Latin Cheat Sheet 2 The 5 main cases of Latin ___________ subject ___________ Dative Accusative ___________ possessive (of) acts

on a noun __________________ __________________ modifies a verb

1st Declension Chart Singular port port Port port port Plural port port port port port

N G D Ac Ab



Rule 1: The subject of a finite verb is always in the nominative case. (A finite verb is indicativestated as a _____________, subjunctive- is a____________, or _____________ on something else, or imperative- a_____________) Rule 2: A finite verb agrees with its subject in _____________ and ____________. 1st Conjugation verbs –________ Laud__, I praise. Present stem: laud__-

Principal Parts: Laud___, laud____, laud____, laud______ singular Laud___, I praise Laud___, you praise Laud___ , he , she it praises plural Laud______ we praise Laud______ you praise Laud_______, they praise

2nd Conjugation verbs -________ Mon______, I advise I warn. Present stem mon____Principal Parts: __________ ____________ __________ ___________ Present Indicative Active singular Mon____I advise Mon_____, you advise Mon_____ , he , she it advises plural Mon_______ we advise Mon_______ you advise Mo_________, they advise

Rule 3: The direct object of a verb is in the ________________ case Rule 4: A noun (or pronoun) limiting another noun and not meaning the same person is in the _____________case. Rule 5: The accusative and ablative cases may be used with _________________.

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