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Sex Abuse and Murder in Sri Lanka- New Photos Emerge

Tim King

Be forewarned, that the photos of war crime and sex abuse victims shown below, are shocking and gruesome.
(SALEM) - I have written several articles examining the terrible crimes against innocent women and girls that occurred during the Sri Lanka civil war and the ensuing Genocide that enveloped the Tamil population in the island country's northern region. Th e confli ct wiped out most One of many Tamil female rape/murder victims who died in midof the 2009 at the hands of the Sri Lanka Army, in a Genocide. resist ance force, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam - aka 'Tamil Tigers'), and tens of thousands of innocent defenseless civilians who were directly targeted. Along with the carnage came a barrage of sex crimes against Tamil women and girls that defy real description. Be forewarned, that the photos of war crime and sex abuse victims shown below, are shocking and tragic moments captured in time, of female rape victims who were viciously killed. The shocking images are bloody and horrible and yet very important, as Sri Lanka stands accused of war crimes and is the subject of a resolution calling for several measures of atonement and clarity, not that anything could ever ever be enough.

the photos have been authenticated. one atrocity after another. practice deadly. There was nothing rational or reasonable or justifiable about directing people into safe zones and then bombing them. torture.Humiliation. that confirms in my opinion. the SLA did a good job documenting their deeds. have a chance of forcing change on nations like this that by policy. mass murder against their own citizens. At the bottom of this article is a quote from a man claiming to be a former Sri Lanka soldier. or killing old men and old women. The images attest to human cruelty that is simply beyond the imagination of western people whose governments when united. military leaders with white flags gunned down while they surrendered. there are different versions of the photos and video. white van disappearances that strike horror into the heart Tamil people. most of all. Plotting Genocide . Sri Lanka's actions against its own people stand as a textbook example of state terrorism. children murdered in obscene ways. They are all photos of war crimes that took place in 2009. that it was even worse than we can imagine. our worst suspicions. chasing families down.

As these terrible photos testify. torture is commonplace. to die without witness. the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers like to photograph their handiwork. the SLA soldier's videos and photos begin.. murder them. and a great deal of media was preserved somehow. Then..Before making strident moves to ethnically cleanse the civilian population. Sri Lanka denies journalists access to the war zone. for the camera. and then abuse their corpses. the United Nations observers were asked to leave by Sri Lanka's government. They rape and abuse women. the UN ordered them to clear out. and this left the Tamils at the hands of the Sinhalese Buddhist regime of Sri Lanka President Majinda Rajapaksa. Where their images of suffering and death end. but not completely. Many Tamils recorded the attacks they suffered. . many disappeared people remain missing. even though so many of the people who took the pictures and video died. There have been officers of the Sri Lankan Army who have stepped forward to corroborate some of the darkest claims. Sri Lanka wiped out and silenced all journalists who were sympathetic to the Hindu and Christian Tamils. stories of secret camps are rife.

She also had a young child who died in the war a short time before she was molested and tortured and killed. She was a reporter for TamilNet and other sources. and holding a small child (see: Two of Sri Lanka's Foulest War Crimes).New Images of Isaip Piriya I have written at length about the tragic loss of a young.. . murdered in a Sri Lanka killing field where soldiers stripped the dignity of women before terminating their lives. The images on the right show her in two vastly different settings.. The group of women represented here in death are. and also worked as an actress. terrorists. she sang and she danced. Sri Lanka wants you to believe. who was more commonly known by the name Isaip Piriya. highly talented journalist name Shoba.


and a number of pre-established Human Rights. she was no such thing.Isaip Piriya's story is moving because she is an example of who the Tamil Tigers in so many cases are and were. and by the simple basis of common sense. the SLA would later report that she was a high ranking military officer in the LTTE. A gentle soul by all accounts of people who knew her. versus what they are portrayed to be by the Sri Lankan government and media. people need to have both religious freedom. or what family or economic setting they are born into. they don't ask for their particular station in life. what we do know is that all human beings have the same basic needs. People do not choose the place of their birth. In fact Isaippiriya had health-related issues that . and under the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

