about draughts through the gaps in the boards lowering the eco-credentials of your home then an engineered wooden floor can be laid on top of the floor boards. 2. The kitchen is one room that can be given a quick and easy facelift for those on even the tightest budgets. Purchase a new set of kitchen gadgets and accessories such as a kettle, toaster, utensils, storage jars etc. and you will be amazed at the transformation such a simple change can make. For those with a more flexible budget why not consider replacing dated tiling with new ceramic wall tiles – there is a huge choice of styles and colours around and again they can transform the room. 3. Full length curtains can provide a perfect finishing touch to an interior design scheme but if the curtains are patterned or were in a very on-trend colour at the time they were installed then they could have dated quickly. Avoid the substantial cost of replacing curtains by installing fabric blinds instead – they are less expensive than curtains because they use much less fabric and are more economical to update at a later stage. 4. New linen for all the beds is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to completely transform your home. There is a huge variety of different colours and patterns to choose

from so shop around until you find linen that suits your existing colour scheme, and, of course, your budget. 5. Bathrooms are a major expense and we all hope that we will never have to replace an expensive bathroom, but, unfortunately if your choice was neither a traditional nor a highly contemporary bathroom a few years ago then the chances are it is now starting to look dated. Many bathroom suites and tiles from major manufacturers follow current trends that don't necessarily age well in the design stakes. Thankfully the vast majority of bathroom suites produced are white so it is possible to refurbish a bathroom without ripping out the sanitary ware. The simplest and most effective way of doing this is to replace the floor and wall tiles. Installing ceramic tiles or, even better, large porcelain wall tiles with matching floor tiles can make the smallest room in the house appear bigger and instantly update its image. Why not try out one of these budget-conscious interior design tips and see what a difference a day can make.

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