and the members of the LTTE who fought the SLA in the Vanni and held out against tremendous odds. and then spent another thirty years as an armed resistance with the only goal really being the autonomy of Tamil people and the preservation of their language and culture. which recently Murdered 1. after a battle left 13 SLA soldiers dead. . LTTE Still Active In her honor. in 2005. The racist policies forced onto these people by the British is the formula for lingering hatred and violence. who first labored for thirty years in peace to maintain and preserve their culture. but the LTTE would have never even formed if a population accounting for 18% of a country is threatened. of course it wouldn't be surprising to learn that those two groups recently killed more people in Libya taking out Gaddafi and arming the new band of U. but also that a cease fire was in effect when Rajapaksa and his forces launched the deadly war's final state. It tells a tale that began with greedy British colonization and a division of the native Sinhala and Tamil people. Tamils were given preference under British rule. and have paid the price for this ever since Ceylon. The EU and UN all followed suit in adding the LTTE to the terrorist list. the LTTE was formed to fight the SLA. cruelty was dealt out by both sides. almost always shoots down the excuses for this apartheid. What that same of group of people will not talk about. Some of the people who choose to leave comments on this story will charge that the LTTE was a 'terrorist' organization and the United States. is who helped achieve this dubious designation for the Tamil Tigers. when closely examined. And on the subject of honor and the military and war crimes. than all of the LTTE victims combined. Tamils forced Muslims out in the 1980's when tensions heightened. While wishing for a peaceful future. and in 1983.5 million in Iraq.prevented her from even wearing a uniform for the Tigers. it is important to say that the LTTE is not inactive. as it was called then. a radical Buddhist monk led a band of Sinhalese Lankans into Tamil neighborhoods to murder hundreds and hundreds in retribution for the 13 dead SLA soldiers. friendly rogue Muslim extremists. finally gained independence from the British in 1948. The history. is how the LTTE had not only backed off on its insistence for the independent state of Tamil Eelam in north Sri Lanka. Genocidal government. not a 'defeated' organization in any respect.S. I strongly respect the Tamil minority culture. and we have had recent contact from members of the military group and we are assured they are in fact.

org . to a bunch of animals who staged one of the ugliest crime against humanity. Fight4tamils compares the actions of Sri Lanka's soldiers in the last days of the war and Genocide. It is shame that the major military commander Shavendra De Silva. The president Mahinda and his brother defence Secretary Gottabaya have instructed the military to show all their cruelity on the female Tamil Tiger cadres and Tamil girls. Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam via tgte. who staged this crime is a Sri Lankan envoy to UN and UN secretary Ban Ki Moon keeping him in UN even after knowing the truth. Support the two major Tamil organisations who continue to fight for the justice. Military staged the horror which could be seen on these pictures and still the United Nations and ICC do not act on the criminals of Sri Lanka.Tamil View In an article titled: New War crimes Pictures emerge!.org Global Tamil Forum via globaltamilforum. Do you want to fight for the justice for these women and men? Please send this page to your local MP or any organisations and tell them to support the call for war crimes inquiry.

The perpetrat ors must be brought to the internatio nal criminal ” . perhaps at some point more information on the identity of the other victims will be gained. much of the information died when they did.I wish I could tell you the name of each of these young women. talents and educations. There is one victim thankfully. who we are very familiar with. or even if they are definitely LTTE. I was moved by the following comments that have been posted online in regard to these photos: “ Even the barbarian s never did this type of crimes against a woman. Shoba. I can't tell you about their families. Only the Sinhalese extremist can do this.

we sincerely apologize for the error.JFK That rapist regime must answer to all women of the world and the men appreciate the sacredness of women. We have retracted the comment and owe the individual a strong apology for this oversight. advising that we had only included part of a comment he had left on a Transcurrent article. then these kind of attrocities will continue both in SL and worldwide!! . .court.Mike ” ” A comment previously listed as originating from Colombo Telegraph.. this was a mistake on our part. It is never our intention to misconstrue a comment in this way. The comment was not made in regard to these images or this article.Our women are not deserved to these crimes. contacted Salem-News. Kana “ “ We have thousands of people rallying and campaigning to protect nature and was listed out of context. context is extremely important. The person that was attributed to. stating for the record that the mistake was ours and we regret the fact that it occurred.what kind of world do we live in?? If we dont punish the people that did this. and yet the crimes again the tamils in SL are ignored…. .